BLOGTABLE: Sizzling Spurs

On San Antonio: Can the sizzling Spurs really give the Lakers a run in the West?

David Aldridge: They’re one wing player short: someone who could team with RJ to make Kobe work for points. What’s Tayshaun doing?

Steve Aschburner: Sure the Spurs can push and even threaten the Lakers in the West. The pace of the playoffs suits them more than any other team – even though they’re winning games fast or slow this season, in both double and triple digits. They play as a unit better than the Lakers, even if they don’t have quite the same skill level or star power. Richard Jefferson is having the season he was supposed to have a year ago. Tim Duncan, despite reduced numbers, remains as dangerous in a playoff series as an alligator with only its eyes and nostrils breaking the surface. And if Andrew Bynum can’t return with any reliability for L.A. inside, the presumed size disadvantage diminishes. Key, as usual, is staying healthy and fresh enough until May.

Art Garcia: Um, yeah. The only other current collection of peers with a championship pedigree matching — surpassing? — the Lakers reside in South Texas. Timmy, Manu, Tony and Pop own 14 rings between them. They’re haven’t forgotten how to win — 12-1 anyone? The Spurs are deeper, with a younger and more dynamic supporting cast, and they play the best team basketball this side of, well, the Lakers.

Fran Blinebury: No question the Spurs are a real threat to the Lakers, much more than the Hornets..  For one, the trio of DuncanGinobiliParker is all healthy together for the first time in several years.  Last year’s acquisitions of Richard Jefferson and Antonio McDyess have had a year to adapt to the Spurs’ way of doing things and so they’re more comfortable and productive.  In DeJuan Blair, Gary Neal and James Anderson, they have real depth.  And in Tiago Splitter they’ve got another big defender against the Lakers’ front line.

Scott Howard-Cooper: The Lakers at their best beat anybody else at their best. But if San Antonio is going to continue to put pressure on defenses with this kind of scoring output, the threat grows. Everybody already knows the Spurs will rebound and play defense. This isn’t their ideal defensive start, but that isn’t usually much of a problem for them.

Shaun Powell: Yes, yes, yes. Tim Duncan is once again on auto-pilot until the post-season, while Manu Ginobili and Tony Parker are showing they still have what it takes to give the Spurs a legit Big Three. You also have to thank whoever woke up Richard Jefferson. But the question posed here is whether the Spurs can give the Lakers a run, not if the Spurs can beat the Lakers. A run? Yes, yes, yes. Beat? No, no, no

John Schuhmann: Give them a run? Sure. Insert standard “if they’re healthy” caveat here. Four weeks into the season, it seems like Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili still have plenty left in the tank. Richard Jefferson is much more comfortable this season, and that also makes a big difference. The Spurs are one of the few teams in the league that can be great on both ends of the floor, and they match up pretty well with the Lakers. L.A. is still better though.

Sekou Smith: Save the Geritol jokes, please. Yes they can. In fact, the Spurs, Mavericks and Thunder all look like they can give the Lakers a “run” in the West. I don’t know that any one of them looks like they could top the Lakers but they could certainly give it a shot. The Spurs’ hot start is only part of their appeal for me. All the ingredients are there. They have a core group that is just as or more accomplished than any other crew in the league, they have quality role players that know to stay in their lanes and they have Gregg Popovich on the bench. Obviously, they need Tim Duncan and Manu Ginobili to stay as healthy as humanly possible. But all of their other working parts seem to be in order for at least one more title run.


  1. Brian says:

    I am very unbiased when it comes to the Lakers and the Spurs, as a matter of fact I respectfully resent both teams because of their recent successes. The notion that the Lakers are unbeatable is as ridicules as saying Kobe can’t miss a shot. They are beatable, they have shown to be vulnerable defensively at many times mentally if it weren’t for a few breaks such as the Rocket’s series Yao Ming going down and in the Thunder’s series, lack of experience; they probably wouldn’t have had a ring. This proves no matter how good you are you need breaks, and for your players to be playing well at the right time. Age is actually issue with both teams, with Gino and Duncan and Kobe and Fisher. I do think age is more of an issue for Kobe than anybody else, he needs his explosiveness and his legs for his jump shots more than any other player in both rosters. Popovich is probably the only coach who has figured out how to defend triangle offense, so it’ll come down to health and execution. I honestly would give the edge to the Spurs so far, since their opponents’ winning records have been much better than the Lakers, and they still have a better record. In a series, assuming all the players are healthy, it’ll come down to 1. few breaks here and there 2. Home court advantage 3. how hot the role players are.

  2. TITO says:

    SPURS Will Crush the Lakers!

  3. Racsh says:

    Lakers these season is still on a rumbling situation there roster is not as good as last year.They even loss to Pacers in there homecourts.

  4. Dalvin says:

    For San Antonio is all about healt to the trio TD,TP, and Manu. If they stay healty I am confident thay will beat enibody on the west Including Fakeshow.Remember Alamo.
    No Hornets no Mavs No Oklahoma has rings last decade . Tthis is championship tim with lot of batlle experiance
    Come May- June bring on Fekers .They we see this time who are real CHAMPS.
    One think more so far Spurs are 7_0 on the road this early season . They are very capable to beat fake show in the LA come play-off time piriod as they did in the past.

    Healt is only reason that this SPURS can lose this year not ani respective team HEALTH ONLY

  5. Steve says:

    If anyone can beat the Lakers, its the Spurs. Its all about health for the Spurs. During last years run, they lost a lot of games early that they shouldnt have and had to play catch up the entire rest of the way. This hurt them come playoff time because they put a lot into embarassing the Mavs (and yes, they did) but only to turn around having used up all their energy (Tim Duncan) and succumbing to their injuries (Tony Parker and Manu Ginobili) and get embarassed themselves by the Suns. (yes its true)

    Fast forward to this year and they’ve gotten off to a great start. Everyone’s rested and healthy. They’ve got a nice little youth movement going on (which is about four years late, imo) and won’t have to play a full season like EVERY game matters like last year only to be running on fumes at the end. Say what you want about either of the Lakers or Spurs records this early and how they havent played a whole bunch of good teams yet. (No Spurs fans, they haven’t exactly played championship ball clubs yet, three good team they played this year-Orlando, Dallas, New Orleans- and sorry to say your 1 – 2 and all at home?) But I’ll take it anyway because its better to say you lost to them early in the year than to lose to them in April when your trying to nail down that high playoff seed.

    The fact is the Spurs have been there before and will be there again just like the Lakers. And remember Lakers fans, the door closed on you guys when Shaq left. It took a while for ya’ll to be a championship team again. The team had to be rebuilt and it wasn’t until 2007-2008 season that the door reopened. (Pretty sure there was some big trade involved in there somewhere, right Lakers fans?)

  6. Spurs81-1RUSerious says:


    • jonathan Hernandez says:

      I believe the lakers just lost against WHO!!!!!!? The spacers….NO….The Acers….No….. Who is that nobody team they lost to!!!!!! Oh Yeah the PACERS!!!!!! yeah they are really good!

  7. Jr says:

    Gabe if anyone is a joke its you..get your fact together..when we play in 99-00 Tin Broke his ankle and was out fo the playoff and we also had one of our top scorers/play maker out in Derik Anderson in 00-01 or are you talking about when Fisher caught the ball turn around and jump in the air and shot with .04 sec in the game..that was a joke and the league change that rule…….You can clearly hear it in Phil jackson voice when we play him in the reg or in the playoffs that he fears San Antonio is cry to the refs on live tv or make comment so the ref can call ticky tacky fouls…When have we played La with Kobe or Shaq being hurt? None but i know that over the years some..not all Lakers fans didnt want Sa to play La in the playoffs…We will have to wait till that day..and hope You dont have any guy injuried like we have before.

  8. K-rob says:

    Boston is still out there too…and i know their hungry and angry so L.A better be on

  9. K-rob says:

    I hate the Lakers franchise…I am a Spurs fan but i will credit the lakers they are the best team in the NBA and Kobe is the game’s best closer,and most dominate player and I don’t see anyone beating them this year but I know the spurs are their biggest threat and can definetly give L.A. trouble….don’t count them out

  10. kobe (yummmm) says:

    sorry agreed with the brad man go lal

  11. kobe (yummmm) says:

    agreed The Bradman

  12. The Bradman says:

    The Spurs have looked impressive so far. However, I still do not believe they push the Lakers to the brink in the playoffs, much less beat them. How has the roster changed from last season again? It is a nice start for Pop and his bunch but let’s see how they stretch this run out over the next five months. The Lakers can also play at any pace and I really like their off-season moves and additions. This Spurs team can become a solid number 2 in the west. There is a long way to go and I look forward to seeing if San Antonio can sustain the hot start that they have begun. If nothing else the first couple of matchups with LAL should be worth watching. Go Lakers!!

  13. MacedonianSpursFan says:

    As you can see I am a big Spurs Fan!But that doesn’t mean anything.Why are you laker fans talking about the past.Everybody knows that the Lakers won back to back, but a new season is a new season.We are talking about 2010-2011 if you don’t know the date…And right now the Spurs are on top of the league with a 12-win streak(soon to be 13;))So when the Lakers are on top you can say whatever you want, but until that happens and come playoff time SHUT YOUR MOUTHS PLSSSS!!!!!

  14. Spurs 81-1 says:

    The Lakers have won two straight titles, thats less rest for the team. The Lakers have not met the Spurs in the playoffs in either of there 2 titles wins.

    Be Ready Laker Fans the Spurs will be there come April. Guaranteed.

  15. Kobe is the man, Pau is great! says:

    Does any player in the league create more types of difficult shots and movements than Manu Ginobli? It’s comical to watch this man! I always thought Kobe was the best creator of shots in the NBA. Manu is a close second though.

  16. TuFfiK says:

    spurs still a big treat for the lakers.. as long as their own version of big three are healthy, LA are in trouble come playoffs

  17. STYYLE says:

    My Advice to You All . WAIT AND SEE.

    GO LAKERS !!!!!!!

  18. gabe says:

    ok, i had it with this spurs have more experience than lakers and the lakers fear the spurs. duncan has been 4 times to the finals while ginoboli and parker have been to the finals 3 times each, mcdyess has been to the final 1 time i think and popovitch 4 right? kobe and fisher have been to the finals 7 times, the rest of the team exept for the new guys 3 times, and phil jackson have been to the finals 13 times and twice as a player. more expiriance dream on. as far as the laker being fearful of the spurs that’s a joke. in the 2000’s the two teams met in the playoffs 5 times with the laker winning four of those. Tim duncan may be the greatest power foward of all time but the greatest big man now its pau gasol, kobe its the best player. its too early, but the spurs have no chance of beating the lakers, don’t get me wrong, to underestimate them would be foolish, but no, the lakers have no reason to fear the spurs and no the spurs don’t have more expiriance either

    • Yo says:

      (The greatest big man now its pau gasol) Rally I can name three better then him and Duncan can still own Gasol. O and I was not counting Duncan in there.

  19. Jr says:

    Like i said before…its who is healthier…like the Celtics were about to close out game 6 when they lost Perkins ..if not for that i think they would have won it and the Spurs got sweep because Manu broke his nose and really couldn’t do anything…
    You have to have some luck to win championship too….also to many guys are talking about the bench play but when it come to the playoff ..all rotation are cut and you don’t want blake guarding Parker..or Manu

  20. louiejay24 says:

    Yes we consider them as threat, but LA will be the conference champion whatever happens..

  21. LA over Bos 4 to 2 says:

    wow yeah the spurs are hot right now they are making noise oh yeah the lakers havent played elite teams yet such as bos mia orl n well yeah spurs . n no NO is not elite there good but not great. i honestly dont think that the spurs will meet la in the conference finals if they get number 2 seed they might end up playin okc in the second round who knows and sorry to say it but i think the young and active thunders can not only scare the spurs like they did LA earlier this year but i think they can beat the spurs . its the begginin of the year hot starts 13 – 1 spurs and thee far from unexpected 8 -7 MIA look any thing can happen in the playoffs but i think that by now and then a healthy bynum and gained chemistry bench for the lakers are SCARY!!!!! the bench will be more comfortable and chemistry will be heavy in come playoff time . spurs they have tools to maybe beat the lakers but i dont see it . just like kobe is still active and have the tools to be better arguably than MJ but we know it wont happen right ? look the bench for la will be a problem for the spurs and kobe is an asassin cum playoffs. LA over spurs 4 – 2 enuff said .

  22. Simon says:

    Celtics will eat the Lakers. Last year was just a fluke, thanks to Perk’s injury. The bench of the celts will negate that of the lakers’. And Kobe will shoot 8/23 again. Pau will be a 10-10 guy and Odom will be bulldozed by Glenn. And Oh, Shaq? He’ll show something 🙂

    Don’t believe me? Review games 4-7.

  23. rwoog says:

    The Spurs are good theres no doubt about that. The Hornets are pretty good but the Lakers for them are a Match Up Nightmare besides the fact Chris Paul is better than Fisher. But the fact Remains the Lakers are the best team in the NBA. 3 NBA championships in the last 3 years and have won the last 2? How are they not the NBA’s Best? The Finals will be the same as last year, with the same results. Fish, Kobe, Artest, Gasol, Odom/Bynum come on now your ignorant to think that they can be beat in a 7 game series expecially the way Shannon Brown, Matt Barnes and Steve Blake are playing, not to mention Odom playing the best hes ever played for the Lakers.

  24. juncast says:

    It’s just too bad, Spurs and Lakers will never meet in an NBA Finals. But they may or may not meet in the West playoffs. If they don’t, it’s bad because we will be denied with the validation if the Spurs truly have what it takes to beat the Lakers. The regular games between the two teams is inadequate to measure the two vis-a-vis. Hopefully, they meet in the conference Finals.
    Last year, the Spurs were swept by Phoenix Suns for the right to face the Lakers in conference which resulted in, we know already the result.
    I believe, Spurs is different that of last year. If they are getting better, so with the Lakers. If they meet in the Conference Finals, I will put heavy bet on the Lakers. Sorry but the Lakers extremely motivated to win this year more than anybody else.

  25. darryl says:

    lakers are the best in the west period.

  26. wole says:

    It’s funny how most of the comments here are fan fare stmts and not objective analysis of the question at hand: “can the Spurs give L.A a run and beat them?” I said this earlier and think it needs repeating: This question can’t be answered until they meet in the playoff, or at least a serious asserment can’t be made until after all stars game. Anyone that says either wise is just spourting fan mania rants here, and I say this as a big Spurs fan. There are just too many ifs, although I will say with our experience in winning times past, current lineup and potential for our bench to improve without adding new players, we definately can beat them in a best of 7. Well if anything the fact this discussion is going on shows its a conceivable thought among many and most of all L.A

  27. den says:

    The 2010-2011 Lakers Team is way better than last year’s 2009-2010 Championship Lakers Team…is it intimidating? Miami still go for 70 wins..hurray!

  28. angelo says:

    i dnt think so that the spurs or hornets can beat the lakers..they can threat the defending champions but rhey cant as the tradition of phil jackson of winning 3peat..


  29. Jr says:

    joseph Stop being a hater and think you already won the next champonship..this is about “Can the sizzling Spurs really give the Lakers a run in the West”
    And yes they can, if ONLY they are all healthy and that was our down fall for the last few years..Now if the head of the snake “that Kobe” is injury for the lakers this year do you really think the Lakers have a chance to win it all? That what happen to us the last few year… You really think blake, shannon and barnes are far better then Hill, Mcdyess, Splitter and Anderson? They look better because they play next to kobe and gasol and you really do see the Spurs on National Tv like the Lakers. Just because we won a few game doesnt mean anything to me its only if we are healthy at the end of the year to compete…Trust me Lakers fan Phill Jackson only fears 1 team this last decade and that alwas been the Spurs. The Lakers are the champs till someone take them down and i do believe the Spurs can be the Lakers if healthy….that what i thought for the last decade and so has Phil

  30. eldro2009 says:

    mmm… remember …let´s go back to june 2004 ,ok? just for a little moment…. kobe , shaq , the glove ( gary payton ) , The mailman (karl malone ) … against chauncey billups , rasheed wallace , richard hamilton , tayshaun prince …. no match !!! laker win in 4 … mmm… something went wrong and pistons absolutely dominated lakers in 5 , so no matter what happens in november , it´s basketball … a lot of things can happen in 48 min . Spurs are confident , and in a streak like this confidence is a real boost for guys like manu , tim , tony but they´re getting older and injuries might be an issuer for them . On the other hand lakers have an outstandig starting lineup, and a great bench with talented guys that still have a lot to learn . I think that in their best , beat the lakers is going to be hard for every team , but anything can happen as i mentioned in the start . Minimizing the spurs maybe is not the smartest thing to do , they have the experience and talent to beat everyone . I guess that lakers or spurs will win the nba championship , no east team except celtics could be a problem for them , Lebron , Dwayne and Chris , will have to wait one more year to be a real contender

  31. SilverBlack says:

    Let’s not say about past records, it’s useless for this year season and playoff.
    Lets not say about playoff also, it’s still too fast to predict that.

    But if you want to talk about this year, Lakers statistics are dropping, but they still have the best offense and quite good defensive power, also supported with good bench.
    As for Spurs, they are healthier this year, their defense are still in the high level, though not as good as usual. But know this, Spurs is 2nd in offensive (after Lakers), and they are definitely different from the previously championship year, because in those years, Spurs is known as defensive team. This year they can do it.
    I am a Spurs fan, but I respect Lakers and admit that they are still the strongest.

    Let’s enjoy about LAL -SAS match-up this season.
    LAL @ SAS Dec 28
    SAS @ LAL Feb 3
    LAL @ SAS Mar 6
    SAS @ LAL Apr 12

  32. rank says:

    @Alakerfan, that’s not the point of this ‘alakerfan’. what i was trying to point out was: everyone should expect the lakers to have the kind of players they really want because they can PAY. if all teams can pay 92M, then lakers will just be another team.. i have nothing against kobe, he earned his spot now to be one of the greatest NBA players (unlike someone with initials LJ)..=)

  33. Chris says:


    Everyone say our team is old, they are done, blah blah blah.
    You think the big 3 cares what ESPN says, the billion lakers fan or anyone else? HELL NO.

    What we care about is improving every game and learning from the game.

  34. rah says:

    i do believe that the lakers n spurs will meet in the west finals remember the spurs were the ones to knock off the lakers in there last three-peat, spurs have not been a 100%for 2 years now ,now that the spurs are a 100% i think they r the only team to beat the lakers not the heat,or boston,or magic,or thunder . now rj is getting better so now there big three is big four so the spurs have just as much of a chance to beat the lakers as the lakewrs to beat the spurs but only time will tell go spurs go

  35. willy d. flores says:

    Lakers and Spurs in the Western Conference Finals??? We’ll i think it’s a very interesting meeting. Gasol, Bryant, Artest, Barnes, Odom, Blake versus Duncan, Parker, Ginobili and the rest! Let’s just wait and see while the drama is unfolding. Lakers will win if ever they meet in the west finals.

  36. Yo says:

    Why are we even talking about this now? these talks should come around in April this is the beginning of the season lots of basketball to be played if a team goes 82-0 does not mean they are going to win it all. I am a Spurs fan but to think that a team 14 games into the season is going to beat any other team in the playoff at this point come on. The Spurs are playing good but they need to pick up there defence for 48mins not 15mins of the game but they have 68 more games to improve it. Lets see this topic in April.

  37. Jansport23 says:

    Lakers and Spurs conference finals… if both teams healthy Spurs will win in 6. Better coach, better team, and better chemestry. How can you count out a team that comes out 13-1 and its clear that they can play better defense. When healthy best team, no doubt.

  38. bill says:

    Oh, and did I forget to mention Odom and Bynum? Indeed I did. Lakers are coming out of the West with ease this year. The C’s will be waiting and they are the ONLY threat to L.A.’s 3peat.

  39. bill says:

    The Lakers could easily, EASILY be undefeated right now. Phoenix had to jack up a million 3’s making over half just to win by 5. Lakers were up on Denver in the 4th before falling asleep on a team that always plays the Lakers well. My point, whatever the Spurs record is come the end of the season, it won’t be enough to top L.A. Kobe loves to torche San Antonio for 30 a night and Gasol can hold his own against Duncan. Artest will handcuff Jefferson leaving Parker and Ginobili as the lone threats. But with the Lakers killer B’s, I predict the Lakers would take out the Spurs in no more than 6 games is a best of 7 series.

    • jon says:


  40. gio says:

    pau and odom play better together offensively but as we know defense wins championships. we are a much better defensive team when bynum plays and alot less likely to be outrebounded no bynum and we dont get by the celtics last year. pau still turns to putty when the game gets physical. noah punked him last game and th bench is bar none best in the league when odom is on it

  41. Tomas says:

    The Lakers haven´t played against too much decent opposition so to speak, So it is not strange that they absolutely dominated low tier teams. The Spurs neither have had that stiff oponnents, except for the Magic at home which they beat realy good. The spurs can unleash a 3point barrage this year against the Lakers. Think about it, they have so many good shooters: Manu, Bonner, Neal, Hill, Jefferson, Anderson, heck even Parker is now draining threes. Of course, there are gonna be soma off nights but if that happens, TP RJ an Manu are gonna drive thru the lanes and make Lakers bigs’ life difficult.
    Wait up, people, don´t rush already into a sure thing the Lakers winning it all. This Spurs are way faster paced than last years, yet deffensively are the same.

  42. Dave says:

    Love this season. I think the depth of both teams is amazing and think, barring serious injury, we are down for an amazing western conference finals. I do however think that if these two teams stretch each other as much as it looks like they’re going to, they might break, meaning whoever comes from the east might not have to play them at they’re best in the finals.

  43. a021 says:

    YES SPURS have a chance…. They have TIM, MANU, TONY and RJ is playing great basketball this season…. I only hope that they get a great defender like shane battier or tayshaun prince…

  44. freshman says:

    Lakers should make Bynum come off the bench or trade him. Lamar and Gasol work better together and he hasn’t proven to anyone he can stay healthy. The lakers are better without bynum. He is the next greg oden.

  45. DA LA LAKERS SHOW says:

    Sure the Spurs could give the lakers a run for their money NOT come on the Spurs have always been a good Basketball team, And they are a threat to every team in the West except the Lakers. The match up isn’t good for the Spurs, Beside people seemed to forget that the lakers won back to back championships, so lets be realistic, and think about this for a second the lakers by far the best team in the NBA, So for all you BET LA BET LA , lakers haters calm down, If the lakers stays healthy, with the killer bee bench they wont stop till their up there again. On Other note i want a refund for all the summer hype about the Miami Heat they suck okay, They’ll change the coach next year and they’ll still suck.. All that partying and championship celebration in the summer and they haven’t even played a game, talking about beating the Chicago bulls Record com’on MAN….

  46. SAMMY says:


  47. James Medina says:

    I happen to think the Spurs are the only team in the West that can actually beat the Lakers, yes i said BEAT not just give them a run! The spurs have talent and are very poised, which is needed to beat the Lakers… There are many people dogging the Spurs run maybe because they do feel the threat the Spurs can offer to the Lakers… Yes the spurs are very familiar with the postseason, they know that this is a marathon and they are already playing good… Just imagine how good they are gonna look at the end of the season! Just saying, give these Spurs some props!

  48. richuncle says:

    Spur great start is not without alot of luck or bad calls by the refs. Last night in Minn the Spurs got alot of gift calls by the refs to get the game sent to overtime. It seems the refs like to keep the game close until the final buzzer to keep the fans in their seats as long as possable. In the last 2 mins of the game the Spurs shot 8 freethrows making 7, for 7 of their 12 points in the last 2 mins of the game. 8 freethrows in the last 2 mins of the game for a team trying to catch up is alot of treethrows. 12 points in the last 2 mins of a game to send it into overtime is either bad defense or bad refs. In a game the spurs should have lost in Minn. they keep their 11 game win streak going when clearly they were very fortunate but had alot of help from the refs.

    • SaintlyOneLovesHer SPURS says:

      Dude, really. Did you watch the game last night? Now granted MySpurs struggled in the first three quarters…to be quite frank, we sucked! We had good looks at the basket, but our shots just would not fall. We couldn’t hit a FT if our lives depended upon it! On the flipside, the TWolves just looked at the basket and the shots fell. I give them credit, they were beating us down. BAD! But to say we were helped by the refs, you are insane! As a matter of fact as soon as the SPURS started to claw their way back, we were hacked, slapped, pushed etc., and recieved no calls! But we kept clawing and chewing away at the their lead. My thoughts were that “the industry” didn’t want us to win…Noone gives the SPURS any credit…Lakers are the team to beat in the West, but to say they can’t be beat is ridiculous…if they play anyone other than themselves, and this goes for anyteam…YOU CAN BE BEAT! Record does not matter! Stop hating on MySpurs…Lets enjoy the season! GO SPURS GO!

      • jon says:


  49. Ase says:

    Lakers will win all depending on their playoffs matchup. If they have to face mavericks(first round), hornets(semis) and the spurs(conf finals) then the championship will go to Boston. If not, it will stay in LA.

  50. Spurs can do it withouth a doubt they have never stop being good but a combination of things like getting players used to the system the added missing pieces and health can get in the way of any team when everyone is counting them out but it’s just getting those thins align I have never doubted the spurs cause I know what they can do they can do it and I believe they will.

  51. kobe (yummmm) says:

    the spurs don’t need to match up with the lakers for anyone to know who will win the spurs just simply can’t handle kobe,gasol,shannon,artest,fisher,odom,bynum,barnes the lakers don’t only have a killer starting lineup they have an amazing bench too

    p.s. I am a huge la fan

  52. Jacob says:

    I hate reading all these comments and all I see are arrogant, uneducated Lakers fans with comments like “Lakers cant be beaten haterz”–thats nice. Don’t get me wrong the Lakers have been to the Finals 3 straight times and have won it back-to-back. They have the best player in the world in Kobe and are playing great basketball. HOWEVER this is not college, these are the best teams in the world and any team on any given night can beat one another. With that said the only teams that can not only challenge the Lakers but beat them in a 7 game series are the Celtics, Mavs, Spurs, Magic, and the Heat. I find it difficult to believe this year that the Lakers win it again with all these great teams. The Spurs let us not forget are probably the best team of the decade and are looking young and fresh again. Shaq has quoted the Celtics as being “the best team I have ever played for” and the Mavs have an all-star starting five. The Heat are playing down for their talent but still have top 5 offence and top 5 defence (the only team to boast that in the league). So Lakers fans just step back and look at the whole picture before posting these snobby unintelligent coments.

  53. richy210 says:

    does anyone recall the last time the spurs played the lakers with a healthy core? Yes it was before gasol, so don’t go and say the spurs cannot beat the lakers because these two teams have yet to match up, spurs in the playoffs step it up like no other team (especially duncan). the last time the spurs went into the postseason healthy was back in 2007 and we all know how that season ended. I do believe the spurs have the edge in postseason experience and they can step up their game when they need to. this 12-1 start isnt just a hot start for them, it is what their team is, they are winning without needing duncan. The two games they have needed him he has stepped up and delivered, I have watched this spurs team this season and they have not been challenged much, there is just something about this team that you just expect to win when it comes down to the 4th quarter.

  54. MacedonianSpursFan says:

    @rank I think that you made the point.Imagine the scenario Kobe wasn’t on the Lakers and the payrolls are about even…Who do you think will win that matchup…Stupid Faker fans.You are all crazy cuz you still think you have 16 titles.Just my thoughts, no hard feelings 🙂

    • jon says:

      ya they seem 2 forget almost half go to MLPS…LAKER CHIPS YES BUT NOT L.A

    • AFakerFan says:

      The payroll proves how great of a player Kobe Bryant is. In reality, Kobe is in the Lakers so what you gonna do about it? cry and whine about how Lakers won cus of Kobe?

  55. rank says:

    If you haven’t notice it yet, LAL’s payroll is 92+M.
    SAS is around 67M.

    Currently, the spurs are playing great basketball and it shows in their winning streak. The lakers are also playing well and it shows on the average scoring margin. The point is, both are playing well but the spurs are paying less. SAS can even get another kobe on top of their current roster now just to even the payroll..

  56. Chad says:

    The Lakers are 3-2 against teams .500 and better. I’m not saying the Lakers can’t beat better teams, since they have proved it time and time again, but this season they have yet to really play too many great teams. The Spurs are 6-1 against .500 teams. The Spurs are proving themselves already. The fact these “professional” commentators would still rather talk about how disappointing the Heat are instead of how good the Spurs and Lakers are, is quite sad.

  57. juno says:

    a lot of good comments here yah? well, we cannot tell yet. conference finals is sure, spurs vs lakers..who will win? we’ll neve know, yet. even of they meet today in the regular season game it doent matter. yeah bynum can be a factor but bynum cannot be a factor if this will be a battle of small lineups because he will be eaten alive. Tim Duncan will switch it on come playoffs time. Pau is Excellent, Odom is excellent. Tiago plays very well, antonio play good rebounding and can stretch the loor with perimeter shooting. It’s almost even so we’ll never know. Either team are also potential of beating each other in 7 game series coz both are young teams and got very deep bench and 3 point shooters. The question is,health, who will be healthy when the playoffs arrive

  58. err yea... says:

    Which ever team has the least number of injured players is going to win. Pure and simple.

    • AntiInjuries says:

      Yes. The Spurs can attest to that. I guess the Lakers, too.

      That being said… Dr. Jerry Buss, please throw Bynum into the Black Hole.

  59. The Augustus says:

    It will either be the Spurs or Lakers coming out in the West, that is for sure. Health will be a key and it seems right now the Spurs are working towards limiting the minutes of the Big Three to save them for the Playoffs. People are already writing off Tim Duncan because he’s had a few single digit games…why? Why would you write off the best power forward to ever play the game? Duncan will bring his game when the opportunity presents itself.

    That being said, a Gasol-Bynum-Odom combo is potentially deadly for the Spurs. It will depend on how ready Splitter will be and the readiness of Duncan (however, this advantage is negated if Bynum isn’t healthy come playoff time). The Spurs will need to outperform the Lakers’ bigs with guard play because it is obvious the Spurs have the best backcourt in the NBA in Parker and Ginobili (with Hill as an excellent reserve). Jefferson will also be a key.

    You can’t count off a 12 game winning streak for the Spurs, even if their schedule hasn’t been the toughest. We often forget that this is a professional league; dismissing a team as inferior just because of their record can be fatal (ala Hornets vs. Clippers). The Spurs are playing some decent basketball right now and it’s only November. Trust me: they will improve come April. Will it be enough? We will see.

    Don’t write the Silver and Black off!

  60. The Man In Black says:

    LAL Fan…you know that if you didn’t FEAR the Spurs, you wouldn’t be talking about them.

    Is it because Steve Blake is wearing Forum Blue & Gold, that all of a sudden, he’s a STOUT defender? A can’t miss 3-point shooter? The perfect back-up to DFish because he’s faster? OPEN YOUR EYES. It’s early for the LAL too. When Bynum gets back, what makes one think that Mr. Glass will be able to stay healthy? Was it because he makes smart choices like delaying surgery so he could go to South Africa and watch World Cup?
    To date, the Spurs have quality wins over OKC, ORL, UTAH, & CHI. Their lone loss was to New Orleans. The LAL has only 1 quality win over Chicago. Their losses are to Denver & Phoenix. So who’s played the more cupcake schedule?
    LAL fans make it seem like they won that title last year like it wasn’t too hard. That title wasn’t won in a dominating fashion and had Perkins been able to finish game 6 or play game 7, the result could’ve tilted GREEN. The Spurs are the West Coast version of the Celtics, except that since they have a younger bench and better shooters, the pace is much much faster. A Popovich team must play defense, it’s a law in San Antonio and when they have theirs down stone-cold…I expect that the possibility for 1 for the THUMB takes a huge, huge uptick.
    YA BETTER RECOGNIZE! If you’re posting on this thing, then you’ve already noticed that things are different in the standings. Maybe it’s because you’re looking up to the Spurs?

  61. joseph says:

    Oh wait you forgot 2009, oh wait no u didn’t they didn’t win. Well who won then, oh wait ya it was the Lakers. Get your facts straight!!!!!!!!

    • FactsStraight says:

      The previous comment did not have false info, did it? We just did not mention the Lakers, ’cause…yeah, we don’t care.

  62. Spurs big fan says:

    Go spurs go……… It is spurs year baby. 1999,2003,2005,2007,AND……….2011. Spurs love to be champions on odd year number!

    Spurs will destroy lakers, just wait and see.

    • Nick says:

      Who won in 2009?

      • 2009Champ says:

        We don’t care. The Spurs are a league of their own. The Lakers always have a Green chip on their shoulder. Teams like the Suns and Mavs have choke traditions. The Bulls were winners with Jordan, then nothing before/after. So, yeah, we don’t care about 2009. This is now. And now is the Spurs.

  63. joseph says:

    Hmmmm the spurs were younger last year and I wonder what happened then. To all you spurs fans who say that their bench i better than the lakers, you are surely mistaken. You should check your glasses,or get your contacts checked. The lakers are by far the best team in the NBA , how can anynoe honestly pick against them they are the NBA champs. Kobe and Ron Ron are shooting horibly and theystill have a 13-2 record. Im tired of hearing about the Spurs even having a chance, and infact it makes me mad. Who is the team that’s won the last two NBA Championships? Who’s the team that’s been to the finals the last3 years? Hmmm maybe the lakers. all you haters need to shut it cuz your all dumb if u think anyone can beat the lakers!!!!!

    • jon says:

      i only give u barnes as a real threat off da bench…but not a scary 1…blake cant handle hill..and the rest of that bench can not match up to our bench..u say kobe and ron are shooting low..duncan hasnt scored double digits in 5 games and his minutes are 25 minutes or lower…he only played 17 min…the other night..and we r 13-1..u say last year..WHAT HAPPENED” unlike other teams when they r rebuilding miss the play offs lets say like the lakers before gasol…is what happened..and we still made the play offs and got 2 the 2nd with a year under the belt all the newcomers are adapt….the result????check the standings as a laker fan u will have to look up…why we will head into the finals over the lakers..we have equal championship pedigree no other team can say that..we know how to get it done…

  64. Shazzzam28 says:

    To all the Laker fans…. why don’t you try to watch a few Spurs games before you comment on them. Its obvious that you only watch the highlights and the final score. Everyone else who DO watch Spurs games know that our bench is as deep if not deeper then the Laker bench. If the Spurs and the Lakers can stay healthy it WILL be a ROYAL RUMBLE in the Conference Finals and if Lake fans and or any Analyst truly believe that the Spurs will “Make a run at it” but not beat them will be greatly disappointed. Remember the Spurs where the oldest or close to the oldest team in the NBA when they won all their championships…… NOW THEIR YOUNGER…… Pause…….now Think about it.

    • wole says:

      Let me first get this out of the way by saying am a spurs fan..As much as I love the spurs you have to give bench depth to L.A because its a bench that has bynum(when he comes back), brown, barnes and blake. However we have a pretty good bench and one that can get better give or take a few things: will Bonner have the confidence to keep up his play and keep shooting the ball like we know he can? Once Tiago has been implemented in the sys will he rebound, defend and create a big presence in the paint like we recruited him for (offence from him is secondary)? Finally the bringing back of Ume should free up Hill for more offense by taking some of the defensive duties he is usually saddled with, so will his overall play sky rocket like I expect it will so he adds that final punch we need from the bench? If all this can align like I hope they fill then our overall team in my opinion will be evenly matched with L.A. Oh btw I haven’t even mentioned Mcdyses who is always solid, nor the guard rookies who can shoot the ball, though I don’t expect consistent performance from the rookies in key moments. In the end though we haven’t had the hardest schdule during this streak, nor has L.A so you can throw both their hot starts and truly assess them just after all stars game. With everything said it has to be said L.A isn’t even playing in 2 gear for most of time during this past period (3 gear being play off bball) and bynum isn’t even back, not to mention all the rest Kobe is getting. But then you could say the same for the spurs with Duncan averaging less than 30mins in auto pilot mode (like kobe), Tiago just coming back from injury is still learning the sys so isn’t playing anywhere near what he will be playing entering the post season and our patent defense still isn’t there (anyone thinking we will keep giving up 100 points to oponents is in for a shock soon enough). All I am saying is in a lot of ways, even with all the give or takes, we are evenly matched with L.A and will be no surprise for either team to win a series against the other..

      BTW: no one should sleep on the Mavs cos as much as I dislike them (a texan rivalry thing) they scare me and should anyone else in the west or fans with good bball sense

  65. Halcyonguy says:

    The Spurs fear no one. The Lakers know this and that’s why they fear the Spurs. The Spurs are younger and deeper this year. The second unit can maintain momentum and when Tiago Splitter gets acclimated by late season, he’ll be hard to handle since he’s so athletic. Spurs 4-2 over Lakers in Western Conference Finals and 4-2 over Boston in the Finals.

  66. flanders says:

    no one is talking about the mavs.Dirk,Terry,Marion,Kid,Chandler. The mavs are a tuff cover for anyone.And yes the lakers can be beat over confidence will get them this year. The spurs though talented not deep enough in my opinion.Injurys do happen. Not to mention mavs have a good back up center in haywood. so i see a lakers mavs showdown. Mavs wining. also the heat will gel enough to get them to the finals. But while in the finals ther egos will inplode.leaving cuban with the biggest ego as the mavs when there first nba finals.

    • Nick says:

      Stop riding the Heat’s danglies. Their major weaknesses won’t be addressed until next year and are not good enough to beat Celtics, Magic or Lakers in 7 games.

  67. MacedonianSpursFan says:

    Do you believe in fairytails???’Cause this 3-PEAT or something stuff looks like a fairytale too me…SPURS IN 6 IN WCF!!!!!!

  68. joseph says:


  69. Aaron says:

    A 13-1 start for SA is pretty, yes, but the question will be can they stay healthy and maintain their chemistry? RJ and Bonner are playing lights out and the youth movement we’ve brought in is playing well with the minutes they’ve been given. Splitter’s gradual integration will be key as well. But it’s far too early in the season to accurately gauge what the Lakers or the Spurs will do. Case in point, look at SA last year at about this time. They were struggling tremendously, plagued with injuries, and had an average record. Then they put together one of their most complete playoff series in a couple of years and spanked the Mavericks. This just means that we won’t know if the Spurs can truly challenge the Lakers until they play a 7-game series.

    Lakers fans, be weary of all this unsinkable ship talk – LA will get their third chip when they win it.

  70. MoWalton says:


  71. eas says:

    yeas i think any team can challenge the lakers. that is why it is important that the lakers never take a team too lightly. because bam and upset can happen if not careful. but the lakers are better than everyteam in the nba with the exception of the heat. (record is not a barometer of how good a team is). the heat will turn it up in time for the play offs. then we will see who is better as of this season. but this season the lakers have 3 equal type stars to match up against heats three stars. then the center position for la will kill the heat. boston could also kill the heat with perkins back. but the spurs i dont think will beat the lakers but it is definitely possible.

  72. KingCobra25 says:

    Spurs are a challenge to people right now but when kobe dominates the hornets or spurs in the playoffs you will realize that no team in the west are even close to defeating the lakers

  73. Flo says:

    I give the Spurs a huge advantage over any other Western Conference team just based on their championship experience. But I would still give the Lakers the advantage in a 7 game series especially if Bynum gets healthy and firms up the defense. Remember the Lakers tend to struggle vs. young and athletic teams i.e. the Blazers and Thunder. The Spurs play a half court game which will allow the Lakers to set up their half court defense which next to the Celtics is one of the better in the league.

    • jon says:


  74. jon says:

    look spurs can beat the lakers…spurs bench is deeper younger and better…george hill threatened parker for his job..dejuan blair not tall but a great rebounder and may i add very physical..tiago splitter young and already seasoned 1 full game in spurs attire 18 points..matt bonner a p/f bring a big out of da paint and let parker kill it rainin 3’s n e body..mcdyss…can hit from 15 like nothing take da bigs out da need to explain GINOBILI,PARKER OR DUNCANS case..all that is needed is to play lock down defense on the rest of the lakers and let kobe have his nights he could probably score all of da points for the lakers cus he is that good..but thats where jefferson comes in kobe will have to play he is gonna have to work both ends…the only thing that could kill da spurs r the officials lakers get their way…game 7 last year….boston 1st quarter poundn the lakers…no calls where bein made then stern had enuff calls went lakers way…boston couldnt play tuff b-ball reminds me of 92 finals 4th quarter bulls down then the officials..killed the blazers got it on dvd i was gettn mad at da calls and this was 18 years ago…lol

  75. Mr Sensible aka the new zzanzabar says:

    Why is everyone so surprised by the hot starts in the West??? Listen….nobody wants to see the Lakers in the beggining of the first round or the second round (or third round, but u gotta play them sometime)… second is the ideal spot if you want to go far in the west…..OKC, New Orleans, Spurs, Utah, and Denver are fighting for second. The west is open….but I doubt anybody can take 4 out of seven against this group….A run…….beat them….no. Lakers are playing against themselves now. The way they play teams now is just to get a feel of the certain defenses that teams will throw at them in the playoffs…if they ended second or third….they wouldnt care, so for me, giving the Lakers a run is making the Lakers fear you….and in all honesty…..NO TEAM PUTS FEAR IN THE LAKERS!!

  76. joseph says:

    Well, I have listened to everyone’s coments. Everyone has good points, but now here is my opinion. I am a laker fan, simply put no on can beat the lakers when they are healthy. Even when they are not heathy they can still win. I do no see the lakers keeping the pace that they have had so far, as well as i do not see San Antonio Either. Thre are a couple of teas that can challenge the lakers, due to the lakes being weaker at the point guard spot , every team that have good point guads they will have a tougher time. Tougher time doesn’t mean they will lose. Hornets are better but stil no challenge, San Antonio is better but no match. The laker will just get better as th season goes on. Ye the lakers really have not played teams that will in my opion to much. Other than the bulls, LA hasn’t realy played anyone that can challenge for a campionship. One ting everyone needs to undersand is thelakers playe horrible in the lasy month of th season last year, Andrew Bynum was out the last half, and the lakers had an extemely injured team last year but look what the did with basically a 60% Kobe and a Bynum on one leg. LA is unbeatable in a 7 game series. Anything is possible, but not proable.

    • Jason says:

      Sorry, joseph … But i think you can’t hear people when you are actually reading …

    • Patrick says:

      Ummmm, so I love how according to you (and half the other comments on this page) the Lakers seem to be the only team capable of improving as the season goes on. Every other team will stay the exact same? Only the Lakers will improve? You people are just full of it, aren’t you? We’re a month into the season, no team is invincible. Hell the Spurs will probably finish 3 or 4 in the West, but in a conference as strong as the western conference is, that really doesn’t mean anything. Any one of the Top 8 teams has the capability of toppling any of the others in a playoff series. Need I point out that the only reason that the Lakers even got a ring last year was because one player on the Thunder had a mental lapse and forgot to block out Pau Gasol and let him score at the buzzer? Or that the number one ranked Mavericks got beaten by the number 8 ranked Warriors a few years back? Nobody knows what’s going to happen, so just shut up, watch, and wait to see.

  77. Steve says:

    I don’t remember Lakers fans talking up the Spurs any of the 4 years the Spurs won their rings. Spurs are looking better than they have in recent years…in fact stronger than a couple years they won those rings. The season is far from over, and nothing is guaranteed for either team. Spurs can DEFINITELY compete and can DEFINATELY not only beat the Lakers, but take it all the way and win the rings. Lakers are on fire and playing amazing basketball this year too…it’s going to be tough. I give a lot of respect to the Lakers, it would be great to see Laker fans return the favor someday.

    • Nick says:

      I’m a laker and give great credit to the Spurs. They have been an amazing team since Robinson. They still have the ability to go all the way but whether they will do it shouldn’t be judged until at least after the all star break. Anyone can get lucky/hot and win a bunch of games (Rockets last year, Hornets this year). The Lakers and Spurs are off to blistering starts but haven’t faced too many top tier teams yet. The schedule will even out and both will lose a bunch of games. Judge it in 2/3 months time.

      • rg7462 says:

        Nick, i agree with you! everyone here seems to have opinions as a FAN but truth is, anyone can beat anyone during the PLAYOFFS!

      • jon says:


    • John says:

      sorry but Lakers have many options. Bench is outstanding and when Bynum comes back, he can match up with Tim. I gotta tell you, age dont lie.

  78. gabe says:

    Can the spurs chalenge the lakers? I believe they can, but one thing its to challenge and another thing its to beat. I’m sorry to say it, but the Spurs era its over. Don’t get me wrong, I respect the spurs, and I respect coach Popovitch, but they have no chance in a 7 game series. Let’s not fall in love with records, as you recall, the Lakers last years had the third best record over all and the Celtics were only a fourth seed in the east. The Lakers over the Celtics in six…

    • SpursEraWhatRUTalkingAbout says:

      As far as the media, or the world outside Spurs Nation is concerned, there has been no “Spurs Era. ” That’s the kind of treatment the Spurs get ALWAYS. ESPN doesn’t even pay attention to these things, putting the stinking Miami Heat ahead of the streaking Spurs. Anyway, it’s not the same old Spurs this season (well, if YOU are paying enough attention). They are like some kind of an incarnation that is different from all others.

      And what’s up with these Finals predictions? Too early. Toooooooo early.

  79. Jonathan Coates says:

    Anyone who has watched the lakers play right now shouldn’t be getting their hopes up about anyone beating them or denying them in the playoffs. If you want to talk about the soft schedule you can but they are handling the competition regardless of who it is. If anything you all should be absolutely terrified that they are doing so without Andrew Bynum. Another scary note, they are doing so while getting their best players significant rest so far to start the season. It’s hard to worry about injuries when Kobe can sit out the fourth quarter on a regular basis. The three best teams in the league right now are the Lakers, the Celtics, and the Spurs. Anyone else NOT surprised by this? They’ve only been ruling the league for…. oh basically the entire history of the NBA. In the past twelve years only two other teams out of the ENTIRE NBA have won a championship. The celtics and lakers have over half of all the championships ever won, and have accounted for an unbelievable 50+ finals appearances. This is why we are going to be treated to yet another unbelievable Finals between the Celtics and Lakers, in which the Lakers will come up with the win in 6 games to make it tied at 17. Three-Peat Completed. Kobe gets number 6. Phil gets number 12.

  80. al- respect d game says:

    well you all make good points. no one knows who would get hurt or injured but assuming lakers, spurs, and and others in the west are all healthy, then it looks like the best team is la. CAN the spurs beat them. sure hey can. they are a pop team but WILL they beat the lakers. i just dont see it happening.

  81. Eli says:

    The ONLY team that can beat the Lakers are the Lakers.

    • Hall of Fame Man says:

      That’s true

      • LakersBeatLakersRUSerious says:

        OK then, bring on those Lakers to beat the Lakers.

        Jeez, what a comment. We’re talking about actual matchups, not philosophical ideals and stuff.

        That being said, at the time being, interest is brewed at how the refreshed Spurs are going to match up with the ever deadly Lakers. I’m a Spurs fan, so it will be really great to see how the Silver and Black will fare.

        And oh, the Lakers are really lucky they didn’t have grave injuries in the past three years. Of course with the exception of Bynum. So if I were a Lakers fan, I’d write a letter to the owner to send his butt away from LA. He’s frigging useless.

        Then again, I am for the Spurs, so… way to go Bynum!

        “Lakers beat the Lakers, 90-89.99”

      • BM18 says:

        I would like to remember that mr KB24 played more than one season with broken finger, back problems, ankle problems… Bynum… no comment! Start of last season how many games missed Pau Gasol??

        Ah, we must talk about philosophical ideals and stuff because there’s nobody that can beat LA!!!!! Go LAL Go!!!

      • Lowrider says:

        wow this is the truest, if thats even a word, statement on here lol

  82. Mike says:

    The Lakers are nothing without Kobe. If something happens to him, then the Lakers can kiss their 3rd chip goodbye.

  83. RenegadesfortheWIN says:


    Why do people keep saying the Spurs are deeper than the Lakers? Mic testing one.. two.. can you hear me?

    “Mr. Brown the dunkmaster” is now “Mr. Brown the starter on any other team” (ok fine. any other team not in the top.. 8 of the league). Mr. Blake can hit from anywhere on the court, and he’s only going to get better. Mr. Barnes = BOSS. The rooks clearly aren’t Wall and Griffin, but they’ll earn their respect and minutes for the playoffs (which you can immediately translate into FINALS, cause we all know that’s the reality.. except AI who thinks it’s SAS over BOS.. foolish). Mr. Odom (once Mr. Bynum returns) off the bench is like.. well.. having Mr. Odom come off the bench for you = perfect.

    Ok, here’s what I’m getting at: Mamba and the Spaniard could both play under 30 minutes a game through the first round of the playoffs, with or without Mr. Bynum, and the Lakers will be in great shape. Think about it.

    ps Heat will step it up. And if they don’t, Orlando will be the ones in the Finals from the East. Although there is nothing I would love more than beating Boston twice in a row, so the Lakers will finally have as many championships as the Cs (which would also give Phil his fourth complete three-peat and Kobe and Fish could start working on their second set of rings), I know it’s just not going to happen. I got the revenge I wanted last year, and now I’m just loving life.

    • Jake says:

      Did you hear what Phil said about his rookies? He said “they’re great people but they really have no purpose on earth.” I”m sure he plans on using them during the playoffs lol.

  84. open says:

    the spurs have had more nagging injuries in the past.
    if healthy they were arguably top 3 in the west. but yeah injuries.

    parker will be fine and is actually playing -under-the-radar- mvp basketball.
    20 ppg, 8 asp, 55% fg, and 2 spg on a 12-1 team should be mentioned i think.
    duncan is getting the rest. (team has been built for him to run in the playoffs)
    ginobili is the one to keep an eye out for, remember the post all star damage he inflicted on teams last year?. but his injuries could come back, his summer off and not playing basketball should help.

    jefferson woke up and is playing the way he is supposed to, also with improved 3, he is ANOTHER one of the 4-6 proven shooters on the team which was looking for roger mason jr to be their savior (he shot 36%).
    mcdyss is still solid.
    bonners 3pt shots in recent games—2/2, 4/4, 7/7. shooting i think 65% now.
    hill and blair have had slow starts.
    splitter hasnt really shown too much because of injury.
    rookies neal and anderson are i think combined 26 of 47 behind the 3.

    offensively the spurs are even with the lakers, defensively they are about even.
    experience is even, the bench is even. coaching is about even.
    even the health issues are about even lol.

  85. Hec says:

    They still have 68 more game, no doudt that they are a treath, but If they want to be the Lakers they got to win 4 out of 7 wish is going to be hard against the champions.Duncan can match with Gasol, but is kow way that Blair or Splitter can match with Bynum.Jefferson is good but Kobe is better and what about Odom, Ginobili is no match for him.The only one is Parker that will destroy Fisher.And what about the bench, Brown,Barnes,Blake and company.I see it hard for the Spurs.

    • Steve says:

      Ginobili is no match for Odom? You are talking about Lamar right? I want some of what you’re having. Manu can give Kobe a run so I’m not sure why you don’t think he can shake and bake Lamar all night long…

      • GinobilOdomMatchupRUKiddingMe says:

        They play different positions. No fair comparing the two. It’s like debating who between Jordan and Kareem is better.

        However, regarding, the Odom problem, I think the Spurs found who can cover him.


        Yeah, he’s able of splitting Odom, alright. Like he did in the Worlds. So bring it on, you long-armed dribbler.

      • Lowrider says:

        Naw I have to disagree with you. The lakers will demolish the spurs, the spurs are just too old they cant make it to the finals, only the regular season till they get exhasted in the playoffs

      • jon says:

        lol…check the players ages for the spurs….it has flipped…i dont know why everybody still considers them old there are only 5 players over 30…2 years ago it was 5 players under 30..yes tim is up there but not the rest…spurs play team ball so we dont have to rely on tim..get the facts str8

    • Rick says:

      It is not a match-up of individual player but a match-up of a team that has the chemistry. It’s a ball game and the best team that executes will win. Just wait for the post season

  86. Robert says:

    This the most complete spurs team seen in the tim duncan era. All the pieces are there: an All-star starting 5, a stellar bench, hall of fame coach and player, hot offense and solid defense( which will get better as the season progesses). In 07, when they won the title, they started off 10-3; their 12-1 now. Chew on that ESPN! Spurs will win in the Finals over the Celtics or Magic.

    • Nick says:

      All star starting 5? Only Duncan will be an all star this year..

      • Kenneth says:

        but they are all-star caliber talent.

        I have to admit, I haven’t been giving Spurs a lot of credit lately.

        I look forward to seeing what they can bring rest of the season.

      • yewha! says:

        yep! only Duncan, and he’s averaging less than 30 minutes per game. So who is getting the job done?
        Posible answer? YES!!! other not 4 but maybe up to 8 players who will not be in the all star team, and you know what?? they possibly don’t even care about it! Hahahaha! It’s aaaaall about the team effort!

  87. Jack Wood says:

    I’ll make this short and sweet…it’s too early in the season for everyone to be talking about win streaks and destined final appearances when we’re only in November. Not too long ago the Houston Rockets (not neccesarily compairing them to the Spurs) won 19 in a row much later in the season, and how far did they get in the playoffs…lol?

    • BRYAN IVLER says:

      well its because rockets is not the lakers or the spurs who dominated the most of early 00s.
      and definitely 2 of the top elite teams in the nba.

      id say lakers in 5 over spurs in confe finals
      and lakers in 6 over celtics in nba finals.

    • Chad says:

      The Houston Rockets, I believe, won 23 or 24 in a row, not 19. But I understand where you’re coming from. However, November winning streaks are almost as impressive as March and April winning streaks. As long as they’re 10+.

    • Jake says:

      The Rockets took the Lakers to game 7 without Yao. Chew on that Jack.

  88. Al says:

    I said before the season started when everyone didn’t give the Spurs a chance…..a fifth ring for Duncan and company. They’re deeper, younger, gained some height in Splitter, Jefferson is back to being Jefferson, and the big 3 are healthy. Everyone is concerned about they’re health but nobody talks about the injuries Kobe’s had over the last several years and he could go down just as easily. The Spurs over Boston in the finals……

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  90. LAKERS BABY says:

    The number 2,3,4,5,6,7 and 8 seed are all debatable in the West. But let me put it this way, there is no way the Lakers are gonna miss the finals. They’re playing ridicules right now with their bench playing out of their mind.

    Did someone check the boxscore yesterday against the bulls?
    Pau wasn’t as productive as he normally was, but it didn’t matter. Lamar and Shannon took over and closed the game.
    Pau and Kobe can take less shots, play less minutes and the lakers still win by 10+ on many night the way everybody is playing right now. ( except for Artest, his numbers are looking pretty bad atm )

    But to agree with most of the NBA writers, I think the biggest opponent in the West for the Lakers are the Spurs.

    • nada says:

      Sure the Lakers are playing great but look at the easy schedule that they had. They haven’t face real opponents yet. Well they lost to Utah.

      • Joshua says:

        they haven’t lost to utah…. only Den. and Phx

      • jackindabox says:

        yeah ‘nada’ you stink on your comments. ever heard of a tv. try watching games before you say that utah beat the lakers.

      • Syed F. Akbar says:

        The schedule looks ‘easy’ because they are the Lakers. The exact same schedule may not appear so ‘easy’ for another team. Theae are all still NBA, not college teams.

      • LakersSmlakers says:

        @syed f. akbar

        HAHAHAHA!!!! Their schedule hasn’t been easy. You’re right. They’ve been playing some really tuff teams: The Rockets, The Warriors, The Timberwolves, The Kings, The Raptors, The Pistons. Yeah…these teams are CRAZY good…who cares that they haven’t played The Spurs, The Celtics, The Mavericks, The Magic, The Heat, The Hornets, The Thunder.

    • Alan says:

      I agree with you totally.

      Except Character, all players on the beach can take three point shots. This is good when they face some kinds of defence.
      (Just have a flashback that Sun’s zone defence last season in Western conference finals makes lakers plays very though.)

      For Ron Artest, scoring is not his job. His focus is on defence and help Gasol. If he can have some steals every game and make good defence on the “x-factor” player, that’s enough for him

  91. Zzanzabar says:

    Everybody sit back and take a deep breath, remember this is a marathon not a sprint. Yes the Spurs are doing quite well a month into the season, but Duncan playing less time will make him fresher for the playoffs but not NEW. There current run is somewhat surprising but not totally unexpected from a Popovich coached team. No matter whether it is the Spurs, Hornets, or OKC they still have to win 4 out of 7 from the reigning champions the Lakers and that is NOT going to happen the way the Laker’s bench is playing.

  92. diehardNFFLbarnone says:

    The Hornets could give the Lakers a run for their money as well, and probably even beat them.

    • Jake says:

      lol sorry that was a funny comment.

      • jackindabox says:

        agreed to what? still having doubts? what team won the previous two nba championships? the spurs, and the hornets are just having a good run. heck, they can do a winning streak of 20, it doesnt matter. the real test would come on the postsaeson, the nba finals. 3peat for the Lakers? why not, they have what it takes, and they deserve it.

    • Austin says:

      The hornets? Really!? Pau would love to see them anytime anywhere. Their inside game is no better than a highschool jv squad, c’mon now man!!

    • Christopher says:

      At the rate the bench is playing, they’re out doing the starters except Lamar xD

      I don’t think the Spurs are a threat. Jefferson is an inconsistent player. Watch his numbers go down. One injury is all the team needs to stop their Momentum. Manu is already injured i saw during halftime of hawks vs wizards.

      I really don’t the Lakers have any decent competition in the west. With Amare gone to NY PHX was the only legit team to rival the lakers. I think OKC has a legit shot also. But other than that I don’t see anyone else challenging the lakers for the top seed for the west or NBA finals. BUt thats just my opinion based on years of watching basketball. ^_^

    • Flo says:

      the spurs WILL beat the lakers. You guys are all retards