Super Cool Beas(t)

Hey, it’s true, Michael Beasley is going nuts right now, here in his escape from Miami to Minnesota, a journey that no one in the history of mankind probably made in their lives (trade sun for snow?).

And as you might expect, barely seconds after his 20-footer beat the Clippers last night in yet another terrific game by the man known as “Super Cool Beas”, the chat rooms were saying the Heat blew it by giving him up so easily.

Well, I agree with the “easily” part. Maybe Miami should’ve held out for a little more than a pair of second-rounders (I know they couldn’t add salary because of the space needed to sign The Big Three. But second-rounders?). Still, they had to give him up. And I’m not sure Beasley would’ve been this productive had he somehow stayed in Miami (which was financially tough to do). He’s in the right situation in Minnesota, a team that desperately needs a showman and a star. Perhaps they have one.

Beasley is doing things he seldom did in Miami, for a variety of reasons. First, he wasn’t mature enough; we all know about the marijuana incident, the rehab and the Twitter incident. Two, he was always yielding to Dwyane Wade, which was understandable. Three, I’m not sure he ever had this much confidence in his skills, at least not since his final year at K-State.

Bottom line: Minny finally made a decent personnel decision. Beasley is an offensive beast. He scored 42 against the Kings a week ago and over the last week has averaged almost 33 a game. He’s taking his man off the dribble and he’s elevating for some nice-looking 20-footers. Sure, we’ll still hold our breath and hope he keeps his head straight, now that everything’s going right. But they love him at the Target Center and he’s a perfect compliment to Kevin Love.

Is Beasley the acquisition of the year so far? Your take, readers.


  1. […] Michael Beasley. The newest member of the Timberwolves is demonstrating the offensive prowess that on and off-court issues mitigated in Miami. Over the summer the Heat traded Beasley to the Timberwolves to clear up cap space for LeBron James […]

  2. irvan siregar says:

    yah..menjadi diantara teman2 setim yang superstar memang keren..tapi buat apa?
    karena lu gak menjadi bagian dari superstar itu..
    mendingan menjadi superstar di tim ecek2..
    orang2 akan liat lu yang sebenernya..

  3. tyronewatson says:

    the glaring problem everyone seems to gloss over is that it wasnt dwade fault that beasly wasnt productive…It was Erik Spoelstra..and until realize he made a mistake in making him a head coach..Ive watched every game miami has played since wade second year…and Im telling you 80% of all miami problems sits with the coach….he probably one of the worst x and o’s coaches Ive ever seen…and he deifinitely doesnt know how to make adjustments when a team figures them out….FIRE THE COACH and miami will be fine…Just go ask Beasly

  4. Tenki says:

    I’m glad that Beasley is now away from the shadows of Dwyane Wade. He now has a flourishing career in Minnesota, and I hope it continues until Rubio comes to the team.

    Acquiring Beasley in exchange for two second round picks for Minnesota is a bargain, considering the fact that Beasley is a first-round, second pick overall. Although he experienced the ‘sophomore blues’, he did excellent in his rookie season, and prior to his stint in Minnesota, he expressed to his former team that he didn’t want to be traded. I guess that Beasley is out on a mission and that is to show Miami that they don’t really need Bosh to play for them, and they should have invested in a decent point guard (Collison) and a good center (Dampier). Besides, Miami should have more depth than what they have right now had they pulled off this kind of deal.

  5. MNFan says:

    I agree that Beasley has done a lot of good so far this season. He is a great talent and him and Love make a great team. Remember though, it’s still early!!! He’s gotten off to a great start, but I hope he can keep it up throughout this very long NBA season!!!

  6. Rob says:

    im from miami, i saw him struggle with the whole heat system especially with erik spoelstra who was being hard on him , but im happy he got traded cause now he’s showing the whole league what he can do and that hes not a bust, beasely 2011 all-star!

  7. lloyd says:

    If only Wade was like MJ, we could have another Scottie. Agree! he’s the best acquisition.Bigt loss to miami

  8. DeBrosh says:

    the situation is just perfect for him in Minny, there’s no competion as to who should be the Alpha wolf. it’s great to see,
    do your thing B-Easy

  9. Beantown Brawler says:

    I wouldn’t call him an elite player quite yet.

    All seems to be going right except for a 4-9 record. Individual numbers look great on a stat sheet, but that’s not what basketball is about. Also, stats favor offense and don’t reflect the amount of work Beasley needs to put into his defensive game. I would consider Beasley a success when his team nears the .500 mark. I understand that Minnesota has to build a team in order to win games, but an elite player has good numbers AND helps his team win. Bosh in Toronto was great for his individual numbers, but it was not a good fit for the player or for the team. I have high hopes for Beasley, but right now he shows mostly offensive potential.

    • DeBrosh says:

      Seriously! how can you say Bosh was not good for TO ? see where they are without him! (not for lack of effort)
      Bosh is a serious talent, being on the same team with D-Wade and LBJ (two more talented players) is messing with his head and he needs to fix that but when he does, what out!
      and why is everyone getting on him for lack of points in the paint? the heat havn’t played that way so far, when they do he will supply the points.
      doubters beware!!!

      • MNFan says:

        Well, considering where the Wolves were last year at this time, I would say Beasley has done a lot for the Wolves so far. It’s still early, but the Wolves have definetly improved from a season ago and a lot of that has to do with Beasley, If they got to a .500 record, it’ll feel like they are an elite team!! The Wolves have struggled for so long, a 4-9 record doesn’t seem so bad sadly!!

  10. Owen says:

    Michael Beasley has made our team (T-wolves)((GO SOTA!!!)) so much better. I would say, although he may not be the best player a team had acquired this offseason, he has improved his team more than any other player this season. One we get Rubio and another top 10 draft pick we’ll be right back in it.

  11. jared says:

    Yea Beasley is a great talent but the heat couldn’t afford to keep him an thats that. It would either be him or Lebron.

  12. Collin says:

    Is Beasley the acquisition of the year so far? No i don’t think so yet. Yes he’s numbers are up. But still the Timberwolves are a losing team at the moment. I do think the acquisition of the year is a player that is having a big contribution in making what was last season a losing team a winning team. ‘Cause stats are nice but the only that counts is making the play-offs.

  13. xtianmerck says:

    Twolves need good PG so bring Rubio now

  14. akillis says:

    From role player to an Elite Super Star !!!

  15. John says:

    Beasely has been good, but his team is is still losing games. If I’m Miami, the player that I REALLY regret giving up is Dorell Wright – he’s the 4th offensive option on the team, and yet he’s doing an incredible job helping a team which is currently in the playoff race.

  16. Concerned about your grammar says:

    You misspelled “complement”. Instead you wrote “compliment” – two different words, unless, of course, you wanted to say that Beasley is giving Kevin Love a compliment – but I doubt it.

  17. J says:

    Beasley is a great player and a great teammate. David Khan is the best GM in basketball for doing this deal.

    • J says:

      Sorry, Mr. Khan is Vice President of Basketball Operations. I screwed up his title in the last post.

      • MNFan says:

        Ummmm…I beg to differ!!! Although I agree he made a good deal in getting Beasley, he made a statement that Darko would be the front-runner this year. That alone subtracts some good GM points!!!

  18. T-MONEY says:

    This guy has the the whole package. He’s a DC guy who’s cut from the same from the same cloth as Kevin Durrant. He’ll probably end up leading the NBA in scoring. There’s not a forward in the NBA who gonna score like he can. We’re just seeing the maturation of this guy’s game. Now that he know’s he’s option number 1 things should fall in place. In Miami he was young and he did learned alot. I do think he learned much more than what he would’ve learned in had he been drafted by Minny out of K-State. I don’t think D-Wade liked him as player. In fact, if you noticed years ago when Beast was in the game D-wade would always be on the bench making comments to other teammates when the kid made mistakes. The same thing is happening now with Lebron & Bosh I think the guy is a ball hog & a cry baby ( I save that for another Blog). Best was always help back and when the guy did something wrong Spo would bench and put in UD or some other marginal player for him. That was crazy especially with the skillz that his guy brought to the table Miami will regret trading hat guy watch. His up side is off the charts. In fact, I’m gonna vote for this dude on the all star ballot. The Beast!

  19. Patricio says:

    Even if it is TOO early to say, I think that with time Beasley will become (if injuries and trades dont attack) THE best player in wolves history, and this being said form a Garnett’s fan gotta mean something. There are many many atributes our beloved 21 had (and still have now as a Celtic), but if there is one thing I always wanted …to see from the 2004 almost champion Wolves leader was clutch, Im pretty sure he could dominate, but except for 2004 season, when things got though he could take the team to the next level as a a leader and make it comeback to the game…but… one aspect I always wanted to see was 2 opponents defending him, and he still gettin the game winner and 1 as a usual thing, like the greatest do. what I saw yesterday (and this wole season) is the begining of a new era, and when the actual era is over, when Bryant, Duncan, Garnett hang on their jerseys, a group of young talents will have to emerge, these 2 guys will be on top of that talent.

  20. akillis says:

    michaels beasly has owns Minisota now…

  21. beas fan says:

    he has seemed to have lost a bit of weight… different looking player to who he was in miami. i also believe this was the right move for him and i am enjoying watching him play this season for the wolves

  22. Christo says:

    Thank god I added him to my fantasy team 2 weeks ago, nobody wanted him lol Idiots

  23. Dr.J says:

    I must say B-Easy is a very talented player.
    I am a Miami fan and I really believe the team did a bad move trading him.
    He is immature and is inconsistent in Miami, yes, but they also have to consider that he is fairly young and is still finding his niche. I really think he finally got the break he needs to be show his game in Minnesota. He was given more room to operate and more minutes on the floor especially in the dying minutes of the game.

    In Miami, he was always the 2nd or 3rd option behind Wade and Oneal. I really feel that Miami should have kept Beasley and never signed Bosh. I do agree that Bosh is a good player but Beasley has more upside and is more athletic. Beasley playing with Lebron and Wade could be one of the best athletic big three in the league.

    Also, you guys still have to give credit to Wade and Spo. Beasley learned a lot from playing with D-Wade and getting to the Playoffs twice. This experience helped his game tremendously. He might have learned some from Minny but the 2 years of play in Miami is finally showing off.

    Goodluck to Minny this season. Love and Beasley are both a BEASTY COMBO!

  24. Marv Mav says:

    Dude you are bugging even mentioning him in comparison to Scottie Pippen. I like Beasley to be a Carmelo Anthony type player in a yr or two, but Beasley will never be able to play Point Forward or avg over 6 ast a gm. But he is having a remarkable yr. The T-Wolves are a good center and SG away from being a force, more than contenders, if Corey Brewer doesn’t develop into what he’s supposed to be. In a few yrs, there won’t be a better forward tandem than Beasley & Love, who may both avg double doubles if they stay on the same track.

  25. DUNK--> says:


  26. Amstraad says:

    The Heir of Scottie Pippen. In my opinion.

  27. Michael says:

    Michael Beasley is finally finding his niche in the nba and it’s with the `Wolves. Because the ‘Wolves do not have a perennial all-star or at least an all-star callibur type player, Beasley has a great opportunity to exploit his offensive game without having to support another player. Kevin Love compliments Beasley’s game and Beasley has showed much improvement in his shot selection and mainly his confidence. I can really see he’s enjoying himself out there more often, I’m glad he’s finally turning heads around the NBA and proving what he is really capable of and why is was the 2nd pick overall. Keep up the great job B-EASY!

  28. Alex says:

    Yeah, everything is going right except for his hairstyle…

  29. Blair says:

    I’m happy that Beasley is starting to pick it up. So far he has been the acquisition of the year for the simple fact that the environment that Minnesota provides seems to be working for him. There’s not really any pressure there so he can just play ball instead of worrying about living up to any hype of being a second overall pick. He doesn’t need to worry about where is next shot is coming from. He’s got a coach and teammates that support him so that helps when you’re young.

  30. Kzilla says:

    This just goes to show how self destructive D-wade is to a team. He tends to get into a zone where he doesnt see his teammates and doesnt make them better. Beasley AND D-wright in GS are having career breakouts this year, why? cause they are not with wade anymore. Go Beasley! hope he has a better year than Bosh.

  31. david walker says:

    i always knew he was good he didnt get a chance to play his game in miami’ he wasnt a power forward like they had him playing. he is a small forward now he can play his game!

    • Tyler says:

      I could see why you would think that, because he has broken out so much this year playing SF, but that is only out of necessity because we have Kevin Love at PF. His stats from the previous 2 years actually suggest he is a great amount better playing power forward.

      Its kind of a pro and con thing. SF is great because he is so much bigger than other SFs, but he is a little too slow for a lot of 3’s in the league, where he can blow by any power forward.

      • Saulo says:

        This is kinda bull man.. his stats DO NOT show he is a better PF, quite the contrary. I’ve been watching Beas ever since K-State and he finally landed with my team..this kid is a natural SF, People are always saying he cant guard the other SFs, but he checked Joe Johnson, LeBron James, Ron Artest, and has been playing some good D. Tell me how many SFs are true double threats.. RJ defends worse than beasley, Melo is just starting to defend last year, Durant, with all that wingspan isnt that great of a defender, and the list keeps going.. He’s never gonna be Shane Battier or Tay Prince, but neither will ever be as good as him offensively. Watch how low he gets his base when he sets up for D, how he uses his long legs to his advantage on the side-step to cover the defender, and he is playing with passion. The reason he isnt seen as a good defender is because that is his weakness and is SOOO overshadowed by his tremendous offensive power but I think he’s defending pretty well, he has to get some timing down but it has nothing to do with speed. If he has it to get by the SFs who cover him, he has it to guard them, its a question of learning the defensive side of the game, which Bill Laimbeer is doing a great job teaching.. Big future for Big Beas.. Love and Beas.. with Rubiu next year.. what team will be better to watch? big 3 of the future right there!!! GO WOLVES!!

  32. bobby says:

    I am always glad when i hear of someones success and this guy deserved it, while overcoming all the struggles in the beginning. Wish you much success, keep on pouring, have no fear.

  33. Reid says:

    Hes comfortable in minny! Love watching super cool bees play and hope he keeps it up!

  34. Mr. Potato Head says:

    Beasley is an alpha wolf. He never would have been an alpha dog in Miami.

    His confidence is sky-high. A great story come true for everyone.

    Side note: You think the Wolves don’t recognize Beasley’s talent? When the game ended last night, and Beasley hit the dagger, owner Glen Taylor was holding Michael’s infant daughter and bottle feeding her milk as he walked on to the court to greet Beasley.

  35. Drow Ranger - Sylvanna says:


  36. Juggernaut - Blade Master says:


  37. Jason says:

    I really like Beasley’s game and I always thought he had/has so much potential. He is showing a side of him in Minnesota that I really expect him to show.

    It would be better if Miami kept Beasley and maybe just tried to get LeBron and Wade, and use the remaining salary to get a decent center and point guard, rather than spending 14 million a year? on Chris Bosh. I’m not sure if that could’ve actually happened though, because James signed to Heat because Bosh did, and Wade signed to heat because Bosh did, but yeah… one can dream =P

    • OJ says:

      That would not have been a bad idea. Because so far, Chris Bosh is inaffective. Relying on the jump shot will hurt this team in the post season. The need a presence in the paint, which they do not have and the also need a veteran point guard, which they do not have. The heat still have not proven they can beat championship contendening teams. With the exception of Orlando. But me myself i think the first game between those two teams was a fluke win for miami. But we will see the next time they face off.

  38. Beastmaster - Rexxar says:

    He belongs in Minnesota Timberwolves – it is in his name. He is a beast, with which we commonly associate with wolves. Kevin Love is also meant to be a Timberwolves because wolves show love to their family and they have a very strong intraspecific relationship. However, Beasley stayed in miami he would not like it there because wolves hate heat. Heat will denature their enzymes involved in metabolic processes. Therefore the chemical reactions occuring in his body would be too slow. This is becase enzymes are biological cataylsts which speed up the rate of reactions by lowering the activation energy barrier. Minessota has the optimum temperature for maximum activity for Beasley. The activity of enzymes is at its peak as the molecules in his body are moving faster and thus more collisions between the substrate and the enzyme occur. Beasley should not have been traded to the New Jersey Nets because wolves associate nets with entrapment. Their anguish with nets arises from the period when human beings used to hunt wolves for meat and fur. This interspecific relationship is exploitation. One member of the species benefits at the expense of the other. From this we can conclude that the strong intraspecific relationships in the Timberwolves will aid their success against their enemies.

  39. tata says:

    I’ve always liked Beasley but…..what’s with the hair? That hairstyle looks like something that belongs on a girl or a clown. Maybe he is trying to channel his inner Gene Simmons with the little whisk-broom on top. As long as he keeps playing good it doesn’t matter. Go Beas!!

    • Beastmaster - Rexxar says:

      His hair allows it to get into his opponents eyes while unaffecting his game. This relationship is antibiosis where one member of the relationship is harmed while the other is indifferent. His hair also releases an odour which allows other members of his wolf pack to locate his presence on the court so that they keep a strong communication bond at all times.

  40. j-jonz says:

    I think Beasley has much game…..I actually think he’s not gettn enough press just cuz he’s in Minnesota. I think his game was ok in Miami but he didnt get love their either. 1st and 2nd yr player which is 2nd on team in scoring. He should have got a little more respect in Miami playn Robin to Wade( and respectively so ). I just feel that Wade never took him under his wing like a Veteran should do a young-up and coming beast with Beasley skills. I use to watch the games and Wade just never seemed to like the young man or show too much interest in his growth but would be quick to yell at him for bad play. I like D-Wade( 2nd fav- player in the league behind Mello ) but he didnt help Beasley get over the hump in Miami……. The kid has always had skills offensively, now with a little focus towards defense and making the players on the team better( cuz the double teams are coming ) he could become an All- Star in a year or so as long as he stays focused on getting better and continuing to Love the game we ( Ball Players ) all know and Love. Do yo thang Beasley………..