The Heat’s Point Problem

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The CSI Miami crew is probably still combing AmericanAirlines Arena for clues that might explain how the Miami Heat had last night’s game against the Utah Jazz ripped away from them in overtime after leading by 22 points.

The most obvious suspect — Jazz big man Paul Millsap — is already gone, his 46-point explosion and the thrilling comeback win packed away safely for the rest of the road trip.

But after running the blue light over the box score of not only last night’s loss but the Heat’s two other defeats, it’s easy to identify the biggest problem. And it’s one we’ve been talking about since Miami’s Big 3 was formed. Who in the world is going to orchestrate things for LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh? And who guards the opposing orchestrator?

This notion that either James or Wade can handle those duties and all you need is a warm body to put in the starting lineup at point guard is faulty logic, especially after watching Deron Williams shred the Heat the way he did last night (following the lead of fellow elite point guards Rajon Rondo and Chris Paul in their dismantling of the Heat in the only other losses Erik Spoelstra‘s team has incurred this season).

The math doesn’t match up either:

— In that season-opening loss to the Celtics, Rondo scored just four points and had two steals but controlled the game with his defense and 17 assists while Heat starter Carlos Arroyo managed just three points and didn’t have a single assist (compounded by 14 turnovers from James and Wade).

— When the Hornets ambushed the Heat over the weekend, Paul destroyed them with 13 points, 19 assists and five steals while Arroyo went scoreless and managed just one assist, with Wade and James putting together another double-digit (10) turnover performance.

— Williams abused them for 21 points and 14 assists last night before fouling out late in regulation, with Arroyo fighting back with 10 points and two assists while James (triple-double) and Wade (season-high 39 points) kept their turnovers to a minimum (just four), but the result was the same.

For those math-challenged members of our little club, that’s a healthy 38-13 scoring advantage for the opposing starter at point guard in those losses and a staggering 50-3 assist advantage for the opposing starter.

Williams and Millsap did the major damage against the Heat in the third quarter, combining for 26 of the 30 points the Jazz piled up as they outscored the Heat by four to get back into the game. Yet it was another point guard that made the play that helped clinch the game for the Jazz. Ronnie Price drove the lane in the final seconds and dished off to Francisco Elson, who was fouled by Wade and knocked down the two free throws that provided the winning margin.

It helps, even with a man neck-deep in the “zone” Millsap was in Tuesday night, to have a point guard simply initiate and help execute the offense sometimes.

We’re not pointing fingers at Arroyo specifically, though we’re sure someone will (even though he’s been put in a situation where he can’t win against the league’s very best point guards). We are, however, wagging a giant foam index finger at this notion that James or Wade can simply add those point guard duties to the phone book-thick list of things they have to do for this Heat team.

If you have a starting caliber point guard in this league, you must allow him to do the job, even on a team stacked with superstars like James and Wade. (See Rondo three years ago with the Celtics’ Big 3 for your best example of why it must be done this way.)

Spoelstra said there was a lesson to be learned from the way his team lost to the Jazz and they’ll respond to it. We’ll see Thursday night, when Rondo and the Celtics take their talents to South Beach and face the Heat on TNT.


  1. Lebust/overrated says:

    Attention, all of you that are saying they need Steve Nash or more talent than what they already have, stop watching sports and stop thinking you know anything about anything. Stop blogging, stop talking sports period. I thought they had the “three best” players on the planet but it appears that the “three best” players on the planet can’t win a game without the nba all time best point gurad hall of fame Steve Nash. You all have no clue, please get a life and stop watching sports center and get some original ideas of your own.

  2. AnyteamintheWesternConferencecankicktheHeat'sarse says:

    Yeah, that’s right. I said it.

    So to those who have crowned the Miami Heat as champions even before the season started, remember this: one more game and your “TEAM” is at .500; get owned twice more, below .500. So, good luck with your talents, South Beach. A group with individual talents has no chance compared to a real TEAM.

    We should rename the Miami Heat, the Miami ClevelandCavaliers03-10 2.0.

  3. Lebosh Wade says:

    Back to back?
    I have nothing to say now.


    Miami, wake up!

  4. Lebust/overrated says:

    You tell em Coach Spo… Lose your ego’s!!! best half time speach award , GG, lol, rofl!!

  5. Mendelssohn says:

    The heat need to trade for a point who passes first shoot second

  6. The Truth says:

    In some respects it would be fair to blame the coach for some of these losses. I think in order for a ‘big 3’ to work, they all need to have roles, and each has to know exactly how they are going to contribute to their team.
    Take the Boston Celtics Big 3 for instance;

    Ray Allen – A shooter, spreads the defence, opens up the middle for Pierce, Rondo and KG
    Pierce – The Celtics ‘go-to-guy’
    KG – Runs the defense

    Each of the Celtics Big 3 has a role, and each of them sacrificed in order to complete that role to the best of their ability.

    From the Heat games that I have seen, it doesn’t look like any of their players have roles, and aren’t really sure what it is, that they are supposed to be doing, to contribute to this teams effectiveness.

    Wade – Is just doing what he did last year; getting the ball and going straight for the rim.
    LeBron – Trying to fill the stat sheet
    Bosh – trying to do what he did last year, but with less possessions

    Whether I am right or wrong is irrelevant with their roles. But what I’m trying to say is, the system they are currently running, isn’t utilizing each players abilities.
    Spoelstra needs to sit his team down, define their roles, and tell them all EXACTLY what he wants them to do, to contribute to this teams success.
    I personally think letting LeBron run point, with Wade at the 2, as the teams primary scorer would work better than letting Arroyo start at point. Then you can run pick and rolls with LeBron/Wade and Bosh (which I don’t think I have seen Miami do yet this season).

    and for the idiot that said Wade is more clutch than Kobe; don’t be ridiculous, I’m no Lakers fan, but Kobe is the MOST clutch player in the league. If my teams down 1, and I can pick anyone to take the last shot, I’m taking Kobe everytime.

    • NotreallyaCelticsfanbut... says:

      Got to give it to your Paul Pierce and his tweet, man. Made me laugh out loud. Ha ha ha

  7. pilly says:

    yeah…. lets blame somebody……yeah carlos arroyo is the one…. see the games and think.. well how many time arroyo shoot the ball…ummmmm how many minutes he played.. there are good players on this team.. blame them.. they are the stars. they to make the other players better not the way around.. arroyo si not the problem.. he is doing his job..

  8. Lebosh Wade says:

    I will try the last time. Dolphins are laughing. Heat who?

  9. Lebosh Wade says:

    Wake up Miami fans. Lebron doesn’t even care his own legacy, let alone the Champs.
    What Bosh or any power forward can do with Lebron?
    Well, Wade can’t treat his Super Friends too strict, right?
    So, everyday in Miami is April fools day as long as Big three still there.
    Look at the bright side, at least, you Miami fans can save a lot of money (or time), cuz Heat will stop at second round for sure.

  10. Melanie says:

    evertyone keeps saying Bosh, Wade and James need a point guard and centre… my god. The guys they have are not that shabby… there are teams out there with not half as much “big name talent” on their books keeping it real.

    they loose when the wade or james “takeover” of the game does not work….

    wonder if their mums ever taught them to share!!

  11. Lebust/overrated says:

    Lebust is all smoke and mirrors, Bosh is softer than Charmin toilet paper, this team will be lucky to win 50.

  12. Warren Thomas says:

    This year I do not see the Miami Heat winning the championship only because for 1 they have not gelled together yet, two their point gaurd is not doing his job he is slow and does not belong in that type of system the Miami heat need a Chauncy Billups, Derron Williams type of point gaurd. another big thing for the Miami Heat their center is not big enough and does not have that inside presence that Miami needs (LaMarcus Aldridge etc) im just saying the sooner they get that together i think they will win a championship

  13. Dooley says:

    The Heat will be fine. There are just a few simple things they need to do and things will be very smooth. First, move Lebron James to the point guard position and tell him to push it and be agressive. This means James Jones should start at the small forward spot until Mike Miller gets back. Second, sign Eric Dampier and put Dexter Pittman and Jamal Magloire into the rotation. Even after signing Dampier I would still look to add one more physical big man. They should bring in Joey Dorsey from the Raptors. By putting Lebron at the point, this team will be unstoppable! He basically plays that position anyway! I would just have James Jones play the 3 spot until Miller gets back.

  14. sj says:

    If Spoelstra is smart, he runs the offense through Bosh. Bosh isn’t a Lebron or D Wade. He needs the ball in a certain postion to be effective. He also needs his touches. LeBron and D Wade will get their shots no matter what. You don’t even need to run plays for these guys. Get Bosh the ball so he gets his…the other 2 will get theirs no matter what. If this happens…no one stops the Heat. They don’t need a PG because LBJ can be the best PG in the league.

  15. Bill says:

    the bulls could give up a couple first round picks cash and someone like a taj gibson and a ronnie brewer or mabye even kyle korver who can come in and hit open threes then you will have korver and mike miller shooting away when he comes back an taj gibson gives you tough defense more than bosh gives you and can shoot that nice open jumper when lebron penatrates to the basket and finds him and ronniebrewer is a very tough denfender he would be one of the top densive players on that team and that way he can stick the good players on other teams and lebron wont have to worry about getting tired and picks just give you some more compementary pieces

  16. Bill says:

    I say trade wade to chicago because thats his home town his kids are their and him d rose boozer and noah will do some real damage

  17. yung wade says:

    thiz iz still wdes team but they really need a big body dwn their n the paint….but the game against the magic i wanna see those miami i think their still is a alot of wrk to be dwn in miami ive road with them throu thick n thin n nw they have n oppurnity to do something great…bt ther nt producing…im starting to lean towards tradeing bosh for a good center like kendrick perkins in boston…it wud be a good fit because haslem can handle the forward spot …

  18. Lebust/overrated says:

    Not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7, but 8 championships, LOL…

  19. e-Roc says:

    At the end of the day – the end of the season- the end of a job – This is about a Point Man, but not the one dribbling the ball down the court.

    This team desperately needs some championship blood and leadership. Spoelstra looks like he stays up all night studying film, rather than learning how to coach. All night learning about the other team, rather than reading a non-basketball coach book about the psychology of leadership in small organizations. The guy looks like he’s been leaning over and pulling on his hair 24/7, disheveled, almost out of it. He seems to think he can allow this un-coached guys to drag through the bad quarters, forgetting that Phil Jackson can do that because of what he has done before that night… It’s not the act of letting or making them play through bad moments, it is allowing your team to play through the bad quarter the way you have prepared them too.

    I think this guy got caught up in the hype, and thought he just needed to oversee the rotations – Which are another subject that borders on bizarre. He’s really over his head as an NBA head coach, and I don’t care what he did last year. Last year he had to manage Dwayne’s rest, and let him MJ through opponents. Now he has to manage 3 players time, the media attention, the missing pieces of the puzzle, and his failures to run a Basketball, rather than a Hockey team. He needs to run a totally different offense for these three guys +2, and not try to have “different lines” that skate on the ice at different times.

    It will get really bad as the losing continues. I assure you game 10 is the cutoff point for the media to allow him to get away with his “Rome was not built in a Day” comments. He has 2 games left in his season before whatever is mentally left on his plate gets turned to rotted mush byt the press, owners, media and – PLAYERS!!! They can’t have choked up, running into each-other, Bad News Bears plays in game 11.

    SO yeah… This isn’t a point guard problem – At least that isn’t why they are losing. This is a Point Man problem pure and simple, and you have to blame Pat Riley for not seeing it way before the draft. This guy is not a young (anybody). Spoelstra is just young, really average, and needs to be replaced powerfully and by game 11 if he maintains his wanna-be coach so and so act. If Riley won’t can him, the ownership needs to can Riley, because clearly Spoelstra was his hand-picked messiah – as was Stan – another guy who panics at the end of games and in the playoffs like Lindsay Lohan when “powder” explodes from her shoes when her Dad calls the cops on her.

    SIDE NOTE: TO ALL THE PEOPLE SAYING IT’S NOT THE COACH, THAT FOR THE HEAT TO BE A CHAMPIONSHIP TEAM, “THEY NEED A DOMINANT CENTER AND TOP 10 POINT GUARD TOO. IF THIS TEAM IS GOING TO WIN, THATS WHAT THEY NEED.” Are you kidding me? So the Heat need a lineup of 5 of the best 32 players in the league to win? ( I get 32 from Wade and James 1 & 2…. Bosh supposedly top 10, and the mythical guard/center would be top 10 each too) You could throw in “good” position players who have very high basketball IQ, and be great… Unless of course you want to admit that Bosh isn’t really very good, and LeBron always seems to quit or polish up his stats when the going gets tough…. or that Wade is really the only superstar on the team…. but I digress.

  20. Zed says:

    The problem with this team is that Wade and LBJs style of play is the same. They both need to be off the dribble to be effective. This means that they need to hold the ball for like 4-5 seconds for them to be effective. Some have pointed out Bosh as the weak link. I don;t think he is. Bosh + Wade team would do better as will an LBJ+Bosh team. Its the LBJ + Wade team that will need adjustments.

  21. Heat631 says:

    @orrin: Wade has no defense?? Oh My Goodness!! Where have you been when Wade recorded the most number of blocks by a Guard?? Are you kidding?? .

    @MV3: I disagree.. DWade is more clutch than Kobe..

    The only problem on the Heat is Carlos Arroyo and a missing piece at the C spot.. If only we can get a banger at the post, Bosh will easily grab those rebounds.. Arroyo?? Trash.. Just trade him and get a quality point guard.. I bet Ramon Sessions will fit perfectly for the Heat.. Maybe some are right about trading Bosh but they just only played 8 games.. And to tell you, Miami didn’t lost this season by double-digits.. Celtics just beat us by 8, Hornets by 3, Jazz by 3 and come to think of it, their line-ups are much much better than the Heat.. That’s all I wanna say, If you want to criticize me for saying this, it’s just okay.. Sorry for my bad English, I am not that fluent in English cause I am a Filipino..

  22. Tenki says:

    How vital is a point guard for a team? Check out the teams that have won the title in the past decade: these teams have a seasoned point guard who can ease the pressure off their star players. Derek Fisher held his own last post-season, playing against the likes of Russel Westbrook, Deron Williams, Steve Nash and Rajon Rondo. Tony Parker was a member of the Spur’s Big Three with San Antonio’s four championships. Rajon Rondo was an outstanding player who threw dimes everywhere, and continues to do so. Granted, they have superstars who really made the difference, but these point guards contributed to their team.

    Miami has been touted to gain the respect of teams throughout the league, because having three of the top 20 players in the same roster can give the opposition a nightmare with matchups. That being said, Miami has to be very efficient in every possession that they have in order to wreak havoc against whoever they play, and that requires a distributor of points, calling the right shots. The Heat are already working out half of their game plan, because they proved that they can play defense. They just have to sustain it throughout the game. The other significant half of their formula for success is to play offense, to keep the opponents guessing. Most importantly, the three superstars in their team should always keep in mind why did they decide to play together in the first place, and they should be able to delegate those principles to their teammates.

  23. Tenki says:

    Miami needs a point guard who plays a lot like Eric Snow back in Philly. Eric Snow was not a flashy point guard, but he can get the job done. He doesn’t need to score a lot of points, but all he needs to do is lock down the opposing point guard, which is his specialty.

    The Heat are going to have a problem when they face the Lakers this December. Fisher is not an all-star caliber type of player, but years of experience and a quest for a three peat would definitely fuel the fire raging inside of him. Don’t get me wrong, Miami fans. Dwyane Wade is my favorite player, but LA is the real deal as of the moment. The Lakers are playing exceptional basketball that they can virtually steamroll off everybody in the league. I mean everybody, including Boston, Chicago, NOH, Atlanta, Orlando. I am not a Laker fan either, but Phil Jackson is making everybody do what they are supposed to do, and that is play basketball at the highest level.

  24. Lebust/overrated says:

    Lebust promised not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6, not 7, but 8 championships and a 70+ win season all while averaging a triple double. LOL this guy truley is an idiot, overhyped, poorly managed peon. He is all smoke and mirriors.

  25. jovdelmar says:

    the typical scenario: when the team wins its because of lebron/wade/bosh’s greatness (no credit to the others) and when the team losses people point their finger’s to the coaches/role players LOL.. reminds me of how it was when bron was still a cav hahaha

  26. vonerk says:

    the problem of the miami heat is that they don’t have a ligitimate pointguard who will dictate the play the big three…..their need a dominant center too..who will bring defense and rebounds..because bosh is not a ligitimate center..he is a naturalized forward…why don’t they get a point guard and center…who will help the big three…

  27. Martin says:

    the HEAT should have get James Yap!

  28. ace says:

    fellows i beg to disagree most of the comments here bcoz one thing i notice u guyz keep on blaming someone on what happened why the mheat loss to utah..i guess it never comes out in your mind that a mheat team is consider knew due to a lot changes in their team,they dont have problems they were equipped with a lot of talented players in their on way,they were just in the midst of adjustment,have u not recognized it they were just together for 8 games excluding the pre season so dont expect them to be what u’ve u expected for them right now.let’s give them time to adjust and i’m sure they will prove it to us, another thing some of here expect that mheat is unbeatable common guys the ball is round,

  29. It's the coach's fault ! says:

    The Heat have a great squad, but they’re clearly miss-using it.
    I’ll just throw some random ideas :
    – Bosh should come out off the bench.
    – Chalmers should be a starter.
    – Lebron needs someone to remind him that about all the accomplishments he didn’t do, in order to shut his ego down.

    They have a great overall team and each should stick to his position’s role. period.
    They’re submerged by the idea that they can dominate that they’re not playing proper basketball.

  30. istepoy says:

    Rasheed Wallace (center), Steve Nash (point guard) and Pat Riley (coach) are the answers.

  31. ARDON24 says:

    Well seing how everybody here is talking basketball then heres what I think about the heat. When you look at lebron with the Cavaliers he had to carry the team on his own by scoring 30pts, 35 pts and somtimes 40pts. But his main role was to be a leader, and yeah people might say he`s a ball hog but like i said before he had to carry the team because he didn`t have somone on the team at his skill level. Now with Dwayne Wade its pretty much the same thing his role was to be a leader also and it paid off cause he took Miami to the finals and won ,something that lebron and chris bosh couldn`t do. I expected the heat to start the season 8-0 with all the talent they added but form the looks of it they still have a long way to go. Lakers are still the team to beat, and if Lakers keep playing the way they are they could get their 3rd straight championship.

  32. Raines says:



  33. Mitchel says:

    I agree with those who said that current Miami Heat is like an “Old Cavs Team”.
    Lebron might be the best all around player in the game, he makes his team great, but in the other side, he makes his teammates worse.. He needs to play what Small Forward should do, not C and PG’s could do, he needs to let his teammates utilize their game.
    How can i say that? Lebron can put 12 rbs. and 10 assts. per game in his stats list while Ilgauskas can barely get 7 rbs. and Mo williams w/ 6 assts. per game.. Is that what you call Team effort?

    2 words for LEBRON —> STATS PADDER

  34. istepoy says:

    Rasheed Wallace (center) and Steve Nash (point guard) are the answers.

  35. BB says:

    I think they need a good point guard, a point guard who can shoot, dribble and fast. Arroyo is not that type of player and chalmers is too, they need guys like Brooks, Nash. and last thing is Bosh have to play and be aggresive. heat weak side is big man.

  36. Turn says:

    >>>>>Did this guy just say wade cant play defense???? wen that the reason Miami drafted him
    All the Heat need is a solid Point Guard to do wat all starting point gaurds must do…..Orchestrate the Offense When needed and play great on ball Defense
    Using Wade and lebron to do the Point means thats one less star they have to worry bout off the ball
    big man isnt the problem
    its there 8 or 9th game…Can we give them a season to be good first?

  37. BJPQ says:

    cmon,basketball is a game sometimes you win and you loss the important thing is how they play game

  38. ks says:

    the anthony is to small in bosh is not a center the team need to fine a good center

  39. ram_jn says:

    f* this, man! you can’t blame the heat “misfortune” to arroyo; I mean, you’ve got lebron, wade, bosh, etc. and you can’t run an efficient strategy off of these guys, then it’s simple: your coach SUCKS. Someone has to step in and simply put things in order, establish roles, and run these team like you’r supposed to. They’ve got the necessary talent at every position to win, so stop the excuses and imagining how things will surely work with someone like Nash, or whoever, on the PG; yeah, lets just build up an all-star team, that should be enough to win, f* that. You’ve got what you wanted; what, now it isnt enough???!!!

  40. better says:

    the team should try to spake to Rasheed Wallace is will do a better job because anthony can not score

  41. Ronaldo says:

    Lebron is a good teamm player, ano has a lot of talent to pass the ball at the right pass, but D wade plays a lot individually. Bosh is just being disapointing. WADE when goes past one guy just sees basket a lot of times lebron is alone at the other side, like at the three point line but d wade only attacks the basket all the time

  42. trio says:

    No need to think of complicated math, what the heat need is a pure point guard who can create plays for the trio james and wade should attack more.

  43. zoyo says:

    C’mon guys, give them some time figure out have to play, it’s difficult at beginning, when Boston’s Big 3 come it wasn’t that good but they find the way quick.

    I wanna blame Heat’s beach scorer. they didn’t do sh!t. Jones what he does is just make a fault and waitin someone give him ball from the arch. That’s crazy he didn’t even a good shooter. Eddie House i don’t like that dude, Arroyo naaaa he doesn’t have Baskterball IQ. Dam i what we need is Mike Miller he is a good shooter.

    D-wade is best at the game, defense or offense he is da best. I’ll tell you again, HE IS THE BEST ONE

  44. Ghostrider says:

    Amare, Lebron and Wade

    The team is not fuctioning as a team, period. They are all good players but as a unit the will not fit. I would have went another route.

    Amare, Lebron and Wade would have been the Big Three you throw together and try to compete with the lakers.

  45. santoryuu says:

    They should acquire Steve Nash and become the fantastic four.

  46. moe says:

    Arroyo is good at the point, they should just let everyone play theyre natural roles. Both Lebron and Wade can play guard but let Arroyo run the offense. They did fine with him last year.

  47. Buster says:

    I’m agree with Raphiel.

    Just Lebron has to Learn play for a team and not for himself. Carlos Arroyo is a great PG but SPO do not have ofensive play’s can envolve all 5 players . It’s a Bron Problem because he want the point.

  48. They need Steve Nash .

  49. Steve says:

    All of the “it’s still early and we they need time to gell” talk is really getting old.These guys get ready to play on the all-star teams and the olympic teams with even more stars, in less time. They have had the off season , training camp and pre-season to “gell”.Ok, this is the deal. The heat will win every game that they are suppose to win. They will look like “worldbeaters” and put up great numbers against teams like Philly and the wizards ect….So wade and james and bosch will still look good on paper and make a great story and they will have enough hi-lights to keep the miami fans talking. Miami will sell alot of tickets, put butts in the seats and make good Magazine covers but when it comes to a seven game series, they are about 4 games short of beating Boston. The people will get their share of trick shots and Dunks from Miami but trust me, James, Bosch and wade will be watching the finals from a comfortable seat and they won’t be sweating in it.

  50. The Truth says:

    Most people on here are overlooking the point guard problem.
    First of all, everyone is hating on Bosh, blaming him for the loss against the Jazz etc, saying he didn’t box out etc. I watched the game, and it wasn’t Bosh’s fault the Heat lost.
    Look at the stats, Milsap had 4 offensive rebounds, lets assume, he put each one of the rebounds in the basket, so assume he got 8 points from offensive boards. The guy finished with 46 points, the fact Bosh let him get a couple of rebounds hardly decided the game for the Jazz. The majority of Milsap’s points came from easy finishes near the basket, assisted by Williams, Kirilenko etc.
    The reason the Heat lost the game, was because they let Williams dictate the tempo, and basically run the show. At this point I would like to point out that, they lost the Boston game, and the New Orleans games for the same reason. Rondo, and Paul dictated the tempo’s for their respective teams. People are talking about how Milsap, Okafor and Garnett decided those games; you look at the numbers, Rondo, Paul and Williams had just as an important role (if not more important) than the big men for their teams, in those wins.

    I’m not suggesting the Heat get another PG rather they better utilize the guards that they have. The nearest thing to a natural PG the Heat have is Mario Chalmers and LeBron James. Arroyo and House are both shooters, they don’t come in to pass the ball, run plays, or create opportunities for their teammates.

    The Heat lost, because they failed to get into a real rhythm in the second half, and STOP Williams controlling the game. Milsap doesn’t create his own shots, he relies heavily on Williams and his teammates. If the Heat would have had LeBron or Wade shut down Williams, it could have been a different game.


    AROUND DOING NOTHING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!AND LOSE BY (2).


    LAKERS, THE BIG 3 IS IN LA. I AM LOVING THIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  52. Greyson says:

    What you guys think if heat someeeehow land steve nash?? the heat desperately need a PG, nash needs a ring to add the cherry to his legacy and the suns are looking to rebuild…

  53. bushka says:

    Coach Spo’s defense is a failure..

    Get Pat Riley down to the court and do his job!!

    Come on, go Pat!! go Heat!!

  54. Winter JG says:

    Erik Spoelstra should resign or be fired! He doesn’t even know the word defense, he let Paul Millsap score 46 points, he let Millsap shoot three 3 points shots to force OT, knowing that he’s making shots the whole day, Spoeltra’s no good in analyzing the game, the Heat were leading by as much as 22 points before 2nd half and it was only Paul Millsap who is consistent but he did not respond to address such, he did not maximize James and Bosh offensively, he should be demanding them to shoot more balls and help Wade! The last play was specifically designed for Eddie House (same as when they lose to Hornets) considering Wade just tied the game at 114 before the Jazz shoots 2 free throws. Not to mention their home court advantage. The last 2 losses could be acceptable but not this one! He’s not good to be a coach of a super team. We should get Mike Krzyzewski instead to give us a better games. C’mon Pat Riley hear my thoughts…. or should I say take the lead again….

  55. imhotepkanduli says:

    wow..the heat really has a lot of fans and jealous haters..
    it’s clear to say that the NBA HAS 2 TYPES OF FANS based on these comments..
    MIAMI HEAT FANS and “OTHER” fans..

  56. xfullbuster says:

    hahaha!the overrated MIAMI lost again!

  57. i think d-wade and lebron can handle the ball. what they need is a defesive guard that will do their works in defensive end. or a potent shooter that will give them space to slash the basket. and best of all, we must admit that they don’t have any brillant point guard on their roster. celtics2008 is very different to miami2010, celtics have a defensive superstar, offensive superstar and shooting superstar. they won their first 12games. unlike miami that have 3 offensive superstar. so for my assumption, let the d-wade and lebron handle the ball. spoelstra may kababayan must give trust on them, not to their weak PG’s..

  58. DBONES says:

    Before the All Star Game comes, Pat Riley will again be the head coach for the Miami Heat

  59. Hwuarang says:

    The problem is not the point guards or the centers the problem with the Heat is the game that James and Wade made in. Why Lebron has to descend the ball all the time is the same game that Claveland game with James. Better system of play is the key no more street basketball on Wade and James and Bosh who is he ???

  60. arnel says:

    The point is only one problem.. Bosh is the other not so obvious weakness… The heat is beaten by teams when the opposing team’s big men gets their groove, as what happened with Garnett, Okafor and Milshap… The big 3 is actully Wade and the two clowns.. Lebron having more assist than the PG means he is hoggin the ball to fill his stat sheet…

  61. LebR0n Best! says:

    Lebron did his job he had a triple double what more can u ask??? Wade needs to pass the ball a little more Lebron cant do all the passing and lastly they dont let Arroyo do his job like its supposed to does the term POINT GUARD ring a bell its ok to let Wade bring the ball down the court also Lebron but the POINT GUARD must be given his respect!!

  62. Supporting Act says:

    The playoffs are ages away and miami are the team now that everyone love to hate. Miami are going to be a force there is no doubt about that!!! Write them off 8 games in at your own peril. Miami would be the team that most sides have studied way to beat them you pretty much have to if your going to have a shot at a championship the same can be said for the lakers. Boston has been hence why they got shaq & j o’neil so they have the big men to take on the lakers. At the moment all the heat are lacking is consistancy for 48 minutes and taking care of the basketball. I would like to see Pittman playing next to bosh as he is a big boy who can box out on the boards and is a steal at pick 32. And for god sake Eric play juwan howard he turned back the clock in portland playing solid ball.

  63. tsoltrs says:

    Bring back Jason Williams from the 2006 team to dish out the assists. He may be older, but he can still get the job done. Plus he’s more than likely to take the veteran minimum. It’s not like Orlando really want to keep him around anyway.

  64. Davidn says:

    The article does not mention the fact that James ended up with 14 assists (more than most PGs) but shot only 27% (5-18)…okay the heat doesnt have a good PG, but I dont believe it is the reason they lost.

  65. YEEEEUP says:

    how about we all just stop arguing, and wait to see who will win.

  66. Denise says:

    I say the fault of that game was bosh. He should have boxed out millsap..

    this team does not need a PG. This team needs a rebounder. but the article is very right. Why would LBJ be PG.?? That’s wasted talent doing the assists when the team needs to score! I think arroyo should be the PG. Here is why:

    Lebron brings the ball to the other end and lets say passes to Wade.. wade tries to penetrate but can’t do so he gives it the acting PG who is LBJ.. Then as the PG who should distribute and seeing wade and bosh guarded properly and he can’t give the ball to Anthony so he has no choice but to give the ball to arroyo who apparently doesnt know how to shoot the ball. LBJ isn’t thinking of scoring but passing!!! that is nonsense! complete waste of talent!

    And like i said over and over and over… this team needs a rebounder and not another PG…

  67. dwadelbjbsh says:

    LBJ and DWADE, you guys have the ability to take control of the game. LBJ, stop being too unselfish, use your passing skills when they start doubling you up as a result of your damaging points. if both you and Dwade would do that, it would create a chaos to the opposing team. That’s what I’ve been looking forward to see from this team. I remember what the greatest player ever said: “There’s no “I” in team, but, there is “I” in win”. He wasn’t there only to take the glory, he was also willing to take the blame. Somebody’s got to take that responsibility. Bosh, you’re a good offensive player man, but, apparently, you’re the only guy who’s got the size to pull down more rebounds. if you could add some more mass to that frame of yours and master rebounding, you’re going to be scary out there.

  68. bigboy11 says:


  69. bigboy11 says:


  70. Víctor says:

    The problem is simple: Nobody can win with 3 “guards”. Arroyo is mediocre and neither Lebron nor Wade are truly guards not to mention their liabilities trying to do so. In baseball, can a team win with two fist basemen, one playing at second base?

    Results: Arroyo’s playing is less than nothing and LJ and DW are turnovers machines.
    I forecast a coach change (Pat Riley in) and maybe trade Bosh for a Center.

  71. trimarho says:

    I hate to say it, but the need a stronger, more experienced coach first. Phil Jackson could get this team over the top. They need a point guard, but a coach could mask that issue enough to get them by. They need a banger down low, but again, the right coach could scheme and will his team through that issue too untl help arrives.

  72. The Truth says:

    Can you imagine LeBron running point, It would be like a 21st century version of Magic Johnson.
    I can’t think of player in the league, let alone a PG that could match LeBron for size, strength and speed.

    and to the idiot who suggests trading Wade, for Nash and Lopez, that would be the worst trade ever for Miami, it would be like a South Beach version of the Gasol trade. Phoenix would be getting a top 3 player for virtually nothing (no disrespect to Nash, but he’s nowhere near Wade’s level). As for Lopez, I don’t even consider him a top 10 center, that kinda trade is only going to make Miami worse.

    and for whoever said trade for Tyson Chandler, they would have to either trade a significant piece away for him, maybe Mike Miller, or Haslem, I don’t know, or wait until free agency, at which point, I doubt Chandler would take a veteran’s minimum contract (which is all the heat could offer).

    I think starting Big Z and then using combinations of Anthony, Magloire, Haslem, Jones etc for small bursts of energy to offset the other teams, would work best.

    As MrFamous said, Arroyo is a backup PG at best, in the NBA. Spo should put him on the bench, and let LeBron run the point.

  73. Dee Cee says:

    maybe coach eric forgot about his young talented point guard, mario chalmers. like rondo, he was thought very well by the big three. now i think if the heat would really want to improve on their game, lebron-wade-bosh should do the some thing, enough of the showtime, it’s win-win time!

  74. edwin says:

    The Miami win and that’s because Wade, LeBron and Bosh did their job. But when they lose is because of Carlos Arroyo. Please people carlos is a good player but it will be impossible for the three musketeers will heed. You can get rondo, paul williams team and the heat and will not do the same for the three musketeers will want to be the stars.

  75. xcd says:

    I think the heat might need a different system, that doesn’t rely as much on a PG.
    Lakers (as much as i hate to say it) are probably the best team without an elite PG they have a quality player in Fisher, but not a guy that runs the game like Nash, Paul, Rondo or others, yet he works because is a different system with the triangle.
    Maybe the Heat should look more to other not so traditional type of offense, their level of talent should make it work.

  76. Mark says:

    The Heat should have got Iverson

  77. Let's Be REAL says:

    Ok I am from T-dot and am not happy Bosh left (cuz we have no hope) but people need to be realistic. How can Bosh be flopping when he does not get the touches? What is the coach doing to establish his post game which can open up the wing even more for LBJ and D-Wade? Where is the team Discipline on defence? who is controlling the game, the guy they call a coach or D-Wade and LBJ. I hate all this blame and hate on Bosh LETS BE REAL for a four or five man to be effective his wing players need to get him the ball in the flow of the offence. by doing this it establishes an inside presence opening up the rest of the floor for the wing players. Other then the bulls who used a tone of moderate bigs name a championship team that didn’t develop the inside game to go along with there superstar wing player? Not one!!!

    and just like the article said they have a real problem at the point guard position that need to be addressed or hidden better.


    I don’t want them to win but when Mike Miller returns and they get it together whether under Spoelstra or Riley people will see how good that team is. not that Miller is an all-star but he adds another piece to the puzzle.

  78. cris says:

    The only question arises from is that, where is their defense during the last minutes? they did’nt control the ball that well, any way thats part of the game you will win then you will loose… but if you will loose in the same manner over and over again, thats a big problem,, thats the time the coaching staff need to rebamps…..I trust Coach Spo. just some issue that he needs to address…

  79. DaHeatisON says:

    FunkyPiston says:
    November 10, 2010 at 5:03 pm

    @jajajajjajajaj — Kobe can never be better than MJ. Heck, Kobe imitates MJ’s game and will always be #2 compared to MJ. Is Kobe better than James and Wade ? Hell yeah !

    I think Wade, Lebron, and Jordan are all more complete players than Kobe. But, Kobe’s a great scorer and defender (at times).

  80. DaHeatisON says:

    I agree with most of you; they should put Big Z in the starting lineup and monitor his minutes.

  81. DaHeatisON says:

    jeez says:
    November 10, 2010 at 6:41 pm

    if you look at all 3 losses, the heat didn’t loose because they got beat by the opposing team, they lost because they gave the game away. The first game, Lebron was looking to pass more when he had big slow guys guarding him and he could easily fly past them and score, he could have had 45pts against boston. The Hornets, they came back, and didn’t play desperate and agressive early on because they felt they should easily when and didn’t put up the right fight. Yesterday, against Jazz, they were up by 22 and let utah come back because they relaxed and already thought they had the game. Millsap was the one who hit 3 threes, to help them win for crying out loud. All 3 games were lost by the miami heat beating themsleves. So if they just change their mentality. Play defense the way they hold utah to 12 points in the first quater, stay the same and play agreesive like they played against orlando then guess what Michael Jordan would have to go back in time, unretire and then join kobe bryant’s team because Kobe is better than Jordan, and team up with Olajuwon in Orlando to beat the heat. and then pat riley will come back on the court and its all over for the nba world again.

    Kobe is better than Jordan at what? Snitching.

    • Steve says:

      Let me make sure I understnd what your saying about the heat. 1.if you look at all 3 losses, the heat didn’t loose because they got beat by the opposing team, they lost because they gave the game away. 2.All 3 games were lost by the miami heat beating themsleves. 4.if they just change their mentality….. OK! Giving away games, relaxing when your ahead, thinking you have a game won when you don’t and having to change your mind state, are all characteristic of a bad Team. I know you think your defending the heat, but with comments like that your actually calling them a bad team thats not ready to be a champion yet. It would be better to say they played their best and just got outplayed, than to say “they gave the game away” or they thought they had the game won so they relaxed”. Those are young team mistakes.. College coaches make their teams run laps for that bullcrap , this is the NBA baby . And as for that snitching comment, “No one should know your business well enough to snitch on you.” If they do, then thats on you.

  82. Talent says:

    Lol @ How everybody is screaming “panic” after 6-7 games. The heat have nothing to worry about. They will be a top 3 seed in the East by the end of the year.

  83. DaHeatisON says:

    Trade Wade for Nash + Lopez says:
    November 10, 2010 at 5:44 pm

    The suns & the Heat should make a trade where wade gets traded to the suns because LeBron & wade are actually making each other worse as of right now. Heat will also get solid center in Lopez and the Miami heat will be LeBrons team.

    Correct me if I am wrong; but didn’t Wade just have a 40 point game and Lebron a triple-double. Don’t be an idiot.

  84. jeez says:

    if you look at all 3 losses, the heat didn’t loose because they got beat by the opposing team, they lost because they gave the game away. The first game, Lebron was looking to pass more when he had big slow guys guarding him and he could easily fly past them and score, he could have had 45pts against boston. The Hornets, they came back, and didn’t play desperate and agressive early on because they felt they should easily when and didn’t put up the right fight. Yesterday, against Jazz, they were up by 22 and let utah come back because they relaxed and already thought they had the game. Millsap was the one who hit 3 threes, to help them win for crying out loud. All 3 games were lost by the miami heat beating themsleves. So if they just change their mentality. Play defense the way they hold utah to 12 points in the first quater, stay the same and play agreesive like they played against orlando then guess what Michael Jordan would have to go back in time, unretire and then join kobe bryant’s team because Kobe is better than Jordan, and team up with Olajuwon in Orlando to beat the heat. and then pat riley will come back on the court and its all over for the nba world again.

  85. mrfamous says:

    I dont understand why anybody would start arroyo on an nba team, The one thing a pg needs is either a shot or speed. He has neither. I like Joel but a center has to have height or width. He has neither, Teams see this and are game planning around this. The pull bosh away from the basket in a pick & roll to take away their best rebounder and arroyo(slow) is the ball defender. This leaves a 6’9 slim center to guard the basket and get rebounds, Once penetration happens all hell breaks loose. Thats how you beat miami as long as arroyo and anthony are starting.Arroyo/Anthony gives 110% when they play but they dont have the athleticism/physical talents for it to pay dividends. I like the heat but it aint happening with those two starting

  86. like says:

    I think the sould put Zydrunas Ilgauskas to start the game beause he is taller than anthony in he score more points. for next year the sould try to get Tyson Chandler. beause the team have a inside problem!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  87. DaHeatisON says:

    With LeBron running point, Wade could start at SG and be the times primary scorer. That way, the heat will have a solid defensive backcourt in Wade and LeBron. If the Heat coaches were smart (which they’re not) they could run pick and rolls using LeBron/Wade and Bosh which would create matchup nightmares, and also help getting Bosh involved in the game.

    I like that, run pick and role with bosh and Wade/Lebron.

  88. DaHeatisON says:

    CHRIS says:
    November 10, 2010 at 6:13 pm

    to the person that said wade has shut down kobe before either show proof on youtube or kill ya self for sayin something thats crazy the self proclaimed ”kobe stopper” aka ruben patterson has never shut kobe down so how and when did wade do it

    Kobe is a great scorer, so is Wade and I never seen Wade or Kobe shut the other down. Although, I do think that Wade is the better player. I’ve seen Wade block Kobe’s jumper many times and dunk above the Lakers entire team.

  89. DaHeatisON says:

    orrin says:
    November 10, 2010 at 12:45 pm

    bosh is a joke wade is just a scorer with no defensive talent and lebron is to much of awimp to play the basket ball they need

    I understand the disrespect towards Bosh, but why Wade and Lebron?

  90. Mike says:

    They need to fire the coach and bring in Mike Brown.

  91. Ulissee says:

    The Heat need to get rid of Bosh and get a real point guard who can lead this team

  92. CHRIS says:

    to the person that said wade has shut down kobe before either show proof on youtube or kill ya self for sayin something thats crazy the self proclaimed ”kobe stopper” aka ruben patterson has never shut kobe down so how and when did wade do it

  93. g>g says:

    WRONGGGG!!!! Change the coach and problem solve…Arroyo leave the game with an 15 pt advance twice in the game in the first quarter D.william without scoring Arroyo is a great PG but you cant score when the coach start with arroyo and he olnly play 1 or 2 quarter only beside lebron and wade they always want to shoot the ball…

  94. Dennis says:

    Their main problem is in the paint, when they get to the playoffs they will get destroyed. they lack big men, ilgauskas is too old and joel anthony cant compete especially when it comes to teams like the lakers and the celtics. Lebron and wade also need to be unselfish the whole game, when one of them suddenly starts taking consecutive shots and starts hogging then the rest get left out and there is no sync. Bosh can score but he cant bang on the inside with guys like gasol, garnett, howard,bynum, they have too many scorers and not enough post presence. Too many shooters doesn’t mean you will beat teams like the good ones.

  95. somone says:

    Clearly Lebron had an off day missed most of his range shots thats wat cost them and loss of defensive energy and movement in the 2nd half

  96. Diego says:

    LeBron should’ve stayed in Cleveland, and Wade should’ve went to Chicago. There’s nothing better than playing for your home team. I don’t blame Chris Bosh, because he wasn’t following anybody.

  97. Horfordzzz says:

    I would still go with lebron as an orchestrator for the team since generally he really does not work well with point guards. And he is a very good passer. Offense will not be a problem for these guys, its their defense thats burning them. They need to have a solid defensive stopper for guards. Basically everyone eats Arroyo thats why people are having an easy time doing their plays against miami. They also have to fill in the center spot with a better rebounder. Since miami likes running, they would have to handle the ball on the defensive rebounding department alot better. And lastly, they have to have plays for bosh. He is an offensive onslaught. The problem is, he is not getting the proper looks he must have.

    • mrfamous says:

      I dont understand why ppl cant see this or didnt see this coming. Good pgs mouths start watering when they know arroyo is guarding and Joel is a bad rebounder. I only coach youth kids and I can see that. Way to put it together Horford

  98. tiffany1982 says:

    Bosh is a mediocre in defense.

    If you watched him play defense, his hands are down. Not bothering the scorers of the opposing teams. Also, he is very weak in rebounding.

    I would rather trade bosh + arroyo for Nash and Lopez or Nash and Frye. Coz Frye can hit open 3s if lebron and wade kicks out the ball outside.

  99. The Truth says:

    The heats biggest problem, which I personally, have said all along, is their lack of a good center, and their lack of a good point guard.
    In my opinion, LeBron has the ability to solve the point guard problem, but he isn’t actually starting at PG (at SF rather). LeBron not only is a good ball handler, but one of the best passer’s in the league too. This in combination, with his on the ball defence, leads me to wonder why on earth Spo won’t start him there….
    With LeBron running point, Wade could start at SG and be the times primary scorer. That way, the heat will have a solid defensive backcourt in Wade and LeBron. If the Heat coaches were smart (which they’re not) they could run pick and rolls using LeBron/Wade and Bosh which would create matchup nightmares, and also help getting Bosh involved in the game.

    Now to solve the center problem; because the Heat don’t have a solid center, I would make that starting lineup as tall as possible, to help clog up the middle. Personally, whenever I have watched the Heat this season, and they have played Big Z they have looked a better team defensively. Although, he is getting old, regular subs can be made (e.g. J. Anthony, J. Magloire etc) to help him stay fresh.
    In addition to this LeBron has great chemistry with Big Z which would provide another scoring option.
    A suggested starting 5 for the heat in my opinion would be:

    PG – LeBron James
    SG – Dwayne Wade
    SF – Udonis Haslem (Mike Miller when he returns)
    PF – Chris Bosh
    C – Big Z

    As mentioned above, Z’s minutes would have to be monitored, but I don’t see why that team wouldn’t work. It would give the Heat a very tall starting unit, which will only help in making up for their lack of a ‘real’ center.
    For me, the deciding would be whether LeBron is capable of sacrificing his own shots, to create for his team mates. If he can, the Heat could be very successful, and LeBron could easily average a double-double.

    • The Truth says:

      On the topic of the Jazz, I thought they played great. The Heat didn’t lose because of Chris Bosh, they lost because Williams dominated Arroyo & co.
      Paul Millsap, is no way a 40 point scorer, and is hardly known for being able to create his own shot, therefore is the Heat had, had a good defender on Williams, both him and Milsap would have been a no factor in that game.
      If as I proposed before, LeBron had started at PG and defended Williams, I very much doubt the Heat would have lost that game.

      • Pau Gasol looks like a llama says:

        interesting idea for a Heat lineup, then dwade and lebron would be the only ball handlers though. Lebron and Dwade did have plenty of time guarding DWill, and I think ur underating milsap, he has been putting up major stats this season.

        Things should start clicking for the Heat soon, Lebron and Dwade just need a little time adjusting to having some more off ball time at both ends, and Bosh needs to step up his D big time!

  100. dwadesplooge says:

    the heat are gonna be insane in a few months. u cant just put together a team an expect them to dominate..geez give the guys a break. and if you look at their past games you will see they get into big leads but cant hold em. miami vs hornets. miami didnt play great but the hornets played awesome i give them credit. but we came back strong an missed the game winner. be patient lads. greatness will come =)

  101. ralo says:

    The TEAM WORK is the problem ….. WADE 1 on 1 , Lebron 1 0n 1 and Ball in your hand …

  102. jay says:

    Paul Millsap was Chris Bosh’ responsibility to guard.. its his fault. Clearly, they underestimated their opponent’s PFs, just like what happened at New Orleans.

  103. Pau Gasol looks like a llama says:

    I like how no one thinks this game says anything about the Jazz. I thought the heat played well, when a guy gets that much of a hot hand he can be better than any superstar player

  104. K says:

    All you haters please layoff the haterade! The basketball season just started and the lost to Utah, Boston and New Orlean is just part of an 82 game NBA season. No one has every won a championship after just 8 games. All of a sudden everyone is trying to make Kobe out to be this fabulous team player. Listen, just five years ago everybody was crying about how selfish Kobe was acting when he and Shaq couldn’t put their differences aside. When Lamar Odom first got to LA he couldn’t find his way out a paper bag. It took time for that team to jell and now that they have every body is acting like they started winning right off the bat; they did.

    So, give the Heat a chance to jell and that doesn’t mean 8 games; hell it could very well take them 1 even 2 seasons for them to really be ready to challenge for a championship. The Heat will be fine, the problem is when the hell are you Cleveland fans and all the other LeBron haters going to get a life and move on. I have never purchsaed any special tv sports packages, however, I purchased the NBA league pass this season just so I could follow the Heat. The fact that you have 2 of the best players in the league playing on the same team in their prime and being able to watch them develop is something special.

  105. Trade Wade for Nash + Lopez says:

    The suns & the Heat should make a trade where wade gets traded to the suns because LeBron & wade are actually making each other worse as of right now. Heat will also get solid center in Lopez and the Miami heat will be LeBrons team.

  106. sherold says:

    you guys need a good point guard like Steve Nash

  107. beast says:

    the miami heat seem to lose against team that have good point guards and big men inside (hornets/celtics/jazz) Are they championship ready right now? No but they might make a run in the playoffs but not finals

  108. MichaelM23 says:

    Miami had plenty of chances in the off-season to acquire a point guard, like A.I. sure he’s not at his best but he’s a great alternative to Carlos Arroyo (No offence..) and can sink 3’s and crossover people like no other in the league all he needs is “Practice” in the assists area. Apparently Phoenix is willing to give Steve Nash away to a championship potential team so that Nash could finally have a ring. So If Nash could be acquired by Miami then a pick and roll system could be initiated like the Nash-Stoudamire Combination in the last season and also his assist are just out of this world and he’s also an undermined 3 point shooter so basically all there point guard problems are done and dusted. If Miami need an “Orchestrator” than look no further than Steve Nash He has skills that brought him two M.V.P. awards so there is no shortage of experience and leadership that can guide them to a championship Ring. After this all they need is a great rebounding center then without a shadow of a doubt within a couple of years they will be as deadly as the lakers or the 95′ Bulls (just saying)

  109. Jeff says:

    You guys need to calm down. They haven’t even played ten games yet and they are already getting criticized by the media. Just let them work out the kinks, since they are obviously lacking team chemistry right now. They should be a much better team by the time of the all-star break.

    • j21 says:

      You are exactly right. The Cavs lost their first 2 games last year with lebron in it, and yet they ended up with the season’s best record. On my honest opinion, i think the Lakers will win it again this year but the heat will surely win a championship atleast next year. Their line up is fine, they just need to gel.

  110. Noizy says:

    I would try a different rotation. The Heat have 3 stars, 3 good scoring machines. Enough to fill 48 minutes completely. Let one start, after 6 (or 8) minutes throw in the next one, let them play for about 20-24 minutes, get the first one out and let the third take place. Maybe 4-6 minutes together, not more. Would provide enough playing time for other players, would leave the stars fresh, would provide enough scoring power. Would be like Kobe + Gasol, but not for about 35 minutes but 48. Almost a complete quarter more with high scoring power. Always a nice combination at hand (Wade+James or Wade+Bosh or James+Bosh). Two of the 3 at the same time is enough.

    Hope, that they are not stubborn, forcing combined play time. It is about winning, not about delivering highlight reels. A win is great. If the game was nice to watch, fine. But thats just a bonus.

  111. ron says:

    thats why you need Allen Iverson…

  112. jack says:

    ok i think that there not playing liek a team and need to learn how to play togather more lebron is basicalyy carying the team bosh is gettin good rebounds and wade is doing good on deffence but they need to work togather if they do they can beat lakers and boston easlyy but there not and there getting beat by Jazz!!!!


  114. T.P. says:

    Why they don’t put Chalmers in the starting five ?! he’s better than Arroyo ! the heat is not playing like a team and Chris Bosh is a real joke man !

    L.A. Lakers for life !

    – Let me tell you how you measure a man, when his world starts to fall see how tall he stands > T.I.

  115. JAO says:

    I don’t understand why so many people thinks that the problem is Arroyo? The problem is Spoelstra Why? Simple he is the coach an he determine the rol of every single element of the team, guess what? He is not doing that… How a Point guard can be handling the ball? Arroyo or Chalmers they suppose the play more with the ball and Wade, James and Bosh play without the ball, but because the real boss is Lebron he do whatever he want to do and tha’s wrong… give the damn ball to Arroyo or Chalmers, period. Second thing, Lebron doesn’t know how to play without the ball like the real superstars, like, MJ, Kobe, Malone, Durant… the only way that he plays is like a playmaker and Hello!! he fail when start and he keep failling all the time with the Cavs and now with Miami…Third thing, the only role that Wade and Lebron have is shoot the ball no matter what, if you are not making the shoot, pass the damn ball!!! If Arroyo that proves Internationaly that is good start managing the ball, Lebron start playing more without the ball and they start playing as a team, then you will see a championship team, maybe!!

  116. ron says:

    That’s why you need Allen Iverson but you take him for granted, a guy who can create plays and give you a good shot.. Now take that consequences..!!!

  117. Pain2400 says:

    come on guys…they still need some team chemistry. they play good bball game. It’s a new system,new players an still need more practice together. Now people start hate lebron now. Why because he leaves cleveland, and also people hate him. i know people don’t like james but im a lebron james fan. People like Chris Webber, Charles Barkley and other’s.. they agreed that james make his team mates better..he style is different to others point guard in the game…come on the guy’s is not a PG…Then you said player in cavs can score or do things that they usually do on the game… One reason is Mike Brown not James….the coach is the one who make’s the play, who decide who will bring the ball,who will score or make play’s….Mike Brown system is only on james offense. players will step back and try to make them wide open so james will pass the ball to the player are wide open and make the shots.

    Now people say kobe make pau gasol better…somewhat agreed but still gasol is a great PF he improve because of the coaching stuff,not because of kobe. Did kobe coach Gasol how to play? How to improve his game? hell no! ask the great Coach on the NBA History…he do all the things.

    Miami right now…just start to figure out what game style they want to play…try to make much up to other guys…and still the big 3 trying to figure out how to score and how to make other player better on the court, so they can score us well. They really need a big Center, a great PG so wade and Lebron not always caring the ball…if Mike Miller will come back…i think i will try to move down James into PG,then wade into SG, Miller on 3 and bosh 4. And i really want to see Pat Riley will coach this team.

  118. rinpoche says:

    Miami needs steve nash. Nash needs a new team to recharge his battery and get him a ring, The trio of Nash, Lebron and Wade would make them a dream team. Nash is one of the smartest and best playmakers in the league. Riley would be stupid not to go for Nash.

  119. FunkyPiston says:

    @jajajajjajajaj — Kobe can never be better than MJ. Heck, Kobe imitates MJ’s game and will always be #2 compared to MJ. Is Kobe better than James and Wade ? Hell yeah !

  120. Lebust/overrated says:

    Oh man, my preseason prediction is coming true. The heat are at best a 4 seed. All Lebust has is a lower the shoulder buly move to the basket that most times is a charge. Lebust thinks he has a jumper and a three point game which obviously he has never had or will have. This false ideology he has of himself coincides with his self preclaimied “King” of basketball nickname he has given him self. All this guy is a king of is steroid use and the weight machine, go play football Lebust you’ll do much better. -180 to win the East, LOL ROTFL!!! oh yeah one more thing nice fan base, looks like a wwe match i went to at my local highschool gym, must of only been 5k fans there last night.
    Good Luck miami….HAHAHAHAHAHA

  121. danito says:

    when miller comes back, lebron should play pg,like magic johnson i think thats the way to go if they want to win a championship

  122. bull22 says:

    wow,these miami wastebaskets have something in common with boston. when they win they talk about how great they are, and when they lose here come the excuses and how the whole world is persecuting them. i got a message for the heat fans, all of this is self-inflicted drama.. i guess someone forgot to tell james,wade and bosh that the real NBA is not NBA LIVE on PLAYSTATION!!

  123. FunkyPiston says:

    Zone defense will kill the Heat this season. As good as Wade and Lebron are, both of them are not great 3 point shooters, this means they need atleast 2 of the other 3 players to spread the floor. Arroyo, Bosh and Haslem cannot shoot 3’s as well. That is the main reason why Utah could hold the Heat in 4th quarter and OT.

  124. DaKing says:

    Anyone who plays bal or know a thing or Two can see the BIG picture …………Coaching issue! they need Riley to coach this team. This is not the raptors or nets this Team should make it to the Finals if they have the right coach. You dont pull out Lebron when he jsut made 6 shots in row and is hot……thats just insane BAD COACHING. Other then that they are on the right track. Anyone who expected this team to be unbeaten is just freaking moran and knows nothing about basketball.

  125. jajajajjajajaj says:

    82-0 good jajajjjajajajajajajajjajaa supid coments……….LAKERS REPEAT AND PEOPLE UNDERSTAND KOBE IS BETTER THAN M.J LEBRON/WADE WHO?

    • j21 says:

      How come that any topic with Lebron in it always has to involve Kobe? Jeeezzz!!! I have read intelligent comments from die hard Laker fans but your a disgrace as a Kobe fan!

  126. j21 says:

    I’m not a heat fan, but i must admit that Miami will win a championship even with that line-up. Maybe not this year but in the future! They don’t need to add or to replace a player with another star point guard. There are too many play makers already in their team.

  127. mikehawk says:

    if you look at the conference standings, cleveland is actually ahead of miami. i never thought that would happen at all

  128. respect says:

    The problem is not chemistry…the problem is not Bosh……Although i rarely agree with the NBA articles…the problem lies in the point guard. Why the hell is Arroyo the starter? Screw him…have Chalmers start, he is a muuuch better defender and hopefully slow down the opposing point guards.

  129. vincentwu817 says:

    Its as simple as this. Both wade and lebron needs the ball on their hands to play their best game. Neither one of them are a consistent spot up shooter. If one person is dominating the ball, what is the other person doing? Waiting to get open so that they can do more dribbling, instead of cutting and creating more options for each other.

    Take the Celtics as an example. They have ONE ball handler, which is Rondo. When he penetrates, they have Ray Allen, Pierce, Garnett, who are all terrific spot up shooters with range (inside the 3pt line for Garnett). Ray Allen can create without the ball, while Paul Pierce is a terrific shot creator. KG can play in the post as well as take outside jumpers. They ALSO have Perkins who can clog the lane and finish near the rim plus do a lot of dirty work.

    When we look at the heats we first notice their flaw in the PG position. Carlos Arroyo isn’t a bad basketball player, but he needs to dribble to penetrate and create. The ball is taken from him right from the start of the play, to Lebron or Wade. Once one of them has the ball, then the rest of the team is useless. No one shoots consistently, and no real post presence to dump the ball inside. We are left with a lot of one on one and forced jumpers or forced layups and drives, because dishing out to someone else is not an option. They do have Mike Miller waiting to come back who can fill in a more roles, he’s a terrific role player. I don’t even know what Bosh is doing. He doesn’t have the heart to go after the boards and clean up down low every play, he enjoys standing outside and waiting for an open jumper. Joel Anthony is not effective down low at all, so we are left with purely a perimeter team. This can work when there are terrific off ball movement and shooters, but not the case for the heats.

    We don’t even need to mention the Lakers. They may not even need Kobe to beat teams. They have length and size, and they can shoot. Neither one of those descriptions applies to the heats.

    Now, I’m not trying to hate on the Heats as I think they can do really well with their talent. But something needs to happen. Obviously Lebron is never gonna play a role player for 40 minutes a game so I can see him handle the ball. He has size advantage at the guard position and has terrific passing ability, but he needs to rid that “do it all” mentality. Second, Wade has superior speed and strength compared to most guards and I can see him creating a lot of opportunities off the ball (he did some of that with the 2008 Olympics). Try to cut to the basket or to create more mismatches. Bosh really needs to get his ass in the paint. Or at least make the defense work. All you have to do to guard Bosh this year is to raise your hands up. The heats do have the role players they need, but the problem is not in them, it is in the Big 3 itself.

  130. Lakers4life says:

    All about the lakers but the heats GM does not know what he is doing if they would just got wade and bosh they would have been solid with the rest of the money get the best big man in the market.
    so what they should do is trade LeBron or one of them they think not need and get a real big man.

  131. Logic says:


  132. chubz says:

    Ok so comparing Arroyo’s performance is totally unbiased…
    First of all Arroyo is the 4th scoring option if not the 5th while the other point guards mentioned are 1st or 2nd,
    Second there’s 2 other playmakers besides Arroyo meaning he has the ball less than the other point guards which is why his assist total is so low, and third he averages a lot less minutes than those other point guards. Now don’t get me wrong Arroyo is not a star in this league although he is one at the international level but with all the ball hogging the superstars on the heat team do there’s no way he could average decent numbers for an average point guard.

  133. j21 says:

    Sorry heat fans but it seems that Lebron is way more skilled and talented than Wade. The way i see it Lebron seems to be only the secondary option next to Wade. I think if they pass the ball more to Lebron and let him score more instead of making Wade the primary scorer just to make him look like the team star because he’s Miami’s favorite son, maybe they would win more. Lebron is too much skilled to just be a sidekick. Such a waste of talent!

  134. MattfromCanada says:

    I missed the Magic Johnson era by a few years so excuse me if I’m off the mark here – but is Lebron not perfectly suited to a Magic type role? He’s big, fast, and a great distributor. It would help the team dynamic to make lebron the primary distributor and wade the primary wingman.

    I’m disappointed that these two aren’t playing a pick and roll together more often. They are skilled, strong and have high basketball iq (i think) and they need to work together, not compete. They could destroy defensive rotations with a good pick and roll.

    Chris Bosh- I’m not a big fan but give the guy a break. 15ppg, 6rpg, 2apg, and 1bpg. Those are pretty decent numbers for a 3rd option. Its pretty tough to have 3 players with ‘all-star’ stat lines and I can’t think of any examples off the top of my head. Bosh can help the time by getting in better shape – he looks like a wet noodle in crunch time. I think the best you can ask from him is to up his intensity on the rebounding/defense while maintaining something like 13 -18 ppg.

    If things aren’t rolling along after 50 games, I expect Riley to step in.

  135. T says:

    LeBron James ia an AMAZING athlete and has great court vision, but he’s the most overrated player. He doesn’t make his teammates better at all. He dribbles the entire shot clock and then either shoots or passes it. He picks up a lot of assists that way, but that isn’t team ball. Why do you think Miami’s offense is so stagnant? He’s just TOO ball dominant, which turns his teammates into spectators. He’s a willing passer, but he has a very selfish style of play.

    Has anybody just watched him when he doesn’t have the ball in his hands? He just stands there. He doesn’t post up. He doesn’t move well without the ball. He doesn’t have a complete game at all. When are people going to see LeBron James for what he really is? A BIG BALL HOG with holes in his game.

  136. David says:

    Its going to take time before the Heat really play to there potential. They are going to win games and make the playoffs just because of the talent they possess. However, the playoffs determine how good the Heat will be. I am not a Heat fan, but all fans who are do not need to panic because it will take time them to gel. The main concern for this team is that their main weaknesses, (point guard and post presence) are other elite teams strengths (Boston=Rondo. Magic=Howard. Lakers=Size). And just look at what great point guards and good big players have to done to them.

  137. Mike says:

    Miami have NO X FACTOR!!!!! Every team has its standout performers, but it’s the X Factor players that get you over the last unexpected bump in a game or a series. Every coach in the league knows what Miami’s going to throw at them; a 3-pronged sh**storm. They know who they have to shut down, and when and where to do it. Boston, Orlando, LA, Dallas and San Antonio have all got their standout performers, but on any given night someone can come off their benches and give them 20 points, a double-double or a big three. Who’s going to do that for Miami? The average age of the bench makes them the oldest team in the league!

  138. Rick says:

    Man all u guys lookin at the wrong thing if u watch that game the wrong players was on the floor at the end of the game. You can’t have Carlos Arroyo trying to check D. Will and Haslem checkin Millsap. I blame this one on the coach he don’t know what he has on the bench or he has no faith in his bench. Big Z should have been in that game for shot blockin.

  139. L.A-11 says:

    okay, im a hardcore lakers fan but not a hater. i love basketball as a game and good basketball is when its played five on five and not 2 on five. miama has great talent but talent isn’t enough to win championships. they need to become one team and stop playing individual games. you cannot blame arroyo for their loses or call him a bad point guard. Lebron and wade should concentrate more on getting open and scoring. thats the only way arroyo is going to be effective as a point guard. now i’m not buying all this ” give them time and they will get better ” business. isn’t it why pre-sseson and practices are for ? so they can learn to pplay together as a team before the games. game time is business time and not “let’s practice how to play together”. miami should have a perfect record by now. boston is going to kick thoses pretty boys tomorrow night no questions ask. it’s too much talent on one time.

  140. ralo says:

    Arroyo is not a Problem !!!!!!! TEAM WORK is a Problem !!!!

  141. Logic says:

    I thought the Adidas/Kevin Garnett quote was ” It takes 5″ players to win a championship? Clearly, there are no exceptions to this rule. Even with 3 superstars.

  142. danito says:

    this heat team is going to where, they gona fall in the first round of the playoff, even watching them its not that fun like we thought, boston, orlando, hawksk, bucks,chicago, all better teams than the heat

  143. Trav says:

    Jamaal Tinsley is the answer. He is a strong willed guard who can create his own shot and can run his team. He also has great passing skills at his position and is a better defender than Aroyo or Chalmers

  144. Bball All Day says:

    I don’t see why people compare Boston’s big 3 to Miami’s.. Boston’s big 3 worked because Pierce is a slasher, Allen is a pure shooter and KG is a Hall of Fame post player and great defender.. Miami brought in the same player (Bron and Wade) and a soft PF with inflated stats in Toronto who never went deep in the playoffs.. Other than 3 players joining a team, that’s the ONLY comparison. Boston also had a young Rondo, a better coach in Doc and a deeper bench.

    What you see with the Heat now is what you will get. They just don’t have the depth and talents to really make good teams be honest. There’s a big difference with having Big Baby and Perkins to having Joel Anthony and Haslem. You can’t compare 2008 Rondo to Arroyo.

    If I was going to the playground I would take the Heat’s 5 all day, but playing organized ball on every level up to Junior College, I know it’s two different games. I know that Wade and LeBron both have to dominate the ball and drive to be effective. This shrinks the court for the other and Bosh and is easily defended. I also know that you need an enforcer down low and someone to dump it down to in playoff time.

    Gasol/Bynum, KG/Perkins/Big Baby, Duncan, Wallace/Wallace, Shaq and Olajuwon are some of the post players needed to win in the last 20 years along with a great wing.

    The Heat need to look towards implementing a triangle or Princeton offense because pick and rolls and drives and kick outs won’t be good enough against elite teams..

    Heat fans should be worried the way things are now because no amount of chemistry can overcome these shortcomings. You need a system change and a couple new personnel pieces to compliment Wade and Lebron. Instead of Bosh, Amare/Millsap/Yao/Varajao/Noah would be perfect and add a high IQ, good passing, quick PG.

    • MV3 says:

      I see 100 percent where you coming from but don’t limit Wade or lebron as just scorers because they can play any postion on that coutrt as good as the next now that lebron has wade and doesnt have to be the main scorer he can use that big body of his down in the post we all saw how pierce was being pushed 5ft back by lebron in the post in that loss. That yells potential along with wade being able to play pg with just as good as crossovers as williams cp3 and rondo (check the tapes) and great court vision not to mention he can score with the best of of like kobe and durant. It’s obvious that the problem here is chemistry and no one really knows there roles yet. I agree Boston is the team to beat right now but I promise you that all that stuff your talking about on what you see is what tyour gonna get is nothing but your ignorance talking. Remember these arent rookies these are veterens with experience on high pressure moments and one of them already have a championship ring. Wait let me correct myself TWO of them including Haslem because while you talk about big baby nd perkins Haslem does all the dirty work like rebounds and taking charges all the stuff it takes to win and any coach in the league would take Haslem for his work ethic.

    • olschool says:

      i understand ur point but scoring is not the problem. defence is the problem. yeah they can get a high iq pg but if he cant play D. It want matter at all. as far the post players i would drop amare (good offence no D we not gonna talk bout his rebounding. not there every nite). everyone else is kool. only difference between the 2 is that amare can almost jump out the gym. they r the same player 2 me. from reading ur blog i have 2 say u were more of a scorer then a defensive player. not once did u say anything bout D. I BET UR ELBOW N WRIST IS STILL SORE, LOL.

  145. Larian says:

    I basically think if Erik Spoelstra don’t change his starting lineup, it will eventually get him fired. Miami has major flaws in their 1, and 5 position. Their starting center only plays for 16 mins a game, backup center never had rhythm coming off the bench. So basically Miami as a team if you attack their 1, and 5 position, you will have a great chance of winning. Their 1 and 5 position can’t score nor defend.

  146. Trav says:

    D wade and lebron play great defense but their problem is that they dont have a point guard that is strong willed to tell them where to go and where to be to play as a team. you need a veteran or strong headed point guard who believes in himself. those guys dont have either. even if they played like a team it still takes away from what lebron and wade natural talents are and putting them in a situation to be unsuccessful. They need a real point guard. just putting a shooter at that position wont do because they need the point guard to push the ball and be aggressive.

  147. chamionship 4 the heat says:

    i cant wait till the heat clean up in the nba finals this year, then see how quickly the haters change their attitude, like they knew it was going to happen all along. Haha who cares about the haters…..wade lebron and bosh are alll going to do work period!!!

    • doctor 'k' says:

      your so true man but you need to be patient. A 10-15 game W streak will come the heat are just not ready yet.but by the end of DEC or the begining of JAN there game will be polished and once mike miller comes back they will be unstopable.

  148. Logic says:

    More specifically, they need a point guard who can double as a 3 point shooter when wade or james create openings on the drive, they can then dish out to Nash. GOOD ASSIST(Nash) + GOOD FINISHER (wade + james) = Dunk party.

  149. Mike says:

    The thought of LeBron being a 6ft 8in, 250lb PG is indeed a mouth-watering prospect, but although he has tremendous passing ability he’s still not a TRUE point guard. He doesn’t quite have the speed needed to create separation and space off the dribble like Paul, Rondo and Williams do. I read on another post that Jordan was a PG in the late stages of a game, but MJ controlled the tempo of a game far better the James does. D-Will had a pretty rough night on the fouls, but when he was on the court, it was obvious who was controlling the game.

    + Most NBA defenses are now reading LeBron James like a book.

    • olschool says:

      mike played a half a season at the pg yeah he got plenty of triple ddls. IF I NOT WRONG I THING HE HAD LIKE A 5 OR 6 GAME TRIPLE DDL STREAK.but he AINT won no rings playing pg. pippen was the pg for that team playin SF (LBJ). the year he did that Craig Hodges was the other guard (specialist yes PG no)

  150. Ed says:

    Why James Jones always make 2/3 3pts in the first couple of minutes he got and then its forgotten?

    Why House 0 threes can take the same attemps?

    A nosense.

  151. Trav says:

    D wade and lebron play great defense but their problem is that they dont have a point guard that is strong willed to tell them where to go and where to be to play as a team. you need a veteran or strong headed point guard who believes in himself. those guys dont have either. even if they played like a team it still takes away from what lebron and wade natural talents are and putting them in a situation to unsuccessful. They need a real point guard. just putting a shotter at that position wont do because they need the point guard to push the ball and be aggressive.

  152. Logic says:

    Agreed, Nash on the Heat team would greatly boost the already stunning offense of the Miami Heat in terms of making better plays. Although they could use room for improvement also on their C. Get someone bigger in the paint or get Chris Bosh to step up his game.

  153. g>g says:

    Arroyo is a great PG but you can score when the coach start with arroyo and he olnly play 1 or 2 quarter only beside lebron and wade they always want to shoot the ball….

  154. jim.lebron says:

    i think that jazz were too lucky paul mislap had 3 3pointers in his career an had 3 3pointers in this game.i think thant lebron with te cleveland cavaliers willwin this game but not with heat.heat make lebron a worse player he must trie more shots and hang the say the truth i think that if head had a middle level point guard and give the ball the ball to lebron they will win every game.BUTT NOT NOW

  155. Andre says:

    However this game was running at the end it was lost because they were stupid idiots in the last 40 seconds!!!!!

    OK, since two years there are discussions about give a foul to the other team with seconds to play and a three point lead of your own team. And I guess we have seen many times the result in the last years… you may loose the game!!!
    Why at hell no one was giving a foul to Milsap ore Wiliams before doing the 3pointer…. How stupid Miami played.
    Leading with 5 points and 40sec to go, common give them the foul back and they will feel annoing… because they cant do the three pointers and just getting free throw!!!! Why it has to be that just the team that is behind gives fouls to the leading team!?!
    So what a hell they are thinking and doing in the coaching staff!? I wanna see teams playing clever and smart!!! Honestly what I have seen this season mostly the team with a good strategy (playing smart and clever), with a clever and smart coach and with smart and clever players is winning and not with the best player!!!!

    And I’m a fan of Wade and James, but I hate stupid doings in any kind of sports I’ve been playing and I’m watching!!!

    They should start hireing “Strategic Coaches”… maybe I send them my CV. 🙂

    Sorry my english is not as good… 🙂

  156. The Judge says:

    Why dont they put D.Wade back in the Point guard position?! at least he can attack when there’s opportunity or dish to Lebron or Bosh for a dunk.

    Its hilarious to see 3 best players and having this situation. Their status in the league as or now… will not be a contender. There is no chemistry happening. Cant believe that the Jazz beat them up. Its becoming a joke!

  157. JCR says:

    The Heat lost because they started coasting in the 3rd period and Milsap went nuts,this game was surreal the Heat were winning 98 90 w 1:30 until full time and Milsap a 2/20 career 3pt shooter swichedd 3 3pters,miami still w a chance to win but missed 2 free thows,and when a team has momentum this usualy happens they won in overtime.The Heat have two obvious weak points the guard,and they dont have what u would call a solid center who can protect the rim and get u 10 rebounds a nigh,Bosh never was a rim protector neither will be he’s a scoring PF,Ilgauskas good pick and pop shooter but too sow on the defensive end,and Joel good shootblocker but undersized and doesnt intimidate pg’s from driving to the basket,The Heat conceded 56 pts in the paint for Utah, nobody can win against that,but im sure that they will fix it this team isnt playing team basketball yet but they will get there,also the Laker fans need to remember that when they got Shaq they didnt won right away also

  158. RC says:

    Let’s try not to lose sight of the fact that the season is 82 games long…we’re what, 8 games in? They’ll be fine…I’m sure they’ll figure out their roles with time.

    disclaimer: definitely not a Miami fan or Laker fan…the Bulls are my team and alas, I’m afraid they’ll be relegated to 4th or 5th in the East this year…

  159. Alex Huntington says:

    I youtube’d Point Guard All Star and found a video of a point guard in the freakin’ ABA who would run this team better than Arroyo. Third hit down I believe. Arroyo is not talented and not fun to watch. Point in case, Arroyo should be in the minor leagues not running the show of an NBA team

  160. Emankeys says:

    I bet you when playoff come that’s when the Heat start to play like a team. Now they don’t seem to know each other’s strengths and weakness

  161. Emankeys says:

    I think that the Heat need to start playing like a regular team. They have James and Wade playing the point which is weak. And they also have Mario on the bench. I wonder do this coach know how to give the Miami Heat an edge because out of Arroyo, House, and Mario, Mario is better and has that defense like Rondo and Paul. His career high in steal was 9 versus Chris Paul’s team. Players that are meant to be shooting guards or small fowards can not play the point the entire game. Then they have more bad field goal attempts. Lebron had M. Williams in Cleveland and Wade had D Jones, J Williams, and Mario most of the year playing. Coach Spo should be fired if he can’t get the ring this year or just stick to Assistant coaching. He loves to see players in disadvantage like Anthony versus Shaq; James or Wade playing point 80% of the game or Bosh at Center. These guys don’t even want to start off in these positions except Anthony who’s always hesitant in his offense. It sounds like Mike Miller is going to play as point gaurd which is not a strong advantage for heat over Mario Charlmers

  162. jahson says:

    lebosh is partly rite nd im a big lebron james fun but it lebron is not play his game to the fullest his game is changing his point avg his gone down nd his tryin to be the point guard is the heat had a pg like chris paul or d will then they would dominate lebron needs to put up the same #’s he put up in cav or they should move him to the point nd bring james jones in

  163. snow flake says:

    i meant to say not dumb enough to give the heat what they need.

  164. snow flake says:

    hopefully the heat will never be able to afford any good players to support the big three. and hopefully team manager is dumb enough to help the heat even more by trading to the heat what they need.

  165. kim says:

    *74 games*

  166. kim says:

    it’s just only 8 games, its too early to say that they can’t win championship or they can. 64 games to go. let’s just wait and see.

  167. snow flake says:

    the lakers should be undefeated by christmas when facing the heat.

  168. TeaTime says:

    This is a very irrelevant, almost useless article. We all know Lebron and dwade don’t need a true point guard because they run the team since they can shoot from anywhere on the court. Just like Kobe Bryant. Of course having a point guard will help but it doesn’t matter really. The problem is also not how they’re playing as a team. It’s just that they don’t have a strong interior defense. Elite point guards like Rondo, Williams, and Paul can tear the team apart because the Heat’s defense is not coherent.

  169. JON CUE says:


  170. lyency lehel says:

    the math might be right in your posting but not the logic. how can you compare Arroyo’s role in that team to any other guard’s role in the league? do you think, the Miami 3 pack is not strong enough, and they need to be extended to a 4 pack with an energizer wise guard who scores and assists them? in my view their game is just scoring and assisting each other, and they do not seem to like to share the ball with anyone else in their kingdom.
    do you think, those 3 talented young Miami men (7+7+7 years in the league) are not stronger ballplayers individually than the aging Boston triplet (14+15+12 years)? my conclusion would be very similar to Lebosh Wade’s sharp view, teams win championship and not kings; not a dream guard is missing there just the brain and the team spirit.

  171. #1LakerFan says:

    The season for Miami is simple the bench hits 3’s the Heat win(much like lebron in Cleveland), if the bench fails to make the long range shot the loss….Post baskets are non-exsistant in Miami due to lack of a post presence they have no one that can consistantly score down low unless lebron gets down there but otherwise MIAMI WILL LIVE AND DIE BY THE THREE POINTER #THATISALL

  172. nash4heat says:

    If the heat were somehow able to get Nash, with the suns losing steam, that would be a dream team right there.

    • Trio5 says:

      I don’t know. I think it would have been nice at the beginning of the season but by the time any trade talk occurs, it would be halfway through the NBA season already. And also, if they were to get Nash, it could impede their learning process as a collective unit.

  173. kingme says:

    man mia and hit the switch anytiem they want they just messing around so the league dont take them seriously… Remember if they kill all teams then in playoff you DA bet big on them and vegas setup game get it? if you are a big glambler you will know most game are fixed! lol take example lakers last night almost F up vs. t-wolves and Bos beat mia in season opener and lost to cle (Without james and no mo) lol you tell me if these games are fix or not? “Get it you biunch of rookie”!!! the end ya king is checking out..

    • Trio5 says:

      You’re 100% right. Miami is just losing on purpose and then they’re gonna turn on their super powers for realz and win da gamez!

      Bro, they’re losing these games for real. Lebron doesn’t put up a triple double to lose. They got served by Boston, New Orleans, and now Utah. Plain and simple.

    • Lebosh Wade says:

      It’s getting funnyer and funnier, kingme.

  174. Jake Berlin says:

    Sekou you’re a wise man.

  175. Hiam says:

    This blog is true, Miami really needs a good pointguard. Arroyo is not the answer.

    They should have hired Allen Iverson before he went to play in Turkey. Iverson can break the defense and dish out passes to the big 3.

  176. kingme says:

    Lebosh you have no clue what you are saying…Just 8 games into season they justneed to jell “Get it” and what king did to the city of cleveland was more then enough got then to 7 winning season and finals with the bad gropue he had.. Dwade already won a ring… i say mia will get at least 3 to 4 rings under the 7 years contracts.. don’t worry..!!!

    • Lebosh Wade says:

      It’s funny since Lebron already “KING” himself for nothing. What you want to “KING” yourself? Nothing?

  177. Miami Who?? says:

    Miami has serious issues at the 1 and 5 positions. Lebosh Wade are more than in sync with eachother. They dont need more time time to gel. Thats BS. These guy played in the olympics together and they knew what they were getting into. Hence only signing 3 years simultaniously so they can all be free agents in 2010. Miami’s problem is they are missing a leader. yeah yeah they have 3 leaders from 3 ‘other’ teams…but they need that alpha dog go to guy leadership like lets say ummm Kobe? These kids are playing like their in a school playground giggling and sh*t. Time to grow up and smell the coffee boys. Time to step up and lead. Look at Kobe and the Lakers for inspiration. Lakers WILL 3-peat this year and possibly 4-peat next year. Remember the name Miami Who??

  178. #1LakerFan says:

    Common Sense will tell u that miami wont have the money to upgrade talent at power forward for awhile and are clearly untalented at point guard and soft in the paint especially Chris Bosh who would kill to be a perimeter player but Lebrons championship aspirations will continue and become even more difficult if Melo and CP3 come to the East

  179. You have to realize that there’s gonna be a huge ADJUSTMENT!!!! For the past 7 years Lebron and Wade have been accustomed to being the primary ball handler and now they have to split those duties. Also, Bosh was used to getting 20 to 25 touches a night in toronto and now he’s only getting 10 to 15 touches. In my opinion, Lebron should have the ball in his hands the majority of the time because he’s the more natural distributor.

  180. give miami time n stop being ignorant says:

    im sick of all these stupid critisms, listen, lebron n bosh are use to being the stars of there team as well as wade, stop comparing the big 3 in boston to them because their different types of players, and they didnt have holes in their center n pg position like miami does now, arroyo will never get better than he is, rondo had potential and perkins was solid, plus they have doc rivers, eric spolestra is not the rite man for the job, too much talent and presence for him to coach, and his rotation is poor, why was arroyo the closer?why arent u using chris bosh in pick n rolls/pops where he is most effective, he is not a post player! use him to his was honestly wades fault we lost that game bc at the end of the day, he missed the free throw at the end of regulation…but we need mike miller back, and chalmers shood def be startin over arroyo, but i garuanteeeeee a trade happening before the deadline for a pg and/or center…why did sign stackhouse and not even play him? pat riley just needs to come n coach man….the problem is, other guys need to hit their open shoots and wade n lebron need to stop playin one n one all game, give them time, they only played 8 games, have patience

    • Trio5 says:

      I agree.

      Like I told buddy up there, eight games into the season, you can’t really judge what Miami’s game is gonna be about. Each game has been different. When Bosh is aggressive, he can usually take his man off the dribble.
      Wade is still playing his game that he played last season. Lebron is playing a little bit of everything and although he’s capable of doing it, it’s not his game.

      They’ll get it together soon. Hopefully last night was an eye-opener for them. This loss to Utah can and will be a good thing going into the game against Boston. Right now, they know what to expect from them and they’ll go in with a mentality to be tough and play 48 minutes of basketball and not ease up off the gas.

    • #1LakerFan says:

      And in those eight games only beat one legit team bein orlando wit had an awful shooting night

      • Trio5 says:

        An awful shooting night due to what? People act is if Miami’s defense was sub-par and Orlando had a bunch of open looks that they just couldn’t knock down.

        Orlando didn’t have many open looks at all. Rashard Lewis had two shots from beyond the 3 point line. Two. So it wasn’t that they had an awful shooting night. It was more so that Miami shut them down.

        I’ll give them the benefit of the doubt because Howard went out early due to foul trouble. But where was Orlando’s defense? Since their night was a horrible one for shooting, what about their defense on Miami?

  181. JAZZone says:

    That was too much fun to watch Millsap’s Reggie Miller impression … 8 points in the final 12.3 seconds! …I love seeing the Heat fall apart almost as much as I loved watching the Jazz gut out the win. I’m glad it was against the Heat too since they end up on the front page of and in the this blog every single day -win,lose or day off. Team play and heart is what the Heat lack, and what the Jazz had just enough of to pull off a 22 point comeback in Miami

  182. Ripcityrascal says:

    Here’s the problem…with so much talent on one team bosh goes from being a super start to an overshadowed good player because he has to have the ball passed to him and DWade and LeBron are constantly trying to score themselves. Miami should have left LeBron alone and put the money toward a good point guard and a big man. Doesn’t matter anymore though. I think miami will still win some championships but it’s gonna take them longer than it would have. 2013 is my guess but who really knows cause there will always be other good teams in the league.

  183. Dalah says:

    It’s a long season. These guys should have taken Iverson as their starting point guard. Then the all-star atmosphere would be complete. They would have no choice but to play like champions. Right now I’m going to say I called it. The HEAT needed Iverson to start chasing them rings. That’s how the LAKERS do it. They keep their roster hungry.

  184. peanut says:

    COME ON!!!! it is the start of the season the heat are just getting the feel for the team and as we all remember wade played 3 minutes in a pre-season game so the played enough games to just about amout to a preseason so stop with the negative comments because if the heat win a championship everyone will hop on the baandwagon….I AM STILL A WITNESS

  185. Carmelo Fan says:

    hahaha I already told all my friends before this season started, that Heat wouldn’t win champ this year. But I may have to admit, maybe next season when they get their chemistry going, they will rule NBA. Right now, the team is struggling between leadering, Wade or Lebron? Bosh is out of question, he really aint that great. If Bosh stayed in Raptors, he would’ve been more successful and more respected as an NBA player. Same goes to Lebron, when he was in Cavs, he was really respected and brought comparison between him and Jordan. But now that he is with Wade, he aint that great anymore. As a NBA player, im my opinion, it is not a bad thing at all to have a crap team. You may not win a ring, but you may gain respect and your crap team makes you look more pro

    • Trio5 says:

      Eight games into an NBA season and you already counting them out of championship contention?

      I agree with anyone that says Miami won’t win 72 games. Of all the “elite” teams in the league, Miami has already played 4 of them and is about to play Boston for the second time in 3 weeks. Not an excuse, but their schedule is tough right now. They’ll have their weeks where they go on winning streaks just like the Lakers are right now. But at a time when they’re still learning each other while playing against difficult teams, they can’t afford to give up a win like they did last night.

      Respect doesn’t bring you rings or wins.

  186. iknow says:


  187. MIA-Miami says:

    God. What Miami has been playing is not even basketball. How can they be outscored by Jazz when they are leading by such a commanding points. How ironic for James to comment on how the cowboys play for football. They ought to do something to their line up before they find themselves nowhere at the end of the season. Play like how Miami should play with addition of James and Bosh not play like Mia-Miami.

  188. nyc4life says:

    put your self in their position… these guys are in their prime,in their old teams they were gods…. they played one man show…. so it immposible for them to be good as they should and will be… james dont know how to play of ball…wade can now pass when hes atacking rim like a mad man… bosh needs to realize that he isnt goint to touch ball in every possesion…i think last night they played great as far as the stats say… jame tripple double,wade 39,bosh on his standard numbers but lack of pg is hurting them…i think they should try and start mario instead of aroyo… mario is good def. pg and he can shoot three…and he isnt afraid to take responsibility…i mean aroyo acts ike a bitch when hes playing with these guys… he SOMETIMES dribbles the ball to the other side and that it….give them some time,i bet they wont disapoint… peace

  189. MarkGM says:

    BOSH: FG% = .467 % — Catching the ball 12 ft away to front the defender & shoot is NOT playing in the post.

    BOSH: RPG: 5.90 (compared to Wade: 6.40 RPG)

    BOSH: MPG: 33.3 (compared to Haslem: 25.1 MPG)
    : RPG 5.90 (compared to Haslem: 8.30 RPG)

    this is all considering Bosh doesn’t have the pressure to score the ball on every possession unlike in Toronto.. this gives him more time to focus on defense? NAH!


    • LABRYANT says:

      The problem with Miami is they have no big man..Millsap ate them up and hes what 6″8 AT he hits 3 lucky threes when his whole career hes had a total of what like 2…but to lose when you are up by 11 with like 23 seconds is unacceptable..they need to trade Bosh and get a banger..They still are a very dangerous team but i dont think a 6″11 jump shooting big man is the answer..totally agree withMarkGM

    • KJ-B says:

      Do you play basketball or just video games???

  190. Problem says:

    This Heat team’s PG and C are jokes especially PG. Arroyo can do nothing. Has no confidence in his shooting. Can’t even make one single play as a PG. Everytime he gets the ball and as a defender comes, all he does is a pass although the defender would not be able to block. Don’t understand how this guy’s in NBA. Huge hole in PG position

    • Mr. Corner says:

      He got 48% field goal, the 3 best of the team, lebron and wade they are allways playing one and one. The coach Erick do the same sisteme the last year… play one on one, thats not PG arroyo problem. he play only 20 min of 48, and he is doing hes job. what happens with the post players that thaey are killing bosh

  191. AmazedObserver says:

    I think it’s incredible that everyone is freaking out over a few losses at the beginning of the season. In the end these games ultimately mean nothing. I don’t think anyone disagrees that the Heat will make the playoffs, so the only matter of concern is whether they’re playing like a championship team come PLAYOFF TIME. It’s the beginning of the season people, and whether you love or hate the Heat it’s much too early to judge the outcome of this season. Honestly, Boston has lost 2 games and oyu don’t see all hell breaking loose over that. People just don’t want to believe that this trio will work together so they start making wild claims as soon as they lose a few games. It’s a long season and right now it’s all up in the air.

  192. The 6th Ring says:

    wait.. so Lebron isnt Magic???… huh?..

  193. native coach says:

    Rose and his bulls are next on the list for the heat….the heat are chilled and needing a spark to heat up the team…no point in control and feel sorry they aren’t unbeatable like everyone thought they would be…all talk….go bulls!!!

  194. AShu says:

    and I totally agree with MarkGM, ditch the big third wheel.

  195. six6heat says:

    guys..calm down, it’s just week 3 and you guys sound ridiculous, the heat will be in the conference finals against the celtics..the heat don’t need a dominant point gaurd, see the bulls great teams, scottie played point forward and jordan handled the ball when the clock started to run down…bosh needs to hit the boards harder, he needs to have 12-14 boards a game..let bron handle the ball most time and wade beat the closer when the clock is running down..they will gel in about 20 -25 games and you guys will have to find something else to jump off the cliff about..the lake show still wins it all…beat the celts in 6.

  196. boom says:

    or let me rephrase that, with the limited assets the heat have, they can NEVER find a pg with enough guts and self-respect to boss the egos of the big 3 around. at least with james, you got a leader, even though a bit flawed, but a leader nonetheless.

  197. mathew says:

    whats the world got against mario chalmers? smdh

    • LF says:

      Totally agree, they need to play chalmers and have him defend opposing point guards. He may not be as good a shooter as house or jones, but they should give him a chance to stop opposing point guard penetration

  198. Avinash says:

    The move they made was insane.The team has no depth.When this is the current conditioning of the team and what if something happens to james like what happened during the playoffs.Who is going to back him up???

  199. zzanzabar says:

    The Miami dilemma is not the men but the ‘system’. You just can’t hand the ball to players and say ‘do something.’ For example with these THREE men on the floor, who took the last shot, Eddie HOUSE?! Last time I looked Eddie wasn’t given a huge multi-million dollar contract to make winning shots! Don’t tell me that you couldn’t get at least ONE of the three open for a clear shot. That is a coaching problem. Miami needs to execute plays, not players.

    The strange thing is, the Heat actually have almost all of the major pieces to bring back a style of basketball that was almost unbeatable and hasn’t been seen since the ’80’s…Showtime. With Lebron at the point dishing to Bosh or Wade, the Heat could run the ball down the throat of almost any team. Pat Riley knows the intricacies of such a style and knows exactly how to implement it.

  200. Camilo says:

    ps: I still believe miami should have been better of with Amare instead of Bosh

  201. kobe :D says:

    I think that d-wade would be better pg than carlos…

  202. Camilo says:

    Im a Heat fan and for what Ive seen im not impressed at all. Eddie House has been helpful off the bench for the first set of games, but the Heat can’t put the ball in his hands for the last shot (twice already), b/c youve got 2 of the top closers in the league with dwade and lebron! Also the 3 losses where presented by 3 elite point guards (cp3, dw8, rr9) combining for 50 assists which is crazy. Heat starting line up should me pg dwade sg lebron sf jjones pf ud c cbosh or pq chalmers sg dwade sf lebron pf ud c bosh
    miami should play small placing bosh at center because either way Janthony only gives the Heat 1.9 ppg and just 4.3 rpg. Bosh isnt a superstar player and cant be compared at all to dwade and lebron. But i believe he will do while miami finds a prescence in the post, or joel/ilgauskas step their games up a notch.

  203. Rob says:

    Its weird how some say that the Heat is not meshing together because its early. Look at Boston when they picked up Garnett and Allen, first time all of them playing together they meshed together real well and even won a ring that year. Pau Gasol was the same. Came in the Lakers and did his thing. Now, why can’t these big 3 in the Heat do the same? What’s the problem? I think its their ego thats getting in their ways. Plus, Arroyo gotta go or start Chalmers or Miller when he comes back. The reserve won’t put up as much points anyways, why keep Miller on the bench when he can score with them in starting lineup. Plus Joel Anthony sucks for a Center. No more Heat in Heat! Just another cold hurricane season =)

    • DBowe says:

      “What’s the problem?” The problem is very simple. Both Boston and L.A. integrated their new players into their system. Miami is changing their system to accommodate their new players. It’s as simple as that!!

  204. boom says:

    oh yeah. eddie house, carlos arroyo. wtf. put lbj on the pg spot and start someone else on the sf spot. Lbj is a threat when he has the ball, and for him to do the PG duties, he’ll have the most touches, most adjustments on D, more open oppurtunities. Trade for an SF, even just for defense. You can’t expect to get a good PG these days with the limited assets the heat have, so the adjustments must be on the 3.

  205. MarkGM says:

    The Heat should’ve spent Chris Bosh’s $14M salary to get more formidable players(PG/C).. LeBron and Wade are fine as the BIG 2.. TRADE CHRIS BOSH NOW! TRADE CHRIS BOSH NOW! TRADE CHRIS BOSH NOW! TRADE CHRIS BOSH NOW! TRADE CHRIS BOSH NOW! TRADE CHRIS BOSH NOW! TRADE CHRIS BOSH NOW! TRADE CHRIS BOSH NOW!

  206. torku says:

    the big guys are garbage that is it!

  207. boom says:

    the big three became the big two.. slowly but surely bosh is slipping out of the frame.

  208. unknown says:

    Hey don’t mess with arroyo.If you want to point finger see the coach first.Arroyo doesn’t handle the ball much if wade and lebron are in the game.Arroyo justo take the ball down the court.Lebron and wade are better ball hogger than kobe.And all this happend because of the coach.I feel offended when they point finger JJ Barea or Carlos Arrroyo.

  209. torku says:

    LU13 SAID:
    The heat are hurting at the point guard spot, but i think it’s kind of unfair to Arroyo to be compared to Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, and Deron Williams. 3 of the best point guards in the league, and arguably the most productive players on their respective teams, compared to a guy who was the best pg available for a given price range. He has 3 franchise players ahead of him. Sure he can tally a few more assists, but do you think anyones going to listen to him if he says he should be handling the ball more then lebron?

  210. save lebron and heat destiny says:

    out of miami big three it proven that lebron has capacity to lead the heat to a championship, he carried the cavs in nba finals 07 and lead the cavs 66 wins for 2 yrs without all star team mate by playing unselfish basketball and make verybody better by trusting his teammate and take over the game during crucial time by making a points or making a play for his teammate .i watch a game last night and so disappointing, lebron try to involve his teammate and make everybody better, like what he did in cavs but wade and spoelstra destroy it.wade score 39 points but heat still lose, wade should play as a rule player and lebron should play his game and lead the heat like what he did in cavs and fired spoelstra to win a championship. im still crossing my finger, lebron doesnt loss his confidence by making 20 points , 11 rebound and 14 assist last night, im worried time will come that lebron james loss his confidence because of wade and spoelstra, lebron doesnt need an all star teammate, he only needs a quality rule player to win a championship.

    • MV3 says:

      This comment makes no sense when yeah lebron did lead hes team to a championship and got SWEAPT, While Wade even with shaq and other veterens (check the stats) lead the heat and oh yeah WON the championship. For anyone to think Wade should be a role player is just foolish. Lebron is more then capable of scoring at will and taking over we all have witnessed but when it comes down to it Wade has really been the only one with the experience, ring, and considered one of the most clutch performers in the game today (only behind Kobe). So I agree with the experts when they say Wade should take the scoring role while Lebron takes the Magic johnson role as point foward and take control of the team pace and the game probably getting triple doubles every night. From the sound of your comment I can tell your a Lebron fan and even though I prefer Wade I would never say something as foolish as let Wade takeover while Lebron plays role and gets rebounds thats just dumb.

  211. Swagg says:

    All i know is Dwyane Wade is incredible still my guy hes clutcch as long as hes in miami were going places

  212. Jordan says:

    Building team chemistry takes time. Just because you get a bunch of superstars in one team doesn’t mean they will win every game. This is a learning process for the heat and its players. Slowly they will learn how to blend with one another and use each individuals talents to the very best. We may not see the heat at its best right now, but soon they will get better and will win a lot of games. But getting a championship is out of the question. It is absolutely useless to predict the future and there is no point in comparing Miami to other elite teams. Wade and James does not necessarily have to play “point guard” position. Any guard can handle the ball and make plays.

  213. Chinmay says:

    I am just hoping that Celtics put another stellar performance and show Miami that basketball is a TEAM game!

    • Lebosh Wade says:

      Right on. In Boston, No matter how big the PP, KG, and Ray, Rondo runs the show from beginning. Miami blinded.

  214. Toyin says:

    Lets not act like Utah didn’t get lucky. It’s much more comfortable to diss the Heat, the Haters having a field day. I guess in a 7 game series, Milsap will be dropping 46.

    • OJ says:

      AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA, the jazz got lucky? So Deron Williams isnt all that good, Al Jefferson is just ok, right? And Paul Milsap is ok, and oh yea Jerry Sloan wont go to the hall of fame right? Dude your and idiot to say Utah got lucky. They have a hall of fame coach, a great point guard, Al Jefferson aint no punk, and you saw what Milsap did. Actually this Jazz team is better than the heat, they didnt get lucky!

  215. A GAME says:

    All yall need to know is once they get they teamwork down pack dont be hoping on the bandwagon when they go on that winning streak and win the championship.

  216. JahCongo says:

    LeBron has to drastically alter his game. He needs to be playing in the high post to utilize his speed and strength. Wade needs to fly around the court off screens and learn to shoot like Rip and RayRay. Bosh needs to become a low post threat and learn to rebound from KevLove. Also, get a point gaurd, they need to come up on Steve Nash to become a championship threat. That being said, my Lakers will still beat them in a series. Better coach, better bench, and better bigs. Miami is too easy to defend right now.

  217. ram_jn says:

    I think you cannot put the blame on miami’s PG, but on the way they’re handling that position, it’s like: get the ball to the other half, pass it to lebron or wade(if it isnt one of them already in possesion of the ball) and let them do the rest. lebron or Wade arent gonna let some PG like Arroyo, Chalmers, or whoever it is run the plays; they’re just handling it wrong. They need to start playing like its supposed to, and use the PG to distribute and run the plays, but I guess their egos wont let them. While Bosh….who cares?!

    • DBowe says:

      I’m not a big fan of Lebron, but I am a true Heat fan, but you can’t put the blame on D Wade or Lebron or any other player for that matter. It’s the coaches to blame. Not just coach Spo but all of them. And I’m not saying that he needs to be fired either, just change the way they play the game and get back to playing the traditional way.
      And please don’t anyone talk about Pat Riley coming back because he is pure garbage as a coach!! When he “coached” the Lakers to their titles he had Magic, a floor general to run the plays. I’d say he still deserves some credit but not all. With the Knicks, nothing and then there’s all the years he coached us (Heat). We had Tim Hardaway, Alonzo Mourning, Dan Majerle, Veshon Leonard, Jamal Mashburn and a few other good players, yet he couldn’t win a title. We had the best record in the league only to be beaten by the Knicks in the first round. Year after year the Knicks or the Bulls sent us home regardless to what talent we had on the team. Then in 06 he simply stole a ring from Van Gundy. Even though I believe Stan would have probably messed that up if he had stayed, I still think with the team we had and the chemistry we would have won anyway. So even though Riley is probably a better coach than Stan, I still think he is total GARBAGE.
      Yea yea I know that aaaaloooot of people are going to disagree but I believe you’re paying to much attention to numbers and not how he got those.

  218. Smacks2 says:

    The Heat needs time to gel. They do need to let Carlos Arroyo handle the ball more, and Lebron handle the ball less. Lebron, Wade need to play off the ball, which will keep defenses busy trying to catch up. The also need to find a way to make Chris Bosh more effective. I think they will right their wrongs in due time.

  219. LAKERS 3peat says:

    HEAT have all the hellp they need its true they need to work out the kinks but you have to think bout it they have bosh,lebron and wade these guys have a good relationship thats what they said they played in the olympics together and they looked just fine to me
    Lebron should put in more work if he can heat is a all star team……………………ANYWAYS Lakers 3peat

    OOO YA LAKERS R UNDefeated

    AND if lebron loses this year he will be the laqughing stock of the year you go on a team with 2 dominate players but cant win a ring and if he does win people will say her couldnt do it without dwade

  220. Wow, can you say Haters? says:

    damn mad people hating…I’m a Knicks fan. But at least I can admit and /or see it, so I’m sorry to all the haters. Once these guys get a rhythm and get comfortable…they are gonna be scary. Period. An only on paper team my ass these guys, Lebron Wade and Bosh are all great players and leaders and will figure out how to play together…look at the jazz that team has been playing together for YEARS same with the Celtics..I feel the Hornets was just one of those games that was like…eh you should have won but you didn’t so move on. Everybody that’s hating just watch by the end of the season they’ll be much better. And then next off season they’ll really come together as a team. And next season they are gonna be a serious contender for the title…actually with Phil Jackson retiring at the end of this season…I can’t see any team except for maybe the Thunder (if they can become the team they looked like they could become last season) that can actually MATCH UP (not beat or lose or anything just in terms of player to player match ups) with the Heat.

    • Fan says:

      And I also hate psychics who looked too far ahead in the bleak future (are you good in forecasts?) Let me say no team with All-Stars is SCARY, it’s the team w/ best match-up and rebounding advantage. Miami’s trio is a good FANTASY team but no dynasty guarantees. Look at 2004 Lakers squad w/ Kobe, Shaq, Gary Payton and Karl Malone. Imagine 4 All-Stars almost swept by Pistons in Finals. So for Heat fans, don’t have high hopes ‘coz you’ll just get frustrated. I felt sorry for Heat fans who paid too much for watching their team played an embarrassing and humiliating loss.

    • Waylon says:

      Are you forgetting the years of Olmpic training that Wade,James,and Bosh went through for what about 4 years at least so these guys have played meanigful basketball toghther.There will not be any consistancy untilLebron and Wade learn to play w/o the ball all the time so the team can be opened up until then they will be good just not good enough to win a title

  221. pKone says:

    How about trading Bosh to the Suns for Nash??

    The Suns need a go to scorer and Nash can assist like nobody’s business and that would give Miami a record high TWO Canadian players 😉

    Besides, I’d love to see Nash get a ring 🙂

    • unknown says:

      That is not a bad one.They can trade bosh for steve nash and the suns doesn’t need to worry.Dragic lately has been playing better than nash.Maybe bosh find good chemestry in the suns.This may be nash last chance for a championship.

      • olschool says:

        U Cant just say we gonna trade bosh. he is gonna make around 14million this year. i dont think steve make that much so they would have two throw in another player which would probably b a power forward or the center. if not then the trade want make any sense. they will stiill get kill in the paint. they dont need anyone to run the offense they need someone to lock dwn the other team pg n center. unless u r talkin bout another steve nash he dont fit that criteria at all. remember steve makes the all-nba team not the all DEFENSIVE team. it is a big difference so forget bout the 14million it want work anyway

    • Lebosh Wade says:

      Then, Suns will go down to hell and Nash will become ordinary like Mo.

      • olschool says:

        u tryin b funny i hope. b cuz i m LMAO right now. they r two different players. mo is not a point guard he is a combo guard. steve is a PURE pg. steve is gonna put his stamp no matter where he goes. mo only put his stamp when he is making buckets. if he is not making bucket u forget he is on the court

    • RR says:

      Ahhh… you need to learn where NBA players are from before you make a comment about nationalities.. if nash comes to Miami, Miami will have three Canadians.. Nash, Magloire and Anthony… Gotta rep the Red and White!!!

    • unknown says:

      Are you saying Lebron doesn’t have the ability to wait for the ball so he gonna make nash a Mo and lebron will not work as well nash and stoudmare combination??Well the suns are in hell right now.The west is just too strong.If nash trade posible and they fail we are gonna know who ruined Mo career.

      • Lebosh Wade says:

        I just can’t image Nash has the ball all the time as Suns’ Nash.
        If you picture in a game Lebron and Wade waiting at wings watching Nash dribbling, it’s pretty funny.

  222. Trio5 says:

    @Lebosh Wade – The number of fans that are happy Lebron is here completely outweighs the number of fans that are disgraced by “The Decision”. As a whole, Miami fans don’t really care that he made the decision on national tv; and beyond that, they surely won’t miss out on a great game based on a misguided decision Lebron made to broadcast his decision on live tv…months ago.

    Lebron plays street basketball? Since when? You’re entitled to your opinion, but I’m not sure what you consider “street basketball”.

    Other than that, the Heat have a huge problem coming up in facing elite teams. Miami’s best game they’ve played so far was against Orlando. It’s puzzling how Dwight Howard, whom is considered among the most dominant big men in the league, is held to just 19 points in the game, and Paul Millsap is able to put down 46. That doesn’t tell me Miami has a problem in the paint; it tells me Miami wasn’t aggressive enough against Utah.

    This cannot happen tomorrow night against Boston. Losing to Utah may be just what Miami needs in order to play harder and more aggressively. Every team that plays the Heat is on a mission to prove a point and also make Miami a notch on their belt. Those teams will be playing at a level 10 and the Heat need to play at a level 12 as a collective unit. Miami’s only losses have come to “elite” teams. Tomorrow night, we’ll either see the Miami team that played against Orlando or we’ll see the Miami team that played against Utah last night.

    • chocobum says:

      what a die hard miami fan…give up man, miamis goin down!

    • Law064 says:

      @Trio5 Orlando beat themselves. They shot Poorly. Dwight had 19 in the 1st half then he fouled out he sat most of the 3rd quarter that’s why he finished the game with 19 but he destroyed them in the opening quarters. Boston will take them down tomorrow just like opening night.

      • Trio5 says:

        People will do anything to discredit Miami’s defensive efforts.

        So you mean to tell me that Miami’s defense had nothing to do with them blowing out Orlando by 26 points? 26 points? Orlando tried playing their game but couldn’t. Give them SOME credit at least instead of putting the loss on Orlando as if to say Miami’s efforts were average.

        You have two of the best defenders in the league defending 2 of Orlando’s go-to guys for points and look what happened.

      • olschool says:


    • Waylon says:

      Hate to break it to you but Howard woulda had more points had he not fouled out,and the way the Magic are run Howard ismostly a set upguy so they can get open on the perimeter so if the Magic actually ran through Howard he may put up more points per game just saying.The heat arent physical enough on the interior to stop opposing big men.I mean come on Emeka lit them up for 26 on the interior and he barley scores 12 a game so answear that

    • hmmmm says:

      you’re trying to give credit to miami for beating orlando. why don’t you wait and see what orlando will do to them once they’re in the magic’s homecourt. till then don’t brag about the heat beating orlando. the heat haven’t done enough yet to earn such reputation.

    • jack says:

      work like a team like boston!!!!

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      Cant wait to see the CELTICS kill the heat!!

  223. chocobum says:

    they are in complete mess right now! miami can win games, some games, i guess…hahahah.but for sure no championships for fagbron and gaywade!!!! a lot of teams can beat miami…they’ll be crushed by the bulls(Rose/noah).lakers(kobe/pau).and theirs the mavs(kidd/nowitzki)…and bostons gonne give them a beating on thursday, thats for sure!
    what a fool(lebron)….he aint a winner, but a weaner!

  224. alejandro says:

    this was not a point problem, but a defense “consistency” problem… you can allow your opponent to score 42 points in the last quarter and hope to win… that is unacceptable… and that is my point.

  225. Chris S. says:

    I find it funny Cleveland has just of a good record as Miami right now. I don’t expect Cleveland to win any championships, but I did exepct Miami to play much better than they are, new team or not.

  226. MIA ALL DA WAY says:

    I agree with mr.heat bt the heat starts to slack alot when they see they have a big lead. They need to step it up and play like the championship team they are going to be in the future.

  227. Mafia15 says:

    I agree to y’all! Two and a half men can’t & will not do the job. Aside from the “Black Hole” they have in the middle; the 1 position is err a little bit weak. =) Do you guys think if Mike MIller wasn’t injured that he can play a pivotal role for the team? After all, he has a good defensive I.Q. than Jones.
    Hopefully this team can make the adjustment/s..let’s say before the trading deadline? =) If this team wants to really build a championship dynasty, they have to win these types of games.
    If by a starnge twist of fate that they’ll reach the Finals.. & kobe and the rest of the Lakers team stay healthy & meets them there..It’ll be sweep! Not unless a miracle could happen..let’s say this team plays well? =)

  228. JNT says:

    Problem with the Heat is that there isn’t a distinct structure to how the team should be run. When you designate LeBron or Wade to take the ball, players simply think it doesn’t matter which one they passed to…and that just creates problems. Wade isn’t doing much to assert it’s his team and LeBron isn’t doing much to concede it isn’t his; in the end, you see one player taking over one time and another taking over another time. Where is the consistency?
    For the two unbeaten teams, there is a very, very distinct structure component. CP3 runs the Hornet crew (as he should be), and he’s clearly on top. Phil Jackson may not shower praises on Kobe, but we know Lakers defer to Kobe to make big plays when need be.
    It’s much better to have a clear leader/captain than to have an uneven and rocky relationship between two on a team. That is one reason why the Heat will fail if they eventually falter in the playoffs, which I think they will this year.

    • DBowe says:

      I totally agree with you. I’ve always said one of the reasons Boston’s Big 3 was so successful was because as soon as Ray and Garnett arrived they acknowledged that Boston was Pierce’s team. That way no drama, no confusion. And when the game is on the line and a set play has to be called, the ball goes to Pierce. Lebron needs to humble his a** and accept that Miami is Wade’s team, and in Wade county there is no King, just Flash.
      Anyway, I still think if the team is ran like a TEAM, we’ll be okay.

  229. Mandela says:

    I think that Arroyo its not a problem. He is doing what the team (wade, Lebron) wants to do about a point guard work. And that is, Arroyo take the ball to the other side and give it to them. Thats all. They dont want a point guard to distribute the ball. They want to do that. My recomendeation to the Big 3… its to give the ball to Arroyo, who is a natural play maker and dedicate to score and defend. This is a Team, not a talent exhibition. Don’t forget that Arroyo play with John Staockton, Marc Jackson and Chaunsey (2004 champs) Billups, 3 biggest point guards of the history.

  230. Wassilys says:

    I can see how you try to incline this entry against Arroyo, but the fact is that he was 2nd (behind only Chris Paul) in assist-to-turnover ratio last season. If turnovers are the problem, then Carlos should be running the show for them. He has shown the experience and consistency to lead a team (have you seen him in international play?!?! He’s plain nasty), and he’s just the unselfish, pass-first, smart shooting point guard a loaded team like the Heat needs. That way LeBron and Wade can concentrate on getting open, cutting through the wings and defense.

  231. Heat it up says:

    Where is Pat when you need him…This coach has poor rotation with the players plus y is eddie house shooting the final shots they need to get lebron going

    • Law064 says:

      Get lebron going Eddie House has more clutch than LECHOKE Why didn’t Wade shoot it? That should be the real question. Wait til December so in December witch is about 3 weeks away then what? Wait til January or Febuary right. Warrior Fun made a good point the only real team they beat was Orlando. Orlando beat themselves actually. Howard had 19 in the 1st half but he fouled out. The rest of the team shot poorly Lewis missing wide open mid-range shots. Orlando beat themselves that game by shooting like crap. I would say Chalmers should be starting. Bosh is a NON FACTOR yes he’s good but just a role player. The Heat will go to the playoffs but will lose in the 2nd round. ATL, BOS, ORL, all have better teams. The Bulls have a legitimate shot at beating them. Miami is overrated 82-0 lol get a life only on a video game with the difficulty on starter

  232. Warrior fan says:

    LOL…I can’t wait til all Wade and his sidekick Lebron get kicked around by the league’s doormat teams hahahah. 4 of their 5 wins came from Minnesota, Philadelphia and New Jersey (twice). That’s pathetic for a team with 2 superstars (I don’t know why Bosh is being treated like a superstar he aint nothin but a role player). And get this, the 3 losses they have came from perennial playoff contenders Boston, N.O. and Utah. They gonna get beat up in the playoffs for sure – that is if they can even get there hahahahah….

    • Js says:

      Not very bright are you? Sure the Miami Heat aren’t looking like a championship calibre team.. but to say they won’t even make the playoffs is just plain out stupid. The Lakers lost some games to “perennial playoff contenders” last year, I guess that means they won’t make playoffs this year. So yeah buddy, your logic really makes sense. And as to Bosh not being a superstar, on what basis are you making this assumption? He’s on a team with two other superstars who require their share of touches. You wouldn’t be saying this if he was averaging his usual 20+ pts and 10+ rebs. He’s on a new team with a different role, doesn’t mean he’s not capable of being that player again.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        Dude, what the LAKERS did last year was won a 2nd title. We are talking about this year, and the LAKERS are 8-0. I have no clue how you can say the heat are looking like a championship team and they have only beat won very good team. All the other teams they have played have been very weak teams. Right now they look oooooook, at best. They only thing i can say about bosh, is the heat would be better off trading him LOL!!!!!!!!

  233. Steve says:

    I guess after saying goodbye to 82-0 and 81-1 and 80-2, there will be a lot of more goodbyes. I wonder what Van Gundy was smoking when he said that Miami Heat would break the 72-10 and the 33 wins in a row records this year!

    • Lebosh Wade says:

      He was doing his big brother a favor. Only Miami fans are going to believe it.
      Now, everybody outside of Miami is laughing at it, right?

  234. Heatness says:

    Come’on guys. Its so EARLY in the season. This is the bumps that all teams go through. Look at their roster. Aside from a few guys, this is an entirely brand new team. These players have never played with each other before. Give them till December or January and I guarantee you will not see this happen again. Everyone’s hating on them so hardcore but the truth is, they have played with each other for only about a month. Maybe less because Wade was hurt in the preseason. Even the best players still need time to mold as a team and be able to play against the better teams in the league.

    • DUECES says:

      EXCUSES! EXCUSES!! EXCUSES!!! didnt take long for pau gasol to blend with the lakers when he first joined LA

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        Great statement!!!!!!!! Kills me how these heat fans are pulling all of these excuses out of you know where. When the heat signed lequeen and bosh, every heat fan was on this website handing them the trophy. Now you realize its gonna take more than the three amigos to knock of the back to back champs!!

      • DBowe says:

        It’s not about excuses. We really didn’t expect the Heat to play this style of ball. Win or lose everyone need to play their positions. Lebron and Wade playing the point for any amount of time during the game is non-sense. Maybe if they (the coaches) start running this team and allow the point guard to run the offense, like he’s supposed to, and pass to any open player, we’ll be better off.
        That’s why I think Chalmers is the better fit. He is a better defender than House and Arroyo, and his scoring is not needed. But he would only be any good if he is allowed to play the way a point should.
        Hey Rondo wasn’t anything special his first year with the Big 3 until given a chance. I’m not saying that Chalmers could ever be as good as Rondo TURNED out to be, but the Heat won’t ever know until they give him a chance to play like a real point.

    • Ludiculous says:

      Dude you can’t be serious about this new team mumbo jumbo, the hornets only kept like four or 5 people from last year and get a brand new roster pretty much and they haven’t lost a game yet.

  235. Scott says:

    Doesn’t matter anyways, Lakers gonna 3-peat

  236. Mr. Heat says:


    • Fan says:

      Why lots of excuses? KG & R.Allen had longer years w/ old teams, but in their first season as Celtics, they got 31-3 record in 3 months. The problem is not Heat’s team chemistry, but the make-up of role players. There’s imbalance on their lineup, w/c can’t consistently give match-up problems to elite teams. As Doc Rivers says, “individuals win games, but team wins championships”. So with GMs’ prediction that ’11 Finals is Lakers vs Heat, Miami’s trio won’t stand any chance. Go Lakers!

  237. Melvin says:

    What i feel is the Miami Trio still living in their ” best player in the team ” life.
    Although LeBron does some assists, but from the score box you guys can clearly see, only the trio scoring
    around, the other players seems like can’t do much. If Miami Heat wants a ring, they must move the ball more, and move as a team.

  238. LU13 says:

    The heat are hurting at the point guard spot, but i think it’s kind of unfair to Arroyo to be compared to Chris Paul, Rajon Rondo, and Deron Williams. 3 of the best point guards in the league, and arguably the most productive players on their respective teams, compared to a guy who was the best pg available for a given price range. He has 3 franchise players ahead of him. Sure he can tally a few more assists, but do you think anyones going to listen to him if he says he should be handling the ball more then lebron?

    • Michel says:

      Oh dont give me dat, they have great players in Chalmers, Arroyo and House. They use them wrong and it starts with lebron running the game.
      The lakers have like the worst PG as starter in terms of stats.(last year) derek fisher, and the backup was farmer.
      Still worked out fine, becuase they had their assignments.

  239. lebron wishes he took his talents to los angeles says:

    anyone else notice lebron is wearing purple and gold in his post game interview? It looks like he’s already realized resistance is futile.

    We bleed purple and gold. Lakers 4 Life!

  240. Wadesaves says:

    that’s right i said it

  241. Wadesaves says:

    Arroyo sucks, chalmers or house should start, lebron is not a point guard, but as far as that goes wade would be a better point than arroyo, they could do that and move lebron to sg and have jones start at sf

    • Michel says:

      It doesnt matter wat they change on their starting 5. as long as lebron doesnt give any duties to other players, the team won’t increase their game.
      As i said before, they’ll stack up W, but come playoff time, it wont be enough bcuz despite wade, their wont be any other player ready to shine, cuz lebron doesnt make his teammates better. He makes them watch him play street for 15 secs, then uses his strenght and quickness to draw double teams and passes to the open man.

      Even his assisting ability is so overrated because of exactly dat point.
      Pointguards are never getting doubleteamed, they are small and never really strong(except maybe D-Will).
      And yet they get their assisting game going and rightfully so, becuase players like steve nash, jason kidd, rondo or D-will are makeing their players better and involving them in the action.
      Lebron on the other hand just uses them for the 1-3 secs dat they need to take the shot.
      He stacks up assists, but these assists are so overrated, and you never see anyone realizing dat.
      Everybody, starting with the NBA.analysts to the fans all think he is so great and has such great passing-skills.
      He is really good, but unbelievably overrated.
      Game against UTAH: Lebron 14 Assists

      If a regular person would see this stat-line, he’d say, man Lebron is good but the rest just cant get it done.
      But the truth is, no one else ever gets to touch the ball, only when lebron is out of the game or maybe for 3-4 minutes wade runs the game.
      Noone realises, dat Lebron is the problem in this thing.

    • olschool says:


  242. riley says:

    its the new “Heat’s” first season together so I don’t expect them to be spectacular. after the season nears the end or next season they will start clicking and develop some chemistry. Right now LBJ would b better with the CAVS but thats just cuz he had so many years w/ them and they had team chemistry. now it’ll take some time to do the same w/ the HEAT. nuff said

    • Fan says:

      More time to gel? Team with lots of excuses has no right to become Champs. Look at Celtics Big Three’s first year together in ’07 with 31-3 record before capping league best 66-16. And Heat blew a 22-pt led game to Jazz (team swept by Lakers last playoffs)??? Heat is OVERHYPED AND OVERAMBITIOUS! Deal with it.

  243. I am smarter than you says:

    Getting Chris Bosh was a huge waste of money. With the money they’re paying him, they could have gotten a good point guard and a decent center to fill out the starting lineup (with Haslem filling in at 4).

    A team with two superstars can be very effective. The Lakers provide a good example: they have Kobe and Gasol, along with a bunch of other really good (but not star quality) players. Kobe and Gasol do a lot of the hefty lifting in terms of scoring, while players like Odom, Bynum, Fisher, Blake, Brown and the rest fill in the holes.

    The Heat have their two superstars. Unfortunately, Chris Bosh isn’t up to the task of filling in the holes.

    • Ron B says:

      You Heat haters are not very basketball savy if you think all LA has is kobe and Gasol as great players on their team/ Los Angekles has a team that might be comparable to the bulls team with Michael/Kobe, Scotty/Gasol, Rodman/Odom, Blake is a beast off the bench, is better than any of the bulls role players, great shooter/defender, Artest is provng to be what they wanted him to be last year, 3 pt % is up and still great defender,Brown is a highlight film waiting to happen wevery night and they donrt even jnow what Bynum will do yet then the rest of their bench. Give the heat 30 games to figure out how to play at their highest level and maybe pickup a point guard. We all knew they had holes to fill on their team, (center/guard) so I never expected them to be champions their first year, 2nd year definitely. I expect them to make the eastern conference finals and maybe the championsip round. Stop your hateration and use common sense. They will eventually win 3-5 champuionships in the next 7 years, guaranteed.

      • calilove says:

        Although Kobe won’t have a chance against the greatest, Lakers bench players are far better than the post90 Bulls. This Lakers team without Kobe is even stronger and still the champ.

      • Boris says:

        I highly disagree, Blake is not close to the player Toni Kukoc was.

      • olschool says:


      • ExhibitA says:

        How can you say the lakers bench is better than what the bulls had? are you freaking joking me cause i was starting to laugh! not even lamar isnt even better than kukoc! blake better than steve kerr ??(the best 3 point shooter ever)? what a joke! i even think bill weninngton was better than walton! oh and how can i forget bj armstrong and jud buechler whom were pretty damn consistent from 3 point shot !! let me guess sasha vujabich is better right?

      • Stop Hating Bulls-n-Heat says:

        One the Lakers will never have the roster the bulls had. I mean when it comes to either of our two different championship teams. Plus the heat are without Mike Miller and Eddie House is not shooting up to pair as he did in the past. Joel needs to be on the bench and they know that before the season started. Bosh is still finding his way. I do still think we have the protiential to win the championship this year but if we don’t do it then ugh as much as I hate to say this the Lakers are going to win it again. Oh for the clown that said Wade and Lebron aren’t defender check your stats before you say that. :L Wade has shut down Kobe before more then once and other top players. So has Lebron genius. It took Jordan years to get his and Kobe was on the bench before he got his chance. Let this team develop in to the power house they will one day become either this year or the next.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        Dude someone needs to wake you up!

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        @ExhibitA I want some of what your smoking if you think steve kerr is the best 3 point shooter ever!!

    • KK says:

      Totally agree that Bosh is a waste of money. With Wade and James, the Heats have more than enough scoring threats, and Bosh, at most serve as a rebounder and a finisher. The thing is, there are many others in the league who can do the same thing as Bosh, for much uch cheaper price (look at Millsap).

      But then again, without Bosh joining the Heats. James may not join the Heats. The best option now is, trade Bosh for a quality C and PG. I believe it’s the only way Heat may win a champ.

      Having said that, there is no way Heat can win 3-5 titles in 7 years. Kobe still have a few years to play, and Howard is going to win it after Kobe.

    • zen says:

      I think several things should be put into perspective:

      1) Someone mentioned how the Heat needs to get a Rondo who can distribute on offense and check opposing point guards better on defense. Several of you also mentioned how the problem is due to the play styles of James and Wade. I think this latter point is correct; the Heat offense is reminiscent of Cleveland’s Lebron years – either with Wade/James bringing the ball up from backcourt or having a point guard bring it up and handing it over to one of them at the top of the key or at the wing, and for everyone to clear out and wait for the dribble drive. But this means that a Boston-Rondo situation is impossible for this team – Rondo thrived in the Celtics situation because he was free to distribute to players who could be effective on the catch in the offensive set-up. He had Ray and Pierce who were effective offensive players running off of screens; an excellent and obliging Perkins who knew that his role on offense was to set said screens (he has good footwork and timing and toughness in setting those screens if you watch), challenge for offensive rebounds and get easy baskets as and when they occur; and in time of need he knew that he can just dump the ball down low or at the high post for Garnett who was an excellent passer in the post, a great post scorer with a dangerous jumpshot and who could also set hard screens for Ray to weave through. These players made it possible for Rondo and consequently the Celtics to thrive! Now imagine if you have a Rondo playing with Lebron, Wade and Bosh. What will the offensive sets look like? His role on offense will be relegated to, again, bringing the ball up past the back court, and subsequently handing it to Wade/James on the top of the key or passing it to them on the wings, and clearing out. Wade and James are not effective players on the catch like Pierce and Allen are, who can shoot off the catch, and if the shot is not available, they will just move the basketball quickly (check out Allen’s touch passes to the Celtics bigs setting screens for him and rolling to the basket if his defender is playing him too aggressively, on so many occasions). So I think if they are thinking point guards in response to Sekou’s point, then this guard’s skill set must approximate that of Trevor Ariza and James Posey: strong aggressive defenders and role playing jump shooters on offense to help with the Heat offensive spacing and clearouts. I’m not sure any point right now in the league has such a skill set (suggestions anyone?).

      2) I think what’s being missed, especially with regard to the loss to the Jazz, is that how the Heat may still possibly be successful in the long run, their deficiencies at the 1 and 5 notwithstanding. They lost of the Jazz, sure, but THEY ALMOST WON. They have shown that they can win even without a top-notch point guard and center, and they almost did with having this little time with each other since they got the big 3 together. Let’s face it: Millsap scoring 46 was a surprise. Millsap hitting those treys in the 4th was an outright ABHERRATION. And they needed all of those miracles to pull off a win against the Heat playing Arroyo on defense against Williams. In early November. With the Heat having missed key players during preseason games.

      3) Many posters mentioned trades. Some mentioned Nash and Noah. Get this: BOSH IS NOT GETTING TRADED. If there are to be any roster amendments at all this season they will involve only role players and draft picks. Nothing else. Not a chance for anything else.

  244. Charles Kinbote says:

    This Heat team is going to make the conference finals, but the only way they make the finals is if the Celtics or Magic are worn out from playing each other, and even then they won’t beat the Lakers, that is unless they get a point guard, or maybe start Mario Chalmers over Arroyo’s weak ass

    • Michel says:

      It wouldnt make a difference to start Chalmers over Arroyo since even Chalmers wouldnt get a change to play his game because of Lebron and his “I run the game “-play he got going on. It is obvious. Lebron is the problem in this whole thing.

      • maestre says:

        I think we are putting too much attention on the point gard position Carlos Arroyo, just look at the statistics, Carlos led the HEAT and finished second in the NBA in assist-to-turnover ratio last year. .He as starting point gard last year he started the final 21 games of the last season and the HEAT amass a 17-4 (.810) record in Those games.
        I think that we have to wait until the pleyers know each other . Do not criticize, let’s wait, In my opinion the Heats are the best team in the league.

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      @Michel. Dude dont ever again say anything about Big Z coming to the LAKERS. Big Z is too many different kinds of soft!! He gets man handled in the playoffs by the bigger more solid centers. This guy is sorry!!!

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      They dont have a point guard they can put in the game that would give them a chance to beat the LAKERS. And with over $327 million on their payroll, how can they afford a better point guard or a better center. And they cant trade anyone, because besides wade, james and bosh, they dont have anyone a team would want!!

  245. Lebosh Wade says:

    After 7 years, Lebron still plays street basketball. Where he goes, that team will becomes “Cleveland Team”. They can win games but can’t win champs. What he really need is the education. (not more help, he got plenty in Cleveland already)
    He will regret more and more for leaving Cleveland when season goes on, if not now. What he plays for in Miami?
    There is a reason why Heat can’t sell out tickets on Thursday’s GAME, it’s not just because of the price, Part of Miami fans may just think Lebron’ Decision onTV is disgraceful or his move to Miami gisgusting?

    • kobefor3peat says:

      very true lebron shoulda neva left cleveland it was his biggest mistake y join dwade he allready has a ring if lebron win its not even gonna be that great cuz he couldnt do it withouth dwade

      • olschool says:

        your statement makes no sense. i guess u never played any organize b-ball. a championship is a championship. it doesnt matter who u get it with, just as long as u get one. as far as stayin in cleveland i would have left 2. they were not a team that could play on the big stage. who car es how many games u win during the season when u sittin home in june. they play 8 games, with over 70 games left. the big 3 is not the problem, the problem is that they have played less then 20 games 2gether. that is with no real center or point guard, not 2 knock joel or carlos but they would b better as backups. it is what it is, not evryone is a nba starter. but u wouldnt understand that at all. right now they need a point guard that is defensive minded n good at it; n a center that can clog up the middle (u may laugh but eric dampier is sittin at home right now). unless they address those problems they will struggle against elite teams that have been 2gether 4 yrs. it’s only november plenty of ball 2 b played

      • Stop Hating Bulls-n-Heat says:

        Old School you are so right at least one person in here actually knows and seem to have played basketball other then on video games. The Heat have just got together as a team and they need a PG and C to compliment them. I would start Chalmers for now til they can find an better replacement. He is a better defensive player. I would also look at Erik Dampier or try to trade for Jakim Noah or somebody. As far as point guards we need someone who can keep the tempo and defend.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        @ olschool gotta disagree with you on that buddy. When you were a superstar like lebron, When you have all this hype that you have not earned like lebron did, it does matter how you win your championships. He has been compared to real great players like JORDAN and KOBE. You dont run away and leave your city and team that had your back to join another superstars team. That is just a straight out punk move.

      • Kat-Tee says:

        OLSCHOOL your spot on!

      • Heat an Mavs Remacth says:

        how can you say that kobe got 3 superstars two nobodys talkin anout when kobe was cryin to get tradeed are they ? like they said NOBODY did it buy there self did kobe , Jordan , Magic , Brid no they all had at least 3 hall of famers kobe in them better be scared cuz kobe gonna get punt on a poster cuz this year he cant hide behind ron artest to stick the best player he gonna have to d up like melo in d wade in the KING do now put that in your pipe in smoke it

    • Cavs Fan says:

      I honestly mean no offense to the Miami fan base, but everyone knows that the majority of Heat fans are fair-weather fans at best. That’s not to say that there aren’t die-hard Heat fans, but come on, we’ve all seen the empty seats at marquee home games. They couldn’t even sellout their play-off games during their championship run in ’06.

      Anyways, throughout Lebron’s career people have praised him for making his teammates better, but after watching him for 7 years I have to somewhat disagree. Lebron dominates the floor/ball so much that his teammates get pigeon-holed into only utilizing one part of their game, so when the time comes for them to step up they’re not ready. People have been saying Lebron needs a sidekick to win, but even if he had Pippen in his prime, Lebron’s style of play would have relegated Pippen to being a spot-up three shooter… just like Mo Williams, Boobie Gibson, Jamison, etc.

      For all of those years I had to listen to people say that Cleveland was Lebron plus a bunch of scrubs, which wasn’t true. Granted they weren’t the ’96 Bulls, but we always had good complimentary pieces around Lebron, and we certainly had a wealth of spot-up shooters to play off of him. Last year alone we had three of the top ten three point shooters in the entire league. The reason we could never pull it together is what Lebosh Wade eluded to, we couldn’t play team ball… and the failure to do so rests upon Lebron and Mike Brown. Lebron dominates playing streetball, and Mike Brown never had control of Lebron and he never developed a team oriented offensive system. And it’s the same in Miami. Spoelstra doesn’t have an offensive system that can utilize the immense amount of talent on their team. Plus, they don’t have a true point guard to run the offense anyways.

      There’s no denying that Lebron and Wade are incredible athletes and players, but I don’t see them winning a title with their current coach, current roster, and current individual playing styles. And it’s gonna be even more difficult to bring in a quality PG or Big Man when the they lower the cap with the new CBA.

      • KJ-B says:

        Amen Brother.

      • Gary says:

        Amen again. Their style and lack of the someone truly taking charge is hurting them.

      • olschool says:


      • Donald says:

        I’m OLD SCHOOL, myself. So when people make inane comment I can usually tell if they have ever played before. Not that you need to have played to comment but, it helps. Every time someone mentions LeBron you lovers of man not team have to mention Kobe! Well, let me tell you something: no one in history won a championship by themselves! Not even Wilt Chamberlain who scored 100pts. Kobe has all kinds of help on the Lakers and if you ask me Gasol is the total key to that teams success. The Cavs won the most regular season games 2 years in a row for 1 reason: LeBron James. The Cavs won’t win the most this season. And just so you know it a reason why Boston won so many championships with Bill Russell and Wilt didn’t: Bill Russell had the better TEAM!!!! Wilt was the best player and he wanted the media to acknowledge it. They never would. LeBron is the games best player now – sorry Kobe

    • KK says:

      Totally agree that no matter where James goes, the team is becoming “Cleveland Team”. I’ve seen the way Heat plays. Everybody is clearing the path, watching James or Wade one-on-one. Basketball is a team game, its suppose to be five on five.

      • So True says:

        I totally agree with Cavs Fan. And that’s the main reason LeBron can’t win a championship. And he didn’t made his teammates better. Which is opposite of Kobe. People may think that Pau Gasol is just a great sidekick. But Kobe did made Gasol better. Way much better than when Pau Gasol that play for Memphis. That’s why Pau is now the best power forward in the game. And people are not giving Kobe the credit that he deserve. People rather give that kind of credit to the selfish, stats-accumulating, streetball playing LeBron.

      • Michel says:


        You are 100% right about wath u said.
        Finally ppl start realizing wat Lebron does or better said, not does.
        He had a great team in Cleveland, he just didnt make them better.
        Why? Because he didnt give them a change to play their game for a while.
        It already starts with rebounding.
        Whenever he could he would grab the rebounds away from his teammates.
        Whenever another player has the ball, all he does is look for lebron, no matter, how bad he is beeing defended. and they wouldnt look for another option.
        Their is and was no ballmovement involved in the game (when lebron is in the game) . And dats why they cant involve their game to new hights.
        Because other players wont be ready come playoff time or stepping-up-time.
        And who gets the blame? The role-players.
        “Just not good enough”, “Lebron doesnt have any help”,
        Look at the Heat on Paper and you have great players, James Jones, one of the best 3p shooters right now.
        Haslem, great rebounder, the derek fisher type of guy for the heat. also arroyo could be really good, but he cannot play his natural position because of a certain guy.
        Eddie House was a monster in boston. Now, he is ok.
        Big Z is still really good, would be a great backup center, if he was on the lakers for example.Why? because, the lakers share the ball all the time.
        Yesterdays game: Lakers assists: 24
        2 players.: 4
        4 Players: 3
        1 Player: 2
        2 Players: 1
        1 Player: 0 (ratliff)
        With the heat, he is an OK Player.

      • boston4ever says:

        AMEN! watching the Heat’s play style right now is like watching the Cav’s play style during the James era. Given that Riley got all this talent in one team is an accomplishment but for them to everlook on who’s going to run the plays on the court is going to be the Heat’s reason for not getting a ring this year.
        If the Heat continues on with the same roster and the same style after all-star weekend….I don’t even think they will be able to advance to the conference finals. Im not saying this because Im a Boston fan. If for some miracle that they do advance to the finals….Lakers will have a sure 3peat.

      • Donald says:

        You never played – I can tell! Not one the big stage, mind you. You know why: Because you post a quality that Kobe has NEVER possessed: making players better. I bet…I said I will bet you that you can not name the career numbers for Kobe Bryant. Kobe unlike the best over-all guard to ever play for the Lakers, MAGIC JOHNSON, had no intention of deferring his game for the betterment of the team. Not that Kobe is not a great player but, great SCORER would be closer to the truth.

  246. Law064 says:

    I have to agree 1 and 2 halfs can’t do it all. 72 games lol what a joke. Heat fans bear with the heat they will still be great on paper!!! The blew a 22 point lead and not to mention D Will was fould out by OT. I hope all this hype has been worth it the really need a big man and a PG plus a bench Haslim is the only hope of the heat bench.

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      Its great to see people have finally woke up and realize this team aint what its all hyped up to be. It take a team to go all the way, not three guys. The heat need a coach with championship experience, a better point guard and better centers. Until they fix these problems, they will only be a good team on paper!!

      • olschool says:

        i just want give u a point of loyalty without rings ala REGGIE MILLER, PATRICK EWING. They stayed n never won. itz all bout the bling baby. once u retire nobody cares if u stayed on the same team. just wanna how many rings ya got. LOL. i feel what u sayin but if KOBE would not gotten traded on draft nite he would have left the hornets a long time ago. i m sure u know this is a true statement. but comparing LA to the CAVS isnt even fair comparison. what did each of them( KOBE N MJ) have in common=PHIL JACKSON. HOW MANY RINGS DO PHIL HAVE. NOW ADD UP JORDAN RINGS N KOBE RINGS AND IT EQUALS PHIL JACKSON. NICE TRY THO.

      • Gates says:

        ITS BEEN 8 GAMES !!!!!!!! Is everyone serious right now. They already played Orlando, Boston ( power houses ) and Utah and the Hornets are good teams too. What do you expect them to be doing right now? I agree that the utah game was a bad preformance in the 2nd half but other then that everything is goin to be fine with this team. Yeah the lakers are like 8-0 but go look up the teams theyve played !! Its been ALOT of terrible teams.

  247. thegreatest says:

    haha.. I agree with you lebosh…enough said

  248. Lebosh Wade says:

    Win or lose, they are not playing like a team. Two and half men can’t fill 5 holes. Such a waste considering leaving two cities in mess and one city insane.

    • orrin says:

      bosh is a joke wade is just a scorer with no defensive talent and lebron is to much of awimp to play the basket ball they need

      • rob says:

        ermm… sorry to burst your little bubble.. D-WADE CAME INTO THE LEAUGE PRIMARILY AS A DEFENDER.. AND IS REGARDED AS ONE OF THE BEST DEFENDERS IN THE LEAGUE. the other comment is right – they’re not playing as a team, but you can’t actually deny both lebron and wades defensive ability..

      • joking says:

        wade has no defense? are you serious?

      • KJ-B says:

        Unfortunately, by the end of the game I was cheering for the Jazz to win for the sake of the NBA and balanced basketball –“making the Basketball play”–. Not sure what, James/Wade were thinking but they made things way more difficult for themselves by going into “All Star” mode over & over again where they’d exchang/combine/trade big play attempted after big play attempted, when the best play of the night by far was the post feed to Bosh and Wade rubbing off on a cut to the basket a la Kings, and or James cutting off Bosh and either finishing/setting up another open teammate–which leads me to my major point


        Name me another big man or four in the league who could immediately average career numbers while playing with two of the most gifted players in this era of hoops worldwide –IT AINT EASY–

        Unfortunately, this speaks to the inept ability of Spoelstra to reign in Wade/James from going AWOL from the playbook, if there even is one at this point… I don’t understand it ANYONE FROM THE Y/HIGH SCHOOL/COLLEGE/PICK UP/NBA (PROFESSIONAL) EVERYBODY WHO’S PLAYED BALL KNOWS: You have to go back at the guy on his turn on defense that’s lighting your team up outta the sky!!! The only way to have slowed down Millsap was to make him play D on Bosh–THE ONLY WAY!!!

        My question is, why on earth was he sooooo fresh at the end of the game and have legs to even make those treys?! He shouldda been in foul trouble, he should been banged on in the POST–but nooooo LEBRON you had to get your triple double on and DWade you ARE as gifted a scorer as they come = L.

        No matter how talented you are, you have to play by the fundamentals of the game fellas–have you ever heard of KOBE??? He does his killing in the 4th quarter ( Their closer was Carlos Arroyo–Cmon Man!!!)… ERIK SPOELSTRA YOU ARE NOT WORTHY OF THIS TALENT: Please step aside and let the boss man Riley coach these like only he and a few other basketball minds in HIStory have been capable to do… Bosh was not even looked at in OT -not even given a free throw attempt at the end of the game when his ft% is highest among the starters –The Craziness must End for the sake of HIStory.

        RILEY! RILEY!! RILEY!!!

      • orrin says:

        well if wades a defender how come he cant stop any of the top guys int he league at his position? show me a time when wade actually did something on defense besides fail

      • It's gonna be Lakers vs Celtics in the finals again says:

        Bosh isn’t a joke. I’ve said it all along: Heat have way to much individual talent. The heat simply aren’t getting everybody involved. Especially Chris Bosh. One Night Wade will get 40 or Lebron will get 40 but no one else gets close to that. Lebron got a triple double but he has the ball in his hands way to much if he manages to get 10 or more assists and shoot 5 for 20.

      • John says:

        KJB, I agree with your statement of making Millsap play defense, but he probably still woulda been fresh at the end of the game. Bosh has no post game, he is not physical at all. He is what Pau Gasol was in Memphis and still is to some degree, a finess power forward. Instead of posting up Millsap he would have stepped back and shot the jumper. The Heat’s problems are simple: point gaurd play and inside presence. They need a point gaurd who just wants to play defense and dish the ball ala Rondo, J Kidd, or Steve Nash (minus the defense lol). Someone one who could care less about going scoreless and would only be there to run the offense. Then LeBron and Wade don’t have to woory about being too unselfish because they have someone to do that for them. Then in the low post, they need Bosh to change his mentality. Watching him play, he is trying to prove he can hang with D-WAde and Lebron and still average 20-25 points a game. He needs to focus on the defense and rebounding. For this team to excell he needs to be a 10 and 20 kinda guy. Think Ben Wallace in Detroit when they won. He redounded, he played defense, don’t you think he would have loved to score more? I’m sure, but what was best for the team was what he provided in the low post. If he can start putting as much effort into rebounding as he does working on his jumper, things would turn around quickly. He said he was willing to make sacrafices, and so far I havn’t seen that. Yeah, the scoring is down but thats because he doesn’t get as many shots. His rebounds should be through the roof, theres really no one on the team to challenge him in that category.

      • Rodriguez says:

        Sorry to intrerupt , but have you seen how they played against the magic. That time they were playing together. Also, Chris Bosh can score mid range and defend, Dwyane Wade can shoot the shots at a tight game. He can block shots deadly crossover and pass also shoot the three. D wade is my favorite player. Lebron can pass and is like magic johnson he passes good and can shoot and help teamates get good shots. in the game against Utah the fourth quarter they had mis communication, They had good communication when the heat went against the magic. Look at the replay of the mheat vs magic game.

        Go d wade!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Odogg says:

      Straight up I’m not a LeBron fan. Both he and Wade are good defensive players. But the Heat are playing goo for the whole duration of a game, like last night against Paul Milsap and the Jazz. In order for Heat to be successful they have play solid “D” through all 4 quarters. Because they should be a running team , getting the ball off a rebound or turn overs then getting on the break where LeBron and D Wade are at their best. Bron should be leading the break with Wade and Bosh or maybe even Jones on the wings. At times the Heat looks stagnant, a lot like the old Cavs.

      • Odogg says:

        Heat need to pick up some size because If they don’t they definitely are going to have some problems there. Some big guys will help there defense and rebounding for sure.

      • olschool says:


    • R4 says:

      Trade bosh to phoenix for Nash and Lopez. Bosh will be gone by x mas. I guess the grass is not greener on the other side. Especially when your overrated being my favourite team Toronto Raptors. You got your points because know one else could at the time. So where will Bosh land??? That’s the big question in Toronto… I love seeing bosh fail because it makes my day that much better. I need to get that off my chest…

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        They can trade bosh to phoenix for nash. But that does not solve the center position problem. Like ive said, until the heat do something about their point guard and center positions, the aint winning nothing!!

      • KJ-B says:

        STOP THE HATING ALREADY TORONTO NEEDS TO WORRY ABOUT IT’S PROBLEMS!!! You Haters are so sickening to me–you talk all big and by Christmas Day you’ll be buy this Jerseys when you see them start coming together… I’m from T-DOT and you don’t speak for us…

        I just wanna see the great ball of the 80’s with the super stacked teams on either coast going at in Finals year after year whether it was Boston, LA, Detroit and even Philly!!!

        STOP THE HATE AND APPRECIATE!!! This is why people make fun of Canadians because of goofy statements like this–you gonna blow up a Hall of Fame team after 8 games that didn’t have a preseason together… The only thing they need to change is Spoelstra–he was not born for this….

        WHERE’S RILEY @?

      • KJ-B says:

        I think I need spell check after that last rant because I can hardly think/type straight with all the stupidity coming out of the woodwork–I thought the freaks came out at night???

        So many of these posters, have some mental issues in that they desperately want to be in the positions of these athletes making the money and acquiring the fame that they have. So the first time that they don’t perform up to the often impossible entertainment standards that they set for them they jump off the bandwagon and join the firing squad…

        WHATEVER, HATERS NEVER PROSPER!!! ((Didn’t the Celtics fully struggle before cleaning up in the playoffs; didn’t Houston win without home court advantage; what about the NY Giants winning every game on the road and then beat the 18-0 Patriots))

        History will be history and at the end of the day, these guys have the chance to go down as one of the best groups ever assembled regardless of your bloggin’ opinions!!!!!!!!!!

      • R4 says:

        Funny thing is I see where basketball is heading and it no where nice. If you allow teams to stack up and have many all stars on a team then you hurt the small market teams. First of all, I bet you come from some rich area in Toronto. Second of all, If you knew anything about business you would know that sports has nothing to do with fun, its all about money. MLB are doing exactly the same thing your preaching about by stack piling teams and leaving other teams to burn. I believe having a competitive nba where you can never tell me the finals by just talking about 5 teams every year. That’s why NFL make money because they understand business. Why let the Colt, Patriot, Cowboys win every year when you could have a different team each year. Every year is the same old teams in the nba finals, that era is finish and its time to allow small market teams to win it. Look at the Saints who win the superbowl last year. Small Market none the less that had the big audience ever in the televise superbowl. Take a page from NFL and realise that allowing this nonsense to carry on could only lead to one thing and that bad rating on night the big dogg are not playing. Prime example is the Heat last night that could sell out their own arena.

    • R4 says:

      Other thing is how pathetic it was to watch a game on national television that had empty seats. Everyone talks about how much good the Heats are going to be for nba but how about in Miami where they can’t have a sell out season after getting that type of talent. Even in a Hockey town like Toronto it would of had sold out every single game before the season started. Miami is not a basketball town and for their fans stop trying to hype. You know you rather be at a Dolphin game instead.

    • Red Army says:

      All you guys hatin are makin ridiculous comments. They have played 8 games together and you are treating them like they should have EVERYTHING figured out 100%. LMAO What absurd statements to make. But thats life huh? They are under such a microscope, because they are THAT DAM GOOD LOL. If they weren’t would you haters even bother? NOPE. Why dont you guys get a life and wait til at the very least after the All-Star break until we start breakin them down like they aint *hit. R I D I C U L O U S.

      • Kat-Tee says:


      • OJ says:

        Whats ridiculous is when this circus, being the miami heat team was formed people took the title from the lakers and handed it to these chumps and they hadnt played a game yet. This team is ok, at best. But their flaws are being exposed evertime the face a contender. This team is joyful to watch, but otherwise a joke.

    • Tru Diva says:

      I agree. The team is not a cohesive unit at all. I expected a little more from the team. I didn’t expect them to go undefeated or anything but to watch them play is a let down. The team has yet to actually “show up” and play ball.

    • Raphiel says:

      Is the Lebron problem not the point. We have a good Point Guard, just need the ball in his hand. Freak

    • Buster says:

      I’m agree with Raphiel.

      Just Lebron has to Learn play for a team and not for himself. Carlos Arroyo is a great PG but SPO do not have ofensive play’s can envolve all 5 players . It’s a Bron Problem because he want the point.