Amar’e In A Foreign Land

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — When Amar’e Stoudemire packed his bags and headed to New York from Phoenix, he didn’t plan on being in the conversation with the likes of the Los Angeles Clippers three weeks into the season.

Yet here he is, drowning in the Knicks’ spin cycle of losing that is already in full swing. They’ve lost five straight games, joining the Clippers and Sacramento Kings on the league’s current list of  the lowest of the low.

But no one expected the Clippers and Kings to be fighting for elbow room in the playoff chase this season. The Knicks, on the other hand, appeared to be poised for a move up the charts. Instead, they’re stuck trying to figure out which way is up while Stoudemire is struggling to come to grips with losing.

He described his current predicament to the New York media as a “foreign land,” and is already talking about how the Knicks have to stick together so they can turn their season around. More from Frank Isola of the New York Daily News:

“I don’t understand why we’re not playing with the urgency,” Stoudemire said. “I’m not used to it. We’re not playing like we’re on a four-game losing streak, now five. It’s almost as if it doesn’t matter. It’s not something that I’m used to.

“I can’t keep saying the exact same things. I keep saying it but we’re not having (a) reaction.”

Stoudemire suggested that maybe he’s talking “too much,” since his message is apparently falling on deaf ears.

“Maybe it’s the fact that the winning mentality has never been here,” he said of a franchise that has suffered nine straight losing seasons. “I’m used to winning. Used to talking about winning. We just can’t have guys complacent and comfortable with losing. I keep saying that.”

While Stouedmire adjusts to his new surroundings his old mates in Phoenix seem to be adjusting just fine … though we suspect he knew that already.

While they might not be the powerhouse they were when he was there — a return trip to the Western Conference finals this season seems like a stretch — they don’t seem to have any problem with their attitude.

And they certainly look like they know how to win.


  1. James Rich says:

    Lots of hating on Amare here. So if you had the chance to make 100 million dollars, you wouldn’t take it? People say its all about money and Im sure that was a huge part of his decision. But its also about Amare wanting to take the challenge of bringing The Knicks back. The season just started and so has his 5 year contract. The Knicks have a lot of young, unproven talent. For the first time in a long time they are under the cap and their players are all signed to reasonable contracts. Plus, as soon as February (and maybe before) but no later than the end of this season, they’ll be rid of Eddie Curry’s ridiculous contract, which is really the only negative thing left over from the previous regime. That will allow them to sign at least one more top level talent (maybe its Melo, maybe its CP3, maybe its someone else). The Knicks future is looking up, no matter what the now driven narrative of the media would have you believe. Amare doesn’t like losing. I want a guy like that on my team.

  2. kev juuu heeerd says:

    Amare is a great role player but he cannot dominate a game all by himself.the knicks have other good players but their all streaky shooters. they live and die by the 3 ball.

    • kk says:

      I agree. And Amare has to play with another great player in order to play good game himself. He is not like other stars (kobe, wade, nash, dirk, KG, Duncan…) that can always create their own shots for a long stretch of time. Amare can create occasionally, but cannot last for a whole game, he needs someone to feed him off the ball. So I agree that no doubt he’s a good player, but he cant dominate a game all by himself. Given this situation, sad to say, he is over pay.

      I’m a Phoenix fan, even though i feel the pain of losing him, but I’m at least glad that he isnt over pay to stay in phoenix, which may happen once Nash retire.

  3. nashalltheway says:

    amar’e was greedy and unloyal to the Suns. he gets what he deserves.

  4. knicks fan says:

    i was so shocked that they couldn’t close any deal with another superstar (or i at least someone who knows how to lead and win) during the summer. i knew the melo and cp3 was just something that hyped up and wasn’t gonna happen, but i just couldn’t believe they didn’t sign ONE MORE star player. I really hope that they could make a trade soon. we’re done waiting for the potentials blossom, we need talent and leadership RIGHT NOW! i feel like “the world’s most famous arena” hasn’t been used for NBA playoff for a long while.

  5. berlin says:

    We miss you back in Phoenix, Amar’e. But that’s what you get for choosing money over a contender.

  6. BuzzLiteBeer says:

    So… how’s it feel Amare? Starting to regret moving to NY? Knicks will never be a contender and you made your decision based on $$$. Granted, Sarver should’ve treated you better but c’mon…. Probably the dumbest thing you will ever do so congrats, enjoy being on a losing team.

  7. Relevancy says:

    I have a Phoenix Amare jersey. Does anyone want it? I didn’t realize what a greedy idiot he was.

  8. Jake says:

    S.O.S. calling Chris Paul!

  9. Amir says:

    I kept sayin this that Amare might be one of the dumbest PF to play the game in a while…The last doofus I remember doing this thing was Antonio McDyess when he went from playing with J-Kidd in Phoenix and decided to go to Denver…

    Heads up Amare…Karl Malone wasnt great because of himself only…he was great because he played off of one of the greatest point guards in the history of the game who fed him the ball 15-20 times every night…

    I said it before, and Ill say it again…NYK are the biggest mistake of Amare’s professional career!!! Can he be a 20 and 10 guy? Sure!! Can he be a Tim Duncan, KG, Malone, Barkley type of player to have a huge impact on the game by himself??? Nopeeee…

  10. olschool says:

    this is not surprisin at all. he surroundin by a bunch of journey men. none of which has any leadership qualities. so of course they will have a nonchalant attitude. the knicks are a long way from being a contender. it sounds like they are playing for a paycheck to me. maybe they can get carmelo at least it would help a little. if u look at there roster none of the players has ever been winners. even raymond hasnt really come from a winning team. unless u count his HS and college dayz. but he and stat are only 2 players. to b honest they want start winning till they get rid of the losers from years past. get some fresh faces and attitudes in the locker room. until then he will b speakin on deaf ears.

  11. yeah men says:

    think you can be a franchise player? no way, your success is and will always be associated with Steve Nash