BLOGTABLE: Heat roster woes

With Udonis Haslem down, Pat Riley has some holes in his roster. What should he do?

David Aldridge: Don’t panic. The worst thing he could do is make a reflexive trade or coaching change. It wouldn’t hurt, though, if Miami played faster.

Steve Aschburner: It’s kind of lame for Miami to be wringing its hands now over the loss of Udonis Haslem. Sure, he’s a tough, “glue” sort of player that good teams covet. But this was supposed to be a team about stars. If Chris Bosh really was as good as his great free-agent adventure had many folks believing, Haslem might not even have been re-signed (Bosh is supposed to be a 20-10 big man, right?). If LeBron James supposedly is capable of playing four or even five positions, then using his legit power-forward size to fill in for Haslem shouldn’t be an issue. Good luck to them, by the way, with the Erick Dampier signing. Big body, old legs, six trips to playoffs (three beyond first round) in 14 NBA seasons.

Fran Blinebury: Just like Commissioner Gordon, he flips the switch, turns on the Bat Signal and waits for Erick Dampier to drive up the Batmobile.  Really, there aren’t many options.  Do you like Shavlik Randolph better?  The Heat are really in a bind since the only players on their roster who are eligible to trade right now are Mario Chalmers and Dexter Pittman.  Maybe the best option is to trust Udonis Haslem‘s fate to a faith healer.  Is it too early to start thinking about next season?

Art Garcia: Off the top of my head, I count three pretty valuable trade assets. Imagine the holes that could be plugged by dangling oh, say …. never mind. Wouldn’t be surprised if Riles steps back into the coaching box while making some additional minor moves in the short term, like the Erick Dampier signing. Or maybe Pat, tired of not having any fun right now, retires and moves to South Florida.

Scott Howard-Cooper: He’s made the move he can make – Erick Dampier. The Heat have limited trade chips and limited spending options, so it’s not like Riley had many places to turn. And they are fortunate to be able to make this turn. Dampier was the best of the free-agent centers, and he was close to being off the market a while ago.

Shaun Powell: Signing Erick Dampier is all you need to know about the state of the Heat’s inside game. Or he can ask Ilgauskas and Bosh to do stuff that’s not in their nature (get traffic rebounds and flex some muscle). Dusting off Juwan Howard and/or Jamaal Magloire is a reach, as well. Face it: Miami needed Haslem a lot more than anyone thought.

John Schuhmann: He gets Erick Dampier, who will give the Heat a little more of an inside presence, but who isn’t going to change things much. It’s not like they can run their offense through him. You just have to hope that Dampier can help on the boards. Either way, the Heat need LeBron James or Chris Bosh to get under the basket and do some of the dirty work. And they simply need to defend better.

Sekou Smith: Pray for a speedier than normal recovery for Haslem and sign whatever big body (Erick Dampier works for now) he can to try and ride out this storm until the Heat can get healthy. With all the chatter about him taking over for Erik Spoelstra, that’s the one thing I’m convinced he should not do. The Heat have much more pressing issues than who is coaching the team. Riley needs to find a floor director for his stars and he needs to do it now. If he doesn’t want to turn those duties over to Dwyane Wade, he has to find someone else to handle that role. Because the way they’ve operated up until is obviously not working.


  1. Bubuh says:

    Add Dennis Rodman to Miami. =)

  2. BLAH says:


    Your such a friggin hater man. You are ridiculous

  3. MJBethancourt says:

    Here are some players I would rather have on my team instead of LeBron James:

    Kevin Durant: the most complete basketball machine in the league. Efficient, deadly, fearless… he is like The Terminator, he is everything McGrady was supposed to be, and more. Durant will win championships.

    Chris Paul: a floor leader capable of doing whatever the team needs him to do, with a giant lion’s heart.

    Russell Westbrook: an efficient, level-headed star who can complement other stars to perfection.

    Dwyane Wade: the Heat are lucky they have him AND LeBron, not him INSTEAD OF LeBron.

    Danny Granger: the most under-rated player in the NBA

    Rajon Rondo: probably the toughest dude in the league. Has no jumper, but has everything else in abundance, and still manages to fit his huge ego and bravado into a team-first concept. The way Rondo rebounds, he is just plain beating everybody else to the ball all the time… that just may be the most valuable characteristic a player can have.

    Steve Nash: the best shooter of all time, (not an opinion, but a statistical fact). Has made so many impossible game-winning treys, there’s no point even trying to count. A very unique floor leader, just placing him on a team that compensates for his defensive liability, instantly makes that team a contender. The HOF plaque on the Pete Maravich exhibit reads “the most creative offensive talent in the history of basketball”… when Nash retires and joins the HOF, they should scratch out Maravich’s name and give that plaque to Nash.

    Deron Williams: like the second-coming of Jason Kidd… that is, if Kidd had more offense.

    Dwight Howard: not much offensive skill, but with scorers being “a dime a dozen”, Howard is probably the perfect player to build a team around.

    That’s not even a very complete list, it doesn’t even include guys I don’t like, such as Kobe, or guys who aren’t realistic options because they are developing chronic injuries, like Roy. There are also a bunch of guys who don’t have half the talent of LeBron, who I would rather have because of what they bring to a team; the head of that class would probably be Josh Smith. I don’t think much of super-talented knuckleheads like Carmelo Anthony or Amare Stoudemire; what they bring to a team is replaceable, it’s just stats, they don’t help their team win, they are just like LeBron.

    If the Heat had any of these guys, (except of course Wade, who they already have) instead of LeBron, they might be undefeated right now.

  4. CelticsGreeat says:

    There’s only one way Miami could actually win more in this season. Trade LeBron James. When he came to the Heat, everything got pretty messed up. Well, I wonder if team would actually want him with his selfish play.

  5. chris says:

    im an old school heat fan also, through good and bad.. especially bad lol, but u need to watch the heat with an open mind. Lebron shouldnt be the leader of our team but when u make the other team prepare all week for you, and u still have an impact on the game (win or lose) u are a superstar. I mean u play to your strengths. The bulls didnt expect jordan to pull down 15 boards and get 2 blocks a night because thats not what he did. you know how lebron played last year, quit expecting him to immediately learn how to manage a game another way when more than likely he played the majority of his basketball career the same way since he never went to college and learned to play in a system that didnt revolve around him 90 percent of the time. But heres where things get amazing. believe it or not, it IS possible to learn how to develop things in your game that aren’t necessarily considered your strenths lol


      i have actually been thinking bout this a lot lately. what if they play more of a college style of basketball, teach lebron something he missed out on so the team can rely more on teamwork. i honestly dont know how it would turn out but what are yalls opinion on it?

  6. dam it says:

    Brandon jennings dominates them all…… jennings is a true champion….. he is an elite winner daring others to defeat him……. so in the name of brandon jennings……..and i repeat ever be the greatest of them all……. jennings is ganna dominate all

    • chris says:

      @ dam it: You are either obviously a big bucks fan or brandon jennings junk tastes really good lol. Either way, spitting out sentence fragments about your favorite player that has no direction towards the original discussion only makes you a failure at commenting about basketball. Please try again

  7. old skool Heat fan says:

    I think I would have respected Lebron if he stayed where he was and took his own team to a championship, instead of giving up on them and giving them the finger and coming on my team and mucking it all up. Heat fans or not, old fans or new, you gotta admit, it aint working, and giving them time? They are pros! they should have been meshed up by now, we are 20 games deep into the season. Who cares if we win a championship, which probably aint gonna happen anyways, but if we do, it will all be for nothin! the most hated players and team in the league, that sucks for all the old skool heat fans that were there from the start. Hate to tell you Heat fans, but Lebron is no superstar! Making a few cool plays doesn’t make a player great! He needs to be able to carry a team on his back, step up when needed and be like a CEO on the court like Kobe, Howard, Chris Paul, and the past stars like Magic, jordan, Bird etc.. This dude aint worth his ego, you can see it on D Wade’s face, dissapointment and frustration. Be realistic heat fans, you heat is just warm for now, its gonna take years to get through Orlando, Knicks, Bulls, Celtics, Spurs, OKC, Jazz, Hornets, and Lakers, But maybe all those guys will retire soon and they can walk into a championship some day.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      I agree, and I would add, to all those who keep saying “give them time”: they are getting worse, not better, and it isn’t becuase of injuries, it’s because the rest of the league has zeroed-in on their weaknesses, and now everybody knows how to beat them.

      It’s a failed experiment, and if Riley has any sense he will trade LeBron, get a whole bunch of quality players for him, and turn the team around onto the right track. As bad as things are now, LeBron’s trade value is an enormous opportunity to fix it all, and fast… I hope, for the Heat’s sake, he doesn’t have a no-trade clause.

  8. chris says:

    lol at this time last year lebron wade and bosh were all easily considered in the top 15 but this year people assume that all that talent just disappeared. i heard one guy say wade and james dont know how to close out a game lol. And most people dont know this, but wade has the single greatest statistical finals performance (fact not opinion, look it up) ever in the nba, including jordan. Granted the mavs defense probably wasnt as sound as some jordan faced but he was never considered as big an underdog as the ’06 heat team either. But since its obvious that new teammates have never learned each others habits on the court and to play alongside each other efficiently in the history of the nba then i guess the heat should give up 17 games into the season, move some people and start building for next year. lol really? thats what the haters want? How ridiculous did that sound lol Shut up and watch some basketball. Some of yall should not be allowed to formulate your own opinions

  9. Joel says:

    Bottom line is, Lebron should have NEVER left Cavs. He’s doing the same job as last year, with worse backup, because Wade and Bosh DOES NOT = Williams, Varejao, Shaq at the time, Jamison, Parker, Hickson, Moon, Gibson and Big Z. Best possible thing for his rep now is go back to the Q on thurs and ask them publicly for a trade back. I have a feeling Dan Gilbert was right about the curse…..

  10. fuku says:

    Miami doesn’t need a star PG, they need a role player (first passed PG) or have a same intensity like Wade and Lebron. I suggest Jordan Farmar or other like him. what do you think?

    • As I congratulate the Heat organization for pulling off arguably one of the biggest trades in league history, it is utterably ignorant of Heat fans to assume a championship is immenant or in close proximity for the new trio. Even Mike and Pip had competant big men and suitable bench. This Heat team is not the well constructed Celtic team that jelled to take the championship from my L.A. Lakers. They lack team defense from the starters, let alone the bench players. Even with the infusion of returning players such as Miller and Haslem, they still are no better than the 3rd through 5th seed competing with the likes of the Bucks and Bulls. They instead dwell in mediocrity and fail to excell in the statistical categories that matter to the team to win. With Wade in such a slump Bosh and James should be hounding the offense boards on put backs and rebounds. Although Lebron tru to form is still averaging his usual triple double a season, Bosh has turned out to be a complete dud. Even elementary players know if you are seen as a leader of a team and not in constant rotation on the offensive end, setting hard picks, stellar defense and rebounding goes a long way toward your confidence. Since James came in the league from high school, an intelligent person could tell you his personality will always be stuck in the mind of a child. Hence, “The Decision” and his inability to to lessen his role as a happy, care-free player and more on a disciplined leader. Wade, on the other hand, has reached the pinnicle of winning so playing with someone who commands the ball is no obstacle. How soon do people forget Oneal, Mourning, Posey and the title winning squad. Team contiguity and chemistry will take longer than a year since they are still young in age and lack all the attributes to win. Until then the older defensive minded Lakers and Celtics will compete at least the next two titles possibly leaving the Thunder and Heat to battle for years to come.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      LeBron, intense?

      Jordan Farmar?


  11. d_SITUATION says:

    WTF… what are you talkin a bout. THE BIG 3 is AWESOME! just need some time. thats it.. they have lots of game to go. better to loose early that later. just give them some time. anyways, playoff is the most important thing. coach’s SPO WILL GET THEM SCORING and figure that out. thats why RILEY hires him for them. C’mon guys, give them some time. watch them plays all together, then you know what im talking about.

  12. KeepOnHating says:

    just keep hating people haha. it seem so funny how you people think tht they are done for it. 1. they are 3 superstars THEY will come up with a WAY to gel and win a CHIP lol 2. when u play for a team and ur the FRANCHISE GO-TO-GUY then u would all mesh up, it’ll be tough 3. Lets Face it, When they play like we expect them to play, even though u might hate them u will respect them and i know they will have the gelling before post season 4. HAVENT U HATERS LEARN UR LESSONS, THE MORE U HATE, THE MORE U DOUBT!, THE MORE THEY COME THROUGH WITH IT AND MAKE U EAT UR WORDS. Again. lol for u HATERS. i suggest u stay silent and dont give them MORE motivation and be patient of what might(big MIGHT) be the greatest team to be ever be assembled yet.

    history repeats itself. Time and Time again U haters would eat ur words :))))

    • Pete says:

      We can always see who is using intelligence and thought to back their statements…just look at the brilliant punctuation and scientific thought behind some of those statements…

      Three superstars doesn’t make a championship…

      In fact, look at the last 1 or so champtionship winning teams, and outside of the 08 Celtics which of those teams had more then 2 superstars?

      Hell even if you did deeper into the past…

      Bulls? Jordan and Pippen.

      Heat? Wade and Shaq.

      Lakers? Shaq and Kobe, then Gasol and Kobe.

      Spurs? Duncan and Robinson.

      As the saying goes, two is company…three is a crowd. It’s VERY rare to find three legit superstars who can play together effectively as a team. Why do you think Team USA struggled and lost at the Olympics and World Championships a few years back…you going to try to tell me they weren’t the most talented team in the competition? Of cours they were, but they didn’t have chemistry and didn’;t have all the right pieces…too many stars, not enough players who were willing to put their Ego’s aside and do whatever is needed to win.

      Wade, Lebron and Bosh all talked on and on saying that they were willing to put aside their ego’s and play their roles..but all three have proven so far that they are struggling to do that. How can they play like role players, when they all have the same role?

      Unless they try to play Wade as a pure point, Lebron as a swing man, and Bosh as a rebounder /. post up / interior defender they aren’t going to make that work…and Bosh can’t be the latter because he’s too damn soft and a mediocre defender.

      One of the other big problems with those three guys, is that they are supposed to be the leaders of the team – to be leaders, they need to have the mentality of a leader…all three of them. Wade is the only guy in that trio who has a warriors / leaders mentality – lebron and bosh are too soft, and give up to easilly when things don’t go their way. That won’t cut it…they both need to grow some balls and play with some desperation and take some responsiblity not only verbally, but on the court.

      I’m not saying they will never be a champtionship calibre team, they have plenty of potential to be..but not like this. Their ‘big three’ need to make some serious compromises and adjustments, and the big guys in charge need to surround them with some more appropriate ‘down and dirty’ players.

      Aside from Wade, Haslem is the only guy on that team who isn’t scared to get his hands dirty.

      • MJBethancourt says:

        Your punctuation and spelling aren’t perfect, either.
        You might want to step out of that glass house before you start throwing those rocks.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Dude, KeepOnHating, did you just start watching basketball yesterday?
      This isn’t even close to the most talented team of all time, there have been tons of teams that had 3 or more all-stars… there are other teams in the league with more talent right now! You don’t know what you’re talking about.

  13. HEAT_6 says:

    LEBRON is the best and i believe this team i know after ol the heat 2010_2011 NBA championship. and ol the haters out there you LOST!

  14. rob says:

    Wow. shot make a tally of all anti-heat, anti-Lebron comments. Then have a poll asking “If Heat trade Lebron what team should he go to?” Either way, I decided to leave a comment myself. My take on the Heat is that they need more time to mesh. I think what everyone has failed to realize that the “Big 3” were formally superstars for THEIR teams. For sevens yours they were the go to guy, actually they were the only guy on on their previous team. Ultimately the have to change up their game. Hopefully they can.

    • Pete says:

      That isn’t the whole problem – it’s not the fact that they were go-to guys on their teams, it’s the type of players they are that makes them difficult to mesh together.

      Ray Allen, Paul Pierce and Kevin Garnett were all franchise players and All-Stars on their previous teams (all averaged ~25PPG) before they joined forces in Boston.

      Boston came out of the gates playing like a champtionship contrender right from the start, and they just got better the longer they were together.

      The difference is that Boston took a team with a superstar and a bunch of solid role players, and added two more superstars. All three of these superstars had very different games – Pierce was a slasher, Ray Allen a pure shoter, and KG an inside scorer, rebounder and defensive specialist. Pierce was the type of guy who did his best with the ball in his hand, but Ray Allen flourished as a catch and shoot player and Garnett was at his best when being fed the ball in the post.

      They didn’t ALL need the ball in their hand all the time in order to be at their best, and so their games complemented each others’ perfectly. Add to this the fact that they were all heading towards the end of their careers, so they had already achieved their ‘individual’ goals, and were willin gto sacrifice the spotlight for a champtionship ring. Further add to that the fact that they already had plenty of solid role players on the team, and many of these players had already been together for a while (thus some chemistry from the start).

      Miami tore apart their entire team, brought back 2 or 3 guys who were already there, hired three superstars who ALL need the ball in their hand to play their best, and the used the remaining ‘crumbs’ left in their salry cap to hire the best ‘cheap’ players they possibly could. To make matters worse, not only to Wade/Lebron both need the ball in their hands to be most effective, but they also both play a similar style of game – you can defend them both the same way, rather then a team like LA or Boston who can hit you with a balanced attack.

  15. Pete says:

    It’s actually pretty easy to see what the Miami heat need to do if they want to give themselves the best chance at a title…

    Wait for Bosh to start playing a bit better (and more consistently) and then send him packing in return for two very solid role players and an maybe an experienced bench warmer who can provide mental leadership from the bench.

    I would say they would want to let him go and try to get back two fo the following:

    1. Defensive specialist
    Someone who, on any given night, can go out and tacke the opposing teams best offensive player. Also someone with toughness who won’t be afraid to take a charge or scramble for loose balls. Someone in the mould of Shane Battier, Tony Allen,Thabo Sefolosha, Raja Bell, Tayshaun Prince – these guys can change a game with their hustle and defense, wouldn’t need the ball in their hands to make an impact, wouldn’t demand huge contacts, and would take a lot of the defensive load off Lebron and Wade so they can do what they were brought there to do,

    2. Legitimate big
    Someone who may not be a go-to guy, but who can get things done and make an impact without having the ball in his hands. Someone who will get after loose balls, fight for rebounds, provide solid post defense and who can finish effectively inside when need be. Such players would include guys like Brendon Haywood, Kendrick Perkins (when healthy), Tyson Chandler, Marcus Camby, Anderson Varejao, Andris Biedrins. Again, these are all guys who would take a modest contact, but would be the perfect role player.

    3. A legitimate, pure point guard.
    Someone who is a solid passer, has solid vision and handles, is smart with the ball and isn’t a liability on defense. Such players could include someone like Greg Blake, Chris Duhon, Andre Miller, TJ Ford, Jarret Jack, Kirk Heinrich…or even Derek Fisher.

    If you can add one of each of these players to that Miami starting lineup, then suddenly you have taken a large portion of the defensive, playmaking and hustle pressure off Lebron and Wade – these guys no longer need to worry about doing everything, so they can relax a little more and play their main role – which is to be offensive freaks of nature. You don’;t need to worry so much about offiense…these two guys will draw so much attention offensively (at their best) that the surrounding guys only need to be able to knock down an open jumper or layup to be effective.

    Once they have your defensive speciliast (to get the stops), your legitimate big (to grab the boards) and the pure point (to start the break) they can then get out into transition and wreak havok.

    Boston’s big 3 are (and always have been) so effective because they they put so much emphasis on NOT being the ones – on sharing the responsibility. Boston (like LA) understand that having the role players are as important as the superstars.

    Think of the 2008 Boston title – Pierce, Garnett and Allen won their share of those games with their heroics, but then how many of those games were won by clutch offensive / defensive play from James Posey, Eddie House, PJ Brown and Leon Powe?

    Likewise in last year’s final’s run, how many games were impacted by the presence of guys like Tony Allen (the great D he played on opposing superstars), Perkins (his outstanding D he played on Jermaine Oneal and Dwight Howard), Big Baby (the massive clutch shots and energy he brought) and Rondo (the defence and on court leadership).

    When titles are won the ‘other guys’ are often the difference in big games – even though it’s the superstars who get the exposure.

    Ditch Bosh – there are other jumpshooting bigman on that team (Ilgauskas, and Haslem can fill that role) and even though he’s not playing at his best, he still has excellent trade value…many teams would trade almost any of their guys to pick up a plyer of his calibre. Send him out and pick up a ‘solid’ PG, a solid big body and a defensive swingman…watch the number in the win column climb.

  16. Oyie says:

    The haters can celebrate today but for those Lakers hah.. I think you are underestimating teams early just because Miami is having problems that doesn’t mean they can’t compete think again.. The Lakers was just Lucky last Championship run.. Miami still have 3 Star players, 3-Scorers, and 3 reliable guys.. and so is Boston, Orlando and Oklahoma..

    • medula says:

      hahaha! Lakers were just lucky? yeah right! Keep saying that heat fans, and we will just say they got lucky on christmas day when your big(excuse me) small 3 loose like a high school bball team against us. Oh! maybe you meant lucky because they are in the real hollywood instead of skanky maimi beach. I guess kobe, gasol, fisher, artest, odom all just get lucky every night! bahhahahaha! Hope the heat’s luck turns around for you since that is all you think you need to win a championship, but don’t hold your breath.

  17. dam it says:

    but what u all seem to fail to realize is that BRANDON JENNINGS IS BETTER THAN ALL 3 OF THEM COMBINED!!!!!!!!

    • brandon jennings says:

      dude, stop saying I am better than the greats. what are you an idiot! Nobody even knows my name and what the hell is Bucks for a team name? might as well replace the B with an F and call it day. We aint going to win nada homie. Just chill until I get traded to the Heat and they can call us the BIG 4, then it’ll be smooth sailing all the way to Los Angeles, where I can loose with honor in the sunshine. Maybe I can get friendly with Kobe like Artest did and I can work my way into their line up and tada! a championship ring. But keep it on the hush bro, I am trying to fly under the radar

  18. Say What ?!?! says:

    I honestly question the ” knowledge ” of these basketball fans posting here.

    ” don’t compare him to the great Magic Johnson, not even close ”

    Not even close ? As much as you hate a player, you can’t deny talent. Lebron is the closet thing to Magic. He’s got the size, court vision, and passing ability. Who’s closer to Magic then Lebron in the league today ?

    ” More like Barkley or Karl Malone. lol! He has never been or will be a great player, he is a fake and a guy that chokes every game in the 4th quarter ”

    This post pretty much sums up my thoughts. Lebron is not close to Magic, but is completely comparable to Barkley or Malone ? Lebron chokes in the 4th quarter of games ? The Cav’s didn’t have two back – to – back seasons of 60 + wins with just blowout games you know. Some went down to the wire. And they had ONE guy to man.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      I question the “knowledge” of any so-called basketball fan who thinks LeBron is even worthy to carry Magic’s jockstrap.

      Winning 60+ games in a weak division, and folding in the playoffs, isn’t exactly the resumee of a champion or a clutch player.

  19. notworking says:

    the 3 stars just don’t complement each other very well.
    they need to run the fast break more.
    bosh needs to play physical ball.
    lebron needs to quit taking 3’s and develop a post game for variety.
    wade should focus on becoming a lockdown defender and closer in the 4th quarter.

    arroyo and james jones is filling in nicely for the injured miller.
    haslem will be harder to replace, but dampier may be able to give them some interior defense and rebounding.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      So in other words, all the guys they have, need to become completely different players. How is that any different from saying they’ve got all the wrong players now?

  20. dam it says:

    lebrons nothing compared to other players in the league…… here are players in their rightful ranking
    1.Brandon Jennings
    3.rajon rondo
    4Dwight howard
    5kevin durant
    6.Manu Ginobili
    7dirk nowitzki
    8.steve nash
    9.carmelo anthony

    987.brian scalabrine
    988.stephen curry

  21. Say What ?!?! says:

    I’ve seen another ridicoulous comment from someone. They said how the Heat could run with Dampier and Z in the game. It’s quite simple actually. Z or Dampier get the rebound, pass to Wade or Lebron, and then they’ll finish. The lineup on the floor don’t need to all run. Jesus Christ !!!

  22. Say What ?!?! says:

    I’ve read some comments but the one that stands out the most is someone saying that Miami should trade Lebron .. why is that ? Yes, him and Wade are basically the same type of player. But don’t think for one second that Lebron and Wade can’t play together because of their record. The truth is that the Heat have no set plays. Mostly pick and and pops and iso. They need more screen and curls, cuts to the basket, and post up from Bosh, Lebron, or Wade. Another person said Lebron cannot be Magic Johnson … and they don’t have any similarites at all. Really ? Lebron is the closet thing we’ve seen to Magic. Great passing ability, great court vision, and a good ball handler. He’s not better then him but it’s not like it’s a bad comparision. Much better comparision to Magic then Micheal for Lebron.

    • medula says:

      HAHAHA! they are barely beating Wizards with no John Wall playin. They certainly look like superstars in this game since the wizards are horrible. I bet they are going to celebrate after this game like they won the championship! They might even have a parade afterwards! LeBron is trash dude, don’t compare him to the great Magic Johnson, not even close. More like Barkley or Karl Malone. lol! He has never been or will be a great player, he is a fake and a guy that chokes every game in the 4th quarter, wait till the heat stop getting 30 foul tries a game, thats the only way they are surviving. They are a joke and a really funny one at that!

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Magic could make a team better without scoring a point. Magic had leadership, poise, and other “intangible” qualities that LeBron completely lacks. And finally, if you think LeBron is anywhere near Magic’s calibre as a passer and ballhandler, then you are drinking paint-thinner: you’re comparing a guy who gets assists because he holds the ball 95% of the time, to probably the greatest floor-general of all time. LeBron is not even among the best playmakers of today, and Magic was one of the best ever. Allen Iverson averaged more assists than LeBron, did that make AI a “great passer” and floor-leader? You don’t know what you’re talking about, you’re just looking at stats, with no understanding of the real game that produces those stats.

      You jokers that think LeBron is a champion, are the same knuckleheads who thought that Iverson or McGrady were champions. Basketball is about more than piling up stats… get your mind out Fantasy League, and start watching real basketball.

  23. MARKIEBOY says:





  24. dam it says:

    im shocked thAT all of u losers are talking about the heat when there are bigger issues at hand….. WHAT ABOUT THE BUCKS…… the bucks are the greatest team in the league…. one can all see and realize they are the dominant force in the nba……. i must say kobe is good…. but he ALL Know that he is only second best….. the greatest player of them all is Brandon Jennings…. that man is an elite

  25. MARKIEBOY says:


    • MJBethancourt says:

      Yeah, that will really work: trade Juwon Howard and Carlos Arroyo for Steve Nash and Carmelo Anthony. The Suns and Nuggets would totally go for that deal, and it wouldn’t be against league salary-cap rules at all.


  26. peter says:

    Well its like T-MAC said these 2 players r good with the ball all the time basiclly ,i dont think they can adjust with out somebody that doesnt fear them cause of there stardom spoelstra needs to coach them like popovich,NO FEAR and they need a point guard that can make plays ARROYO is below avg try somebody else from the bench,and make dampier earn his check our kick him out…..PERIOD……….its all about CARACTHER and these guys need to step the game up our just dont come to the court SHOW SOME HEART……………….;)

  27. JAE ROC says:

    What they need to do is pay that 2 million to Turkey and bring AI back home. And bench Carlos he is garbage against Rondo, Kidd, Chancey and other good point guards. He can’t open the floor up because he is not a threat to other teams.

    • maestre says:

      In my opimion, most of people talking in this Miami heat blog, are fans of other teams because they have no faith in Heat. First they say that the blame for the bad start is the leadership of Spoesltra I disagree that and demonstrate that is his record with the team. They talk about the Big 3, Everybodu agree that LeBron is an exceptional player me too, Also an exceptonal player is Wade and Bosh. Just look at their records, the chemistry between them will come soon , all three have something in common and that is win the championship , and for that they know that they have to play together and they will . As for the point guard right now Arroyo in this moment he have the best three point percentage in the NBA. And above .500 in FG that means if you think a little , if the throw 15 shots per game. He will average about 20 points per game.
      But he knows that this is not his roll on the game right now. For that are the Big 3. Arroyo started the final 21 games of the last season and the HEAT amass a 17-4 (.810) record in games.Without the Big 3. About the center Ilgauskas I think his records talk.Everyone should fight those rebounds. not leave that to the him . Pat will find the way to that get the Heats to the finals.LETS GO HEAT……….

  28. Old Skool Heat Fan says:

    I am with MEDULA and GO HEAT HATERS! on this blog, I hate that Lebron came over and screwed up what could have been a great team with just Bosh and DWade. That dude needs to come off this throne and people need to stop calling him a superstar, that name is reserved for players that haven a proven record of being consistent and getting a championship ring. No ring, no superstar! plain and simple, hope he joins the ranks of karl malone and barkley and never gets a ring, even if it hurts our “use to be” great team. I am behind Orlando Magic all the way, hope they don’t sell out like Miami anytime soon. Still don’t think anyone is getting through Celtics in the east and Lakers in the west.

  29. jay says:

    Da*n its not even a quarter into the season and people are panicking. Does anyone realize we havent even seen Miami’s true starting 5 play yet. (they signed Mike Miller for a reason) I mean Mike Miller isn’t a Ray Allen but picture Boston without Ray. and maybe Haslem and Kendrik Perkins are the same player (even though I think UD is better) but everyone who knows basketball knows Boston missed him in Game 7 last season. and he doesnt score, he bangs and fills up the paint the same way Haslem does. When Wade is at the point, Mike at 2, James, Haslem and Bosh and in the game in the 4th and they’re losing then I will panic. But until then, let’s just wait until after 82 games have been played not 16 or 17.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      There’s a big difference between a “better player” and a “better complimentary player”.
      Failure to understand this difference, is exactly what is at the heart of this debate.

    • medula says:

      dude you can throw kobe in there and they still wouldn’t win, the problem is chemistry not the missing players, whats your excuse gonna be when they get their starting 5 and they still suck. I think 3 out of 5 is plenty to win, most teams have missing players and still manage to win, but these dudes are 9-8, that simply sucks!!!! whats worst, 9-9 after tonight.

  30. medula says:

    oh yeah! keep adding stars to a team that can barely handle 3 so called stars. People are soooo stupid! they need to figure out how to play together and stop making excuses or having their dumb miami beach fans make excuses for them. I think all the idiots cheering for this team are all the same idiots that spent too much money buying miami heat gear, so now they gotta stand by them since their closets are filled with loser team jerseys they can’t wear out in public! Hahahah! I like the way you think GO HEAT HATERS! and asshole. Just like mcdonalds, I’m lovin it!

  31. delltek04 says:

    I’m no Heat fan, but what I can see, and I think most will agree, they still lack in their roster right from the start of the season. I don’t think its the coaching staff as they were able to reach the playoffs last year with just Wade. They’ve added Bosh and LBJ this past summer, but had to let go most of their roster. The Heat still needs to fill up the center and point guard positions. I notice on the few games that I watched that they only move the ball well when they have a huge lead. If the scores are close or if they’re behind, the guys without don’t move and LBJ is being forced to do it by himself.

    Fill up the void, then let the coaching staff do their job…

  32. GO HEAT HATERS! says:

    Yay Heat Haters! Keep on Hating! They deserve it. They showed off all summer and claimed they were gonna win 7 championships! They celebrated before winning even one game! They SUCK weather they win or loose, but it sure is fun watching those BIG EGO big 3 lose like the bunch of losers they are! I am definately watching tonight as they head towards their final destruction! No one wants to coach em! No one wants to see em win! and so what if they make it to the finals, no one respects them now! Lebron, you will never be a kobe, so dont think about changing your number to 24 on the next team you doom. hahaha! Soooo Entertaining! Miami fans are in some kinda bubble, they are going to be hated as much as americans in afghanistan if they dare to wear their team clothing outside of Miami. Booo HEAT!, but BOOO LeBron even more!!!

  33. dave says:

    Hey spoelstra focus more on defense… offense will follow if your team can do a good stops… back to basics and more ball movement…

  34. asshole says:

    @mike they cant afford another star idiot !!

  35. medula says:

    The Heat team have everything needed to be a championship team, but their egos are what is getting in the way. Lebron is frankly a disgrace to the number 23 he wore in Cleavland to honor Jordon and now a disgrace to the number 6 jersey he wears to honor Dr. J ! Maybe he should just be the best LeBron he can be instead of trying to be a legend. He is pretty much out of the running against Kobe now. Its all downhill for him, he made a his bed, and now is gonna have to sleep in it. Mark my words, Coach Spo is gonna be out by the end of Decemeber if not the end of this week. They need someone to blame it on since they are not going to blame Lebron James, the so called and self proclaimed King James. (the king with no rings!) Bosh and Wade would’ve be better off without him. Hate the HEAT! Go Lakers!

    • MJBethancourt says:

      No, the Heat do not have everything they need to be a championship team. The Lakers were not a championship team when they had Kobe, Odom, and a lot of lesser players, they got bounced from the playoffs by the Suns every year, and the Suns weren’t even a championship team. They needed better roleplayers, AND they needed Gasol.

      There’s more than one way to build a championship team, that’s true, but if you’re going to do it building around three top-dollar stars, then the other 9 bargain-basement guys have to be top-notch defenders and rebounders, tough big bodies, and guys that fully compensate for every little thing your stars can’t do. It also helps if your stars have games that can complement and support each other, which Wade and James cannot do, all they can do is take turns “deferring”.

  36. Runt14 says:

    Slow down everyone… here is what the deal is…
    First off you DONT need a dominate post man to win a NBA championship, at least not one who occupies the center or power forward spot on your roster. The Heat 3 (can’t call them big until they do something) can work if a few things happen.

    1. Everyone buys into the fact that Lebron is their best all around player and this becomes his team. Let Lebron loose as they did in Cleveland. Forums are littered with Haters saying how Lebron sucks and can’t win… I am pretty sure Cleveland won alot of basketball games over the last 7 years by simply letting Lebron be Lebron. Wade and Bosh wanted to play with the guy they saw in Cleveland, not the shell of his former self the current Miami set up allows him to be. On a side note Lebron needs to work on his one soft part of his game… post. You don’t need a big to dominate the post but you do need someone… aka MJ, Kobe

    2. Move Wade to the PG spot and tell explain that he is not to record another steal all year if that means he will keep anyone in front of him on D. This solves a few problems. Dwade can be a great defender on the outside. He has speed, quickness and strength. Right now Arroyo is doing fine on the Offence but is getting victimized on defense. As said though Wade would need to buy into the fact that defending the point from the other team relies heavily on containment and not the hi-light steal. With Wade at the point he would feel good as he brought the ball up most the time allowing Lebron the chance to leak out on the break more and attack the offensive boards. Have Wade using pick and rolls to get his own shot or finding Lebron who needs to come off screens with purpose.

    3. Start the game and second half feeding Bosh exclusively. Let him feel a part of the offense so as to spark his rebounding and (subpar) defensive game. By these early looks he is apart of the game. When he is on is game then ride the hot hand and keep going to him. Early looJks and a few trips to the line gives him the reps he needs to knock down the open J later in the first and second half as the game turns more to a Dwade-Lebron show.

    4. Until Miller/UD come back there should never be a time in the game where at least 2 of the Miami 3 are not on the floor short of foul trouble. Sub either Lebron or Dwade early allowing one of them to play pick and roll with Bosh while the other rests. Then take Bosh out while bringing the other back and going to more down low screens/ iso ball. I would even give Wade the ball and have Lebron setting the screen for him in pick and rolls. None of the 3 should go more than 12 minutes on the floor at a time, and they should be getting a planned 10-12 minutes on the bench each game. If the plan works they start beating teams that they should be large margins allowing the Miami 3 to rest more at the end of games so as to keep them fresh for the big games against the top teams where they will be needed to play strong come crunch time.

    This team needs an identity and that starts by Lebron stepping up as the leader and Wade/Bosh accepting that. Given the stats Lebron is the best of the 3 and the other 2 should fit in with him, not him to them.

    Take this how you want Heat haters, fans ….


    PPS… Yes I am a Laker fan… for that reason I want the Heat to be as good as some thought they could be… that will make beating them in the finals all the more sweet!!!!

    • medula says:

      You got some good points dude, but I don’t think it should be Lebron’s team, last time I checked, DWade has a ring and Lebron doesn’t, Wade was able to take a lesser team to the championship with a meger Shaq, I think Lebron should step down from his so called throne and play like a prince instead of a king and support Dwade. I too am a laker fan since 82 and love the debate, but i think i almost hate the heat more so than the celtics now. Yikes! Plus I don’t think we are going to play those bozos from miami for a couple of years, atleast until they can figure out how to beat the Magic, Bulls or Celtics and possibly the pacers 4 games out of 7.

      • MJBethancourt says:

        At least Wade can close-out… LeBron, so far, has only proven a tendency to choke. Wade should be the “leader”, LeBron should just be a scoring machine with no responsibility for taking big shots.

  37. will666 says:


  38. mike says:

    center kendrick perkins

  39. mike says:

    heat need a piont and center get a piont and center, russel westbrook, dwight howard, monte ellis, sthephen curry. they can do this by trading and realsing people for free agents. pat riyle is smart he nows this is not a good team so he letting eric spolstra get made fun of.

    another piont could be nate robinsion
    another center/power forward could be blake griffin, kevin love, yao ming

  40. Shawn says:

    I think the heat should get a point guard like rodney stuckey or a center like chris kaman.

  41. Shawn says:

    I think the heat should build around their big three. They should improve if they get a good point guard like rodney stuckey or a center like chris kaman.

  42. Yunggrillz says:

    Y’all need to just give the Heat some time, Rome wasn’t built over-night or over a couple months either. With all of the talent the Heat have, there is no way they won’t make some noise in future seasons. Before the start of this season, everyone KNEW it would take a while to mesh and gain a feel for all the new teammates play. And yet those same people are so quick to call the Heat a failure. And people, listen to yourselves. LeBron James can’t play? D Wade can’t play? I’m ashamed of you guys, don’t you know basketball enough to know how incredibly skilled these guys are? They will get together at some point, and you will see these guys get better and better. Have some patience geez, they have a great team and they will have the last laugh, have some faith people.

  43. Yeah, Miami should run (Pause) lmaorofl are you guys serious??? Then Z and Dampier would end up on IR with Haslem. Look, outside of the big 3, miami doesn’t have the parts to run and if it wasn’t something that they worked on in the offseason it’s definitely not something that’s going to work during the season. You don’t just come out and say “we’re going to be a running team”. lol, it doesn’t work that way. Face it, Lebron killed his own career and Miami has become a laughing stock. The don’t have any tradable pieces, they don’t have any draft picks, and they don’t have any money. Call it, what it is, this is the Lebronze team. Talent that doesn’t mix regardless of the system.

  44. flash+king=a flashing king says:

    They will fire spoelstra and hire…. Mike Brown. They probably at least shouldve gotten earl barron to help with rebounding.

  45. aagf says:

    In my point of view, MIAMI needs two things, first a solid center. Bosh is too soft in the middle. They don’t need a scorer in the middle as long as it can rebound, shoot free throws ( very important ) and sometimes shoot a medium jumper like Bill Cartwright. Second, a point guard. James and Wade is not a legit in that position. Yes they can pass but it takes away their game and stamina. Let their point guard do their part and their offense will be better. Right now, the coaching staff is having a hard time since they have too many option on the floor. Coach Spoelstra is a very good coach but too many superstar is hurting the team right now. . . . .

  46. Bigg Drill says:

    The heat will get rid of Eric, and ride it out the rest of the season. They will make it in the play-offs and suprise everyone with a run like no other. They are to talented of a team not to make it work…

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Whatever, dude, I’ve seen teams with so many all-stars they were bringing them in off the bench, and they still didn’t win championships. There is no such thing as a team “too talented not to make it work”… did you not see team LeBronze get rolled over by “lesser” talent because they had too much ego and not enough work-ethic and chemistry?

  47. dsgb4life says:

    man the heat still the best team and they still going to win there six nba rings but they need to sign rafer alston and erick dampier

  48. aysman_diyes says:

    lebron and wade are shooting A LOT of perimeter jumpers…and it aint falling down…i used to see those jumpers fall when lebron was with the cavs but has yet to see it with him doing it in the heat uniform…i think the defense is forcing them to shoot more perimeter as they tend to clog the middle because in reality, both of them are not shooters..and when bosh goes outside, its harder for them to penetrate as 3 or 4 guys will come and defend the paint…the chemistry is still not there and the rotation is bad…not to mention, there are times that they are all standing while one of them is dribbling the ball…i dont know how and when they can figure each other but someone has to lead them…i think wade should be the pointguard and not lebron if they want this to work…and hope they’re mid range game returns…but the beauty of it, its still early…come march and they’re still the same, that is frustrating…though i thought with a healthy CELTICS and a more offensive minded howard..BOS and ORL has better chances in going to the finals…and a determined kobe will be waiting for either of them, unless another western team upset them

  49. Nick says:

    Lebron James should have stayed with the Cavaliers where his skills were able to be showcased to the NBA and the country and where his popularity was at an all time high. He has lostt his star appeal playing second fiddle to D-Wade and he will no longer be considered one of the greatest players in the NBA as his stats slowly drop and other players around the league pass him up. He might not even get enough votes to be a starter on the East All Star team! Good luck taking your “talent” to South Beach “King” or should I say “Court Jester”!

  50. LEBRON 6 phillippines says:

    common LEBRON and D wade i am tired of watching your TEAM LOSS common coach ERIK SPO i am a fan in the phillippines….

  51. LEBRON 6 phillippines says:


  52. Tenki says:

    Come to think of it, Shaq wanted to play for Miami prior to James’ “decision”. Shaq can still contribute to Miami had he decided to come back. Besides, he and Wade won a championship back in ’06, and they were a formidable tandem. However, when LeBron decided to take his talents to South Beach, Shaq decided to play for another team because LeBron didn’t acknowledge Shaq’s efforts in the court. He even suggested to his former coach Mike Brown to utilize Hickson more because Shaq is a liability. It’s true that O’Neal is at the twilight of his career, but it doesn’t mean that he can’t get the job done. Now look at the Celtics, who is a force in the East even without Shaq. They also have their own Big Three. They have a great point guard who knows his role.

    I strongly disagree about the catastrophe of having three superstars in the same team. As a matter of fact, Boston has an All-Star cast ready to wrestle against anybody in the league. Here are their All-Stars:

    1.Rajon Rondo
    2.Ray Allen
    3.Paul Pierce
    4.Kevin Garnett
    5.Shaquille O’Neal
    6.Jermaine O’Neal

    If having three superstars playing on the same team is a catastrophe, then Boston is close to oblivion. They have twice the number of ‘catastrophic’ players. And I am not even a Boston fan. I am a Miami fan. The reason why I put this article up is because Boston is having its way around the NBA. They are showing to the league that they are the team to beat. They are doing the right things and they are getting the results they wanted. It’s really frustrating for a fan to watch his team getting their butts kicked by the team you wanted to beat the most. Instead, it’s the other way around.

    Personally, I think what Miami should have done this summer is: acquire Shaq, Stoudemire/Boozer, and leave Bosh and James to other teams. These guys should complement each other’s games. Wade is a great slasher. Shaq and Boozer/Stoudemire can play the post, defend, and rebound. All the role players can play their game more comfortably without worrying about losing another close game.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      I agree with you. The only real mistake was bringing in James. Other superstars around the league have shown themselves capable of meshing with other stars… look at Kobe, or Durant, or as you mentioned, look at the Celtics.

      LeBron is the problem, period, and it was a big mistake emptying all the shelves and closets to get him. I don’t hate the Heat, I just think LeBron is a jerk; I’m a fan of the Suns and the Thunder, but I’m also an NBA fan in general, and I’d be perfectly happy to see the Heat turn it around by dumping LeBron and getting the roster they need to be contenders. Guys like LeBron are great for the shoe companies, but I think they are a cancer to the league and to the game of basketball.

  53. thegreatest says:

    There’s no hate with the heat. People are just saying the truth…And generally, people’s sentiments to arrogant, narcissistic and disrespectful people (including nba players, yes, including lebron) are not expectedly good. Right now, the heat plays the villain in the nba. And everybody rejoices when they lose, because, they are considered again as the villain…To give an analogy, the heat team is floyd mayweather Jr. full of BS and arrogance without proving anything yet or challenging the best (i.e. Manny Pacquiao). I hope this makes it clear for those who wonder why there are a lot of fans (except heat fans) who dislike the heat. The team brought it to themselves especially with the “stupid” marketing commercial of lebron (such a pathetic self-promotion, I can’t believe it up to now a person can be so egotistical in the guise of giving to charity)…It boils down to lebron james

  54. Dandadda says:

    Wow. There is alot of hate in this place man. So much hate it’s sickening. I can read no further. Give constructive criticism if you must but please save the hate for Fox News. The only thing I don’t get about the heat is that if they were going to sign up washed up vets to finish up their roster, why didn’t they go for Allen Iverson? Sure he has poor work ethic but if you’re gonna put a bunch of stars who can’t play well together, why not complete the starting five with a former all-star point guard who also can’t play well with others in Allen Iverson, or was it his unreliability that made him seem unappealing.

    • michael john says:

      ya.. youre right please heat earn winning now please i am a fan of the heat in the phillippines…

  55. trinny says:

    Well I am not a fan of Miami Heat but I am a fan of D Wade. So I will say once the big 2 and bosh get in rhythm n arroyo handles the rock n dampier does somewhat of what he did n Dallas they will be an incredible team. Truly you cannot knock talent. Dwade LBJ will learn when to take over and when to defer to one another. Just Like MY TEAM BOSTON CELTICS did when their big 3 came 2getha. What the celrics lakers magic n few other teams have that the Heat does not is experience and good role players. If you have d wade LBJ bosh dampier and james jones on the floor as starters there is no need for a pg and they can have more size. Do not knock them because they have not proven to be the best team in 15 or so games lol that is for haters. Boston Celtics taken it all this year but Miami will be in the ECF n lose to them. Next year they will have a shot for the title!

  56. dre says:

    first off, the heat shouldn’t have let Michael Beasely go. Look at him now… he is all-star calibur. But the real problem is Spolestra. His defense is phenomenal! But seriously, his offensive ideas, or lack of plays at all… they make the team terrible! Offense can be generated from defense, this is true. But the Heat can’t play lock down defense if teams are always forcing turnovers on them and able to run the break off bad Miami Heat offense. The Celtics have loads of plays, and are able to get easy baskets in the half court. I can’t remember the last time the Heat did that, are you kidding??

    Heat need Spolestra to find offense or just trash him.
    Heat needed to keep Beasley.
    Heat need to stay healthy. Mike miller and Haslem

  57. jesusjr23 says:

    I think someone needs to make a call to the NBA office and change that LAKER – HEAT Christmas day game… People are starting to sell their tickets on craigslist and ebay… SMH! Maybe Laker – Magic/Celtics or even a Laker/Clipper game… haha…

  58. eduard says:

    gooo heat!!! it doesn’t matter if u guys don’t get the championship this year..just practice hard and play harder..for those guys who hate heat that much u guys r not a fortune teller we don’t know what gonna happen in the end of the ur useless pathetic comments until the end of the season..

  59. waffle says:

    Whats up with all those haters?
    i can tell all of you, if the Heat are willing to dump like 90+ mils on salary for players like Lakers or Magic, they would have good players, be it starters or bench. Yes they spent alot just on their Big3, but if you take note of their cap compared to what everyone compare to(Lakers/Celts/Magic), they are actually on the right track.

    • jesusjr23 says:

      One game above 500? What kind of track are they on! Maybe if it was the third game of the season and they were 2-1! haha… C’mon…

  60. thegreatest says:

    Great optimism from our friend here HEAT-DW3..That’s what we need to be lifted from economic woes. From a team like the heat…you also need that

  61. HEAT-DW3 says:

    Your’e Kidding Me? 3-peat for LAKERS?KOBE is Great players? NO GASOL NO CHAMPIONSHIP for LAKERS!that’s it! because GASOL carry only KOBE for Playoffs or Championships…

    HEAT needs Good Point Guard much better DWade do that, Even Mike Miller came from Inquiry. I know HEAT is the BEST team in this SEASON….HEAT need to STEP-UP to get the CHAMPIONSHIP!…

  62. Chuk says:

    The Heat right now have a team of players who aren’t playing with enough enthusiasm and togetherness. And yes depth is a problem on their roster, but the players that they have outside the “Big three,” aren’t getting the job done, which makes it even much more imperative that Lebron, Wade, and Bosh have good games. The problems that the Heat have right now goes to show you that putting a team together full of superstars isn’t always a given. Last year’s Heat team at this point in season—–hard to believe—–had a better record than this year’s team. And that team who weren’t supposed to do much according to many, ended up making the playoffs as an 8th seed or so. Why? Its because D-wade the lone star of that team carried that them for a good portion of the season and most importantly there were pieces around him who played their roles really well as well. It takes more than just three players to win a basketball game and right now the Heat look like a depleted team out there with no one else stepping up outside the big three.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      You can only accomplish so much with senior-citizen role-players like Juwan Howard and starters as lame as Carlos Arroyo. If you can’t even field a solid 5-man starting lineup, then you really have no hope as a team, no matter how good your best player is.

      That’s 8 losses now, folks. The Heat are lucky they are in the eastern conference, out west they wouldn’t even make the playoffs. They’re just not that good, and they’re not going to just flip a switch and become good when the playoffs start. Look at their team: this is the type of roster that folds in the playoffs, not the type that shines. As a lifelong Suns fan, I’m painfully educated in the fact that teams with no defense, rebounding, or general toughness, usually go one-and-out in the playoffs… especially a team as pitifully dependant on getting the calls as this Heat team is.


        arroyo is just fine at pg, he can defend pretty well and quite capable of handling the ball. lacking a true center but hoping dampier might fill the hole somewhat defensively and fro rebounds once riley work his magic on his big men like he has done in the past. but i kinda questioned why the did not try to get haywood before he went to dallas

      • MJBethancourt says:

        LCD, if Arroyo is such a good defender at point guard, why are the Heat getting torched by opposing point guards every night? He is nothing but spare parts.
        The Spurs win championships with a roster full of spare parts and castoffs, but they are always castoffs that play brutal defense, get their rebounds, bang around, use up their fouls, and can hit an open shot, (the Spurs are also very beatable, largely due to a predictable if efficient offense that depends too much on just 2 or 3 players). They are also a very efficient half-court team, so they aren’t held back by those big lumbering bodies. The Heat’s bunch of rejects, however, are not known for toughness or rebounding, and the Heat so far are a bad half-court team, (another reason why they will fold in the playoffs).


        i said pretty well, he lacks in the speed department to be a great defender but he can still get a hand in your face and thats what you ask for in defense.

  63. thegreatest says:

    @MJBethancourt: You said it best bro…

    “Some guys, like Charles and LeBron, are just natural losers who take all the weight of the team on their shoulders, and promptly collapse under that weight. They are guys who are self-proclaimed leaders when they are winning, but when they are losing, they “don’t have the right team around them”. LeBron and Wade cannot play together. In order to get full value out of either of them, they have to dominate the offense, and you have to build a team of role-playing defenders, rebounders, and shooters around them. Cleveland gave LeBron plenty of good support in the form of defenders, rebounders, and shooters; they even gave him serviceable sidekicks to bail-out to on broken plays, (such as Jamison). This Heat team does not have the rebounding, defense, and shooting needed to support a ball-dominating MVP-type, and having two of those MVP-types is not enough to let a team cheat that fact. Truth is, in the last 25 years watching basketball, I’ve seen plenty of “Superteam” rosters that had much more all-star talent than this roster, and most of them won a lot of regular-season games and collapsed in the playoffs. All the excitement about this Heat team was disproportionate. Heck, the Suns and Mavericks have put together better rosters in this decade, and we all know how they fared in the playoffs with their lack of rebounding and defense. The Heat are a mirage, a team built to sell shoes and jerseys, not win championships.”


  64. medula says:

    I am with MJBethancourt on this one, I think we better stop calling the BIG 3, superstars. They are not even close. If you want to see superstars, you gotta look how Kobe and Carmelo Anthony close out games! You gotta check out how Darren Williams and Derrick Rose run the ball and finally you can see superstars in how the celtics work together. These bunch of losers that we keep calling the BIG 3 and superstars are getting their butts handed to them by a white boy named Dirk in Dallas tonight, in which they will probably lose again. We should stop talking about them in the same sentence as the GREATS in the game. The reason there are so many heat haters is because they showed off before getting even one win and they ended up with pie on their face! 7 championships my foot Lebron! I will be happy to see you guys fall in the first round against Bulls, Celtics, or Magic. Even if you make it out of there.. you aint getting through any westcoast team, I think Blake Grifin can beat you guys by himself with all the clippers sitting on the bench. Hahaha! GO LAKERS 3PEAT!

  65. MJBethancourt says:

    The simple fact is that the 2010 Heat roster is not as good as the Cleveland teams from the past 3 years or so. LeBron fans bought into the LeBron excuse, that Cleveland “didn’t give him the supporting team he needed to win a championship”. Meanwhile, those of us who weren’t born yesterday, who have seen all this before, we all rolled our eyes at the familiarity of LeBron’s complaints about team. We had a guy exactly like him when I was growing up: Charles Barkley. Unique and supremely talented, strong enough to play power forward, versatile enough to lead a team in scoring, rebounds, and assists on any given night, but clueless about what it really takes to win. Charles forced a trade to Phoenix, where he was sure that the All-Star-packed roster would mean an automatic championship… after all, on paper the Suns appeared to have twice the team the Bulls and Rockets had, but we all know how that ended up. So, Charles then demanded a trade to the defending-champion Rockets, figuring they would give him a free championship, too. Problem was, acquiring Charles made that team worse, not better.
    Some guys, like Charles and LeBron, are just natural losers who take all the weight of the team on their shoulders, and promptly collapse under that weight. They are guys who are self-proclaimed leaders when they are winning, but when they are losing, they “don’t have the right team around them”. LeBron and Wade cannot play together. In order to get full value out of either of them, they have to dominate the offense, and you have to build a team of role-playing defenders, rebounders, and shooters around them. Cleveland gave LeBron plenty of good support in the form of defenders, rebounders, and shooters; they even gave him serviceable sidekicks to bail-out to on broken plays, (such as Jamison). This Heat team does not have the rebounding, defense, and shooting needed to support a ball-dominating MVP-type, and having two of those MVP-types is not enough to let a team cheat that fact. Truth is, in the last 25 years watching basketball, I’ve seen plenty of “Superteam” rosters that had much more all-star talent than this roster, and most of them won a lot of regular-season games and collapsed in the playoffs. All the excitement about this Heat team was disproportionate. Heck, the Suns and Mavericks have put together better rosters in this decade, and we all know how they fared in the playoffs with their lack of rebounding and defense. The Heat are a mirage, a team built to sell shoes and jerseys, not win championships.

  66. Ice Pogi says:

    Just to add up…. before I hate KOBE but kobe is being kobe… He’s cocky but he’s good!!! unlike to the other guy… He is only comparable on his cockiness I mean you PIERCE he’s just cocky but that’s all he have…. More Bark Than Bite…Celtics maybe content on defeating the Heat But Lakers Wake up. Piece hahahahah I have a lot of respect on Allen Garnett but Piece??? oh well…

  67. thegreatest says:

    Excuse me..Kobe bryant is the Best Player in the world…

  68. zack24 says:

    lebron is a good player but not a good teammate when its clutch time he chokes. if he really wants a easy time he needs to dominate in the first half so he wont need to do much effort in the second half.
    it should be like this
    1st half lebron dominates
    2nd half wade and bosh do their thing
    lebron isn’t a good defender anyways. i prefer wade being the leader of the heat rather than lebron

  69. chris says:

    i wish eveybody would stop comparing this heat team with past championship teams. you ve never seen a team like this. wade and lebron works because realistically, they are not always on the floor at the same time. so it helps to maintain a go to guy AT ALL TIMES. Have patience haters. Wade had a divorce over the summer and even though its over with, thats not something u get over immediately. And Not everybody has been healthy for us this year so wait til everybody gets healthy. Chalmers will be scary when he comes back healthy and we will finally start running more, and guess what… he can play d and cause turnovers unlike arroyo so dont worry about the point position.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      I’ve seen plenty of teams like this. Two or three all-stars on a team with no depth, defense, rebounding, or shooting is nothing new at all.

  70. i hateclippers says:

    LEGEND23, obviously a LeChoke and Hype fan, keeps implying it will take time for Heat to get better. Well, I don’t think it takes half a season to find the open guy on the court. I mean come on, seriously… It’s just a simple fact that these guys can’t play with each other, and one of them must go, and they need a legitimate “dennis rodman” type player, and just letting the game flow. As long as LEGEND23 is concerned, your team isn’t going anywhere unless one of the 3 idiots (eherm LeChoke) is traded for some real pieces.

  71. be nice says:

    give them more time. by the end of the season they will be playoff ready. remember celtics last year? i know a lot of them were injured but no one believe they can contend anymore. they all surprise us in the playoffs. TIME, that’s what the Heat needs. 🙂

    • LEGEND23 says:

      EXACTLY…since when did a season become 10 or 15 games? HUH? Can any of you haters answer that? ITS 82. Maybe you don’t watch enough basketball. Haters are quick to pounce because they are INSECURE about their teams chances to win a title for the NEXT 5 YEARS. ANYbody that thinks a team with 2 of the 3 best players in the league will NOT win eventually, is simply naive and dumb. Sure, who knows, it may take until next season to get it right, we can’t see the future; but for ANYone to simply say “oh they are garbage and will NEVER be good”? Thats straight up hatin, because y’all know its not a matter of IF, just a matter of WHEN.

      Heat WILL have the LAST laugh

      • MJBethancourt says:

        Anybody who believes that putting “2 of the 3 best players in the league” on the same team guarantees an eventual championship, is simply naive and dumb. Maybe you don’t watch enough basketball.

        Superstar pairings have been done over and over again. It takes a team, not 2 guys with the wrong chemistry and no defense or rebounding. You should really wait until you’ve won a championship before you start boasting about owning the trophy “for the NEXT 5 YEARS”. Boasting is the most basic indicator of insecurity, not “hat’n”. Boasters are quick to pounce because they are INSECURE about their team’s chances of underperforming. Sure, it may take until next season for you to admit they are not a championship team, we can’t see the future; but for anyone to say a team that hasn’t won anything yet is going to own the trophy for the NEXT 5 YEARS, that’s straight-up boasting, because you all know it’s not just a matter of WHEN, but IF that team will ever get their act together and put up some defense and rebounding.


        no one is saying our chances our automatic, that’s what everyone else is saying. since the transaction others have said it was automatic, no one on the heat said it, all they have said is that we look to bring one in very soon. but for everyone to say they suck!!! after a little time together? all i’m wondering is why is all the focus on the heat? everyone is gunning for them thinking they have it easy but in reality they have the hardest tasks. a lot of players had to change location, totally different players so their style has to be changed constantly DURING the season and will have to do it again when miller comes back. and correct me if im wrong but this is like the first time miami hasn’t had a center that can take over the paint defensively? so that leaves wade, lebron and the rest of team stepping in to help too much so that constantly leaves a hole in our defense. i under stand people need help at times, but when the other team knows that you have to help every single play of every game then there is not much you can do. but i do be leave that the season is not over yet, not even 20 games in yet. correct me if my math is wrong but we have about 80% of the season left to find a way out of a MEDIOCRE performance in a conference where we are ranked 5th with the next 7 out of ten games against teams that are below .500?

      • MJBethancourt says:

        First off LCD, if you read my comment as well as the comment above it, you will see it is a direct parody.
        Secondly, make sense out of this you just said for me: “no one is saying our chances are automatic, that’s what everyone else is saying”. Which is it? Nobody, or everyone else? And are you a member of the Heat organization? If not, then that would make you part of that “everyone else”, including your rabid Heat-fan buddy, Legend23, whos boasting and trash-talking I was directly responding to.


        when i said no one, meant the HEAT never really said that they would come off and win the 1st year. everyone else referring to the media hyping up the championship before the season even started. and now people say we suck and wont win? there is 82 games in a season right? and after that a playoff in which if it were to start today we would be 5th seed? and while all this is going on no1 overreacts to the CHAMPS on 4 game losing streak??


      not only celtics but people were questioning the lakers too, am i correct? they didnt wake up til the playoffs when okc had a chance to put them out and didnt capitalize

  72. Stirring up trouble!!! says:

    Does anyone know if Lebron James and Chris Bosh are staying away from those beautiful Miami South Beach groupies???? I’m seeing some weakness in the knees in both james and Bosh!!!! LMAO!

  73. NBA finals says:

    James will be the NBA MVP, the All Star Game MVP, he will win the dunk contest 2, and he will be the Finals MVP

  74. HEAT-6 says:

    Yall HATERS Make Me LMAO…….Get A Life.

  75. BFAN says:

    The Heats problem is simple. Too much invested in the wing. All the good teams have solid rotation in the front court. Miami does not. They need to break up Wade and Lebron. Get a stronger front court add to bench and depth. And get point play that works with the team weather that be a shooter like Fisher or a pacesetter like Rhondo. But to keep saying add more stars is not it. They need more balance and identity of rolls. Too much meat not enough vegies and potatos.

  76. NBA finals says:

    LeBron James still the best player in the NBA

  77. Lakers purple and gold says:

    I guess landing the big 3 free agent superstars didn’t guarantee an 82-0 season, followed by a championship. The championship is still up for grabs though. The season is still young! After Shaq left the Lakers it took them 4 years to build a championship team around Kobe! So many things have to be in order! A team chemistry has to be built after all the positions are filled by the right type of players. I don’t think Spoelstra should be blamed for anything either. This is all new to him as well. Besides’ how would you like to deal with those egos! That’s why I’m glad the Lakers have Phil Jackson. He’s the best I’ve ever seen at keeping egos in check! Popovich and Doc Rivers are pretty good at that as well. It might take some time for this Heat team. It might take patience! Good luck to them though! I don’t agree with the hate blogging! Go Lakers!!! Hoping for a 3peat!

  78. Lakers Fan says:

    i’m not a hater of the heat, but things are looking a little pear shaped, living in Australia i finally got to watch the heat play against Orlando, what bothered me was Lebron looked no where near like the Lebron of 09 and 10, i know it’s only early but he looked a little lost as opposed to when he was in Cleveland where he knew exactly what he needed to do and did it with authority, i hope he’s not trying to step on D Wades toes, and speaking of D Wade, i don’t know if he’s more injured then what we are led to beleive but he just can’t finish at the moment, my thought would be to put D Wade at the 1 ( he is more then capable). Hopefully they can get it together, nothing better then seeing a team of champions turn into a champion team.

    • LEGEND23 says:

      HAHA. Everyone forgets how the Heat DESTROYED the Magic by 26 in their first game against each other. When they are 100% just what do you think will happen? LOL


      i agree wade can handle the 1 spot but we have no 2 until miller gets back

  79. Lakers purple and gold says:

    To the Heat fans who are addressing so called haters! The Lakers won the championship 2 years in a row. Yet the newly formed Heat club threw a championship type parade, and then predicted not one, but several championships in the near future. And you’re blasting people for hating. Championships have to be earned! That’s why even the most lowly teams will be gunning for them! I would give them all the credit in the world if they earned a championship after a hard fought season and playoff run! But not before they’ve even played a game together. How many basketball fans have sent hate blogs against the Lakers for no good reason! Yet they’ve already proven they are a championship team several times over! Sometmes you have to show some humility, no matter how talented the players are!!!! I had my say! Peace out!

    • Joe says:

      Where do you get your info ? The heat did not throw any kind of a parade. They had a celebration show thrown for them(the big 3) by the mayor of Miami, what were they supposed to do ? Say no to the mayor ? Of coarse Lebron said they would win multiple titles, that’s the point… he was trying to get the crowd pumped up. Even the 76’ers players say they will titles, you have to say stuff like that… what are they supposed to say, that they’ll suck.

  80. TuFfiK says:

    let’s get real.. the heat are in big trouble. and as long as lebron is playing the way he played for the last 7 or 8 yrs,any team he’s on is in trouble. coz the whole offense is run by him,he never let his teammates get ti touch the offense and come playoffs their(his tammates) shakin..if lebron played like artest,bang his body inside for rebound and for def. i know that’s impossible for lebron to step down and let wade run the offense.. but as long as their not giving their way like the big 3 in boston.. i can see the heat are not gon win a champ ring.

  81. Who needs it? says:

    this is lebron’s team not wade’s anymore..!!

  82. yhuan_theo says:

    if only lebron, wade and bosh accept that they are playing as a team an not always on isolation play… i watch 10 games of miami and all i see is isolation plays, lebron’s iso at the top of the key and some ball hugging, wade’s isolation play at the left or at the right side of the court and bosh’s isolation play on lowpost and highpost… and the others players are just waiting outside the arc to shot 3 and haslem at the mid range and now he is injured its Z who shooting the mid range, and others are just rebounder,,, defense is weak! and always been outrebound by opponents!

    if only the big 3 of miami accept the role the way the big 3 of boston accept their role its not about scoring big but to win big

    i still have the faith for miami heat
    so GO MIAMI HEAT!!

  83. JOHn says:

    kaber na kaber

  84. vicx143 says:

    well as i said it is not in the coach,, it is in the players who dont listen to the coach play the way the coach wants.. what can the coach do if the players dont do the right and what the coach wants them to do? still fualt of the coach?? common!!negas!! james dont want to shine why coz he know that he is better than wade in scoring see his stats its just wade could not find his numbers.. because he knows that wade is a solid Miami and wants him to be the leader..eric spo is making them as good as a hero they dont just want to thats the problem dont blame the coach..

  85. Dandadda says:

    GO Lakers for 3-Peat.

    That said, at this point in the season, the heat need to do either nothing, or something drastic to shake of the dust. Either they suffer these losses so that they can rebuild and foster the necessary group dynamics and rise from the ashes of their losses like a phoenix, or go for the big one; trade D-Wade, Fire Eric Spolestra. I love D-Wade, but it’s no longer his house. He still plays like it is but that doesn’t work when you have to other proven all stars who need their hands on that ball in order to make it a good possession. Bosh is your big man, he is in the best position to see and assess who’s open for a good play, since you have no point guard. Why are you (Wade) turning a 24 second possession into a 15 second possession by juggernauting your way to the rim hoping for a foul shot that never comes and not running this through your big man. Lebron’s performance can’t be complained about as his numbers are in the top 10 for the NBA. If Bosh went to Cleveland to help out Lebron, Lebron would not have come to Miami in a million years and the Cavs would win the next championship. D-Wade would be right at home in New Orleans with his man CP3. That would be legendary as he would have the point guard with the IQ necessary to facilitate the style of play that he craves.

    If the Heat decides to remain unchanged in it’s roster, then the coach has to go. These stars play for team USA and prove to ge great performers with less practice because coach K is a great coach of talent. Phil Jackson would do much more damage with that amount of talent than Eric can ever dream of doing. Avery Johnson would do a better job. Miami can do right with their current big 3 in the same manner that the Celtics did but they will need either a new Coach and PG or Center, or sorry D-Wade but you brought this on yourself and now you will need to leave for your precious Miami heat to grow. And yes. Lebron was overkill.

  86. thegreatest says:

    To John L.. You really impressed me with your great point..What’s happening with the media right now? is that hate from Kobe? It is also my point that when the BIG 3 of Garnett, Allen, and Pierce got together they right away got a championship. NO EFFING EXCUSES from the so-called big 3 from miami…

  87. LeBron James says:

    Guys.. Guys.. Guys.. The reason we are 8-7 is because coach spo is always nagging me to practice, practice, PRACTICE.. c’mon! Spo! I have to get enough rest for my shoe commercial and photo shoot in the afternoon!
    The coach is unbelievable! He wants us to play HARD and TEAM BALL.. like what does that gotta do with me getting my numbers and looking great?!?
    if I knew how demanding coach spo was, i should just have stayed with the cavs. i mean, i could just bang the cheerleaders there while the rest of the team practice and i would still get praised by management for always “being there”

    Oh well.. it’s a bit late. gotta go out clubbin’.. now where did i put my tiara and feathered boa? hmmm..

    lots of love — QUEEN LeChoke
    P.S. – i think carlos arroyo is hot.. 🙂

  88. HeatersGonnaHeat says:

    This comment if for 3 peat laker guy. Kobe gets carried by Gasol and lakers bench all the time but ends up with all the glory cause he scores the most? Of course he scores the most because he jacks up the most shots out of every one in the league with disgusting percentages. Kobe is and always will be the most overrated jump shooter of all time. He imitates MJ legendary fade away shot so horribly is laughable. Laker fans need to realize hes getting too old and even when he was young wasn’t teven that good. Lebron,Wade,Bosh all had to have near perfect games on there old teams to even win. Of course laker fans think lol 3peat Phil Jackson guaranteed championship, we’ll see about that when June comes around. 15 games in with multiple injuries lol yeah right, no one knows what the heat are capable of until atleast 30 games in. Haters everywhere cause they know its true.

  89. chubbz says:

    i think they should have pat riley to do the coaching job or they should find another coach..
    and i think they should have good point guard so that it will run their offense..
    honestly,im not agree in arroyo in starting point should be mario chalmers.if not,they should find the right guard.
    and they should have a productive bench..
    i hope my comment will help the miami heat..

  90. John L says:

    1. When Boston first got the “Big 3” they were instantly the team to beat… and not many teams did that, right off the first year. When a team would beat Boston in 08′ it was like beating the champs, and also right on the first year they got together Boston won the championship right away… There’s no excuse for Miami to need time to “get going” Garnett’s a huge Defensive force, Ray Allen’s one of the top 3point shooters, Paul Pierce can also knock down 3’s and big time shots…. meanwhile for Miami Chris Bosh is probably the best shooter out of those “Broken 3” not “Big 3”
    2. If Lebron James was the so called “King” why did he goto Miami heat under D-Wade’s team? why can’t he bring dwade and bosh over to Cleveland? The whole world against them, not even Miami fan goes to watch them, the seats in Miami were empty last time I checked, Lebron saying he won’t win 1-7rings… well he’s right because it’s gonna be 0!! Lebron is arrogant! I agree with Rick’s rant, I don’t like his Dancing on the side lines, acting big like he’s gonna enter the dunk contest but backed out, not showing up to the press confrence after orlando whooped them, season just started and already criticizing his coaches decision to play him 44minutes against Boston etc. list goes on, I don’t know how or why the Media always backs up Lebron James, he is definitely over-rated! in my opinion. Because if he was so great… he’d learn to play well in Miami Heat aswell… So far Lebron is getting everything he deserves.. Losing everything

    • MJBethancourt says:

      That Boston team had a balanced roster with players that knew their role, and put wins ahead of personal glory. Pretty much the opposite of this Heat team.

  91. Emvy says:

    This Team Just need a coach with experience as….Larry brown, Jeff van Gundy, George Karl, jerry Sloan, Greg Popovich Etc…….

  92. HEAT-DW3 says:

    Hey Heat haters don’t look only for the Heat team.. See lakers they have also a lot of Superstars(Kobe,Artest,Gasol.Fischer) & Celtics (Allen,Pierce,Garnett,Rondo and they included 2 O’neals)..TEAM’s need back-up on the court to help to score and to win a game. These 3 Superstars is not yet a called a teammate because he learning a lot coz this is the first time to joint in One Team.. HEAT have a Big Impact to win a Championship!. Defense is the problem of HEAT so they need to step-up for this problem.. Well I’m the Big Fan of Miami Heat win or loss the game.Dwyane Wade is the Beast!..Lakers Sucks!

    • Alex says:

      your beyond dumb…how the hell can you say the back to back champions with 3 finals appearences in a row and the best potential team of all time this year…suck? seriosuly dude, there are other options than speaking….sit and listen to real fans and please shut up

  93. BostoandlakersBIGFANS says:

    God Damn.. All of the Heat Fans don’t be so dumb ur team is such a BIG LOSER dey dont have any chances to go to NBA FINALS …. HEAT is like a all-rookie team as what I have said dey dont any chances of winning the NBA CROWN compared to those veterans with a future hall of fame coach such as LAKERS… Can’t you see they beaten by an underdog team with a 16 deficit… GOD DAMMIT… hahaha…

  94. Rightright says:

    Reminds me a little of the Karl Malone, Gary Payton Lakers…too many egos on the court, too much muscle, too much expectation that year. Felt signed and delivered from day one, and never panned out. The Heat will get it together, but not before they start believing in the pick and roll…

    • Alex says:

      dude why do you people try to make analogies? do you even understand why the Lakers failed to win that year…and yes we did make it to the finals anyway first year through the west (not exaclty complete failure). egos were not the problem in the Lakers that year. we were actually having a lot of fun as a team. the problem was that we started payton in place of fish, which would have been fine if Malone hadnt been injured. were were DESTROYING teams…we could have beat the Bulls record that year easily. once Malone went down our entire team chemistry was thrown off. Malone kept Kobe and Shaq from squabbling and Payton from sneering everytime he touched the ball. love payton as a player, but the guy has serious attitude problems when not winning games. with Malone healthy we would have swept the Pistons. that is what is called an informed analytical opinion. go ask yo daddys lol

      • Law064 says:

        Sorry I have to disagree the Pistons did the lakers like San Antonio did Lebron and the Cavs got destroyed. the Piston didn’t have a Star they were a very balanced team & Played Defense. The Pistons were destined to beat San Antonio the year after but couldn’t overcome. They started crying a lot mainly Rasheed Wallace the King of Tech’s

  95. kenny says:

    bosh just doesnt fit. not the problem with lebron or wade. get a defensive center like dwlight/tyson chandler/okafor or maybe blake griffin/andrew bynum/greg oden(if they stays healthy) for the inside presence. they will be great.

  96. paul Barbeau says:

    What did Lebron say when the big three first got unvailed to the Miami Crowd?
    Not 3. Not 4. Not 5… Not 6. Not 7… but 8.

    yeah 8 wins that is.

    How arrogant it is for them to have been counting 8
    championships ahead.


  97. thegreatest says:

    ok gian..whatever you say…But how come, now? the heat have the elite players of wade, lebron and bosh? Pls don’t tell me its just the start…no more excuses. But brother gian, Kobe is really the best. Lebron is very talented we know that, but he is not a leader. He just want to market himself more (very egotistical) disrespecting his coach, a city, just for his personal marketing campaign. He has gone to the heat because he is hoping he can boost his personal marketing of himself not only as a previous MVP but a champion. But I think, he should have stuck with Cleveland or at least respected them when he left. You know… a lot of people are wishing him to fail.. (not me!) not because of his talent but because of his motives and attitude toward others.

  98. therealhater says:

    heat is a dope and these are their problems:

    rely too much on jump shots, so bad shot= 1 lose
    they thought they do best defensively (said so much on nba 2k11)
    WTH are those open threes? and1 plays and game winning shots?
    TOO SOFT. no rebounder, no inside job (which the magic exposed
    no real point guard (wade?lebron?ARROYO?)
    yeah there’s something with the coach
    he knows that he lacks inside plays yet he would still rely on jump shots.

    i suggest you make bosh dirty and make him center, they don’t need dampier or ilgauskas
    you can play PF with magloire or HD
    wade as sg and bron as sf is fine

  99. gian says:

    hey.. thegreatest. without pau gasol i dont think that kobe could earn a ring again.. take note of this, since shaq lft the lakers, kobe is a one man show, if i were to make a pick for kobe and lebron i would go to lebron. remember that lebron carry the cavs in the finals 2007, with no big names on that team,,,,

    • Alex says:

      le bron didnt do anything other than help his team get to through the weakest eastern conference year every recorded….they then faced the real league (western conference champion) and were summarily dismissed like step children. get real. kobe taking us to the second round pre-gasol was way more impressive than the cavs finals appearence hands down. most of you people dont even understand a tiny portion of the NBA picture. go be laymen fans in your bars idiots

  100. paulgabe says:

    Miami has a great chances of winning the championship if they trade leBron jams. Miami don’t need james he’s a scorrer , right now miami need’s a player with a better skills in rebounding and blocking. Like howard , t. chandler , okafor and so on….

  101. thegreatest says:

    The only way miami will win is for them to get Kobe and Gasol. And for Lebron and D-wade toget a ring, they should go to the lakers. I really do not see miami win an NBA FINALS when the CELTICS and the LAKERS current line-up are still there. Besides OTHER TEAMS are improving, OKLAHOMA, SPURS,

  102. thegreatest says:

    To Mo_Bell…To an unbiased fan..KOBE is obviously BETTER, MORE SKILLED AND TALENTED than Lebron. I know it hurts that your team miami heat doesn’t win as expected…By the way, you still have your free drinks at a restaurant in miami offering it when miami loses. So enjoy, you’ll have a lot of those this season

  103. gian says:

    i agree, but aside from that.. i think they need to aquire a legit center to make it easier for james, wade, bosh..

  104. Regiel says:

    i think that miami heat really needs a point gurad who can distribute the ball through the big three… why they dont offer the elite spanish point guard “RICKY RUBIO”

  105. moe says:

    Im not a heat fan, but i dont understand why they dont just let Arroyo run the point full time. he did it last year with a less talented team.

  106. AUSSIEFAN says:

    A champion team will always beat a team of champions. This is Miamis problem they built a team on names not on the right mix.

  107. hokinanaz says:

    bosh is actually playing efficiently but 18 and 7 is’nt worth 14mill. he needs to be traded. the heat need a defensive centre and athletic pf WHO CAN SPACE THE FLOOR AND ACTUALLY LIKES TO DEFEND and a pg who doesnt mind not havin the ball all that much but will defend all day and take open looks. take your pick of ben wallace, tyson chandler, tyrus tomas, varejao, jason thompson, avery bradley?? (although i’d be gutted if the celts lost him) moe williams, or look at some undrafted rookies or dleaguers after this season. i dont think alot of teams would want bosh’s massive contract though lol.

  108. KV says:

    Compared to a team like th Trail Blazers the Heat are awfully healthy right now. The problem with the Heat is Wade and James play the same game. Neither play off-ball half as well as the do with the ball.

  109. CD3 says:

    Guys the heat are a great team i think they’re gonna do alot in the future but they just got together they are trying to put the pieces together to figure out what works. everybody has an idea on what to do but the nba is tough it takes time. I’ve been a heat fan for 6yrs so im not jumping on the heat wagon i been there in the times when we weren’t even close to the playoffs it just takes time. I think we need better big men or the big guys just gotta work alot more to get the rebs and the tough boards also D-wade and Lebron will dive for the loose balls and do the dirty work we seen the heard work these guys put in. Rome wasn’t built in a day. and to all the haters stop hatin and let the teams play the game Orlando and Boston are pretty much like the heat they’re teams are packed with good players and stop acting like more than 1 good players weren’t on 1 team before.these guys are all stars and they all are used to having the ball everytime so they have to adjust. last but not least Lebron had a choice he was a free agent he could’ve chose whatever team he wanted and he happened to choose the heat thats his decision and thats what he feels comfortable with so let the man be.

  110. Omar says:

    What is disappointing is that Joel Anthony isn’t seen by anyone as an offensive threat thus teams simply just cheat on defense when dealing with Lebron and Wade.As far as it goes Udonis was the heart of the team and the only consistent player for the games leading up to his injury.The Miami heat need a big man who can rebound and actually help on the pick and roll and not be liability.Big Z tries but he is obviously too slow offense doesn’t win games defense does and taking turns attacking the opponent is not playing as a team but deferring.

  111. MUFASA says:

    Seriously HEAT is only good if ur playing a video game lol in real life srry Miami not the greatest team players

  112. Mo_Bell28 says:

    you people are all obviously idiots. Before you people were kissing Lebron’s feet, now he sucks? he is still the next Jordan, despite his underachieving season so far. I’m a D-wade fan so I dont care about Lebron, but don’t diss him like you all can name a player any better than him. And do not say Kobe because despite him being clutch and being nearly unstoppable on offense, LeBron has way more balance and will become a better shooter with time. now really, there have been comparisons forever with LeBron n MJ but give the heat time. OH YOU KNOW WHAT….. ALSO WHERE ARE ALL THE HEAT HATERS COMING FROM??!!!!! YOU KNOW, I KNOW LEBRON DITCHED THE BUM CAVS BUT DONT BRING YOUR HATING OVER TO THE HEAT YOU FOOLS. anyway….. the heat have center problems, but i feel that they will adopt a new system that makes the PG system not that big of a priority and utilizes the big 3. They just have to get the chemistry together first. they aren’t the celtics, thats for sure…. but they have time to get it together, and hey they are still 13th best team in the NBA even without chemistry and a PG and 5th best defense. They just need a good stretch of wins to get their morale up. THEY OBVIOUSLY NEVER EXPECTED ALL THE GIRLS LIKE YOU ALL TO HATE ON THEM SO HARD and it is a distraction. they need to hit the break more, play lock down defense, and organize their set offense. I knew it would be hard when you bring together 3 top players in the NBA, but I predict that by the allstar break, they will find their identity, chemistry, and organization.



      • Law064 says:

        Lebron is nowhere near Kobe let alone the Great MJ. Lebron I mean Laqueen, lechoke, the steroid kid, Yeah he has skills but he’s not better than Kobe. Kobe has rings and he is a killer in the clutch Lechoke is on Melo level with better D. Kobe has proved to be a force in the last few min. Lechoke has showed he can choke in clutch situations. He’ll never be on Mike Level Kobe is the closest to MJ but will not be on Mike level either. Lebron is a average player he’s just bigger than the average SF. How can he touch Kobe if he never touched a ring or the trophy? D. Wade is better than Lequeen!!!


        dude, kobe has rings cause of coach and dominant big men. if it wasn’ for gasol or shaq their would be no ring. just cause he hits a lucky shot at the end of SOME games doesnt make him better. its luck, look back at games and you will see, either he hits or he chokes. same as any other player. yes, maybe he can get going at the end of the game and chance the momentum but so does every other superstar

  113. Mo_Bell28 says:

    you people are all obviously idiots. Before you people were kissing Lebron’s feet, now he sucks? he is still the next Jordan, despite his underachieving season so far. I’m a D-wade fan so I dont care about Lebron, but don’t diss him like you all can name a player any better than him. And do not say Kobe because despite him being clutch and being nearly unstoppable on offense, LeBron has way more balance and will become a better shooter with time. now really, there have been comparisons forever with LeBron n MJ but give the heat time. OH YOU KNOW WHAT….. ALSO WHERE ARE ALL THE HEAT HATERS COMING FROM??!!!!! YOU KNOW, I KNOW LEBRON DITCHED THE BUM ASS CAVS BUT DONT BRING YOUR HATING OVER TO THE HEAT YOU FOOLS. anyway….. the heat have center problems, but i feel that they will adopt a new system that makes the PG system not that big of a priority and utilizes the big 3. They just have to get the chemistry together first. they aren’t the celtics, thats for sure…. but they have time to get it together, and hey they are still 13th best team in the NBA even without chemistry and a PG and 5th best defense. They just need a good stretch of wins to get their morale up. THEY OBVIOUSLY NEVER EXPECTED ALL THE BITCHES LIKE YOU ALL TO HATE ON THEM SO HARD and it is a distraction. they need to hit the break more, play lock down defense, and organize their set offense. I knew it would be hard when you bring together 3 top players in the NBA, but I predict that by the allstar break, they will find their identity, chemistry, and organization.

  114. sactown916 says:

    well i told all my friends this wont work ….or will take a long time (as in not this season) ……bosh is actually not the problem and even though wade is playing bad i dont think he is the problem i think its lebron (cleveland all over again) lebron is way too ball dominant …….. this team is kinda shaped around him they need to make bosh go to work more and really trade lebron nack to cleveland lol im just saying leron is possible the best player ive seen since jordan but he needs something else not this team 😦

  115. lol says:

    serious funny how all these haters talk so much smack about miami. miami didnt hype them selfs up u fans did plus its year 1 they cant sign any good players they dont got a pg and post players watch whent hey get these players its over

  116. BFAN says:

    Ok, well since the Bulls blogs are all about trading (mostly for Melo) and Miami is imploding 15 games in I say lets do Lebron to the Bulls for Deng,Asik,and Watson. Wade could be the star, Bosh can be a stud a good solid 3 in Deng some front line help with Asik (young & footer) and a combo gard to help back up Wade and play some point, Watson. All that and the Bulls will try to fit Lebron’s talents into there team. Maybe the Bulls throw in a #1 to. Works for me.

  117. LA Efi says:

    I expect the big tree to start the big blame by all-star game

  118. Native says:

    All off topic is all i can say, through the comments i can’t tell if you guys have BBall experience. If Miami ran their offence through Bosh they would win more games. Miami is trying to send Bosh low, that won’t work. Bosh aint strong down there he’s a shooter. They need to give him the ball up top and then let Wade and Lebrom run their guys off as many screens as they want. Look at the game when he scored 35, he did that without breaking a sweat. Between the three bosh is the better shooter, the other two are streaky, Bosh is more consistent. Bosh had 5 bad games and that’s it! I would like the coach to try that and see, hell they’ve tried everything else so why not. Let us remember, Bosh is a softy and like’s his ego stroked, if the other two differed to Bosh in that way they would get alot more open looks. I thing is for sure, thye neeed a point guard thye have enough bigs. The coach has everyone playing out of position. Every championship team ran offence through the big man. Look at the tapes

  119. LA Efi says:

    The Heat did not learn the lesson the Lakers learn with Kobe and Shaq that you can’t have 2 big egos they have to find their version of Gasol LOL

  120. TheGeeMan23 says:

    This is as simple as it gets me being a HEAT fan and all. Bosh has crazy trade value.. trade him. We’ve been able to see the chemistry between the 3 and quite frankly I’ve only witnessed any decent chemistry between Wade & Bron. Trade Bosh to the Bucks for Bogut, throw in the rookie as well. Hell, trade him to the Cavs for Sessions or Mo. I don’t care. Trade Bosh while his value is high and the season is young. Just get us some help. 3 vs.. doesn’t win championships. Check the top teams in both conferences.. enough said

    Bron fan fo life.

  121. nbafan says:

    all i gotta say is mike miller = better spacing for wade and james = wins.

  122. big 3 says:

    they should make a deal with memphis like the lakers memphis is the only team who can give away there talented players in a trade like when they traded paul gasol now miami can get mark this will get them to nba finals

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Yeah, but the Heat don’t have a ringer like Jerry West planted in Memphis for the sole purpose of stealing their talent. Gotta think ahead, like the Lakers did there.

  123. kobe (yummmm) says:

    lebron should be the scorer and wade should set him up or if the feel like it they could switch that around or maybe the could run an offense like the lakers

  124. kobe (yummmm) says:

    if the coach ran a pick and roll lebron would find a way to mess it up because he wants it to revolve around him lebron+dwayne wade=bad team with clashing egos everyone is to blame except bosh why? Because wade and james had the roll as a scorer forever they cant both be that on this team they need to set some roles besides no one else on the team had the same roll as bosh so he has no reason to fight for his roll because no one is there to take it

    • Native says:

      Sounds about right. They should be running offence through Bosh, if they did that they would be killing teams right now. THey keep knocking Bosh but right now he’s doing what they wanted 20 and 10. If they had Bosh at say 25-30 with 6 rebounds and had Wade at 18-25 with 4 assists, Lebron with 15 and 8 assist, might work. Lebron and Wade can get points anytime, but right now they are just forcing everything. They will be ok though, all they need is low forty wins to get into the playoffs so dont’ jude them until after All Star break….

  125. nbafan says:

    btw the reason why lebron was able to show his talents in cleveland was bc they had shooters, big men who can cut/rebound (hickson,varejao), pg who can score and make plays for others..and good team chemistry..they could of won it all last year except that they didn’t match up well with the celtics and its DEFENSE..if lebron would of stayed in cleveland with b scott as the new coach, they would have been able to overcome the celtics this year.Could have been one of the great stories to add to lebron’s legacy and the NBA..finally beating the team that has haunted his how jordan and the bulls finally beat the pistons on their way to winning the championship..unfortunately, lebron chose the heat..funny how ur not seeing much highlights of alley oops and dunks to james these days..instead u see him dribbling all over the place, realizes no one is moving w/o the ball, and jacks up a brick…as an nba fan this is sad.

  126. zack24 says:

    pat Riley = wins
    Riley is a better coach than spo.
    take lebron James out of the heat. in clutch time he is undependable. trade him for better support players for wade and bosh, better have a good supporting center for rebounds and a good pg for assist than lebron scoring ability, wade and bosh can manage the scoring. heat also needs bench players. lebron is also a quitter. a good lineup is to have good or decent shooters for having a balance offense. . and really get a re-bounder
    no rebounder = no second chance at the ring and no security of the ball
    lebron is not a good fit in Miami, well bad fit actually

  127. nbafan says:

    the coach is to blame..cmon why doesnt he run a pick and roll w lebron and wade during crucial parts of the game..that’s way better than wade and big Z doing a pick and pop. lmao..riley is also to blame..why surround them with a bunch of old guys when u could of surrounded them with athletic d league players who can run with wade and james..also pittman going to the d league??stupid move..u want young guys to play with the big three so they can grow/learn during the big baby in boston..main point is..everyone else on their roster besides the big 3 and maybe chalmers or arroyo is OLD,,bad move Riley.

  128. kobe (yummmm) says:

    sorry your is james

  129. kobe (yummmm) says:

    idk if james knows what he did to his own carrer no more all star man for him stick that up your but

  130. kobe (yummmm) says:

    now that the cavs know who can take the shots (mo) they can stick it in james’s face. the only reason they struggled earlie on was because they had to learn they couldn’t give the ball to lebron anymore. now that they have they’re better than the heat by more than far

  131. kobe (yummmm) says:

    u can take that james did anyone else see the cavs game mo took the last shot and made it how many times have u missed it?

  132. FLASH 40 says:

    I’m a big time Heat fan and ive lost all hope… 8-7 aint gonna cut it i guess the Lakers are the best. LeBron James is playin efficient but Wade is ball-hogging and he’s not making anytghing from the 3point line. It’s all about championships and guess what Miami is a BUST.. =(



  133. zombiecobra7 says:


    • Native says:

      Is Spolstra running any plays? Haven’t seen one yet……….

    • MJBethancourt says:

      It’s not Spoelstra’s fault the rest of the league already figured out how to beat the Heat … with a roster that flawed, what chance does he have? Do you really think any other coach could turn LeBron into a team-player? Do you think any coach could get a running-game going with all those senior-citizens? Do you think any coach out there could find a way to cancel the fact that they only have 3 starters on that team, when you need 5?

      It would take a monumental fluke (like the Wade-O’Neal Heat championship) for a roster that bare to win a title.

  134. Alex says:

    what’s happening now to the heat is “karma” brought about by the so called “king james”. to think that he bragged at the start of the season of not just one but i believe 7 championships, when i heard that boast, i said “man this guy must be nuts”, i’m not going to be surprised if this jerk would again do to the heat what he did to the cavaliers. sponsors should drop this guy, he doesn’t sell anymore, can’t you capitalists hear the boos every time he gets hold of the ball

  135. LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

    Team is trash point blank….no bench at all…no chemistry….no good system…..Lebron shoulda went to NY with Amare, NY is playing good ball right now….and MIA would be doing better with just Bosh/Wade and spent that 100m for Lebron for good quality guys…REAL TALK!

    • LEGEND23 says:

      NO LAKERS 2011 – 3PEAT …YOU sir…are GARBAGE

      • Law064 says:

        Legend23 They are Garbage and your a total LOSER because your so mad. Your mad like you bet your house on the Miami heat to win. Wait you might be that stupid. Legend23 STFU


      i agree there is no chemistry at the moment and we are slacking defensively in center department, thats why dampier was picked up for rebs and defense… but what happens when everything starts clicking. have you heard of a 5 or maybe 10 game-winning streak?? house, jones, even chalmers might stretch the floor out. the teams chemistry and confidence goes up, next thing you know 10 turns to 15, 15 to 20 about that time miller will be back huh? maybe he will be back just in time for our xmas gift to the lakers. and if your still hating then… im sure meeting yall when we add haslem back will be finals will be a chance to prove to you whats up. thats IF you manage to get pass NOH, SA, OKC, or even possibly UTA with jefferson and millsap facing yall

  136. Heat101 says:

    Alot of you have been saying that the heat lack the effort, they’ve come up with pretty close games (9 points) with teams like magic with little effort, damn they must be pretty good.

    • Native says:

      All those close games no wins, all due to bad shooting. House can’t hit the side of his own house right now, Wade is shooting like i don’t now what and Lebron………aaaaaaaah, Yah! No comment..

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Losing close games is a sign of a lack of effort.
      Losing by 9 is not a close loss.

  137. Elothean says:

    The heat shouldve signed Shaq hehehe

  138. PAT RILEY says:

    give them time guys. mike miller still not there. its hard to adjust for them bec, they came from different teams that there the only one had big names. sorry for my english.they have 6years to play basketball with each other. im a heat fan. but what i see now is that miami heat is not DOING GOOD NOW. but they still have 70 games right? no matter what happens i’ll be there cheering for them not bec. of the BIG 3. bec. i really like d-wade’s skill since 2005!
    but i know 8-7 record. thats a bad record for a team that HAS three SUPERstars.

    BEAT LA! 🙂

  139. stonecold says:

    i think if miami traded (james+wade+bosch) to LA and took (kobe ) they will win a championship or they can wait 4 more years when kobe is retired

  140. iused2luvu says:

    fire spo….bron nedds huslers around him like varajo (whatever) and haslem…wade is out of it… 6 for 21 last night pressure for sure….bosh has no intensity…bench unreilable…it’s ok to get mad guys! maybe even apologize for saying stupid stuff this past summer…I used to luv u all but now I I find myself sort of hoping u fail and that’s not right…go Shaq!

  141. THE THINKING MAN says:


    (Even tho its too late;What should’ve happened in the offseason is this!!!)




  142. Mark says:

    It is still way too early in the season to predict how this season will turn out for the Heat. it can certainly be said that they will be better at the end of the season thatn they are now. Also, the expectations of them may just be too high at the moment; however, Pat Riley has built a solid foundation from which to build a future dynasty; a foundation that is similar to what the Celtics did when they brought in KG and RA to join PP. The Heat just need to follow the same approach taken by the Celtics: 1) Go out and finding a Rajon Rondo to run the team; 2) Find a center that demands the respect — both on the offensive and defensive sides of the ball — by all of their opponents; 3) Focus on defense; 4) Alla the Lakers circa 2008 — Get tougher and more physical; 5) Find a few good bench players to compliment the starting five.

    GO LAKERS!!!

  143. Poncho says:

    The Miami Heat does not need Chris Bosh. He does not fit in with the team. He is over-rated, if not over-paid. If they get rid of him, they will free up enough cap space for two high caliber players. And looking at their roster it seems they are in desperate need of a decent center and point guard.
    Joel Anthony is undersized and is useless on either side of the court. He is using up $3.3 million/yr of cap space.
    Chris Bosh at $14.5 million/yr. GET RID OF THESE TWO!!!
    Lebron and Wade aren’t very good jump-shooters, but on the open floor they are unstoppable. The offensive system they have right now isn’t helping them. The team needs to RUN and play FASTER! Plus, they have enough 3-point shooters to pass the ball to (ie House, Jones, and Miller), but it seems they are taking a lot of those shots themselves, and missing.
    And of course the couch. He is young and does not have a commanding presence. These players need the leadership and experience of someone like Popovich, Sloan, etc to shape them into a championship team. Too bad they’re taken.
    It will be Lakers vs Celtics again, and I do believe Lakers will win. They are a complete team: Greatest coach in NBA history, arguably the best big-man in the league (Gasol), arguably the best player in the world (Kobe), great defensive player (Artest), experienced PG (Fisher), best 6th man (Odom), and a bench full of contributing roll players and effective back-ups.

  144. newbie says:

    what pat should do is to motivate his team (especially the big 3) becouse they don’t really focus the game and lebron,wade bosh don’t play as they did in past.this squad stay distant from paint usually making jump shots from perimeter.they can’t grab rebound either despite trio stars .i dont get it man

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      they not playing rite because they keep deferring to the other…..wade and james. like they dont wanna hog the ball because then ppl may say “ohhh he’s being selfish” so they dont play naturally and kind of keep doing this “your turn, my turn type of thing” ….they shouldnt have brought James there, he would’ve done better in NYC or NJ where he coulda been the star and could just go off like we are used too…same with Wade if it was just him and Bosh together

  145. Allan says:

    I don’t think the Heat need to trade any of the big 3’s, i think they do need to fire coach Spo!! , His coaching doesn’t work for this team. And also what i saw on all the games they’ve played, Lebron brings the ball up the court as a PG, and try to make plays, which is not right, …because that’s not his position, and it will tired him out more and more everytime he brings the ball up the court. i think they really need to find a PG player, instead of making Lebron as a PG. And also i think the coach shouldn’t play James, Bosh & Wade at the same time. Since James & Wade play the same style of game, they should be alternate in playing so that the other can rest well and attack whenever they come in the game.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      allan you are right about that, they play the same games and you dont want that in at the same time, but they cant put LBJ or Wade on the bench cuz they would raise hell if that happened….so its kinda hard to put one in and one out, unless of course one of them dont care about being on the bench

  146. mickeyyy says:

    Ever since the creation of the Big 3 I’ve hoped for nothin’ but failure for them…i don’t want the Heat to become dominant but mark my words…before the 2010-11 playoffs begin, there will be a clear favorite in the east…i hope it’s boston, but the Heat will be right there.

  147. mickeyyy says:

    The Heat are going to figure it out,,,i’m the biggest Laker fan since 1997 but i’ve scene what the heat are capable of and to proclaim them an absolute bust this early in the season is redonkulous.

  148. Paddy says:

    First of all – i dont like james – and thats why i couldnt be happier with the situation theyre in!
    But i just dont like him for one reason and i dont blame him for it – because what can you expect from a kid that has been told youre the choosen one since its 14 or so….He just has a big f++++ing ego an dosnt know how to talk to peeps or the media.
    But i think (even if im a kobe fan) he can play ball… but he is playin the wrong way! so in my mind the heat need james in the post! go down there an simply post the defender up – turn around and shoot a jumper from a few feet. ok i dosent look as good as a dunk or a 3pointer with a hand in your face, but it may help your team!

    but they wont win rings next 2 years thats for sure! and if there will be a lock out they wont win anything in the first 4 years of their contracts! im dieing to see if they’ll all be on that team when the 2014/15 season opens 🙂

    • TJ says:

      im sorry for u ur a kobe fan i bet thats hard sigh. All the best players are whiny bitches sigh like gasol not kobe sigh the best twso teams in bball are also like the oldest lakers celtics sigh

  149. Ball Player says:

    I think the heat not only need to get rid of the coach they need to trade Wade for Chris Paul or Carmelo Anthony. This is LeBrons team now and Wade I feel is there biggest problem. Wade is also a head case with all his family problems.

    • TJ says:

      u got that mixed up bron is a drama queen hes there problem trade bron for melo. Melo wants a new team and the heat need a new system!

  150. dan ferry says:

    too many cooks spoil the broth. seriously i never liked chris bosh, doesnt rebound much doesnt post up, all he does is shoot and shoot. maybe pat riley shld get beasley and kevin love (lets not forget darko milicic) to miami. milicic bosh wade lebron, u have like top 5 2003 picks?

  151. kenny says:

    they should just trade bosh away. i seriously dont think bosh and wade works well together. wade and lebron can work together. but both of them doesnt really compliment together with bosh. if they can somehow trade for dwlight howard instead of bosh, this team is ownage.

  152. Kamal Haddad says:

    The Heat will most probably make it to the playoffs. And as we all know and have already seen, many NBA teams turn out to be different in the playoffs than during the season. But if the Heat end up 6th or 7th place, they are going to end up with tough competitor from round 1, and will lose all home court advantage throughout the playoffs. I mean you can have 15 all stay players on one team, but if there is no chemistry between them it makes no difference. Look at the Lakers system, Jazz system, I mean they go on court and just play by their system. What I believe is that the heat underestimated the competition, and underestimated the true value of playing by a certain system. Well in conclusion I think the heat is an experiment which shows that playing by the system, having a sync. team, team play, is much more important that just having all star players. If the heat manage to apply a certain system which proves to be suitable, a little more HEART and TEAM effort they can still make it all the way.

  153. Steve says:

    Not ONE, not TWO, not THREE, not FOUR, not FIVE, not SIX, not SEVEN…..Somebody had asked LeBron how many CHAMPIONSHIPS he thought the Heat would win with him. He simply thought that guy had asked how many humiliating LOSSES the Heat would suffer before the end of November.

    • Law064 says:

      LOL @ Steve that’s classic. The Heat thought they would just dominate reality check lol. To the Heat fans that said Orlando can’t beat them LOL LMAO what happened? @ Legend23 why are you so mad on the blog?? Because the Miami Heat are a joke and everyone is doggin them. They asked for this. ANYONE OUT THERE remember Lequeen saying he’s going to remember all the shyt said about him. Is this how he was going to respond?? LOL HEAT=OVERRATED/UNDERSIZED/NO BENCH lol

  154. DOWNFALL says:

    cleveland will definitely beat miami in their first game. They are so vulnearable, any team can beat miami because miami is too lazy (rebounding, blocking, defending), no efforts at all. no offensive plays. there’s still time to fix problems but it’s too difficult. wake up miami! – pat riley > what do you have in mind now? “miscalculated everything”. i think varejao is a better player than chris bosh in terms of rebounding, assisting, hassling, defending, taking charges, etc. chris can only shoot but doesn’t have efforts. if only cleveland fired coach brown before james contract expired then cleveland will still be on the top teams in eastern conference right now and has a chance to win a championship with their new signed coach. coach brown didn’t use the right tools that’s why cleveland messed up during their game with boston celtics. lets just wait and see on what will happen with the miami heat. goodluck

  155. jwy of Singapore says:

    RASHEED WALLACE pls add to the line-up
    please get out from retirement

  156. demented says:

    Im just happy the proposed trade for bosh to the lakers never materialized… that would have been a dumb moved

  157. mrkeyman67 says:

    Sorry Erik you’re gonna get the boot! there’s a saying in the NBA that players win games coaches lose game. Mr. Spoelstra is the odd man out too bad he is coaching 3 egos out there. But it’s too early to say, but if the heat can solve the problem earlier i spoke too soon.

  158. Erik Spoelstra says:

    problem’ not the coach nor the system…

    it’s the 3 EGOS not listening to me!

    they gotta respect me you know!

  159. ZachBlank says:

    Im not hating or anything. I am a Celtics fan. Always been one.
    When Miami did there signing in the offseason. I new that wasnt going to win anything.
    They filled there roster with tired our players that havent had a prime.

    Eddie House
    Juwan Howard
    Mike Miller
    Big Z – remember. he was gonna retire after last season. But Lebron insist that he would come back

    I really do not kno whats with the whole ” mike miller needs to be healthy for the heat to be good.” Mike did alot in Memphis but when he went to Washington He got hurt. and he wasnt a keeper.
    Haslem is getting older. People cant rely on him.
    Miami is a team that has some great players But no role. They have no chemistry. They have no experience in working together.. Boston had there big 3 assembled. They won. No doubts. I remember they were winning, and people said they were winning bcuz they had an easy schedule. But yet.. they still won it

    My opinion and could be a fact. Miami might not even go to the players. Indiana and New York are improving, and watch out for Charlotte. They will do something.

    • TJ says:

      The reson boston won because when they got there they had doc. The heat had Spoelstr. it makes me sad that bron left us but he should had done something smarter go to the lakers. They would gladly paid him 16mil a year like miami and i think artest would be better come in off the bench but what i cant stand is all these haters. Like really guys show some respect for what he has done in his career oh wait i forgot hes done NOTHIN

  160. Big Bill says:

    I’ll be honest and say that I don’t like Lebron. But I still think that, given time (maybe a season or so) and a couple more pieces, this Miami team should win multiple championships.
    What I CAN’T STAND though is them being all surprised at the media attention, and that their opponents play hard against them. What the hell did they expect?? I cannot respect any player or team that act like it’s their god given right to win titles, get favourable calls and have fans worshipping them. YUCK!

  161. IspeakTheTru says:

    I honestly think that the Lebron and Wade mash-up was a mistake. It looks great on paper, but they don’t compliment each other at all. The team looks confused at the end of the fourth quarter beause they don’t know to go with Lebron or Wade (it should be wade in my opinion). From this point on, if they continue on this downward spiral, you will hear about locker room problems between players. The first choice for Lebron should have been the Knicks. They would have been mentioned with Boston as the best team in the Eastern Conference. Lebron and Amare would be a formidable duo. The Knicks have had surprisingly good results from its bench. Lebron and the Heat need to get more focused. They need to use their strength which is the open court. They also need Bosh to come into his game. Yet again, it is only the beginning of the season so they can still turn things around and become an elite team.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      yep shoulda stayed in cleveland or went to NYC or NJ…..straight up

      • nba says:

        I think miami will be a good team.Its just matter of time.Once they learn to play with each other they will be unstoppable.All the players in good teams in this league are together for some years.

  162. Olivier says:

    the heat should have picked up allen iverson

  163. pokha says:

    i believe the problem with the miami heat is summed up with two words…LeBron James! i believe he has a low basketball iq. to me it seems the heat play better when he is not in the game.

  164. Charles Barkely says:

    Mark “mad dog” Manson: 2

    lebron james: 0

    mark madson is in the top 10 of all time…. you heard it here first!

  165. Russ says:

    You gotta be a finisher. Kobe is. D Wade might be. We will see if D Wade can drag the others along to the finals. Lebron should have signed for the league minimum and played for the Lakers anyone on that team could teach him to be a winner. Kobe may not have the youth or talent of Lebron but I would never ever bet against Kobe, not even if he broke his arm because Kobe is a winner and more importantly he is a finisher.

    • FRANCISCO says:

      kobe is a lucky and overrated player who shoots only 45.3% in his career

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        francisco shut the hell up, if u wanna talk overrated lets talk BOSH …lets talk LEBRON….Kobe shoots 45% percent and look at all his shots, MIDRANGE JUMPERS, that are always highly contested. KObe is clutch, has an excellent midrange game, can shoot the 3ball, an overlooked good passer, good defender..Kobe is just an all-around great player, closest thing to post-mj so stop hating

        Kobe has improved year to year since he came into the league….Lebron HASNT! he isnt clutch at all….not a good jumpshooter (it is better but not consistent), not a good 3 point shot, NO POSTGAME at all (which is sad for his size and strength), and yea he has a career 50% fgp, but look at all his shots, ALL DUNKS OR LAYUPS, Lebron is at his best when he is running full steam to the basket to get a foul call…put defence on him and he cant even get nothing going just like in the playoffs lastyear against Celtics

      • LEGEND23 says:


      • MJBethancourt says:

        Kobe is over-rated, especially in his own mind, but he is definitely a winner and a closer. He has the same intense killer instinct of all the other true champions. As a Suns fan, it was fun bouncing him from the playoffs every year before they got Gasol, but with a good team around him Kobe is definitely a champ.

      • nba says:

        kobe is overrated, he takes so many shots,Thats the reason he is never league mvp after so many year. He will not reach west finals this year, spurs will kick them out.

      • TJ says:

        Laker 2011 stop right now. Kobe defending ha! the day that happens ill have a heart attack sure bron and bosh (especially bosh bosh is a jackasss) are overrated but so’s kobe think kobe has won titles with shaq and gasol you cant get much better big men than that. Im not as fan of either player (actually im surprised im helping bron im from cleveland and at the game ill personally rip his throat out) i actually like humbled player. But u need to stop helpin kobe have gasol as ur favorite not kobe. The only reason kobe not in jail for raping that girl is because hes so powerful. Imagine the judge puts kobe in jail he would be shot down c what i mean???

  166. moshe says:

    can all you guys here tell me the names of the players in miami?
    i think most of the peole know only three names lebron wade and bosh
    to win a nba title you need more names
    you see in the lakers i know
    blake and you guys expect miami to beat these guys?
    you must be kidding
    i am not sure they are going to make it to the playoffs

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      they’ll make the playoffs….maybe like fifth seed, and thats only because they are in the weak east. Let them had been out west they would either be out or fighting badly for the eighth spot….the team is garbage people im sorry

      • TJ says:

        Who put crack in ur cereal. Like really come on man dont b that retarted im sure u have a brain in that hollow head. The heat sure as hell wont win the nba championship or even get to the eastern conference final but f’in fifth seed come on man and whats this about the west being better i’ll bet u the east will win the match up in the all star game oh and one more thing watch a game of basketball so u know how it runs not just hearing it from some HEaters!!!!

  167. thegreatest says:

    Overrrated…..I was just wondering if the owner of the restaurant who swore and promised that he will give free drinks when the miami heat loses still in business?????

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:


      • Law064 says:

        LOL @ the Greatest I bet that idiot is bankrupt now lol What a pathetic A**Hole to predict some crap like that and they lost the 1st game of the season. can anyone say Overrated lol big 3 give me a f**in break. Get rid of Lechoke and that puddin Bosh and get a bench and role players!!!! Give the coach a break if the big 3 can’t follow instructions (Gameplan) how can you blame the coach

  168. LAKERS79 says:

    How about spending less money on a lazer show and a smoke show, a put some money in their bench. Lakers and Celtics have deep benches, and when playoffs come around its all about the team play. Heat have no options but to get as far as they can in the playoffs and rebuild their roster for next year.

  169. Denise says:

    The Big 3 made themselves targets by joining forces as they did and parading around as though they were the
    Champions and issuing threats of how bad they are (not how bad they are playing now). Players will not say out loud how they feel but you can tell how they feel when they play against the Heat. It may not be right but when players do what teams have always done a lot of folks get angry, no, they get downright mad. The Heat will get better its just a matter of when.

  170. MEMPHIS says:

    i think they have a problem ————————


  171. medula says:

    Does anyone think that this team is going to get through the east coast finals if they make it in the first place? They should not only be ashamed, embarrassed and disgusted, but maybe they should get a little angry, so they can get some motivation to follow and game plan and win some games. Everyone keeps saying its early, but soon, we are going to be at 20 games and a quarter of the way through the season! I personally don’t think they are going to get through a healthy Celtic team, the Knicks, Bulls with Boozer back playing, I bet, they would do better without Lebron, they had a better season last year. Kind of feel bad for Bosh and Wade, I think they had a real chance, but Lebron was one piece too many and screwed up the chemistry.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Yes bro, im feeling your comment. I was saying the same thing, I thought DWade wth Bosh was a perfect combo and the 100m spent on Lebron coulda been used to get quality guys around them. And Lebron woulda did better just staying in Cleveland or even going to NJ or NYC. Like i kno Riley wanted to prove somethng by getting these three on one team, but what good is that if they cant play together and have no pieces to put around them???


      REAL TALK!

      • Chris says:

        If LeBron could put his ego away for a while and play for the team, not for himself, then Miami would benefit greatly. For me, I think there are too many players who like to dominate the basketball. LeBron has the ball in his hands almost more than a point guard and he’s supposed to be a forward? The main problem is that their point guards (Arroyo and Chalmers) don’t want to step on anyone’s toes. The point guard is meant to be the distributer, not the small forward. And I somehow doubt that shifting Wade to point guard would help either.

        I agree that Miami should have been happy with getting Bosh. Wade doesn’t have the game he did last year because he can’t hold the ball as much as he did last season. I’d rather have a solid roster than decimate it in order to get a superstar. However, I still think Miami will improve as the season goes by. For all we know they could sneak into the Playoffs in 7th or 8th and knock off a big team in the first round.

  172. medula says:

    Maybe we should through the coaching staff in to play, common guys, these are suppossed to be superstars! Phil Jackson doesn’t even coach Kobe, Fisher and Gasol anymore. The excuse that these guys need time to adjust is BS, they should have showed up to practice over the summer and figured it all out, but instead, they boasted about how great they were going to be and it shows on he court, there is no TEAM, they are just playin an individual game cause their egos are too big. If they are going to keep using excuses like the loss of Haslem, and Wade’s wrist, and tonight bosch’s back, they are going to run out of excuses before everyone figures them out. Loved watching those overated suckers loosing to the Grizzlies, Pacers and currently to the Magic in about 1 minute.

    • mikelew says:

      I am feelin yo logic. so many excuses for this “superteam”. does “spo” have to reteach dese lames how to score? after all these yrs prince james still has no midrange game, d-wade can’t shoot either, and bosh can shoot, but they need him 2 be a power forward. rite now Kobe is takin a dump on all dese clowns, and queen james’ loyal following

      • A-TIME SAYS says:





    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      I loving this, you are right! All summer they just played around, having concerts and parades instead of getting their game together tryng to figure it out before TRAINING CAMP…..they will continue to make excuse after excuse instead of coming clean and saying “we are a bad team”

      and this is for that guy A-TIME, dude now u jus making excuses, for the last three years THE LAKERS has had a questionable bench or no bench at all, this year we finally have a good reliable bench, ODOM is finally playing the way he shoulda been because he used to be inconsistent all the time….so for the last three years with a questionabe bench we still been to three finals with two championships

      And ok, our bench in those times werent as bad as MIA is now, but every year u heard the analysist talk about our bench …having to either have Kobe or Gasol in there with the reserves, so just stop the excuses for these THREE SUPERSTARS, they just cant play together, face it

    • MJBethancourt says:

      LeBron has given nothing but excuses for 7 years, why should he change now?

  173. tara says:

    Why don’t the refs just put on Maimi Heat jerseys. They are obviously biased toward Maimi. It almost seems as though the league wants to make sure that their BIG 3 make it all the way regardless of whatever bad or non calls they have to make. Why is it that cry baby LeBron never gets a technical call? Its absolutely amazing. I know LeBron is a good player, you can’t take that away from him, but come on peopple. Enlough is enough. And it doesn’t matter what team they are playing. Let another player make a face and they get a technical, but LeBron can cry and plead AND make faces and not get called on it. It is just a shame.

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      yea ive also noticed they dont hit him with any techs….but in the game last night they were callin fouls on him….he had like 3 or 4

    • MJBethancourt says:

      I’ve never seen a team shoot so many free-throws when guys are not even being touched… and I’ve seen a lot of Laker games.

      It’s disgusting.

  174. wellduh says:

    What did you seriously expect from these guys?

    They played together on the Olympic team where they didn’t have to do any hard work and rolled over largely easy competition. Not being the sharpest tools in the shed, they thought teaming up in the NBA would work the same way. They’re still playing like they did in the Olympics and are getting exactly the results you’d expect in a far more competitive league.

    Nothing’s going to change until you trade at least one of them and get cap space to start building a real contender with the two pieces you keep.

    • A-TIME SAYS says:


    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      exactly, finally somebody who is smart, thats what i been saying…..thats the only way they will be good, get rid of one of them to free up 100m and spend that on QUALITY role players, not old washups…

      • LEGEND23 says:

        Whats funny too is that Bosh is sooo bad huh?…he just got 3 20 10 games in a row..and 21 and 6 last night. Yea Bosh is just **it aint he?..LOL…You guys are so blinded by HATE its pitiful.

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        Ima say this for the last time Legend, i aint hating….

        And for one, I say keep Bosh, let go of Lebron….but i doubt the heat would do that seeing as Lebron is younger than wade and could last longer, and they wont get rid of wade because he has been the face of the franchise for the last 7 years

        But i just think James should go, and thats not hate, lets look at it…you dont want two people on your team who play the same type of game, not in the starting lineup anyway, but you cant make wade or james a bench player because thats just not logically sane. I just think with Wade and Bosh you have kind of a similar one-two punch like Kobe and Gasol…then with lebron gone that 100m will bring you good role players and a decent bench.

        Like come on Legend you keep saying im hating im just saying what i think would work, because James and Wade are both slashers and attackers, neither really have a threating jumpshot, and thats why they lose games. when the defence locks down on them in the halfcourt set they cant penetrate and end up shooting jumpshots, they cant win games with James or Wade shooting jumpshots, thats not there game. They can win alot if they RUN like the old Showtime Lakers, nobody cant stop them if they run out in the open court, doing half court sets will limit them if they keep James

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Agree 100%. They thought they could just show up and play pick-up ball and win. The NBA is much more competitive than that. They are performing as badly as I expected them to.

  175. Des love the Miami heat says:

    Ok i read what you all have to say..but the real issue is not the players its the coach and that system he is running ITS NOT WORKING! either Fire! the coach or somebody tell him that it doesn’t work. An why would the Heat get someone so young to coach those three they need someone old that can mentor them not a young guy. Young guy’s need young players, old vet’s need old players to mentor them Philly Jackson, ie Rick Pitino, John Calipari, Mike Montgomery, Tim Floyd PLEASE can someone stop the bleeding?

    Looking for help,

    Miami Heat fan

    • Law064 says:

      @ Legend23 it will take the Heat 5 years to get a ring bonehead. The season is 82 games and they’ll be lucky to be 500 before the season ends. Legend23 is such a crybaby. lol HEAT SUCK yes they are OVERRATED HOMO. Get real and stop holding they NUTS you Sissy!!!

  176. goeheat says:

    get on the floor erick dampier ,ilgaskuas sucks

    • Law064 says:

      @So True lmao!!! @ Legend23 stop holding the overrated heat NUTS!!! They are not going anywhere yeah they’ll be laughing this off season because they will be watching a comedy show. Big 3 lol more like 3 stooges. Not the Classic Moe Larry and Curly. Like 2 Joe’s and Larry. What a bunch of LOSERS lol… Who’s scared only Miami should be scared they are done fool just get over it. Legend 23 is very upset he’s a band wagon cock hopper. Jump on another teams cock now you jag off!!!! The heat are not what the Media thought plain & simple. People are commenting and have they own opinions it’s not Hate Idiot!!!

      • LEGEND23 says:


        YOU are the jagoff. Overrated you say right? Yea because tell me how long the season is? Is it 15 games or is it 82? I dont think you know since your just a hater. Your young and immature, talkin about the 3 stooges. ANYONE that jumps to conclusions after 15 games just proves your hatin. Good job provin how insecure you are about their talent and how your team will have no chance of winning with them around for the next 5 years.

      • MJBethancourt says:

        Yeah, right, Legend…
        Only 15 games, and they’ve already lost more than you thought they were going to lose in 5 whole seasons.

  177. KingCobra25 says:

    THE BIG 3 are a good team. Some pieces to the puzzle that are good for this team if fire coach spo because he is acting like a rookie coach right now. Also they should get a better point guard such as steve nash or maybe a better center like trading for marc gasol.

    • spo? says:

      He’s not the problem lol. It’s about the players, if they give effort, they can do it. A superstar trio doesn’t really need to have a star PG, but clearly, this ‘Big 3’ does

      • A-TIME SAYS says:


    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      KIngCorba y do u think its that ez….yea we all know what they need, dont mean they going to get it… talking bout steve nash? uhhhhhh how they going pay him, do u not realize those 3 take up over 300m in payroll, they cant afford no nash, and then u say Marc Gasol, another impossble, Grizzlies arent giving up their future….

      Before u speak know what you talking about…the heat are in a whole, they gotta trade one of the of the big three, to free up 100m to spend on some quality guy…

      • LEGEND23 says:

        You just WANT them to trade 1 of the big 3 before their scary potential comes to fruition. Dude all you do is hate in here..a frkn troll man. You’re not even a Heat fan at all, and just come in here to keep commenting on anything anybody says good about the Heat. YOU are RIDICULOUS. You’ve spent SO much time in here, just bringing down the Heat. Not even 1 or 2 comments. You’ve been LIVING in here making 10’s of comments about a team you Hate. Thanks for showing how good you think they will be. Haters have to keep talkin em down to feel better cause your scared. LOL


      • So True says:

        Heat will laugh last cause all other teams has laughed first. Meaning Heat is the last one to have any laugh at all…LMBFA

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Sure, maybe Spoelstra is in over his head trying to manage the egos of three superstars. But for all we know, they just might be unmanageable, period. Phil Jackson is supposed to be the master of managing superstar egos, and even he came to a point where he just couldn’t do it anymore with Kobe and Shaq. Miami has a problem with the “Big 3” being perhaps bigger than the whole Heat organization, and so any drama relating to those 3, is going to outweigh and overwhelm the concerns of the team as a whole. Making LeBron and Wade happy will quickly become more important than winning games… just like making LeBron happy became too important in Cleveland.

  178. Afemo says:

    I dont have probs with the big 3,their prob is lack of chemistry and the real inside basketball.
    It would take them more than a season-long to contend with the dangerous Celtics,thats not even realizable this season in the east.
    I still tip LA-Celtics for the finals.
    Good luck Miami.

  179. joyintheeast says:

    I really cannot say that I am an avid fan of any NBA team although I have always considered myself a Laker fan. I just don’t get it why the game has “psychologically” changed from a “TEAM” sport to something less of a Broadway production about who can score the more and who can bring in more records. Forgive me if I cannot possibly cite stats or records but the wonderful game of basketball is supposed to be the harmonious blending of individual raw talent and refined skills into a cohesive force on the floor. This is perhaps one reason why I simply do not believe the Miami Heat are any closer to those teams who know the real essence of “TEAMWORK”. Sure, they have Wade, James, and Bosh… but since when did professional basketball became a 3-man team event? And I simply cannot recall ever having street basketball as a legitimate sport. I come from Asia where basketball may not be as great as that in the NBA.

    All the great teams, although you can readily single out outstanding players in their rosters, always played as a TEAM.

  180. Robert Cradill says:

    Miami has good pieces on the perimeter. Down low they have basically nothing. Haslem is better off starting, but he is injured. Bosh doesn’t have that dennis rodman type intensity that the heat desperately need. Also if they think adding erick dampier is going to help them go against the dwight howards, pau gasols, and kevin garnetts of the league, then they are sadly mistaken. They’re only chance is to run and gun much like phoenix, but as history says you cant win championships with running and gunning, and without rebounding. Just ask the heat gm pat riley, “No rebounds, no rings”.

  181. Berlin4life says:

    Whos regretting not having tried Allen Iverson on a non-guaranteed contract now?
    Still twice as good as whoever plays #1 now.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Just what the Heat need… another ball-hog who never could get a team over the top.

      Iverson has no game left. There’s a reason why he isn’t in the league anymore.

  182. ryan D says:

    medula is a joke he doesn’t even know what’s he’s saying! get out of here!

  183. Juncast says:

    Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why?Why? Now we’re talking about the danger of not winning the championship with Udonis Haslem out of injury. Think of the Summer Free Agency, Nobody gave a thought of not winning the championship with the arrival of the big three. C’mon, Big three are here to bring the championship to the South Beach. ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!ha!.LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL! LOL!

  184. Victor says:

    miami heat need a better point guard and center

    • Nick says:

      They should trade Bosh for Bynum like the Raptors were going to do at 1 stage. That would suit both teams

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        hell nah, u crazy…..y u think LA didnt do it the first time because they knew Bosh aint as good as people were thinking. Bynum is a TRUE CENTER, and we need him alongside Gasol, Yes the trade would help MIA, but hurt us Lakers….Gasol doesnt like playng center and he would have to if Bosh came over, and unlike Bynum Bosh cant play center because he doesnt like banging….he just want to shoot fadeaways

      • MJBethancourt says:

        Sure, trade a 20-10 softy for a walking injury with a pea-brain. That would really help both teams.

        Look, I realize the Lakers are champions, but that doesn’t mean Bynum is anything close to all-star talent. They win in spite of him, not becuase of him. For crying out loud, he got punked by that offensive zero Robin Lopez. Typical Lakers fans, thinking everybody on your roster is an all-star.

  185. maestre says:

    All the pieces are there. Is just make the rights moves. Miami have excellent players ,The problem is not the center neither the point gard neither the big 3. lets wait , Pat knows what to do.

  186. medula says:

    Miami Heat are a bunch of losers and always will be.They were better off without Lebron, he chokes every night like he did with the Cavs, Thats why he never made it to the finals! I don’t care what team he is on, he just brings them down by just giving up on his team if its not going his way. They will never get through the Knicks, Bulls, Celtics, Hornets, Spurs, Jazz and never never ever get through the Lakers! MVP my foot, Lebron shouldn’t even be mentioned in the same sentence with the great players.

    • alex says:

      medula, u dont know anything bout basketball, LEbron did make it to the NBA FINALS VS San Antonio SPURS,, they got swept but he took the cavs there all alone without mo williams, dleonte west, shaq, jamison, hickson, moon, he took the cavs with an average team to the finals! mvp 2 times my foot!!!

      but i think lebron should have stayed in cleveland, that was HIS team, he should have been more patient

      • Kenny says:

        lol alex he did it without ‘mo williams, dleonte west, shaq, jamison, hickson, moon’ and failed 0-4, and cried for mo williams and delonte west and shaq, and still failed, and then joined dwayne and bosh…. and is still failing.
        at least you realize he should’ve stayed at clev. but the whole ‘he did that alone’-thing.. common man, if anything, lets forget that one
        and i dont think he deserves MVP. kevin durant deserves it much more than lebron does

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        Lebron shouldnt be menitioned with other greats, ur right, he is very athletic and has a strong body with unmarkable skill……but he hasnt developed none all seven years, has no POSTGAME, like my man Kobe…..jumpshoot got better from his rookie days but he is more like a volume shooter, he only starts hitting em if he starts getting layups and dunks. He shoulda stayed in cleveland, had a better squad and they woulda eventually got some other guy to get them bak in the finals…..forreal any other team he went to woulda did better than MIA, i guess he just wanted to be in that warm weather with all those beautiful women he can snatch up after home games lol

    • check yo stats says:

      yo medula what you talking about man, lebron made it to the finals one time, sure he got sweeped but just sayin man he did make it one time

  187. gordo cholo says:

    ya’ll should blame pat riley. he wasred alootta money on guys who cant even play better. the heat deserve this punishment. signin players like marbury is worth their while. hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahah

  188. LOL HEAT IS A BUST says:

    So much for BIG 3!!!!!!!BAHAHAHAHA and to all those people who say ‘ lets get Nash/Dwight/CP3’ can take in my family jewelzzzzz someone need to slap them in the face HARD!

  189. UD-WADE says:

    Dampier can rebound and provide big body on the deffensive end. For me i think the Heat must hang on with that, Be faster, try something diffenrent than pick and rolls, hope for a quick return for UD and please… next year if Greg Oden is free, the have to do everything possible to lock him down. The real problem is a real presence inside both on offensive and defensive end.

    • alex says:

      why would miami want Greg Oden??

      he lives his basketball life injured, he got bad luck in his career, hes good, but with bad health luck

      • Nick says:

        He would definitely be worth a shot for less than Mid level exception, as no-one better will be available

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Sure, bring on Oden… pay a bunch of money for a guy whos career is pretty much already ended from injuries. The man is something called an “acromegalic”, a person with an endocrine system disease that makes them very tall, but with a fragile, defective skeleton. He has one leg longer than the other, he breaks bones walking from his couch to his bedroom. I feel really bad for him, because it means he probably won’t live very long, either.

  190. anonymous says:

    I still trust their system they just don’t have the right pieces but they should play Chalmers, Howard, and Pittman ASAP and give more time to them.

    Miami Heat still have a surprise point guard player and that’s Bill Russell, John Stockton, Steve Nash (he can be a good coach in a team in the near future), no I mean Erik Spoelstra himself. (Even MJ played again out of retirement to join his Washington Wizards team)
    How about the coach play the point guard position. He’s only 40 years old anyway, so he can still play and the good news in the NBA.

    He can average 5-10 minutes/game, most notably he would enter only during 4th quarter, the crucial part of the game. This would convince the big three to play well than they were hyped for.

    • Nick says:

      You on drugs?

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      i agree with Nick, wtf are u talkin about ….surprise point guard Bill Russel, Stockon, Nash??? wtf..lmaoooooo

      • MJBethancourt says:

        A player-coach gimmick is definitely not the answer.

        Stockton and Nash have never been player-coaches, and Russell did not play PG as a player-coach. I think you might mean Lenny Wilkens.

  191. RUBEN says:

    HEAT IS SOOOOOOOO OVERATED!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! PERIOD

  192. HEater says:

    they dont want to play the coach

  193. HEater says:

    heat sucks

  194. Michael says:

    I still think Miami should convince Rasheed Wallace out of retirement.

    Aside from not having to pay him much, Miami could used his presence in the paint as he proved during the ’10 Finals; he be the strong interior presence that Bosh hasn’t been.

    I think with the leadership of James and Wade, the Heat could curtail his technicals.

    • Champkobe says:

      Wallace would only cause more problems for the heat…like bosh and illgauskus, hes a jump shooter from the outside and wont do much damage in the interior. hes not a solid rebounder either

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Rasheed is a fossil now, it’s too late for that. Adding an out-of-shape tall shooter is not going to save the Heat.

  195. LAKERS BABY says:

    I agree with Zzanzabar, the heat need to run the ball faster. They definitely got the speed with lebron and wade. I disagree with bosh though, he isn’t the force everybody expected to be. Maybe he’ll find his stroke further in the season but until then they need to figure out how they’re gonna fill in the void in the middle. I don’t think Dampier will make a big difference but he’ll at least fill in a small part of the gap Haslem created.

    They need to play different if they still wanna win a championship this year. ( Which I think they won’t )

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      they wont be winning anything, maybe 2-3 years down the road…..theey gotta get better role players and bench squad before they can even think about getting in the finals….and if somehow they go to the finals, the Lakers would embaress them

      • Andre says:

        Lakers will probably be too old in 3 years.

        When they signed Lebron and Bosh I thought it would take 1 or 2 years for them to find their way to winning.

        They need some tough guy at Center. Anyone who can only play defense. They’ll have to rely on mid-level exception, what’s enough to get some guy like Chandler. Bosh just can’t do the dirty work and can’t guard no one.

  196. jov says:

    To me, heat’s big 3 are playing like out of sync, not buying spo’s system. All the size and pg weakness are not that much of a problem unless its playoff time. They can counter that weakness by playing faster, run more. and nobody wants to do the dirty work; getting the loose balls – cleaning the glass etc etc. errrr just plain laziness?? After making a tv show bout where to their talent and declaring championships not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6 not 7 even before the season began they are surprise people try to play hard against them all the media is on them.

    • lol says:

      lol, seriously? not having a PG is what makes them unable to do those running and sh**.
      But I do agree with the loose balls and stuff, but that’s not the coach’s fault, it’s the players *cough* lebron *cough*.
      We all know he’s a quitter(I’m not a hater, but facts are facts), but he SHOULD show up in Miami, that’s the reason he went there. But maybe he wants a championship w/o doing anything. :))

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        LOL yea Lebron aint showing his CLEVELAND self, and just dominating the game…..and yea I thought he came to Miami to win….well he would’ve done much better still in CLEVELAND, or in NYC with Amare, or even NJ with a good point guard in D-HARRIS and center with B-LOPEZ

  197. Zzanzabar says:

    What’s the beef? Miami has a team built for fantastic speed and they are walking the ball up the court. The have a muscle car engine in a compact car for Christ sakes! Just go out on the court and flat out run the other team into the ground.

    Can anyone say ‘South Beach Showtime?’ They have all the pieces (including a coach that invented it). Lebron in Magic’s spot, Wade for Scot, and Bosh for Kareem (ok, ok, Bosh is NO Jabbar by any stretch but he could fill the role somewhat). Right now Miami is missing too many pieces to yet be a real force, but since they are in the Eastern Conference, them making the playoffs is almost assured. They would be in real trouble in the West.

    • Champkobe says:

      Then who would be in worthy’s position? Im pretty sure that kareem and worthy gets over twice the amount of rebounds bosh and whoever else does. and by all means, Lebron is NOWHERE near Magic.

    • WsuTFBBQ says:

      ARE you mad?! LeBron is MAGIC?!?! what have you been smoking?!?! LeBron’s a beast in terms of scoring but he’s NO WHERE near Magic in terms of being a magician with the ball. As for Bosh, he’s not even good enough to wipe Kareem’s shoes in his prime.

      • TJ says:

        u r so stupid its funny. Lebron can do just about everything except walk on water. I dont give a **** about this 3-peat buisness what i think the big picture really is the east with boston. and orlando then the west with the lakers. The heat need to stop focusing on offense and defend. THey really need to use lebrons speed and size. Lebron is the best and most talented ,at his sport, athlete. They need to use Bron and Dwade diferently. Spoelstra is letting do whatever. What they need to do is try to trade for a garbage man someone who clears the boards.

    • Kenny says:

      YIKES … not only lebron is nowhere near magic, i am PERSONALLY insulted for kareem-bosh comparison… LMAO r u f serious?

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Riley is not going to come down and coach…..I think he could make them a bit better yes because he is a much better coach but he sees the team has sooo many holes, and if he couldnt fix the team THAT WOULD LOOK SO BAD ON HIM

      They cant be no “SHOWTIME MIAMI” because they dont have ANY good role players honestly …..these guys take up 327 million salary, who else is u going to pay????

    • MJBethancourt says:

      The “Showtime Lakers” had a brilliant point-man who knew how to run a team and could win MVP averaging 15 points because it wasn’t about stats. The Heat have two ball-hog point-men who can pile up stats without helping their team win. Those two teams have almost nothing in common.

  198. heat fan Jvas says:

    I think with the Haslem injury the heat are more vulnerable in the paint than they think. Chris Bosh or Zyndrunas Ilgauskas are both shooter from outside the paint and do not have the dominance inside to be able to win a championship. For Magloire and Howard they are both at their end of their careers and are not championship contenders. The heat needs a big presence in the inside. Also, the heat needs a point guard, since they are not using Wade or Lebron in that position they need someone that can make plays and distribute the ball. I’m thinking maybe Nash?

    • MiamiHate says:

      Sure, why not Steve Nash … maybe add Kobe, Derrick Rose, and Dwight Howard whileyou are at it.

      Get real, all Miami has is a handful of nickels left to pay any player.

      • MJBethancourt says:

        No kidding, MiamiHate… the fantasy-basketball mentality got them into this mess, it isn’t going to get them out.

    • LOL HEAT IS A BUST says:

      I swear someone needs to slap you in the face

    • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

      Yea u made me laugh at this, NO WAY they can afford Nash, and Nash aint taking no paycut……get REAL, they just going to struggle and be like fifth in the league, getting about 45 wins

    • LEGEND23 says:

      YOU HATERS make US laugh. WHY? Gee IDK, probably because its absolutely INSANE to think that these 3 players will NEVER win. Because thats what MOST of you think. Your so naive that you take a sample of 15 games and say “whelp thats it, they are NEVER gonna be any good”. HAHA. How ridiculously LAME and DUMB. You want them to LOSE so bad, you cant give them ANY time at all. THATS whats funny. You HATE them because you are absolutely SCARED of what these guys can and WILL become. You just HOPE THAT IT DOESN’T COME TO FRUITION. You HOPE they disband BEFORE they become great.

      Of course you would hate either way too! LOL. If they were 14 and 1 or 13 and 2 right now, the haters would STILL be out on them sayin F Bron he cant play he had to go to south beach. You KNOW you would. Of course they can’t win either way with you HATERS around that are SCARED. But so instead of bein real about it, you choose to HATE. The HATE covers up your insecurities about your favorite teams chances of a title for the ENTIRE NEXT 5 YEARS. Guess what again?


      • MJBethancourt says:

        Sounds like you just took your canned Obama-defense speech and pasted in the Heat instead.
        It took less than 15 games to see the irreconcilable weaknesses of the Heat roster: no depth, no defense, no toughness or rebounding, no presence in the middle, no outside-shooting, no balance, two out-of-position point-men who can’t share the ball, a glory-hog who can’t make the big shots he insists on taking.

        This is a flawed roster, period. LeBron had better title chances in Cleveland.

        The last laugh will be on LeBron and the Heat.

      • Chris says:

        All I have to say is Dallas and Indiana, haha.

      • MJ234Life says:


        Your just another hater go troll on somethin else lol

  199. Jeff says:

    how about they sign stephon marbury? HAHAHA

    • LEGEND23 says:

      As USUAL ALL the HATERS come out again. You guys make real fans SICK. But thats cool, kick em while they down people, cause GUESS WHAT?



      • Emilio says:

        That reply actually has me laughing right about now LOLMFBAAO

      • LAKERS 2011 - 3PEAT says:

        dude are u just blind? wake the f up….your team is bad, and I dont kno y u ppl thought having Bosh and James go with Wade would just be an instant champonhip…..they aint playing 3 on 3 basketball

      • A fan says:

        The real non-factor here is D-WADE.

        He can’t play with another superstar on the same team period.

      • keitho says:

        the heat are a joke right now and these suposed superstars are nothing together, they won’t even make the east championship with the way they’re playing let alone win any championships

    • jwy of Singapore says:

      RASHEED WALLACE Please Play for Miami Heat
      please get out from retirement let’s go Rasheed

    • CHRIS says:

      even, they can try drop a line to turkey see wats up with AI

    • CelticsGreeat says:

      Marbury is taking a year off from basketball. He’s inclined to sign with the Celtics after the season though, so I heard. 😀