Have Gun Will Travel?

HOUSTON — Anybody need a 33-year-old shooter with a well-rested arm?

And a $15-million price tag?

Four games into the new season, a healthy Peja Stojakovic has already racked up a DNP and on Wednesday night was placed on the inactive list by first-year Hornets coach Monty Williams.

Stojakovic has been squeezed out of the rotation by the acquisition of Trevor Ariza and the 4-0 Hornets’ new emphasis on defense. He played a total of 22 minutes in the first two games of the season, taking a total of just seven shots and scoring 10 points.

“We mutually decided, myself and Peja, that he would go on the inactive list,” Williams said. “It’s a tough spot for him, not knowing when he’s going to play for the first time in his career.

“I take a lot of that blame, actually all of it, because I probably didn’t do a great job of communicating to him when he was going to play or if he wasn’t going to play. I tried to talk to him, but juggling all this stuff for the first time, well, I don’t want to make any excuses at all. I could have done a better job with him.”

It would seem like only a matter of time before the Hornets can get something for Stojakovic’s expensive expiring contract. But with so many teams trying to get their financial houses in order ahead of next summer’s potential labor shutdown, he could wind up as the league’s most expensive hood ornament.

At this point, Stojakovic and his expiring $15.3 million contract are more valuable on the bench than at any place in the New Orleans lineup.


  1. SK says:

    Hornets coach will make a big mistake if he does not use Stojakovic.
    Right now there is no major 3-point threat besides Belinelli at Hornets. Green is useless, as is Bayless…
    Ariza offensive wise does not offer much..

    As for CP, he lacks the height to make Hornets a competitor. That is why he is looking to go to other teams..

    Anyhow i really hope Hornets coach does use the 15mill and dont let them on the DNP list. It will be stupid if he does so..

  2. SYDALE says:

    I think that the Sixers should put in a bid for Peja.
    Trade: Jason Kapono, Thaddeus Young, and Darius Songaila to the Hornets for Peja

  3. k9 says:

    i think peja really fits in sacramento to add tyreke efficiency..

  4. SwissMiss says:

    Just would to correct the person who mentioned Thornton over Peja. Ariza was chosen over Peja and it is the coaches choice, for good and bad. Since Tyson Chandler trade, CP3 has not played at a level that I deem beneficial to the team. CP3 is not the right guard for Peja. Peja should go to a team where the guard can get the ball to the players in a more efficient way. Whilst I think CP3 is a decent guard, with talent, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash have a style of play that would be complimented with the addition of Peja. Yet I think, NYC, Sacramento still are better fit.
    Bonne soirée

  5. Ben says:

    Peja and some contract filler for Arenas…watch John Wall’s assists go up at least 3 a game and watch Chris Paul leave the NOH.

  6. darell sapin says:

    send him to miami

  7. armangedon says:

    GO to TheBig “D”!!!!!!

  8. Miisha says:

    Who the hell Monty Williams think he is? The owner of the Hornets is not very smart, paying 15 mil for player thats not playing and for the coatch that dos’nt know a thing ’bout Bball.
    I can’t believe that one of the greatest 3 point shooters in hystory is taken healthy to inactiv list!

  9. yhanz says:

    go to utah, he should be a g00d player there to back up with AK47 or raja.

  10. Jason Lee says:

    Peja is one of my best players and I think he should go back to the kings and finish his career there. He can back up and coach the young omri cassipi. Sacramento fans love him and peja could draw in the fans. I watched the lakers vs kings game the other day and saw that no one can score when tyreke was on the bench with his foul troubles. A experienced veteran like peja will make everyone around him better. You can’t leave him or he will kill you with his perimeter scoring. This can open up the lanes for tyreke evans. Kings have a lot of money to get him. If it doesnt work out, just let him go after the season when his contract is expired. Peja would be a good fit for the team and good for the organization. Peja Stojakovic for president!!! lol

  11. Dongz23 says:

    actually most of the plays before when peja was healthy was focused to him. But right now almost everything lost to him..poor shooting, no more quickness and his age limits his production. .That is maybe why Coach Williams pick Thorton over him. . .and we know what the young thorton can do in the court especially when CP3 was injured.

  12. joe says:

    cp3 seems that he owns hornets as his home. look at the young collison. he is a threat at pg so he was traded to pacers. peja was athreat at scoring with cp3 for hornets. coach monty, the team cannot win a ring with 1 strs alone. look at miami,lakers,boston etc. basketball is 5 man team not 1 man and servants.

  13. joe says:

    peja on magic or boston. for magic, peja will be from the bench with carter while for boston its from allen. both teams are play off contenders and need gunners from the outside

  14. Kristian says:

    I am a Jazz fan and I would love to keep AK47 with us but if he is going to leave I would love to have Peja on the squad. I think he would fit in pretty well, plus Sloan has a thing for Euro players!

  15. dan says:

    peja needs 2 leave hornets becuase ever since he got there hes not been good he use 2 be my fave player but the hornets dont like 2 include him so i hope he gets traded rite away 2 a good team that needs his skills =)

  16. Baaaka says:

    Peja will be a good addition to a lot of teams. The Kings could use experience and a shooter with the hunger to play, Bobcats need a shooter as well as depth on the bench, Suns well better than Hedo as a starter…. Clippers, Thunder, Wizards, Knicks, Raptors all option. The best thing for the Hornets to do however is allocate a little playing time for him and keep him…. Peja would be a great asset to have come Playoff time. He can be clutch and in a big way too. His Contract expiring is a huge plus, $15 mil would be useful as a trade chip if they decided to let go of some major baggage in Emeka. Come on though realistically which team would agree to trade a Center/Draft picks for a bench shooter and a PF with a huge bloated contract? Let Peja stay through his contract give him a little playing time as realistically he is never gonna get 30+ min a game anywhere…. Once his contract his up you can draft in a decent swingman and sign a good bench shooter on the mid exception. Better of as a Hornet playoff piece this season assuming they make the playoffs

  17. fraka says:

    Peja to Sacramento to finish his carrer, or in PAOK to finish his carrer… back in 02-03-04 he was ny favorite player.. one of the greatest shooters beyond the arc in history… machine gun.

  18. tokos says:

    I think Peja should come back to PAOK.

  19. Baki says:

    i think what good will be for peja to go back to sacramento they play very good basketball currently and they need a leader and with peja they have a leader with evans a big factor for the kings but we see:D

  20. BOB THE BUILDER says:


  21. NOLAmark says:

    If the team keeps winning, there is no need to deal him. Just hang on and let him be an expiring contract for the Hornets next summer!

  22. SwissMiss says:

    Very true vic. Peja needs to get the ball and not at his ankles.Peja needs to go to a team and not a one man show.
    Why not NY or Sacramento? Yet Charlotte would be normal, as Peja has played for the small town teams?

  23. vic says:

    In my opinion Peja should go somewhere where he doesn’t have to beg for the ball, he’s a shooter and needs to get in a rhythm ,not shoot the ball 3 times a quarter and if he misses he sits.Since his days with Vlade Divac playing big brother his confidence seems shot and that seems somewhat political !

  24. Vuk says:

    Peja for antawn jamison

    • AJ says:

      That makes sense. win / win for both. cavs need a good sf and hornets don’t want him. Jamison and peja both have had the same injury troulbes and Dwest could use a experienced back up. I think both teams will end up with around a .500 win season. might suprise a few people along the way. That is a trade that should happen

    • indie Afro says:

      like! lol
      this is actually a good trade suggestion, to think that the cavaliers are on the “start over”list, Peja’s Expiring contract will really help out. Jamison I think can play the 3, if needed, It’ll be a big boost for the Hornets. 😀

  25. nick Evans says:

    I think Peja is a better plauer than what pepole credit him for. He should go to a team which would use him far more

  26. Beber says:

    It would probably be a good thing to deal Peja and his $ 15 expiring contract … why not with another big contract like Okafor ? The Hornets are currently playing with 2 PF but I really don’t know if it will be possible to find and to bring a good center …
    Carmelo Anthony for Peja and Okafor + first round picks? Not sure the Nuggets will agree but maybe with a multi-team trade (Jazz and Kirilenko, Raptors and Calderon which one would probably have a nice role with the Bobcats … except that MJ doesn’t seem to appreciate that player …)
    Let’s come back to Peja lol Where should he be useful ? The Suns and its sharp-shooters ? The Jazz ? The Thunder as a back-up for Durant ? The Bobcats who absolutely need depth (and 3-pt shooters) on their bench ? Ok let’s say the Bobcats … What’s your point of view MJ ? Peja (and José Calderon) in your roster ? 😉
    Greetings from Belgium

  27. dfhgjkjhgfdfghj says:

    Peja a couple of first rounders and marcus thornton for Carmelo