All Black Everything!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Whatever the Minnesota Timberwolves lack in the win column right now, they more than make up for in personality.

My main man Jonah Ballow of delivers yet another quality episode of the B-Easy Show, starring Michael Beasley, Kevin Love and a few friends waxing on these new (All-Black Everything) alternate uniforms, which have immediately shot up the list to No. 1 on the HT Favorite Unis list:

The Timberwolves already have HT favorite son Luke Ridnour on the roster. Beasley and Love have already been adopted as well. And now these wicked black uniforms ….

Keep this up and we’re going to hang a Fathead of David Kahn on the wall here at the hideout!


  1. HK says:

    golden state have the best kits in the league without doubt

  2. weregunning4a3peat says:

    hope the lakers will also have a black jersey with gold and purple on the side and the lakers on front be gold also and the numbers are white and the surnames will also be gold..i hope that happens

  3. Francisco says:

    Love the new jersey! 🙂

  4. Ed says:

    Wow in my opinion totally copied orlando’s new jerseys without the pin stripes

  5. 5million says:

    Minnesota has had black uniform before.

  6. david walker says:


  7. Evan says:

    LOL when B-Easy said to Kevin Love “Do you get special attention on Valentine’s Day?” LOL!

  8. Justin says:

    At least they’re positive, I wouldn’t be if I was them, but hey, they have no pressure, their conference is too jam packed with good teams to make the playoffs.

  9. Jason says:

    Lol a sip of my juice you are something eles. That is Kevin hart lol.

  10. Backpack fan says:

    I completely agree that Kevin Love shall henceforth be known as “BACKPACK”
    He is awesome and that is his name. Spread the word. At home games, fans can all
    bring their backpacks to show support.

    How is Kevin Love going to carry the weight of the Wolves while taking the rest of
    the NBA’s power forwards to school? BACKPACK!

  11. CThao9 says:

    This is hilarious!!! Funniest NBA video on the internet!!! Go Wolves. The Great 8 will rise!!!

  12. Jaykowle. says:

    Michael Beasley is so cute.!!

  13. gary says:

    the knicks need to update their jerseys

  14. JKey says:

    This is hilarious! Good to see players and coaches having some fun, even if they are losing.

  15. Tameisha says:

    B-Easy is so hilarious! I wish he was still with the Heat though:(

  16. Nene33 says:

    Lol, how’s Minnesota changing colors exactly?!?!

    They had a black alternate before, just search “Garnett Timberwolves jersey” on eBay. They look great BTW, we need an NBAStore for Europe with all the gear(without the huge customs charges *tip of the day* )

  17. a1a4a6 says:

    The ‘Wolves should be saving their money to buy GOOD players and not give away 2,500 jerseys for free…DURING A PISTONS GAME??

  18. erik says:

    I really want to see Kevin Love get the nick name “backpack”

  19. Sauce11 says:

    I love how after the “Beasley Show” with his jersey all over it, they broadcast a Kevin Love Jersey giveaway. Lmao.

  20. whyheattradedbeasley!!!!!!!! says:

    they suck

  21. heattradebeasley says:

    wow they needed new jerseys and they got hot jerseys

  22. Nafis says:

    The T-wolves should spend more time practicing instead of making youtube videos if they wanna win more ball games. Atleast they are a GREAT FANTASY TEAM LOL

  23. Alex says:

    Michael Beasley is hilarious ~ I love his style~ how can you not want that aggressive style offense! Loved every minute of him with the heat, I know he aint the best team player but the guy is awesome too watch, fun personality and his shot is SMOOOOOOOOTh~ BUCKETS

  24. MiamiFan says:

    Good Luck Coach on getting him to play defense and passing the ball!! Good Scorer but lacks some fundamentals.

  25. Michael O says:

    lmao Beasley was trying to quote Kevin hart….”You are something else lol!”

  26. john wa11 says:

    The Minnesota Timberwolves nuff said.

  27. JC says:

    Minnesota has a basketball team?? I didnt know that, how many wins do they have??

    • LakersWillWin says:

      I really hope you are just using sarcasm at them not being a good team.
      Wolves have potential to be a great team, Love and Beasley could be a great duo. But like the Clippers they obviously lack what it takes to win.

  28. Benji says:

    This is the funniest thing I’ve watched in a long time!

  29. Ruby says:

    “Ohh i can’t wait to see Michael Beasley play some defence” good one coach

  30. samlenzen says:

    beasley looks like waka flocka.

  31. Derek says:

    I second that Pistons comment. They probably have the most bland, outdated jerseys in the NBA.

  32. Michael says:

    I’ve seen plenty of team try to emulate the Spurs, but wow, changing to Spurs colors? I guess I don’t blame them.

    • We'reFineWithSilverAndBlack says:

      No thank you.

      It’s like asking the Bulls, Lakers, and Celtics (even the Knicks) to change colors.

      • Michael says:

        I’m not saying I want the Spurs to change colors, I’m saying Minn switched “to” Spurs colors to be more like us. I think you misunderstood my post. It was a joke.

  33. iomotol01 says:

    Beasley is good, but he will not reach his potential until he starts passing the ball. I see him taking really difficult shots while double and triple teamed – making them sometimes, but he should be passing the ball out of those situations. He needs to set himself a goal to have at least 5 assists per game – then he will lift his teammates up and their team will win more games.

    • Nick says:

      5 a game is a lot, he should try to get more rebs and play defense. 2 or 3 asts from beasley would be good

  34. telecustom says:

    *ooh i can’t wait to see michael beasley play some defense* haha nice one coach

  35. Jake says:

    Oh that jersey’s so cool. Oh I can’t wait to see Michael Beasley cut his hair.

  36. ZULU says:

    If we could only get the Pistons to ‘style’ something new and jazzy.

    • 6 mile's finest says:

      @Zulu: RIGHT BRO!!!!

    • KillaRific says:

      i thought the video was super f*cking lame. kevin love was hilarious in that video bout not getting the hand slap down and it seemed beasley was tryna do his own thang for attention but wasnt funny. beasley, your coach is right, play some damn defense, that goes for all you guys in minnisota. kevin love, im your biggest fan but c’mon man, play some defense BROtein shake