Daydreaming About ‘Melo

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The NBA schedule makers didn’t realize what they were doing when they sent the Denver Nuggets to Chicago for tonight’s game at the United Center.

But if thousands of people could daydream the same thing (or person, Carmelo Anthony in this case) simultaneously, it should happen shortly after tip-off this evening.

Anthony’s already been through the drill with the media that showed up for the Nuggets’ shootaround practice this morning.

Quite naturally, they wanted to know what he thinks of the Bulls, the prospect of playing with the Bulls, Michael Jordan, Derrick Rose, Lake Michigan winters, the food and shopping found around the city and whether or not he’d mind being neighbors with Oprah (fine, half of that was made up but hopefully you get the point).

Nick Friedell of was all over it:

“I don’t want to say this in the wrong way and then you all take it … but anybody would love to play with a guy like Derrick Rose,” Anthony said. “A young point guard, young star, get the ball up and down the court. He’s improved his game every year.

“You got a young big man in [Joakim] Noah. You got [Carlos] Boozer, right now Boozer’s hurt, but they’ve got a good team right now.”

Anthony admitted Chicago has a unique aura because of Michael Jordan’s legacy.

“Of course, what MJ [brought] to the city. Just the city itself, being a big city, the fans out here and just the historic value of basketball here,” said Anthony, who described Chicago as a top-three basketball city. “Everybody knows what Chicago basketball’s about.”

On a night when there are only a handful of NBA viewing options, we couldn’t have asked for much better than ‘Melo’s lone trip to Chicago (as a member of the Nuggets).



  1. native coach says:

    I think melo would be great to the bulls…but wouldn’t want to lose any top players they already have now…so melo to chicago can’t be real…the bulls are set and ready to make noise in the east….just give it time to happen…which isn’t too long….go bulls!

  2. Jazzfan says:

    If Boozer actually decides he doesn’t want to get hurt anymore and play like the player he should, and Melo came over, hot dang, that would be one heckuva team! But, as a Jazz fan, we’ve seen how Boozer likes it….on the bench…in a nice suit! Hope he decides to play and quit being hurt for the Bulls, as I love me some Derrick Rose and Joakim Noah.

  3. sniper says:

    who cares hes going to new york

  4. think says:

    add Boozer to the mix and get Andersen along with Melo… Denver might be interested since they wont be getting Kmart after this year.

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  6. Law064 says:

    Boozer is a softy I wish the Bulls would’ve never got this loser. He got hurt taking out trash at home. The bulls should fine him 20,000 for each game missed because of his careless actions. Al Jefferson would be a better fit than him. The Bulls played good last night and beat the Nuggets have to give them a thumbs up!!

  7. fallendevil says:

    if melo is in the bulls, they will become a team to beat in the east behind boston,miami, and orlando even without boozer….

  8. Oprah'sHusband says:

    Melo to Chicago!

    Deng, Johnson, Asik, Charlotte pick, Bulls pick