About Last Night: At The Buzzer

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — What did we do to deserve this?

We had 11 games on the Wednesday night schedule and all 11 it seemed ended in dramatic fashion (the kill shots started blurring together by the end of the Hang Time Grizzlies-Phoenix Suns overtime finish, which was made possible by a buzzer beater).

Rudy Gay, Andrew Bogut, Raymond Felton and Derek Fisher all got a piece of the action last night, making sure their teams left the floor victorious with shots that made the Top Plays reel (above).

We could go two weeks without a buzzer beater, so to get four in one night is a gift from the basketball heavens. And one that we won’t dismiss without enjoying at least a few more times today.

Believe it or not, the buzzer beaters were just a small part of a night loaded with drama.

The Heat continued their surge in Utah, winning their sixth straight game. The rival Celtics did the same at home, winning their eighth straight the Carmelo Anthony-less Nuggets. Meanwhile, the Spurs continue to add bricks to the best start in franchise history with an easy win over the Warriors, while the Knicks kept their turnaround going behind another huge night from their dynamic duo of Amar’e Stoudemire and Felton.

Catch up on whatever you missed right now in the Daily Zap:

The best moment of the night, however, wasn’t a shot, block or anything else and came after the buzzer. Celtics superstar Kevin Garnett‘s moment with Nuggets coach and cancer survivor George Karl stuck out to us.

Garnett made a point of seeking Karl out before both teams left the floor to explain his side of the “cancer” comment controversy that raged last month between he and Pistons forward Charlie Villanueva:

“I went up to him as a man, and what I said is that I had nothing personal toward him nor any other cancer patient that was out there struggling, dealing with life situations,” Garnett said. “I wanted to say that to him, man-to-man.”

Karl, who was critical of Garnett’s use of the word cancer in any context, was gracious about the entire affair last night. Karl didn’t get his 1,000th win at the Celtics’ expense. But he’ll get another shot Friday night in Toronto.

But it was a classy move Garnett!


  1. gary says:

    Derick Fisher is the king of lucky shoots. Damn I wanted the Clippers to take that one.

    • Jake says:

      Did you see Shannon Brown’s shot from 3/4 of the court! That shot was ridiculously lucky too, and if he wouldn’t have made it the Lakers wouldn’t have won! The Clips got robbed and I was hoping with all my heart they were going to be able to pull it out against the Lakers.