Time For An Intervention?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — That Draft night chatter about DeMarcus Cousins being the biggest steal or bust in his class is back.

And the early returns are not favorable for Cousins.

In addition to a sluggish start to his rookie season on the court (he’s not even in the top three on the T-Mobile Rookie Ladder), Cousins has not been able to navigate his way out of trouble off the court, either.

Sacramento Kings coach Paul Westphal didn’t divulge any details, but if he felt the need to toss Cousins out of practice Monday that’s indication enough that trouble is brewing for the young fella, per our main man Jason Jones of the Sacramento Bee:

“It was a necessary move in our continued attempt to help him develop,” said Kings coach Paul Westphal of removing Cousins from practice.

Westphal declined to explain why Cousins made it through only two-thirds of practice.

“I’m not going to get into details,” Westphal said. “He was asked to leave early.”

Cousins is struggling to find his place in the offense and to stay out of foul trouble.

He is one of four rookies averaging double figures in scoring (10.3) and is third among rookies in rebounds (6.7). But Cousins is shooting a team-worst 38.4 percent from the field.

Cousins is averaging 4.2 fouls, most in the NBA. He has fouled out three times this season.

At 4-11 and with a team ready to splinter in seemingly 15 different directions, Westphal is right to make his stand now. (Carl Landry oversleeping and missing a shootaround that cost him his starting job to Jason Thompson, former lottery pick Antoine Wright gets waived and what about the mysterious disappearance of Tyreke Evans … to name a few things that smell funny.)

It’s clear that Cousins and this Kings team are in need of an intervention. And it needs to happen now rather than later, when there is no turning back from a surefire lottery season.

Cousins is far too talented to be allowed to torpedo his first season with immature behavior. We thought he understood that people would be watching his every move to see if his critics were right to pound him in the days and weeks leading up to the Draft, a pounding that probably cost him a slot or two in the Draft.

Clearly, he did not get that message.

Westphal is right to try to stop Cousins from costing himself another minute of another day with an attitude that doesn’t help him succeed in this league.

We fully expected the Rookie of the Year debate to include not only Blake Griffin and John Wall, but Cousins as well. Barring a monstrous turnaround in the next few weeks, Cousins won’t be able to get back into the conversation anytime soon.

He’ll have no one else to blame but himself if that is the case.


  1. matt says:

    Centers and Point Guards need the most time to grow and mature. I think that it’s just a matter of time. DeMarcus is still a kid. Tyreke was/is a special case plus he is just a guard. You can’t place him entirely at the 1 or the 2 he is a hybrid.
    I think it’s just a matter of time for the Kings. Maybe a couple more shooters would speed it up. Who knows. I hope that they get better soon and stay here in Sac. We love them.

  2. TO DALE says:

    dale you couldn’t be more WRONG! go on youtube and type in “blake griffin narrow world of sports”

  3. Cousins is so good, but with so much potential to flame out, I would hate to be a Kings fan right now. Hard to get attached when you never know how it might go wrong.

  4. dante says:

    i don’t really follow the kings team coz im not a fan…but i can sense cousins could be having behavioral problems….all rookies have those kind of problems during their rookie year in nba…mostly cost them their playing time, their spot, some their careers..i know cousins is a good not great player but he’s still fresh…he really need some guidance from the staff and i hope they do that for him…not slash his playing time coz it won’t help either…put him in the d-league instead if they don’t really need him for now…maybe there he can get the maturity he needs…i know he will do great in the nba..just give him some time to improve and know his role in the team and in the league itself… dante from argao, cebu phillipines

  5. watcher says:

    Westphal WAS a good coach for a couple of seasons with a hungry and mature team full of stars. Fact is his win-loss numbers are the coaching equivalent of Dikembe Mutombo’s scoring output – best return in his first season and pretty much all downhill after that. Many would say he slightly underacheived at Phoenix. Particularly in 94, and the 95 seasons. Regardless of his work in Phoenix, his coaching stints in Seattle and now the Kings indicate he simply isn’t the right coach for a young and developing team, and Sacramento made a big mistake in extending his contract. Easy to point the finger at Cousins but the whole teams numbers are down across the board. Sometihng definitely isn’t right in Kings land, and from what I see, the players sure don’t look like they’re playing for anything atm let alone the coach.

  6. Mattyb says:

    Fire Westphal. He makes all the players feel like they have little job security. Omri goes from starting to not playing three games in a row. It puts way to much pressure on a player to preform at a ridiculous level. These players force shots and commit t.o.s.

    Force Tyreke to play defense or bench him. I dont think I’ve ever seen a “franchise player” play basketball with so little urgency. The guy throws a ball away and is as cool as a cucumber.

    Cousins is a head case. Get him to Ron Artest’s psychiatrist/miracle worker.

  7. K says:

    This is simple: You don’t talk back to your boss or there are consequences, especially when you are 20 speaking to grown men with 20+ years of experience.

    Even if you think Cousins should start, it doesn’t change the fact that you still have to act professional.

    Bottom line, the Kings are not good. Without bias, look at their roster, they lack talent, except for the reigning rookie of the year. Part of the reason Evans is able to be so good, is because he is the best player on a bad team, and without his feet and ankles healthy he really isn’t that good. No jumpshot.

    • The Kid says:

      There have been a whole lot of players who had good seasons on bad teams. None of them have put together 20-5-5 seasons. expecally at the age of 20. He’s hurt thats all there is to it. funny how people think he no good. stats 17.4 points, 5.4 assists, 4.9 rebounds, and 1.7 steals per game. Not bad at the age of 21 and injured. The kid is a great player no matter what team he’s on. period.

  8. Jao Romero says:

    talent is wasted if you have bad attitude. doesn’t matter if you have the biggest potential among all rookies. if you have the wrong attitude, you won’t even get that far. my bet is if Cousins doesn’t change his attitude, he’ll be out of the NBA soon as his contract expires. no one will touch him.

  9. The Kid says:

    Tyreke is just hurt and no one on the team can seem to help him out so I don’t see how thats the coaches fault. To say westphal isn’t a real coach and jeff van gundy is, is an absolute joke. and as for cousins, hes just frustrated in his own play right now. I also wonder how many players in this league get kicked out of practice early we dont hear about it. If cousins were playing well and got kicked out of practice then we wouldn’t of even heard of this. All the crictics are a trying to do right now is knock a 20 year old in an attempt to show everyone they were right. All cousins needs is time to figure this league out and he’ll be fine. his biggest problem right now is foul trouble. A lot of young big men have that problem. and not many 20 year old big men even get a chance to play in the league at that age. When i watch cousins all i see is a kid who is passionate about the game. his problem though is he is a little to passionate and just needs to settle down and play the game.

  10. Dave O says:

    I keep reading comments that say play him more, play him more. How can you do that when he isn’t willing to learn from his coaches and leads the league in fouls?

  11. Kris says:

    Tyreke hasn’t dissapeared, the guy is playing with plantar faciitis and has 2 sprained ankles. He needs to sit and rest for a couple weeks but the Kings know they wont sell any tickets with him out of the line up. Tyreke has played great the 1st half of games once he sits and stiffins up at half he has been total garbage in the 2nd half. For a guy like Evans to play with these injuries is dumb as his whole game is drive into the lane and change directions, which he can’t do with these injuries to his ankles and feet.

  12. Mike says:

    this guy is the biggest tantrum thrower i have ever seen,

    dont let any highlights fool you have you guys even watch this guy play? every call,foul or missed shot his body language is just abouslutley terrible. this type of attitude is unbearable being a teamate of DC’s because it disrupts the entire teams focus,

    the drafting scouts were right on the money about DC attitude, and hence why some other teams didnt pick him up after tryouts. dont get me wrong he does have alot of potential but the desire just to play energetic and hardwork basketball needs to step it up a notch.

    like they say ”one bad apple spoils the bunch” but imo DC needs a reality check and a attitude ajustment ur playinf in the NBA shouldnt that be enough.

  13. Adam says:

    Come on people, stop ripping into this rookie like this. It is way too early in the season to declare Cousins a bust. This is exactly what we knew we were getting with Cousins. An extremely passionate and very talented player that needs to learn the nba game. Much like Miami right now losing causes frustration and I would be frustrated too if my team was getting blown out while I sit on the bench every game (whether that sitting is from fouls or coach’s decision). Calipari even said “take him in the draft if you want an amazingly talented player, Coaching him wont be easy but will be well worth it.” Come on people let the rookie develop before you write him off. We all know he needs to develop on the court and off. This is no suprise.

  14. alx says:

    okay you people that say cousins deserves more minutes, all of you don’t even know the true side of it. you think coach doesnt wana give him more minutes? he can’t! cousins starts panting and looking for the bench after 5 minutes of play. he fouls more than he scores.ofcourse he won’t improve, he can’t because he is a little kid still. he needs to grow up, and stop with the attitude. he basically has tamper tantrums on the court! for fricken sake play basketball! Tyreke will get back into shape soon enough. but i think he is tired of doing eveeryhting alone. Beno did great in the begginigng of the season. he should continue it. starting lineup should be tyreke, beno, landry, cousins and thompson. Dalembert should sub in for thompson and cousins needs to get used to being on the court longer and get into shape.

  15. josh says:

    c’mone people! there is enough blame to go around but the fact remains that the coach is in charge, period. certainly over a player who has accomplished ZIP in the league and is underperforming expectations. i’m sure we all have had bosses we haven’t liked, but until they are gone, we have to listen to them. westphal has the deepest resume on the team, like it or not. when are people going to start holding themselves and others accountable for this kind of thing. i was 18 once and if i had acted that way i would have been fired and then gotten a whoopin from my parents for being stupid. show some appreciation and respect for the game and to it’s fans who don’t quite pull down the same paycheck but manage to deal with their job day in and day out. anybody remember derek coleman?

    • Krespino says:

      “If I had acted that way…” How do you know how he acted?? Nobody knows?? You are only assuming, and assuming negatively.

  16. Kels. says:

    Cut him some slack fellas. He’s a rookie. Give him 2 to 3 years to mature, he is only 20 years old. Coach Westphal is a fine coach. Sure he’s no Adelman or Van Gundys but he’ll do fine. Keep Cousins. Our real problem is at the 3. We cannot expect Donte and Omri to go out every night and score 20 for us. Carmello would be real nice but we all know that aint gonna happen. Waiving Wright was stupid because of his DUI. IDK, blame the VP of Operations. I dont like the guy. Letting Gerald Wallace and Adelman go, STUPID! Oh well, I still hope for at least 30 wins this year.

  17. John says:

    let him play!!! wats the point of drafting him then sitting hit down on the bench…Sam.D can come off the bench we need offence right now oh and take head out and put beno in….com’man why the kings actin like they wanna have another top 3 drafter pick next year

  18. Mike Peppersack says:

    Cousins is paired with Tyreke Evans, and together they should build a dominating team. It isn’t the coaches; it is the players that dictate whether it works out or not. Yes, they both came out so early and they both need to be developed as players, but they both need to step up and earn the opportunity (not to mention the money) that they have been given. I definitely hope they can pull their heads out of the ground and start to put it together. Sacramento deserves better.

    Either way, GO CELTICS!

  19. Jay Davidson says:

    Glad he’s not with my squad, we got the real UK deal from last year’s team.

  20. jigsaw says:

    This is a team that i had pegged for being this season’s Wstrn Conf. “dark horse”. With their youth and talent, all lead by Tyreke Evans, this could have been a OKC Jr. of last season. Problem that’s rearing it’s ugly head, is D. Cousins’ promise to show up his critics. He’s consistently played “me against the world” ball, and not embracing the ideals of team ball. He’s surrounded by good talent that wants to do it together.

  21. Guy says:

    The problem is clearly at the coaching staff – the team has no direction, players rotation is erratic.
    I like the Kings since the early 2000’s, I had hopes for this season as the talent level seemed to go up dramatically compared to last year, now this team looks lost and can’t win, it seems coach W is trying to assert his authority by denying players minutes, it happened with Greene, Cuosins, Casspi and others – this is not serving the team well.

  22. Chcuk says:

    I think there is a major part of Cousin’s personality that people are missing. The very simple fact is that we, (NBA Fans) have no idea about any players 24/7 personality, or what goes through their head. Lets not forget that. I mean if I had to make a guess, (all I can do) from interviews and on court appearances; I would say that ‘yes’, his emotions can get in his way. Do you think he is aware of this? You bet. Do you think he can change it? Not quickly would be my guess.
    I bet like most NBA players, he lives and breaths basketball, and loves ever aspect of it. On the other side I can imagine every little mistake he makes in practice, or game really sticks with him, crippling him with disappointment. It looks like the guy just found out his dog died, every time he misses a shot. Just like Jason Thompson did in his Rookie year, but Jason got over it (from what I can tell) sometime last year.

    I believe he could mature, develop into one of the top big men in the league, and still be dealing with emotional issues his entire career. I mean look at the tale of Ron Artest, he had to overcome a lot to become a champion, but he did it.

  23. Jon says:

    People talking about how Cousins’ minutes are hurting him are forgetting 2 very important things (well, not forgetting, ignoring it because it doesn’t prove their point):
    1) Cousins is averaging the most fouls/game in the NBA so it’s HIS fault he’s not on the court.
    2) MPG doesn’t excuse the fact the he’s shooting below 40% from the the field

  24. hill324 says:

    cousins is not fully developed…he needed another year in college…end of story

  25. Dennis says:

    These kids at an early age are built up by everybody and put on a pedestal. No wonder their ego’s are so huge and the are so ungrateful about the position they are in. We this on every team, the coach is doing what he sees best so maybe this young man will stop acting like a fool and learn that he should appreciate everything he has because in the end these guys are getting paid a whole load of money for putting a ball in a hole basically.

  26. ddddd says:

    Eh… as long as Cousins gets adequate playing time at both pf and c to develop that is all that matters in the longrun. The whole team is dysfunctional at this point. No matter how you point the fingers there needs to be a real steady veteran influence there to calm everyone from Tyreke to DCousins down. Sadly enough Dalembert, despite his talent is not the guy to be that influence. He has been on too many losing sixers teams to know what winning is. Now if Dalembert was traded to a place like Orlando, Utah, Dallas, SA, Boston, etc… He would then easily be able to settle into being a productive role player on those teams and allow time for DCousins to play through his mistakes more and grow.

    Next question I have is, the past few years Luther Head has been randomly popping in and out of the league mainly in end of the bench sub for injury-type roles….. Are the Kings that dysfunctional that Head is the best option at pg at this point? I doubt he has improved that much from the last time he played in I think it was Indiana… (correct me if I am wrong here Pacers fans) Coach obviously has no control over that team if thats the case.

  27. Frank says:

    I wouldn’t be upset at all to see all the spoilt little pricks, like this idiot, tossed out of the league. Hey comissioner, doesn’t this idiotic behaviour fall into the category of ‘disrespecting the game.’ The league has a duty to the game and its fans to filter out the sewerage from the rest of the players who clearly understand that playing in the NBA is a privilege which only a blessed few have a chance of experiencing.

    • thesmooth001 says:

      Very ignorant sounding, the players have contracts and you can’t just kick them out the league. Plus, this guy is just a kid who obviously still has a lot of growing up to do. Can you remember when you were a kid and thinking & doing dumb things? Even though I am much older, I still see people in their 30’s, 40’s & 50’s still doing some stupid things, like you writing this ridiculous comment.

      • Krespino says:

        Correct. Let’s not be too harsh on young talents. This exceptionaly talented young guy makes a single mistake (I’m not sure he made a mistake either) and there is instantly this mob crying instantly “destroy him…” As if everybody else is perfect and nobody has ever done a single wrong action to his family or teachers or employer… We don’t know what happened there; maybe the coach is wrong in his decision. The important job of the coaches is to handle personalities of talents and guide them to improvement. Labeling a player or sacking him is so easy.

  28. Micah says:

    This is very sad to me, I live in Lexington, Ky and am, of course, a big Demarcus Cousins fan. I watched him play every single possession at UK, and I had rarely seen someones NBA draft stock rise as quickly as his did in such a short period of time, but you could always see his ridiculous immaturity coming out, Calipari did a really good job with him in trying to keep his head in the games, sometimes it worked , sometimes not so much, but he tried. I say ridiculous immaturity because, I realize he was a 18-19 year old kid, and most people aren’t mature at that age, but he’s literally a 6’11 280 pound little kid, he pouts constantly when he doesn’t get his way, he takes cheap shots at people every chance he’s given, he thinks the world owes him something and he handles adversity terribly…having said that, he’s an incredible talent..lol..no question about that…..we’ll see

  29. I remember a few years back when another player named Joakim Noah got kicked out of practice and put in the doghouse. I sense a similar passion in DeMarcus. He hates not playing well and is frustrated with losing. No major red flags to me, just a team that needs more direction (Westphal) and a few wins.

    I too am a Kings fan and am happy to hear management concede that Tyreke is NOT a point guard. A major issue in Sacramento is lack of roles. No player understands his role on team. Starting/playing rotations are erratic, which implies a lack of decisive coaching. Anyways, we’ll see.

  30. NiSo says:

    I disagree with this post.Cousins isn’t plaiying bad ball. 10 and 7 is decent. Who cares if hes not a star.

  31. Brandon Myers says:

    I can understand why so many Cousins fans want him back in the game. He is a great rebounder, scorer, and has a huge body. He is a presence. He is a high draft pick. But think about this. He and Wall couldnt win a championship together. This isnt for lack of talent, great coaching, or anyhting like that. Its chemistry. The cohesivness isnt there because of his immaturity. Look at videos of Michael Beasley, Delonte West, Ron Artest, Eddy Curry. etc…All guys with talent, but their immaturity and off court troubles keep them from being excellent. Cousins is in that group.
    Beasley is starting to get it together. West could be a starter elsewhere, but is mentally ill. Curry never learned how to hustle so his NBA days are over. Artest has taken a huge paycut and is in constant therapy. Point is, when your a millionaire you need to be a professional. Even A.I., the most talented member of this group eventually let this behavior tank his potential for greatness. Cousins needs to purge this. You can be an excellent engineer, but if your a constant disruption at work then you’ll still get fired. Cousins is no different.
    Even if my rant here is pure fiction, his fouls wont allow him to play the kind of minutes a starter needs. Better to have an effiecent 11 and 8 guy who plays D than an unreliable foul prone bad decision making 18 and 10 guy.

    • bernard says:

      i agree with you except for the part where u said a.i’s immaturaity got in the way of his greatness……. he WAS great, and thats final, he’ll prob end up in the hall of fame and hes gonna go down ( even he finishes of his time in ball in turkey ) as a great. on the other hand u forgot to mention latreel sprewell who blew off a muti million deal and said ” i gotta feed my kids”, thats immaturatiy ( and he was a veteran at that point )

  32. Donnie Hensley says:

    Are you kidding me? He has been in the league for 5 minutes. I am from Kentucky and saw him develop from an immature boy to a seasoned post player ready for the League. I played college basketball and I understand how big of a step it is from the High School level to the college level, and it takes time. He might grow out of this tempered stage, and turn into a cool-headed marque player, then again he might turn into the Rasheed Wallace or a Ron Artest, but if you could draft Rasheed or Artest in the First round, wouldnt you?

  33. wuffe says:

    U better watch out what U wish for . Jeff Van Gundy the Houston Rockets Coach of 2003 was a major disciplinarian of my favorite team . I remember his doghouse stayed occupied for a LONGTIME by a certain person. With no appolgies. He was Strictly team ball, and if Cousins goes off on one of his sulks…. heh heh heh , , OLE JVG would tighten that team up alright … but dont expect to see Cousins play much.

  34. Blas says:

    I agree with you kevin. Cousins is a very young and talented player, and he will surely improve really fast if he starts to play more minutes from now on. You cannot not expect from a player who is playing 20min per game to average 20-10 every night. Indeed, it is a tough task to develop your own style on the court if you don’t have the confidence of your coach. Yes, it’s true that they’re playing in the NBA and that everything is different here, but in my opinion it is a lack of communication or a misunderstanding between the players and the staff what is going wrong here, and this can be easily solved.
    Another point is the problem with fouls. Many centers have had this problem along his career, centers like D-Howard, McGee and others, and I think that the lack of experience might be an inconvenient for DeMarcus in this aspect. However, he is rookie and he has many aspects to improve on, and this is one of them.
    Just to finish, i would like to say that he has to struggle to find his place in the starting lineup, and i’m sure that he will have more opportunities during the season to demonstrate his talent and become a reference player in this Kings.

  35. Joey Pietrafritta says:

    Another great blog Mr. Smith… I watch every Kings game and coming into the season I was ecstatic about the acquisition of Cousins in the draft. I thought he was going to come in and prove all his doubters wrong, but like you said he’s not. The worst thing to me isn’t his mediocre stats, thou, but the little things he does on and off the court. Like not shaking a teammates hand or arguing with the coach. I see the talent I just hope he’s still a King when the maturity joins it.

  36. Tuneche says:

    Put Cousins back in the starting lineup…Tyreke evans need to get back his groove…and the kings will have a bright future..

  37. Omarisgay says:

    trade cousins to toronto for cash consideration plz plzplzplzplzplz lol

    • jorser says:

      TO doesn’t want a disruptive unproven rookie. We’ll stick with the solid young core and the right players with the right personalities. BC knows to stay far away from the “entitled” ones like Cousins.

  38. bigd28 says:

    Sekou, you always know where its at and your always honest with NBA predictions that usually mirror my same expectations. Demarcus Cousins is an immature baby and with the money he makes should simple buckle down and focus on basketball. The Kings organization is one with young talent yet the stars exert immature, unprofessional behavior. This is a franchise in need of some help.

  39. Dale says:

    I teach middle school and have coached for years. I am a huge basketball fan. As a teacher I have seen the steady decline in the morals and make up of our youth year by year. It is a constant thing. He is another example of a kid that needed his hind side worn out by sensible parents. Today most kids dont have that and we see the results. Blake Griffin was not raised like this fool and it is obvious.

  40. kevin burns says:

    i think this is bs to put cousins out there like this. its not he who is tearing the kings up. its the damn awful coach they have over there who wants to still with his worse players and bring in his best players when he feels like it. cousins should be a starter hands down and play all game. you cant play somebody 5-10 min a night and expect them to be happy. i live in sac and been a kings fan forever and makes me mad how they always wanna blame players and not the actaul coaching staff. pull out the check book and hire a real coach. jeff van gundy or jerry brown would have been great but of course that didnt happen

    • James Murphy says:

      Coach Westphal is a good coach. Cousins needs to earn the starting spot.
      I am from the Bay Area and I try to pay close attention to the team that is only a couple hours away.
      You cannot say that it is the Coach’s fault because he doesn’t play rookies or doesn’t play his best players because he obviously played Evans a lot last year, even sent Martin packing.

      There is something wrong if the coach kicks you out of practice early.
      He is in the NBA now, GROW UP! Your no longer a teenager. Man up, work hard.
      This is his rookie season and this needs to be the year he builds the foundation to become a good Basketball player.
      He should be studying film, working on his post moves, and spending extra time with his coaches once regular practice is over. He has termendous talent, but it is going to be up to him if he fulfills that talent, or if he is going to float around from team to team for five – six years like Darko did. At least Darko is starting to put it together now, but it will be a termendous waste of talent if it takes Cousins that long to become a starting player.

      • James says:

        Actually… he is a teenager.

      • Coyote says:

        The team is falling apart at the seams. You are blaming that on a rookie that is playing 20 minutes a game. I guess you haven’t noticed Westphal’s love affair with juggling the line up at every whistle. Lat year he used some thing like 50 different starting lineups. He hasn’t once tried starting Garcia at shooting guard. Tyreke will never be an elite shooting guard in this league. He’s not a natural shooter and doesn’t have the hops that your typical 2guard has. Not to mention he’s a little short for todays prototype shooting guard. Guys like Iverson and D-Wade get away with being undersized shooting guards because they have rediculous explosiveness. Tyreke averaged 5.8apg as a rookie and started putting up miltiple double digit assist games towards the end of last year. He’ll never be a Nash or Kidd, but he won’t be the first scoring point guard in the league eitherand he can easily avg. 7+apg. Playing Tyreke off the ball is idiotiic. His gift is the ball in his hands. And no he’s not a ball hog and rarely dribbles out the clock ala Ron Artest. He will get better at distributing and court vision. He’s already thrown up several ally-oops this season. As for Cousins; thrown him the ball down on the block and quit asking him to play in the high post. Westphal has said repeatedly that our entire game plan is inside-out. He’s living on Mars. Lamdry shoots 18 footers and Cousins gets the block cleared out for him once or twice a game. I could go on but I’m afraid I’ll get cut off. I like Westphal but he needs a gutcheck.

    • MJtheGOAT says:

      a great coach you mean sum1 that has coached a team to 64 wins. Oh and a team that has actually made the NBA finals. The same team contained so many massive egos and personalities that it made this sacto team look like a buch baby quitters, oh wait a minute it is!!!!!

      That s write i am talking about the 93 suns- guessed who coached them???? LOL please, that little punk is playing in the NBA a privilege most people only ever dream about and he is acting like a spoiled little prick!!!!! Fact is at any decent level you listen to what ever the coach tells you. It don’t matter what you think because he is the coach and so are his staff and that is the way basketball is when you play at high level. Your opinion counts when it is asked for not when you want to give it. This little a**hole will never amount to anything, because he thinks that he is entitled to be something special. NEWSBREAK you never are entitled you have to earn it