A.I. On Your (NBA TV) Screen

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Allen Iverson in a new land, in a different jersey and an unfamiliar basketball world is simply something you should not miss.

Thanks to our friends at NBA TV, you won’t have to.

We’ll get a chance to see exactly what A.I. looks like playing for Besiktas Cola Turka of the Beko Turkish Basketball League today at 3:30 p.m. ET when they face defending TBL champ and crosstown rival Fenerbahce Ulker from Istanbul.

As my main man Ismail Senol translated for me: “It’s Duke-UNC game with more hate! (Yes it’s possible.)”

Understood. But we’re looking for one thing and one thing only.

We need to see if he’s still got it or if it’s over … really over this time.

We can live with the outcome either way. But we need to know why all 30 NBA teams passed on a chance to sign A.I.  to even a minimum contract. We need to know if it was (diminished) skill-related or something else? You know there are going to plenty of NBA executives watching, too.

They want to see the same things we all want to see. They want to see if the 11-time All-Star and former MVP can still turn it on the way he did earlier in his Hall of Fame career (and I know we can all agree that A.I. is headed for Springfield whenever he hangs up his Reeboks).

In the meantime, we’ll be tuning in to see for ourselves.


  1. dodi kan says:

    2 points disappointment but A.I.needs time.
    we will see,may be he is going to win the turkish league scoring title
    to earl now.
    i believe him:)

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  3. biznas33 says:

    A.I. was one of the best guards in the NBA, no doubt about that. Key word being WAS. He expects to be signing big time contracts and doesn’t take lightly to the idea coming of the bench. What has he done in the last two destinations in the NBA (Denver and Philly).
    Absolutely nothing. Basketball is a team sport and I’m having a hard time believing that Iverson, being the veteran of the game that he is, has bought into that concept.
    If A.I. were to put his big EGO aside he could play on most NBA teams, but since he cant nobody wants to sign him because he is a headache.
    I wish A.I. the best, but even in Europe he wont have it that easy putting up big numbers.
    I believe this will be his last destination!

  4. Greg Judge says:

    Funny how he knows what the game stats are when it hasn’t started yet

  5. Miguel says:

    Iverson Is and will the best

  6. Anonymous says:

    It’s a shame he’s not in the NBA anymore. Of all places, why Turkey? European basketball is so boring.
    Seriously?Wow,congratulations,you have just achieved COMPLETE TARDINESS.Judging like that when you probably haven’t even watched 5 games of European basketball…Sorry man,but if it were that boring the USA would probably have won every single Olympic Games/World Championship.Till that happens,RESPECT.

  7. Jack says:

    God…Iverson did one Big Ass Mistake on going to Turkey…Should’ve Stay in NBA…Its a Shame that No NBA Team Opened the Door for him…This is just A Disgrace..Watching Our Biggest Fan In Europe Basketball?Pfft…if he Comes Back to the NBA in 4 Months…Dont Be Suprised..

    • BuNdY9 says:

      can’t come back till after this season….no opt-out clause….So this is a sure-fire one year audition…If its a bust, that’s a it…if he even shows that he has something that can work, whether its an increased defensive intensity, or some of that offensive skill, he’ll be back after the possible lockout…

  8. Mucky_1979 says:

    where i can watch it?

  9. Chris A says:

    i love my boy A.I. playing ball when he can at whatever chance he can get. This right here is a true baller. People say he should just retire already and go on with life. Well basketball IS HIS LIFE. I support A.I. in playing in Turkey. GO A.I.

  10. Emrecan says:

    I admire the enthusiasm of Allen Iverson but he hasn’t played for a long time. Another aspect is that European basketball is so different than the NBA.These factors will make it harder for him to get accustomed to Turkish Basketball League.

  11. Cheafoot says:

    arkadaşlar, yarım yamalak ingilizcelerinizle bizi dünyaya rezil etmeyin lütfen

  12. mert (oyuncu) says:

    besiktas has the best supporters in the world.this supporters engrave alen iverson for just this reason

  13. Ali Ahmet says:

    It’s so bad to see such a talented player in such bad shape. He looks like the same guy we knew once, baby face, tattoos, attitude; however he lacks strength, power, conditioning, all the essentials for a successful player. It’s like he has not trained for a few years. He has been losing his athleticism during his last couple of seasons in NBA, and it seems like he has done nothing to reverse the process. If he has any dreams of going back to NBA for the next season, i think, it’s far beyond impossible right now. He can’t even become a winner in Turkish league with such a shape. Considering that he’s 35, he needs to work harder than he’s ever done to succeed. Will he? We’ll see…

  14. Fenerbahce says:

    fenerbahce ulker will hopefully win Euroleague this season

  15. Anonymous says:

    Besiktas Cola Turka 87:76 Fenerbahce Ulker

    Former NBA Players:
    Allen Iverson (BCT): 26 pts, 4 reb, 7 ast, 3 stl, 7/16 FG, 3/8 3Pt, 3/4 FT
    Roko Ukic (FU): 10 pts, 3 reb, 2 ast, 1 stl, 4/9 FG, 2/3 3Pt, 0/0 FT
    Mirsad Turkcan (FU): 8 pts, 12 reb, 1 ast, 2 stl, 3/9 FG, 1/4 3Pt, 1/2 FT
    Tarence Kinsey (FU): 2 pts, 4 reb, 0 ast, 0 stl, 0/0 FG, 0/0 3Pt, 2/2 FT
    Lynn Greer (FU): 0 pts, 1 reb, 2 ast, 1 stl, 0/2 FG, 0/1 3Pt, 0/0 FT

    • Nejat Alp says:

      Besiktas Cola Turka 127:68 Fenerbahce Ulker

      Former NBA Players:
      Allen Iverson (WTF): 57 pts, 9 reb, 19 ast, 7 stl, 20/35 FG, 6/9 3Pt, 11/11 FT
      Roko Ukic (FU): 10 pts, 3 reb, 2 ast, 1 stl, 4/9 FG, 2/3 3Pt, 0/0 FT
      Mirsad Turkcan (FU): 8 pts, 12 reb, 1 ast, 2 stl, 3/9 FG, 1/4 3Pt, 1/2 FT
      Tarence Kinsey (FU): 2 pts, 4 reb, 0 ast, 0 stl, 0/0 FG, 0/0 3Pt, 2/2 FT
      Lynn Greer (FU): 0 pts, 1 reb, 2 ast, 1 stl, 0/2 FG, 0/1 3Pt, 0/0 FT

    • Zzanzabar says:

      Whoa! Is this the final game and box scores? Nice job A.I. Like someone else said it is a bunch of bull the the NBA passes on the guy THEN tries to capitalize on his name (fame) by promoting their own show with him as the star attraction.

      The other 30 teams passed on A.I. strictly on his past performances (as in quitting on two teams), and what he brings on the court versus what he bring through the gate (which is considerable WHEN he plays). Yes, he still has some skill, and since he was NEVER a defender it doesn’t matter if he has lost a step but the locker drama is another thing all together, besides, very few teams need a player who needs to take 40 shots to make 20-25 points.

    • BuNdY9 says:

      Which set of stats are they…2 pts or 26???…Anyway..

      Whatever the case, I am really disappointed at you NBA and the executives in this League…AI has played himself into this position yes, but with all the criticisms last year about not wanting to play second fiddle and take a lesser role, he tried his absolutely best to fit in at his 2nd stint in Philly. All his teammates had nothing but good to say about his effort, leadership and will to defer. MJ and the Bobcat’s…REALLY NOW??? DJ Augustin and Shaun Livingston and AI not even given a invite to training camp!!!???

      As I’ve said on many other mediums before and in conversation, his rather impatient tenure in Memphis and thanks to Michael Curry for absolutely showing he had no clue what to do with the talented roster in Detroit, it unfortunately magnified too much of the bad that AI committed and caused this treacherous series of unfortunate events.

      Long live the Answer…even if this whole Euro-experience doesn’t go well…we all know you will end up in the same place as ALL the greats….in Springfield!

      First Ballot Hall of Famer!

  16. Ehis Murphy says:

    Would be a great game . Shame on the N.B.A this guy can still play better than 90 percent of the guards in this league.
    I just called my cable provider to get NBA TV because of this game

  17. Engincan says:

    AI didn’t played well today. He scored only two points. The guy who guarded AI was Turkish national Omer Onan and he scored 20 points. He was the man of the match against Iverson

  18. Ege ARSAN says:

    1st of all I’m a storng Fenerbache Ulker fan but I want to say something about this game especially A.I’s played ” all the Besiktas Cola Turka ‘s players and fans believes their new megastar Allen Iverson. They expect huge things form A.I but he’s not ready yet , during the game he tries many shoots in the traffic but he didn’t find the target . He shooted 2 times airball ? Did A.I shoots the airball ? Unfortunately he did . I hope he could achieves to his real level and then we’ll see the new Turkish Delight …

  19. serbestan says:


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  21. Magic Thomson says:

    It’s a shame he’s not in the NBA anymore. Of all places, why Turkey? European basketball is so boring.

  22. EMRE says:

    It will be hard for A.I to achieve in this leauge against many other successfull teams, like Fenerbahce Ulker the champion of Turkish league, the last undefeated team in euroleague till previous week and the group leader who has defeated Barcelona after their 19 games winning streak. It is really amazing to see A. I. in Turkey but bringing that kind of talented older players to Turkey is not the solution for being a champion. I hope he will play much better than this but i don’t think he will succeed half of what he did in NBA.

  23. Yunior says:

    It’s really nice to see a star like Iverson giving the opportunity to other contry’s fans to see him play. And I also like that he looks happy sign the contract… Go ahead A.I. You are the best!!!

  24. JayCeen says:

    he sucks now more than ever..
    the ANSWER is now the QUESTION!!
    Its really over for Iverson, I cant believe it
    for a player of his caliber to just fade in to the night..
    condolence AI (former THE ANSWER). may you rest in peace

  25. hakan says:

    i went to see AI play and was discouraged by his performance. i think he was long enough on the court to perform yet failed to do so. imho the main reason behind this is the lack of will OR the fact that he has still not adjusted well to a certainly different environment, culture, game style et al. difficult to tell yet since he’s only played 2 games thus far it’s still early to come to a conclusion about whether it’s over for him or not. it’d be nice to see him pick his game up and witness good performance while he’s over here.

  26. Quentin Hall says:


    • Edwin says:

      Yo Quentin,

      Are you the undersized PG that played pro-ball in Holland a couple of yrs ago! We also hated to see you on the court against us (Donar Groningen). Another one of those scoring PG that could also dish the ball….just like A.I.

      Props from Holland!

  27. ivoson says:

    well he got 15pts on his first game on a 3pt loss. And dont get me wrong those euros play great defense and are 3pt addicts,its not easy playing against them and as for AI 15 pts in 23 mins is not bad. LETS DO THIS AI!!

  28. DIcey says:

    What kinda bullshyte is this? The NBA shuts Ivo out then capitalizes off him by showin his games on NBA TV.Thats wack.See how they use ya for all your worth.

  29. stef says:

    2 pts seriously???

    thanks for putting up the stats…wonder why they broadcast so late…now it’s not even worth watching

  30. Gargoyle says:


    Allen türkiyede çok da üstdüzey olmayan bir takıma transfer oldu,buna gerek para gerekse başka birşey deyin yinede cesaret isteyen bir işti.Bir fenerbahçe taraftarı olarak türkiyede oynanan basketbolun zaman zaman çok üst düzeye çıktığını,bunun göstergesi olarak da her yıl NBA yada diğer avrupa liglerine giden yada gelen oyunculardan anlayabileceğinizi belirtmek isterim.Kendisine ligimize getirdiği yada getirmeye çalıştığı heyecan için başarılar dilerim.

  31. Anonymous says:

    Besiktas Cola Turka 67:74 Fenerbahce Ulker

    Former NBA Players:
    Allen Iverson (BCT): 2 pts, 4 reb, 0 ast, 0 stl, 1/6 FG, 0/0 3Pt, 0/0 FT
    Roko Ukic (FU): 10 pts, 3 reb, 2 ast, 1 stl, 4/9 FG, 2/3 3Pt, 0/0 FT
    Mirsad Turkcan (FU): 8 pts, 12 reb, 1 ast, 2 stl, 3/9 FG, 1/4 3Pt, 1/2 FT
    Tarence Kinsey (FU): 2 pts, 4 reb, 0 ast, 0 stl, 0/0 FG, 0/0 3Pt, 2/2 FT
    Lynn Greer (FU): 0 pts, 1 reb, 2 ast, 1 stl, 0/2 FG, 0/1 3Pt, 0/0 FT

    • Brian says:

      Iverson’s time has passed. I think he should just retire and move on with his life. I loved him when he played for the sixers but this now is getting ridiculous.

    • LakerDodger420 says:

      how do you already know the outcome of a game that hasn’t tipped-off yet? what am I missing?

      • chirkhin says:

        they know the outcome because the game is already “done” in Turkey… and as a result we (besiktas) lost…