BLOGTABLE: Kobe’s Greatness

Barkley’s new list: Kobe is one of the five greatest ever. Just Charles being Charles?

David Aldridge: For that to be true, one of the following would have to go: Russell, Jordan, Magic, Wilt, Kareem. I’ll let the Chuckster choose.

Steve Aschburner: I’ll bet that a thorough search of the TNT archives would turn up tape of Barkley naming 13 different guys among his “Top 5” ever. I can’t put Bryant that high on any all-time list, not when the top spots are already clogged with the likes of Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Oscar Robertson, Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Elgin Baylor, Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem Abdul-Jabbar, Hakeem Olajuwon, Jerry West and Julius Erving. Kobe could shove aside half of those guys and still not crack the Top 5. Counting rings is way too restrictive and an NBA peculiarity – no one obsesses over championships won when ranking the best ever in football or baseball, not to the degree employed by many hoops fans. So Bryant’s five are great, but that doesn’t give him “cuts” on Robertson or Baylor, for instance. I’d have him in my second five – and I’ll let you figure out who gets bumped down.

Fran Blinebury: If he’s picking his all-time team by position, it means, of course, that Chuck is bumping his buddy MJ to fit in Kobe at SG.  Does he really want to go there?  Kobe’s case for being top five regardless of position is becoming stronger each season and cannot be simply dismissed out of hand, especially if he picks up ring No. 6 and a completes a second three-peat this season.  But the real beauty of Chuck being Chuck is that he firmly believes everything he says today…until he changes his mind tomorrow.

Art Garcia: MJ undervalued so the Chuckster naturally went overboard. Not surprising considering the unfiltered Barkley’s penchant for saying anything, no matter how outlandish. And most of the time he even seems to believe it, even if Round Mound backed off a bit and dropped Kobe to sixth. There’s no question Jellybean’s son belongs in the jar of all-time greats and all-time winners. How many other pieces belong in that jar is always a tasty debate.

Scott Howard-Cooper: If it is Charles being Charles, it’s not by much. I think Kobe is absolutely in the top 10, and found that a lot of readers who don’t think much of Bryant on a personal level agree with the ranking. From there, it’s easy to build a case for top five. Bryant has been great on offense, great on defense, great in the clutch, is the ultimate competitor, and has learned to become much better as a leader.

Shaun Powell: I respectfully disagree with the Chuckster for now, and reserve the right to agree with him later, with more evidence of Kobe’s career. The best five all-time are Russell, Magic, Jordan, Bird and Kareem. Not only were they so great for so long, they didn’t play against the watered-down competition of today. Oh, and for those who say Chuck has a big ego, notice he didn’t include himself in the top-5.

John Schuhmann: I don’t know how you would compare players of this era to those who played 40 or 50 years ago. Can you really say that Kobe Bryant is better or worse than Wilt Chamberlain or Oscar Robertson? The game was played so differently and the league was so much smaller. Here’s a better question: Who’s the best player from the late 90s until now, Bryant or Tim Duncan? You could make good arguments for both.

Sekou Smith: No, it’s more than just “Charles being Charles.” Kobe certainly belongs in the discussion. I just think that’s an unbelievably tough top five to crack for Kobe and a lot of other all-time great players. Without knowing how his career ends, I can’t put Kobe in that top five ahead of (in no particular order) MJ, Magic, Oscar, Bird, Kareem, Wilt, Russell, West and Hakeem. If we were to break it down to specific positions then Kobe is top five easily. But he still has to fight his way into that top five. What I’d love to know is who Charles thinks must drop out of the top five to make room for Kobe?


  1. bogart says:

    Kobe? kobe? kobe? not even close to Jordan…

    1. Mj
    7. Kobe? (maybe)

  2. Ken says:

    Yeah, all of you KB24 sock puppets … please explain for all of us “idiots” how your boy:

    1. Shoots < 41% lifetime FG% in Finals games … 37 career games, 5 at or above 50% and 10 at or below 33% … MJ played 35 games and had 17 and 2 …

    2. With a team including all-star caliber teammates like Lamar Odom and Caron Butler, your "leader" led his first team as "the man" to a robust 34 – 48 record in the 2004/2005 season.

    Wake up, fools … this guy couldn't make the top 10 if his life depended on it …

  3. bballwiz says:

    Worldwide? I don’t think so. This does not even add up to the population of the state of California. So hold your horses for now. Don’t get too hyped on this.

    Remember that this is a popularity contest, and not a great measuring stick for greatness. Just look at where George Mikan landed? That’s because he played in the 50’s where people from those era are mostly old geezers by now and obviously can’t even use the DVD player conveniently, much more operating a computer.

    One thing is for sure: we really can’t measure anyone in the top 5…yet. So good luck drooling over the voting.

  4. The Truth says:

    Kobe Bryant is top 5 players of All Time Greats no doubt. worldwide vote against you guys that are commenting fail.

  5. Koberules says:

    Look at this and if anybody agrees please reply
    Kobe is the best of his time for sure no matter what
    see and then at some point it gets hard to put all these players of all-time in a list because of the rules and just the NBA has changed but i would put kobe top 10 100% just put him 6th or lower beacuse of kareem and magic and all these other players
    In his positon SG he’s #2 under jordan
    Please reply nicely

  6. E_Dyna$ty_45 says:


  7. Gary says:

    This post has gotten quite every since the last two laker loses lol. And yesterday showed the real Kobe. A scoring maching with 41 points, and in the end his team lost. Reminds me of the times after Shaq and before Gasol. And as much as I don’t like Gasol you got to give it up to him because without him on that team, Kobe would be just a memory or near greatness with 3 championships.

    • bballwiz says:

      Yep. I’ve noticed that too. That’s the thing about Kobe-lovers out there. When the Lakers are winning, they boast their butts off to every corner of the globe. But when they lose, it’s like a library out there. So quiet. Tsk.

      Well, yesterday’s loss was so typical of Kobe. He scored 41 points on 33 shots (missed 19 shots with just 4 “forced” assists and 3 turnovers) and alienated his teammates most of the time. Oh, and he took 2 crucial 3 pointers and missed both of them. That’s Kobe being Kobe Bryant.

      If Pau Gasol is not playing like himself, the Lakers and Bryant are not contenders. It’s a well-known fact.

  8. bballwiz says:

    Here’s a cool article for everyone to see:

    Most of them considered Kobe in the top 10, but some actually stated some very interesting points as to why he’s not yet in the top 10, much more in the top 5.

    Here’s an interesting thought from one of respondents:

    “…He still has a few quality years left. His only hitch to me is his Finals performances haven’t been better than his regular seasons. Jordan, Magic, etc. got better in the Finals.”

    “Now, Moses brings up an important point. As great as Kobe is, he hasn’t seemed to raise his game come the Finals.”

    What do you guys think?

  9. Roberto says:

    Charles picks are credible, although I disagree. my top 5 in order are Magic, MJ, Kareem, Kobe, Wilt. MJ won titles when there weren’t many alpha players in the league, as opposed to Magic, who might have won titles when basketball had some of its greatest players, the 80s. If you really examine the circumstances of when titles were one and the competition in the league, Magic is the greatest (mind you, if the lakers had beaten the bulls when they played in finals, Magic would have 6 rings and MJ 5, the lakers won game 1 when they had their full roster after that game 2 and on they lost 3 valuable players and the bulls beat a handicapped lakers team). Also if anyone that watched the NBA specials in early 90s, would know that at that time MJ was being called the greatest player of all time, it was shifted to MJ bcuz he won 1 more ring…
    Anyone who was an adult from late 80s and on can testify to this.

    • bballwiz says:

      So, Roberto, you want people to believe in what you said than those who played with and against Jordan, and to those other NBA legends that include your number one in your list, Magic Johnson? Even Kobe himself admitted that MJ is the greatest player ever. (Look it up on Youtube. If you’re smart enough to claim what you did, then you probably know how search for it.) And what about those great coaches who all said the same thing? I certainly agree with all of them.

      Nope, no one in their right mind who truly loves the game of basketball will believe in you.

  10. kb24/jm says:

    your one of the idiot person who accused kobe….f you go through the history from he was started to play in nba he was the one who had facing micheal jordan with no fear…….kobe is better than james , james status was terrific but kobe status is absolutely with PURE excellency……….offense to defense kobe is one of the top guy in nba…..

  11. jrbarrientes says:

    Kobe is top twenty five but not top 5

  12. zaide silan says:

    HEATEFFINGSUCK.. harhar.. lakers has been pulvorize by indiana!! you talk to much.. try to think first!

  13. Frank says:

    Kobe is great!~

  14. pau gasol says:

    for all of you that say lebron is better taht kobe look it up ur wrong … kobe is the best on ball defender and the best isolation player in the league and + he learned the post game and lebron hasnt and he can close out games

  15. thegreatest says:

    i mean a kobe hater disguised as a writer…sorry

  16. thegreatest says:

    to darryl, I agree with you…But do you agree with me that writers like Steve Aschburner need to resign? He is really a writer for Lebron James. I don’t know if he is working for his marketing company and gets paid monthly…He is a writer disguised as a Kobe hater…The guy is senior. But I think respect for his writing should be merit and objective based.. and not based through age.

  17. Chuk says:

    If you take a look at players who have made an impact throughout their careers, I don’t know how you couldn’t say that Kobe isn’t in that conversation as one of the top players this league has ever had. Now, when it comes to ranking the players let’s say from 1-50, I think its subjective to opinion and not facts. Kobe whether you view him as 1, 2, 3, 4, or 5 is undoubtedly high on top of that list as an elite player. Moreover, I believe that what our generation has witnessed from the likes of Kobe Bryant has been something really special probably since the days of MJ. But, like I always say, it will be a while before our generation comes to appreciate this guy for what he’s worth.

    • Gary says:

      It is up to facts. If not, then by your decree we could argue Ray Allen is the greatest player ever; Or any other NBA favorite for that matter. Here’s a simple fact. When Jordan retried (and even when he was playing) he was refered to as the greatest. An yes there were those who did not regard Jordan as great, but those people were fans of other teams. Every coach, sports analyisist, player and anyone else in professional basketball claimed Jordan as the greatest. So the fact that theres an argument over Kobe being that, basically means he hasn’t proven his worth enough to overtake Jordan. Otherwise there would be no argument. Now when it comes down to Kobe’s position of greatness, give him whatever number you want to but it won’t be number 1, every.

  18. Antav says:

    @ Objective, For the record Jordan was frustrated with the Bulls inability to surround him with decent talent like Kobe was, and wanted to be traded if things didn’t get better.

    ” We can’t get anything done because of him (Kraus)………If he (owner) wants to keep Kraus (GM) fine, I’ll tell him to trade me” Michael Jordan, form the book The Jordan Rules pg 169.

    Jordan complained many times about those early Bulls teams, but people only want to criticize Kobe for his frustrations.

    • bballwiz says:

      There you go again, Antav. What a cry baby you are. Geez.

      Jordan’s acts were well-documented, and during his speech in the hall of fame ceremony, he didn’t even hide those frustrations with Kraus. Funny thing about it, everything turned out pretty well for the Bulls. So I guess what he did was the right to do.

      Kobe also did that, and it went well for the Lakers. All I’m saying is, sometimes we can’t see the whole picture yet until all is said and done. So please stop with the references about Jordan and Kobe saying stuff. We don’t know the real story behind.

  19. objective says:

    Kobe´s not one of the 5 best ever. Period. Take a look in what he does. He can wait for three quarters doing nothing and make a few shots in the fouth. Players like Howard who need to fight 4 quaters to get a win deserve my respect. And just being objective here, all you Lakers fans calling Lebron a quitter, which player was saying before the arrival of Pau Gasol that he want´s out ? Anybody remembers that ?? I`m curious !!!

    • Gary says:

      Preach on man. I’m glad I’m not the only one that notices he doesn’t even play the full amount of games Jordan and players of the past used too. yeah he scores easily but most good players can with two seven footers and a host of other all stars (Fisher, Odem and Artest currently) to keep the defense distracted.

  20. SYDALE says:

    Kobe’s definitely not TOP 5 All-Time… and barely TOP 10…

    As for Kobe’s defense… and all those 1st All Defensive Teams he’s on… It’s over rated…

    If anyone ever really noticed… Kobe mostly guarded a player with limited offensive capabilities for the majority of his career… Think about when the Lakers had Rick Fox, Devean George, Trevor Ariza, Brian Shaw, etc… over the years… Those guys guarded the other teams best scorer at the SG or SF position… not Kobe…

    Or if he did happen to guard the other team’s scorer at SG… he might outscore the other SG by dropping 40 while the other guy dropped 35 on him, and he stopped that guy maybe once or twice at the end of the game… and that makes it look like he played good D, especially if the Lakers win…

    Kobe has decent defense though… He definitely improved to get to where he is now defensively…

    • Gary says:

      Amen, lol. Man I’ve glad to see some people actually look at the depth of the facts and not just “Oh he scored 81 points against the Raptors, he’s got to be the best ever!”

      • bballwiz says:

        Right. People kept on referring to that 81-point game against the Raptors and made him the best ever. Geez.

    • bballwiz says:

      Wow. I overlooked that one. Good to know you mentioned that fact. People here are soooo in love with Kobe. Haha.

      I agree, Kobe is a good defender because he can turn it on whenever he wants to. But he’s a bit overrated.

  21. darryl says:

    it’s time to set the record straight!i hope everyone is ready like me for what i have to’s time for a worldwide VOTE!!!kobe..mj…mj…kobe?i have the whole set up on deck nba tv,espn,whoever!!!in honor of the nba allstar 2010,the whole week will be used to air highlights of each individual,talk to coaches,family members,schoolmates,fans,everyone!!!as the week go on,the votes worlwide will be tallying up for the winner before/after the all star game.votes can be sent by text message,online,even mail in ballots.i’m voting for kobe because he shoots better than mj,plays tougher competition than mj,and he didn’t have it all catered to him like wasn’t like they had a choice back then,it was mj or nobody.the last decade look who kobe faced on the regular and beat in their prime………allen iverson,vince carter,tracy mcgrady,tim duncan,kevin garnett,allan houston,latrell sprewell,lebron james,carmello anthony,joe johnson,gilbert arenas,and the list goes on!there has never been as much talent,and most of those guys never been to the finals and guess who has been to the finals 7 out of the last 10 years????jordan went 6-0 in the finals but,5-2 ain’t bad either!!!!nuff said,kb 4 life!!

  22. Ted says:

    John Schuhmann is right..How the game was played was so different back then that you almost have to consider separating the 2 eras.. first the era of russell,west,chamberlain to magic/bird.. and then the jordan/kobe era.. The true question like Shuhmann said is that who is the best player from the 90s up to now.. Kobe would definitely be atleast in the top 3 or 2.. But categorizing them to 2 groups would only ruin the list of the greatest players ever..

    I would love to see (as if possible) Kareem do his skyhook, Wilt averages 55 points, Russell grabs 25 rebounds on every other game, and Robertson averages a triple double.. Though I can say that Magic will still give us showtime, and Bird will still have his all around game.. Maybe Kareem’s skyhook should be given a chance, but there’s got to be a reason that no bigmen uses it anymore..

    Those moves or stats show define that basketball era.. I just can’t imagine somebody averaging 55 points today, Tmac averaged 35 points and people thought he was amazing. Kevin Love recently grabbed 31 rebounds and he was in the headlines for I think a week. Lebron is the closest to Robertson but a triple double even for him is difficult.

    Looking at how the game is played today and how he was able to achieve the success that he has right now considering he still has atleast 4-6 seasons left, He is legend.. I guess Kobe deserves to be in the top 5 no doubt, I will also leave it up to you to say who should be excluded..

  23. Antav says:

    BBallwz???- “Kobe is better? I don’t think any legend, player, coach or writer would agree to that. Wanna try it out? Be our guest”. * I didn’t say Kobe was better period. I made it clear that Kobe has a better skill set than MJ. Nobody agrees?? How about this guy? … Point blank “HE DOES’!

    “You’re too much in love with Kobe to raise him up too high on your list. Why not marry the dude?” *No, I simply made a point that was agreed upon by THE MAN WHO COACHED BOTH OF THEM!. Some of you dudes are too in love with MJ to see or admit it, hence the term Jordan Jockers.

    Wow. And you think Kobe is a role model of attitude. Tsk. * Never said that, just letting those, who criticize Kobe’s “attitude”, know that MJ was worse!

    “I’ve read your posts. You’re soooo into Kobe Bryant. It’s embarrassing, man.” * No, I just correct false statements and conclusions about Kobe/MJ. Some of you are sooo into Jordan, that when he opens his mouth I can see your smiling faces! Now that’s embarrassing!

    And you are holding it against Kobe if you think he or ANY super star could have led that sad, inexperienced, soft, injury riddled, rebuilding, youngest team in the NBA any further than Kobe did after Shaq and co left. But again, in just 4 years Kobe had them in the finals, and won it the next year..a great feat in a short time, but still no love for Kobe, huh? Sad.

    • rey says:

      dont mind what BBallwiz says. . . He’s like Charlé’s hu everynow and them changes his opinion. . . LOL!!!

      • bballwiz says:

        Nope, I won’t change my opinion. I said it before and will say it again: Kobe Bryant is one of the best players to ever laced up a pair of snickers. But he’s not gonna be in the top 5.

    • bballwiz says:

      HAHAHA! I’ve watched the video before and did it again. Man, if Phil would read your accusation that, according to you, Phil said Kobe is better than MJ, you’ll get scolded by the Zen Master by putting words into his mouth. Don’t do that again. You’re just embarrassing yourself.

      Phil didn’t say Kobe is a better player. What he stated was that Kobe has a better outside game than MJ but Jordan has better inside game, and that he has “billion-dollar hands”, meaning MJ has a better hands that could do a lot more damage than anyone else in the history of the league. Phil also said that there are a lot of things that Jordan have that Kobe don’t have, and it’s hard to compare the two. Onr thing is clear: they’re both excellent players who was coached by the greatest mind that ever coached basketball.

      Please Antav, don’t make stuff up.

    • bballwiz says:

      Nope, I didn’t hold it against Kobe for having those miserable years after Shaq departed. All I’m saying is that, he didn’t win another championship until Pau came aboard the Laker wagon. That’s all there is to it.

      I never said Kobe is not a great player. I definitely agree that he’s one of the best ever to play the game. I’m just so friggin tired of people get caught up with Kobe to the point that they almost worship him without looking at other players. It’s just sad and disrespectful.

      Oh, I never said anything about Kobe’s attitude. Check the posts again. What I wrote was that, whatever bad things Jordan did, at the of his career, experts still think that he is the best ever despite all his shortcomings and sins. You’re the one who opened up Jordan’s mistakes in his career to mask Kobe’s misdemeanors. No one’s buying into that. Whatever you say, MJ’s reputation didn’t diminish at all. You just made Kobe’s worse.

      And to be clear, I’m soooo not into Jordan. I’m actually more into Bird and Magic. I just can’t help but respect and admire what he did in the NBA and to the sport all over the world.

  24. marky says:

    its true that he has only won 1 regular season mvp and 5championship rings. but hes just 32 years old as of today, and will probably play for about 5 years more. for sure, he will pass karl malone in pts to be the second leading scorer ever. for you stat trackers out there, KB might even pass Kareem if he will produce points at the rate he is doing for the past decade. and probably he will retire with 3MVPs, 8championships, 5finals MVPs.

  25. Laker Purple and Gold says:

    5 championships,
    ;scoring titles; MVP; finals MVP; 81 point game; multiple selections on the All star team and NBA all defensive team; records for game winning shots; one of the best dunkers in NBA history; playing through multiple injuries. Now does anyone question Kobe’s greatness in the NBA?

    • Gary says:

      Game winning shots, are you serious! that’s one of your reasons for backing Kobe’s? He if the guy sold the most hot dogs at half time all you Faker fans would want to put him on a pedestal. Also look up what it is to have a game winning shot. It’s basically having the last shot made within the last 24 sec of possetion. Not very impressive no matter how many times you do it….

  26. bigE23 says:

    Kobe is a great player no doubt hsa the best career of any body in the nba right now.. but evrbody forgets what the oldschool legends did for the game… russels 11 rings, 9 as a player. kareems 6 mvps-6 rings, jordans 6 rings 5 mvps, and so on yes kobe has 5 rings onhis way to more maybe but he only has 1 MVP-MOST VALUABLE PLAYER.. o nd by the way Shaq was the player of the decade2k

    • rey says:

      where did you the fact that shaq was the player of the decade??? LOL!!! everybody in here except YOU knows that Kobe is the player of the DECADE. . . Did you watch the All Star Game?? better watch it because you’ve been misinformed my friend. . . LOL!!!

    • rey says:

      and by the way kobe has 2 Final MVP’s and 1 Season MVP. . . again check your facts before posting. . .

      • bballwiz says:

        Easy, man. The guy just said Kobe only has 1 MVP award, probably he’s referring to the season MVP trophy as what he said with Kareem and Russel.

        You’re sooooo damn in love with Kobe. Haha. 🙂

      • rey says:

        sure, that’s why i clarified things because he matched his rings with mvps. . . he should have said S-MVP’s to be clear. . . but i stand to be corrected. . .

  27. thegreatest says:

    Excuse me…Mr Steve Aschburner.. You are too obvious with your biased analysis. I know and other fans know that you are a lebron marketing tool…You are not only disrespecting other NBA players who have won through their unselfishness championships but also you degrade NBAs credibility… We respectfully request your resignation as a writer.

    Thank you

  28. bballwiz says:

    Just for fun, I’d like to list my my top 5 all-time selection based on their positions. I based my selection on players that I would love to have if I’m starting a team. Meaning, I didn’t consider the stats, but more on the skills, talent and reputation of the player. and how they will compliment each other’s abilities. (ex. Wilt and Shaq basically have the same skill set; same as with Kobe and Jordan.)

    Please let me know what you think. Haha.

    1. Bill Russel
    2. Wilt Chamberlain
    3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    4. Hakeem Olajuwon
    5. Shaquille O’neal

    1. Tim Duncan
    2. Karl Malone
    3. Kevin Mchale
    4. Charles Barkley
    5. Bob Pettit

    1. Larry Bird
    2. John Havlicek
    3. Elgin Baylor
    4. Lebron James
    5. Scottie Pippen

    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Kobe Bryant
    3. Oscar Robertson
    4. Jerry West
    5. Clyde Drexler

    1. Magic Johnson
    2. John Stockton
    3. Isaiah Thomas
    4. Walt Frazier
    5. Bob Cousy

    Imagine a starting five of Russel (the best defensive player ever; also best rebounder and shot blocker; team player), Duncan (the most reliable player in his position; underrated post-up player; great in clutch and rebounding prowess), Bird (the best all-around player ever; can score anywhere, pass, defend, rebound; also very clutch), Jordan (the best player ever; his competitiveness and toughness is unmatched; the best closer of the game; killer instinct alone can scare off defenders), and Magic (the best point guard to ever facilitate a team; great leader and can check the egos of other stars on his team.) Of all the players I’ve selected, this is, I think, the most balanced team I could assemble.

    First off the bench is Kobe (the next best thing in his position; same genetic makeup as Jordan), Wilt at center (Kobe could be bailed out with an excellent rebounder and inside scorer like him; a great passer and post-up player), Karl Malone (another big body and an excellent inside scorer; not much of a post player but a nice compliment for Wilt with his outside game), Havlicek (very clutch and very tough; team player and a hard-nosed defender; great compliment for Kobe; excellent shooter), and Stockton as the point guard (a very excellent passer; very tough and defensive-minded; can setup teammates with his passing and pick setting; excellent shooter from the 3.)

    As for my two reserves, I would want to have Kareem and Oscar. It would never hurt to have an extra big man who can score at will and defends well. Robertson is a multi-dimensional player who can do it all for his team; he could play at least 3 positions and could dominate the game anytime.

    Please let me know what you think. I know I’ve missed something.

    • Gary says:

      No Jerry West?

      • bballwiz says:

        Sorry. No Jerry West for me. Not that I disrespect what a great player he was, but his skill set are almost identical to Kobe. If I would place him over Kobe, Kobe “lovers” would kill me. Haha.

  29. Reezy says:

    Their really isnt a true top10 because everyone has their own opinion…

  30. thegreatest says:

    I agree..Kobe is not yet retired. after 3 years of playing, he will overcome Jordan and become the best player that ever lived


    5 rings
    2 time NBA Finals MVP
    2008 MVP
    Olympic Gold Medalist
    2 scoring titles
    11 time All Star
    8 time All NBA 1st team
    8 time All NBA Defensive 1st team
    3 time All Star MVP
    1997 Slam Dunk Champ
    Almost 30 game winners
    81pts in a game
    62pts in three quarters
    42pts in 1st half
    55pts in 2nd half
    30pts in one quarter
    12 threes in one game
    9 threes without a miss in a game
    8 threes in one half
    9 straight games with 40pts+
    4 straight games with 50pts+
    27 games with 40pts+ in a season
    10 games with 50pts+ in a season
    103 games with at least 40pts in his career
    4th player ever with a 35pt+ season average
    5th player ever with a 2800pt+ season
    1st player ever to outscore a team through 3 qtr’s
    1st player ever with a 2800pt 180 three season
    when the hate gonna stop still many more year left in him clearly hes top 5 all time greats when he retire maybe top 3

    • bballwiz says:

      Here comes the stat freak. Haha. :))

      I don’t hate Kobe. I really admire him in so many ways. What I don’t get is that why so many people put hum in a pedestal and be worshiped like he’s the basketball deity? All those accomplishments are part of his career, but stats alone shouldn’t necessarily translate as a measuring stick for greatness. You should really study more about basketball, man.

      Now, you wanna play stats? In terms of rings, scoring records, all-star citations, MVP’s (regular season and finals), and defensive citations (all-D first team selections), Michael Jordan has better credentials than Kobe. Now, if you look at different stats, Wilt Chamberlain, Oscar Robertson and Bill Russel have better stats in some aspects.

      Dude, stop acting as if you know basketball. You’re embarrassing yourself.

  32. Antav says:

    You should change your name! Are you seriously holding it against Kobe for not making the playoffs with the very SUB-PAR teammates he had at that time + all the injuries they had?! That wasn’t a slap in the face of Kobe. During that time period as one pro analyst said “The Lakers should not have even been allowed to watch the playoffs on TV” I already explained this earlier, geez!

    Kobe selfish, mean..etc. !1?? And you praise Jordan who was the most selfish, mean spirited, egomaniac player to ever play the game!?? You dudes are hilarious!

    A certain player named Jordan punched 2 of his teammates in the face, helped get his coach fired, tanked a game when criticized for shooting too much, was notoriously hard and ruthless in criticizing his teammates, I could go on….but, sorry, MJ WAS NOT the stately, unselfish, gentleman of basketball some of you like to believe he was. (this may get posted twice…but it probably needs to be)

    • bballwiz says:

      Nope, I’m not holding that against Kobe. That season the Lakers team were bad, and Kobe was the only bright spot. All I’m saying is, if he’s gonna be considered as one of the top 5 to ever play the game, he should have done something about it even with a bad supporting cast. The way he was playing at that time, it showed that he didn’t trust his teammates and his coach’s system. Legends always, ALWAYS have found a way to win ball games without excuses, no matterr the circumstances. No if’s, no but’s.

      Yep, I praise Jordan, and everyone else who knows basketball all over the world. True, he wasn’t the best teammate at the start of his career. He has made errors in judgement many times, feuded with some teammates and coaches who didn’t share the same philosophy and hard work he has shown through examples. (Even Doug Collins, the coach you said that were fired because of Jordan, will tell you wonderful things about MJ. And I will believe him.) Everyone will agree Jordan is not perfect. But look who’s at the top of the basketball world, considered by many, including those who played with and against him, the media, the coaches, and basically the people all over the world. All his flaws were greatly outshone by the many, many great things he did on and off the court, and what he has done to the league and the sport . His feats of greatness is known everywhere, even those countries that didn’t even have a good basketball program.

      Now, who are you to tell me not to believe in him? I’d be pretty stupid to agree with you.

      • bballwiz says:

        “JORDAN JOCKIN’ knuckleheads?” Wow. Pretty harsh words to say to all those who believe that Jordan is the best ever. Why don’t you say that to the faces of Magic, Bird, Reggie Miller, Duncan, Hakeem, Robinson, Stockton, Malone, Barkley, Pippen, Drexler, Isiah, Dumars, Rodman, Worthy, McHale, Ewing, Mourning, Hardaway, and all those legends of the game that didn’t even play against him.

        Kobe is better? I don’t think any legend, player, coach or writer would agree to that. Wanna try it out? Be our guest.

        You’re too much in love with Kobe to raise him up too high on your list. Why not marry the dude?

    • bballwiz says:

      Wow. And you think Kobe is a role model of attitude. Tsk.

      I’ve read your posts. You’re soooo into Kobe Bryant. It’s embarrassing, man.

      No one disagrees that Kobe is a great player, and will be placed among the best of the best. From stats to achievements, he’s got all the goods to show people and validate his place in the shrine. But to be in the top 5? I don’t think so, much less better than Jordan. You got to be real. You’re not better at judging talent and greatness than those who’ve been around the league and the sport itself. Charles can say what he wants and believes, mainly because it’s his show and he has the credentials to brag about. But you? Awww, c’mon…

  33. Truth says:

    Kobe is easily top 10.

    The top four are MJ, Magic, Russell, Kareem.

    People like Bird, Oscar, Hakeem, and Wilt can be placed at 5; but I’m putting Kobe there because of the amount of freakish athletes there are today, and how he still performs at a high level. He scored 81 points in a game in which his teammates could not make a shot to save their lives. He’s a phenomenal leader.That’s why he’s in the top 5 in my opinion.

    • bballwiz says:

      True, athletes are better today than before. But you also have to consider the degree of difficulty to score back in the 70’s up to the 90’s where the allow hand checking and holding the offensive players. Bird and Hakeem had to use their God-given talents and incredible wits to become successful, not just scoring but helping their team to win games with their passing, rebounding, defense and other things that can’t be measured in stats. And not only that, they were team players and very unselfish. Kobe became a team player when he realized he’s not smart and good enough to win by being selfish and arrogant. That’s when the Lakers got Pau Gasol.

      The NBA today is all about highlights and isolation because it sells more tickets, that’s why they wouldn’t allow hand checking anymore. I wonder how Kobe annd Lakers would fare against the suffocating defense of the Bad Boys of Detroit, or the gangster-style game of the 90’s Knicks, or those great defensive teams of the 80’s Boston, or the Jordan-Pippen-Rodman trapping of the 90’s Bulls. But still, there were players who achieved great success against those teams.

      Think about it.

  34. bballwiz says:

    People keep worshiping Kobe, how great he is and how important he is on his team. True, he’s gonna end up as one of the top 10 players to ever play in the NBA (Sorry Charles, he’s not gonna be in the top 5.). But you keep on forgetting one thing: Kobe is nothing without a dominant big man on his side. I’m not downplaying his skills and what he’s accomplished in his career (5 rings, 1 MVP, numerous all-star citations, consistent all-nba and all-defensive 1st team selections for a decade), but his impact on his team is not that apparent without another unselfish superstar big guy. He’s never won any rings without the Diesel and Pau Gasol. (Remember the Lakers team that didn’t even made the playoffs? No? Go look it up on That’s a crunchy slap in the face for KB24.) And let’s not forget that Kobe was a very, I mean VERY, selfish player, even when Shaq was still with the Lakers. He was blessed Shaq was in his most dominant years when he was in L.A. or else he wouldn’t have won anything. He just learned to play and trust teammates when he realized that he doesn’t have an unstoppable teammate to bail him out after a bad play. He came to a conclusion that he will never, ever win a ring again with him being cocky and arrogant that demands to have the ball all the time. He’s lucky the ball bounced their way and got Pau Gasol, a very skilled, very unselfish, and very versatile big man. So you people stop patronizing Kobe so much like he’s the best ever. A certain player named Michael from North Carolina still holds that title. No one’s close.

    As for rankings, he still has a lot to prove in the NBA in order to crack the top 5. Like what David Aldridge and the rest of NBA writers had wrote, you have to bump a couple of legends in order to squeeze him in. Hard to argue if Kobe’s greatness is already exceeded those of jordan, Magic, Kareem, Russel, Wilt, Bird and even the likes of Hakeem, Duncan and Shaq, whom they led their respective teams to championships while earning MVP’s and Finals MVP’s on their own. If Kobe can do that and, and also win a couple of MVP’s along the way, then you can consider him in the top 5.

    • rey says:

      youre one of the millions that probably thinks that 2 great players(Jordan-Pippen) + 1 good player(Rodman) is greater than 2 great players(Shaq/Kobe). . . LOL!!! quit saying things like kobe is nothing without a dominant big man. . . if you have pippen and rodman alongside kobe, guess what, they will still win in the finals. . . LOL!!

      • rey says:

        sorry typo error

        (youre one of the millions that probably thinks that 2 great players(Shaq/Kobe) is greater or better than 2 great players(Jordan-Pippen) + 1 good player(Rodman). . . LOL!!!)

      • bballwiz says:

        Uhh.. Just to be clear, are a psychic? You seem to know the what-ifs. Maybe you should be hired by the Obama and use your talent to help the country.

        How would you know that Kobe with Pippen and Rodman would win in the Finals? No one knows that because it’s hypothetical. Please, quit doing this and just stick to the facts. Really.

        It is a well-known fact: Kobe didn’t win anything without a dominant big man. Those Laker years with Kobe without Shaq or Pau, they didn’t even reach the Semis. So that’s a fact. And you can’t argue with that until proven otherwise.

      • bballwiz says:

        (Whoa. Typos. Sorry. Haha.)

        Uhh.. Just to be clear, are you a psychic? You seem to know the what-ifs. Maybe you should be hired by Obama and use your talent to help the country.

        How would you know that Kobe with Pippen and Rodman would win in the Finals? No one knows that because it’s hypothetical. Please, quit doing this and just stick to the facts. Really.

        It is a well-known fact: Kobe didn’t win anything without a dominant big man. Those Laker years with Kobe without Shaq or Pau, they didn’t even reach the Semis. So that’s a fact. And you can’t argue with that until proven otherwise.

    • rey says:

      Hey, Pippen got the Bulls in the Finals and Portland in the Conference Finals. . . didnt he? that’s how great pippen is. . . LOL

      • bballwiz says:

        Yep, Pippen was a great player. I really admire him, his all-around talent, his leadership, and his tenacious defense (perhaps the best on-the-ball defender in the history of the league, according to some experts.) He didn’t led the Bulls to the Finals and Blazers to the Conference Finals. What he did was he HELPED his team reached those achievements because that’s who he is, a superstar in his own right as a complimentary player. That’s his legacy. And it’s a very noble one.

        So what’s your point? (Although I know what you want to say, it won’t work. Sorry. Haha.)

  35. bballwiz says:

    This is for you, The Truth:

    Russel and Wilt, no athleticism? Try saying that to their faces. I remember an interview years before with Bill Russel,. He said he could touch the top of the glass when he was playing. TOP OF THE GLASS! And I believed him. You probably saw just highlights of his career, but remember that during those days, sophisticated sports and training equipments weren’t invented yet and people were just beginning to understand techniques to become a better athlete.

    And what about Wilt? Have played basketball before? Do you know how hard it is to dunk and score 50 points every night, even while you’re the biggest player in the game? You have to have freakish stamina and athleticism in order to do that, and Wilt did just that for a couple of years! I bet you’re not even fit enough to run full court, much less play pickup games.

    Larry Bird? Wow. I can’t believe you’re actually downgrading Larry Legend. Did you forget that ACTUAL NBA players in his generation and in our time strongly believe that he is one of the best players to ever play this game? Even MJ and Magic agreed to that. Hmm… Who should I listen to, those credible, great players or to you? You choose.

  36. Pure Ball says:

    Its crazy to just assume or think Kobe is already better than all time great legends such as Magic or Larry when really i dont believe Kobe even has a clear cut advantage over guys like Shaq and Tim Duncan… I was a huge Kings fan back in the Lakers/Kings rivalry in the early 2000s so trust me this is not a biased opinion- No one during that time was even close to Shaq, he did w/e he wanted whenever, he was in his prime and Kobe was just a young kid a supporting all-star- Shaq won all the finals mvps (well deserved) and went on to win a fourth ring with Wade… im just wondering if not for Shaq would Kobe really be in the talk that he is in right now? Hmm not so sure since Tim Duncan probably wouldve cleaned up even more if not for Shaq back in the early 2000s.

    • bballwiz says:

      I definitely agree with you, Pure Ball.

      Kobe still doesn’t have any clear-cut edge against the likes of Tim Duncan, Hakeem Olajuwon and even Shaq. Great players all started their careers as franchise players from the moment they step on the court. All of them were difference makers right from the start, or even before their NBA days. We don’t see that with Kobe. When he entered the league, he was just an athletic wing with a big upside. He’s not even considered the top draft prospect of his time. He had to be the second banana (heck, he wasn’t even the second option on offense back in the 90’s) until Shaq was forced to leave L.A. All I’m saying is, legends are born, not made. If Kobe could lead the Lakers to another title this year while being rewarded as the MVP of the season and the Finals, which those mentioned players above have done before, maybe we could all consider him in the top 5. As for now, he still has a long way to go.

      • rey says:

        are you crazy? “Great players all started their careers as franchise players from the moment they step on the court. All of them were difference makers right from the start, or even before their NBA days. We don’t see that with Kobe. When he entered the league, he was just an athletic wing with a big upside. He’s not even considered the top draft prospect of his time. He had to be the second banan”. . . LEGENDS are made through HARD WORK, DEDICATION and LOVE OF THE GAME. . . you just sound so dumb in your opinion. . . KOBE EARNED his way to the league that’s why he is in the discussion amongst the top 5 to ever play the game. . . youre really crazy men. . . stop taking watever youre taking and start watching. . .

      • bballwiz says:

        Better know your history, boy. Name a basketball legend who was not highly sought after even before his college/high school days are over? No one. Even John Stockton was considered a great talent during his college days at Gonzaga. True, great players were defined through hard work, perseverance, dedication and their uncanny love for the game to become one of the best. And Kobe obviously did all those things, and probably more. All I’m saying is, he’s not gonna be the best ever, or even the top 3 for the sole reason that he lacked one of the requirements needed to claim that: his resume before playing in the NBA.

        Now you’ll be pretty stupid if your going to label me as a Kobe hater. I’m not. I’m a big basketball fan, and great players deserve praises and be recognized. I think KB24 is one of the best players ever, but not just top 5 material. His work ethic, hard work and skills alone won’t give him that nod over the likes of Jordan, Magic, Russel, Bird, Wilt, Oscar, Hakeem and Kareem, of whom were all considered great players even before stepping into an NBA court. Kobe is really an excellent player, but he’s just an average during his first 3 years in the league. He was not even the 3rd option on that Lakers team with Shaq, Eddie Jones and Nick Van Exel. Those players I’ve mentioned didn’t have any bad season in their belts individually, and throughout their careers, they’re all the best player on their team, 2nd option at most att the end of their careers (Oscar and Kareem in Milwaukee, Kareem and Magic in L.A., Wilt and West in Lakers.) Kobe had to be the 2nd option
        during the ’99-’20 season up until the ’03-’04, the year Malone and Payton joined in the bandwagon, when he forced his will to be the 1st option most of the time against his teammates’ and coach’s will (Shaq was still the most dominant big man that year.)

        If you love Kobe so much, why don’t you ask him out instead and tell him how he should be in the top 5 while having dinner. Then tell all your friends after. Haha.

      • bballwiz says:

        Uhh.. Rey, Are you saying that other great players didn’t earn their spots in the all-time greats? Are you trying ti imply that they didn’t work hard with their game, they didn’t possess the dedication and the love of the game that Kobe has? Trying saying that to their faces.

        Unbelievable talent at an early age + dominant, game-changing style of play early in ones career + uncanny work ethic + unrelenting passion for the game + a little bit of luck (no career-ending injuries and major illness during one’s peak) + individual accolades + team success + statistical records + how one’s career has ended

        = LEGEND.

        All of the “untouchables” have achieved these things. As for Kobe, he still needs finish his career at a high note to be considered a legend. Sad to say, he can’t turn back the time and be a dominant, game-changing player early in his career.

        But every rule has an exception, and that’s probably Kobe. He will be a legend, that’s for sure. But he’s not gonna be in the top 5. It’ll be unfair to the legends before him. And he won’t be a household name everywhere, unlike those in the top 5. I just can’t see it.

      • rey says:

        wow everything you’ve just said contradicts your first opinion. . . LOL!!!! you’ve just said earlier that he dont have the edge against duncan, hakeem blablabla. . . now ur comparing him to the GREATEST EVER to play the game. . .

        u also said earlier that legends are born not made. . . so kobe should disqualifed based on ur argumentation. . . LOL!!!

      • bballwiz says:

        As what I’ve said, for every rule there’s an exception. Kobe could be that exception, because that’s how good he is. All I’m saying is that h won’t be in the top 5 all time. Simple as that.

        You’re just making a point to disagree to show how smart you are. Sorry dude, it won’t work. Haha.

        And I didn’t compare him to the “GREATEST EVER”, people are doing that but not me. Read the posts again.

  37. baller says:

    screw all the haterzz kobe bryant is the best basketball player that ever lived (with mj) and will be the best basketball player that ever lived. lebron nooo way he can’t do nothing miami sucks they were better without lebron. so what if they call him the king if the black mamba bites you youre dead anyway!!!!!

  38. Luis says:

    for rondofan boy.. kobe has no defense but he slowed down rondo penetration game which is all he has thats why he gets assists.. oh yeah slowed him in the nba finals which he won!!!

  39. Antav says:

    Gary say’s, :)- “Look up the stats. Kobe is not number on in any all time leading stats.”

    Gary, Gary, Gary, I’ve tried to tell you stats are mis-leading but you don’t listen (read), so since you insist then Jabbar or Wilt is the best all time. NOT MICHAEL JORDAN, again have a lovely Turkey Day, K, pumpkin?! : )

  40. Jman says:

    Tim Duncan or Kobe??? This must be a joke right…seriously, no debate there, i mean Duncan is one of the all time greats, but Kobe…he is just out of this world, if you look at the first years of both players, Tim Duncan giving the Spurs the title and then 3 more…but after 2005 season i think that he wasnt consired as on of the top5 players in the league anymore, but if you look at Kobe, he is considered as one of the top5 since the start of the milenum and i think he will be until he retires, so that is just greatness personified…being consistant all the years in the league and just keep improving and working hard every year because you never know what can happen…Kobe an example right there…

    • FRANCISCO says:

      Kobe is an ordinary shooter only 45.4 % , not a good rebounder , very selfish most of his career that is why his assists are not many..Look he is not the best guard in the NBA ; Wade is

  41. Boonie says:

    so when Kobe and the lakers win 3-5 more championships which they will what will u Kobe haters say this time.

  42. raven says:

    Kobe will be at least no. 7 or 6 on the scoring list at season end. Kobe is the only player on that list that everybody thought wouldn’t succeed. Everyone on that list had their own team when they came to the league. Kobe just started scoring crazy about seven years ago and he’s that high on the list. In a lot of games Kobe doesn’t get credited with the assist, but he is the reason the team goes. The dude has been in the NBA15 years and still draw the most double teams with all the talent he has on his team.

  43. mike says:

    kobe top5 easy talent is better in league now also teams are better

  44. Gary says:

    The answer is no, Kobe is not the greatest or even in the top five. Look at the stats.

    Click any different all time leading stat and you’ll find he is not number one in any (that I saw), but comes pretty close in some. The main leader i MJ in most and that’s why people credit him as the greatest. Not to mention the titles, MVP’s etc.

    End of story.

  45. marky says:

    my top five:
    1. MJ
    2. KB
    3. BIRD
    4. MAGIC
    5. KAREEM

    the intensity and the physicality of the game 40-50 years ago is nothing compared today. kobe scored 81 pts, second-highest in a single game without OT. wilt scored 100 because hes too tall and strong for his defenders.

    • marky says:

      considering the defense put up on kobe by his defenders, he manages to score a bunch of points. hes just way too talented compared to other players. in some areas of the game, hes even better than MJ

    • Gary says:

      Old school games were tougher. Not all these ticky tack fouls, or drawing the foul (the worse NBA move ever). To get fouled you pretty much got hit, not tapped or nicked or flopped. The Lakers of today are a discrace for using most these tactics. Kobe scored 81 against the Raptors one of the worst teams at the time. Even Jordan made his top scoreing against a horrible team. It’s not a very impressive stat to mention

  46. Antav says:

    Also you are right about MJ’s competition at 2 guard, they were not as tough as what Kobe had to go against (Bruce Bowen, Ron Artest, Shane Battier, Thabo Sefalosa, Raja Bell), I could go on…all of those guys are bigger, better defenders than what MJ faced) Add the zone defense clogging the middle and Kobe’s road has been tougher than MJ’s at the position, and Kobe has still set scoring records, plus Kobe for years had to guard the other teams best player…Kobe is better than MJ.

  47. Antav says:

    SDHJ26, You are so right. But you can’t get people to see it clearly. Kobe is as talented as MJ and then some…Kobe doesn’t have to match Jordan stat for stat or accomplishment for accomplishment to considered as good or a better basketball talent. People make false conclusions based on faulty logic…for example:

    Jordan won 6 finals MVP’s, Kobe 2 therefore Kobe’s no Jordan. They were on different teams , with different roles, under different rules, against different competition, with different role players…etc. There is absolutely NO FAIR WAY TO MAKE A COMPARISON EXCEPT ON PURE SKILL LEVEL, AT BEST. In that area KOBE IS BETTER THAN MICHAEL JORDAN!!!!

    Happy Thanksgiving all you JORDAN JOCKIN’ knuckleheads out there!! : )

  48. Everyone,

    First off, Happy Thanksgiving to all of you! I pray that you take time to spend it remembering that you are blessed as long as you are still alive!

    Now, in thinking about what Chuck said, including Kobe in the top five all time makes sense. He already has five rings (two more than Bird, four more than the Big O, one less than Kareem, and four more than Jerry West), multiple All-Star appearances, one league MVP, and multiple all-defensive teams. But why I put him in the top five is that he just broke the record for all-time leader in points scored in Lakers history. That means that he’s passed West, Chamberlain, Kareem, Worthy, and the great Magic Johnson. When he does get ring # six (and it’s only a matter of time before that happens), what will people say then?

    Another thing I often wonder is that why does Jerry West get to be the logo for the rest of his life? There were plenty of Hall of Fame players who were better than him! Why not allow a different Hall of Famer be the logo for two years at a time? After all, West is not the only person who made the NBA what it is today! This way, other HOF players woulg be able to be honored consistently, and every HOF player gets to be the logo at some point. I think it’s only fair. I’d love to hear comments on this one!

    Thanks and God Bless,

  49. kay says:

    kobe bryant is always being compared to mj. i agree that the discussion is foolish and mj is better, but i do not think kareem or oscar robertson or larry bird is better than kobe. kobe is a fierce competitor, a clutch player, and he makes shots i have never seen anyone else make. i would put him in top 5

  50. SDHJ26 says:

    Man the more and more I read and hear the stuff that is said about where Kobe’s place in histroy it makes me think that he came into the league at the wrong time and his worth and praise will come when he not playing anymore. Everybody whats a gut to go out a play like its his last every nite and he does but we still give so much respect to Bron for his talent because thats all he is with no heart. Kobe doesn;t want to be one of the best he wants to be the best ever and I think he is stop comparing ERA’s that does wrok rules and the game has changed. Everyone quick to say he is the closest thing to Jordan and Jordan played the best of the I dont think Echlo, Dumars, Starks, Gerald Wiklins to name a few are at the top of the list. The closest thing to the Basketball God doesn;t even get you a top 5 or top 10 spot. Where is the GAP people when you find it tell everyone I dont see one.

  51. Antav says:


    “Meaning he was not the leading may during the Shaq/Kobe days. Jordan won all of his championships as the best player on his team. By this logic, Kobe only owns 2 championships vs Jordans 6. Who are you arguing for? Do you even know?”

    Dude, that’s because Jordan wasn’t playing with one of the biggest, most imposing centers to ever play the game in Shaq. And news flash, Shaq is not “better” than Kobe he is bigger, with a distinct size, position and competition advantage..playing against the likes of Rik Smits, Dikembe “Father Time” Mutumbo and the other weak centers Shaq faced in the finals. Even so, Kobe was not a “side kick” to Shaq. Side Kicks don’t produce the numbers Kobe did in those 3 title runs! Kobe dominated the perimeter, Shaq dominated the middle…period. I don’t expect you to give Kobe his credit though. KOBE WAS NOT TO SHAQ WHAT PIPPEN WAS TO JORDAN! KOBE WAS MUCH MORE!

    MJ could have never co-exisited with Shaq, but if they played together MJ would not have all those MVP’s, points…etc. The offense would have still been centered around Shaq.

    @Brandon, The”hand checking” excuse is waaaaaay over blown, I know you’ve seen Kobe hitting “impossible” shots with guys all in his jersey, hand checking would make NO DIFFERENCE!. Plus it wasn’t as prevalent as people like to think in MJ’s day! You could hardly touch the man without a whistle!

  52. James B says:

    This is a loose list, but top-10 are pretty set IMHO
    top 15


  53. Gary says:

    Damn the fans of the NBA are not very well educated in the history of the game. Here are the top five greatest players. Based on stats, skills and overall memorability, I would love to see some one disagree with my number one.

    1. Jerry West – He is the NBA logo, nuff said.
    2. Wilt Chamberlain
    3. Michael Jordan – My personal favorite but I’m keeping it real.
    4. Larry Bird
    5. Tie between Magic Johnson and Kareem

    Kobe would fall somewhere around 8 or 9.

  54. jmdg says:

    kobe will not surpass kareem’s all-time record in scoring.. take a look at his stats, every year it declines especially in scoring. he won conference mvp once. winning championship with shaq 3x, shaq is the main man that time.. we all know that kobe is one of the great at his era but compare to those legends, his too far away from them in terms of records.. think about it guys..

  55. Scu11y says:

    For me, Kobe is top 10, no more AT THIS POINT. This could change.

    Everyone denouncing Wilts achievements know this, there were less weak centers in the 60s and 70s than today. if it was so easy to score, how come Russell didn’t dominate offensively? And Wilt had to face Russell and the Celts almost weekly cos there were so few teams. The reason he didn’t win more chips are the Celts. no shame in that. He was simply up against a better team. how many great players in the 90s could have won if it wasn’t for Jordan and the Bulls? Stockton, Malone, Payton, Magic, Reggie, Ewing, Barkley, Drexler.

    And remember he AVERAGED over 50 and 25. AVERAGED. who else has ever averaged over 40?! and who is the only non-guard to ever lead the league in assists?

    Please check your facts before belittling a great players career.

  56. lordchamba says:

    1. jordan
    10. kobe

    • Gary says:

      Haha, I agree with Kobe’s position. Check out my list. I think West is number one but Jordan is my favorite player.

  57. mike smith says:

    kobe is top three..rondo is better than jordan!

  58. raven says:

    This is silly. There’s no doubt Kobe is top 5. In my opinion he’s no.1. U people are silly.

  59. tonichi says:

    You are asking which one will have to move out of the top %? Kobe has overtaken Magic Johnson … ergo … now you know who Lobe is bumping off and relagating into the next five.

  60. stonecold says:

    who did ever hit 11 straight 3 pointer ??? (kb24) who ever hit more than 10 games with 40 pluspoint ??? kobe,, who had ever 81 point ??? kobe.. who ever hit 7 /8 buzzer beater ??? kobe … who who who who who ?????
    kobe is better than jordan .. because jordan had pippen and kobe had no one compared to pippen

  61. the Truth says:

    Why make a comparison ?
    Kobe is Kobe
    Like Mikybe e was Mke
    The past is gone and mostly forgotten .
    Only the rare fantastic moments keep floating in our minds
    Big stars like MJ and KB will be rememberd in the good way

    Kobe has done some stupid things but that was personal and private
    Also MJ (gambling ?)
    But the main thing is that we all looked at these players and said WAUUWWWWWWWWW how did he do that 🙂
    Lebron is now hated in most of the US but he is still a great player
    He made a bad decision but we all make mistakes .I realy think if he could turn back the clock he won’t do this again .
    But he is young and you learn sometimes the hard way .

    Now who is the best ever ?????
    That is different for each of us .We all pick out idol from the future or the past
    But remember ;We all watch the same sport (NBA) and that is for me the all time leader in assists rebounds ,scoring and defense.

    And every day new stars are born and other stars will be rememberd in our minds

  62. jetser says:

    I love hot they constantly rate Kobe out of range; Jordan says he’s one of the top 10 guards and now Chuck says he’s top 5 all-time, when the reality is probably in between.
    I’d say top 20, every position involved. I just can’t put ahead of guys like Shaquille O’neal and Tim Duncan, and that’s just the recent players who won championships.

  63. Praveen says:

    The only two things that matter are basketball ability on both ends of the court and rings. Everything else is irrelevant . And when you take those two things into account, Kobe is inarguably a top 5 player of all time.

  64. RPM says:

    The problem with alot of the ratings is the people making these comments never saw some of the greatest players play. The other issue is what is the criteria: championships, personal statistics, longevity, comparing competition. This is why it is an impossible arguement. In my opinion the list should be regardless of position. We are not picking the best possible allstar team of alltime, but the top five best NBA players (not who won the most rings since that also reflects teammates) of alltime. With that being said you have to include Wilt, Oscar, and Jordan. This is due to their brilliant personal statistics and the fact that all three had the size and ability to play in any era of the NBA. Wilt (7’1 close to 300 pounds, Oscar 6’5 220, and Jordan 6’6 around 200). Wilts personal scoring (50 ppt avg for a season, plus multiple 20 plus rebound seasons and leading the league in assists one year, Oscar not only averaged a triple double but did it while scoring 30 a game plus his career average after his first 5 years in the league was a triple double with 30 ppg. Jordan’s scoring titles, defense, MVPs and clutch play are remarkable. These are the three players who should always be in the arguement for greatest ever.

    My top five regardless of position in no particular order would be:

    Second five:

  65. jin says:

    @rondofan25 c’mon!

  66. jin says:

    kobe is member 1st depensive team last 3 season if i’m not mistaken..

  67. KB24 says:

    I AM:::::::

    [[ [[ [[[[[[[[[[ [[[[[[[[[[[ [[[[[[[[[[[
    [[ [[ [[ [[ [[ [[ [[
    [[[[ [[ [[ [[][][][]] [[[[[[[
    [[ [[ [[ [[ [[ [[ [[
    [[ [[ [[[[[[[[[[ [[[[[[[[[[[ [[[[[[[[[[[

  68. Paul F. says:

    I dont get what the deal with lebron is. So he left the cavs cause he wanted to win. Big deal. Kobe might’ve not left the lakers, but he whined about needing help to the front office until they got him gasol. And lets face it, without gasol, there’s no way we’d be looking at kobe with five rings. Kobe is top ten because of his scoring ability, but I think even shaq is greater. His finals performances are evidence of this, compared to kobe’s. The topic was always ‘Kobe needs to win a ring without shaq to prove himself’. Well now he’s done it, with the best pf today, gasol. Still not as dominant a player as jordan was, and not remotely as consistent, that’s for certain, just compare their nba finals stats, should be enough.

  69. Ilovelebron says:

    @ITOLDYOUTHEHEATSUCK kobe’s game will only plummet from now on bcuz he’s gonna retire in a few years…if kobe and lebron played one on one, lebron would kick his ass. so shut up on all the kobe raving. got it?enough said, cuz i think you learned your lesson hahaha

  70. thegreatest says:

    Mr. Steve Aschburner…You should resign as a writer in OR AT LEAST leave the writing for “race to mvp” to others. A lot of people might not have yet known that you are really a BIASED Lebron fan. We need more objective and impartial writers in the NBA. Not Just ordinary fans…Only thick-faced writer will continue to write this way. I hope you are not like it.

    P.S. Sekou Smith.. Can you tell this to your partner Steve Aschburner?


  71. Ilovelebron says:

    @ITOLDYOUTHEHEATSUCK kobe’s game will only plummet from now on bcuz he’s getting too old to be the hotshot mvp of the NBA…even if kobe and lebron were the same age and kobe were’nt a couple years away from retirement, lebron would kick his ass anyways. lebron will pass kobe in greatness, leaving him in the dust so shut up on all the kobe raving. got it?

  72. The Man In Black says:

    Kobe ain’t in the Top 5. Just because he plays in Los Angeles,and the media loves him, and the fact that he’s actually LED his team to 2 titles, we all know that those 3 MVP’s that Shaq won were justified, due to both statistics and performance, clearly making him the Alpha dog, a role he wasn’t willing to relinquish in 2004 against Detroit…we all know what happened once Bean tried to go Alpha and ignore Shaq to take over that series…SAY IT WITH ME>>> 5 GAME SWEEP for the Pistons. The bulk of the people who won’t agree are either Bandwagon Laker Fans or really…just Bean fans.

    He’s wonderfully skilled, He has a lot of placements on ALL-NBA and ALL-NBA D Teams. But if you opened your eyes, you’d actually see that TIM DUNCAN has MORE PLACEMENTS than Bean has. I suppose if Duncan had KG’s bravado, then he’d be deemed exciting enough for the media, but in his world, winning his way, is all he cares about.

    I’d place TD at #8 and Bean at #9. They’re both still playing and as such, fluid situations can change it. If we were talking about who’s a better role-model, well…I’d choose the guy that didn’t have to go to court for sexual indiscretions.

  73. Joseph says:

    Kobe Bryant is in the top five NBA Players All time, because the defense from the old school and the defense this days are very different.Do you think Wilt can score hundred points today everyone can block his shot because defensive players from the past is different, today’s players is very athletic they can throw back your shot above the rim.

  74. Peter says:

    By logic, if you have MJ as the greatest NBA player ever, Kobe would be by default second…solely due to the fact that Kobe is a lesser less athletic clone of MJ

    You can’t rank MJ 1st, and say Kobe is not top 5….Kobe and MJ are essentially the same player….same drive, similar playing styles, and both excel in the clutch


    Kobe is the best player in his generation. he could be compared to michael jordan!!!! lebron is just tall he jumps high because of his age but he cant win any championship. Kobe gots all the talent! Kobe can defend any player. Lebron is just quitter and he nids help from other superstar like wade and bosh to win a championship but unfortunately they are weak and loser!!!!

    • MJ says:

      now that’s a little unfair, not many people can do what Lebron can do, anyone can succumb to temptation, Miami with Wade and Bosh was a very tempting offer, not many people would have turned that down.

  76. Unbelievable says:

    That’s ridiculous – for the top NBA analysts to undermine Kobe Bryant that much? First of all, explain how Kobe Bryant ISN’T a part of the top 5? How could you not compare him to MJ, Jerry West, Wilt Chamberlain, Magic etc.? I understand that maybe Charles Barkley needs to provide a better analysis for why he thinks Kobe should be in the top 5, but it’s more important that you should provide your own analysis on why Kobe SHOULDN’T. Consider circumstances such as that in the 1960s during Wilt’s prime, the NBA had only 14 teams. Kobe is playing in league consisting of at least 30 teams. How can you even bring up an argument that Kareem played 20 years since when has it become the amount of years you play the greater you are? How are you guys jumping down Charles’ throat for placing Kobe in the top 5, when you’re the ones stuck so far in the past that you’re totally disregarding the conditions of the present. I don’t mean to say that Wilt or MJ or any of the “greats” didn’t have competition because they did, but Kobe’s situation isn’t the same as theirs was. No matter what sport you look at, competition is only going to rise and get tougher on the players, so consider that. You can’t number the “greats” or place one above the other because they all clearly have some unique contribution that made them “great” to begin with. When you start numbering them, you’re setting a record/standard that will eventually be broken by someone else someday. In that process, you’re allowing time to diminish the player’s greatness. Ten years down the line, when you’re all retired and reminiscing, you’ll look back on Kobe’s career and reconsider your choice and wonder how you overlooked him. I could go on for days but at least post some articles on why you think Kobe isn’t good enough to be in the top 5 instead of just picking random names. I know you guys can do much better than that.

  77. Det2Atl says:

    Think about this, there’s never more than 3 or 4 7 footers in the league that are dominate centers during any era. In the 60s & 70s, there was Russell & Wilt, with Kareem coming in the mid 70s. In the 80s, there was Kareem & Moses Malone. In the 90s, there was “The Dream” & Ewing (debatable), with Shaq & “The Admiral” coming in the mid 90s. In the early to mid 2000s, there was Shaq & Shaq (he had no competition). And now, there is no TRUE dominate center in the league. None. If Magic had any kind of “D”, people would be saying he was the greatest ever. I started watching bball the year Magic came into the league (football was my sport & really still is). Since that time, Magic is the ONLY player that I’VE ever seen that could legitimately play ALL 5 positions. Jordan at best could only play three, SF, SG & PG (he would’ve been shaky at PG).

    • brandon says:

      you cant believe everything charles says. just last june when the lakers were playing the magic in the finals charles said that kobe isnt even top TEN of all time now hes saying hes top 5. anyways i do respect kobes game BUT he is not top 5 in my opinion or even top 10 for that matter. here is my top ten players of all time in no particular order.

      micheal jordan
      larry bird
      hakeem olojuwan
      magic johnson
      john stockton
      tim duncan
      bill russell
      oscar robertson
      wilt chamberlian
      jerry west

  78. joe robinson says:

    charles barkley is the best at what he does and that is tellin it like it is

  79. joe robinson says:

    kobe is the best go try his baseline turn around jumper in your backyard cause you are not allowed on a gym floor

  80. Support Kobe says:

    Kobe is one of my favorite players in NBA.

  81. Jason says:

    Put Kobe in Wilt’s days and he would’ve dominated like everybody except Russell.

    lol @ them BSers who decide to mention LBJ here.

  82. Antav says:

    jc elopre-“kobe had shaq when he won his 1st 3 rings and now hes got gasol 😀 i wonder what happened the year after shaq left w/o gasol.. oh i remember they didnt even advanced in the playoffs lol..”

    Sorry, but that comment is just silly. 1st, The Lakers lost much more than Shaq, that whole team was gutted. 2nd, Name me a player who led a young, inexperienced team anywhere?! Young teams don’t win rings, or advance far into the playoffs, ask Jordan! The year Kobe and the Lakers didn’t make the playoffs the team was decimated by injuries. Then Kobe led the Lakers to 7 games against a good Phoenix team with Smush Parker, Luke Walton and Kwame Brown in the starting line-up!! But no, you don’t want to consider any of this, you just “hate” Kobe.

    Try to tear yourself off of MJ’s jock long enough to be objective and fair minded.

    The truth: Kobe, in only his 4th year of being lead man, led a completely different team into the NBA finals and again in the 5th year where they won it all. It took MJ 7 years to get to the finals.

    • hunter says:

      “The truth: Kobe, in only his 4th year of being lead man, led a completely different team into the NBA finals and again in the 5th year where they won it all. It took MJ 7 years to get to the finals.”

      Meaning he was not the leading may during the Shaq/Kobe days. Jordan won all of his championships as the best player on his team. By this logic, Kobe only owns 2 championships vs Jordans 6. Who are you arguing for? Do you even know?

    • brandon says:

      the suns werent good that year they amare was out. and that series just speaks bad about kobes leadership skills and his ability to will a team to win cuz he let the suns beat him THREE straight times in a row AND in game 7 was a no show i dont hat ekobe i just state the facts.

  83. rye says:

    great defense does not mean you have to block shots, how did MJ and gary payton won the D-player of the year?, yes, some guys crossed KOBE, it doesn’t mean he sucks at defense, iverson crossed MJ, does that mean MJ sucks?, I don’t think so.

    • brandon says:

      until kobe wins a defensive player of the year award NOT all fist time defensive team award then ill consider him a top defender. also you have to consider this kobe doesnt even gaurd the best guy anymore on the opposing teams. with ron artest and matt barnes and three 7 footers in their line-up kobe doesnt gaurd the star or forces them to the help alot of the times. even in 08 when they won the title before ron got there ariza was guarding the opposing teams star not kobe so kobe being called a good defender is not legitimate until he wins a defensive player of the year award. it shouldnt even be that hard either his biggest competition is only two guys dwight howard and josh smith.

  84. MJ says:

    we all know Michael is the best there is but as we all know, Kobe is one of the very best at doing what he’s doing, and if he continues doing that for as long as he could, without a doubt, Kobe will be in the top 5, but most probably behind two legendary laker players, who are Magic and Kareem. But for now, Kobe has yet to be in the top 5. As for Lebron, he has yet to prove himself by winning a championship ring, i would rank Lebron in the top 20 and no more.

    Top 5 list
    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Kareem Abdul Jaabar
    3. Magic Johnson
    4. Larry Bird
    5. Wilt Chamberlain

  85. Ivan says:

    Good job Barkley finally you give Kobe credit now hopefully you see hes the best in the game still and LeQuite.

    My List is

    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Magic Johnson
    3. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    4. Kobe Bryant
    5. Larry Bird

    If Kobe could win his 6th ring this year I put him past Magic as the 2nd best which makes him the best Laker of all time. And if he wins another MVP which who cares if he does or not it will just make it better. Jordan will always be the G.O.A.T but Kobe will be right there with him as the the G.L.O.A.T. Greatest Laker Of All Time.

  86. Det2Atl says:

    What must you don’t understand is that Kobe is not loved by the league like Jordan was. In fact, for awhile, Kobe was almost hated by the league after his accusation. Can’t remember now because I’m tired, but at least one of the years Nash won the MVP, Kobe should have won. Jordan won so many MVPs because there was no one else that was close to being in the same league as him. After Bulls/Lakers, Magic retired. Bird’s team was pretty much done & after that, who was left. An older Barkley. A can’t create for himself Karl Malone. There was almost no competition for Jordan. Even Olajuwon was done. As for shooting %, if Kobe got half the calls that Jordan got, that wouldn’t be an argument. You couldn’t look at Jordan hard. Sometimes, it would seem the refs would wait to see if he missed, then call a foul if he did. Those of us that are old enough that truly watched the games would have to agree. I used to love Jordan. I was buying his shoes like they were going out of style. So I’m not a Jordan hater. By the way, if he hadn’t pushed Bryon Russell out of the way, it is quite possible he wouldn’t have got #6. There at least would have been a game 7.

  87. The Judge says:

    You know what… The reason why he is one of the best?! MJ taught Kobe. Kobe Paid 4M to train him to be one of the greatest player. MJ picked Kobe rather than Lebron when it comes to basketball greatness.

    Now you know why Kobe is so great!

  88. Ivan says:

    Good job Barkley finally you give Kobe credit now hopefully you see hes the best in the game still and LeQuite.

    My List is

    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Magic Johnson

  89. Tommy Lasorda says:

    I am really impressed with Kobe’s all around game. It is hard to believe that there used to be commercials with Kobe and James together as the assumed best players in the game. Lebron is now a total joke and doesn’t even deserve to watch Kobe’s commercials.

    How Sad….

  90. Ghost says:

    Kobe has no D??????? If you guys have been following basketball for a while you sure can remember one thing. Even on team USA Kobe always wants to guard the BEST player on the opposing team and is almost always very successful. NO D??? get real haters..

    Sir Charles, i support you…kobe IS in the top 5. Jordan, Kobe, Magic, Wilt, Russell and Kareem tied at 5th.

  91. ALL TIME GREATS says:

    Kobe has a very hard time being the top 5 best players of his own era nevermind being one of the 5 greatest ever. Is Kobe the greatest today? Well the last 2 MVP winners were named Lebron James not Kobe. The last shooting guard to win the scoring crown was Dwayne Wade not Kobe Bryant. I could make a very strong argument based on numbers that Kobe is not even the best of his own era. In fact, I could make the case that he is not even the best on his own team, but I agree that is pushing it. However as far as shooting guards in this era, Dwayne Wade has better lifetime numbers. Kobe is not best scorer in the league and hasn’t been for awhile. Lebron is a better defensive player. Are you saying that just because he’s been lucky enough to play with the best center of the modern era, Shaquille O’Neal, and the best coach ever in Phil Jackson, and the best big man in 2010 that he should be called one of the 5 greatest players of all time????????

    Sorry I am not buying it…Kobe’s numbers are ho hum, not gaudy, and he’s notoriously inaccurate. His passing and rebound numbers are ok. His twenty-something scoring average is very average as well. What’s so great about him. Robert Horry has 7 rings so if you want to say that he is so great because of rings then Robert Horry is the best player since Bill Russell.

  92. jc elopre says:

    TUTZBRYANT so stupid.. always mentioning rings rings rings he won those because he has great players around him thats all zzZ..

  93. Jonathan says:

    Kobe in my opinion shouldnt be on the top 5 list…..YET. He still has 7 or 8 year left in him in my opinion and once he retires we will be able to appreciate the numbers and accomplishments but for roght now I think he deserves to be put in the top 10

  94. CFo says:

    Kobe Bryant has been blessed with great teams his entire career. He cruised to win 3 chips when Shaq was in his prime and literally unguardable during those three championships. Then Kobe is on a crappy team, scores a bunch of points and gets hated by every one of his teemates. Then he manages tp put together BY FAR the most stacked team in the NBA by teaming up with the best PF in the league (Gasol), and other great pieces.

    Kobe is great and deserves to be in the top 15 for sure (maybe top 10, MAYBE!), but to say he is better than Jordan Russel Kareem Magic Bird Olajuwan Duncan or Shaq (the real top 7 in order) is just plain stupid.

  95. CFo says:

    Kobe Bryant has been blessed with great teams his entire career. He cruised to win 3 chips when Shaq was in his prime and literally unguardable during those three championships. Then Kobe is on a crappy team, scores a bunch of points and gets hated by every one of his teemates. Then he manages tp put together BY FAR the most stacked team in the NBA by teaming up with the best PF in the league (Gasol), and other great pieces.

    Kobe is great and deserves to be in the top 15 for sure (maybe top 10, MAYBE!), but to say he is better than Jordan Russel Kareem Magic Bird Olajuwan Duncan or Shaq (the real top 7 in order) is just plain stupid.

  96. TUTZBRYANT! says:

    KOBE BRYANT did the best FADE-A-WAY evah!

    Here’s My Top 5 List.
    1. Micheal Jordan
    2. Kobe Bryant
    3. Kobe Bryant
    4. Kobe Bryant
    5. Kobe Bryant

    And so on.

    top 121: Adam Morrison
    top 122 : Lebron James.

    How ever James is at the List. but adam morrison has RINGS, so he is greater than Lebrick because he doesn’t have RINGS!

    its over!

  97. jc elopre says:

    zzZ.. wtf are u talking about praveen? he’s been cavs leader for 7 years he carried that team to the finals in 07 and 2 yrs in a row they were the no.1 seed in the regular season i bet if kobe is in lebron’s shoe he’ll never be able to lift cleveland that high :D.. BEST TEAM no doubt LAKERS but BEST PLAYER no doubt LEBRON

  98. Celtics Nation says:

    Also, if not for that Laker lover David Stern and is bad officiating, Boston Celtics will have won at least 20 NBA championships by now.

  99. jason says:

    that guy who thinks that kobe doesnt have any defence is a kobe hater, you cant seriously get any dummer than that. Have u even watched kobe play a whole game when he is at his best.

  100. vicar says:

    kobe #1 i dont know why u can see the difference of games and players today,. many talented players and team but still the warriors the greatest player i’ve ever see..

  101. Celtics Nation says:

    Nobody cares, Michael Jordan is the best player ever, and the Boston Celtics is the best NBA franchise ever.

    Remember Celtics are 12-3 currently against the Lakers in NBA finals, it takes at least 7 years before people can say the Lakers are the face of the NBA, or perhaps never.

    Is it me or is it that all lakers have some personal problems, Magic – HIV, Wilt – slept with too many women yet has no children, Kobe – Rapist, the list goes on.

    Anyways, even if Kobe is a good basketball player, nobody cares, because he is a ball-hog who use the backboard to pass for himself.

    His field goal percentage sucks.

    If he is not lucky enough to get Phil Jackson, or Shaq or even Pau Gasol, he is not even better than Tracy McGrady.
    By the way, nobody likes it when he brings his 3 bitches at Championship ceremonies.

    Prepare to get thrashed by the Celtics in the 2011 NBA finals!

  102. Praveen says:

    Jerry West is not the Lakers GM and hasn’t been that for almost a decade now. And Kobe is 32 years old at the tail end of his career. Why would you pick him to start a franchise? That would be asasnine.

  103. Praveen says:

    LMAo…Lebron’s not a great leader. In fact he hasn’t even done anything yet to warrant calling him a great player. he’s still working his away up to greatness and he has a long way to go.

    Hell he couldn’t even handle being a leader so he joined wade’s team.

  104. Antav says:

    BTW, MJ didn’t “revolutionize the game either”, that distinction goes to Dr. J, props to Connie Hawkins too! People act like nobody dunked or shot fade away jumpers before MJ…geez! get off his jock already!!!

  105. jc elopre says:

    well maybe kobe could be in the top five nowadays. great offensive player great defender great leader and on top of that he’s a winner he’s great but remember what larry bird said “lebron is sumone who i think will be better than all of us after everything is all said and done”.. and that’s right he’s great and could be greatest of all time.. not being bias or sumthing but lebron is a great offensive player great defender great leader great all around player pass 1st player grabs rebounds make blocks and couple of steals hes really one great all around player.. the only thing that seperates him from the other all time greats are rings and undoubtly lebron and heat are a legitimate conteders for that matter i must say even though they’re struggling and starting slow that fine they’re a work in progress.. but if the debate is who is the better player than kobe and lebron no doubt.. kobe could have won his 5th ring last season but thats no surprise he’s team is much better compared to lebron’s cleveland that team is much better than williams jamison old shaq even lakers 2nd unit is better than cavs.. lebron puts cavs in his shoulders unlike kobe he doesnt need to do that lakers win is mostly due to great team effort and great.. but given lebron time left in his stellar carreer every year he’ll be a contender for that championship and in no time he might get his 1st..
    to end all discussions and to sum it all up BEST TEAM IN NBA: LAKERS but BEST PLAYER IN NBA: no doubt lebron..

  106. jc elopre says:

    kobe had shaq when he won his 1st 3 rings and now hes got gasol 😀 i wonder what happened the year after shaq left w/o gasol.. oh i remember they didnt even advanced in the playoffs lol..

  107. Antav says:

    The “tough/physical defense” Jordan had to face is over blown! People act like the only teams MJ faced are the Pistons and Knicks! He faced some horrible defensive teams too! MJ played in a watered down league also. At least 4-6 expansion teams came in during MJ’s era. Even Dennis Rodman said “no way we would have won 72 games in the 80’s”. And all of you know that at a certain point in MJ’s career, you couldn’t look at him hard without getting called for a foul!

    All of MJs’ primary defenders were 6 ft and under and under 200lbs. All of Kobe’s primary defenders are 6 ft or more and over 200 lbs. Having Shaq had nothing to do with Kobe being a great defender he just is one. MJ had the advantage of playing with one of the most versatile perimeter defenders of all time, in Pippen. When established, it was Pippen who guarded the other teams best offensive player, freeing MJ to play passing lanes and get steals.

    MJ had Phil Jackson too, you gonna discount MJ’s rings because of it?

    • brandon says:

      kobe gets calls his way all the time and the new hand checking rule instituted in the early 00s was designed to let GUARDS (kobe) get to the rim easier and increase the scoring output in games so automatically mj is better because he faced tougher defense from those expansion teams in the 80s and 90s cuz they could beat you up more than they can today. kobe struggles to score against and aging celtics team so imagine him trying to match jordans 63 point output against the 1986 celtics and do it all as a second year player in the playoffs with no reliable team mates . dont think kobe could do it so the conversation is over

  108. Praveen says:

    Oh and let’s not forget that Kobe Bryant is the favorite player of two former Celtic legends in Russell and Bird.

    Bird on Kobe: “He’s my favorite player and has been for a while.” “I’d give up my starting spot on the Dream team to him.” (Back in 2008 before Kobe won MVP)..”The fact that he doesn’t have an MVP makes me want to throw mine away.”

    Pat Riley said Kobe was right there with Jordan and that was 3 or 4 years ago before Kobe won these last two rings.

    The legends of the game know what’s up. Media hacks and internet haters only think they do.

  109. jc elopre says:

    and praveen.. i almost forgot.. JERRY WEST is lakers GM and he was asked if the nba would start all over again and his team won 1st draft of the season who would he pick? and WEST w/o thinking answered lebron rather than the star in his team kobe :D,, i bet that clears all things up kobe is great but lebron better :D..

    • martin argentina says:

      lebron better than kobe?, he changed to a another team to win something, notice that the best players in the history of the league stayed inthe same team. he don’t have the same passion as kobe

  110. Praveen says:

    Where was Kobe before Gasol? He was winning scoring titles and making first team all defensive teams while leading the worst supporting cast of all time to 4 playoff wins.

    And people act like Gasol is some legendary player. He was next to nothing without Kobe. 1 all-star game, 0 all-nba teams, 0 playoff wins in 7 years in memphis. Gasol would have been virtually irrelevant in nba history books if not for Kobe.

    Who wins anything without help? Magic didn’t win without Kareem. Kareem didn’t win without Magic or Oscar. Russell didn’t win without a team stacked up and down with HOFers. Jordan didn’t even have a .500+ season without an all-time great in Pippen.

    The can’t win without help bs is only applied to Kobe,

  111. martin argentina says:

    let’s star saying that the best player ever was michael jordan,the closest thing to him is kobe bryant, because, clutch factor,ppg,defense,leadership,titlesfadeaway jumper,unstoppable offensive player like mike. then you have INCREDIBLE big mans that in their era were great, BUT, the game evolved into a point that i can’t see wilt scoring 100 points in a game, with dwight howard guarding him for example. and i can see kobe doing that in any era. magic was the best point guard, but if a have a nba draft with all the nba players in their prime , excluding jordan.. i guess i will say kobe bryant it’s just unstoppable and keeps gettin better every year. you can name oscar robertson,kareem ,larry bird,magic, earl monroe,jerry west,elgin baylor.. there all incredible players, but since michael was better than all of them , and kobe is the closest thing to michael, i think shaq of 2000 will tear kareem apart , it depends of th era of the game, kobe had more competition and been through more eras of Nba and he’s still dominating. So my top 5: Michael Jordan, Kobe bryant, Magic johnson,bill russel,kareem and wilt in the same rank .. honorable mention oscar robertson,elgin baylor,jerry west.

  112. Jimmy says:

    Kobe is a copy cat, he’s the only one in the league that stick his tounge out. Does he think he’s MJ? what a joke. Kobe doesn’t have his own style, all i can see is that he’s copying all his moves from the greatest MJ. as a professional player, i feel shame for him, can’t believe he copies everything from MJ from sticking the tounge out, fade away shot and wear elbow band and knee band except he wear them in the opposite side of MJ which they don’t make any sense.

    • Jonathan says:

      do you honsetly think he make a concsious effort to stick his toungue out on purpose??? You;re an idiot if you think that as for the other stuff he copies it because it works and he was able to master the same skills. If you are really a pro i wana see u try to “copy” MJ and see if you’re succesful as kobe is

    • Det2Atl says:

      Do you honestly think that Jordan created his own moves? Every great player is a student of the game. Jordan studied Oscar Robertson, Dr. J, George “The Iceman cometh” Gervin and others. Then incorporated what talents he had with what he learned from watching those guys. What people really don’t understand is what makes a person great is drive and determination. The reason Lebron is with the Heat now is because he doesn’t have the drive & determination. Since he’s been in the league, I’ve only seen it in him one season. The year he went to the finals. But even then, when he came up against some stiff competition (Spurs), he faded away. And since then, he’s been a regular season player. Come playoff time, he fades under pressure. Every single time. Check the tapes. I’m 42 & Magic made me start watching the game. Which reminds me, if Phil hadn’t taken the so-called great defender Jordan off of Magic & put Scottie Pippen on him, Jordan wouldn’t have won against the Lakers. Magic demolished Jordan that 1st game, in Chicago. I’ve never seen Phil pull Kobe off the best. Kobe may not start defending the best player on the floor, but if somebody is demolishing the Lakers in playoff games, Kobe immediately starts defending them. Again, check the tapes.

  113. jc elopre says:

    well maybe kobe could be in the top five nowadays. great offensive player great defender great leader and on top of that he’s a winner. but all u kobe fans out there should enjoy all the years left of people praising kobe and comparing him to lebron or even michael. he’s great but remember what larry bird said “lebron is sumone who i think will be better than all of us after everything is all said and done”.. and that’s right he’s great and could be greatest of all time we’ll no disrespect to michael but its could be true.. not being bias or sumthing but lebron is a great offensive player great defender great leader great all around player pass 1st player grabs rebounds make blocks and couple of steals hes really one great all around player.. the only thing that seperates him from the other all time greats are rings and undoubtly lebron and heat are a legitimate conteders for that matter i must say even though they’re struggling and starting slow that fine they’re a work in progress.. but if the debate is who is the better player than kobe and lebron no doubt.. kobe could have won his 5th ring last season but thats no surprise he’s team is much better compared to lebron’s cleveland that team is much better than williams jamison old shaq even lakers 2nd unit is better than cavs.. lebron puts cavs in his shoulders unlike kobe he doesnt need to do that lakers win is mostly due to great team effort and great.. but given lebron time left in his stellar carreer every year he’ll be a contender for that championship and in no time he might get his 1st..
    to end all discussions and to sum it all up BEST TEAM IN NBA: LAKERS but BEST PLAYER IN NBA: no doubt lebron..

  114. pogi214 says:

    kobe all the way baby. lebron aka “the queen” the quietest. just check this video out:

  115. Praveen says:

    Kobe Bryant is without doubt a top 10 player of all time. That’s not even debatable. In fact, at worst he is 6th, The hilarious part is when media hacks who have never coached or played in the NBA try and belittle Kobe and then the legends of the game who actually know what it takes to be great and win in the NBA have nothing but supreme praise for the guy.

    Jerry West said Kobe was the greatest laker ever and top 3 all time

    Magic Johnson himself said Kobe was his equal

    John Wooden, one of the greatest basketball minds of all time, called Kobe the greatest player he’s ever seen play ( and he coached Kareem)

    Sam Jones said Kobe was top 3 all time

    And yes, rings matter a great deal. Winning is the objective of the game, not putting up gawdy stats. First of all, I do use rings in football. Joe Montana is far greater than Dan Marino. Second of all, an individual player has far more impact in basketball than any other team sport.

    If you combine basketball ability on both ends of the court, intangibles, and winning……Kobe is undoubtedly a top 5 player of all time. It will pretty much be official by the time he hangs em up.

  116. Sergio says:

    For me:
    Number one so far: Magic Johnson
    2. Jordan
    3. Kobe
    4. Kareen
    5. Bird

  117. kdub7 says:

    First I could be a great defender with Shaq in the middle. Second Kobe wouldn’t have won any championships without Phil Jackson. By the way he lost two with Phil. People underestimate Phil because he would only coach studs instead of building a team. Kobe is one of the best in a wartered down league but could he deal with the physicalioty that Jordan had to deal with playing against the Detroit Bad Boys? Hell naw.

    • mikelew says:

      oh, u must be talkin about the league with 2 guards taller than 6’4 (reggie miller, clyde the glide) i can tell u dummies don’t watch basketball, too much google for u meat-monglers. study the game u fools

      • brandon says:

        whos the second best sg in the league? dwade at best. and he gets locked up by the pacers cmon man the league is watered down and sorry the best kobe has to go against is wade and james and their both trash. and the league has no big men to block shots either or dominate on offense. wat you think dwight howard is a dominate big man? also the league instituted the hand checking rule in the early 00s that allows players to get to the rim easier than in past years. so the nba is weak nowadays

  118. Gary says:

    Wow can everyone get off his sack for a minute. He’s great…but not that great. Three key factors that have pushed Kobe to the top 1. Phil Jacksons’s coaching, the Laker Franchise pull and ability to pay for big name players (or did we forget having Shaq, kobe, Payton and Malone on a single team), three Kobe has always had a big man to draw attention away from him. Look at the years after Shaq and before Gasol, where was Kobe? Watching everyone else in the finals Bottom line great player and unstoppable scorer but not without help.

  119. Jan Merginio says:

    Kobe is definitely top 5 of the decade. Same position, it was Jordan Last decade. 80’s, i’m not sure, Jordan still? But definitely the past and current decade is Kobe’s.

  120. jason adkins says:

    Kobe does not make any top five list. One writer pointed out that this era includes a watered down league. Its true. When there were 16 teams in the league you had teams loaded with all stars and hall of famers. Now with almost twice the teams, the talent is spread out half as thin. So while Kobe’s rings are undeniable, the fact that he has gone against many guys that would have been in the CBA back then, says a lot. I played in the CBA, USBL, and Europe and can tell you its not the same as the guys in the L.

    • mikelew says:

      no player considered for the top 5 played in a 16 team league lil buddy. And if Kobe woulda played in the wilt days, he would’ve scored 100 a few times

  121. NBAFAN says:

    For me, the reason why football/baseball fans don’t obsess over championships is the nature of the sport. Sure no one does it alone in basketball, but a player really can carry a team, certainly much more so than the other 2 sports

  122. Jake says:

    If he gets his sixth ring, I’m sorry, but I’d have to bump Magic to the number 6 spot. In my order of all-time greats it’d be 1 Jordan, 2 Russell, 3 Kareem, 4 Wilt, and 5 Kobe.

    • Jake says:

      If he gets 7 or 8 rings, I’d put him in a first place tie or maybe even over Jordan, especially if he breaks the all-time scoring record.

  123. todd says:

    kobe has been great, but he only has one mvp award in his entire career. in only one season was he voted the best in the league. put that up against kareem’s 6 regular season mvps and 2 finals mvps, michael’s 5 and 6, magic’s 3 and 3, birds 3 and 2, tim duncan’s 2 and 3, shaq’s 1 and 3, and don’t even get me started on bill russell’s numbers. they just dont match up. kobe has been great for a long time, but he hasnt been all out ahead of tim duncan and shaq from his era, let alone the all time greats.

    • mikelew says:

      hate to burst ya bubble guy, but mvp awards are voted on by people that did absolutely nothing for the nba. ask the world who the mvp is, better yet watch Kobe play in any arena in the league and listen to the fans when he shootin free-throws, icing another victory

  124. Kobe Bryant in my opinion is not there yet. He hasn’t yet proven anything to get him into top 5. Kobe right now is in my opinion the tenth over all player. Here is my list of top ten players of all time. Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Bill Russell, Larry Bird, Oscar Robinson, Karrem Abdul Jabar, Hakkem alajaone, Wilt Chamberlain, Karl Malone, Kobe Bryant.

  125. Antav says:

    The only fair comparison is on B’Ball skills. Kobe is the most complete, most versatile most skilled player to ever lace em up. Unfortunately because, most people’s heads are buried deeply between MJ’s thighs Kobe won’t get the credit he is due. As one talk show host said…”If Kobe came before Jordan, people would be “worshiping” before the feet of Kobe (instead of Jordan)”, and he’s right.

    I’m tellin you, compared to Jordan Kobe is the lesser defender (but not bad), better scorer, better ball handler, better footwork, better long range shooter, equally creative around the basket, the best ever “difficult shot maker”, played against bigger/better defenders, more complex defenses, equal “will”, superior work ethic( uh huh)…….Kobe has most complete package of B’ball skill.

  126. god himself says:


  127. greg says:

    I have never been a fan of Kobe on a personal level, but lets face the facts, he is top 5 all time, maybe top 3>I have one question for anyone who questions if kobe is top 5 of all time, what other 5 would you want with the ball with the game on the line when it matters most?

  128. Paul F. says:

    kb24cb1 are you kidding? best shooter of all time? even phil jackson highlighted the fact that Jordan had a higher career fg%. Kobe might be a more skilled shooter, never a better one. Simply because Jordan was a lot more consistent. He had a stronger mentality that allowed him to be more consistent, hence he was more concentrated on the court, hence he was a better shooter, hence he was a better scorer. this is a serious blog, stop joking and get serious.

  129. BBasket says:

    People this is basketball, players maturity and team chemistry is the name of the game when MJ entered NBA in 1984 did he win championship right away? NO, he has to wait until 1991. Magic Johnson did it. So came Piipen, Rodman, John Paxson and the most important of that team is Phil Jackson then they won championship he made Jordan a good player to be among the greatest and so Kobe the good thing about their team is they have chemistry players who like to sacrifice for the team that’s the secret remember New York Knicks in 1970 they won championship not because they have the greatest player on the floor but the best team work have ever seen in basketball. If LJames and the Heat can play good team work and a coach that can motivate them they will be champion in the future not this year.

  130. darkz says:


  131. darkz says:



    • Greatness says:

      This is National Basketball Association, not boxing bro. You’re making Manny pacman fans look stupid. I am also his fan. but this is basketball, there’s no mayweather here ,_, btw i agree with “ybaby”

  132. darkz says:

    MICHAEL JORDAN C G.O.A.T…. hands down….. no one better than MICHAEL JORDAN..

  133. Lakeshow says:

    People don’t want to put Kobe in the top 5 now because he’s still playing. Wait til his career is over and we look back a couple years after he retires. People will be changing their lists

  134. Bobby says:


  135. pmoore says:

    Greatness is how many defenders you draw when you touch the ball. Kobe gets three defenders a lot. I have seen a lot of great players and Kobe is the BEST.

  136. lockess says:

    wake up people this is 2010 and kobe is the best player now. the MVPs are also Bullshyt becuase fans votes based on media and media are biased.
    media makes kobe to be a rapist and now everyone hates him and dont vote… like wtf
    kobe wants attention from shaq… o now we hate him…
    wake up… jordan wanted to win as much as kobe did helllo… kobe’s model is jordan… helllo ofc he wants to take over the game… kobe wants to win and be the starr… it is how he was raised and thinks.
    last year kobe should have been mvp
    the year before mvp
    the two years where nash won also mvp.
    Wake up people and stop believing other people’s thoughts. think for your own-self.

  137. Matty says:

    This whole argument is stupid you cant compare people at different positions from different eras…

    But if you say that Kobe isn’t a top five SG then you have issues because after him and Jordan I have trouble filling the list
    unless you count Oscar Robertson, but im not sure if he really played SG or some kinda forward

  138. king zee says:

    how can u say kobe has no defense he’s a 10 time all defense selection and 8 of those were 1st team

  139. ybaby says:

    First of all, I want to say that there is no way Wilt is in my top 5. Yes, he is arguably the most dominate player to ever play, but he truly had a “Watered-Down” competition at his position besides Russel. I mean he was a Giant among dwarves, if he played in the current era, his numbers would significantly decrease.

    Two, I honestly think it’s silly to judge a players “Greatness” solely based on their stats, rings, awards, etc. The reason is because those factors are dependent upon your team and the competition that you have played in. For example

    LBJ was the focus point for his Cavs, he had to be “Great” every game for his team to be successful. Kobe had better “Supporting Cast” thus he didn’t necessarily have to put up big numbers. Same case for MJ/Kobe argument. Every one claims MJ is better because he has better “stats” although I agree that MJ is currently better, having better stats is not the reason. MJ and Kobe played in the same system but completely different teams. MJ started out as “The Man” when he was drafted, while Kobe was a benchwarmer. Also during Kobe’s early years, he played with Shaq. (During his Prime) If MJ played in Kobe’s shoes, I doubt he would put up his #s in Chicago.

    My view of “GOAT” is based off of 4 simple criteria
    1. Skill level (Offensive/Defensive)
    2. Work ethic
    3. Intangibles (Leadership/Will to Win aka “Clutch”)
    4. Impact to the game.

    My top 5

    1. Jordan
    2. Kobe
    3. Magic
    4. Bird

  140. Lakers fan all the way!!!! says:

    Kobe is the no 1 payer in the NBA today. He’s the leader of the twice in a row champion Lakers! As far as the all time greats right now I rank him in the top ten! After the end of his career one can give a better assessment! I’ve watched him since 1996, when he joined the league. He’s in a class all his own!!!! There will never be another player like him!!!! You can say that about all the greats!!! They have their own individual talents and contributions! Go Kobe, I love you man! And Charles Barkley thanks for your great comments about Kobe! You definitely belong in there Charles!!! You’re one of the greats too man!!!!! Peace out to everyone. Hoping for a Laker 3peat!!!!!

  141. lockess says:

    for kobe basketball is his life. Kobe is the number one player and or number two. But kobe plays in this generation with all the talent of the previous generations mustered up…. today’s basketball is more competitive than any other euro lugue play that the past had.

  142. lockess says:

    Kobe will burn any other teams out there.
    You guys see that 81 point game in 2006?
    That kind of play is unstoppable and unrivaled. And to say Raptors got no def is a slap to the NBA cuz raptors are just another NBA team.
    2006 is this decade… it is has so many crazy players in the leuge…
    when oscar played when bird or jhonson played there were no other good teams to play agsint.
    Look at the NBA NOW. so many stars.
    Utah is a great team with deron williams
    Chicago DErrick Rose
    Orleans Chris PAul and west
    Thunder Westbrook and Durant
    Celtics (dont even need to bother) more talent than lakers to be honest… their point guards even their third back up after nate robinson can be a starter in another team. his name is delonte west,,, kid can play
    Miami (duh duh bosh wade and lebron
    Orlando nelson carter dwight
    Spurs still alive( dunken manu parker and now jefferson who can play
    Dallas dirk
    phonix nash
    Denver melo and billups
    I gotta say now the west got crazy teams that are all very well organized as oposed to east teamts where only miami boston and orlando and chicago are good.
    Back then there were no strong teams as there are now.
    BAck when majic played every team sucked. only boston was good.and then chicago eurpted as jordan came.
    Now LAkers have to compete with so much talented teams that he built his team from scrath.
    You guys know what Kobe does with SHanon brown? he teaches him, cuz he needs his team to play well.
    Kobe teaches eevry teammember to play well… hes wants to win.
    Kobe will find a way to win no matter what….
    ONly person who can compare is JOrdan. Majic and Bird had so much help when they won and they did not go crazy to win like KObe has and still does.
    You guys see KObe when he lost in the finals to celtics? Youlooked like a zombie… like he was gonna go crazy for not winning.
    ANd you saw him as he won? A burden fell off and he was utterly happy.

  143. kobe says:

    are you high kobe is the 2nd best who ever played the game.

  144. shooterbyday says:

    Chuck is right on point! If you go for a job interview, the person with the best resume should get the job. Therefore, Kobe’s resume is better than(with all do respect for the other great players) Magic, West,Bird. Keep in mind, Kobe has been in the league 14 years. So, he has definitely played against some talent….he’s even played against MJ. Youtube It! Let us all give credit to a person when it is deserved. If MJ is the best of All Time. Who is the first player that comes to mind in comparison.
    Rest my case!!!

  145. pedro rodriguez says:

    no estamos en los 90 kobe para sienpre

  146. jgranada says:

    my question is – without shaq, without gasol – will kobe have a ring? look at who bird played with? who russell played with? who kareem played with? please do not insult michael jordan. can you remeber who he played with when they won the 1st three-peat – aside from pippen? there are a lot of players that have the same talent or even better talent than jordan… the difference is – how they use it. MJ turned the Bulls from a loser to a Championship team… they became a household name around the globe. jordan became a mega superstar around the world when at the time we were only using 64kb modems. The NBA became bigger than ever because of jordan. The sport was at it’s peak when he was playing. jordan changed “basketball” life as we knew it. It’s not just about the stats & the rings.
    Don’t get me wrong – Kobe is great. Top 10 – definitely. Top five – maybe. The greatest? Even if he wins 12 rings – the title of the player who has the most ring – yeah sure. Sorry – in my opinion – He CAN NOT REPLACE

    • rey says:

      WOW are u kidding me? with 12 rings he will be having 9 Finals MVP. . . and after his career ends he will be the all time scoring leader. . . so what makes you think that after accomlishing 12 rings, which i doubt, will not make him better than MICHAEL JORDAN?? by that time he should have broken every recods set bj JORDAN. . . LOL!!

  147. pmoore says:

    Kobe is the best player ever no doubt about it.

  148. MJoverKobeforever, I am a overall fan of the game. MJ was a great player and no one has ever questioned that. If you are a true fan of the game how can you say Kobe will not go down in history as one of the greatest players in the game. Kobe does have one stat. MJ did not achieve and I would love to hear your comment on his 81 point scoring night. Also remember he has a 60-something scoring night through 3 quarters…….both unheard in todays NBA .Please respond!!


  149. KOBE#1 says:

    God created KOBE BRYANT just to PLAY basketball!


  150. kb24cb1 says:

    @ANTAV i love the point. The stat is that jordan has more scoring tittle TRUe but what u dont know is that while jordan averaged 31.0 agame to kobes 25.6 aame michael took alot more shots thatnkobe dis. he averages aabout 26 shots a game. kobe only 20 ish so he is suppose to get that manny points agame. and kobe is a WAYYYYY better shooter than jordan. he can shoot off ethier foot, fading, up fake, step back, double clutch and thats not just mid range. thats fromt 3 or where ever on the court. the guy had a counter move for ever defensive move u make. its un believeable. he shoots hand in the face over hes eyes. getting fouled, pushed w.e. all around hes the best shooter in the history of the game. not just 3, not the puriest shot but even in the clutch the mans unbelieveble. plus ppl say he didnt change rules. what about the up and under pass to urself off the back board. that was so creative i mean the refs didnt know what do about it. he was the first to ever pass the ball to himself off the back board. Geneius…. hes defense is so underratted he can match anyone step for step and noone ver notices it because hes so smooth he just quietly shut a dude down and will make a guy not even wanna play. the dude is the best scorer ever but u cant take away WILT avergaing 50 a game for a whole season CRazy or elgin doing it once but Wilt was 7 footer in a 6 footer league. and no 3 secound key

  151. shuss says:

    i never saw wilt play but im gonna go ahead and say as a basketball talent he’s not in the top 5 or even the top 10. the league was smaller and he had no formidable opponent.

    he may be one of the all time ‘great’ nba players because of what he did do during his time. but i bet if you put him in today’s league where players are on average taller, faster, more athletic, and overall more complete he probably would be a solid 20/10 guy but that’s about it.

    so as far as basketball ‘talents’, prodigies, geniuses, virtuosos…Kobe is in the top 5.


  152. JRey says:

    does anyone remember that kobe has ONE MVP!!!! ONE MVP!!!!! In a leaue where MVP means so much. So your telling me that one of the 5 greatest players of all time, better than magic or bird (who togethe saved the NBA in the 80’s), was the best player in the league ONCE.
    Cue the irrational kobe fans screaming “He should have won it in 05 and 06”.
    I.m not saying MVP’s r everything but surely they’re some sort of measure of greatness. (Even if steve Nash has as many as kobe, shaq, Baylor and West Combined).
    I wonder If 15 years from now Kobe has say 6 rings and 1 MVP and Lebron has say 6 MVP’s and 1 ring (possible) who’ll b considered ‘Greater’?
    Second best SG of all time, Third (or fourth) best Laker of all time, Mayb 9th or 10th best player of all time. Anyway in my opinion: 1.Jordan 2.kareem 3.Magic 4.Russell 5.Wilt 6.Bird 7.Oscar 8.duncan 9.kobe 10.shaq

    • rey says:

      “Kobe has say 6 rings and 1 MVP and Lebron has say 6 MVP’s and 1 ring (possible) who’ll b considered ‘Greater’?
      ” o yea u forgot to mention if he will have 6 rings or MORE, it means 3 finals MVP or MORE because the 3 are for Shaq. . . what does season MVP means if u cannot will your team to the finals? Legends are born in the FINALS not in REGULAR SEASON rankings. . . Do you get my point? now you answer. . . who is “GREATER”?

  153. MJisGOAT says:

    If Kobe is the greatest LAKER of all time… which arguably is, especially if he leads the Lakers to another 3peat, then He’s ahead of Magic and Kareem in the ATG list. Which means Kobe can crack the top 5.

  154. Huh says:

    To Mr.Aschburner rings do come into play when talking about all time greats in the NFL and to be honest baseball is just a numbers game.

  155. Nato says:

    But as I’ve said earlier(in the above comment), one thing that these rankings are based upon are stats. His stats depict such and such and his fg percentage is such and such.
    The question is : Have you people seen these players play?
    Have you seen Kareem’s majestic skyhook, which he used over players Hall of famers such as Hakeem and Wilt.
    Have you seen Majic’s showtime plays?
    Have you seen Bird’s buzzer beaters?
    Have you seen Jordan’s ridiculous shots?

    Using statistics as a way of ranking someone doesn’t consider the era in which the players played in nor does it consider their actual raw basketball talent. For example, Bob Cousy’s stats are relatively close to Steve Nash’s stats as they both average roughly 18 points and 8 assists. But in terms of “raw basketball talen”, Nash would win over Cousy. So in fact, there are 2+ different ways in which the players can be ranked.

    In terms of actual basketball talent:

    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Kareem
    4. Shaq
    5. Allen Iverson

    In terms of how well they played in their era and how much they revolutioned the game:

    1. Michael Jordan
    3.Michael Jordan
    4.Larry Bird

  156. Joell says:

    Remember they are putting Kobe in the the top 5 or top 10 w/e all time greatest AND the man isn’t retired. Think about it.
    and for Lebron and the other cats out there I feel sorry for them trying to catch up to Kobe, they won/t be able to catch up,
    Top NBA player
    1. MJ
    2. Russel
    3. KOBE not retired
    4. Magic
    5. Bird
    6. Wilt

  157. Whole package says:

    -Kobe is the most complete player he has the whole package there’s no “chink in the armor”. He has some good teammates but so did Jordan, Bird, Magic, and Kareem. He’s top 5 and will probably crack the top 2 when he retires.

  158. nka says:

    He recanted and said Kareem was 5 and Kobe 6. So your article is kinda moot.

  159. jeffting02 says:

    magic johnson is a point guard and pointguards look good when they pass the ball..
    if you have teammates like kareem, wilt, rambis, scott, west, baylor? you’ll definitely look good..
    and for the info.. magis is a 6’9″ or 6’8″ player, he can definitely shoot on top of any pointguards at his era..
    that’s why he is something back then…

  160. thegreatest says:

    Mr. Aschburner is really a lebron fan disguised as a journalist in I saw his overrated opinion about lebron james and the heat last summer and how Cleveland will fall because Lebron will not be there. Now he is trying to air his opinion and try to downplay the importance of championships because, again Kobe has 5 championships BUT 1 MVP. He is trying to make a case for lebron james (i’ll be he is!) who has 2 MVP’s (trust me, he will not consider steve nash). Try to look and observe his blog for the “the race to the MVP”. As much as possible, he will not make Kobe no. 1 in the race. When he made him in the top spot, he HAD A LOT OF EXCUSES like it’s early in the season, the big 3 (of the heat) are still not there and to prove his point, he put there players which are statistically good but not really an MVP like Monta Ellis, AND without including WADE who had played good basketball during that week when he wrote the blog. Now, even if Kobe is playing good basketball, he is making a case for Pau Gasol as the leader and main man. It’s ok for Pau Gasol to be part of the MVP race but we all know the leader and heart of the Lakers and the best scorer, most intelligent player in the league which is kobe bryant. Mr. Steve Aschburner, he doesn’t respect Kobe Bryant (too much? ok…downplays Kobe Bryant) for 1 reason, HE LOVES LEBRON JAMES.

    To Mr. Aschburner.. If you can’t be unbiased in your analysis and totally downplays championships…YOU SHOULD RESIGN. And STOP writing for the “race to the mvp” LET OTHERS DO THE WRITING.

  161. Ty901 says:

    I been a Lakers fan since elementary school, and if you still saying Kobe is not one of the best PLAYERS to ever play in the NBA you are blinded, by the fact that you just don’t like him. For some reason people have hated Kobe for the longest, and that won’t allow them to give him his props. Pull up his career totals and tell me he is not one of the best. And back when the Lakers made there first 3peat run, it was the entire team, without Kobe it would have never happened , or without Shaq it would have never happened. People won’t give the guy credit just because they don’t like him, but I respect the hell out of him for staying with the Lakers for all this time, and not jumping ship like Lebron…… You can’t compare any active players to Kobe right now, can’t even compare any team to the Lakers right now, except for the Celtics.

  162. kb24cb1 says:

    LISTEN UP PPL. how can u not say thaat kobe isnt top 5 of all time. everyone thinks analyst just knows everything thing about the sports. but when u sit here and listen to it striaght out of the horses mouth , u wanna deny it. half the analyst never even played basketball and out of those who have charles barkley is an all-time great. Idk why ppl are comparing kobe to jordan in this blog because barkely never said he was better than jordan just the other guys. but for the record i would have to tie it right now. you can not give me one thing that jordan does that just outrageously killing kobes or vise versa. ok jordan has the stats and some might say that kobe coming into the league early was an advanmtage but it was a disavantage. i know for a fact that mike couldnt have played in the nba at 17 which was bad for kobe because it took him time to mature physically and mentally and he spent his first three years riding the bench unlike jordan who came into the nba a super athlete. kobe had to work for his but if kobe came in the league on a bad team im sure he could have alot mor scoring tittles.evn PHIL JACKSON STATED” that mike was way more of an athlete but kobe’s skill level was superior to mikes” (look it up) and he coach both players. kobe bryant is not the most atheletic, he wasnt 7 feet tall like WILT or KAREEM or didnt have a 48 inch vertical like JORDAN or didnt have the frame MAGIC or LEBRON have. but still accomplished or over accomplished by out thinking players with his extremely high skill level. ok the league was tougher back them but i believe that the atheletic ability more than makes up for what it lacks in compettion. and the league wasnt that tough in the 90’s when jordan was winning all the tittles. the bad boys were gone. but when they were there in the 80’s along with magic and the lakers. Jordan couldnt do anything so if kobe couldn have won in the 80’s then neither could jordan. and oh yeah michael had help to. ppl forget about the best defensive player of all time in Rodman and Pippen both great defenders and pippen could score almost as fluent as jordan could. dont forget the knock down shooters such as steve kerr and paxson and etc. and ok kobe had big men but so did the celtics he played (wallace, perkins, KG) and Bynum only played like 1 game. IM SICK OF PPL SAYING KOBE DIDNT WIN THE LAST CHAMPIONSHIP MVP>> THE GUY HAD ONE BAD GAME AND U GUYS WANNAA CRUCIFY HIM. IF I RECALL HE AVERAGED 33.0 7REB AND 6 AST and ur saying he did nothing. ok ron aretest hit a shot big deal. but didnt the pass come from kobe??? and he also had 22 points and like 7 rebs and 4 assist and thats a bad game for KOBE (anyone else would be excited). the man was exhausted. HES HUMAN. who was pau gasol before he got with kobe and ron artest was kicked outta the league for 2 season no one wanted him and as far as SHAQ. they were both equal leaders, neither could have one it with out each other. If guys like kobe need a shaq.. shaq cant do it with out a superstar guard either. AS far as championship go, they are freakin obsurd. it does matter. when kobe had 0 everyone said he needed rings now that he has literally a had full they change the rules Art and the rest of u analyst give the guy a break hes a WINNNER and ive never seen anthing like it. Now thats making a point. u guys should make me a writer haha.

  163. jeffting02 says:

    to all of you guys saying kobe cant carry the team? im askin you now who can?
    didnt jordan have pippen, rodman, longley, kukoc, parker, or even rodman????
    its more than of a support that kobe has now? how come u never notice michael’s teammates when they also make up for jordan’s obsession on shooting the basketball at 90 percent of the time? if kobe never pas to some teammates? how come he registers triple-double to his name?
    nobody can carry a team by himself, imagine just playing 1 vs 5? wouldn’t that be hard? grow up, all of you..
    dumbers!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol 🙂

  164. WarriorsToday says:

    @Greatness WOW my dude. You just opened my eyes..People really need to understand what kobe has been through.

  165. Antav says:

    @ Doc Sinn, I’ve already compared the numbers and everything else concerning the Jordan/Kobe comparison. Kobe is a better, more skilled basketball player than MJ. And “numbers” do lie, or more accurately, can be misinterpreted.

    Example: MJ’s fga% is higher than Kobe’s. Therefore many proclaim MJ is a better shooter than Kobe. Wrong! Unless they’re willing to say MJ is also a better shooter than Ray Allen and Reggie Miller, because MJ’s fga% is higher than theirs too. Truth is, the 3pt shot is more of a weapon for Kobe, Ray and Reggie, it’s a tougher shot, therefore the lower fga%. MJ sucked at 3 pt shooting, and knew it, so he didn’t take any where near as many as the those 3 players.

    Example2-scoring titles: Kobe has proven that he could score at a higher rate than MJ. That’s why Kobe could score 81, 62 in 3 gtr’s, 52 in 1 half…etc, and break MJ’s string of 50 pt games. Comparatively, most of MJ’s highest scoring games came in overtime, one was in double time and he still didn’t break 70, let alone 81. And it wasn’t for lack of trying because MJ has the highest “fg attempts per game average” of anyone since Elgin Baylor. MJ has more scoring titles only because he had the green light from day 1 on a sad team, and didn’t have to share the ball with one of the most dominate big men ever clamoring for shots.

    I could go on, but yeah Bra, Kobe is the more skilled player, doesn’t mean he will accomplish as much, their paths are just not the same.

  166. Patoi says:


    Is that right?

  167. ardee1624 says:

    how can you compare mj to kobe and vice versa.. they came from diff. era. but think about this mj just had to be a monster on almost all stats. bec if he didn’t the bulls back then wouldn’t win 6 titles.. unlike kobe even in his off moments especially in the finals they still won.. what if he was always on? the finals would’ve ended in 4 w the title in laker hands.., but ok in reality mj’s stats are almost out of dis world just imagine the best guard that he had guarding him was 6’3″? put a guard like that against kobe and im sure hell make that guard eat 81 pts.. it is just impossible to compare that much when the two only met like 2 seasons only ’97 and ’98 kobe was just new in the league and mj was at retirement.. oh how i wish they’ve met at the same time then it would be more acceptable to compare them rather than comparing kobe to queen lebroke

  168. Patoi says:

    The real question is: Kobe is better than Magic, Bird or Kareem?

  169. Aaron says:

    Bill Russell’s shot blocking ability was uncanny. Definately up there with the likes of Theo Ratliff and Dikembe Mutombo. WIth all those rings I would probably have to put him in my top 20 all time.

  170. Jun says:

    All i can say is Jordan and Kobe are the best on their Era respectively…

    • Jun says:

      it’s hard to compare era especially today, superstars like Garnett, Pierce, Allen, Rondo, O’neal are in one team, also like James, Wade and Bosh.

  171. Nato says:

    I’ll repeat my list of the top 5 greatest NBA players of all time. The explanation for this list is in my above comment. Please check it out.

    1. Michael Jordan
    3.Magic Johnson
    4. Larry Bird
    5. Shaq

  172. jonas toks says:

    i will say that michael jordan is the best player in the nba to him is kobe bryant following what jordan had started..if kobe and his team will succeed this year, i will probably say that jordan and bryant are all the same-GREAT…players who possess talents that are unusual,unique and superb..

  173. eas says:

    to truely understand who is the best you have to play with or against those players along with the rest of the league for years to get a grasp of who is the best and who is not. so the opinions of who is greatest in the nba today would be best coming from nba players. but the great players come from different eras and its hard to compare the best from different eras. bi think since phil jackson won 6 championships in 9 seasons with the bulls he picked up something from mj and he is now using it on kobe to make kobe do the things mj did to be successful. therefore kobe became close to mj as any one has come to mj. and phil jackson uses kareem abdul jabbar to train his centers like shaq/bynum and so forth. when it comes to coaching it doesnt get any better than that. you can learn from somebody good or you can learn from the best ever. and phil uses the best ever to make his players the best in the league. thats why phil jackson wins so many games and is the greatest coach ever. some say he got lucky, but if you look at his staggering winning percentages, it is evident you can get lucky maybe having an above average win percentage but a way above average win percentage is not luck. phil wins a championship on average 1 out of every 2 seasons hes coaches for 20 years. if kobe plays until he is like 39. and remains effective like ray allen is for boston. then kobe might really win alot of championships. and if he plays that long and stays really successful yeah he would probably pass mj as the best ever. depending on how his career ends.

  174. gjb says:

    you are all haters, kobe can score at will and he continues to find news ways to score considering how much the league has evolved. He has the ring to prove it. Also Kobe has solid defence and was mentored by the man at the great Jordan Phil Jackson) so with that being said if is say kobe is the best player ever next to Jordon. Also him scoring 81 point and 50 plus point in countless back to back games proves this.

  175. hey when Kobe drops 38 points in the finals with the flu then I will consider him top 10

  176. yoah says:

    Kobe is in discussion as one of the best players all his career isn’t over, we’re still gonna witness Kobe being Kobe which is dominating in the NBA and winning another ring..

  177. WooBasketball! says:

    I don’t know if its just me but it is almost impossible to rank players of all time…. I mean come on… Players are more athletic now and also they are changing the rules too much its a different game from now than before…

  178. Brown says:

    Kobe wasn’t even the best player on his team for half of his championships. Hell, he was only the best player in 1 out of the 5. Gasol and Artest bailed him out in the first round last year, then he shot 25% in the biggest game of his career in game 7 of the finals and was bailed out by Gasol….again. He did not deserve the finals MVP, and it was a joke that he got it. But still, 2 finals mvp’s out of 5 championships. Want to go by rings? Robert Horry is better than Kobe then. Kobe shoots below 40% in the Finals, so calling him clutch just because 70% of his game winners come from teams with losing records in un-important games in the season is just atrocious.

    Remember, Kobe was a second round virgin his entire career without having the best supporting cast and/or big man in the league.

  179. by the way Kobe fans if you look at the MVP race thing had, you would see that Gasol is ahead of Kobe in the race. So is it really Kobe’s team anymore? Think about it

  180. paolo c says:

    at this point, it’s tough to say that Kobe is in the top 5. i am a fan of his but it’s a pretty tough company up there. however if it is about the top 5 SGs, i believe he is in there by now (or at least, very,very close). the good thing about it is that his career (unlike the other top 4 SGs he’s with), has yet to be concluded. indeed the game has evolved a long way since the time of Wilt, Oscar, et. al. now, the entire thing has gone from being a common sport to a complete science.
    however, what i could not stomach is some dumb idiot like Rondofan25 saying Kobe has no defense. a lot has been said in this thread about Kobe’s all defensive selections. another comment from jack joker says that (kobe) “…got crossed HARD by derrick rose last night.” and was asking if anyone saw that? well, u don’t measure defense by one night, one cross-over, one game. virtually anyone can cross-over anyone in a given night. defense is a commitment night-in and night out.
    Rondofan25, the main (if not the only) reason Lebron got in the defensive 5 last year was his ability to play weak side defense. up front, his defense is nothing special. he get crossed-over by rondo in the east conference finals like nobody’s biz. oh and most recently, he could not switch quick enough to play Rudy Gay’s game winner. to think Miami had a foul to give and LBJ did not foul him talks a lot of his ball IQ.
    jack joker, yes, DRose crossed over KB and i saw that too. well, have u seen the defense KB put on Westbrook in the first round of the west playoffs. KB specifically requested to be assigned to guarding Westbrook who is key on Oklahoma’s fast break points (Fast Break points for Oklahoma prior to that was averaging 18). when KB guarded Westbrook, Westbrook finished with 15 points (on 4 of 13 shooting). more importantly, he committed 8 turn-overs and the entire team could only muster 7 fast break points. now that, jack joker, is DEFENSE. hope u saw that too.

  181. Raps 1995 says:

    kobe is defs top 5 simply because he gets it dont he will play with any kind of injury and preform with any kind of injury and i would put hi, on top 3 nvm top 5 but thats just my opinion and o ya to that one guy who said lbj is btr then kobe i have to say there is no way lebron is btr then kobe there is no argument there

  182. Pardon me is there anyone here who said Kobe is top 10 who isn’t a lakers fan?

  183. Dixon says:

    Kobe is definitely great ! but just not top five

  184. kobe (yummmm) says:

    kobe da man 2 me he is # 3 all time once his career is over, by then he’ll win 4 or 5 more rings and kick the king like he and the heat deserve it all respect to d.wade

  185. Victor Blanco says:

    Ja Ja Ja

    Who said that Kobe is not a leader… well, if you want a ring, you must go to LA. Shaq?… is not a leader, he is only a strong showman and he will not get another ring if doesn’t back to LA. Pau?… without Kobe he is only another good player, not a champ. Artest?… his dream is done, thanks Kobe!. Lamar?… go Lamar, you can do it better. The rest if the team? …learning a lot, true Shannon Brown?. Statistisc?… Kobe will overcome to others TOP 5, sorry MJ. Rings?… 5 and counting!. Defensive?… excellent. Ofensive?… you know about that. Confidence… Ufffff, if is not Kobe, then Kobe and Kobe and Kobe, after that, Fisher!. Hotest and required points?… he is the best!

    Into TOP 5?… Absolutely, he is!. Into TOP 3?… Absolutely, he wil!

  186. Paul F. says:

    Taking championships into account is also strong in football, a lot less in baseball. In baseball because it’s so hard to win unless you’ve got unlimited money like the yankees. Brady is considered by many as better than Manning simply because he’s got three rings, whilst Manning’s got one. Yet anyone who has a bit of reason and doesn’t just count winning championships as a way to compare knows that a true star, a top 5 all time has to be a guy who carries his team. The same way Manning is carrying an awful Colts team this season. That’s why he’s better than Brady. Kobe is not nearly as consistent as many of the players on that list. For anyone to exclude Bird or Magic from the top 5 is, in my opinion, criminal. How can you not include them? These guys carried their teams. Can you imagine Kareem putting up so many numbers and wins without Magic? Can you imagine the Celtics ever winning in the 80’s without Bird? These guys carried their teams. No need to mention what Jordan did for the Bulls. Kobe has had the huge advantage of playing in some of the best TEAMS ever. Shaq, one of the nesst centers in the history of the game, Horry, amazing clutch performances, Fox always consistent. He did not carry his team in the last championship. He did not play well that series, had a huge Bynum and Gasol, Artest coming up big, Fisher always covering up, even Brown was flawless off the bench. And if you really want to know if Kobe is even close to Jordan, just ask good ol’ Phil. I know what his answer is going to be. Jordan, by miles. I’ll go as far as saying that Lebron will be closer to Jordan than Kobe when his career is over. Lebron is another guy who takes the ball, carries his team and doesn’t complain. He takes the pressure. That’s a future top 10, at the very least.

  187. todd says:

    i agree with schuhman, its hard to compare players from generations. i think it would be more appropriate to rank kobe among players of his generation. it would be hard to argue against tim duncan, he has been the anchor of a san antonio team that has been successful and won four championships since his arrival in the league, and he was the best player on all those championship teams. kobe has been great, but during 3 of his 5 championships he wasn’t even the best player on his team, and this season its debatable whether or not him or gasol is the laker’s best player. when kobe won his first 3 with the lakers i don’t know if he was that much better than iverson, he just had the priveledge of playing next to the most dominant big man in history who was in the peak of his career. but kobe did set himself apart with his work ethic and studying the game to continue to dominate into his 30’s. i’d say from his generation there’s 3 that set themselves apart, that would be kobe, tim duncan and shaq. jason kidd and iverson were also great during this time.

  188. LakerNation96 says:

    Well the truth is Kobe does a better job of being a team player and sharing the ball with teammates he trusts than he did before. And that is the truth. I used to get mad at Kobe and I am a Kobe fan. But I am a fan of many players though

  189. D.Rob.50 says:

    John Schuhmann, if you want to compare the 90s an onward players and you include Tim Duncan then that would mean Timmy should be inculded in the discussions of top 5 or top 10. After all Timmy is considered by many as the best power forward of all time. Also, Shaq has a few rings of his own and is on a team that may well win another ring this year. Besides Shaqs obvious flaws he is still one of the greatest ever. But john is right, you can’t compare players from 40 years ago to today. If we did then KG, Karl Malone, John Stockton plus others all need to be considered. It might be obvious to say but if KG was teleported to the 1950’s he would own the league. Although they say it was tougher back then or even just 15 years ago is not giving the credit to today’s athletes. I don’t recall there EVER being players like KG or Labron.

    Either way great debate, we need to see how kobe finises up but as of right now his not top 5. not yet anyway..


  190. KOBE 24 says:

    KOBE is SIMPLY the 2nd Best Player in the NBA History. Stop arguing. I don’t know how you guys can put KOBE in a discussion with the G.O.A.T, and then all of a sudden he is not even in TOP 5. HE IS 2ND. PERIOD. MJ being 1st. Kobe Jelly Bean Bryant, aka Black Mamba will be the 2nd Best Player in the NBA History. Mark my words! Let me remind all of you, just one small evidence… 81 points in today’s game. I bet you can’t even do it in a video game.

  191. ju says:

    i think we have a hard time placing people based on respect to the past. to be number one then and now not much different its a athletic ability mix with heart ect… so why isnt kobe top 5. if kobe and jordan and lary bird and magic and those other guys played arround the same time kobe would be allowed in the top 5. and kobe is reaching jordan status just now… how smart he plays for the next 5 years will be his career durability something players dnt have right now all of kobe’ peers busted by 30 so he’ going against the class of 25 year old in his 30′ still doing it better thats top 5 to

  192. lakertime says:

    Elgin Baylor was a much better player than Lebron and he had similar size and far superior skill. That being said the league is more competitive now than ever! Its much bigger and much more global. We have foreign players in the NBA now that we haven’t had in the past in Wilt and Bill Russells days. Players like ; Pau Gasol, Tony Parker, Manu, Dirk, and tons of other players from around the world because the game of Basketball has grown globally.

  193. mike says:

    The blackmamba should be in the top 5 players of all time. 5 rings,MVP, gold med, and the 2nd player in history to score over 75 points.

  194. MACMILLA says:

    timeout people really believe BIRD is better than KOBE thats a joke. respect legends but really kobe against BIRD

  195. jordan23 says:

    just see their stats there so u can identify the top 5 greatest player in NBA!!NO ARGUEMENT BECAUSE THAT RECORDS is in NBA record it’s original!!! dili mo patakag ngal-ngal inyong baba diha!!

  196. jordan23 says:

    All Time Leaders: Minutes Played
    Player G MPG MIN
    1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 1,560 36.8 57,446
    2. Karl Malone 1,476 37.2 54,852
    3. Elvin Hayes 1,303 38.4 50,000
    4. Wilt Chamberlain 1,045 45.8 47,859
    5. John Stockton 1,504 31.8 47,764
    6. Reggie Miller 1,389 34.3 47,619
    7. Gary Payton 1,335 35.3 47,117
    8. John Havlicek 1,270 36.6 46,471
    9. Robert Parish 1,611 28.4 45,704
    10. Moses Malone 1,329 33.9 45,071
    11. Jason Kidd 1,200 37.1 44,473
    12. Hakeem Olajuwon 1,238 35.7 44,222
    13. Oscar Robertson 1,040 42.2 43,886
    14. Clifford Robinson 1,380 30.8 42,561
    15. Buck Williams 1,307 32.5 42,464
    16. Kevin Garnett 1,138 37.0 42,156
    17. Shaquille O’Neal 1,179 35.1 41,363
    18. Scottie Pippen 1,178 34.9 41,069
    19. Michael Jordan 1,072 38.3 41,011
    20. Bill Russell 963 42.3 40,726
    21. Patrick Ewing 1,183 34.3 40,594
    22. Charles Oakley 1,282 31.4 40,280
    23. Otis Thorpe 1,257 31.7 39,822
    24. Hal Greer 1,122 35.5 39,788
    25. Charles Barkley 1,073 36.7 39,330
    26. Mark Jackson 1,296 30.2 39,121
    27. Walt Bellamy 1,043 37.3 38,940
    28. Horace Grant 1,165 33.2 38,621
    29. Ray Allen 1,036 37.1 38,442
    30. Kevin Willis 1,424 26.9 38,362
    created: 11/24/2010 02:08:23

  197. jordan23 says:

    2010-11 Regular Season Rookie Leaders: Points Per Game
    Player G FG FT PTS PPG
    1. John Wall (Washington Wizards) 9 61 38 170 18.9
    1. Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers) 15 111 61 283 18.9
    3. DeMarcus Cousins (Sacramento Kings) 13 47 46 141 10.8
    4. Landry Fields (New York Knicks) 15 63 23 160 10.7
    5. Wesley Johnson (Minnesota Timberwolves) 15 54 15 141 9.4
    5. Evan Turner (Philadelphia 76ers) 14 50 30 131 9.4
    7. Eric Bledsoe (Los Angeles Clippers) 15 55 22 137 9.1
    8. Al-Farouq Aminu (Los Angeles Clippers) 15 41 17 114 7.6
    8. Derrick Favors (New Jersey Nets) 14 40 26 106 7.6
    10. James Anderson (San Antonio Spurs) 6 14 4 42 7.0
    11. Gary Forbes (Denver Nuggets) 11 32 4 76 6.9
    12. Gary Neal (San Antonio Spurs) 13 28 1 73 5.6
    13. Nikola Pekovic (Minnesota Timberwolves) 10 21 13 55 5.5
    14. Xavier Henry (Memphis Grizzlies) 12 21 22 64 5.3
    14. Tiago Splitter (San Antonio Spurs) 9 18 12 48 5.3
    16. Jordan Crawford (Atlanta Hawks) 7 14 2 35 5.0
    17. Paul George (Indiana Pacers) 8 14 4 39 4.9
    18. Ishmael Smith (Houston Rockets) 11 22 6 53 4.8
    19. Armon Johnson (Portland Trail Blazers) 14 27 8 66 4.7
    20. Greg Monroe (Detroit Pistons) 12 18 5 41 3.4

  198. jordan23 says:

    All Time Leaders: Three Point Field Goals Made
    Player 3FGA 3FG% 3FGM
    1. Reggie Miller 6,486 .395 2,560
    2. Ray Allen 6,249 .396 2,476
    3. Dale Ellis 4,266 .403 1,719
    4. Peja Stojakovic 4,281 .400 1,714
    5. Jason Kidd 4,824 .349 1,685
    6. Rashard Lewis 4,110 .392 1,611
    7. Chauncey Billups 4,156 .387 1,607
    8. Glen Rice 3,896 .400 1,559
    9. Jason Terry 4,051 .382 1,547
    10. Eddie Jones 4,147 .373 1,546
    11. Tim Hardaway 4,345 .355 1,542
    12. Nick Van Exel 4,278 .357 1,528
    13. Steve Nash 3,472 .431 1,498
    14. Paul Pierce 4,018 .370 1,486
    15. Michael Finley 3,880 .375 1,454
    16. Brent Barry 3,442 .405 1,395
    17. Antoine Walker 4,264 .325 1,386
    18. Mike Bibby 3,629 .377 1,368
    19. Dan Majerle 3,798 .358 1,360
    20. Vince Carter 3,537 .376 1,330
    21. Mitch Richmond 3,417 .388 1,326
    22. Kobe Bryant 3,894 .340 1,323
    23. Allan Houston 3,247 .402 1,305
    24. Terry Porter 3,360 .386 1,297
    25. Mookie Blaylock 3,816 .336 1,283
    26. Jason Richardson 3,404 .371 1,263
    27. Vernon Maxwell 3,931 .320 1,256
    28. Mike Miller 3,097 .405 1,255
    29. Clifford Robinson 3,515 .356 1,253
    30. Dell Curry 3,098 .402 1,245

  199. Thunderrrrrrrrr says:

    Kobe is not quite a top 5 player of all time, yet. By the time he finishes his career and if he has another championship or two and finals MVP, or regualr season MVP and depending on what he may do in that time, then yes it is likely he will be one of the 5 greatest players of all time.
    Right now I would rate Kobe, Duncan and Shaq as the 3 best players to have played since Jordan with Kobe more than likely (fairly certain) to overtake the other 2 given that Shaq is obviosuly well past his prime and Duncan is winding down, though the Spurs are playing their best ball for sometime, and Kobe is still is very close, if not still in, his prime.
    Can’t say Chuck was correct in saying he is better than Kareem, just not reality…Magic is the player he would most likely bump from the 5 and it is very difficult in comparing Wilt as he played so long ago in a different age of NBA.
    Agreed he is most similar to Jordan, that does not mean though that he would be second best, it simply means the way he plays the game is most similar, ie they are the only 2 shooting guards mentioned in this debate. Kobe has not overtaken, Bird, Kareem, Magic or Wilt and certainly not Jordan…though as I said i do believe by the time he exits the game he will have bumped Magic….Oh and I pretty much forgot Bill Russell, woops!! Hmm in that case I would make a case for him pushing Wilt out, given the obsene advantage he had in height against others at the time….Wow that makes everything a lot harder….

    To even bring to discussion that he is better than Jordan is ridiculous as some have throw this out there…
    Jordan: 6 championships, 6 finals MVP’s, 5 MVP’s, #1 ranked in MVP shares, Defensive player of the year in 15 seasons
    Kobe: 5 Championships, 2 Finals MVP’s, 1 MVP, ranked 10th in MVP Shares, currently in 15th Season
    And please don’t forget Jordan took nearly 2 season off during his absolute dominant prime to return and claim 3 more Championships, 3 more Finals MVP’s and another MVP….Pretty clear really

    I agree that championships do play a big part in whether a player is great or not as it shows how much they have done for their team as the leading player and also how much they brought those around into the game and made them better.

    I do believe however that Finals MVP’s are more important in discussing greatest players and that you should look at the following four categories: Finals MVP’s, MVP’s, Championships, MVP shares and any other award you can judge….if it were simply championships Robert Parish, Scottie Pippen and co who played in many championships would be right up there, but no instead the lead players who won the finals MVP’s for those teams – Jordan, Bird etc, are the ones who are considered the greatest…pretty logical i know

    With the changes in the game across different eras, it is probably more accurate, IMO to judge from the from the 80’s onwards to as the greatest players from this era, ones we can mostly remember watching since the game has been in its modern era…ie centers not grabbing 50 points and 25 boards a game (Wilt) when the next tallest person was 6’6 or there abouts…

  200. jordan23 says:


    Select a Topic Select a Category

    Regular Season League LeadersRegular Season League Leaders – 48 MinutesRegular Season Rookie LeadersRegular Season Rookie Leaders – 48 MinutesAll Time Leaders Points Per GameTotal PointsRebounds Per GameTotal ReboundsOffensive Rebounds Per GameDefensive Rebounds Per GameField Goal PercentageField Goals MadeField Goals Attempted3 Point field Goal Percentage3 Pointers Made3 Pointers AttemptedFree Throw PercentageFree Throws MadeFree Throws AttemptedAssists Per GameTotal AssistsAssists Per TurnoverSteals Per GameTotal StealsSteals Per TurnoverBlocks Per GameTotal BlocksMinutes Per GameTotal MinutesDouble-doublesTriple-doublesEfficiency

    2010-11 Regular Season Points Per Game
    Player G FG FT PTS PPG
    1. Kevin Durant (Oklahoma City Thunder) 12 107 104 336 28.0
    2. Dirk Nowitzki (Dallas Mavericks) 13 125 77 335 25.8
    3. Derrick Rose (Chicago Bulls) 12 120 51 307 25.6
    4. Monta Ellis (Golden State Warriors) 14 136 65 357 25.5
    5. Carmelo Anthony (Denver Nuggets) 14 127 90 356 25.4
    6. Kobe Bryant (Los Angeles Lakers) 15 128 103 379 25.3
    7. Eric Gordon (Los Angeles Clippers) 13 102 90 307 23.6
    8. LeBron James (Miami Heat) 14 108 99 329 23.5
    9. Kevin Martin (Houston Rockets) 13 86 105 304 23.4
    10. Russell Westbrook (Oklahoma City Thunder) 14 102 117 325 23.2
    11. Amar’e Stoudemire (New York Knicks) 15 124 88 341 22.7
    12. Luis Scola (Houston Rockets) 13 118 51 287 22.1
    12. Pau Gasol (Los Angeles Lakers) 15 130 71 331 22.1
    14. Rudy Gay (Memphis Grizzlies) 14 121 44 307 21.9
    14. Michael Beasley (Minnesota Timberwolves) 14 122 48 306 21.9
    16. Dwight Howard (Orlando Magic) 13 100 83 283 21.8
    17. Andrea Bargnani (Toronto Raptors) 14 112 61 304 21.7
    18. Danny Granger (Indiana Pacers) 13 97 48 278 21.4
    18. Dwyane Wade (Miami Heat) 13 92 83 278 21.4
    20. Deron Williams (Utah Jazz) 15 102 91 314 20.9
    21. Manu Ginobili (San Antonio Spurs) 13 84 63 265 20.4
    22. Paul Pierce (Boston Celtics) 14 101 58 279 19.9
    23. Paul Millsap (Utah Jazz) 15 118 56 296 19.7
    23. Steve Nash (Phoenix Suns) 12 87 48 236 19.7
    25. Stephen Curry (Golden State Warriors) 12 88 41 234 19.5
    25. Stephen Jackson (Charlotte Bobcats) 14 96 41 273 19.5
    25. Tony Parker (San Antonio Spurs) 13 103 44 253 19.5
    28. Jason Richardson (Phoenix Suns) 14 102 31 269 19.2
    29. Blake Griffin (Los Angeles Clippers) 15 111 61 283 18.9
    30. David West (New Orleans Hornets) 13 101 42 244 18.8
    31. LaMarcus Aldridge (Portland Trail Blazers) 14 104 48 258 18.4
    32. Brook Lopez (New Jersey Nets) 14 99 58 256 18.3
    32. Tyreke Evans (Sacramento Kings) 12 87 40 219 18.3
    34. Luol Deng (Chicago Bulls) 12 76 47 217 18.1
    35. Kevin Love (Minnesota Timberwolves) 15 93 69 270 18.0
    36. Jason Terry (Dallas Mavericks) 13 90 29 233 17.9
    37. Devin Harris (New Jersey Nets) 14 80 74 246 17.6
    38. Joe Johnson (Atlanta Hawks) 15 97 52 263 17.5
    39. Gerald Wallace (Charlotte Bobcats) 14 78 78 244 17.4
    39. Raymond Felton (New York Knicks) 15 91 53 261 17.4
    39. Chris Bosh (Miami Heat) 14 87 67 243 17.4
    42. Brandon Jennings (Milwaukee Bucks) 13 78 46 225 17.3
    43. Ray Allen (Boston Celtics) 14 87 29 235 16.8
    44. Andray Blatche (Washington Wizards) 13 88 37 217 16.7
    45. Chris Paul (New Orleans Hornets) 13 75 51 216 16.6
    45. Danilo Gallinari (New York Knicks) 15 63 94 249 16.6
    47. Al Horford (Atlanta Hawks) 15 104 38 246 16.4
    48. Al Jefferson (Utah Jazz) 15 98 48 244 16.3
    49. Rodney Stuckey (Detroit Pistons) 13 72 62 211 16.2
    50. Elton Brand (Philadelphia 76ers) 14 88 50 226 16.1
    created: 11/24/2010 02:08:23

  201. jordan23 says:

    All Time Leaders: Points

    Player G FG FT PPG PTS
    1. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar 1,560 15,837 6,712 24.6 38,387
    2. Karl Malone 1,476 13,528 9,787 25.0 36,928
    3. Michael Jordan 1,072 12,192 7,327 30.1 32,292
    4. Wilt Chamberlain 1,045 12,681 6,057 30.1 31,419
    5. Shaquille O’Neal 1,179 11,234 5,880 24.0 28,349
    6. Moses Malone 1,329 9,435 8,531 20.6 27,409
    7. Elvin Hayes 1,303 10,976 5,356 21.0 27,313
    8. Hakeem Olajuwon 1,238 10,749 5,423 21.8 26,946
    9. Oscar Robertson 1,040 9,508 7,694 25.7 26,710
    10. Dominique Wilkins 1,074 9,963 6,031 24.8 26,668
    11. John Havlicek 1,270 10,513 5,369 20.8 26,395
    12. Kobe Bryant 1,036 9,100 6,646 25.3 26,169
    13. Alex English 1,193 10,659 4,277 21.5 25,613
    14. Reggie Miller 1,389 8,241 6,237 18.2 25,279
    15. Jerry West 932 9,016 7,160 27.0 25,192
    16. Patrick Ewing 1,183 9,702 5,392 21.0 24,815
    17. Allen Iverson 914 8,467 6,375 26.7 24,368
    18. Charles Barkley 1,073 8,435 6,349 22.1 23,757
    19. Robert Parish 1,611 9,614 4,106 14.5 23,334
    20. Adrian Dantley 955 8,169 6,832 24.3 23,177
    21. Elgin Baylor 846 8,693 5,763 27.4 23,149
    22. Kevin Garnett 1,138 8,996 4,325 19.8 22,484
    23. Clyde Drexler 1,086 8,335 4,698 20.4 22,195
    24. Gary Payton 1,335 8,708 3,265 16.3 21,813
    25. Larry Bird 897 8,591 3,960 24.3 21,791
    26. Hal Greer 1,122 8,504 4,578 19.2 21,586
    27. Dirk Nowitzki 933 7,473 5,361 23.0 21,446
    28. Ray Allen 1,036 7,416 3,892 20.5 21,200
    29. Walt Bellamy 1,043 7,914 5,113 20.1 20,941
    30. Bob Pettit 792 7,349 6,182 26.4 20,880

  202. R8erNation says:

    Can someone please explain to me What MJ has done that Kobe hasnt”t . Or can one of you help me understand What MJ was cabale of doing that Kobe isn”t? OR is the onlyargument that “MJ DIDNT HAVE AS GOOD OF TEAMMATES”? Did MJ truly Play better offfense? better defense? Was he MORE clutch than Kobe? someone please explain this. If you can do that i will be convinced That MJ was a better playet than Kobe Bryant

    • John says:

      Jordan didn’t have Shaq

      Jordan at 38 years old along with Rip Hamilton and Scrubs won 42 games while Kobe with Butler and Odom won 38

      Jordan Never lost by 40 points in the NBA Finals

      Jordan Never shot 6/25 in the NBA Finals

      Kobs is good. Really Good. MJ is just better.

      Just my opinion of course.

    • Greatness. says:

      People just like to hate on Kobe. People like to look at the stats, but never used their brain that Today’s game is different from before. People are actually afraid that Kobe might pass the greats of all time. Shii, they prolly look at KB as a rapist. not his talent. People just love to hate, yet the guy keeps rising. Its many injuries…Mess up Finger ..mess up knee. They don’t wanna respect the guy. People didn’t have league pass back then, so the majority of these people haven’t seen Jordan through his good and bad times. People base their love of Jordan on the YouTube clips they watch or espn classic games they see. People seem to forget that Jordan was also labeled a selfish ball hog who didn’t win anything prior to all the greats of the 80’s stepping away or being on the down hill slide. People don’t watch Kobe because they listen to the majority of the media and hate him too much to turn the tv on and see what he’s all about. People discredit all the things Kobe has done that Jordan hasn’t because they simply hate Kobe blindly. Give Kobe a depleted league and the rule book from the 90’s and see what he could have done. I love MJ, Just give kobe props.

  203. jordan23 says:

    charles is crazy abdul jabbar was the top 1 player in the NBA,top 2 is jordan…

    Greatest Finals Moment
    1. Michael Jordan’s last-second steal and shot against the Utah Jazz from the 1998 NBA Finals, which gave the Chicago Bulls their third championship in a row
    2. Michael Jordan’s 38-point performance with a 103 degree fever, which helped give the Chicago Bulls a 3-2 lead in the 1997 NBA Finals

    Greatest Shot
    1. Derek Fisher’s buzzer-beater for the Lakers in Game 5 of the 2004 Western Conference Playoffs against the Spurs
    2. Reggie Miller’s back-to-back three-pointers for the Pacers in the 1995 Playoffs against the Knicks

    Greatest Duel
    1. Larry Bird vs. Magic Johnson
    2. Boston Celtics vs. LA Lakers

    Greatest Coaching Performances
    1. Phil Jackson leading the Chicago Bulls to six championships in eight years
    2. Red Auerbach leading the Boston Celtics to eight straight NBA titles

    Greatest Slam Dunk
    1. Vince Carter winning the 2000 Slam Dunk title
    2. Michael Jordan’s famous dunk from the free throw line in 1988

    Greatest Upset
    1. Tracy McGrady scoring13 points in the final 35 seconds, including a game-winning three-pointer, to lift the Houston Rockets over the Spurs
    2. The # 8 seated Denver Nuggets defeating the # 1 seated Seattle Sonics in the first round of the 1994 NBA playoffs

    Greatest New Star
    1. LeBron James, Cleveland Cavaliers
    2. Dwyane Wade, Miami Heat

    Greatest Dynamic Duo
    1. Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen of the Chicago Bulls
    2. Magic Johnson and Kareem Abdul-Jabbar of the Los Angeles Lakers

    Greatest Move
    1. Michael Jordan with his mid-air hand-switch shot in Game 2 of the 1991 Finals vs. the Lakers
    2. Philadelphia’s Julius Erving’s amazing hangtime during the 1980 NBA Finals vs. the Lakers

    Greatest Championship Team
    1. The 1996 Chicago Bulls and their 72 victories over the course of the season
    2. Red Auerbach’s Boston Celtics of the 1960s

    • After25YearsOfWatching says:

      Hey jordan23! MJ would slap the hell out of you for not giving him the no.1 spot in the category “greatest shot”. 🙂
      He would tell you to look like Ehlo, take the ball to the free throw line, jump up, hang, hang, and hit the game winner again for you just for a reminder 🙂
      But all in all I agree with your list



  204. Mr. 3-Times says:

    The thing about being the GOAT is that there is a natural evolution in Life and more specifically in sports. People evolve physically over the decades. New generations are inspired by, and learn from older generations. Look at the evolution of the D-Linemen in football. No longer are they these fat guys who just plug up the middle, they are some of the most in-shape physical specimens on the field now, some even look better than the tight ends do. This is a natural fact in the world. It’s a painful truth to those who hold on to the heroes of their youth and have trouble accepting that the current generation of players on average are more talented and physically superior to the player of 30 years ago.

    • P says:

      Greatness in sports is a matter of opinion that is strongly but not entirely based on concrete mathematical statistics. The relative part pertains to more than simply opinion but also to who your playing with and against. It is absolutely true that the game evolves, so it is impossible to directly compare players that played in different era’s. It is more appropriate to compare how they stacked up against their peers that played at the same time. Simply, who dominated their era more? Jordan has to be #1 on that list then. Kobe def in top 10 but top 5 i don’t know about that. The one thing I hate (which might come down to natural human error) is the amount of plays i see nowadays where a veteran star (who has the respect of the zebras) gets a whistle (especially shooting fouls) and the slow motion replay shows that the defender didn’t touch him or made the kind of contact that the olsen twins wouldn’t even notice. I mean if u want to play a sport with no contact go play volleyball or tennis plz.

  205. Zach says:

    Kobe is defineately in the top 10,9,8 automatically, but it’s hard to narrow it down all the way to one. But to say right now that Kobe is better than Magic or Larry can be argued. I was’nt born when Larry and Magic were ballin, but when I looked in the stat book of a biography about Magic and Larry, and they both played thirteen seasons in the nba, and kobe is in his 14th or 15th i think and his stats match up to theres pretty equally. SO BOTTEM LINE, KOBE CAN BE ARGUED THAT HE DESERVES TO BE IN THAT RANK OF TOP 5 ALL TIME.

  206. Carlos says:

    Wilt the stilt had a legacy, in the way of 10000 kids, but thats another topic.

    Kobe is 7th best,

    1 Jordan
    2 Kareem
    3 Malone
    4 Russel
    5 Bird
    6 Wilt
    7 Kobe

    This is the official list:) im a Chris Paul fan, most skills

  207. Robert Cradill says:

    Both kobe and michael are clutch performers. Kobe has a better tough shot making ability, but jordan can make the tough ones two. both are very athletic, and both had excellent players surrounding them. Kobe and Jordan are the same player playing in different eras. If jordan didn’t “transform” the game, then kobe would have. The two are typically the same player. Only thing is kobe has made it to the finals one more time, but has one less ring. I believe once it’s all said and done, the only thing that will seperate these two is their number of championships. Plus that doesn’t even matter, because both have multiple rings. Seriously does it matter if someone has 22 rings, and someone else has 25 rings? No difference between these two players. and as far as player ranks go, here are mine.

    1-Kobe and Michael
    2- Magic Johnson
    3- Kareem Abdul jabbar
    4-Wilt chamberlain
    5- Oscar Robertson

  208. jordan23 says:

    im a kobe fan. but still i dont believe that kobe is better than MJ. ill just put kobe on the top 10.

    Kobe is in the top 10! Michael Jordan is the greatest player in NBA at all times..Ever man EVER !
    the moves of KOBE are copied to MJ..his 5 rings in NBA are not for him, but for SHAQ(big shamrock) and PAU GASOL!!!

  209. Kobeajordanwanabe says:

    i dont care who comes second third forth i know Jordan is the best!!

  210. NotHatingJustStating says:

    In terms of success – Kobe is definitely on the top 5 List of All-Time SG’s but will never be above Jordan purely cause MJ was a pioneer – you cant deny he’s a natural born winner though. Im not a big kobe fan but the facts speak for themselves in championships, MVP’s etc. But the top 5 GREATEST? maybe a little to early to put him with the likes of Russell and Magic, Bird and Jordan and FFS who the hell is gonna bump wilt? GTFOH!!!! Not saying he WONT EVER be ranked with those guys either but its just too early.And if its all about rings then Jason Williams is a better point guard and should be starting over Jameer Nelson because he’s got a ring?…yeah right whatever!

  211. jordan23 says:

    No, it’s more than just “Charles being Charles.” Kobe certainly belongs in the discussion. I just think that’s an unbelievably tough top five to crack for Kobe and a lot of other all-time great players. Without knowing how his career ends, I can’t put Kobe in that top five ahead of (in no particular order) MJ, Magic, Oscar, Bird, Kareem, Wilt, Russell, West and Hakeem. If we were to break it down to specific positions then Kobe is top five easily. But he still has to fight his way into that top five. What I’d love to know is who Charles thinks must drop out of the top five to make room for Kobe?


  212. Mr. 3-Times says:

    I think the reason why we fans use rings as a barometer for the value of a players greatness starts with the Magic/Bird era. Those two being so heavily compared, were unfairly judged by rings because the teams were so evenly matched talent and depth wise that it was natural to assume whoever was the better player between Magic or Bird would send that team over the top and since the Lakers won more rings most people gave the edge to Magic as an all time better player. Then came Jordan late in the picture and he would be unfairly compared to Isiah, then Bird, then Magic based solely on rings won because all the scoring titles and MVP’s aren’t as appreciated without the rings to go with it. I myself gave Jordan the edge over Magic after winning his sixth ring. Now who qualifies for the right to use ones rings as a barometer for greatness vastly depends on the player as an individual i.e a “superstar”.

  213. mr.clutch says:

    thats the top 5

  214. Yeah Ya Know ! says:

    I agree with that man ! Kobe is in the top 5 ! he is the closest thing to Michael Jordan Ever man EVER !

  215. little flying warrior says:

    im a kobe fan. but still i dont believe that kobe is better than MJ. ill just put kobe on the top 10.

  216. roldo says:

    I’m agree with Charles … this guy is really on top 5

  217. aachan says:

    I’d say Kobe can crack top 5 by the time his career is over, right now I have him in my top 10, sitting at about #8. Kobe as a basketball player will be much more appreciated once he retires his jersey,

  218. Nato says:

    Kobe would defintitely be in the top 10, but not it the top 5. Therefore, saying that he is in the top 5 nba players of all time is absolute ridiculous. While, I must admit that Kobe has real talent and skills, Kobe’s shooting percentage(he’s at 0.340 for his career) and the fact that he takes too many shots per game are what disallows his top 5 position.

    In my opinion, the top 5 NBA players of all time are:
    1. Michael Jordan(Undisputed)-the GOAT. This is a confident and accurate pick as the “best player of all time” due to the fact that Jordan had competed against 3 different generations. He competed against Kareem, Magic and Bird in the 1980’s, played against barkley, Olajuwan in the 90’s and against shaq and Kobe in the late 90’s and early 2000s. His shooting percentage is also alot higher than Kobe(it’s at 0.497 or 49.7%.)

    2. Kareem(The best center of all time)- To all those who are saying that Wilt was better than Kareem, I say: WATCH THEIR GAMES!! Wilt was no doubt a dominant center(IN THE 60’S). Wilt’s game, if anyone has even seen him play(youtube), involved posting up and simply dunking or figer rolling the ball into the hoop. He had no dribbling ability, nor any shooting ability. Kareem, on the other hand, was good at everything, and managed to be the best center in the league for 20 years. He also averaged 20+points for most of his career.

    3.Magic Johnson- Great passer, Great scorer and invoked “showtime”. Magic, dominated the Laker (Alongside Worthy), in the late 1980’s after Kareem’s eventual decline.

    4. Larry Bird- Probably one of the best pure shooters of all time(ft at 0.886or 88,6%). His leadership on the court was unmatched.

    5.Shaq- The most dominant center in the 90’s His strength and power allowed him to simply destroy his opponents. Also, his deadly “black tornado” spin move was almost a guarranteed goal.

    • After25YearsOfWatching says:

      I’m with you Nato, especially when it comes to scrutinizing the judgement of players in the 60-70s. Who can claim of himself to really have followed their careers? I’m sure not even the so called experts can. But instead of just saying “I don’t know how good they were, because I didn’t see enough games of them” they come up with some better looking idea that you can’t compare generations. Although that might hold some truth, the obvious thing is they cannot admit to be unknowledgable about this generation

    • Miguel García-Viso says:

      I have been watching NBA for more than 30 years, so Ihere is my opinion in that period of time (from 1980 to 2010).

      1. Michael Jordan. Dominated the league like no player has since Bill Russell. 6 Finals MVP.
      2. Magic Johnson. His charisma and leadership established his lakers as the most dominant team in the eighties. He was the main reason the Lakers won 5 championships between 1980 and 1988 and not Abdul-Jabbar. 3 tmes NBA MVP.
      3. Larry Bird. No player got his teammates involved more in the game than Bird did. He made his teammates better players. 3 times NBA MVP.
      4. Kobe Bryant. The greatest clutch player of his generation mainly in the Playoffs like Bird, Johnson or Jordan. Appeared in 7 NBA Finals, capturing 2 titles as the leader of his team.
      5. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar. Apart from his personal records, the most complete center on the offesnsive end in NBA history.

  219. KB24ISMVP says:

    okay lets slow down a little here, first of all to even mention Kobe in the same sentence as those all time greats is true testament as great he truly is considering his career is far from over

    I love Kobe and watched his entire career, even when he was a bench bum in his early years. Why Kobe is not greater than MJ, simple, MJ had a higher scoring average, and FG % that is beyond comprehension. It is like having a .450 hitter in baseball, MJ was on a crappier team, so he got more playing time and became an impact player immediately, (much like Vince Carter who I still believe could of been in the same company as Kobe and even today i believe when the spirits awake can score as easily as any player in the history of the game) continue on Kobe had to play behind Eddie Jones.

    Now the argument for Kobe in the top 5 is debatable but highly vaild is because Magic himself said Kobe is the best Laker ever, so Magic gets bumped down along with Kareem

    Kobe – better offensive game, more range, better handle, better passer, can catch on “fire” and can’t be stopped, played with Shaq, had MJ to emulate, playing against stronger, faster and bigger wing players

    MJ – changed the way the game was played, an icon, OCD, stronger, better post player, did whatever to win, even if meant passing the ball at the last second, trusted his teammates more, played with more hall of fame players, played in an era where salary was not as much of an issue, (think of Wayne Gretzky, Joe Montana), bigger hands, and second best perimeter defender of all-time behind Scottie Pippen

    So IMO, MJ by virtue of him being more great over his career is ahead of Kobe – no doubt
    Kobe is and always will be the GOAT in offense and this new era
    Lebron – who I hate but if he can learn to shoot, has all the tools and skills to unseed both Kobe and MJ, he really is that scary, if you could take a time machine 50 years ahead, how many athletes do you think will you see with that god given talent of Lebron, i venture to say 0…

  220. Carlos says:

    I think Wilt is the best, he got the most girls, and then its a close 2nd to Kobe and Jordan,

    sorry guys, Kobe and Jordan are number 2

  221. superjc says:


  222. mario lakers 10-11 champs says:

    wow as always kobe haters kobe has been on top of the all defensive team each year he does it all now a days u see lebron and d wade blocking shots from behind kobe was doing that his firs couple years too after his fourth year his defense game got better he did not need to chase down no one he would stop them one on one now to the questions is he better than michael jordan no, because kobe is not trying to be like mike kobe is trying to be kobe there is no better player in the league than the mamba and regarding were kobe stand in the all time greatest players u can put him up there with the kareem, russell, chamberlain, johnson, jordan and then kobe cause he deserves it and know could he ever be the best ever only time will tell and it will happen within the next 4 years and as far as were lebron will be at that time no where close to were kobe is at.

  223. Richard says:

    Today athletes are much stronger, faster and more athletics so Bill Russell won’t make an impact to today’s games.

  224. Ramesh says:

    I think the main reason why people have difficulty accepting Kobe as Top 5 greatest all-time is not about his stat line but about his contribution to the game. If we focus solely on stat line, Kobe deserves to be in this discussion, but arguably basketball is more than just stats.

    Most of the players mentioned on the greatest player list revolutionized how basketball is played. For MJ – I think it goes without saying that he elevated the game thru his skills and personality, Russel – put in defense and winning spirit to put his influence in the game, Kareem his sky hook and consistency thru a very long period, Bird – revolutionized the small forward position to a more than a scoring role, Magic – 6’9 point guard who looked to pass first before scoring, etc.

    Each of this players are considered as one of the greatest because of how they put their personal imprint on the game. But what is common across all of these players is that all of them made their teammates better players. And they did this through a LONG period.

    Kobe as a great player we have known for a long time already (his stats speak for himself) but Kobe as one of the greatest we are just beginning to see. It has only been the past three years that we have seen Kobe mature as not just a great player but as a great leader as well. He has just recently realized that to be great its not enough that he improve himself but its as important that his teammates share his will and drive to win and improve. (Case in point is Gasol, sure he was a good player but he is only now achieving his potential with Kobe).

    If Kobe continues the way he plays basketball in the next few years. It would be easier for people to accept him as one of the greatest ever.

  225. jer says:

    jordan # 2

  226. jer says:

    kobe is # 1

  227. Midnight says:

    If kobe would at least win 8 rings… all of these talks about kobe cannot be in the top 5 greatest players, and that you would have to “shove” one of those guys to get him in… would all disappear.. it’s only a matter of time.. Kobe still has the potential to do these.. not like mj,magic, and wilt … and all of the others, whose time have already pass.. and can never reach the top again, get a ring and win a championship as a player..

    • After25YearsOfWatching says:

      Counting rings to measure s.o.’s greatness is nothing else than parroting so called experts’ opinions. Look at his performances, not rings. If you don’t do that, you can give Kobe some Dwight and Chris Paul, let Kobe shoot 25% again and still consider such a championship as his great achievement. Wait…that sounds logical

      • aachan says:

        i really don’t understand the flack kobe gets for his shooting performance in game 7. in a finals series between two teams with star studded lineups, only two players shot the ball at 50% throughout the series. gasol who camps in the post, single coverage by garnett shot 38% from the field, is that any better than kobe’s 25% under multiple coverage from both the perimeter and the post ?
        kobe prior to the game 7 was undoubtedly the finals MVP, in fact there was solid debate whether or not he;d win the MVP had the lakers lost the finals prior game 7. notice the award is labeled ‘Finals’ MVP and not ‘Game 7’ MVP, if it were the latter then Ron Artest would have won that award, oh wait … yeah that makes sense …

      • After25YearsOfWatching says:

        Gasol didn’t play well, too. But this discussion here is about the greats in the history. No Laker or Celtics player of that Game 7 except from Kobe is in the discussion about being a top10 player. So why don’t you judge Kobe in this context of the discussion, but suddenly come up with stats of a Gasol who will not even be a HoF?
        Look at how this discussion is held with so many impertinent comments. That’s being “discussed” too. Had Kobe won the MVP while losing the Finals, the NBA would have totally lost any credibility. I believe it only happened once (Jerry West?) and Kobe’s perfomance in that Finals would have never justified that the MVP goes to the losing side. He would have had to perform way way better.
        Of course, nobody talked about Game 7 MVP. You’re the 1st one. From what I remember, Pau Gasol was the focal point of the triangle offense at least in the first 2 games. Every offense started with him. It’s also irrelevant, who gets the title MVP: the most important issue in this discussion about top10 or not is the performance of Kobe in the – by far – biggest game of his career, where he underachieved by far.

  228. kob3_all_day says:

    to whoever said kobe has good not great defense because he got crossed by derrick rose…let me remind you that michael jordan got crossed by allen iverson in iverson’s rookie year. and yet jordan is seen as the greatest ever!!! wow kobe got crossed…everyone gets crossed kobe is still one of the top three players ever behind michael and magic. and that scrub lebron just needs to curl up in a ball and think about his decision some more.

  229. david says:

    Kobe Bryant is defiantly top ten players ever to play the game. However, its hard to put him at the top five ( I am a Laker fan) because his career is far from being over. I believe once his career is over he will be in the top five ever to play basketball. Chuck does make a valid point about Kobe being a better player than Bird and Magic if you looking at a one on one situation. Also, you can’t question Kobe’s defense, he is a good defender, but he can become a great defender when he wants to. There has been times where Kobe has shut down Lebron and Wade as well as some of the best players in the league.

    • After25YearsOfWatching says:

      Sorry, but Kobe is far from being a “historically good” defender. The league has definitely seen so many better ones….

  230. CHRIS says:

    yo since when did basketball become a one man game how did shaq win the first three titles last i checked he fouled out alot missed free throws and its a guy named phil jackson who not only control egos but has the single best offense ever the triangle i dnt remember shaq maig cutch threes i thought that was kobe fisher horry shaw foxx etc job so lets quit wit the kobe has rings cause of shaq talk basketball is 5 on 5 if that was the case he would have won 1 in orlando he got swept PS kobe is definitely top 5 the article says watered down competition well besides jordan and drexler wat other great shooin guards were there in the 90s not GP he a point not wilkens hes a small forward and to throw wilt in there he was 7 1 playin against 6 8 centers back then who wouldnt score 100 points

  231. kv11 says:

    kobe is top 5

  232. Martin says:

    I can’t even read what the guy ‘Businessminded’ said. What an idiot.

  233. Kobe is Overrated! says:

    No one whines to refs about calls than Kobe. I gotta say he’s Top 1 Greatest whiner of all time!

  234. KOBEhater says:

    why are people even bringing up lebron. the man has done crap all. he thinks he is magic out there but problem is thats why he never won anything in cleveland because he has the ball to much and folds in the clutch at the point. miami struggling right now because of him being at the point. he is getting good numbers but numbers are just numbers. 9-10 turnovers can result in 20-30 points for the other team including threes. I’m a kobe hater. i have a tattoo of a basketball monster ridden by an oldschool crazy pilot who is riding the monster through the staples centre ready to rip kobe to shreads. and have little basketball monsters eating the corpses of lakers players in the background. but kobe is clutch kobe is a champion and kobe is so damn good he is tastey to watch. and yes i would agree with chuck that he is in the top 5. lebron isnt even in the top 50 i dont reckon. and until he can prove himself in playoffs and as a team player and as a champion then no one should even mention his name in a thread like this or other champion like forums.

    • Kobe is Overrated! says:

      Lebron is the best player today according to Charles Barkley. Without Pau Gasol, the Lakers are nothing. They won the last 2 championships because of Pau, not Kobe. They can win on without Kobe. He’s way too overrated. Greatness is not measured by championships won, i.e. Stockton, Nash, Malone, Barkley, Ewing, etc.

      • CHRIS says:

        youre an idiot kobe took over in 09 ron artest took over in 2010 and if it was cause of pau wat happened against boston PS im a lakers fan sayin stuff

      • brandon says:

        yea i dont get that if charles thinks lebron is the best player in the game today shouldnt lebron be in his top 5 of all time because how can lebron be better than kobe but not in charles top 5 if kobes in there and lebron is better than him charles dont make any sense

  235. Martin says:

    Kobe is top 10 by the time he retires I think but only in my top 15 right now. We’ll see if the Lakers 3 peat this year. The guy saying Kobe’s stats are close to MJ is an idiot. He is miles away. He’d have to average like 50ppg for the rest of his bball life in the playoffs just to come close to MJ’s post season stats. Plus you are forgetting how efficient MJ was. But overall Kobe is climbing the ladder of great players, I respect how high he has climbed and I hope he makes the top 10, no chance he makes 1 or 2 though.

    • After25YearsOfWatching says:

      Finally someone who judges with brain instead of emotions. I might suggest to look at his field goal statistic: I think he shoots around 40% for his career, which is Iverson territory. To claim his shooting is better than MJ’s is just funny. What about Kobe junior shooting 30% -> again better shooter than his father???

  236. Justafan says:

    I have to agree KB can be in the top 5 SG and Top10 players.I dont like him as a player but he is the best in the league offensively and he makes big defensive plays when it counts.
    Lebron he is good a far second from KB in the league, but he gifted with a huge unstoppable body alot greats won rings but dam good, ithink Lebron will be one of these.Just a stats sheet filler with some difficult moves

  237. minubhai says:

    kobe is just lukcy that they changed the rules n no more handcheckin he cant even shoot the 3 anymore…….lets go knicks

  238. OldSkool says:

    Not a Lakers fan, but give Kobe his dues. If he’s not top 5 then he’s definitely number 6.
    Don’t agree with Antav that he’s better than Jordan though. Yes he has better range, but he’s not quite as good at beating players off the dribble, getting to the rack and finishing after taking heavy contact. Kobe however is the closest player to Jordan that I’ve seen with the way he can take control of a game and get his team over the line when it counts. Kobe is, without a doubt, the best clutch player in the league at the moment.
    Don’t even throw Lebron’s name in the same sentence. He doesn’t have the killer instinct and now he doesn’t even have his own team.
    Kobe will go down in history along side the greats; Jordan, Magic, Bird, Kareem, Wilt & Oscar.
    Lebron will be remembered along side the likes of; Pippen, Worthy, Malone, Robinson & Barkley. He’s just an “Also played” now. Had he stayed with the Cavs and lead them to championships then he could have become great, but now he’s just D-Wade’s “Pippen”. Kevin Durant has more chance of achieving greatness and making it into the top 10 players of all time by the end of his career than Lebron does.

  239. businessminded says:


    • astar says:




      • mikelew says:

        his career scoring average will be less than Kobe’s in 3 yrs fool, rebounds goin down too, ringless queen!

  240. EDO24 says:


  241. bogart says:

    Kobe is definitely in the the top 5 but cant be higher than jordan… remember kobe was defeated by the pistons in the finals and the LA has the super star lineup… when was jordan defeated in the finals? im not a jordan fan but i dont agree to some people here that saying kobe is greater than jordan…

  242. Scuz says:

    Why even make a comparison, players today have it easy. The rules are made to make scoring easier, can’t clog the lane like you used to be able to, can’t hand check, can’t do anything anymore, MJ was right when he said he could core 100 points today, Players might be more athetic today, but they have no heart, its all about the paycheck, there are only a few who can actually play at a high level. Lots of whiners and cry babies in the league today.

  243. Eddie R. says:

    Well all of you guys just like to insult each others. So here is the deal Kobe bryant is one of the best to have played the game but only at his position. What do I mean by that? as nba anlysts said you cannot try to put him in the top five before you see how his career ends. If you look at the careers of players such as Michael Jordan, Larry bird, Magic Johnson and Hakeem Olajuwon most of those players had to overcome years of failed attempts at the elusive NBA title. Kobe Bryant was drafted into a team that in a matter of two years was a championship contender thanks to Jerry West getting Shaq, Horry and Fisher in the mix. In this case Kobe was surrounded by great talent early in his career thats why he won three consecutive titles with the lakers, but once some of those great players were traded you witnessed how Kobe could not carry the Lakers to a championship up into the 2007=2008 season when the Lakers aquired Pau Gasol from memphis. The last two titles won by the lakers can be attributed to Kobe Bryant and Pau Gasol, not just Kobe Bryant. So putting Kobe bryant in the top five can be a mistake as of now we have to wait and see if he can keep performing at the same level he is right now then we can talk. But as of now he is in the top 10 in his position not overall.

    • JOHN says:

      i think you didnt do your research, dont just research on the lakers research all the team who won the championship even jordan the greatest of all time of yours didnt carry his team wizards and he didnt do it alone in chicago without PIPPEN, RODMAN and KUKOC even JORDAN cant win championship without rodman who battle against MALONE in the paint i think UTAH maybe win that championship

      • Eddie R. says:

        You do have a point there, Every great player needs a good team. But recognize having a dominant player like Shaquille Oneal does give you an edge ove other players.

      • rey says:

        EDDIE R: why in the world did shaq and penny hardaway didnt beat d bulls? because 3 is greater than two. . . simple arithmetic might help you with your argument. . . that’s all i have to say. . .

  244. angel11 says:

    Kobe is better player thank all bum Jordan and not n]buy much i might add. the thing with guys like Jordan, bird, magic is they changed the game the brought new things ti the game. Kobe never brought nothing new he just shows all the elements of they players that were before him. that being said it will be a sad day when kobe no longer plays ball.

  245. R says:

    Without Pau Gasol, the Lakers are nothing. They won the last 2 championships because of Pau, not Kobe. They can win on without Kobe. He’s way too overrated. Greatness is not measured by championships won, i.e. Stockton, Nash, Malone, Barkley, Ewing, etc.

  246. After25YearsOfWatching says:

    Well, after watching the NBA for the last 25 years I’d like to give you my thoughts on this:
    – The hype around players increased ever since both MJs and Larry took over. When Michael left, the whole media grasped for a successor (1994: Hakeem, 1995: Penny, 1996: Grant Hill, 1997: Kobe, 1999: Vince, …), so everybody was happy to see Kobe’s similarity of style and clutch mentality that reminded everybody of the goat himself. In my opinion, his great performances were exaggerated just to have an apparent successor.
    – In Game 7 of the Finals he definitely had his chance to climb up the ladder, but besides his 14 rebounds against a team lacking everything in the middle, he was one of the worst players on the court. Kobe fans happily count the no. of rings he has, but I’m wondering, how the media and the fans would judge his legacy, if Boston had 5 more points in that game. Lakers almost lost Game 7 of the Finals because of Kobe. His performance would be forever connected to a second Finals loss against the no.1 rival. It’s plain and simple: Kobe can thank his team for gutting it out and he’s lucky that no one remembers his performance but only the outcome.
    – Counting championchips to judge a player distorts his real performances. Instead, I would look at playoff/final performances, and from his first year till today, there aren’t really that many great moments (he was given more chances than any other player got because of the no. of playoff games he played):
    1997: he closed Lakers season with several airballs in a team filled with better options (Van Exel, Horry, Eddie Jones).
    2000-2002: He had some spectacular games, especially against San Antonio, where he and Shaq single handedly won it, but these weren’t performances, I would call historic”. (Against Sacramento in their 3peat-campaign the Lakers got on the better side of maybe the game with the most lopsided ref calls, when Sacramento was on the verge of going up 3-1. That 2002 championchip simply belonged to Sacramento!)
    2004: Kobe had a clutch shot in Game 1 against Detroit, but he also was a big reason for a disfunctioning selfish Lakers team.
    2005/6: His clutch performance against Phoenix gave me goosebumps. Respect! But I also remember his theatrics in Game 6/7…
    2008: Not a single outstanding performance against the Celtics. Instead, allowing them to make a 20point-comeback on Lakers homecourt in the biggest game (4) of the Finals was just another key moment in his legacy.
    2009: Solid, not great, performances against a much worse Orlando team. Lakers team did it, not Kobe.
    2010: For me, this was the moment, when his legacy as a top 5 player could be put aside. Besides the 3rd quarter of game 5, he didn’t have any signature performance. The judgement of his Game 7 performances by fans and media shows to me that people do not judge in an objective way. Adding this championchip to his resume in order to back up his “greatness” tells me that anything is allowed.
    All in all, he really did not have that many great playoff performances compared to the no. of games played, but instead his play did stink in some of the most important games.
    – I can fully back up the point that the rules and defenses of today’s era are offense-friendly and that you get a notion of how Kobe would have played in the 80/90s, when you look at the games Kobe played against the Celtics (or maybe Detroit in 2004).
    – Whatever happens in the future in terms of winning, you just cannot automatically credit the wins to Kobe, because his team has so much advantages concerning size, talent, and most importantly coaching (if you look at the Miami chemistry right now, you realize the difference). I would even go so far to say that the Lakers would reach the Finals 2011 without Kobe. I do not understand the hatred against the Heat in terms of the amassed talent and “Lebron takes the easy way”. Why looking at the superstar names of 3 players instead of considering the whole team inclusive bench players? Kobe has the easiest way of any player of today to get rings, but that’s not part of the media discussion…
    A few days ago, I saw an article on about early MVP candidates, where Kobe was no. 1. That is truely ridiculous based on his performance compared to his team’s performance.

    Alright, I hope Kobe fans enjoy the ride (you really have just 1 obstacle in 2011: the Celtics – I think they will play their hearts out after what happened in Game 7 and I believe they win in the end), because this Lakers team is special….

    Thanks for reading. Comments are welcome

    • CHRIS says:

      1 lakers would not make the finals with kobe 2 kobe was the worst shooter in game 7 not player he still led all scorers 3 basketball is a team sport if a team comes back from 20 down its not kobes fault last i checked

      • After25YearsOfWatching says:

        1 Don’t understand, what you want to state.
        2 I guess you wanted to say “would not make the finals withOUT Kobe”? No western team has a backup at each position to actually can start on other teams.
        3 Yes, the Celtics came back as a “team”, but as the apparent clear cut leader of the team, Kobe should have pulled his teammates together and lead them by his play. He himself didn’t show any resistence, I watched the game few weeks ago again and my opinion is that someone, who wants to be considered as one of the top10 greats, has given a pretty lousy performance by that standard…

    • CHRIS says:

      ok so how is it kobes job to tell people over and over hey we need to get some stops their pros they have been in situations like that before kobe cant get all the blame fisher is a co captain phil is the coach if a team is bad kobe wouldnt get traded the coach would get fired jordan couldnt even beat the pistons and celtics at one point but hes number one kobe came and beat the celtics something people was sayin his legacy would take a hit if he didnt and along with other accomplishments people in your 5 could only dream of kobe is top 5 overall and number 2 SG maybe 1

  247. L says:

    Without Pau Gasol, the Lakers are nothing. They won the last 2 championships because of Pau, not Kobe. They can win on without Kobe. He’s way too overrated. Greatness is not measured by championships won, i.e. Stockton, Nash, Malone, Barkley, Ewing, etc.

  248. Eliezer says:

    How many years had Kobe been the top defensive player at his position? Certainly more than Magic, Bird and some of the other people Grandfathered in as top players of all time. Or does defense not count? I won’t mention his offense because, well….do I have to? He’s been a top scorer in the league for over a decade. He has taken Smush Parker, Kwame and other easily forgettables to how many playoffs in a loaded Western Conference.
    Top 5 intensity? Kobe is in there.
    Top 5 work ethic? Kobe is in there.’
    Top 5 clutch? Kobe is in there.
    Top 5 offense? Kobe is in there.
    Top 5 defense for his position? Kobe is in there.
    Top 5 Will to Win? Kobe in in there.
    Top 5 tough guys? Kobe (broken finger for how many years? Knees drained, sprained back…and he leads his team to a championship.

    Top 5 PLAYERS OF ALL TIME? KOBE IS IN THERE? Russell, top defender but didn’t really score all that much did he? Magic, amazing passer, vision, teammate, cool dude and all but boy did he stink on D. Kareem, great scorer, great player BUT I remember people complaining how LAZY he played at times…not something you hear when the Mamba is on the court.

    • After25YearsOfWatching says:

      Sorry, but you should think for yourself and not parrot phrases of some media “experts”:
      – How you wanna tell that Kobe has a better work ethic than the like of Malone, Rodman, Hakeem or even average players who overachieve compared to their talent?
      – No way he’s a defender in “greatness” class. I’d take non-top5 players like Pippen, Ben Wallace, Bruce Bowen over him without a doubt (in terms of defense). It’s just marketing of the NBA, which fools you.
      – Last but most hilarious thing is so many people believe the fairy tale of his broken everything. Have you ever tried to move a truely broken bone? Unbelievable what people believe if you just say something a thousand times

      • rey says:

        Hey that’s why their going thru surgeries. . . after all those operations he still wants to play because of his WILL to be the Greates Ever. . . Do you know that feeling?

  249. james ward says:

    I can’t imagine a top five without Oscar Robertson or a top ten without Elgin Baylor and George Mikan. It seems that your perspective gets shorter and shorter. Soon Russell will drop off, followed by West and Chamberlain, as the latest hotshot dunk artist is elevated.

  250. kobe says:

    kobe will never be taken over

  251. kobe says:

    godd people kobe been then best

  252. BlackMamba says:

    Kobe is one of the best player in this generation, he play offense and defense. If the lakers won another championship i can say that Kobe is like Jordan. Players in the past are not like the players today. Today nba players are better.

  253. JOHN says:

    to me KOBE is one of the greatest who ever played this game i dont care what number because you cant compare the talent before and today almost all player now can dunk stepping in free throw line like MJ did everyone can pass the ball without looking like MAGIC did there some deadly shooter in 3 point line like BIRD and theres too many players who dominate in paint like WILT,RUSSEL,KAREEM,SHAQ,OLAJUWON did but one thing for sure in this era KOBE is number 1 because LEBRON cant even win a ring yet, LEBRON is second to KOBE until he gets a ring or threepeat

  254. R says:

    Kobe sucks Balls. Top 3 most overrated of all time. He shoots way below 50% goal. What a ball hog. He shot 6/26 in the 2010 Finals. He wouldnt pass the ball.

  255. BlackMamba says:

    Kobe is the best in the league right now, he plays offense and defense if the lakers won another championship you can now compare Kobe to Jordan. Players in the past are not like the players today. Today players are much better.

    • L says:

      Lebron James is the best player in the NBA today. Charles Barkley even said it. He’s got good offense, rebounds, blocks shots, etc. Kobe is a ball hog even at 32. He shoots way below 50% field goal and just wont pass the ball, especially in his younger days. I would put him in the Top 100 of all time, definitely not Top 10.

      • are u nuts? lbjnuts! says:

        lbj best player to quit and cant win championships

        egomaniac ungrateful overrated

        just using his passing as an excuse coz he cant score high consistently LOL

  256. sway-z says:

    Kobe is better than Larry Bird, I’m sorry. When speaking of Larry, or Magic or Jordan, it goes way beyond play on the floor.

    People remember the impact they each had on the game, from marketing to appeal to the way it’s played. Kobe comes after that, of course he can’t have the same effect, it was already done before he stepped foot on the court. He isn’t the white guy dominating in a black sport like Larry, he isn’t the personality of Magic & he didn’t change the game like Michael.

    But make no mistake, if we’re talking skills, offensively & defensively (which Larry admittedly played zero) if we’re talking accomplishments, if we’re talking getting everything imaginable done, Kobe Bryant is better than AT LEAST Larry Bird. Ask me, he’s just as good as those other two guys too…

  257. a021 says:

    top 5

    center – hakeem olajuwon
    pf – tim duncan
    sf – larry bird
    sg – michael jordan
    pg – john stockton

    kobe is in the top 15 of all time…

  258. kobe says:

    kobe is better then lebron

  259. a021 says:

    mj is the greatest of all time…

    center – hakeem olajuwon

  260. Noah says:

    kobe is the best no doubt about it convo closed

  261. kobe says:

    why is this topic even being brought up rigt now? Kobe’s career isn’t even over yet.

    Once he is set ad done then we can start talking and arguing with all the haters!!

    LA all the Way!

  262. Jessie says:

    Most of these haters don’t even watch the Lakers play or ever folloew Kobe Bryant . They just decided to follow after what they heard from a dishonest media, and what haters alike have said about him and take it as gospel. But stat’s and pundents do not tell the true story. Sorry for you folks who are missing greatness because of your denial and ignorant hate.

  263. Doc Sinn says:

    Kobe is one of the TOP 3….shooting guards. Those who say he doesnt have D dont watch basketball. Kobe is beyond great.
    Still he cannot be put ahead of Kareem. I agree with Kenny. That said he belongs somewhere in the Top 15 to Top 10 Overall without question. More than likely Top 10.

    Worth noting….so does Shaq…just had to put that in there.

  264. mrspydaman says:

    Kobe is not a top 5 basketball player neither is jordan for that matter.
    Seriously when the league decided that the 3rd step and dribbling from the side of the ball was OK,
    the original sport was gone. I truly believe even Jordan wouldn’t be top 5 if he had to follow the rules.
    When people compare athleticism of today and yesterday I always ask how good would wilt have been with a 3rd step and legal carry over.

    • First what damn rules are you talking about? Second those rules dont exist anymore! Third you obviously dont know s*** about basketball to say KOBE and JORDAN are not in the top 5. What country or planet did you come from? Go back!

      • FRANCISCO says:

        change your username and go back to school, you need to learn some MATH to understand stats.Kobe is a great player like many that have played in the NBA but you need to have a good team and he always had it.Many players in
        his situation had done the same including IVERSON. when your shooting % is not good you hurt your team efficiency
        and the outcome of the game.But he does not have to worry about it ,he has a pretty good supporting cast.He shoots
        25% in the final game and his team won.ARTEST TOOK CARE AND KOBE GOT THE CREDIT.

    • johnny says:

      i see to much people comparing era’s if we are going to do that lets see wilt at his time people were way shorter than him in most teams so there for he had no compatition if he were to play from the 90’s and on you had to deal with shaq,david robinson,patrick ewing,olajawon,dwight howard,amare stadamire,andrew bynum,yao ming ect. he would not be able to dominate the game the way he did in his era.and im sorry but shaq is befor wilt he is the most dominant big man in nba history hands down no quetion about it so wilt and today centers naaaaah he wouldnt be in the question sorry but its the truth.

  265. minubhai says:

    Y isnt anyone putting Karl Malone in this discussion, im a die hard Kobe fan but the Mailman deserves to be put in the the top 6 at least

  266. Who cares? says:

    The game has changed no doubt about that. Maybe skill wise we can still compare plays of a different age like Michael and Kobe but like I said the game has changed. Back then players were allowed to play a little dirty and get a little rough but nowadays the game forces you to play smart. Which is why you can’t have tall PGs like Magic anymore. Back then Magic could just body up on the smaller guy and he’d get an easy pass. If he did that today all the small guy has to do is fall and he’ll be called for an offensive foul.

    But in terms of skill I don’t think Kobe will fit in the Top 5. I don’t think MJ is considered the greatest player because he was a natural as putting the ball through the hoop. MJ played defense, won the defensive player of the year AS A GUARD, won MVP numerous times, MJ proved that he can pass numerous times. He did everything. Kobe hasn’t exactly reached that level yet, he might be able to this season but I personally think its just because hes going easy on that knee. Even the old Tracy McGrady was able to average at least 25 PPG, 6 RPG and 6 APG which he did for about 7 consecutive seasons. Its still too early to say whether Kobe is Top 5 or not, but at the rate hes going right now he won’t be Top 5 maybe if he gets his second Threepeat and his 6th ring. But skill wise, hes not exactly at the same level as the ones that come before him.

  267. Antav says:

    “Achievements” are a “team” thing, even things like “scoring titles” For example, if your the lone super star on a bad team you’ll probably get more scoring titles than a super star who has to share the ball with another dominant player.

    Kobe Bryant is a more skilled/versatile basketball player than Jordan. Kobe is Jordan with more range on his jumper. With that in mind Jordan can’t be the best player ever, with Kobe 5 or lower. On a pure basketball skill level, Kobe is better than Jordan was.

    • Doc Sinn says:

      “Kobe Bryant is a more skilled/versatile basketball player than Jordan. Kobe is Jordan with more range on his jumper. With that in mind Jordan can’t be the best player ever, with Kobe 5 or lower. On a pure basketball skill level, Kobe is better than Jordan was”

      No, no, and just no.

      Since we are on please go look up MJs career #s and compare. Compare MVPs. Compare scoring titles. Compare playoff averages. Then come back and try to justify that statement.

      Sorry bro. Kobe is a lead pipe lock for the Hall of Fame and easily makes it into the Top 15 and even Top 10 of all time. But better than Mike? Nah brah. Numbers dont lie.

  268. Leonel Corona says:

    Just because other players did it before doesnt mean that they are better than kobe. Just because they played before kobe and deserve the respect it doesnt mean that they are better than kobe is. Think bout it, would you really pick those players over kobe bryant to be in you team?

    • Doc Sinn says:

      I’d pick Wilt over Kobe. I’d pick Mr. Triple Double(Averaged one for an entire season)The Big O over Kobe. I’d pick Bill Russell(11 Rings) over Kobe. I’d pick MJ(compare their career #s please) over Kobe. I’d pick Kareem(all time scoring great) over Kobe.

      After those 5, Kobe would likely get a real hard look. But not before.

      • rey says:

        wow youre picks are all center, asides from MJ, who only knows how to score in the paint with ease due to height advantage. . . wilt, no one can guard him except bill russell. . . here’s the catch, they dont meet in every game. . . so its easy to pile some points if you have the height that wilt and kareem have. . . the degree of difficulty is 5 out of 10. . .

    • Yea, because im a died hard LAKER fan but no way would i choose Kareem over KOBE. Love ya Kareem, but no way!

  269. blancovitae says:

    i dont know if kobe is the bestone but i have a picture in my bedroom!

  270. Jessie says:

    Kobe has broken just about every Laker record their is to break. Despite the myth of him not making teammates better, every player that has played a significant role with him have had their best games. He is a supreme leader that encourage and motivates the players around him to be the best that they can be. He has defeated contending teams BY HIMSELF(61 Dallas 62 Kobe). He has had the greatest individual game in NBA history(81 points). More significant than the stunt game of 100 by Wilt, plus in that game they needed it for them to win against a horrible Raptors team that had them down 17 points in the middle of the 3rd quarter. The man’s accomplishments goes on and on, including be a five time and counting ultimate winner. He have not been given anything, even now the media and sheep who are easily persuaded by the perceptions the media garners still fail to give the man his credit. The only difference in the careers of Jordan and Kobe’s to this point is the machine that makes the persona of these two greats in the media and corporate America. Kobe is top three with a bullet. Only behind Kareem and MJ, but am still climbing up the charts.

    • hunter says:

      “More significant than the stunt game of 100 by Wilt, plus in that game they needed it for them to win against a horrible Raptors team that had them down 17 points in the middle of the 3rd quarter.”

      So you are using the fact that Kobe scored 81 points against a horrible Raptors team that had them down, as support for your argument that Kobe is Top 5 all time? The Raptors being a horrible team that was beating the Lakers actually makes the 81pts less impressive.

      • rey says:

        hey, scoring takes a lot of energy/stamina to accomplish that. . . tell me how hard to score 20 points in a game if youre a player. . . how much more with 81 points. . . RESPECT man. . .

      • kobe the real king says:


  271. johnshmidt says:

    All those people with a top 6… keep it simple, top 5, top 10
    Is Kobe better than Larry Bird?

  272. Boonie says:

    I dont care what anybody says Kobe is goin down to be the best.He got about 5 or more years left in his tank and him and the lakers will when the finals most of them years.Ever since Lebron came in most young people been on him because his skills but kobe has better skills and is more mature.How are you goin to say Shaq qon them rings on his own when kobe was scoring 28.5 points in 2000 25.0 in 01 and 30.8 in 2003 smfh.The last 2 rings the lakers need kobe to make big shots and he did yes he had bad games and dont forget jordan had bad games too.Kobe is in the top 5 and everybody need to repsect the sweat,blood and tears he put on that court for 14 long years.

    5× NBA Champion (2000, 2001, 2002, 2009, 2010)
    2× NBA Finals MVP (2009–2010)
    NBA Most Valuable Player (2008)
    12× NBA All-Star (1998, 2000–2010)
    2× NBA scoring champion (2006–2007)
    8× All-NBA First Team (2002–2004, 2006–2010)
    2× All-NBA Second Team (2000–2001)
    2× All-NBA Third Team (1999, 2005)
    8× All-Defensive First Team (2000, 2003–2004, 2006–2010)
    2× All-Defensive Second Team (2001–2002)
    NBA All-Rookie Second Team (1997)
    3× NBA All-Star Game MVP (2002, 2007, 2009)
    NBA Slam Dunk Contest winner (1997)
    Olympic Gold Medalist (2008)
    Naismith Prep Player of the Year (1996)

    and he got 5 or more years left.

  273. jonathan says:

    5.allen iverson
    kobe not even in the top five of the lakers lol

    • @JONATHAN AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHA, goes to show how much your dumb a** knows about BBall. You put Iverson in your top whatever and he cant even get a job in the NBA. Matter fact hes playing in TURKEY! LOL!!!!!!!!!!! What an idiot you are!

  274. Anthony says:

    Actually Kobe is the best ever

  275. Andy says:

    The problem is that bloggers and basketball announcers and what not can’t seem to get off the sack of all the retired players and can’t get over the fact that there is new talent and superstars are only going to get better while the game evolves. Open your eyes and see the bigger pictures, just because their retired doesn’t make them any better. PS My post has nothing to do with Kobe being in the top 5 or not I have my own opinion and I will keep it to myself (although it should be obvious). Announcers and bloggers are too much in the “respect your elders” mindset.

  276. SeanA23 says:

    Kobe has nothing on Jordan, ppg per year r lower than mj along with steals per game rebounds assists shooting percentage, defense and dedication. Kobes stats r NOWHERE near MJ23 the goat. Check if u doubt me, the list of all time goes like this, MJ, Russell, magic,bird, then Kareem. Kobes stats aren’t near Jordan. Deal with the facts. Look it up

    • rey says:

      wow. . . give me ur stats and let’s compare. . . give me your all time records and let’s see how did they get it. . . wilt got the record for most points most blablabla in one game where he scored 100 points. . . so that makes him better than jordan then because almost all of the records were set by wil. . . cmon it just wont make sense. . .

  277. James Hoang says:

    nice to see Lebron is nowhere near top 10 player of all time!

  278. jowy says:

    Lot of people are talking and talking and forgot a lot of things… Kobe has won 5 championships thats true, but the first three he won them as a SIDEKICK, he was just a second option for the team, Kobe has (and having) a great career, but I woldnt put him over MJ, Bird, Magic, Chamberlain, Russell, shaq and Duncan then you can go with guys like kobe, robertson, j west, olajuwon, isiah thomas, stockton, malone, dr j, . Too many great players to choose for a top 5. If youre counting champinships dont forget Pippen and Horry or even Steve Kerr (thats and just and example), Just remember Kobe was a criying baby im Los Angeles when Shaq was winning there as the leader, and he didnt become Great until Shaq leave to win in Miami. Lakers are the best team… and Kobe is on of the greatest of all time, but top 5? I dont think so…

    • Doggin says:

      I wouldnt say shaq was a leader and kobe and shaqboth sveragaed around 25 a piece. kobe is definitely better than tim duncan and really everyone but mike

  279. kobefan says:


  280. Barts says:

    wilt WAS the greatest in his time. however, i don’t know if he would be in that position if he’s going against shaq or kareem in another generation or dwight and pau in ours. imagine if he was in mj’s era. mj and kobe dominated eras with too much competition and that’s why they are great. wilt has to go,

  281. kobefan says:


  282. Arber Gashi says:

    Kobe TOP 3 EVER.. Just still behind Jordan and Magic. 6 Years from now, He’ll be the best ever, he probably will have 7 rings, 37K to 39K points in total, and an average of 26 ppg throughout his carrer. He’ll be a 21 yrs pro veteran that time. That thing is very hard to achieve, You will see. He’s the absolute warrior. Such a hard worker. The other players could never keep up with the current NBA playing style and tempo. Do not compare him with WIlt, all Wilt could do was Block shots and dunk, come on. Watch a single Lakers Game, and you’d get the whole arsenal of Basketball Moves done in perfection by KB24. I just adore him.

  283. Julio Salamanca says:

    Its hard to decide.. but in my personal opinion i definitely think Kobe is top 5 right now. and i believe hell be neck in neck with Jordan for BEST EVER..
    Kobe and Jordan have no weaknesses..

    its funny how a few years ago when Mark Jackson said Kobe was going to be the Greatest ever when he finishes his career. People are criticizing that he will never be the best because he wont even get close to MJ’s ring count. and now that hes close and possibly pass MJ in rings people are coming up with other bogus excuses.. hahaha..

  284. johnny says:

    people, people what is it that we are argueing about?? huh? listen guys its time you realized that kobe is truely in the top 5 and i will tell you why:many are saying that kobe has the most stacked team in the nba right now and thats why he is winning.people please didnt micheal jordan have the most stacked team in the nba in his era think about he always had scottie pippen who is a hall of famer and one of the best players in that era plus he had dennis rodman,kuckoch who was a great offensive player,steve kerr the best 3 point shooter at the time and so on and so forth.but there is one thing you have to compare witch makes these guys great is that no matter how good the team is and how much talent these teams had if you were to take away there leader they will never be as good as they are or were.kobe and jodan brot that to there teams greatness and not ever player could do that,the only other player that did that or could do that was majic johnson.i also see people saying that this era is watereddown, are you serious guys??? come on this era has the most talented, athletic and strongest players in the history of the game and we have more teams that alot of them are good teams and championship contenders,not to metion the hall of famers we still have playing the game such as tim duncan,shaq,kevin garnett,steve nash,dirk ect. these are all high caliber players and kobe is the most consitant of all of them and is curently the best in the nba against so much talent sorounding him like lebron,wade,derrick rose,bosh,kevin durant ect. and kobe is still playing at a hihg level against these young come on people give him his place in history he is in my opinion number 2 in my list of alltime greats right behind mj only cuz kobe has not finished his career.majic him self said that kobe is better than what he was why cuz kobe is good in every aspect of the game he has been in the nba alltime defencive 1st team for i think 7 years now and the offensive team aswell so i dont know whats wrong with those who say he doesnt have defense if he is the best perimeter difender the nba has hands down. kobe is the best player right now and is 2nd best all time.

  285. jhonatan Alcala says:


  286. Dean Mackenzie says:

    top 5 SG , yes , top 5 all time , just not possible. Hes this era’s current big thing, much like David Thompson was with his dunks and 73 point game or George Girven with his scoring titles in their time. The real test is when their career is over, where they sit then and what people think over time. can his name come up imediately in recall when such debates are brough up in 10-20-30 years. Does for Wilt, Russel, Bird, Roberston, West , Jordan, Magic etc. Doesnt for Iveson, Robinson, Ewning, Barkley, Gervin, Thomas, Malone, Walton , Macado etc. All these guys were BIG in their time, have rings, MVP’s and scoring title or amazing stat’s to discuss, but their names just dont spring to mind in such discussions.

    it is also, as discussed hard to compare differant eras, the size of the leauge, the media coverage, depth v watered down competition debate. Who had good team mates, better couchs, injuries etc. For my mind a couple of points to think about . he has 5 rings, but the first three were in a team built around Shaque, not Kobe. The big fella got the MVP’s not Kobe. The last two have been more about the arrival of Gasol then any change in Kobes game, he certainly didnt make his team mates better up to that point. Lakers where a team in turmoil, with Kobe demanding trades and going know where. The changes happend when Gasol arrived. Kobe was not a big impact. One could even argue the Kendric Perkins injury was the MVP for the Lakers. they were 3-2 down untill then, the Celtics had to play two whole games without their starting center and Kobe was no effective. Finally he has been coached by a man who has been suggested as the best coach of all time, arrived in the leauge in a time when school kids where the exception not the norm , thus generated more media coverage and had more time to develope.
    Im not a Kobe hater-but nore am I a Kobe fantaic. People talk about the great one’s straightt away-only time can see if that is the case, they talk about them making other better- that is not the case here, they talk about rings-only one of his can really be said to be his doing individually, they talk about stats-he has some impressive stats, they talk about cluth shots-he is one of the best. To me he has had time to develope, time to grow his game and stats, he was not built around straight away, not the franchise player off the bat. His rings are as much aboutt his MVP and hall of fame team mates and coach as they are about his presence in the team or more to the point, the MAN in the team
    Top 5 SG, yes, top 5 all tiem, probably not…but the hall of fame is there for him, as it was for Barkley

  287. lakeshow008 says:

    GURU says:
    November 24, 2010 at 5:27 pm
    I VE SEEN THAT THIS DISCUSSION IS ENDLESS BECAUSE MOST OF THE PERSONS HERE are KIDS, that never saw anyone of the stars playing and most of the must think THAT PTS means better player / JORDAN SAID ONCE THAT BIRD COULD DOMINATE A GAME WITH JUST 10 PTS, during the 86 series JOrdan 63 PTS and averages of 40 more points ended in a swept…KOBE great run of 40 PTS were almost all losses, his best season was his team worst season…

    1 MVP just that…
    those were Kobe’s best STATISTICAL years. Not his best years. We’re dead in the middle of his best years. “10 PTS CAN DOMINATE A GAME”…sooooo very true. And thats what so ridiculous about all the haters trying to stick to last years game 7 as a dent in kobes record. He dominated every other aspect of that game. Out-rebounded every celtic, out hussled every celtic. Motivated his team with play and yelling during every timeout. Drew double and triple teams that left guys wide open for dagger threes (artest and fisher youre welcome). It was a terrible shooting night no doubt. But his influence stretches so far beyond 6-24 shooting. Look at the game last night..Thibodeu said it himself..He can control a game just having the ball in the post. doesnt need to shoot. When left one on one he took his guy to the hole or took the shot. And every time they double and sometimes tripled a guy is left open and hes finding them. something he didnt do 5 years ago when it was all about his stats. Maturity happens. He learned to make his teammates better. ESPECIALLY PAU GASOL. Half of his baskets come from kobe drawing his defender leaving him for ‘and 1’s’. 3 or 4 more years of what hes doing right now will leave this debate indebatable…but until then…haters keep on hating.

  288. shuffo says:

    yo pienso que no se tienen que comparar solo se tienen que admirar, todos tuvieorn su momento y algunos lo estan teniendo, no se pueden comparar las jugadas de hoy a las de hace 30 40 años, kobe es un jugador completo, y cada uno de los jugadores mencionados tiene sus habilidades propias y por eso cada uno es diferente, no hay comparacion, para unos kobe esta en los primeros 5 para otros no, para mi si esta es el mejor de los ultimso tiempos resptando a los demas

  289. dock808 says:

    I just want to comment about people using the expression the league being “watered down”. Let me tell you something people the NBA WILL NEVER BE WATERED DOWN. Their just diffrent era’s there were players back then that could hit you for forty or fifty AKA EARL “The Pearl” Monroe, Benard King, Oscar Robinson. And their are players who can hit you now for forty or fifty AKA Kobe, LeBron, D-Wade, Durant. If anyone ever beleives it’s easy in the NBA go to some of those training camps and try to earna spot, this aint the wreck gym on Sunday’s at 10am. You wil get lit up, the NBA WILL NEVER BE “WATERED DOWN” because the competition level is so high. Grown men BATTLING FOR MILLION DOLLAR CONTRACTS and you think some part of this is going to be easy ‘get real”. And all the “could’ve beens” and “had potential” we all know them, some of them personally. But I wanted to make that point because I hear guys make that ‘watered down” comment from time to time. I dont care what the era the NBA is never easy.

  290. Benjamin says:

    Interesting thoughts guys, but what I found glaringly disappointing is the lack of credit given to Shaq on the commentator’s lists. Especially Schumann’s suggestion that the choice for best player from the late 90s on is Kobe or Tim Duncan–putting Duncan ahead of Shaq is inexcusable.

    My top 10?

    1. Wilt Chamberlain
    2. Michael Jordan
    3. Shaquille O’Neal
    4. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    5. Bill Russell
    6. Oscar Robertson
    7. John Stockton
    8. Kobe Bryant
    9. Magic Johnson
    10. Karl Malone

    And there’s another point–where is Stockton in the top five consideration? The all-time leader in assists and steals surely deserves consideration unless we’re basing this entirely on scoring and championships.

  291. smith says:

    all this discussion if kobe and jordans places were switched to where kobe came first the argument would be the other way areound and we all know this just cause u r first does not mean ur the greatest there is always someone better the the last….. so all u kobe haters out to jsut talk mad s#%7 dont hate cause ur team is garbage anyway….

  292. GURU says:

    BACK THEN and i can go back to the 50 basketball was very hard sport, and till the 90 it was still a hard sport…
    IF YOU UNDERSTAND BASKETBAAL ITS CLEALRLY OBVIOUS THAT BIRD DIDNT NEED TO GUARD LBJAMES, cause LBJAMES cant shoot a ball ,thats why every team that lets him and DWADE outside watting for them to shoot has won this year, MOST his PTS are from FT due to the new NBA RULES, look at this legends FG % .
    DHOWARD is 6.11/back then CENTERS were really centers ,nowdays there arent 7 ft.

  293. mikel says:

    russell is constantly overrated, oscar never stepped up in the clutch, and kobe is flat out better than bird, baylor, west, and erving…top 5 all time is mj, magic, kareem, wilt, and kobe

  294. Jonathan Coates says:

    One thing I find interesting is what you said about counting rings. I don’t find that to be restrictive at all. Jordan is considered to be the G.O.A.T. but would he be if say he had only won one or two championships? Would anyone who is considered top 5 be there without the winning? Greatness, historically, is established by winning and winning it all. You can’t, in all honesty, make viable conclusions concerning basketball immortality while factoring in football’s definitions of the same. It just doesn’t work. Now obviously there are a variety of ways to rank the greatest players of all time. That makes it much harder to arrive at a conclusion that wouldn’t look different from any of numerous perspectives. It’s really impossible to say one way or another because regardless of the endless debate you can’t know for certain what would have happened if you put the players that are being ranked in each others shoes to see what they would have done in each others days respectively. Now my perspective is this. Top 10 greatest: Russell, Magic, Kobe, Kareem, Hakeem, Jordan, Wilt, Dr. J, Bird, Duncan. You shouldn’t put them in any particular order because no matter how you do it, it doesn’t make it FACT.

  295. scott a.t. says:

    top 10, yes. top five yes if he gets the 6th ring. to what Mr. Aschburner commented about rings not counting so much in a players’ CV in football or baseball i have to say that one player makes a much smaller difference than in basketball. this is a discussion about kobe bryant, the man who once outscored an entire team. in football or baseball the individual is nothing if there aren’t other quality individuals around him. it is the same in basketball, but the lakers would not have won any of the 5 championships they had with kobe, if he wasn’t on the team. it’s that simple, he was a key component to that effort on offense AND on defense, something you can’t see in other sports as much.

  296. GURU says:

    I VE SEEN THAT THIS DISCUSSION IS ENDLESS BECAUSE MOST OF THE PERSONS HERE are KIDS, that never saw anyone of the stars playing and most of the must think THAT PTS means better player / JORDAN SAID ONCE THAT BIRD COULD DOMINATE A GAME WITH JUST 10 PTS, during the 86 series JOrdan 63 PTS and averages of 40 more points ended in a swept…KOBE great run of 40 PTS were almost all losses, his best season was his team worst season…

    1 MVP just that…

  297. Adrian Paul M Bacharo says:

    I think we must see what will really happen because kobe bryant is not yet retired and he can still break records and win more championships together with hes strong and competitive teamates Pau Gasol, Ron Artest, Lamar Odom, Andrew Bynum, and Derek Fisher. Kobe will be the Top one on this Where Amazing happens!

  298. gabriel says:

    As far as people saying the competition Kobe is facing now is weak and watered-down, SLAP YOURSELF. Would Jordan still be the best if he had to go up against Kobe, McGrady, Wade,Carter, Brandon Roy all in their primes on a nightly basis??? Who did Jordan face that could come near his skill set ??? Clyde Drexler,Reggie Miller, Mitch Richmond??? Of course you are going to make the All-Defensive Team… There were no other guards who could come anywhere near to holding their own on both ends of the court…
    And for the GENIUS who says Wade and Lebron are better SLAP YOURSELF TOO… They can’t even play together now…. The excuses are already starting to come….
    As far as him being top 5 of All-Time that is definitely debatable… I would wait until he is done. But i can say he is the Most-Skilled offensive weapon EVER in the NBA.

  299. lakeshow008 says:

    This whole “watered down competition” is crap. Todays players are bigger, stronger, faster than any other generation of athletes. Do you for one second think Larry Bird could guard guys like LBJ or Carmelo Anthony. Then on the next night guard Chris Paul and Rajon Rondo (and yes Kobe takes on opposing PG’s when Fisher is too slow, especially before the knee surgery). How many great 2 guards in the late 80’s and 90’s besides Jordan? what like one…drexler. maybe. Most intimidating big men were Olajuwon and Ewing. Shaq and Howard at least cancel that out. And Forwards????? Omg lets not even go there. Duncan, Garnett would beat any 4’s from the early 90’s. Competition has only gotten stronger since then.

  300. Ralmanza21 says:

    kobe is one of the top 5 players of all time. 81 that’s all I have to say

  301. GURU says:


    1-WILT CHAMBERLAIN (NO DOUBT)he didnt play with BOB COUSY the greatest PG of that generation or HAVLICEK.

    D:ROBINSON (he came to the league with the best averages ever by a rookie, he should come to the league in 1988,
    he stats were amazing until a big injury that ended his majestic career so far, the most complete alongside with HAkeem player ever)…
    G.MIKAN (must be on the TOP of the best ever) back then there was no shot clock time, and teams grab the ball for minutes when they were playing against him, so it was hard to average 20 pts a game…


    1-K.MALONE (Playing with one of the greates PG ever made him great).
    5-TIM DUNCAN (i dont think he is really a PF)


    1-LBIRD (someone here compared him and MAGIC wiht KOBE????)they played against each other if that didnt happened they would a lot more rings.
    4-DRJ (if he didnt play all those years in the ABA)


    2-JWEST 9NBA FINALS there was no 3Points back then if there was he would easilly average 40 pts per game and won a lot of tittles.
    5-PMARAVICH (IF THERE WAS the 3PTline he would average more than 40 pts a game/ ABA problem)


    3-OSCAR ROBERTSON (more like a SG than a PG)
    BCOUSY (THE 1st one to bring showtime and the best of his generation)….


    HE isnt better than

    Not even better than HAKEEM/DROBINSON/SHAQ/KMALONE/BARKLEY————12players

  302. 4real says:

    After reading the comments, I have come to realize that the Nba has a lot of idiots as fans.

  303. dock808 says:

    Kobe Bryant is a top ten player no question, TOP FIVE depends on who you ask. My starting five would be (all in their prime) Magic, Kobe, MJ, KG and Shaq (YEAH I’m taking Shaq over “Dream” and the rest of them. He was a MONSTER in his prime. especially with Magic playing PG) I mean its not like Larry Bird could guard Kobe even though one plays SG the other SF wing players do guard each other during games. Kobe is a talent I mean 81 points is 81 points no matter how you look at it.The guy has five rings, working on six and maybe seven. He’s consistent in the clutch and is a proven leader. So maybe he could be a top five player, could you imagine Magic running the show with KB24 and MJ on the wings WOW!!!!!!!! I dont want to be on the other end of that fast break.

  304. Hernandez says:

    As I Lakers fan, I know that as of right now, Kobe is tied with Magic as the greatest Lakers player of all time.However, If the Lakers win this year though, Kobe will take the title as Greatest Lakers player, which would also put him ahead of Magic in Top 5 Players Greatest, with Bird, Jordan, Russel, and Wilt. With that, being said, Kobe can still jump ahead of Bird if he plays/beats the Boston Celtics again in the Finals (2 Championships over a Celtics team with 3 HOFs in Pierce, Allen, KG, but if Rondo becomes a HOF, thatll only add to Kobes success) and he could definetly jump up to the top 3 if he plays the Heat in the Finals and wins (over Wade and LeBron, Bosh really isnt in this discussion), and if he could do both, one year beating the Celtics and the next year beating the Heat, would definetly put him right there with Jordan and Russel, but I cant see anyone overtaking Jordan and Russel, unless Kobe can win the next like 4 championships, playing the majority of them against the Heat

    so as of RIGHT NOW, the top 5 consists of Jordan, Bird, Wilt, Russel, and Magic/Kobe tied, but Kobe can definetly shift himself up on the list being as he is only in his early 30s, and knowing Kobe’s personality, he probably wont stop playing until he breaks Kareems record of all time points (even if he has to play till he is 55, he will)

  305. Mr Sensible aka the new zzanzabar says:

    People talk about how Kobe Bryant has 5 rings…..but Kobe has been to the NBA finals 7 times….again 7 times!!!! Steve Nash and alot of great players has never even been there 1 time!! And no disrespect, but back in the days, guys used to smoke ciggarettes on the sideline!! the modern day athlete is in far better shape than the old school athletes! Not just in Basketball, look in football the things that Michael Vick and Peyton Manning and Tom Brady accomplish, they have left even old school reporters in awe….and we are talking about the same reporters that reported legends like Joe Montana…Troy Aikman, Dan Marino etc…..or in Hockey, sidney Crosby Alex Ovechkin..Steve Stamkos…Golf…Tiger Woods…or even on a world scale….OLYMPICS…The runners nowadays smash records of legends like Jesse Owens, Donovan Bailey…etc. What makes Kobe so great, he hasnt taken time off and he continues to get better with smartness…Larry Bird or Magic did not have the athletisism….or the skillset Kobe posseses. The only one to match that is Michael Jordan. Magic was one of the smartest to play the game, along with Larry Bird….but in nowadays game, Magic’s lack of deadly shooting would have made him a quicker LAMAR ODOM….and Larry Bird’s lack of speed would make him a Peja Stojakavic…Dirk Nowitski is just as good shooter, and in my oppinion would have been a legend in the 80’s as well…his game is so close to bird’s game its ridiculous!! Kobe is Top 5…..ohh and I hate say it…but Shaq is definately TOP 5…Are you guys dumb….the man changed the game!!

  306. al says:

    brendan makes a good and overlooked point. and jj and Francisco u guys just need to take out personal feelings and evaluate by facts. magic and Kareem played together and yet no one hesitates to put them as top 5 of all time but yet its a travesty to put kobe up there because he played with shaq??? common people, so he had a not so great shooting percentage in game 7. well MVP honors is not for one game. its for the series Francisco. everyone has bad games. oh and excellent comparison too toodizzy. Just proves kobe has a more complete game than those greats up there. its just sad all these “EXPERTS” or so they call themselves, these journalists most who have never played a second in their life and never saw the old games make all these matter of fact statements.

  307. Jack says:

    As of yet, Kobe is solid top 10. As far as his case for the top 5 goes, much will depend on the way his career ends, I think. Whatever anyone says about him after his career is over… a lot of that will be based on the way the story ends. Much like we continue to recall Jordan’s final shot as the perfect last piece of the MJ’s legacy.

    Also, in response to anyone (that includes you, Kenny Smith!!) who is not a 100% sure about MJ being the best ever, let me just say that I think in basketball, the discussion should actually be about who is the second-best player ever. Because there really is just no contest.

  308. Vytis11 says:

    Ok, listen here.
    Kobe Bryant has won 5 rings.
    Kobe Bryant has deserved not 1, but 3 MVP’s.
    Kobe Bryant has not a single hole in his game, find me his scouting report from any opposing team and if it says FORCE him to do anything (go left, shoot elbow, etc.) then we will talk. Is there a single player ever to play that had not a single flaw in his game? Sorry folks, but MJ wasn’t what you call a 3-pt shooter.
    Kobe Bryant is the person you want to shoot the final shot.

    Lastly, for those of you that think Kobe did not deserve the finals MVP last year because of his game 7 performance… HE SCORED 23 STRAIGHT POINTS IN GAME 6 FOR THE LAKERS AND THEY LOST BECAUSE HIS TEAM COULDN”T PULL THEIR SLACK. So there we have it, he has nowhere near the “greatest” supporting cast of all time, and is without a doubt the most skilled player of all time. He has 5 rings, and a drive that no one comes close to. Case closed.

    Kobe Bryant – Greatest player of all time.

    • hunter says:

      Vytis11, I cant hear your argument very well… if you could take Kobe’s lower extremity out of your mouth while speaking that would be great. Do you remember 2005 to 2007? This guy does not make his team mates better. I think we all have played ball with his ilk, ball hogs, black holes. If you combined LBJ and Kobe into 1 player then you might be able to make the argument that this strange male hybrid is better than Jordan. Maybe.

  309. siv25 says:

    Kenny Smith is stupid no disrespect but Kobe is far better than Magic and Larry no doubt about it.

  310. david says:

    could we please stop with this old school BS. larry was just a good shooter and hustler but can you really compare him to kobe who a few years back was the most undefendable scorer we’ve ever seen (maybe besides mj), magic was a horrible scorer, a good passer and exciting to watch, but can you really compare him to a player like lebron, who is a infinitely better scorer than magic, as good a passer and a better defender. Can you really compare russel to shaq etc.. Therefore the 5 best in no order: Jordan, Kobe, Shaq, Lebron, Duncan.

  311. GURU says:

    LILJAMES23???? coming from a guy that was a nickname like that says everthing.
    YOU WROTE THIS INSANITY:.Oscar Robertson

    The only reason i put kobe ahead of MJ is cause
    1.He’s a better shooter (MJ mostly dunked in his career)——————THATS FALSE JORDAN IS BY FAR A BETTER SHOOTER.
    2.More buzzer beaters—————————————-????????????DID YOU COUNT BOTH OF THEM??????ITS NOT THE AMOUNT OF BUZZER BEATERS THAT COUNT BUT THE% that a player made, and KOBE missed a lot, just remember those days against the UTAH JAZZ…
    3.better freethrow%———————–83.5 vs 83.9
    4.better 3point %————–???JORDAN average of FG% his higher than KOBES BEST SEASON, and when it matters(IN THE PLAYOFFS there is no way you can compare them)…

    5.kobe had 81 point game———?????
    6.kobe has a “never quit” and “make people around me better” mentality————–MAKES people around better,before PAU GASOL CAME i didnt see that, better yet, PAU GASOL IS THE ONE WHO MAKE THE LAKERS BECOMING A FRANCHISE WINNING TEAM AGAIN(not KOBE)…Last year they won a lot of games without KOBE…
    7. kobe keeps going even with all his injuries

  312. LakersNation says:

    Everyone has their own opinion. Do you guys think NBA today has better player with better defense? If so then todays player are better then the old school players. In my opinion, Jordan and Kobe is the best two NBA players of ALL time.

  313. Eli says:

    I’ve been watching Kobe since his rookie year and been a die-hard Laker fan since and although I’m not proud to admit it – I became an NBA FAN because of M.J.

    Here is my TOP 6* in the past CENTURY! I’ll keep it real and disregard all the OLD SKOOL players.

    1. Michael Jordan (THE LEGEND)
    2. Kobe Bryant (THE BLACK MAMBA)
    3. Magic Johnson (SHOWTIME; enough said)
    4a. Hakeem Olajuwon (THE DREAM; the most skilled center ever to play)
    4b. Shaquille O’Neal (THE DIESEL and REAL SUPERMAN)
    4c. Tim Duncan (MR. FUNDAMENTALS)

  314. Pete Sake says:

    I simply don’t understand the Kobe bashing. I can only assume that most people don’t watch that many Laker games over the past 10 years. Kobe has play after play that easily put him in the top five if not number one of all time. I think the best way to prove this out is to spend a few weeks pulling highlight tape for the top 10 candidates and run a playoff series. Kobe has saved so many games I have lost count. This is simply west coast prejudice.

    • MJ4ever says:

      Wow really No.1. I have nothing to say to this. You must have not watched Michael Jordan when he was playing and therefore biased.

  315. Kobe Bryant! says:

    I agree that Kobe is in the top 5 but My top five list would be more like MJ, Magic, Wilt, Kobe and Oscar Robertson. Kareem was good but not top 5.. He may have the most points ever but his ppg average isn’t really that high even.

  316. scotty says:

    I hate Kobe as much as anyone but he is easily in the top 5. Almost any of the players from the 70’s and earlier do not deserve to be in the top ten. They had no competition! The league was weak back then and so was the skill level of the playeres except for a few like Wilt and DR J. There is a difference between being dominate cause of their body such as russell and shaq and having a high skill level such as MJ and Kobe. So you can not give those players the same credit. It goes:

    1- MJ
    2- Magic
    3- Kobe
    4- Bird
    5- Wilt
    6- Duncan
    7- Kareem
    8- Malone
    9- Stockton
    10- and Russell just cause he has won so many championships

  317. Jeff says:

    1 mj
    2 bird
    3 wilt
    4 kareem
    5 kobe
    6 bill

    sorry guys but kobe has stiil a little bit more to prove his first three w/shaq and now w/pau former ROY while in the bulls team pippen only blossomed as a player bec. of mj and also kobe has lamar. I didnt put magic in my top 5 all timr bec. it’s kareem’s team and i dont think magic can accomplish things w/out kareem but hey that’s only my opinion but the black mamba will always be at the top 5 Mr 81.

    • dock808 says:

      What more does Kobe have to prove man? SERIOUSLY I’m from Chicago and MJ kept a great team around him. Sottie Pippen was the second best player in the game for at least three or four years, Kukoc was the BEST player in Europe and he was CLUTCH (Just ask the Knicks and like his nickname “THE WAITER” says he’ll serve you up something nice. He also had Rodman the BEST REBOUNDER AND LOW POST DEFENDER at the time. Steve all-time 3pt shooter by percentage and a fantastic coach and a great system. Kobe had Shaq not even a BIG 3 (MJ, Scottie and Rodman or Pierce, Allen and Garnett) it was just TWO of them and they still pulled out three rings. Gasol is okay on offense he is a MONSTER on defense he couldn’t guard your sister. As evident as two years ago against the Celtics (without Bynum) to last night when Joakim Noah was killing him (He wont shoot 10-10 against him). Give Kboe his due, he’s earned it.

    • CHRIS says:

      can u honestly say u or any body else in the world whos not a huge bball fan ever heard of pau gasol in memphis or odom with the clippers not sayin kobe made them who they are but he gets some credit 2 a great center in kareem cant win by himself its a team sport and a team always begin wit the point guard thereore it was magics eam and 3 please take wilt out of your top 5 there was no true center to defend him back then at 7 1 and the celtics killed him in the finals every year led by the man u have at 6

    • EMEN24 says:

      If you Mean that Magic wouldn’t accomplish wins and Cahmpionships without Kareem, then Kobe couldn’t accomplish those things without Shaq and Gasol. Kobe would have been a high scoring player and never winning like in 2005-06. MJ never won anything in his first seven years until Pippen came in. Wilt couldn’t beat Russel. Bird had 3 other hall of famers in the starting line up. And Kareem was in the decline of his career. If Kobe didn’t have anyone and has only one 1 MVP/ and Magic with all these suppose stars won 3 MVP. Magic is screwed because he can be put on any team and make the players greater then get screwed because he played with great players. A catch 22!

    • Doggin says:

      Pau blossomed alot and is still because of kobe so its the sameas with mike and pippen

  318. Scott says:

    Wasn’t Chuck the one saying that Kobe’s career was over after a rough start in the playoffs last year? I don’t disagree with him here, but you really can’t respect anything that fat idiot says

  319. adi says:

    Kobe Bryant is easly in the top 5…what more does he have to prove?!…he is the best offensive player in the leauge ever since he came to the leauge ,he is one of the best defenders in the leauge,he got 5(!!!) rings and still got couple of years to play,he gave the best offensive preformence in the last 40 years with 81 points in one game and generley he broke almost every record there is and in our days defense.
    so with alot of respect to Hakeem,Dunken,Baylor,Erving and even Bird and Magic,he defently belong there.
    If the time was deferent he would even be NO.1.

  320. Tess Emata says:

    Kobe Bryant is the Manny Pacquiao of Basketball.
    He is the No. 1 Pound for Pound Basketball Player in the World!!!!!!

    • Kobe" Money" Bryant says:

      Are you dumb, Floyd “Money” Mayweather is the Pound for Pound boxer in the world. Dont ever mention that roid using guy in the same sentence as kobe Bryant.

      • Nick says:

        If Mayweather were the best he wouldnt be avoiding a fight… You think Ali would turn down that fight?? Real champs take any challenge.. And last I checked Paquiao never tested positive for any illegal substances.

      • WTF?? says:

        YEAH FLOYD… pound4pound…



        dont even compare that coward to kobe or mj

      • huh? says:






      • kobe the real king says:


  321. Uoooh says:

    Some of you guys on here either are too young to have seen Mike play or just don’t understand basketball. I’m going to leave you guys with this because I’m not going to disresepct basketball by comparing these guys. Michael was always the “Batman” on his team and once upon a time Kobe was “Robin” when he played with Shaq. Think about it.

    • Kobe Bryant! says:

      And it’s Kobe’s fault he had to be on Shaqs team. You realize that Kobe would look like a fool if he tried being the number 1 option on his team over a great player in his prime right? I’d say Kobe being put onto such a good team early slowed down Kobe’s progress of becoming great. Think about it… Mj played 4 or 5 seasons with a bad team but then got a good 1. Kobe didn’t even get 1 season before he was put onto a great team.

      • EMEN24 says:

        Kobe could have been the number 1 option if he shot better FG 45%, especially from 3 point range (28%) from 2000-2002

  322. GURU says:

    KOBE was already an all-star without stats to be considered a star, (So stop with the argument of the all-star because thats a media and a company show for the fans…who want to see not the best players but the ones they like most to watch.


    1-WILT CHAMBERLAIN (NO DOUBT)he didnt play with BOB COUSY the greatest PG of that generation or HAVLICEK.

    D:ROBINSON (he came to the league with the best averages ever by a rookie, he should come to the league in 1988,
    he stats were amazing until a big injury that ended his majestic career so far, the most complete alongside with HAkeem player ever)…
    G.MIKAN (must be on the TOP of the best ever) back then there was no shot clock time, and teams grab the ball for minutes when they were playing against him, so it was hard to average 20 pts a game…

  323. Andre Costa says:

    Top 5 Centers:

    1. Wilt Chamberlain
    2. Kareem Abdul-Jabbar
    3. Bill Russell
    4. Shaquille O’Neal
    5. Hakeem Olajuwon

    Top 5 Power Forwards:

    1. Tim Duncan
    2. Elgin Baylor
    3. Bob Pettit
    4. Karl Malone
    5. Charles Barkley

    Top 5 Small Forwards:

    1. Larry Bird
    2. Julius Erving
    3. John Havlicek
    4. LeBron James
    5. Rick Barry

    Top 5 Shooting Guards:

    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Kobe Bryant
    3. Jerry West
    4. Clyde Drexler
    5. George Gervin

    Top 5 Point Guards:

    1. Magic Johnson
    2. Oscar Robertson
    3. Isiah Thomas
    4. Bob Cousy
    5. Allen Iverson

    However, Kobe Bryant is, alongside Jordan, the best of all time. That’s just what I think.

    • ghassan says:


      • MJ4ever says:

        I’d probably put Stockton over Cousy since he was the all-time assis and steals leader. Cousy was basically a one-handed dribbler and has one of the ugliest jumpshots I will ever see (no disrespect to him because he changed the way a PG plays with his fancy passing.

      • Andre Costa says:

        He never won a mvp award or a championship

    • Duncan should be number 5 on the PF list. Dont get me wrong, i think the dude is aight! He was just always a very slow and predictable player to me. Im surprised more of shots werent blocked and thrown into the stands.

  324. BONFERA says:

    It’s worthless comparing kobe to those guys who played 40-50 years ago like John Schuhmann said! the game is VERY different right now.. and ever MJ said that he would score more than a 100 points in a game with TODAY’S rules.. that mean that in “MJ time” the closer it was to this era, it was a different game.. Let’s compare the guys each one from his decade.. kobe will list top 1 for a while

  325. Alejandro Jaliff says:

    Based on pure skill, speed, team play and strategic awareness, I see no reason why Kobe should not be seriously compared with Michael Jordan. In my humble opinion Kobe is just as good as MJ.

  326. Here is how it is:
    1. Jordan – this speaks for itself
    2. Wilt Chamberlin – Changed the game, most dominant big man ever
    3. Larry Bird – MVP’s, championships, unbelievable all-around game
    4. Kobe – 5 championships, unbelievably clutch, single greatest game ever (82 points)
    5. Bill Russell – Greatest defensive player ever period.

    Magic and Kareem fed off of each other. Not sure they would have been as dominant on their own.
    Robertson has no rings
    Hakeem only has rings because MJ took two years off
    West was great but is a step down from magic.
    Tim Duncan and Shaq should definitely be in the mix – definitely top 15, maybe even top 10 for Timmy

    • MJ4ever says:

      Wow really? Kobe was a follower of Shaq when they won their first 3. Then he had Pau and Odom. His 82 points happened because of the hand check rule but I’m not denying that it was indeed one of the best performances by an individual. Magic still got to the finals leading his team even when Kareem wasn’t playing anymore so I don’t know if that’s dominant enough. When he got injure in the 1990 finals game Kareem was in the twilight of his career and they were basically swept without him. Robertson won a championship ring with Kareem (who by the way just dominated teams even when he was by himself) and is the only player in history to average a triple double (twice).

    • It was 81 points numnuts!! You people on here really need to get your facts straight before you go leaving false info on here!

      • Nick says:

        Your talking about a hand check??? Magic?? Last time I checked Magic had played with a team of hall of famers. And hand check?? There were so many people trying to guard the guy. He wouldnt miss…He completely took the game over.. These were Jump Shots over double, tripple and at times quadruple teams… Hand checks…

      • EMEN24 says:

        During Magic’s career he played with Kareem who was starting his decline after 1982, Worthy was a good player that Magic made great. And an aging Macadoo in Magic’s first couple of years. What other Hall of Famers did Magic play with, let alone in their prime? KObe was the 2nd cheese for 3 of his championships. Kobe’s 81 was better than Wilts 100. But it is one game.

  327. Dominic says:

    I have to agree with toodizzy. If you look at all Kobe’s accomplishments compared to others, it’s no match. He just has that fire and will to win that makes him the closest player to Micael Jordan that we’ve ever seen. Keep in mind that Kobe is scoring 25 points in only 32 minutes, and the guys above him are playing a lot more. Once he gets his 6th ring, it is no contest. He is for sure in the top 5 because Kareem had 20 years to score all those points. Kobe has still got lots of years left and is also the greatest Laker of all time. I put Kobe at #4 however he shall be #3 or even #2 when his career is over.

  328. LILJAMES23 says:

    i know 99% of yall aint gonna agree, but in my eyes and based on stats its true:

    1.Oscar Robertson
    2.Bill Russel
    3.Kobe Bryant
    4.Michael Jordan
    5.K. Abdul-Jabbar

    The only reason i put kobe ahead of MJ is cause
    1.He’s a better shooter (MJ mostly dunked in his career)
    2.More buzzer beaters
    3.better freethrow%
    4.better 3point %
    5.kobe had 81 point game
    6.kobe has a “never quit” and “make people around me better” mentality
    7. kobe keeps going even with all his injuries

    • ghassan says:

      kobe better than MJ ! give me a break. and your resons are just absured although your entitled to your own opinion .
      here is way MJ is better :
      1- MJ never played with a low post player and won all those championships , kobe didn’t won a thing without a dominant big man .
      2-MJ NEVER was a sidekick to anyone , kobe was a sidekick for shaq and you can’t say anything in this regared.
      3-MJ has more MVP’S ,more finals MVP’S , more scoring titles , a rookie of the year , a definsive player of the year ……etc
      4-How you can say that kobe made more game winners than michale, HOW MANY GAME WINNERS KOBE MADE IN THE PLAYOFFS ? HOW MANY 40 POINTS GAME KOBE HAD IN THE PLAYOFFS ?WHO HAS THE HIGHEST AVERAGE IN THE PLAYOFFS ? plz watch some highlights on youtube and read the nba 101 section on this website be4 you make those claims.
      by the way this is the stat line for MJ in the 69 point game ; 69 points 18 reb 7 ast 5 stl 1 blk against one of the best teams in the league at that time , while kobe scored 81 points against the raptors so plz think before you speak.

      now to my top 10 players ever :
      2- BILL RUSSEL, 11 championships speaks volume
      3-KOBE , he gets the node over magic and bird because he is a better defender with now equal leadership qualities
      4- MAGIC
      5- KAREEM
      6- BIRD
      7- OSCAR
      8- WILT
      10- STOCKTEN & MALONE altough they didn’t won anything .but they are top 10 for there leadership and durability and work ethic , for me they get the node over HAKEEM

      • rey says:


        point 1
        Its true that Jordan never played with a good center but scottie pippen and rodman could cover that with their aggressivness and height in their respective positions so dont make it an excuses on Lakers Duo of Shaq/Kobe and Pau/Kobe because Jordan,Pippen and Rodman are scoring and rebounding threats as well. . .

        Point 2
        MJ was never a sidekick, why? because he’s the first draft pick in a bad team. . . that’s why. . . so dont make it as an excuse for MJ being better than Kobe who earned his way to the league being the 13th pick in his draft. . .

        Point 3
        More MVP’s, more scoring titles etc. . .

        ya sure in a lesser competition. . . is there a Boston’s Big 3, Miami’s 3 amigos that time?. . . the only challenge is malone -stockton combination but it’s not actually a threat to his throne. . .

        Point 4
        HOW MANY GAME WINNERS KOBE MADE IN THE PLAYOFFS ? HOW MANY 40 POINTS GAME KOBE HAD IN THE PLAYOFFS ?WHO HAS THE HIGHEST AVERAGE IN THE PLAYOFFS ? plz watch some highlights on youtube and read the nba 101 section on this website be4 you make those claims.
        by the way this is the stat line for MJ in the 69 point game ; 69 points 18 reb 7 ast 5 stl 1 blk against one of the best teams in the league at that time , while kobe scored 81 points against the raptors so plz think before you speak.

        i think we’re talking about buzzer beaters not 40 points game in the playoffs. . . youre answer is way too far from what is being asked or stated. . .

        so please, think before you speak. . .

    • hunter says:

      “6.kobe has a “never quit” and “make people around me better” mentality”

      Factually incorrect on both points. If you believe this you are retarded and must change your name from LILJAMES23 to LILCorky23.

  329. orrin says:

    MY TOP 5


  330. Jerry says:

    Although Kobe Bryant is arguably my favourite player, I can honestly say that he does not belong in the top 5, for now.
    Currently my top 5 is:
    1. Jordan
    2. Magic
    3. Kareem
    4. Russell
    5. Wilt
    6. Kobe????

    One thing I would like to point out is Shaun Powell’s comment about how the NBA is watered down. Sure it has become easier to score with more rules and regulations implemented but I think we can all agree that athletes in the present are more taller, faster, stronger and talented. For example, take Dwayne Wade or Carmelo Anthony, both of which if put in the 70s or 80s could be considered as the best or the top 3 in the league. However, in the league today, Wade and Anthony are forever stuck at the bottom of the top 5 or 7 (definitely debatable)

    People that state that kobe is near the bottom of the top 10 or even OUT of the top 10 (in my honest opinion) don’t really know what they’re talking about. Kobe, for one is definitely top 3 (or the best?) in terms of skill. As you look at some of the “untouchables”, most of them had huge advantages compared to other players, whether it be Kareem/Wilt/Russell and their height, or Jordan and his athleticism, they all had more talent and god-given gifts than kobe. So for Kobe to be even considered in this conversation is an obvious acknowledgement of his skills and his hard work.

    For now though, the top five of jordan/magic/kareem/russell/wilt are definitely unmovable. Despite Kobe’s amazing clutchness, offense and defense, the 5 mentioned above changed the game. That is not saying that Kobe hasn’t changed the game, but those other guys revolutionized the game. They were all winners so bumping either one of them for the excuse “but kobe has more rings” is unacceptable.

    On the other hand the differences between the top 5 (minus jordan) and Kobe is microscopic. As displayed by other comments, the top 10 players all have a case to be in the top 5 so whichever 5 make it on your list is completely opinionated.

    To summarize everything, Kobe is not in the top 5, perhaps he is one or two spots looking in, but definitely not a permanent spot on that V.I.P list. But maybe, after 5-8 more years in the NBA he will earn a concrete spot in the top 5 (or even top 3?). There are many variables that will affect the outcome of where he will finish on this list, some being his health, how many more championships he wins, any more records that he breaks, and how he leaves the NBA (many former NBA stars tarnish their reputation by their ungracefulness when retiring ie: Allen Iverson)

    • Kobe Bryant! says:

      Kobe may not have revolutioned the game like MJ and some others did but he’s every bit as good. If Kobe switched MJ eras or some1 else who revolutionized the games era then You’d be saying Kobe revolutionized the game. So don’t use Mj “revolutionized the game so he’s better than kobe” Kobe has as good or better fundamentals, better jump shooting/ tough shot making abilities and the only tiny advantage MJ had on Kobe was speed which is overrated because in Jordans era most players weren’t very athletic compared to now so it made MJ’s athletic ability and speed seem better than it really was.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Spoken perfectly.

  331. SanjeeviM says:

    After Shaq left the Lakers, LA could have immediately singed with Gasol kind of post player. There are few years Kobe struggled alone, between Shaq & Gasol seasons. If Gasol was signed earlier, Kobe may be having at least 7 rings now. Young years are very important in NBA. Then we may debating wether KOBE is 1 or 2 (not 5 or 10). Kobe is defenetly within TOP 5. (Just my opinion.)

  332. steagle says:

    1. Michael – the complete game, best athlete to have ever played (up till the 00s at least).
    2. Bird – his style will never be duplicated, one of the smartest and most graceful players in the NBA.
    3. Magic – could play any position, so fun to watch, arguably the best passer ever.
    3. Kareem – his stats don’t lie! most dominant big man ever, a shining example of dedication to the game.
    5. Kobe – not a personal fan of his, but he does have the complete game, and is a natural talent. hard to think of anyone from the late 90s or 00s that can top him in terms of overall game or personal success.

    Wilt, Russel, Baylor, West, Roberston, Dr. J, Havlicek, Marovich – all amazing players, and absolutely the best in their era – but I have to agree that the 50s – 70s were so different in terms of athletic ability, physical strength, speed of play, coaching methods, and of course overall talent spread out to the various teams. We now have 30 teams with at least 30 potential superstars. The talent on an individual level is higher now than it ever was, and I think it is unfair to compare players 30+ years apart.

    Also want to add that Tim Duncan is nowhere near top 5 of all time. He is a fundamental player who does all the fundamental things great. But what has he introduced to the game? The greats have all brought something brand new to the game that enriched the NBA as a whole and inspired countless people to emulate them. I cannot say that about Duncan as good as he is.

  333. krip bishop says:

    and by the way you cant say larry bird,magic johnson, and michael jordan didnt have good players around him

    larry bird had a bunch of hall of famers with him

    magic also had tons of hall of famers with him

    MJ? hello scottie pippen hello dennis rodman hello ron harper hello toni kukoc hello steve kerr hello horace grant(on his glory days)

    • EMEN24 says:

      Did Magic make them into hall of famers (Besides the aging Kareem, he was already a hall a famer) and played against the strongest competition in any decade. MJ played in the weakest competition in any decade and Pippen is a hall of famer and Dennis Rodmand should be a hall of famer, one of the greatest rebounder and defender ever, but he won’t be because he is a wierdo. And the tons of hall of famers tMagic played with? Worthy was in in his prime, Kareem was aging, but suplimineted that with the sky hook, and an aging Bob Mcadoo, first couple of years. Who else?

  334. BRYAN IVLER says:

    by position, kobe is second best behind jordan. i mean i love kobe but hes 2nd to mj.
    it also came from his mouth that mj is the guy who perfected the game and greatest ever.
    so hes rank no.2 on sg ever.

    and to all time greats, BY FAR, for me he is in top 10.
    but kobes career is not finished yet, so he stil has a lot of things to do.
    by the end of his career, depending on what he does
    he would be probably be in top 5 all time greats.

    ps. even if he is in top 10 all time greats,
    thats a lot of respect for kobe already. and he know that.
    being in all time discussion is very rare.

    i’d say the only active players that are in all time greats, (it could be top 5,10,15,20 all time greats)


    thats imo.

  335. al says:

    OK so maybe we can put kobe at number 6 but what in the world is Shaun Powell talking about watered down competition today. Are you talking about an era where we have the best defensive players to ever play the game? an era where we have a power house like the spurs, the Bostons big three. who did all those greats play against. how many teams then. Common lets be reasonable and evaluate it frankly. i still say MJ is best all time but his last second shots, who were they against, elo, russel, common we have mush better defensive players in this era compared to the 60s or 70s and even early 80s. Scott Howard-Cooper said it best. those who disagree with chuck are mostly those who do not agree with kobe on a personal level. But hey when it comes to game no level headed person will disagree that kobe is certainly making a case for top 5 all time. just give the man his props for goodness sakes. its not a popularity contest. its who got game and he does. Enjoy greatness while it is happening before our very eyes people and stop letting our egos get in the way of making a level headed decision. Thats all iam saying

  336. side09 says:

    So many Kobe nut huggers up in here.

    And most of them don’t know anything about basketball except for how great Kobe Bryant supposedly is.

  337. krip bishop says:

    here’s the thing

    kobe is the closest thing ever to Michael Jordan.

    Michael Jordan is the best player to ever play the game.

    Kobe automatically becomes 2nd best.

    that’s some pretty easy logic retards can’t seem to see.

    • EMEN24 says:

      They have the same stlye of play. That is why he is the closest to Jordan not because of plain greatness. It is like when Jason Kidd came into the leaugue he was the closest thing to Magic (because of style). Should Kidd be consider in the top 10. Of course not. It is just the shooting gaurd position is the most glamorous position, like center field in baseball and everyone is looking for the next Willie Mays. Kobe can be the second best SG of all time, but it doesn’t make hime number two overall.

      • rey says:

        Wow he made a dumb point. . . he just compared kidd with no rings to magic with 5 rings and MVP’s. . . what an illogical thing to do. . .

  338. Daryl Donald Jr. says:

    I am a huge Kobe supporter, but I believe Charles will change his mind, probably next week. Kobe is definitely in the top 10 all time. Top 5 is a bit of a stretch. Also, to those who say Kobe only have 2 ‘ships on his own, in the end it don’t even matter. People act as though Shaq didn’t need Kobe in those 3 years. Somebody had to get him the ball for him to dominate the way that he did. Kobe is phenomenal and nothing should be taken away from his greatness. By the way, in my opinion, I believe Charles is the best 4 to play the game. Furious rebounder, quick, and undersized, he was special.

  339. FRANCISCO says:

    he was mvp of last year final while shooting 6 out of 24 in the final game 25%,,that was the most ridiculous decision
    i have seen . GASOL was the REAL mvp.he is not an oustanding shooter 45.3%, he is not a outanding passer ,he is not
    an outanding rebounder LOOK THE STATS, OH YEAH HE IS A CLOSER,i WOULD LIKE TO SEE SOME STATS ALSO..he was very lucky by playing for the lakers , it is like playing for the yankees, you are going to wing rings if
    you stay for years , HE played along one of the most dominant centers ever , then he cried when the team got mediocre
    and then the money came in , he got GASOL, ARTEST, ODOM


    • eggbertfoo says:

      mvp was for the whole series smart a$$ – not one game…he had like 15 rebounds that game and made huge free throws at the end. Go back to school…

      • eschu says:

        look at his FG% that whole serious eggbert. horrible. in fact, Kobe has never shot over 40% in a finals series.

        Look at Kobe’s career FG%: 45.4%. His best year was only 46.9%, and that’s when he had Shaq drawing double and triple teams. Kobe’s highest scoring average was 35 ppg, 4 assists, 5 rebounds, and his team only got 45 wins. Michael Jordan was a way better all around player, he had a year averaging 37, 5, and 5, next year he averaged 35 6 and 5 and shot 53% FG. His CAREER FG% is 49.7%, way better than any single SEASON that Kobe has had. Oscar Robertson put up wayyyy better numbers than Kobe, and he’s not even in the top 5 all time. Plus, Kobe’s D is heavily overrated. He guards the weakest player on the other team so he can try to cheat over and cut lanes to steal passes without much risk. Kobe’s not even the best player in the league today, at an age where MJ was still dominant.

      • Last i remember players play for championships, not stats. But if they were playing for stats, maybe, maybe Kobe would not be the best player. But at the end of the day we all know your career is judged by how many rings and trophies you brought home. So for you morons trying to find a way to keep kobe outta the whos the best conversation, remember the game is played to win championships which kobe has 5 about to be 6. They dont play for stats!

      • rey says:

        Pt. 1
        “look at his FG% that whole serious eggbert. horrible. in fact, Kobe has never shot over 40% in a finals series”

        what a misleading idea. . . check the stats in 2009 NBA Finals series. . . Kobe went 16-34, 10-22, 11-25, 11-31, 10-23 in games 1,2,3,4,5. . . please compute it for me cause im coming up with 42%. . .

        Pt. 2
        “Kobe’s D is heavily overrated. He guards the weakest player on the other team so he can try to cheat over and cut lanes to steal passes without much risk.”

        if guarding Carmelo Anthony. James, Wade at times is weak for you then i totally agree. . . LOL!!!

    • @FRANCISCO Dude learn how to spell, where did you go to school TJ? And everyone doesnt like to be a loser like yourself. Maybe that why Kobe started crying as you put it, because he wanted better teammates to play with so he can win and win championships. Unlike lebron, which is probably who you look up to in the nba. A loser, no rings, no loyality. A chump that runs to another superstars team becasue he wasnt man enough to dish it out and bring a championship to cleveland like he promised those people. Hes a sucka! But like i said, try visiting a school in the US, and learn to spell.

      • EMEN24 says:

        It is a combination of stats and championships. If it was just championship then Sam Jones, Robert Horry should be brought into the conversation. The stats show you are the best player on the team and what a player contributed to the team. Jordan is statistically better than Kobe iin every catagory and won 6 Championships as the man. Kobe has only one two Championships as the Man and 3 as number two, heck I will give hime 2 1/2 as the man for the 2002 season. The big disperity between Kobe and Jordan is a disgrace to the other great player that put Kobe as number two or number one. For the record. Kobe is my favorite current player. And Magic is my all time favorite player. And I can agrue than Magic is better than Jordan.

      • FRANCISCO says:

        some typing errors pelosi , I got my own secretary.YOU ARE A VIVID EXAMPLE OF HOW BAD SCIENCE IS IN US.

      • rey says:

        @EMEN24: horry is not included because he’s not the Focal point on that team. . . he doesnt draw double teams and tripple teams to backup his 6 championships. . . do you get what i mean?. . . Jordan is higher statistically with his FG%, Rebound, Assist etc department because he plays more minutes dan Kobe does. . . so stop the STATS comparison because we know that kobe can rack up points, assist, rebounds etc given an extra more minute in his playing time. . .

    • MC24 says:

      YOU are out of your mind. he is the sme player but with better handles( KOBE can actually bring the ball up with his left hand). Today you have better athletes nad he not just torching undersized 2guards he dismantles defenders off all sizes.

    • kobe the real king says:


  340. James says:

    It really bothers me when one has the audacity to say 3 of the championship rings won by lakers while kobe was apart were belong more to shaq then kobe… guess what Shaq would not have gotten one if kobe was not apart… remember he failed in Orlando… SO STOP WITH THE GARBAGE TALK ABOUT THEM BELONGING TO SHAQ… NEITHER WOULD NOT HAVE HOSE THREE WITHOUT THE OTHER…

  341. Neel Shah says:

    I love how everyone hates on kobe right now, but when the Lakers are in the Finals again this year, people will go back to comparing him to Jordan. Its just a typical “what have u done for me lately”
    Lets talk about this again when june comes around. All these “experts” will most def agree with charles then

  342. toodizzy says:

    The important thing to remember is that Kobe’s career isnt over so his place in history is not set in stone yet. Who’s to say he wont add 3 more championships and become the NBA’s all-time leading scorer by the end of his career. As of this moment, 2010, its very hard to argue Kobe as top 5 as well as argue him as not in the top 5. I personally put him in my top 5 and the reasons are as follows.

    Lets compare Kobe to Magic and Bird. Keep in mind Kobe still has several years left.
    Championships: Kobe 5, Magic 5, Bird 3
    Finals MVP: Kobe 2, Magic 3, Bird 2
    MVP: Kobe 1, Magic 3, Bird 3
    NBA All-Star: 12 for each
    All NBA First Team: Kobe 8, Magic 9, Bird 9
    All Defense First Team: Kobe 8, Magic 0: Bird 0
    Scoring Champ: Kobe 2, Magic 0, Bird 0

    Kobe’s also the Lakers all-time leading scorer and Jerry West even gave him the nod for greatest Laker ever. Those three guys are so close that its hard to argue one ahead of the other but with Kobe’s potential still there I have to give him the nod in the top 5. One of the greatest, closers, leaders, and he will of a God.

    • EMEN24 says:

      Those are static statistics –
      Not including this year – Kobe had played 14 seasons in which Magic has played only 12 Seasons in which he won those 5 championships and the finals 9 times. Kobe is 5 and 7 respectively out of 14 seasons. 3MVP (12 seasons) vs 1MVP(14 seasons, more opportunity) Is that close? How can you compare scoring championships? Of course Kobe has 2 (not winning a chamionship in those seasons because he had no team, so he decides to score). Magic is the consumate team player. Magic has 4 assist title (and highest career average) and Kobe has zero. Heck Magic has two steal titles and Kobe has 0. About stats-beside scorings, Magic has a better FG% (45% to 52%, and Kobe is a great scorer, if he shoots enough) FT% RPG, APG, SPG, yes SPG. In Magic’s rookie year Kareem was the man, even though Magic took over in the final game of the championship. But after that it became Magic’s team in 1982 (when he almost average a triple double, Oscar averaged a triple double in a season because shooting suck during that time (more rebounds) and he played 6 more minutes a game than Magic and played for a sucky team. Oscar is still the man though) So back to point. So Magic wasn’t the man in one championship, heck he was a rookie. Kobe wasn’t the man in his first three championships Shaq was. I believe Magic was the best player ever, slightly over Jordan (Jordan’s media hype made him seem like a better player). But KObe and JOrdan is easier to compare because they play the same way and Jordan blow him away in every catagory. To me Kobe, barely breaks top 10 if that. He will some day be a solid top tem player.

  343. Alex says:

    Kobe top 3 (my opinion Jordan, Magic and Kobe)

  344. Brendan says:


    The argument that Kobe is surrounded by great players and thus not as valuable/talented is just dumb.
    If that is the case they should have been undefeated when it was kobe malone, shaq, and payton right…?

    Jeezus Magic and Kareem played on the same team….so you are saying 2 of the 5 best all time were on the same team at the same time…bwahaha that is silly.

    If 2 of the best 5 all time played on the same team together and got 6 championships, how can you undervalue the 5 that kobe has??????

    • MJ4ever says:

      When Jordan won his first championship, his was basically weak as well. Yeah he did have Pippen and an almost all-star calibre in Horace Grant but he basically willed his team to the championship.

      • rey says:

        u forgot to include that the BULSS faced an aging ISAIAH THOMAS in the Eastern Finals and aging MAGIC JOHNSONS in the NBA FINALS. . . EXTRAORDINARY right???

  345. Angelo says:

    Also i think that people will truly appreciate kobe’s greatness when is retired.
    Don’t know what you got till its gone..makes it more romantic if you will.
    Kobe is top doubt.

    Let’s just enjoy the game and kobe while he still playing at the highest level.

  346. siv25 says:

    after Kobe get his six ring im bumping him up to top 3 player of all time.

  347. Chirag says:


  348. siv25 says:

    1. Michael Jordan
    2. Magic Johnson
    3. Bill Russell
    4. K. Abdul-Jabbar
    5. Kobe Bryant
    6. Larry Bird
    7. Wilt Chamberlain
    8. Jerry West
    9. Shaquille O’Neal
    10. Oscar Robertson

  349. eggbertfoo says:

    I don’t get how people talk about the talent in the league today being “watered down” or not as good as it was 20-40 years ago. I think that is revisionist mentality. We all want to romantise the “good ol days.”

    There are multiple SUPERSTARS on every team. Just by an evolution standpoint…everybody is trained better, study the game more, better technology to breakdown everything play by play, younger and younger phenoms as well as a WORLDWIDE game – taking THE BEST from around the world.

    If anything Kobe should be given MORE props for doing what he has done against great teams and talent in this MODERN NBA game.

    *A side note, I don’t see how people don’t question the fact that Jordan (obviously the best) quit basketball – even if he had the “been there done that” mentality – I think we should factor this into his drive and passion. You would NEVER see Kobe or most players quit – he is the most focused ball player on the planet. That has always puzzled me.

    • hunter says:

      “A side note, I don’t see how people don’t question the fact that Jordan (obviously the best) quit basketball – even if he had the “been there done that” mentality – I think we should factor this into his drive and passion. You would NEVER see Kobe or most players quit – he is the most focused ball player on the planet. That has always puzzled me.”

      eggbertfoo, though you do not recall, Kobe quit basketball for 2yrs. He still accepted a paycheck from the Lakers for that period. Look at his “performance” 2005-2007, particularly in the multiple playoff series losses vs the Suns. He quit and when his team needed a star all they got was a choke artist. Kobe was shown up by the likes of Tim Thomas. Look at the last game of the 2010 finals vs the Celtics and it appears that Pau is carrying that team and kobe is still a choke artist. Jordan could crush kobe with the sheer force of his will. Those who worship Kobe need to make a change of religion, your prophet is simply a sad arrogant man.

      • Kobe #1 says:

        He made up for those 2 years in one night with the magestic 81 points. I would take 2 years off too if I was playing with Smush and Kwame.

      • eggbertfoo says:

        oh get over yourself. I never said I wasn’t a Jordan fan and that I doubted that he was the best.

        I don’t not recall? Sorry bud but I watched all of those years we lost in the playoffs, and I know exactly what was going on. So what.

        Saying that Kobe quit is pretty ignorant and makes NO SENSE other than you just wanting to talk SMACK, sorry. Everybody can’t win all the time…so what, they lost…

        Just because the Lakers weren’t that great for a couple of years has no bearing on the fact that….JORDAN quit basketball to try his hand at baseball?!?!! I mean give me a break…that is Jordan being super arrogant, and wasting his talent and legacy. To me it shows (if ever minor in the grand scheme of his 6 rings) a lack of desire.

        I am just saying, I think that should be factored into the equation…

      • AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHA,@hunter dude you sound like an ignorant hater! Kobe a choke artist? No need to even comment on the ignorant statement. If you dislike someone, just say you dislike them. When you start making things up you have no idea have stupid you sound.

  350. Angelo says:

    I want to comment on what JJ said about kobe playing on a stuffed team.
    Larry also had parish,ainge,henderson,mchale and so on.
    Magic had worthy.kareem.scott and cooper…
    Jordan had pippen,grant.paxon….

    It makes sense..all the championships are won by the best TEAMS.
    Not by the best individual.But most of them had the best individual player on their side.

  351. FRANCISCO says:


  352. antwon says:

    Kobe is def better than tim duncan, no disrespect to duncan. Kobe has ruled this decade with five rings, to duncans two, i think? Cant remember. The fact that Kobe not only one of the most talented player ever is one thing, what hes done with pau is another. Kobe has turned a great player into a unstoppable player. Kobe gave pau confidence which he lacked in memphis. Now pau is being considered for mvp. Duncan dosent have the leadership kobe does. He dosent demand perfection from his teammates, Kobe has a stronger will.

  353. Alex says:

    Kobe is the no 1 on the top 5 and he is all time greatest player …

  354. Moe says:

    I agree with Kendrick and imma go as far as to say KILL yourself this guy has done it year in and year out at a very high level you people cannot tell me that u think Bird and Wilt and Kareem had a better all around offensive game then Kobe people are so afraid to say he is better than those guys and 90% of people saying that has not seen Kareem, Wilt, or Russel play one NBA game just brainwashed by the media Kobe Bryant has a better offensive than Russel and Kareem sorry folks im not afraid to speak my mind LOL!!!!

  355. Nrbeh says:

    My Top 5:

    1. Jordan
    2. Kobe Bryant
    3. Magic
    4. Kareem
    5. Russell

  356. orly says:

    Kobe is top 5 for sure and his not even done. This year he is playng great and more important his getting rest he is going to b fresh for when the playoffs come. Look out NBA

  357. James NBA anyalsts Wilson says:

    Kobe Bryant is the best NBA player in my eyes and always will be

  358. mrkC says:

    1. Jordan
    2. Roberston
    3. Magic
    4. Russell
    5. Wilt
    7. others..
    top10 duncan!

  359. J says:

    seriously guys.. i don’t think u can deny kobe being the 2nd best shooting guard all time.. one of the top 5 most skilled players all time as well..

  360. Fausto says:

    I’m 37, I start to see NBA in Kareem’s final stage of his career, so I was fortunate ’cause of the Magic-Bird era, Jordan and now.

    I have a theory mates, I think that when NBA was on B/W the average athlete wasn’t as professional as atheltes are now, so any talented one,,,,,,exactly.

    Today every NBA is a professional, a true one, so that puts me on the idea that some Legends deserve respect but cannot be measure with today players, despite the numbers we’re not talking about same things. Mind about little details, the schedule is one of them (it takes almost a min. of 100 games crosscountry a session for winning)

    My ranking is based in this theory.


    I’m sorry for Wilt and Co. I’m from the Color age.




  362. tasa says:

    Is this a joke Kobe Bryant is best player ever in nba

  363. heh8meN1 says:

    In case anyone forgot, Kobe WAS the player of the 2K decade.
    MOST 1st TEAM ALL NBA selections.
    MOST 1st TEAM ALL DEFENSE selections.

    NOT even close.

    And for the nonsense about not making teammates better? That so intellectually DISHONEST, no response is needed.


  364. kendrick says:

    if u thing KOBE isn’t in the top five players of all time slap your self

    • side09 says:

      You, sir, are misinformed.
      Go watch your highlights and Kobe fan videos.

      • @side09 I bet you think lebron is better than kobe too. With 0 championships! You guys fail to mention, besides Odom, and Butler who else did Kobe have on that team to help him. And Odom did not play as well back then as he does now, neither did butler. But you kobe haters try to come up with anything to make this man look bad.

      • R4 says:

        Lebron sucks. Players in this nba is different and much more soft. Everytime they go to the basketball and start making grunting noise to get a call. If a player put a hand in Kobe, Lebron, or Wade face its a foul because no one in the nba can guard them. Call the calls both ways and see who comes on top. Everyone know the nba is a players game not a team game. I hate it how they single out player and their achievement but never talk about the quality of their team. Jordan is the greatest of all time because of everything he has done for the game. No player trendsended this game the way he did. His damn shoes still sales more than any other player in the nba. At the end of the day kobe can win 6 rings but what is that going to get him. Not the kind of fame Jordan got.

      • rey says:

        @R4: ya right. . . “At the end of the day kobe can win 6 rings but what is that going to get him. Not the kind of fame Jordan got.”. . . the media overhyped jordan because he completed a three peat which was achieved by boston celtics way way back in 60’s. . . imagine if you hear the media saying that “the best basketball player is playing right now”wouldn’t you be so curious hu can dat be?? you are also have been brain washed by the media in jordans era my friend. . . even the media today who lived in jordan’s hay day still think he’s the GOAT. . . they dont want to wake up and accept the reality that maybe Kobe will be greater than jordan by the END of his CAREER. . .

        Personal Top 5:
        1. Kareem
        2. Bill
        3. Jordan-Kobe close call
        4. Magic-Bird close call
        5. Wilt

        Even Magic admitted Kobe is the greatest laker ever. . .

  365. JJ says:

    Kobe is not a top five player. He has had the benefit of playing on some extremely talented teams ie a prime shaq (nuff said), and Pau, Bynum, Odom, Artest, and now a bench full of starters (also nuff said). When playing with a mediocre team with Lamar Odom, Caron Butler, and avg role players his team won 34 games and missed the playoffs. He has not shown the ability to dramatically make players around him better, which the best players in history did. Larry instantly turned the Celtics from a lottery team to a top 3 playoff team. Same with Magic. Jordan, at 38 with Rich Hamilton and a bunch of scrubs on the Wizards, doubled their win total from the year before. Even now, the Lakers did not become elite until Pau arrived. Before him, they were a 6-8 playoff team at best and thats WITH Bynum and Odom. Bottom line-Kobe’s a great player, but his PER and his inability to make those around him better to the degree that other greats have keep him out of the top five no matter how many rings he gets.

    • side09 says:

      Well said. This guy knows what he’s talking about. Read his post people.

      “When playing with a mediocre team with Lamar Odom, Caron Butler, and avg role players his team won 34 games and missed the playoffs. He has not shown the ability to dramatically make players around him better, which the best players in history did.”

      “Larry instantly turned the Celtics from a lottery team to a top 3 playoff team.”

      “Jordan, at 38 with Rich Hamilton and a bunch of scrubs on the Wizards, doubled their win total from the year before.”

      • MJ4ever says:

        LOL imagine if Kwame Brown actually lived up to his potential Jordan would’ve made a play-off run again

    • Buck says:

      I completely agree, not to mention when Kobe was losing games he wanted to be traded to a team with a better supporting cast because he himself was not able to help elevate his team mates games around him. Which is the role of a superstar player, Kobe is very talented but does not posses the rest of the qualities needed to enter the top 5. MJ said it best, his role was to be a handyman and plug up any holes his team had to help them win, Kobe just gets to pass the ball to a big man: Shaq, Pau. Of course he had the two during key runs and championship years, the only time his team was worth anything.

    • FC22 says:

      Yeah, in 2007-08 the Lakers were in first place in the west before the Bynum injury and the Gasol deal. I hate the Lakers and Kobe, but give credit where credit is due.

    • JJ is an idiot! Read his post about how Kobe doesnt make players around him better. Then read the moron below him, @side09 he actually agrees with it. Whats wrong with these people? Do they actually watch basketball, or do they just shell out dumb comments because they dislike Kobe?

    • jeff says:

      @JJ very well said!!! couldn’t agree more

      • jeff says:

        @itoldyoutheheatsuck you think we’re all Kobe haters! We’re not, he’s a great player but not in the top 5…He would be in the top 8.

        And you think we would say anything to make Kobe look bad??
        look what you’re doing to Lebron? i don’t like him much either but i can accept the fact that he is also a great player

    • ??? says:

      -Jordan had all star caliber players
      -Magic had all star caliber players
      -Kareem had all star caliber players

      How does Kobe having good teammates discredit him, he’s top 5 as of now.
      But he’ll probably be top 2 by the time he retires.

    • Ariesoxy says:

      Very very well said man. I wished you can copy and paste that to the whole world to know. Greatness is not only measured by stats, Kobe is a great player, but he has like unbelievable talented bigman. The last final against Boston is a big prove. The Lakers needed him the most, but he shot terrible. MJ, magic, kareem, larry always play a lot better in a final game like that. Having 3 talented big man make a big difference. Just imagine Odom, Bynum, Gasol teamed with either Lebron, Wade, Melo, or Durant. I bet they will win champion too.

      Think about it, how many championship in the past that have so many talented big man that didn’t win championship?

    • Ariesoxy says:

      Very very well said man. I wished you can copy and paste that to the whole world to know. Greatness is not only measured by stats, Kobe is a great player, but he has like unbelievable talented bigman. The last final against Boston is a big prove. The Lakers needed him the most, but he shot terrible. MJ, magic, kareem, larry always play a lot better in a final game like that. Having 3 talented big man make a big difference. Just imagine Odom, Bynum, Gasol teamed with either Lebron, Wade, Melo, or Durant. I bet they will win championship too.

      Think about it, how many championship in the past that have so many talented big man that didn’t win championship?

      in MJ first 6 season with bulls, his team is horrible but still managed to carry them to playoff.

      @angelo grant and paxson? seriously man… you think they’re as good as odom, bynum and gasol. You got to be kidding me. Just the size itself is already unfair. Same thing with Bird & Magic, what they have is not a dominate big man. So no… it’s not the same with what kobe has.

    • Escura says:

      What about Magic with Kareem, Cooper or Worthy and what about Bird with McHale, Dennis Johnson and Parish. It’s time to stop protecting old players like they were untouchable, we have to put Kobe in the highest category because he is skilled, he is the greatest scorer the league has ever seen since Jordan (think about 81 and multiple 50 or more points on a game). Great defender, great clutch player and so on and so forth. Wilt played in a different era with almost no adversity regarding his height and athleticism and the same argument can be heaved for Russel and Big O although they are on the top 10.

      1. Jordan
      2. Kobe
      3. Magic
      4. Bird
      5. Wilt / Kareem
      PS : sorry for my poor linguistic skills but i’m French

  366. 1.wilt

    I left magic out because i think kobe is not that far off from Jordan so i had to put kobe ahead of magic..

    • Jdeep says:

      Kobe Bryant is the best player in the world to ever have ever played. For people to say that the league is watered down now is just an outlandish statement down right foolish. When in history of basketball did at least have 16 teams that had 3 all star candidates on each team, and as well as great supporting cast. The teams are also stronger bigger faster and better skilled then ever before. So Kobe has been the best player for the last decade so in turn he has been the best player in the best era of basketball. So in turn that makes him the best player in the world.

      • MJ4ever says:

        Yeah there are like 3 all-star candidates in each team but it was like that in the 80’s and 90’s as well but not as much publicized as it is today. They also have the hand check rule which makes it easier for a player to score and get fouled. The last time I checked they didn’t have that in the 80’s and 90’s where you can basically punish someone with their physical defence like the pistons did in the 80’s to jordan so who has actually physically punished kobe in the 2000’s using their defence, no one. If Jordan played in his prime today in the NBA he’ll probably average 40 points a game with all the free throws he’s gonna throw up

      • rey says:

        @MJ4EVER: what does publicity has to do with greatness??? LOL!!! and ya u forgot to mention that in todays game an offensive player cannot push, shove or bump to a defensive player, like jordan usually does, or else u’ll get an offensive foul. . . GAME 6 of 1998 between Chicago and Utah, Jordan’s last shot of the game, is an example of an offensive foul in today’s game. . .

  367. PDR says:

    Tim Duncan has led his teams the highest winning percentage of any team in the major sports in history and holds NBA records for consecutive first team NBA selections on both sides of the ball. SI named him the best NBA player of the 2000s and Duncan is also the greatest PF to ever dominate the NBA.

    Kobe Byrant is great and and all time 10-12 NBA talent, but he ranks at least one slot under wherever you put Duncan on the list and definetely out of the top 7.

    Top 7 Kareem/Wilt/Russell/Jordan/M. Johnson/Bird/Oscar

    • GOGONG says:

      he ranks at least one slot under wherever you put Duncan on the list and definetely out of the top 7.

      LOL…can TD did waht kobe did??

  368. heh8meN1 says:

    Kobe IS one of the TOP 6 PLAYERS ever to lace them up. EVER. Fans, journalist, historians and past players that continue to exclude him from the list of “Untouchables” are either blind, deaf, dumb or all of the above.

    50’s- Miken
    60’s- Wilt
    70’s- Kareem
    80’s- Magic
    90’s- Jordan
    00’s- Kobe

    Every POD is automatically given a top 6 spot- you can slot them anyway you want. Their ranking (1-6) is all personal preference. And as a Lakers’ fan, Kareem is the GREATEST: using the HOF standards- which include High School, College, NBA ( and EU) contributions, NOBODY can touch the CAPTAIN.

    For those who choose to ignore, deny, and disrespect the MAMBA: DOOM ON YOU.

  369. jov says:

    He has about 4 years left and people are placing him in top 10 already. hard to argue but everyone should wait till he retires. for me, im putting kobe over magic though thats for sure. kobe is better defender and better in clutch.

    • aticodejon says:

      You picked the wrong argument for pushing kobe over magic. Magic won his first ring on a game seven of the finals replacing non other than kareem, as a rookie, and completing one oh the best individual games in finals ever! Then he went on to win rings with last second shots, something not even Jordan himself did. Now, how much more clutch can you get than that? I still put kobe, right now, over him, but for different reasons: defense, fundamentals, defense, versatility (yes, you read well, versatility, as in the quality that would let him play in magic’s era and be a stud, unlike the reverse, ’cause magic would get torched by todays PGs under today’s rules)… uh, what else… defense…

      • aticodejon says:

        oh, yeah, you did mention defense too, my bad, I just got distracted by your clutch allusion.

      • :D says:

        Ok, the rules now have soften up, but realize that michael jordan made these rules soften up, because it was only when he came back the rules changed. The NBA purposely made those changes, and couldn’t just say “Oh man, we need to take those rules back when MJ retires”, otherwise we’d probably still have hand-checking in the game…

        Bruce bowen was one of the few defenders who was smart enough to get away with hand-checking, and Kobe has lit him up; not everytime, but MJ then again didn’t light up every single night either. Same can be said for Shane Battier, and some of the shots Kobe makes with a finger coming into your eye, just visualzing Shane hitting me in the face would make me want to kill someone, because as a shooter, you just don’t want to be touched shooting shots. PERIOD.

        The only thing is probably Kobe has not changed any rules unlike all of the other players, with the 3 in the key, widening paint, defensive 3 second, no hand-checking, etc but I’m not exactly sure on that one

        And people who like Kobe, or hate him, you have to realize that he DIDN’T HAVE A VERT when he came into the league. If you check, his first year vertical was something that was extremely subpar, a 35 I think, and my team has players that have a higher vertical then that… And you cannot say Jordan couldn’t shoot as good as Kobe, because they were equal. YOU HAVE TO REALIZE THE ERA, as in Jordan’s early stages the three point line was ruled by approximately 10 players, i.e. Larry Bird, Dan Majere, Reggie Miller, etc. Nowadays, the three is common, even in a fast break situation… Kobe therefore was born with a need to be able to shoot from outside, which Jordan jumped on this bandwagon while still playing. Jordan’s mid-range skills are far better, because back then, the three was hardly shot, unlike these 3pt streaks by teams such as toronto and Dallas, esp. toronto who would be destroyed if there was no 3-point. Jordan’s mid-range was a need in his era, and being one dimensional in his era meant you were on the bench. Jordan also is a much better athlete than Kobe was, therefore Jordan’s work ethic, though amazing, compared to Kobe is worse, becauise Kobe had to work for that stuff… So I still have to take all those players who finished their careers, because Kobe is slightly banged up, and we never know if he has a career ending injury or not, it’s hard to tell

      • bob says:

        kobe changed rules (how about shot follow thru) as i sit her reading i really think none of you guys know much about ball. And how come nobody is talking about Shaq

  370. Yvinou Floris says:

    If you really observe the skills of the best players, you MUST put Kobe in the TOP 5.
    And maybe more..

    The early game was a lot different from nowadays. The game is now really more powerful than ever.
    And Kobe is the only one able to be as fluent as him in this type of game.

    Moreover, I think he is the best offensive player than ever.
    Every player will tell you that, he can kill you at every position, he can dunk, he can shoot from the perimeter, he can fade away.
    He got the most complete range of move ever.

    To conclude, he always finishes on the Top Defensive Team. Is it a coincidence ?! I don’t think so.

    For sure players like Jordan change the game, bring the basketball to the next level, but if you judge only the skills, Kobe is maybe the best player ever.
    And yes I said the best.

    Think about that.

    • Schwab says:

      Kobe Bryant is a top ten player, I don’t think it matter who falls in line after the top three that Chuck said. You cannot argue that Kobe is a the most skilled player ever, impossible, and not true. His competition is watered down, he has the most stacked team in the league, and his statistics are no were near as good as Jordan’s. The only argument is that he is a better shooter than MJ, not as good of a defender, not as good of a shooter. After comparing him to MJ it doesn’t matter, he probably trumps almost everyone else in the skill department because of the versatility, but he is not the best ever, and no matter how many titles he wins, he will not compare to MJ. He’s just not as good, even though playing with the advantages of easiers rules, and watered-down competition.

      • Jake says:

        There are more teams in the NBA for sure, but there are also more basketball players and overall more talent. When Wilt played there were NBA teams whose starting center was 6’6″! And since there weren’t as many teams he got to play the same teams over and over again. The same thing goes with Russel and Robertson. And Kobe’s stats really aren’t very far off Jordan’s.

      • @Schwab You just sound like a kobe hater dude. Thats cool though, join the millions!

      • Bermudian Stud says:

        Stop hating man! Watered down competition!?? Please tell me in what department besides shooting percentage?
        Players in 2010 are much much better conditioned, taller, jump higher and runn faster!!
        The shooting stroke seems to be come after the physical aspect of the game these days whereas previously it was vice versa.
        Last time i checked it requires more than a ‘stacked team’ to hit clutch shots and/ or win championships.
        Look at Dallas personale… great on paper! Look at Orlando’s and Clevland’s the last few years. Legit teams with all positions covered that didnt get over the hump. All of them missing a MAMBA LIKE CLOSER! (respect to Dirk and Lebron, but not enough venom when it counts)

      • Trippin says:

        Pretty hard to take your argument seriously when you completely contradict yourself in the same sentence:
        “The only argument is that he is a better shooter than MJ, not as good of a defender, not as good of a shooter.”
        How can the only argument be that he is a better shooter than MJ when he’s not as good of a shooter as MJ? And as everyone else here has already said, the competition is not watered-down. The fundamentals and basketball IQ in today’s game may not be as prominent, but the atheletes are clearly superior. I challenge you to name an NBA player pre-1995 with the speed, jumping ability, and size of a Dwight Howard, a Josh Smith, or a LeBron James. On top of that, the Jordan repeatedly got away with that off-hand push whenever he went around a defender, whereas in today’s game that is an offensive foul about 99% of the time, even deep in traffic near the hoop, that call is almost always made.

      • kobe the real king says:

        you’re right but Kobe played injur all last season thats why he’s slow down a little bit.

  371. Alex says:

    I would just like to respond to mr. Steve Aschburner..why no one obsesses over championships won when ranking the best ever in baseball or football?…you got me on that one….how can you say you are or say someone is one of the greatest EVER if they have never won the ultimate price in their respective sport…a championship…you cannot compare a non-champion to a champion…let along a multiple championships winner..that is ridiculous….you dont play sports to just have passing records or rushing records in the regular season and never win a championship……records can be broken,,,you play your sport to win the ultimate price…a championship…that is why there is a world series…a superbowl…and an NBA championship!..The Black Mamba is definitely in the top 5 best SGs 10 greatest player ever

    • Playbills says:

      exactly.. and isnt Bill Russel on that list because he won 8 championships?.. some of these reporters need to check themselves before they say anything.. ..cause it is all about the rings!!

      • kobe the real king says:

        is not about the rings, because a lot off players have rings and there a bunch off nobodys is about the game you have, what can you do with it and Kobe is the best in this era he has the record of 3 point made in a single game with 12 in 15 attempt and have 81 point in one game, i know that will have a 100 but on that moment the 3 second violation does not exist, so please look back in history and then post.

      • kobe the real king says:

        if you said so ther’s one guy that vae like 6 or 7 rings and is not one of the best pleyer ever he’s name is ROBERT HORRY.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      I Agree. It’s hard to agree with a professional sports journalist when they can say something like that about Championships.

    • Trippin says:

      Not every player is lucky enough or selfish enough to leave a terrible team to join a contender. Take Barry Sanders for example, who spent his entire career with the Detroit Lions, in hindsight probably not the best choices he’s ever made. Yet he is arguably one of the greatest running backs to ever play the game, and easily the most gifted ever, as far as skill set and talent. However, he chose to stay loyal to his team, never won a Super Bowl, and on top of that retired before his body and mind were ruined by the game.

      • Zzanzabar says:

        @ Trippin

        Good point(s). There is a time when the rings and things take too much of a spotlight in determining greatness. In a TEAM sport it is too easy of an accolade to achieve. Take Mbenga, formally of the Lakers, as an example. Lets say that he picks up his game and becomes fairly decent or even pretty good, the fact that he has two rings as basically a bench warmer make he worth consideration? There are literally hundreds of players with rings that were so-so, while many of the greats went ring-less.

        Does Dr. J’s one ring make him any more or any less one of the GREATEST to play the game? You just cannot use winning it all as the major criteria for assessing a players greatness in a team sport. Barry Sanders is an EXCELLENT example.

      • rey says:

        @Zzanzabar: Dr. J is one of the Greatest Player who played the game and guess what he is not included in the mix. . . Wonder why???

  372. LABRYANT says:

    I would put Kobe in the top 6..i was thinking about flipping kobe and Wilt just cause kobe has more rings..any thoughts….

    • bob says:

      you gotta remember magic won a ncaa championchip with a so so teamates

    • olibob03 says:

      Some of those people you putting you’re didn’t even wacth them play, what ‘s you’re try to proof at least he got five already and not finish yet you’re gonna keep say samething over and over like Kb24 said you don’t get it you still don’t get it

  373. M.J Abdi says:


  374. 24 !! says:

    well kobe is for sure in the TOP 5 John Schuhmann made a very valid point how can one compare the players of that era to the players playing right now its totally differnt wht if he is compared to the great players from 80′s till now ??

  375. 24 !! says:

    well kobe is for sure in the TOP 5 John Schuhmann made a very valid point how can one compare the players of that era to the players playing right now its totally differnt wht if he is compared to the great players from 80’s till now ??

  376. Zzanzabar says:

    Kobe has the ability to completely change the nature of a game when he is NOT on. Very few players can do that. Of the top five (sans Kobe), Russel, as great as he was, couldn’t change the nature of a game when he was off his game. Wilt could, so could West, Magic, Kareem and of course Jordan. Using that criteria, I would put Kobe in the top 5.

    • Vijay says:

      I will add to that, not belittling Russel or Kareem or Wilt, but Russel especially in my mind is in the discussion, going against the point made about rings coming into play when ranking players, because he got fortunate in winning 11 rings. Mutombo was just as brilliant a defender as he was but he is not mentioned. Wilt was huge, period. Ranking Wilt in the top 5, Shaq should be mentioned as well. Kareem was class. I would bump either Wilt or Russel. I would pick Jordan, West (was a warrior), Kobe, Kareem and Shaq.

    • Trippin says:

      Umm… are you high? Russell is probably the only one you named that CAN change a game when he’s not on, because his game was never about offense, he was great because of his defensive play. You know why Wilt only won 2 rings? Because he’d always run into Russell’s Celtics and whatever team he was on would get shut down.

      • Zzanzabar says:

        @ Trippin

        The operative phrase was ‘off his game’, as you pointed out defense WAS his game. When Russel was not being dominat in defense he was a non-factor on the floor. Because Russel was ONE dimentional (albeit it was a GREAT one dimension), teams did not adjust their coverage or stop running the lane when Russel was having an off day. That is not true with the others. If Wilt, West, Jordan, or Kobe had a bad game shooting, so what you STILL had to be aware of their defense or their clutch shooting in the pinch. The last thing you wanted was for any of them was to ‘get their groove’ and get hot. Because of this I would leave out Russel, as great as he was.

  377. Hm. says:

    I agree with Schuhmann. The NBA has gone through a lot of major, major changes throughout its history. Ranking the All-Time greats with so many factors (like the softer defensive rules, expansion, 3 pt line, etc.) to consider is truly difficult.
    I’d say that Kobe’s just slightly out of my top 10. Probably around 13. NOW, that is. He’s won 2 championships as a leader of the Lakers; he’s still got a good 5 or 6 years left in his tough body. Let’s see how far he can go.

    • Victor says:

      He’s won 5 championships* as a leader of the lakers

      • koby says:

        r u crazy dude! 2 as the man, five total. first three belongs to shaq. last two are kobes. nuff said.

      • L says:

        First 3 Shaq
        4th Kobe
        And hardly the 5th was Koby, he just didn’t carry the team, THE MVP of the last Championship was the Lakers “TEAM”, and NOT Kobe

      • Tom says:

        he didnt do it in point but he did it in rebound and defense stop look at those 6/26 it just stupid he also got 15reb

      • Vijay says:

        More Kobe haters. Yes it is true the last two Shaq was not around but to try to belittle the last one by saying the Lakers should’ve got the MVP come on dude, Kobe dressed, playing D, pulling down boards, helped as much as anything in the Lakers game 7 win. And don’t even bother about the Perkins going down excuse, everyone keeps forgetting that in that ’08 spanking, Bynum was injured, no one talks about that, I certainly don’t. You play with and through what you have. Lakers won the last two c’ships deal with it.

    • Playbills says:

      Im sorry but I dont believe the first 3 was shaq.. kobe was scoring over 30 points a game also ..

      • Yea nobody can say the first three rings were KOBES or Shaqs. The LAKERS had a bad a** team back then. Its smarter to say everyone on that team earned the rings. Kobe had his good and bad games, so did shaq. Neither one of those dudes can claim they carried the team to those first three rings.

    • bob says:

      r u guys saying that jordan did it by himself?

    • Bermudian Stud says:

      Leader or not, Lakers could not have won 3-in -row without his clutch, explosive and dynamic performances so I believe top 10 = yes! Plus with todays athletes performing as todays pace, jumping higher, running faster he has become a smarter player and still is the best clutch player in NBA hands down.

      • R4 says:

        i think because kobe lost to boston without bynum prove he not top five regardless of anyone opinion. Everyone going to say he did it as a leader but how did he do the first team around when he played boston. He fell on his face. Great player but there are many other that are too talented to leave behind. And what the other players did for the game are completely different. Every player in the top five are known around the world. Don’t get it twisted, Kobe is also know but he doesn’t carry the weight of a top five player. I remember when Jordan use to play and even my mother who doesn’t watch basketball will sit and watch Jordan but my mother now or even the girls I’m with could care less of what going on with baskeball. Kobes doesn’t get people not interested in the sport involve like the other greats. He cool but doesn’t make people who hate the sport jump up and down to see a game. Basketball fans love baskeball and until he can draw a new crowd of fans in then I can’t see him in my top 5…

      • Kb24 says:

        @R4 Really that’s you argument…WOW first let me start by saying I was a huge Jordan fan and once he left the game I stopped following the sport of Basketball completely (twice), and guess what the single reason I started following it once more was KOBE BRYANT.
        Top 5 hands down… 81 points!

  378. kobedoesit says:

    IN the 5 greatest SGs of all time

  379. kobedoesit says:

    kobe top 5 SG.

    • Rondofan25 says:

      in order to be great u need defence kobe only has offence thats y lebron is the best

      • LebronWHO? says:

        how can you even say kobe has no defense…, you obviously dont watch full games. You just watch highlight reels of Lebron Chasing after people for the blocks. Learn before you talk. Foolish

      • kb24 says:

        hey stupid check out how many times kobe has been in all defensive teams before you praise your king quitness

      • Playbills says:

        LOL at kobe not having any defense.. hes one of the best in the league..

      • jack joker says:

        kobe is good at D…not great. and he did get crossed HARD by derrick rose last night. anyone else see that?

      • @RONDOFAN25 You are a complete idiot for that comment and you should take lebrons sack outta your mouth. There is no way that clown(Lebron) is better than KOBE! People really need to stop talking that crazy s**t! Thats like saying Kwame Brown is the best center the NBA has ever seen. Cmon people time to stop the hate on MR. KOBE BRYANT and give him the respect he deserves. Lebron will never see KOBES status!

      • Jeremuah says:

        Kobe= 8x All-defensive first team and 2x All-defenseive second team. Are you on blow?

      • Vijay says:

        Rondofan25 you’re seriously ignorant of basketball knowledge and suffering from severe verbal diarhea. Kobe has has no defence, boy you are just glazed by Lebron James aren’t you. I guess the Sun isn’t hot and snow isn’t cold. I wonder how Kobe made the all nba first teams so many years in a row. I won’t justify your comment with any further chat. Just continue followng your clown of a player who will be the best in the league when Kobe retires.

      • kobefan says:

        are you serious how many times has kobe made the all defensive team? lebron cant even get to a championship

      • bob says:

        your dumb , kobes one of the defenders in the nba

      • Lud@25 says:

        no really????!!! u one of them new fans tht has no bball history.
        Kobe – 8x 1st all-defensive team
        2x 2nd all defensive team

      • bob says:

        im dumb, i forgot best

      • Bermudian Stud says:

        Kobe no defense – You must have just started watchin B-Ball yesterday!! Dont even need to like Kobe to see that mate!

      • Josh says:

        rondofan25 how could kobe not have great defense when he makes the all defensive team every year….i dont know no if kobe is top five best players ever…he might be but all i know is he is the closest thing we have seen to Michael Jordan hands down

      • bryan says:

        wow ur ignorant…kobe has no defense thats why lequit is better? how bout 10 all defensive selections, 8 1st team, and those arent voted on by fans, so either you know nothing about basketball, or youre on lebrons jock

      • dumb idiot says:

        ur a complete idiot, kobes perimiter defense is WAY better than lebrons and since u OBVIOUSLY dont know anything about basketball, kobe has been on the all-nba defensive FIRST team 10 times including this year, thats more than MJ or lebrick, and the second highest ever so do every1 a favor and STFU!

      • HEATEFFINGSUCK says:

        tell your clown (lebron) and his super friends before they brag WINNING MULTIPLE CHAMPIONSHIPS that they should stop talking and start winning. boy have you seen how they were pulverized by indiana at home? i know that won’t happen on Kobe’s team

      • showtime says:

        wow. last time I check Kobe was named several times to the all nba defense team. do you even know what your talking about? I can tell by your name “rondo” your a Celtic fan…sour grapes!!

      • Richi says:

        I hope you’re joking? He’s been selected in the All-defensive team 10 times??? LeBron has been selected twice? Poor observation

      • hooked_on_phonics says:

        Defence is spelled DEFENSE and Offence is spelled OFFENSE…Kobe rules

      • Kel says:

        Rondofan25, your making Celtic fans look stupid. Kobe is a much better defender than LeBron, who is very overrated on defense, in my opinion. He chases down for blocks on fast breaks and on the weak side and bullies smaller players with his size. But his 1-on-1 and perimeter defense is really not that good. Kobe slowed an explosive Westbrook last year in his 30s. He’s also more versatile offensively. He can shoot, and go to the rim. He’s also a better post player than LeBron. Don’t get me wrong, LeBron’s a great player, but Kobe’s who I’d pick in a game 7 of the NBA Finals when it matters. He has a work ethic and killer instinct that transcends the so-called “King”. Kobe’s proven his a winner. LeBron hasn’t. Kobe would also not join two other superstars. You can make the Pau Gasol argument all you want, but he only became an All-Star caliber player AFTER joining Kobe in LA.

      • thatruth says:

        are you kidding me? since the 99-00 season, kobe bryant has been first team all nba defense 8 times. two other seasons he was second team, and only once in that time period (04-05) was he not on either team. lebron a better defender? maybe in transition, when he chases someone down and blocks them at the rim.
        um yeah…you think? jordan and then…who else? of the other players discussed in the above clip, the only players comparable are robertson and magic, and they were both combo guards, playing both on and off the ball. kobe bryant is the purest 2guard since jordan, period. noone else comes close to those two at their position.

      • Kobe is one of the top 5 defenders in the league!

        Kobe’s job anchoring team USA’s defense at the last Olympics was the single greatest reason that the team walked away with gold medals hanging off of their necks.

      • ballastatus says:

        Wow… Kobe no defense?? It’s obvious you know nothing about basketball

      • Jake says:

        Coming from somebody who can’t even spell offense or defense correctly, I’ll take the validity of that comment like a grain of salt.

      • RYAN says:


      • gabe says:

        kobe its all nba defense first team. lebron james does not even deserves to be in the same sentance as kobe. lebron is a spineless coward who put himself out of the jordan conversation for thr rest of hios career. no one in the nba is as good as kobe. as far as he being in top 5, i think he’s already a top ten player, we won’t know until his career its over. i don’t think he is as good as jordan, but he is the closet thing we’ve seen to him and yeah, the celtics suck, blaming a defeat on the referees is what a loser does.

    • kobe24 says:

      Kobe is one of the 5 best players in nba history and he has a great probability in passing kareem in points

      • R4 says:

        get a life… i know we live in today saying that everything is much better because it happening today. But there is no way to put him in the top 5 of all time. He needs to win 7 rings for that to happen.

      • nebo says:

        u sound so stupid u must be a hater Kobe has D open up them eyes you sound so stupid

    • kenny says:

      Kobe is definitely not top 5 material (especially at shooting guard), if you believe he is then you need a dose of reality. If you compare Kobe and Jordan side by side in all categories, shooting percentage, freethrow percentage, scoring average, assists average, steal average, championships, MVP’s, all defensive teams, all nba teams, allstar mvps, dunk championships, Olympic Gold medals, finals mvps, block averages, championship rings, allstar mvps etc…….The only category that Kobe is better in is Rape Charges.
      And I dont want to hear the same ol BS from Kobe fans that Im a hater or jealous or stupid or dumb or whatever, look at the facts, and if you still believe that Kobe deserves to be in the top five over Jordan, then you truly are beyond help and irreversibly retarded

      • Sekou Smith says:

        Firstly, you wrote chanpionships twice and allstar mvps twice…but more importantly no one here said Kobe was better than Jordan…like, no one said it…the argument is whether Kobe is an all time top 5 player….we already know Jordan is number one…and you need to learn a bit more about the game of basketball if you think Kobe is not a top 5 SHOOTING GUARD…come on, don’t be ignorant, Kobe Bryant is without doubt the second best SHOOTING GUARD to play the game of basketball, just under Jordan…He’s probably the second best guard too if we really wanted to go there.

      • olibob says:

        you’re right!!!!!!!!!!!! you are a joke man, I cn’t beleive you guys man after all these years Kobe been on the league, dude you are something. really.

      • Jack says:

        Who said over Jordan? Jordan was undeniably the best player the NBA has ever seen, but as Charles Barkley said he is the closest that we have seen so far so I believe that he deserves at least be recognized as one of the 10 best players so far.

      • Mr. Justice says:

        can you not post any credible comment without specifying “RAPE”? you are obviously in violation of the comment policy which prohibits defamatory statements. we are talking about basketball man. get a life. you probably have so many hangups in your life that you have to let it out at the expense of somebody.

      • rey says:

        hey man, why not include the minutes per game by those two?? Stats DONT LIE but are DECEIVING!

    • The Truth says:

      O man Kobe is definately top 3! Im tired of people bringing up Bill Russell or Wilt Chamberlain. They were both 6’10” playing against 6’5″ centers with no athleticism. Larry Bird is not in his league. You can make the case for the big “O” but he only has 1 ring and 1 MVP!. That leaves 4 players that can even be mentioned; Kareem, Michael, and Magic. Magic has 5 rings but all of them were with Kareem. Kobe won with two different centers (Shaq and Pau). Pau Gasol he made into an all star! Everyone else please do not mention!

    • todd says:

      kobe won 3 of his 5 championships being the second best player on his team. shaq was a monster in those 3 championships and i don’t know how kobe has passed shaq or duncan in superstar talk. kobe has had a great career, but his 1 regular season mvp and 1 finals mvp doesnt stack up to the all time greats. jordan had 5 and 6, magic 3 mvps, bird 3 straight mvps, kobe has only managed to be named the hands down best player in the league one time, and he only edged chris paul out because he beat them in a late season game to have a slightly better record than the hornets.

      • LA says:

        2 finals MVP’s

      • CB32 says:

        yu are wrong on everything kobe was not da second best on 3 out of 5 rings but 2 out of 5 rings most of the times in close games shaq didnt even play the fourth quarter bcuz of his disabitlity to make free throws, he was tired, or he fouled out. kobe is better than duncan nd shaq bcuz there’s absolutely no way to stop him bcuz if yu sag off him he will shoot in your face if yu play up on him he will blow by yu, he can post yu up, he can take yu off da dribble, and he can make the play for another player. the only way in stopping him is if yu play box and 1 defense and no nba team is goin to run that defense. the ways to stop shaq is just deny him from his position of posting up and have a help defender playing behind shaq to stop them from throwing an alley or lobbs the best way to play shaq is make yur offense yur defense by running an uptemo fast breaking offense forcing shaq’s team to play fastbreak full court offense and shaq isnt a full court player. to stop duncan is by not letting him get down low in the post nd force him to shoot fade-aways which is not in his game. and with the mvp thing if kobe was playin in the 80s he could’ve possibly won almost every single mvp bcuz back then the mvp was about who was the best player in the league in that one season…kobe has been the best in every season ever since 2003 its harder to win mvp now bcuz its about who’s the best player on the best REGULAR season team that’s why lebron won 2 straight

    • McKinley says:

      KOBE BRYANT. Could go down as the greatest to ever play the game. As it sits now only one man has ever scored more points in a single game. 5 rings and counting. 15 season’s still the top dog . With the depth of this LAKER team he will be playing for years to come. We will check all the total’s then. But If he plays long enough he will break the NBA record for most points.

    • Don Winter says:

      I saw MJ play, and KB is the only “closer” who you can mention in the same breath, though certainly Larry Bird and Magic were terrific in that regard. Scoring? Sure, Wilt was a dominant scorer, but KB plays in a much tougher league (and scored 80 in one game). Defence? Certainly Russell was in a class by himself, but KB is, if anything, vastly underated as a defensive player, and certainly one of the better defensive players in the league. Team leader? MJ, Russell, Magic, Bird, and Kareem were all great, but if KB wins his 6th ring this year (and 2nd 3-peat), no one can seriously question his status as one of the greatest team leaders to ever play (could they even if he doesn’t win it all this year?). And, KB has a good shot at taking more titles.

      My picks: 1) MJ 2) Russell 3) Magic 4) Kareem 5) KB

      I saw Wilt play, too, and not only were his stats inflated by his era, but he was not the leader KB is, nor the “closer,” nor as good defensively. David, it is certainly possible to remove Wilt from the top 5 to place KB there.

    • witness961 says:

      ill rank my top 5 players that ive watched play ball (1994-present) im 24 yrs. old, ive never seen magic, wilt, bird, doc j, play, so they wont be on my list. heres my top 5 : 1) Jordan 2) Shaq 3) Duncan 4) Lebron 5) Kobe.

      • Robert says:

        your an idiot.. really lebron number 4????????? just plain stupid. maybe watch a basketball instead of watching sportscenter highlights from last year.

    • nie24 says:

      fool..!kobe no defense?r u kidding me?he is always in the defensive team every season!man think and think!fool