About Last Night: Heat Come Together

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It took nearly 20,000 screaming fans at Quicken Loans Arena to do what training camp, the preseason and a month of on the job training couldn’t do for the Miami Heat.

It took LeBron James going back to his old stomping grounds and facing those fans (who poured more into their performance than their team did) to tap into the synergy James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh will need if they are ever to become the team super team they were engineered to be.

The Heat team that walked out of that arena late Thursday night is the team most of us expected to see a month ago, a group that uses the talents of two of the most explosive and breathtaking players on the planet as the fuel for a relentless machine that cannot be stopped by an average bunch.

The Cavaliers offered little resistance past an adrenaline-filled first quarter, despite the constant prodding of coach Byron Scott, who refused to complain about what he never had but surely realizes now what he missed with No. 6 in the white jersey running over his team like a freight train all night.

We realize that most Cavaliers fans didn’t wake up this morning feeling any better about “The Decision” or James, but they should be happy he showed a little restraint. Those 38 points he dropped could have been 48 or even 58 if James had demanded to stay on the floor in the fourth quarter.

He could have rubbed Cleveland’s face in the dirty snow even more if he wanted to be cruel about it. He won’t be apologizing anytime soon for anything that he’s done, and honestly I don’t think it matters if he ever does.

The pain of his departure will dissipate some day, years from now. But the fact is he’s gone. He’s on a new team and until they face his old team and faced down those old fans, it wasn’t really clear just how dangerous his new team could be.

It’s clear now.


  1. Brent says:

    8 straight… all by double digits including a win versus a top ranked Western Conference foe in Utah. Where are the critics?

  2. james carag says:


  3. Heat Fan says:

    You can definitely tell a HATER when a LOSS is a LOSS for the Heat, but not for the Celtics or the other respective teams when they lose a game to a team that that fan THINKS they should’ve won. Funny how you all say “ooo the Celtics just had an off game or underestimated the Cavs”. But when it comes to the Heat it can’t be anything but a loss. Yea good stuff. Too bad it doesn’t work that way. Its just the hater mentality at work. They waste their time coming to a MIAMI blog to hate because they know how good the Heat are gonna be. End of story.

  4. M says:

    What i can say is, LeBron have no wrong at all with his decision. DO u guys nid so many critic on him?
    Who don’t want win a ring in his Basketball Career?
    Those superstar which didn’t win a ring in his career , not they don’t want, is they no have da chance.
    Why no ppl saying Kevin Garnett is a quitter? he also quit Timberwolf and go for Celtics to form big 3.
    The same situation.
    Is their choice, is their career, this is basketball game, Juz enjoy the game. Just support the team u like and dun talk about others team bad.

  5. Bryan says:

    When we saw the Celtics big three come together, they set a standard for the way that stars should play together and gel. However, they didnt have stars that were the caliber as the Heat. Yea, it’s going to take a while for the Heat to come together, maybe it will even take this whole season, (Doubt it) but if you think that the Heat aren’t EVER going to be able to come together and play like they did against the Cavs against every team in the league, then you are in denial.

  6. Duffy says:

    LeBron is disrespectful of others, rude and arrogant, and knows how to put a ball in a basket. Call me when he makes a difference in anyone’s life but his own! The rest of us will still be around when his playing days are over.

  7. Jordan says:

    Although i agree with a lot pf the people saying how good the Lakers are, it is just as annoying as the people who back up the Heat. It seems as though it is only Laker fans that immediately disregard every team and every comment and instantly jump on them by saying how good the Lakers are. Clearly L.A. is upper class in the NBA but you can’t honestly believe that players like Lebron and Wade won’t eventually dominate. Kobe has more experience, he is more clutch and has more championships but James is without a doubt the most DOMINANT player in the NBA. He led the Cavs to back to back 60+ win seasons with his back to back MVP. They will be great! But as of right now, the Lakers, the Spurs, Celtics and Mavs are the cream of the crop. It will take time.

  8. Imad Akel says:

    You would be a fool to bet against the heat winning atleast 1 title in the next 6 years.
    In the next 6 years, heat will grow stronger.
    The lakers will become obsolete, with phil jackson leaving and kobe getting older.
    The spurs and the mavs and the celtics will become obsolete too, KG paul pierce dirk novitzki tim duncan manu ginobili ray allen tony parker, all these players will have gotten older and slower. Their game will decline in the next 6 years.
    Also, vince carter will become older too and they will really need to fill in some positions for the magic to remain in contention (even though dwight howard will become stronger).
    The teams left to thrive will be the Heat and the magic (if they fill in the gaps) in the east and in the west you will have the jazz, the hornets, and the scariest team, the oklahoma city thunder (i think they will get atleast 1 championship in the next 6 years too).

    So, even if this year goes to one of the senior teams (i think it’ll go to the lakers or the celtics, because those two teams will want it really really bad, we will have one last epic Lakers-Celtics battle)
    it might be spurs and celtics if the spurs beat the lakers (but i think when bynum returns, they wont)…

    But after this year, my money is on miami and OKC for sure. Quoting lebron after game 1 loss vs. celtics, “Rome wasn’t built in a day”, well i think 1 or 2 years will be enough to build Rome. And when that championship heat team becomes real i can’t wait to see ITOLDYOUTHEHEATSUCK start moaning about “the heat are too strong they have all these strong players its not fair waa waa waa”
    The most hated teams often end up winning championships. E.g. the lakers during 3 peat with people hating on kobe and shaq, the spurs in the past with people hating on duncan, the celtics 2 years ago with people hating on paul pierce
    You hate because at some level you know they;re strong, and you really badly want them to fail, even though u can tell they will probably succeed. You feel like hating them more will somehow CAUSE them to fail. It won’t…Trust me. As a kobe\lakers hater, i’m telling you, it won’t lol.
    I won’t hate the lakers when they start sucking…When they start sucking, i won’t care because they are not a threat…
    Heat don’t suck. If they didn’t you really wouldn’t hate them. You know they are a threat, and that’s why you hate them. and WHEN they win, you will hate them EVEN MORE! I CAN’T WAIT xD !

    • Imad Akel says:

      Heat don’t suck. If they did* you really wouldn’t hate them…


      In the next six years miami can sure win a championship,but not more than oklahoma or bulls because the heat don’t have 15 years old player…….wade and joel anthony are ’82,arroyo ’79,house and magloire ’78,haslem and miller ’80,ilgauskas and dampier ’75,howard ’73,those are not high school guys!!!!!!
      in the next years 3 years they have to change most of those players,so i think that this change takes time and they had to make the right choices…..and this is not easy at all,especially if you wanna win a ring and not only compete for it.
      in my opinion the heat will fight for a ring in 2-3 years,but they will not have an easy game as the amigos will thought.

  9. DWIIL FAN says:

    I Just believe that they’ll recorver , their big three is playing fine now, give them some time .
    I remember when the Boston big three started playing together, they weren’t as strong they are nowdays, Now they are the best TEAM , they really plays as team and they are the ones who can face up the LAL!

  10. brooklyn_ballers says:

    stop hating on the king!!! tell kobe to go rape another girl

  11. Eferhild says:

    maybe Miami heat will be a great team, but not now..lol you still have Phil Jackson and the Lakers and of course the Boston.Miami coach sucks really..

  12. Lakers says:

    To STOPHATN! I want to remind you in case you forgot! Bynum was playin on one leg last year when Perkins went out! And Bynum didn’t play at all in 08. so it goes both ways! Like I say ; give em a little credit! If the Heat wins a championsip in the future at least I will give them credit! Are u capable of that? I don’t think so! Stop the hatin!!!!!!

    • Heat Fan says:

      UH Bynum was still playin there guy, Perkins wasnt. That was Bostons championship until Perkins went down. Sure y’all won, cool. But most knowledgeable fans know that last year belongs an * due to the injury. But whatever its basketball, just dont act like your Lakers won because they were better, because they werent LOL

  13. Lakers says:

    Hey to STOPHATIN! Have you forgot the Lakers have won 2 championships in a row. I don’t care what u say that is a fact! So accept it and quit hatin urself! Give em a little credit if ur capable!

  14. Lakers says:

    Hey BIGBOY Lookin forward to Dec 25th! Especially with Bynum back!

  15. bigboy11 says:


  16. Lakers says:

    U said it Laker fan. Right on buddy!

  17. lakerfan(alex p) says:

    to alL LAKER fans out there…3 peat is coming..to all heat fans..continue figuring out what to do and win games. the heat will be like the future nba team to watch in the next 4-5 years including oKC and buLls. your time will come to those teams who will be the future team to watch..but for now as long as kobe and phil and the lakers are there.still they are the team to beat for this season and the next ..gUys lets get real..to all the nba teams,still too early for the season and continue for the hardwork and for all the haters, good job for the hype. tHis would make the nba so intense to watch and read more comments and blogs. just hoping till june i’ll be seeing kobe gunning for 3 peat and 17th banner in staples and an additional information to his record books. as for now gO LAKERS and for the rest of the nba team show them what uve got.

  18. die hard fan says:

    Now you see why he left. He was playing with a bunch players how run like ROACHES when the lights come on. I thought he should of went to Chicago, but regardless, he had to get the heck out of Cleveland. I’m in the mood to Take My Talents to South Beach. Cool.

  19. jos says:

    The best record doesn’t equal the best team. This team was built to win championships, not break regular season records. Obviously it will take time to win consistently. I think if they win 50 games, they’re going to be ok. If they reach the conference finals and lose, then that’s ok. The team was built to win and win many games for many years, not just one year. The tough regular season schedule is no indicator of how well a team plays. If it was true, then look at the Clippers schedule. You’ll see they play 11 straight road games. 11 straight road games?? That’s incredible.. yeah maybe the NBA did it that way to make sure the Clippers don’t win this year even with their hot rookie coming up because, although LA is a big market, there’s really only room for one winner (Lakers). Sad for the Clippers but oh well, regular season schedule doesn’t mean much. You could win 70, 60 or even 50 games and still be a Champion in June. I’m a Heat fan and they’re not playing their best now and I’m not bothered by it. They will figure it out even if it isn’t until next year. They did sign multiple year contracts, not just one year.

  20. haters says:

    funny how every article has other fans hating on the lakers when it has nothing to do with them. do you hate the lakers that bad???? are you losing sleep at night? its still early in the season and your throwing the theyre only 2-4 against 500 teams. who cares. you know theyre the best and are going to 3 peat. get over it. Gary is a moron.

    • Haters are dumb says:

      WEll first its definitely not EVERY article. When you ATTACK the heat and hate on them, then we’ll defend them and attack the other teams how do you like them apples? YOUR the HATER that comes into a Miami blog to hate instead of going to your favorite teams blogs to talk about them LOL. So tell me WHO is the one losing sleep? Not us, that be you, the HATER.

  21. claytaurus says:

    Just saw Heat Fans’ stat comparison. I can see the comparison to the Lakers record against Above .500 team with the question marks next to both teams. Here’s what I say, the Lakers looked done last season, they ended the year on a losing streak, losing a lot of games to sub .500 teams and looked tired and beat up. Everyone was writing them off. What happened in the playoffs? In June? Back-to-Back. Heat Fan, before you even start looking out West, your team has got to take care of the real beast of the East, and that’s the mean men in green. Looking too far ahead like the media did (calling for the Heat to beat the Bulls 72-10 record) will make you look foolish and another fan who listens too much to the media, the hype, and plays with too much numbers. None of your stats will answer anything about what will happen when the playoffs come around. Just relax, if Miami wins it all this year then you will have the right to have the last laugh. But right now, your stats, explanations, and theories are just that— and no one else except another Lebron or Heat fan is really scared of Miami’s “potential” right now.

  22. claytaurus says:

    Heat Fan is the stat king! Stats will not EARN the Heat a championship. Simple math solves everything in basketball, and that is if one team scores one or more points than the other team, that team wins! Listen Heat Fan, the NBA is not the BCS of college football. There is no ranking system based on strength of schedule and scoring, there are no style points given to NBA teams that blowout the other. If Miami can beat the Celtics four times in the playoffs (if they meet), they will win, simple as that. From what I’ve seen so far, Miami can’t, and how Miami beats up on any team and Boston doesn’t right now says nothing about how great the Heat are or can be. The playoffs are a whole different animal—-the 66 win Cavs with Lebron learned that when they lost to the Magic in the 2009 ECF. Even the Magic themselves learned that in the 2010 ECF, losing to the Celtics after sweeping through (8-0) the first 2 rounds of the playoffs.

    • Heat Fan says:


      Yea so theres nothin read about stats that makes people look into how good OR bad a team is? If you can say that, then that shows you know nothing about baskeball. Tell ALL of the PROFESSIONAL analysts then that look BEHIND the simple numbers then. We all look at numbers whether you like it or not. When YOUR favorite team only loses by a few points, you still get that moral victory knowing you can still hang with and even beat the team that ONLY beat you by a couple points. So no matter what you say, numbers are analyzed across the board by PROFESSIONAL analysts. Thats part of the way that they come to conclusions about teams (good OR bad) the way that they do. So you have a little to learn before you start lecturing me about numbers. Sorry bout it.

  23. Smooth says:

    HATERS… Im not even a Heat fan but I know and everybodey should know that its going to take time for the Miami Heat to get better and really click… As for you Lebron haters, you guys continue to talk sh#t about the man but you continue to read articles about him and watch his games and buy tickets to his games… YOUR THE JOKE… get a life people

  24. Stop Hatin says:


    LOL you make me laugh man..wow. Such a HATER. You can just see the jealousy of the Heat when you write about em. LOVE IT!! Lol. Naw your man Kobe shot 25% in the last game of the NBA Finals last year. Yea he really stepped up and was clutch wasnt he? Fact is everyone whos not a Lakers fan knows that it got handed to em after Perkins injury. You KNOW you were smilin boy, you just wont EVER admit. And Kobe and the Lakers got BEAT DOWN by 40 points in 08 by Boston. You talk about HEART? SMH. PFF..Theres NO HEART there son, forget about that.

    Furthermore you know nothing about basketball. Brons stats go UP in the playoffs you say they go down LOL. Kobes playoff averages for his WHOLE career either stay the same or go down slightly LOL. Good stuff there. Maybe you should go do some research huh?

    You say if we don’t start beating teams above .500 huh? Hmm..guess you didnt see where the Lakers also have the same 2 wins and a losing record against teams above .500? SOOO it looks like YOUR team needs to pick it up also huh?

    On the flipside again we BLOW teams out by 20+ more than ANY other team in the league…tell me WHY doesn’t your world champion LAKERS do that huh? HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA

  25. REmINdER says:

    May I remind everybody in this room that the celtics couldn’t beat the CAVS????? Everybody see’s the Heat as bad guys, when you really stop and think, they don’t have a big three similar to any other in the league, they could have lebron and wade, then just lebron, then just wade, then just bosh, then all three together. Either way you put it, you have a superstar on the floor and will always require superior defense. It’s a non-stop attack that not many teams can handle. Respect to the Spurs and dallas who have been incredible this year. The lakers and celtics will always be good teams. GO HEAT!

  26. Lakers says:

    Still trying to figure out exactly why Kobe has only one MVP! And Shaq only one MVP! Kobe has 5 championships, Shaq has 4! i know the season MVP has nothing to do with the championship, but I’ve always wondered why there’s such a discrepancy between season winning MVPs and their ability to win a championship! I’ve realized just how much of a team game basketball is; and when it comes down to championships, a team better play well as a team in order to win! So come postseason time; it’s not gonna be the team with the best record, or the best player that’s gonna win it all. The team that plays the best as a team, both offensively and defensively, will walk away with the trophy! the Lakers, Celtics, and Spurs all have proven they have the ability to turn it on as a team to win championships. In order for the Heat to join that category, the team game has to be there. I’m would never say they can’t do it with the talent they have in Lebron and Wade. I think they might have to add a few pieces to the puzzle though and build up their interior game. Then I think they will be a dangerous team. Just like I think the Lakers and Celtics are dangerous teams now! It took 4 years for the Lakers to build a championship team around Kobe after Shaq left in 2004. So Rome was never built in a day!

  27. jayga says:


  28. Lakers says:

    Gary your comment doesn’t make any sense! First you say the Heat are not overexerting themselves so they can stay healthy for the playoffs. Then you say if Kobe of the Lakers does the same thing they can kiss a 3peat goodbye. Can you translate that? LOL.

  29. Lakers says:

    Hey Heat fan! Since your so good with statistics I figure you forgot one on purpose! 5 of the Lakers 6 losses were 5 points or less! If your gonna quote statistics why dont you at least be a little fair and include everything. Then you blast people as haters! Look at you!!!!!

    • Heat Fan says:


      UUUUUUUHHHHHHH GEEE lets see. Why did I put some stats up? Because HATERS LIKE YOU come on a Miami blog site to bash the Heat. But we are not allowed to defend them? Yea funny stuff. Why dont you just go to your favorite teams blog site and talk about how THEY could improve huh? Little sensitive that YOUR Lakers arent playin so well huh? Don’t like it when we hyperanalyze YOUR lakers huh? Well then stop doin it to the Heat. HATER

  30. ar.pogi says:

    hey.. why is that when the follow-up comments state that the lakers are 2-4 against above .500 teams, the laker fans shut up? hahahahahaha

  31. Ice Pogi says:

    To all Haters on every team… Just watch the game…. It’s only a game….Right??? No harm done… If you don’t like the team who’s playing change the channel … as simple as that… Just watch golf…or news… or just make your selves useful…Get a Job… Or what ever…

  32. EasternConference says:

    I’ll beat, from eastern conference will be the NBA champion for 2010. either the C’s or the the Super Friends. and Dallas Mavericks will beat LA for the western conference!!! yeah….

  33. hahah... says:

    haha.. cav fanz are losers… they keep booing on lebron james but still taking pictures of him while he did his signature powder move..

  34. eric floyd says:

    lebron just showed to cavs the franchise player that they were missing.

  35. HEAT IS ON says:

    d wade,LBJ, ur d best duo right now in the NBA. c bosh ur a great inside scorer.

  36. thegreatest says:

    What I can say is the that Lebron is the most arrogant 2nd or 3rd best player in the NBA…Lebron is good but he will be more admired (or at least admired) if he shuts up and avoids doing classless and pathetic acts

  37. AirTristan says:

    HATERS Heat are an amazing team that will continue to get better, they just started, once they know how to work together theyll be alot better than any big three in the nba

  38. Leelee says:

    A family member wants whats best for their family. Yes sometimes family members do move on but its not like they hate you now or do they because you didn’t do what they wanted.. They just moved on and now its time for the Cavs fans and owner to do the same. MOVE ON! So what if Michael Jordan didn’t do it nor Magic Johnson or whatever other great player that was they choice just like it was Lebron choice. It’s something he has to live with and the Cavs Fan and Owner. IT IS JUST TIME TO MOVE ON. HE IS GONE FROM THE CAVS. HE IS A HEAT PLAYER.

  39. NY4LIFE says:

    to everyone posting about how the heat beat the magic by 30 points. so? the magic beat the heat the next time played. DID EVERYONE FORGET THAT!!!! f***ing retards

    • Law064 says:

      Thanks NY4Life these morons fail to realize the Magic beat them before thanksgiving. The magic beat themselves in that 1st meeting shooting like crap. I can bet any money that Miami will not blow them out again and can say that I think the Magic will be them when they meet again.

      • Heat Fan says:


        Yeaaaa sure. Just like you bet money the 1st game they played Orlando that Orlando would win and they didn’t. NO Orlando did NOT beat themselves. Theres that HATER mentality that we all know you have. The Heat BLEW THEM OUT with great rotating defense THATS why they won. Its pretty funny how when the Heat lose then its a loss but if they beat any other teams then well it was the other team playin like ish. HAHAHA. Hating at its finest right there.

  40. China says:

    look at all this hate.
    bet 100 of these comments are from cleveland.
    get it over with u whiny little runts.
    im not mad bosh left canada.

    ps: i really liked how the fans were silent after lebron dropped 38. OWNED.

    • Gary says:

      HaHa you said it. Either Cleveland fans or Lakers. That’s all that seem to make negative comments without good facts to back them up.

  41. jon says:

    Cavs players give the game to James as a former team mates. Cavs will never win against the Heat as long as the Cavs players are James former team mates. They played for James and not for the Cavs fans.

  42. kingjamesmh6 says:

    The Miami Heat have lost 8 out of 20 games. They have only played 20 together. This is their FIRST year playing together(just the big 3).they have the offense and defense. May i remind y’all that orlando is an elite team and miami blew them out not only offensively but DEFENSIVELY. Miami held one of the “elite teams” in the eastern conference down to 70 points which is orlando’s(the elite team) lowest game of having points scored. Also, Miami does not have a good center situation but has beat teams with better centers including orlando’s dwight howard. May i also remind y’all that miami was also ranked #1 in defensive play in their first couple of games. If the heat is as “sorry” or “suckish” as most of you say they are why did they be known for that and beating the elite team by 26 points? Tell me this also, how is it that the lakers lost four in a row(also an elite team) and is 2-4 against teams that are above .500? and how is it that every elite team in the nba has lost as least 1-2 games against teams BELOW .500? Tell me this as well, how did the L.A. Clippers beat the San Antonio Spurs(an elite team as well) in which the clippers are below .500? Explain how a team like boston LOST to the cavaliers and boston has the big men and players that are more talented than the cavs? Point is Miami doesnt have a well figured out TEMPO to play at. They didnt lose because of chemistry. Their speed of play is what slows them down. if miami played at a faster pace miami would not be 12-8. if you have two of the most explosive players in the world and play at a fast pace and just play the same way in which they played without each other , miami would definitely not be 12-8. the miami heat is a championship team. all LeBron has to do is play the way he did in cleveland and against orlando and boston(first game especially) and all wade has to do is get what he dishes out or what turnovers he recieves from the opposing team, miami would win every game. chris bosh is underrated to the point where people call him a sorry player. if u have noy played him how do u know if he’s sorry or not. the way i see it play him one on one and we shall see who is sorry. if anybody is sorry in the nba then how in god’s name did any of those players make it to the nba to play PRO basketball? if chris bosh is sorry how did he get voted as an ALL-STAR player and on team usa? chris bosh is gonna help more than y’all think when finds his complete comfort zone in miami, they are going to do damage. Just like what HEAT FAN said, teams will see what power they hold and bow down to it. basically all of u who think the heat are sorry look at urself in the mirror. Can u beat the miami heat with ur friends? didnt think so and also its only the beginning of the season we hav 62 more games to go so stop with the judgements of this team because clearly not all teams are perfect. and one thing before i end this. Cleveland, please stop acting like some children that goes for dan gilbert as well. why would u try to find evidence on something ur not even sure about? clearly thats just showing how jealous cleveland is and how much they miss LeBron why dont yall just stop worrying so much about what the heat and LeBron is doing and focus on ur team b/c clearly yall are the ones who suck in terms of saying he quit, yall didnt boo him when he got yall to the finals and got swept. yall didnt go and call him a quitter then so why call him one now? yall need to grow up this sports people u cannot control what people do with their careers. its their decision not urs this happened 5 months ago let it go simple as that. i understand he announced it the way he did but u all should have expected it really. but yall need to stop wasting ur time, breath, and money buying all this anti LeBron stuff becuz if he asked to come u know u would want him back i see right through yall. but neway just focus on the cavs and not LeBron.

    • Bryan says:

      I totally agree. The biggest reason that Chris Bosh hasn’t been what we are used to seeing of him is because he is more successful in a slower, half court style of play. Lebron can play well in half court and fullcourt type situation, and Dwayne plays best in the full court, fast break style of play. (Why do you think he got the nickname “Flash” from Shaq?) While they have been trying to integrate Bosh into the offense, they half been going against the style of play they have used for years centered around Wade. Bosh is a good player but I think that it would be better for the Heat if he were traded for a more mobile powerfoward/center. (Maybe Chris Bosh and Joel Anthony to the Knicks for Amare Stoudemire, who was able to become an all star in the Sun’s fastbreak style of offense.)

  43. RA says:

    yea they played against a bad team and they won. its not like they destroyed celtics or lakers, but what seemed obvious to me that when it comes to a game that matters a lot to them they play like a beat. This game was important for lebron and he easily dropped 38. wait till play offs , they will do anything to win they fight they bite, anything.

  44. Bring the heat says:

    Ok so Heat can beat teams with under or just above .500, let me explain. Miami Heat is a PROGRESSING team. Progressing means they are still figuring out who does what and what sort of plays should be played. You can say Miami Heat is sucking but saying they won’t win or will continue to suck is a joke. 20 games into the season. Teams like Lakers, Boston, Orlando, San Antonio hasn’t changed a big part of their roster and has had over 200+ games of playing with each other. They aren’t a *Progressing team*, they are a set team. When Miami is a set team, you will understand what Wade, Bosh, and LeBron meant when they said they are still figuring out what to do. As for yesterday’s game, do you guys honestly think LeBron was *lucky* and had *one good game*? If you ask me, LeBron wanted to play the old LeBron that he was. He wanted them to remember what he was capable of. If LeBron wanted to play the way he has been playing, yesterday he would of easily had a triple double. Cavs fans were booing him but after he made consecutive shots they just stop caring because they knew that they were just haters. Just like the majority of you are. How come no one says anything about Lakers losing 4 straight? Hmm… Seems to me yall just can’t stop the immaturity and constantly bash a team that is not even half of their potential greatness. By the time playoff comes, Heat will be a set team and then beat those +.500 teams that you guys are talking about. As for now just watch their games as they get better and better.

  45. Kobedarapist says:

    We will see on Chritmas Day!! LAKERS VS. HEAT

  46. Joseph Villaflor says:

    It looks that Miami Heat is getting their Team Chemistry, That’s their really missing!
    Go Heat : )

  47. arvin says:

    Miami suck’s

  48. SAM says:

    The heat only blow out bad teams, um didn’t they blow out the MAGIC in the first game?

  49. MJBethancourt says:

    Everyone is really blowing last night’s win over Cleveland out of proportion. I don’t see what is so impressive about LeBron laying a bunch of bricks for the first half, and then volume-shooting his way to a high point total from the perimeter, after the game was already well in hand. I didn’t see any “great team effort”, I just saw a Cleveland team with no heart.

    • Stop Hatin says:

      Ahhh there you are again. The Hater. The fact that you said “volume shooting” proves you know nothing about the game of basketball so you should’nt be here commenting. “Volume shooting” is when the laws of averages are played out and a player just keeps shotjacking because even if he only hits 40% of his shots, but he takes 25,30,35 shots a night, he will still score a lot of points. THATS what Mr KOBE BRYANT DOES. Bron was NOT volume shooting. He shot 10-12 in the 3rd quarter. LOL. And he wasnt laying a bunch of bricks in the 1st half what game were you watching? Classic hating at its best.

      O and so whats up with the Lakers then huh? lol. I bet y’all didn’t know they are ONLY 2-4 VS ABOVE .500 teams huh? LOL. I guarantee that MOST of you don’t know that. Pretty funny isnt it? ALso another little interesting fact for you here. Ok so you are saying that Miami’s beating mostly below .500 teams. Well ok, that can be fact, cool. But then TELL ME WHY the Heat have the MOST 20+ point wins in the league at 6? HUH? Can you TELL me that?

      TELL me why YOUR team then isn’t blowing out these same bad teams as you call them? HUH? Can you TELL me? NO you can’t. Did you know the Lakers have played **2** more games against below .500 teams but have 1 more loss than the Heat? LOL

      Did you also know that the Heat have lost 4 of their games by 5 or less, and 3 by 3 or less? LOL. Just what do you think they will do to all of these teams when they get it figured out?

      We’re gonna find out soon, cause they JUST turned a corner on Thursday night.

      • los says:

        Because the heat have three all star caliber players who are all playing an increased amount of minutes against sub par teams. see elite teams have what we like to call dependable bench players, unlike the heat who were content with picking up the scraps of free agency. But hey, if my bench could only produce 4 points in a game I wouldn’t trust them either. See in the playoffs it doesn’t matter how much you win by, which seems to be the generic heat fan counter arguement. It’s the ability to win close games against high caliber teams, something the heat simply cannot do. I can’t see the future so I won’t go and say the heat will never win a championship, however barring a dynamic trade, the heat simply don’t have the supporting cast to win a championship this year.

  50. scott says:

    the heat have no chance against teams with decent bigs and/or pg’s

  51. Ernest says:

    I am a Boston Celtics fan. However, I was behind Lebron and Miami last night. Lebron is a great player, and he truly showed his greatness last night. Many players would not have been able to both survive and thrive what he went through last night. Congrats ‘King’ James – but BOSTON CELTICS still rule the East!

    • Gary says:

      That’s what I like to see. Fans of other teams that can appreciate good players but still stick by their own. Unlike the Laker fans who can’t stand to see anyone in the spotlight except Kobe.

  52. Kid says:

    I’m guessing you guys forgot they destroyed the magic. They have the ability to beat the elite teams and they will.

    • Law064 says:

      Orlando beat them last game, the Magic shot like crap that’s how they lost that 1st game. I doubt if the heat will beat them again I know they won’t blow them out again for sure.

      • Heat Fan says:

        Law064 aka HEAT #1 HATER

        NO the Heat blew out the Magic the first game because of GREAT rotating defense. Maybe you should’ve actually WATCHED the game. So then since you say the Magic beat themselves, we Heat fans can simply say the Heat beat themselves the 2nd game and missed a lot of shots. WHY cant I? Thats YOUR philosophy right? Except its OK for YOU the HATER to think that way. Theres no logical reason you could have to argue that the Heat beat themselves the 2nd game, since you are saying the Magic beat themselves the 1st game LOL

        Also its pretty funny that losses mean EVERYTHING to the Heat haters out there, but when they get a win its nothing. Riiiiiggghhtt..so thats the way you act when YOUR favorite team wins right? HAHA yea sure. So by you Haters estimations then, the Cavs beating down the Celtics earlier this year should mean nothing to the Boston Celtics right? Ok, so why is then when the Heat have lost 4 games by 5 points and 3 by 3 points that we can’t say the same thing? LOL Its the SAME FRGGN PHILOSOPHY retards.

        Its just that your blinded by your hatred because of the Heats terrifying potential, and you do NOT want to see it come to fruition, so you must hate. Thats fine hate all you want. Because anyone thats a TRUE basketball fan knows you are frkin lame for thinkn the Heat wont EVER be good LMAO

        Go find another hobby because your basketball knowledge is LAME

  53. jayson says:

    i dont hate the heat i hope they do well i just hope lebron gets into a car acident suck on that

  54. figure8dc says:



  55. JoeThePlumber says:

    Against a bad team ??

    Give me a break Sekou Smith !!

    LeLooser and LeHeat are nowhere near a championship team.
    They got the CAVS players’ assist because they made LeCrap feel comfortable with hugs and kisses.
    In the back of their minds they don’t want to cross him because they’d most likely have to play with him some day again, bunch of loosers!

    • JoeThePlumber says:

      on my last post I meant to say the “CAVS players ….in the back of their minds they don’t want to cross him because they’d most likeky WOULD WANT to play with him some day again, bunch of loosers!

  56. rick says:

    We all know the Cavs suck so yeah… just keep running and playing Warriors basketball… it´s going to be terrible for you when the pace in the playoffs gets slower and teams like the Lakers, Celtics, and Magic set their defenses. This debate is going nowhere. We are overhyping a bad game. When the Heat lose, reporters say people look to much into these highly televised games, but when they win against an obvious terrible team, it´s as if they should throw that championship parade again. WTF.

  57. Ryan Najibi says:

    Lebron turns the ball an average of 5 times per game making him the ” turnover douche” in the NBA. Nuff said and I dont need to post elaborate emails and waste my personal time getting into the nitty gritty as we are obly 6 weeks out to a long season so HARD TO PREDICT anything so early. Anything can happen!!! That is why there slogan is “Where Amazing Happens.” Wait and see what unfolds but Miami will be a great competitor in the WNBA. Go Princess James GO!

  58. kobe4Life says:

    the writers are over exaggerating the heat (always) most of there wins are from bad teams, and after they lose again to a elite team the writers will say what wrong with heat? they need to have a new coach, they don’t have a better supporting cast, and blah blah this and blah blah that. OH COME ON!

  59. Dom V says:

    i’m a celtics fan but these comments are acctually hilarious… does no one remember the heat completly blew apart the magic?

    sure they have lost a few november games start of the season vs good teams does that prove anything? no these are 3 guys used to being the focal point of offence and defence and now have to learn to play team ball. Will they win this season ? NO but they will be a great team in the future.

    I dont know what happened with shaq and the heat behind closed doors, but if i was pat riley i would offered shaq a second chance. the heat lack a post presence. Bosh is too weak to post up against the elite teams and Big Z will get bullied by the likes of Dwight Bynum Shaq and Perkins.

    In My eyes they should trade Bosh for a marc gasol style player maybe bring in a play maker too?

    Nash and Lopez for Bosh?

    M Gasol and Conley for Bosh and pick/money?

  60. CARTER71185 says:

    are u people serious really are u people serious the heats beat cavs and every heat fan thinks heats are gonna win a ring this year smh hahahahaa wtf is going on here this is crazy and till the heats beat celtics then u can say omg they had the best game i every seen jesus the game was amazing lebron drop 38 wow smh it was the cavs!!!!! stop it right now u people need to stop this is to funny

    • DBBJ says:

      Listen retard!!! The heat ain’t gotta beat the Celtics to prove anything. THE CAVS BEAT THE CELTICS in their first game this season AND THAT DOESNT MEAN that the Cavs are better that the celtics or that the cavs will win a Championship

  61. TP says:

    Are you kidding me guys : The Heat is the best team .. blabla

    you will see who’s gonna win the championship for the third consecutive year !

    L.A. Lakers for life !

  62. scalalalaa says:

    i would be ashamed to be a cleveland fan not because they lost but because they cant get over him leaving

  63. scalalalaa says:

    heat may not have the best team record but it is fun to watch them play lebron is a beast

  64. Lady T says:

    I first want to say congrats to LeBron. Everyone should realize it took courage to make “the decision”, to leave a team he was with and dominated for 7 years to go to the hopeful but unknown. To leave his home town of forever to venture out into a much bigger world, once again the unknown. I know he is a mature young man and he has proven this. He has handled this whole mess with poise, character and grace. He was respectful to the Cleveland fans and his old team mates and coaches. He made “the decision” based on his own personal goals, to win a title, and that’s ok. He has accomplished a lot in his young years and should be praised not ridiculed. The last time I checked this was a free world. So many others have traveled the same path that he did, but for some reason it is now supposed to ruin his legacy. Let’s see Shaq left several teams, Jordan left to play baseball, Barkley left Philly. Stuff happens. And just because you don’t agree with it doesn’t make it a bad thing. Let this man do his thing, which is entertain us basketball fans like no other.

    • DBBJ says:


  65. junior caba says:

    heshow that he is the best player in the nba… lebron james

  66. Spurs Fan says:

    Heat are week…. Do you homework and stop believing the hype. Boston have the odlest starting 5 in the NBA right now. Shaq 38, Allen 35, Garnet 34, Pierce 33, Rondo 24. Do you even know the ages of the Spurs starting 5? Try Timmy 34, Manu 33 RJ 30 and Tony 28, Blair 22. Should we do Lakers for good measure ..Kobe 32, Odom 31, Artest 31, Gasol 30 and Fisher 37?! Yup, they are all over 30! Which of these teams is older again?! Keep bumping into walls in the dark..LOL.

  67. olschool says:

    i have seen better games from the washington generals. they made the heat look like the globetrotters. to bad that was the only NBA game on at the time. thank god for the NFL network. the cav’s should b shame. no way would i wall the streets if i was a cavalier. they showed no heart at all. i c y lebron left. i think they kno y now 2

  68. Gary says:

    I think the Heat are very underated right now because of their slow start. One thing I notice is that they haven’t been overexerting themselves. With and exception to last night were they made an example of the Cavs for the bad welcome. Everyone is trying to stay healthy enough and fly under the radar until playoffs come.

    By the way. From the looks of the Lakers Kobe is either going to do the same and reserve strength or play more minutes to help with some wins. If that happens you can kiss a three peat goodbye Laker fans.

  69. Andre says:

    … better to loose now 4 games against “good teams” in the regular season than in the playoffs… Like Boston last year… what was Charles Barkley saing last season “Boston is the worst looking team with 50 wins!?
    I don’t care about statistics I care for titles…

    Heat will face Boston in the conference finals and they will win with 4:0 and Boston will not score more than 80 points per game…
    We will see..

    • Law064 says:

      Yo Andre are you smoking crack?? The heat will get eliminated in the 2nd round. If they face Boston they will lose 4-1 give me a break we are talking about Boston not Clevland

      • Heat Fan says:

        YEAAAAA..because we ALL know how a team performs in the regular season, especially in the 1st 3rd of it, AUTOMATICALLY shows how they will perform in the playoffs. Your such a douche and no NOTHING about basketball.

  70. RomiaBlue says:

    I’ve read everybody’s comment on here. Quite insightful. But allow this Heat fan to bring a few things to light.

    In the history of the NBA (to my knowledge…I’m only 31 and a girl) there has only been two coaches who were able to build a winning team around one player and win multiple championship rings; That’s Phil Jackson and Pat Riley. If there’s any others.

    I saw someone wearing a “Lyin’ King” shirt where they quoted something James said when he first came into the league about bringing a ring to Cleveland. I’m sure at 18 after watching your hometown lose at everything, you wanted to be that mesiah that everyone made you out to be since they were watching you and grooming you since middle school. In the same breath, I’m sure the owners of the Cavs told him “If you come with us, we’ll hire that support team you need in order to bring that ring home.” If Cleveland needs to be upset with someone, they need to be upset with the owner who reaped the financial benefits of 7 sold out season ticket years but didn’t reinforce the team with coaches and a cast that could help him achieve that. As far as I’m concerned, the owners breached the contract of bringing a ring home to Cleveland first. LeBron not only put the Cavs back on the map, he made them the 2nd highest scoring team in the East (if not the NBA in his 7 years). The city of Cleveland made him a King amongst men; you can knock him down if you feel because you put him there. But don’t get pissed when another team gives him the respect as a man that’s due; to make his own decisions.

    The energy and money spent in hating and verbally abusing James and the Heat (not to mention people being so upset that they are turning away patron dollars if they wear a jersey to a restaurant) went beyond unnecessary.

    At the end of the day, the owner is still wealthy, the Cavs fans at the arena last night are buying up all of the Ricola and Halls for their sore throats. Y’all have berated this man for 5 months…you don’t think he doesn’t know you hate him by now?

    this is the Heat’s first year of playing together vs. several years of Kobe & the Lakers, The big Boston 3 & the Celtics playing years together. Whether they win or lose won’t sway my love for them. True Heat fans don’t have to appear on every blog to defend their teams…we let the court do it – and I got my ticket stubs to prove it.

    enjoy your seasons…whoever you love

    • karibkween says:

      Great post, I’m a Spurs fan, although I live in LA. I prefer Pat Riley’s humility to Phil hubris: I’m hoping TD has another championship in those knees, but in case he doesn’t and the Lakers meet the Heat in the finals the Heat get my vote.

  71. Alaa says:

    They won the cavaliers EASILY and the Cleveland fans thought they’e team’s gonna win
    I love how jard they worked compared to other games but he just proved how good he can be.

  72. Mustafa Emre says:

    miami is not a team they just have good players ..and that is not enough…but, when james bosh and wade play a few months together they smash nba…

  73. Lapbuzz says:

    Talking about yesterday game, it was tight slap to all the CAVS fan who booed L james wow “THE GAME HAS JUST BEGUN” It’s Heat

  74. Mr Sensible aka the new zzanzabar says:

    I am not a Heat fan, and I cant stand the Lebron antics……but last night Lebron made me glad he left Cleveland. The way the fans acted was exactly why he left…..The fans didnt come to see the Cavs win….they came to boo Lebron and humiliate him….”Akron hates you”….the whole “A$$HOLE” ETC….Cleveland needs to sell their franchise because I dont see stars signing there ever….Also trade Daniel Gibson because all these guys joking around with Lebron instead of watching the game and staying prepared was a insult to the game, and a dis-service to the community who so called “rallied around their team” to support them through this kind of time…and another thing….Miami is really not that good…Cleveland is just really that bad!!!!

  75. Nothronychus says:

    @Heat Fan

    dont put them into greatness until they prove something….

    let the heat play the game.

  76. ddddd says:

    Hype hate and trashtalk for all the wrong reasons… this is what this game amounted to and the postgame chatter is still amounting to as I read through the internet Heat trolls and everything in between throwing out this statistic that statistic and whatever.

    There is no statistic for heart. Lebron found his heart last night. Kudos for that.

    There is no statistic for chemistry except for maybe wins and losses with the same group. Lakers, Magic, C’s are the obvious ones Hornets and Warriors are the suprising ones especially the Hornets…. Of course you do have to tip your hat to the Jazz, Bulls and Mavs for implementing new pieces or changing alot like the bulls and still winning like monstars.

    I am not saying that the heat will never win anything with the superfriends, but on the other hand this year is too chaotic for them…. First Mike Miller being out till Jan…. Then their find a center quest…. Then Haslem going down….. No continuity,.,,,. The point guard deal as in they NEED one or they need to push Chalmers till he breaks. And that bench… the bench!!! what can I say… where is the bench with Miller and Haslem out… If these problems are fixed then I can see saying Miami is the one….. but now NO!!!!

    Such a fuss is made when 2 mediocre to teams for opposite reasons invade TNT…. There’s No Tang… Where was the basketball there? I mean I saw a court and a couple hoops. I saw some dunks and then a bunch of players running around. Thats about it. Pathetic!! Give me a real basketball game where its competitive and not just about one player.

  77. JIGGY says:


    LOL how do the Heat suck? I think your just mad because your a cavs fans. Well Cavs fans must be retarded in thinking booing Lebron would make the Cavs win. They didn’t go to see the Cavs win, they went to see the Heat lose.

  78. SpursFan says:

    Man, I wish the Spurs and one of the best players of the last decade, Timmy D, got this much attention!!!

  79. Heat are Weak says:

    The only reason Heat did well is cause the two other head cases (Bosh, Wade) gave LeBron the ball every time down the court so he could look good to his old team. They wont give the ball to him like that every night! The only reason they make it to the playoffs it cause the eastern conference is weak. C’s are going to the finals in the east cause Orlando will choke. The Heat’s big 3 are the 3 biggest problems on the team and most the other teams belong in the D League. Its either Utah or Dallas in the West. Lakers are already getting tired and its only 1/4 the way in the season. San Antonio is a bunch of old men and will probably have to many broken hips by the end of the season.

  80. karibkween says:

    Surely the media must have forgotten the beating Miami put on Orlando earlier? Surely, Cleveland must have forgotten that it was LBJ alone who competed against the Spurs in the 2007 finals? Because, surely, no one remembers that last season LBJ didn’t have the luxury of sitting through the 4QTR in most games; one that particularly comes to mind; Cleveland at Indiana during the last couple games of the season! It hasn’t escaped my notice that the Pacers, unlike the Cavalliers, with much the same bunch, have IMPROVED this season.

  81. Paul Sokoloff says:

    Silliest line in this commentary was the last line:

    “He’s on a new team and until they face his old team and faced down those old fans, it wasn’t really clear just how dangerous his new team could be.”

    We weren’t sure how dangerous this team could be? If it takes a Miami team facing a barely possible 8th seed Cleveland team to prove how dangerous they can be, then the definition of dangerous has changed!

    The comment should be saved for the day that may (or may not) come when Miami takes out 3 of the leagues best teams during a streak of 15 games played with 14 wins. Then you can say ..’it wasn’t really clear just how dangerous his new team could be.’


  82. Solo says:

    Heat Fan on your list of perceived best teams in the league you forgot the Dallas Maverick 7- 3 vs above 500 teams
    7- 1 vs below 500 teams

  83. Langacy973 says:

    The Heat will win if they run and not play halfcourt games and Lebron becomes the 1st option on the team.

  84. JIGGY says:

    Well well well… Cleveland fans are hilarious. They basically dissed the Cleveland Cavs. When Lebron came and they booed him, ya who cares, he dropped 38 points in 3 quarters. When they cheered Zee, that solidified they didn’t care about anyone else on the team but Lebron James. When Lebron left there was still a whole basketball team left. Yeah I know no one is a lebron james but they still have a ball team that is not in last place. They should really switch places with the Clippers, but the cavs are playing well without lebron. If i was a Cavs player I would feel embarrassed because the fans really only loved Lebron and since he is gone they’re upset and hate him. So since Lebron isn’t there, why do the fans still go to the area to watch them play when they only loved Lebron? I would say Cleveland is a big bunch on babies and need to move on because Lebron don’t give a crap about Cleveland fans.

    The Heat played like a Championship team last night, as Championship TEAM.

    And the Heat did beat up the magic earlier in the season.

  85. K says:

    Have you every heard the term, “Let sleeping dogs lye.” Last night Cleveland got a taste of what it feels like to wake that dog up. Staying in the moment of last nights game, everyone that’s trying to down play the Heats victory and Lebron’s performance by saying, “what’s the big deal, it’s only one game against a sub- 500 team.” Well, use that same rationale when the Heat lose a game, say the same thing,”It just one game of an 82 game regular season.” If, the Heat had lost last night every Heat/ LeBron hater would have been posting on this blog as if Cleveland had won an NBA Championship.

    However, King James calmly came into the house that he built and still owns (Quicken Loan Arena), and thoroughly disciplined his royal subjects for disrespecting all that he had done for their sorry little town. LeBron gave Cleveland seven of the most exciting years of that franchise’s history and the way that they showed their appreciation was by booing him. Every business owner, every City official and most definitely Dan Gilbert should be thanking LeBron for saving their damn franchise and infusing so much cash into the Cleveland economy. You should still be treating LeBron as Cleveland royalty and hope that he’ll consider wearing your team jersey when he’s inducted into the NBA Basketball Hall of Fame.

    Last I checked, LeBron hadn’t murdered, raped or assaulted anyone,Hint: Charles Barkley, Kobe Byrant. However, someone posted that Charles Barkley’s comments about LeBron should mean something. Well, you must not know how big of a knucklehead Charles Barkley was back in his playing days. Everything get’s magnified when it’s LeBron or the Heat’s team this year. Here’s my advise to all you haters, STEP OFF AND LEARN TO ENJOY HAVING THE PRIVILEDGE OF WATCHING THIS MAN (LEBRON) and THIS HEAT TEAM GROW INTO SOMETHING SPECIAL! The last time that the NBA had this kind of excitement was when? Can you say MJ & DA BULLS!!!

  86. house says:

    heat will own this league next season. with the top two players in the league, and the second best, if not best, power forward in the league, it will be sad to see the beloved lakers and celtics go out in 4. peace

    • LOL i love how these heat bandwagon hoppers have a lot to say when this team wins a game under a 500 team. When they lose they go back under their rock. Cant wait for the heat to lose the next game, shut up all these bandwagon hoppers.



  88. long memory says:

    what formerd1pg said is real talk. charity too. But alot of these fans never played, they dont know the game & they really dont watch other than the major games (highlighted by the league) or espn. (haters crawled under a rock i see today too- let Miami lose again they’ll be back on the hatewagon. but thats not BALL – so nobody takes them blogs seriously)

  89. To the Heat haters says:


  90. GZ says:


    I was never a biggest fan of LeBron James, but if the CLEVELAND FANS do not appreciate his hard work and dedication of 7 years and to HATE him that much, they never had respect for him. LeBron wants a championship and if the CLEVELAND FANS cared about him so much they should have done something to convince the CAVS owners to bring WADE and BOSH to CLEVELAND….NO REASON FOR CAVS FANS TO HATE LEBRON, ITS NOT LIKE HE LEFT CLEVELAND AFTER ONE YEAR, PEOPLE HE WAS THERE 7 YEARS and PLAYED HIS HEART OUT…HATING LEBRON JUST MAKES THE CHANCES OF HIS FUTURE RETURN TO CLEVELAND EVEN MORE LESS. And LeBron, you need to stop saying that you love those CAVS fans because obviously they lost the love for you and forgot what you have done there.


  91. A FAN says:

    HAHA! And all these cleveland fans talking about he quit on the team last year, he should have quit on the team that team last night though, would have made the beating far less.. LBJ!!

  92. A FAN says:

    You know what amazes me,this team is the same team that won 61 games last year and the core of it has played together more multiple years. You minus one player and they look pathetic! Was lebron telling the truth when he said that he didnt have any help back then???? Noone stepped up tonight when they needed it….
    Hopefully with the Miami Heat, He, Wade and Bosh can get it done.

  93. nbafan says:

    the cavs fans should of cheered for james in the beginning the same way philadelphia eagles fans cheered for mcnabb earlier this season..then boo him the rest of the game.inside lebron is hurting the way he did the cavs fans dirrty. he would of cried if they cheered..c’mon cavs fans..every other home team has booed the heat this season..all u did was boo louder.

  94. jose rizal says:

    simple message from lebron james to CLEAVLAND FANS … its time to move on…

  95. LOL says:

    Basically all people can do is criticize. If you are willing to criticize..go play basketball and show us how its done. I’m going to say the majority of the people who are criticizing are out of shape and “think” they can play basketball…shut up enjoy the game and stop being a loser who thinks people care about what you think.

  96. ATA says:

    all right i’m a big lebron fan but winning against bad teams isn’t that big of a deal. yes this game was emotional but still it was against a bad team. Lebron is my idle and he’s my favorite player in the game since AI left but still. DWade faced Anthony Parker, no deal. Lebron against Moon is nothing once again. Chris Bosh is a better player then Varajeo/JJ Hickson/Jamison. No wonder they played good… I hope the heat can keep this up with the great teams… Heat 2010-2011 champs HOPEFULLY

  97. Ambassador Olaseni says:

    To all the haters out there, don’t you think it’s possible for Cavs to have beaten Miami last night with all the fans support? But LJ rose up to the task and silenced the 20,000 fans, it’s not a easy task to accomplish. When I saw the crowd at the begining of the game I thought I was watching NBA final. Alas! Miami put all together and shine in Cleveland they laughed last.

  98. RR says:

    You guys all complaining about Lebron James and how he’s not in cleveland anymore, at least you guys still have a damn basketball team

  99. Stebo says:

    Personally I wish everyone would just leave the man alone, people get traded every year, he wanted to leave and so he did, He went back to cleveland lastnight and killed them. I thought that was good for cleveland, the fans need to growup get over it, he’s gone, Im glad he left. If those fans were true fans they would stick with lebron no matter what, All this drama was not called for

  100. mamopo360 says:

    @ DaKing, you are soooo right. last night exposed a bigger problem in this league. the hype was all media. the way he stood there and talked and made jokes to the cavs bench upcourt from some free throws made me sick. it clearly showed that these guys (the cavs team) dont really care as long as their checks clear each week. we were made to think that ALL of cleveland was angry at the way this mess happened. but clearly that is not the case. my only point is to respect and protect the sanctity of the sport. i regretfully announce that it may be gone. this has turned into nothing more that WWE entertainment.. i am soooo dissapointed. i bet james naismith turned over in his grave last night. thanks lebron, you are clearly the big winner here. i wish the league still had the heart of charles bakley. he may be rude but he speaks the truth

    • formerD1pg says:

      What you have to understand is that James Nasmith would turn in his grave if he saw the owners acting like they actually own the players. LeBron didn’t change the game, he has changed the business. The Cavs cut players year after year because they are not helping them accomplish their goals right???? And the players that get cut don’t go on a tirade or write nasty letters….And the owners of these NBA teams don’t care if they crush a kid’s dream (I know first hand). The owners have always had the control and the power. LBJ basically took a stand and said “I stay in the gym until 3am trying to improve my game, I go to the weight room 3 times a week, I risk my body for 48 minutes 82 times a season to help my team win, I rebound, assist, defend and score at a high level EVERY NIGHT…..Dan Gilbert and the fans of Cleveland benefit from it, but I’m not happy here because I want to play with guys that are as good as I am” Basically LBJ flipped the script and cut the Cavs just like the Cavs cut players every year and yes it’s on espn when a player gets cut (the bottom line)….the business is changing because the players are starting to realize that they have the value, not the owner or the organization…..

  101. Karlo says:

    Alright Miami.. Did Their Thing But It Doesn’t Matter.. If The Beat Small Teams.. I Mean Look At Lakers They Lost To The Same Teams As Miami.. Not All But Some.. What REALLY Matter Was HOW Bosh,Wade, And James And The Rest Of The Team Played Vs Cleavland.. Thats What The People Was Really Watching For..

    • formerD1pg says:

      The Lakers are 2-4 vs. teams above .500…..they have won the same amount of games vs. above .500 teams….common sense tells you that ANY team is going to have a better record against teams below .500?????

  102. THE TRUTH says:

    Who is writting these comments?

    First and foremost, the Heat cannot be judge by this performance since they faced a depleated Cavs team. Talk to me when they have a similar performance against a hmmm Lakers, Spurs, etc.

    Lastly, the Cavs need more talent; we should all be greatful that Scott did walk out yet.

    • DBBJ says:


    • gordo cholo says:

      The Truth is how it is! i agree wid u 1000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000%!!!!!!!! theheat only won because the cavs werent sure what to do. byron scott dosent have a true pg in mo. he only won in new orleans cuz of cp3. plus the cavs suck. but miami, man they suck even more!

      • Law064 says:

        Agreed and @DBBJ they beat Orlando once and it was Orlando who beat themselves shooting like crap. If I remember correct Orlando beat the Heat before thanksgiving. They played against the CAVS They have nobody and they don’t have Defence. Praise the heat casue they beat a cavs team that can’t play defence. They were supposed to roll over them especially lechoke. gordo your correct the heat do suck. They played well last night but it was against a sorry azz cavs team stop acting likt they beat Boston or LA

  103. Marcoo says:

    i say Lebron play in da NFL
    smh, nba Not doin it.

  104. CHARITY says:

    LeBron did the decision through national tv for a good cause. It is for the charity. Seriously guys out there, who nba player other than lebron would destroy his “hero” image for the sake of the needy people. Nobody! He looked like he is very egoistic but what many are missing is his effort to help needy people. He sacrificed himself to help others. So stop hating him for he had done nothing wrong. One more thing. He owe cleveland nothing but cleveland owe him seven good years. It’s very ironic how cavs fans booed him when the one theyre booing has given life to their dying franchise seven years ago.

  105. Justin says:

    wooow beast

  106. ray_ray says:

    they played cavs and had a good game wow im really surprised! It’s one game against a team under 500.. when they can when at least 5 in a row and beat good teams on a nightly basis then i will care. this was only a show

  107. long memory says:

    no mention of the lakers losing 4 in a row huh!? no talk of beef between phil & kobe huh!? No talk about L.A having 1 quality win this season (Chicago) just as much as Miami (Orlando) …. and i agree Cleveland is weak, but Miami looked good too! And foreal them games they lost to Boston (2x’) a red-hot N.O team at the time. The comeback kids of Utah (they did that to a few teams including the champs) Indiana (also took out the champs in their house) ans Memphis (took L.A out too) All are loses Miami doesnt have to be ashamed of, this early into a stranger infested team.. But the haters are right, Miami has to step up in the Big games… So its really to be continued…..

    • Juice says:

      Agreed 100% they do need to step up their game, and it will happen sooner or later

    • Law064 says:

      @ Juice did you see boston dismantle the cavs earlier this week?? Get your facts straight, 2nd say the Heat rule when they beat good teams on a regular!!!

      • Heat Fan says:


        Dude just get off here we don’t need immature 17 year old haters on here that don’t know the game. You HATE the Heat. OK so whats new? Go to ANOTHER blog that doesn’t feature the Heat. The MORE you come on and talk about em the more it just shows how scared you are of em LMAO


        Just more proof you are a hater. If you WEREN’T, and the Heat was just not your favorite team, you would give them props for a good win. Instead, you still hate and say the Heat just gets games handed to them by another team. Why dont you look for blogs that just talk about your favorite team? OOOOOHH thats right, your too busy worryin about how good the Heat are gonna be and how YOUR favorite teams chances of a title just got ALOT worse when the Heat got together. YOU ARE A JOKE

  108. Peter Adam says:

    MIAMI HEAT RULES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • OJ says:

      Yea they rule teams below 500 LOL!!!!!!!!!!! What a joke!

      • Juice says:

        Almost as good as the lakers! HA! Or Boston when they lost the to the Cavs! mwhahahaha damn some people are retarded

      • jeff says:

        I’m not a heat fan, but who cares if they beat teams below .500?? They play each team in the East 4 times this season and currently most of those teams are well below .500!! They may not be able to beat the Celtics come playoff time, but they can beat anyone else in that conference! Everyone keeps forgetting that they did blow-out the Magic as well

  109. wesslee says:

    to mr smith please delete my post i thought i am in the local site that’s why i wrote it in our language i tried to delete it but it’s too late LOL.

  110. Jay-R 3res says:

    YOH!!! Lebron did his job….he went out there and play the game of baseketball. Cleveland you need to forget this..Lebron is gone…

  111. gary says:

    This blog would have been loaded with more negative comments had Lebron had a bad night. To all you cowards out there, quit hidding and come out and voice your opinion. But I’m sure the fear is deep in you now that you’ve seen that the Heat can dominate. And yes it was against a bad team but the point is this: they had a 30 point lead against one of the most hositle crowds every in NBA history. They united and played very well together. It was even better that Wade and Lebron showed that they could both have a commanding game with great shot percentage and low turnovers. Sorry but even at 25 Kobe was a choke artist when it came down to the wire and crowds like that (different story today however as he has vastly improved). Anyway take that into account for when the Heat play a top seed. We will all see a new Heat team for the rest of the season.

    • Lebron still sucks!! Big deal they had a complete game against the CAVS, but they couldnt get it done against boston. They won a game, now all the bandwagon hoppers are out.. When they lose to playoff bound teams you fools are hush mouth. Look when they win it gives you heat fans something to be happy about thats ok. Fact is they lost to the celtics twice, so they have proven they cant beat the celtics. If they make the playoffs, they wont get to the finals because they cant beat the celtics. I’ll take it a step further, when the playoffs start teams kick it up a notch. I dont think the heat have what it takes to get past the bulls the magic, even though the heat have beat them twice, and the celtics. The only person on the heat team that has proved he will kick his game up another notch through out the playoffs is wade. We have seen lebron choke or just not be good enough in the playoffs. Bosh doesnt even have playoff experience so what do you think he will do in the playoffs, not a damn thing! So cudos to a team with three superstars but can only beat teams below 500! Thats great WOHOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!! Heat fans are losers!!

    • Law064 says:

      Gary your too funny they played the Cavs who don’t have D. The Heat were supposed to kill them. @ Derek Your 100% right the cavs fans were more into the game than the cavs such a lackluster performance and to kiss Lecoke’s a** was very Gay. Heat fans we will see if the heat can compete with elite teams I mean they beat a poor cavs team that put in like 10% effort. This wasn’t even the cavs team that beat Boston earlier this year. Get excited hope that the heat can do this vs a good team. Heat Fans especially the Band wagon Dic* Holders are such Idiots. Boston going all the way!!!! KG killed the Bulls last night. My hometown bulls but Noah was talking trash and KG killed them last night. The Bulls have a better chance at a ring than Miami

  112. DaKing says:

    Am not here to talk about Lebron he did his thing we all new he can do that drop 38 like it’s nothing………………….MY BEEF is with the Cavs, man am so angry at them i cant even type. You had the whole freaking city cheering u, your on national t.v the whole world watching u and how u would react to the man who simply told u that your not good enough and what do u do???? KISS HIS @#S, Is like he was coming over to there bench asking them, ” hey losers what y’all think of that 3 pointer ,oh u want me to do it agian Gibson….oh u know i can do that! NO HEART AT ALL, CLEAVLAND FANS SHOULD HAVE BOO’ED THEIR TEAM INSTEAD FOR REAL

    • Derek says:

      I agree with you 100%. I live in Cleveland and am a Cavs fan. I was here far before the lottery in ’03 and I don’t plan on leaving soon. Gotta say this, I was (and still am) SHOCKED, CONFUSED, ANGERED, and DISAPPOINTED in the Cleveland Cavaliers basketball team. How is it that these players with all their talent and skill (you can say they don’t have much, but I’m not hearing that. they are an NBA team….) can just go out and put 12 minutes of effort into a 48 minute game? How is it that these same players are smiling and joking with LeBron at THEIR bench? It sickens me. I lost a lot of respect for the Cav’s players last night, and I continue to say ‘players’ because everyone else did their part. Dan Gilbert was there in support. Lots of the who’s who in Cleveland came to cheer like never before. THE FANS did an AMAZING job with not letting anything get out of hand (much better than the Lakers fans after Cleveland went up in Staples and dominated, but I digress). They came and put their soul into the game, and what do they get in return?

      “Oh hey LeBron, yeah that was a good shot. Oh no, it’s totally cool, just come stand by our bench and talk to your friend Boobie. Yeah just chill over here, as you demolish and embarrass us, and make us look like tools.”

      Only in Cleveland…sigh…

    • Sands says:

      It Wouldn’t be the first time Cleveland fan boo’ed at their own team.

    • WHYLBJLEFT says:

      maybe that’s the exact reason why lebron wanted to leave????

  113. Carole says:

    Have you bloggers checked out how all of the sports writers are blowin’ up James for winning against a team that he and his SUPERFRIENDS had no business losing! I mean, you would think they just won the Championship!

    • kingjames6 says:

      It’s not the team the beat it doesn’t matter who they played , it’s How they played which was great ! Wade funnaly played the passing lanes James too ! lead to easy dunks which They Untilaized to the win ! 38 lebron dropped which easliy been 50 if he wanted it to be and The miami heat after the all-star break will be unstoppable because miller and haslem will be back and chalmers will be starting so expect a big run from the heat

  114. trevor says:

    lebron and wad

  115. his airness fan says:

    I’m very glad for lebrom, cause that is what great players do. cavs fan don’t realize the damage they are doing to their team cause with all that hate they really show to the cavs players how bad they miss lebrom, and yes he left but you got to be respectful to the man who led you to finals and has given the las seven years his best. I think cavs fan should focus in the team by supporting them and not regretting his decision. yea they boood him , so what ? it din’t work , he moved on, so should they , I mean it’s normal they acted like that but lebron knew it and took it much more maturely than all of them.

  116. jay says:

    he said, “how dangerous they could be” so stop hating!

  117. Meh says:

    “…it wasn’t really clear just how dangerous his new team could be. It’s clear now.”

    Yes, winning three in a row against NBA power teams such as Washington (w/o Wall), Detroit, and Cleveland. Sure, big, big night for LeBron on an emotional return, and he responded like a force, but let’s not get too carried away with one win against a clearly inferior Cleveland team, who was 6-10 before last night. Once they show how dangerous they can be against a team like Dallas, or the Spurs, or the Lakers, or even compete with Boston, then we can start seeing where they really are. But LeBron and D Wade running transition on Anthony Parker and Boobie Gibson, that’s hardly displaying how dangerous they are.

    • DBBJ says:


      • Ok they played good team ball last night, big deal! They still cannot beat the better teams in the league. They are getting smashed by teams like dallas, the celtics, they got the LAKERS on xmas day. The heat sucks when it comes to playing teams above 500. Is that why Riley put this team together so they can run around and beat up in inferior teams, LOL what a joke.

      • CHIRO says:

        Agree 100% with DBBJ. Its being their best game as a TEAM so far this year. To ITOLDYOUTHEHEATSUCK, you are right, the Heat still suck, but “there is no worst blind person, than the one that doesnt want to see” . Sooner or later the Heat WILL awe us…

      • JoeThePlumber says:

        Yeah right !
        They played great against a sub par team, LOL.
        The CAVS players didn’t even put up a fight for their fans, they were kissing and hugging LeBroom, ha, ha 🙂

      • Law064 says:

        LOL LOL LOL Let’s give Miami a trophy,ring and parade they beat CLEVLAND!!!! Everyone is saying they played well they played like a team yes they did, against the Cavs!!! Lebron was supposed to kill them the heat did it for him but it was the Cavs not Boston,LA,Dallas,SA Chicago. Heat fans get sooooo excited because they won against a sub 500 team. @MEH You are 100% correct the heat should’ve won that game I mean the Cavs are nothing. Let me see them do it against a defensive team or at least a playoff caliber team. I highly doubt it but I give Lechoke 2 thumbs up for shutting up the Cavs fans. I give the Cavs fans 2 thumbs up because they had more energy than the cav’s players. But hey let’s give Miami a ring for that game. The heat fans are saying finally, now after they lose 2 or 3 more games in a row they’ll just say they need more time lol. WHAT A JOKE!!!!

    • Sosay says:


    • gary says:

      Laker’s lost to Houston (6-12) but I’m sure you already knew that. So the Heat clobbering the Cavs is something to take into great consideration.

    • Heat Fan says:

      Why don’t we just take a quik look at a few team records huh? I’ll list whats perceived to be the best handful of teams in the leauge (in absolutely NO particular order) and then Miami’s.

      Spurs 15-3 Overall
      7-2 VS. ABOVE .500 teams
      8-1 VS. BELOW .500 teams

      Lakers 13-6 Overall
      2-4 VS. ABOVE .500 teams?????
      11-2 VS. BELOW .500 teams

      Utah 15-5 Overall
      7-4 VS. ABOVE .500 teams
      8-1 VS. BELOW .500 teams

      N.O. 13-5 Overall
      4-4 VS. ABOVE .500 teams??????
      9-1 VS. BELOW .500 teams

      OKC 13-6 Overall
      5-4 VS. ABOVE .500 teams??????
      8-2 VS. BELOW .500 teams

      Orl 14-4 Overall
      5-3 VS. ABOVE .500 teams
      9-1 VS. BELOW .500 teams

      Bos 14-4 Overall
      6-2 VS. ABOVE .500 teams
      7-2 VS. BELOW .500 teams

      Chicago 9-7 Overall
      3-7 VS. ABOVE .500 teams
      6-0 VS. BELOW .500 teams

      MIAMI 12-8 Overall
      2-7 VS. ABOVE .500 teams
      10-1 VS. BELOW .500 teams

      I think the funniest and most striking stat that jumps off there is that the Lakers are 2-4 against the better teams. I GUARANTEE you that MOST people do not realize this, including plenty of bandwagon Laker fans. They have also played 2 more games vs below .500 teams than the Heat, and yet they have incurred 1 more loss against them. After all is said and done, after the same amount of games so far, the Lakers record is only 2 games better than the Heat. LOL

      4 of Miami’s losses have come by 5 points or less. 3 of them by 3 points or less. LOL. What do you really think is gonna happen ONCE they actually figure it all out and play to their potential? LOL This is all pretty funny considering that most haters say this team is a JOKE. You would think they have gotten blown out in all 8 of their losses. When indeed its laughable to think these better teams that have played together for a few YEARS can barely beat a team that has played on a few GAMES in the same context?

      And don’t say a loss is a loss haters. WHY? Because if you say that, then us Heat fans can just simply say a win is a win, no matter how good the team is. Leading the league in MOST 20+ point wins. You hyperanalyze the Heat every game so we fans will do the same. The FACT is, theres WAY more evidence to support the Heat WILL BE a title contender no matter what, as opposed to being the joke that you haters wanna call them and THINK that they are. Thats all the more reason you hate though, because of Miami’s absolutely TERRIFYING potential, as “Witnessed” last night.

      • Beebee says:

        Very well said!

      • WORLDWIDE says:


      • Sands says:

        I agree with you 100%.

      • Sands says:

        Don’t waste your time trying to argue with Haters. Miami Heat is the best team and last night was beautiful the way they play together, i almost feel sorry for the cavs they really wanted lebron james to have a bad game but in the end he just show them why people love to hate him. Is really simple the man is a beast, i really believe that after this game they will become the team everybody wanted to see. No other city hate the Heat like Cleveland and the fact that they went into that city and played the best game we have seen this entire season it says alot.

      • Rick says:

        kinda funny they were beating utah by 20 in the second half and still lost, you’d figure that they would kinda have had it figured then but i guess not… kinda funny where were all these heat fans last year around this time? nowhere to be found, i like how they all come out of the blue all of a sudden…

      • @HEATFAN Oh we realize what the LAKERS record is against above and below 500 teams. But ya see it doesnt matter. People swore up and down that we would not repeat, ahhhh look what happen. Now the three homos are together in south beach everyone THINKS they got it in their hands, stay tuned. We have something the heat dont, a coach with 11 rings, means he knows what hes doing. It means he knows how to win. Then we got KOBE, who has more heart than any of those three queers with the heat. So stats, records all that crap doesnt matter to us LAKER fans, we stand tall in JUNE, while sucka a** heat fans make excuses why your team lost! I bet any LAKER hater the LAKERS will have the top seed in the west when the playoffs role around. Where will you heat be? If they dont start beating teams above 500 they may not even make it to the playoffs!

      • WadeCounty305 says:

        Pretty funny how you say the heat lost to Utah when they were up by twenty…wait lets see how many times Utah has done this, this year? About six and maybe more. Fact is you hate the heat because they have all the players you wish you could have. you the heat because of all the attention they get. you hate the heat beecause you are well a HATER. Im no band wagon…..not even a huge LBJ fan. Ive watched the Heat from Hardaway to Zo to Brian Grant to Wade to Shaq to THIS. All everyone is talking about is how great as a TEAM the heat played yet your all to ignorant and bias to even comprehend anything. You rather scrutinize them and belittle them because well, you have no reason. Fact is Heat lost to Utah my a Reggie Miller like performamce from Millsap and lost by lucky fadeaway jumper from Gay keeping them 14 wins putting them in the same category in Terms of wins with all the other better teams you keep speaking of. Fact is Heat are getting better and with so much talent on a team its only a ticking time bomb before they explode into the team everyone percieved them to be and the team you HATERS dont want to play against. Dont worry though, at the end of the day you will keep commenting on all the Heat blogs and watching all there televised games. Sad isn’t it?

      • juan says:

        Good Point! Lakers r overrated! 2-4 wow

    • Say What? says:

      Dude your such a hater. Yea ok compete with Boston? Miami’s FIRST GAME EVERY PLAYED TOGETHER, and they took the powerhouse Celtics to within 3 points in the last minute? Ok. The second game they lost by 5?? WOW. Bring your hate when the Heat actually get blown out on a regular basis, but that will NEVER happen.

      • Law064 says:

        Sorry to say but the Celtic’s dominated them both games and the final score means nothing about how the game went. Someone mentioned that the Lakers get a 20 point lead and sit starters. Well pretty much most smart coaches do that and to say that Miami got within 3 vs the celtic’s yea they did but they still LOST. Boston lost to the Mavs but they had the Lead and lost it. The 1st game vs clevland Boston was up 11 and lost. They’ve done this since last year so it’s nothing new for them to dominate then end up letting up for some reason. When Miam beat Boston then talk!!

  118. rob zenon says:

    Ok Ok so they did what they have done all season so far blowout the bad teams, big deal now you guys can gush all over them tell the next lose to a good team. Please

    • Angel says:

      dont hate on the heat because that are going to be the best team this year

      • Ah oh, they played one good game against another bad team. Looks like they are ready to take off and win 7 championships in a row!!! LOL, yea right!

      • To be the best team you gotta have the best record, and last i checked the heat are no where near a best record in the NBA. They still have not proven they can beat the elite teams in the league. So how in gods name will the best team in the league this season. I see why people say miami fans are whack, you guys talk stupid.

      • Raul says:

        I dont think so.. Basketball is a team game.. having 3 players scoring 2 digits per game is not enough to win a game.. also you cant put all superstar in a team.. its not that all about for winning.. for a cruscial much needed basket.. who will take the task to take responsibility?

      • LABRYANT says:

        Angel “dont hate on the heat because that are going to be the best team this year”..excellent choice of words….. they will not get pass Boston in a 7 game series…when they go up against a team that has a big man they will get smashed just like they have all season..

      • Foolish Raul says:

        Raul, If you’re going to talk about basketball as if you a thing or two. Check your spelling first fool. It looks like you type with ten thumbs son. Go Heat, Lakers suck, Kobe is a snyper though. Peace

      • Laurence says:

        hey “ITOLDYOUTHEHEATSUCK” .. wat are u saying ? not a best record ? yeah.. its true but u , we must give them more time to adjust their playing games! who are you saying STUPID??? ur self? u talk like an ANTI-MIAMI huh!! STFU! ur calling some teams in the NBA a BAD TEAM?? tsk tsk…

      • Imad Akel says:

        i’m a big fan of the heat but they are not the best..
        they have potential.
        actually i’m loving this season. for the first time in so long, both conferences have so many strong teams. SO many.

        at the east you have orlando and boston going strong, and in the west you have the lakers and san antonio and dallas going strong too.

        Miami heat and oklahoma city are the young and talented wild cards who might go all the way even if they don’t look as strong as the above mentioned teams with their records.

        and i haven’t even mentioned the hawks and the hornets who might shock us all in the end (it COULD happen)

        LOVING this season.
        P.S. Lebron moving to miami made it all the more interesting. Listen to me and listen well. there is no way, NO WAY lebron with the cavs would’ve been able to hold off this year’s competition. the competition this year has gotten STRONGER. the magic are playing better, the celtics are playing better, the spurs and the mavs are playing better. Lakers are as strong as last year. If lebron stayed with the cavs, he wouldnt have been able to beat ANY of these teams, let alone ALL of them to get a championship. And you KNOW that’s true. At least with the heat, given some great team play and stronger chemistry plus some luck, lebron atleast has a CHANCE at a championship (if even 1%). But with the cavs, lebron would have had NO CHANCE. ZERO! Magic, mavs, lakers, celtics, even OKC this year would beat Lebron + cavs.

        FACE IT: Lebron + Heat >>>> Lebron + Cavs

    • DBBJ says:

      Listen man, Its not the BLOWOUT, its how they played good the entire game. how they played as a team, they have blown out bad teams but they’ve never played like that

    • Heat Fan says:

      Yea and guess what y’all? TELL me somethin about this point. Sure ok they are beating below 500 teams on the regular. But guess what? THEY LEAD THE LEAGUE IN MOST 20+ POINT WINS NOW AT 6 AFTER THE CAVS LAST NIGHT. For some of you who might not be smart enough to comprehend the point, I’ll explain.

      How is it then if YOUR team is SO much better, and the HEAT are a JOKE as most of you haters say, that YOUR TEAM is not also BLOWING out these same BAD teams??? Can you tell me that??? NO. You can’t. Why haven’t the Lakers THROTTLED sub 500 teams as much. Why not Boston? Why not Orlando? Why not YOUR favorite team? HUH? TELL ME.

      You DO realize that for the MOST part, above 500 teams have had their cores or chemistry set for at least a few years right? The HEAT have played 20 games!! The other teams have played how many then together? At least a good round number would be in 2 or 3 seasons at least 200? So ten times more game experience together for the good teams? Pssh smh. WHO in their right mind would look at that and say “o yea the team with 20 wins will have figured it out equally as well as the team thats played 10 times more than them”?? Just haters and people that know NOTHING about basketball. THATS who.

      What this is is direct evidence that ONCE the Heat combine their incredible talent that they use mostly to beat these worse teams (because no of course their still not 100% efficient top form yet even though they played a fantastic all around game last night), and their chemistry becomes equal with the top teams, YOUR team WILL bow down. We ALL know its not a matter of IF, but WHEN. Ok, maybe it will be season 2. Heck who knows maybe even 3? They have 6 years on their contract together and WHEN they do get it right? YOUR team WILL bow down.

      The Heat WILL laugh LAST

      • wow says:

        please stop anon bandwagon fan

      • Goceltics says:

        Wow, that was a lot of unnecessary capitalizing. But it’s a pretty good point. They should be able to contend for a championship soon, even if it doesn’t happen this year. However, a win is a win, no matter what the score is at the end. And when playoff time comes, I’d rather be on a team that can win a close game than a team that can have some amazing games from time to time. We’ll see if the chemistry can help them beat good teams regularly.

      • floopdeuce says:

        Bow Down? Funny guy lol. No one is bowing down to Miami. No one will bow down to South Beach. You wish it would happen but that is not going to happen. They blow out bad teams because they are simply bad teams. Good teams will have their way this year. Maybe next year son.

      • LAKERS FAN FOR LIFE says:

        Ha ha, another Heat supporter comes out of the woodwork.. Like I said at the start of the season and I will say again, “Miami you may be a team of champions, but you are not a champion team” beat Boaton in 7 then back that up by beating the Lakers in 7, then I will give you respect.

      • Bonk says:

        Most 20+ point wins, you think that makes them good? That’s the result of keeping the starters in the game instead of the bench when they are ahead. Not going to make your bench any better.

      • reply says:

        That true but if lebron isnt happy with miami he can leave after 4 years if he want with his early termination(part of the contract)

      • Eddie says:

        Everything you said cannot make any sense. Final scores dont mean anything! There has been many time that the lakers are blowing teams away and by the start of the 4th quarter the Lakers are up by 20 and the 4th quarter is just garbage time and even though they were kicking butt they end up winning by just 8 or less point. If you see the Final score you are not going to think the Lakers were up by 20. You might think they bearly won or it was a close game. What matters is how good the team plays and by the way the Heat are playing, well let me tell you something, I dont think they are going to win a championship.

        One more thing:
        The big 3 from the celtics started to kick butt from day 1
        The big 4 from the lakers in 2004 started to kick but from day 1
        The big 3 from the Lakers (Gasol, Bynum, and Kobe) started to kick butt from day 1
        The big 3 from the Heat in 2010 started to….no wait…they are 9-7 (almost a .500 team)

        dont you think it should be time they should be kickin butt??? lol

      • claytaurus says:

        Heat Fan:
        You can talk all you want about blowouts but this is a fact so far–the Celtics own the Heat in the season series so far
        2-0. The Heat have set the bar themselves to win it all this year, they called it, so did the media–so any talk about being the best in the NBA, having the best regular season record, Lebron wins another MVP–IT WON’T MATTER! The Heat are supposed to win the NBA championship this year, so even if they show up to the Finals and lose, its a bust! There is no room for moral victories, and analyzing how Miami is blowing out teams and Boston and the Lakers are not, well that’s really reaching–I guess you’re saying the Heat need all the help they can get to justify their victories. Again, the only way to justify the Heat’s season is if they win it all this year. How did all the talk of the Heat winning 70+ games at the start of the season change into “looking for the Heat to improve”, and the Cavs game being the game where the Heat are finally “turning the corner.” That’s why I don’t pay any attention to hype, the truth about the Heat will be answered in June, if they get there.

      • juan says:


      • juan says:


  119. closetmonkey says:

    TEAM effort by the HEAT.