All The Right Moves

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — For the longest time, going all the way back to middle of summer, we weren’t sure what it was Chris Paul was looking for.

We heard the rumors. Then we heard from him, dispelling the rumors. And then came the sit down meeting with the Hornets’ brass and word that everything was good.

But we still had no idea what it was CP3 wanted.

Then the season started and everything cleared up. The Hornets rolled to the best start in the league and went about their business like the summer and all the drama had never happened.

We see it now. Chris Paul wants his crown back, the one Deron Williams, Rajon Rondo, Steve Nash, Derrick Rose and several others have tried on in his absence from the throne as the NBA’s top point guard.

Even better, Paul is going about getting it back the ol’ fashioned way, he’s going to earn it back. It always helps when the organization has your back. And the Hornets are making all the right moves these days.

Their weekend trade — Toronto sent Jarrett Jack, David Andersen and Marcus Banks to New Orleans for Peja Stojakovic and Jerryd Bayless — is just the latest master stroke of new GM Dell Demps, who knows a thing or two about building a winner after working in San Antonio prior to taking over the Hornets in the summer.

(The Nuggets might want to take notes or at least call Demps for some pointers, what with Carmelo Anthony‘s name being mentioned more prominently than Paul’s in nearly every trade rumors since draft night.)

The message the Hornets are sending is as simple as it is impressive. If you want to keep your superstar happy and in the fold, don’t just talk about it, act like it!

The Hornets have not only reshaped the roster and shown Paul that they can put the winning pieces around him, they’ve also slid out from under the looming guillotine of the luxury tax, proving that you can be proactive and tax-minded at the same time (while retaining just enough usable assets to make more moves, if need be, in the coming months).

Think about all the work the Hornets have done since summer, all of the new faces that have been added and all of the dead weight tossed overboard. It’s a rather remarkable makeover on the go when you sit back and admire the changes. And they’ve used a splendid mix of old and new to run off this 11-1 start, which is a product of the approach of coach Monty Williams (the defensive-minded Hornets have allowed just one opponent to score 100 point so far).

David West and Emeka Okafor are playing fantastic basketball right now, as the top-flight recipients of Paul’s assists tend to do. But raise your hand if you knew where Marco Belinelli‘s played this time a year ago. Trevor Ariza, Willie Green and Jason Smith are all doing their part. And the additions of Jack and Andersen give the Hornets some much-needed depth.

With Jack in the backcourt rotation, he can play both spots, ensures that Paul’s minutes can be managed throughout the course of the season and the Hornets can continue their feel good story for the foreseeable future.

In the meantime, it might be time for someone to get Paul his crown back!


  1. thom says: and search for stats..CP3 is better than d-will..CP3 ranked 2nd in assist per game even he is out almost the whole season. you don’t choose point guard with its has always got to be assist.CP3 is great. great player when setting up his team.seeing the floor better than other point guards is his ups and speaking of defense.Chris Paul wouldn’t bee “man of steal” for nothing. D-will is good but not leveled with Paul.D-will is with Sloan and that is a factor.Chris is almost a head can even see what happen to Darren Collison last year when CP3 was out.He taught the young kid how to play in NBA.Darren is a talented guard but CP3 being by his side during his rookie year last season helped him to booster his improvement.

  2. okcfan says:

    enyone forgot d rose he carryies the bulls to the finals and imagen what he could do if bozzer stays healthy and im not saying he is now but what about russle westbrook in a couple of years he will have to be in the top 3 guards. he carried the thunder in two games when kd was out.

  3. Brother ?uestion says:

    So, in this trade, GM Dell Demps is the one who pulls the “masterstroke,” and yet, GM Bryan Colangelo pulled what? A blank?

  4. diehardNFFLbarnone says:

    I guess James and Bosh were high when they agreed to take sign and trades to go to ****AMI. They thought that by so doing, no one would be able to challenge them this season. KARMA is a ***** baby!

  5. Magic says:

    for the next 5 to 8 years clearly cp3 & d-will john wall can be there to but we need to see him this year rondo idk when kg pierce aand allen retires hes done he will not put the assist thats hes puting now

  6. MEH!! says:

    This is for Leo…

    Please don’t compare CP3 with MJ… Cp3 is 6’0 while MJ is what… 6’8??? CP3 plays PG, MJ plays SG/SF….
    You should try comparing lebron or Kobe with MJ… not CP3.

  7. MEH!! says:

    CP3 and D-Will seem to be on the same level for me… They both play very uniquely from each other.. Cp3 uses his speed and cleverness very well while D-Will uses his Outside shooting and size… They are both very phenomenal PGs probably the best for this generation. But for my OPINION on who is the better one… I’d say CP3… He has less but produces the same, if not more, numbers as D-Will or any other PG you want to mention. CP3 has been leading the league in assists and steals. Now with all the right moves New Orleans is making and the great coaching from Monty Williams the Hornets are back in shape.. Even Better! I do hope they’d be able to get Anthony during the off-season. That would make the Hornets an instant championship contender…. Now… regarding Rondo…. he’s overrated… too fancy…. he’s numbers wouldn’t even be that good w/o the big three draining those shots…. Meh… 😀

  8. thetruth says:

    so rondo is good becos of his supporting cast? then how come arroyo or chalmers or house doesnt avg 10+ assists per game? apparently they have the even bigger 3? doesnt matter how powerful a weapon u have if u dont know how to use it its useless. give respect.

    • Samman says:

      We’re saying rondo is a decent , average point guard. He can dribble , defend and dish out the ball to the aallllll the scorers on that boston roster (and us the attention they draw from defenses!!!!). Like everybody else is saying , if Rondo would be on another team (let’s say Cp3’s team , which is a good team , but way off from the guys the celtics have) he wouldn’t get near cp3’s stats , lets say he’d average 11 and 6-7 maybe? Add that rondo is a horrible shooter ( and no , i don’t think shooting the lights out in HORSE contest proves you can shoot…) and you clearly get the point that rondo is a decent PG , but not the likes of cp3 or D-will .

      If you want to counter me with the argument that rondo does what a PG should do and dishes the ball and does not look to score first : neither does CP3! It’s just a good thing that besides dishing out a monster load of assists, he also is able to score the ball. D-will is right there with him for the title of best PG , but my vote goes to cp3 , but I can understand other people fancying d-will more.

      Right after them comes Rose and Nash .

  9. wazzgood says:

    at ^ “B.O.B”……. u must be crazy to think rondo is better than CP3…..rondo has all these supporting cast and you have to realize these supporting cast made rondo……..and when you look at CP3, he had no help when he first started in the league, this guy is truly talented, he just needed motivation and belief and he found that now

  10. Ivo says:

    NBA’s Current Top 10 PG’s (imho):

    I think some of the top players are equally as good, some outright good by themselves, and that’s why i put some level pegging:

    1st = CP3, D-Will
    3rd – D-Rose
    4th = Nash, Rondo
    6th – Westbrook
    7th = Billups, Kidd
    9th = S.Curry, T.Evans

    (honorable mention: Jonny Flynn, Ty Lawson)

    Other thing to remember is, you put some of the guards from the lesser teams and reverse is true too .. and who knows? I’m gonna say if Celtics had CP3, D-Will, D-Rose or even Westbrook .. they would have been champs last season. Rondo is made to look good because of his All-Star cast and Big 3. Put Rondo in the place of any of the top 3 i named and tell me honestly if you think they gonna have as good winning record. CP3 and D-Will will make great teams into Championship Teams. You can put your money on that. D-Rose and Westbrook still have to become alround players like CP3 or D-Will before they make that conversation – but honestly they aren’t that far off.

  11. cp3fan says:

    look before this did any body no who marco belinelli was no , now look at the man this man is making double digets points not just 10-14 i mean 16 18 20. man come on

  12. Leo says:

    i agree cp3 is overrated when u compare him with the legend–MJ

  13. Al says:

    Demps you need to get the hornets some more size at the center position with ur next move. Then the hornets can compete with the lakers.

  14. Shandy says:

    Master stroke – I think it’s a good trade for both teams. Maybe CP3 can get Jack to actually share the ball without turning it over.

    There are still some classic true PG’s playing great ball – Nash Kidd Miller Billups

    Paul and perhaps Williams are clearly ahead of the next generation at this point (Rondo, Rose, Westbrook, Evans, Curry?!)

    I love watching the old ‘true’ PG’s play – Paul and Williams have those qualities in them.

  15. Coach AJ says:

    Whoa hold up to say that Rondo sucks because he plays with the ALLSTARS is not even fair. He was fortunate enough to be drafted by a great organization but he still goes out and outplays other PGs, not all, but most. Most other PGs couldn’t play with personalities like the Celtics and still be as successful. If so they wouldn’t have needed to draft him, period. You must really believe that all he has to do is pass them the ball and get assists, to believe that it is that easy. Get some knowledge first before you make that comment again. He hasn’t gone crazy with 3 now 4 dominate personalities around him, all asking him for the ball in their sweet spots. Now is he a better player than Paul or DWill, I don’t think so but, that doesn’t mean he sucks. There are probably 25 other teams that would love his services. It does come down to what you have on your team. CP3 has a defender at SG, so he needs to score same as DWill and Rose. Rose is more of a bullish guard like Westbrook, so you can do some different things with them that you can’t with Rondo. And for those that say he can’t score, did rondo not carry them through the playoffs last season. Its amazing how he has a poor jumpshot yet can still go and get 20 assists. If you play off him arent you playing 4 on 5, explain how anyone get open for those assists. IMO its:
    Paul – doesn’t have the greatest lineup
    DWill – again doesnt have the greatest lineup
    Nash – we are talking right now not the future
    Rose – just so athletic
    Westbrook – still learning PG
    Parker – somehow forgotten despite his scoring
    Kidd – now old reliable
    All must be unique for their team.

  16. FlyGuyFalcon says:

    Whats amazing to me is nobody is considering Tony Parker as one of the top 3 pg’s in league. He’s old but he still kills teams (sometimes on his own.) He is the only player I’ve seen in years that no matter who is on the floor (anyone can be injured) will still rack up assists and points like he was in the all-star game. I mean who even considered SPLITTER a factor on that team. The first time I even seriously looked at him was when Tony Parker made him look like a beast with some amazing passing against Cavs. I’m not saying he’s the best or that CP3 isint but Parker is at least top 3

  17. Brandon says:

    Okay Paul is definitly the best PG but why isint Tony parker in the list i mena the spurs have the best record in the leage
    and the way arker finishes fantastic

  18. Jao Romero says:

    take away Rondo’s teammates and Rondo will drop in assists. let’s see if ppl start talking about what a great pointguard he is if he is put on a team with bad shooters. Nash is still the best PG in the league. CP3 is only second, and Deron third.

  19. superman says:

    Best Point Guard DWIGHT HOWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. cp3fan says:

    uhhh do d-will play defence who has better shooting percentage from the fg and the 3-fg, who is second in assist and steals how had better eff. plus d-will has way better people than us. people please who record is better

  21. Richie says:

    I wonder if the hornets can pull a trade that would bring Carmelo Anthony to their fold. They would then be invincible!

  22. kalvin says:

    the only reason why hornets play good defense is because they have chris paul leading the offense. and besides where is jason kidd in your top 5 guards, i definitely disagree on rondo and rose surpassing him.. they are great players but not as great as point guards.

    1&2. paul/williams
    3&4 nash/kidd

  23. Loki0807 says:

    I do not fully understand why they gave Stojaković away…I mean, he has been around 44% from downtown this season, so it does not, at least for me, make any sense to send a guy to Toronto who can fill it up, if needed of him. I might be wrong, because I have not watched many NOH games for the past 2 years, but it seems as a rather odd move by the Louisiana franchise…Everything else seems fine with the trade, I have just liked Peja as a player, since he was a Kings player, that is all…

  24. C.J. says:

    People need to get this straight. Rondo has the Big 3 and no jump shot. PGs need an overall game. D-Will has not yet won a ring. He’ll probably be the next John Stockton until Al Jefferson does his job right. Nash CREATES All-Stars. I mean, Shawn Marion an All-Star? That takes some serious skill to do that. Rose is pretty good, and his jump shot is developing. He can be up there too. In the end though, Paul has the best overall game, and one of the weaker casts in the Western Conference. And you don’t need a ring to be the best PG. Stockton has put up just as impressive numbers as Magic. And honestly, Magic is more like Rondo than anything. When you have Kareem, the league’s #1 All-Time scoring leader, and James Worthy, a legend, Getting assists is easy. Plus, why does Magic get credit for being an awesome PG? He was oversized for the position. If LeBron played PG, everyone would cry foul. I can’t respect Johnson’s accomplishments as a 6’8″ point guard. That’s just retarded.

    • BC says:

      Magic Johnson transcended the way the point guard position was played and added flare to it. He’s also the only rookie to win Finals MVP. He’s also a 5-time NBA Champ with 3 of those being because of him. The man could play ALL 5 POSITIONS! It don’t matter how tall you are! Go tell Caron Butler to play PG for you and see if you get anything near what Magic brought to the table (career averages of 17pts, 11assts, and 7rbs). I highly doubt that

  25. ari says:

    i would take russel westbrook over rondo.

  26. Matt says:

    How about Steve Nash? Two time MVP, third one didn’t get despite having better numbers than during his two MVP campaigns. Has led the most efficient offence in the NBA for 7 of the last 8 years. Who has he had on his team to do so well. Coaches have changed, players come and gone but Phoenix is still always in the mix because of one player. He deserves a little more credit for sure. I do admit though that his defence could be better.

  27. JONZEY BOY says:


    • BC says:

      I agree with you on certain points. Yes right now CP3 and D-Will are the only 2 points in the game worthy of the number 1 crown although I believe CP3 is much better. Even if defenders sag off of him, Rondo can still get to the rim or anywhere on the floor at will. He makes up for his lack of shooting by doing everything else well. Very well. Nash would be up there but he’s playing with a bunch of role players. CP3 has David West (i dont like him but he has been a all-star) and D-Will has 2 future all-stars in Al Jefferson and Paul Millsap (Millsap is averaging 21 and 10). Also at the age of 38, Jason Kidd is still amazing to watch. When Rose starts to play consistent D and Westbrook gets a consistent jumper, those 2 will surpass Nash and Kidd

  28. John says:

    I think the top 3 point guards will have to be Paul, Williams and Nash. Those three can all shoot the lights out and carve up on the inside. At any given night, you would be no means leave them open on the mid-range or the 3 point line, and your defense will be looking to collapse on them as soon as they penetrate.

    For the 2nd tier guards, they don’t have this ability at all. Rondo, Rose, Westbrook live on the penetration, and won’t punish you too hard if you cheat on the screen. Their impact on the team is also arguable. The Celtics are obviously loaded with weapons, and Durant/Boozer etc can obviously create their own shots. For Utah/Phoenix/Hornets, 90% of the plays go through the point guards in discussion.

  29. Jake says:

    I’ll take D-Will over all of them any day. He’s bigger, stronger, has amazing passing ability, and he can shoot. His cross-over is awesome too.

  30. AndyBeers says:

    Rondo is number one PG! so what if hes surrounded by shooters he still works his ass off to get those dimes and just because his shooters make there shots it doesnt provide a valid reason to make him less of a PG

  31. NBAfan says:

    im not a boston fan but cmon, ppl hate rondo so much becouse he dosnt have a good jump shot? he is doing what the team needs… assist and defend the other pg, and he is doing that better than anyone else.
    now if we talking about the best pg its between paul and d williams, any of them can be called the number 1,

    so this is my opinion:
    1- paul
    2- deron williams
    3- steve nash
    4- rajon rondo
    5- rose
    6- westbrook (he is playing like crazy this year xD)
    7- parker
    8- kidd (old but always effective)

  32. leggomymelo says:

    Its between deron williams and chris paul. they are both great point guards. I think it just depends on your team. i see williams as a pick and roll player, who needs a big guy. i feel like chris paul can create a little more. not saying deron williams can’t create. i agree that on anyother team, rondo would be average at best. i like that chris paul is doing good because i like to see the hornets succceed.

  33. BargsIsBack says:

    Okay guys.. I do not think Rondo is a good scorer, I do not think he is the best passer. But he is quick, and a pretty good rebounder. Boston would be much worse without him because Nate Robinson wants the limelight and the 20 ppg. Who else is going to start at point guard if rondo was gone… Delonte west?! But in terms of best point guard. Id have to say Chris Paul. D-Will has better stats, but Paul is a better leader and makes his team much more offensive.

  34. BC says:

    Chris Paul is the best all-around point in the game today. The only reason people even started talking about Deron Williams and the only reason he made his first all-star game last year was because CP3 was out with a torn meniscus. Before that, CP3 was the guy. Now that he’s healthy again people are all like “wow he’s playing great!” when in reality he’s just doing what he did before the injuries. Rajon Rondo is a top 5 point, he’s just not the best. The reason he is a top 5 point is because he’s already the best defending PG by far and he leads the league in assists. You can say what you want about the players he plays with. Derek Fisher plays with Kobe, Pau, Artest, Odom, and that extremely deep bench and he barely even averages 4 APG. Rondo has great vision and I think everyone knows that if Rondo could shoot, he’d easily be the best PG in the game because he already has the other top tier PG’s beaten in the other important aspects of playing point. But as of right now, CP3 is the best all-around. This is my top 10:

    1. Chris Paul
    2. Deron Williams
    3. Jason Kidd
    4. Rajon Rondo
    5. Steve Nash
    6. Russell Westbrook
    7. Derrick Rose (would be higher if he played defense consistently)
    8. Tony Parker
    9. Chauncey Billups
    10. Andre Miller (i want to put Stephen Curry in this spot but Miller is the most underrated, consistent PG in the league)

  35. mrkC says:

    I think Dell Demps is challenging Pat Riley’s Executive of the Year Award!

  36. Dado says:

    CP3 is very good player, PG, one of the best, but there are many top PG in the game. On any given night you might argue that best PG in NBA is CP3 , D. William, D. Rose, R. Rondo, etc..

    But keep one thing in mind and do not deceive yourself – Hornets are OVERACHIEVING BIG TIME , it is not going to last, not for long anyways. It will soon come crushing down make no mistake about that…. Don’t say I didn’t tell you

    • BC says:

      I think its a 50/50 thing because they are winning with their defense. They have only allowed over 100 points once in 11 games. I dont care if it was the Lakers doing that, its still an impressive feat. Every team goes through a rough stretch. With that being said, yes the Hornets will have a 3-4 game losing streak once or twice this year but they are still a very good team. Defense will always help you prevail, especially in the western conference. I see them as being the 4th seed. The Spurs are still a better team until the hornets get a true 6th man but they are better than Dallas because of their defense. Since a team from each division mans the top 3 spots in the conference, the OKC Thunder will have the 3rd seed because they are better than both Portland and Utah.

  37. Billybob says:

    D-Will is clearly the best PG in the game right now. He can do everything plus a better shooter than CP3 but they both are elite PG. Rondo is another elite PG but in a different way. It all depends in what kind of PG you like. I love D-Rose and his explosiveness yet he still has to work on his shot (which is improving). Nash is clearly the best passing PG in the game right now also and Billups just has the best knowledge of the game and can still play GREAT ball and with Melo on his side, great duo.

  38. Fruss says:

    Chris paul is no way overrated. He is the most unselfish and most skilled point guard there is and i’m putting deron williams behind him and rondo behind that!!!

  39. danito says:

    ok best 8 pg in the league start at the top, de willian,criss paul, d rose, steve nash, rajon rondo,westbrook,tony parker, chaunsy billups,
    jason kidd is always been good but he s old now

  40. Derek says:

    Do not put Rose or Westbrook or Wall or anyone close in the same category as Paul, Williams, Nash, Kidd. True PG’s make their team better with the ability to make plays, their leadership on and off the court, and the ability to take over the game. Paul is the best right now and if healthy will be the best for awhile because he is a better player in all the major statistical categories and better all around player. He was 2nd in to Kobe in MVP in 2008 and is leading the MVP right now..when has rose, williams, rondo, or even kidd done it? CP3 is my boy but do not compare him to Magic until he gets a title. Anyone who says Paul is not the best PG right now is dumb and should go back to basketball school because the other PG’s may be your favorite player does not mean their better than everyone else!

  41. tb 504 says:

    look im from new orleans and let me just say i can’t honestly say cp3 is the best pg till he has a ring like rondo does. but once he wins a championship i think its hands down that chris paul is the best. alot of ppl assume because we missed the playoffs last year that paul is overrated but forget he was injured most of the year not to mention we had a fill-in coach. paul is a all around beast but like i said needs a ring

  42. bryan says:

    all u pppl who say paul is the best i notice-are all hornet or new orleans fans (bandwagoners) after the saints and hornets. but look, paul is a great PG, but u morons saying hes one of the best ever? wheres his larry o brien trophy? hes a great one, but williams is better, and so is rondo (im a laker fan, so it hurts to say that) but those guys are better. paul is a great passer, but a so so scorer, ( i know rondo is too, but he doesnt have to cuz of his team) u need the whole package, but cp3 is gettin there. doesnt matter for the hornets anyway, the spurs will win that division, and both teams will lose to the lake show anyway ahahahahahahaha!!!!

  43. graham says:

    cp3 is definitely the best. people argue that rondo has better hands and is better at steals when chris paul set the record for most consecutive games with steals and has been at the top of the league in steals every year he has been in the nba. people say rondo is a better passer when all he has to do is wait for ray allen to run around the 3-point line 4 times to get open and let him throw it up or just give pierce the ball to do one jab-step and then pull up, rondo does not orchestrate the celtics offense like chris paul does for the hornets. Chris doesn’t just find the open man, he makes that man open. Nash could definitely be in the discussion but he is simply getting too old. D.williams only came into the discussion at the end of last/beginning of this season, he has carried it over but lets see if he can keep it up. People are saying the same thing about paul asking if he can keep it up when really this is how paul has played his entire career, if he had not gotten hurt all of last year this wouldn’t even be a discussion. cp3 was on top before he got hurt and now he is back on top and will stay on top.

  44. Sickwidit says:

    Being a HUGE lakers fan….i will be the first to admit that CP3 is the best PG and has been the best since he came in the league. People forget so easily all of his accomplishments before he had his injury-struck season last year. People talked about lebron maybe getting a triple double for a season but it was CP3 that got triple doubles (it seemed) almost every week a few seasons ago. He is the poster-child of a player who makes his teammates MUCH better. D-West would not have as many all-star appearances if it was not for CP3; and Belinelli, who was a GOOD shooter at golden state, was still inconsistent until he came to the hornets.

  45. yahya says:

    Rondo is not a top 5 point gaurd in my eyes. just look at the players around him specifically the big 3. With players like those its really not hard to average 14 ast per game. Deron and Chris made a name for themselves nd make the players around them better. even charles barkeley said Williams And Paul are the top two point guards. Rondo is up there but hes not top five I’d put curry over him.

  46. JONZEY BOY says:


  47. JONZEY BOY says:


  48. FJ4 says:

    Chris Paul is the best best PG in the league. He is a student of the game and LEADS his team. He consistently makes players around him better (i.e Belinelli and Okafor). What’s Utah’s record again?

  49. celtichornetsaint says:

    1. CP3(easy)
    2. Rondo
    3. D-Will
    4. Nash(old but still great)
    5. Rose/Westbrook

  50. wahhhh says:

    please stop with the talk of rondo being one of the best point guards in the game. are you kidding? if you put chris paul with the players the celtics have he would have twice as many assists as rondo is getting, rondo is surrounded by scorers. chris paul isnt. chris paul loses multiple assists per game because the players around him dont make shots. if you take away rondo from the celtics, you still have a good team. you take cp3 away from the hornets, they are awful. thats all you need to know
    ohh and rondo cannot score AT ALL. the most hes scored this year was 18! and that was the second game of the season.
    jay_ninja was right when an opposing team CHOOSES to let you sit wide open for 3 when the game is on the line to double team other players. thats pretty bad. no team would EVER leave chris paul wide open
    hands down chris paul is the best pg in the league. he might not be the flashiest or fastest or play with superstars, but he gets in done night in and night out.

  51. Joe's Momma says:

    Deron Williams is the best PG in the game today. CP3 is in the discussion, but Deron takes that title. Lets see if CP can keep up this pace, and still win.

    • sharpie says:

      mate paul gets more assists way more steals more rebounds and has better percentages in less time. he only scores like one less point a game. and if you put marco bellineli on a team with deron williams he’s still a nobody instead of a pretty productive starter.

      if you take both gaurds out of their teams the jazz look better, not that deep but better. but the records show the hornets are messing with everybody and utahs just rumbling along. also props to monty for doing a great job making the hornets defend

  52. macro says:

    good point jay rondo rose no deal williams paul are well rounded and can hurt you from many angles

  53. J says:

    i think the best overall point guard must be chris paul.. d. will is probably the most stable one, rondo the quickest (then again, cp3 is pretty damn quick too), and rose the most explosive (scorer)..

    • dan says:

      ROSE is easily the quickest AND the most explosive scorer, rondos going to be xposed when his boston experiment is over

  54. long memory says:

    cp3 really been top 2 pg’s in the league but with all these jump on – jump off bandwagan basketball followers, people thinking cp is emerging from some ashes or something. but im glad he’s healthy and got HIS team (regardless of new coach or no real all-stars) back to the TOP of the league. D-Will, Rose, Rondo, TP (he’s killing this year again too) Nash, are all as real as they come but as of TODAY CP3 is back on TOP! (where he’s been before)

  55. superman says:

    Paul is good but derrick rose and rondo are obviously more talented.

    • kjkk says:

      chris paul is a true leader with unstoppable game he can do everything on the floor and knows how to just run his team just compare the team right now to where they were last season paul is hands down MVP

    • jay_ninja says:

      are you crazy “superman”?? chris paul is the most rounded point guard in the league. Derrick rose is a scorer and only gets about 6 assists a game. Rondo plays with the CELTICS. he had many scorers so he just passes the ball to them for assists. he can’t score. he isn’t an offensive threat. he can only do layups. when teams leave you open shots and just stare at you, YOU SUCK. chris paul can pass, score, be the floor general. he is the best. deron williams and chris paul is the best in the league, sorry kids.

      • dan says:

        woah woah woah now i agree supermans an idiot for saying rose and rondo (especially rondo) are better than cp3 but don’t be dogging rose. cp3 has shooters like ariza, bellinelli, stojakavich a scorer in west athletic centers like chandler, and has more years in the nba than rose. Rose had only gordon as a shooter his rookie year, dengs always injured and a noah who succked, and a hinrich who was inconsistent. his 2nd year no gordon his best shooter was salmons who struggled like a mofo in the start (even when he did good he usually scored when he handled the ball wasnt an off ball player) and was traded. agen deng was injured. noah raw offensively no scorer on his team this year so far: no boozer, only shooter is korver. i say that its a frikkin MIRACLE that hes getting 6 assist on that team. when boozer comes back rose assist will bump up to 8-9 than ull see rose passing skills. i watch every game, the dude can pass. o and hes beggining to learn how to pressure the ball 2

      • ItalianSon says:


      • dan is stupid says:

        uh dan get out dont talk rose dont have nobody what he has the most compleat team in the leauge

  56. darell sapin says:

    i believe paul is the one jason kidd has passed the torch on for great point guards… he is in more ways than one the best pg at the floor

  57. Zzanzabar says:

    I get the impression that the Hornets were below everyone’s radar this season. Yeah, they have Chris Paul but it never seemed to be enough to make them a serious contender for going deep into the playoffs (or in some cases even making the playoffs). I think you are dead on about CP3’s motivation for this year. He was almost forgotten when it came to impact guards, especially with all the hoopla over the newer guards entering the league like Walls.

    With all the speculation about where both CP3 and Melo were headed AFTER this season, I think everyone assumed both of their teams would be in turmoil. With Denver that is almost a given with their current roster, but the Hornets have rebounded and are playing decent (read surprisingly good) basketball. If Demps could pull just one more rabbit out of his hat (say Melo) then you are talking about a real force (not to mention a drastic power shift) in the NBA.

    Both West and Okafor are finally playing to their potential and will give fits to just about any team that tries to match up with New Orleans. Unfortunately this is fairly early in the season and there have been plenty of early ‘one hit wonders’ that have fizzled out at the end of the year. I think that the only team to actually benefit from their early away games is Utah. It has always been their away games that have hurt their playoff chances (and positioning) at the end of the season.

  58. Paul S. Siscar Jr. says:

    As long as CHRIS PAUL is playing on NBA floor………there’s no doubt he’s the best point guard after magic johnson.
    How about one on one contest (point guard) on all star……how about that huh?!

    • Switcheroo says:


    • tas says:

      1on1 contest lol.. after that you still can’t say who’s the best point guard… a pg mainly has to set up people and make plays for others.. scoring is secondary.

      • JD says:

        Finally someone understands the job of the point gaurd thats why Chis Paul is the best for me and Rondo second they do there job and do it the best passing the ball and making others around him better! Rose nice point gaurd and Deron Williams nice point garud but they focua on scoring too much!

    • dan says:

      D-will will body his ass are u kidding those 2against each other would be a tough matchup same with rose id giv the game 2 whoever has the ball first since d-will is stronger and rose….hes jus frikkin fast cp3 good though

  59. ilovebasketball says:

    Chris Paul is definitely one of the best PG’s in the league, up there with guys like Deron, Rondo, Nash and Rose. It’s awesome watching him, as well those other players, do what they do on the court.

  60. kk says:

    Nash is old, but he should still be among the top PG discussion.

  61. Omarisgay says:

    paul is good all toronto gave them bella and jack lol toronto is N.O’s buddy

  62. hornetsfan101 says:

    so i guess the knicks have the top point gaurd then right??????? lol paul is the best in the business at point gaurd position!!!

    • MEGAKNICKS2010 says:

      Dont do the knicks really that would get your ASS WHOOP. THANKS

    • knickfan212 says:

      Nobody on the Knicks is the best nothing!!! Just because i’m Knickfan doesn’t mean i’m crazy. I was just trying to prove to my partner that there is no clear best point guard. Everyone has a differant opinion.

  63. Robert Mason says:

    hornets need to find a way to get carmelo so cp3 stays happy

  64. knickfan212 says:

    Cris Paul is good but he’s overrated!!

    • cajunsaint16 says:

      cp3 overrated??? are you crazy?? he is clearly the best pg in the game. he makes every player on the floor better. look at his surrounding cast. who on the roster is an all star? d west?? come on. dumb comment

      • B.O.B says:

        i have to disagree cajunsaint16 i believe rondo is quite clearly the best pg in the game at the moment.

      • C.MCC says:

        Just look at the cast of players rondo has then look at the cast of players Cp3 has boston has the better team around rondo but Cp3 is doin more with less.

      • PG4LYFE says:

        rondo is not the best point guard in the league. are you crazy the only reason his assist total is so high is because he has a shxt load of shooters to dish it to.

      • dan says:

        i personally believe deon williams is JUST above cp3 simply because he can do what cp does and has a much better outside game, but woah B.O.B Rondo??? hell no rondo seems good and racks up all those assist because boston has so many scoring weapons in pierce allen and garnet that other teams stay off rondo (allowing him to see the play develope with nobody defending him since he has nothing close that resembles a good jump shot) and can run a offense with no trouble at all because of it, if he were traded and given his own team or if the big 3 retired rondo would be exposed as teams would get up on him and he wouldnt have 3 hall of famers surrounding him 2 pass the ball 2. he’s a good point in reality not a great, say 15p 6a and 4r without the big 3 comparing him with the elites is a joke

      • QuestionMark says:

        Agreed CP3 is the best PG right now, it is controversial between CP3, Rondo and D-Will but one thing Rondo cant do properly is shoot jumpshots that is why he isnt the best..yet, CP3 has speed, can make beautiful passes, and has a better jumpshot than Rondo and D-Will, D-Will has strength, size and can pass well, Rondo even being the best passer right now, he still has problems with his jumpers that can improve. But overall CP3 is better, he is leading a team that I thought wouldn’t be as great just like last year..but CP3 made the team have an 11-1 record which tops the Lakers.

      • Rick says:

        no its gotta be d-will, i mean i love cp3 and his game, and obviously he is making his team better and doing a heck of a job right now this year, but i give d-will the edge becuse he can do that do, has been just about as long as cp3, but he is better than cp3. cp3 is a better passer and faster and plays the lanes better on defense so he can get all those steals, but d-will has the better handle better shot, stronger and more durable. doesnt gamble like cp3 does on defense, even though he gets reslults alot if the gamble doesnt pay off then the rest of the team is in trouble, but both are top point guards, wait for the year to progress and see how everything goes with trades and playoffs to be able to settle the discussion for this year

      • bigl16 says:

        when Rondo learns how to hit a jumpshot….and free throws while im at it, then i’ll agree Rondo is da best. until then, Cp3 is still the best pg.

      • ian says:

        i would have to disagree with both of u i still think that steve nash and chris paul might top the league as the best pgs in the game

    • Dice-K says:

      I agree with knickfan212, CP3 is GOOD but overrated for sure. He is definately top 3, but not NO. 1. In my opinion J KIDD is still my top PG for sure, he doesn’t the prettiest stats but he does all the little things to make a team good. I have to be honest that J KIDD is a BAD fit for the mavs, Dallas will be much better with a scoring PG…