The Return of Jonny Flynn

SACRAMENTO, Calif. – Wednesday, on what had already been a good night for the Timberwolves, with a victory over the Kings at Arco Arena on the finish of a back-to-back as Michael Beasley played like a No. 2 pick, injured point guard Jonny Flynn stepped from the locker room. David Kahn, the president of basketball operations standing about 20 feet down the hall, called to him.

“We’ve targeted you to play next Wednesday, right?” Kahn said. “I don’t want to put too much pressure on you for that, in case there’s a setback.”

“No, that’s all right,” Flynn answered.

“You feel comfortable with that?”

“That’s what we’re shooting for,” Flynn said in agreement.

And so it was settled. With Flynn working his way back from July 27 hip surgery, with the Timberwolves at 2-7 and staging auditions for help at point guard, the sides are aiming for Wednesday’s home game against the Clippers for his season debut.

The plan comes with the obvious disclaimers that Flynn will be held back if he is not ready and that the search for point guard help may continue, even with the encouraging news regarding the second-team All-Rookie pick from 2009-10. He is not expected to play big minutes at first, coach Kurt Rambis, in the other noteworthy update, said Flynn is still experiencing soreness in the hip after work in limited practices, and backup Luke Ridnour is fighting a strained hamstring. That the Timberwolves are able to set a target date, though, is a sign Flynn should participate in a full workout within days and, if that goes well, that his return to the lineup is coming soon.

“He’s all fired up ready to go,” Rambis said, declining to put a timetable on the exact return date. “He’s seeing a lot of things, just going through practice now and watching games and everything. He understands what we’re trying to do and what we want to do. He can see it now that he’s not actually out there on the floor being involved with us. Sitting down, hopefully, will be a really good thing for him. It’s an unfortunate thing that happened. But hopefully it’ll turn out to be a benefit. He’s fired up. He’s ready to go.”

Ridnour has missed the last two games and is scheduled to be re-evaluated Tuesday, leaving Sebastian Telfair as the only true point guard on the roster. Searching for help, the Timberwolves brought Sundiata Gaines, Curtis Jerrells, Trey Johnson and Aaron Miles to Sacramento for a group free-agent workout. None was signed on the otherwise eventful day that ended with Beasley scoring 18 points in the first quarter and a career-high 42 in all, but that could change in the coming days.


  1. Boz says:

    Wolves should get Nash from Pxenix and Stojakovic from Hornets. Then they would be a championship team. Flynn is an average point guard. They need a better one. I would start Ridnour before Flynn.They are the very last team in NBA when in comes to assists per game. They need to improve and play more like a team and move the ball around. Last game ugainst Kings Milicic was their leader in assists with just 4. You know you have a problem when you are the last team in assists and your center is a player with most assists in a game and noone makes more that 4 of them.

    • zphendrickx says:

      Are you joking? Put Nash and Stojakovic (who can’t get on the floor in NO and now has more value as an expiring contract..) on this team and they might make the playoffs, but they would be nowhere close to winning anything past a game or two in the first round.

      • Angel says:

        No disrespect but instead of drafting Flynn and Rubio.The Wolves should’ve drafted Ty Lawson and Stephon Curry.

  2. LBJ all day says:

    with Flynn coming back its still not gonna help them to get W’s but he’s the key he’s the PG and im pretty sure he’ll contribute

  3. […] Flynn should be back next Wednesday, when the Wolves host the Clippers, according to Scott Howard-Cooper at Flynn had offseason hip surgery but is just about done with […]

  4. Mark Ritters says:

    Doesn’t it make a lot of sense for the Wolves to throw Garrett Temple’s name into the discussion? Aaron Miles, Trey Johnson and Curtis Jerrells have never proven to be NBA players… and Sundiata has kind of lived off of 1 shot. Temple was a steady contrbutor in San Antonio last year if memory serves correct. He’d be a nice fit for the Wolves.

  5. alex says:

    they shouldve signed sunidata gaines 😛

  6. ahb9days says:

    Woohoo.. Now get Webster back and MN will be in a better position this year..