About Last Night: Perfecto!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Another night, another Lakers win and another stellar outing from Pau Gasol, who played a perfect game against the Warriors Sunday night at Staples Center.

He’s making the conversation about the best big man in the league a short one between he and Magic center Dwight Howard, who is to the defensive end of the floor for big men what Gasol is to the offensive end.

This perfection thing is going around the Lakers’ locker room, though, as my main man Mike Bresnahan of the Los Angeles Times explains:

Pau Gasol stole a page from Matt Barnes‘ script, scoring 28 points and making all 10 of his shots two days after Barnes made all seven of his attempts in a victory over Minnesota.

In fact, Gasol and Barnes completed a bizarre run at history, two of a kind with their efficient, but obscure, stat lines. Before the last few days, Charles Barkley had been the only NBA player to get at least 20 points, five rebounds and five assists in a game without missing a shot or free throw (minimum five attempts in each category).

Barnes did it against Minnesota and Gasol did it Sunday, adding nine rebounds and five assists. He made all eight of his free throws.

Perfection this early in the season? Twice in two games by Lakers players?

Interesting, indeed.

“Don’t know what to say,” said Lakers Coach Phil Jackson, who can usually find places to nitpick, though it would have been tough Sunday.

Gasol seemed amused at his brush with the NBA record books.

“Coincidence has something to do with it. It’s kind of weird it happened that way,” he said. “It happened once before in the history of the league and then back-to-back games it happens for two of our players. It’s weird, but obviously it’s a good sign.”

There were good signs elsewhere Sunday.

The Raptors knocked off the Celtics, the Pistons popped the Wizards and the Hornets kept rolling. You can catch it all in the Daily Zap:

And don’t worry, we didn’t forget about the Top Plays, which includes a little something from Charlie Villanueva for all you Pistons fans out there:


  1. black_mamba says:

    LAKERS ROCKS as in ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    FINALS MVP to KB24
    LAKERS 2011 Champ is coming baby!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. ariel says:

    Season’s MVP for PAU and Final’s MVP for KOBE.

  3. Scorpio says:

    Hey Fernando, a perfect game means no shots missed, and perfect from the free throw line, that’s why it’s a perfect game, it doesn’t have any ting to do with turnovers. Congratulations PAU! you’re the best and most skilled big man in the game. You are a hard worker and deserve all the praise. The Lakers are the #1 team in the NBA, they are even better than the last 2 seasons when the won back to back championships, so they’re just about a lock for a 3peat!…GO LAKERS!

  4. Rayleigh says:

    Wouldn’t it be nice if Pau Gasol gets the MVP award, but Kobe has the Finals MVP.

  5. Paolo says:

    I don’t think Pau or Kobe can win MVP. With their supporting cast and them having each other. Mostly MVP winners were the Lone superstar of a team with minimal supporting cast while having great team success. Probably a good example is Chris Paul. However, MVP is not the lakers target.. 3peat baby !

  6. m4ck says:

    all im saying .. THERE IS NO WAY A 2ND OPTION player can win MVP.. KOBE deserves it.. he makes everything to ez for pau it would be just plain wrong if a 2nd option player wins mvp..

  7. Sp says:

    Pau Gasol, as of right now, needs to be considered one of the top 5 players so far this year. He, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook and Dirk Nowitski have been certainly 5 of the hardest workers. Luis Scola, too. The entire Spurs team could just about be up there too. I love looking at the Spurs boxscore and sometimes seeing them winning with no players getting more than 17 points. That isn’t boring basketball, thats ass-whipping of the highest caliber. As a big fan of the Thunder and a staunch believer in the abilities of Andrew Bogut and his bucks team mates, it makes me sad to see both of those teams running mid-pack when they have the firepower to beat just about anyone. Time will tell if both of those teams get it together as the season rolls along. The Lakers just look great. Championship-winning great. They can lose two games in a short space of time and still seem like the most dangerous team in the league when players like Gasol are destroying the game plans of coaches all over the league. How do you stop a 7-footer who almost never misses? Oh wait, you don’t, because they guy burns you for a no-miss game. Bugger what Phil Jackson says, he is into all that ridiculous zen-crap; Barnes and Gasol not missing a shot in consecutive games is not coincidental, it is a beat-down. The likes of which come from dedication, drive, and amazing court vision. Don’t be surprised if Bynum has one when he gets back, or Shannon Brown this year too. While we’re here, its probably time to give Charles Barkley a little love. Kevin Love replaced him as the last person to go 30-30 last week, and Barnes and Gasol are the only other players besides Chuck to go <20 points without missing a shot. The impact that man had on basketball will be played out for a long times, as I am quite sure he has other records that haven't been beaten yet.

    Sekou, do you think you could do some digging and we can make a little list up of 'Good Luck Bucking Chuck' records that no one has beaten yet?

  8. Ruben says:

    Pau is catalan not castilian.

    • Borja says:

      Can we please focus on the basketball and forget about politics in this blog? Pau said very clearly many times he feels spanish as well as catalonian, so seku, no need to change the title of the post.

    • Maikel Den Enkelte says:


      Pau is SPANISH. He is also catalonian, but this website is a U.S one, and there are millions of people who speaks spanish in this country. I’m pretty sure there are less than two hundreds the ones who can understand the catalonian language. So, which language we use for the head title? Hard to find a dumber reply than Ruben’s.

      P.D: Pau will never win the MVP. He is a player team, a non-selfish one. When Drew Bynum come back, he will feed him and reduce his shots for the team’s greater good. He doesn´t look out to his own numbers, but the teammates ones. If he shots 20+ per night, his numbers will be even more outstanding than now.

      • lakerfan1987 says:

        All that matters about Pau’s language is he and kobe can communicate together on the court and not be understood by 99% of the league.

  9. lakers927 says:

    great job pau! i believe both kobe and pau should be mvp’s as in most valuable PARTNERS! they compliment each other so well. pau isnt mvp material yet do to the fact that he lacks dominance in terms of nastyness he still isnt getting the opposing to team to double team him on every possesion like kobe. kobe will always be the go to guy when games are on the line and the team still feeds off of his performance pau being open often is due to the fact that kobe gets double teamed and kobe attracting defensive rotation towards him. also kobe isnt playin at 100% percent yet. later in the season when games get tighter we will see the old kobe when needed. plus i know everyone is seeing and must agree that kobe looks like a mature mj his movements now are fluid and purpose filled nothing is wasted. another overlooked fact is the lakers 3 pts shooting is amazing the outside game is forcing many opponents to gaurd the perimeter leaving the inside paint area open for easy baskets and put backs this team is firing from all areas of the court making any opposing team have a hard time defending. spread out court also cause alot of second chance opportunities for the occasional miss shots. pau performance in terms of number will also probably go down when bynum returns do to pau’s minutes decreasing but pau’s percentages will obviously still be up he is the most consistent of a player i have ever seen in the nba in the many years of being a fan since my family immigrated here to usa (1986). in all honesty i believe neither kobe of pau will win this years mvp if they both are on the court for the whole season. they are playin for a championship and with this team and the depth of this bench there numbers and playing time will be held back. BUT COME JUNE WE WILL SEE WHO THE REAL MVP IS….. KOBE!!!!!!!! or maybe just maybe PAU? ok just teasing its KOBE with the support of the mvpartner PAU GASOL

  10. kasian says:

    MVPAU !! MVPAU !!

  11. Fernando says:

    Hey Sekou,

    Can we still call Pau Gasol’s game a perfect game with his 1 turnover?

    Also, when is someone going to talk about Richard Jefferson? After being such a disappointment last year and failing to live up to expectations he has seemingly pulled his game back up. Maybe this was expected as I’ve heard a lot about Poppovich’s system taking time to get used to, but still, don’t you want to at least mention it? He seems to have been lost in all the storylines from the Miami Heat to the New Orleans Hornets.

  12. inland says:

    ok. now looking back on my comment i with i hadnt had posted it. it was foolish of me to say that. but i still beleive it none the less.

  13. inland says:

    pau gasol is the mvp of the league. the hornets will cool off while the lakers will continue to flourish. then pau will and the lakers should get the best record in the league, and the mvp should go to pau. cause kobe just came off knee surgery and hasnt been quite as fresh and good as pau. i dont want to make kobe mad. the mvp is a useless award, though. championship is what matters. thats how kobe and shaq fueded, kobe felt he was the best player on the team and shaq felt like he was the best player on the team, there fore they fueded. but this kobe is much more smart. and pau is also smart since they are both 32 and 30 and no 20 year olds involved. so im sure they are smart enough to congratulate who ever gets the mvp this year and not create a fued over it. quite frankly i think the lakers most valuable player is pau gasol. kobe is still one of the best in the league and world but so is pau.with out one or the other i dont see the lakers winning any championships. and im sure pau would be willing to accept the mvp go to kobe, even though pau might deserve it more, with out any negative feelings or actions. if i offended any body sorry. this just my opinion, of just some layperson.

  14. Zzanzabar says:

    Sekou, man I’m seeing what you (and everyone else is probably seeing), but are you seeing what I’m NOT seeing?

    Yeah, the Lakers are now officially scary. With Blake, Barnes, and Brown clicking like a well oiled machine, Kobe, Gasol, and Fisher are getting major minutes of rest. Even the rookies Ebanks, and Caracter are getting well needed playing time. Gasol reminds me so much of Kareem Jabbar that all that is missing is a sky hook and the image would be complete. And all of this is WITHOUT Bynum a major key in their game! I doubt if anyone will even seriously consider Pau Gasol for MVP this year with Chris Paul once again lighting it up, but that is a useless accolade anyway (unless its the Finals MVP).

    What I’m NOT seeing is all the expectations of Milwaukee, Sacramento, the Clippers and, of course, Miami coming true. Instead of ‘Fear the Deer’ I’m afraid FOR the deer (deer make poor speed bumps). Blake Griffin is so good that he makes the Clippers look WORSE (I didn’t think that was possible). Where did Sacramento go? And as for Miami, yeah I know a ‘work in progress’ but play time is over and when teams like Atlanta and Toronto work you over it is about time to panic.

    Boston is playing like a bunch of tired old men who are just waiting for their Viagra to kick in so they can get up for the playoffs. Guys, there are still over 60 games left in the schedule!

    • Sekou Smith says:

      I agree, I think we all have noticed the same things you are not seeing. The Bucks don’t worry me as much as the Kings or Clippers. I’m tired of taking a bite out of Miami, since everybody thinks we need to wait until April to grade them.

      Can’t say I agree with you about Boston. Ha. When Rondo is not available they are obviously a very different team. But I’m not worried about them long term.