About Last Night: Message Delivered

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Paul Pierce‘s late night Tweet said it all.

“It’s been a pleasure to bring my talents to south beach now on to Memphis.”

After taking apart for a second straight time the team that is supposed to be your biggest rival, what else would you expect Pierce or any of his Boston Celtics teammates to say?

They’ve exposed the Heat twice in the season’s first three weeks. Like we mentioned the other day, the Heat have problems at point guard … and apparently in a few other places when it comes to dealing with some of the league’s other elite teams, particularly those with elite point guards.

You thought we were making this stuff up after the Utah Jazz rallied from a huge deficit for a stunning overtime win over the Heat Tuesday night. And then last night happened and the Celtics’ Big 3+1 showed us all how it’s done.

Rajon Rondo shredded the Heat’s league-best defense yet again, doing whatever he felt like doing (literally), whenever he felt like doing it, as the Heat watched in amazement as the Celtics cohesive machine the Heat hope to be some day.

“They simply out-executed us and carved us up and exploited us,” Heat coach Erik Spoelstra told reporters after yet another humbling defeat. “And it paralyzed us.”

That’s what we all saw:

Pierce (25 points), Ray Allen (35 points) and Kevin Garnett (16 points and 13 rebounds) thrived against a Heat defense that is simply ill-equipped to stop them. While the Heat scrambled to keep up with Rondo (16 assists), both Pierce and Allen were busy destroying them on the perimeter.

Garnett, meanwhile, (with a nice assist from Big Baby Davis and Shaquille O’Neal) owned the paint against a Heat frontline rotation led by Chris Bosh that is in need of a lift.

Maybe next time the Heat will realize that committing either James or Dwyane Wade to guard Rondo is exactly what the Celtics want them to do. Once they do it, the door opens for Rondo to play his role as the ultimate set-up man for his Hall of Fame teammates.

The Heat keeping talking about the process and how they should have it all figured out in time for the playoffs, and that’s a noble approach when you realize that their greatest obstacle on the way to the championship parade they had planned for the summer has already figured them out.


The Celtics weren’t the only ones delivering messages last night.

Carmelo Anthony told TNT’s David Aldridge that he was happy in Denver (“happy right now” were his exact words). Maybe we should all start listening to him now. The Nuggets pulled the upset at the Pepsi Center, handing the Lakers their first loss (118-112) of the season behind Anthony’s 32 points and 13 rebounds and a monster effort off the bench from J.R. Smith and Ty Lawson.

The Nuggets outscored the Lakers 33-19 in the fourth quarter, showing the sort of finishing kick that big time teams show against a superior foe. George Karl is still touting his team as a contender in the Western Conference, we’re just not sure if Anthony is buying it or even interested in a purchase in Denver.

One sliver of hope remains.

There are clearly more organizational change on the horizon in Denver.

That much is clear now that Josh Kroenke has taken over for his father as the team’s president and Masai Ujiri has cleaned out the last of the old guard, Bret Bearup, earlier this week.

According to the Denver Post, Bearup was the in-house member of the staff stirring the pot on some of ‘Melo trade rumors. So his departure is seen by some, including Anthony, as a good sign for Nuggets in their pursuit to change Anthony’s mind about fleeing the scene in free agency:

“That’s a step. I think that was a big step, not just for Josh (Kroenke) and Masai (Ujiri) but for the whole organization – for the whole league to know what they’re doing here, to make progress,” Anthony said. “Positive (step). They made some changes obviously for the better of the organization. That’s their decision.”

Anthony is still speaking in a distant tone about the Nuggets, which has to be troubling for Nuggets fans. But a win over the Lakers without Chris “The Birdman” Andersen and Kenyon Martin is a huge statement about what type of team the Nuggets could be when those two stalwarts return to the lineup.

The only lingering question is whether or not Anthony will be around when everyone gets healthy. A question Anthony answered in classic fashion.

“TNT loves drama, don’t it?”


There’s no sense in pounding on the Warriors this morning.

The Bulls did enough of that in their 120-90 rout of the worn out Warriors at the United Center. The Warriors were playing their fourth game in five nights (and they didn’t have David Lee).

We’ll spare you any more of the gory details and get back to the matter at hand, courtesy of the TNT crew:


  1. Lakers 3peat says:

    this is for TrueFan…

    plz tell me what makes the east a tougher conference than the west? What team is gritty like u claim??? Pistons…Pacers….Wizards…Hawks…Magic…i could go on and on…only team with some real grit is BOSTON and maybe the BUCKS and BOBCATS, but all the other teams is weak…here is more for u… the Raptors, Heat, Cavs, none of these east teams is physical in the least bit….you gotta be kidding me!

  2. CELTICS_MJKH says:

    @ FakeDeath… You are a moron. In Boston’s first year together they wiped the floor with teams in the preseason, and then came out and took Gilbert Arena’s guaranteed win plan and beat up on the Wizards by 20. We were rolling from day one. The only time we slowed down at all was after our home victory over the t’wolves when garnett strained an abdominal muscle and we lost him for a handful of games. The miami experiment WILL end up a failure, better move chris bosh and get a real player, not one that averages 24 ppg when he’s surrounded by mediocre players in toronto.

  3. MarkGM says:

    Trade Chris Bosh for Marcus Camby($8.4m) and Rudy Fernandez($1.2m) /Joel Przybilla($7.4m)!
    Then sign Rasheed Wallace!

    When Mike Miller comes back. Line up will be:

    PG – Wade – Arroyo/Chalmers
    SG – Miller – House/Fernandez
    SF – James – Jones
    PF – Haslem – Magloire/Howard
    C – Camby -Wallace/Ilgauskas/Przybilla

    All players in the PG-SF position can be playmakers except Jones…
    Players in PG to SF are all interchangeable.. so as with the PF-C Positions..

  4. fallendevil says:

    it’s too early to say that miami cannot win championship this year, leBron and bosh have to improve their post up plays(especially bosh to beat players like KG, Pau, Duncan). Point guard is also an issue, arroyo always stunned with elite point guards in the league and kept slicing the defense of miami,they have to find a way on how to handle those guys

  5. 3Peat,17,6 says:

    this same dude also said that kobe bryant wasn’t the best player in the NBA that he was…in his wildest dreams…their names shouldn’t even be in the same sentence…man those c’s really talk a lot of $**t…even though they’re gonna stick it 2 the overrated bandwagon heat not only in the regular season but in the playoffs once they get 2 the finals lakers gonna beat them back-to-back makin their recent rivalry 2-1 tyin’ their amount of championships in the process, 3-peatin AGAIN and makin THE BLACK MAMBA the KING wit 6 RINGS tyin’ some dude named michael jordan that i’m sure u guys have heard of and beatin’ some guy in the finals named shaq having TWO more than him…now “take that to the bank”…

    • Law064 says:

      @3peat17,6 your deaming too or just high on crack cocaine or heroin MJ was the greatest and Kobe will never be better sorry. The Lakers will not 3 peat they will be there but will not 3 peat. Boston will take them out in 6 games this season.

  6. Raines says:

    ENough about the heat,….. theres NO heat if thers no FIRE and there isnt one in Miami!…..

    Excuses Excuses, Bulls did it the first year, back in 96 when Rodman joined them, and Jordan back for a full season after 2year absence and what happened?? 72-10… so stop the excuse about getting to know eachother… Boston did it again in 07 and won the championship…. all you heat fans and lovers, enough with excuse and accept the fact not this year and pray for next year!!

  7. jack says:

    what are you talking about they blew out the majic

  8. jack says:

    paul peirce is a crybaby

  9. OJ is GREAT says:

    This OJ guy knows it all, you should coach an NBA team. You are very deep in your statements. You are omniscient. NOT. You are a Type A personality who has tunnel vision, not open to possibilities, and certainly biased towards something. All you see is YOU ARE RIGHT, YOU HAVE THE BEST OPINION, YOU KNOW IT ALL,

    Heat is a team in process, It can be a process towards fame or simply a process towards the sad reality of NEVER. But to say the Heat will ABSOLUTELY NEVER be a team they strive to be is just plain childish and self-absorbed. Yes they have HOLES everywhere given their lack of depth. Yes they certainly have BIG EGOS that may be taking a lot from their game. Yes they have several other issues to address. But to say they will not have a CHANCE is the words of wisdom from an INSECURE, ONE DIMENSIONAL, WANNABE KNOW IT ALL basketball fan. To say it’s too early at this stage to judge the Miami team is WISE. To say they will never be fruitful is UNJUST. And to say they will DEFINITELY BE GREAT is none better than what has just been mentioned. All because ONLY TIME WILL TELL. We cannot say no and not let it unfold. We should wait and see because nobody knows FOR SURE. Unless you are the KNOW IT ALL type. Right OJ?

    Anyway, words from coach Phil Jackson. He does not know it all but he knows A LOT.

    Phil Says Heat Win 70

    “I think this Miami team could,” Jackson said. “They’re talented enough to do that,” he continued. “They may not be deep enough quite yet or have all their persons in place and teamwork just down, but if they stay together, they have a good chance. They have a very talented team.”

    ———–the HEAT may not win that big 70, we go back to the element of TIME. Nobody knows what they will be capable of. Conversely, nobody knows what expectations they won’t be able to meet. The point is coach Phil sees something an ORDINARY PERSON simply CANNOT. As a basketball fan, I am not even expecting anything from Miami. Basketball is about the UNEXPECTED. If not, I will probably tell you the final scores on each game for the rest of the season. Peace.

  10. […] on Miami’s home court. There are many other places on the webernets where you can read about What This Game Means, but I want to focus today on the hero of last night’s win, Ray Allen, who hit his first seven […]

  11. Trax Laker Fan. says:

    i said it once and i’ll say it agen, it will take more than them 3 2 win (a) championship/s its not ur stars that win basket ball games but ur other players puttin in the effort. if pat riley can patch up the holes in their d with some good trades or free agents i dont c why they cant go into the playoffs

  12. Lonz says:

    Heat needs a decent PG. Rondo, Carlos Arroyo cant score cant assist his team mates. cant steal cant defend LOL.
    LBJ and WADE can paly PG but for themselves haha A good PG can make a big difference in a game. maybe the
    heat can get jason williams.

  13. WE'LL SEE says:

    hahaha we’ll what you got to say in june paul pierce. i bet your ass this time last year you were talkin smack too, but let me see what you had to say last june?? HAHAHAHAHA

    MIA has 6 years to get better
    BOS is on a limited time table/now or never

    so boston, have fun talking smack, we’ll see where it gets ya

  14. FakeDeath says:

    Chantel you talking now but let me tell you something enjoy it because later Boston will beat Cleveland and Miami will be beating Boston but just watch closely and enjoy talking the smack because later your going to be quite about it and wont be talking smack!

  15. FakeDeath says:

    Rafael Brasil you say Lebron cannot shoot hahah from what I see he can and I bet way better than you can!!!

  16. rusty shackleford says:

    The Miami Heat are a joke. They may quite possibly be the number one team in the NBA representing the least amount of depth. They don’t play defense and it looks like Cleveland all over again in their 4th quarter of play. Get Lebron the ball and get the hell out of his way. Good strategy. That’s clearly what championships are made of. My guys from Boston owned this game last night in all aspects of analysis. Even though the score was tight at the end, it was still a complete domination. In conclusion, I hate you Lebron, always have and always will. You’re a manipulative fraud just like Bret Favre and I’ve seen through you since the first day you explosively chalk dusted your hands and stepped foot on NBA hardwood. I sleep better at night now knowing your fraudulent world is finally all crashing down. What should you do now? What should you do?

  17. Dongz23 says:

    Only a suggestion.
    Can we have Zach Randolph in Miami in exchange of BOSH.
    I know its ironic but i think thats the best way they can strengthen their frontcourt.
    Randolph will be a free agent this summer because he did not receive an extension from the team and their salary is almost the same (Z-BO is higher of $3 M i think).

  18. Mikey Mike says:

    As long as Boston can keep the majority of the squad healthy they will win 65 games and another NBA title!
    Miami will drop out in the second round of the playoffs! If you want to know why take a look at
    jimbo222 says:
    November 12, 2010 at 1:41 pm
    at the top of this blog…. he is exactly right!!!!!

    Mikey Mike

  19. Katsurap says:

    I think that the Miami’s big three are having a competition, AGAINST each, esp. WADE and LeBRON! And they don’t have teamwork, yet. These are some probs that Coach Spo should think about. And Bosh didn’t do anything the last 9 games. Didn’t felt him against boston the 2 times they’d met. They’re weak at point guard and at center. Try to get some one that is a 7’0++ center! hahaha Chantel’s right though.!

  20. gggman15 says:

    man this is funny when people say lebron is a ballhog and cares about himself onle.LISTEN PEOPLE LEBRON HIGHEST EVER ASSIST NUMBERS FOR A SMALL FORWARD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! D wade needs to step up on his defense and learn how to play off the ball cuz bron probably soon will take over the point guard spot.i am getting kinda annoyed wit wade becuz he takes lots of shots i know he can score but he can only shoot of the dribble and attack the basket without looking at anyone else.but the biggest problem is eric spoelstra !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

  21. olschool says:

    r we gonna sit here blog about the heat after everyone of there games all season. granted there was only what 3 or 4 games on last nite. we all kno miami problem. they r a big donut rite now. they have nothin iin the middle. that is not gonna change no time soon. we kno they r gonna look good against the so-so teams and look like a college team against the elite. as far as height goes they have a college startin lineup. that’s all i got say bout them. LA no need to trip they just 4 got 2 turn on the switch last line. they did win 8 str8. u kno how many teams would luv to win 8 out of 9 games. quite a few. this blog should b about the jazz. they spot catz 18 n 20 points n just walkin them dwn. i dont remember c n them playin nets or any otha bottom of the cellar team. 2 b honest i dont c y miami is even mention in this blog at all. let’s find something else besides miami people. matter of fact i m bout 2 watch utah spot atlanta anotha 20 n walk them dwn. itz not like atlanta have a real home game. all there fans like 2 b fashionbly late. so everyone can c there new outfits they brought 4 tonites game. we can even talk bout da warriors n what r they gonna do without LEE.

  22. So4Real says:

    I have said it since the pre-season started, they did not do what they were supposed to do to seal the deal. Unfortunantly the only answer to what is ailing them this season is about to start his season in Turkey. They have no answer to the strongest teams in the league. They can get by with everyone else, but when they play Boston or LA its a spanking.

    LA and Boston have 2 strong players at ever position. Both teams could very well have 4 of there starters in the All Star game. Miami does not have a Big Three. Its more like a Big Two and a solid role player. Bosh has never even been able to lead his team to the playoffs and he has never been an elite player. He’s an All Star player, but so is Gerad Wallace.

    Iverson would give this team exactly what they need. SOME SWAGGER!!!! They have to come with a strong 5 plus atleast 2 coming off the bench to compete, or else they will be waiting for Kobe to retire, and hope that OKC doesn’t get one more because then it’s a wrap!

    I’ll say it again no AI, no ring this year. Maybe next season they can get CP3 and a solid big man for Bosh then they would have a shot.

  23. KGM says:

    Hold on! First and foremost, the Celtics have won two meaningless regular season game against a team that is “overrated” by the expectations that were set by the media. I’m on record for saying that the Heat possessed too much talent to keep it together. Bosh has been and will be the weak link on that team. I know people will say why single him out? Second, Bosh got 110 million dollars for 15 pts and 6 rebs? Wow is an understatement but third and most important is that LeBron and DWayne should have known better……….the Celtics are still old and underachieve. Dont get it twisted because right after they beat the Heat, they loss to the Cavs (who look like a better team than most thought without LeBron). Heat fans dont hop off the bandwagon and Celtic fans realize the REAL truth……Pierce is aiming the bullseye on himself by talking trash instead of gracefully bowing out and taking the win as it is…….did the Celtics knock the Heat out of the playoffs? NO! Talk when it matters in the marathon, not when you first beginning. If these fools called Boston Celtic fans think they have one up on the Lakers and Heat, then they are sadly mistaken……..Lakers will win the championship easily if the East keeps beating on each other like this during the regular season. Kobe seems to be learning team ball and that can only be positive for him in the playoffs. Gasol is a monster from every angle this year and not to mention Bynum is coming back makes it worse for teams looking to gain ground on the Lakers. I just hope the Heat dont meet the Lakers in the Finals because a dedicated Heat team can give anyone the biz! Wade has playing the worse 9 games I think we will see him play. Also if I can remember, there are 73 games left in this early season. Time for the season to begin.

  24. brunoboy06 says:

    i think the problem with the heat is that d wade and lebron dont know still their role..one of them should sacrifice their game and maybe should become a role player..another reason is that the team is just new they need to play more games in order for them to know each other and know also what good for their team..they also need to work for their defense as well.lastly they should put lebron as their first option in offense and maybe d wade should play catch and shoot..i think when they do that they will become a tough team ever in nba…


  25. brunoboy06 says:

    i think the problem with the heat is that d wade and lebron dont know still their role..one of them should sacrifice their game and maybe should become a role player..another reason is that the team is just new they need to play more games in order for them to know each other and know also what good for their team..they also need to work for their defense as well.lastly they should put lebron as their first option in defense and maybe d wade should play catch and shoot..i think when they do that they will become a tough team ever in nba…

  26. Propas says:

    It is easy to blame the PG for the situation and forget about the real issue. Sekou go look D-Wills, CP3, and Rondo’s averages. They are elite level PG and do that on a daily basis against any team. The Heats real problem is the lack of interior defence. Okafor had a party down there, and let’s not even talk about Paul Millsap’s night! The Celtics are destroying the Heat in the paint as well. Chris Bosh is not playing at an elite level. I truly feel that Haslem would average those numbers easy and a lot more rebounds given the minutes Bosh is getting. Bosh needs to really step it up, get some rebounds and play tough interior defence. Miami really needs to address that Center position. J. Anthony is a good defender but is severely undersized. Z is immobile and so is Magloire. I say get Dampier, he is not the best but those pay tough interior D.

    • olschool says:


  27. FND says:

    would like to post some possible scenario… would the heat improve if…
    …. they make wade the PG, a shooter for the 2 (house or miller, jones), lebron 3, bosh 4, anthony 5
    …. either lebron or wade comes of the bench (to minimize the too much dependence on superstars on the floor)
    …. put wade at 2, lebron at 4, bosh at 5 then put two shooters at 1 & 3
    …. or trade magloire and another center for another center who is much better fit to them

  28. SixerfanEurope says:

    You guys who thought the Heat would walk to the championship, as well as those who think that Rajon Rondo is not a top 3 PG in the NBA (or at the very least top 5)-then you know NOTHING about basketball! Rondo is one of the VERY FEW PGs (along with Paul, Kidd, D.Williams, Nash) who doesn’t have to have monster stats to be beneficial to his team. He just lets the game come to him and he takes what he can from it. In the end, important info-RONDO IS THE CURRENT NBA ASSIST LEADER WITH 14.8 APG (MIAMI GAME INCLUDED). PERIOD.

  29. bryanapu3 says:

    Im a huge Heat fan because of d-wade but last night was a disaster!!! Could somebody explain to me why nobody is putting any pressure on Rondo!! Its true that he isnt a great shooter but you cant leave a point guard who is smart just dribble waiting for ray and paul to pop-out of screens!!! That is one the worst strategies ever!!!!

  30. aaaaaaaaa says:

    Dwayne Wade is MVP
    Jason Terry Sixth man
    Kevin Garrnet will be defensive player
    Luke Babbitt will be rookie of the year

  31. Rafael Brasil says:

    I watch this game for…22 years now. LeBron SUCKS, Dominique Wilkins was soooo much better than him.
    D-Wade’s good, but he needed a center, not Fake-King,..

  32. pfft says:

    all i can say is get kevin love.

  33. Chantel says:

    Proud Clevelander here and Cavs fan.

    Dear LeBum,


    The Cleveland Cavalilers beat Boston first game of the season. Boston is a damn good team. So Miami fans, please shut your pie hole. We did it WITHOUT LeBum. You guys couldn’t get past them TWICE. Enough of this “they haven’t been together long enough” B.S. LOL!!!! They are supposed to be the three kings LOl!!! What an absolute JOKE!

    Everyone in CLE is laughing our butts off right now. So happy LeBum is gone. he is now your problem, north cuba.

  34. The Guin says:

    The Championship isn’t won in November. The Heat are not the only team that have been or will be smoked by Boston this season. It seems like it will be the year of the point guard and how good is it already. Lets just sit back and enjoy the show!

  35. danito says:

    after playing for 9 games together , i realized that d wade and lebron, cannot be playing in the same team,two of the top 5 players in the same team doesnt work, i can understand bosh wade, or lebron wade, but lebron wade same uniform it not working and will not work. they both a ball handler they both want the ball all the time, this miami heta thing aint workin

  36. Loki0807 says:

    I still think that Minnesota has the biggest chance of winning it all this year…

    • 3Peat,17,6 says:

      @ Loki0708 hahahahahahahahahahahaha that was random but funny as hell…Minnesota vs. New Jersey 2011 Finals!!!!!!!!!…….hahahaha

  37. Fastbreak says:

    Speaking of Mavs. Prime example of why regular season isn’t the end all. You can get the best record in the regular season and still get knocked by an 8th seed warriors in the first round.

    The Heat will be in the playoffs, and when push comes to shove under the pressure of several 5-7 game series I think Miami will shine.

  38. wejborland says:

    Dallas Mavericks will be the CHAMPS…Dirk will be the MVP, Jason Terry the sixth man of the year, Tyson Chandler will be the Defensive Player of the year, and as for Jason Kidd best in triple doubles…OKAY PERIOD

  39. Alex says:

    It makes me laugh just seeing so many haters, doubters, whatever you like to call them hammer the heat….um heat check it’s only been 9 games not 82 yeah 82 games people…and if you think a PG or Center is letting this heat team down well you are just stupid, just sit back have patience, if you hate the living crap outta these guys then keep hating there will be time they will click and I can’t wait to see that happen…

    • OJ says:

      Dude you will be in a rocking chair by the time that happens. If your not already. What i think is funny, people like you that keep saying that. Its only 9 games into the season. When its 49 games into the season, you heat fans will say the same thing. Its only 49 games into the season, give them time to gel. Just wait until the playoffs. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! You heat fans make me laugh!!

      • Law064 says:

        LOL you’ll be in a rocking chair lol Classic!!!! Yea they all said wait til the heat meet the celtics again they’ll be better. Yeah someone else said wait til December guess what that’s like 2-3 weeks away in December we’ll have to wait til March. Gel Process are just dumb words to cover up failure. Just admit your process failed or it’s not efficent. Stop making excuses for these Big 1.5 Wade is the man Lequeen is a choke artist. Bosh is a NON factor!!!!

  40. charles says:

    i wont to see the drive that lebron once had when he enter the NBA.

  41. FakeDeath says:

    I am telling the truth Heat first got to get used to playing with Each Other but this is just the beginning and Heat are actually doing good but later in the season they will get better they are still going through process Boston had the same problem when the Big 3 got together there and now Miami is having it but yous Miami Heat Haters just wait but talk all smack you can because at the end you won’t be saying the same thing!!!

    • realist says:

      @FakeDeath – “Boston had the same problem when the Big 3 got together.”

      If you really want to tell the truth, Boston did not have the same problem. In theyre first season together, they started 8-0 and they didnt lose their 4th game until 33 games into the season. Yeah they were 29-4 not 5-4 9 games into the season.

      Or, by comparison, when Gasol joined the lakers in that same season in 2008 it took them 19 games to lose 4 with him in the lineup. yeah 14-5 with a 10 game winning streak in there.

      So, the bottom line is we’ve given them enough slack on the “it takes time to gel.” If you want to be considered a “Great” player or a “Great” team, you should have greater expectations than 5-4 and be ready to deal with some “hate” if you dont live up to those expectations.

      This Miami Heat team looks similar to the 68-69 Lakers. Wilt Baylor West team up and coincidentally have a 5-4 start after 9 games. Just like then though, I dont think that theyll put it together wnough to dethrown the “top dogs.” i.e. the lakers and celtics. Just like the lakers then, still couldnt get by the celtics. At least not this season, probably not for a few years, and even then, by the time they do get it all together, it may not be the same “big 3” anymore.

    • OJ says:

      When is the end? When Garnett, Pierce, and Ray Allen retire. When Kobe retires. As long as these guys are still in the league. Miami has it bad buddy!

  42. charles says:

    bosh need to play more like a big man lebron had a good game last nite D- wede was ok i do know not every nite you going to hot please the coach is not ready to lead d wade lebron and bosh . we need patt back . some one who can be tuff on the big three

    • OJ says:

      Pat Riley would look like a major chump if he came back to coach. It seems hes runs back to his office when he has a team that clearly has no chance of even making it to the playoffs. But like in 06, im sure its just a matter of time before he finds an excuse to fire this current coach so he can lead this team. To what, i dont know. Because even if Riley coaches this season, there are just too many teams in the league that are a lot stronger than the heat! Boston has proved that. Are there any heat fans that really think the heat can beat the celtics in the playoffs? I didnt think so.

  43. CC says:

    The HEAT have played 9 games together. How many games have the Celtics played together? Exactly. The HEAT are still learning what works and what doesn’t work with their roster. The comment about the Celtics having the HEAT figured out is hilarious.

    • OJ says:

      @CCThe Celtics won the title the first year they put their big three together DORK!!! I dont think the heat look anywhere near winning a title!! Stop trying to pull excuses out of the cracker jack box.

      • Law064 says:

        Agreed OJ and I think the Celtic’s won like 10 straight to start that year lol Excuses excuses excuses. Gel Gel process give me a f ing break.These are the same Idiots that said well Lechoke said it’s championship or nothing I guess nothing is what ya get. Also to the idiot who said the finals were boring, where you watching clevland vs SA in that sweep? What a Jagoff

  44. lolomo says:

    Ahahaha Well said Paul pierce the heat is a power house thats true.. but their point guard sucks!!!! if the heat just add Pieces around D-wade And C-bosh and get a talented point guard they can win games if they spare the money for 2011 they have a shot for Cp3 or D.will Lebron is a Great Player. you know why the cavs didnt win against the spurs on their finals because lebron is such a ballhog he plays just for himself he suck!! miami is WaDE town not Kingjames!! ALL HAIL LEQUEER!

  45. charles says:

    get rid of the coach in miami he can not lead the big three

  46. F-trent says:

    they really need a point guard! they really need someone who can really help dish around the ball! something they should keep an eye on (Steve nash) fantasy! but maybe the big 3 came true so there can be the big 4!

    • OJ says:

      How can they afford Nash? What do you think he will come to the heat for a hundred thousand just to get a ring. Thats about all the heat have to offer after over spending on these 3. Come on dude, they cant afford Nash.

    • pfft says:

      they need a big man. they need Kevin Love.

  47. Fastbreak says:

    Love all the Heat hate. Just going to make things more sweet when the geezers run of steam like they always do. My only worry about the Heat is letting the haters get to them. That is their only real threat.

    Lakers and Celtics again? God I hope not I couldn’t even stay awake through those games they were so boring and slow. I’m just glad theres a reason to get excited about basketball again. Win or lose, all the Heat’s games thus far have been simply amazing to watch. Lebron and Wade are both extremely talented and perform mouth dropping plays. Will that result in a Championship? Only real answer at the moment is nobody knows. Not even 10 games and people are already saying “I told you so!”

    I guess there is a big difference between people who jump on the “Go Heat” bandwagon, and the “Overrated” bandwagon, right?

    • TrueFan says:

      No Heat hate here, no need for it….why hate something that has posed no significant threat to you whatsoever?

      The Celtics took the Lakers to 7 games and were within 4 points of winning the chip last year, not to mention they set the fast pace of last nights game and dictated it for 48 minutes….exactly when did the “geezers” run out of steam?

      If anything, the Heat NEED to let all this supposed “hate” get to them, anything to fire them up is better than the dead fish ball they played last night. They weren’t even running back but they need time to “gel”? No, the major threat to the Heat is believing the initial hype and sticking to this “gel” philosophy instead of addressing some serious lineup problems and mismatches. If not they’ll find themselves still trying to “gel” come Feb.

      For the millionth time, being talented players who are amazing to watch perform mouth dropping plays is great entertainment, but it doesn’t put metal on your fingers.

      And to answer your question, the difference is the “Go Heat” riders jumped on based on a media circus and press conference complete with glitter and a laser light show, while the “overrated” riders jumped on based on seeing their actual performance.

    • realist says:

      @Fastbreak – “Win or lose, all the Heat’s games thus far have been simply amazing to watch.” Really? win or lose theyve been amazing to watch? i can’t think of a single play last night from miami that was “amazing” last night. Maybe, MAYBE, lebrons reverse layup, but then again plays like that happen every night.

      Maybe the’yre amazing from the standpoint of how well other teams have brought it against them. Boston’s dominating defense and offensive teamwork (and I’m a lakers fan, but I have to admit that was close to amazing)…twice, Utah’s comeback win, that was amazing. Chris Pauls orchestration in NO’s win, yeah that was amazing. but seriously, in Miami’s losses I have not seen anything “simply amazing” from their side. Simple yes, Amazing no.

      Besides with that logic, you should go jump on the Clippers//Wizards/76’s bandwagon’s then, because Blake Griffin/John Wall/Elton Brand 2.0 are tearin it up with some “amazing” plays in losses.

      Basketball is a team sport, and good teamwork is amazing. sure superstar plays are exciting to watch, but only when they ultimately end in a win. If the teamwork shown by the Lakers and Celtics (once again, much respect, again i dont like them, but i respect them, unlike the heat who have to earn respect) over the last few years, and their respective superstar players making plays that will their teams to victories, isnt exciting enough for you, go watch some streetball/AND1, because thats full of excitement, and its like “Whose Line is it Anyway” where the points/results don’t matter.

      BTW 28 million people watched the lakers win last finals and disagreed with your logic, the highest number since the Jordan days. But maybe you thought he was boring too.

    • OJ says:

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA! Well get ready to be bored again because your heat aint winning squat!! They team is too weak dude, come on get real. Point guard is weak, centers are weak. Lequeen Lawade, and Labosh cant play 48 minutes everynight to win a title. Your a joke dude.

    • joman says:

      if last season’s finals bored you..you’re brain is not working right..you need to remember that those two teams kicked everyone else’s butt in the playoffs before the finals. that means, those teams that excite you lost to the “boring” teams.which in turn makes them exciting losers..

  48. CELTICS_MJKH says:

    Thanks for you perfect insight “TrueFan”. These problems Miami has were no less glaring before the season started. They had a lousy pre-season (and really who cares if Wade was there or not, he’s done a bunch of nothing against good teams this year), and its carried right into the regular season. The heat are bound for a trip below .500 and its coming fast. When starting center and starting point guard Joel Anthony and Carlos Arroyo collectively earn their teams 4 points, 0 rebounds, and 0 assists, you have a serious problem. On to Chris Bosh… softest power forward in the league, can’t defend KG let alone anyone, didn’t even think it necessary to put up an effort against Rondo’s thunderous dunk in the lane last night, and no suprise has seen his numbers essentially cut in half. You know what I smell? Tradebait…. Better ante-up and use Bosh to get a point guard or serviceable center and fast. Udonis Haslem outplayed him big time last night and will continue to do so. Bosh seems content standing around the post watching LeChoke and Wade dribble around in circles at the top of the key all night. Goddamn, if he wants to watch the game put him in the front row and get him a tub of popcorn and a beer.

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  50. MarlonD says:

    LIke the other fans commenting, i feel like it was better off if it was only LBJ/Bosh or WAde/Bosh. I really don’t think Lebron can play with DWade, Lebron has done his sacrifices for the team but I dont see Wade doing the same thing. I also noticed that because Wade and Lebron are playing at the same time, they do not run plays for Chris Bosh. A lot of critics say that he is underachieving and not worth the money but the Heat aren’t even making plays for him. I think it’s better if Wade comes off the bench and bring in to the starting line up a good defender like MIke MIller when he comes back. I just dont see Miami playing like a team and I am really doubting Coach Spo’s ability to handle them. I don’t really much play making happening.

  51. Cedric says:

    Come on Miami you have to play better, your making this young coach look like he have no control of this team that’s how it looks. Spolcha has to take command, and not be afraid to pull his big 3 on the side , or individually to say hey you need to pull it together, if it was Pat Riley on the floor they would have more respect than to play the way there playing. I know there in a process mode of getting things together but the way how they played with no emotion or spirit for the game there is no excuss for that preformance. Unless Spolcha says look here this is no man team this is my team, there is no leader for now their is only me tell Wade and Lebron that hey have to play some leadership ball come together, and make their voices heard. If you really watch these pass games they just play and give hi 5 when someone does something good, for the pass 5 games where they won it was because of there bench players. Lebron and Wade have to start showing their leadership and making there players better show some passion you are suppose to be a team talk with each other on the court start to hundle when when plays go bad, Wade stop taking so much 1 on 3 shots the ref are not going to give you those calls anymore, Bosh time to start playing some defence stop watching and only looking for shots, Lebron start to use your voice like you did in Cleveland pull this team together make plays come on Heat let’s do better run the ball sometimes it looks like they are confuse to who should take out the ball after the opposing team scores everybody runs down the court let’s do better show some effort we know from the start not everybody was going to be a star it was going to be some nights you shine and some nights you sacrifice Lebron and Wade show your leadership.

  52. Sean says:

    Nuggets are obviously contenders (for now). We all know Carmelo’s main concern is obviously the future. If he does sign the extension will they be contenders in two years? He knows Wade, Bosh, and James will be. He is obviously thinking about his future to contend not just the present.

  53. walkerdog says:

    I,m a Thunder fan but if you guys think the Heat want be there in the end you’re crazy.

    • OJ says:

      They might make it to the playoffs! But they aint winning no championship! Your the one whose crazy if you think thats gonna happen.

      • WE'LL SEE says:

        yea he’d be crazy to think this years team couldnt pull it together

        wanna go look at 2006’s lineup?

        LMAO you guys are complete idiots

  54. koby says:

    the heat are going to be a great team once they jell up and play together. it starts with d-wade cause its his team. all the talks about miami this miami that over the summer just proves them wrong in everything so far. the boston celtics will be the team to beat out in the east. they are the deepest team in the east so i see the c’s going all the way to the finals. rondo still need to work on that j to be dangerous and ya know the rest of the c’s. l.a. lakers and boston celtics showdown again.

  55. TrueFan says:

    Yeah they’ve got some serious holes to patch in Miami. I guess you can’t just buy a turnkey solution to a championship…big surprise.

    And no disrespect to all the international fans, but for you bandwagon riders that aren’t even fans of the game but fans of players, hype and media spectacle, please stick to soccer analysis. Leave basketball to people who actually know what they’re talking about. I love it how all these new Miami converts from all over the world feel that they’re in a position to question and instruct professional NBA coaches. Half of you have probably never touched a basketball in your life yet your basketball knowledge is so vast you can school the pros. Wow, must be nice. And here I thought the Lakers had the monopoly on clueless foreign fans that don’t know basketball for squat…

    So the Senior Citizen Boston Celtics outplayed the youngest team in the league in OKC and handed the Superteam’s butts to them twice in 3 weeks….good thing J. Noah provided everybody with a new reason Boston can’t win….they’re “mean, ugly” and not “sweet” enough.

    I hear laughter in Boston.

  56. Tasha says:

    S/O to my Celtics team. Everyone has been hyping up the Heat all summer and have failed to realize that the Boston Celtics are the defending Eastern Conference Champions. Not to mention, everyone keeps making excuses for the Heat about how they are still trying to figure each other out..YADA YADA YADA. However, need I remind you how the Celtics just 3 seasons ago had went through the same thing, but they certainly didn’t start off like this. I think Boston fans said it best on opening night, the Heat are “OVERRATED”. The Heat are going to have to go through the Celtics to go to the finals because they are the Eastern Conf Champs. They have 2 horrible back-to-back loses at home to now think about.

  57. spavochnick says:

    It is not Miami who lost the game. It was Boston who won the game. Come on, 3+1 played almost ideal, that’s true.
    Sometimes it happen, Ray had 7/9 on 3points, Both Wade and James had 0/5. Brilliant offensive output of Ray, no doubt. But other days Ray can have 2/5 in game 1/4 in game, even 0/7 in game.
    Celtics showed there best offensive play, Heats showed there average play, no more than that.

  58. cancerboy says:

    the LA Lakers are just chillin’..winning when in the mood..loosing if not..don’t be too impatient on Phil Jackson flipping the switch..it will not be turned on until it’s April..and by that time all you haters will be getting bored because it’s same-old same-old..We will be the CHAMPS again!!for THREE consecutive years!!

  59. pat riley for coach says:

    see the bad thing about miami rite now is the coaching an how they play lebron an wade. eric is doing a horrible job at drawing up plays for bosh wade an lebron. look at last nite game against the celtics which miami could have won. heres wat they should have done in the last 5 mins
    Paul Perice 5 fouls
    Shaq 5 fouls
    Big baby 5 fouls
    y not run pick an roll wit wade bosh lebron an force perice to commit to lebron an pick up his six foul. shaq is out cause of free throw problem.
    now with 2 mins to go perice is out big baby is out an shaq is out, advantage miami. next u run sum more pick an roll with bosh allowing kg to either foul him or let him shoot. wade an lebron is the league 2 best closers yet lebron is on the side while wade has to make a play.
    2 mins left game is tied an the celtics now have to play kg at center leaving a mismatch on bosh.
    because haslem or big z is mannin the paint.
    now thats how u coach the heats during a 5 min run.
    not run isolations an let wade or lebron come up wit scrappy plays to tie or win the game.
    fire coach spo an bring pat back
    riley for coach

    • Law064 says:

      Did you see the game, After Pierce got his 5th foul Rondo guarded Lebron. And Wade is one of the best closers Lechoke is one of the biggest chokers late in games like Joe Johnson. Get your facts straight there is no way they would draw fouls on pick & rolls because they were doubling down on Lechoke & Wade forcing Haslim/Bosh/House/Arroyo to take the shots.

  60. JAZZone says:

    I am not ashamed to say that I am a Heat hater, I think they are bad for the game … and I love seeing them fall apart so early in the year. I have said it all along too, there are several teams in the league (8-10 teams?) that are better than the Heat overall.

    There are many players in the league that could put up huge numbers by being the only option for the Cavs or Raptors … Imagine if a player like Lamar Odom were in SF spot for Cleveland this year taking 30 shots a game – he would be starting in the all star game over LeBron. It’s alot like the Iverson story, he was as unstoppable as LeBron or Wade when he was the only option – but he was just another player as a Nugget, Piston and Grizzly …now his ego has him out of the NBA … I don’t think either of these three are bound for Turkey, but I wouldn’t be surprised to see one or two of the three traded eventually after a couple of letdown seasons together.

    • Hawks... says:

      What are you talkin about…? Did u really jus compare lebron to lamar odom…lol..thats funny…lamar was the only player when he played for the clippers…And he was OK being the only option… Do u even watch basketball…Its the type of plays that they make that make them great…That they can take over a game..Lamar cant do that…And Iverson was passed his prime when he went to those teams… Iverson changed the game with his crossovers…This is an idiotic remark…

      • OJ says:

        Whats wrong with comparing Lamar to Lebron. They are both great role players!! LOL!!!!

      • realist says:

        About Odom:
        “He was one of the most unique players that I have ever seen,” said Riley. “He had great speed; he was a great passer with an incredible seven-foot wingspan. He also had the ability to handle the basketball. He just reminded me of Earvin Magic Johnson. In fact, he is the only player to come into this league that had the ability to play like Earvin.” -Pat Riley

        Only bringing this up because lots say that Lebron’s game most closely resembles Magic Johnson. And it’s interesting that Riley thought that Odom had a similar game to Johnson too. And now Riley wanted James to fill that similar “Magic Johnson-esque” void again. Lets see if Lebron can channel that Magic Johnson skill set and LEAD the Heat to something. If not, then Lebron and Odom comparisons are fair game in my book.

  61. The real truth says:

    The Heat need to sign Eric Dampier, they have no inside game, Chris Bosh is Soft, Big Z can’t run, the biggest mistake Miami ever made was signing Chris Bosh, they should have gone after Boozer or Amare

  62. Eric Foreal says:

    The Miami Heat have not had the lead against Boston in neither game this season. That says a lot about Bostons’ D and Miami’s Offense. THE HEAT HAVE NOT HAD THE LEAD AGAINST BOSTON THIS SEASON.

  63. Chinmay says:

    Well, bringing talents to South Beach literally means just that (i.e. 32 ppg) but to bring ‘win’ to South Beach….say what?

  64. Erick says:

    Didn’t Jeff Van Gundy say the Heat would not lose two games in a row?

    • rafael says:

      forget what people say homie you never know if the heat finish 5 in standing when playoff start and win everything never pay atention to waht people say is like last season they said boston was old and was not going to win and look waht happend

  65. Chasles Abimana says:

    all i now is that at the end of the day lakers are still gonna threepeat!!!!!!!! us lakers fan are just chillin waitin for the plyoffs to start

    • Law064 says:

      lol 3 peat lol ha ha ha ha soo soo funny we not even at mid season yet ha ha ha ha I do see the Lakers going back though because the West SUCK!!!! I hope someone in the West put up a fight like Denver did. The Lakers have had an easy schedule so far the should still be undefeated but nope Kobe wanna shoot his team out the game good going Kobe. He’s still better than Lechoke .. someone mentioned him being better than Wade lmao you have to be dreaming. Lechoke is not better than Wade he’s a CHOKER not a finisher like Wade & Kobe!!!

      • Lakers 3peat says:

        Law, somtimes i like ur comments …then other times u talk foolish….THE WEST is stil the toughest conference, so dont kid yourself, only two people from the west left for the east, that being Boozer and Amare….so yea

        And if u think we not going threepeat then u must be off a lil something…

      • TrueFan says:

        @ Lakers 3peat

        Saying the West is the “tougher” conference is a bit misleading….yeah, maybe the West is a deeper conference. But tougher? Nah. Western conference ball is that finesse, ballerina basketball. Eastern conference is the gritty, physical, “tough” ball, like how it used to be played before they sissified the league with all these new rules.

        As a Celtics fan I have a healthy respect for the Lakers, but I wouldn’t bank on that chip just yet. You guys beat us by the skin of your teeth last year and that’s with us losing our starting center the game before. Yeah yeah you guys can bring up Bynum in 08 but Bynum hadn’t played all damn season, you had time to adjust. No excuses you guys won, but if we get to the Finals healthy this year get ready for another war…

        Oh and let’s get the championships breakdown correct so we all know where we stand:

        Boston= 17
        L.A.= 11
        Minneapolis= 5

        L.A. fans like to forget that their city only has 11 rings sometimes so I thought I’d do you that solid…lol.

        Lakers vs. Celtics in the Finals= Basketball

  66. six6heat says:

    miami will be ok by march, but they will always be behind the celts because of the lack of size and tempo of play..the heat needs to be pushing the ball at every chance, but i guess you can’t push when your taking the ball out the bucket because you can’t sop anyone…bosh needs to stop shooting jump shots and get in the paint…haslem is out playing him in less minutes…

    • rafael says:

      listen they could be boston in order to do that the have to play defend cleveland havent hade no good player like these and they beat boston hte othe night so is about defend

    • OJ says:

      When march comes you will say give them until May. Just like people keep saying its only 8 games into the season. What do they need, 40 games into the season to get better. Im tired of people giving this team excuses. Boston did it the first year they put their big three together. And Gasol fit in right away when he came to the LAKERS! Lebron is just not as good as people think, face it heat fans.

      • Lakers 3peat says:

        LMAOOOO, i love u for this comment OJ, no homo tho…..

        People are just giving these guys excuses, and the reason the so called big three aint working is because Lebron and Wade play the same type of game, too much ball controlling, until one gives up his EGO and becomes the sidekick to the other the team wont work…..CANT have two leaders, or two alpha males, somebody going hav to go down in the rankings, simple as that

  67. ymca says:

    good job boston, for beating the heat. the lakers loss hurt. my take on the 2 games. i didnt watch them cause i dont have cable, but i did try to find out who won and lost later.

  68. rafael says:

    This is stupid, firths they should do better job on guarding others players, lebron always make pierce choke when hes guarding him and in the game i saw wade guarding pierce, that cant happen wade should guard Allen, wade is quick to go to the basket but in the game could not guard Allen on the threes just guard Allen anyways. spoltra bad couching the team, how is that the best player im not talking about wade, the best heat player is lebron. if wade scores more than James thats cus James is giving him the points and in the game of Boston you so who has to be with the ball all time yes people james. i have seing games where lebron did not even touch the ball in the last play. i saw lebron in the Utah game in the 3 point line and thats not that james wanted to do that is the couch that told the play was going to be like that. that’s stupid there. Couch you have to have to play wade and lebron in the last quarter the same way give the same chances to them both. and not have lebron at the end of the game passing the ball out of bounce to wade they both have to be involve in the play an chris forget what people saying about u just play defend im kip playin like your doing the last few games you chould score at least 17 point por game. people im i a heat fan but if they kip plaing the same way they playing boston they are going no where if these kips up Pad Rayle chould couch team and thats it

    • rafael says:

      heat player please stop saying about this is a process, just say we lost and we have to play better , i could see that there poor chemistry on heat team but that could be fix people wake up these is what u wanted now fight for it lebron be agresive wade pass the ball and be agressive bosh play defend i know you will get it

    • OJ says:

      Dude the only person who chokes during games is Lebron. As far as Dwade guarding Ray Allen, dont think it would matter too much. Did you see how fast Ray shot those 7 three pointers on the heat last night?

      • exactly says:

        yea wade has one bad night and everyone’s trippin lol. they must seem to forget all those rings lebron won in cleveland and that HORRIBLE HORRIBLE HORRIBLE team he STRAIGHT LEFT behind huh?

        get real, like i’ve already said, this isnt your 07 celtics that got to do it NOW OR NEVER this is your young miami heat that have played only 3 WEEKS together and their expectations are already through the roof! they signed 6 years and i can assure you they’re in no hurry. all i know is that they wont win 70 games, but who cares?? well they got 6 years to do if they want to try it. right now their goal is finding eachother and how to make it all work! it doen’t happen overnight. and in this case isn’t needed. WAIT UNTIL JUNE


      • Lakers 3peat says:

        exctly your an idiot did u not watch whn they had the lil mini celebration for them in the beginning….LEBRON was promising 6 CHAMPIONSHIPS, meaning they would win each year of their contracs, but now that the talk has came to a halt and the actual games are being played all he has to say is “Rome wasnt built in a day, and we gotta take time” yea thats just him realizing this wasnt as easy as he thought it was gonna be just because it looked good on paper ….lmaooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo

        and cleveland wasnt a horrible team, ppl thought they were going be the bottom of the barrel, but without James other players are getting good playing time and finally showing ppl there own abilities, they are a 500 team right now, the same as this star-studded overhyped full of “talent” Miami team…..lol Lebron messed it up for Dwade and Bosh

    • joman says:

      you do realize that you are spelling coach as couch right??

  69. Hawks... says:

    Heat just dont have a whole team yet..They will be good but i think they will get beat in the second round in the playoffs..I say they are a 50 win team this season…All this stuff about time to gel crap…When boston first became the big three they were dominant right out of the gate…So wats the excuse for this team…And miami big three is better and younger than the other big three…Im not a hater but the heat are 1-4 against teams that are above 500…Wat does that say…The lakers are scary…It looked like they were not even playin laker ball last night and still was dominant the whole game until nuggets went on that run in the fourth…If lakers absolutley tried to make it a point to win 70 games i think they could do it…The difference between kobe and lebron is that kobe makes his teammates better…Lebron has not learned that yet…Jus look..when someone messes up on any play kobe gets after them and makes them play better and gives them suggestions…Cleveland was not a bad team but lebron did not make his teammates rise to the occasion like kobe has..When it was s somebodies else turn to rise to the occasion in clevand they was scared..In LA they want to be the one to step up aka Fisher…Look at Gasol, Odom, Brown…They all have gotten better year by year cause kobe pushes them and gives them praise when he sees there hard work show on the court…Thats y jordan was so great cause he made everyone around him better…Lebron still needs time to really become a leader…It took kobe time also… IMO

    • jimbo222 says:

      Ahh well, sorry, I beg to disagree that Kobe makes his team better. Kobe is great, don’t get me wrong. He is the greatest closer right now and probably the deadliest guard. But him making his team better compared to Lebron? hmm I seem to remember about 3-4 years without a Shaq and Lakers not even coming close to the finals. It’s only when Pau entered that really started the legacy of the Lakers again. Kobe is great but he didn’t make his team better. Phil J did and when everything fell in to place, especially with the addition of Pau, that’s when Kobe trusted more on his teammates thus got into the flow with his team. As for Lebron, well, I don’t think I need to say what he did for Cleveland. Yes, yes, they didn’t make the finals but they swept the Lakers last year and for 2 years straight, had the best record and with a B+ teammates compared to an A- teammates Lakers, that’s speaks a lot. Peace man.

      • j says:

        How manny rings did LeBron in Cleveland, oh yeah thats right none. The Lakers swept the Cavs in 2009 and also won the championship the same year. The Cavs might of swept the Lakers in the regular season and also had the best record but did the Cavs win the title that year? Nope. Regular season doesn’t mean anything, at the end of the day you need to back it up by winning a championship, which is something LeBron has never done. Atleast Kobe can back it up by winning championships. Kobe doesn’t care about about the regular season that much, he just wants get to the playoffs and lead his team to a championship. LeBron needs to jump on D-Wade’s wagon and team up with two other superstars to try and win his first ring. Kobe doesn’t jump on wagon, and no he didn’t jump on Shaq’s wagon because Kobe and Shaq came to the Lakers the same year. BTW, Kobe doesn’t need two superstars to win championships.

      • Diddy says:

        J you are my dog. All these clowns who really badmouth Kobe are foolish. The dude is a great all-around player. Everybody always tell me that LeBron is also a great defender as well. Since when does a player who only gets steals in the passing lanes and block people on the fast-break a few times, become a GREAT defense player who finishes 2nd in Defensive Player of The Year voting? RIDICULOUS! Kobe just leads by example. Regardless of who is on his squad, I would always have Kobe take that last shot because I know that he has the balls. Anyone who has garbage to say about Kobe Bryant are just nuts. Good word though J.

      • Lakers 3peat says:

        Jimbo, wtf u mean you have to disagree? Did you not just read what Hawks said….

        Kobe is a leader, not at first, but he learne to become one, because he knew if he didnt he wouldnt have the support of his teammates and could not win. You gonna say Kobe didnt lead his team when they kept losing in first round afta Shaq left??? Ummmm look at the crap players he had, GET THE FU*K OUTTA HERE, he had Smush Parker, Kwame Brown, Chris Mihm….where are any of them players now???? YEA thats right you dont hear about them anymore because no matter what team they played for they were straight garbage. Nobody wants to lead that kinda of team….

        And like Hawks said, nobody who played with Lebron wanted to out shine him, he wouldnt praise them for it….prolly be upset that they would be on the highlight reel on NBA.com and not him, Kobe praises his teammates and when they mess up he gets on their ass, to make them grind harder, when have you eva seen Lebron in a huddle saying “LETS GET IT, PUSH HARDER, ect” you NEVER have, he always on the outside of the huddle like he dont have to listen cuz he such a “KING”

        And the Heat will not be successful until Wade either gives in to Lebron or Lebron gives in to Wade, because as long as they want to keep controlling the ball they will neva have balance. You see how Spo keeps putting Wade out there with Bosh or Lebron out there with Bosh, and doesnt keep the whole 3 out there as much, because he sees they play much better whn Lebron aint worrying bout Wade and vice versa, them two trying to play together at same time is just not going to work like they thouht.

        Lebron messed Miami up, he shoulda stayed in Cleveland or went to NYC, he would did better in either spot than in MIA, Bosh and Wade woulda been the younger KOBE GASOL, one two punch, and the 100m they spent on Lebron could have been used to get OTHER QUALITY GUYS TO SURROUND THOSE TWO WITH…..they fu*ked up, IM SORRY LOLLLLLLL

    • OJ says:

      What happened to all these heat fans that were on here when they signed all three of these guys pretty much handing the trophy to them without them playing even one game. Guess you guys realize now this team is far from championship material!!

      • hold your breath says:

        better keep holding your breath cause you know your run is just about over. your celtics aren’t getting any younger 😉

  70. Zed says:

    I’ve commented this a couple of times already. Wade + LBJ just won’t work given their style of play. They need to hold/dribble the ball for 3-5 seconds to be effective. That’s because they are the type of player that creates thier own shot or play off the dribble. Given this, a Wade + Bosh or an LBJ + Bosh combination would have worked better.

    Wade nor LBJ is not a spot up shooter that can catch and shoot (on a regular and consistent basis – nor are they comfortable with it). Thus, spacing becomes and issue. And since Wade and LBJ holds the ball too much, their teammates tend to get stagnant and just wait for the two to make the play happen. Thus, their PG becomes ineffective. A good PG won’t make this team better. A PG with a stature the same as Wade and LBJ is what they need. Because a good PG can’t command the respect of Miami’s Big Three.

    A PG with a strong personality might work. But then again, if LBJ and Wade cannot learn to be effective on a catch and shoot situation then all would be useless.

    Just take a look at the game last night. No celtic (except for Rondo who is their point guard) holds the ball for more than 3 seconds without passing. And more often than not, all players get to touch the ball before an attempt is made. Take a look at Miami, either LBJ holds the ball for too long or Wade holds the ball for too long trying to create their own shots. Most of LBJs assist are made when he holds the ball for around 5 seconds then passes at the last instance. Which doesn’t speak well of the teams ball movement.

    Am not hating on the Heats, am just analyzing their game and the comments made here in this blog. They are a good team, but not yet great enough to win a championship. Can they figure things out by the all star break? Hopefully they could otherwise frustration will come in, and coaches and players will get the blame and be removed/traded. Coach Spoelstra is the first to be (unjustly) blamed. Take note, Miami has no trade pieces except for one of the Big Three so trading for a good PG may be harder than it seems.

    And as per my comment, a good PG is not enough. Wade and LBJ needs to (un)learn some of their habits

    • Law064 says:

      Well said Zed Lechoke & Wade hold the ball to long and pass at the last second, the Celtics were doubling down on Wade and James forcing someone else to make shots, Haslim and House hit opens shots but that is not real BALL MOVEMENT just 2 guys touching the ball before a shot is not team basket ball. I think the reason Rondo is so good is because the big 3 he’s with all do want the ball but the PG is the true floor leader and should be able to make good decisions with the ball. James & Wade want to bring the ball up when I think the PG should bring the ball up and get the plays set up. Wade & Lechoke is not good on catch & shoot simply because they can create their own shot and shoot off the dribble well. I think Lebron also need to learn to play off the ball he always callin for the ball and shooting air ball 3’s. They all want to be chiefs and no Indians to follow them. Someone else mentioned The coach catching the blame it’s always the coach for some reason but Eric Spo needs to set ground rules about the ball control and ball movement. If they continue to play like this he should keep Wade sitting down while James on the court and vice-versa because they will keep bumping heads

    • Diddy says:

      Zed you got on point. There is no way that LeBron and Dwayne is going to work over an 82-game season. Either of the two of them with Bosh would have been great but it is evident that both of them haven’t checked their egos. Bosh is struggling because he has to wait until one of the two of them stops dribbling and decides to maybe look for him. His confidence is clearly low. Dwayne is struggling because he is used to being the top dog and like I predicted, LeBron is already taking over. LeBron got most of his assists after dribbling away the shot-clock so I won’t credit him either. Something needs to change here. My man Bosh was doing work and then never saw the rock after.

  71. KJ-B says:

    I found strange similarities in both sides of the double-header on TNT last night. I saw the two most talented 2 guards in the NBA speak volumes the other members of his squad, “To the heck with the rest of y’all I’m gonna do this my way, it’s Thursday Night on TNT–I gotta get my shine on!” Fortunately for the good of the NBA and basketball played everywhere, both approaches lost out last night…

    I’ll tell you the moment, I wanted to turn off the tube last night but didn’t because I watch TNT essentially to listen to Charles and Kenny too, ( ok EJ ain’t bad + McHale knows winning ball) as soon as Kobe headed down court in that opening half and dribbled into an winnable position and tried to get bailed out with a wild “attempted pass” to Pau; immediately followed by a turnover and Denver ‘win’ on the ensuing possession, seeing Kobe grab Pau by the neck to beg forgiveness–I had that feeling… Then seeing Kobe dunk off the ol’ right leg–yup I checked the box score this morning and surveyed the damage 11 of 32 from the field! Yup, KOBE WANTED TO BE KOBE and test out the rust on killing mode at the expense of his team…

    The difference with Kobe out of control, and DWade getting turned over every other play, is that the Lakers are 8-1 and the Heat are 5-4… The Ring count 5 – 1. Defending champs of Hollywod juxtaposed to a squad of playbook chumps…

    The Heat never had a chance in the game after the 2nd quarter when, essentially it “seemed as if ” DWade bent on getting into the game, in what looked like an off shooting night from the get, froze out the one guy on his roster capable of getting them back in the game, while demoralizing the Celtics soul/KG–yup Chris Bosh. The missing angle of the MIA triangle showed up in the 2nd Q to have his coming out party but it seemed like no one informed Wade, he kept shooting bricks when Bosh primed for a 15 pt Q–no one was stopping him…

    It’s sad to see, such a poorly coached team take such reckless chances in not riding a hot hand against a team of potentially 4 Hall of Famers, Rondo is now that special… This speaks the worlds of difference between a helpful off night by Kobe and by a helpless off night by DWade… Where is Pat Riley at?

  72. A FAN says:

    I am a heat fan and Boston executed well last night. Miami needs to works on its offense. Bosh needs to play off the ball as well as Wade at times. Our Defense needs to improve as well as points in the paint. Miami is not done yet. It just takes more time, maybe even the whole season for them to get things going. Boston has won the battle but the war in June is still up for grabs…….

    • pdignadi says:

      wade is the problem in miami . . .everybody else has sacrificed their game except wade . . .he still plays the same . . . no defense and wants the ball in his hand so he can go 1 against 3 like last year . . .it worked if you have all supporting casts but not with the other big two . . .lebron should have the ball and wade should play off the ball . . .that means making cuts for a quick catch and shoot or pass . . .wade wants the ball to go one on one . . . it prevents miami from going fast because he takes 5 to 6 dribbles before making his move . . .he struggled with his offense last night but instead of helping the team by playing lock down d on ray allen . . .he kept complaining to the refs . . .lagged behind as the celtics ran so his team played 4 on 5 or 4 on 3 cause he is nowhere to be found . . .he had two shots for 8 points and the celtics shooting guard had 31 . . . thats the truth of how they lost . . .lebron would cut the lead and wade would come back in . . .miss 3 shots in a row . . .turn the ball over twice and the lead is back up to 14 . . .wake up miami . . .this is not about lebron or bosh . . .they r doing the best they can . . .wade needs to leave his big ego in the locker room and play team ball . . .not d wade team ball like the past several years in miamil . . .he was the one saying everybody needs to sacrifice and do whats best for the team . . .wade is still doing whats best for wade . . .trying to make the spectacular play each time to get on sportscenter instead of making the right play to get everyone involved . . . sorry miami they will lose in the first round of the playoffs this year

      • jimbo222 says:

        Fully agree with you! Wade is great and will be a hall of famer after all things are said and done but the problem is, he doesn’t play great off the ball. I noticed that during the All Star breaks. His style is really 1 on 1 and that makes him predictable. But unlike ordinary bball players, he is a great player after all, so he makes the shots. But right now, that’s not what the Heat needs. I also think that they need to start making Lebron the 1st option since he’s already the facilitator then Wade needs to play off him. Coz right now, the opponent knows what Wade will do when he gets the ball and that stagnates the offense a lot. Unlike with James, you really don’t know what will happen next. I’m not saying James is bigger than Wade but surely, there’s a reason why Cleveland was number last year and that’s not because of 1 on 1 plays. As for Coach Spo…well, he really needs to learn how to play defense. Their defense is really for inside defense but not good for perimeter and for slashing point guards. Oh well, I guess his days are numbered

      • matt says:

        Wade doesn’t play defense? he was all-defensive 2nd team for the last two seasons. He all out on the defensive end of the floor and has an ungodly amount of shot blocks for his position.

      • orrin says:

        i agree let lebron do the scoring wade needs to focus on defense not scoring…this is turning into the miami LEBOCKLE

      • OJ says:

        Wade is not the problem. The problem is the heat have too many superstars, and this is not always a good thing. Not to mention the point guard and center positions are very weak. Two very important positions that are needed to win championships.

      • dumb says:

        @pdignadi- you are dumb and shouldn’t speak.

        @jimbo- you have to be one of those ppl that truely believe cleveland was the problem and that the teamate’s werent “good enough”…funny they’re doin pretty good without lebron… miami could of never won without wade sorry

        @OJ- finally, someone with some intelligence! it’s 3 of the best players on 1 team ppl!! it’s gonna take time!! this isn’t your 07 celtics that were old and tired of losing so they had to get it done now or never! no, this is a young and experienced team that is looking in the future (they signed 6 years) so worry about them in june, not right now! worry about boston right now, because there days ARE LIMITED! once miami gets into sync i feel bad for everyone, because if they can play this poorly and still win that’s TROUBLE!

    • CRAZY says:

      you are an complete idiots! wade has a bad night now he’s the problem MIA?!? let’s just forget everything he’s done.

      maybe lebron holding the ball over half the shot clock is the problem? cleveland sure isn’t doing to bad without him…

      maybe lebron just standing around on defense is the problem?? only to steal rebounds from bosh

      maybe lebron not being able to play off the ball is the problem?!?! after all we signed him for the montster he was in cleveland, not to run pg, but since he is horrible off the ball spo is forced to let lebron handle the ball!!

      maybe bosh getting manhandled underneath the basket is the problem? good luck with him on gasol

      maybe wade grabbing as many rebounds as bosh is the problem? did anyone see rondo, davis, garnett, EVERYONE rebound over him??

      and you guys say wade doesn’t play defense? he average’s more blocks/steals consistantly ever year than anyone on that team!

      you are foolish to nitpick the miami heat already. and you are even more foolish to blame it on d wade, their heart and soul of that orginization, the reason the heat are where they are right now, and the best player on their team! he’s not having his best month get over it! But when he starts ballin again and him and lebron figure it out together then we’ll see what you got to say. also, chris bosh has failed epicly so far idk how you can point the finger at wade over 1 night? once they ALL come along together and unite with chemistry the league is screwed. anyone who disagree’s will just have to wait and see.

      LET ME REMIND YOU, if they are playing this horrible and BARELY losing games, doesn’t that lead you to believe they could be trouble?

      i may sound stupid to you, but mark my words. DONT FORGET. MARK THEM DOWN. the heat will come along. they won’t win 70 games!! they will take time, but when they do come along there will be periods where they win 10-15 straight games in a row and once they do that there’s no stopping them. anyone who expects 3 of the best talents in the world to collide perfectly is mistaken, but anyone who predicts 3 of the best talents in the world to slowly define a long lasting dynasty through hard time’s and practice you were right. dont forget, this isn’t the big 4 in boston… they were already established, they already knew their roles, and they all knew how they could benefit eachother and their team. they were old and THEY WERE ALL LOSERS! let me repeat that, LOSERS! in miami’s case, we got 3 of the best talents out there, all who work hard and believe they can be the best, all who have led teams of their own recently. this isn’t like your 07 boston celtics that got tired of not making the playoffs, this is a team that has experienced winning with too much talent, and once they find out how to utilize it properly, i dont see them being beat on a regular.

      unlike boston, miami isn’t and in a hurry to win, they signed for 6 years, they’re looking at the future (not the present like boston, cause who knows how long those old dog’s will last, they knew that from the start) SO DONT FORGET THAT. i’d start biting your tongue’s now before it hurt’s in june!!

      • Law064 says:

        @ Crazy your actually a IDIOT & LOSER how can you say the Celtic’s 3 were not leaders Pierce was leading Boston and KG was Leading Min. Ray Allen was leading the sonic’s. The Heat will mold but they will still be nothing without a good support of role players. Yes you do sound stupid, don’t post dumb comments like this saying the Celtic’s big 3 was not leaders. Not to mention they were all dealt on trades not free agency so that’s another differance. 3 of the best talents lol you mean a superstar in Wade a Choker in Lechoke and a double double guy in Bosh. Bosh is not a leader the only leader on the team is Wade. Lechoke was a leader in clevland but was a choke artist not a true leader like kobe or Wade. We’ll see the Celtic’s (Old dogs) eliminating these OVERRATED Heat. Bosh is a Joke and Wade just had a off night. Lebron need to learn to play off the ball and Bosh need to get physical and get in the paint. @ Crazy again go kill yourself!!!

      • zed says:


        You said it yourself, Lebron does dribble a lot and so does Wade. You also said it yourself, so what if Lebron dribbles the ball, Cleveland was still not doing badly. That is the testament to Lebrons talent. The same could be said of Wade, Miami still reached the playoffs last year. And again, that’s a testament to his talent.

        But it still does not negate the fact that Lebron and Wade plays similar types of games. Its not their fault, but its a fact. Now you said it yourself, they need to find a way to play together. That was why I was saying that one of them needs to be a catch and shoot type of player so that the other (presumably Lebron) could still have the luxury to hold on to the ball and create his own shots and kick out to Wade for a catch and shoot. Bosh is lost because he didn’t have the touches needed for him to get going.

        You are right it is foolish to pinpoint Wade as the problem. I would pinpoint management instead to have made the problem of picking two pieces (players) that are the same. But it is also foolish to pinpoint Bosh as the problem. You are right to say that they will become great if they learn how to play together. And in order for them to play together, they must unlearn all their habits, you already said it yourself they were the top dogs in their previous teams thus they got to hold on to the ball most of the time. They need to accept that things will be different now.

        Also, to belittle the achievements of the Celtics Big Three in their previous teams is kind of funny. We all know what they have accomplished individually. So I won’t add anymore to that discussion since it is kind of foolish.

        Yes, I agree Wade, Lebron and Bosh were all leaders in their old teams. Maybe that’s the problem, they still are leaders here in Miami (except maybe for Bosh). A team can’t have two leaders. One of them has to accept being a side kick.

  73. Law064 says:

    Great Tweet from Paul Pierce THE TRUTH!!!! Ray Allen 7-9 from 3 point land 7 straight 7-7 at 1 point before he missed in the 4th. Lechoke did a good job bringing them back but it wasn’t good emough. To All Celtic Haters claiming that it was the 1st game of he year, they will kill Boston next game, what is the excuse this time around? The Heat have more than PG and Center problems they don’t have Defense either. Haslim and The Choker brought the game within reach but they still fell short. Boston Haters keep sayin that they are to old, I guess the Heat are just as old and can’t run. Age comes with wisdom and experience. How about Melo 32 against the Lakers who have not played any real competiton Kobe 11-32 lol. Yes it’s only 1 loss but the Lakers played less than playoff teams. Portland is not at 100% and the Suns are not the same without Amare so don’t mention those 2 teams. Denver who is not great either but managed to win against the Lakers good game. The Lakers are still the best in the west but watch out for Utah,Denver and NO. The only teams in the West that can compete with LA. San Antonio as well if role players step up they can also compete with them Not sure if they’ll beat them in a 7 game series but can make it a series going at least 6 games. Miami has a good team, not great and not a championship team. They still have plenty of time to mold but they still are missing huge pieces to the puzzle in the years to come they’ll be the team to beat but now they are just the team to watch. Lakers and Boston look like they’re ready for a run to the Finals. Miami is overrated and the Media has hyped them up to win the Eastern Conf. and face the Lakers in the finals. They have a long road ahead of them. To The unrealistic fans claiming that Miami will win 70 plus games or that Idiot in Miami who said 82-0 they’re not ready just yet give them a couple of years to be dominant. I’m not a Lakers fan but I will be watching on Christmas when LA face Miami. To many Idiots,Morons, Losers or drug abusers are claiming that Miami will win easy lol Kobe’s better than Lebron and Wade is behind Kobe. LA has a better team and the Best team in the West.

    • tRay says:

      You’re my hero lol finally someone who makes sense. First off I couldn’t agree with you more on the Heat they are a good team but they need time to be a unit. People who compared them to the C’s in 07-08 seem to forget that the Big 3 had already accomplished everything individually and set aside their pride. As far as the Lakers I’m a fan born and raised in L.A but you hit the nail on the head this is the first good complete team they’ve played the other eight games were against sub par teams. Everyone might want to get ready for another L.A & Bosston match because it’s coming.

    • anonymous says:

      i disagree that miami is not a championship team i think they are but so is boston LA orlando denver and NO but they really do have to many holes but i’m also going to watch how kobefeat paul gasol , odom, fisher and the lakers trash them

      • DEREK says:


    • AJ says:

      man you are a nutter but your comments hit the mark spot on!

      • simonjara7 says:

        man youve gotta be kidding? THE HEAT DONT HAVE DEFENSE?? well sorry to upset you but theyre the best deffensive team in the league so far… ok, i agree they do need to fix some problems at the offensive side, but respect to deffense they are doing the right thing

      • joman says:

        @simonjara7..the heat have good defense alright..on teams that do not know how to execute..because wade and bron have quick hands and feet, all they have to do is stick their hands in the passing/driblling lanes and they get a fast break. all of them easy points..they get confused when they are playing against well organized offense, because good offense does not include that much dribbling. also, a good offensive team does not make careless passes.that is why their losses came from teams with elite PGs. Also, i do not think they can intimidate teams with a good big man..to add to that, they do not have a single post-up player..bosh can’t post – he’s a face-up player..lebron can’t post – he likes to drive..haslem can’t post – he likes to shoot those short jumpers..wade can post – but he is a SG and he can’t do that all the time..the big Z can post – when he was younger.. that plus the fact that THEY DO NOT HAVE A REAL POINT GUARD!! In short, the miami heat is an incomplete team. they will not win against teams that have both great point guards and great big men simply because they are short on the positions..