Dampier picks Houston over Toronto

Proximity to home, minutes and a chance to play for a contender all played a part in free agent Erick Dampier‘s decision to choose Houston over Toronto. The veteran center agreed to a one-year deal with the Rockets on Friday for the bi-annual exception of $2.08 million.

“Erick believes had can help push Houston over the top,” Dampier’s agent Dan Fegan told NBA.com. “[Houston general manager] Daryl Morey and [coach] Rick Adelman asked Damp to watch their games to see how he would fit in there. He’s joining a very good team and will have an opportunity to play.”

Playing time behind and in place of Yao Ming is definitely there. The plan for the oft-injured All-Star center is to limit Yao to 24 minutes per game and to sit him out in one game of a back-to-back.

Dampier has started for most of his 14-year career, and owns career averages of 7.8 points and 7.4 rebounds. The Rockets and Dampier know each other well. Dampier has played for Southwest Division rival Dallas for the last six years.

Houston, currently with the maximum 15 players on its roster, has to make room for Dampier.

“The Rockets still have to clear up a roster spot,” Fegan said. “We hope that will take place quickly.”

Fegan said Dampier seriously considered Toronto, which he visited during the offseason along with other teams such as Miami.

“It was a really close decision between Toronto and Houston,” Fegan said. “[Raptors general manager] Bryan Colangelo made a really compelling argument that Damp could have a long-term future in Toronto.”

The Raptors were also offering a one-year contract for the minimum, but had discussed the possibility of a long-term deal if Dampier had a strong season.

Dampier, 35, still has a home in Dallas. He was traded to Charlotte in July and waived by the Bobcats last month in a salary-cap move.

“Toronto was a good situation, but at the end of the day the distance from home also factored into the decision,” Fegan said.


  1. dfhgjkjhgfdfghj says:

    anthony 2nd rounder 4 Haywood

  2. Osaretin Egharevba says:

    yes! If Dampier signs with the rocket, it would be a serious threat to the southwest division and in the west as a whole. Though he don’t score big, but he would definetely would worth his money’s worth.

  3. Dom V says:

    i totally agree damp would of helped the heat ALOT. I dont know what happened with shaq in miami when he left, but i totally believe they would be able to compete with LA easy with shaq in the front court.

    Arroyo/chalmers can keep up with blake and fischer

    D wade and kobe good mosatch up kobe will get the better of him but its a good match up between these guys

    Lebron and artest Lebron wins this one but will be closer because of artest’s D

    Bosh and Pau i would love to this match up because both them get the basket with agility not force

    Bynum is gunna win it for La they have no one to slow him down, which is why shaq or damp would help out.

    I would be willing to trade anythony and a 2nd round pick for a decent veteran centre, or maybe chalmers for a young promising centre?

    • dfhgjkjhgfdfghj says:

      maybe chalmers for love t’wolves seem to like point guards and love wants more minutes

  4. heatwillwin2011 says:

    david stern is destroying a good game of basketball. As a fan i hate to see after every 2 plays there a tech for clapping smiling a yell. like wat u want a guy to do after a block a shot or even make a stupid foul on himself. its just crazy, nba is becoming like the wwe. y not just let the ref say whos gonna win an quit wasting 2 hours of ppl time. plus the new head band rule smh its a disgrace wat the league has become. stern is always preeching the league will lose money. well with this bone headed move they will. look at little kid that admires rondo if he comes to a home celtics game an see rondo wearing a white head band upside down dont u think hes gonna want to buy 1 to look like his hero an wear it the same way. up until dis season u daivd stern had a lot of respect from fans an nba announcers now u got no respect. look at last nite heats vs magics an lakers vs suns. look at how the announcers ridecule ur new rule calling it dumb an stupid. y not revert to the old rule an maybe save sum face while u have the chance.


    this is a big that would of helped the HEAT they really should of pushed to get him when he was available , i know he doesnt score much but he is a stronger bodied big man then the MUSHSQUAD they have in frontcourt now..