Blake Griffin’s Biggest Fan

PHILADELPHIA — Shaquille O’Neal is on twitter, but he apparently doesn’t keep an eye out for the #LeaguePassAlert hashtag.

“I don’t watch other teams,” Shaq said before Thursday’s game against the Sixers, which he will miss with a sore right calf. “I get paid big consultant dollars to consult for the Boston Celtics.”

To say that he doesn’t watch other teams is going a little too far, though. And Shaq admits that there are a few players who are worthy of his attention. Two are pretty obvious, but the third may come as a surprise.

“When I’m watching basketball with my son, I only let him watch a couple of players,” he said. “Kobe, LeBron and Blake Griffin. That’s it.

“Kobe is the Black Mamba, of course. Blake Griffin is a big, 6-10 light-skinned cat like my son is going to be. And LeBron is just, you know, strong, physical and can do it all.”

Shaq clearly doesn’t want his son to be influenced by lesser talents. He wants little Shaq’s sights set high.

“As a kid, just dreaming, you always want him to watch the best, and then go outside, practice, and try to be those guys. That’s what I did when I was young. I used to watch Kareem and Wilt and Russell and all those guys, and then go outside.”

Those names are elite company for a rookie like Griffin. The way he relentlessly attacks the rim, Griffin has clearly captured the imagination of fans, but he’s also got 18-year veterans talking.

“He just now has to figure out a way to lift his team,” Shaq said. “Because right now he’s putting up big numbers, but you guys are going to start turning the tables real soon to why he’s putting up numbers and his team ain’t winning.

“Once [the Clippers] learn to play together, it will be more of a story. But he’s fabulous. You guys know I don’t give it up to anybody, but I’m giving it up to that young fella.”


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  1. tabitha says:

    Omg! i loveeee blake griffin tooo! he’s my favorite player!!!!!!!!!

  2. Samuel says:

    People these days just let their emotions talk. Of course, if you’re a Heat fan, You love LeBroom and D-Wade. But if You really know about basketball, you are willing to admit Kobe is the best. I’m not saying LeChoke and Wade suck, im just saying they are’nt that close to Kobe’s skill THROUGHOUT HIS CAREER. come on people simple as that.

  3. tas says:

    I would love to see some more wins for the clippers.. they just have to find a way to close out games.

  4. Ray says:

    shaq y u don’t let your son watch your games and practice it outside.
    Your much better than LBJ, KB and BG during your time.

  5. Tommohawk says:

    LBJ, Wade and Kobe are very different players with talents and limited weaknesses in different areas. No way is there a case to be comparing the three of them. They are all great players and every single last one of you would love to have any one, two or three of the these payers on your favourite teams!

    Me, I like Boston because it is not about any one player, but a team, which is what this game is actually all about….remember? Kobe and Wade didn’t win rings playing one-on-five!

  6. Hillbilly Back says:

    There will be wailing and gnashing of teeth when Blake Griffin becomes a free agent and dons the Purple and Gold. It’s a Clipper thing, you wouldn’t understand…

  7. richboy says:

    if there’s KG there’s also BG….

  8. KINGJAMES 6 says:

    lebron james is d best of ol that names BUDDY!

  9. Lakers says:

    I agree! Blake Griffin and Kevin Love are the future of the NBA!

  10. sdsdfggsrgf says:

    shaqs stupid, if I would let my son watch anybody it would be Yakhouba Diawara.

  11. WG says:

    @ Idiots

    Idiot, he should have mentioned Wade, We all know they’re on the same team, but giving credit is another thing. He wants his son to scout and learn from the best then D.Wade should be mentioned regardless of playing on the same team. Idiot

  12. willie says:

    the king better watch out BG is coming

  13. jerry says:

    too many great players to mention…he doesn’t even mention himself as one of those great players…and take note: shaq is still one the best we have today…

  14. M. says:

    I think Karl Malone and Charles Barkley had a kid, they called him Blake Griffin. Absolute beast. When one of his dunks comes along, all you can hear is: WOMEN AND CHILDREN FIRST!!

  15. superlaj08 says:

    Shaq IS wack! He didn’t mention Wade when wad gave him a ring. He put shaq on his back and took him to that promise land. If he wants his son to play like anybody it would be Wade. He’s ferocious and fearless, fall down seven get up 8, much in tha clutch, and unstoppable. Wade is the truth, he plays with heart, and I’m not even going to talk about talent and stats compared to Blake Griffin cause it ain’t worth it. Shaq is STUPID!

    • LB6 says:

      u know better than shaq? ur not a professionl basketball player and u know better? haha have you actually played with lebron and dwade to back that up. SHAQ played with kobe lebron and dwade so he knows what he is talking about. so STFU.

  16. Rafael Dominicano says:

    there is a lot of people talking about D-wade and CP3, but the problem is that none of them are better than Kobe or Wade, and the best rokie right now is Blake, so, for that reason shaq dont mention the other names, so dont be selfish and accept the reality.

  17. tyronewatson says:

    maybe shaq should also let his son listen to his song “kobe, tell me my ass taste”…while at it…tell him how kobe is a quitter, that he was accused of rape, that he a trick, and that he gave up in the playoff..oh yeah, and while youre at it..tell your son that kobe wanted the lakers to himself…and when you left, he didnt when nothing until they got Gasol.Yeah and while youre at it…tell him Kobe was the second best player on 3 championship teams…You can watch Kobe all you want…Il let my son watch Dwade.

  18. Bird says:

    man why is that whenever there is a topic about some player other than Kobe you fools always want to bring his name up. Come on if this isn’t about Kobe then don’t bring him in! but anyways I agree with Shaq of having his son watch Blake Griffin the dude is a monster big man with talents and its obvious that Shaq’s son will turn out to be a big man as well.

  19. Bird says:

    man why is that whenever there is a topic about some player other than Kobe you fools always want to bring his name up. Come on if this isn’t about Kobe then don’t bring him in! but anyways I agree with Shaq of having his son watch Blake Griffin the dude is a monster big man with talents and its obvious that Shaq’s son will turn out to be a big man as well.

  20. joey singapore says:

    RASHEED WALLACE get out of retirement..
    Please play for Miami Heat…
    Your Presence will boost their hopes…

  21. rye says:

    you guys shut up! shaq only wants his son to be influence by a bunch of great players today.

  22. exult463 says:

    dRose is in conversation of top-10, and his play this year is most-def top-5, but he’s a young guy and many don’t see him day in and day out. I liken his closing ability on par with Kobe and Jordan’s. This dude wills victory and doesn’t like to lose. In a close game in the 4th, if Rose decides he’ll win the game .. it now seems to be a done deal. Automatic!

  23. Paul is right.. says:

    he’s right.. kobe was just at the RIGHT PLACE at the RIGHT TIME with the RIGHT teammates..

  24. Ronald D. 52nge says:

    Why are all keep going who is the BEST… TEAMWORK is the BEST…

  25. ggfjgjgjj says:

    paul is idiot….5 rings and u say its luck?…kobe hater!!!!! hahahaha

  26. ggfjgjgjj says:

    hahahha….u r correct IDIOTS…

  27. Neiru says:

    Griffin is only a rookie and hasn’t won championships or made game winning shots, but that guy has great tools for a big man. He’s a pure power forward and could probably be the best PF ever or one of the best. He is reinventing the position. The guy has such great work ethic, a class act considering how other players bang and foul the living day lights out of him and he doesn’t let it get to him, he is improving and once he gets that consistent jump shot and improves his free throw shooting he will be unstoppable. If I wanted my son to study a big man he has to be mentioned.

  28. Lakers says:

    I’m a huge Lakers fan! Love em to death. Right now the Lakers SUCK! Boston, San Antonio, Dallas, Miami are superior to the defending champs! Maybe Bynum will help! Not sure! I’m in the doldrums! C’mon Lakers! Get it together! Show your the champsssss!!!!!!!

  29. Idiots says:

    of course when his son watches lebron.. he’s also watching wade cause they are on the same team! MORONS!

  30. gary says:

    Man people always turn these blogs into a Kobe vs everyone else battle. Anyway, I think Shaq’s got a point but still you shouldn’t limit who a kid watches down to three players. There are dozens of player to learn from in the league.

  31. yunixicity says:

    theres a lot of talented player in the league, kobe was just in the right place, right teammate, and a right coach, lebron was in not… open yours eyes people, theres plenty of player to cheered on……..

  32. MV3 says:

    top 5- wade, kobe , durant, melo, d-will.

  33. thegreatest says:

    Kobe is the best and most talented player in the world

  34. VokZ Spurs says:

    MANU GINOBILI is way better than D-WADE!! GINOBILI FOR LIFE!!!!

  35. Blackprince! says:

    hahahahaha cmons dogs thats his choice to let his son wacht or no wacht those players, y my personal choice i like d-wade over lbj an kobe but shaq got a point: d-wade does not got the shoot touch that kobe have an isnt either strong as lebron is, althoug he might be a little of both but thats jus my opinion blake is a great player and in ma opinion cmons dogs duncan is one of the greatest but he is burried to see him play hahaha just ma case SHAQ the best center ever

  36. DR Lakers says:

    Shaqs got it right. GO LAKERS BOO LEDOUCHE

    • HeatZeRoOo says:

      I’d take wade anyday over lebron and kobe.. Wade was able to pull up struggling heat to the semis doing almost evrything from scoring almost 50 to 60% of the teams offense, rebounding, steals assists, and who was he with? J..Oneal? Beasly? richardson? Put those guys beside kobe and lets see if he makes it to where Dwade has been… Kobe has gasol, odom, artest, fisher, all proven vets and allstars.. LBJ also has all stars jamison and williams with shaq but still failed…talent wise his up there with them but when it comes to the need to win, clutch, heart, ill go for dwade any day..

      • chris says:

        What are you talking about. Mo williams always choked in the playoffs, Antwan Jamison couldn’t even get 20 in the playoffs and Shaq was way to old. I’m not a LBJ fan but he is FAR BETTER THAN D-WADE

      • My Name says:

        I have to agree with Chris!!
        @HeatZeRoOo, you can’t use D.Wade taking a team of subpar players to the playoffs to support your reasoning. If you do, then you’ll have to recognize that, with the exception of last year’s Cavs team, LBJ took a roster full of average players to the playoffs five seasons in a row! And don’t forget, the Cavs team two years ago won 67 games in the regular season (with no Shaq, no Jamison) and that was with 10 average players!! Yes, he failed to take the Cavs all the way, but with the exception of the Celtics series last season, the team’s lack of success in the postseason was mostly LBJ’s teammates fault. I mean c’mon, LBJ averaged 35pts, 9rebs, and 7asts in the playoffs two years ago; there’s really not much more he could’ve done!!! When he puts up those kinds of numbers for an entire series and the team still loses, the fault lies with the supporting cast.

        I can see you arguing the case for D.Wade having more heart than Lebron, but making a case for Wade as the better all-around player by simply carrying his average team to the playoffs, Lebron wins by a landslide! Now if Wade had led that average team last year to a championship title, then that would be a different story. However, he simply got them to the playoffs and failed to deliver a championship just like Lebron’s average teams, so you can’t use that argument.

      • tyronewatson says:

        I think the most ridiculous statement ive ever heard is that lebron is better than wade..all you have to do is compare their stats and any idiot could see that they are virtually the same…now take in account that wade has a ring, is 4 inches shorter yet average more blocks in his first 5 years should set off alarms….most people watch only hilights and james thunderous dunks are always displayed…but as far as talent….people need to have facts when they make such a dumb statement.

      • My Name says:


        Let’s see for their regular season career averages Lebron averages 2 more assists than Wade and averages 2 more points than Wade.

        For their career playoff averages: Lebron averages a little over 1 more assist than Wade, 3 more points than Wade, and 3 more rebounds than Wade.

        Please tell me how this is “virtually” the same. Lebron is better than Wade in almost every statistical category (not all categories, but most). But that’s cool if you think Wade and Lebron are the same; they’re on the same team and that’s all that matters! It’s fun watching them play together!

  37. Enri says:

    top 5: Kobe,Lebron,durant,howard,amare

    • My Name says:

      D.Howard is really disappointing me. I love him, but with his size and talent, he should be dominating games like a young Shaq back in the day. He’s only averaging around 20 pts and 12 rebs a game which is great for most players, but most players aren’t built like D.Howard!! Come on, Howard, go get it!! He could actually take some lessons from Kevin Love the way that guy has been playin’ lately. K.Love is a 20-20 machine; simply incredible!

    • you cant beat my team says:


      you know you cant

  38. chris says:


    top five right now

    kobe , d-wade , durant , melo and lebron .

  39. John says:

    Perhaps, he doesn’t list Wade because he doesnt mention D-wade, because he doesnt expect his son to be a 6’4″ PG/SG…. just saying, good chance his son will be a big, at least a SF.

  40. Richard Mentor says:

    Cmon guys, Shaq is not making a list of all the great players in the league. The big fellow is right, that’s the perfect combination for the ultimate player, wouldn’t it be nice if a player could have the finishing touch of Koby Bryant, Lebron James power and Blake Griffins atheletism? Neither Wade nor Duncan can be a substitue for Koby and LBJ.

    • Josh says:

      finally someone writes a good comment. perfectly said Richard Mentor. If I was to add another to make a perfect player, right now – Rondo gets in on vision. What do you think?

  41. Listen to all you idiots whining about him not mentioning D-wade, lol! He just named a few top players, so what? Get over it. He also didn’t mention any of his teammates and the Celtics are probably the best team in the league. Everyone has something to bitch about whenever Shaq opens his mouth. So he didn’t mention your favorite player, deal with it.

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  43. Chris says:

    lol shaq dont want to talk about wade cause he didnt get a lot of credit when hes in miami, if u remember in 2006 everyone was talking about d wade. and he also didnt talk about me duncan cause him and duncan r big time rivals in the big man department lol

  44. TD Steward says:

    The best fundamental player in the League is still Time Duncan, Kobe remains the Best closer (although ihe is aging and their are som nipping at his heels) and LBJ is the best athlete, most versitle and feared of them all. So let’s let this rest till the play-off’s come and we see who is standing and lifting that Larry O’Brien Trophy- Shall we…

  45. […] a recent article, John Schuhmann of shed some light on Shaquille O’Neal and his habits throughout the NBA season. Apparently, the […]

  46. truegamefamily says:

    his son is going to see d-wade when he see lebron lol!

  47. efflebron says:

    i honestly think yall should all SMD! black mamba for life.

  48. JUNARD says:

    I disagree that LEBRON is the Best. Kobe’s skill is still far better than Lebron. GO LAKERS!!!

  49. SHAQuWHACK says:

    wtf. He didnt talk about D-Wade!. D-Wade is a lesser talent than LBJ and BLAKE GRIFFIN!?? D-wade,Kobe and Lebron is the best players in the past few years now and still going strong.! PLUS! WADE is much better than LBJ and Blake! c’mon people. he has proven it already! He can carry and step up when it is needed the most. he may be the 1ST OR SECOND greatest Clutch players in the leauge. He shoots and Make game winners more than Kobe. Kobe misses a lot of game winners mind u. LBJ and Griffin still hasnt proven nothing. LBJ is strong like he said but chokes in playoffs,LB may be good but he hasnt have the Heart and Fire like wade has. and Griffin!? A ROOKIE!! wth. he hasnt proven anything yet. c’mon SHAQ are u whack??

    • shaqaintwhack says:

      Shaq was only mentioning he wants his kid to watch those guys so he would one day play like them. He wasn’t saying that Griffin was better than D-Wade. He just likes the style of play that Griffin has as a big man. And LeBron is an amazing player! Just because he choked in the playoffs doesn’t mean he’s not good. Look at his numbers!!! The guy could easily average a triple double!! Confidence and poise are things you have to learn yourself. Apparently LBJ can’t handle too much pressure or something. Shaq telling his kid to watch these guys is what I’d tell my kid too. I would hope my kid could have just a smidgen of talent that all three of these guys have too! Shaq ain’t whack!

    • ballplayer says:

      Wade has not hit more game winners than Kobe. You must only watch the Heat.

  50. chrisman says:

    He just stated the names of the 2 best vets in the game (not a Kobe fan though) and the best rookie BY FAR this season, there’s nothing wrong with that (no disrespect to Wade,KG,Duncan or any others)… and why the bitter talk? The Miami saga’s behind him.

    BLAKE GRIFFIN for rookie of the year

  51. Remy says:

    How can you call him bitter when he includes his arch nemesis the black mamba?

  52. HOMER says:

    lebron is the best..

    • albo96 says:

      no hes not
      dont lie to yourself

      • neneats says:

        unlike Kobe to be lucky to have fell into a pile of dirt and come out smelling like a rose Lebron has done more with a team that didnt have megga stars on the team and has done more in the time he has been in the NBA then kobe and is a great roll model unlike Kobe

      • J_wood23 says:

        dude stop lying to yourself lebron is da bomb

  53. j says:

    Blake Griffin is my new favorite player, behind Kobe and Melo.

  54. Brandon says:

    Why does he have to be bitter because he doesnt mention a lesser talent like Wade? What I mean by lesser talent is that he is not as good a Kobe. I’m not saying that he is not talented or not one of the best. I’m just talking about in comparison to Kobe.

    • Paul says:

      Kobe was in a better team. That”s all. How many Championships does Kobe has with a team like 2006 Heat? The answer is none. Many things in this life is decided by luck and Kobe was luckier not a better player or something…

      • Josh says:

        you do not win 5 rings by luck. you have so much to learn about sports! especially on a sport that has only 5 players on a team at one time. It is just the most outrageous remark saying Kobe was lucky to win 5 rings. you have so much to learn my friend!

      • Paul says:

        You do win it by luck by an accident actually, you have a lot to learn my friend. Just look at the start of a player career He’s drafted at the Lotttery isn”t it luck, just look at the name: Lottery. So half of your career is decided by some kind of lottery, then you get teammater if you got a good ones like Shaq, Fisher, Pau then you’re truly lucky. What i want to prove is that a lot decided by your teammates and what teammate you get is a mere luck.
        Look Kobe was coached by one of the best coaches ever and played with a future hall of famer Shaq. Result: title
        When Wade played with Shaq and got coached by Pat Riley (one of the best caches ever as well) and result is the same,
        So tell me how many times has Wade had such kind of team as Kobe had? Maybe 1, maybe…
        So don”t tell me that Kobe wasn”t luckier than Wade..
        You have a lot to learn my friend half of the sports is decided by luck, injuries – luck, draft – luck, championships – triple luck. Of course, there”s skill as well but you can”t win a chapionship without luck just ask Steve Nash, Lebron James and many others..

      • My Name says:

        I agree that luck (i.e., no injuries, nice trades/lottery picks) plays a factor in winning championships, but skill/talent play a huge factor as well. Anyways, that’s neither here nor there. I’m surprised that you (Paul) think Wade is the same caliber player or even better than Kobe!?!?! You can’t honestly believe that Wade is a better player than Kobe!! That’s just ridiculous!! Even if you take championships out of the equation, Kobe is clearly the better player hands down. I’d like to see anyone argue the case for Wade. I’m a huge D.Wade fan (in fact, I’m more of a Wade fan than a Kobe fan); he’s great, but he’s not Kobe-great!

        P. S. I’m not even a Kobe fan, but I appreciate and respect his game.

      • KOBEPAUANDME says:

        Kobe nevere won a chip with a team like the 2006 heat because he never played with the 2006 heat. Kobe never had a season where he only won 15 games

      • Paul says:

        Better team makes you look better and while comparing dwade and kobe i could say kobe has ever been in a better team than Wade except this season. Im not saying that Wade is better, but they are the same caliber players, just Kobe was in a better team, that’s all. Im not a fan of them both but while watching both of them i don”t see any difference. The difference is the teams and coaches, Phil Jackson has always used his 2s perfectly (MJ, Kobe) and the whole LA system is great for Kobe. Lucky guy.

      • goodfellow says:

        @ Paul
        The answer is 3. Kobe and Shaq won 3. Wade and Shaq won 1. Don’t know how you do your mathn but it’s crazy. And wrong.

  55. samueel says:

    wow.. shaq still isn’t man enough to talk about d-wade..

    bitter much..

  56. WG says:

    No Duncan or Wade??
    Cmon Shaq, your better than that

  57. dave rosa says:

    that was nice to read what shaq had to say about blake…blake is everything that you want your team to build around…and he is a clipper which just “kills” some…the cclips have a group of talented kids (the u-23’s)…bllake, gordon, bledsoe, aminu, deandre and even willie warren are getting the experience that they will need to take the next leap…watch for a major jump for this team in the 2nd half of season.

    • My Name says:

      Agreed. Da Clippers have some great young talent with BG leadin’ da way. Once they start to figure things out and start getting used to each other, more wins will start comin’.

  58. Moh says:

    agreed. GO BG.