Nash Speaks On Trade Rumors

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It seems a bit ridiculous now, Steve Nash having to address trade rumors a whopping seven games into the season.

But all it takes is someone raising the question, as my main man Paul Coro of the Arizona Republic did in the video above (fast forward to the 4 minute mark and see Nash’s response).

Nash responded the way you might expect, with the perfect blend of respect for the man who posed the question and disdain for the premise. Nash squashed any rumors and politely explained that he’s still in a Suns uniform because he wants to be. As for the rumors, Nash labeled them as “a lot of chatter, nothing really substantial.”

That won’t slow the conversation surrounding Nash’s future, a debate no doubt stirred by’s Shaun Powell a couple of days ago when he legitimately raised the question about where the Suns go from here:

For a franchise that doesn’t seem willing (or able?) to spend money on big-ticket free agents, the only way to rebuild is through the Draft or with promising young players. The only way to do that is to trade an asset. Do the Suns keep Nash around for sentimental reasons and to win 45-50 games (which takes them out of the Draft lottery) and play a round or two in the playoffs? Or do they trade him and get something in return before it’s too late?

With Goran Dragic as a capable replacement for Nash, at least until they get somebody better, the Suns owe it to themselves to study the situation between now and the trade deadline.

Shaun suggested several options for the Nash and the Suns, including the Heat and Magic, needing what he brings. It’s an intriguing premise, even if it is all just hypothetical chatter.

We all play armchair GM anyway (sorry Steve, but this is what some people do in between games) and no one is off limits.


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  2. Ice Pogi says:

    Some say nash counld’t defend on elite PG… yeah your ryt… But Nash don’t need to defend if he was on MAIMI… Dwade and Lebron can handle that for nash… what nash need to do is to deliver assist and he is very capable on that… Dwade and lebron are elite players but having a PG duty as well as defense offense can wear them down. If Nash were on their side they can be more relax on their true position even playing offense and defense. Both Dwade and Lebron can lessen the burden on PG duty as well as on Nash on the defensive end. I think if he choose to go to miami maybe he has a chance before he retire..That would be a SHOW Time in SOUTH BEACH….. Just Ask RIley…..

    • LeGay says:

      Yeah. Bring all the talents to South Beach because they are so “competitive”. or maybe they hate competition? 🙂

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  4. josh says:

    I’m a fan of steve nash and i would like to see him win a championship, i hate to admit but in my opinion miami is the best place for him, I mean the heat has full of talents with the big three there but I think what miami is lacking right now is a veteran play maker that they would look up to and I think steve fits to that role. I’m not a heat fan but imagine big 4 in miami!!!

  5. dantoy says:

    trade bosh for nash haha but WHO CARES?? LAKERS?? HEAT? BOSTON?? ORLANDO??? NO ONE!!! SPURS ALL THE WAY they are playing well this year MANU is super healthy : )

  6. Rocketman says:

    Probably Steve can go to NYK and reunite with d’antoni and A’mare!! DO IT!

  7. NugNutz says:

    Dear New York Knicks fans: you have pretty much the worst team in basketball. Quit hoping for Carmello or Chris Paul or Steve Nash or any other good player to come and save your sorry ass team. Carmello Wants to win a chip not waste the next 5 years of his life on some bum ass squad with a sorry ass coach and lame supporting cast, Denver doesn’t want Gallinari Randolf Eddy Curry or any other bum from your team. Its funny to read how New York fans think Carmello or any decent player would want to play for there sorry ass team, you guys need to rebuild from the ground up because your whole team is trash except for Stat but he is overrated if i was the gm i would of just kept David Lee for way less money. Enjoy winning 20 or fewer games this year and not even coming close to making the playoffs.. Sincerely Denver!

  8. NASH MIAMI says:

    Nash to Miami would be amazing…-drool- Pick n Roll all day with the Florida 3

  9. denver says:

    go back to Dallas… Nowitski needs his buddy back.

  10. Arnold says:

    if planning to trade my man steve nash, trade him to miami…

  11. Arnold says:

    hey!!!!!my best team in nba is suns, because my best point guard in this planet is steve nash, so if nash trade to other team, then i don’t know….if planning to trade nash, send him to miami so he could work the big 3 in miami….

  12. Todd says:

    I dont think the heat will have the best record in the nba this year. i mean look at the lakers, celtics and magic all have better records and how you going to be ahead of the jazz by 22 at one point in the game and lose in overtime that to me would be embarrasing with anyone on the floor let alone james, wade, and bosh come on now. the celtics beat them twice and i dont want to hear about this bull that the big three in miami has only been together a little while. what would be funny if they dont even make the playoffs this year.

  13. Blah says:

    guys, Nash said that he doesn’t want to be traded, that its all just talk. Alvin Gentry said “if he goes, I go”. And even if Nash is traded, he should be traded for a good power forward and maybe some draftpicks or another decent young guard. I like the idea of the thunder’s trade the best, but its not gonna happen, the suns fans dont want it, the players dont want it, the coaches dont want it. So who started these rumors?

  14. LakersLakersLakers says:

    Glad the Lakers aren’t the only hated team out there! Thx D-Wade Lebron, and Bosh for becoming even more hated!!!!

  15. aaaaaaaaa says:

    One you can’t spell Paul Pierce
    Two it was not all Allen and Rondo it was the celtics starting 5 and Big Glen Davis and Nate Robinson

  16. aaaaaaaaa says:

    Steve Nash is going to stay with the suns
    He was drafted by the suns traded to Dallas and went back to suns

  17. benedict72 says:

    Its too early to tell people are generalising miami’s future give them few more weeks or months to gel.remember all those team that defeat them got good point guard and heavy playoff team which played for years.Like I say when mike miller arrive
    come january dwade will move to number 1 position to guard good point guard and miller will play 2 guard hows that.then the magic happens .Paul pearce you have a big mouth the only reason you defeat miami was because of rondo nobody could match up rondo and when wade or lebron guards rondo you get ray allen to shoot its not you who won the game its rondo and keep your pie hole shut.

  18. LeGay says:

    Miami needs Nash. As well as Kobe, Durant, Howard, Rose. We want all the talents. Please, please, please. The media and the people will kill us if we don’t win championships.

  19. Casmir. N says:

    Y’all picture the SUNS having :

    Who would be able to stand them ? Who? Who would go close to the Sun and not get burnt to ashes? I just wish such swapping could happen man.
    Steve Nash is the best epitome of the word ” Point Guard ” as long as basketball is concerned.

  20. earl says:

    NASH to MIAMI=)

  21. jim says:

    bring Nash’s talent to south beach 😛

  22. LA Fan: let him get a ring says:

    Steve Nash is one of the most respectable athletes on the planet. He’s just a great person who should get a ring. I am a Laker fan who has hated the Suns. They beat the Lakers 2 years in a row in heartbreaking fashion. Still, i have the highest regards for Steve Nash. He is a hardworking unique player who has led many great teams. Unfortunately he has had terrible luck running into other great teams such as the Spurs, Mavericks, and now Lakers. His Phoenix Suns’ teams will probably go down as some of the most uniquely structured, and un-gaurdable teams of this era. They have been the best pure offensive teams without question – all lead by the unique talents of STEVE NASH. Here’s what should happen:

    Fist off, other Laker fans suggesting he go to the Lakers is stupid. The Lakers already have great (underrated) point gaurd play from Derek Fisher and Steve Blake. There’s no way the Lakers would even have the money to get him. So stop with this nonsense. As much as it would be amazing to see him play with the Lakers, there’s no way it could ever happen.

    The Knicks? Yea right…they aren’t a championship contender with or without Steve Nash. They would just be a much weaker Phoenix Suns of the East.

    The best fit for Steve Nash and any other team is Orlando. Orlando can trade the overrated Jameer Nelson along with some other role players to make a nice package for the Suns (or bring in another team to make a three team trade). Ultimately, what Nash would do for the Magic is make them into a powerhouse offensive team that could also play on defense. Picture the Mike Dantoni Phoenix Suns, that could play some defense. This would give Steve Nash the perfect opportunity to get a ring. If you thought Amare was good on the pick and roll with Steve Nash, just imagine Dwight Howard. Not many teams would be able to stop that duo. Nash would make Dwight Howard a bigger and better force to be dealt with. He would make Howard’s life easier, and make the Magic’s offensive much smoother. Rather than running down the court and jacking up threes and hoping Dwight Howard cleans up the misses, Steve Nash will be leading the team. This would be the best chance for Nash to win (which he deserves). The Suns can’t get out of the West with my Lakers there, but with the Magic, he can do some real damage! He’s tried and given it his all, its time for a change.

  23. kobe says:

    what a stupid idea!… the lakers are in perfect shape! nash is useless to them!… it’s not easy to learn or adjust to the triangle offense!… FISHer is the master of the triangle in the PG position!… another thing is that blake is a great 3pt shooter!…

  24. benedict72 says:

    to all heat haters as soon as mike miller comes back on january they will put miller on shooting guard and let dwane wade handle the point guard issue and be defensive enough to stop all of the superstar point guards that are beating the heat a men.

  25. voor says:

    i like to WANT TO NASH TRADE LAKERS Los Angeles wins…..i like to your Lebron or kobe bryant and nash will to you champs 2011 , 2012 , 2013 wins place trun

  26. MACHETE says:


  27. nash. if you read this, (very small chance) but if you do. im not looking at this from my citys point of view. im looking at whats best for you man. and to be honest the lakers need someone who can shoot the 3 ball regularly and hit it more often than not. at the moment weve got great defense in odom and gasol. not to mention when we get bynum back and send odom to the bench our defense will be that much deeper. weve got kobe who lets just say, is an all around great player and will go down as one of the best in nba history. all we need is a good 3 point shooter and our 2nd 3peat shot and nash’s your champiionshiip will be a sealed deal.

    once again Nash. My Advice To You, Go To The Only Team Thats Main Color Is That Of The Larry O’Brien Trophy, LAL

  28. Jason Hanley says:

    I may sound like I’m a bit of a basher here, but Steve Nash has seemingly given his all to every team (which adds up to only two teams in 14 years) he’s ever played on. He is a former two-time MVP, and I’m pretty sure the only reason he didn’t hit 3 in a row was probably because the NBA was bored with the idea of selecting him again. Nowitzki won it right on the heels of Nash’s two-time run, if I remember right. There wasn’t really any distinct reason for Dirk to get that nod, but somehow enough people thought he would. Steve is a player, he is 37 and just put up a 15 assist night a couple of games ago, at that age. My message in all of this: give him a chance. Grant Hill is what now on the heels of turning 38, and he is showing he can still play. Dragic is great as well. It seems to me, that the only problem here is the immediate supporting cast. Major NBA teams have made the mistake of trading their big-time guy, thinking that was the answer. Portland did it to Clyde Drexler, even though it was Clyde who wanted out, and the next season it was dumpsville for the Blazers. Other teams have made similar trades, thinking it was for better interests, and it’s only come back to bite them. This is silly. There is no winning formula for the SUNS to get to the top again…it just comes down to simply one thing…WIN GAMES.

  29. Dx says:

    NASH = ingredient to beat CELTICS,last year SUNS beat CELTICS twice,bec. of he spreads the floor very well. LEBRON is more effiecient playing OFF THE BALL instead of playing point and driving it to the lane.HOWARD is all effiecient playing OFF THE BALL like running pick and roll,SPREADING THE FLOOR,through TRANSISTION OFFENSE w/c would definitely NASH could give to any team and the way to win againts the great CELTICS,because of thier HALF-COURT DEFENSE

  30. earl says:


  31. xyz says:

    oklahooma city is the best team to be involved in that trade. the okc have young talents that the suns wants they can get james harden and jeff green. and if nash will go to okc, he can set plays for westbrook and durant. well, westbrook is not a point guard who really assist. durant and westbrook are more on scoring so if nash go there, watch out. and the thunder got good pf, ibaka who can play defense and a young center that still can improve

  32. guy says:

    nash should go to miami and play with the big three and get that ring that he deserves

  33. dbd30 says:

    just for fun, I’d like to point out that i’m a miami hater a laker hater and a celtic hater

  34. John says:

    nash to miami

  35. denis_hawk says:

    Nash please! come to Hawks!

  36. Omarisgay says:

    nash should get a championship

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  38. Patrick says:

    Steve nash in the New-york team and still amazing combination with Amare Stoudemire.

  39. Tenki says:

    I think Miami really needs a point guard who can make the opponent’s point guard play defense.Steve Nash can be a perfect fit for Miami because of his ability to draw the defense towards him, making his teammates open for a shot. Look at how Nash penetrates the lane, shoot threes in transition, and draw charges against the opposition. He made a lot of players look good in the court (i.e. Diaw, Dudley, Lopez, Warrick, Stoudemire, Fry) with his unselfish play. Dwyane Wade and LeBron James should have more opportunities to shoot open shots, and with Nash playing in Miami, at least they filled a hole in the point guard spot, if thing is to happen.

    Miami can afford to trade Bosh and Carlos Arroyo for Nash. Pat Riley, if you can read this, better do the trade than get stuck with losing, which clearly isn’t the road to the Finals. Three games lost against teams with better point guards is an eyesore. Granted, LeBron can play the point, but at the defensive end, he guards guys at the 3 spot. Wade guards the 2, leaving the opponent’s point guards to do whatever they wish. Miami can play interior team defense, so that should suffice when they play against teams with talented big men.

    I don’t know what will happen when Miami plays OKC, Chicago, or Denver, but the way things are going against them, they are en route to another loss, which is very unacceptable with the expectations surrounding the Miami Heat. Riley, pull a good rabbit out your hat!

  40. Ramir says:

    Nash can fit to the miami heat as this team needs a playmaker. The trio of james, wade and bosh are all scorers from their previous teams and now they are doing the guard position to feed other players so its best to brish in nash so they can what they can do best which is scoring. Nash is not into scoring anymore he is more appreciated he when he dished off those fantastic assist.

    It would also be great to see him in Orlando. Imagine seing him with howard pick n roll style like stockton / malone… or when he cant pass to howard he will see carter cutting the lane or passing to sweet shooting lewis for a trey…

    these two teams will advance their chances of winning the championship if they get nash… go nash!

    • MJBethancourt says:

      James and Wade have spent their entire career playing with the ball in their hands, not someone elses. They have not just been the scorers, they have been the playmakers on their team, for their entire career. They are struggling to play together because it is too hard for them to adjust to sharing the ball. I knew it would happen.

      How would it help that team to add yet another player who needs to have the ball in his hands all the time to be effective? Bring in Nash, take the ball out of James and Wade’s hands, and within a week you will have everybody complaining that James and Wade can’t do their thing with Nash dominating the ball. Those guys don’t know how to play with a real point guard, and they never will.

  41. japeno says:

    nash and howard could be a good strategy… lets see: first of all, who is the boss? second, Howard is too slow compared to Amare – very readable – and despite my respect for Mr. Patrick Erwing, he is being coaching Howard into become a “don’t touch me or I hit you” kind of player instead of a natural offensive center (but I like his defensive style, always watching the ball). Howard should also learn how to play back to back with the rim and without the ball – just like Moses Malone for example (those real centers are practically extinct) – I would say that two or at least one additional year playing with Steve would give them a ring. Steve is, no doubt, one of the few real playmakers still playing right now, they are not making those any more neither.

  42. JP says:

    The Suns wouldn’t be able to afford Hedo’s contract if they kept Amare so getting Hedo and Amare wouldn’t be an option because they both had max contracts so the guy who posted that line up wouldn’t work

  43. gilbert says:

    steve will stay in phoenix.. He is the only mailman left in suns. suns management keep steve for this season…

  44. Knicks and Bulls Fan says:

    I think the Suns should trade Steve Nash to the New York Knicks for Raymond Felton, Eddy Curry and Andy Rautins. Even if Steve Nash came to New York I believe that we will never be a consistent team until a defensive mentality becomes a part of their DNA. They will lose a good player in Chandler but they will receive a great point guard in Nash. They have been blocking way more shots this season. You gotta be scrappy to compete with the best if you ain’t got the best. Thats just the NBA for ya.

    Besides seing the Nash trade, I would to see a Three-way trade between the Knicks, Bulls and Pistons. The Pistons send Hamilton to New York and Prince to Chicago, the Knicks send Wilson Chandler to the Bulls and Randloph to the Pistons and the Bulls send Luol Deng to the Pistons and Johnson to the Knicks. I think all three teams get satisfied.

    The Pistons I feel should let go of Prince and Hamilton and rebuild the franchise with the younger nucleus of Rodney Stucky, Will Bynum, Austin Daye, Luol Deng, Ben Gordon, and Charlie Vinnnawateva and inject Ben Wallace’s defensive mentality into the mix.

    The Bulls I feel are a good team already ( one of my two teams ). Letting go of Deng and Johnson for Prince and Chandler, some people may think, is too much of a risk. I do not. Chandler is a legit player and Prince is a defensive mastermind. Deng is a big part of Chicago’s offense so far this season. Boozer isnt back so Deng has been putting up decent numbers. As much as I like him, I would rather give the starting job to Prince and have a awesome back-up forward in Chandler who is also a great player. Would you rather have Deng starting and have the wacky James Johnson back him up? …. no. Rose, Brewer, Korver, Prince, Chandler, Boozer, Gibson and Noah sounds like a great team.

    Nash and Amare in my home town would be way better than watching Felton run the point ( no offense )

    We already have a ”back-up” in Toney Douglas who I think can pick up for Nash better than anyone.

    We lose Chandler, Rautins and Randolph for Richard Hamilton and James Johnson.

    I feel this is a good trade because we need a guy like Rip who can come off screen’s consistently and knock it down. If you pair Rip with a good point guard like Nash, you got some power. Oh and we forgot Amare! Yea, he’s good too.
    Besides, I think Hamilton brings a defensive approach to his game also. We need as much of that as we can get. Nash, Rip, Gallo, Amare and Mozgov sounds interesting. You got Turiaf, Douglas, Walker, and Azibuike when he comes back. Maybe we could make a run at the 5th, 6th or 7th seed in the East this year. Next year maybe we can land Carmelo and really compete.

    And for the Suns… Well you give up a awesome point guard in Nash. Then again you aquire the expiring contract of Eddy Curry, a back-up point in Rautins and Felton to come in and start right away. You have 2 point guards to juggle with now in Felton and the impressive Dragic. To re-build they have to part ways with Nash. I think it’s a personal thing for Suns ownership, you know, this trade and everything. What do ya expect after Nash stated he didnt think his team would make the playoffs. Ouch

    Oh and thank you for reading this.

  45. MHAQHUELHEIT says:

    i think nash is more fit if he go to orlando or nyk (+ melo)……
    the orlando need nash to make a good play for dh12,lewis and carter….
    but i dont think giving up bass is a good option!!!!!
    i don’t want to see nash to miami because wade and lb jame is to selfish w/ the ball!!!!
    but if he want to win a ring go to the lakers and play w/ kb24,gasol ang the rest of the gang!!!!
    i also love him to play w/ garnett because GARNETT is my favorite player but rando establish his identity in celtics!!!!
    so the best option is MAGIC or NYK ( + MELO)!!!!
    go BOSTON!!!!
    beat L.A

  46. heat says:

    heat is the best place for nash.. heat need a point guard, and nash is the best suited out there

  47. martinronan says:

    Steve Nash pls go back to dallas….Trade barea or terry, a big man and draft picks…its ok with if Kidd will be a replacement of nash…Nash go back to your true home the dallas mavericks

  48. dingofett says:

    As a suns fan i believe that Nash should stay. he elevated us to a level that we haven’t been to since the charles Barkeley days. All this trade talk is nothing but blasphemy. all we need is a big man who can actually get boards and were set. Nash will still be among the best pgs of all times with or without a ring. I hope he stays because as soon as he leaves, we will fade back into obscurity. Steve nash is a hero here in Arizona! Go SUNS!!

  49. vince says:

    he deserves a title!dam spurs ruined his chances

  50. Anthony says:

    Nash needs to leave and go to a team that can win a ring.

  51. B-Rand says:

    To all Lakers fans… you DO realize that the Lakers are one of the most hated teams in sports right?? They are up there with the Yankees and the Dallas Cowboys. You know why that is? Cuz the rest of the country is tired of seeing the same teams win over and over. They’ve had their turn – time for some new teams win for a change. And I can’t stand that arrogant pompous d-head Kobe Bryant or their arrogant f’n coach Phil Jackson. The majority of the country can’t wait to see the Lakers lose…pretty sure I speak for the majority. There is no doubt they are a talented team…but we hate them! So I hope that explains why people still call them FAKERS and other names…because we hate them!

    With that said..haha..I do think the smart move for Phoenix would be to trade Nash while he still has value. This is a business and the smart business decision would be to make a smart investment. Nash has value and the Suns could potentially get better by trading him. That’s really the bottom line. If the Suns wait (like they did with Stoudamire) they’ll end up getting NOTHING for him (just like Stoudamire) which was another really dumb move by the Suns front office. So if I were the GM…I would try to get a good power forward/small forward that can add some athleticism and size to the Suns that the so desperately need right now.

  52. Chuck Norris says:

    Instead of the suns trading nash, why dont they make a trade to get a center

  53. Jomer says:

    I would like to trade Nash to Miami or New York, in Miami Chris Bosh will improve and it will be a great team and win a championship. Nash will trade to Miami to Jones and Arroyo or Chalmers so that Nash have the opportunity to win a title and ring. I Love Suns to but Nash is 37 now he is a future hall of fame player so his last to nba is to win a title.

    Starting Line Up for heat if nash is traded
    PG – Nash
    SG – Wade
    SF – James
    PF – Bosh
    C – Anthony

    Nash is good to New York Reunited to D’antoni and A’mare. Anthony soon will be on New York to. I would like to Trade Nash to New York. New York will trade Randolph and Curry or Douglas to Nash. So it will be a good championship team for NYK.

    Starting Line up for NYK if Nash is Traded.

    PG – Nash
    SG – Azubiuke
    SF – Gallanari
    PF – Chandler
    C – Stoudamire

    If NYK acquire Carmelo Anthony and Nash this is my Line Up

    PG – Nash
    SG – Gallanari
    SF – Anthony
    PF – Chandler
    C – Stoudamire

  54. KK says:

    Please don’t trade Nash! Let him retire in suns uniform. He has done way too much for the franchise. Respect him, unless he demand a trade, the suns shouldn’t trade him.

    • dingofett says:

      i agree. Steve Nash is our Kobe, Wade etc.. they already took Amare, barbossa, and Marion away. now they want to spit in our faces by getting rid of Nash?

  55. xtianmerck says:

    they will trade nash coz they see dragic as a young version of nash. if nash came in magic they will dominate the east and if nash came in thunder kb24 has a real challenge now.

  56. Eric says:

    Dragic develops more as a point guard not with minutes, but with mentors. Steve Nash and Grant Hill are the best small mentors in the NBA. If Phoenix wants Dragic to replace Nash, they need to keep nash. When the SUNS originally drafted nash, he was coming off the bench replacing Kevin Johnson and Jason Kid simultaneously. He was the third reserve. Dragic is already getting much more experience than Nash was. He is still very early in his career. Nash is the face of Phoenix and if he gets traded for another “Amare replacement,” there will be many angered fans in Phoenix.

  57. Steven says:

    How about Nash to the Lakers for the two rookies, Sasah and future draft pick, that way he has the opportunity to show off his skill. I love to see Nash get a ring does not matter with who, but at this present time, Lakers is his best bet, thanks.

  58. Eric says:

    Goran is Nash’s replacement. Without nash, who is Goran’s replacement? Phoenix will not settle with another “Amare replacement.”

  59. liam cullen says:

    Orlando do want nash maybe they can give up nelson, bass and maybe jason williams:


    This will be a back to back championship team

  60. victor says:


  61. VAN says:

    Melo to new york. I think it’s workable. Send chandler, randolph and a guard, maybe mason or a rookie, then you have a good deal.

  62. VAN says:

    I can’t understand why people continue to call the lakers “FAKERS”. They’ve already more than proven themselves. Heck! They’re back to back champions! Accept the truth guys. They’re the real deal. Deal with it!

  63. RJ says:

    I love the Suns, but Steve deserves a ring and he won’t get one in Phoenix. Atlanta, Orlando, or (especially) Miami could make it happen. I just hope he doesn’t get traded to the Lakers or Spurs.

  64. ZK says:

    ok im not really sure what people are watching but nash is one of the worst defensive points in the league its the reason why they can’t win a ring and why amare left i mean put him in front of westbrook and he will blow right by him . Now on the offensive side he is great makes good passes put his team mates in good position to score but he is a defensive liability for sure

    • MJBethancourt says:

      You are correct. I absolutely love Nash, but he is such a liability on defense, that he has to be put on a team with great perimeter defenders AND a defensive bigman to really be able to compensate. They had the personnel for it when they had Marion shutting down the midrange and Bell covering the top shooter, with Kurt Thomas stopping up the key… unfortunately, at the time they did not have the right coach for it, as we all know D’Antoni has never heard of defense.
      That is the sad fallibility of “Nash Ball”, you get great offense, but you have to live with a problem on defense, and it kept them from winning a championship.

  65. SteveNashBiggestFan says:


  66. china says:

    I cannot see the orlando magic taking steve nash, nelson has a lot of upside, and will be the PG down in Orlando until Orlando is offically out of being a contending team. It would be great if Nash went to the Knicks, however Raymond Felton isn’t an assist type of point guard, he just racks up mediocre stats based on whats open to him and he won’t gel well with richardson as well as give dragic the boost he needs to be an even better guard. Staying in Phoenix would be tough, because they are definitely behind 2 or 3 teams in the west to get to the finals.

    If anything, I would like to see him be reunited with Stoudamire and D’antoni. Gallinari and Chandler could instantly drop 20 a game then. Also he would be a great role model towards fellow Canadian, Leo Rautins.

    If no options are opened… dont hate me for this everyone, but I would like to see Steve go to… Toronto? He would be playing for his home country, and will inject life into a team searching for an identity within the NBA. Now, all he needs is a legitimate post who can run pick and rolls with, and Toronto would be back in the playoff mix again.

  67. GOOSE says:

    i love to see nash staying in PHX but also i love to see him win a ring…the only way is to go to LA…….LAKERS…. what would you say guys….

  68. Kyle Goodman says:

    Honestly I don’t think he’s going anywhere. I don’t think he wants to go anywhere and I don’t think the Suns are so hasty to rebuild so quickly. But if he is traded, I probably see him going to the Knicks. Something tells me that Raymond Felton is only a quick fix and Toney Douglas is just a bench player. Pair him up in D’Antoni’s sytem with Amar’e and just go. Though honestly, a team like the Hawks could really use him the most. A trade of Josh Smith for Nash would suit them, and he could really make something out of Al Horford. There is no chance the Heat get him unless they’re willing to deal one of their Big 3, which to me the only one who you could even think of dealing is Bosh but I think that’s unlikely. The Magic could but I don’t think they will. He’ll probably end up in New York City.

  69. MT says:

    trade him to the hawks for Bibby and Marvin Williams or The Magics Nelson and Lewis both trades u wold get a good PG in Nelson for the years to come

  70. gibs says:

    nash to orlando
    nelson+bass to phoenix ,beneficial for the 2 teams
    this would give nash a great chance to get his ring while phoenix can start their rebuildng process.
    nash is not getting any younger.

    love to see nash and howard on pick and roll!

  71. Brandon says:

    Trade: Jose Calderon, Reggie Evans and someone like julian wright i guess

    • GOOSE says:

      nash to lakers….wouldn’t that be a good and more potent team!!!!!
      to hell with bron, bosh and wade!!!!! suckers!!!!!!! to the three of them…love seeing them lose time and time again!!!!

  72. cit says:

    During the summer, I hoped that the Suns will sign a big man that would be a probable replacement to Amar’e. David Lee, who is a good rebounder, can play the pick and roll any day, and is improving in the last 5 years, would have been a good investment. And saying that, I was forecasting for a possible Stevie-to-David punch. It’s sad that Suns where not really rooting to win a title any sooner or ever with them unwilling to spend a real good investment.

    Steve Nash has a 2-3 years left on his game, with him being healthy of course. And still can chase a title to put under his name. Possible options for him in my opinion (some already mentioned) are the following:

    1.) To Orlando in exchange for Nelson, and a young big man. This will make the Magic a real threat, with them lacking in halfcourt plays, at the same time a running game. If this happens , Nash can have a chance to play in a Finals.

    2.) To Atlanta for Mike Bibby and other expendables (Haha), This will reunite Joe Johnson and Steve Nash. However this time, they will play alongside big man Josh Smith (a great blocker), and Al Horford, This will sharpen the offensive plays of this team which was lacking during the Orlando series last May. If this happens, they can go as far as the Conference Finals.

    3.) To the Nets for cash and possible future draft picks. This creates a good backcourt tandem with Devin Harris, Providing a boost on the inside and outside aspects of Nets basketball. Inside with the slashing ability of Nash accompanied by a potential Front court, and his outside shooting is outstanding. If this happens, I see a playoff Nets team in April.

    4.) To Miami. This is unlikely since there is not much to that Miami wanted to trade (high profile). However, though Wade and James can create plays, there is nothing better with someone legitimate in the No. 1 position. Pick and rolls? Those Big 3 is just as perfect with a Steve Nash to serve them.

  73. Brandon says:

    Nash should go to Toronto, for GOD SAKE he’s canadian he should play for Toronto and it will also make the raptors better

  74. Jack says:

    Did Portland miss their chance with Nash? Same conference so Suns probably wouldn’t go for it but maybe portland should have traded Bayless, Miller, and another for Nash.

  75. Allen says:

    Nash is no Lebron. He wants to lead his team even the Suns are bunch of youngsters. It seems he does not want to go to a super squad and win the title, rather give back to fans the support he got by playing hard and doing it all for a title shot.

  76. Drian says:

    I always wonder why Stoudamire was not traded for David Lee who was at least a post player, although not as good as Stat and also why PHX gave away Lou Amundsen who was one of their better rebounders – and I thought he was the best replacement for Stat because they did’nt trade for Lee but in the end they got Torkoglu? although ANYBODY could be a good player, its kind of not what they needed, now PHX has to play spectacular every night just to win. The wins don’t look easy and although thats exciting its also frustrating how they can work so hard and lose in the end – tragic. Now Nash has a big chance of being one of the great players not to win an NBA champ ring.

  77. arnel says:

    Go with the “unlikely” team like he Bucks. They have a good roster who badly needs a leader. Both the Bucks and the Sun can be flexible in the trade unlike Miami which will only give the Suns their scrap players…

  78. santoryuu says:

    Everybody would go ballistic if Nash goes to Miami. I mean the Heat are having problems right now and Nash is the solution. The Suns did not have any problems when Nash came and easily won the two-time MVP. It’s just up to the Suns Management to give him a chance for a title while he still can.

    Orlando is a good team too. With all the 3 point shooters everywhere, he can easily penetrate or if not give the ball to Superman for easy alley-oop.

    Do your best Nash! Just win a title already, that’s what you’re lacking right now with all your talent.

  79. Gian says:

    go trade hedo for a better bigman..steve will stay until he retires

  80. Reymond says:

    will its time for nash to chase for a ring before he retire, and i believe his perfectly fit for Orlando… Howard + Carter + Nash = Championship…..

  81. fasdjkln says:

    Nash is my favorite player, he is the reason I started watching basketball. I want to see him win at least one championship, no matter what it takes, I don’t care with what team. Whatever team he is in, that is my team.

  82. Max says:

    I say the suns trade Steve Nash for Chris Bosh. The suns get their big man and the heat get someone to run the offense. Bosh doesn’t do too much for the Heat anyway.

    • TJ says:

      Well if the heat get rid of bosh, they won’t have any tall people, and to be honest, illgauskaas cant do it himself for he is getting old.

  83. Kobe says:

    trade him to the lakers this season because with nash they will win for sure

  84. Blah says:

    whonsaid he should go to miami? Miami needs a point guard, but unless the Suns want Mike miller there is no chance. they need height. And I don’t think the Heat wanna give up Bosh.

  85. Tagausig says:

    Maimi problem is not only PG, its PF and Center position. They sucks on that position, Bosh is a such a NoNo = Weak for being called a Power Forward. Nash should go to a team with a great center/power forward like Orlando or Lakers. If Nash really needs a ring, better go to a championship caliber team. Magic is one big contender in the east, the only missing ingredients is the PG position which Nash is perfectly fit on that. On Lakers, well basically Fisher is there to command the point, so Nash will not really expected to produce more but instead a quality minutes between him and Fisher. The reason why he will join Lakers is to have a higher chances of getting a ring not really having more playing time or explosive games that he usually do. Though there are a small chances Lakers will get him. The only team really fits well is Orlando.

    In the end of the day, still Nash will decide his fate. He need to choose between having a ring or loyalty. But we all know that Nash is loyal to Sun, but I hope Sun management will also wants to help Nash to get his dream by trading him now to Orlando. Its just a matter of give and take, Nash gave his everything and change the Suns basketball playing style, so its up to the Suns management to return some favor to him.

    Well. good luck to Nash and the Suns….

    • Chris says:

      What about Udonis Haslem? He’s a very good PF. Should be getting a double double each night. Miami aren’t really that weak at that postion if Bosh and Haslem can share the minutes.

  86. Nash:D says:

    Nash you should go 2 miami u deserve it! but i’ll go where ever u go!

  87. l money says:

    trade d wade for nash and heat will go all the way no doubt

  88. Dew says:

    It would be a dream to send Nash to the Heat although this would be the best option for him as a player to win a title. This team is in desperate need of a PG that is a ”leader”. Right now they just have individuals. James and Wade moving off the ball with Nash running the show would be the greatest show in hardwood. Bosh would finally get some production off pick and roll play as well. Much like Amare in Phoenix got. Heat could send Arroyo to back up Dragic, give the Suns Miller who could light up threes within the Suns run and gun style offense, as well as a draft pick as a building block.

    Nash to the Magic makes a lot of sense too. I can count over a dozen times where Howard would be open for an oop dunk or a swift pass down low for easy bucket if Nelson just had the court vision to give him the ball. There is no excuse as to why Howard cannot score over 25+ a night. Nelson should be the leader in assists with Howard and Carter to throw to. Nash would easily lead the league on this team by getting Lewis involved more as well. Magic could trade Nelson, draft pick, and possibly another player…but I do think Bass is best in Magic and should start at the PF for them. Howard, Bass, Lewis, Carter and Nash would be a title contender with their already deep bench.

    If Nash was to go anywhere in the West, it would have to be Portland. The playstyle of this team would fit Nash the most. Making a starting lineup with Nash, Roy, Fernandez, Aldridge, & Camby would be killer in the west and make the an immediate threat to LA. Do not forget about Ogden who can put some size in there. Portland would deal Andre Miller, Joel Pryzbilla, and maybe a draft pick to aquire Nash. This would give Portland much needed leadship at the PG postion, and would fit nicely with Aldridge on the pick and roll scheme to pick up his production.

    Clippers would be a smart move also. Dealing Baron Davis to back up Dragic, sending some other young talent the Clips have off the bench too. They proved they could hang with SA the other night. Having Nash, Gordon, Griffin and Caman would be a much needed improvement due to Nash opening up the floor for all of their scorers. Esp their rookie who has a bright future. Give them a year with Nash and they will be on the same map as the Lakers.

    These three scenarios are the best option for Nash to win a title. He cannot win a title in the West unless somehow his Suns team can magically get passed the Lakers this year in the Western Conference. I see the Spurs giving a run for the money this year as well as Portland (with or without Nash, however odds improve drastically with him). I’ve weighed out every other option to win a title and nothing is more appealing than these three scenarios. Denver will not work as they are trying to deal Anthony and Billups is already their starting PG, San Antonio will not work due to having Parker and Hill established, OKC does not work with Westbrook already there and signing an extension, Dallas does not work as Nash left Dallas in the first place for a reason. New York does not work as they are not ready to run for a title this year or next. Boston is going to keep the squad they have since they missed on a trophy by 1 game with their roster. Nothing else works! I personally like the Portland or Heat scenarios the best, but the Magic is the most logical, as long as they keep Bass over there.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      If the “favorites” always won, and the “underdogs” always lost, then there would be no point in playing sports.
      The Suns have the same opportunity to win a championship that any other team has, the trophy doesn’t get handed out until the games have all been played. Luckily for us in Phoenix, Steve Nash understands that… it’s just the fantasy league guys that don’t understand.

  89. Aaron says:

    I would love to see him come to the bulls him and rose on the floor at the same time would make a great duo, i owuld give up this year and next years 1st round and some second round picks for nash

  90. alan i says:

    being a decent gentleman who is aged i think the celtics and the spurs are the best options for steve nash

  91. Dan says:

    Trade to the Heat

  92. SB says:

    Nash is such a quality player. Suns should let him go and allow him to chase the title; the only thing that he doesnt have. He is such a decent guy. He deserve a chance to chase for the title… Go NASH!!

  93. santoryuu says:

    Nash deserves to be in a better team. Miami, Orlando are the right picks though.

    • John Flowers says:

      Atlanta Hawks is a really good fit.

      atlanta shoud trade:
      Mike Bibby
      Jamal Crawford

      Suns would send of :
      Steve Nash
      Grant Hill

  94. xeozone says:

    Stifler has a point..Miami needs somebody like Nash.

  95. jbs22 says:

    i hope nash will land in the hawks, magic or thunders. he will surely give more entertainment to the team plus the fact that he can carry those teams to a caliber contender

    • Chris says:

      Hawks could really use a good point gurad. Bibby is a turnover machine. And imagine how often Josh and Joe would be on the highlight reel then? Magic already have too much depth at PG (Nelson, Duhon, Williams) and the Thunder want to stick with Westbrook.

      • MJBethancourt says:

        Sadly, Nash is also a turnover machine…
        … but he is also a much better shooter and playmaker than Bibby.

  96. xeozone says:

    just testing if this works

  97. santoryuu says:

    The heat needs a PG and Steve Nash has a chance for a title there. JUST TRADE ARROYO, MILLER, CHALMERS, AND ANY DRAFT PICKS. The heat wont win a title if Steve Nash isn’t there.

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Huh? Trade what little supporting cast they have, for a star PG they won’t be able to properly utilize? Why?
      That trade is bad for both teams.

  98. Jay Swiss says:

    I think the two most realistic options for Nash and the Suns alike are Orlando and New York, seeing that both have young guards and bigmen to package together. Don’t quite see any of the “sentimentality” of keeping Nash, since after all he didn’t spend his whole career in Phoenix anyway.

  99. stifler says:

    may as well go to miami if he wants to win…. they are the only contender who can take him…. the rest are a joke and a waste of his time

  100. JNT says:

    It’s interesting to see that when Nash said “there is no real loyalty in sports,” he was discussing the Suns organization. On his side, he stated that he signed because he wanted to play for the fans and with these guys. It might have been a hint at the fact that the Suns are indeed looking to trade him.

  101. Ryan M. says:

    i think steve should try another team so he has a greater chance of winning a title and if he leaves goran is right there to take his place and hes pretty good think of wat he did in the playoffs last year.

  102. Fausto says:

    Nash is not only a “winner”, is a mature man that will be polite, smart and respectful no matter the decision he finally will take when that time arrives. “Others” perform absurd TV shows, disappointing loyal fans in a very rude way and showing their real faces, childs with bad education, without style and very proud of their own legend, a legend that consist in selling T-Shirt with their names. I wish him success, no matter the decision he’ll take

  103. Blah says:

    Wow, I haven’t been following, because I’m not as suns fan, but wow. I think it eould be worth it to the suns to trade nash and rebuild if people were offering the suns something fair in return. Nelson and Bass, that’s a terrible trade for phoenix. I looked at the article posted a couple days ago, I’d rather see Nash going to the Hawks or Thunder or Knicks, because it looks like those teams could offer something at least decent although still not a great trade. If Orlando wants to see nash and howard together, they beter offer more than crap.

  104. ward says:

    it would be sad to see nash in a different uniform since he started he’s career in phoenix, but it would be wise to trade him and give what every player wants to have in NBA a TITLE. He has given so much to Phoenix, and a for a 2 time back to back MVP, i think its just right to give him a chance to move to a better team that will give him the possibility of having a championship ring.

  105. Josh Lee says:

    wont it be crazy if nash came to dallas? trade nash for jason terry/ jj barea/ and bring back marion
    thats a good deal and helps both teams. jkidd and nash as guards that would be insane
    also suns would have dragic and terry rotate in pg position. marion rotates grant hill and barea is a good bench pg it fits prefectly

    • Chris says:

      Do we really need two ancient point guards in Dallas? No offense to Kidd and Nash, but they’re both in the twilight of their careers. Also, why would the Mavs want to give up JET? Marion isn’t the player he used to be either.and the Suns are looking for young players.

  106. Cam says:

    If you are a Nash Fan you know that he is the most humble player in the NBA and he will do what’s best for him no matter it be stayin in phx or going to a better team. Steve is the best and deserves the best I really dunno what I would do if I were a GM I guess Id leave it up to him..

  107. Mike says:

    It’d be great to see Nash get his long and well-deserved ring/s. However, he’s got nothing to prove to anyone and staying with the Suns would be a testament to this. With our without a ring, he’ll always be an all-time great.

  108. go man! says:

    Man steve nash its the best player!!! but i love the suns and i would love if stoudomire had stay. Nash should go to, because man his one of the best and the suns are not helpin him to get a ring… he need a ring man! i love the suns, but he should go to the magic and be a champion

  109. Gordo Cholo says:

    nash to the raptors. Go back to MaMa Nash! She misses you. plus demar derozan needs more highlights

  110. david russell says:

    Steve Nash brought Phoenix Suns basketball to whole new level, and they are always great to watch…Great players do deserve to chase thier title, but Nash is very loyal and I think phoenix needs to hit the free agency for players that compliment his game…I’d like to see him retire in a suns uniform.

  111. Soldat says:

    I would watching Nash playing, n suns wont b good for another 3 yrs in my book, trade Nash to Orlando for nelson (who is weak cause cant take advantage of playing with Howard) n bass will put some size n muscle n turkulou could come off the bench n drogic will finally show how good he could b. Nash in Orlando will b crazy, Nash to Howard would b crazy n carter will find more open shot n create for himself too n Lewis n Anderson could stay on floor more often. Nash to Orlando if they dont win it this year then will do it next year by adding another piece somehow

  112. hardworking basketball player fan says:

    Steve Nash deserves better!!! that’s all i can say

    • MJBethancourt says:

      Yeah, Steve Nash deserves better… better than having to waste his time addressing ridiculous trade rumors.
      Trading a hard worker and leader to a “better” team is not the gold-watch retirement gift that so many fans seem to think it is. Championships are not won on paper, you can’t “give” a guy a championship ring by trading him to a team with more talent, because stockpiling talent does not guarantee a championship, the team with the most star-studded roster does not always win… except in fantasy-league. THERE IS NO SHORT-CUT AROUND THE HARD WORK AND GOOD FORTUNE NEEDED TO WIN A CHAMPIONSHIP. You can have the 12 best players in the world on your roster, and it still only guarantees an OPPORTUNITY.

  113. Make_It_Happen says:

    Trade Nash for Miler , Arroyo and Anthony…

    PG- S. Nash
    SG- D. Wade
    SF- L. James
    PF- C. Bosh
    CE- Z. Ilgauskas

    • cris says:

      trade bait for NASH are (Miller, Chalmer/Arroyo, Anthony and 2nd round pick) nash is one of the best PG that will fit to the HEATS Uniform.. the Real problem of HEATS is PG..

      • o says:

        @cris thank you. the only reason why their losing to the Celtics, Jazz, and Hornets is because they have incredible point guard. If nash come to the heats then they will be unstoppable because nash can handle the point guards like paul, rondo, deron and other, while giving assist to lebron and wade. also he is a good playmaker so he can try to create shots for Bosh.

      • MJBethancourt says:

        Sorry, you couldn’t be more wrong. Nash can not “handle” those point guards. Nash is a terrible defender who routinely gets lit-up by those point guards you just named. The Heat don’t need more shooting at the PG position, they need more defense. As great as Nash is, I think he would probably make that team a little worse, not better.

        Fantasy basketball is just that… fantasy. Start watching real basketball instead. Geeking-out over statistics is pointless if you don’t understand the game that produces those statistics.

    • LAKERS says:

      NASH for those three sorry players? I mean, compared to Nash those players are weak!! No way the Suns let Nash go for those guys!! Not to mention, the heat cant afford to pay Nash.

  114. Jahvar says:

    Deal him to the nuggets!, Trade J.R. and someone elses contract..Steve Nash at Point guard Billups at SG..Aflalo to the Bench, he could replace JR. smith’s scoring with higher effiency. LETS GOOOOO

  115. power says:

    trade him to the lakers. let him have a championship ring before he retires. he deserve it. . .

  116. Chris says:

    Go back to Dallas!

  117. danny says:

    i think nash should go to miami but miami needs too clear up some cap sapce. beacasue over there there is a winning possibilty championship team.

    • Number1fan says:

      Miami does not need Nash. They have too many key players already. Having nash is just a waste at pg because it is either lebron or wade who will be commanding the offense most of the time. They don’t really need a superstar pg. A decent mediocre pg would do. One who can average close to 10pts 5ast and doesn’t commit TO’s is all they need at point. Lebron, wade and bosh will take care of the rest. Nash’s abilities would be wasted in miami. I would say a better fit for nash is orlando.

      • LAKERS says:

        AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA@NUMBER1fan The heat damn sure need something! They are getting clowned by the celtics right now. If you even have a tv, turn it on and watch this beat down. This heat team is overrated dude!

      • CG says:

        You must be off your gourd if you think that Miami doesn’t need an elite PG. All of their losses have come from teams that have a significant presence at the 1 and 5, which Miami is sorely lacking themselves. They desperately need someone who can distribute the ball as their primary job; LeBron can run the offense if needed but it is definitely not his strong suit to be a floor general. They need to have a player out there who can give the big 3 better looks.

      • Josh says:

        Miami dont need Steve Nash – they need a PG who can defend. So far Miami has been burnt by offensive PGs and allowed them to dominate. Steve Nash is not the guy to defend Rondo, Deron, CP3, Derrick Rose etc.

      • Arnold says:

        nash should go to miami, miami needs a point guard and who will teach lebron or bosh how to pic-and -roll, nash been in nba since many years ago, wade lebron and bosh just got year in 2003 and 2000…

  118. Ika says:

    As a Phoenix/Steve Nash supporter, I would like to see Nash on a championship team, most favorably Orlando, and to see Dragic develop as a point guard. But on the other hand, if Nash is happy where he is and with how his team is doing things, he knows what is best for him and we should stand behind him.

  119. AHKMEL says:

    Is there somewhere I post something about eddy curry “small caps on purpose” so that he can read it.

  120. ea says:

    Nash does not ask for a trade because he doesnt want to hurt the Suns fans. However, trading Steve Nash is the best option for both Nash and the Suns.
    For NASH: He’ll be playing for a contender and have a chance to win his first title (which i’m sure he wants really badly) lathough he doesn’t admit it.
    For PHX: this will be the begining of a rebuilding process. Sure by giving nash away the suns will not be better, it’s going to take a little bit of time but Goran is really capable of becoming a 15pt 10ast guy. With Nas right now, the suns are nt heading anywere and they know it.. if they make the playoffs, they’ll be out in the first round. Why not start the rebuilding process before it’s too late???

    My opinion: Nash to Orlando, Nelson and Bass to Phx.

    • Briyo says:

      nash wants to win it with the suns not somewhere else the suns need to get a better post player
      see if amare just stayed man all about money but it secures him in case he gets injured
      the suns could have been a contender look at this line up if amare took less money like
      what bosh bron n wade did

      steve nash
      jason richardson
      hedo turkulo
      amare stoudemire
      robin lobez



      this would have been good or mix it up

      the suns have been my team since 2006
      i missed 04 05 cuz i didnt like bball
      but steve nash got me in the game

      i hated how the spurs beat us and the mavs
      n now the lakers
      the lakers are super stacked this year
      see what if nash convinced dirk to come to phoenix
      could have been a contender too but he signed a long
      extension man

  121. Jake says:

    Phoenix has no real reason to trade Nash. He doesn’t want to be traded (thank goodness) and the Suns aren’t going to be able to get anything in back that will be worth it to them.

  122. Kosta Vourgiotis says:

    Steve Nash is my favorite player, so I would say, give him to a team that he will be able to chase a championship, and give games to dragic and whoever you get for nash, get a draft pick and then try to get a good free agent because you’ll have a lot of cap space. the suns have no future like that. they need to start rebuilding

  123. Mikey says:

    I would love that magic trade ^^ but in reality bass and nelson combined bring more than what Nash ever had, its not about a trade, although where would he go because it seemed as New York was his only option, and Amare and Steve both being handed away to the knicks isn’t something that the suns’ behind-the-scenes staff would like to do, so holding on to him would be the best thing, he’s obviously a terrific role model and teacher to a young suns team trying to find its identity, and that’s the main point. With Richardson playing as the main man in phoenix it seems that the suns are struggling to find their balance and a new identity, and Steve is just the man who everyone looks to to give them an identity, this is nowhere near the same team as a few years ago, when the suns had 3 all-star starters and looked to be aiming high. They just need to settle down and not go out night after night thinking this is a game they have to win, but more as this is a game we can win. All in all I firmly believe that as good as Turkoglu looks on paper, he was always the wrong option for the suns, now the suns are stuck with him because I highly doubt anyone would want to take Turk’s contract. Giving it a few months or maybe years (but hopefully not years) suns will have gotten back on the right path.

  124. Phantasia says:

    Nash deserves at least a shot at the title. However, give the man the respect to make his own choice. He has been outstanding for Phoenix and gave his best. Let the man decide for himself if he values a championship or happiness in Phoenix more. Don’t get me wrong! I would love to see Nash compete for a title and wants to win it in Phoenix while he knows (like KG back then) that it most likely won’t happen and at this point in his career no one will blame him for trying to win it elsewhere. People didn’t loathe KG for going to Boston because he gave it his all and left with dignity. Hope Nash chooses what makes him happy.

  125. adam sandler says:

    i agree with this one. who give a damn with eddy curry’s contract no one except for the of loosing team. steve nash is a winner. if its steph curry’s contract why not.

  126. Jon says:

    Nobody is going to take Eddy Curry’s contract…

    • MDC says:

      I second that! …. NO ONE and I Mean NO ONE wants that heavy contract for an injury prone/ fat player who grabs less than 9 rebounds (even as a starter) big man.

  127. suns! says:

    Nash deserves a better team !! to me , i think Steve Nash should go to Orlando for Nelson and Brandon Bass . Nash would do great with Dwight Howard .

    • Andrew says:

      If Howard could learn to play pick-and-roll with Nash, he would give an even better option than Amare was. They would be dominant.

      • japeno says:

        could be a good strategy… lets see: first of all, who is the boss? second, Howard is too slow compared to Amare – very readable – and despite my respect for Mr. Patrick Erwing, he is being coaching Howard into become a “don’t touch me or I hit you” kind of player instead of a natural offensive center (but I like his defensive style, always watching the ball).
        Howard should also learn how to play back to back with the rim and without the ball – just like Moses Malone for example (those real centers are practically extinct) – I would say that two or at least one additional year playing with Steve would give them a ring. Steve is, no doubt, one of the few real playmakers still playing right now, they are not making those any more neither.

    • HEATSUCK says:


      • jeff wee says:

        obviously, you are one of the Miami Haters. haha. LOL. it is too early in the season and what matters most is the postseason. just wait and see. learn to love the game

      • Mao Yang says:


      • FDJLakers says:

        Mao, whatever will happen in the future is unknown. But what has happened so far is very clear: The Heat are 5-4, and couldn’t handle the Celtics even in their own building!

        GO CELTICS! (except when you play the Lakers)

      • vani says:

        Miami really sucks.. If James played an outstanding game obviously they lose, they better develop their chemistry, they must improve their bench players and add more veterans.. I better prefer on Celtics although their rosters are old players but they are a good veterans who are capable of contending another ring.. They know how to play well..

      • Tsong says:

        Mao yang thats great..Im totaly agree with you,MIAMI RULES will prevail..just relax haters.

  128. anthony says:

    I would be curious to see if Wilson Chandler and Eddy Curry’s contract for Nash and Grant Hill would work. Then try to see if Gallo, Felton, Randolph and Azkubke’s expiring would work for Melo even if u have to flip Randolph to the Pacers for their #1 pick which the Pacers offered early in the year.