James Has Regrets

NEWARK, NJ — After Friday’s convincing victory over the Orlando Magic, LeBron James is feeling just fine about his decision to join Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh in Miami. But he does say that the way he presented his decision to the world could have been done better.

“If had to do it over, I think I would do it a little different,” James said before the Heat’s game against the Nets on Sunday. “But I’m comfortable. I’m happy with my decision to come to this team.”

When asked what he would do differently, James wouldn’t specify.

Sunday’s game was the first time James has faced one of the five other teams he met with in July. And he heard boos from the Newark crowd every time he touched the ball in the first half. But he had good things to say about the Nets’ free-agency presentation and their organization as a whole.

“It was a great meeting,” he said. “I think Avery [Johnson] and the owner [Mikhail] Prokhorov, those guys, they were unbelievable. They presented something that was very… I responded to it very well.”

The Nets were coming off a historically bad season, but James says that wasn’t a big factor in his decision.

“You can’t go off that,” he said. “They’re 2-0 now and I don’t think they won their first game until mid-December last year.

“Before I got to the Cavs, they only won 17 wins, even though I didn’t have anything to do with that, because of the lottery. You don’t take a team’s past year and base it on what the following year could be.”

Prokhorov was at the Prudential Center on Sunday. He has attended all three of the Nets’ games thus far, but is planning on traveling back to Russia Sunday evening.


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  1. Who needs it? says:



  2. BALLER 4 LIFE says:

    Ron R. Just a question. Why is building by “Trades” OK or more acceptable for “Super Teams”, as opposed to Free Agency or in this case in particular three friends deciding to play together, especially when they were all separately loosing in regards to championships, including D. Wade because that was 4 years ago and hasn’t been close since- Especially when all their current teams were no were near beating the Lakers for the next 2-3 years? Now I’m not talking about the show I’ve heard many viewpoints and understand that. So if Management puts them together and they have no say in their fate that’s OK- But for the players themselves, the ones whose talent and hard work produce the entertainment we love, for them to decide its the easy way out and you’ll never be considered great??- So what’s the real difference between the GM and the Player?? Especially since this one decision by a 25 year old player has re-ignited basketball passion to heights unrivaled since Mikes “Second Coming”. The 96 Bulls were Loved and Admired the 2011 Heat are Despised and Hated. But the energy level is the same!!. Being a little older I seem to remember something about a young star being called so gifted but so conceited he got his coach fired and he was overrated. Many sportswriters said he would never be a truly great player. I guess Erving Johnson really blew that one!!-..

  3. Blink says:

    celtics over heat in the east finals…bosh cannot go up against the celtics frontcourt if his life depended on it…KG, Shaq, JO, Perk and big baby will eat him for brunch..lebron tends to choke during the playoffs..wade struggles with the celtics D….rondo’s gonna run circles around the heat’s defense…

    **pau gasol should shave he looks like one of the 12 disciples but way to tall to be one

  4. mr says:

    its good at least he now understand that what he did was really stupid in his part. He should expect that he will be the public enemy no.1 after that stupid decision interview, no class there. He thinks already he owns the nba and that he can do whatever he wants….Well Lechoke wake up stupid you are not any near from MJ or a kobe Bryany or your teammate Dwayne Wade because these are winners and you are a big choker that is why you need a wade to give you a ring..Lechoke you are now Dwayne Wade’s SCOTTIE PIPPEN and pls change your nickname because a KING is not a sidekick….

    • Law064 says:

      Agree MR, now he’s the Scottie Pippen of Miami. He really need a player like D Wade around cause he’s a choker. He can’t finish games/series. He hit 1 game winning shot that really mattered and after he hit it it was like I can’t believe I did that. What a Joke Lechoke should call himself Jester James cause this choker is nowhere near being a true King. Crown Kobe or somebody

  5. cianci says:

    I bet any of you chumps the Heat won’t make it to the finals! They might not make it to the eastern finals. It’s Boston and LA again for the finals…no more wishful thinking nonsense so you won’t be disappointed come playoff time.

  6. i will be a heat fan forever…go on lebron dont let your critizers down you,just prove them wrong …
    all of you doubter’s will see at the end, that it will be the miami heat who will win the championship..i know it will not be easy but i know it will be interesting..peace.. ^_^

  7. Noche Delight says:

    lol lebron is saying this and that NOW because he doesn’t want cleveland fans to go hard on him on december 2nd. he asked for it. his nike commercial just added fuel to the fire and now he’s acting like “ohhhh i would have done it differently yada yada…”… dec 2nd will be a lovely night ^__^

  8. HEATFAN says:

    look i love the HEAT as much as any other Heat fan and i have gone to 5 games every year since 95( i would go to more but i live 3 1/2 hours away from miami) and all the people coming on here saying the heat already won are bandwagon fans you can tell because thats the only thing they care about if they were a true fan thats what they wuld want but supporting their team would be most important not telling every one the Heat are already champs same goes for every team in the NBA

  9. JLc says:

    Heat Fans are not dellusional , they’re OPTIMISTIC! They got what it takes !

  10. KingJamesMvp says:

    I really started to hate lakers fan all over miami heat, lebron, topics dont click on the darn link if you are just gonna hate. DONT watch him u ignorant kind…..

  11. Olatunji says:

    Passion wins it all.GO miami…

  12. lakers all the way says:

    can’t agree more with labryant

  13. HEAT says:

    lebron and wade will each get 40 points in the finals bosh 20 and kobe 8 heat will destroy the lakers

    • Ron R. says:

      That can possibly happen, but you have to play excellent defense on NBA 2K11. Have fun buddy!

      • Law064 says:

        LOL Ron @HEAT your a complete idiot so what is the rest of the heat going to do?? Eat hotdogs and drink beer?? LOSER I want to see them beat BOSTON

  14. J.Memo says:

    LeBron’s Descision could have been handled diffrently. I Think what he would have changed if he could now is the way he departed from Cleveland,

    I think that was most critical move this past summer.

    He should Have informed Clevland of his plans at worst.. a few days before.. him making his choice on which team to sign with. He should have departed in a good way. Celebarting his past years there and thanking his team mates from the present team and who previosuly played with him in a small get together somehwre in Clevland.

    That would have been a Real Classy Move,

    Maybe, be aliitle more classy and be the first to donate something to Charity and have everybody who attended donate something.

    LeBron is a Classy Guy in his way, but this move wasnt real classy. That was the only thing he had to change.

    Maybe signing with New York would Have been sweeter.

  15. Dimitris says:

    I believe that LeBron’s ability to take over games, coupled with D-Wade’s, give the Heat a pretty good chance of having the best record in the RS, as the Cavs did last year. However, as we clearly saw last year, experience comes into play in the post-season, especially championship experience and high levels of intensity and focus, which the Celtics and the Lakers have with their current rosters. Neither Magic nor Heat do in relative terms – Heat obviously has more than Cavs did last year, mainly because of D-Wade’s ring, as well as Lebron’s 2009-2010 experience – he obviously learned some lessons. They also have Pat Riley in the background – I don’t believe he will replace Eric Spoelstra, but I am pretty sure he will be playing a role wherever he sees fit, and that’s probably what’s expected of him across the Heat orfanization. Celtics will definitely get tired in the spring, the extent to which this will affect them remains to be seen. Last year they did pretty well, this year they are a bit older but have a better roster.

    Even though I am a Heat fan (and always have been, from the Zo / Tim Hardaway etc days), I do believe that the Lakers have the best chance of winning the championship this year (they will also have an easier schedule to get to the finals vs. any Eastern Conference team, which will have more competition until the Finals). On the East, it’s experience vs. talent. I am pretty sure the Heat will compliment their roster with a trade or two during the season (Pat Riley convinced us all during the summer of his capabilities), so if they get a couple of veterans or big guys for the center position (or even players like Nikola Pekovic from the T-Wolves), they have a much better chance to make it from year 1. With their current roster however and their relative inexperience vs. Lakers and Celtics, they cannot rely on LBJ’s and D-Wade’s talent, because LAL and BOS have the experience to control them and put the game more in the paint, and be more focused when the ball is so much heavier.

    The Magic have a great team and they will obviously not lose again by 26 points, however it seems that whenever they are facing tough defense they cannot penetrate easily. it’s still too early to draw conclusions this season (I am mainly referring to the playoffs vs. BOS last year).

    I think in terms of championship chances, its
    (1) LAL
    (2-3) BOS – MIA
    (4) ORL
    (5) OKC.

    As far as Kobe vs. Lebron. It’s on debate, all Heat fans say Lebron, all LAL fans say Kobe, and now the almost everybody else hates Lebron, Kobe has the edge. C’mon. Lebron is more versatile, this is undisputed. Lebron can play almost any position and guard much more guys, Kobe cannot but he is better in the shooting guard position and in his shooting range, and more experienced for tough shots (i.e. game winners). IF Lebron improves his post-game and becomes a bit more flexible in his moves (now, so many guys draw charges out of him, he’s more like “out of the way, I’m going in!”.. but when he does, he is unstoppable), I think the debate will be over and LBJ will be the undisputed winner (IF he improves his game and experience). Until then, it’s up for debate, probably Kobe has the edge because of experience and focus (i.e. game winners and rings), Lebron has the talent and he gathers the experience, and from this year this experience will be at a higher level.

  16. The nei says:

    I think that the Celtics are a great team, but Miami is better.I admit that the Celtics’ bench is better than the Miami’s bench but Miami has one of the best players such as Lebron, Wade, Bosh. If Miami goes with Celtics or Orlando in the Eastern Conference finals it would be a exausting, yet interesting game, if Miami wins the would probably go with an excellent team such as LAKERS ,Utah, Denver,maybe Thunder,or Spurs in the finals the can lose but they can also win it all.

  17. king says:

    the only reason he regrets it is bc he isnt the star player and averaging 30 points a game

  18. Sosa says:

    Whoa, whoa now Erica. Not all Heat fans are delusional. I’ve been a Heat fan ever since the days of PJ Brown, Dan Majerle, Zo, Tim Hardaway, Jamal Mashburn, and many others. I did assume things were going to turn around for the Heat in the summer. I did not think it was going to be in such manner. Now, i have to agree with what Ron says. I don’t necessarily believe the Heat will win the championship this year. There are several other teams in the east that have the same chance to go all the way (Celtics, Magic). Plus, the Lakers are, in my opinion, a much better team than they were last season with the pieces that have been added this past off-season. I am a Heat fan, i have been for a while, and i love my team, but I also know reality and understand it, and I understand that it’s going to take more than just 2 superstars and 1 allstar to get it done. This year may not be our year, but I’m pretty sure that the roster is still not complete. We still have the trade deadline to make some moves and find the pieces that are still missing, mainly at the 5 spot. But when we do fill up those pieces, that’ll be another story.


    ok i think people need to get over the whole LEBRON in MIAMI rby now we all know he is down south and that he plays with WADE and BOSH but as for the doing over part i bet he regrts the confernace he called , and we all know that was not in good taste for anyone to do , so let that THRICE-SQUAD play and they will have to earn thchampionship just like all the oteher teams. i bet next time they dont beat ORLANDO as bad or even lose to them , they will have trouble with the LAKERS as well, and OKC is a team that can run with them, so it’s not like the road is a ll clear for them. so lets just enjoy the season and see what underdogs make they mark .

  20. mrfamous says:

    Im not saying the Heat will in the championship but I doubt people would be shocked/surprised if they did. Anybody that understands baskeyball knows they CAN. Heat celtics lakers all have weakness that each other can exploit. Lakers do not rotate well defensively and until Bynum goes to Tim Grover for his injuries he will always be hurt. The celtics look great andI love watching them but every day that goes by they get older, The heat are a wild card as its hard to judge something thats never been done but the potential is still there. They have to show that they will be able to rebound against the top teams. I just want to see these teams go at it. As long as its good basketball I dont care,

  21. Dee says:

    Carmelon is better then Lebron who agrees

  22. Casey527 says:

    Dude your dumb. The heat!??? isnt going to go nowhere this year!! You guys just dont know jack about NBA.

  23. BBallFan says:

    I love the way Lebron was making fun of Dwight at the foul line,( and looking around for the attention) real sportsman like conduct, what a loser he is and will always be, Get a life Jimmy boy, you are not a king in any ones court. Show respect for your fellow nba players and they will show respect back. Charles is right, he is not a role, you are right, you are not a role model, but more people respect Charles because of who he is, you will not rise to the top like air (MJ), You can decide all you want, but in the end, you will fail and your legacy will not be remember for what you did for your team, but what you did to your team.

  24. R.H says:

    All the fans who boo lebron are only mad that they cannot get players like him on their favorite teams. Lebron is the greatest player in the nba. The fans can boo him all they want. only reason Cleveland fans are pissed is because they will never get to where they were with lebron on their team

    • Ron R. says:

      Many fans started booing LeBron because they saw a young and promising superstar throw all his creditial away by joining forces with another elite superstar. The self-proclaimed King sold out his thrown so he can make his path to a championship easier and less challenging. The problem people (NBA fans) see with that is that LeBron was looked at as the next big thing in the NBA. Let’s compare with other NBA greats in the past such as Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Larry Bird and the present Kobe Bryant. Sure, Magic and Kobe both asked for trades during their NBA careers however, neither of them left there perspective teams to join forces with another elite superstar. And yes, those players I mentioned eventually had super teams themselves however, they were made by trades, not free agency. I think it was LeBron’s best bet to stay in Cleveland. They were not that far away from an NBA championship.

      Now as far as you making your claim that LeBron is the best player in the NBA….of course, this is all opinionated, but I’m willing to bet that the majority of NBA fans would have to disagree with you. Until LeBron is able to first win a ring, that would be the first step, then should you consider LeBron as being the best in the NBA today. Hardware does speak volumns, and LeBron doesn’t own any. Maybe, he can win Ron Artest’s ring and then he can be known as the King of Charity. After-all, “The Decision” was also a Charity driven event and LeBron has enough money to put in for a million raffle tickets, he should definitly win his first ring.

    • Law064 says:

      Kobe is better than Lebron!!! D.Wade is better than Lebron!!!! Lebron is a CHOKER he’s the Tin Man on the Wizard of OZ. HE NEEDS A HEART no killer instinct he’s a joke. Don’t get me wrong Lebron has mad skills but in key moments he will let you down. @R.H how is he better than Kobe?? Kobe who I truely hate is the best in the league not sorry to say but nobody’s on his level D. Wade is the closest to him

  25. JJ says:

    Dude the fans can ‘boo’ all they want but in the end miami is gonna win the east and then they gonna beat the lakers in the finals!!

    • Rondo9 says:

      Agree with you JJ, and all of us know it, whether we like the heat of not.

    • Ron R. says:

      If you really think its going to be that easy for the Heat, then well, your going to be disapoointed in the end. Let’s not even start with them facing the Lakers in the finals as of yet, because they will first need to battle it out with the Magic’s, Celtics and possibly the Bulls teams of the Eastern Conference. And please, don’t count out the Orlando Magic simply because the Heat blew them out in Miami on home opening night. Big Deal, I’m not surprised. The Orlando Magic is a much better team, and you and I know that.

      Question is, can the Miami Heat….the Shallow Miami Heat get passed the aging, yet powerful Boston Celtics. A team with several years of experience as a team within their core unit (Rondo, Pierce, Allen and Garnett), a huge presence in their front court to include Shaq, Perkins and Jermaine O’Neil and not to mention, Boston’s big Four (previously mentioned) vs. Miami’s big two-in-a-half. Does Miami have a threat in the east? You bet they do, and they are called the Boston Celtics.

      And let’s say Miami is able to get to the NBA finals this year. If they do, it won’t be a cake walk before than and I’ll tell you that if they have to battle the Celtics in the Eastern Conference finals, it’s going to be grueling for the Miami Heat…a dog fight and Miami will have to expend most if not all of their energy to get past this Boston Celtics team.

      Then, they would more and likely face the Los Angeles Lakers in the finals. A Los Angeles Lakers team that is talented from top to bottom, a Lakers team who is better at every postiion other than the small forward (LeBron over Artest), the same Lakers team that has the best coach and best player in the NBA along with a better bench over the Miami Heat. If that is the same Lakers team Miami would get to face in the finals, good luck….Miami will need it.

      • Erica says:


    • LABRYANT says:

      JJ all of a sudden your a Miami Heat fan..just like all the other bandwagon Heat fans..they wont even get by Boston..Lakers will eat them up in the paint …u cant win titles by shooting jump shots

      • Law064 says:

        Ron Erica & LABrYANT I have to agree with you 3. The Heat fans and the Cock hoppers (Bandwagon jumpers) are dreaming. I can’t see these 3 I mean 2 and a half beating anyone in a 7 game series. Yes they killed Orlando to my suprise but look at the shooting of orlando. They had good shots that didn’t fall can you expect the Magic to shoot horrible like that for an entire series? Dwight had 19 in the 1st half but he got into foul trouble and sat most of the 3rd then eventually fould out in the 4th. The Celtics already exposed the heat and if they meet them in the playoffs they will beat Miami. If the Heat so happen to get to the finals sorry to say LA will 3 peat and I hate LA but have to admit that the Lakers will expose them just like Boston did and just like Orlando,Atlanta, even Chicago will do. The heat have a good starting lineup and 1 bench player. How can that be good enough to win in the playoffs let alone the Finals.

    • Othella says:

      thank you you do know that the lakers will be in the finals and 2011 Champions if you agree hola

      • MR2007 says:

        I sure do hope that Lakers do win the finals because if they don’t there will be alot of broken hearts. WOW!! Do you people believe in upsets? What if Kobe goes out and can’t come back this season, what if gasol gets shipped back to spain for some odd reason? Who will take the lead then? Not Fisher, not Artest, not Bynum, not Shannon nor Blake. People please wake up! These guys are not machines, they work their butts off to give you a good show, but sometimes the body crashes and takes a minute to recoop. Uh oh, I’m speaking blasphemy against the Lakers . . .

    • RUBEN says:


      • MR2007 says:

        I’m only speaking on the fact that things happen, lakers are number 1 then the celtics, then i guess the heat, then who ever . . .

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  27. Blessed1 says:


  28. Blessed says:

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