Blogtable: Who can stop the Lakers?

Each week, we’ll ask our stable of scribes to weigh in on the five most important NBA topics of the day — and then give you a chance to step on the scale, too, in the comments below.

It’s a long season, we know. But who is going to stop the Lakers?

Steve Aschburner: Andrew Bynum could stop the Lakers if, the next time he gets hurt, he falls on Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom, taking both of them with him to the trainer’s room. Larry David certainly could stop the Lakers if he sticks his legs out again from a “Nicholson” seat near the L.A. bench and, instead of Shaq this time, trips Kobe Bryant in some injury-inducing way. But beyond that, no one person or no one team will stop the Lakers, en route to a 69-13 finish, from sending Phil Jackson off with the fourth three-peat of his coaching career.

Fran Blinebury: Kobe‘s knee. Bynum‘s knee.  Maybe Artest‘s knee if he trips and falls while getting up from his psychiatrist’s couch.

Art Garcia: Boredom. Short of Kobe Bryant deciding to try his hand at baseball or Phil Jackson taking a two-month Jackson Hole sabbatical, there’s no slowing this train. Never has a two-time champ had a bigger chip on its shoulder. Way to go, Miami.

Scott Howard-Cooper:  No one in the West, other than the Lakers themselves. But the Heat will only get better. And the Celtics will refuse to go away. And someone will undoubtedly make a big trade before the February deadline. L.A. is the obvious favorite, not to mention my pick in the first place. There is still a lot of earning to be done, though.

Shaun Powell: This could be the strongest team of the Kobe era. Yes, even more than those teams with Shaq. Pau Gasol is off to a superb start. Love what Matt Barnes and Steve Blake add, while Shannon Brown is bringing it from the bench. At a pedestrian 23 points per game, Kobe is just biding his time until the spring. Same for Andrew Bynum, but for altogether different reasons.

John Schuhmann: In the East, you have the same three contenders as you had going in: Boston, Miami and Orlando. In the West, I really like what I’ve seen from Dallas. Defensively, I think they’ve taken a step forward with Tyson Chandler replacing Erick Dampier. If their offense can come around, they’ll be a stronger foe than we thought the Lakers would have in their conference.

Sekou Smith: Stop the Lakers from doing what, running over helpless opponents who should be taking their shots at them while Andrew Bynum recovers from his latest knee injury? No one and no team is going to stop the Lakers, at least not anytime before June. The Lakers have the best balance of elite talent, coaching, veteran experience, motivation and leadership that I’ve seen since … no sense in jinxing these cats with some lame reference to the 72-win Bulls. But they have that look about them.


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  2. gimmebaby says:

    the SPURS are gonna wit it all this year. noticed, when ginobili is healthy, the lakers, even the celtics are having a hard time stopping him? thus, it makes the spur’s shooters open all night long. add to that, parker is now becoming 08-09 parker again..

    Go! spurs! go!

    • gimmebaby says:

      the SPURS are gonna win it all this year. noticed, when ginobili is healthy, the lakers, even the celtics are having a hard time stopping him? thus, it makes the spur’s shooters open all night long. add to that, parker is now becoming 08-09 parker again..

      Go! spurs! go!

  3. DBBJ says:

    I just got one thing to say, lets just wait till april and june, and then we’ll have this conversation. dont y’all remember that last year the CAVS had the best record in the regular season? and what did that mean? it didnt mean anything ’cause they didnt win the championship. dont y’all remember that the celtics didnt have a great regular season, but nobody could stop them in the playoff, only the lakers?
    at the end of the day, the only thing that matters from the regular season in the playoff is the home court advantage.
    so, lets just wait and see, just sit back and enjoy the regular season

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  5. raymon says:

    if my team (the celtics) dont beat them, then they sadly win another championship

  6. bataraza24 says:

    relax guys…just wait until regular season finished…i think kb24 team still on top in the west =) and hopefully in the NBA.

    kb24 4ever…bye bye mj =)
    bataraza, palawan, philippines

    • Airness says:

      Why bye bye MJ! Excuse yourself. MJ is the definition of basketball. You can’t separate MJ from basketball your KB24 maybe. So get real and wake up!

  7. Law064 says:

    Lakeshow 4 ever has some sense but 85% won’t beat Boston sorry. The Lakers will take the West I don’t see any other team except NO right now that can compete with them. LA fans don’t get your hopes up it’s a long road to the finals.

  8. LakeShow 4 Ever! says:

    Who can stop the Lakers? Well the only team that I can see doing so is themselves. The post season is theirs for taking. But even though I am Laker fan since rookie Magic Johnson….I will not hand them the trophy just yet just because you never know what can happen. But simply put, when the Lakers are firing at 85% there is not a team that can handle them. That is a scary thing because yes the Lakers are better then last years team. The Lakers are not a full strength. And Kobe has yet to find his shooting rythm. But he has now become the player that is making his teammates that much better.

    Miami on paper looks good. However, they will not see a championship for at least another 2-3 years. Boston may get another one before Miami does pending Rondo stays put. For the East…who can stop him. You can never count Boston out regardless of record. Any real Laker fan knows that.

    So let me put it like this. I can see the final four being this:

    West Finals:
    Lakers vs. Thunders

    East Finals:
    Boston vs. Miami

    Now guess who my final two would be? Let’s get ready for round 3….Lakers vs. Boston!

  9. jj says:


  10. gelu says:

    Only the Celts have a decent shot against the lakers this year. As much as i favor the Lakers it could be nice seeing a Celtic “last stand” team wining in 7 games.

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  12. danny says:

    As a laker fan, i have to admit they’ve had an easy schedule so far. They should be undefeated at this point because they still haven’t faced the great teams of the league. The Lakers do have weaknesses that can be exposed, but on the contrary, we can’t really say this is the best they can play. They will continue to get better and will ramp it up once the playoffs start, health permitting. We still can’t compare this team to the 72-win bulls, it’s way too early for that. I like the way the team has been playing overall. Their defense can be better(and their rebounding, too), but it’s fun to watch them move the ball around and play team ball. Pau, Kobe, and Lamar have been playing like the all-stars that they are. The three of them have been equally impressive, Pau down low, Lamar rebounding and scoring, and Kobe leading this team. Kobe should try playing more like he did against the Kings at Sacramento, where he had a triple-double. He was fresh that game, and played dominantly and unselfishly. Kobe needs to set the tone and start off the ball movement, his team plays best when he shows confidence in his teammates and spreads the wealth.

    • Mr. B says:

      Hey Danny, stop talking about beating the ‘other’ great teams. There are no other great teams. Only the Lakers are a great team. We have a few good teams but I count only 4 or maybe 5. Please stop thinking like so many that don’t really know the game. All you hear about is Boston, Miami, Orlando. But you also have Dallas, maybe Oklahoma, Denver, Utah, the Spurs, and they’re are others.

      You also need to stop talking about the Bulls record. That was a different time with a lot of weak teams. They did not have the teams we have now and would not be able to do so in these times.

      • Airness says:

        Hey Mr. B! you said Bulls opponents in 90’s were weak that’s why they got 72 wins?! Are you for THINKING?. What will you answer if I say: The Lakers just stayed undefeated as for now because their opponents were also WEAK. The team they had beaten were not the teams like the Celtics, Heat or the Magic. Or shall I say if the BULLS of 90’s are here today they could stay undefeated also or even can beat your Lakers. The next time Mr. B, do not assume nor presume when you can not quantify things. It’s you who said they’re in DIFFERENT era. So how can you say your Lakers is better. You sound ignorant when you say so.

      • Law064 says:

        Mr. B your a moron the bulls era was more tougher than now. The ref’s then didn’t blow whistles until a player was wiped clean out of the air. The calls now are touch fouls. 72-10 bulls era had more competition. The LA Losers had an easy road so far. even if they win 72 or more games they will not be better than the bulls and Kobe will never be better than Mike keep dreaming. Who have the Lakers played that can go all the way?? The Lakers are not a great team Idiot NO has beat good teams unlike the Lakers so to say there is no great teams other than the lakers your high off crack cocaine or heroin

  13. Drew says:

    Sure, the Lakers are the favorites to win the title, but don’t get ahead of yourself. The season is only 10% of the way done, the war is not won yet. Don’t forget, there’s still another unbeaten team vying for the West’s top seed…. who has also beaten 6 playoff teams from last year in their 7 win, including the big 3. Don’t overlook the Hornets, they’re for real.

    • Mr. B says:

      They are a good team, not a great team. Please remember in order to win it all you have to beat a team 4 times in a seven game series. Can you honestly say that you can see the Hornets beat the Lakers in a series?

      • Law064 says:

        Can LA beat NO is the question. The Hornets have beaten good teams not sub par teams such as the lakers. The lakers have not proven anything yet. They have started strong but look at theire opponents not top tier teams. Portland is not healthy and the suns are not the same as last year. The Suns will be lucky to get the 8th seed this year

  14. austin says:

    hey jake berlin man. nobody is gunna take out kobe did you see how he handles a gun in that call of duty commercial?

  15. Tenki says:

    Personally, I thought the Lakers did a good job this offseason by having additional key players to their three-peat puzzle, having Barnes, Ratliff, and Blake with two fresh young legs in Caracter and Ebanks. They have taken away the hype in South Beach, garnering attention for themselves this season by having a great start. A few more good teams should be on their waiting-to-be-victims list, and they are off to a ridiculous season now.

    I am not a hardcore Laker fan, but this is what basketball is all about. LA is not relying too much on Bryant, who is trusting his teammates just as much he trusts himself with the ball on their hands. Pau Gasol is having a great start, Ron Artest is more confident in his shots, the newbies in their roster are doing what Phil Jackson is expecting them to do, and Andrew Bynum resting his injured leg makes the defending champions a hell lot scarier than most people think of them. In fact, I think that when Bynum is healthy and ready to play, he might be a liability on the court, as it may disrupt the team chemistry. Laker fans should be celebrating just as much as Miami did when Miami landed their Big Three to play together. The way things are going for the champs, the only team that could stop them is the team that Jerry Buss owns.

    I watch basketball because I want to witness the greatest teams play at the highest level, like the Showtime Lakers in the 80’s the UnstoppaBulls in the 90’s and now, the seemingly improbable 2011 champions in the Lakers. Oh, did I mention the Beantown Champions with Larry Bird, McHale and Parish?

  16. bulls2314 says:

    kobe is overrated they wont 3peat

  17. Jake Berlin says:

    Jake Berlin you are a lakers fan i know who you happen sat? you stayed home?

  18. snow flake says:

    the only people that can stop the lakers are themselves getting injured. ps dont get injured for the playoffs lakers, its not hard to stretch and play cautiously.

  19. Moe says:

    Andrew is resting and healing when he comes back, i don`t think any team will be able to match with the Lakers, the squad looks too good and the bench is very good, plus, only a bad night can be a defeat to Lakers, sorry Jordan Kobe will twice three-peat, like you did and he might four-peat if the teams does not improve. Go Lakers

  20. Jon says:

    First of all the Hornets, like ATL, will eventually come back down to size. CP3 (the best PG in the league) can only carry them for so long. Emeka is too inconsistent. Hornet will finish with no more than 52 wins. Back to the Lakers. 3-peat is inevitable. They have already destroyed quality teams such as Portland and Phoenix. FYI, the Lakers have not been able to beat Portland in recent years due to mismatches. Now, they are so deep they treated Portland like a bunch of chumps. The Lakers can play big or small now. This Lakers squad is possibly the deepest and most talented of all time. 70 wins is possible but 66-68 more likely.

    • Law064 says:

      Portland is not 100% The suns are not a great team how can you mention these 2 teams?? Portland can beat LA if healthy the suns can’t beat LA point blank No Amare just Robin Lopez give me a break.

  21. josimar says:

    gramps will put people on the borad

  22. josimar says:

    LeBron= over rated
    wade= sort of good
    bosh= pure F@*! garbage
    KOBE=the best play in the NBA since mj retired
    right now duse to current form until froven all i got to say the La Lakers the best team in the nba until i see other wise
    kobe 20+plus points ever game
    La Lakers 9-0 stats say it all so all who say the play no good teams in a leauge like the NBA the best basket ball leauge in the world all the team good who knew thunder could of taken la all the way last play offs people just blind to the face the team got a good depth an better than last season an when Andrew get back the paint an boards going to be all la plus an defence wise they more deep now that they got barns

  23. AAA says:

    The only thing the Lakers could do better is to sign Erick Dampier and release Theo “Gramps’ Ratliff.

  24. sam says:

    the lakers HAVE NOT faced any good teams yet, that’s why they’re 8-0.

    the heats HAVE faced good teams, and well they lost a couple!!! so they’re at 5-3.

    it’s too early to decide who’s better, and “WHO’S BETTER DOES NOT GUARANTEE THE RING!!!!”, i’m
    a lakers fan i just think that even though both teams are soooo talented the lakers can FINISH, the heat cannot,

    the heat is still growing and it has PLENTY of time to grow, lakers dont need to grow as much the bench just need
    to stay consistent (lamar odom is playing not at a bench level) and obviously andrew bynum is a big question ??

    so i say lakers are going to win it all

  25. Steve says:

    Wow I love laker haters because you have to be great to aquire haters. I never hear anyone say, “I hate the grizzlies.” or “I hate the clippers.” That being said, I don’t care if the Lakers win 73 games or fifty games;as long as the win the championship. Who can stop the Lakers? Any team in the NBA could possibly beat them on any given night, infact if they play like they did against Minnesota last night, Duke could beat them, but the only team caplable of beating them four times in a seven game series is the Boston Celtics.Boston is angry from losing game seven last year and thats what will motivate them all the way to the finals. Unfortunatly, the motivation stops in the finals because LA is much better than last year and the aquisition of shaq really makes kobe want a sweep over boston in the finals. 2011 NBA Finals LA over Boston in six. Take it to Vegas and get paid people……

  26. juncast says:

    I’ve always heard like a broken record the argument that L.A has not defeated Boston Starting Five in a series. But looking at last championship series between L.A. and Boston, Cedrick Perkins missed the game due to injury midway into the first quarter of game six and entire game seven. Boston starting center, missed 2 games at most.
    On the other hand, when L.A. was beaten by Boston two years ago, Andrew Bynum absence in the entirety of the finals leading to Boston championship was not weighed as the probable cause to Lakers downfall. In that series, not one but starters for the L.A missed the series due to injury. The other one obviously is Trevor Ariza.

    Obviously, Coach Doc Rivers has succeeded spreading the misinformation, though not intended to diminish the victory of L.A. over Boston. But his statement has been oft repeated and taken out context in some respect as if Boston is invincible against the Lakers if the starters are intact and playing.
    L.A won fair and square in 2010 NBA Championship. Boston won the 2008 NBA championship fair and square. No ifs, no buts.

    • Law064 says:

      Fair & square I think very square 2010 was given to LA not because of perkins being out but because the refs had an agenda. Let LA win don’t let nobody touch Kobe or even get close to him. 2010 was the worst officiated post season ever. 2010 LA won but with the help of the refs bottom line. How are the Lakers unstoppable this season. Yes they are 8-0 but they have not played any real contenders so far. The West is very weak and the lakers will run thru them easily. Let’s see what they do against a top tier team

      • Laker fan since "69" says:

        Ok great, another officiating excuse. In 2008, the Lakers were missing Bynum and Ariza (starting Vladimir Radmonovic) and Boston man-handled them. The beat the crap out of the Lakers but the officiating was “fine” and the Lakers were “too soft”. No one gave the Lakers anything last year that having the home court advantage didn’t earn them. What gives Boston fans this entitlement? They had a decent year with aging starters and a poor bench. They played well in the playoffs, got hot at the right time, and couldn’t hang on to a 13 point lead in the 4th quarter and got beat by a better team. For the last time, quit freakin crying.

        Boston is a better team than they were last year and so are the Lakers. Lace ’em up and let’s go. Excuses are like butts. Evereyone has one and they all stink.

  27. Stan says:

    That’s easy—> Team Redemption(Celtics)!!!!!

  28. Charliegone says:

    I think the Lakers this season are actually trying to win all the games they can. I think they understand that last year without homecourt in the Finals they could have lost. Miami and Boston upgrading is playing a big part of this and the Lakers are out to prove they are the best team in the NBA. I predict they will finish with the best record in the league possibly (very small though) matching or close to matching the Bulls 72-10 record. My gut tells me 65+wins around there. The funny part of this all is that Kobe isn’t even 100% yet and they don’t have Bynum back! Don’t be fooled by the schedule, the Lakers are scary good.

  29. Anderly says:

    This team has the potential to win 70 games. And I don’t think complacency is going to set in. I mean Phil and Kobe won’t let that happen. And if they win 70 games the media who so badly wants the MVP to Durant will HAVE to give it to Kobe.

  30. jose says:

    i do believe that the Lakers will repeat once again as champions. The only thing that I DONT LIKE ABOUT THE LAKERS IN WHICH SOME MAY AGREE WITH ME IS ANDREW BYNUM. ANDREW BYNUM SUCKS. His a bust. His only good because his with the Lakers. He knows his a bust. I would say trade BYNUM for another power froward or center. Especially a center. Laker for life n BYNUM hater for life. Sweet. Holla if you hear me. I know for sure that Bynum will get injured again.

  31. NBA FANATIC says:

    I Agree Zzanzabar 100 percent . their alot of hungry teams . but there is no other deeper team besides the celtics .i find the celts more hungrier than any team . the heat will make noise but i dont think they will beat boston in a 7 game series this year. hmmm unless the the three superstars really get it together and probably clinch homecourt but BOS n LA hae what they really dont have yet and that is full team chemistry and that playoff leadership . Lakers got better every year after they loss to celts in 08 and the celts are even deeper than ever once they get healthy which will be by playoff time . my predictions . LA at this pace can go 69 – 13 maybe 70 – 12 but realistically im gonna say LA finish with best record at 68-16 . then Celts at 63 – 19 then heat at 60 – 22 following Orl at 58-24
    last outta top five can either be Dallas at 55 – 27 or hawks at 54 – 28 . lakers vs celts repeat finals and this one will be another dogfight . LA 4 – 2 . the reason i say that is bcuz i believe that Lakers will have homecourt and they will win the first two games and win one in bos outta the 3 straight that wil be played their . then close it out in LA for another 3 peat . .. if you read my opinion i would like your reply and your predictions

    • Mike says:

      I think will be a LAL vs BOS on the finals, and the output is hard to predict we need to see the health first, if LAL got to the finals with bynum leass than 100% is going to be hard to beat BOS front line, and same for BOS, if they get hurt one of their big men and LAL 100% will be easier for lakers to repeat, that´s why i´m praying to both teams get healthy on the finals, and finally see who´s better. and yeah jose maybe bynum is not a superstar but he is strong on defense, so we don´t need more offense we have tons of that, we need him on defense, so please let me know which center on the league play a better defense than Bynum (besides Howard of course)

  32. LOSeven says:

    Lakers picking up where they left off last season and even stronger. 8-0 record, At the moment, I really don’t think there is a team that can stop the Lakers. New Orleans? NAh. Not for real! Trade rumors still floating around for CP3. Spurs? Stop! Dallas? Not close! Going east, Boston is still strong, and Miami will eventually get rid of their confusions and start bonding in together better. But all said, LAKERS season record 74-8 . . three peat . . Lets Do This

  33. Jon Torres says:

    The spurs? Really? Laughing out loud. Duncan, at this stage in his career, could not possibly contain the
    best forward in the league, pau gasol. Double team Gasol, he will make the right pass 95% of the time. I don’t even
    want to mention his tremendous skill playing the post, or his silky-smooth jump shot from anywhere inside the three-point line. Guy is unstoppable. Oh, and then there is Kobe. Sure he might be at the latter stage of his career, but he showed us at the end of the firs-half of the wolves game that he is still very capable of scoring at will, if he so chooses, or the team needs him to. Lamar odom is having, I think, the best season of his career, so far. Lakers clog the paint, and dominate the boards. Three-point shooting is phenomonal this year. Shannon Brown is coming of age. Blake is stroking it from beyond the arc, and making good decisions with the ball. Matt Barnes is capable of coming off the bench and, while oftentimes quietly, contributing 10 points with 5 rebouds, and enough hustle plays and effort to provide that extra boost benches need deep in the playoffs. Lakers will win the NBA finals, again. I think they will tie or break the Bulls record from years ago, but likely they will fall a little short of that mark. Andrew Bynum is not a neccessary component for the Lakers to win the title. The chemistry right now is good enough. The only team I really see posing a threat to L. A if Bynum is not around is Boston, mainly because they are big and skilled inside. With that said, their skill and size in the post is not enough to stop L.A. Garnetts production at the end of the season will not be enough to get it done, and Perkins and Big Baby will not have the answers neither. L.A 75-7.

  34. Sunny says:

    Lakers are clearly the best team in the NBA….I find it amusing that some of you would argue that.
    Specially after 6 acclaimed NBA writers just told you otherwise…

    I look forward to your excuses in June

    • Zzanzabar says:

      Why wait? You know they are going to sound something like this:

      The REFS cheated the_________out of the title! (you fill in your team).
      David Stern fixed it so the Lakers would win!
      If_________wasn’t hurt we would have won that series (again you fill in the name)
      The Lakers are just lucky, if it wasn’t for that lucky 3 pointer in game_____, we would have WON!
      The SUN was in my teams eyes!

      Pick one, you KNOW you are going to hear one or more.

    • Hornets#1 says:

      June wil be the day HORNETS shock the world…Im not saying lakers suck but got to give it to my UNDEFEATED team Go HORNETS

    • sam says:

      no way, their best player is a lanky seven footer that can’t post up to a real center and they have Kobe (the most overrated player of the past decade) shooting around 30% every night, only weakening their team. Plus they are like the oldest team in the league, in the next 4 years practically the whole team will retire and leave the Lakers nothing!

      the pacers are going to take the league by storm this season, you’ll see, the championship is going to be ours in june baby!

      • sam says:


        my comment above was a JOKE, some people really do sound like this and I just wanted to mock them with a comment!

        the funniest thing is…. someone right below me wrote a comment just like it but with the Hornets LOL

        Kobe = second best player of all time.
        Pau = top 3 big man right now.
        Lakers = undisputed best team in the world right now.

  35. Joshua Remo says:

    be realistic, Lakers have the strongest line-up. I don’t know about a 70+ win season but the Lakers are the team to beat. For ALL opposing teams, it will only get worse when Bynum comes back and the Laker defense will be one of the best in the league. The only team that has a chance to take down the Lakers come playoffs time is Boston.

  36. LeBron fan says:


    1. Kobe

  37. Zzanzabar says:

    Do not look at their current record as a yardstick, that is not what people mean when they say ‘stop the Lakers’. This is a team that is quickly becoming totally comfortable with Jackson’s offense and now even the new additions are being given opportunities to integrate it into their game play. Shannon Brown has finally shaken lose of his doubts, Blake is doing exactly what he was brought in to do, Barnes is still the defensive ‘clean up’ man and even BOTH rookies have added substantial minutes on the hardwood. My God the Lakers have even made Theo Ratliff relevant again, THEO RATLIFF!!

    Kobe no longer need chase that useless MVP award and can rest while Fisher has not one, but TWO quality players behind him to rest his aged body for the playoffs, where he is an assassin. This is the team that others must beat 4 out of 7 times to wrest the title from their hands. A proud group of winners with new bloods that are thirsty for a taste of the promised land. Can anyone name a team that is as deep? I doubt it. Can you find a team that is just as hungry? Sure, they all are. Can anyone stop the Lakers, yep just one challenger has the will and burning desire…the same one the Lakers left crying (literally) in their locker room last year…the Boston Celtics.

    • Zzanzabar says:

      P.S. I didn’t even mention that they will be getting their premier center back into the mix long before the playoffs…Andrew Bynum. OUCH!

  38. LT says:

    Let me get this straight. You have a starting 5 in June of Artest, Bynum, Gasol, Bryant, and Fisher. Later in the game you rotate in Blake, Odom, Barnes, Brown, Ratliff, Walton, and Vujacic. No one gets tired and foul trouble rarely factors in to the game because they are so deep. Role positions are filled and they get the job done. Oh by the way Kobe will sense it come playoff time. If they won a title last year with a weak bench and two key banged up players and now their bench gets better. If they stay relatively major injury free it will be a snowball only getting bigger as it goes down the hill.

  39. Fred says:

    Lets be real. The Lakers are scary! You have the best player in the league in Kobe and the best big man in Gasol. The scary thing is Phil hasent even tried other lineups. Imagine this as your starting five. Kobe,Barnes,Artest,Gasol, Bynum. Kobe playing the 1. Defensively they could hold teams to 70 pts if they wanted. Blake, Barnes, and Odom can start on any team in the league and they are coming off the bench. You can hate or you can face the facts. They are in a league of their own. Peace

  40. Hornets#1 says:

    Dont get too confident about a three peat, you guys do realize your not the only one undefeated right ?

  41. Alex says:

    I’m a Boston fan…and I still think Lakers are favourites to win this season.
    I personally don’t see Miami beating Lakers, too much of a mismatch in the post against Miami.

    I’d love to see Boston win, but I’m still saying it’ll be the Lakers this year.

    • JJAM says:

      I believe your a smat Person Alex. The Lakers will do it again God willing. I think I would be a Celtic fan if it wasnt for certain indiviuals on the Celtic team. Cant stand that Bitch ass Garnett, who likes to pick on weak people, and that fake actor Pierce ( he’s crazy good though!)

  42. BLACK MAMBA #1 says:

    Come on ARE U SERIOUS, ill agree that the Lakers have a relatively easy schedual but the diffrerence is the teams they are beating there blowing out. Its not like there winning by only ten to seven points but like 17 to 21 points. also theyve have played some relatively descent squads such as phoenix and portland so Idk what the hell some of you guys are saying about the Lakers not being a great team. We gonna get that three peat baby no doubt

    • Law064 says:

      The Lakers have played a unhealthy portland. The Suns are not what they used to be. The Lakers almost lost to Toronto and Houston gave the opening game away the Lakers stormed back and the Rockets couldn’t maintain the lead. The Lakers have not played playoff caliber teams. The Nets can be 8-0 if they had this schedule. The Lakers are not going to 3 peat. Bynum is going to always be hurt he’s damaged goods. The East will win the finals this year. The Lakers will be there because the West is very weak this season. Who have the Lakers played? Min, are they a playoff team. Portland is not 100% The Suns don’t have Amare and are not the same as last year. The Lakers will not 3 peat they have a cakewalk schedule. Let’s see if they beat Denver tonight. Denver is not a top tier team They are sub par.

  43. Christo says:

    “Andrew Bynum could stop the Lakers if, the next time he gets hurt, he falls on Pau Gasol and Lamar Odom, taking both of them with him to the trainer’s room.”

    I seriously couldn’t stop laughing at that. I think i might have woken up the neighbors. Funniest thing I’ve ever read about the Lakers this season.

  44. Brandon says:

    There is no doubt about it that the Lakers have only gotten better and are still the favorite for the ship. It’s ridiculous and almost unfair that the Lakers have as much talent and size on their team as they do. If I took a very educated guess I would say that the Lakers will 3 peat but you do have to remember that the Celtics were forgotten last year and then took the Lakers to game seven where they should have won. I say the Celtics still have a great chance at beating the Lakers if their starting five, Garnett, Rondo, Allen, Pierce and Perkins are all healthy. The Lakers have yet to defeat the Celtic’s starting five in a 7 game series.

    • Mike says:


      Yes I´m agree with you LA needs to beat BOSTON starting five, but Remember BOSTON also needs to beat LA starting Five, KB, Pau,Bynum,Fish and Ron, in both finals Bynum wasn´t 100%, so I think this year will be the next battle BOS-LAL, and I hope for the good of the NBA both teams arrived healthy to the finals, could be one of the greatest all time,
      and of course LAL will win it,

      • Donald says:

        Thanks Mike for explaining that to Brandon. I thought Doc Rivers was the only ignorant person with the “starting five” theory. Also, I remember Perkins was on the floor when they were going blown away in game 6. Had he been healthy, who knows? Maybe the LAKERS would’ve blown them out in game seven as well.

      • Donald says:

        My bad, I meant “getting blown away.”

      • JJAM says:

        Agreed, the Boston starting five has not beaten the Lakers starting five. Plus the Lakers starting 5 wasnt healthy in 2008!
        Boston is a great team I have to admit, especially how gracious and smooth they were in the post interviews, however, Doc Rivers should review his facts more closely!

    • Dev says:

      Brandon you been drinking that spiked east coast kool aid brotha…we didn’t even have Bynum in ’08 plus Kobe wasn’t healthy…and we still could’ve won–every game was close except game 6. And last year, Kobe was in even worse condition…and Bynum played but was not healthy…and in game 7, the celtics did everything right and we did everything wrong and STILL won on pure champion guts…ya’ll lucky we didn’t rock your bus on the way out and shoot at it hahahaha

  45. Dylan says:

    Teams i personally think can compete with the Lakers in a playoff series:

    1.Houston. They have done it before, when the odds were apparently overwhelming. Both the Lakers and the Rockets have improved since then. Opening night of the season was a great game, right down to the wire. As stated, the Lakers haven’t really had the hardest schedule so far this year, and the good teams they have played, they haven’y blown em out.

    2. Dallas: Dirk wants it. Bad. Hes playing extremely well and the mavericks are just going to get better and better. Dont count them out yet

    And if they do so happen to make it to the finals, i believe that the Magic, Celtics, and Heat all have a chance of taking down the Lakers. It really all comes down to who wants it more, and i personally think the lakers have had enough winning =)

  46. PDR says:

    What team out West has added the most in the off season? The answer is Not the Lakers or the Mavs but the Spurs with adding Splitter, Anderson and the Neal. Moroever, Jefferson is playing like a real find this year and nearly leading the NBA in FG %. What a bunch of rubbish above – there are 3-4 teams out West that can give the Lakers a run come playoff time in the WC and the Spurs are definetely on the list.
    It is TOO early to proclaim anything yet period.

    • Your Crazy says:

      What are you talking about? In my opinion the Lakers had the second best offseason in the whole league, adding Steve Blake AND Matt Barnes. It’s not about how many people you get, but the quality of those people. The Laker’s picked up exactly what they needed, a true point guard who can defend and a flat out hustle player who’s willing to do the dirty work that can also defend.

      It’s never too early to proclaim anything. I proclaim Laker’s win their 3rd in a row.

  47. Aj says:

    Are you guys serious?
    Look at the teams the Lakers have faced. Look at the teams they face until they meet Miami on Christmas day.
    They’re horrific. HORRIFIC. Okay, maybe they aren’t that bad, but they definitely are not elite teams. They are teams that they should beat, and I would not be surprised if they go undefeated to Christmas day. The hardest team they face is the Jazz/Nuggets. Nuggets are clearly distracted with the Melo situation, and Jazz are still trying to find their groove with Al Jefferson in the mix. Yeah, they faced Golden State which is doing well, but let’s face it: the Warriors are still a relatively bad team (compared to the Lakers, Celtics, Heat, Magic, Mavericks).

    Obviously, the Lakers are gonna win the West. They are not some 7x wins team, though, and they are not as unstoppable as everyone makes it out to be. They have a ridiculously easy schedule, they should be undefeated. Now I’m not saying if they didn’t have an easy schedule they’d be bad, they just wouldn’t be undefeated and they wouldn’t be getting all this overrated hype.

  48. pKone says:

    The Lakers are a very strong team.

    I wouldn’t bet on any team beating them 4 out of 7 games (barring injuries of course!)

    But for upset wins that are not terribly long odds?

    1) The Celtics: They just know how to win and once their injured bigs get on track… 3:1 odds against
    2) The Heat: If they get 4 games where The Big 3 deliver to expectation, they can beat any team… even the Lakers. But they haven’t been delivering 4 games out of 7 have they?? 6:1 odds against (4:1 if they acquire a real point guard)
    3) The Mavs: Have you seen their defense? Can you tell me Dirk doesn’t want it real bad? Finally, can you think of anyone else in the West, besides the struggling Cinderella team OKC? Still…. 10:1 odds against

  49. Jake Berlin says:

    I hate the Lakers. That being said, what are the chances someone could trick Donald Sterling into burning down the Staples Center sometime between now and June? Or maybe Mikhail Prokhorov could hire a hitman from the Russian Mafia to “remove” Kobe Bryant.

    • LAKERS BABY says:

      To answer your question: 0%

      Nothing is going to stop them.

      Their three-peat is inevitable

    • Fausto says:

      Hate?, I’m amazed with people that talk about what they hate so easily, but never talk about what they love and the reasons why. What are you going to hate tomorrow when the Lakers era turns to the end?, Ok, I know, any other succesful team or fashion whatever, Why?, ’cause you hate, and probablyu is the only thing people like you, knows how to do. Loosers, always hate. Good profit then.

    • Big Brother says:

      Lakers are the favorites however one point is if someone makes a comment about any threats it is a felony under U.S. Laws and believe it or not FBI is always looking online for those evil doers. So if you don’t have nothing nice to say about anyone don’t say it sooner or later you will be caught. Go Lakers

  50. Ivan Cionek says:

    Hello guys!
    Being a Lakers fan since 1998 really makes me happy realizing that im thinking what you guys are thinking!
    My only concern regards Andrew Bynum!
    We all know that a big man like that can really make a difference on the Playoffs.
    Its good to write about that today, because we just saw yesterday’s game against the Wolves… Kevin Love with a Career High in boards, having tons of offensive boards as well!
    But still…. we are the Favorites! Three peat, baby!