The Awkward Handshake

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You ever wonder what goes into the strange free throw ritual of tapping the hand of every single teammate after a shot?

We did (sorry, but we ponder things like this in our down time between games).

And thanks to our friends at, we’ll solve at least one of those mysteries. Our good friend Jonah Ballow and his crew have gone CSI Minneapolis on us and launched a full-blown investigation into the awkward free throw handshake used by rebound-machine Kevin Love and rookie Wes Johnson.


  1. Sosay says:

    for whatever reason this is really interesting to me….. seriously.
    i’ve been wondering lately, trying to remember when this became a custom.
    they didn’t do it in the 90’s. who started this custom? who was next to adopt it?
    how did it envelope the league?…….. the world may never know

  2. Jake says:

    Are the people at the All Ball blog gonna sue for copyright infringment?

  3. Jah says:

    haha nice, i love the positive vibe from the Wolves!!

  4. Soren says:

    The best part was when Kevin love talked about the most embarrassing moments of his life… I’m glad the Timberwolves can afford us some comedy!

  5. Bruce Lamond says:

    Congrats to the Timberwolves. Very funny. Thanks for posting it, Sekou.