Rondo With the Game on the Line



For me, it was the most exciting moment of the season to date.

It wasn’t a dunk, a block or a brilliant pass. And it didn’t involve the Miami Heat.

The Celtics were down by two, there were five seconds on the clock and Rajon Rondo was all alone at the 3-point line. None of his teammates was open and the lane was clogged. Rondo had no choice but to take the shot.

Rondo, as brilliant a playmaker as he is, would rather not shoot from beyond 15 feet. He’s now taken five threes this season, and they’ve all come with less than five seconds on the shot or game clock.

Rondo’s jumper is the one flaw in his game and it’s the reason why teams leave him alone on the perimeter. It’s a pick-your-poison situation for opposing coaches though, because soft defense allows him to pick the defense apart with his passing and is the reason he’s averaging 14.8 assists this season.

Through Monday, Rondo is one of only two players who have played at least 100 minutes this season who have more assists than points. He has 29 more assists than points, while the Mavs’ Jason Kidd has 19 more.

The last play in Dallas last night was sagging defense to the extreme, because there was actually no one guarding Rondo (soft or otherwise) as he drifted toward the top of the key. Normally, when a team is up by two on a final possession, they defend the 3-point line aggressively to avoid the worst-case scenario. Here, the Mavs were seemingly happy to put their fate in Rondo’s hands.

From the Celtics’ perspective, it looked like a broken play, but it really wasn’t. Paul Pierce set a screen for Rondo at the elbow in order to get a switch, and the Mavs obliged, with Shawn Marion picking up Rondo and Kidd taking Pierce. At that point, Pierce vacates to the other side and Rondo is isolated with Marion on the right wing. But Marion sags off and Rondo can’t get past him.

By the way, this is an advantage that the Mavs have defensively. They have a versatile wing like Marion who can defend four positions (one through four) and they have Kidd, who is very good at defending big guards and small forwards. So they are able to deal with the 1-3 switch better than any team in the league. They also have a long and athletic five in Tyson Chandler, who can move quickly to help at the rim.

At that point, Ray Allen and Kevin Garnett come toward Rondo to set a staggered screen at the right elbow, and Marion looks to switch onto Allen. But Jason Terry doesn’t want to give Allen any space and stays with the shooter. So no one’s guarding Rondo, but Dirk Nowitzki does a good job of hedging off of Garnett’s screen and cutting off the lane toward the basket.

Rondo then drifts toward the top of the key with Marion still hung up on Allen’s screen. Nowitzki goes back to Garnett, but the lane is now cut off by Pierce (who flashes to the left elbow) and Kidd. Pierce seals Kidd behind him, Marion just drifts toward the basket, and Rondo is left all alone with only one choice.

The result of the play? Frankly, it didn’t matter to me. The fun was in seeing the moment develop, that Rondo had no choice but to take the shot he never wants to take, and that both teams were willing to live with the consequences.

Gary Washburn of The Boston Globe saw the moment as a step forward for Rondo

Last night, he fell short in his bid to convert a rare game-winner, but the victory here is in the fortitude to try. No one uttered a word of criticism, only encouragement. The training wheels are officially off.

“He’s wide open,” forward Paul Pierce said. “He was open two or three seconds before he even took it. We were begging him to shoot it. Hey, we’ll take that, a wide open look. Rondo, he’s showed he can make those shots, especially under pressure situations. I take it. I told him after the game, I’ll take that shot.”

There is still stubbornness in Rondo, a refusal to acknowledge his jumper is a weakness. That teams are blatantly inviting him to shoot is a sign of disrespect for his perimeter game. Teammate Jermaine O’Neal said recently that once Rondo develops a jumper, much like what has been said about Derrick Rose and about Jason Kidd 10 years ago, his game will be impeccable.

Rondo would like to think it’s impeccable now. The white elephant in his mental living room is that darn jumper. It’s improving, but it’s not yet there. It’s there in practice. It has been there during stretches this season, but until he knocks it down with consistency, he will be left alone.


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  1. nick says:

    if anyone saw the horse competition last year, the guy can shoot hands down. I’ve been to many celtics games and in warm-ups the guy is just like any other shooter…. it’s the confidence and when people start believing he can shoot than he will. thats all thats too it, when ray allen was having an aweful slump and was critized for it people discouraged him as well so he continued the slump. my opinion its a mind over matter for rajon rondo and once he has the confidence he will be the best pg in the league hands down as well top 10 players in the nba

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  3. Chris says:

    Wow, Rondo isn’t a good long ragge shooter, but i still think its a huge mistake to give him that shot… It was at least 50 – 50 that he hit that, maybe even worse

  4. riley says:

    Dear Ray Allen, teach Rondo your shooting form so he can make some deep shots

  5. gojongo says:

    I didn’t read all the comments, but did anyone mention that rondo led all PG in shooting percentage last year? and finished 2nd to tony parker the year before that? and that maybe, just maybe, this piece is an over-reaction to a single bad shooting night? I know rondo is not a 3 point shooter, and probably never will be, but his 15-18 footer seems to have improved quite a bit this year. I think it’ll continue to get better. anyway, his job is to get the ball to PP, KG & Allen, not huck up a bunch of 3s.

  6. demitrius says:

    Look y are yal criticizing rondo look at russel westbrook and derrick rose they don have consistent jumpers rondo isn’t the only one he can’t shoot becuz of da large hands he has and wat about andre miller he dosent have a consistent jumper and all those players make up for it by driving da lane and passing that’s y are as good as they are

  7. isabela says:

    i agree with spavochnick

  8. mj23kb24 says:

    Ray Allen offered to be his shooting coach or give coaching tips be he declined look it up!

  9. JCkilla98 says:

    the main point is that rondo is a pg, theres no point comparing him to sf’s or even centers, the jump shot has always and will always be something a pg has in his arsenal. this is no rocket science, after the last finals, kobe showed evrybody how to guard a pg who has no jumper, its all up to rondo to either develop that part of his game or just leave with the consequences in the longrun

  10. HEATSUCK says:

    Did anyone see the heat lose to the jazz in miami after the heat had about a like 20 point lead. Wow, this team looks good against the little weak teams in the league. But against the better teams with good point guards, not so much. The point guard and center positions will hurt this team down the stretch. But on a better note, how bout them LAKERS, about to be 8-0 after this LAKER vs WOLVES game.

    • Law064 says:

      Yes @ HeatSuck lol Millsap burned those boys for 46 lol HEAT are OVERRATED!!!!! Lechoke did have a triple double and the man D Wade had 39 but they paniced at the end and couldn’t finish them even with D Will fouled out lol Heat fans are on suicide watch!!!

  11. deany says:

    I don’t think that Rondo has an ugly form at all. I do agree that he has improved his shot tremendously since he entered the league but he still can’t shoot it consistently. The thing with Rondo is that he doesn’t have confidence when he takes that shot, his form is fine but he lacks confidence, even the great Bob Cousy said so himself, he likes the way that Rondo shoots its the confidence issue. In my opinion Rondo is more confident taking a jumper than when he is taking Free Throws. When he is taking jumpers he is in rhythm but when it comes to fts he just doesnt feel like taking them and almost feels like he is afraid. Obviously you can so tell that rondo hates taking free throws cuz he doesnt drive a lot and force the issue because he knows he isnt a good free throw shooter. I am surprised that he still isn’t able to hit free throws and mid jumpers on a daily basis, i mean he is around RAY ALLEN one of the greatest shooters we have seen! and he also got help from another great shooter named Mark Price. it is sad how he is a point guard and not a good shooter, i mean he should be at least 75% free throw shooter. As great as Rondo is he will never be considered the best point guard in the nba until he improves on those 2 things. He’s extremely dangerous but not flawless.

  12. CMON RONDO! says:

    come on rondo you got garnett that has a decent 5-15 foot jump shot, paul perice and ray allen who are pretty good overall jump shot shooters, learn from them…

  13. Celtics804 says:

    Ok, let’s get this straight now, no NBA player is going to make a buzzer beater for sure, not Kobe, not Lebron, even Jordan didn’t. Whether it’s open or not doesn’t really change that fact. Ok, Rondo is bad at shooting threes in game, but let’s not forget, he’s still a young point guard. He got time to better his shooting, hell, Jason Kidd did. Also, as an pure point guard, he doesn’t really need to shoot much, look at Stockton, Kidd, and even Cousy. They’re legends and didn’t have to average 20+ ppg (though they’re better shooters). Rondo is a special type of point guard, a pass-first, all around, defensive point guard who put his team ahead of his self.

  14. NBAfan says:

    leave rondo alone!!! ok he dosnt hae 3point range but is jumper has improved some, and thats all he needs, he is one of the best pg of the leage right now, the shoot will come whit years

  15. Tenki says:

    Sorry about that, I meant the game against the Mavericks. My bad.

  16. Tenki says:

    Having big hands doesn’t mean that you can’t shoot the ball pretty good. There are so many players who have disproportionate hands, and they can shoot relatively more efficient. It’s a pretty lame excuse.

    I am not a Celtics fan, but I enjoy watching basketball because of the great players who play the game with their distinct style (i.e. Durant, Wade, Nash, Kobe, LeBron, Rose, Williams). Rajon Rondo is an amazing player. He has proven that he can have a significant impact with the ball in his (huge) hands, despite the fact that he isn’t shooting great beyond 15 feet. He has great basketball IQ, and he understands that he has teammates who can shoot better at 16-24 feet. Having said that, this particular game against the Celtics gave him a situation where he has to do it by himself, with his teammates trusting him, and not make it.

    I believe that given the talent and the attitude that Rondo has for the game, he will improve his weakness significantly, and opponents will learn to respect his game even more. It’s not too late for him to learn how to make those game-winning shots, because he is still young and (maybe) approaching his prime. Last night, I saw Dwight Howard sink in a bank shot against Atlanta, and D-12 is not known for that particular shot. He has improved his footwork, making hook shots possible. I see Rajon do the same thing, practicing with his jumpers and shoot better at the charity stripe, thus making himself a well-rounded player that he will be to run the Celtics in the years to come.

  17. allday says:

    Shaquita- there was no place for rondo to go and there is not enough time for him to do anything except jay it up and the celtics never quit bud.. The last couple games we won in overtime… Ray allan way turning through a staggered screen into a 2 POINT FIELD GOAL
    Ray should teach Rondo- The older you get the harder it is to change your shot and other than his big hands Rondo will take a confidence hit asking Ray for help. He is best off taking to his SHOOTING COACH.

  18. Milner says:

    So can no one else remember Rondo’s huge three in the last moments of game 7 of the finals last year? That three was what gave them any hope of pulling through in the clutch.

  19. darthluv says:

    Rondo is just like Magic Johnson. Magic’s weakness was his perimeter shots. When he developed it plus a skyhook gift from Kareem, he became unstoppable. What Rondo needs is a shooting coach or two.

    • Law064 says:

      I agree and remember that moment but Kobe gave Rondo all kind of space because that was good coaching. They can live with him taking that shot because he wasn’t consistant. I don’t think they will dare him this year beacause he has improved his shot despit this miss. He is not a 3 point shooter and yes Rondo is the BEST all around PG…

  20. BasketBallFan says:

    @9, Kobe guarded Rondo in the playoffs and every time he had the ball, Kobe just backed off. Derek Fisher was chasing around Ray Ray haha. Wish he stepped in for a closer shot though :(.

  21. Chris says:

    Did any of you watch game 7 of last years finals? He willed that 3 in during the last few seconds. He is improving, give him time. He does everything else better than any other PG in the league. Articles like this are just ridiculous, get some better material.

  22. bball says:

    The Celtics lost the Finals last year because Rondo was always too afraid to take a 15-16 feet jumper. LA defense just collpased in the key with two guards on Allen and Pierce… you can’t score like that!!

  23. matt says:

    wow what an over reaction… he has been shooting jumpers consistantly this year i watch every second of every game and he’s been shooting better than ever. you cant hit every shot, he’s the best all around pg in the league on both ends of the court leave the guy alone

  24. celtics4life says:

    aj knows what he’s talkin about, russel westbrook’s game is very similar to rondo’s. Rus is more explosive of course, but he has developed a very effective mid-range jumper. Everytime I watch him he hard dribbles right at the defender and pulls straight up around the foul line and drains a nice J right in the defender’s face. Rondo needs to develop this.
    Hands have a little somethin to do with his struggles, but look at garnett’s hands!!! They r clearly bigger than rondo’s and garnett has been making a living on his J his entire career!
    Big hands do not equal Bad J’s!!! Rondo’s timing and form is terrible. However his shot does not need an overhaul. There are tonz of different shooting styles out there. He needs fine-tuning and tweeks from ray or paul, or a shooting coach. His elbow needs to come inside more. He needs to stop stalling at the top of his jump by cocking it at the side of his head! This throws off his rhythm! He needs to put the ball in front of him more so that it is aiming straight at the basket and speed up his release! This way his shot becomes more fluid and consistent rather than bricks all day!!!

  25. ARONDO says:

    i love RONDO… 😀 hehe .. GO BOSTON .. u can do it .. CHAMPiON>.!!

  26. senkatsu says:

    Rondo is getting worse! Celtics have the older players in the league. That’s why Rondo’s head is getting bigger because he is surrounded with stars with no room to grow. Do you expect Garnett to teach Rondo how to trash talk to be a star?

    • jomansd says:

      how is he getting worse?his assists are up..way up!!still rebounds, still scores in double digits.he stays humble and does’nt trash talk like garnett..he’s hit a couple of jumpers and a couple of threes this season which shows you that he’s been practicing..he does’nt shoot jumpers that much and i don’t think he has to.he’s better off dropping dimes all over the place..the missed shot in dallas only mean that he needs more confidence on his shot.he has just got to believe that he has the ability to hit those everytime..

      • Law064 says:

        Agreed can’t see how he’s getting worst @senkatsu what have you been watching?? You have to be a complete idiot not to mention a loser.

  27. yassine says:

    you know why they let him take the shot???
    Because of those idiots out there that keep comparing Rondo to CP3, Chris called Dirk and told him to let Rondo take an open 3 to win the game just to prove that you can’t compare anyone to chris.

  28. Luke says:

    Rondo has big hands yeah, but so did Michael Jordan and he found a way to shoot!

    Big hands is just an excuse for poor technique.

  29. Kevin says:

    Rondo`s got a real ugly shot with that right elbow sticking way out there, but I agree with what someone up there said. It`s nothing compared to Noah who shoots from the complete wrong side of his head, or Marion who shoots from his stomach. However, although it`s not the ugliest, it`s pretty bad, It doesn`t matter how fast you can get to the basket if you can`t do a thing a few feet away from it. Rondo needs a jumper to complete his game.

  30. Antoine says:

    why they dont use nate in this situation (five sec on shot clock) he has good range

  31. Sean of Oz says:

    Give the guy a break – when you can dish like he can, he’s permitted at least one flaw in other aspects of his game!

  32. Koeravit says:

    Rondo doing better yeah, He is decide to shoot becasue pierce screen kid , Terry screen allen and Dirk screen Garnett
    so rondo is empty yeah ,, Rondo don’t shoot 3 pt well but he shoot 2pt than 3 pt ^^

    I don’t angry rondo . So celtics lose but i love Celtics forever

  33. Aj says:

    @ the guys asking why he can’t shoot when he’s a point guard, it’s because of his hands.

    This is the general reason why a lot of NBA players find it hard to shoot the ball, or at least shoot free throws: their hands are too big! Rondo’s is almost like Shaq’s! He has trouble fitting both hands on the ball (thus he cannot use one of his hands to guide his shot while the other does the pushing).

    Now, Rondo can shoot better than centers and all, but it’s still hard for him to get a grip on the ball with two huge hands, in motion, and in the midst and pressure of an NBA game. Look at Russell Westbrook, he is in a similar situation. His FG% is amazingly low, he is worse at 3pt% this year than even Rondo. Like Rondo, though, he has large hands (which accounts for all his boards and his great defense). Unlike Rondo, though, Westbrook actually tries to shoot more and develop his shot.

    Rondo needs to do exactly that, and he is in an even better situation than Westbrook to do so because he has the leeway to. He doesn’t have to worry as much about winning the game because, let’s face it, the Celtics are gonna go to the playoffs, no matter how bumpy the road there is.

    • 9 says:

      hey foe. its rondo your talking about. he’s better than any point guard in the NBA. look at his stats, he got more assist and better team work than anyone else. he’s no ballhog like the rest of the point guard. he knows a open shot and give it to them. rondo knows how to shot. how about you? i bet your just all talk. i know rondo’s the best point guard because he’s better than rose, fisher, and any other point guard. heck kobe can’t guard rondo because he’s toooooooo good for kobe. hey i think that your a lakers fan. kobe knows that he will get crossover by rondo so he let fisher and the others guard him because he just don’t want to be embarrassed by rajon rondo.

    • Law064 says:

      I’m sorry but big hands will not effect that much if you keep working on your shot. Michael Jordan had huge hands and not to mention they were strong. MJ developed a great shot with the big hands. Dirk has huge hands and his shot is pure. I think Rondo shot has improved and will continue to everyone saying how can he be a PG and not have a shot. How many of you idiots can even dribble a ball? how many of you can actually play at a grade school level. Most likely none of you. Rondo has the potential and will become a deadly shooter. FYI Tony Parker had the same problem he couldn’t shoot mid-range shots before but he has improved. It’s not like Agent 0 or steve Nash but it has improved. @ Diane can you even shoot a free throw?

  34. Diane says:

    All open and 8 seconds, and STILL couldn’t make that shot

  35. T.P. says:

    C’mon Rondo ! I hit that shot man !

    L.A. Lakers for life !

    – Hey , never mind what haters say ignore ’em ’til they fade away > T.I.

    • 9 says:

      hey laker foe. celtics is better than lakers. they just got lucky in the finals because perkins was out. if he was there, celtics would take the championship. lakers are not better than celtics and you know that. hey by the way kobe can’t guard rondo so be quiet. kobe is a ball hogger and you know that. all he want is to be better than micheal jordan. look at his number, he’s just one number up of jordan’s number. all he just want to is to show off how good he is. all WE know that he’s not good. he’s a BALLHOGGER!!!!

  36. UGo says:

    Did anybody see this year’s HORSE competition during All-Star weekend? Rondo and Kevin Durant tied so they had to do a 3-point shoot-out at the end. Of course Durant won, but I swear Rondo made like 6-7 3’s in a row and I think even Durant was impressed…he is definitely improving his jump shot. It’s the quick release under pressure that takes skill, but hopefully, Ray can give him pointers. I have faith in Rondo though. He is continuously improving and puts the work in. You can’t appreciate the sweet without first tasting the bitter.

  37. Ray should teach Rondo says:

    Ray allen should teach Rondo how to shoot free throws & Threes

  38. Knick Thru and Thru says:

    if rondo had the ball on the 3pt line and i was defending him, i would simply leave and walk past him to the scorers’ table to fist bump steve kerr and the other tnt commentators

  39. BigViewer says:

    I have a question, why can’t shaq, howard etc. shoot a free throw? He and they all are professional athletes after all. Obviously being a center has nothing to do with it, with players like Yao and 7 footers like Gasol, Yi, Odom, Dirk.

    It is the result of two things. The major one being his hands. His hands are HUGE, and when I mean huge, go to youtube search up sports science rajon rondo. That severely affects his shot, if that isn’t hard enough. I’m sure at the college level they don’t have the resources to dedicate an assistant coach to help with rondo’s form given his large hands. Furthermore, even if at Kentucky they did have a coach just for rondo that worked with him 24/7, rondo didn’t spend 3/4 years in college.

    If you watch games, he has actually improved his jumper a lot, he can hit an open mid range jumper. 3 pointers, not as consistent. Does he have an off the dribble around a screen jumper? No. You leave him open 1-3feet inside the 3 point line, he’ll make that minimum 75% of the time.

    • Marcus Jackson says:

      wtf bigviewer rondo will nt hit that 1-3 ft inside the 3point line 75 percent of the time, even if he is wide open. Watch him 3 or 4 games in a row n tell me he hits that shot 75% of the time. I have never even seen him hit it more than 2 times a row. And while everyone talk about how his jumper is a setback (this is going to sound crazy), bt most of the game it helps him. Defenders lag off giving him like 3 ft of space all the time. this gives him such an easy view to pass to the open shooters or cutters. Think im crazy bt watch one of his 15+ assists games. Around six of those assists consist of him just standing at the top of the key with no1 in his face making the easy pass to the open person.

    • Diane says:

      newsflash, Dirk has humongous hands and is up there in the free throw percentile, but to get there, he dedicates his free time to making his game better, like hiring a coach to assist him, does Rondo not get paid good money to hire a coach off season or want to better his game? It’s called greed

      • Jake says:

        Diane I hate to say this but you sound ridiculously stupid. Greed has absolutely nothing to do with Rondo being able to shoot or not. First off, if he could shoot he would become a much better player and would be able to get a much larger contract. Secondly, Rondo doesn’t have to hire a coach to help him with his shot because Boston has already hired several coaches to help him with his shot. Third, Dirk didn’t hire a coach to teach him how to shoot. When he came into the league as a teenager he could already stroke it better than Rondo.

    • Jake says:

      High Schools have enough resources to get a coach to help somebody with their shot. And I’d bet my life that Kentucky sure does. Also, Rondo evidently can’t hit a midrange jumper consistently because he doesn’t dare shoot them. I don’t know where you’re getting that 75% number.

  40. phil says:

    pause it :45 seconds he didnt have to shoot the ball. coulda crossed over and drove the lane and either dished to pierce or garnett…. but anyways i wonder how with the great shooters on his team and all the celtic greats throughout the years has no one stepped in to help him out with his shot …. if the celtics have any hope of not turning into bottom feeders when the big three are done they better do something

  41. wan says:

    if rondo gets a jumpshot he wont be who he has become …… his assist avg will come short and celtics wont be as good as they are….they are good with him not shooting but once he gains confidence he will shoot more alot more

  42. Jazzfan says:

    Rondo is very capable of improving his shot. He’s improved in basically everything every season, so why not this. He would be a killer if he could get that jump shot down. DWill and C Paul both worked hard on their jumpers from year to year and have great shots now, because they know that sometimes they will need to take the last shot instead of passing. Once the big three retire, Rondo will be THE MAN and will need to believe in that shot.

    • Jake says:

      Dwill and Chris Paul came into the league with a jumper that was waaaay ahead of where Rondo’s is now.

      • Law064 says:

        Jake your correct D Will & CP3 had a good J before they came in the league. D Will had a 3 point shot when he came in the NBA. Rondo just needs to work more and practice will help him. It’s true in game shots are different but if he can practice more the in game shot will be less difficult to him. I agree he needs to work with Ray & paul.. Rondo is still a great player and will get his shot before the platoffs arrive.

  43. spavochnick says:

    May be somebody had time to look on Rondo’s 3’pointer statistics instead of trash talking? 0.4 chance for 3 pointer this season (versus f.e. Ray Allen’s 0.383)
    Rondo has ugly jump shot, it is true. But at the same time he IS consistent 3point shooter, especially under time pressure.
    He can make 3pointer and he tried to make it, what’s wrong with it?

    • Sandile says:

      nothing is wrong there. i’m quite sure if he sunk it we wouldn’t be talking about it. but hey going forward he will fix cos now it’s out in the open that he can’t shoot from far, so even in a playoff situation they’l leave him wide open if he doesn’t fix it. yes he does make up for with all the assists.

      • tata says:

        He can’t even hit free throws. When will all the coaches realize this and start fouling Rondo down the stretch?

  44. mac says:

    no one in the nba currently is flawless. pick a player their is at least one flaw.

  45. celtics arehorrible says:

    lol did anyone see terry elbow rondo in the end then goes and chases him to apologize classic

  46. Seabass says:

    Does anyone know the song playing in the background of this video?

  47. BBall Fan says:

    I jus dont understand y he doesnt have a shot…He’s a point guard in the NBA…Howd did he even make it before he became the rondo he is now…Before the big three…Without a legit jumper being a point guard…I guess passing and hustle…He is a hard workin player so y didnt he develop it more…Look at shannon brown..He wasnt a legit 3 point shooter but now is very dangerous this season…He plays basketball for a living… its got to be his confidence which is another name for faith in shooting…

    • Jake says:

      I have to agree with you. I can understand Rondo not being a great shooter, but it’s hard to understand how someone so coordinated who spends his life playing basketball can’t at least hit a mid range jumper consistently. I mean it’s one thing not to be able to shoot NBA threes, but he doesn’t even shoot from 15-17 ft.

  48. matthew says:

    if rondo cud shoot id be cheatin a player cant always have everything,,example steve nash: nash is a force on offense but defensively hes nothing compared to rondo.

  49. […] Two fantastic points from’s John Schuhmann: Jason Kidd’s presence may make the 1-3 switch easier on the Mavs than any other team in the league, and Rajon Rondo has attempted just five three-pointers this season, all of which have come with the clock winding down. […]

  50. Aj says:

    Rondo simply needs more confidence.
    We’ve seen him make jumpers before, but he has to start attempting more.
    Shooting in practice is 10x more different than shooting in game, thus while the Celtics already have a spot reserved in the playoffs for them, Rondo should take the liberty to shoot more and try to improve his in-game jumper while he he the leeway.

  51. Mammothman says:

    Rondo will never EVER be able to improve he’s shooting performance and his jumper if he keeps on shooting with that kind of style. he shoots ugly.. ok, nobody is perfect but he has to grab that chance and get some lessons or shooting instructions from Ray Allen or Paul Pierce… Its just lame being on the same team with those guys and dont get the least from their shootin experience.
    Once he can improve that jumper and shooting we can assume that he is the leader of the team that can carry it…otherwise he will always be searching for a guy to give the ball away in critical game moments. and thats not how the leaders act..

  52. wacksmith says:

    his jumper will never be there because of his mechanics and the fact that his hands are so big i.e like shaq and his free throws, LA exposed it in the finals, yes he can pick apart the d when they don’t guard him, but when it counts (like last night) and when your playing against a long team i.e the Lakers, his shot becomes a hinderence at the end of games, thats why nat robinson played so much in game 7.

    • Jake says:

      I think you have some legitimate points, but I’ve seen some guys with really bad form stroke the ball pretty well. Also, just because a player has big hands doesn’t mean he can’t shoot the basketball. Dr. J hand some of the largest hands known to mankind, but you didn’t see teams daring him to shoot a midrange jumper.

    • aticodejon says:

      Aaaaand another one: Jordan had huge hands, that’s probably why everybody left him wide open, you’re right.

      • aticodejon says:

        As for ugly mechanics, there are coaches for that, and he could have the very best at his disposal. Heck, this is getting so embarrassing Kobe would probably help him if he asked nicely (that’s somebody who changes his mechanics whenever he needs. It just takes work)

  53. Shaquita says:

    I thought Celtics quit on that last play. Rondo had 7 seconds to penetrate or get a closer shot. Why did they go for the three? Why did Ray Allen try to get to the 3 point line. Just shoot a 2 and go to overtime. I think the C’s said either
    we win now or we just go home, we’re tired we don’t want Overtime

    • Diane says:

      with that attitude, why play basketball? Will they think like that in the playoffs too?

      • chris says:

        this isnt the playoffs tho? this is game 7 in the reg season they dont care what happens now coz they no come spring time there in there..

  54. Law064 says:

    I can’t understand Rondo’s J. He has to shoot after & before practice. I’m a Celtic’s fan and Rondo has to get at least a 15-18 ft jump shot purified. I agree his form is very ugly but Shawn Marion has to have the ugliest form of all time except maybe Bill Cartwright. If Rondo get his jump shot pure he’ll be unstoppable. I think working with Joe Dumars this off season helped but he needs to work on it. Hopefully he can get it going by All Star break to make a push into the playoffs. I say he has to shot 100 before and after practice to find his shot or he’ll be like Mugsy Bougs a non factor from 15 ft. He really needs to make those shots consistantly.

    • Rondofan25 says:

      if all u jugheads look at the replay it was a three and a three is about 8 feet from the three to 15 feet and he had paul pierce open and could have shot the fadeaway and made it im a celtics and heat fan and dont want to be mean but u guys r blind

  55. Lakers666 says:

    Haha look at Jason Terry and Nate in the final possesion.
    Elbowed to the head.

    Anyway on topic, Rondo should have more confidence in his shooting, I’ve seen him drill a couple of rangers troughout the years.
    But like Shaq he got huge hands, imagine shooting something as big as a handball.

  56. Tim says:

    Anyone know the track playing in the background during the Celtics vs. Mavericks game review?

  57. Mogias says:

    Clearly sir, you need to watch a Bulls game and have a gander at Noah. Or look at Shawn Marion’s jumper.

    • Fred says:

      I agree with you, Rondo’s jumper isnt the prettiest but its not ugly either…Noah Marion, heck even Brandon Jennings have worse release. Spncers seen too much Ray Allen hence the conclusion. Rondo is talented for sure, nearly unstoppable on both ends. That jumper may or may not come, but he is steadily improving, just look at some of the shots he has already taken, he’s definitely improved.

    • Diane says:

      my sentiments exactly! The Matrix doesn’t think about it, just takes a chance

    • GeeGo says:

      Ummm both of those shots are uglier than Rondo’s but they are both more effective than his also and that is a shame. I agree that a professional basketball player has to be able to hit a wide open jumper.

      • no.. says:

        i’d say about 90% of the centers in the league can’t hit that wide open jumper. is that also a shame?

    • OJ says:

      Yea those to guys along with Rondo have a horrible form when it comes to their jump shot.

  58. Spncer says:

    could someone teach rondo how to shoot the basketball into the net? i mean like, he’s a professional basketball for crying out loud. his shooting form is he most ugliest thing i’ve seen since my cousins form when he was 10.

  59. think says:

    He better develop that fast while KG, Paul and Allen are still playing. Once the team is his and he can’t make those type of shots, it would make no sense for Boston to build around him…

    • no.. says:

      it’s not like the celtics won’t have another 3 point shooter on their team after Ray and Pierce…