Where really amazing could happen

SAN ANTONIO — The Lakers have Jack Nicholson.

The Knicks have Spike Lee.

But when it comes to big names sitting at courtside, can anybody really top the Spurs?

Of course, we always thought that David Robinson was the ultimate role model in San Antonio. But this takes things to a different level.

It didn’t take any miracle shots for the Spurs to ring up their 18th consecutive win over the Clippers, only Gregg Popovich’s 1st commandment: Thou Shalt Play Defense. Though some fans sitting nearby swore they say saw a few cups of water turned into cold draft beer.

Mostly, the Spurs’ newest/oldest celebrity fan smiled, waved and seemed to enjoy the action, even pulling out a cell phone at one point and Tweeting to, you had to figure, at least 12 followers.

Now if only He could help the Clippers.


  1. Michael says:

    Heat(aka Judas) 5-3. Spurs 6-1. Just a little more proof 🙂

  2. WG says:

    Yeh Timmy, teach Lester some of your fundamentals skills.
    No but seriously just focus on ya 5th ring buddy.

  3. Lester Salinas says:

    go spurs! go timmy d!!! teach me some of your fundamental skills… 🙂