Cuban’s LeBron pitch falls short

DALLAS — LeBron James took the diplomatic approach when asked about how seriously he considered the Mavericks during free agency.

“I gave a lot of teams consideration throughout the whole process,” James said before Miami’s game at Dallas. “This is definitely one of the teams that I looked at being a veteran ballclub, they’ve got a lot of winners on their team, but I guess you guys know where I ended up at.”

Whatever consideration there was, Dallas didn’t make the cut of clubs allowed to pitch LeBron, despite the best efforts of Mark Cuban. The creative and aggressive owner still tried to get in the room, going through James’ advisor Maverick Carter, even though the Mavs didn’t have any cap room.

“When he was making his decision, what I told him and I told Maverick, was that no team had ever blown up a team of all their core, then added a couple of free agents and won,” Cuban said.

Cuban’s sell job consisted of adding LeBron to a squad that that already had Dirk Nowitzki and Jason Kidd. James apparently listened, but even having Cuban personally involved wasn’t enough.

“He’s a very sly guy,” James said. “You guys know Mark. He wants to win. He does what’s best for his team and he’s passionate about it.”


  1. LEGEND 6 says:

    u know guys LEBRON is two2x MVP PERIOD!!!! he is the best of ol!

  2. dam it says:

    lebrons just a phony hes not even gud…… players like brandon jennings can dominate the court…….jennings is the fastest player ever and is one of the greatest scorers in the league…… phonies like lebron james r only trying to steal jennings’ rightful place at the top……lebrons just a loser who just tries to do anything and everything he can just to be like brandon Jennings(his role model)

    • Bill Collins says:

      Are you serious? Brandon Jennings? I’m not a fan of Lebron but I will give him his due; He is a monster on court and an excellent basketball player. Brandon Jennings is good, but Lebron is better.

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  4. JOHN says:


  5. heatforever says:

    the heat need a new coach… maybe mike brown because lebron did well when he was in charge. let’s not forget he was coach of the year not too long ago, and cleveland’s owner made a foolish decision by firing him. Perhaps, he could do some good in Miami.

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  7. taburnok says:

    lebron must choose chicago bulls
    rose+boozer+deng+noah+james = 2011 nba championship
    hell yeahhhhh!!!!1

  8. Anthony says:

    We know it fell short! He plays for the Heat!

  9. saida says:

    com gays they cant do it relax

  10. Lebron_is_the_best says:

    how could lebron still talk like this? everything is clear prior this summer everything was already planed that they will be playing for the heat. he’s just an athletic player not even a smart one.

  11. KobeRapesWhiteWomen says:

    The heat will be fine. Its not even 20 games into the season. They have plenty of time to get things right. Everyone just needs to chill out. And to the idiot that said LeBron regrets his decision… how would you know? Youre an idiot. He lost a lot of games in his rookie year, so did he regret not going to college and playing there first rather than skipping right into the NBA? Come on people, be smart and realistic, especially the idiot that made that comment.

  12. Sp says:

    Zzan, i have watched you post your often one-eyed comments all this season, and a change of name won’t help you much. Asking ‘sensible questions’ when we are <20 games into a season isn't the right thing to do. Asking outrageous ones isn't much help either, but at least it gets a funny response from the Laker and Heat fanboys. Do i think the Heat will utterly fail this season? Probably not in the end. Did i do a little dance when the Heat lost to Indiana the other day? Sure I did, because its nice to see that hard work and great team ethos can ruin hundreds of millions of dollars worth of contract negotiations. Would I start Haslem over Bosh if he were healthy? Probably, at least 40% of the time. Can their big three win a championship with a dwindling roster of old backups? Almost certainly not. Is it completely out of the question to ask that the Cavs, if Lebron had stayed in Cleveland, would be better than 9-8 at this point in time? Almost certainly.

    I think this season will be very clear evidence for any other players with a twinkle in their eyes about teaming up with other superstars to possibly reconsider their plans. A Melo, CP3, Amare roster would probably be just as bland, negative and tense as this Heat team is. I use those three words carefully so as to not paint them as losers, because I am pretty certain that they will be in the playoff mix come the seasons end; but I also don't think they deserve much more of my respect than that. I love watching Lebron take a game over (when it results in a win), I loved with whole 'Wade's House' attitude that he had last year, and I loved flicking down the Raptors boxscores to see Chris Bosh ripping teams to pieces. This season, however, is so far a bit of a joke. It's an experiment that doesn't have the right teacher sitting at the front of the class.

    I wonder who will slot into Kobe's position when he retires next year? 😉

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      First off, i dont know if that KObe comment was a joke or not, but Kobe aint going nowhere…i give my man another good 2 or 3 years, or at least to his contract expiration, which was signed last year right? which would be this year and next year, which is 2 more seasons of SIR KOBE

      But back to the Heat….yes i feel the same way, i liked watching these guys playing individually…going crazy with their raw talent, but in the end that didnt bring them final appearances (expect one appearance by lebron ending in a sweep, and one from wade with the ring in 06) so i believe bosh had to leave, because tornoto was always a bad team, never got better so they werent doing anything to want to keep him there, him teaming up with WADE is A GREAT MOVE, would simliar to a Kobe/Gasol combo in LA, but adding James stops that from happening and the money spent on James also limits them from paying some good quality guys to come in for role spots and bench play. Lebron doesnt play like himself unless wade is off the floor and vice versa, i honestly think they need to trade James, for his own benefit and the Heat’s/

      But i do disagree with you, i think MELO, CP3, and STAT could work, alot better than these guys, because none of them play the same role, Melo is a great scorer and unlike dwade and lebron doesnt need the ball in his hands to make plays, he is also a much better JUMPSHOOTER than them both. Having CP3 would help him out because Billups is doin the same thing in Denver, being a true point guard, and can get some scoring done if needed. STAT would be like a much better verison of Kenyon Martin, so that combination could work, work pretty good actually…..just think about it.

  13. NBAfromPHILIPPINES says:

    lol…. you cant put 2 superstars in same playing style in one roster c’mon… lebron and dwade? its just like your turn my turn in scoring.. trade LBJ and the heat will DOMINATE the nba…. i say DOMINATE but not gonna be a champion.. because its LAKERS ALL DAY ALL WEEK ALL MONT ALL YEAR!!!

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      same thing ive been saying…they really need to trade LBJ, would benefit him and the Heat ball club

  14. Jay-Jay#02 says:

    the Problem with the team is that they were sucked-up too much into the the hype- lebron, wade and bosh- that forgot to play and have fun as a team. and having second thoughts about their status and their coach will not help them either, here’s a simple solution. play hard defense, bench should step-up a little, and stop complaining. they’ll get their groove soon enough and start playing as a team. just don’t be discourage.remember, it only takes one player to pull the team down, so everybody needs to be on the same level of intensity! good luck guys!

  15. Kayjay says:

    Kobe3peat, stop your hate please. Its disgusting to watch. And I’m a sactown fan. Ugh, seriously.

  16. jokes says:

    @Edan Are you stupid? Dallas is too old for him? Look at miami. Between Z, Dampier, Magloire, for a little while Stackhouse, House, and even Juwan Howard. That’s pretty old. And if you ask me Mike Miller is done. He’s either hurt or just inconsistent. The oldest players on Dallas? J-Kidd who is still putting up near triple doubles, Dirk who is still puttin up 25 and 10 constistently, Shawn Marion who is playing great off the bench and J-Terry who is also playing good. Honestly, I’m glad LeBenedict Arnold didn’t go to the Mavs. They would be the ones strugglin right now and all over sportscenter.

  17. Afgun Baller says:

    Wass wagwwonn

  18. Fugazie says:

    So basically what is happening is the heats problem is being blamed on a lack of a solid point guard /power forward / bench. Well guess what thats what happens when you wanna spend all your money on three guys that can’t play together well enough to get the lead you wanted for when they need breaks. I personally think Lebron chocked when he went there thinking he would look great but regardless he looks horrible now and I think we all see he is not the leader other greats were like Michael, Larry, Magic, Hakeem. I have more respect for Stoudemire than Lebron atleast he went some where to build a team and not be given a ring and wants to be a leader not just a piece of the puzzle.

  19. says:

    ill be honest i wasnt expecting miami to do this bad.. ive seen almost every game so far and all i can say is i miss UD.. bosh has stepped his game up a lot… lebron is being lebron however his shots are off lately… wade is a disappointment to me so far but i know he can do a lot more… miami has so much potential… i want to see what pat riley is capable of… not saying there current coach is doing a bad job i just want to see if the chemistry is there…
    media overhyped miami… now media is killing miami… dont listen to what they have to say cuz they over exaggerate soo muchh.. im sticking with miami till the end… i know they have what it takes… Lets go Miami… win a ring for the kingg….

  20. wonderboy says:

    com on u guys relax>….they can make it to the playoffs…and they can win this thing.

  21. Edan Aharony says:

    Dallas wasn’t attractive for LeBron because they were too old. He wanted to join a team with a prospect for the future and for years to come. Kidd has 1 more year at best left in him and Nowitzki who’s 31 has probably 2 to 3 more years left in him at best. Edan Ahrony

  22. Khalil says:

    Without a solid point guard Wade and Lebron cancel one another out offensively. Somebody needs to develop a consistent jumpshot and this probably won’t happen for another 2-3 years. Where is Rafer Alston or bring G Payto out of retirement? Maimi needs a point guard NOW!

  23. Law064 says:

    @ Chris K. The Heat destroyed Orlando in their 1st meeting but what happened this past week? Orlando handed Miami another loss. The Heat are overrated and over hyped. Now with Haslim out their only weapon off the bench the Heat are even weaker than when they started the season. The Mav’s kicked they’re azz Saturday. Lechoke is the problem, he should’ve went elswhere but it’s not enough ball for him & Wade. Then again Lechoke needs a superstar to carry him in the final seconds because he’s not a closer. The Media plus all the Heat Dic* Riders just handed them a ring without them playing a single game. Good to see that I was correct about the Heat. I said they will fall on they’re face. No Bench and No Center No PG. @ Chris K The Miami Heat bench is a JOKE they need help Big Z lol Eddie House lol what a joke dude. Haslim was the best player off the bench but truthfully he should start over that soft dude name Bosh!!!

  24. kobe3peat says:

    Now Lebron is having regrets of choosing Miami. What should he do, Stop listening to your friends, they’re your friends? But they are not wise friends? Your friends will ruin you. What should you do? Fake your injuries again, like you did in game 5 of the boston series. What should you do? Suffer the wrong decisions you’ve made.

    • Elle says:

      LeBron should do what Kobe did. Average 15 points per game, shooting 32% from the field, with basically zero rebounds and zero assists – let the league MVP do it all – with 38 points and 17 rebounds, whilst playing under the best coach in basketball history – Phil Jackson.
      Thats how Kobe got his 1st ring – and his 2nd…..and his 3rd. Then when Shaq and Phil left in 2005, Kobe lead the Lakers to a 34-48 season lol…..Kobe is a puppet – an imposter…..there is a reason he has only won the MVP award once in 15 seasons – he is merely a role player, surrounded by the best players in the league, coached by the best in the league.
      Kobe had 2 game-winning-attempts in this years playoffs – both missed, and both were tipped in at the buzzer by Gasol and Artest. Thats the difference – Kobe has always had other people to do the work for him – LeBron hasn’t.

      I do agree though that LeBron should not be listening to his friends – and he should never have left Cleveland for Miami. As a Cavalier fan, I hate to say it – but I hope the Celtics win the title this year. Just so Shaq can sit at the press conference and say “I’ve got 5 rings, and 3 finals MVP’s – thats one more than Kobe”.
      I couldnt believe it when Kobe had the audacity to claim he had one more ring than Shaq, despite the fact that Kobe would have zero rings if it wasnt for Shaq. The Lakers never would have won the 3-peat, Phil Jackson would have left, Kobe would have been traded……Gasol never would have come……Lakers would not have won 09/10.

  25. kobe3peat says:

    You guys are all right. But the main thing that Lebron is not realizing is his friends giving him advice. Obviously all of his friends advices are not to his advantage. What should he do, listen to someone who’s been there before, who have done this before. He should ask and seek advice from former NBA players who’s been there done that. He has not learned his lessons. Miami is the wrong team for him. Now he has to suffer from all the wrong decisions he made and for following his friends advice. What should he do??? Ask for a trade and play in Italy. He is not himself these days and maybe the mess he did is bothering him unconsciously. He can say all the excuses that he wants to but the truth is Lebron sucks!!!!!!!!!!!! Maybe this is the “karma”.

  26. Mr Sensible aka the new zzanzabar says:

    Fair enough…however, with all the talks about “how do you defend all 3 superstars?” im wondering if maybe the missing part to the Heat is…”the big 3 cant shoot”….and is now deflecting the attention to..lack of pg and pf?? I mean…they did destroy Orlando….but then again, Toronto beat Orlando as well. Also, look at the defense that Lebron Wade and Bosh play…very poor individual, but great team d because they are long and athletic so they disrupt passing lanes.

  27. Lebron is learning the hard way that it takes time to build a team. He didn’t stick to Cleveland, where a team was being built, just to start all over again.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Yea, ur right, i think now he will waste more of his career waiting for a team to be assembled with Miami than if he stayed in Cleveland that had a good core group and really just need one good piece to get them over the hump….i always thought he would regret this move, maybe not now but eventually he will

  28. Chris K. says:

    @ Mr. Sens: The heat are 9-8! Not 15-39. They still have a lot of time to grow and figure things out. They might not make the playoffs, we never know. I think Chalmers is the missing piece. If that kid can get it going like he did his first year so that he can handle the ball and set up good looks for LeBron, things would be a whole lot different! The problem is the PG and a lack of PF.

    If you look at the miami bench, they are NOT SCORING, this is the problem. The big 3 can’t do it all themselves, this is a team game, they need others to step-up, this team assumed wade, lebron, bosh were enough, NO way in hell, they need to pick up some more guys from the free agency who can play PF and PG to help this team out or they will be at best an average team.

    Remember they did destroy the Orlando Magic, that was their potential, but with Haslam out, it’s been downhill…

    • TheAnswer says:

      I agree that the Heat will never be consistantly successful with out any bench or pg/c output. The act of destroying the core of a team and replacing it with free agent/superstars has never been done. This is unlike boston who still had a core and only made additions with Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett when they are arguebly not as good as Chris Bosh and Lebron James. You can’t forget about the big 3’s playing style, most teams are at their best with only one playmaker, dictating the court. If you look at the lakers, they wouldn’t survive with another playmaker, because it is kobe’s team and 6 times out of 10 hes making the play. This is pretty much true for Lebron, Wade’s and Bosh’s playing style over the last 7 years, they were the only playmakers on their teams and the ball movement would stop when it came to their hands respectively. The combination of 3 marquee styles on one teams means that it will take time to develop, regardless of the coach, who will ultimately dictate the roles they fill. It will take only one of them to step up and take control. I would like to see Bosh do this because it would be hard for him to play at the level that he did in Toronto without being that Marquee player. Where as Lebron and Wade are more versatile offensively and can do mre things offensively. I will not give up on the because it will take time for them to develop and fill these roles that a high octane team needs. I give them a break because, since the season started they wernt given a break playing the celtics twice in the first to weeks. Unlike the Lakers they didn’t get any ease from opponents to allow them to work out the kinks since most teams are out to get them.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        I dont agree with you on alot of what you are saying, but I honestly think the team cant work…and im not just saying that because im a Laker fan….i like all three of these guys, well not Lebron as much as before but i once did. Even McGrady said it, he described wade and lebron as two players similar to himself, that command the ball and offense runs through them. You see how good the team play is when Wade is in or James is in without the other, but with both of them in they look terrible. He also said Dwade and Bron have never been players who stood around waiting to be given the ball and that just destroys their natural game….espically since they arent like RAY ALLEN, who for boston gets all his shots off of screens and just “catch and shoots”…Wade and James arent jumpshooters at heart, yes they jumpshots have gotten much better from when they first entered the league, but they arent a threat like somebody like Kobe….you know…just my opinion

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        Sorry in the beginning of my statement, i meant i DO agree with alot of what you are saying

  29. Mr Sensible aka the new zzanzabar says:

    Okay Sekou….I have ranted and ranted about the Miami Heat all season long, but now im ready ask what I percieve is a few reasonable and debatable questions to yourself and whoever would like to reply.
    1st Q- Do you think that possibly it is not a problem from a coaching standpoint with the Miami Heat, that it could possibly be that, Lebron James and especially D-Wades weaknesses (their shooting and indecisiveness on the Court) is being exploited night in and night out by teams zoning up on them and forcing them to shoot virtually open three pointers and mid-range jumpers?
    2nd Q- If Phil Jackson was wrong for commenting on the Miami Heat’s coaching situation, and according to sources that say “infact there is no problem, and Spo’s job is not in jeapordy”, why hasn’t Pat Riley, (who is present at games, and speaks to the media often) simply called a news conference and let everybody know he is not taking Spo’s job, so that the team can move on??
    3rd Q- Last year the Boston Celtics were “too OLD” according to the media…This year the Miami heat have virtually a prehistoric team with Big Z, Juwan Howard, Carlos Arroyo, Magloire, a banged up Wade, Dampier, and Eddie House. This “we just have to figure it out” speech Lebron, Wade and the media speak of… it a myth, and maybe the Miami Heat really dont have enough to get through a long season and still make a long playoff push??
    I need an educated input from somebody please, because I hate to sound biest…..but I think this is a DISASTER!

    • dave says:

      you make a realy great point. everyone said the finals would be heat vs lakers now compare the teams records and just how their stars are performing overall compared to the “big three” and you can clearly tell that maybe the heat arn’t all that great. will they make the playoffs? of course. will they win a series? probably. can they make it to the finals or even the conference finals? my money is on no.