Both KG and Charlie in the wrong?

ATLANTA — Is there such thing as out-of-bounds when it comes to trash talking and intimidation? Of course. There’s plenty of stuff said in the trenches that would make a celebrity roast sound G-rated.

Is it also out of bounds to tell the world, when it comes to trash talking and intimidation? Most athletes will tell you, without question, yes.

That’s what NBA locker rooms are accusing Charlie Villanueva of doing. Yes, I believe he had the right to be insulted if Kevin Garnett indeed called him a “cancer patient.” (KG denied this). It was a tasteless and crass comment in general to someone who’s batting the skin disease alopecia, which Charlie V has.

But why did the comment even enter into the public domain? That’s a separate issue that needs to be addressed. In that sense, NBA players say Charlie V stands accused of treason, as it relates to the athletic code that says: whatever happens on the field, stays on the field.

Here’s what Charlie V said tonight, before the Pistons-Hawks game, after KG’s denial: “I heard what I heard.”

He added: “I’m real sensitive to it. Just any disease in general and those people dealing with those issues. That’s not the first time somebody called me a name. The reason why I spoke up wasn’t for me, it was for the people who don’t stand up for themselves. I was trying to support them.”

But … KG didn’t use a bullhorn, if he said what he’s accused of saying.

More from Charlie V: “I’m over it. I’m done with it. I don’t want to make it a big deal. I don’t want this story to linger.”

But … there would be no story if Charlie V didn’t feel the urge to tweet it to the world.

Trust me: Athletes have heard far worse than this. Racial comments, stuff about yo-momma, your kids, wives, girlfriends and yes, probably even folks stricken with a deadly disease. That certainly doesn’t make it right, and nobody is endorsing that right here.

And yet, while there are plenty who are angry at KG, a segment of the athletic world has beef with Charlie V, too.

So now it’s your turn, readers: Is Charlie V wrong for tweeting? Let’s hear it.


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  2. ismael says:

    its not what KG or his team achieved, its how to respect others whoever they are..

  3. ismael says:

    charlie v. is a true warrior.he is out there to prove that his sickness is not a hindrance for whatever he wants to do. absolutely, he is an inspiration..

  4. j21 says:

    There’s no way that CV was bullied. He could have punched KG and started a brawl if he wanted to. I know he is strong enough to stand up for himself. Its not like he was threatened and could die just because of what KG said. It’s not school and they are not kids. It’s the NBA where tough men play.

  5. mimo says:

    In this day and age when the halls of schools are covered with posters against bullying and our children are dying because they have been harrassed by their peers to the point where they can see no other way out, I must applaud Charlie V. He stood up for himself. Whether this was an intentional lesson for children or not, it should be a good lesson none the less. Whether bullying is intended for children or grown men and women we do not have to put up with others bullying us. If that means exposing the perpetrator for what he is… so be it. Kevin Garnett is indeed a great among his peers and certainly admired, revered and sometimes worshiped by his fans. At the least KG’s comments were misinterpreted by Charlie V… at worst he intended to demean, intimidate and humiliate one of his own. As it turns out he has insulted so many more. Charlie should not apologize for reporting what was done to him. Should we tell our children keep quiet when they are bullied in school. If Charlie is told he should keep it to himself, why wouldn’t our children keep bullying to themselves. I’m sure KG doesn’t want to be known as the playground bully so a simple apology, rather than a denile would suffice.

  6. fabio says:

    We don’t know what KG said, so we should look over it! Trashtalk is trashtalk and if somebody don’t come along with it, he shouldn’t play in the NBA.

  7. Marcello says:

    I think KG should moderate trash talk… if I call u a “son of a b…” it’s not the same if I slam in your face and say that u’re not able to block me ’cause u r a cancer patient… it’s quite different..
    Anyway I don’t like the way Charlie V posted it on twitter like crying on everybody’s shoulders.
    But at the same time, if things should stay on the court, that means Charlie had to punch KG’s face so strong that KG would have been not able to talk for 3 weeks at least.

    Anyway… kids will grow up… (hey is KG “still” a KID)?????



    • j21 says:

      You know what? I think your right, maybe it would be better for CV if he’s man enough to punch KG in the face instead of crying on twitter like a fag. Kids do grow up and not cry over spilled milk!


  8. TARUGU says:

    How pathetic CV was and so Mila Perez always say that Boston must lost because of the comment that KG said to CV. It seems like Mila Perez was using this situation so that people will hate Boston or so that anything bad will happen to the celtics and loosing their chance for the title. For me I think CV should must take it positive. Why? Because if an opponent will tell you that you are cancerous to your team or the league it can be translate to: “You are a very good player that’s why you are cancerous and I have to defend you well” and I think that’s what happened KG defend CV well Pistons lose but CV went home crying and took what KG said seriously and tweet it with the thought that the world will give CV a sympathy or sympathize with him. Trash talk is part of basketball it was like also a physical game but hit you mentally if things go wrong in the court stays in the court but if you can’t handle those why don’t you try play chess. BWHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!

  9. j21 says:

    If there is a level to thrash talking, there is also a level in using tweeter! CV is a whining nobody that couldn’t win a decent ballgame who loves to whine over a blowout game crying on tweeter that KG called him names just to be somebody. Huhuhu! Poor baby! There’s a much decent way to handle a lost ballgame and getting your loser ass busted and get revenge than for you to make fool of yourself and show to all that they should feel sorry for you!

  10. j-wizz says:

    From what I’ve read KG called CV a ‘cancer patient’ in the game. Then he explained that CV was ‘cancerous to the league in a public statement’. Now If i was CV and i was called a cancer patient I’d take it the wrong way because for someone actually suffering from cancer it can only be interpreted in one way. KG should’ve picked a better choice of words when trash talking or just let his game do the talking. The tweeting thing is kinna juvenile, settle it face to face and end the argument there and then.

  11. AIRNESS says:

    Tweeter is for crybabies like Charlie V. He’s just looking for sympathy because he can’t get the respect that he’s looking for from people around the league. He doesn’t even deserve to be in the NBA if he can’t handle a thing like this. Now, to all those people who think that it’s just right for Charlie V. to tweet about this…then you’re all wimps. go cry to yo mama!

  12. Christain Bolos says:

    KG was wrong for saying that. Those are though words that he said. But i guess Charlie V was wrong to for sharing it. He should have settle it privately.

  13. Rock says:

    Thrash Talk is part of the game…the mental aspect of Basketball…
    Basketball is for real men… not cry babies… that’s what i miss during 80’s and 90’s NBA…

    But dont get me wrong…even if thrash talk is ok with me…there should be a limitation though…
    if KG really said what he admitted he said, then Charlie V is really a sissy…a cry baby…
    but if Charlie V is correct on what KG said, then KG should really limit his trash talk…but still Charlie V is a sissy when he Tweeted to the world…instead of dealing with it like a man…
    Conclusion: In which ever case (CV or KG is correct) Charlie is a Cry Baby…

  14. Mike says:

    That’s KG for u. I still remember him calling Dirk Nowitzki “DIRT NOWITZKI” during a game between Timberwolves vs Mavs. Mavs won that game.

  15. Evelyn says:

    @ McKelly:

    Wow, I can’t believe you actually asked that question. Of course there’s such a thing as being a victim of taunting and name calling. Being taunted and name called is one of the reasons why people commit suicide. PEOPLE DIE EVERYDAY BECAUSE OF OTHER PEOPLE’S RECKLESS USE OF VERBAL WORDS. Or are you too ignorant, immature, and stupid to realize that (yes, i’m calling you names on purpose). People like you with your ridiculous reasoning methods are probably why bullies exist in the first place. How dare you even ask about the use of the word victim in this case. Players who are that good on the court like Kevin Garnett have absolutely no reason to trash talk in the first place. He should respect his own team, his opponents, as well as the league. People who trash talk and put down other people are simply displaying their own insecurities. Trash talking is supposedly meant to wear down your opponent emotionally; however, if your game is as good as everyone says, then you should be able to beat your opponent without having to trash talk. Is Kevin Garnett afraid that if he doesn’t trash talk his opponent will play better than him? That’s probably the unfortunate case. There’s such a thing as being a classy player and all the superior and dominant players in the NBA should learn this.

    I’m glad that Charlie decided to stand up and say something, even if it was just a simply tweet. I don’t care that it makes the league look bad. It’s more important that people, especially young audiences realize that trash talking and verbally abusing your opponents is immature and juvenile. It SHOULD be brought to the attention of everyone. Trash talking in the pro leagues makes it seem okay for young people to imitate but it’s often trash talking that causes both physical and emotional injuries that last a lifetime. The NBA should honestly put more effort to cut down trash talking rather than wasting their time throwing out players who barely respond to the officials.

  16. Banks says:

    lmfaooooooooooooooooooooo he said he looked like a cancer patient lmfaoooooooooooooooo

  17. LISTEN!! KG took it tooooo far, there is a level to trash talking, and he passed it. KG talked about cancer patients, and down graded them, i picture him saying it in a very disrespectful way. sorry KG no one believes ur revised statement about being cancerous to his team and his league, CV will never be cancerous to this league, thats my BOY! he wud buss ya a** anyday on the court you bum! in a frustrated game, hearing a comment like that amongs the crowd, could get you choked, easily. CV could have tweeted it, or he shud have SNUFFED ya tall lanky, ugly a**

  18. David Flick says:

    One more thing. Not everyone trash talks by the way. “Getting under a players skin” can be much easier accomplished with effort than words. A lot of people tend to act more instinctively when angry, and in basketball terms, that means react faster and sometimes even play better. I know if a player tried jawing with me or was throwing unnecessary bows(something kg is also famous for), I would just ask for the ball on the next play, score and smile while I ran back down court to play d and make sure they don’t score, even if I had to lay them out to prove my point. No one ever called me a cancer patient though, I might have decked them for that one, something I think CV would have been justified in doing. KG is a dirty(sportswriters use the term ‘gritty’) player and has gotten away with a lot of bs since he’s been in the league because of his status. I hope the refs start paying attention and he gets a few more ejections for the crap he pulls.

  19. matt says:

    Y does everybody hate KG. Hes been one of the most dominant players in the league for his entire career and every1 hates on him. Trash talking happens. Muhammed Ali was a trash talker, shaq is a trash talker, even Michael Jordan was a trash talker. I understand Charlie V becoming upset by what he heard. Im not rlly concerned that he tweeted this, im surprised any1 would attack KG, next time Boston plays detroit KGs gonna b all over him. Also, stop saying he uses passion as an excuse. KG is the most passionate and intence player in the nba. He talks 2 himself during the games and his presence can b felt even if he doesn’t get a single basket. KG is one of the best players to ever play if u disagree ur either a dumbass or a lakers fan. O wait same thing….its all ab 18…

  20. R Roq says:

    Charlie V is just trying to get the sympathy of the people. Hey Charlie! Grow up! It’s a competitive league. If you don’t want people talking smack to you, then go play chess or something!

  21. SamDog says:

    Anyone that believes for a minute that KG actually has the vocabulary to say something like “you’re a cancer to your team/the league” as trash talk during a game is nuts! Ever heard that guy in an interview?

  22. David Flick says:

    This article is disgusting. As someone who was involved in athletics for the majority of my life, I have been on both ends of the trash talking spectrum(I’ve heard a lot rough stuff over the years because my face is not symmetrical due to a birth defect). All Charlie V did was let everyone know that the perennial all-star and what a majority of Americans think is an all around good guy, KG, took trash talking WAY TOO FAR. Cancer is not a subject that should be taken lightly. Anyone defending this that isn’t a Boston fan (Who I could see being blinded by the sheen of those green and white jersey/banners hanging from the rafters), is devoid of rational, sympathetic thought. I’ve lost several loved ones to cancer, and it is not something I find humorous in anyway. It obviously got under CV alopecia ridden skin, something I’m sure he’s dealt with torment about for years. I don’t know if you are a boston fan or just someone who thinks its ok to say COMPLETELY disgusting things to other people as long as they aren’t going to tell anyone, but you are in the wrong for EVEN SUGGESTING that CV did anything wrong or that KG’s behavior was excusable in anyway. You can rationalize it all you want, this will forever tarnish KG image, which should be tarnished. Hes been an instigator his entire career and now hes a liar. (“I said he was a cancer to his team’ can not be confused for ‘You look like a cancer patient’). If the shoe was on the other foot and CV was as good of a player as KG and KG said these things as a middle of the pack NBA starter, he would have been reprimanded by the league. There’s trash talking and there’s a complete lack of respect for other individuals dealing with conditions that most people have NO frame of reference as to how difficult it is to deal with. This was the latter. I hope KG gets stricken with cancer at some point in his life. See? Now I took things too far.

    • David Flick says:

      Furthermore, to compare those statements about cancer to yo mamma jokes and racial comments is absurd. People don’t die from being black, or from having a fat mom. I don’t believe I have read anything else of yours and based on this article, I won’t be reading anything else. I know you thought you would be providing a ‘devil’s advocate’ side of this debate, but taking up that task has made me lose all respect for you before I ever had any. Next time you want to defend someone doing something wrong, make sure you provide better reasons than ‘Don’t be a wuss’ or ‘Other people having put up with it’. Get your head out of your you know what and don’t blame CV for teh story, blame the guy that actually did something wrong. This story needed to come out, regardless of how it did. If a fan had said he overheard it and then CV confirmed it, would that be better? You seem intelligent, but this article simply isn’t smart. It may garner a lot of attention, but you are wholeheartedly wrong on this point. I won’t be reading anything else you write, but I hope you decide(or are tasked by your editor or w/e) to write articles that are less controversial and more informative. Poor showing sir.

  23. Tom says:

    ”Trash Talking” is part of basketball, what KG said was a trash, so Charlie shoudn’t take it personally, he should take it as a trash.

  24. tonkashipper says:

    facts of this statement before one makes an opinion. he said she said has no barring to whom to blame. kg is so far from guilty. can’t believe any good christian can make a comment on this. know the facts before leaving your opinion…. you can not prove what kg might of said. so shut the blank up.

  25. Just because it was only in the heat of the moment trashtalk and Villanueva’s tweet was unnecessary, it doesn’t make what KG said right. Yes, worse things have probably been said between players, but that’s uncalled for. Trash talk has been around for years; however, I don’t think it’s really a part of “the game”. Good moves, solid defense, passion. Those are a part of the game. Trash talk is just an extra. It’s unsportsmanlike conduct. KG doesn’t need to go around yelling at players just because he thinks he gets in peoples heads. Anyways, KG is one and done.

  26. bizerd says:

    K-g was wrong! I dont care who done it in the past is it right? No! To not like someone based on looks, or disease, is toatally insensitive.I dont know what he said but it had to be a derogitory statement that was attempted to clean up later. I love k-g but that was wrong.

  27. maldoc says:

    charlie v is a moron. he did not go to school, and that’s why he did not understand things right. what a fool for making a big deal out of this.

  28. Chris says:

    I think Charlie should have handled the topic way cooler. KG wants to provoke the opponent and force emotions, you just gotta be cool enough to ignore that or take it with humor. V isnt realy wrong for publishing it… i wouldnt do that, but its his right, but he dont helps anybody with that, and on the other side i dont blame KG for declining he said that stuff, cause you cant just go out there and tell everybody you just insulted all disabled cause some people wouldnt understand what trash talk is all about.

  29. Massey24 says:

    I agree that we can never support insulting people based on a having a disease, but I still blame Charlie V for this whole debacle. If he was insulted by what KG said, he should have brought it up to KG after the game. Tweeting the insult is the grown-up equivalent of being a tattletale. Also, worse things a definitely said on the court all over the NBA and all over the sporting world. Example, when Zidane headbutted Materazzi in the World Cup final, sure some people blamed Materazzi for saying whatever he said, but the whole world was definitely more up in arms about the violent response that Zidane had. Trash talk is in every sport in every level. It is not public domain material. If KG had emailed this to Charlie V, then we’d have a problem. But he didn’t. I don’t blame Charlie V for being insulted, he should be, but he should also know that trash talk is part of his profession and that is not ever meant to be public.

  30. dassy says:

    normally I would say both are to blame, but no confirmation of what KG said has arrised. So hw can you blame KG for something that technically he hasnt said? Until then it is Chrlies fault for making it public.

  31. Man up! says:

    NBA=No Boys Allowed, that’s exactly right. KG didn’t say what CV said, and not all athletes are required to be role models anyways. We all know KG has a big mouth so what, he’s not the only one, and who cares. Again even the coaches, players, and former players say there’s been far worse said, but it stays on the court. There’s no “bullying”, this is a grownman’s sport, man up CV!

  32. To Charlie Vigina says:

    Seriously this nobody who’s basically crying on the internet because he can’t win on the court.You’re is in the wrong sport if you wants people to say ‘nice’ things while locked in a competitive sport. You’re a crybaby and a loser when you let people get under your skin and take you out of competitiveness. Players say worse things than that and you don’t see others cry about it when they hear it. It’s part of the game and if you can’t play the game both physically and mentally then you’re a useless nobody.

  33. Andy says:

    I don’t see how any of those “KG is wrong” votes can actually be taken seriously. We *don’t* know what the guy said. What we do know is that he’s a notorious trash talker…just like things were back in the old school, the glory days of basketball. CV is a total wuss for *tweeting* (tweeting for God’s sake) what he heard, and is obviously bristling over the backlash from people who are more mentally tough than he is. Bring it up between KG and yourself if his comments hurt your feelings so badly, no need to get public sympathy involved…only to have it backfire in your face anyway from people who play the game without their panties on.

  34. Bahamas#1 says:

    Zee says:
    November 4, 2010 at 4:11 pm

    I can’t believe what I’m reading…Is the motto of the sport of basketball ‘everything goes if it’s on the court’? Since when is trash-talking equal to personal insults? Reggie Miller, Larry Bird, Garry Payton, MJ23, Kobe, etc. the masters of the trash-talk but no-one ever complained against them – in fact, some of them were praised for it. The Boston player in question is the first player to be called for it in public for a comment that in any other facet of life would make him jobless and facing charges left, right and center. Mentioning cancer or cancerous, to a guy who’s had to fight a disease that has left him with no hair is classless, miserable, pathetic. All of those defending the Boston player, I’d like to see your reaction if you were in Charlie’s shoes or if you had someone close to you fighting cancer. Boston would have won that game without that unnecessary garbage anyway – CV is a threat to Boston as much as Cleveland is to Miami for the top seed in the East. Anyone else think differently should stop watching bball. And by the way, Twitter exists so people can say what they want to say, when they want to say it.


    You can loose your job for calling some one a cancer patient? Man what has become of America? I feel sorry for you guys if this is now the state of your country, and I really hope it’s not. Kid’s call kid’s name and all is fare in love and war and two teams going at it or two boxers going at it that’s war. A boxer calls another a “panzy” do you cancel the fight, and yes twitter is for people to use whenever but if your a pro you don’t air dirty laundry and expect it to come back smelling clean. And oh, If I call some straight guy gay you mean to tell me I am offending the whole gay community as well as the guy I was actually talking too? Your world is getting very strange, thank God I live in Paradise.

  35. Bahamas#1 says:

    After reading most of the posts and seeing the results of the poll all I can say is that the 37.23% voting probably never played sports. So your all hating on KG because he trash talks, but not Michael Jordan or Bird. You don’t even want to no the things a defensive lineman says to a quarter back before he is about to take his head off and after he does. Play a game of pick up ball with some real outdoor ballers at Rutgers and see what they call you after you get blocked, scored on, dunked on and striped. Charlie V, I got nothing against him but none of us would have known anything if this had stayed where it was supposed to, on the court. Heck He could have called KG a hairless Toothpick after he scored on him to get him back. Now after he puts gas on a fire he wants it out V. is wrong for the tweet. And for the record, even if KG said anything I can bet you after the game he would have gone out for drinks like it was nothing cause all your doing is getting in the other guys head, game over it’s all done, that’s sports, that’s ball.

  36. KnicksNation says:

    I don’t buy the G rated version of what was said by KG…Charlie has the right to be offended and I don’t think he was crying in any way. He simply stated what was said to him. Some people are sensitive about certain things and that’s just human nature.

  37. BOSTONIAN says:


  38. LL says:

    Trash talikng has been around for decades. Jordan, Bird and Magic has done it. I agrre that it may have been harsh words but that what it took to get under CV skin. CV should have been a bigger man and stop being so sensitive. All he is doing is openning the door for more trash talking about him. KG is a hall of famer because of his play on the court, not for the trash talking. He is very passionate on the floor. Anyone would like to have KG on their team because of what he bring to the game. People cant even talk trash that is what is wrong with todays world. If a comedian was to make fun of CV most people would laugh and it wouldn’t be a big deal.

  39. edward says:

    Does it make any difference if the KG or any fans said that thing to Charlie V.? maybe Charlie V. just want to make some issues.

  40. HT19 says:

    I think KG is wrong, he is a bully and he thinks he can say whatever he wants without getting punished. I’m happy that CV decided to tweet about it and bring attention to this topic.

  41. Comments here are crap says:

    Too much Boston Celtics fans commenting…. This is pointless

  42. mattl says:

    Its hard to imagine KG would have told someone they are “cancerous to their team and the league” during a game unless he already had that thought/feeling toward CV and suddenly decided to express it in the game. The way I see it, trash talking doesn’t usually involve any kind of thought out concept like that. How has CV been cancerous to the league? Alternatively, if done out of instinct it would seem trash talking would naturally be simple thoughts and, unfortunately, contain name calling and/or curse words. Either way CV should have kept it on the court. They both made mistakes.

  43. lgmiller says:

    KG is a bully. He is a horrible example to kids with his nasty mouth and constant on camera use of foul language. Get over yourself KG-you are nothing but a bully!!

  44. AJ says:

    KG has never said nothing as politically correct as he said he said on the court that why I believe he’s full of it.

  45. birajan says:

    I think KG is wrong if he really called chalie V a cancer patient…but i also agree with the nba rule that says whatever happens in the court stays on the court…

  46. jimo says:

    In the NBA, not having hair is not really meaningful. KG hasn’t had hair since HS. I don’t know if KG knows about CV’s disease or not, and his comment wasn’t nice whatever he said, but CV would have been much better personally talking to KG and educating him about CV’s rightful sensitivity about this issue not squealing on him. Unfortunately, especially right now, public complaining is much more popular than solving issues. (i’m looking at you Tea Partyers, and yes, i went there)

  47. KEV12 says:

    NBA=No Boys Allowed

    Charlie V should never have tweeted anything.

    1 CV doesn’t have cancer so if KG said what he is being accused of saying that makes KG look like a foo
    2 He souldn’t have said after the incident that he doesn’t want it to linger (clearly shows he was lying)
    3 Trash talking is most definitaly a part of the game. no one complained when Jordan did it!! what happens on the court should stay on the court

    the league is slowly turning into a joke, players flopping and crying all the time, stern introducing ridiculous rules taking away the passion in the game and players like CV who run to the media for comfort because big bad KG rustled him up.

    Remember it was CV who got tweeting during games banned. He needs to learn to shut up and stop crying and start working on his game and justify that salary before he looks for any sympathy!

  48. D-Nice says:

    yes kg was 101% wrong for what he said if he said it and for taking it lightly. however, what happen to grown men handling it like grown men. everyone saying he can tweet what he want and thats what twitter is for no its not to me all these social networks is damaging cause it makes you look stupid. people can damage their image and put themselves in danger with these things and to me CV damaged his image to me. do not get on twitter talking smack cause if you really a grown man then you would have handled it like so you would have pulled him to the side or put up or shut up right there or if you felt you need to speak up for all cancer victims then why didnt you say it to the media directly or to the coaches or commisioner and kept it league related until need be. but no u tweeted it so millions to say and then say u done you dont want it to linger. you idiot its twitter you know its gonna get out now we gotta hear bout it everyday like damn i wanna hear bout sports on sports channels not sports and everything else wth again KG is terrible if he said that and he should apologize but how can i consider CV a man if he handled it like all these imature teenagers that use facebook and twitter. CV grow up if u can talk bout fighting him on twitter then you should have been a man and did something if not during then after the game or set it up with him personally but you showed us that you only scared of KG and i guess you need the world to be your back up and KG come on man have more class but again trash talk has been part of the game since it started like someone said no one said anything when minorities was being called racial names no they took it as motivation to whoop on the enemy when they played or the fought right there on the court…simply to both of them…GROW UP AND REALLY BE A MAN

  49. soyax says:

    Im 101% sure..KG will not win NBA title this year..he will retire with only 1 ring..poor trashtalker..

  50. soyax says:

    Kevin garnett sucks..hes so match to Pau in lowpose..^^..

  51. derek says:

    charlie needs to stop being a baby about this cmon your a grown man acting like a teenager posting it on tweeter he needs to get over it and act his age, of course its wrong to say something like that but he needs to suck it up and just use that to fuel his game and go right back at kg the next play not bitching about it

  52. tombats says:

    what if charlie v replied back, “black a-hole who loves trash talk s***!” ?

  53. johnny says:

    kg is not wrong ,kg might be wrong only if what cv said is true but if kg said something else it deosnt matter because all basket ball player trash talk and it not bad on my opinion bacause the mind and talk game intimidate the oponent so if u not a strong girl on court don’t work on it to be a man dont come and cry out on twitter @CV31

  54. vanmitra says:

    Sometimes these things really drive me crazy…
    What are we all?
    Puritan grandmammas?

    Most of you who have written here must have never played sports, at least at a competitive level…

    I’ve played, soccer, futsal(indoor soccer), basketball and one thing everybody knows:
    inside the field and “the locker room”, have “specific languages”.
    Trashtalk is not just part of the game, but (believe me) is a MAJOR part of the game.
    I’m 5’8” and I’ve played basketball, and not as a point guard, I played as guard/forward.
    Every “achievement” on the game MUST have been either to proper “work”, “positioning” and… turning upside down the heads of the guys I was playing against…

    ALL the guys I played with were amazed with the guy I was OUT of the field, tottally different.
    On the field, besides the tactical and athletical aproach, the mind games are a MUST.

    I don’t know if KG said what CV sys or not, but even if he did, I have to congratulate him, because hit CV bullseye…
    CV was a sissy… PERIOD.

    Talking about other guy’s wife, mother or whatever… may not be nice… but it’s part of the game…

    If KG came OFFGAME talk or write things about other player, that would be different.
    Go out and play…
    You make a 3 in some other guy face… you can mock him.
    You make a precious steal… you can mock him.
    You have to be prepared to take that against you also…

    End of the game…
    Everything MUST be over.

    In soccer and futsal I’ve never been a great trashtalker, but I surely was in basketball.
    And I can tell you one of my best friends (been in my marriage and all) was a guy we had amazing trashtalk battles on court.
    After… we had drinks togheter and so on…

    GET REAL, dude..

  55. Josh Nickel says:

    are you kidding me! wow. first off i agree if KG said it then it is far over the line but KG said he didnt and Doc Rivers who is one of the most humble coaches(believe it or not Laker Fans) backed him up. However Charlie V goes out and tweets it saying he’s pissed and no one from Detroit heard it. You guys automatically assume that KG is guilty when no one knows what they really said. Point is if KG said what he said that is over the line but if Charlie V made this whole stuff up then that is worse because he is just trying to make someone look like a bad person. Did anyone forget about Kobe Bryant or Tiger Woods???? Why would you hate on someone who trash talks(news flash>>>> everyone trash talks) when there are other players who are far more unmoral than KG. I’m speaking as a Lakers fan and anyone who is hating on KG hates the Celtics because there is no proof that what KG said is true. The situation was only brought into by Charlie V’s tweet. Talk about attention. Please comment I would love to prove why I’m right:)

  56. j21 says:

    I just hated the fact that CV inlvolved other cancer victims by saying it’s not about him but it’s about standing up for the victims. It has nothing to do with the other patients. Its just between him and KG, whether what he heard that KG said was true or not. He clearly just want to use those patients to get sympathy from the people. Such a shameful act!

  57. art says:

    this is the reason that david stern is pushing for a 38% gross pay cut. No normal person who plays basketball talks all day to each other like the NBA players do. Even in the little promos they dont shut up. Playing in high school, college, leagues and now lunchtime half court, very little was said during the gameby me or my teammates/opponents. . Bob Love and Bob Dandrige did not jaw, Norm Van lier and Walt Frazier did not, nor did Gilmore and Kareem. If Doc Rivers thinks this is normal and is a coach, then it is no wonder nobody with the abiltiy to buy cars, investments, etc watches the games. The ads now are for cell phones, beer, etc and their ratings stink(the numbers down 10% but discretionary income of the viewers is down far more). Up until 2000 we talked NBA all the time at work (Bulls, Pacers, Jazz, etc).. since then crickets. I doubt the average 40 yr old could pick Durant, Wade and anyone but Kobe and LeBron out of a police lineup. Spurs are OK..that is about it.

  58. JNT says:

    At this point, there’s no way to determine whether CV just made it up or KG just tried to hide it. Doc Rivers is a trustworthy guy, but I don’t know if his statement could pass unsuspected because he is, after all, the Celtics coach. He just may have a good reason to defend KG regardless of what he heard or didn’t hear.
    I personally agree with the other NBA article that said it’s unlikely that KG would have stiffly said “you are cancerous to your team and our league.” Trash talk on the court doesn’t sound like that. On another side, CV wouldn’t just pull this statement out of thin air if he didn’t hear what he thought he heard. Do you think he cares if KG said an insult like “you are cancerous to your team and our league”? If I was CV and I heard KG say that, I would laugh at KG.
    Honestly, I don’t think it’s right for this to surface. A lot of trash talk probably sound silly when they are taken into public scrutiny because basketball is an emotional game…but with that said, KG’s suspicious cover makes me think he deserves to be exposed for saying something as insensitive as that.

  59. Gammi says:

    Honestly none of you guys posting comments here have no idea what was said between both players. I will speak to the ACTUAL facts, if KG or any player for that matter says or does something that they don’t want brought to the light, DON’T DO IT! You can’t control people, Charlie V has his own twitter account that he is allowed to use as he chooses. If the guy wants to tweet that he has a big streak down the back of his underwear so be it, we have the right as an audience to choose whether or not we want to view it. If it’s that disturbing to you just ignore it, that simple.

    At the end of the day I think that CV needs to toughen up, no matter where he goes he is going to find people that offend him, it doesn’t make it right but the sooner he realizes that the world is full of vile people who will try to tear him down at every instance, the better off he will be. Still not saying KG said what CV claims but he was clearly offended by something that was said.

  60. dyepri says:

    if what CV is saying is true then KG is wrong. If CV’s just making up stories or just revising what KG said and then tweet it, well CV’s wrong. I don’t have anything about CV. and in fact who are we to judge… where not in the scenario. we don’t know who’s telling what.. we didn’t even heard what exactly KG said to CV on the court… In my opinion, KG should apologize to CV for the misunderstanding and CV should apologize to KG also for tweeting it… Apologizing doesn’t mean you’re weak but it proves you’re strong enough to accept what you have done wrong…

    KG fan, Go C’s!!!!!

  61. juan carlos says:

    KG and his big mouth…its not fear play with this,you are talking about cancer.

  62. Joe says:

    If Charlie V played better, maybe I would take him seriously. Trash talking is part of the game. Get used to it. How many of you complaining about KG’s comment have actually played competitive sport? If you’re good, you just block it out and play. Charlie V, suck it up, or stuff some of those millions of $ you’re making in your mouth.

  63. Lionel says:

    First and foremost we have 1 persons word against another. For all we know Charlie V could be trying to distract KG by creating negative media buzz. Secondly, all of the people that disagree with KG (IF HE EVEN SAID IT!) clearly have not played sports on any sort of competative level before. In the heat of battle there is no telling what you might hear someone say to you. At the end of the day, especially in this case, Charley V should have enough sense to understand that the things that happen on the floor are not personal just business.

  64. Geoff says:

    I love KG , one of my favorite players of all time. But sometimes he needs to shut the f up. It’s unnecessary and over the top and he’s not thinking about the things he’s saying.

  65. fdlc says:

    Do your talking with your game. Not with words. Yes KG crossed that fine line. If thats what he has to do to get into someone’s head then thats just plain out ridiculous.

  66. romel says:

    both of them should settle this within themselves only, not informing the whole world about it

  67. Linda says:

    That is extremely lame of Charlie to even tweet that. If he had a problem with KG he should’ve dealt with it one on one with him if it bothered him that much. To tweet it to the world is pathetic.

    To anyone who is angered at KG… take a look at the other link posted where KG CLEARS IT UP.

    It was obviously a misunderstanding and there wouldn’t be a story at all if Charlie was man enough to just clear it up first before jumping on the twitter wagon

  68. Snow says:

    Villanueva needs to grow up and stop whining just because his feelings got hurt and his team loses a game…or four. If you think about it we really shouldnt even care about this story at all(which Im assuming most of us really dont but I could be wrong). Fact is KG is a big jerk on the court like most athletes are and to be honest I really dont care for him. Charlie, quit crying and shoot better and maybe Garnett wont have as much to say.

  69. Ryan says:

    First of all, a good poll deals in absolutes and should not encourage speculation. By allowing voters to vote for “whatever KG said” being wrong this poll encourages individual speculation, which leads to inane back and forth arguments where everyone is really just talking past one another. At the very least, framing the option like this fails to inhibit such confused argument in any way. This could be remedied by making the option “is KG wrong for trash talking and/or using the word cancer or cancerous”. Second, anyone arguing against those who support KG by noting that they have no way of proving what was really said should not also say that KG is wrong for saying what he said because they will only be negating their own argument. Regardless of this, I think the real issue has to do with the reasonableness of making on-court vocalizations public knowledge; I am not sure where I stand on this. Oh and P.s. by writing the second option like this, “or Charlie Villanueva for tweeting it”, the poll implies that KG said EXACTLY what CV said, because it says that what CV tweeted was actually what KG said. So this poll actually leaves no room for other interpretations of what KG said… nice.

  70. Zee says:

    I can’t believe what I’m reading…Is the motto of the sport of basketball ‘everything goes if it’s on the court’? Since when is trash-talking equal to personal insults? Reggie Miller, Larry Bird, Garry Payton, MJ23, Kobe, etc. the masters of the trash-talk but no-one ever complained against them – in fact, some of them were praised for it. The Boston player in question is the first player to be called for it in public for a comment that in any other facet of life would make him jobless and facing charges left, right and center. Mentioning cancer or cancerous, to a guy who’s had to fight a disease that has left him with no hair is classless, miserable, pathetic. All of those defending the Boston player, I’d like to see your reaction if you were in Charlie’s shoes or if you had someone close to you fighting cancer. Boston would have won that game without that unnecessary garbage anyway – CV is a threat to Boston as much as Cleveland is to Miami for the top seed in the East. Anyone else think differently should stop watching bball. And by the way, Twitter exists so people can say what they want to say, when they want to say it.

  71. drep says:

    KG has turned into a dirty and underhanded player since going to boston and shouldnt be making any negative reference to cancer especially since a close relative of his died from it. I personally feel like CV should have either handled his business by boxing on the court or by approaching KG after the game but something like is a cheap shot and does need to be dealt with…. Thats CV’s only mishap, not taking care of it right then…

  72. David Walker says:

    Well Whatever! The main issue as I, as a paying fan, see it is that this is a public environment. I feel cheated as a paying fan because I am too entitled to hear the bounce of the ball as well as the words spoken out on the floor. I pay top dollar to get the whole experience of the game. Nowadays we have the sound technology to hear eveything on the court and I feel that the NBA not using this high tech. is cheating me as a consumer. With out us there is no game. Give me the full experience for my money NBA!

  73. Kirbs says:

    I say they are both in the wrong, mostly yes KG, yes there is alot of emotion to the game, but still that’s unnecessary to do that. But CV did have a right to feel offended, but should of just left it at that. Not post it, leave it on the court.

  74. BE.water says:

    Look, All I’m Saying, Is If Yall Was In The Cypher Session And Heard Somebody Say “you look like a cancer patient” You would be sitting there rolling.

    …Man Up.

  75. marcus says:

    One comment hit a very good point. We (everyone excluding the KG and CV, and maybe some “stand-arounds”) all have no clue what exactly was said between those two Players. Therefore, we all should be restrictive with any judgement.

    I personally think, that the “tweet” from Charlie was unnecessary and stupid. For anyone who knows about trash-talking, being called a “cancer patient” (or what so ever) is, by far, not the hardest personal insult you’ll hear. And for those who didn’t know, trash-talking is simply an attempt to mentally distract your opponent. In this case KG won, without a doubt! He couldn’t ignore what his opponent threw (verbally) at him, and lost his focus. but normally a grown man gets over it by the end of the forth quarter, or will get revenge the next time. but telling the whole world how mean KG has been to him and all the other cancer patients……i don’t know? Because even if KG called him a cancer patient (what wouldn’t be nice to say), he said it only to him. he wasn’t interviewed by craig saiger and said something offensive regarding every cancer patient in the whole world.

    So it was between those two athletes, and should have stayed between those two. There I agree with doc rivers, what happens on the court…
    tweeting is overrated anyway!

  76. j21 says:

    I think even KG would admit that he was wrong if he actually said what CV thought that he had heard. But like KG mentioned, Some of his family members and friends died because of cancer and some are suffering having that same disease. I don’t think anyone would insult another person with having cancer while someone he loves suffers from the same disease.

    As for Charlie, he was just being too darn sensitive and just couldn’t handle thrash talking and wanted to get back at KG and tweeted to the world like a crying baby so that all mankind would hate KG, LMAO! On my opinion, what he did was a lowblow, Tweeting and using cancer victims to get the people’s sympathy just to get back when people all over the world starts to send hate comments to KG. Such a shame! Sheesh!

    NBA is where the big boys play. Thrash Talking is part of the game. If CV can’t handle it, maybe KG is right after all. He is cancerous to the league!

    Addtional Comment:

    If you watched the replay of the Bogut and KG incident, you will see that Bogut was the one who pushed first. KG just retaliated before Andrew pushed him back again totally. Too many cry babies in this league! 🙂

    • Tyler says:

      Couldn’t agree more. The league is as soft as tissue now. MAN UP!

    • drep says:

      Maybe you should get high def because it was pretty evident that KG threw a dirty elbow that almost connected with Boguts head, im not sure where your from but in Brooklyn where im from KG is lucky all he got was a push!!!

      • DSO82 says:

        Right … And KG just likes to start everyone does he? He reacts for a reason buddy. I agree with Tyler and j21.

  77. Johan says:

    classic case of blame the victim. Dont blame the victim. Making fun of CV’s disease is probably the only thing that would offend him/anger him enough to Tweet it. CV is never trying to get in the spotlight, never makes rash public decisions like this. That tells me KG did probably say some offensive S%*@! If KG has used simple “yo moma” joke i gurantee CV would not have tweeted that. And yo moma jokes are ok because u know they’re lies. But when u say you look like a cancer patient, ur reminding him of the disease he has, that never asked for, that also makes him look different. And you know what happens to people who look different in this country right? Am I right?

    • DSO82 says:

      You’re wrong! If the pistons had won the game, would CV have twittered at all? Besides, he didn’t even talk to KG about it after the game so what makes you think that KG “probably said something offensive?” It has to do with interpretting what was said and it shows that CV took it out of context which is why he “tweeted” it out instead of being a professional and talking to him after the game to clarify if that was what he actually heard. If he was confident about what he heard, why not say something at the post game press conference? So that it makes him look un-professional for saying something which should have stayed on the court? Tweeting things like that is just as un-professional but at least it would have showed he had more confidence in what he heard.

  78. J says:

    Trash talking is a personal attack people. But it is done within the structure of sports. Please dont get me wrong the fact that We know what was said makes it wrong. And that is it. Charlie V wanted sympathy and others to bash KG because he is mad that he lost and was embarresed. KG and many other players constantly curse and use foul labguage on the court. Some we know about and some we don’t. Remember the great Jordan talked very bad about people while playing the game….This day in age every little thing is so magnified.

  79. Dave says:

    How about introducing technical fouls for trash talk as well?

    ok, just kidding. I’ve never done any trash talking playing any sport, its just lame. I think its a sign of fear and weakness from the opponent.

    • J says:

      seriously Dave??? And everytime Jordan talked trash it was because he was scared of his opponents…Think about it.

  80. Walker says:

    Are you guys serious??? Bullying in the NBA, a basketball league governed by referees????In order for one to be bullied you must acknowledge a weaker party. So are we calling CV weaker that KG? CV may take offense to that too. Players notice a weak spot and take advange of the weakness all the time. If CV had only 9 fingers someone would say something about him missing a finger. Shaq is joked for his size. Sam Cassel for his looks. Rookies get it all the time as well. I’m sure it was not the first time CV heard something like this. I guess he just felt like crying now. Come on!! Big Boys’ League… no babies allowed!!

  81. Tasha says:

    Not one of us was there to hear whatever transpired between these two players. KG said he didn’t say it, Doc Rivers said he heard what KG said and it wasn’t what Charlie V said but I believe that Charlie V shouldn’t have tweeted anything and now says he doesn’t want to make a big deal out of it. Well then don’t tweet it. Now you have a he said-he said story and everything has been blown out of proportion. If Charlie V has an issue or felt KG said something that offended him, then he should have been a man and called KG personally and discussed it, don’t take it to Twitter.

  82. Kevin says:

    Hearing about KG being a ‘bully’ is really totally laughable. He talks alot of smack but really that’s all he does. These are grown men playing a grown man’s game. Let’s just say that KG really called him a cancer patient. So what? Are we supposed to believe that CV is such a little baby girl that he can’t handle it? Crying to his followers on twitter about mean ol’ KG!! What a joke! There are probably rookies in this league with a thicker skin than CV. He should grow up and maybe learn how to compete in a man’s game.

  83. David says:

    I never heard Magic complaining about what Bird said or didn’t say or vice versa. Not a peep out of Jordan. Or Russel. Or West. Shaq. Or anyone else for that matter. Most of these players played in less politically correct times than us and I’m sure they were called worse. So Charlie needs to relax with the twitter. KG is not his boss, teacher, or coworker. He is his competitor and this happens in every sport. Imagine if Reggie Miller and John Starks tweeted after every game about what the other said to them or what the fans screamed. : ) And don’t forget, what us fans scream at games (myself not included) is far worse.

    I personally wish I didn’t have to hear about this anymore.

  84. jovdelmar says:

    “your a cancer to this league/team” rofl? someone will actually say that in the middle of game to get under player’s skin.. no way.. (yahoo sports posted a valid argument/article about this i dont know if its allowed to post link from other sites) i believe CV on this one, why would he make up stories about KG? and Doc taking on KG’s side? LMAO what do you expect?

    But everyone knows KG is a dirty player. he feels the need to trash talk or do other things like intentionally bash people’s arm 2x (on howard last playoff) to get under people’s skin lol. thank god no more ring for this oldie though lakers or miami will be winning the championship in the next couple years.

  85. Jfez88 says:

    It’s called mind games, and it’s part of the sport.

  86. Mr Sensible aka the new zzanzabar says:

    The Nba is a mans game…..and Charlie V should now retire and go play in Europe. Jon Kuestuer needs to give him a hug. This NBA season is not a Charlie V “feel good story”. Guys are fighting tooth and nail to keep pace with other teams in the league, and will win at any costs….No dissrespect, but leave your feel good stories to the Charity events, and speeches about cancer for fundraising events…On the floor as soon as that tipoff goes, its DOG EAT DOG!! It feels like its back in the days when we all wanted to play 5 on 5 but there was only 9 people, and we had to take the girl on the sideline to make it even….so all game long you cant go hard because you always here….”TAKE IT EASY MAN….IM JUST A GIRL!!” Thats what this story is like.

  87. Mark says:

    Charlie is wrong. Anyone wo has played at any level knows nothing is out of bounds. The most important thing is getting the win. KG is one of the best PF to ever play the game, dont confuse passion with classlessness. Even if he did call him a cancer patient that is not nearly the worst thing said to people on or off the court. If you are going to argue, argue for something that matters not over two millionaire athletes trash talking… it was in fact a double tech. What did V say?

    • drep says:

      Any level huh? Well I can gurantee if KG pulled something like that at Rucker Park or any other park in NY all hell would have broken loose… Yeah trash talked is expected but even on the streets there are boundaries…

      • antoine parker says:

        lol at the rucker is where the most trash talking is done. ive been there seen it played in it. its part of the game.

  88. BigEarn says:

    Where is the ‘both are right’ button?
    But serious, I think KG went too far there, but there’s no reason to raisea fuss about it either.

  89. Max says:

    This whole thing is ridiculous. Kevin didn’t even say that to him. Doc was right next to the both of them and said he heard the whole thing. Kevin told Charlie that he is a cancer to his team and the league. While cancer isn’t the best word, that’s hardly offensive to cancer patients. It’s unfortunate that few people actually hear the whole story and just believe what some mediocre center tweets because Detroit still has a few loyal fans.

    • drep says:

      And you believe the coach of one the dirtiest and foul mouth player in the league? Lol.. Maybe he should try that when he see’s artest, J. Maxiell, G. wallace, or Kenyon Martin to name a few.

      • DSO82 says:

        I’m sure KG has (had words with those players) but it’s funny how no one else has tweeted what was said. They all leave it on the court or do something about it on the court. What reason would Doc have to lie about it? Wouldn’t it be smarter for Doc to stay out of it if he were lying? He’s a smart man which many players have respect for.

  90. george aranda says:

    Just a few weeks ago our President pronounce strong words against bullying, in schools, in workplaces and everywhere in our society. What KG did is bullying without a question, it may be the way it is in sports but is WRONG……..
    But then again , it was KG…what can you expect?

    • DSO82 says:

      Bullying is a form of intimidation which is part of sport. It’s natural for opponents to feel intimidated and threatened. I can’t think of a sport where you never want an opponent threatened or intimidated. Contact and team sports have that in common. Anyone who has ever played a team sport or a contact sport knows that it’s natural to make the opponents feel threatened and intimidated. So from that perspective, I don’t see what KG did that people see as wrong. He simply intimidated the opposition and was successful in doing so.

  91. los says:

    KG is only doing what every other player does. Everyone trash talks and like the article says, worse has been said. The only difference is that other players simply leave all the trash talking on the court rather than use it as an opportunity to vilify a player publicly. It’s not like charlie v was just minding his own business and KG just called him a cancer patient out of the blue. both players were mouthing off to each other, the only difference is KG doesn’t run to the media like a little child. It’s a man’s game, so charlie v should just man up trash talk right back and leave it all on the court once the game is over

  92. medmate says:

    this is an thing,that only people,who were or are athetes,can understand.Stuff like that slip out.V probably said bad stuff,and probably this is not the last time,he heard bad stuff on the floor.

  93. Nate says:

    Come on people, if you’ve read the article of what KG really said you would know that KG didn’t aim his comments towards Cancer patients or that Charlie has cancer….. this is taken way out of poportion, especially by Charlie and the media. It’s basically like him saying, “You’re a virus to your team and to the league.” Trash talking on the court should stay on the court. Charlie’s just being a big baby cause they got their @$$ kicked that night and he couldn’t handle it. KG didn’t step out of bounds with his comment, it’s all part of the game. CV just needs to man up and quit being a baby.

  94. Tanya says:

    I believe KG said that to Charlie. People with Alopecia Universalis (like my little sister) are constantly confused for cancer pantients. What KG said was offensive not only to people fighting cancer, but to people living with Alopecia. It was insensitive and ignorant and he needs to educate himself. If you want to learn more about Alopecia go to .

    • DSO82 says:

      So you believe everything you read on twitter? I didn’t realise it was a reliable source of information. It’s like saying wikipedia is a reliable source of information. Please! So you’re saying using the word “cancerous” is offensive even though it is used in a context which does not reflect one’s health? Would you be offended if you read that a certain part of an aircraft structure is cancerous? For your information, that simply means a certain part of aircraft structure is undergoing corrosion which may spread to other parts of the aircraft. Similarly, KG simply was talking about CV as a player (which would have more to do with what he does on the court for his team and the league) and wasn’t taking a shot at his health. You’re obviously taking what was said out of context along with other people who don’t look at what was said in context but rather the key word “cancerous.”

      • Bill Rithgen says:

        Clearly this wasn’t an issue of health, because unless you hadn’t noticed, Charlie V doesn’t have cancer, but a skin disease which causes him to lose hair. So, those were cute little examples, however pretty pointless. And we all know KG wasn’t referring to CV as “cancerous to his team”. Seriously, unless you’re as dense as you seem on here, the whole point is that half of KG’s game relies on the fact that he has to revert to bullying now that his game isn’t what it once was. So, as an accomplished name-caller, you think yelling “Hey CV, you’re, uh, really cancerous to your team….bringing your team down with those cancerous actions…of yours there” is what KG was going for? No, he’s going for the ignorant, in-your-face school-yard b.s. that get’s under your skin. Oh, wait, my bad, professional athletes wouldn’t lie to cover their arses when they take a couple days to react to something they clearly said. Get over it.

  95. joselio castro says:

    KG is a noob. he’s always trying to pick fights with other players, then he chickens out at the last moment. if KG can talk, he should be able to do more than just deny it and hide behind the media. CV had all the right to tweet it because it’s not trash talk anymore, it’s personal. KG should man up and accept his fault.

    • DSO82 says:

      Grow up please! So tweeting without clarifying it shows how much of a man CV is? If CV was a man, why not confront KG about it and then release a media statement with some facts rather than subjective opinions about what was said through twitter? Besides, the use of the reference “cancerous” has got nothing to do with CV as a person. It is his style of play which was commented on which doesn’t reflect his personal life.

  96. Cameron says:

    I think that Charlie V is wrong for even bringing it up. Its basketball and its going to be trash talk on the court and for him to run and tell the media was very childish. Its just like running to your mom when someone is talking about you, if he isnt tough enough to take trash talk then maybe he shouldnt be on the court. Yes it would be wrong for KG to say the cancer comment but i dont think that KG is that insensitive to that subject to talk about it like its nothing. So for Charlie V either man up and play ball and take the trash talk or dont play at all its just that simple

  97. bridget says:

    I think that k.g over steped his bounds because no one should ever say that to someone likemthat what was he thinking. I have been a big fan of charilies ever sence collage and I do belive the big guy why would he make up something like that K.G. should atnad up and be a man and appoligise ti charlie and tell him that he is really sorry I just can not belive people would think that cahrlie would make something like this up.

  98. John says:

    KG IS RIGHT!!!!! CV IS WRONG!!!! Who cares about CV or cancer patients, I don’t, and who cares what was really said, I don’t. All it comes down to is CV is a scrub and shouldn’t even be playing high school ball, and KG is a star.

    • typper says:

      You insensitive “twit”. Wait until cancer the #2 killer in the US his you or yours then you my care!!!

    • jbling says:

      umm… 1st of all trash talk is trash talk ok… charlie v took it out of contact like all the other sensitive nba players. kg use the term cancerous he was basically saying he is bad for his team and the league he didnt say anything about the disease kg is not that cold people come on use ur brain

      • Tom says:

        do you know what KG said is the true or not? do you have any prove of that is what his said on the court? as far as i know they both fault but most of it is on KG who shouldn’t of said it in the first place. there have to be a limit in trash talk. and im sure that CV is not as good as KG but he is not a cancer to his team and the NBA.

      • DSO82 says:

        Agreed that trash talk is trash talk. And agreed that KG basically said he is bad for his team and league with no reference (directly nor indirectly) regarding CV’s health.
        Tom – just let it go buddy. Regardless of whether CV is good or not, you’re taking what was said out of context plus you haven’t justified whether CV is right in tweeting something without clarifying it with KG. You’re simply looking at it from a health point of view and not from a game perspective which the comment was made.

  99. Zachary says:

    I don’t think that K.G. was wrng for what he said because charlie started it so K.G. finished it

    • Tom says:

      but kg take it too far even if he said it or not we never know. i know that CV is not as good as KG but he not player like eddies curry or marburry( from the Knick day phew year ago) who is a true cancer of their team and the NBA.

      • DSO82 says:

        Tom – why do you insist that KG said something which he clearly did not say. If CV was so confident that KG said what he said, why twitter it? Why not do what KG did and release it to the media? Also, why didn’t CV clarify it with KG prior to tweeting what he did? Seems to me that CV is clearly in the wrong and then went about saying he tweeted it for those who need to stand up for themselves (or something to that degree). Now take what KG released to the media and understand what it means in that context. When examined, it has nothing to do with CV’s personal life. It simply means that he is pulling his team (and the league) down. When one takes the word “cancerous” out of context, then obviously it is going to feel like a personal attack. Fact of the matter is that CV never took it to the media and never clarified it with KG. So for all those people saying KG went too far, why don’t people see that KG was never asked about the incident by the one who claims he was victimised by KG via twitter? It would make me wonder why he even twittered in the first place (shows a lack of confidence IMO).

      • Mia# 3 says:

        I dont know why you people are trying to establish your own moral guidelines for trash talking. For you non competeitive athletes and sports fans out there, There are NO rules when it comes to trash talking, nothing is out of bounds. Everyone knows if someone does not like it, it is time to go home. So CV it is time to go home.

  100. luke says:

    Charlie V is def wrong for posting it to the world. Although KG should not have said what he allegedly said, as someone who has beaten cancer and lost multiple family members to it, i can understand how this would ofend many people. On the other hand, this is a professional sport and i dont think trash talking is that big of a deal, its just part of the game. CV only caused problems by opening his mouth to something many players probably hear on a game to game basis. He should have just ignored the comment like a big boy, if it was even said, and played basketball. And to KG, i understand he neeeds to get into other players heads, but dont cross the line. Lets grow up guys comeon.

  101. Zee says:

    That player from Boston (doesn’t deserve his name to be mentioned) is well-known for his trash-talking and intimidation tactics (for an example check out Mozgov’s interview and the numerous youtube videos), He’d do anything and everything to, as people like to describe it, put his opponent off his game – and that’s supposed to be a valid explanation or excuse for (cheep and cowardly) physical attacks and provocation (see what he did to Bogut after he dunked on him last night), and verbal vile insults directed at his opponents. That Boston player with all the talent he has, reeks of unsportsmanship, lack of class, lack of respect for his opponents and the game in general. The sooner he retires the better off this league will be. Trying to shift ANY blame for this to Charlie V by Sekou with this title/article or Doc Rivers who tried to wash his player’s dirty mouth and water the argument by saying ‘what happens on court should stay on court’ is pathetic and laughable.

    • Nate says:

      I think you’re still living in the 50’s if you think that sports should have no thrash talking. This isn’t 1st grade kickball we’re talking about. Come back to reality. Playing sports is both a physical and mental challenge, if you can’t take the heat then stay off the court. KG simply said ” You’re cancerous to your team and the league.” to get inside CV’s head, obviously it worked. He never said that CV was a “Cancer patient.” This is a perfect example of someone taking something out of context and blowing it up to something that it’s not.

      • Tom says:

        why are you defending KG when you dont even know who telling the truth here. as far as i known their a limit to trash talk. for me kg fault more then CV. i know CV is not as good as KG but im sure that he is not a Cancer for his team and for the NBA. he not like eddy curry, gilber arenas who doing stupid stuff that make their team lose and get them self in trouble.

      • Nate says:

        Tom – Don’t contradict yourself. For someone who’s telling me not to pick sides, you sure sound like you’ve choosen yours. How do you know that KG is at fault? As you stated, “when you don’t even know who telling the truth here.” Eat your own words. It’s bloggers like you that are cancerous to these forums. Are you gonna cry now and go tweet that?

      • DSO82 says:

        I agree with Nate 100%! It’s not about picking sides, it’s simply looking at what was done in context. KG said what he needed to say IN THE GAME to get the job done. Nothing unsportsmanlike about that. It’s part of the game. Anyone who plays basketball would know. Besides, if KG had used the word “poison” instead of “cancerous”, would this discussion still be going on and would CV have tweeted it? That’s something for people to think about.

      • Mia# 3 says:

        How do you no what KG said.KG is one of my favorite players but I know he is a much better trash talker than to think calling someone cancerous to thier team would get under thier skin. I believe he did say he was a cancer patient, which is funny to me but whatever. Its trash talk who cares what he said the point is it worked, Detroit lost people move on. That is probably not the worst thing he has said and is going to say.

    • Mila Perez says:

      Thank you Zee exceptionally well said.

      Garnett is the cancerous player in the league……………………..

      • Nate says:

        How dare you call KG a cancer patient? That is so wrong… don’t throw that word out there like it’s nothing. I’m gonna go tweet it now.

      • j21 says:

        KG should cry like a baby and tweet to all that he’s a poor victim that stands for all the patients because Mila Perez called him a cancer patient. LOL!

  102. john says:

    What one BALLER says to another baller is between BALLERS. Well, I guess Villa is a wanna be “baller”. All lower case, in quotes.

  103. KK says:

    KG is certainly wrong, it’s only whether CV is wrong as well. If NBA seriously think that trash talk should be left on court, why not be more easy on the T-calls. If this is the case, then I’m sure players will be able to take care of any such matters, and there will not be anymore tweeting. I’m not promoting fight, but I believe players need somewhere to release their angers.

  104. nathaniel Young says:

    i beleive CV is wrong he should not need to make a scene out of a comment. if he really cared he would’ve talked to KG head on and saw what he REALLY said before he went around tweeting and making a big scene. and i agree he better be lucky sir charles is not out there or he is liable to have a mental breakdown lol

  105. Heat631 says:

    I think they’re both wrong..

  106. Law064 says:

    I can’t say KG was wrong, maybe Charlie misunderstood him for me I can’t say if he said it or not I wasn’t at the game or watching it. All on court trash talking should be left there on the court after the final buzzer sounds. Maybe KG said it maybe Charlie misunderstood. Tweeting that is just ridiculous and childish. He could’ve been a man and asked KG exactly WHAT DID YOU SAY after the comment or after the game why tweet it to everyone?? I’m going to say All trash talk on court should be left there.

    • Tyler says:

      AMEN this is a man’s game so if you have a problem with someone then address it like a MAN.

      • DSO82 says:

        Finally, someone has some sense. I agree that if CV knows what he heard, why not clarify it with KG rather than “tweeting” it? Leave what is said on the court, on the court!

  107. Mao Yang says:

    WHO CARES!!!

  108. Nico Di says:

    KG is wrong man. thats just plain bullying. Charlie V, he can tweet things out, thats what twitter is for anyway. But bullying another player just because he doesnt have hair ? PLAIN WRONG and stupid.

    • Mia# 3 says:

      This is so funny to me, it is obvious that some of you have never played sports on any level. CV just needs to stop crying and acting like a baby, I am sure he has been called worst. Trash talking goes with any sport and people say whatever they must to get under your skin to disrupt your game, that is the point. Come on people I dont think any of us here know these guys to be calling them creeps.CV was just upset they lost and needed to take the attention off of Detroit. It seems he has succeeded,

  109. koinr says:

    check the other links on doc rivers and george karl’s comments on KG’s remarks and you’ll see the real story. CV should have just shut up and worry bout the next celtics vs pistons game. That’s where he can get his revenge..not through twitter..ugh..the nba today.tsk tsk tsk

  110. Rozza says:

    KG is in the wrong here. There is a difference between trash-talk and a personal attack. That was purely a personal attack. That is of course if the accusations are true.

    • nelly says:

      i agree! even KG is my idol he was wrong that was totally personal attack.

    • William says:

      “There is a difference between trash-talk and personal attack.” Really? Every instance I ever overheard of trash talk was a personal attack.

      Trash talk is an unfortunate part of today’s game, but it’s all about getting under the opponent’s skin. It’s not about making the opponent feel good about himself.

      And if KG said what CV alleges, then the problem is not that it is a personal attack (“You’re weak and you can’t rebound” would also be a personal attack), but rather that KG would be making light of both cancer and CVs alopecia.

      Of course, I wasn’t on the sidelines, so I didn’t actually hear what was said.


  111. jeff says:

    no kg is wrong obviously

  112. Ti Brown says:

    I don’t know if he’s wrong for tweeting it, but publicly acknowledging another man “hurt his feelings” and then snitching about it… Kinda suspect.

  113. Carl Bolton says:

    First and foremost, I agree that KG was wrong for saying that and probably for most trash talking he does. Why would KaGe say cancerous to the ‘league’? This seems like a PG rated Disney translation. Meanwhile, CV should leave out whatever was said from the public. It’s not good for the NBA, and it’s not good for sports. If everybody starts tweeting or blogging about what someone said during a game or sport event, it’ll take away from the event because the focus will become the “morality” of the game.

  114. purpleandgold says:

    sure he was wrong…he’s tryin to be a baby…
    he should have cried if he was playing with sir charles then…

  115. Linda says:

    Are you kidding me? Someone is going to turn this around and blame the victim? There are bullies in all walks of life and in all ages. Trash talk is part of the game, but this is not in bounds. This is way beyond the “yo momma” talk. Maybe we should remember the fine line and who crosses it. Maybe CV was caught in a mood and not having it anymore. Why is he going to be made a weaker person for calling KG out. And good for him. What is this,a street code of not snitching? Grow up and admit it when you crossed the line and said something you should take back. Karma is always around the corner and you would not want yourself or a sick family member made to feel this way. Does it only hurt when done to you?

    • McKelly says:

      From what I have heard KG actually said “You’re a cancer to you’re team and the fu–ing league”. The word cancer has been used by the media to describe the negative impact some players have on thier team. Furthermore, CV was talking up a storm right along with KG. What I have taken from this is KG’s comment must have hit pretty close to home. Why else would a grown man go crying to the media? Sticks and stones may break my bones but words will never hurt me. Except if your Charlie Villanueva – in which case – you turn it into a personal attack in an attempt to villify the accuser. Your have oversimplified, sissified, and attacked the wrong guy.

      • Mila Perez says:


        R U kidding me? Garnett Creep! Charlie V a nice guy! So lets get it straight he did not cry to the media he posted it on his tweeter and I am so glad that Garnett is exposed for the horrible person he is. Why do they protect these players that are truly evil. Garnett will have this turned against him andBoston will lose. Garnett you SUCKKKKKKKKKKKKKKKK

      • C's up says:

        what a crybaby. They should change CV’s name to big baby instead of Glen Davis having it. And if you think posting something up on twitter isn’t running to the media then you’re a moron because clearly the media looks at the players tweets. All he wants is a little attention since he knows everyone could care less about the basketball “skills” he has

    • McKelly says:

      I almost forgot to ask you about your use of the word “Victim”. Are you kidding me? What is he a victim of, taunting, name calling? please share with me?

    • DSO82 says:

      KG never called CV a “cancer patient.” He said he was cancerous (or poison if you like) to his team and the league. Why is everyone crying over a comment like that. If KG has said poison, everyone would just simply say that he did nothing wrong. As soon as he substitutes the word for cancerous (which pretty much means the same thing in that context), everyone starts to say he went over the line. He did nothing wrong and in fact it is CV which has took it to a personal level which he has no right whatsoever because he heard what he wanted to hear. If KG actually called him a cancer patient, then CV stands corrected but the fact is that KG never said that and has more class than that. So the victim in this case is KG and not CV. Also, I stand by Doc when he says things should stay on the court. CV’s attempt to justify his need to “tweet” things said on the court to the world simply shows his lack of professionalism as an athlete.

      • Russell says:

        We all know KG called him a cancer patient. Who in their right mind would admit to saying such a heinous statement. He covered himself well, but he is lying.

      • Jay says:

        Really? Kg would “never say a thing like that? He has to much “class”? lol… Annnddd… How long have you two being knowing each other again? R we talking about the same guy who is using “MF’er” everytime the camera is on his face? That same guy? Please stop it.. If ANYONE… actually believes that Kg said “ur cancerous to ur team and this league”, ur truly kidding urself… lol… The guy that, while in Minn, was in a press conference talking about bringin AK’s and all other types of guns to a playoff game? lol.. lol… Please.. stop it..

  116. RMar says:

    Charlie V isn’t wrong for tweeting, he can do whatever he wants. But the fact is these are two grown men making millions to play basketball, Charlie V just needs to learn how to take what he dishes out himself at times. (Assuming KG actually said that)

  117. bill says:

    charlie is wrong for twitting its all part of the game to get under players skin and make them forget the task thats on hand like winning But again i agree with the article KG shouldn’t of pushed it that far

  118. dinomite says:

    Charlie V is absolutely not guilty unless he made up what KG said about him.

    If you don’t want people to know you did certain things, don’t do it in the first place.

    • Mila Perez says:

      Kevin Garnett is a creep. I read lips and I make out all of the nasty nasty things he saids to other players even his own teammates. That is why I want Boston to lose so freaking bad……………………………………………………………………………

      Go Charlie V for being brave enough to expose the creep for what he is” a CREEP” and he uses the excuse of passion and the game to get away with being a hater. He is miserable inside and he wants others to feel like him. I am so glad someone had the balls to expose himl.


    • GARNETT DA BEST EVERRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Johannes says:

      did you seriously just quote mark zuckerberg like he was some noble prize winner or something? that’s cold…