Phil Says Heat Win 70

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Add Lakers coach Phil Jackson to the (long) list of folks poking/praising the Miami Heat this season.

Jackson says his Lakers can’t chase the 70-win mark this season but the Heat can do so in the future. At least that’s what he told reporters in Denver today after his team’s shootaround for tonight’s game against the Nuggets on TNT.

“I think this Miami team could,” Jackson said. “They’re talented enough to do that,” he continued. “They may not be deep enough quite yet or have all their persons in place and teamwork just down, but if they stay together, they have a good chance. They have a very talented team.”

Something tells me Heat coach Erik Spoelstra would have been just fine without any added hype from Jackson, long heralded as the master of mind games around the NBA.

While he’s touting the Heat as a potential 70-win crew, at some point, Jackson gave an extremely detailed explanation why his team shouldn’t be considered for such a lofty mark.

My main man Dave McMenamin of delivers the goods:

“It’s not going to happen [for us],” Jackson said about the 70-win talk surrounding his team. “The schedule’s too tough. The travel is extenuating in the Western Conference, there’s very difficult time zone changes that you go through and all the stuff that happens. And that’s disregarding the idea that you can play with all your players for the rest of the season.

“Everything has to just break perfect for that to happen, plus the team has to be very, very resilient and very, very capable of filling in for one another at multiple positions.”

Wouldn’t those same conditions apply to the Heat (5-3) now and in the future?

Ah, the Zen Master is already in playoff form.


  1. rill says:

    He stated in the future not now.

  2. Unk says:

    It’s still too early to say which team will win championship. The purpose of regular season is to build the chemitry for the team and keep everybody healthy for the playoff. Who cares the record of regular season. The Lakers didn’t have the best record last year but still won the championship. The Boston didn’t have the best record in the East but still won the Eastern Confrerence. The Heat doesn’t need to win 70 games at all. Phil just tricked them. The only problem in the Heat is James. He can be MVP this year again. But will the Heat win championship? It depends on how James plays in the playoff. I know Wade, Kobe, Durant, Garnet, or Howard will fight till the last second of the game but James is always ready to pack for his early summer vacation. He needs to change and be more matured. I hope the Heat coaching staff can fix him this year.

  3. David says:

    The difference between these teams is that the Celtics have a REAL point guard. They have K.G. who in his prime would destroy Chris Bosh, Paul Pierce is a team leader who knows how to WIN IT ALL. Ray Allen is good because he can destroy you with 3’s. Honestly, Lebron has NEVER had a better team than the Celtica do now. It looks good on paper for the Cavs last year, but losing to Boston didn’t surprise me. I knew the Cavs weren’t gonna win everything after they fought the Bulls. I know that the Celtics won everything except game 7 in the finals, because they worked like a team. A 50 win team probably shouldn’t make it to the finals. I don’t think the Heat will have enough to win it all at LEAST for this season.

  4. haha says:

    haha heat? lakers? spurs? they all sucks!! the philly will win this year

  5. Martin says:

    what is wrong with this writer? miami is not in the western conference. the west is so deep when your playing teams 3 or 4 times instead of twice with the east your bound to lose a game here and there.

  6. De Korf says:

    The worst thing about being Phil Jackson must be that no matter what you say, everyone assumes you’re playing some sort of mind-game. Just imagine, every quote in the news, people say ‘oh, there’s Phil playing mindgames again!’.

    Maybe he’s played a mind game on all of us….

  7. Jerryjohnson says:

    They will win 70or more games

  8. abuck30 says:

    Yes tata!!!! What came of all that?

  9. LakersLakersLakers says:

    Phil loves to play the philosophical mind games. He’s motivating the Lakers and challenging them by stating that his team will not break 70 wins. You know he would love to see it before he retires! I agree with the blogger that states Jerry Sloan should get coach of the year! He deserves it. He’s taken many marginal Utah teams and turned them into winners. Utah is a sleeper team this year. I think they will go far. Still predicting my Lakers to win the championship again. Unless they become injury plagued! Peace out!!!

  10. Puerto Rican mamba says:

    Without a big man in the paint, the Heat is gonna suffer against every big team in the league. The problem over here is Bosh, he’s looks like a rookie, not like the guy that averaged 20 and 10 . The problem with the Heat is the lack of big man and the accumulation of guards, they need to move some guards fast. Plus the coach clearly doesn’t count with the experience neither the respect, to coach such a talented team and make it work like a machine.That’s what coaches like Phil, Rivers, Sloan, Popovich, Van Gundy, etc does.
    Spoelstra is not making plays he’s relying on the individual talents of LB6 and D-Wade and clearly is not giving them good results. Wade clearly doesn’t believe in anybody except him and Bron, they are not gonna win unless they defend, and clearly for what we saw last year Spoelstra us not a defensive coach.Lakers win it all, against the C’s but they need Pau to keep playing the way he’s playing and they need Bynum back.

  11. afemo says:

    Miami is a great team full of talents but according to Phil,it takes time for the chemistry to build so nobody should expect any miracle from these guys and more so the big 3 play with their egos,Lebron wanna do everything and be the guy everynight like he used to in Cleveland,he has to forget that and remember what he said that he was ready to sacrifice,i take LA0Celtics for the finals and LA for the 3-peat.

  12. BoB says:

    NO chance lakers do it – this season or in the future. Too many pumped up teams at play-off intensity and a team mindset to play at the level of the opponent. Add to that the depth of the west and the night-in, night-out competition put the lakers at 55-60.

    Miami will have a chance when they fill out the roster (if they can since they overpaid for Bosh and his lack of an interior game – could have got 13/7 from any big for half the price and maybe a little defense thrown in as well) and as long as the east remains top heavy with 9-10 teams at the bottom they are likely to sweep.

  13. Keith says:

    I do believe that Phil Jackson was “playing mind games” with his comments to relieve the pressure and spotlight from his Lakers ballclub. I don’t think ANY team will match that feat this year. As he said the situation has to be just perfect for a team to accomplish that goal
    As for him being the “All time Master of mind games” he is quite good, but I bet Arnold “Red” Auerbach would definitely give him a serious run for his money!!!!!!!!!
    Nice post!!!!!!!!

  14. heat fan says:

    i agree with jared
    miami needs to build on its chemistry, and by next year they might be able
    lakers cant do it
    they played only 8 games anuthing could happen

  15. BChris1206 says:

    i think LA has a better chance of winning 70 than any other team in the league but still i don’t believe they will win 70 either..there are just so many factors the will prevent a great team like LA in winning 70..Miami on the other hand have no chance in winning 70 and i believe they won’t get the top seed in the east either..they are still on a developing stage..i’d say MIAMI has a better chance of winning the championship that have the best record in league because lebron, wade, bosh, and the multiple shooters on that team would really turn it on in the playoffs..not to mention they will surely find their team chemistry and team identity by then..

  16. james williams says:

    i think miami cant do it this year or next year for the simple fact…….chemistry…….3 all-stars on the same team……NOT GONNA WORK!!!!! now L.A. on the other hand… i could see them winning another championship maybe even for the next 2 or 3 years…

  17. Melvin Quinones says:

    Guys be patient. The season just got started. The problem that the Head have is clearly at the point guard position. As a puertorican I would love to support Arroyo, but he is far from being able to complete against the Chris Paul, Steve Nash, Rajon Rondo, etc… All these pointguards are capable of breaking down the Heat defense with their penetration, creating easy shots inside the paint. Lebron & Wade are clearly 2 of the best 5 players in the world and they are both unselfish. I think they are being TOO unselfish and going for extra passes when they should be shooting. Wade actually made some terrible passes yesterday. I think that 2 things need to happen. 1. Get a true pointguard 2. We want Pat Riley

  18. DR Jam says:

    Phil isn’t fooling anyone, he’s playing mind games! Hah, if there’s a team that can reasonably achieve that is the champions themselves. By relieving pressure on his squad, and overhyping the Heat, he’s just build unnecessary expectations and more pressure for the Heat to maintain an elite wining percentage. ‘Causing them, to hardly ever feel good enough.

    The Heat need to be smart about their mid season trades: They need size and weight in the center position, and their a better point guard, someone more audacious and relentless than Arroyo.

  19. michael says:

    If JAckson is their coach, they could win 75!

  20. […] Add Lakers coach Phil Jackson to the (long) list of folks poking/praising the Miami Heat this […]

  21. Rondo9 says:

    Why do people talk about age affecting players game dramatically. Were you not paying attention to last season. The so called “old” celtics took the lakers to the closing seconds of GAME 7 OF THE NBA FINALS!!! And when jordan was in his 40’s he’s was still one of the best and could drop 40 points when he wanted to. Age is just a number. Sure, their stats go down from previous years but it’s not like they are measly role players, but I guess you can say it varys

  22. ymca says:

    im mean phil jackson uses kareem abdul jabber to train his centers like shaq, bynum and so on. it doesnt get better than that.

  23. ymca says:

    phil jackson. is the best coach ever period. mj would not been the greatest ever had he not had a coach like phil.

  24. ymca says:

    the western conference besides the lakers got a heck lot weaker this offseason due to the trades. plus the lakers stayed the same, its questionable weather they got better. blake or barnes would not make a difference on a bad team like the clippers, or timberwolves. but since the western conference is weaker the lakers should win much more games this season even if the lakers got weaker.

  25. Puerto Rican mamba says:

    What the Doctor is saying between lines, is that the heat have the talent to win 70 games but they are just wrongly advised, and with a very bad coach. If he were coaching that team the story would be very different.

  26. Tenki says:


    Phil Jackson never deserved a rebuilding team to coach in the first place. That is why the Bulls and the Lakers that he has coached gave him the job, because no other coach is capable of doing so. Just look at the way he coaches his team in the playoffs. There has been a lot of tough situations where he should have called a timeout, but instead of doing so, he just calls a play from the play book. Last season, I saw him BURN a timeout, seconds after the third quarter started against Phoenix. Why did he do it? Is it out of arrogance? Does he need to call that timeout? Why would you do such a thing when you and your team just came out fresh from the locker room? The answer is simple: He exemplifies trust in his team for his team to trust each other. See how Kobe trusts his teammates more prior to winning the title last season?

    Phil Jackson would waste his time and talents coaching a rebuilding team. If ever he does so, I’d bet it would be a playoff team. Throw Sacramento, Chicago, or Charlotte as his team, and I would see them playing late in May next year.

  27. shahz says:

    lakers are winning it all this year…probably against heat in the finals

  28. salemslt says:

    i cant understand why phil “zenmaster” is rated highly as a coach. the guy always had a free ride. the guy was just lucky. always coming to the team that already had a complete line up. Have you seen him coach a team during a rebuilding mode? hell no. he doesnt have the patience and the talent for it. I have more respect for nellie and jerry sloan. those guys stick with their team and start developing their team into becoming contenders. ill probably respect the zenmaster once he has proven that he can on his own efforts, turn an average non-playoff team into a playoff contending one.

    • Law064 says:

      I agree, when with the bulls Phil Collins was fired and assistant Coach Jackson was hired but the Bull had all the pieces at that time. The Same with the Lakers, when Shaq left and the Lakers were losing to the Suns he wasn’t the greatest coach. He is just at the right place at the right time. He is a great coach but not the best.

    • My Name says:

      You can hate on the “Zenmaster” all you want, but winning 11 rings (as a coach) is no easy feat no matter how you look at it. And, yes, he took over the reigns of strong teams already in place, but those teams with those strong players NEVER WON A CHAMPIONSHIP BEFORE HE WAS THEIR COACH.

      The Bulls had their main core (Michael, Scottie, and Horace) before Phil was the head coach and won how many championships?? ZERO. When he became the head coach of the Bulls, they WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP.

      The Lakers already had Shaq and Kobe together before Phil got there and how many rings did they win??? ZERO. The FIRST YEAR he became the head coach of the Lakers, they WON THE CHAMPIONSHIP. So, I think Phil is a better coach than you give him credit for.

      And if that’s not enough, Shaq has been in the League for 18 years now and he’s only been on an All-Defensive Team (Second Team) three times. Do you wanna guess who was coaching him during those three years?? PHIL JACKSON. As for Kobe, we all know he’s a great defender (All-Defensive First Team 8x; All-Defensive Second Team 2x), but he wasn’t named to an All-Defensive Team UNTIL Phil was his coach.

      So, yes, Phil Jackson did get teams that already had great players, but he made them EVEN BETTER and more importantly he turned them into CHAMPIONS. And that is why Phil Jackson will go down as one of the greatest coaches all time and deservedly so.

      • Nick says:

        Well said to all those Phil Jackson critics. Just because TNT or ESPN show Lakers huddles when he says ‘move the ball’ and ‘take care of it’, doesn’t mean that’s all he says. What do you think he says in the locker room before the game, half time’s, in training? He’s probably too calm for my liking at times but he is undeniably a great coach.

    • ALFONSO CORRAL says:

      hey man he built an excellent team around a cry baby and turned the cry baby into champion i didnt anybody can win with kobe the black widow but he did

  29. Ice Pogi says:

    Too early to say that….70 wins??? no one can tell who’s team can do that…maybe they can or maybe not… still early for the season for eric spo… Do u really think that coach jackson is telling that to the heat/SPO??? He knows defeating Heat/ SPO is less glory than defeating the current heat w/ coach Riley!!!! He’s urging Riley to come out and have a good competition between a prime Lakers and a prime Heat ( Jackson,Bryant,Artest,Gasol VS Riley,Wade,James,Bosh) That would be a great battle… P.S. To all haters watch the heat when coach Riley is around… Riley is the True L.A. Show Time Coach… The Zen Master and The Show Time…. Celtics??? WHAT???? hahahahahah!!! Nets beat the celtics with who is that guy??? ummm Lopezzzzz???? hahahahahah

    • Law064 says:

      @ Ice Pogi, when did the nets beat the Celtic’s?? Last season?? They only loss to Clevland and Dallas this year. What have you been watching classic NBA get your fact straight before posting comments. Oh yeah Boston just beat the Heat for the 2nd time this year. Go watch sportscenter and get off the NBA history channel. The Heat have a lot of work to do they can’t stop teams with good low post players.

      • DUKE says:

        I agree with you LAW, and for your info ICE POGI, can’t you read between the lines when Doc rivers was saying its the post season that he wants the celts to focus. Those games celts lost to was, nj, ny or whatsoever sub .500 teams last year shows their intelligence in the game, its to avoid injuries come playoffs. You saw what happend to Perk that is why they lost the crown. Just imagine now 3 Centers by playoff time. thats a lot of Bigs for the upcoming Postseason not to mention Rookie Erdin….

      • Let's go heat! says:

        Heat is gonna kick celtics but next game! so BEWARE!

  30. My Name says:

    @Sekou Smith–I think you misunderstood Phil’s quote. I don’t think he believes Miami will win 70 games THIS YEAR because he clearly states in the quote you posted: ‘β€œThey may not be deep enough QUITE YET OR HAVE ALL THEIR PERSONS IN PLACE and teamwork just down, BUT IF THEY STAY TOGETHER, they have a good chance. They have a very talented team.’” When I read this, I took it as he believes Miami could have a 70-win season sometime in the next five or six years. Using phrases like “not … quite yet,” not having “all their persons in place,” and “if they stay together,” implies the future NOT NOW.

    Phil might be playing head games, yes, but I’m sure he sincerely meant that Miami has a chance to win 70 games in a season sometime in the next few years, but NOT THIS YEAR.

    What do you think?

  31. jaycee palad says:

    how can the heat win 70 games if they can’t even beat the boston celtics??.. they are poor with their defense and have no team work/effort.. the lakers wil win another championship, that for sure..

  32. JeD says:

    Yeah I’m a bulls fan since the jordan era until now with rose and i’m absolutely a laker fan Coach Phil is the best coach remember what he did and what he does. Lakers can do it this season 70 games or more if not i think 60 plus .


    I dont think any team will win 70+ this season, the bulls did it in 96 but they were unique, still gotta love the mind games of Phil Jackson regardless of who you support – speaking of which I reckon the Celtics have their number this year – especially if Rondo keeps putting up ridiculous numbers like he has been.

    • HeyYou says:

      Rondo is having ridiculous numbers because there is no defensive pressure on him when he is anywhere near the perimeter. This allows him to pick teams apart with his passing, because 1) He doesn’t have a defender in his face obstructing his view and 2) He doesn’t have any pressure to shoot, making him more comfortable out there. Rondo is a great point guard, but put a defender on him like Chris Paul or Deron Williams see night after night, he would look average at best.

      • JZB23 says:

        Rajon Rondo is the top pg in the league right now, he makes deron williams and chris paul look average at best!!!

        I use to like chris paul, until i realized how much he flops during games, reminds me of that cleveland punk verajo…

  34. arvel says:

    they have already lost 4 in the last 9. how come they will win 70?
    phil is the master of mind games in the nba, he is too clever.haha!

  35. Jeff says:

    No, to last question. In-conference travel amongst eastern conference teams means far less travel and almost all eastern conference teams are in eastern time zone. In-conference travel amongst western conference involves travel in Pacific, Mountain and Central time zones.

  36. glynn says:

    If miami have pat riley yes…..with coach spo…..HELL NO

  37. CJ says:

    Phil Jackson is using his mind games again. He’s a hall-of-fame coach but I feel like some people know his tricks too well by now. Anyways, he’s emulating the behavior of all the sports news outlets when this year’s Heat was formed. The media reacted with the similar words when the Big 3 deal was finalized. Words of “70/80 win seasons, Lakers of the East, etc. (Boston has taken all those titles, but that isn’t the point here) I’m surprised with the way the Miami is playing so far. With all that talent, the way they played during the pre-season, and the hype surrounding James, Wade, and Bosh it’s all weird. It’s mind-boggling to see this team perform the way they are performing. It may still be the perfect team just finding chemistry and trying to sync: 3 all stars & 9 reputable role players, some of who are second tier players and can be all stars. But then again, the Heat don’t have an inside presence in addition Chris Bosh. You may say Igauskas; he’s still good for his age and is quite smooth for his size, but he lacks the power and dominance that the Heat need. All I’m saying is like Howard holds down the pain, is how Chris and Igauskas should control their’s. Bosh’s effectiveness in the paint is overshadowed by Le Bron and DWade’s sound rebounding ability for their positions. Time will tell. I’ll be the better Laker fan and still hold respect for them. Zen Master tricks us too you know.

  38. LBJ_Sux says:

    this just in: the heat lost their 4th game of the season against the celtics

  39. kuriat says:

    phil jackson’s just saying it because he is insulting the heat…the cant do that… he’s just saying it bacause when the lakers faces the heat….the heat will play comfortable…..and they will feel the same too…facing other teams///… if that happens… the heat will loose a lot this season…. i am a laker fan… phil jackson sating the same thing when he told posotive things about kevin durant…before the playoffs

  40. KB24 GodSupremE says:

    ohhhhh…i remember many heat lover in here says they will break 72- 10 by mj b4 the preseason..but now they dont believe in their team now..hahaha….
    Mind Games baby….
    The basketball fan now counting the no. of loss of miami not the no. of win..
    Goodluck for that..

    • jay says:

      heat will take it as soon as they learn how to play together.. Size isnt the concern if you have 3 of the best stars in the NBA in your squad. I give them a month of two and they will be if not almost untouchable.. and the only concern in the east for us heat.. is the boston celtics but who will stop wade and lebron in the playoffs? ray allen and paul peirce who cant catch up to neither of them due to their age… give them a mont or two and watch before your eyes kaos.. Trust me we are a fast break and defensive team to come..

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Size isn’t a concern?
        Get real. Just wait until you play a healthy Laker squad… Think Bynum isn’t going to punish the Heat in the post?

  41. Mike says:

    “Phil says Heat will win 70” That’s a pretty bold title isn’t it? According to the above quote from Phil Jackson, no certainty was implied. Something about putting words in mouths…

    • My Name says:

      I’m with you, Mike. Phil was only stating Miami could reach the 70-mark sometime. In the quote above, he was clearly not indicating this year; I think he meant sometime in the future–maybe in the next two or three years, but definitely not this year. Sekou may have twisted Phil’s words around and jumped to a “mind game” conclusion.

  42. ILoveSpurs says:

    Look at reality Spurs winning days were long over. The same as Detroit. haha! I love Duncan and Manu but can’t see them in the playoffs(maybe) or finals.

  43. moshe says:

    my prediction for miami heat is between 52 and 56 games and will loose in playoffs in first round four nothing

  44. ILoveSpurs says:

    LOL Spurs may win this season if (Lakers/Celtics) don’t? <— unbelievable!

    • Nick says:

      Didn’t Spurs say thay the last 3 season aswell. lol

    • SG20 says:

      I think they will. I never said they were the best team in the league. I said that the Lakers are the favorites, then after them, the Celtics. The Spurs are better than Miami, and all those other teams.But like i said, this is all my opinion.

  45. Kratos says:

    I’m a heat fan, but as i can see, MIAMI HEAT can’t win 70 with their performance right now.
    If they find each others tendencies and have a better chemistry, they might do it next season, but not for now.
    Another thing that is an obstacle for the Miami team to have a 70-win season is their lack of size.

  46. Joshua Remo says:

    Mind Games!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  47. Vince Soon says:

    Winning 70games or not doesn’t matter .. I just want to see them win the championship three times in a row than that will be awesome ..

  48. Fredrick Wells says:

    No more than 65 wins for Miami and will lose in the 2nd Round to Boston. This means with 65 wins, Miami will be the #1 seed and lose to #4 or #5 seed Boston. Otherwise, the pick is Boston at #1, Orlando at #2, Chicago at #3, Atlanta at #4, and Miami at #5.

    • pfft says:

      the only way that heat will meet at 2nd if both teams are #2 and #3 seeds. 1-3 seeds are for ORL, BOS, and MIA. CHI will get the 4th spot. i can assure you that.

    • ALFONSO CORRAL says:

      nope sorry bostons getting took out by orlando this year in the second round then orlandos ganna get slammed by miami and miami is going to lose to the best in the west

  49. Blink says:

    hey,nobody’sgonna hit 70…thelakers or celtics are gonna have the doesnt have the chemistry to win that many games…plus they dont have any bench players or supportguys yet…

  50. justingalatin says:

    when it’s playoff season,the MIAMI HEAT will prove their worth!so beware LA and CELTS!!!

    • Law064 says:

      @ Justingalatin did you watch the game last night?? That was the second game Boston handled the Heat. For all the Heat fans that said wait til next game, the heat will be better, they will kill the Celtic’s, that was the 1st game lol. How about the Celtic’s going into Miami bustin they azz. The Heat still have time to grow but they have no D. Rondo’s a dog did you see him rise and finish at the basket. I give the heat credit well Lebron who shot over 20 FT’s him and Haslim brought the game within reach but they still lost. Good luck with that gel and winning the championship this year. The Heat have a bunch of holes and there are 4 teams in the east that can eliminate the heat. ORL,ATL,BOS & CHI. Not to mention some teams in the west.

      • Nick says:

        I agreed with everything you said until you mentioned Atlanta…not a chance.

      • pfft says:

        too much isolation for the heat as of last night’s game. they should come with a offensive gameplan. maybe triangle offense? Spo should maximize his team. a lot of talents there. the regular season wil still be a learning process. the real test will be the playoffs. by the way, neither CHI nor ATL can’t beat the heat. πŸ™‚

  51. tre' says:

    The Heat won’t break 70. The highest will be 67. I just don’t see 70 for either the Heat OR Lakers. The Lakers will come close to the Heat though, or even tie. But nobody’s breaking 70.

    • ALFONSO CORRAL says:

      yup i agree its ganna be LA with 67 San Antonio with 65 then miami and utah with 62 Celtics might look good right now but they always slow down at all star break boston 3rd seed east with 54

  52. McKinley says:

    The Zen Master at work. This LAKER team is the deepest they have ever been. Kobe is still the King of the NBA. But he has plenty of back up. Gasol and Odom are legitimate allstars. Playing for team USA really helped Odom. Derek Fisher can still hit big shots. Artest could be an allstar too. Look what he did in game 7 of the NBA finals. The bench is also loaded. Blake,Barnes,Brown. All of them could start for most NBA teams. If Bynum can come back healthy. There is almost no chance at beating LA.

  53. illonexxx says:


    I love it. This guy just can’t help but to poke and prod to the ire of his subjects.

    The Lakers winning 70 games will be tough.
    – Celtics 2 games
    – Heat 2 games
    – Orlando 2 games
    – Denver 3/4 games
    – The old and mightly Spurs 3/4 games
    – Jazz 3/4 games
    – OKC!!!!! 3 games?
    – Hornets 2 games?
    – Dallas 3 games?
    – GSW, ATL, CHI, POR 11 or so games!!

    Thats 31+ TOUGH games.

    And you still got to make it a point to stomp all the losers!

    • DUKE says:

      I agree. But let’s not get excited about the 70 games to win. Its the post season that matters. Who would ever thought that Cs reached the finals and losing only to an injured center, its a pity that celts lost it. However, don’t count them out, Miami just lost 2 games to them, and LA is next. I believe shaq is in a mission to get the same rings as Kobe. I believe J. Oneal wants to get a ring before he retires (before his knees gives in) I believe the original big three wants 2 more championships before they say bye bye. Looking at all star rondo making tremendous assist, would exactly bring in the championship. I am looking at a break of record in assist this year by Rondo, and look at Ray ray making shots early, and of course lets not forget the Truth whois at all star level for the past few games, and the double double avg. of KG. Wow, I haven’t talked about Shrek and donkey plus Quis making bench points. Just can’t wait for Delonte to play. this is celts at its best. Phil must be looking at this team as their worst enemy…

      • Steve says:

        Right on DUke

      • tata says:

        I can’t wait for Delonte to go one-on-one with Ray’s mom.

      • BoB says:

        You conveniently forgot about the other injured center, Bynum who puts up great numbers against Perkins and more importantly takes him off of Gasol. That was a great advantage for the C’s the 2 times they played.

      • jad says:

        helloo.. what up peeps need to clear some things out.. in my opinion the heat this season wil disapoint ther because as they said u cnt bring 3 huge stars and expect them to play together and be the best, in basketball talent isint everythin its the chemistry the team play and for tht to happen they wld need a better coach like pat riley or popovich or the best there is : phil jackson. kobe bryant had the same probs tht lebron and wade hav now . he use to think he was the best and if they loose its their teams fault but now kobe is way diferent he became the best mind on the court he knws wt he must do to lead his team with the help of the best and the smartest powerforward in my opinion pau gazol who is way better than tim duncan. the threat to the lakers this year are nt the miami heat . the celtics are the team to beat if the lakers want a 3 peat once again … u ask me why umm they hav 3 of the best superstars back in the day sure they grew old but the experience they hav on the court is enough especialy with the help of rondo whos the best pg in the leage right now. l;ets hope the l;akers do it again one last time and let me add jackson is the smartest coach ever he puy pressure on the heat team and took off some off of his team damm. without him i doubt jordan wld hav been the legend he is now u need a legend to help u become 1 peace peeps…

    • Nick says:

      You’re right about the amount of tough games. It’s such a tough league especially in the West with the depth they have. You would expect Lakers to win about 60-70% of those games but they will also lose to some lesser teams such as Bobcats (every year!!). 70 wins will probably never be beaten, i think due to the pace of the game today

  54. andy chen says:

    they wish they can win 70

    • Law064 says:

      I agree Jake and @False Manu is a better clutch player than Lebron. Tim Duncan is very skilled and in the playoff’s he’s a killer. I wouldn’t say he’s better than Wade but as a overall leader he’s better than Lebron. The Spurs have a shot but they always fall short. They have to get the support from their role players and they can push the Lakers to a 7 game series. Who can stop the Lakers well Melo poured on 32 in the win last night.

  55. SG20 says:

    So, why doesn’t anyone think San Antonio can win? The playoff Tim Duncan is as good, or better, than LeBron James and Dwayne Wade (when healthy). Manu Ginobili is the best clutch/closuer player in the league with the exception of Kobe. Tony Parker is a top 5 point guard. The only way the don’t win is if their young players don’t develop. Did i mention Gary Neal is a GREAT 3 point shooter and Tiago Splitter is a European champion, and a MVP? Also, James Anderson and Dejuan Blair are two, (well, will be two when Anderson recovers from his injury, and gets his rythem back) of the best role players in the league! If the Lakers, or Celtics don’t win this year, the Spurs will

    • False says:

      “The playoff Tim Duncan is as good, or better, than LeBron James and Dwayne Wade (when healthy).”
      – False. Just look at the playoff stats in recent years.

      “Manu Ginobili is the best clutch/closuer player in the league with the exception of Kobe.”
      – False. He’s a great closer, but even in his prime, you couldn’t say that about Manu.

      “Tony Parker is a top 5 point guard.”
      – False again. Deron Williams, Chris Paul, Steve Nash, Rajon Rondo, Derrick Rose (in no particular order) are the top 5.

      I do think the Spurs have a shot, but its not as easy as you make it out to be.

      • SG20 says:

        I meant when Duncan is healthy. Like, no injuries, what soever. I also didn’t explain the development of the other players like I should’ve. The Spurs bench will have to be great, as well as the starting 5, to have a shot. The Lakers are still the team to beat, no doubt. I was’t trying to make it sound easy

      • SG20 says:

        I didn’t mean to make it sound that easy. The only way San Antonio will win is if their bench, and starting 5, play great. Even then, they might not get it done. They have to have some luck too. If their young players don’t develop, they don’t have a shot. LA is still the team to beat. I still stand by my remark that Manu is still a very good player in the clutch. Better than Lebron, and all of the other players in the NBA with the exception of Kobe, and Maybe Dwayne Wade.

      • Andre says:

        Duncan is not as decisive as Wade now. He was when he was younger. He was impressive offensively and the best defensive Center of his generation. But now his problem is age, not injuries. Ginobli is also a little older. Lol saying the only way they don’t win is if their young players don’t develop. It’s the opposite. The only way they can win is Bynum getting hurt again AND all the Spurs young players player WAY better than anyone can expect.

      • SG20 says:

        I didn’t say the only way they don’t is if their young players don’t develop. I said they won’t win unless their young players develop. And even then, it will be a challenge for them.

      • Jake says:

        Stats don’t tell the whole story but at this point Duncan isn’t as good as Wade or LeBron. He has a heck of a lot more help though. The Spurs are one of the deepest and most experienced teams in the league. Also, Manu is ridiculously clutch. Within the last week he finished off two games for the Spurs that they wouldn’t have won without him. Plus RJ is starting to regain his rythmn and that gives the Spurs a big four with a solid bench and role players who do their job very well. Add in a great coach in Gregg Poppovich and the Spurs are gonna be dangerous in the playoffs if everybody is healthy, and if they’re strong defensively.

      • Nick says:

        Westbrook is as good as Rose these days despite all the hype around Rose and both are currently better than Parker. The way Wall is playing aswell and the promise he is showing, will prove he is also better than Parker within a year or so. Tim Duncan isn’t even a top 3 PF in the league any more let alone better than Wade/LeBron.

        Also, Ginobli isn’t even as good closing as Paul Millsap ;P (jokes)

      • SG20 says:

        My point was that I think duncan is better than D Wade and LeBron in the playoffs. Lebron has yet to win a championship. Point is, it’s my opinion, and LeBron needs a killer instinct. (needs to be more like kobe and wade really). LeBron gave up last year. Duncan’s never given up. People say Pau Gasol is so much better than him. Thats crap. He might be better this year cause he’s younger, but that’s it. Duncan was better than Gasol last year. The stats were basically the same. Duncan is just a better in play off games than Pau. Why does everyone have to hate on him. I know he’s not as good as he was, but everyone is acting as if he’s old and washed up. At least he doesn’t have to take 32 shots to score 34 points. (I.E. Kobe Bryant)

  56. boget says:

    i think if he’s the coach of the miami they can. but with eric? nope.

    • demented says:

      I believe Spolstra can…. no disrespect boget but that guys has been hand pick by riley, which means he is the right guy to run the helm at miami…

  57. bruhaha says:

    so many people give too much love to this HEAT team. The skills and talent is there, but the individual behavior of those three will not take them to Graceland. Before they came together, Wade constantly blamed his teammates why they couldn’t repeat their championship, Bosh blamed his Raptors teammate why they were mediocre, same goes with James. They are more likely to break apart rather than become a real team.

    • THEBOSS says:



      • jhonny says:

        yes they made the trade for paul and won that year it didnt take maybe 2 days look miami they already lose 4

      • Jake says:

        LA lost to Boston the year they got Pau.

      • My Name says:

        @jhonny–You cannot compare Gasol’s situation in LA with Miami’s. It’s completely different. You’re talking about adding only one guy (Gasol) to a team that had already been playing together for almost half a season (actually longer if you count the number of Laker players who had played together in previous seasons), so there’s not much change to the team chemistry. Miami, on the other hand, has a ton of new guys on the team, so the entire team has not found their identity yet; Heat chemistry will take a little bit longer because of the complete roster overhaul. Obviously, it won’t happen right away, but when they do find that chemistry, look out!! Miami will be very scary!!!

      • LA SPIN says:

        Boston did it in 2008. KG and Ray Allen came over to a Boston team and everything had to change. Not only did they win 60+ games that season, they also got a title. The difference between Boston and Miami is that Boston worked as a team that first year and put there EGOS aside. The “BIG” in the Miami “BIG THREE” stand for there EGOS and not there talent. They could never pull off what Boston did there first year together or even in the next three!

    • DBowe says:

      I’ve been a Heat fan for quite a number of years and I can remember last year when Wyade said that he would let his teammates “figure it out”, but other than that, can you pleeeeaaasssee remind me when Wyade constantly blamed them for anything.

  58. jerichvc says:

    its a mind game.
    it can be that he’s stirring up the miami heat to be over-confident and lose 70. πŸ™‚

  59. john dela cruz says:

    hahaha He’s really smart, not that it takes away preassure from his team it also will probably challenge them to do it. clever.

  60. Bos3ayed says:

    He`s smart enough to tell that and move the pressure to the south beach..
    i think LAL will do it this season ..

    • jared says:

      Nah western conference is too tough LA can’t do it. I don’t treally thing Miami will do it either, maybe next year though when they may have it clickin from the get go.

    • Being a LA fan my whole life, knowing Phil, you are 100% correct! He moves the attention back to Miami, just like during the summer time when they won championships, so they will have it a lot easier to win games without all of the media on their back when they do finally lose. I believe Jackson is the best at the mind games and at winning. LA has a better chance at 70 win season and will show it in the playoffs

      • SG20 says:

        I tend to disagree with you, considering I’ve been a Spurs fan my whole life. Don’t get my wrong, Phil Jackson is a GREAT coach. However, he basically just sits back and let’s Kobe and Pau go to work. When the game is on the line, he might draw up a play. Gregg Popovich is a great coach that knows how to motivate his players. “We had a lot of guys that played like dogs,” is one of those examples. Thats the reason why the Spurs won the Dallas series last Spring.

      • JECAVITE says:

        That is a move of a true genious moving the attention to South Beach and even giving them pressure through peoples expectations.

        @SG20 Phil Jackson is great coach and a great teacher he does’nt only sit’s back he lets his players to learn and when things get out of hand thats when he comes in. No offense to Pop but his a great coach also but I have to give it to Sloan he has done a hell of Job with the Jazz even though they have’nt won a championship. No thanks to Phil Jackson and Jordan. hahahaha

        Gogogo Lakers! 4th 3peat for Jackson in the making!

      • Jake says:

        My favorite coaches are G-Pop and Sloan. If Jerry Sloan doesn’t win a Coach of the Year Award before he retires that award needs to go away.

    • kenneth says:

      In order the l;akers will win 70+ wins they need to do thier best in winning all nba games

      If the miami heat wanted to win 70+ games they need to have team work and wade, james, bosh they need to step up thier game in order to reach 70= games….

      The Miami heat wants to win the championship titlethey need to step up thier best and try to beat the los angeles lakers.