No Stopping The Heat

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Maybe Mavericks owner Mark Cuban was right.

The Miami Heat just might be the best team in the NBA right now. They certainly aren’t doing anything to hurt their cause. They continue to steamroll the competition in ways that didn’t seem possible just three weeks ago, when many people were questioning their union of superstars.

The only legitimate question surrounding this team right now is who is going to stop them?

Winners of nine straight games after Monday’s win over the Hornets, the Heat’s hot streak could hit 14 by Christmas, when the two-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers take their talents to Staples Center to face the crew from South Beach.

No offense to the Cavaliers and Wizards, but if the Knicks can’t get them Friday in New York and Cuban’s Mavericks don’t slow them down Dec. 20 in Miami, that Christmas Day showdown with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers will take on even more epic proportions for both sides.

If the Lakers can’t stop them, a home game against the Knicks (Dec. 28) and a road game in Houston (Dec. 29) are all that stand in the way of the Heat finishing December without a blemish.

It’s a stunning turnaround from that .500 start, even for a team that boasts two of the best players on the planet in LeBron James and Dwyane Wade.

We know it’s taboo to look too far ahead, but the way this Heat team is playing right now they could run off a string of wins that challenges the 1971-72 Lakers’ NBA record 33-game streak.

When you win nine in a row, all by double digits, and you can win in so many different ways (an angry Wade topped the 30-point mark for the third straight game, playing the attacking role that James did for much of the first month of the season), it’s a legitimate point to raise, no matter how upset Heat coach Erik Spoelstra might be at the idea being tossed around right now.

That Lakers team that won 33 straight only lost 13 games the entire season. This Heat team would have to continue their winning ways into February to top the 33 games (a Feb. 4 game in Charlotte is where they could tie it and a Feb. 6 home game against the Clippers is where they could break the record).

Again, we’re getting way ahead of ourselves here. And the Heat have surely learned a lesson or two about great expectations. The thought of them doing something historical, though, gives this season an edge that was missing this time a month ago. We were sold this unprecedented conglomeration of stars and after we tore through the rapper and turned it on, it didn’t work for the first month. Some people were even ready to return it.

Now it’s working just fine, as Cuban pointed out over the weekend and my main Israel Guiterrez of the Miami Herald observed Monday night:

“They’re pretty damn good,” Cuban said in Dallas on Sunday, a day before his team’s 12-game winning streak ended. “Just the way they play is different than anybody else. That’s a big adjustment. They’ve got those guys that can finish. They get out like the old Suns, but they don’t stop at the three-point line. They just try to dunk over you. That makes it tough.”

Heat games aren’t contests anymore, they’re showcases. You’re waiting for the insane display of athleticism. You’re admiring the impressive teamwork. You’re anticipating the scoring explosion from James or Dwyane Wade. You’re guessing the final margin of victory because it’s what makes the final few minutes of the blowout a little more interesting.

Monday wasn’t much different. It took a little longer for that separation to come, but that’s hardly any surprise when usually the most difficult game of an extended road trip is the first game back home.

But all the other elements were still there. And Cuban, as much as it probably hurts him to know, couldn’t be more right.

Just about everything that has defined the Heat’s current nine-game win streak was on display Monday night.

The Heat started the season 9-8 and have gone 9-0 since then.

The way it looks right, there is no stopping the Heat.


  1. Trio5 says:

    I rest my case.

  2. Trio5 says:

    Miami is on a 10-game winning streak now.

    They started the season at 9-8.

    They’re also missing a couple key pieces to their lineup in Udonis Haslem; a tough defensive player that can hit 12-15 foot shots. And Mike Miller, whom is also a great defensive player that can hit shots (his range is longer than Haslem’s.)

    For anyone that thinks the Lakers are gonna breeze by Miami, I advise you to look at the way Miami has been playing. If you don’t watch EVERY Miami Heat game, it’s hard to really see how well the Heat are playing. The last game most people have seen was Miami @ Cleveland on December 2nd.

    Not many teams have the luxury of having 2 all-star players in the lineup at any given time. I’m a Kobe fan, so before any Laker fans start calling me stupid, let me just say this: Kobe is not as good a defender as Wade and definitely doesn’t have the quickness or speed Wade has. That’s why I say it can go either way.

    It will most likely come down the bench players and guess who comes off the bench in the 2nd quarter. Bron starts the 2nd quarter with Bosh until Wade is well rested. Then Wade comes off the bench…which can mean a lineup of Wade, Miller, James Jones (shooting a higher percentage than Ray Allen by the way), Bosh, and Dampier.

    I mean, I could do this for days. We’ll see in about 9 days though.

  3. Ghost Dogg says:

    “Tore off the rapper”?

    I think you meant “wrapper.” FAIL.

  4. kingLUTHER6 says:

    hei, this blog really put miami into high expectations for people who are not really a believer of this team (MIAMI) this is too far from the records and history, like someone else here said, this blog and sekou smith is putting miami again into high expectations who are attackers and disbelievers, let the team do what they got, and to all miami die hard fans, let us all enjoined and unite to root for this team, WADE TEAM, or LEBRONS TEAM??…it doesnt matter, what is important here is they will accomplished their purpose of assembling this team. what matter is they are giving us entertainment you can not find in any other team,…other team fanatics, accept the fact that these trio are the hottest item to ever assemble,..and nba media are over hyping every moved they make,..they did not ask for it,…NBA is making money out of this 3,…thats the fact….see you all in the playoffs!!

  5. Balln2 says:

    I laugh at people who has not basketball knowledge at all. Your lack of basketball knowledge cause u to look foolish when you say that the Heat are not one of the best team. How could they not be when they have 2 of the best players in the league on their team. Just like someone stated earliar it takes time to build a team who has been playing together for about 30 games compared to those who have played years worth of ball together. On top of that the Boston Celtics are OLD. Now I aint saying they are not good because they are but if you ever played any basketball in Your life you would know that the 86 games that they play the bodies will wear out. Meaning if you notice Boston gets tired in the fourth quarter and thats when the Heat pick it up but its to late. Considering that this was in the first 15 games span. Now since the Heat now that they got to start off running and gunning then this next Boston matchup dont expect the same out come. Till then keep hating all it does if you havent noticed is made Wade n Lebron play harder. So in other words thank you. Far as the two position Lebron is a point guard meaning he should lead the team in assist. Wade is the shooting guard meaning he should shoot the ball more. But when you have a point guard that is not selfish and can score when he wants…how can you stop that….Till then haters continue to watch the show..

  6. Imad Akel says:

    you know there are 56 more games left in the season…
    why not make it a 65 game win streak?
    All they have to do is manage to win every single game, without a single off night….How hard can it be?
    I mean, i don’t wanna get ahead of myself here but hell i they might just finish the season with a 65 win streak and then go 16-0 in the playoffs…They are on a 9 game win streak, that’s pretty unstoppable…Clearly they are already halfway there…
    If they beat the cavs and make it a 10 game win streak, then we can start predicting an 82-0 historical record NEXT season….

  7. OlaM says:

    I wonder why people talk too much about who’s team the Heat is? who cares? Kobe could never win without Gasol, Odom and Bynum, not to throw in Artest in there. K.G could never win without Paul Pierce and Ray Allen, even the great Tim Duncan could not do it without the Admiral and later – Tony Parker, Ginobili and to a little extent (Stephen Jackson and Bruce Bowen) – Lets be fans of the GAME not haters of the players – LeBron is by far the best player on the planet, D-Wade is by far now the best closer in clutch situations (sorry Kobe) and Chris ‘Softie’ Bosh can still do some little damage day in day out. What would it profit LeBron to play all this wonderful games and not win a title? just because some fans want to see him be the MAN on his own TEAM? I think he is a MAN for even daring to cut cleveland loose – now that is a MANLY decision, how he did it? that is another story. Please lets just sit back, relax and enjoy watching the HEAT play good, exciting basketball — for now it is a privilege to watch.

  8. Kamal Haddad says:

    I’m bored of the Heat talk haha. Whether they make a 33 streak or not I don’t care anymore. Sorry Heat fans don’t get it wrong, but I’m a Lakers fan, would like to read some more blogs regarding lakers, celtica, whatever… The Heat are a great team, but only time can tell what happens they can get a 50 game winnink streak, or not. Its just we have to be patient, wait for the playoffs, and a series celtics vs. heat is amazing, heat vs.lakers, lakers vs. celtics, lakers vs. spurs…I mean we have many teams out there. Just setting a dream of a 33 game streak is just adding pressure, So I just want to know about the lakers and other teams as well. I mean eryone read the blogs, heat fans and haters…You have been writing the same stuff for 2 months, I am bored with this. Good luck to all teams, and I hope the best teams wins…Job well done Miami, but hey nothing’s counted until you get to the champinship finals 😀 GOOOOOOOOOOOOO LAAAAAAAAKEEEEEEEEEEERS.

  9. the Truth says:

    what is everyone ‘s goal???????

    To get that big golden tropheeeeeeeeeeeee :-))

    So it’s a team effort and at the end the ring and the cup
    My guess is it won’t be Miami this year but next year
    This year it will be Spurs ,Lakers or Celtics

  10. spursgermany says:

    Spurs 20-3
    Lakers still defending champions
    Celtics still Eastern Conference 19-3

  11. BasketbawfulGOD says:

    and to all you fools who keep asking about who is batman or robin, STFU! why the hell is batman and robin even playing basketball?

    and also the HEAT is neither lebron or d wade’s team.
    It’s not called the MIAMI heat for nothing you dumb bastards!

  12. BasketbawfulGOD says:

    LBJ can become the 3 time league MVP and the heat can have the best record in the nba… BUT all that crap is worth nothing come playoff time!

    for reference check out the Cleveland Cavaliers last year lol nuff said :p

  13. rui85 says:

    Wade is best of 2006 HE won the RING!!Now he has a good team and he doesn’t play under pression,the result is 50% from the field,30 point per game ecc ecc
    The Real “problem” is that Wade isn’t Arrogant and showman like Kobe & LBj!!!!
    FOR this reason has always been underestimated!!!
    LEt’go Heat MV3 MV3

  14. dash_10 says:

    the bottom line is will the heat become the world champion in the end of the season? i think heat is just like cavs last season. blown out wins during elimination round. and eliminated in the 1st round of the playoffs. thats why lbj need another guy to be at least face boston or orlando in the eats finals. to prove they are the better team in the east. but if the heat is in the west side they will pass by the whole of the needle to be able to crown as the west champion. but their in the east. for sure boston will beat them up.. but if boston couldn’t handle the heat. very much sure Lakers will do in the Finals. sorry guys but lakers will have a three peat this season..

  15. carlojap says:

    Long Live the King of Traveling… LoL @ 0:11 play of the day video…

  16. Rocky says:

    Best player in the league is without question Josh Smith! Did you see those muscles? The dude can flex! Best coach? Rick Adelman! The dude looms super thoughtful…I bet he’s got more thoughts flowing through that noggin of his than Phil Jackson and Doc Rivers combined! I also like Captain Jack! He’s got a killer nickname. Btw. Is it just me or is Pat Riley really constipated like all the time?! And how come the Mormons in Utah never have anything to say on these comment pages? I bet they’d rain down some religion on all our asses! By the way, I will whip Obama’s ass on the basketball court even though I’m shorter. He’s all finesse! And how does Shaq still dunk at 38 and 325 lbs? If you ask me that’s the biggest accomplishment out there! You guys are talking 33 straight wins. Shaq still dunks!

  17. HAROON says:


  18. Dennis-ph says:

    The best team to win this season 2011 will be my team BOSTON!!! Shaq,Perkins,Baby??? wide bodies not to mention Garnett is playing well this time unlike last season……Rondo has matured enough…..I just hope Pierce can get better he sucks….Go Celtics!Go Oldies! Beat Miami,Lakers,New York!!!!

  19. jhayson says:

    Hey, I think Heat is not much a very good team as of this season.. because there 2nd unit line up still need to contribute per game they have… don’t expect to much to there big three to win the game and have a championship tittle, still to have a tittle in a one team they need support from the whole team…. and that’s what team work are for.

  20. ELdiablO says:

    looks like lebron can’t win the MVP this year because as we observe the game its D-Wade, Gasol, Cp3 and other players showing their talent and impact on their teams…beside its to early to predict because most team show their talents during playoffs till final

  21. Paolo says:

    They’re not Batman and Superman.. Superman’s already in Orlando

    D-Wade’s the FLASH, LBJ’s the KING

    and the other guys are WATCHMEN!… ahahaha

  22. Benjamin says:

    The only decent teams Miami has beaten on this streak were the inconsistent Jazz and the owner drama ridden Hornets. When they beat a contender–LA/Boston/San Antonio–then I’ll give them the time of day. Until then everyone’s just blowing smoke.

  23. Jowell Chua says:

    kobe is pure crap, same as his fans. blinded by their worship for their so called god. kobe is nothing but a teammate basher, coach basher, management basher, and lady basher lmao! scoring addict that couldnt accept that he will never be like michael jordan and he will never be in the same league as magic, bird or jordan. dream on ballhog!

  24. vOnz says:

    Miami vs Celtics : eastern finals. Unless my Dark-horse Bulls go through! 😀 lol

    Lakers will win Western finals. As you guys have seen in the last 3 years. Lakers only really turn it up in the playoffs. They’ve swept teams liek Utah etc.

    TBH I would love a Celtics vs Lakers Round 3! But at the same time I would love it to be Heat vs Lakers just because i want kobe to face off with LBJ before he gets too old.

  25. Gomezd says:

    I had a look, in Miamis run the average winning record of the teams they beat is of 42% compare that to dallas run in which their opponents have a winning record of 50%

    It is a nice run, but the competion has been really weak, I mean top teams they played was Utah second best being atlanta, the mavs on the other hand beat the league leading spurs, bulls, thunder, jazz, hawks and yes even miami.

    wake me up when the heat can pull off something like that.

    • Ice Pogi says:

      I think Dallas is next… Bucks defeated Dallas and the Bucks is below 50% That a really tough competition I guess … Wow that’s SUPER… Bucks defeated Dallas… I mean…Wow… great job Dallas…. you better wake up and watch how the heat trash Dallas….2006 finals versus dallas…. heat 0-2…. heat win in game 6…. Heat4-2 Haahahaha… You’re definitely a hater!

  26. chris says:

    for all the heat haters…It’s not because you read the recap of heat games or you watch 2min vids that you can judge the heat…for telling that the heat have just 3 great players and a bench of scrubs it’s just ridiculous!!
    actually the heat are a TEAM with great growing chemistry!
    The point of this article is not really the 33 streak, it’s to highlight the fact that the heat are actually the best team on the paper and on the court (#2 defense and #5 offense)…ok we have lost 2 times against the c’s but we are not the same team right now (since the dallas meeting) and it was by a few points, not double digits like I read before.
    I don’t even know why the lakersfans are here because they didn’t prove anything THIS SEASON!
    The teams which are actually better than the lakers are : celtics, spurs, mavs, heat, jazz, bulls
    And nobody wants them to have an other title (except lakerfans bandwagon/trainwreck).
    lakers are done and in 1 or 2 years celtics too.
    the emerging team are heat, bulls and knicks.
    you’re talking about hype with the heat? Let’s talk about the lakersfan with nicholson the K sisters and dicarpaccio…are you kidding me!?
    this season the lakers won over 1 team over .500. That’s enought said!
    For the next heat games, I see a win over the mavs, a win over the knicks and a win over the lakers…and the last will be the easiest.

  27. more than a fan says:

    at the end of the day.. it’s all about the playoff’s. because we all have witnessed 2 back 2 back years that the cleveland cavaliers .. “lebron james” home team home crowd home everything who finished back 2 back best season record but got killed in the playoff’s. the boston celtics last season did pretty decent but not enuff to show a good record. they were getting beat by the worse team in the nba who only got 10 wins for the season.. the new jersey nets. but guess what happened? they made the finals. and quite frankly.. boston shud have won the finals. kobe bryant was playin ball hog and force game all quarters till 3rd well phil jackson made the best decision of his laker career.. take him out.. and let everybody else operate.. i’m a lebron james fan.. jst to set that on the ground.. but i still dislike his childish ways of having a 1 hour decision of wanting to go to south beach regardless of his reason.. if you wanna go to another team.. be a man about it and just let everybody know wassup.. let your team know early.. (cleveland) that you are leaving.. and that’s respect and appreciation for the opportunity.. but look at cleveland now? what happened to them.. so lost without lebron.. team was built around lebron.. and lebron basically needed help.. help that people show up when things needed the most. kobe bryant wanted to op out of lakers.. ya’ll remember that? and what happened>? he got pau gasol.. the best fundamental center/pf crazy balla in the nba. honestly.. i hate kobe for breaking the bond with shaq.. i live in LA.. and that’s the reason why i stopped being a laker fan.. if he didnt do what he did.. lakers guranteed the top nba for at least maybe 6-8 championships.. just cuz you got the most dominant “in shape” center in the league and the the only one IMO who is closest to michael jordan’s game kobe bryant. winning streaks, losing streaks whatever crap.. it dont mean nething.. at the end of the day.. it’s all about the playoff’s, conference finals, and you know the last.. not that hard to figure out.. nba finals.. get to those three.. and that’s when you figure out how good of a damn team you are.. wether lebron, kobe, wade… or jordan.. and also.. dnt forget.. nobody.. and i mean nobody.. not kobe.. cuz dont freakin play yourself saying he did it himself.. cuz even michael jordan had the supporting cast and supporting staff meaning his coach.. phil jackson.. and cast of pippen rodman and the bulls of the 90’s to win rings.. 6 to be exact..

  28. Paul Jackson says:

    Kobe is another great player that plays the game. But one thing for sure , he is not the greatest.
    Lakersfan , have you heard of that guy who played for the Bulls. Hmmm.

  29. ovidiu says:

    I am from Romania and my soul team is Miami and my idol is Wade.Is much too soon to anticipate they are going to break some winning records,is no relevant if LeBron is a better player than Wade or viceversa.Really important is to win the league but is a long way ahead and Boston,Lakers and Mavericks are really hard rocks but they’re gonna fall I hope.
    Go Heat!

  30. chicago says:


  31. Alex says:

    Seriously? An ok team wins 9 straight and your talking about them beating the longest current win streak? What about dallas or San antonio who have already have streaks longer this year? Are we going to forget about them? Fu** the heat and oh yeah they play Dallas before they play the Lakers and they have already beat them once this year.

  32. vhoj says:

    yap… i agree… its not batma n & robin…..ITS SUPERMAN & BATMAN on roll….Both offensive player attacking the rim…..they are on roll ryt now…. hard to stop…. unless someone from galaxy bring kryptonyte….Exciting season ahead…. YEAH….WADE BOSH BRON… Ur the man

  33. jov says:

    good job from miami heat but i still dont think they can beat boston in the playoffs

  34. wade_james_bosh says:


  35. Me says:

    Hey look, LAL is a great team, Boston is, Miami is. They are all great teams. We will NEVER know who’s better until the playoffs. And remember that Heat is playing without its 4th and 5th best player (Mike Miller and Haslem)…. Boston is playing without Perkins, West and Jermaine Oneal. So, stop debating who’s better right now.

  36. vinocchio says:

    been reading some of the haters comments here and boy are they silly… while i agree that its still too early to say what’s gonna happen to the heat and the other teams out there, is there anything wrong really with being optimistic?? and besides, why are there so much hate?? take the lakers for example… at the start of the season, their fans, as well as the media, have been preaching 3peat for the lakers… foxsports even has a heat or 3peat page, for pete’s sake… if its gonna be the heat and the lakers come june, why bother waiting till then?? just forfeit the remaining games and head straight to the finals featuring the heat and the lakers… i mean, what assurances do we all have that our favorite teams will even make it to the playoffs?? don’t think im one of the haters here… i’m a miami heat fan for years now and frankly, i’m pretty excited with their potential, but to be undermining the other teams is just not right.. yes, the heat are on a roll but so are boston and new york… while i like the heat’s chances of winning it all this year, i still have to keep my expectations lessen lest i be disappointed in the end…

    as for those who keep on comparing lebron and kobe, come on, guys… lebron’s a forward and kobe’s a guard… both are arguably the best in their positions so be content that they’re playing on their respective teams… no player in the nba can give his best all the time… kobe needed artest to win last year’s championship and lebron needs wade and bosh to get his first championship ring… no man is an island people… they can’t do it all…

    as for ron artest, dude, if you really are ron artest, stop kissing kobe’s ass… you’re praising him too much… he once acted childish when he demanded to be traded… it is within lebron’s right to play with any other superstar he wants, too… if kobe did it once, why can’t he?? and isn’t it amazing that the lakers fans keep on saying stuff about the heat and yet, their team kept on getting those players who they know can defend kobe (one is, well, you and the other being barnes)… if kobe’s that good, for competition’s sake, they should have let the other teams have ’em, but then again, they know that kobe’s not as good as he once was so they got the 2 players who can defend him..

    lastly, most comments here are both spelled wrongly and uses too many grammatical errors.. don’t you guys know how to spell and write correctly?? just wondering… heat rules!!!

  37. Rai says:


    As you can see … Lebron , Wade and Bosh… this is what a complete player is! they played each other well they dont care about the points…they share loads with a different style.. points, assist, rebound, steal….name them all and these 3 guys have them..

    Now they rolling… because of team work not selfish basketball

    Cant wait to see mike miller and udonis haslem back on the court..

    Tough match up tsk! tsk!

  38. JIMBO says:


  39. Tj says:

    I still don’t understand why people have to mention Kobe’s name with Lebron? Kobe is the best hands down,,and if Kobe had went to miami with wade and bosh people would not respect him anymore.. Thats like Jordan playing with magic or bird come on Lebronze Medal James fans get real lol and why does it matter what fans think anyway because I bet if you asked the Nba players who is the best or who do you want with the ball in a must win game hands down it’s KOBE

  40. DR BASKETBALL says:

    Well…. It is proper to say that Miami has a great run for now. Statistically they have chance for all those achievements that they can get. LBJ, WADE, and BOSH are not BATMAN AND ROBIN. I believe it is more of Superman, BAtman. And to those who said that Kobe brought LA to championship, well think first… For the first 3 rings, SHAQ at that time is on his prime. He was the robin at that time. For the recent back to back championship…. he got the service of GASOL, the main man of Memphis. and ARTEST who is one the main man before traded to LA. Basketball is a team sports. We can’t blame the MIami’s 3 if they want to be together to win championship. With regards to the BULL during the era of HIS AIRNESS, I salute to that feat.

  41. Smooth says:

    @ Ron Artest

    Shut your weak a$$ up… Haha LBJ is the best player in the world and Kobe was not the main guy
    when Shaq was there… Quit suckin up to your daddy Kobe

  42. Tj says:

    They can win all the games they want but if they can’t beat th Boston than it’s pointless! Wow they beat some pretty bad teams now there hot lol get real man!!

  43. rf says:

    when marcus chalmers, then the heat is gonna be unstoppable. as of now he is just 60 percent of his game. watch out for him

  44. JColon21 says:

    First of all I give congrats to Miami for having their current winning streak, but what everyone has failed to realize is that they are only considered an “elite team” because of wade, bosh and lebron. This can only go for so long until teams begin locking up the “Big Three” then who will they turn to? They have no depth on their roster which will result in their demise to teams like the Celtics who are a complete team from their starting line up to their bench. What everyone seems to forget as well is that while they grow other teams are growing too. For example, the New York Knicks who are red hot right now entering their game against Boston, they a formidable starting five that will be tested against the green squad’s tight D but with rumors of Melo looming the Big Apple, it may not be too long before Miami’s big three will be challenged by a threatening NYC big 3 of their own. This is not about individuals its about what teams can bring as a whole and if Lebron, Wade, Kobe, and even a Carmelo can win a 5 on 1 game series by themselves let me know. This is all to point out as well that the East is coming back to life and it might take sub .500 teams to catch on but it is in the works.
    Your Average Guy,

  45. MavsFan says:

    @ Alex. Mavs lost was ugly yet they were beaten by a good team – Bucks w/ Bogut, Jennings, Salmons -aren’t they all star caliber players?) Anyway, Mavs need to lose because they already in the hot seat right now and every body seems to speculate that Mavs are or has a better chance of Beating the HEAT or LAKERS or BOSTON and won NBA title. Good move to MAVS to slow it down and keep a low profile so no one or everybody will pressure them and expect to win when the Playoffs goes. Thanks!

  46. Jowell Chua says:

    whatever, kobe still sucks, greatest ballhog ever. woohoo!!

  47. Whykeepgoin says:

    I’m tired of people dissing Pau! I’m not a Laker fan but you Laker fans do remember LA before Pau showed up? And how as soon as he arrived LA went to the championship? And as for @BBALLFAN You cant compare Pau to Pippen. The true leader of a team is shown by his efficiency rating. Computers don’t play favoritism! Jordans was 31. Pippens was around 25. Magics was 31 Kareem 25. Bird 30 Mchale 25 In CLE Lebron 31 Mo a sad 16. Are you ready for this. This year Pau 28 Kobe 22 LAMAR ODOM 22!!!!! LAMAR ODOM YALL!!!! Last year? Pau 25 Kobe 22. According to the computer Kobe not Pau is the Robin of this team. One thing is for certain Kobe has NEVER had a 5 point EFR lead over the 2nd leading teammate and that team be successful! NEVER! But All the Greats DO! DO the research for YOURSELF! ALL the Greats lead by 5 points and have an EFR of around 30+. When you don’t it means you win as a team. Like MIA right now or BOS!

  48. namfi says:

    Let me know when they beat some good team like Dallas or Boston or The Lakers or San Antonio ad Infinitum!

  49. Miami Heat FTW says:

    YO IF MIAMI WINS EVERY SINGLE GAME UNTIL THE END and GO PERFECT record from now until playoffs and then zip out every team in playoffs 😀 then the haters in Cleveland, New York, and other places can just STFU, oh btw im from New York and YAY MY LEBRON HEAT JERSEY AND HOODIE FINALLY ARRIVED 😀

  50. Team Only says:

    umm idiots much? No player in the NBA that won a championship did it on their own… not even Kobe nor MJ did it on their own.. man.. these 2 had legit all-stars in their teams.. you cant say they did it on their own…I agree that talents wins games but chemistry wins championships.

    • gary says:

      Don’t act like you don’t know what people mean when they say on their own. Of course we don’t mean all by themselves but what we are saying is no one else was a star player that helped as much. Example would definatley be MJ and his first two titles. After that he got more role players and others that stepped up. Pippin was not a star at the time of the Bulls first couple victories. Thus Jordan gets alot of greatnest attatched to his name whereas Kobe was a rising star but had Shaq and other vets around him for his first three championships. But I will agree with you that chemistry counts for alot but talent and skill is needed way more in order to win.

  51. yur boy says:

    The heat are gonna lose to the knicks this friday….. stoudemire is gonna shove 30 plus points down their throats, so all this record breaking speculations is garbage!!!

    • kMia# 3 says:

      lol lol lol. That was funny , please do post some more comments. The heat have 3 players who will probably go for 30 on the knicks they play no defense. Amare doesnt matter if raymond felton is shut down, which he will be. By the way the knicks need to worry about Boston tomorrow, where their streak will be coming to an end. On friday the knicks will be on thier second loss of a new streak (losing).

  52. thegreatest says:

    to are full of are a kobe hater by the way…Why do you hate the best? are you a some mediocre dude? why do you hate winners? Are you close to lebron? do you love his attitude? his individual plays? do you love his hype?

  53. Whykeepgoin says:

    People who try and make Lebron out to be Robin are just HATERS! Probably Kobe fans. Its obvious Lebron is not Robin to anyone in this league! Has anyone seen CLE lately? They are ranked the worst team in the NBA right now. Last year off and on they were ranked number 1. Its Wade and Lebron’s team. But Lebron is their best player! Who here thinks if Kobe was in CLE right now they would win 60 games? Because that same CLE team minus Jamison won 67 GAMES! AMAZING

  54. Whykeepgoin says:

    People who try and make Lebron out to be Robin are just HATERS! Probably Kobe fans. Its obvious Lebron is not Robin to anyone in this league! Has anyone seen CLE lately? They are ranked the worst team in the NBA right now. Last year off and on they were ranked number 1. Its Wade and Lebron’s team. But Lebron is their best player! Who here thinks if Kobe was in CLE right now they would win 60 games? Because that same CLE team minus Jamison won 67 GAMES! AMAZING


    all boston and laker fans can just sit back and chill,with their 17 and 16 NBA CHAMPIONSHIPS ,while watching all the other nba teams fans wishing and hoping for any chance to get one.just face it no other team will ever come close to BOSTON and L.A. .and the reason imo that people hate on heat ,is lebron and how he did cleveland,thats how i feel anyways about the traitor.and miami if they can keep these guys together for say the next 5 to 8 years,i would say they could get 2 to 3 championships,if egos don’t get in the way.also don’t ever be a bandwagoneer,just stick it out with your team and keep the faith.

  56. KingCobra25 says:

    Heat will kill the celtics after this season if they meet them in the playoffs. THIS IS HEAT’S SEASON AND THIS IS THE START OF A NEW ERA. THERE ARE HEAT HATERS WHO ARE JUST ASSHOLES.

  57. thegreatest says:

    To the one that said that lebron is the best…No…Dwayne wade is better…and KOBE IS THE BEST. Winning is what matters. Not quitting and competing is what’s admirable…Having individual accolades like MVP can be caused by biases from media. Not to take anything from lebron. But that’s what happened to KObe..He should have gotten at least 3 MVPs instead of 1. Nash got 2 MVPs, but he is not the best. This is the natural tendency when you still don’t have rings…The player (lebron) and his fans, tend to carry their own seat (brag) and settle on individual and seldom seen one-of a kind plays. By the way, there are better plays than that one and those who made better ones are role players…Too much hype for Lebron. Dwayne Wade must be given equal or more credit.

    • Heat Fan says:

      Uh the MVP TRADITIONALLY is given to the best player on the best team (USUALLY meaning the team with the MOST REGULAR SEASON WINS) year in and year out. There are a few exceptions as in anything, but TRADITIONALLY this is how it works.

  58. ks says:

    if heat win the championchip it will be co-mvp Lebon in wade

  59. somone says:

    Orlando need to trade big time or they are going to be demolished in the playoffs

  60. rickyy says:

    to all laker fans and lebron haters!!! how do you guys have the guts to say that kobe is better than lebron?
    lebron took the cavs to the finals by himself, has kobe done that? NOTE..lebron had no talent on his team except himself
    oh btw kobe has 5championships, 3 of them came because of SHAQ, i believe shaq got those 3mvps am i not correct???
    the last 2years kobe got them, i give that to him but NOTE he has GASOL who is one of the best bigs in the league!! also odom and artest! has lebron ever have that good talent before this year!! oh dont start that lebron also had shaq, his prime years are long gone.

    • gary says:

      Well put. Kobe can’t do anything by himself besides score 81 points (lol). He accomplished nothing in the time from 2004 to 2008. No finals apperance and no MVPs. Fours years of nothing whereas Lebron has had 7 years of great accomplishments, only no titles yet. If you put present the facts you can easily see that Lebron is better. Just never had the luxaries Kobe had.

  61. Fenrir says:

    Celtics will be scary in 2 months time. See you again Heat.

  62. D.C says:

    The Differences between LEBRON an SUPERMAN


  63. wade_james_bosh says:

    again dis miami heat team struggles early dis season and they started to click dir chemistry ryt now. so if dis time d heat meet d e lite teams do you think dis team can’t beat boston or even mavs? ohhhhssss…… dis team ryt now is ON FIRE BUDDY!!

  64. dballer1876 says:

    Everybody keep hating on the heat but just know that the more you hate the better they become.

  65. Adino Lawrence says:

    The heat finally got the chemistry that we”ve all been waiting to see and now they finally click together and they are just tough to beat.

  66. d'artenian says:

    beat first the MAVS 12 game winning streak..

  67. dude says:

    yes gogogo miami get anothet guard who can defend like Steve nash or jason kidd this is good fit to the team and become more exciting…

  68. Damien says:

    First off, stop comparing Kobe to Jordan…all you Kobe lovers. I’ve seen both play, and Kobe does not dominate a basketball game like Jordan did, not for 48 minutes…or 38 if you want to get technical about it. Defensively, Jordan was a beast! Kobe is very good, occasionally great, and sometimes not so good when he gambles or takes plays off. Offensively, Kobe can be compared to Jordan in the clutch because he’s that good at the end of a game with the ball in his hands…though he still has a tendency to hang onto it when he shouldn’t. But throughout a game, Jordan was more dominant. It’s not in the stats…even though it actually is in the stats (check them)…but just watching a game, Jordan was just more dominant. Did you know that Jordan shot at or over 50% from the field in most season of his career, while Kobe rarely does. Did you know that Jordan averaged 2.35 steals per game for his career, while Kobe hasn’t averaged that in one season? Did you know that Jordan’s vertical was about 10 inches higher than Kobe? Game 7 of last year’s Finals really exposed the fact that Kobe is just not as dominant as Jordan was, but the reality is you can put Kobe in the top 10 basketball players of all time, and you can’t do that to Lebron…yet. We will see. If this guy runs off six in a row, even with Wade at his side, he will be in that discussion. But you know what? Magic Johnson is still my favorite player of all time. He had the flash, he had the dimes, scoring, the STEALS…yes steals, he rebounded, and he made his teammates better. I mean the guy got to the Finals in 91 at the downturn of his career with a lot of old cats on his team. Unfortunately he ran into a buzzsaw in the Bulls that year, but he should not have been there in the first place. I would venture to say, you put Jordan on that Lakers team, and Magic on the Bulls, the Finals would be Bulls vs. Trailblazers. Yeah. I said it. Jordan was the most dominant player with the ball in his hands that I have ever seen, but Magic was the most complete basketball player I have ever seen, but Lebron may get there someday, though he better work on that post game.

  69. whatAname says:

    The Lakers appears to be on their way for a thrid straight title at the start of the season, but there was a problem, Gasol was the best player on their early success. This is something that Kobe doesn’t like, it was followed with Kobe trying to regain the spotlight, hence their 4 game losing streak. Remember, last years finals was won by Ron Artest, if kobe cannot accept not being the spotlight, they wont win third straight!!!

  70. stanman says:

    it doesn’t matter to me who scores more points it matters that we are a team now and that they are playing great together and winning games together and James is not no robin for sure we all know that like that guy said he’s a superman but not saying that should be his nickname but james wouldn’t mind being robin but that doesn’t really matter to him as we all know he just wants to play as a team and win games go to the playoffs and win that to that’s what he came here for so lets be fans and cheer for all of our players not cause we like one player more we like the others less come lets go heat fans and lets go HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!

  71. HeatDmex says:

    I’m a Heat fan and I sure think we have the best team in the NBA, but even if the Heat breaks the Lakers winning streak I won’t be 100% happy until the Heat wins the important games (Celtics, Lakers etc.) and been realistic even with all the stars we have I don’t think the heat is ready to beat the Celtics. The heat will have everyone’s recognitions when they win back to back games against the good teams. and can’t wait to see that beacuse I can not stand the celtics.

  72. tell how it is says:

    LBJ is a type of talent that we get to phantom ever so rarely hate or love it he is greatness to this ball game an the difference between him an Kobe are simple to see lebron is not only a threat with the ball but also with out his vision is extraordinary is ability to abuse the rim so powerfully few players in nba history can finish like him an when he gets in rhythm wooooow!!! its gonna be a long night because he can pretty much do anything shoot the lights three’s jumpers half court behind the back board yes we seen him do it all from his powerful unstoppable drive to his KEEN VISION to his momentum shifting defense an his explosiveness he is insane truly SUPERMAN!!!

  73. lan says:

    winning is winning

  74. rei says:



  75. Nomad says:

    I cant help noticing all the comments about whos team it is, its neither Wade nor LeBrons team its Erik Spoelstra’s team.

  76. Ricardo says:

    The Heat, because of their individual talent are expected to win many ball games, but that does not make them a championship caliber team.
    Teams like the LA, Boston,Orlando, Utah and Dallas have the edge because they have developed mental thoughness and have been playing together for a while, regradless of a few minor changes. So, when games are tight they come together, trusting each other to a point where they find a way to win.
    Regardless of james and wade, Koby Brayans and the lakers would pick the heat apart in a 5 games series. THAT IS A FACT.
    Lets not get ahead of ourselves here. The heat is a team that still is trying to find an identity.A team that still does not have a legit center that can battle with other teams like Boston, LA who have a very big frontcourt. Not to mention that finding a pointgard that could spread the floor even more and let james a wade RUN is nothing more than a dream.

    Overall a 33 games winning streak is CRAZY!!!!! INSANE!!!!!

  77. AllAboutMyBusiness says:

    LEBRON!! is the best basketball player on the heat that’s a fact just look at the solo career’s an the fact that he was the # 1 free agent even though d-wade was up for grabs that should tell WHO EVER IS NOT SMART ENOUGH TO FIGURE IT OUT ITS NOT A DEBATE ITS A FACT an mr. # 1 is still playing like number one as the best player on the heat even with his new found role he truly is superman as we look at cavaliers s who are now almost on a 0-10 losing streak lets not forget who took this same supporting cast an led them to the top of the NBA back to back as the best team but did not have the individual pieces to pull out a deep playoff stretch or for that matter the ring evenSUPERMAN had the SUPERFRIENDS! lets get it straight people no body can do it alone lebron was the only player to go as far as he did literally by his self only other player who also had a heart of a champion was allen iverson.THOUGH LEBRON MAY PLAY CLERK KENT AT TIMES LETS NOT EVER FORGET IN ACTUALITY HE IS SUPAMAN!! AN D- WADE IS BATMAN AN BOSH IS MR. INVISIBLE HE DOES THING BEHIND THE SCENES

  78. shrek says:

    for sure there will be NO 3peat…

  79. Michael McBride says:

    LOL that article is way ahead of its self.

  80. n says:

    i didnt see anything about the celtics stopping them in this article.
    who ever wrote this is doin that media bias thing.
    the celtics beat the heat both times this year. and if a recall right both times was a double digit game.
    and the celtics have four less losses than them so the celtics are the team to beat in the east not the heat.
    sekou smith left out some of the most important info and says the heat are the best team. i guess they are the best if the celtics dont exist but to bad they do. go celtics !!!!!!!!!!!!!!! CELTICS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Sekou Smith says:

      They don’t see the Celtics again until Feb. 13. The point is not only that this Heat team is playing extremely well right now, but that they have a schedule with very few matchups between now and then where they won’t be favored. Of course, winning 33 straight would take a herculean effort. But the Heat’s current flow combined with the schedule sets up rather nicely. We’ll see what happens.

      • scooter says:

        I agree. They don’t have any match ups that are very –well–competitive. In fact, I would argue they’ve only had two match ups during this run that were good enough to beat anyone: The Hornets and the Jazz. The Hornets are slumping and not looking very good, and they played them in Miami. My point is I don’t think the Heat look as good as their record or their blow out victories against scrub teams. I also don’t think they’re a team built for the playoffs. But that’s another discussion.

      • n says:

        i get your point now. i still dont think the heat can stand tall like the celtics in the playoffs. (btw is this the real sekou smith)

  81. Heat sucks says:

    The heat aren’t that good. accept it. They will lose, and definitely can’t match the 33 winning streak.

  82. Belmont says:

    Wow their are a lot of idiot’s on this thread. The moron that wrote this should loose his job immediately. The fact of the matter is, is that the heat need to beat a contending team to be even considered somewhat of a threat to win anything. Were the Jazz, Magic Hornets or, Mavs seriously in the contending team category. Yes a few of them are “”Good teams”” but aren’t championship teams. They are doing what they should be doing and beating less talented teams. Like it has been said already, they will come nowhere near 33 wins. I’m betting they lose in their next 3 games and all you idiots will be embarassed you even entertained the possibility of this group coming close to such a prestigious record. As far as I can remember, they still have no PG or C. What are they going to do when they meet up with a team with 2 seven footers clogging the middle ready to hammer the so called 2 best slashers in the league? The Celtics streak has been far more impressive considering they have been playing injured, without key players, and while giving the true big 3 significant time off during their wins. A win is a win and whether it was by 30+ (against charlotte) or by 1(against knicks), it doesn’t matter as they all add up the same. Nothing matters till playoffs so stop being foolish and stop dreaming until they beat an elite team. Lakers, CELTICS or maybe SPURS.

    Sidenote: I think the Knicks will beat Heat…. Also, what happens when Perkins, Jermaine O’neal and Delonte West come back? Thats what I thought……. Deepest team in the league regardless of age. That’s what a deep team is for, so you don’t have to play your studs 40 minutes a night to win…. Just sayin…

  83. rei says:

    they’re not batman & robin, they’re KING KONG , FLASH, and MR. DINOSAUR DUDE

    _’ ]

  84. kobe4Life says:

    lebron is not the best player its kobe, so stop overrating lebron espcially the analysts, lebron is no where near kobe. Lebron will be the player if kobe retires.

  85. boom says:

    come on sekou. you see what you just wrote? CAVALIERS, WIZARDS, KNICKS. Minus the mavs and lakers. Are you kidding me? This streak is overrated.

  86. Miguel says:

    I am stoak about the Miami Three comin’ together, but ya’ll forget about the leading team in the league…Spurs baby!!!! But keep on forgetin’ and you will be lookin’ at us in the winner circle, again…HOw

  87. boom says:

    and ive also been noticing that the heat have an easy schedule so far againts sub par teams.
    so i don’t really know, i think their only legit dominance were back againts the magic. the rest were just giveaways.

  88. francisco says:

    Miami Heat has the two BEST players in the NBA LBJ and DW

  89. kobe4Life says:

    33 straight? are u serious sekou? theve only win 9 games in a row, in there 9 games they played against bad teams, and to think that they will break the 33 straight wins by 1972 lakers is nuts. is too early to expect. and will never will that happened.
    lets see what happens when they play against lakers, celtics, magic, spurs and mavericks.

  90. Dtitilator says:

    For those who insist that this is a Batman and Robin team is an idiot and a non supporter because this team is more likely
    in the mold of the Justice league where no one is a sidekick.

  91. francisco says:

    gasol the BEST PLAYER IN LA

  92. boom says:

    Boston is wicked scary, how come there are no blogs about them. Shaq is still shaq. And when i look at it, come the playoffs, i don’t think the heat will have a chance againts their bigmen. which is sad, cause im tired of seeing the lakers or the celtics in the finals. it’s getting old.

  93. kobe4Life says:

    now let’s say the heat play good basketball, but what if they lose again what will the people say, so many excuses again?
    heat is so overrated.

    • gary says:

      Lakers are overrated (this year).

    • whatAname says:

      people who understands basketball and are not Kobe fans will say the Heat are not overrated, they have youth and can dominate as soon as everything clicking. The chemistry is already starting to come, but in my opinion still not it is supposed to be. They can only get better and be more dominant!

    • Heat Fan says:

      UUUHH Gee IF they lose again? HELLO of COURSE they are gonna lose again? WTH kind of comment is that. Don’t matter how good a team is has anyone ever went undefeated or won 50 games in a row? WTH man

  94. Paul James Cagatan says:

    Will it be possible that Lebron James will not make it to the All star team?

  95. kobe4Life says:

    now let’s say the heat play good basketball, but what if they lose again what will the people say, so many excuses again?
    heat so overrated.

  96. kantankruz says:

    Oh Sekou, how your tune has changed. You and your journalist buddies were hanging the coach, players, mascot and anyone you could think of. Very funny indeed.

  97. u Heat Haters says:

    hold up

    • u Heat Haters says:

      Hold up i just read something relly pissed me off ..I dont remember ur name but u said that Lebron shouldnt be nown as a grate player because he went to play with another grate player such as D wade. U said that if he wins a championship it wont mean enouph as Kobes and Jordans who did it by them self. Let me School u real quick as far as Jordan Kobe and LBJ go there all grate Players i wont take nothing from them but Let keep it real yall act like jordan did it all by him self like as if he didtn have pippin or rodman who all played in the alstar game lets not forget about Shaq and Kobe who got three titals togather and at that time Kobe was Robbin and when his batman left he was a nobody the lakers were nothing then when kpbe was threatning to leve because he couldnt relly do it by him self what they do they built a team arround him see yall dont remember that so get ur facts strait befor u talk about Lebron oh and jordan the all time grate sure didnt take them wizzards to a tital and i bet he could if he had a supporting cast so u missed me with that Kobe and Jordan doing it by them self cuz they never have done it by them self real talk Kobe and Shaq and Kobe,Artest,and Casal and Jordan Pippin and Rodman are know diffrent from Bosh wade and james so lets stop comming up with future excuses on why the Heat will Get a Tital soon

  98. KINGMAMBA says:

    BOTTOMLINE: The HEAT is on FIRE… hahaha! Christmas Showdown would determine their caliber, if they are a good team, or an elite team. Btw, This is not LeBron nor Wade’s team.. No one owns a team by himself. Even KOBE,MJ,and MAGIC said..THEY win games. but not I win games. Wade can score the most points in the game. but its all about the impact Lebron is doing, and other stuffs Bosh and the rest of the crew is contributing. MORE POINTS dont mean BETTER players… get it? Durant scores more points.. but who’s better. Him or KOBE?? (this is for the lakers’ fans)

  99. Smarthinking says:

    What are u guys talking about? Miami all the way, they are getting their game now, give them till the end of December , you guys will be surprise. Leave LJ alone, if you want a role model like L>J. you can teach your son to be role model.” hater”

  100. Trash says:

    @ Ron Artest
    You forget that several years ago there were rumors about Kobe leaving LA if he didn’t receive help and then gasol came into the picture, Targeting LeBron for wanting to win championships just like Kobe wants them isnt cool..

  101. madbwoy84 says:

    I didn’t even dare to read all the so called “smart guys” who seemed to have hopefully intentionally misspelled so many words and just not really understand what they are really talking about. I’ve been a heat fan since I first started watching basketball when I was 6. they are a great team but still missing the support roles and need to work on fundamentals like rebounding and shooting. the division is going to be decided between the Celtics, Heat, and Magic. I’m being realistic and saying they will at least lose about 20 games. I’d love to see them win the ship but I don’t think it’s really going to happen. it’s still early in the season to start making valid decisions and predictions on who’s going anywhere.

  102. jake says:

    are you kidding me???? how about we give credit to the teams that have been good all year long that have been beating GOOD teams, heat have won 2 game against teams with over .500 records in this winning streak. So lets no be ignoramuses here and give credit to the teams that have beat contenders. The celtics, jazz, spurs, mavericks. Quit this miami talk until they beat someone who matters, Thanks. now go read up on the stats fools.

  103. ereign says:

    we got to start talkin ’bout Bosh, too (I just don’t understand why its (Lebon,Wade) + Bosh all the time. Even in the interviews, those two are always together and talked about without Bosh. This is not what I have seen from the Boston BIG 3, they were always together, the three of them-even when they were not getting the same amount of attention) Compared to the first few games of the season, he has been consistent, and it seems as though he is getting into his old form again. As much as I love to see lebron and wade get out on the open court, it sure is great to see Bosh doing well, again(hope he gets more rebounds, though-we have seen the breaks where he rebounds, passes to either lebron or wade and just dunk on everyone just in a few secs). One thing about the startin line-up for the heat. When will Mario Chalmers get into the starting line-up again? I know Arroyo is a great player, but Chalmers seem to be better on defense also behind the arc (lets not forget about the championship game). Also, he is the only young player in the roatation with potential to grow! can’t wait to see another highlights of the heat game. DON’T FORGET, the Heat is rolling but still missing Mike Miller-imagine what would happen if he comes back.

  104. Joshy2000 says:

    Can we just shut up about setting any records… The heat hasn’t done diddly squat yet. yes they won 9 in a row, but to challenge a 33 win streak?!?!?!?! It’s funny how the sports analysts were saying that this Heat’s team were going to challenge the Bulls 72-10 record… and now with their previous losing streak made alot of the analyst shut up. When the Heats win somewhere up to the 25 win streak, then we can start talking about it. Until then, STFU to all the analysts…

  105. Neutral Fan from the Midwest says:

    Just some food for thought:

    The Celtics Big 3:
    Ray Allen: Pure, spot-up shooter, both midrange and from behind the arc. Moves and plays really well without the ball.
    Paul Pierce: Great isolation player, and can take people off of the dribble. Shoots well from three, and has one of the best midrange games in the league.
    Kevin Garnett: Plays mostly in the low post and high post coming off of pick and rolls. Can drive to the basket or shoot a turnaround jumper. Also a great passer to slashers and spot up shooters.

    Miami’s Big Three:
    Lebron: Great isolation player, and can drive to the basket anytime. Great passer and playmaker. Needs to dominate the ball to be effective, because he doesn’t play well off of the ball. Streaky shooter: sometimes he’s lights out, sometimes he shoots his team out of games.
    Wade: Another great iso player that can drive to the hoop with ease. He’s also not a great jump shooter, although, like Lebron, he can get hot at times and light it up. Also needs to dominate the ball.
    Bosh: He like to shoot the outside jumper. Doesn’t play in the post much, and when he does it’s usually the high post, facing the basket. He’s pretty much a small forward in a power forward’s body.

    I honestly believe that the moves made by Danny Ainge were much more thought out that the moves mad by Riley. Although the three in Miami are all stars, there is so much overlap in skill sets. There’s only one ball, but all three of them need in their hands. Unless Lebron or Wade can learn to move without the ball and improve their jump-shooting, they will never reach their full potential as a team. I’m not hating or saying that they’re not awesome, because they are, but just because you put a bunch of stars together doesn’t mean they’ll have chemistry and compliment each other’s game.

  106. isaiah says:

    shut up…just wait and see….we can’t tell the future…..

  107. DK_Aussie_32 says:

    what a ridiculous article.. 9 games is a long, long way off 33, and they are yet to play 2 quality teams (mavs & knicks) who have had streaks of their own. sure, the heat are improving, but talking about going through to february unbeaten to break the record.. whats the point? there are plenty of quality teams out there (lakers, celts, mavs, spurs) – this article could have been written about any of them.. waste of an article sekou..

  108. C's says:

    Put the celtics on! let’s just see if the super friends can keep their streak going! It’s kind a bias giving such comment, while the other teams, nyk & bos, are making their streak too…

  109. corey meadows says:

    ok i just have one more comment let me say the heat are not gone win and labron will never be in the hall of fame but d-wade will and the one guy said kobe is the second greatist player in nba history untile he wins 2 more tittle???? dude i was with u until u said kobe will be the greatest of all time so you must be on drugs! lol kobe is great but micheal jordan will always and forever be the greatest basketball player to play the game i dont care how many tittles kobe get bill russel has 11 is he better than jordan? robert horry has 7 is he better that jordan? the boston celtics have 17 nba tittle are they the best team ver compaired to the 96 bulls? think about it dude lagends are not made bcause of how many tittles u win.

  110. Neutral Fan from the Midwest says:

    I know people love the flashy lights and glitter of South Beach, but the Celtics are still the best team in the league. It will be the same as last year, Miami will get all of the attention during the regular season, ei: The Cavs, while people write off Boston as being too old, but come playoff time the Celtics will dominate like they always do. The Heat are a great team, and Lebron and Wade are incredible players, but they don’t have the size, strength, chemistry, or passion to match up with the Celtics in a 7 game series. Maybe you guys have forgotten that neither Wade or Lebron have been able to win a series against the Big 3. The C’s have won 10 in a row without their starting center, their back-up PG/SG, their back-up center… even Rondo sat out a few games. This is the same team that took LA to game seven, and Garnett wasn’t even close to 100%. KG is finally healthy, and he’s playing like the defensive player of the year.

    The Heat are a great team, but when it comes to the showdown, my money is on the Celtics.

  111. ed3 says:

    whos leading the team now buddy

  112. jared says:

    The heat go on a 9 game win streak and the haters say their schedule has been “weak” First of all this isn’t college football, strength of schedule doesn’t matter. Second that “weak” schedule included the hawks, jazz on the road, and then 3 road games in 4 days. And what people don’t realize is that the bad teams go all out vs. superior teams. At least the heat are beating the bad teams. what about the lakers who recently lost 4 in a row including memphis and pacers

  113. K_K says:


  114. jared says:

    The heat aren’t just winning games, they are CRUSHING teams. 9 in a row all by double digits. And for people to say lebron is “robin” is hilarious. Keep hating on the heat, it just makes them play better, like pouring gas on a fire!

  115. Brooke says:

    Just wait until Christmas. The Lakers will blow this team out of the water.The Heat were horrible in the beginning of the season, and now they are on a good streak, but yeah, it’s not gonna last, every non-heat fan knows it, and I think Heat fans know it too.

  116. ash says:

    i would say lbj is more the hulk because his body structure and lebron is batman for the way he moves fast and if you want to add bosh he can be inspector gadget very helpful but not as great

  117. corey meadows says:

    well first off yes the heat are doing very good right now against not good teams they didnt beat boston they split orlando and their is no way in hell they are going to beat the lakers in l.a if they do win by more then ten points and im not a lakers fan at all but the miami heat will fall in the playoffs because the only way they can winn is to spead up the game and i promise they will not win the tittle if they cant win in half court. now im not hating on them im just saying labron is the best player right now but again there are other teams playing great right now dallas/chicago/new york/and the spurs have the best record in the nba so to all the heat fans im very sorry the heat will not beat the 96 bulls of 72 and 10 but i can promise you they will loose to either the boston celtics game 6 of the eastern conference finals or if they make it and play san antonio /lakers they will get swept in the finals! sorry but for labron the grass is not always greener on the other side he will fail again because their is no way the heat are going to beat other teams the way they do the garbage teams lol so enjoy it while u can because labron and d-wade will be shut down by either the celtics/spurs/lakers one of these teams.

  118. Pagiho says:

    I say the heat are once again overrated!!
    No way will the miami heat win 33 straight games, especially in their first year together
    I say the Celtics or the Lakers can easily stop them

  119. Barak says:

    He spelt wrapper wrong…

    But anyway, people are getting too hyped up about the Miami Heat. Yes, they are going to be and are now a good team. However, they will not be able to avoid Dwight Howard. He is, as of now, the one dominating player in the league that could be the single reason this current Heat team does not win a title. If the playoff matchups are set up so Orlando plays the Celtics, the Celtics have a strong possibility of winning. And although the Heat have suffered through two embarrassing losses to Boston already, the Heat still have a better chance to dethrone the Eastern Conference champs than Dwight Howard and the Magic.

  120. ash says:

    just to let the nba site no i think ur latest question to the fans is stupid at the moment it is… who with a big winning streak at the moment will lose first and the answers are bulls celtics heat knicks which it can only be two teams either celtics or knicks because they are vsing eachother tomorrow before the other two teams play n about 50% of voters have voted for bulls and heat which can not possibly happen. so come on people dont just vote for anything look up the information first you look stupid otherwise and nba surely you could have timed this question a bit better then when celtics and knicks have to play eachother

  121. Redninja says:

    OK. people, stop getting your hopes up so high this season. THE HEAT STILL DO NOT HAVE IT ALL TOGETHER. its been two months!!! This whole year is gonna be a getting to know eachother year. If the heat ever do make history, it will most likely not come til next season.

  122. NBAfan says:

    @Daniel Reffering to his injury comment. Lakers Kobe and Bynum were injured in the finals too, they both got surgery after they won. 2nd Perkins isnt even that good….Rasheed Wallace starting over him is better. Cant really say the Lakers won because of Perkins injury, Perkins doesnt stop every ball, or score alot. 2nd Kobe played bad the last game, gave Celtics the chance to win, but Celtics didnt. Why doesnt the big 4 for Celtics just carry the team? I dont know why either. As much as I like the Celtics, they blew it in the Finals, with or without Perkins, they should have won. I like the Lakers too.

    And I hate all this Heat talk thinking theyre good because they got Lebron and Wade. Well Wade and Lebron also dont score all the points for the team. If you look at the Lakers, Celtics, Orlando, Spurs…etc Veteran Playoff teams. Theyre teams are solid. The key word there is TEAM. From top to bottom, Lakers, Celtics, Orlando, Spurs have better chemistry, backup support, and bench. What if those four teams stop Wade or Lebron, or even both. Who would step up. Unlike the 4 Elite teams I mentioned, they have support from theyre team. I just dont see the Heat winning a title this year. Every point is crucial in the playoffs. And not having much support from your bench is alot of points. Not to mention whos going to stop centers in playoffs. All those teams I mentioned, have the best centers in the NBA. Even if Wade and Lebron are better than Kobe and Pau. The rest of the Lakers along with Odom, Ron, Bynum, Fisher, Brown, Barnes, Blake are just a better support cast. Just know that even all stars like Wade and Lebron will have bad games, but who would step in theyre shoes. All the other teams have bench players potential of being the go-to guy. I dont see the Heat having any after theyre superstars.

    Its too early also. Playoffs we’ll see whos has the better TEAM, no superstars.

  123. LAKER_NATION_24 says:

    LAKERS 3-PEAT 2010-2011…. It looks like that everyone has forgotten LAKERS just cuz they are struggling beginning of seaon…Kobe is getting back to his original self…and once we get Bynum back..hopefully tonight against washington…its gonna be a wrap… no Miami will not break lakers 71-72 season 33 game streak…and im sure that no team can…not even lakers…and as of dec.25th clash of the titans match…i wont choose sides because i wanna see what the miami heat can do against the 2 time defending champs…and one of leagues best defensive team…

  124. James says:

    Winning in the Playoffs and winning in the regular season is two diferent stories. In the playoffs it is ALL about Matchups and who plays the best defense. Look at the cavaliers who won the east for two yrs in a row and struggled against the Magic and Celtics. this was because their only favorable matchup was because of Lebron. They had no bigman they can throw down to and the heat have the same problemThe heat rely too much on wade and lebron to play BOTH defense and offense. This may be successful in the regular season but it will be most likely a failure in the playoffs when Lebron and wade are overworked. Let’s just see how it plays out. I’m just making a prediction.

  125. Wait a minute says:

    I don’t think people realize how great lesser teams of the NBA play when the play top teams, ESPECIALLY THE LAKERS. I mean they bring their A+ GAME.

  126. Lakerfan says:

    Yes D Wade usually have the most points but if you add Lebron’s assist to his points then he have just as or more points than wade!!! You just can’t look at the points people!!!

  127. buba says:

    now D wade can get past ATL and the first round. LBJ the best!!!! plus the Heats will now have a good record thanks to LBJ

  128. Miami Heat says:


  129. DUh says:

    its common sense that if you put three of the best players in the world together that eventually they will start to win….
    but i dont see them goin 72-10. because Rodman was strictly rebounding (never really avg. more then 12 points in his carrer, Pippen and Jordan were the main line of attack and the rest were all role players( Paxson, Armstrong, Luc Longley etc).

    everybody is to fixated on the miami heat needing to have the number 1 seed in the eastern conference so it can show they are the best, but that means nothing. you all saw the Cavs Last season with their record many people thought they were going to win then during the post season they got owned.(and so did many others)

    If Miami want to prove to everyone that they are the best team in the world, don’t leave it up to a 9 game win streak to prove it go out and win a championship, and compete with the best and come out on top

  130. nba fan 123 says:

    lebron dosent need to score 30+ each night to win games he js needs to control the game which he has been doing extremely well over their 9 win streak i dont doubt he could get 30+ points each night as of late he has been sitting out most 4th quarters with dwade and bosh getting the opp. to compile more points . either way heat are streking no doubt about it

  131. The heat are a good college team . . . there playing final four style right now . . run and gun, it’s cute, just wait till a team that knows how to control tempo i.e. Lakers, and watch the heat get destroyed. . . . LeBron is garbage . . . I don’t like what I’m WITNESS – ing

  132. buba says:

    now D wade can get past ATL and the first round. LBJ the best!!!!

  133. James says:

    The heat are NOT the best team in the league. They may be the most talented but their skillssets just don’t mesh together. They are not going to win a championship this year. Boston will easily beat the heat especially in the playoffs . it is pretty clear that they are better and in the playoffs they will EXPOSE the heat’s center and point guard problem. THe lakers are another team that will beat the heat if they miraculously make it to the finals. They will just pound the ball into their bigs. Seriously, Sekou needs something else to talk about. He has been mentioning this forever.

  134. The Heat are Garbage. . . 9 in a row against who ???? Don’t ever talk about them getting to 33-0. SEKOU SMITH your obviously a heat groupie, you probably have a photo of Justin Bieber on your desktop. Leave the real sports writing to the experts. Heat are garbage, I don’t care how many regular season games they win, this team will never get any titles, I can’t wait to WITNESS nothing, nada, zilch. . . . LAKERS fo’ Life ~~~!!!!!!! KOBE 2nd greatest baller of all time until he wins 2 more titles !!!! yA hearD = )

  135. Daniel says:

    I can understand the people being skeptical about Miami when they play Boston because Boston has beaten them twice already. Although in Miami’s defense, one was the first game of the season where a less than 100% wade and lebron played together against a primed Boston team. The second showed what Boston can do an dhow scary good Boston is when they all click (and aren’t old and injured at the end of the season given that).

    What I don’t understand is why Laker homers and Kobe fanboys are doing on here. I mean your team has won the last 2 championships (1 against a weak orlando team where Boston was riddled with injuries and without garnett and another ring in which the lakers were a Perkins away or 22 free throws away or a few points away from not holding the second tropy). So it’s not like the laker s are a lock for the finals this year. Laker fans should worry why their team is struggling and why kobe is shooting 43% on the season and why they have beaten only 1 team over 0.500. the lakers have the 2nd weakest schedule played thus far and the fewest back to backs. No to mention squeeking by the nets by a few points.

  136. Paulstar says:

    What a bunch of unprofessional, non-competitive spoiled babies taking advantage of a system which David Stern should never have allowed in the first place.
    He will deny any conspiracy because he knows this creation of Miami will create NEW fans around the country – is the NBA that desperate that they need to allow this kind of trade/conspiracy which ruins the competitveness and fairness of the league (if not this year, then for years to come when Miami really turns it on with chemistry over time).

    David Stern also foolish to allow high school players into the league, just to get a player into the league a couple of years earlier so the league prospers.
    This ruins the player for their first ten years and gets them off on the wrong start – a big mistake.

    You think I am wrong? I guarantee you that if Kobe, Wilt, Kevin and Lebron had gone to college they would have done far more damage over their careers than what we ever saw.
    Shaq and Kobe wouldn’t be a debate as to whether they were the best duo or not – they would automatically be the best duo, with more titles and more records broken had Kobe gone to college.
    And it wouldn’t have taken Kobe over 10 years to just beign to learn how to be a team leader – same can be said for Kevin Garnett in the leadership department.
    And Lebron and Wilt would have developed far better leadership skills AND taken any team to multiple titles WITHOUT having to team up with superstars (Wilt with West and Baylor – LeBron now needs Wade and Bosh). It may have taken some time like it did for JORDAN, but with WIlt’s and LeBron’s dominance, each being equivalent to 2 players at once, they probably would have taken any team to a title in less years than it took Jordan IF, that is, IF they had to college.
    I see a guy like Jermaine O’neal and his charisma on any team played for was non-existant; he was self-centered and had no understanding of how to develop leadership skills or how to build an aura about himself that can reflect team-spirit and confidence that would spread to players around him. Is it a coincidence that he also came out of high school?

    David Stern and the rest of the league officials are misleading these kids and letting them into the league too early, like buying with credit on a credit card.
    These kids walk around misguided, with a ridulous sense of entitlement that the red carpet is to be rolled out for them anywhere they go, and it has gotten worse with every generation to the point that you now have LeBron doing a reality show like ‘the decision’ which is absurd, arrogant and immature AND he is so impatient like every other overly-fed-sugar-american in this generation that he makes the mistake of teaming up with superstars to try and buy a title >>>> the same way you see unprofessional good players at the local gym want to team up with the other best players so they can play ‘king’s cout’ (winner stays on) pick-up ball for 2 or 3 hours and walk over everybody without ever being benched!
    With that said, it is not entirely LeBron’s fault for being non-competitive as Jordan and Barkley say; it is also the League’s decision to allow high schoolers into the league which never gives them a chance to ‘grow up’ properly and they make bad decisions and remain immature and raw and lack building leadership skills until they reach 30 years old – 10+ years later!!

    You want to doubt me again? Go to the 97 dunk contest in Kobe’s rookie year and you wil catch Kobe rooting AGAINST his rival going up for a slam dunk, all caught on National TV and then getting chastised for it.
    Has that ever happened before?
    I see these guys always rooting for each other and appreciating one another’s trick dunks, just like watching professional pool players ‘trick shot competitions’ where the players appreciate and show much respect for each other.
    And what a coincidence that after that dunk contest, there was no more contest for the next 2 seasons!
    I like Kobe and his greatness, and it is not his fault to develop into what he is (with so many kobe haters – you didn’t see that with Jordan); it is also the fault of the league officials allowing him to enter the league out of high school. If Kobe went to college, he would get the admiration around the world like Jordan did, and who knows what more he may have possibly achieved (already acheived so much as it is – 7 FINALS APPEARANCES and 5 titles and robbed of at least one league MVP and maybe two).

    My rant will continue until the day someone replaces David Stern and these other league officials. I actually like a lot of things David Stern and his entourage have done – but the unfortunate reality of allowing kids into a MAN’S league is a big enough mistake which should force these league officials to be REPLACED!!!

  137. KOJIN says:

    if you look at thier stats, yes one does lead in scoring, or assists of rebounding but overall they get very good numbers in all those major categories (except bosh’s assist, but that’s understandable for now; he does need more rebounds imo but that’s nitpicking). wade and lebron having 4-7 rebounds/assists per game is a key thing to me because they still have interior issues but as long as they run like this they can mask it at least. Whether they lose in the next few games or not, the point is we need to focus more on how well they play in those loses, rather than some winning streak that would only serve to put even more pressure on this team, like they need any more. forget the records, I just want them to play solid basketball until they get healthy,/get a better post defender than dampier, then we can talk about streaks and all that, and i don’t think that’s a realistic thing to talk about until playoffs or next season even.

  138. ddddd says:

    Another senseless article about the heat…. Sekou I always thought you were better than to basically write the same article I have seen numerous times since the heat started winning… Very disappointing there Sekou… I hope you recover and write like I know you can. I have always been a fan of your work before.

    Anyways there is a win streak at this time… Good for them. There will be winning streaks and losing streaks. Who cares! What matters is what happens in June. Why haven’t I seen more articles about the lakers and celtics? How bout the Bulls and how well they are coming together nowdays?? Or whats happening in Cle or Toronto since the stars have left? I guess I am just sick of seeing the exact same article written about the heat written 500 times by 500 writers when there are 29 other teams in the league and also the article just barely written different enough to not have legal copyright issues.

    500 articles don’t mean championships. I know any Laker or Celtic fan who knows about winning will agree with me completely.

  139. javier chavez says:


    • LOL says:

      hope so..pray 4 it..
      coz HEAT wiol destroy them 4 gud..

      • Law064 says:

        @LOL &@ Fastbreak. Weather the Celtic’s won by 1 or 15 they got the W. Why is everyone bringing up the game where Boston beat the sixers by 1. Did you see the play and how they executed it everyone thought Pierce was getting the ball. Bottom Line the Celtic’s have dominated the heat not once but twice. Yes the final score was close but that can’t tell you the story of the game. The Celtic’s dominated them up by as much as 20 in each game. The differance is the Celtic’s seem to get relaxed and the heat tried to rally but they ran out of time. Look what Utah did to Miami in that 1st meeting. Stormed back so 10-15 point leads mean nothing if you can’t keep playing tough building the lead. Boston vs Ney York tonight Keep that streak going Boston!!!!

  140. rayshaqrajon says:

    9 straight win for heat, well sounds good but most of them are not well competitive teams. Let see if they gonna win against DALLAS,LAKERS,SPURS and ESPECIALLY BBBBBBBBOOOOOOOOOOOOSSSSSSSSSSSTTTTTTTTTTTTTTOOOOOOOONNNNNNNNNNNNN 18

    • Paulstar says:

      Miami may also lose to Oklahoma City.
      Durant back and Westbrook is going off the charts.
      These two are the league’s future and I think they will beat Miami in their next meeting . . .
      Miami’s regular season test is far from over and is irrelevant anyhow since the playoffs is a whole new game where TEAMS win and not stars. Look at 68 and 69 Boston or any of the Pistons and Spurs championships the past 20+ years.
      Good luck Miami – I hope you spoiled conspiring babies miss the conference finals. And I am not a Heat hater, I am now a LeBron hater and have lost respect for Wade (whom I used to love to watch), since Bosh would have been enough of a pick-up to make Miami a contender again and still keep things “competitive”.

  141. JD says:

    Celtics or Lakers can and probably will stop them.

  142. javier chavez says:


  143. Westbrook4MVP says:

    Yes the heat have played well in the last nine games but surely it’s too early to start talking about a 33 game win streak! I don’t even think they’ll beat the knicks! The Knicks have a much better point guard, Amar’e is a much better post player then Bosh, and they are surrounded by 3 point shooters, and if Gallinari and Chandler fire up they will be too strong, Not to mention Fields who, for a rookie can hold his own against anyone! And over the heat and knicks win streaks i think the knicks have played better!! and even if they win that game there is no way they’ll get past the Lakers

  144. colbynut says:

    The Heat are good but, they definitely lean on Wade and LeBron way too much. Chris Bosh, who? The Celtics have won them both times and the LA Lakers have had a bad spell but, they still will beat the Heat.

  145. choomba says:

    The only reason this is an article at all is because MIA played so terribly in the first half of this season. Sports writers can finally write all the extravagant stories they were drooling over when LeBron signed. There are better teams; there are teams with longer active streaks, there are teams with a comparable if not larger average margin of victory, and there are teams with active streaks AND a comparable if not larger average margin of victory. Yes The HEAT look good right now but article like this are a lot of hot air.

  146. lamebron says:

    They can win all they want in the regular season, but boy, the playoffs is a different story. It’s where MEN are separated from the BOYS. You can go 67 wins and still loose on the 1st the 1st round. . . You can even go for 50 win streak, but try to do that on playoff teams. its all about the RING, and not the hype. . . “YOU GOTTA BE HUNGRY LEBRON!”

  147. heat will be beat says:

    I just hate watching the media talk these guys up. Doesn’t anyone realize the only respectable team they’ve beaten during the streak was Utah? And don’t say Atlanta is a good team, they’ve been a joke every single season they only look good cause they beat all the teams they should. This winning streak is NOTHING, just wait till they play Boston or LA. All the old articles about ‘whats wrong with the heat’ will return. Get real, the heat have beat a few bad teams, big deal. Look forward to dissapointment Miami, open your eyes.

    • KingCobra25 says:



  148. The one thing I”ll say about the Heat is that they need Wade, Lebron, and Bosh to play outstanding each and every night if they want to win. If one of those guys are off – even a little bit – they don’t stand a chance. Teams like Boston and Orlando (when healthy) and even Chicago are probably more viable championship contenders since they all have such a well-balanced attack.

  149. ZZZ says:

    Its NBA., nothing is impossible….

  150. gododowork says:

    The heat are garbage. It’s d wades team and lebron is his sidekick. They aren’t going to win the finals anytime soon because they have to worry about the BOSTON CELTICS!! Maybe in a couple of years.

    • gododowork says:

      Oh yeah i forgot to mention that lebron and d wade choke in the finals and both got eliminated last year by THE BOSTON CELTICS!!!

      • rayshaqrajon says:

        talking about heat, they got the talent but they don’t have teamwork. You’re who’s gonna stop them, well it’s quite obvious……….. CELTICS 18…….. cheers!!!!!

      • Fastbreak says:

        Wade has a ring you tool. Learn to basketball. Celtics were horrible last year, and their record is extremely misleading. They’ve won games by as little as one point against teams like the Sixers. Championship? Get real. At least Heat lose to real teams not ones under .500.

      • Paulstar says:

        Which is exactly why DW and LJ teamed up together, and brought Chris Bosh along for even more support.

        What a bunch of unprofessional, non-competitive spoiled babies taking advantage of a system which David Stern should never have allowed in the first place.
        He will deny any conspiracy because he knows this creation of Miami will create NEW fans around the country – is the NBA that desperate that they need to allow this kind of trade/conspiracy which ruins the competitveness and fairness of the league (if not this year, then for years to come when Miami really turns it on with chemistry over time).

        David Stern also foolish to allow high school players into the league, just to get a player into the league a couple of years earlier so the league prospers.
        This ruins the player for their first ten years and gets them off on the wrong start – a big mistake.

        You think I am wrong? I guarantee you that if Kobe, Wilt, Kevin and Lebron had gone to college they would have done far more damage over their careers than what we ever saw.
        Shaq and Kobe wouldn’t be a debate as to whether they were the best duo or not – they would automatically be the best duo, with more titles and more records broken had Kobe gone to college.
        And it wouldn’t have taken Kobe over 10 years to just beign to learn how to be a team leader – same can be said for Kevin Garnett in the leadership department.
        And Lebron and Wilt would have developed far better leadership skills AND taken any team to multiple titles WITHOUT having to team up with superstars (Wilt with West and Baylor – LeBron now needs Wade and Bosh). It may have taken some time like it did for JORDAN, but with WIlt’s and LeBron’s dominance, each being equivalent to 2 players at once, they probably would have taken any team to a title in less years than it took Jordan IF, that is, IF they had to college.
        I see a guy like Jermaine O’neal and his charisma on any team played for was non-existant; he was self-centered and had no understanding of how to develop leadership skills or how to build an aura about himself that can reflect team-spirit and confidence that would spread to players around him. Is it a coincidence that he also came out of high school?

        David Stern and the rest of the league officials are misleading these kids and letting them into the league too early, like buying with credit on a credit card.
        These kids walk around misguided, with a ridulous sense of entitlement that the red carpet is to be rolled out for them anywhere they go, and it has gotten worse with every generation to the point that you now have LeBron doing a reality show like ‘the decision’ which is absurd, arrogant and immature AND he is so impatient like every other overly-fed-sugar-american in this generation that he makes the mistake of teaming up with superstars to try and buy a title >>>> the same way you see unprofessional good players at the local gym want to team up with the other best players so they can play ‘king’s cout’ (winner stays on) pick-up ball for 2 or 3 hours and walk over everybody without ever being benched!
        With that said, it is not entirely LeBron’s fault for being non-competitive as Jordan and Barkley say; it is also the League’s decision to allow high schoolers into the league which never gives them a chance to ‘grow up’ properly and they make bad decisions and remain immature and raw and lack building leadership skills until they reach 30 years old – 10+ years later!!

        You want to doubt me again? Go to the 97 dunk contest in Kobe’s rookie year and you wil catch Kobe rooting AGAINST his rival going up for a slam dunk, all caught on National TV and then getting chastised for it.
        Has that ever happened before?
        I see these guys always rooting for each other and appreciating one another’s trick dunks, just like watching professional pool players ‘trick shot competitions’ where the players appreciate and show much respect for each other.
        And what a coincidence that after that dunk contest, there was no more contest for the next 2 seasons!
        I like Kobe and his greatness, and it is not his fault to develop into what he is (with so many kobe haters – you didn’t see that with Jordan); it is also the fault of the league officials allowing him to enter the league out of high school. If Kobe went to college, he would get the admiration around the world like Jordan did, and who knows what more he may have possibly achieved (already acheived so much as it is – 7 FINALS APPEARANCES and 5 titles and robbed of at least one league MVP and maybe two).

        My rant will continue until the day someone replaces David Stern and these other league officials. I actually like a lot of things David Stern and his entourage have done – but the unfortunate reality of allowing kids into a MAN’S league is a big enough mistake which should force these league officials to be REPLACED!!!

  151. Fastbreak says:

    To all the people listing the teams the Heat beat and saying they are bad teams.

    1) Not true. Those teams are unstable but they CAN and HAVE won games from better teams standings wise.

    2) The Lakers and Celtics have dumped and had close calls facing HORRIBLE teams.

    3) The Heat’s record is more impressive than any other because they aren’t just winning they are destroying teams, that are still NBA teams.

    People talk about Heat bandwagon, you people on the Heat haters bandwagon are disgusting and totally stupid/bias.

  152. Ho says:

    Getting ahead of yourself was an understatement. They’re NINE games into a win streak but now they may challenge for the 33 game streak? Its not taboo to look that far ahead, its just dumb. Lets watch a few more games first before we start making foolish comments like that. Statements like that honestly annoy me sometimes. How about they make it to 25 wins before you start claiming that its “a legitimate point to raise”?

  153. Joey says:

    I’m just going to say it: Miami isn’t the best team in the league–that’s for sure. Spurs, Celtics and Mavericks have had their own streaks too, and the media really didn’t pay much attention. This article is dumb. This dude was probably paid to write an article depicting the greatness of the Heat just for media attention. Again I say, dumb article–dude can’t even use the proper word. It’s “WRAPPER” not “RAPPER.”

  154. Paulstar says:

    Ridiculous for you to compare this team to the 71/72 Lakers.

    You are trying to create drama and expectations that are way out of proportion.

    Did you create these expectations for New Orleans when they had their incredible start walking over every team this season for the first 2+ weeks?

    Are you creating great expectations for a 20-3 San Antonio team, with a current percentage that will take them over the 70 win mark if all things remain equal?

    When the playoffs come, how can they beat Boston or Orlando? You might say Orlando got blown out, I say Orlando came back and won the next game. You might say, again, Oralndo got blown out, I say the Bulls 72-10 team got blown out by 30 points against the knicks one game – so what’s your point?

    And the Lakers Christmas game is not a marker for the future in any way.
    Gasol tired and currently overplayed.
    No Bynum (or if he is ready and plays, he may get 15/20 minutes ineffectively at 70-80%).
    The Lakers will turn it on strong after the season is approximately 40% completed.

    Let’s see how they match up against the Lakers in their SECOND game and let’s see how they play against Orlando, Boston, Dallas, Oklahoma City and San Antonio the rest of the way.
    And even if they do well against all these teams, the playoffs is a whole new type of game where LeBron and Wade will be tested and I would set miami as an underdog against any of the above teams in the playoffs, regardless of their ‘regular season’ record.

    • Mex says:


      And if you look how Miami achieved its victories (the “winning streak that no team can break” /ironie off) : Only 3 !! decent teams were among the contesters (Atlanta, New Orleans and Utah). The rest was against teams like the Kings, Bucks, Washington and other “soon-to-be-NBA-playoff finalists” *lol*

      I agree. Let’s watch them contest with Boston, the Lakers, Dallas and Orlando. Then we can speak again.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      bad ass commentttttttttttttttttttt, and u right gasol is overplayed and tired, as well as odom. Lakers might lose against the Heat, but in the playoffs the Lakers will get their swagg on like they have the past 2 years postseason

  155. Sarah says:

    The NBA stinks. You are all a bunch of fools. No one is playing basketball…..

  156. rick says:

    you´ve got to be kidding me

  157. Who's the man? says:

    In my opinion, base on length of stay in Miami, it is D. Wade’s team, PERIOD! But Lebron is a young, powerful superstar and have a brand name of his own. Whether it is D Wade team or not, D Wade needs James. For me, it is D Wade and James team. They are slasher and a good finisher. They complement each other. They can both share the same prestige. Tie game!!!

  158. Knick 1999 says:

    The Heat have won with crappy teams they suck and all of them are selfish.Hope the Knicks stop them.They can say they are good when they play the Spurs.

  159. DeAndre says:

    people still hating on miami heat ? i been a heat fan from the beginning , they’re the most talented team in the league , they’re young , and full of potential .. in the beginning they werent as good as they are now and when they lost they BARELY lost , that tells alot .. this is a whole new team from the beginning of the season no doubt about it , i see them making it to the finals this season .. they might not win , but at least they’ll make it there .. boston won alot of games this season , but they BARELY won , and most of the time it was because of OT .. miami will prove to the world while we all expected greatness from them from the beginning . #TeamHEAT

    • realist says:

      theyre not that young folks. people make it sound like they’re like babes in the woods. wade is about to turn 29.
      and with the exception of bosh, their whole front line is made up of 30+ guys. actually 3 of them are over 35+.
      and 8 players total 30+. average age is 28.2

  160. heat or die says:

    aye first of all d wade and the heat made it to the playoffs every year without all the role players, and now how far you think they gonna go with lbj and cb????? cmon guys!!! its dwyane wade, lebron james and chris bosh!!!!! and they dont even have everybody healthy. haslem and mike miller going to come back and its a wrap. theyre defense is going to continue to be better and eric spoelstra is going to continue to be bette. especially with a mentor within pat riley. and about the lakers… what bare they going to do without phil jackson if they dont make it this year. theyre going to be garbage without him. and kobe is without a doubt one of the best to ever play but his wheels are fallin off from all those minutes hes played. hahaha and hes been playing with a broken finger for THE longest.. which will no doubt become arthritic. its a wrap. this year miami is going to win on sheer will and talent and all the years after that its just going to be pure domination. infinite room for improvement and they are already guys forgot that celtics won the championship as soon as they assembled theyre big three so what you thing going to happen when this mega three??? and they are all younger upgrades of the previous three and then rondo started getting off. maybe mario chalmers or carlos arroyo will become like that. bottom line miami has the big three, players who could shoot the three, an inside big man presence for shot block attempts, super defence, haslem who puts in the dirty work and he can hit shots, miller when he comes back who could hella stroke, and the biggest thing of alll…..infinite potential. this is a movement, you better stop hating and hop the fence right now

  161. westen says:

    dont hate y’all , heat is the best team of 2010

  162. Alex says:

    the heat are the best team in the nba talentwise no question , and it has been on display for the last 9 games , they still have a wide … WIDE!!! range of chemistry potential it should be fun to watch

  163. jq says:

    True Fan and Mr. B are completely right. and ESPN have a BIG crush on the Miami Heat. When the Spurs went on there streak, where was the 33 winning streak talk?
    The Spurs have ALWAYS been left out, people saying that there old, if you watch the Spurs games like I do you would see them dominating teams that have more athletic younger players. I know how it feels when your team has been one of the best teams of all time, a team that has the most 50 plus wins every season for the past 12 YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! AND STILL doesnt even get talked about.
    A team that has a player named Queen james that still has not proved they can beat the best of the best are getting all the attention.

    just because they have “Queen” james.

    to you media of the NBA talk or write about facts and subjects about the teams that ACTUALLY DESERVE the attention.

  164. lakersfan says:


  165. lakersfan says:

    wow you heat fans are extremely turnt up first off the celtics are the best in the east there big three ray allen Kg and pierce is better than maimi heat big three in many ways they have chemistry and playoff expierience they know what its like to win a championship and be in the finals there going to beat every team whose in the playoffs period miami is playing the asses off right now but there making a big mistake come playoff time there big three will be tired and they dont have a bench to back up the big three good enough to win a title the lakers are the best in the nba they have the best starting five and the best bench and honestly kobe is hungry for the next ring its going to be lakers celtics period and lakers will win so shut your traps and sit back

  166. nunya says:

    Still beating bad teams and none of them are out with injuries.

    Wait until Wade gets hurt….he is still the heart and soul of this team.

    Bosh is still a p*ssy when facing the Celtics (took him leaving for the Raptors to beat them).

  167. MUBWAR says:

    We have Bat as Lebron, Man as Wade and CB4 oh I mean CB1 as Robin. Now is every Heat happy

  168. long memory says:

    agree with Imad the media goes through the roof.and like Sekou said he just observes and reports – and gets major responses because thats his job! (and ive said it before) but fans shouldnt be getting brainwashed by it. watch the games for yourselves (the GAMES- not highlights) and make your ownn decisions.

  169. lakersfan says:


  170. Wait a minute says:

    THANK YOU BOB DANIELS. THANK YOU VERY MUCH. the heat are playing SUPER HOT right now, but this topic is a bit much.

  171. koRrupt says:

    Miami heat are on fire w/o Haslem and Mike Miller. Just wait til we have them back

  172. Banks says:

    Um guys? Lets not forget they are dominating without Mike Miller and Haslem,…like its scary to think what will happen when they come back…seriously

    • Unbiased fact says:

      Yes because the only players the Celtics are going to get back are Perk, Shaq, Jermaine O’neal and Delonte West clearly this will only make the Heat’s main competition worse

    • Unbiased fact says:

      Also Haslem might not come back.

  173. jared says:

    A 33 game win streak sounds crazy but its really not that far fetched. The way the heat are playing now i wouldn’t be surprised if they win 20+ in a row. Feel the heat! no way to get out of it

  174. long memory says:

    Its funny how teams get discredited when they lose to Miami (because of heat hate)

    1. washington – weak
    2. detroit weak
    3.Cleveland ( i remember them beating Boston this season – not to mention lbj ridiculous performance under pressure)
    4 Atlanta ( no joe johnson? they beat Orlando the same week with NO Joe Johnson!)
    5 Milwaukee (in milwaukee) just snapped Dallas’ 12 game win streak
    6 Utah (obvious) and they gave it to L.A in Utah a few games back
    7 golden state (not weak) but Weak
    8. Sacramento weak
    9. New Orleans is not playing so good but theyre a good team and they brought their A game for the Heat & Lost

    so as I see it (without the hate eyeballs) that makes 5 out of 9 formidable wins
    Now do that with L.A’s last 10 games or Orlando’s last 10 (sekou went over board with the 33 thing )but lets not discredit their 9 (not to mention they are SMACKING these teams) and to all the Boston fans yall can talk all you want because not only has Boston proved it in the platoffs they are also killing right now (with an injured squad). and Doc is my favorite coach in the league (x&o’s and motivational wise) but they will be looking over their shoulders in June. Wade aint Mo williams (he’s not gonna dissapear) and Bosh Mike Miller Haslem is a lot better than antwan anthony parker and delonte (remember boobie & J.J didnt play)
    I actually think Miami is gonna go through one more bad stretch to really get them on another level because it was the loses and the hate behind them that got this 9 win streak going

  175. George Panagiotidis says:

    The reason the Heat’s winning streak is seen as “different” is that it has been by a minimum of 10 points. That is a rare feat. In fact, the Heat are only the 6th team in NBA history to have a 9-game streak with a minimum of 10 points differential. If they beat the Cavaliers by at least that margin they, with 10 games like that, would be one of only 3 teams in NBA history to do so, which is highly likely. Then comes the game at the Knicks, and not only the chance to extend the win streak to 11, but also to become the only team in NBA history to have an 11-game streak with at least 10 games. So, to the naysayers, the Heat streak is different from the Celtics streak or the Knioks streak because of the way the other teams were dominated (Celtics barely beat the 76ers by 1 point at the last nanosecond, for instance.) Only three teams — the 2007-08 Houston Rockets, 2003-04 New Jersey Nets and 1946-47 Washington Capitols — have won 10 straight by at least 10 points, and the Heat will try to match the NBA record Wednesday. The fact that Friday’s game in New York could be for a place in history for something no team has ever achieved in NBA history, despite the fact there were many great teams over the years, tells us that this is not a normal winning streak we see many times over a season from different teams.

    As for 33, the idea behind this is the notion that if the Heat blow out the mediocre and bad teams they face by 25 points or more, and they beat the good teams and above .500 teams by 10 or more (Jazz, Hornets, Falcons, etc.) it stands to reason that they could (COULD) win against the true elite teams by a few points and with that keep a streak alive. It probably won’t happen, every team has an off-night once in a while. But it could happen. I don’t think the Mavs beat the Heat in Miami this time around (they lost to the Milwaukee Bucks at home last night,) so the Knicks and Lakers games are probably the biggest test in the short term. First things, first, though. They are probably content to go after NBA history and win at the Knicks, a red hot team, before thinking further ahead.

    • George Panagiotidis says:

      Correction, sentence should have read:

      Then comes the game at the Knicks, and not only the chance to extend the win streak to 11, but also to become the only team in NBA history to have an 11-game streak with at least 10 points difference.

    • realist says:

      “Only three teams — the 2007-08 Houston Rockets, 2003-04 New Jersey Nets and 1946-47 Washington Capitols — have won 10 straight by at least 10 points, and the Heat will try to match the NBA record Wednesday.”

      Thats all well and good, but you failed to mention that the best part about those teams is this:

      2007-08 Rockets eliminated in the 1st round
      2003-04 Nets eliminated in the 2nd round
      1947-1948 – shouldnt even count because they played like were like 48 games and there were only like 8 teams but thats besides the point…eliminated in semifinals

      So this whole winning by 10+ points for 10 games thing is really lame…unless you like teams that have early playoff exits.

  176. Imad Akel says:

    okay seriously, i want to gather all the folks that write these articles and RIDICULE THEM. Then i want to STONE THEM. Then i want to LAUGH AT THEM.

    I love how in every article you say things like “it’s too early to go to extremes” and “it’s taboo to think ahead” etc… and then you GO TO THOSE EXTREMES! WHY?

    I am a Heat fan i have faith in this heat team but COME ON they are not THAT GOOD. Half the stuff you say is just wrong. So many different ways to own? I can think of only 2 and the half, Lebron scores while wade dishes or wade dishes while lebron scores or both wade and lebron dish to bosh….The heat’s bench is kind of a joke… If they had a great bench and a sustainable team that can hold for atleast 10 mintues without both lebron and wade on the floor, THEN we can talk greatness…

    Man, you people at….Where esle would you find an article that says “It’s not time for the heat to worry” and then just TWO losses later another article “It’s time for the heat to worry”

    And there was another article where lebron’s questions in the ad were literally answered here on Just LOL. Can you BE MORE BIAS? i dont think it’s possible…Even some of your polls are bias (asking fans if Nuggets should do the “right thing” and trade melo to the knicks..Come on just ask if the fans would like it if he went to the knicks or think he should go to the knicks…no “right thing”)

    You dig so hard and long for stories….I understand you are writers but do some more reporting and try and minimize the extreme notions. I mean they are just at a 9 win streak and Sekou here just counted them off to 33! 33!!!! Lol….They arent even a third of the way through…Count them off to 14 and finish the article saying “We’ll see what happens…”

    Also what interests us more than YOUR bias opinions (we want to know yours, but just barely…) is PLAYERS and COACHES opinions (those interest us). Go do some interviewing and reporting….Mark cuban’s quote is interesting, but we would also like a quote from rick carlisle… is a great source for stats, videos, and everything NBA but the articles here are really SUB PAR!
    Only useful parts of the articles here are the quoted excerpts from the articles not here.

    • 100%Haterproof says:

      I think that Miami is just fine with the team they Have right now. And when Mike Miller and U D come back, they’ll have every area of the roster covered. Im really satisfied with Carlos Arroyo’s play at point guard I mean, common, what more can you exepect from a guy who has had to change his whole aproach. And the move they made to get Dampier is paying off better than expected. I mean, neither Dampier or ilgauskas might be at the top of anybody’s list at the center position but, if both are used right, they can add another dimension to the team which can be very effective against some of the top five’s in the league. I really dont see it nessesary to add any more pieces to a team that already has the right pieces in place to win multiple championships for years to come. on the contrary, I think it might affect their chemistry. I mean, I really would’nt want to see 2 Boston Celtic like teams, which by the way, I see struggling more with chemistry issues come playoff time than anybody else due to there numerous “big time players” which by the way, with the exeption of shaq, have won the same amount of championships that Wade has won by himself in Miami, 1, and there unexplainable egos. I mean, they should of won a couple of more championships before they decided to land on cloud nine. and yes, at the end of it all, Wade, James, Bosh and the rest of the Heat, will have won more champonships than Allen, Garnett, Pierce and the rest of the C’s…

  177. arafat says:

    ok, so they have a 9-game streak, but so what??.. the c´s have a 10, dallas just had a 12… even NY has an 8, and the spurs are playing amazing b-ball… miami dont mean much if they cant fare well with the elite teams, we will see that against dallas and L.A…. then u can talk about 33 game streaks… remember houston???… i know you already said that you´re getting way ahead, but reallly, you´re getting waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay out there my friend…

  178. keilon wade says:

    woah hold up did someone up there say james is better than wade? last season maybe, but right now wade is in the zone! also, if you ask me, the first mvp award james got shoulda went to dwade cause wade was having a crazy ridculous outsanding season.

  179. kinggotti says:

    look for them to be the next dynamic dual like pip and jordan not now thoe give dem time they”ll be there … they need good roll players around them once they got good player .. oyeah a rebounder to do the dirty work … once they got that is a rap… championship after championship one time for the heat on their 9 game winning streak keep it coming

  180. karibkween says:

    Here’s hoping Riley signs another ‘Cop” to replace UD. For some reason the refs have decided that its okay for opposing players to endanger the health of Wade and James, when they cannot stop them en route to the basket. Andrew Bogut is still recovering, and would probably continue to have back-spasms from a push by a Suns player who wanted to stop him from getting two points. Now it seems okay for the defenders on opposing teams to hogtie Wade and James or even Anthony in order to stop them from scoring. I know Riley has always favored having a Cop on his teams, and I hope he recognizes that Howard is not that guy. I don’t know who is out there, but the Heat need an Oakley/Artest/Rodman kind of player. Someone who will have players like Jack looking over their shoulders the next time they get it into their heads to use NFL defense in an NBA game.

  181. chewy says:

    its a boy!!!!!

  182. chewy says:

    does anyone want to congradulate me on starting a family

  183. Mr. B says:

    Well, ESPN and are the mouth piece of Miami and James. Nothing new here. When the Spurs had that run, very little was said. Now Miami is on one, and you would think that they are going for there 3 world title. What a joke.

  184. darkmanx says:

    i am a d wade fan eversince. now that he’s got help, i’m real excited for the conclusion of the season. i don’t think we can get 33 straight wins though, it’s impossible, todays teams are good. but i hope that we can get to the championship and win it all. haslem and miller will be back soon. and the chemistry will get better as games go on. Go heat! win it all..



  186. just because the heat are doing now, people are saying they are the team to beat in the east what happened when they were 9-8. The Celtics are the team to beat they are on a 10 game winning streak and the top team in the east. it probably will be heat vs celtics in the ECF and the celtics advancing playing the lakers in the NBA Finals and the celtics winning BANNER 18!!!!!!!

  187. Blair says:

    I would be lying if I said I wasn’t on the hate bandwagon. It wasn’t really that I hate the Heat having a stacked team more so I hated the way Lebron left. That being said what they are doing is still impressive. Kudos to them for finding their game and showing the League what they’re capable of.

  188. manny says:


  189. Stu says:

    I hope this Sekou guy doesn’t get paid much (if anything) to do this blog. The horrid grammatical, spelling and typographical errors that appear in nearly every installment aside (historic, not historical, and wrapper, not rapper, to name two in this blog Sekou), his “basketball commentary” ranges from statements of the obvious to wild speculation and overreaction such as what we see in this article. First of all, consider this:

    1. Washington
    2. Detroit
    3. Cleveland
    4. Atlanta (no Joe Johnson, @ Miami)
    5. Milwaukee
    6. Utah
    7. Golden State
    8. Sacramento
    9. New Orleans (@ Miami)

    Taking into account that New Orleans has now lost 9 of its last 12 games, and is looking much more like the team that most predicted would not make the playoffs than the team that got off to a surprisingly formidable start, I see one truly quality win on that list – Utah on the road. Milwaukee has struggled thus far, so while that’s certainly not a pushover, I don’t consider that a great win (despite MIL’s ending the Mavs’ streak in Dallas last night). The win against Cleveland was impressive in that the Heat, and especially LeBron, were able to maintain their composure (and gain some newfound swagger, even) in such a hostile environment and play at a very high level. But Daniel Gibson is leading Cleveland with 13.2ppg. That’s a terrible basketball team. And Washington, Detroit, Sacramento, Golden State sans Steph Curry? The Heat have beaten some very bad teams during this stretch.

    Furthermore, we’re talking about a 9-game streak. That’s about 27% of the way to 33. Including the Heat’s current streak, I can think of six streaks of 8 games or more this season, just a fourth of the way in: Spurs (2x), Lakers, Hornets, Heat, Dallas. So let’s do some quick math. 33-game streak: once in NBA history (64 years or so?). 8-game streak: six times in the past couple of months. Given the extreme rarity of the former, and the apparent regularity of the latter, I’d say a 9-game streak warrants no mention of the potential for the record. Were this blog written with the Heat sitting on 22 or 24 straight wins, I’d buy it. But as Sekou pointed out, there are a few road blocks coming up in just the next two weeks – for instance the, um, you know, two-time defending champions playing at home on Christmas Day in the biggest game of the year so far. I thought you were a bit too casual in stating that, “If the Lakers can’t stop them…” and looking ahead to their remaining December games.

    Sekou, as much of a hard time as I’ve given you, your game recaps are excellent, especially after a large slate of games. They’re brief but informative, a great way for someone with a full-time job (such as myself) who can only follow one or two teams on a nightly basis to keep up with what’s going on around the league. Some of your polls are fun, too. Stick to what you do well.

  190. The Troll says:

    Wow… Nothing about how the Celtics beat them twice already… Celtics are the team to beat in the East plain and simple… it will be even harder when they are fully healthy.

    • michael gibbs II says:

      Thats th problem, they will never be healthy!! They are old and as the season gets deeper, their age will show up. Shaq can’t even play. That is exactly why the Heat will have the advantage come playoff time. Their core players are young and energetic and that will come into play in a “serires”! i don’t see the celtics being able to run with the Heat for 4+ plus game every other nite. And i gave the Celtics respect, they beat us when we were done of course, but a win is a win. Lets see these two teams play now!! The Celtics almost lost to the Sixers!!! This Heat team now is way better than the team they faced the last two times. Heat are starting to show everyone that, yes, we are showing the world why they came together.

      Back to the Celtics, want to know why the Celtics didn’t beat the lakers last year, they couldn’t make it through the 4th quarter cause they were tired!! The lakers were younger and had more stamina to push forward. The Celtics play very well. I actually wanted them to beat the Lakers, but they are old now and i think last year was their last chance. If you look at every team that got better this year in the eastern conference, just look at the youth of the players. Experience is good, but it will only get you as far as your health will allow you!! remember that come playoff time. And if you want to talk about experience, Lebron, Big Z, Eddie House, Dampier, Wade, an haslem have all played in big playoff games, if not the finals!!

      • realist says:

        and among those 6 players that you mentioned who have experience…there are 3 total rings to share amongst all of the players on the heat. take any combination of just 2 starting players for the lakers and you already have them equaled or beat.

        but heres where the numbers get REALLY funny. out of the 6 players you mentioned theyve combined to play in 387 playoff games which actually sounds like a lot, right?

        so to recap 6 players = 387 playoff appearances/3 rings

        um…derek fisher and kobe bryant

        2 players = 397 playoff appearances/10 rings

        or ill pick 6 lakers players too
        kobe fisher artest gasol odom and andrew bynum
        so to recap 6 players = 687 playoff appearances/19 rings

        Oh btw, and then theres the balnce of experience vs age
        well the 6 players with experience you mentioned from the heat average age is 31.1 years,
        lakers 6 players average age is 30.5

        in summary
        experienced players from the Heat 31.1 years old 387 combined playoff games and 3 total rings
        experienced players from the Lakers 30.5 years old 687 combined playoff games and 19 total rings

        so while your busy comparing your “experienced” and supposedly “young” team to the celtics. maybe you should be focusing on the champs.

        its not the celtics you should be worried about.

      • Law064 says:

        @Michael Gibbs are you serious the celtic’s can’t run with Miami in a 7 game series? Dude how many times have the Heat beat Boston this year?? None!! They all said they were to old last year they will run out of gas blah blah blah.. When it counts the Celtic’s will be even more pumped..

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        micheal gibbs you must havent seen garnett playing this year??? Dude is looking solid after now getting all the way recovered from that surgery he had in 2009

  191. Travis says:

    33 game winning streak isn’t that far out there. Mavs, Lakers, Thunder, Bulls, and Magic are the only 5 games that we really have a chance of losing in now that we’re flowing quite nicely. Doesn’t matter if we get it or not though, this team is built to win championships, not regular season victory titles. They’ll probably finish with the best record in the NBA, but I really don’t care if they do or not. Come playoff time, I think people will finally see how dominant of a team the Heat are now.

  192. Korachof says:

    1. Bulls are actually an excellent team now with Boozer. Anyone who has watched them and kept up with them since his return understands this. They were relatively decent before he showed up, and now they are in the exact same place as the Heat- They are beating teams they are supposed to and trying to get a chance to beat teams that dominate.

    2. The Heat are good, but I’m not sure they are a “good team.” The big 3 score, what, 80% or more of their points? Come playoff time, they probably wont have any gas left in them to keep going. Playoffs are much different than the regular season. Even IF they somehow get through the regular season with a great record and still healthy with their small roster, they still have a lot to prove against more rounded teams, better coaches, and powerful gameplans.

    3. Someone said the Celtics couldn’t match the numbers the heat gave. The heat are number 2 in defense, and number 5 in offense. Whoever said that must not know that the Celtics aren’t far off. They are number 1 in defense and number 7 in offense. The difference there isn’t much. The Celtics are a very, very good team.

    4. Point guard play isn’t the only way to beat the heat. Suffocating team defense, or post play also destroys them. Honestly, I’m not sure how they are going to beat the Mavs or Knicks. Stoudemire should destroy them, and Dirk is averaging insane numbers. They don’t have anyone that can guard either one.

    5. As I said, the Heat are good. They have showed offensive prowess and great defense against teams. They are learning, yes. They are hardly as dominating as they seem though. Their numbers reflect a team with Lebron James on them. Does anyone know that 2 of the 6 teams that got the 9 wins by 10+ points Lebron was on? How about the Celtics in 2007-2008? The Celtics are actually better this year than they were that season.

    6. Trust me, this team does not reflect a team with Carmelo Anthony, Kobe Bryant, and Dwight Howard. Anyone who thinks so is an idiot. Bosh is nothing compared to Howard. Carmelo Anthony isn’t much worse, if worse at all, than Wade or Lebron, and Bryant is better than both. If given a 7 game playoff series, they would have to first deal with a mediocre, but young/athletic team such as Atlanta or the Bucks. Then they would probably have to face someone such as the Bulls or Orlando or maybe the Celtics. All three of those teams can give them huge problems. Then last they will more than likely have to face another one of those teams in the eastern finals. And then what? Go and face the Spurs or Lakers in the actual finals?

    If you think it’s going to be a walk in the park for them to get through the playoffs, regardless of their regular season record then you really need to brush up on your basketball.

    • NBA Fan... says:

      Good post…Right on all levels except you said Spurs or Lakers in finals…It will definately be the lakers…lol…

    • Heat Fan says:

      1. Yes of course a true fan should agree the Bulls are good to excellent. They will also need more time to jell with Boozer coming back now though so it will be fun to see how far they go. Grew up a Bulls fan back in MJ’s days so I’m glad they are definitely relevant again.

      2. Enough gas? They are all less than 30 in their primes? Unless they are ALL 3 playin 40+ minutes EVERY game theres no reason to worry about that. You would worry about injuries before fatigue.

      3. Agreed. JUST like the Heat are a very good team.

      4. Post play destroys them? UMMM guess you didnt watch the Magic when the Heat blew em out by 26. Howard went off that game and they STILL destroyed em. Your logic is off, 1 player is gonna beat a team? Uhh, no. Amare is gonna beat them himself? LOL Please. Sure thats great STAT may very well get 30 and 15, actually he probably will. Thats great let him. You let the great players be great and make AVERAGE players, role players, be great. THEN your chances of winning skyrocket. Felton is going to take over? I think not. IF Arroyo has any trouble they can switch Wade to him to shut him down like they’ve been doing with other PG’s lately

      5. “Their numbers reflect a team with Lebron James on them”?? Say what? This whole number 5 doesnt really make any logical point at all. Gee lets see, the Lakers numbers reflect KB on the team. The Spurs numbers reflect Duncans numbers on them, and so forth. I mean really whats the point of saying that captain obvious? The team IS dominating though whether you want to admit it or not. Doesn’t mean the will dominate the rest of the season but they have dominated the 9 games by double digits. IF it were SO easy to do, why did only 5 other teams before last night do it in NBA HISTORY? Exactly

      6. Say what? WHY even make up this fantasy Big 3 to compare them too? That has absolutely NO relevancy whatsoever to the Heat being great in the 9 game streak right now. I mean you say those 3, then I can just say oooo well I’ll make up a big 3 of MJ Magic and Bird. I mean really?

      To even mention that any of us thinks it will be a walk in the park is ridiculous. You know why? Because tell me WHAT TEAM in the NBA will have a walk in the park in the playoffs? Uhhhhh NOONE. Thats a moot point. Try again

      • realist says:

        “IF it were SO easy to do, why did only 5 other teams before last night do it in NBA HISTORY? Exactly”

        Not easy, but it will be easily forgotten if they dont win it all in the finals…

        How many of those other 5 teams won the championship?

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Korachof great post my dude..

      1.Nailed it on the head, Bulls have been going under the radar this season, i knew back in the offseason they would be good, they made alot of good moves. People keep sleeping on em and will fall victim in the playoffs i promise, I want to see the heat vs bulls, that would a great second or third round series.

      2. Good coaching and matchups been saying that all on this post!

      Wont comment on the other numbers, but keep posting that REAL KNOWLEDGE

  193. Fluseason says:

    Look everyone the heat have he potential to be the best team in the league. It takes awhile to blend talents such as dwade and lebron it is mostly a spacing problem. They both demand he ball and take crazy angles to the basket. As long as the tempo of the game is fast the heat will win every game.What is scary is that two of the most key role players are hurt. Also stop talking MAVS they suck and the heat own them from 2006. The MAVS will allways be that regular season thriller but they will always be post season disappoinments. Trust the heat will get better then the celtics and from there we will see.

    • NBA Fan... says:

      In the playoffs great coaches study teams and find ways to win..Coaches will know they need a fast pace to win and the coach will have a plan and its up to the players to uphold that plan…Dont know if Spo is a playoff genius like phil or even Doc…Celtics are too deep with a better team and better coach…Overall talent cant be a whole championship caliber team..And i say celtics and lakers have that at this moment…And maybe spurs if they can stay healthy..

  194. fedex says:

    I personally believe that Heat is an inconsistent team, however thats just my opinion though.
    My reasons are that heats do not have a big that rebound well, Bosh has been rebounding but most of the time wade and lebron rebounds just as much, they do not have a big that likes to bang, Bosh certainly doesnt and it is quite evident, I believe only when Bosh realizes how efficient it can be if he goes hard for rebounds and outlets it to LBJ or Wade for the open court(like last night Wades semi-fast break dunk) opportunities is when they are at their very best. However, I believe the lack of inside play is legit, like Barkley said, u dont live by jumpers, u die by jumpers, and thats exactly Bosh’s case, he is not deserving of that contract and he is good but not great. You are basically asking LBJ and wade to do all the work and try to win a champ with no pieces becuz they do not have the cap to put together decent pieces like boston, lakers heck even orlando and maybe Utah to a certain extent have better all-around role players, heats cannot survive the upper echelon teams in the East. However these are only my thoughts and opinions.

    • michael gibbs II says:


      You obviously haven’t been watching the Heat play. They have out rebounded these last nine opponents by 80 rebounds. And if you go by what Barklet said, you are missed guided. No pieces, you have Big Z that can strecth the floor with the big guys, James Jones is killing from 3 point range, Eddie House was one of the reason why the Celtics won their last ring. Mike Miller is going to be a beast coming off the bench. You also forgot, when the bench comes in, D wade or lebron will still be on the court, so they will play just like they did last year when they were on different teams. You need to catch up on your NBA knowledge. They are your thought and opinions but at least make sure that they make sense

    • kMia# 3 says:

      It doesnt matter they are still a top rebounding. Amazingly number 1 in the east, and one of the biggest teams in the league boston is like 25th in rebounding and they are also elite. FYI miami is about 10th or 1th in rebounds now in the league.

  195. RoseBull says:

    something to think about. Mike Miller could be back by christmas. Just his presence on the court alone is going to make the lanes wider for dwade and lebron, not to mention help bosh’s post game out as well. With that addition the heat are going to be a serious threat come postseason. But forget the heat im riding with the bulls all day everyday.

  196. Fastbreak says:

    They aren’t just on a 9 game winning streak. They are on a 9 game blowout streak. The Dallas Mavs did win 12, but some by as little as 1 point.

    Before you people start talking about easy teams, LA dropped 4 games to teams below .500. So if you are criticized Heat for winning easy games you guys should be crucifying LA for that slide.

    It’s too early to make predictions about who will win what, too many factors to be determined. But people need to wake up. Heat are a real team. The trio is amazing, and Toronto/Cleveland suck without them.

    • NBA Fan... says:

      The lakers can do anything they want during the regular season…They have nothing to prove…They have won two championships in a row…Until they are beatin in the playoffs they are still the Champs

    • realist says:

      Like i said in response to George’s post

      Even if miami beats 10 teams in a row by 10+ points all it is really is matching what only 3 teams in history have done

      thats all well and good, but you the best part about those teams is this:

      2007-08 Rockets…eliminated in the 1st round
      2003-04 Nets…eliminated in the 2nd round
      1947-1948 – shouldnt even count because they played like were like 48 games and there were only like 8 teams but thats besides the point…eliminated in semifinals

      2010-2011 heat…eliminated in _____.
      you fill in the blank

      So this whole winning by 10+ points for 10 games thing is really overrated and lame…unless you like teams that have early playoff exits.

      I mean people, like reggie miller thought the lakers had a chance of winning more than 72games or 33+ in a row last season, but it didnt pan out. So what!?! they won the champinoship at the end.
      So miami’s on a hot streak and gelling right now. Big Whoop. its not something that hasnt been seen or done before. and even if it turn into something that breaks records, if they dont win when it matters in the post season and win the chip, nobody’s going to recall this season’s team as one of the best teams.

      I mean when was the last time you thought about the 07-08 rockets 03-04 nets or the 47-48 capitols?
      It don’t mean Jack!
      when the lakers complete their 3 peat in june are you guys really going to say well “Miami was the better team, they had a __game streak of wins by 10+ points” No, it doesnt matter. Youre going to remember another dynasty, and another chapter in the kobe dynasty.
      After this year itll be 15 seasons and 8 finals appearances and 6 chips.
      4 3-peats for jackson. thats 12 championships out of 20 years of coaching.
      lakers will match the celtics 17 and will be solidified as the most storied, winning team in history, because theyve already been to basically half of the finals ever played!!! and the only number celtics can hold over them right now is one more chip.
      …and nobody will remember the piddly little win streak the unproven 10-11 Heat went on.

      • Heat Fan says:

        wwwwooohoooo CHUG on that haterade LOL

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        aye you kept in real in thsi comment, no disrespect to the Miami world, but he is right. That 33 game win streak wont mean anything without that ring in hand come June. Whatever team wins the finals in 2011 will be talked about, not the regular season accolades

  197. danito says:

    ok the heat are good, but they cant beat boston, and even if miracle happens and they beat boston, the lakers will beat that miami team

  198. michael gibbs II says:

    ok!! This is why he thinks the can continue their win streak. Lebron and Wade!! Enough said. When those two are giving u 60+ points every night, the won’t be beat. If you have noticed, one of the 2 have had at least 30 points in these games. And im not a person that looks ahead, but i cant see why he saying that they can match 33 game win streak. The Celtics and Knicks are on similar if not better win streaks, but their wins are closer than the Heats games. The Heat are averaging double digit wins in this streak. No game is close in the 4th quarter. The Celtics really should have lost in Philly, Knicks barely beat the Nuggets. I think that is why he is saying that. I am not saying they will, but i would love to see it. The Lakers have struggled. Celtics are being the Celtics. They start off good every year and then they get “old” and finish .500 the rest of the season. The Knicks are playing good, but they will not be around come JUNE. They need one more player to help. If you think Stoudamiere can put in 30 every night for the rest of the season is asking too much. That is the advantage the Heat have. YOu have 2 if not 3 people on the team that can put up 25+ points when needed. Bosh right now is just doing great. He scores when he has to, and lets Wade and James do what they do.

    The Celtics will be the only team that will give the heat a challenge from here on out int he Eastern conference. The 1st two games, no excuses, they beat us. But the Heat have it going now and i can’t wait to see them lay again. This time, the Heat will be ready and take the fight to the Celtics. I think for the next couple of years, this will be the biggest rivalry.

    And think about this, Mike Miller comes back at the end of this month! They will add another weapon that can shoot the 3 and handle the ball. The Heat have always been my team, and now with the new additions i am loving every minute of their season, win or lose!!

  199. Berkin - Istanbul says:

    All i gotta say is this: D-Wade was not 100% at the beginning of the season and they were too kind to each other as far as sharing the ball and trying teammates to get involved. Remember how close, except 1, the loosing games were?Remember LeBron’s TOs, just trying to pass the ball around? Now they both are in attacking mode, no more “Sponge Bob Squarepants”… Mark Cuban is right, they r there to dunk on you. CB gets a lot more open looks, and he’s started to drive to the hoop as well… Look out to total “rebounds” and “assists”; this is called “Chemistry”. It takes a bit to chemically bind 10 different DNAs… I am not gonna farfetch to 33 games, But the HEAT IS ON, LEGITIMATELY !!!

  200. G-Man says:

    I’m a longtime reader of this blog Sekou and I’d like to first thank all the hard work and time you put into this each and every day. Secondly, I think a lot of people are misinterpreting Sekou about his speculation/hopes or whatever you want to call it. He knows that other teams have longer win streaks and that Miami is lacking in certain areas, but he also understands that having a favorable schedule is important. He’s not even saying that they will get close, but he’s saying IF they beat Dallas and LA, the rest of the schedule is nowhere near as grueling. After that, the hardest part of their schedule is a 5 game roadtrip with Chicago right after Denver. After that, they have the Thunder and, on the presumably 32nd game, Orlando. Once again those are all tough games, but if anyone can do this, it is the Heat, and only because their core is young and can stay relatively fresh for a long period of time. If anyone can do this as well it’d be the Celtics if they can blow open important games and get their starters rest. And that is what is so important for Miami as well. By blowing open games, Lebron, Wade, and Bosh don’t have to play the whole time, leaving them fresher for the others. Besides the critical Dallas and LA games, I think the streak depends on NY. If the Heat can win big against them, they can build confidence and they have a good chance of building a nice win streak. They play NY 3 times up until that Bobcats and Clippers game, so the first win is critical. I’m not declaring the Heat victors in any of these games, but I’m just saying that they have a favorable enough schedule to make a nice run. All in all, these streaks dont really matter to me, as i’d rather they win 4 and lose 1 consistently so that they never get too comfortable.

  201. SUNS FANatic says:

    OK Sekou…I know they aren’t playing that great since the departure of STAT, but the Heat play the SUNS on December 23rd (I’ve got tickets and am very excited about the game). You made mention of the Heat playing the Lakers, the Knicks, and Houston in December and possibly making it through the month without a blemish. At least give the SUNS some respect and mention that there is a remote possibility that JRICH and NASH will catch fire and go on a three-shooting rampage and beat the HEAT. They did it to the Lakers…

  202. j.kee says:

    let me say this first i have been a heat fan for over a decade been with them through the highs and lows and i cant stand these bandwagoners that have something to say now that there’s starpower……..that being said having the league pass and watching this years team from the beginning of the season til now(as well as every other team in the league) its too early to say whether or not they can break the 33 game winning record but at the same token you have to respect the transformation of these guys as a team they are starting to figure out attacking the basket and playing defense is what’s going to get them to success bosh is still a little shaky at times on the defensive end but they are rebounding as a team getting out on the break and playing better collective team defense and the whole oh they only beating .500 teams comments should be thrown out the window b/c 1 they have been beating teams by 10+ on this winning streak boston came a few seconds away from losing to philly but they were praised b/c they got it done people are hating on the heat b/c of the star power they have but that was what they chose to chase championships on the road trip they beat a utah team who came back from 22 down against the heat at home they beat new orleans last night who they previously lost too both above .500 with stellar pgs and inside presence both “weaknesses” that the heat “supposedly” couldn’t handle they are playing good basketball and that can’t be denied its showing up in the stats so let’s hold off on where there win streak can possibly go and just enjoy the good team basketball being played by this team

  203. Trio5 says:

    Lakers have only beaten 1 team over .500.

    Miami has beaten 4.

    Chicago beat the Lakers a few days ago and guess what…Chicago is above .500.

    Miami destroyed Orlando by 26 three games into the season.

    Miami also beat Atlanta, Utah, and the Hornets. All teams with winning records.

    There’s a lot of bias among some writers. Some favor the Heat while others will point out how “easy” Miami’s schedule has been while forgetting about the precious Lakers’ schedule being FAR easier than Miami’s this month.

    Miami still has to prove themselves worthy against Boston and Dallas. Until then, Miami will be the 3rd or 4th best team in the league. I’m a Heat fan but I have to be honest. Boston still has Miami’s number until they prove otherwise.

    • gary says:

      For real. Lakers haven’t played a top east or west team. The Heat have played two or more top teams from each coast and brought their record back to 2nd in the east. The so called champs are at what, like number 4 I think? And they have everyone except Bynum who only averages around 15 points. Please don’t tell me that’s the reason the Lakers have been losing because if so the Heat will wipe them off the court. Heat are out two needed players and still functioning well.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        No one is subbing in for Gasol and Odom……Character and that old fool Ratliff both hurt….Pau and Odom putting up alot of 40min games….there worn out, and Phil only letting Kobe go for 30mins so???

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      last year ppl questioned the lakers and consistency from january all the way through april, all on espn that lil crew they be having with Mike Wilbon and Steve Smith and Magic, all of them was saying whats up with the Lakers? Do they really believe they can just hit the “on” switch come playoff time or is this how they will play in playoffs….

      all the speculation, and in the playoffs we did in fact turn it up a notch, playing our best baketball and kobe was in his mode after dealing with that broken finger since that past december……

      Lakers have nothing to prove in the regular season since we defending title holders, we waiting for playoffs to start.

      Miami has somethin to prove in regular season, and thats because they the new shining toy a kid open on xmas, the new attraction that everyone wants to see succeed or fail

  204. boston_fan says:

    Wait until they face true challenge. Boston Celtics!!
    Go celts!Go for the 18th!

  205. 100%Haterproof says:

    Im pretty sure that Miami could easly beat that 33 game win streak record if they really wanted to but I dont think they will for 2 major reasons. #1, they dont want to risk getting any players seriously injured which could hurt there chances of winning a championship this year and #2, I really dont think they care about breaking that record this year. I think they are more worried about building chemistry with each other and staying healthy come playoff time so they could contend for the title. as for there being other better teams than them right now, maybe so but hardly. But those other teams will run out of gas down the line and they wont be able to keep up with miami’s transition game…

  206. Will says:

    This is simply absurd, two week ago the Heat was a “joke” and a “failure”, now they are going to go unbeaten for the rest of the season and no one can stop them…I love the Heat, I have been a fan for almost two decades, but can we have some balance instead of these ridiculous swings? Of course the media needs a frame, some type of drama…a story simply stating that the Heat is playing well “right now” and “may” continue winning in the near term simply does not create as much of a spectacle.


  207. No Excuses says:

    I am really sick of hearing all this Bulls ****. seriously, what have the bulls done to even be in the conversation with the heat, lakers, celtics, mavs, spurs, orlando talk. Bulls wouldnt beat any of these teams in a 7 game series. Its almost like everyone in this blog (from Chitown) forgets that Jordan is not on the Bulls. Derrick rose is good but wont do anything alone. Sry Bulls fans

    • Alex says:

      The Bulls are 15-8 after starting the season with the hardest schedule in the NBA (as in playing the most teams with winning records) and that was without there starting PF Carlos Boozer for most of the stretch.

      They have Derrick Rose making the case for MVP (4th in the league in scoring, second in points/assists/rebounds total last time I checked) Carlos Boozer made his Bulls debut and they are starting to click beautifully (his latest game being 22-18) Noah and Deng always solid, and a very capable bench. And their defense is unreal, holding opponents to under under 85 points in their last 7 games (that includes games against offenses like OKC and LA,) most of those being their opponents lowest scores of the season.

      Not to mention they now have one of the EASIEST schedules in the NBA for the next few weeks to pad their lead in the central division (after blowing out their closest competition in the central division by 20 points last night.)

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        agreeded, the bulls are going to be a surprise in the playoffs, people keep sleeping on this team. Rose is the real deal, got post play in boozer and noah, with good quality role players. Much better than the Magic, Magic are a joke without Howard because if the 3point line is blocked Lewis cant buy a basket and Carter looks pitful nowadays

  208. TS says:

    Boston 2 Miami 0.

    • Heat Fan says:

      Boston MINIMUM 200 games together.

      Miami less than 10 LOL

      • THE HEATSUCK says:

        @HEAT FAN So what make you heat fans think they can win a chip this year idiot!

      • gary says:

        Probably the fact that the league is so open this year that no one knows for sure who’ll win. Hope it’s the Heat but the percent is still low for them. BTW…stop the hate, lol.

      • Law064 says:

        Who cares when Boston beat them they will beat them again!!! Boston has a 10 game streak going for 11 vs a Hot Knicks team. BOS 2 MIA 0. @The Heat Suck, I like that name, but I have to admit they are getting better even with this streak 2 games were vs good teams

      • Heat Fan says:


        WELL LETS SEE. JUST because its a POSSIBILITY. Tell me where at in ANY of my posts that said the Heat are DEFINITELY winning the title this year. On the contrary I even said that it may not be this year, or MAYBE not even next, but we WILL SEE. TIME WILL TELL. What I DID say is that the Heat WILL win a title in their contract years at the LEAST, and more like 2 or 3. And the games going on RIGHT now are all we have to talk about and analyze at the moment. It should be fun, not hate.

  209. Kg fan says:

    i still say dat da playoffz r da only way u can see if a team can trully be called better than a certain opponent and as u can see da lakers lost to da bulls but LA r considered da best team in da nba rite now jus cuz dey won da previous championship and boston iz da second best so in order for da heat to be da best in da league win a ring or make a deep playoff run cuz boston proved last year dat regular season records doesnt show u how gud a team iz does playoffs do

  210. Tony says:

    Paragraph starting with “Again,” it’s wrapper and not rapper. Had to be the jerk

  211. miami heat 2011 champs says:

    miami heat is the best team than the lakers team buddy. 3 super stars avg 20+ points a night that is ridiculous buddy! if you watch dis team attacking the basket unstoppable. and dir chemistry started to heat up.

    • Julian says:

      Again they have not played against the elite yet…and Boston already beat the TWO TIMES!!!! the heat are not an ELITE TEAM YET!!!

      • Heat Fan says:

        Boston was only up by 3 with a minute to go in the Heats FIRST game EVER together, while Boston has what is now their 4th season together already. They had what would that be even accounting for some injuries, at least 200 games together in 3 seasons counting playoffs? 200 games together vs 1 together for the Heat? Please. I was expecting the Heat to get routed honestly by 15 or 20. The second game the Celtics won by 5. That won’t cut it when the Heat are on their game like they appear to be. Not sayin its a given they will beat Boston, and they certainly won’t win by 20+, but Bostons got a TOTALLY different animal to deal with when they play the Heat again.

        Can’t stop the L-TRAIN.

      • westen says:

        Julian plzzz dude , what is the elite ? boston beat them so what? u just hate bruh.

      • kMia# 3 says:

        Boston beat them when they were not doing well. Wake up dude thats like saying new orleans is still the best in the league because they were like 9 and 0.This is December not november.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        Look no to take anything away from them, now that they playing good I just want to see em face the Spurs and Boston again, beat them then i will call them “elite”.

        I cant count Orlando anymore or even my Lakers because they having been playing particularly well as of late

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        TYPO, because they have NOT been playing particulary well

    • realist says:

      chris bosh doesnt averages 17.9 ppg and still cant rebound if his life depended on it

      one player is averaging 15.8ppg 9.8rpg and 3.3apg
      the other is averaging 17.9ppg 8rpg and 2apg

      id take player one
      player one is lamar odom
      player two is chris bosh

      also for all of you talking about statistical dominance heres some interesting stat numbers
      if you average the big three of miamis stats you get 21.7ppg 6.8rpg and 4.5apg
      if you average the big three of lakers stats you get 20.7ppg 8.8rpg and 4.1apg
      Im not convinced theyre dominating anything

      Oh btw, the heat have 3 bench players that average more than 22 minutes per game yet none of those 3 avearges more than 8 ppg (and thats haslem whos out) and thats supposedly after the staters are getting tons of rest

      The lakers have shannon brown averaging 10.6 points in 19 minutes per game

      also as of tonight folks lamar odom becomes a 6th man of the year.
      last season bynum almost averaged what bosh is averaging now basically
      so once lamar odom comes off the bench tell me when the heat have a sixth and seventh man combining for 20+ points 15+ rpg and 5+ apg and ill start taking the heat seriously as a team.

      • kMia# 3 says:

        lol keep creating stats that makes the heat less scary, do that same comparison for the last 10 games and then we can talk. how many games have the LA big 3 combined for 75 and how many times did the heat trio do it? Look it up, you seem to like to search for stats.

    • THE HEATSUCK says:

      First of learn how to spoke idiot! Second 3 superstars on a team doenst make a great TEAM. When you have a great starting lineup and a good bench like the LAKERS, thats a great TEAM! You idiotic heat fans are going to find that out when the playoffs role around.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      TYPO, because they have NOT been playing particulary well

  212. lakertotheworld says:

    Miami is a super team I mean were talking about a squad with three of the Leauges top 10 players playing for the same city. Besides from the big three the other 12 players are average somthing like a supporting cast . Rooting for Miami would be like rooting on a team which had Kobe Bryant, Carmelo Anthony and Dwight Howard. I mean even though im a huge Kobe fan, i would never root for that team but that’s just me I don’t play the game cheap. Miami 9th straight win or should i say 9 MUST win games. They played Wizards (Must win), they played Detroit (Must win), They played Cavs (Must win).
    Then the played Atlanta without Joe Johnson and Jamal Crawford didn’t play, once again (Must win), they played the Bucks (Must win), Jazz would be a competition but even for a team like Miami that is a (Must win), Then there came Golden State and Sacramento (Must win), and finally New Orleans which would be there toughest game so far through out the streak they won which is no surprise to me. I think facts are better then predictions don’t you think? And before people write there big time articles about what a great team Miami is, do your homework do a little research.

    • Kg fan says:

      exactly factz r gud wen it comes to sports wen dey dominate good teams like (A HEALTHY) boston LA orlando Dallas and da Spurs den datz wen u can say ok dare among da best teamz

    • DAMIAN says:

      Jamal Crawford did play , he had 12 points. please get your facts straight , and make sure you do some research of your own.

    • westen says:

      i wont criticize u for that comment perhaps u dont know nothing about basketball dude, basically theres no must win game in nba dude the thing is when u face your opponents theres only one purpose , beat them or they beat you

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        stfu, there are must win games in the NBA. Must wins games are TEAMS you know should beat or are capable of beating….wtf you really just made me mad with this dumb ass comment

  213. tony says:

    its just getting more and more difficult to handle bron n i said before u put those 2 on any team in the world and u have a title contender.they showed some glimpses atthe all star games.

    not sure if they win the title(i sure hope so).the supporting cast seems confused from time to time.

    riley should figure it out though:)

    • Julian says:


      • CelticsFan says:

        @Julian…….did you forget about CELTICS ??? … we already beat them couple of times in Boston and at Heat…that too pretty badly without our full team !!!

  214. NBA Fan... says:

    Sometimes Sekou you seem like a bandwagoner…When the heat was doing bad you was the first one to talk about them bad then now they are doing better is sounds like you are ready to give them the ship…Make up your mind…They are in a streak right now just like all good teams get on during the regular season…Has anyone paid attention to the fact that the big three have scored over 80% of the teams point lately…That wont cut it in the playoffs…But i give props for the heat starting to look like more of a team…

    • Sekou Smith says:

      I don’t have to make up my mind about anything. This isn’t politics. I’m just speculating here, which is all we can do this time of year. I’m not on the Heat or any other bandwagon. I’m just observing like you. And right now, it’s hard not to like what you see.

    • Wait a minute says:

      dang fool… you called Sekou out? crunchy…

  215. Melo all day says:

    The heat trio have scored 70+ in alot of games and that is very rare.

  216. Melo all day says:

    Listen up everyone. Right now overall throughout the season Lebron James is the Batman, while wades the Robin. Now don’t get me wrong wades trying to step up and take that honor as of late but overall throughout the season its Lebron.
    Also what Sekou Smith is trying to say is that not only its a 9 game win streak but each game that they have won has been more than 10+ points every game. Also the heat trio have scored in

    • kMia# 3 says:

      What are you talking about. Dwyane wade only played less than par when he injured his hand and played bad for four games. Whenever Dwade plays good the heat win irregardless of lebron. You people need to watcht he games and stop surfing the web for stats.

  217. Chris says:

    and that’s not all…cp3 will sign with the heat when his hornets contract will end. They are working on that since 2008 (olympic team), wade lbj and paul are bfs, you can see that even yesterday…they will become lethal and they already are actually. If you are looking at the stats in the top ten teams, the heat are #2 in defense and #5 in offense, even the celtics which are number one actually can’t match these numbers. And if you see the beginning of the season the heat was not a bad team, it was a good team with bad games. When they lost, they lost by 2 or 3, and when they won it was with double digits.

    • Julian says:

      um….i don’t think CP3 will wanna settle for less money than the big three cuz miami won’t have the money to sign him to an actual superstar contract….and he probably going to the knicks anyway with amare and (possibly Melo).

      • westen says:

        iam a fan of heat and i see eye to eye with ur comment boi i dnt think the heat have enough money to sigh Melo eventhough he is a good friend of lebron and id like to join the big3 but it wont happen , its just a dream

    • pfft says:

      good fantasy, not gonna happen. 🙂 go play nba 2k11 and make it happen!

      • Chris says:

        it’ was what people said when there were rumors about bosh and lebron joining wade in mia.
        just watch and see it happen!

    • CelticsFan says:

      yeah i heard that Carmello is also a friend of Lebron and comes to Heat this year, they will sign CP3 next year as you said and after couple of years, KOBE will come to HEAT….you guys can play all star games then….LOL…stop dreaming

    • Heat Fan says:

      NO WAY. Even being a Heat Fan I DO NOT want to see CP3 on the Heat. They have enough talent as it is. It may turn out they need better role players, yes, but they have ENOUGH talent in the Big 3. But not even just for that reason. I WANT CP3, Melo and STAT in NYC to battle the Heats Big 3 for supremacy for the next 5 or 6 years. One because the BETTER competition you have out there to beat, the more legit your wins (and talking about titles in this regard) become. We ALL know this. The Heats Big 3 being able to take down NY’s Big 3 would make any and all of their titles down the road even more legit because they had very comparable talent to compete against. But WOW talk about some EPIC battles. Those games would feel like some of the old games back in the 80s and 90s for sure. It would just be incredible basketball to watch. DAAAM

      I REALLY hope we get to see the NY Big 3 come to fruition. EPIC BATTLES

  218. Heat Fan says:

    WOOT WOOT ! The Heat are lookin like a runaway locomotive. They are ONLY the *6th* team in all of NBA HISTORY to win 9 games in a row by double digits. They also own the most 20+ point wins so far this season. But Sekou is DEFINITELY getting ahead of himself. He says he’s not but when you even MENTION the 33 game win streak and your team is only at 9, that’s not cool. Maybe when a team has a 20+ win streak then you could.

    It’s really fun to watch them DOMINATE now and come together, and yet this is STILL withOUT Miller and Haslem. Miller is coming back soon supposedly in time for the Christmas showdown with the Lakers. What a great present that would be. Bynum will also be back so it will be a tough game but either team can win thats for sure.


    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      I respect you Heat fan….you are a fan of the Heat, but dont go overboard with comments and think in a “reality” perspective. I apperciate you for saying its to early to be talking about a 33 game win streak, and also the fact that you said the LA-MIA game will be a tough one and just declare the Heat victors like some of these other bandwagoners would.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        TYPO, lol sorry

        “not” just declare

      • Heat Fan says:

        Yea thanks I am a true fan man since the 80s in the golden era. I respect ALL talent even if I don’t like the players demeanor. I don’t like DH at ALL for all the elbows this dude has thrown the past couple years hes REALLY gonna fk someone up one day. Its because he EASILY gets frustrated if someone is actually playin him tough, and thats jus bs. Take out your frustration by just dominating, not with elbows. Everyone is there to compete. But all that aside he’s a beast no question and still reminds me SOMEwhat of watchin Shaq in his prime without all the offensive moves. I also don’t like KB for tryin to walk talk act and celebrate like MJ and he’s not he needs to be himself and have his own character so I think he looks like a clown when he does it. BUT that doesn’t stop me from appreciating the mans talent and wantin to watch him play because one day he won’t be around just like all of the other players that are here now, so I appreciate em while we have em. KB will go down I believe as a top ten player of all time. So lifes just too short to hate. I feel like I can spot a hater, but not like its hard. ANYone that says the Heat will NEVER be good is just hatin, and I seen alot of that.

        All I’m sayin is that I want to keep seeing that newfound chemistry workin and not revert to the early season. I want to see them keep improving and there all the signs they will, beating bad teams mostly or not. Because its HOW they are beating them, and by how much. If people actually just watch the games they can get a feel for how much the Heat have improved. Never have I declared them the best team in the league yet, nor am I ready to even if they rattle off 20 in a row. The best has to be proven in the playoffs but noone has anything to go on unless you analyze the games they are playing now obviously, thats all.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        well said man….well said…..ppl need to read this post of urs…

      • THE HEATSUCK says:

        I am a hardcore LAKER fan! But as history has been written before, the LAKERS dont play well on christmas day they never have. So i dont expect the LAKERS to win the game on xmas day. But are we playing for christmas day or a championship? The LAKERS would totally clown the heat if the heat even made it far enough to face the LAKERS. Its kinda cute how you bandwagon hoppers are all on this website now that the heat are winning. You where no were to be found a week or so ago when they couldnt buy a game. Guess you will be disappearing again when they start to lose again!

      • Heat Fan says:


        Naw ive been around. Your just blind. I analyze games because I KNOW the game unlike you. I watch em all and will comment on em all. Even in losses everyone looks for the silver lining, we do it inherently. Thats just the way it is. I feel some pity for you that you gotta hate somethin that much that you let it EAT at you to come on here and talk sht about someone. Nothin wrong with not bein a fan of a team or a player, but to let it ruin your frkn day or life, thats just pitiful. How bout directing that hate toward murderers, child molesters, rapists and the like? THOSE are the people that would deserve hate, NOT people that PLAY A FRICKIN ***GAME*** for a living. Theres WAY more important sht in life to worry bout that HATING someone in a sport. You can’t stop for one minute and appreciate talent. Its because your INSECURE and thats it.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        LMAO, damn HeatFan you went all the way in on HeatSucks this post…lol

  219. mohamed says:


  220. lb6 says:

    Many are still in doubt. I think even if they beat dallas and new york people will still doubt the miami heat’s prowess. AND IM SURE if Miami beats LA come christmas, LA Fans and others will still have an excuse maybe saying its the preseason and games in the preseason are not important and the heat will not beat LA or will not go far into the playoffs.

    ONE THING IS FOR SURE>< Miami will continue to improve one way or the other. THere is nothing but ups for this team. DWADE, JAMES AND BOSH are all young and talented have so many room for improvement, LAKERS are Getting OLD, CELTICS, MAVERICS AND THE SPURS ARE OLD! ORLANDO SUCKS COZ they have Carter and Lewis who doesnt make their own shots (C/O SIR Charles Barkley).

    Miami is still on the learning curve but they are now unstoppable. what more if they have enough chemistry and mastery to play for each other.

    Doubters will doubt. Haters will hate. but at the end of the day, Miami will win it all

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      67-15 Mavs 2007, werent that old back then, lost first round to Golden State. The Heat will be good of course, BUT dont make them a shoe-in to win it all. Playoffs is all about matchups and COACHING. Get matched up with the wrong team and the coach dont make the right adjustments its over, and Spo is young/new coach I want to see how he will fare come playoffs.

      Think I’m wrong, well just ask Lebron about Mike Brown last playoffs, whether lebron quit game 5 or not, Mike Brown should’ve been playing Gibson WAYYYYYY MOREEEEE MINUTESSSSSSS, because jamison who isnt physical couldnt do nothing with a PHYSICAL GARNETT. The Cavs could’ve beat the Celtics last year, its a shame….

    • RealNba Fan says:

      faker will keep on being fake…pretender will keep on pretending…and fans will be fans (dont know nothing about basketbal) the real team that is obvioulsy looked at is old is actually youger than you think and playing better than any team right now even better than the heat and mavs…this team knows how to win and is the healthiest they have ever been and still is getting better they have 4 championships more than any player in the heat team (astrike by dwades championship because that was weak dallas team they played)…you need to be real and wake up out of your little dream…prediction for miami- dwade will get injured and he wont be able to play in the playoffs…james will choke like he always does in the playoffs…bosh will disapear and be the softess big man in the playoffs….this just the facts and just me being real…

      • Buck says:

        A weak Dallas team that obviously made it all the way to the playoffs, its not just one and done but they beat teams in the best of 7. Obviously your a typical Laker FAN and you are an idiot none the less, and for everyone else speculating on the Heat. Maybe you all should do your homework, we are talking about NBA teams with hand picked talent capable of runs and lucky spells. The Buck’s beat the Mavericks, Lakers have loss to countless teams under 500, anything can happen. The fact the Heat win by as many as they win by means something, not just who they beat. Utah decent team, Hornets decent team,both teams that had beat the Heat earlier in the season but now after there change they have not only corrected those losses but they avenged them with a show of dominance. As for the person who said they are not even a caliber team on par with Orlando shouldn’t be allowed to leave posts, they all ready dominated Orlando and thats before they found there ingredient for success. The Heat still have some a lot of proving to do, Knicks will be a good challenge as well as the Mav;s and Lakers. I believe Christmas day will say a lot, although its still early in the season and the team is still improving it will say a lot about how they can deal with teams that are of the highest caliber and have the poise and maturity to win by all means necessary. Not that I am a Laker fan, and definitely not a Kobe fan, to me any player who can shoot the ball 20+ plus times a game is bound to score. But
        I do believe that team has proven itself, time and time again as an elite. Now as for Boston, that’s a great team but they are aging and they will eventually start to run out of gas. And they played the Heat before they found there rhythm, also when Wade was still recovering from an injury. Who by the way is back and showing his dominance on the court and what he was doing far before Lebron ever came to the team, have you seen what he’s been shooting night in and night out lately? He’s back in Wade form

        But back to your post RealNBAFan, you are not being real you are just being a critic, a skeptic, And we all know what critics are, normally uneducated fools that only size up what others can do that you can’t. Is there a possibility of Wade getting hurt, yes a possibility but to say you know its going to happen 100 percent is just stupid. As for Lebron yeah for once your right, he has had a big tendency to choke in the playoffs, but he never had Wade on his team before who is a leader. Lebron is not a team leader, only a talent on the court, words don’t seem to be his strong point. But wade can affect his mental game for a positive since he is a true leader. As for Bosh well look what he’s doing now, I think he can see the success he is having and getting better and with his new found success with his new style of play knows better then to go back to his old style. Speaking facts, you should really keep your comments to yourself or pass them through a friend with brain activity before posting bs, it is better to keep your mouth shut and appear intelligent then to open your mouth and take all doubt away. You should remember that, you are nothing more then a TYPICAL FAN and not an NBA one a LAKER one, whose supposed intelligence of the game comes from you sitting on the couch thinking you know best. Real and facts, HAHA I will say one thing you are good for a laugh, and thank you for that

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        im feeling this…lol

      • Ifry38 says:

        same here^^
        I respect laker 2011 3 peat.
        Ya know why? He is a True Fan unlike the people on this blog with those names. He sticks up for his team boasts about them but yet is actually intelligent in the game! he knows a good team when he sees one and is making some good comments on here. And Buck….. man well said!!
        (He or her) my bad

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:


        thanks for having my back man, i try to speak the truth, but some people will stay in denial

    • Law064 says:

      Win it all lol yeah in a couple of years!!!! I see you have high hopes though.

      • Law064 says:

        @Ifry38 your correct Lakers 2011-3peat is a real fan and has made a bunch of valid points. That’s 1 person on the blogs I have to read his complete comment. Most of these people here make dumb statements and jump to conclusions often. I don’t bother to read them. Boston tonight extend that streak to 11 baby!!!

  221. Corsalini says:

    If you watched the statistics from the game last night only 6 teams in NBA history have won 9 games by an avg of 10 points or better. The heat are even dominating that statistic. Those were all dominating teams…

    • Heat Fan says:

      Yep and I definitely don’t like getting ahead of myself like Sekou obviously does, but its hard not to think they won’t beat the Cavs by 10+ tomorrow night. If they do they will join ONLY 3 other teams in NBA History to win 10 in a row by double digits. Good stuff.

  222. mike says:

    let go HEAT

  223. Alex says:

    Please. Already talking about winning 33 in a row? After only 9? There are like 4 other teams on streaks right now, where’s their talk of 33? The Mavs just won 12 straight, when they were at 9 where was the talk of 33 straight? The Bulls are on a 6 (with wins against OKC and the Lakers) game streak and have only 1 game against a +.500 team in December, why no crazy talk of them going on an insane run?

    Look, this team’s weaknesses have already been exposed. They are undeniably beatable. Their wins come against losing teams, and their losses against winning ones. There on a 9 game streak because 7 of those 9 they played were crappy teams.

    The Heat are winning winnable games because they have LeBron and Wade. It doesn’t mean they are unstoppable.

    • pfft says:

      come back after christmas, you’ll see. :p

      • bryce says:

        1) mavs lost to one of those crap teams last night
        2) bulls do not have as much fire power as the heat
        3) i agree with the mavs being the biggest roadblock
        4) i also agree that its way to early to talk 33 game win streaks
        5) as to winning against teams with w/e records once again see mavs losing AT HOME to the bucks when already ahead by 20 some odd points.
        6) weaknesses – huge weakness was point guard defense, they just shut down 2 of the best point guards in the league in paul and williams.
        7) dont take things so personal, calm down
        8) again as to your point of beating teams suppose to beat, mavs lost to the bucks a team they should beat and lakers lost to memphis a team they should beat, what does that mean? Nothing, it happens but that doesnt mean that lakers and mavs are not good teams.

      • Alex says:

        1) That proves my point. The Mavs were on a 12 game win streak and lost to a worse team, just because the Heat have a favorable schedule until Christmas doesn’t mean they win all those games.
        2) But they have a complete team. 2 studs and SOLID role-players players is better than 3 studs and a bunch of average players come playoff time. Anyway, it’s beside the point. I wasn’t saying the Bulls are better than the Heat just that the Heat aren’t the only team streaking with an easy schedule ahead of them.
        3) Roadblock to what, a 33 game streak? Should be a good game either way.
        5) Point 1.
        6) There are many more ways to beat the Heat than PG play. Formidable frontcourt, defend the fastbreak. Game over.
        7) What makes you think I’m not calm?
        I don’t know what you mean by the last part, the Heat ARE beating the teams they’re supposed to beat? It’s the teams they need to beat that cause them problems. I don’t think the Mavs or Lakers are bad teams either?

      • Wade-James Fan says:

        @Alex, the quality of the Heat’s supporting cast shouldn’t be judged by the player rating as much as the level they are playing at. What I’m saying is, even if the bench is not lit up with marquee names like Shannon Brown, or Steve Blake by comparison, you can’t ignore the fact that the players that are there are playing at a high level and stepping up to the challenge. Carlos Arroyo is picking his spots and hitting open shots and James Jones is hitting 2-3 3pointers almost every game. Both of them are among the top 3 point shooters. Chris Bosh is actually becoming more aggressive and active, and even Zydrunas is showing the ability to hit open shots. The Heat don’t have a post game, but the drive to the rim and spread the floor and because Wade and James are the 2 BEST finishers in basketball, you can’t really guard that kind of offense. Which ever one you play to will open up the other. Btw, Haslem and Miller are injured….what happens when they are back and the Heat has 2 MORE options for offense and defense. Just something to consider, the Heat are not overrrated they were underestimated while they adjusted…..

      • jq says:

        lfry38, trying to be a doctor phil or what?

      • Ifry38 says:

        what??? dr phil has nothing to do with bball and i def dont sound like him. Im making valid statements. So im confused, why do you say that?

      • Law064 says:

        @Heatfan dude your a Lechoke Groupie let his balls go!!! He’s not a closer and yes your a Crybaby you reply to anyone who downs the heat. I haven’t been on because I work moron and some days I can’t get on the blog cause I have something more important to do. stop holing sacks dude especially Lechoke. I call him that because he’s a choker dude. He can’t finish games and he’s had 1 buzzer beater that really mattered. After he hit it he looked more shocked than the fans wow I made it now I’m Mike. Please dude is not a closer. No Killer instinct.

    • Heat Fan says:

      Yea and apparently you forget their weaknesses were exposed at the beginning of the season when they were still figuring it out. They still have room to improve, but they are figuring it out, obviously.

      But maybe you forget there that the OTHER teams that have win streaks have ALSO been beating up on below .500 teams. Gee isn’t that what GOOD teams are SUPPOSE to do? Its not like these teams can play an above .500 team EVERY night. Hello HALF the league is BELOW .500. And FURTHERMORE, the Heat are STILL dominating the other teams MORE than the OTHER teams are, so that says alot also.

      Undeniably beatable? Um what kind of point is that? OOOOKKK then, so aren’t the Champion Lakers, and Conference Champion Celtics, and EVERY other team in the league. Has any team in history went 82-0? Ok then. Thats why that point is RIDICULOUS.

      • Alex says:

        That’s my point, not once did I say they aren’t good, but there are other teams out there just as good if not better but the Heat are hyped to the point where every time they win a game they are suddenly the best team in history and are going to break all kinds of records. The Heat ARE good, I mean they have 2 of the top 3 players in the world on their team, but they still aren’t a bigger threat in the East than Boston or Orlando. And I still don’t see them as a lock against the Bulls or Hawks in a 7 game series.

        I wasn’t saying the Mavs or Bulls (or Celtics or Knicks) should have/be thinking ahead to 33 wins, I was just saying nobody in there right mind should be saying that about the Heat.

        They are undeniably beatable. There is no way someone could deny that the Heat can be beaten, is what that point was. To say they are going to win out through February is laughable.

      • Ifry38 says:

        Dude alex stop already! Sekou said in the blog that “Again, we’re getting way ahead of ourselves here. And the Heat have surely learned a lesson or two about great expectations. The thought of them doing something historical, though, gives this season an edge that was missing this time a month ago. ”
        So people that keep bringing up that oh its impossible oh why are we talking about it, just stop. Realize its the media people, they hype up everything and they write stories about some stuff that would never happen and some stuff very possible! And the reason its about the Heat and not Ny or Boston or the Bulls is because the Heat haveWADE and JAMES! Two of the best in the world…. thats WHY its about them. Again the media, just relax and enjoy the game bud.

      • Alex says:

        I’m completely relaxed bud, just sitting here surfing the web. You’re the one throwing exclaimation points all over the place.

        The entire article was about how the Heat could possibly go on a 33 game streak. That’s why people are replying to that effect. One small caveat doesn’t negate the entire article.

        I think you missed every point there was to miss.

      • True Fan says:

        Dude Ifry38 stop already! If Sekou has the right to publish a blog on an official nba website about a team making a potential 33 game win-streak when he himself even admits that it is too soon to do so, then we have the right to criticize him for it. I don’t come to to read blogs about teams making 33 game win streaks when they have only won 9 in a row, the same way I wouldn’t expect blogs about the m.v.p after the first game of the season. I’m not saying the article was written terribly, but I am saying it was unnecessary and his efforts should have been put in to a more relevant nba topic. As a fan I have a RIGHT TO SAY THAT! And the fact that this article is only being written because it’s the heat makes it even worse! It means bloggers are just catering to one team, which limits the substance that their articles could have. If you have a problem with reading criticism, how about you don’t read it?! Or better yet get used to it, because criticism is a part of life bud, and you’re going to have to deal with it eventually. Now please take your own advice and settle down.

      • Ifry38 says:

        hahaha wow ya’ll baggin on me like im retarded or somthin… @true fan im sayin realize its media of course they are going to focus on one team. Or one subject, thats how they have a job is to write articles and they dont care if it is about the same thing or not. And they have 2 of the top 3 faces of the nba this decade on one team, hello of course the media is going to write so many stories on them. thats all i was sayin….
        @alex its the way i type im calm over here laughin at some of the dumbest comments ive seen. A exclamation point doesnt mean im yelling its enthusiasm. You and true fan both need to read what i said, im not baggin on you two im saying the media blows things out of proportion all the time so get used to seeing these type of articles. or the words from true fan him/herrself “get used to it and its a part of life”
        and the article is about them winning 9 by double digits and how they are dominating, which goes into who can stop them. NOT about the 33 win streak. pay attention!

      • BBALLFAN says:

        @Ifry38, Alex and Trufan

        HAHAHA i agree about the media hype!

        all of us writing on this is exactly what Sekou wants. His chain of thought “I’m going to just put something about the Heats up, so all the haters will hate and all the groupies will defend” and all of us have fallen into this trap LOL (aint that pathetic?)

        See how many replies hell get if he blogged about Darko Milicic HAHAHAHA

        Just enjoy da game fellaz!

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      i agree with you on this Alex, not to take anything away from the Heat…its good for them to pick things up finally, BUT for Sekou (a guy whom loves to make so many heat blogs like every other day, im kinda getting tired of seeing em) to say they can beat a 33 game win streak record is too much.

      The Celtics, Mavs (just lost other night), Knicks, and Bulls are on winning streaks but no TALK about them beating any record. Like its kinda disrespectful, like can no other team be worth getting there other than the Heat? Some of these other teams being actually better than the Heat and who have faced tougher oppenents.

      The 07 Mavs, a team we saw come close to the 72-10 record, won 67 games that season and they didnt even beat that 33 game win streak, but yet you just put the Heat at the top of that list for forerunner to beat it??? I think they could maybe do it, a year or two down the round when this teams grows together and gets really comfortable, but saying they will do it now is just a little off i think….

    • kaare weidling says:

      i have to agree. i know the wins are with big differentials in points, but come on. 33 game winning streak? not this year. maybe possible next year if they find perfect role players. And please don’t talk 33 wins before a team is at 25 or higher. still 8 to go at that point.

      • chris says:

        you people keep on forgetting everyone of there wins in this streak was by atleast 10pts. The celtis almost got beat by the 76ers and the heat have already beaten the hawks, blown out he magic, the hornets, and the jazz. every other teams winstreak cam by an average of less than 10pts and the knicks don’t count. they have had the easiest schedule in the whole leage. the heat can get 33 win streak.

    • Trio5 says:

      For anyone that has been paying attention, the Lakers have had an easy stretch of games over the past couple weeks. They’ve only beaten 1 team over .500.

      Miami has beaten 4 teams over .500 in the Hornets, Jazz, Orlando, and Atlanta.

      Lakers are done.

      • Julian says:


      • gary says:

        Boston played the Heat too early on and the first win was a close one. I’m not saying Lakers are done but the fact is they are having problems putting away teams like the Clippers and Nets. The Heat team is playing incredible right now and I don’t think that they Lakers have what it takes (without Bynum) to stop them.

      • THE HEATSUCK says:

        AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA @TRIO5 idiots like yourself said the same thing last year, and look what happened back to back titles dummy! I wouldnt count a team like the lakers out of anything until someone takes the title from them. Keep in mind this is a team that has nothing to prove until the playoffs start. Now the heat on the other hand have everything to prove, and in a lot of ways still have not proved anything. Have the beat the celtics, ahhh no. Will they have to face the celtics in the playoffs ahhh yea. Does the heat really have the pieces on this team to compete with the celtics ahhhh again no. So what are the heat gonna do when the playoffs come around, ahhhh get beat by the celtics!!!! LOL, this team sucks like i have said when it was assembled and ill be saying it in June!

      • LakersWillWin says:

        LOL the Lakers are done. Yeah, okay. Just like I’m 7’6″. (I’m not)
        Well guess what? Bynum is starting tonight. Looks like he’ll be ready for Xmas :). Thanks for the early X-Mas present Lakers!

      • westen says:

        i think trio5 is right and JUlian u wrong boi, apparently the lakers are done but they only stay as a lucky team thats all

    • Sam says:

      The hype isn’t just about their streak, it’s about how they’ve played during it. They’ve blown out EVERY team they’ve played in the run, and done it holding each team to low point totals. They’ve done this on the road, on back-to-back’s, etc. Also, they have, statistically, the number two defense in the league, and don’t quote me, but I think the third best offense. THAT’s the reason for this article.

    • DBBJ says:

      YA DIG???

  224. SUPER STARS says:

    LBJ and D wade two best super stars,but my question is WHO is BATMAN? and WHO is ROBIN? but dis two is doing gret ryt now.for me dis is the best duo in the NBA now.

    • Banks says:

      Y does sumbody have to b batman or robin…why can’t they be Cyclops and Wolverine…or any other well even duo…and why do people keep forgettn Bosh, he has been playing equally hard as of late if not better

      • give it a rest says:

        batman and robin…. there is no batman and robin on this heat team… Instead, you have a STRONG left and right (dwade and lbj) combination with power in both hands followed by bitch slaps from CB!!

        dwade and LBJ have just been dominate in this 9 win streak picking their spots to crush their opponents. and then you see CB quietly droppin jump shots and pickin up some valuable double doubles.. (Anyone notice the 17 rebound game??)

        Oh and good job of stirring up the nest again Sekou… You have a sick fetisch going on!!!!

    • Law064 says:

      @Heatfan don’t mention my name cause I’m far from a hater. The Heat Suck has his opinion and that’s his opinion, the heat are on a nice streak but they’re not the best team point blank. @Heat fan be a fan not a crybaby stop crying anytime someone says the Heat suck. I’m glad they are playing well so when they lose a game we don’t hear a million excuses. 9 games only 2 proven teams and NO has been struggling lately. Lechoke is far from the best in the world, he has mad skills but he’s not even on Kobe’s level. Until Lechoke can be a closer he’ll always be under Kobe. Lechoke is a stat chaser not the best in the world.

      • Heat Fan says:


        YEA your a hater. Calling Bron Lechoke and a statchaser is NOTHIN BUT a hater. Funny how you were nowhere to be seen after the Utah win, and your STILL putting them down. Yea I’m a crybaby? I think not. I just know a hater when I see one. He said the Heats streak means nothing, and I said it does. Thats not crying, sorry bout it. Maybe you should cry to someone else on another blog that doesnt have to do with Miami.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:


        Im cool with you, but I just wanted to know your take on Lebron the past two years in his playoff exits. Law calls him LeChoke because he seems to kinda crack under pressure, which iss just an opinion….but he isnt Clutch, like thats a proven fact, but thats kool because he’s not a jumpshooter at heart anyway. But I just wanted your opinion on that…

  225. meesum says:

    you dumb idiot heat are taking there talents to LA not la to south beach on Christmas lakers come to miami march 10 i have already bought 4 $800 tickets each

    • Hoops Hoops says:


      “Winners of nine straight games after Monday’s win over the Hornets, the Heat’s hot streak could hit 14 by Christmas, when the two-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers take their talents to Staples Center to face the crew from South Beach.”

      • pfft says:

        it was edited. i read this an hour ago and it says taking their talents to south beach.

      • THE HEATSUCK says:

        Its funny how people make such a big deal about this meaningless win streak this sorry team is on. When the playoffs start the dominant teams will step up and crush this heat team. They are the same team they were when the season started, a team without a solid point guard and all weak centers. This will be exposed in a major way when the playoffs start. So enjoy you sack gobbling heat fans. LOL!!!!!!!

      • Heat Fan says:

        @ THE HEAT SUCK

        Hmm you sound like law064. Meaningless? Well your so blinded by hate that you don’t realize its not meaningless FOR A REASON. They became only the 6th team in NBA HISTORY to record 9 double digit wins in a row. So UH YEA, its NOT meaningless. Go take your hate somewhere else.

      • B-baller says:


        I knew this hater would chime in eventually, I see a post from THEHEATSUCK in every heat blog. Everyone knows you blow down and pray to Kobe, Kobe has been destroyed by Lebron in their last several meetings, including the ones at the Staples center. Kobe has won championships because he has Dodged playing Lebron’s teams, end of story. So you cant take you Kobe love elsewhere. Your points about the heat a valid, but the fact is that the Lakers are ranked the 6th team in the NBA right now.. how can you say anything. The heat will probably shine in the Playoffs when it actually matters more than ever. You say they suck because Boston beats them..seriously,, Boston is probably the best team in the NBA right now. Boston is better than the Lakers and so are the Heat, Maybe the Lakers will get lucky and have to play a team like the Magic for the title again, and dodge the teams that can crush them. Like him as a person or dont.. but LBJ is the best basketball player in the world currently.. end discussion.

      • THE HEATSUCK says:

        @HEATFAN OOOOOOOOOOOO 9 double digit wins in a row, thats something to be happy about! If this is what the team and you heat fans are playing for you have your sights set very low and its a joke! Who gives a damn about 9 double digit wins in a row. Real teams play for championships, something this heat team wont see, at least not this year. I will see you on this website in June right, so i can hear all of the excuses you heat fans throw out as to why your team did not win the title. Call it hate, call it whatever you want. Fact is lebron sucks, and this team is not built to make a real run at a NBA title. Just the facts.

      • Ron Artest says:


        You admit Lebron is the best basketball player in the world currently.. so why are you such a fan of someone who is the best player in the world currently but needs to play with another elite player like Dwayne Wade??

        So why don’t you stop kissing up to Lebron. Being the best player in the world currently he should be able to contend for and get a championship on his own. I don’t care how many championships he gets, cause its all gonna be quite insignificant to the ones Jordan and Kobe have gotten.

      • Laker Fan says:

        @ theheatsuck
        You are truely a hater.. please leave the lakers ourt of your comments..I hope u not really a laker fan..
        Cause right now the heat is playing much better thatn us Lakers , the streak does count for something.. It doesnt mean they will win.. but it shows how good they are and can be..
        Lakers will pick it up when Bynum comes back.. Basketball is just like that..
        BUT dont hate .. give credit where credit is due.. the heat looks the best right now along with Boston

      • BBALLFAN says:

        @ Ron Ron

        MJ was great, but Pippen was also great. (Pip didn’t get named top 50 players of ALL TIME for no reason, and have a look at Pip’s stats in 95 (when MJ was playing baseball) and where he took the bulls in the regular season AND the playoffs.

        Kobe is great, but Shaq and Gasol are also great. Shaq was the best centre in the league hands down when he won those championships with the lakers, and we are talking about arguably one of the greatest centres to ever play the game when we’re talking about Shaq. Gasol has been under rated in menphis, silently carrying that team for years, and he has really come into his own lately and he is definitely, if not the best, top 3 centres around nowadays. Don’t forget the rest of the crew, Artest, Bynum (who is a BEAST when he’s healthy) and Odum.

        Although I’m not a big fan of the Heat and I’m disappointed that LBJ chose to go to the Heat. I can’t blame him for wanting to play with people that are of a similar calibre as him in order to even have a chance to win a championship!

        It’s a false statement to make to say that it will be less significant if LBJ wins a championship with his crew in South Beach. Name me one player that won on their own. Until then, I rest my case.

      • Ron Artest says:


        I didn’t mean Kobe did it on his own with Shaq. But he was the main guy, the top dog, the true leader, when he did it the past two years with our team we have right now. I’m not saying Pau isn’t a great player, but he’s not an elite player that would be able to lead a team to a championship if he was the main guy on the team. And it’s no disrespect to Pau at all. Me and him talked about this before in the locker room. He told me he wouldn’t be able to do what he does the way he does it if he was on some other team without a superstar. The team we have right now really takes a lot of pressure of him on the offensive end. Same goes for Scottie Pippen, he isn’t an elite player that would be able to lead a team to a title. However, Dwayne Wade is no doubt an elite player that can lead, and has led his team to a title as the lead guy. Lebron and Wade are arguably 2 of the top 5 players in their conference. Pau and Scottie are and were not top 5 material.

      • B-baller says:

        @ Ron Ron

        Every good player in history has had other good players to back them up. Secondly, if you remove Kobe from the Lakers they will still with 50 games, because they have good players becides Kobe, Looks what happens when you romove LBJ from the Cavs, they wont win 35 games, because LBJ was all they really had. Lebron left so that he could play with other talented players. A few years back Kobe threatened to leave LA because no one was getting him any help, As SOON as PAU came along, and a few other little additions, Ron Ron for example and now Kobe couldnt be happier.. LBJ left to persue a new venue, he did all he could in cleveland, He might be an ego rich punk,, but hes still the best there is right now. You’ll notice I always say right now, I can think of past greats I would rather have.. The point is that Lebron will always be the superstar on no matter what team he is on. The guy can play Every position on the court, at least well.. if not very well.

        @ Lakers Fan

        Thanks for you comments to “THE HEAT SUCK” there are WAY too many lakers fans that have HUGE mouths and talk a lot of trash.. When the Lakers beat the Celtics I rejoiced, because I cant stand KG, but when Lebron beat the Lakers on Christmas day and all the fans threw trash on to the court in protest it gave me a terrible impression of Laker fans, I can appreciate a good team regardless of what they do, but when fans open there mouths for the wrong reasons it creates a lot of friction… Thanks for you’re comments.. good to know Kobe has some good fans that arent punks.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        This is for BBaller and BBallFan

        First BBaller, to say Kobe is lucky he never met Lebron in the finals because they were always beat by him in the regular season is trivial. If you study the lakers season by season you see that they don’t play particular well in the regular season, they look uninterested and inconsistent, but come playoff time EVERYBODY brings there A-GAME. Yea Lebron last year beat them twice, on his home floor and in LA, but look who lasted through the playoffs and look who didn’t??? Not taking anything away from Lebron dude is a talent the NBA hasn’t seen before with his speed and strength and unique passing ability, but for two years straight the media DESTINED for him and Kobe to meet in the Finals and he could never get there for us to see who would beat who, so don’t speculate about something that never happened, I woulda loved to see it, but didn’t turn out that way.

        Now BBallFan, I understand what you mean about nobody won anything alone, BUT look everybody started giving Kobe credit for these last two championships because he was the SOLE LEADER of the team, the go-to-guy in clutch, the one you gave it to when you need a PLAY or SHOT made. People never gave him much credit for the first 3 because of Shaq who at the time was the MOST DOMINANT CENTER. Gasol compliments Kobe’s game. You saying Gasol carried Memphis, NO, Gasol was either in no playoffs or just first round. You said take Kobe off LA, they still win 50? I doubt it, Gasol gets wide open shots or good looks because of Kobe, DEFENSES are made to FIRST contain KOBE, take Kobe away and they will engineered to focus on GASOL just like in Memphis. And another thing don’t bring up Ron Ron when he wasn’t there for the 4th championship, for the fifth one YES he did have his stellar game 7, but that’s about it. Other than playing good defense in the playoffs what OFFENSE was Artest bringing??? Kobe saved them in a lot of games, AVERAGED 30 for like the first 9 or 10 games of the playoffs, then he have a bad game 7 and all of sudden he is garbage? Lebron’s game 5 last year no one called him garbage when he only scored 15pts and had all those turnovers.

        Bottom line, Lebron /Wade/Bosh will eventually win a ring or two, maybe three with their six years together, but like Charles Barkley said they will all be TAINTED championships, he played with another TOP 3 Talent in Wade and another TOP10 in Bosh. On LA, tell me who other than Gasol is arguably TOP5 or TOP 10 on that team??? Nobody and if you going give Lebron credit for any championship he wins with Wade then give the same credit to Kobe for his with Shaq point blank, STOP THE DOUBLE STANDARDS!!!!!!

      • Wadesaves says:

        @ everyone in this string of comments: Kobe is the best player in the world right now and then D-Wade then either Kevin Durant then Dwight Howard then Lechoker
        i am sick of lechoker lovers he is not clutch enough to be the best player that is why he went to a team that had a extremely great player that is very clutch

    • Law064 says:

      @HeatFan STFU Can they beat Boston you idiot? With or without Mike Miller and Haslim?? Can they the last I remember the Heat have not beat Boston this year IDIOT

    • BBALLFAN says:

      @LAKER 3PEAT

      First of all, I never not gave Kobe credit for the rings he won with Shaq. Why wouldn’t I? There was no way Shaq could have done without Kobe nor the other way around.

      Purely saying, how is that more significant than Lebron winning with Wade? which was what our friend Ron Ron was saying. I was purely stating the fact that you have to play with at least one other (as Ron Ron put it) ‘ELITE’ player to have EVEN a chance to contend these days.

      To say Gasol didn’t carry Memphis was a joke. Did you think they’d even be in the playoffs if he wasn’t there? Bearing in mind Kobe never took the Lakers past round 2 by himself. Isn’t that double standards?

      Either way, with the talents around these days, to be a title contender you need at least two ‘ELITE’ players in the league. That’s jsut the way it is!

  226. Bob daniels says:

    im sorry but this article seems odd to me, they’ve won 9 straight during an easier stretch in their schedule, 2 other teams, the celtics and knicks, have nearly as long or longer win streaks, and already you’re predicting a 33 game win streak? they are better than they were at the beginning of the season for sure, but not as much better as you portray. Dallas will probably beat them, like they did 3 weeks ago, what evidence is there that they are better than Dallas, which just reeled off a longer win streak?

    • Ifry38 says:

      the reason they are doing that is because NY doesnt have the personell to pull it off and Boston might be good but they are also Old…. They dont have enough in the tank to do it! Dallas has a good chance of beating them but this time its at home which makes a difference. As well as Wade being as hot as he is playing right now think about it… its possible! Also i remind you this isnt the same team that is was when they played last. Bosh is getting rebounds, Wade minus last nights game is getting quite a few as well. Plus they’re getting out and running. Take time to look at how they are playing and say otherwise. Also think before you speak on the boston and Ny getting to that streak!!

    • Banks says:

      He made the article because all the wins in the streaks were blow outs….so its not lke streaking luck, or just being hot,….its like total domination…

      • DBBJ says:

        wise words my man. thank u for letting they know that

      • Unbiased fact says:

        Celtics streak is longer and they have won by a wider average margin over it’s duration, but I guess when you consider how the Heat already beat the Celtics twice this year I can see how everyone is inclined to give them the edge… oh wait…

    • kMia# 3 says:

      Evidence is mark cuban, Dallas owner said so. Who cares about Dallas anyway they are a regular season team, absent in the playoffs. The article also did not predict a 33 game win streak, he just mentioned it because the heat are the only team to beat 9 teams by double digits. So the win streak is not as significant as the way they did it

    • Law064 says:

      Agreed Bob, they beat 2 proven teams in this stretch. For everyone saying it’s Lechoke’s team let’s see him when the game is on the line. I can bet any amount he will miss that shot. D Wade will sink it because he has killer instinct. Lechoke is not better than Wade. Yes he’s Bigger & Stronger but Wade is better than him for the simple fact he don’t buckle under pressure like Lechoke. They have a good streak going and are getting better but I wouldn’t say it’s a 33 game streak in store. Bos vs NYK tonight Go Celtic’s make it 11 in a row!!!!

      • Heat Fan says:

        And how many has YOUR team beat law? HUH? Your ALWAYS sayin that stupid ish. Your teams ARE NOT beating any better teams than the Heat are overall. Every team has played to within a few games of below .500 teams, cause UH GUESS WHAT? HALF the frikin teams in the league are below .500. Yea gee the other teams have to play SOMEone right? WTH I’m so tired of that comment. These are the only games we have to go on just like your teams games up to this point are all we have to go on. And their not just beating these teams they are dominating them. So get it right.

  227. KING_6_JAMES says:

    d wade leading scorer again? wat happen to LEBRON? but it’s ok.. heat 9th streak win wowwww!!

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      uhhh its dwade’s team…..he should be the leading scorer dummy…

      • Ifry38 says:

        ^^ yup fer sure lol

      • jimbo222 says:

        They are not Batman and Robin! They are more of Superman and Batman. But if you look at most of the 9 games winning streak, Wade may have the highest points at the end of the game…but the turning point is usually the 3rd quarter where Lebron erupts for 13-15 points thus widening the lead by 10 points. Review them. In most cases, the gae is so blown out, Spo sits James in the 4th quarter but still leaving Wade and Bosh thus can compile more points. So I think everyone should just stop saying who is Robin because if Lebron is Robin, then he can’t lift the team when Batman is out with a bad shooting night or injury (and this is true if the situation is reversed).

        So if you ask me, Batman could be Wade since this is his city but now you have Superman in the mix, they make more significant damage (P.S. I’m not saying Lebron should take up the nickname superman, this is just an analogy). Bosh is more of the invisible man, you still get help but he does it behind the scenes.

      • gary says:

        Lebron had some recent 30 plus games. Dwade is getting them now. One night someone will be hotter than the other. If they both are hot then great! They can’t always both have 30 plus games and Lebron is still averaging 24 points per game and alot of assist. You can tell the people that are just fans of basketball and have never really played by these comments. Look at the facts, not just what happened in the last game or two…

        2nd of all it’s no ones team. D-Wade is captian so to speak but the truth is Lebron is the better player and he’s the one that’s getting them fired up.

      • WwW says:

        The Spurs are Tim Duncans team but Ginobli is the leading scorer, and I not calling you a dummy. Idiot !

      • Andre says:

        Please refrain from acting like an child. If Lebron makes 35ppg he is selfish. If he play for the team and allow Miami to win games, it’s Wade’s team. It’s pretty obvious for anyone with half brain that Lebron is a better player. They playing together in Miami doesn’t mean he choose to play as a role player to Wade. Simply put, Miami was the only team that could have them together. You don’t have to be smart to realize that.

      • Banks says:

        I hate when Rookies comment…Lebron is basically playing point guard and wing man…he has multiple roles thus he’ll have the stats of a play maker on steriods…where as wade just attacks….

        Two different styles, Wade gets more points, Lebron gets more assist, and Bosh gets more Rebounds….all those stats are important…as for points Lebron James had 20 points but 7 assist….7 assist = at least 14 points he was involved in

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        ^^^gary first off you dont know me or anything about me to say im not a true fan of basketball.

        Yea, Lebron is the best player on team, but Wade been there for 8 years, so he doesnt have to bow down to james. In my opinion only reason lebron is better is because he taller than dwade and stronger, but as far as their games? Not much different, both are dominate slashers and volume shooters (making midrange jumpers and 3s once they get their easy shots going, dunks/layups)

      • Jake says:

        Okay lets look at the numbers… LBJ- 24 ppg, 5.9 rpg, 7.2 apg D-Wade- 23.4 ppg, 6.5 rpg, 4.3 apg. Wade shoots a little better percentage and Lebron plays 1.5 more minutes. I have to agree with the person that said they’re Batman and Superman. You can’t make a legitimate case that it’s either player’s team and the other guy is just a sidekick. Bosh is Robin.

      • Wadesaves says:

        you are correct in that it is no one’s tam but wade is the better player, he makes plays more consistently, his shooting and free throw percentage is so much better and he has won an NBA championship

    • gary says:

      @ LAKERS 2011 – 3PEAT. Lebron is a better shooter and with assists. 2nd off I wasn’t the only one to mention your comment seemed kind of juvenile. To state that Wade should be the leading scorer simply because it’s “his team” doesn’t make any sense. The leading scorer will just end up being the player who at the time can dominate the most. So if it happens to be Wade more than Lebron, great. But the fact is like someone else mentioned, that Lebron is running the ball so he is picking up more assists and making plays. Keep in mind the Cleveland game where he went off. And the Jazz game too. He can score just like wade.

    • Lakerfan says:

      Don’t just look at the points dude!!! Add Lebron’s points from assists to his points and he has just as many points as Wade or even more in some cases!! It’s both of their teams!!!

      • kMia# 3 says:

        What are you talking about? Lebron is a bigger and stronger player than dwyane wade , that is why he is more dominant . But dwyane wade obviously has more moves. Now Lebron averages more assists because he has the ball more. Dwyane wade averages more rebounds despite being smaller. Now you lebron groupies, eventhough i see you are a laker fan(weird),Need to stop inventing ways to say lebron is the best and really watch the games to see both players skil, or simply stay on the laker page

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        THANK U kMia# 3, that was the same point i was making. People dont get it…..

    • earol says:

      it doesnt matter who scored the most points. as long as the heat are winning games, ad they are doing it as a team both defensively and offensively.

  228. long memory says:

    its a season of runs just like i said when they were 9-8. Now all those people who was talking about they cant guard point guards (took out the 2 best on this streak) and how their inside game & a whole lot of hate (and i get the hate) but people were talking like they were som .500 team. (even you Sekou) but losing (and their loses are not far fetched – Boston2 Utah Dallas New Orleans when they were smokin) always makes people panic & winning always shuts people up. Silence is golden.

    • wow24 says:

      i expect alot from heat but i didnt expect them to break or tie the record of the lakers this articles is full of expectatins & their predicting the future again then a lot of people who read this will expect & believe it..
      what if they fail? the whole scenario will convert into shame dont expect too much its too early…

    • Rodriguez says:

      i know
      told this person that the heat are gonna be unstoppable in amost mid way sesaon, but look like that the heat got it together early thats wassup. D wade if you read this i gonna play in the nba for sure

    • Aaron says:

      regardless, they still havent beat the celtics yet. until they do they’re not the best

      • rapaulraykevshaq says:

        who they beat?! sloppy teams.. that’s who. bring your talents to Boston let’s see what you got. don’t brag about your 9 win streak over loser teams. please, stop trying to beat Boston and just beat em. bunch of highclass jackass these Miami cHeat crew are.

      • Wadesaves says:

        they beat utah at utah that is not a sloppy team and new orleans is not a sloppy team and you have to beat the sloppy teams to be a good team and when they do play boston they will beat them this time the way they are playing right now

    • big dog says:

      lebrons over rated to the max