Lockout could send Jennings overseas

DALLAS — Brandon Jennings spent his first year of professional basketball overseas. He may also spend his fourth.

The trendsetting young Buck could easily see himself going back over the pond next season in the event of a lengthy lockout. A guy’s got to make a living, and Jennings knows the landscape having played in Italy straight out of high school.

“I’m sure my value will be higher than it was before, the first time I went over there,” he told NBA.com last night after helping Milwaukee snap the Mavericks’ 12-game winning streak. “I’m sure this time I’ll get some playing time. The will be the best thing, I’ll be able to play now, make a little money and keep some income coming in for my family.”

Jennings made the ground-breaking leap to Europe in 2008, signing with Lottomatica Roma of the Italian League, instead of going to college. The swift lefty played sparingly with Lottomatica, but did gain valuable experience and it didn’t hurt his draft stock. The Bucks selected Jennings 10th overall in the 2009 Draft.

NBA rules require players to be at least 19 and one year out of high school before being eligible to enter the league. (The union has asked to restore the minimum age back to 18 in its CBA proposal.)

It’s no secret that NBA players are considering playing in professional leagues around the world in the event of a work stoppage. The longer one lasts and the more paychecks are missed, the greater the possibility for many to find employment elsewhere. Players are within their rights to work and therefore play in another league, regardless of their current contract status with NBA teams, in the event of a lockout.

But a major obstacle would be obtaining a letter of clearance from FIBA to sign with international teams, given the relationship between FIBA and the NBA. The NBPA would undoubtedly fight any obstruction, perceived or otherwise, to its members earning a living.

Though his first move to Europe didn’t exactly open the floodgates for other prep players to follow, Jennings may well lead a new exodus to foreign lands.

“Oh yeah, of course I wouldn’t mind going back overseas,” Jennings said. “I’ve been almost everywhere overseas and I lived in Italy for a year. I know what type of game it is and I know what it’s about.”

In the second year of his rookie contract, Jennings said he’s living by a strict budget. He drives a Ford Edge, doesn’t have a fancy house and stays near the Bucks practice center.

“It’s a good thing I’m living in Milwaukee,” Jennings said, “because when the snow comes I’m not leaving the house.”


  1. Griffinisbeastly says:

    A lot of you are taking this the wrong way yes they make more money than an average person and I agree with that but how do we all live “by money” aren’t i right. Take for example I am a fashion designer who makes a good steady cash flow with my company right now and i admit it is more than a lot of you are making right now and lets say they decide to take a break for now or start to cut pay just because they dont have the money to pay all our workers and i tell them no i would rather work somewhere else that will pay me what i want. so everyone there starts calling me a dirty greedy bastard who only cares about money. i would take that a bit offensive because first and fore most i need that cash to be able to support me and my family and even if i dont have a family its to support me.

    Now lets take this to a different route, how about say you live in a 2 story house bigger and better than most average families. You have 2 kids and a wife you are able to pay all of your expenses off with your steady income and still have lots of money left over for your entertainment pleasure (PS3, Hobbies, Cars, ETC.) and you got used to this lifestyle and have been living this way for quite a few years you wouldnt want what you have slip away especially for your family you want them to be as happy as you can make them. most people out there work their butt of now just to keep what they have and yes it sucks if they lose it but i mean how many of you here would be happy to lose what you have just because your work had to lay you off or you had to take a pay cut. “you being greedy for money?” i dont think so every one needs their steady income to be happy and satisfied in whatever they do and most of all support themselves and their family. Downgrading to a 1 story house for the family of 4 will definitely be a big change especially for the kids who were already happy with where they stayed at and comfortable. Yes that family can live with that, but the fact is they wont be as happy as they were with the house they had before which has provided them with the right saying that its a home.

    What about those greedy self centered millionaires? you all may say. dont they have enough money to last them a life time? well lets see about it. hmm maybe yes maybe no. lets not forget everyone has to pay off many things such as their house, car, food, utilities, accessories, clothes, etc. these rich greedy people may have more stuff than an average person has but lets face it they earned it. just in a way in what ever an average person has gotten they have earned it equally as the rich man just not as fancy. but not matter how rich or poor everyone is they still have to pay their taxes and as they say the bigger you earn the more you tax.

    lastly, before i conclude you all may be right yes carmelo makes 21 million with his contract with denver yes kobe makes 100 million with his contract with the lakers, but that is just over a span of the contract so in reality carmelo with a three year contract makes 7 million and kobe with his 3 year contract that makes about 33 million a year. so lets add it per game if its 7 million for carmelo in about 82 games per year he makes about 85,000 a game and in about a month (which is everyone’s daily payments for any bill or fine they need to pay) he plays about 16 games so he makes nearly 1360000. Now like most of you say that these greedy basketball players just have to much and want to much lets put this in to perspective. carmelo has a house that cost around say 15 million. right? and he had a 4 year fixed course in paying off the house, (because paying of an entire house in one payment just isnt a smart choice even by anybody no matter your pay) will be around 312500. Now thats just his house alone, but how about his other expenses and his wife or fiance who he has to cater to as well. In a months daily in and out im pretty sure he does not want to spend a lot because like anyone else you want to save just in case of a horrid moment our economy decides to collapse at random.

    Now to conclude, all im trying to say is that these basketball players play basketball for a living and that is their steady way of getting income (excluding all other activities such as sponsors, etc.)to support themselves and their family. it is just like any of us, i design for fashion for a living and thats the way i get my income in order for me to live and support me and my family. now if the fashion market one day were to crash and no longer exist for about a year cause of a recession how will i be able to get money to support me and my family, yes i will have money left over from saving but reality is how long will that money go? i mean the only thing i know and i am good at is fashion and now the only thing that keeps me having a steady cash flow is now taken away from me? how will i get money now? of course its to look out to places where they have need my skills and abilities and are able to pay me i mean i need the money to support me and my family after all. the same goes for a basketball player. all they love and know how to do is play basketball and that is their way of making a steady cash flow, what will they do if the nba has a lockout, how will they make a steady income. everyone has their own way of living rich, middle class, poor it doesnt matter, but what does matter is the way we all help eachother out in giving us a reason to still have our jobs today and that is because we all have a need and interest in certain things for example we all need clothers right? so that is why i exist today to help all of you get clothing with a skill i hone, no matter my income because i chose fashion because it is what i love to do, and as for a policemen we all need him because of the protection he gives us from killers, rapist, drug dealers, etc, and even though he gets paid less then most people do he does his job because it is what he loves to do and he gets around with the money he makes. and as for basketball players, it is to our entertainment and enjoyment to watch them play because we all love the sport, yes they make a ton of money but thats how the career is thats what they got used to but most of them in them in the beginning play it because they love the sport so much how can anyone say they do it just for the money, do i do fashion just for the money? no i dont its because fashion is something i love to do, can you imagine having a job for your entire life and you have no joy in it im pretty sure you wouldnt want to stick around that long its just the same as a student in college who keeps changing their major because they find what they are doing is not what they realize they want to be. and of course after a while money becomes an issue but its because thats how we all make a living. yes we all do what we love to do but everyone expects the same thing when they do what they love to do as a job as a living and that is to get paid and yes other jobs pay more unfairly than others, but that is how it has been for many years than anyone can remember and that is how it will be for many more, but as i said no matter how high the pay everyone needs money to make a living from their job in what they do best: basketball player, fashion designer, cop, dentist, etc. so dont blame basketball players just because they argue that they need money and decide to go over seas because i bet if your major or job decide to go in a lockdown for a year and you had no steady income for a year you would go somewhere else to find a job with your skills arent i right? so in fair judgment i say these basketball players have every right to say they deserve to get paid even if it means going overseas. to me it just sucks that there wont be any nba for me to bring my kids to watch like we usually do to watch the clippers. because that is something i and my kids will definitely miss if the nba decides to go on a lockdown.

  2. bballwiz says:

    The NBA world is simply not fair. And everyone should be blamed for it.

    I agree that the fans make the NBA possible because we’re the ones who they get the money to run the business. The entire NBA organization should really prioritize the people who supports them and make sure not to be unfair to the paying customers. It’s just like in a restaurant, the customer is always right. The teams charge a ridiculous amount of money for tickets just to see the players play. I’m talking as a big fan of the sport, so I want to be able to see my favorite athletes play the game intensely. The NBA should be able to provide that to us as fans for a reasonable price.

    As for the players, they need to think twice before crying their hearts out and whine about the lockout. A lot of the comments here are voicing out their reactions not just as fans of the game, but as people who has regular jobs and support their families. I’m one of you guys. These players should not cry over a lockout it’s as if they’re about to starve to death. They earn very well enough to support their needs, their families future and help out to others, even the bench warmers and the reserves. I’m not saying that they should not voice out their opinions, but they have to be able to comprehend that they should be thankful for what they’re enjoying right now. God gave these players abilities to play basketball at the highest level, unlike most people. They should not complain about anything because they need to realize that they’re very lucky to be in that situation. The problem with most athletes is that they’re not easily be content with what they have. They need to see the whole perspective of the world they’re living in, and not just about themselves and their families. I they can’t do that, then they should not be playing at all and start earning their millions in another way.

    Same goes for the owners, they’re a bunch of greedy businessmen who only think about their own sakes. If they’re saying they’re losing money, then so be it. They made the decision to own an NBA franchise, so suffer the consequences. If they want to salvage their franchise, then do something that will not affect the people who spends a lot to support their team. But don’t put the burden on us fans.

    As for us, we should be allowed to voice out our opinions and be heard by the people who runs the NBA. We have all the right to complain and react to whatever issues the league is facing. We should at least have a say to some decisions the league is going to do. But we need to do it the right and honorable way,

    The NBA should let the fans be heard. After all. the customers are always right.

  3. Nathan says:

    If the lockouts goes on It would be awesome to see some of the pros over in Australia, Andrew Bogut would dominate the NBL

  4. Gary says:

    Here’s the run down for everyone who wants to defend these overpaid entertainers,THE FANS ARE WHO MAKE THE LEAGUE POSSIBLE…and the nba owners are jacking up ticket prices to pay these million dollar crybabies!!!!!Think about it this way the owners have to pay the coaches,team doctors,transportation,and dozens more people not just the players…and where does the money come from to pay these people THE FANS…so why can’t the players take a pay cut so the fans can afford to support them,

    And here’s food for thought,the players can take a pay reduction willing to stay NBA or be forced to take a pay cut in a foreign league,away from their families,friends and communities….but i guess loyalty is something NBA players don’t have,ask LJ….go USA

  5. Nonya says:

    This article seems out of context

  6. bigboy11 says:

    do any one knows how much these owners make off these players billions and some of them can afford to play these players more, so some of u people need to stop talking bout the players are greedy, what u all need to talk about is the high ticket prices and the price of food at their games.the players are the ones out there working to entertain you soccer players in Europe make much more and play less games a season

  7. Michael Gallegos says:

    Make more money than most of us could even dream of and in the event of a lockout need to go overseas?? Doesnt make sense, what are these guys doing with their money????

  8. pettygreen says:

    In ancient times, people hunt animals; therefore, their distance cognitive ability must be used best. People pay so much for someone to shoot the ball because of how they appreciate this kind of abilities that they themselves can not do. That is factual science by the way and you could have a knowledge of human evolution to appreciate it,

  9. Mike says:

    I totally agree with the above comment… If you want to cry about about the players salaries then stop going to nba games/ watching nba games/ buying team merchandise etc….. in fact, stop going on nba.com and replying to blogs – you are reading this because you are interested in the nba not because you hate or dislike it….. Stop taking an interest in the nba or basketball in general and you will all have your wish – lebron and co. will be playing for mars bars as opposed to large sums of money….. It’s not their choice, its yours.

    Until that happens, I’ll keep my League Pass Subscription and enjoy watching athletes do things that I can only ever dream of doing

    That’s me out….

  10. SBiii says:

    its not the players who chose to be paid that much it was us that made this happen. if you buy an NBA shirt if you pay for cable or if you go to the game and pay the high prices set then it is you who thought they should get paid this much. you want the best players at you team then you have to pay them big or they will go to someone who will. we made the choices by not making a stand a long time ago. how about next time you think about going to a match actually take that money out and give it to a charity or shut up and pay them. we made it this way and we love to watch the best play so its about time we stopped complaining about it…..

  11. @Hardwork.... says:

    you are so right why is it that people who work to help make this world better gets paid to alittle bit, but these guys gets millions to play something they love. If they love the game so much why dont they play for 100,000. Why must they paid these guys millions and on top of that no one is forcing these guys to play ball, they get a free scholarship to college while there is people out there in debt with loans for med school. Why is it that people send hours with there eyes burning studying for a big final or writing a 60 page essay for class. Why is it that they pass with a 4.0 gpa and they neva step in the class a day in their life. All they do is show up for games and drop 40 and leave. I play basketball and i know its not hard work but come on doctors who save people lives deserve more.Scientist who stay in the lab for nights sometimes sleep there trying to find a cure for a cancer gets barely anything, while these nba players go to strip clubs and pay countless of gurls for fun, Life is crazy and hopefully it gets better which i highly doubt

  12. Ron says:

    No. NBA players SHOULD NOT be allowed to play overseas in another Professional Basketball League while they are still under contract with an NBA team during the lockout! What do they think this is. It has nothing to do with their rights per se when to work. Yes they can go work in another field besides basketball. But they should not be allowed to go to play overseas. None of them. And FIBA shouldn’t let them or be allowed to. This is a lockout my friends not twiddly winks.

  13. Sam says:

    He drives a Ford Edge… OMG! Get this guy some money quick! That’s just disgusting that there would be a damned lock out in a professional sport. These guys (even the ones that just sit on the bench) are paid more then 80% of the damn country is paid for their jobs. Being paid this much money for playing in the NBA seems like it would be an honor. Players like Jennings that would give that up for even more money is just sad. I’d love to see players like that leave the NBA, only I wish there was a rule that wouldn’t allow them back.

  14. insot says:

    too bad for a talented material talking about budget, hardships and all that, AND SOME ARE OVERPAID WARNING THE BENCH scoring less than 3 pts a game.

  15. riley says:

    an NBA player on a budget? hmmm i always thought Jennings was making bank

  16. Francis says:

    The NBA Superstars just earn too much because they are hyped up by the media. Of course it affects the economy of the USA as well. This is what you get if you pay certain Superstars too much than what they have actually proven…

  17. Chris says:

    While there is a point to be made regarding whether NBA players “deserve” the money that they make, the reality is that basketball brings in billions in revenue for the ownership. Basketball is a huge moneymaker where the rich and poor alike can watch these athletes practice their craft. In that spirit, they are entitled to a fair percentage (which does come out to millions). They can do things that few people can and that’s why they have the power to get paid millions of dollars. I know if I was an athlete, no matter how much love I have for the sport, I also don’t want some owner making millions off of me without receiving a good slice.

  18. Waz says:

    Only in America.

  19. Jay says:

    You guys do remember that this is a JOB for them….! Why wouldn’t you be worried about money if you’re going to work everyday?

  20. archie says:

    glad to hear (Jennings) that this guy, eventhough his making millions is living a normal life…who would think that he drives a ford escape rather that a Range Rover or a Ferrari. Good for you Jennings, whatever you have to do to support your family,do it. FAMILY COMES FIRST.

  21. specialfriedrice says:

    all this lock out talk is just stupid, the nba is in a great place at the moment and going even better places, a lock will only hurt basketball on a global scale, i hope the union and the nba realise this and sought out this mess b4 a lock out.

  22. Labor Law says:

    If there is a lockout, there are no NBA contracts. The players can go anywhere they want. There are a few that have personal service contracts with the owners, but they are not for their full salary’s. Who knows what Europe might do to keep some of these players once they are there, and who might stay if they don’t like the new agreement.

  23. MUBWAR says:

    So I’m 23 and I am technician(finish school early). I am making as much as people that are 40, 50 or 60 years old with more experience then I just cause I have a degree. Is that fair? Off course not. Talents creates money not these individuals. If I was born as athletic as Nate Robinson(im 5’10 as well) is, do you think i’ll be anywhere other then a basketball court. For short, the answer is no. Let there talent make millions for them and I will continue to support with my league pass subscription.

  24. Cory says:

    I bet regular professionals don’t have to be away from their families 41 games out of the year X every year in your career.

  25. Lou says:

    I Remember when MLB players went on strike, I lived and died with the Dodger’s at the time. There is something about millionare crybaby’s that just turns of a switch inside. They act as if they have a right to “set themselves up for life”, as one player commented at the time, forgetting who really pays their paychecks, the fans who work all their lives, just as hard,maybe as doctors or as construction workers or what ever, never having the oppertunity to “Set themselves up for life”. Sence the MLB strike I have seen maybe four games and couldn’t miss it less. I now live and die with the lakers, (no dissrespect to other teams or their fans),they are all needed and at a high level to make it fun. All I am saying is that the results could be the same and I don’t like the prospect of that much. Come on, just play ball

  26. Horace says:

    I just wanna see guys like Rondo and D Rose dominate in Europe. Imagine if a Euroleague team signed three or four NBA plyers. Now that would be fun to watch

  27. RD says:

    The players aren’t being greedy. It comes down to the business of the sport: The NBA franchise owners make a lot of money by selling tickets, tv deals, and merchandising. One of the costs of doing business is hiring employees (NBA players). Like all other businesses, there is risk. The players and owners have to negotiate terms of employment so that there is an ‘appropriate’ amount of risk in running a team. No business is risk-free, and that should include sports franchises. If you want NBA players, you get them at a fair price, not at low-ball prices that make it impossible for owners to lose money.

  28. Slug says:

    He talks as if he makes little money for him and his family….
    One of those contracts would do WONDERS for soooo many families

    • todd says:

      he’s done his share of helping. when an earthquake hit italy while he was an 18 year old kid playing over there he gave $100,000 in relief. he said being from california there’s no way he couldn’t be sympathetic to an earthquake. he’s gotten a reputation as trouble for talking a little trash but he’s really a grounded and responsible kid.

  29. Peter says:

    ok, i can understand the situation! It is obvious that any player or anyother guy would prefer to earn more than less! But we are talking about a 21 year old kidd who makes more than 2.3 Millions a year!! Most of people won’t make that in a lifetime!!
    Let’s be cool about this.. But of course i agree that he has the right to choose.

  30. R4 says:

    No man that bounces a ball should make more money than a Doctor, Lawyer, Police, or even Firefighter. Just reduced your salary and stop being money hungry. There are many people that actually do more than any one in sports period and their paid is far less. Just agree to the new CBA and bring a balance to the game. Anyone that agree that the players have the right for more money is foolish themselves. They should not be allow to play overseas because they are on strike. When average people go on strike they don’t get a opportunity to work somewhere else and come back to work the strike over. I love ball but people need to start to realize that these are just people that bounce a ball not saves lives.

    • Jake says:

      You are all VERY naieve if you think people get paid based on how hard they work or how much they benefit society. I’m 18, but I can understand that you get paid based on how valuable you are. The fact is that people are willing to pay good money to see these players play (me included). They bring in a lot of $$ for their respective teams. The interesting thing is that no one seems to feel that the owners are overpaid. Most NBA owners are billonaires who make far more money than any NBA player will ever earn through their salary. No one seems concerned that they’re making more money than they deserve. You can’t fault the players for complaining about losing a third of their paycheck– you would do the same thing if you were in their shoes. Average people can go on strike and go work somewhere else, and it makes complete sense that if there is a lockout then the players would look to go overseas.

      • hard work says:

        You’re very right Jake. People do not get paid based on how hard they work or how much they benefit society. I’m just putting it out there that maybe society would be better if we all worked to benefit society (and were paid to do so). But you’re right, people “deserve” what money that other people are willing to pay them.

        The discussion about the strike in general should be about how much the league and its owners make and if the split in profit is fair between the league and the players. There is no basketball without a league and similarly without players. It is not fair that the owners decide how much of the profit they keep because they are only one part of the equation. That’s why they have the union to negotiate the distribution of profit. So to really talk about the strike situation in an intelligent manner requires some numbers about how much the league is making. You can find some numbers here: http://www.forbes.com/lists/2009/32/basketball-values-09_NBA-Team-Valuations_Income.html. The teams seem to be making money but the league runs in high debt. So I think that the situation is not as easy to explain as one would imagine. It’s important not to support decisions based on ‘gut feeling’, especially in politics.

        Also, an MIT phd student receives a stipend and that is much less than minimum wage when you factor in the number of hours they are working for their professor (I only know about electrical engineering but I’m pretty sure that applies to other students). To compare, in Germany, the students are paid a fair wage (comparable to industry) for the high level of work they are doing and that they do. The reason is probably because Germans value education more than here in North America. Just something to think about, not asking anyone to make decision or take a stance but imploring people to think about the way they live and what they value.

      • Jake says:

        Perhaps some people view providing exciting entertainment as benefitting society?

      • George says:

        Agreed… Although I could never imagine making the money NBA players make the dude that writes their check is in another ball park completely. That’s the thing to remember. NBA players are rich, but the owners are wealthy.

    • todd says:

      let’s be real, if a cop or doctor could get 20,000 people to watch him work or millions to watch them on tv then they would be making millions. the players are making billions for the owners, you don’t think that if they generate so much revenue then they shouldn’t be compensated for their part?

  31. mohammed says:

    geez i get tired of reading pay players what they deserve… some of these players make hundreds of millions of dollars throughout their careers… how much is enough?

    • Alex says:

      What you don’t understand is these athletes go through more stress and work in a week than you go through in a year.Some people say players like Kobe,Lebron,D-Wade,CP3,and maybe even Dirk make too much money (around $40-60 million) but they DESERVE it because of how hard they work.Just because they make more money than you or any average person doesnt mean they dont DESERVE it.

      • hard work says:

        How much you get paid has nothing to do with how hard you work. You want to talk about hard work? How about going $300k in debt to go to medical school? How about pulling 4 or 5 all-nighters a month studying so that you learn how to improve the quality of life of someone else. What about engineers (not technicians, I’m talking about MIT) who spend countless hours in the lab getting paid less than minimum wage to research more about the world so that the modern technology is possible. These people sacrifice their body and time to further humanity. They don’t get buff, look cool, and are loved by thousands of adoring fans. Yet these ‘everyday professionals’ are not making even a tenth of what some of these NBA players are making. Don’t talk about what people deserve and what they don’t like you know. That’s not how the world works. Society is so skewed that people value entertainment over life and that’s the sad reality.

      • al says:

        u really think playing in the NBA and training for games is harder than labouring? Harder than farming? There are little old ladies all over asia working in rice patties work a hundred times harder than NBA players, man please what a joke. Have you ever even picked up a shovell? Obviousy youve never worked a day in your life. And all these real hard working people dont get a tenth or even 1% of what these NBA players get. Do the math, if youre smart enough.

      • George says:

        It’s not the hard work that make them deserve the money. Let’s get this straight. They get paid to be in fantastic shape and play a sport that they love in front of millions of people worldwide. The reason they deserve to get paid so much is the revenue that they bring to their organizations. People don’t pay to see the owners, gm’s, or coaches. They pay to see the players, especially the ‘stars’. Sure they work hard PHYSICALLY and no doubt it’s demanding on the body, but if you got paid strictly based on how ‘hard’ your job was then I can think of quite a few tough jobs that pay squat.

      • @hard work says:

        if you think little old ladies can do some of the things NBA players can do then maybe you should start a new league? LOLPB? little old ladies playing basketball? basketball is a skill set, these people weren’t born with the abilities like so many of you think, they spend most of their childhood honing these talents. just because they enjoy what they do doesn’t mean they dont work hard, if you stared studying for med school when you were 5 or 6 then you wouldnt need those all nighters every month. in fact these players spend over half their basketball careers not getting paid, in college people and universities are making money off them while they sit there working their butts off. if you compare that to not being a lottery pick then that more than makes up for your 300k. and these players get paid because the public wants to see them play, its simple supply and demand. if people like you stop posting on their official website, stop going to the games or watching on tv, then mabye the rest of us will follow suite and the players will get paid less… let me know when you start, im down.

    • R4 says:

      I Agree with you family. They just bounce a ball not save lives. Take the little pay cut and save your money through your career not just when there is a strike coming. I have to save my money my whole entire life.

      • Jake says:

        Hey nobody is forcing people to go to medical school, and if you have a degree from MIT and somehow you’re “earning less than minimum wage” then you probably shouldn’t have gone to MIT in the first place. Egineers, doctors etc. don’t really have much room to complain anyway. If anyone has the right to complain it would be the people working in a orchard all day long getting paid less than minimum wage. Those people are the ones that really have it tough.

  32. fedex says:

    Some players can learn from jennings, he knows even though he is earning quite a bit, it is best to live a modest life at the moment, and dont go on spending sprees like they normally would. he can enjoy everything without a worry yet still have the confidence of financial security when he hangs it up, nice job.

  33. wise man says:

    What most people don’t get is the fact that this is it for the players……. if they end up with an injury or anything of such; their career is over so basically they need to make enough to last them deep, even after retirement so please pay them what they deserve.
    Also people have to get the fact that a 25 year old man should be able to decide where he wants to play and what he wants for himself; i mean everyday people switch jobs for all sorts of reason, be it money, better experience, less work load and several others …… so i think after giving 7 years of your life to a team and you still don’t see them heading in a progressive direction, “NOAH” already said it Cleveland sux, and no one will go there if they continue to treat people the way they do, i guess NY will gladly take the playoff spot.

    • Rick says:

      the whole thing is about the new cba and lockout and brandon jennings possibly playing overseas next season and making the example that more players will follow and all the comments have been about how bj is smart and how the league needs to just pay and stuff and you go and bring up the whole lebron situation…. cant anybody talk nba without involving lebrons move or debating on who is better now lbj or kb24 or who is better all time mj or kb24??? sheesh

  34. Booby says:

    Good! The NBA owners need to realize people have options and that they cant get a way with thieving of the paychecks. The players make the nba not the owners, they just reap the profits off the players. A lot more should think about heading overseas because i can then just stream the games and not miss any action. David Stern will realize not to be so stern anymore lol. Im glad for Jennings, he’s a smart kid who isn’t wasting his money like many other wastrels in the NBA who like to blow money fast and end up broke like Antoine Walker or should i say Antoine Wacker.

    This lockout will be serious and the owners are going to try and blame the economy for trying to cut pay when the economy is officially out of the worst and SLOWLY on the way back up. So this is just their way of being smart and playing the system.

    They gave the players a huge insulting offer that even made headlines as a “middle finger to players around the league” and the owners were talking tough, so the players need to act tough and show Stern he needs to get his head out off his derriere

  35. John says:

    Smart Kid! Coming out of high school I didnt think he would make it, in fact I thought his attitude would have gotten him in trouble by now, but it looks like he gets it.

  36. long memory says:

    young (real young) business men making calculated choices with their money & families is Great to see.

  37. Michael Warren says:

    Hope the NBA lets these players play overseas, even though they’re under contract for their current NBA teams. They need to feed their familes, and they need to stay in shape. 1 year off of an NBA season, especially for the older guys, will affect their games.

    • what says:

      what they are all ready set for life most of them could buy a house and car for there whole family like they dont need to make more money some people make 10 dollors an hour some less that’s one of the stupids thing ive ever read

      • Michael says:

        I agree. An NBA player making millions needs to make a living for his family? The average salary for a National Basketball Association player is $5.84 million, according to a July 2009 NBA news release announcing the salary cap for the 2009-10 season. That’s not including endorsements and other deals. As of the 2010-11 the minimum NBA salary for a rookie is about $473,604. Lets face reality now, do you think an NBA player will starve from a lockout for one season? Its not even about money, its about reputation and making their monies worth. I’m a huge NBA fanatic and I have to admit NBA players worry about money too much, they forget to play the game. What happened to the old days where players play because they love the game?

      • George says:

        I hear what you’re saying ‘what’ I make chump change scrapping by week to week and many of these nba players make millions a year, but all make above what most people make. Having said that, these players all probably live within that income. If they make millions they have million dollar homes and cars etc etc. So if the money isn’t managed correctly it could be a problem in the case of a lock out. Don’t get me wrong, none of these guys are going to starve Lol. They may have to sell their car or give up that extra satellite dish, but they’ll be alright.

    • what what?? says:

      you need to learn what an average is before you start posting numbers to defend yourself. That average is inflated with the huge salaries from players like kobe and mello. the superstars may be the face the league puts forward, but if you honestly believe the average nba player makes 5mill a year your insane. take into account length of th average nba career to the standard worker. 20 years is a long time in the nba, and most of us would be lucky to retire by the time we are 70. them missing one year of work is like you taking a 4 year vacation.