About Last Night: Perspective People

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Leave it up to one of our favorite coaches to remind us all of where we are right now.

Alvin Gentry‘s Phoenix Suns are as far removed from the direct light sizzling the Miami Heat these days as anyone can be. But after his Suns lit up the Lakers Sunday night for a jaw-dropping 22 makes from beyond the 3-point line (that’s one fewer made than the Lakers attempted) in an upset win over the two-time world champs, he reminded us all of the need for a little perspective, courtesy of Los Angeles Times Hall of Famer Mark Heisler:

“You guys kill me,” a laughing Gentry said after the game, incredulous at being asked about the Lakers’ attitude and defense.

“Like the season is over for them now? C’mon, give me a break. It’s one game!

“You guys going to analyze this team? Let’s see what happens at the end of June, OK?

“You guys kill me, though. It’s one game, We made 22 threes and we had to hold on to beat them. I think they’re OK, OK?”

Shouldn’t the same sort of perspective be applied to the early season start of other contenders, namely our friends in Miami? Many of you that have weighed in on the Heat around here in the past three weeks believe so, while plenty of others disagree.

Maybe you were one of the thousands that weighed in here on Facebook when our friends at the home office asked,”After starting the season 5-4 (they’re 6-4 now), the Miami Heat need to improve _____________ the most?”

The responses ranged from the typical …

Pat Riley needs to come down and take over this team. They look like they are coaching themselves out there. Word.

… to the interesting …

they don’t need to improve. they need to change. They can’t have lebron [sic] calling the shots. they need a Rando [sic] like the Original big three have to call the shots. If they want a ring, they need to give up their ideas of becoming a great player and begin their ideas of become a great team.

… to the mildly intriguing …

getting to their spots & taking the shot without trying to think about the flashy play & More mid-range shots..Everytime down it’s wade or Bron trying to create something going to the hole & when they can’t get that one is always @ the perimeter for a 3…ot going to work…Lebron needs to play his offense & let Miami fit nim instead of them trying to fit wade!~ Bosh, wade & the rest of the team will come in to play after that happens…..”The Ego’s”

.. to the downright bizarre …

i think miami need trade arroyo and jones and pittman and acquire steve nash and change the coach

Love ’em or hate ’em, one major difference between the two situations is that the Lakers have political capital the Heat can only dream about right now. Even with three straight trips to the NBA Finals on their resume, the Lakers aren’t dealing with the sort of expectations this Heat team is right now.

A couple of early season losses from a team we know is capable of wiping out most of the competition when it matters most doesn’t really bother us, not right now and not even late in the regular season. That’s a perk afforded a champion. And we still don’t know for sure that this Miami team, as currently assembled, is championship material right now.

We’re guilty of an intense rush to judgment around here as well. We went into hyper-analyze mode last week after those back-to-back losses to Utah and Boston.Maybe it was the way they lost to both teams, or maybe it was just us riding the wave of discontent that looked so good in the immediate aftermath. It’s tough to put a finger on it now, after we’ve had a few days to think about it all.

That said, we still agree that the Heat have plenty of issues to work out. As long as LeBron James has to explain himself and exactly what he meant two and three times after every loss, there is work to be done.

We certainly took notice when the good folks at TrueHoop highlighted the Heat’s dominance over weaker foes (six wins against teams with a combined 16-32 record as of late Saturday night) and their lack of anything close to dominance against the elite (four losses to teams with a combined 22-5 record during that same stretch).

Those who say “it’s just the first nine or 10 games, they don’t matter” are only half right. It is absolutely just the first nine or 10 games of a marathon 82-game regular season with a deep playoff run (perhaps) to follow. So heated reactions to anything that goes on before Thanksgiving is a bit much.

But these games do matter. Maybe not in the way you’re thinking. And certainly not within the context of who will or will not be there when the big trophy is handed out (go ahead and raise your hand if you’re not from Boston and you had the Celtics pegged as the Eastern Conference champs a year ago this time). We will look back at how it all began, though, and there will be clues at the end that someone picked up on.

What those clues are nobody knows. That’s why we’re all watching and reacting.

Because in the end it will always be about perspective, as Alvin Gentry was gracious enough to remind us last night.


  1. chris says:

    Who’s Rando?

  2. Haters Everywhere says:

    1 more GREAT point I forgot to make is something I even did which goes to show how easy it can happen. EVERYONE FORGETTING MIKE MILLER. LOL. He’s their 4th best player on the team and hasn’t even played a game yet. LOL. Funny how the haters conveniently forget that, except when injuries hit their team, then their all about pointing those out. Mike Miller will help this team alot, and it can’t be overlooked. You haters are around because you are absolutely afraid of the SCARY POTENTIAL that these guys have, bottom line.

  3. Haters Everywhere says:

    You know what true fans of the Heat are doing? Laughing. In the Heats ***1st game EVER*** played together, they took what should’ve been the NBA Champion Celtics (thanks to Perkins injury which every single Laker fan smiled about) to within 3 points with 1 minute to go. LMAO!!! In their ***1st*** ***GAME*** ***EVER***. Most of you don’t ball in here, and you can tell because you choose to hate and say they are doomed forever instead of understanding chemistry and how things take time. Yes, they have so much talent they will win some games on that alone even if they look all crazy out on the floor at times, but chemistry takes time. They should indeed be afforded at the LEAST until the All-Star Break to assess their situation on such a microscopic basis like they are after only 10 games. Thats nothing for a sample size. It just brings out the haters that wanna pounce on anything and everything. So I leave you all with a question. If the Heat can come to within 3 points in the closing minute of the game against the Celtics in their 1ST GAME EVER PLAYED TOGETHER, just WTH do you think they can do to them when they actually figure this thing out, and put together a full 48 min game against them??? LMAO

    YES. WE. DID

  4. big picture says:

    this is whats up, ive been a diehard laker fan since kareem and magics day. when shaq and kobe started out they got put out the play offs–no ring. if james and wade stay together and form chemistry i foresee one vicious one two punch capable of murdering the opposition. poor heat, the media has bent them over with promotional hype for the league. as for me, im glad they suck now. it allows #24 and co. to rack up more rings. but if the heat stay the course throughout adversity banners just might one day shoot up the rafters in miami. around this time kobe will have to pass the torch (hopefully to shannon–love the guy, he’s showtime all the way, baby!). i pray the next generation of lakers will be up to task because the heat have terrifying potential. we all know it. we just hope they disband before it comes to fruition.

  5. Eric says:

    Lakers are not beating up on quality teams sorry to say buddy..

    Houston, Golden State, Memphis, Sacramento, Toronto, Portland, and Minnesota aren’t quality teams.. With the exception of Portland maybe..

    The 2 losses came to playoff teams in Pheonix and Denver..

    While the Heat did have a tough schedule playing Boston (2x), Orlando, New Orleans, and Utah.

    Still I do like the Lakers (and I’m a Heat fan), but Lakers haven’t beaten up on an ELITE team yet..

  6. carlos pena says:

    lakers suck boston sucks and neither will win a title this year and that goes for miami too

  7. kobe says:

    Lakers!!! END OF STORY!!

  8. bigboy11 says:

    why dont we all wait until after the all star game, before we make championship judgement on these teams, i still think it’s kinda early

  9. Alex says:

    The suns can catch fire on thier 3s, and i think they will make the playoffs (just).. problem is they will not be abel to hit 20+ 3s every game for now on out against the lakers… For the Miami team, they got so much talent they are going to win some games on pure indivudal skills. However in the playoffs they must be consistent, so i am looking forward too see how they evolve through the season. I think Chris Bosh will take a while to get back to his normal self…

  10. DSUS says:

    Whatever the street talk is, it feels like the Lakers are a little bit complacent right now, or easing into the season however you might want to put it. Forget wins or losses, why are they #14 in the defensive end with potential multiple all defensive team players. As a Lakers fan I dont like that.

  11. tRay says:

    It’s funny how a lot of people shine light on the LA lose. I’m a fan of the Lake Show but come on people lets call a spade a spade they lost deal with it. They’ve had the easiest schedule I’ve ever seen. They played to good teams and lost no need to hit the panic button though. As for the Heat i’m not a fan but they will continue to get better once they find an identity so everyone just ease up a bit. Both the Lakers and the Heat will be contending for the title that’s not an issue. Yet I believe we will see another Lakers v.s Celtics classic and if the Celtics are healthy and Kobe is not 100% I hate to say it I think the trophy is going back to Boston.

  12. Banks says:

    Sometimes I think the basketball world is dumb. You ever noticed the only reason why the Lakers and Heat are losing is because of the 3 ball? They are being beat at the 3 point line. Ray Allen anyone? He was hittin threes all day, take away his threes, boston would have two losses..Same thing with Utah on Heat, smae this with suns on Lakers. They need to switch up to man to man when somebody is hot from three point line o rPlay 3-2 zone. The coaches aren’t stoppin the 3…

  13. Jesus says:

    for all of those talking about the celtics and the lakers, and grammar, none if it matters, both teams had injuries and both teams have won championships. truth is, there will never be a proper champ, according to fans, because they will have excuses for their team’s loss.
    in other news, FACT: lakers are the 2 time champs. YEEEE!

  14. lakersfan says:

    the guy who said “boston’s health gave the lakers their titles” knows nothing about basketball and should be deleted and blocked from ever posting on nba.com….. so your aware the lakers gave away HUGE LEADS s is plural by the way to boston because of Pau Gasol’s lack of transitional experience…… the hardest thing to learn is basketball is trasitional defense Pau Gasol had only been on our team a couple weeks and was learning our system…. bynum was hurt and kobe hasnt been healthy a game in 5 years and yall barely won…. you think injuries are what lost yall a championship…. no moron the lakers had injuries and won and by the way kobe playing with fractures brokes fingers torn knees is still better than the whole boston roster and argueablly the nba…. we won because were better not because boston was hurt if ne thing boston wom because we were hurt

  15. Sean says:

    Someone made the point earlier that Lebron needs to be the SF, Wade the SG, and let the PG be the PG. Dead on. You can run your offense through multiple players, but it should be the PG calling the plays, directing traffic, etc. for most of the game. Look at the 08 Celtics. Rondo– talented, flashy, sometimes brilliant, but young and inconsistent– had the keys to that offense. Sure, endgame the ball went to Pierce. But through the meat of the game Rondo was calling the shots and the Big 3 benefited hugely. In Miami, you have Arroyo as, what, just an extra man thrown in to make it 5 players on the court? He doesn’t add anything if he isn’t allowed to be the PG, and right now, it’s Lebron at the point. Unfortunately, Lebron isn’t a PG, he’s a SF. Then you have all kinds of cross-matching when Lebron is supposed to guard Rondo sometimes, and then Wade has Pierce, but he’s too small– they’re trying to play a hybrid type of ball that requires a huge amount of cohesion which simply is not there, and honestly I don’t know if it ever will be unless they can totally define their roles. Wade and Lebron are too similar. In order for it to work they need to play a tight 2-man game on offense, working off each other. Throw them into a pick-and-roll offense and see what happens. I bet those two would be devastating in that style.

  16. sid says:

    Yeah yeah yeah,

    cool why not but Nash to Heat, plus maybe Dwight Howard and how about Artest and some other super-dooper players on the bench? Hello – is this Fantasy Basketball or what?
    Three guys like LeBron, Wade and Bosh should make the Miami TEAM better!!! That’s what MVPs are all about aren’t they? And all three claiming to have MVP status? So get it started!
    What a lame excuse – sorry for all the fans who thought we gonna finish 82-0. With that talent what else fans will expect? Of cause they don’t finish 82-0 – but their pride and team-effort should show they are trying. Again I can only say – get it going!
    LA lost to a team that made 22 3’s. Still stayed close – I say momentum – in a best-of-seven they will not be able to make that two times straigth. That’s why no one bothering with this loss. I get a bit worried they loose all games to Miami, Boston and Orlando, maybe as well as to San Antonio and one or two other WC teams. But the Lakers won’t – point made ! ! !
    Miami stars get their teammates to be bettter and better, than they gonna get a shot at the trophy. Cause that’s what Boston did, they made stars out of Rondo, Perkins, etc.

  17. Lyzanxia says:

    i hear you Worldwide but im so sick of players crying about every little call. Im a laker fan and i have to admit the lakers were one of the worse crying about fouls, especially Gasol. There were times when the other team would run down and score on the other side because Gasol or someone else were still on the other side complaining. Also the officials have the right to be respected, nobody would dare scream at me like that at my job so they shouldnt be screamed at while there doing there jobs.

    • tRay says:

      Amen man LA fan too but they whine way too much. Kobe has toned it down a little but ya boy Fisher is the most notorious whiner on the squad.

    • WORLDWIDE says:

      True but you got to give guys a chance to have a normal reaction then if they pursue to go at the ref then they can get a tech but this is people’s normal reactions because of their passoin for competing and putting in all that hard work that is demanded at that level now your saying they can show their passion for what they do ? if you want robots out there who don’t have feelings and can put in hard work for years and then let one call cost them a chance a getting a championship then they should go head and do that this is taking away from the enterianment and passion the game brings if they contiune to make horibble calls like that it will only lead to less people tunning in to watch robots play and refs win games.

  18. KEn says:

    come on whats going on with the lakers 2 straight loss….!! i want bynum back on the la line!!

  19. NelyD says:

    As far as I’m concerned Miami doesn’t belong in the same sentence as Boston and LA do, not yet at least. LA gets a free pass in the media on their losses because they have already proved themselves, the same with Boston, these teams are tried and true and have been able to play through serious injuries. Kobe played through a good portion of the regular series and belayed a surgery that has now cost him a full recovery ever in his shooting finger, just so he could play through the post season and bring another chip home. Lebron the self proclaimed king doesn’t even have the jewelery to match such a title. The guy counts on his freakish athletic ability and wants to put his name next to the greats. In reality he does not have the finesse of a michael jordan and kobe bryant who would find ways to score on any opponent despite size differences, instead of drilling the ball down the middle like a retarded bull every play. Bosh has been proven to not even be on the same calibur as the other two, and the only truly versatile talent on that miami team is dwayne wade. Kobe had more than one ring by the time he was as far as lebron is in his career, and has never ever once complained about playing too many minutes. Your getting paid millions and millions of dollars to play the equivalent of at most a few hours of basketball a week, suck it up and play the game. Its going to be Boston and LA in the finals again this year, as someone previously mentioned until miami can fill in the holes they have in their team , they don’t stand a chance. By the time Miami starts winning some rings , if ever, the greats of this era, Bryant, Pierce, Garnett, etc, will be laughing their way to retirement knowing that they are going out on tope

  20. Tyga says:

    @law064 After the championship game he got surgery for his knee , Hes not injured from 08 bud.

  21. john says:

    longmemory said it best….look at Lakers “weak” schedule….I can’t believe how they get all the hype about their record but when it comes to playing some playoff contenders they lose. Boston will be the team to beat this year as long as they stay healthy.

  22. WORLDWIDE says:

    Yeah yeah yeah LA IS ok, Boston is going to have to learn how keep the Oneil’s healthy for playoffs, and Mia will eventually get rolling butt they all have to deal with “the new rule” that is taking the emotioms out of this game it is ridiculous and very slavery like to tell someone you play and shut up or else you pay $2000 for a normal reaction which can cost you a game. Even in college the palyers are allowed to have normal reactions, hell even in golf & tennis the two most respectful games palyers are allowed have normal reactions. this new rule is going to far.

  23. nihil says:

    come on, let’s be realistic here. all the miami fans would love to see their team beat everyone with 30+, but as good players they may be, they need more time to develop a playing style that includes them all. we all know that the stars played almost on their own, so now they have to learn how to play with each other. if that’ll take more than a training camp, than it will, but ultimately they have to be ready when the playoffs start. only the haters care if they win “only” 50 and not 55 or 60. we’ll see what they do in the playoffs, and then we can tell…

    • kk says:

      How many training camp Boston’s trio need before winning the 08 championship?

      • nihil says:

        khm, Allen and Pierce have a totally different style of play, while James and Wade played (when they were “alone”) in a similar style. now, one of them (or both) has to give up the way he played for years…kind of a hard thing, isn’t it?
        the other thing: boston had great point guards to orchestrate their play…miami…well, arroyo is great, but not for this role…

  24. long memory says:

    ok Jake is a nerd. And put an apostrophe in “someone’s”. Back to Basketball. Lets put aside all the Laker hate, Heat hate, lebron etc. Its true that you win with TEAM. and on paper Boston united 3 to shoot them straight to the top of the league. THIS great Kobe i hear about couldnt get out the 1st round before Pau gets there (3 straight FINALS appereances immediately) And now Lebron joins forces with this Miami team that is starting a season losing (thanks Nerdman) a few games that are not Surprises!! 2 to the eastern conference champs and an OT loss to Utah (Utah came back on 5 others so they hot right now & NO who’s undefeated!!) at the same time NO EXCUSES! Miami got the bizness handed to them on a couple nights and they are gonna lose some more & the same goes for LA (as we just seen the last couple games) and Boston as well. So Stop the Doom talk and as far as Miami goes NOBODY KNOWS THEM after 10 games so Talk whatever talk about them after All-star break. (agree “persective” “hypocritical”)

    Bynum is NOT in LA’s top 5! Perkins is in Boston’s top 5! and when you come back in the game 7 the way LA did (length! – Ron Artest & Gasol not Kobe) thats why the speculation but i agree LA is on top, numero uno, … but lets get off the invincibility- superteam -impossible for them to lose aura.

    • kk says:

      Defensively, Bynum is LA’s top 5.

    • batez says:

      Kobe lost a couple of very competitive play off series againt the Suns before the Lakers got Gasol..You are absolutely right about that!! But you left out a very important detail….Which is Pau Gasol never won a playoff game his whole career before he came to the Lakers!! He had been swept every year in Memphis! So dont let your personal feelings of resentment towards Kobe allow you to not give him credit where credit is due..Truthfully speaking..Playing with Bryant has made Gasol a better player!! and vice versa.. BUT Kobe has done this all before without Gasol….& to those of you who would say it was all because of Shaq, I say, that hes won two rings in a row without Shaq!! There has been two consistent factors in the Lakers dominance over the last 10 years in the NBA & they are KOBE and Mr.Phil Jackson!! They are the reasons why the Lakers have won 5 rings over the last 10 years…with the help of a great cast of supporting players!! In some cases all star supporting players..& individually speaking #24 has had the best statistical years of his career without Shaq and Gasol…BUT they had their most productive individual seasons playing with BRYANT!! Im just saying!! Look it up boss!!

    • batez says:

      @long memory If Bynum is not in the Lakers top 5 why does he start?? Seriously if you dont think he is one of the Lakers best 5 players youre only kidding yourself!! & you say the Lakers won only because of Gasol and Artest but Kobe outrebounded the whole Celtic starting line up that game, and shut down Rondo the whole series!! & Rondo was playing like a man posessed until he faced Kobes D in the Finals!! He did have a horrible shooting night, but the Lakers never would have won that game without him!! I understand hating on Kobe as a fan of another team…But as a basketball fan…How could you say that you dont like Kobe??? Because I bet you would love to have him on your teams roster!!

  25. kiki says:


  26. antonis says:

    sorry to tell u that but l.a. is simply not good enough.kobe is not the same player anylonger.

    l.a. will struggle and i cant see the make the finals.

    miami great potential but orlando and boston r strong.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      You clearly don’t watch the Lakers or know basketball at all.

    • OJ says:

      LOL!!!!!!!!!!! Morons like yourself who dont know how to spell said the same thing about the LAKERS last year and look what they did. They went back to back on chumps like yourself who thought they could not do it. Dude, shut the hell up and stay off of this website until you learn how to spoke! LOL!!!!!!!!

      • lakerfan1987 says:

        To OJ: Thats the beauty of it though, the doubters can doubt but when its all said and done, the lake show will be holding up another championship trophy, lol. I just hope they have room for another one.

  27. kiki says:

    No need to compare Lakers with Miami. Lakers team has a complete group of starters without that much weakness as the Miami Heat and they have a bench full of potential to rely on.
    It is obvious that James, D-Wade, and Bosh cannot win a championship by themselves though they are super stars. A CAHMPIONSHIP team does not only need Super Stars but a COMPLETE TEAM. They need a lot of help from the rest of the team roster, which seems to be very poor in productivity defensively or offensively. I am just hoping that Miami HEAT Staff members especially the President of Basketball Operation (Pat Riley) and Coaches team will seat down and take a good look at their roster and make the necessary change before the end of the trading deadline. They have a HUGE need for a BIG man at the center position and a true point guard to control the floor because James and wade best known as FINISHERS and ATTACKERS cannot completely fulfill that position. If they are the ones to play the point guard position the load will be too much on their back. Remember what Lebron said after one game and I quote; “I did not expect to play 44 minutes in a game and neither D- Wade 40”. You see without HELP they will most likely need to play EXTRA MINUTES in order to win games when in fact that was not the goal bringing them together. In top of that Bosh’s numbers are very low compare to what he used to produce in Toronto. Everybody expects that to happen since he is still in process of adjusting himself in the system. The time is now for hi to figure things out. Otherwise the team needs to start thinking and see what changes can be made to fill up some visible holes. If not the championship hope will not be at reach anytime soon but remain just a dream. GOOD LUCK GUYS IN YOUR SEARCH FOR CHEMISTRY OR EVENTUAL CHANGES!

  28. Law064 says:

    FYI Bynum will be hurt his entire career he’s a big soft cupcake. I’m sorry but how can a guy his age keep the same injury?? Sounds like Greg Oden, has bynum even played a entire season? He’s like T Mac who never recovered from his injuries. I see Bynum being hurt for his entire career the lakers should trade him or something. He’ll never be the same as before his injury. Kobe is the best player in the NBA Lechoke james has never been a true closer and I think you have to be a closer to be considered great Lechoke is a Joke and has no clutch what so ever. Not sure about 08 but even with Bynum they would’ve lost. Last season the Celtic’s lost not just because Perkins being out but they were playing the ref’s as well bottom line they still lost and who’s to say with Perkins if they would’ve won. Bynum will be hurt forever he’s too young to not be fully recovered from 08 injury.

    • Kyle says:

      It’s not the same injury. He injured both knees but in different seasons. I forgot in which order, but that doesn’t matter.

      You are right about the hypocritcal Laker fans, too. Me being a Laker fan too, I find it very annoying. “It’s only the beginning of the season. They shouldn’t worry” is all I hear too, and they say the Heat are doomed. I too, think that the Heat won’t win this year, but that doesn’t mean they’re doomed. Maybe in a couple of seasons, they could win, or at least have a good run.

      Back to the Lakers, it shows one important thing. Every team is capable of beating each other. I love how other Laker fans think they’re unstoppable, but they’re obviously not. They’re of course one of the top teams in the NBA just for winning back to back championships, but anyone can beat them.

      • OJ says:

        @KYLE Dude, you are not a LAKER fan talking about anyone can beat the LAKERS. The bottom line is, the heat suck!! This is a team sport, there for it will take more than the three amigos to bring home a title. The LAKERS have a complete team, not just three guys who are expected to take the team all the way. Fact of the matter is, the heat are doomed. The need a better center, which they cannot afford. They need a better point guard, which they cannot afford. In order to get any of these pieces, they would have to give up an important piece that they already have, Chris Bosh, Udonis Haslem. This team is screwed. Until someone beats the LAKERS, they are unstoppable. Has anyone been able to prove otherwise the last two season, i think not?

      • Mike One says:

        @Kyle I’m a Laker fan as well as I agree completely with you.

  29. danito says:

    no worries man, lakers still the best. the two games the lost were close games. suns had a new 3 piont record, so they were just lucky hiting 3. and the game was still close. aint worried about the lakers they still played good in the twoo loses.

  30. Lakers 3peat says:

    Miami is overrated, and they wont win a championship until either Wade or James accepts the role as “SIDEKICK” to the other…

    I really believe James going to Miami is what doomed this team, you DONT bring in two players who play the same type of a game, alot of ball handling and driving to the rim. You see coach spo play Wade or Lebron with Bosh more than you see all three of them out there because he sees the problem with that. Wade and Bosh in Miami would have been enough, a younger verison of the KOBE/GASOL one two punch….and that 100m they spent on James could’ve been used to get other quality guys to surrond those two with…

    Lebron shoulda went to NYC with Amare, it woulda bn better for the Heat and better for himself…..or just had stayed in Cleveland, whom are doing better than people expected (so much for his team being so bad, news flash people they never were) …REAL TALK

    • kk says:

      I totally agree with the point that miami should not bring in 2 players who play same type of game. It is really a waste of money in basketball point of view, this conbination only make sense when we talk about marketing.

  31. A FAN says:


    • lime says:

      nice. how could i contemplate a comment full of spelling errors and grammar violations. hoho.
      and by the way, your comment isn’t biased either. hahaha

    • max ivic says:

      yh but the heat have lost 4 and the lakers have 1 2 straight championships and what hav the heat done nothing so theres ur answer

    • LakersWillWin says:

      You’re an idiot! The Lakers have made 3 consecutive trips to the finals, they are just waiting to get back. Every single night EVERY team in the league is going HARD at the Lakers, as hard as they can. When you are the champs that’s what happens. Some nights the Lakers will match them and go hard, but some nights they just don’t care. You can see it in the game too. Alvin Gentry even said “We may have shot 22 3’s but it was still a battle for the W.” Lakers have NOT been blown out and we have nothing to worry about. It’s just different with the Heat because everyone was saying they are going to break the Bulls record they have soo much talent on paper its ridiculous! Well, look what all that talent amounts to? NO TALENT AT ALL. We lost to two quality teams, Denver who hates LA, and Phoenix who hates LA as well.

    • OJ says:

      Difference between the LAKERS and the heat is nobody hypes the LAKERS up. You dont constantly here about the LAKERS the way you hear about the heat. People are tired of hearing about this team already. The only thing they have proved is that they can beat the weak teams, but struggle against contending teams. The heat suck! And its good the LAKERS lost these last two games. They need to wake up and get their act together. We all know the suns can compete with the LAKERS in the playoffs. Thats why we LAKER fans say this lost means nothing. DO you really think the suns can beat the LAKERS in a 7 game series, i didnt think so. Can the Celtics beat the heat in a 7 game series, thats quiet obvious! So @ A FAN i think you need to shut the f up!

    • lakerfan1987 says:

      You sound like an angry miami fan who can only hope and dream the heat will someday be as coveted and spectacular as the lakers have proven to be time and time again, keep dreaming. The suns had the best shooting night of their lives on sunday, still barely beat the lakers, we’ll see what happens in the playoffs son.

  32. MissT says:

    Finally – some perpective! Everyone was forecasting DOOM and GLOOM when the Heat lost two in a row – now all I hear is “well it happens” when the Lakers lose. Consistency please?!

    • Mike One says:

      I hear what you’re saying. However, we haven’t seen the Heat deal with adversity as of yet. They probably will come out just fine but this is their first real test so everyone is making their predictions. I wouldn’t excuse the Lakers losing however, the Lakers are the defending world champs and we have seen the Lakers to do this before. In fact, speaking of consistency, the Lakers consistently show up the good and the ugly lol. In other words, we are familiar with the Lakers, comfortable with their pretty and ugly sides. We expect them to do what they’ve always done and that’s be the Lakers. We expect great defense and we expect lackadaisical defense. We aren’t familiar with the Heat, therefore we don’t know what to expect from them. Only time will tell and June will come around soon enough. Then we shall see true consistency.

  33. Muhamad says:

    I’d say even if Miami gets Steve Nash, nothing will change over there. Now, let someone in Miami who is a proper point guard do its role. Don’t let the ball be in DWade, LeBron’s or Bosh’s hands. But let the point guard create the play, and the so call big 3 (so much of the summer parade, huh?) finish the job at the rim. Not the other way round.

    LeBron, play more as a SF more please. DWade, be more of a SG. Respect your PG. What the Phx Suns get is full respect to Steve Nash, and that’s why they can beat the Champs at Staples Centre. I doubt if Nash goes to Miami, the ball will be in his hands.

    • Mike One says:

      I would agree, however, Lebron James is probably the best ball-handler the Heat have got (except D Wade). Nash is given the ball because he is an elite point guard, just like the other guys who dominate (Paul, Rondo, D Williams, Rose, Kidd, etc.) These are guys that can take over a game and get guys the ball where they need it. I don’t believe Wade or James trust or even believe those guys can be trusted. Besides neither James or Wade is a go-to jump shooter and they can be guarded off the ball for that reason. You’re not worried about them spotting up at the 3. No they are slashers, meaning they bring the ball up and do their thing and drive to the basket. Once there Lebron has a good eye so he can deliver the ball where it needs to go. The problem is that D Wade and LB play the same style of ball, though Wade is looking to score more.

      • Mark says:

        Miami should go back and look at some old footage of the Bulls. They never had a star PG and they managed just fine. Yes they had MJ and Scottie but the 90s Chicago line up isn’t all that different to how Miami looks now. Getting used to each other and coaching is the issue.

    • lakerfan1987 says:

      If lebron james ever wants to win a title hes gonna need one thing…heart. from what ive seen in previous years he has none. please dont say he didnt have a team because his team had the best record in the NBA 2 years in a row.

      • ghassan says:

        i totally agree that lebron bailed out last year .but the year before , come on . he was by him self against the magic ,in order for them to be compatitive he had to have a triple double getting 40+ points and over 12 ast in order to have a chance of winning so plz don’t talk about the heart because lebron has alot
        PS remmber Game 5 vs the pistons & game 7 vs the celtics in 08.

  34. Joe51 says:

    Oh yes, injuries led to both LA championships, thats something that you can tell Kobe and Bynum because they were both dealing with injuries that required surgery. The lakers don’t get “doom” talk after losing because they’ve been afforded the luxury of that respect, due to having worse starts to a season and ending it off with the ‘chip. They also didn’t have a healthy Kobe or new additions(Blake and Barnes if you’re uninformed) that take away nothing and add depth, particular skill-sets and toughness which is what a championship team that needs to do nothing but tweak, needs to do. It doesn’t help the cause that the same writers that raised the Heats expectations are now critiquing the most, but “perspective” comes in when you understand what the Lakers have done to earn the unspoken trust of true fans and writers that know a loss is just a loss until it happens in June, and as much as people have put lebron over kobe in “best player in the world” talks, nobody is saying that as long as the heat have lebron, the heat will be ok…BUT as long as the lakers have Kobe, they’re gonna be just fine, and thats the reality and perspective of it.

  35. Law064 says:

    I agree Long memory it’s always back to Miami but Al Gentry said it best it’s 1 game do you think they’re done this year. LA has had a easy road so far but they are not worried about that loss and any other loss in the regular season. Miami should be a little more worried because of the expectations of them. They beat Toronto lol but they will beat these weaker teams that’s a given. Miami was over hyped and are over-rated but they will make the playoffs what they do is still up in the air but champions this year is out of the question. They still don’t have good chemistry and it seems like they are going to be a big let down for all the real Heat fans and all the bandwagon cock hoppers. I’m glad they predicted them to win the Eastern conf. and face the Lakers in the finals lol what a joke. 2 and a half guys can’t beat teams. we’ll see them lose more games and it’ll all be excuses to why they lost. The Suns just burned LA with all those 3’s I’m sure they’re not worried about that. All the Die Hard La fans should open they’re eyes now and realize the Lakers are not so dominant because they started 8-0 they had an Easy road and it will get tougher for them. I’m not a Laker fan by no means but I don’t see anyone in the West stopping them in a series they are a complete team unlike Miami who has to fill in many holes.

    • Tom says:

      dud they on fire with the 3’s it just 1 game like they can do it over and over again. just like ray allen last year final game 2 on fire what happen on game 3 or 4 or 5 or 6 or 7. so it just 1 game no big deal
      stop complain about they have weak schedule do you really want ur team to have weak schedual in biginning or near the end when they can make a push to playoff?

      • Law064 says:

        @ Tom they have played a bunch on WEAK TEAMS no real competitors. The Suns were on fire and they are not even a really good team without Amare. The Lakers have had it eazy. Now they lost 2 games and every LA fan can see they are not so dominant. Wait til we get Bynum back is all I heard but Bynum is going to always be hurt he is way to soft and will continue to battle knee problems for life. How can he still be hurt from 08?? Please answer that he’s not even 30 yet give me a break!!

      • WORLDWIDE says:

        Yeah yeah yeah LA IS ok, Boston is going to have to learn how keep the Oneil’s healthy for playoffs, and Mia will eventually get rolling butt they all have to deal with “the new rule” that is taking the emotioms out of this game it is ridiculous and very slavery like to tell someone you play and shut up or else you pay $2000 for a normal reaction which can cost you a game. Even in college the palyers are allowed to have normal reactions, hell even in golf & tennis the two most respectful games palyers are allowed have normal reactions. this new rule is going to far

      • OJ says:

        @LAW064 thank god the LAKERS dont need Bynum to win titles! They have gone back to back without him. So it really doesnt matter whether he is healthy or not. If he is healthy, its just a plus for the LAKERS.

      • assassin says:

        BOSTON sucks…kobe beat you with one knee and a broken finger. Enjoy 2008 cause its the last championship the “Big Three” will see.

      • lakerfan1987 says:

        Well said TOM,

  36. marc says:

    @Long memory 95% accurate comment, A Laker fan here but sorry….I love good basketball and true ballers so i love the Celtics!!! And “Se”kou” I can raise my hand because i did say last year that when the celtics roll into the playoffs…’different ballgame’ in the eastern conference battle. Not even if the Cavs won 72. Same thing this year. Only thing I disagree with is the whole perkins thing. I mean many Lakers were banged up, as were Celts, true warrior teams both but this is part of the journey to a titel. Kobe doesnt complain, rondo or KG dont either. so Fans shouldnt use it as a excuse. (Lakers didnt have a healthy Bynum whenever they played the celtics for a title. Not relevant!!! They are the king of the hill because they both feel they’re the best, the have the pride to fight through adversity and in the end….a celt or a Laker will raise the Bill Rusell trophy…….(wich has just a tat bit more preference to kobe and Paul than that other thing handed out at the end of the season…..doesnt it lebron lol)

    • jake says:

      the only difference is the significance of the injury kobe has a bad finger and fluid in his knee.. you can play through that perkins is still out from that injury in the finals and wont return till prob the start of the new year so think before u speak

      • Robert says:

        yeah perks injury was more significant, but he is also the 5th best player in there starting lineup try having your best player injured throughtout the playoffs. dont even attempt to compare kendrick perkins to kobe. so maybe you should think before you speak??

  37. long memory says:

    Lakers loose and the talk migrates back to Miami!?! Why is this Miami team being compared to LA anyway? (hate doing “ifs”) but The bad heatlth of Boston contributed to BOTH LA championships. Boston is THE team as i see it. LA is a great team and they deserve great respect and credit for their wins, but lets stop Babying them when they loose. Because Every other team (especially Miami this year) gets the “Their Doomed” talk when they loose. and if we want to compare so much lets compare how Weak LA’s schedule has been so far to the teams we are comparing them to. Give Miami or Boston that schedule through the 1st couple weeks of the season and these write ups might look alot different. I think Alvin Gentry said it best LA will be OK, and believe me, Miami and Boston will be too!! And they will competing for a ring late in the season!

    • Jake says:

      @longmemory It’s hard to take someones opinion seriously when they can’t even spell “lose” properly.

    • Selective Memory says:

      The bad health of Boston contributed to both LA Championships? Of course, as we all well know, LA didn’t have any injury issues to deal with during their three straight runs to the NBA Finals right? Every single Laker played at 100% for the entire regular season and the playoffs. Oh wait, that’s not right, Andrew Bynum played in all of 35 regular season games and NOT AT ALL in the playoffs the year the C’s made their championship run. Followed by 50 games, and then 65, and during the playoff runs of the past two years was barely able to play Yao Ming minutes. With Bynum sidelined, forcing Odom into the starting lineup, their bench became as shallow as the Heat bench currently is, so stop crying about injuries costing Boston the Title over the past couple of years, because EVERY team has to deal with injuries, it’s part of playing a professional sport. The problem with the C’s has not been injuries, but rather their coach’s inability to cope with them. Whereas the Lakers sometimes eke out wins due to their great coaching staff, the C’s recent success has been DESPITE the presence of Doc Rivers, who has merely been basking in the glow of KG’s great defensive leadership.

      • jake says:

        umm i do believe they are talkin about the finals matchup..i dont think bynum missin games during the season had anything to do with the finals he played fine there regular season is nothing just determines playoff positioning. celtics without perkins and a very banged up kg lost by 2 in a horrible shooting performance by kobe it was an ugly game for both teams. i hate boston and not very fond of la either but if perkins played game 7 they prob would of won since gasol was the one that lead their team that game and had to rely on rasheed wallace to fill perkins defensive role(argueably 2nd best defensive bigman)

      • lakerfan1987 says:

        Damn u said it perfectly.

      • ghassan says:

        plz don’t compare Bynum being out with KG being out in the 1st title run, in LA’s 2nd title run was legit although the competetion LA went through is far less than the celtics gone through in the east .

    • kk says:

      Does the bad health of Bynum contributed to Botson’s championship in 08? Why Boston fans and coach never admit this when they win, and only complain when they lose?

      • 37 free throws in game seven of the finals is why LA won last year. Even WITH boston’s starting center out of the game. This year is the first year LA is ACTUALLY good because they finally have a bench. However, they have had the easiest schedule of any time this season so far, so we’ll see how they deal with adversity. However last year they had 21 of their first 27 at home or something around that mark. NBA big wigs love to cheat it up, and all the cracking down on players and coaches cant change the truth.

        so all the lakers fanboys that don’t no a thing about baksetball can RUN AND TELL THAT.

      • OJ says:

        The LAKERS will continue to be a joke winning championships! Your a idiot.

      • batez says:

        @Lakers are a joke If this is the 1st year the Lakers are good …& they won two rings in a row with a roster that was at about 85% healthy what does that say about the rest of the league??? Specifically the team you are a fan of?? Youre just talking mindless gibberish!!

    • LakersWillWin says:

      You know WHY Miami is being compared to LA? Because that is the position they put themselves in by all combining together in South Beach. If they didn’t want this attention they could have stayed where they were.
      How many people said Miami was going to break the 72-10 record?? That’s why it’s even a comparison.

      At least the Lakers are losing to quality teams, and at the very least they are not being blown out.

      • Eric says:

        The Lakers have beat quality teams?? Think again buddy..

        The 8 wins (as of this post) have come against Houston, Pheonix, Golden State, Memphis, Sacramento,

    • batez says:

      Clearly a Laker hater or Celtic fan!! Still making excuses?? What a “douchebag”!! They compare them to the Lakers because the Lakers are the champs..Who else should they compare them to??? LMAO! & according to your logic the Cs only won in 08 because Bynum was hurt!! & the Lakers beat the Celtics last year with Bynum playing on one leg!! Please, stop making excuses!

    • lakerfan1987 says:

      lakers bad health contributed to the celtics first championship in what…20 years or so. It goes both ways

  38. Greybach says:

    Although it was a painful loss for laker fans like my self, and the game was somewhat reminiscent to game 2 of the nba finals when ray allen lit us up from downtown, we know it’s a logn season. ON TO THE NEXT ONE LAKERS V.S BUCKS LETS GO LAKERSSSS

    • KJ-B says:

      Hey man, I feel your pain just as a fan of basketball, Lakers were my first love for the “Amazing” Game and it was Pat Riley parading the sidelines that colour my earliest memories of Hoopoly. Riles was an NBAer with a good eye for talent and for style, who was actually drafted as an NFL receiver as well as an NBA 1st rounder; didn’t know that http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Pat_Riley … And he along with the current Laker boss, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Phil_Jackson, are the only men in HIStory to win a title as a player and then as coach with the distinction of winning in both conferences…

      It seems funny to me, with all of Riley’s experiences, some of the players are commenting that it’s them and not the coaching. Comparing Spoelstra, made by the aforementioned Riley, to Riley, is like an NBA playery taking public transit when he can buy a custom made limited Mercedez Benz as his primary transportation…. Yah, public transit is nice, but there ain’t nothing wrong with a little bump in the automobile trunk– it just makes sense to me, at the crucial moments of winnable games and in the championship rounds especially, that anyone would want a proven closer . That gave that same look to Kareem, Magic, Shaq + DWade (or was he too young to remember?).

      How could a team aspiring to do what only a handful ever dreamed to do, and even far less achieved, ask some one who’s never been there, and serving merely at the wishes of some1 who has , even think a second thought as to what needs to be done to right the ship, TODAY?! Would anybody go into deep seas with a guy who’s only experienced with a little boat/dingy or would you trust your safety to a seafaring captain of a tall ship.

      The thing about Spoelstra is, no matter how hard he works it will never make up for the universe of experience that sits between himself and two of the greatest coaches in NBA HIStory, who by right should be battling it out for Larry O’Brien in June ’11… King Solomon of antiquity said it best,

      ” For three things the earth is perturbed,
      Yes, for four it cannot bear up:
      For a servant when he reigns,
      A fool when he is filled with food,
      A hateful woman when she is married,
      And a maidservant who succeeds her mistress.”

      The problem with a guy that started his career as video coach, is that his first response to solving a problem is to look at tape–when Rondo is kicking it to Allen there’s no time for that… That’s the problem that’s perturbing Heat Nation, Laker Nation–y’all ain’t got nuthin to worry about… Kobe is still Kobe and Phil Jackson kinda likes the heat of the battle only found in adversity! It takes a winning coach to recogize on the fly what a winning team needs to do “the night of”…

      ((Had to go PHILosophical on this because I don’t think the South Beach Triangle recognizes it’s not their fault??))

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Did anyone see Kobe almost get another triple double last night?
      He is going to be like Nash and get better with age!!

      • lakerfan1987 says:

        I was at the lakers suns game on sunday, watched the suns have a great shooting night they have every 10 years. But like Alvin Gentry said we had a spectacular night and the we still barely beat the lakers.