‘Melo Looking For Change

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — For Nuggets fans wondering what it might take to keep Carmelo Anthony in mile-high blue, now might be the time to start worrying.

The way he spoke to my main man Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports after Wednesday’s season-opening win over Utah, there doesn’t appear to be much George Karl and the Nuggets can do to change Anthony’s mind about the All-Star wanting a change a scenery.

In his strongest statements to date on the subject, Anthony seems resigned to the fact that these are some of his final days in Denver:

Anthony actually considers these Nuggets more talented than the team he helped take to the 2009 Western Conference finals. But even that doesn’t seem enough to convince him to stay, despite the best intentions of Karl, Nuggets president Josh Kroenke and new vice president of basketball operations Masai Ujiri.

“They want to sit down and talk, but my thing is it’s way beyond this year,” Anthony told Yahoo! Sports after scoring a team-high 23 points in the Nuggets’ victory. ”It ain’t got nothing to do with the new GM, Josh, the players. For me, I feel it’s a time for change.

“If I do nothing now, I’m never going to do anything. I feel like my time is now to make a decision if I want to leave or if I want to stay.”

You have to wonder how much longer this will go on.

The Nuggets clearly didn’t let the drama bother them on opening night. But it’s hard to imagine anyone sending out a stronger signal about wanting to be moved than what Anthony did here.

It’ll be sad to see them split. Denver is the only NBA home Anthony has known. The franchise was lost in the ether before he arrived and has been a steady playoff force since he’s come into his own.

Still, it’s hard to ignore his words.


  1. TD Steward says:

    Gentlemen and Ladies, Please, lets keep this REAL, shall we? Any player has a right to make a change if he completes him contractual obligation [MJ] just like management has a right to trade any player on a their team roster if it better the teams [and they do-All the Time], and it’s a management decision. So let’s move On.., this is not a position of dictatorship -vs.- loyalty. This is a about money (management) and rings (players). Everyone “Let Us” enjoy this season, I will!

  2. aaron says:

    no mello is doing wht he finds nessicary 2 get a ring.. lebron did it.. i am a big mello fan & i think he shuld leave.. i want him 2 sighn w/ the lakers then we will have 2 allstar teams in the nba.. & mello would hafeto burrow hands for all the rings.. its not all about team loyalty now cause its about money now.. u shuld take pride in the players that leave cause they wanna win & look down on the players like amarie stoudamire that leave for money.. lebron did the rite thing. & mello is doing what he feals is best for him 2 win… there is no way to stay loyal to a team if everyone else on the team is in it for the money.. so loyalty is compleetly out if u wanna win… he is going for the “W” which gains more respect 2 me than going for the $

  3. Mk19 says:

    Melo making a mistake. I advise him to look at Kobe and NOT Lebron

    Cause Kobe has won 2 championships and been to 3 of them the past 3 years. Lebron has 0 championships and 0 appearances in the past 3 years

    Remember when Kobe was thinking about leaving L.A that one year but he instead stayed. They started of good but got even better once they brought over Gasol to give him help

    • RESPECT says:

      lol why dont you look at Kevin Garnett and the Boston Celtics… Even Shaq

      Kevin Garnett wants to be traded but he didnt spit it out, he lets his performance on the timberwolves do the talking.

  4. Well to the very first comment on here, you say your tired of the players choice to leave a team, well thats not the players fault the team signed him to a player option contract, and denver will lose alot of money if he stays this year for the full year, if they trade him they will save money and possibly get more people, cause carmelp already said he is leaving the nuggets at the end of the season, but the nuggets brought up the trade talk to save money but then said they want to try to force a contract on him and failed, now he just wants out of there for them trying to make him sign an extension. When he signed the contract he is on he signed a player option contract that gives him a right to choice what he wants to do this year. They should of made him sign a team contract or just a straight up contract.

  5. Jay. S says:

    Well the thing is that Carmelo will probably end up (from what has been speculated) with the Knicks or the Nets. Now if he truly wants a ring than Denver is where he should stay because it clearly gives him the best chance to win. Melo said it himself this team IS more talented than the 2008 team that made it to the West Finals. The thing that is going on here is that his wife clearly is the one who wears the pants and the one that wants to be in New York. Think about it the Nuggets are willing to pay him and he has the best chance to win a title but LaLa thinks her “career” will be better served in a bigger market. But whatever I say trade him and get at least good defensive role players.

  6. tre319 says:

    i think most people forget that these owners make more money than these players ever will. Dan Gilbert blasted Lebron with that letter talking about loyalty. Basketball is a business and Lebron was paid. He did his job wonderfully and the Cavs always had a good record. He was the only real star on the team. That is why they came up short and why he left. He did his best and completed his contract. Period. Melo is doing the same. He is not demanding a trade. He simply is completing his contract and making a decision about his life. Its easy for people to talk about loyalty when we just watch the game. These guys want to win. No one wants to talk about how the owners are mad, because they really just care about the dollars they lose by these guys leaving. Thats not loyalty on their part either. Its business.

  7. chris says:

    Propositions of new names for Miami:

    Who has better?

  8. cdubb215 says:

    Cracks me up to still here people crying about what Lebron did because anyone who is crying now knows for a fact they wouldn’t be crying if he chose your city. You would be in line for tickets just like every crybaby who pays to see him play when he comes to your city. The man is 25-26 yrs old and you think he should commit to a city fot the rest of his career he already dumped millions of dollars into that trash heap of a city. Why would anyone want to rot there you can’t even get a decent roll player to willing play there (especially without Lebron). How did sticking it out work for KG or Karl Malone and Stockton. Guess he should stayed there till he was washed up and then found some young star to play with and take less to hope he can get to experiance what its like to win a ring LMFAO. Or he can go to MIAMI now and have a chance to win 3 or 4 in a row. ENJOY THE SHOW HATERS.

  9. Palmsy says:

    Can some one PLEASE explain to me:

    Why is it ok for GMs and teams to trade players whenever they feel it can make them better, at a whim send a player and his family to the other side of the country, and no one says a thing. They in fact celebrate the great GM’s and offices of teams that can trade to improve their teams meaurably.

    But now that some elite players are taking control of their own desitiny and trying to give themselves the best opportunity to win, everyone accuses them of being selfish and unloyal.

    Those same player realise it a business and there is no real loyalty from their team, they are only valuable to their team as long as they are healthy, performing and helping the team win. As soon as a better option becomes available they are trade bait.

    So why do we hate on the players and celebrate the front offices for doing essentially the same thing?

  10. Meazy says:

    Denver needs to go get CP3 next season, and maybe Melo will stay. Otherwise, GOOD LUCK IN THE LOTTERY!! AHAHAHAHAA GO LAKERS

  11. D-Wade25 says:

    Everyone is really agreein with all this crap that has been gong on for the last 3-4 months. Come on get this blog of the nba website it’s over Carmelo is either going to be gone by the deadline or prfobably in a couple of weeks. Denver suck it up and find a superstar or key players. Next time you should probably surrond your stars with players instead of trusting one or two players

  12. Mike says:

    Why do people change jobs? Why have you changed jobs? Are you willing to be loyal to your employer… forever? Really?!

    Turn off your computers, go watch the Heat… and get a life!

  13. glynn says:

    Let’s face it, carmello isn’t in the position to win. K-Mart is getting off yet ANOTHER knee injury, no doubt in my mind that he’s past his prime and probably will come back performing worse then last year. Billups got another 2 years in him, but he’s out his prime. NeNe shows the same stats pretty much each year. He needs to at least be a heavy rebounder in the 10 – 12 rebs per game area. Doesn’t look like nene will get any better, he may be as good as he’s gonna be right now.

    JR smith is likely to leave after this season. I say mello go to the knicks, at least it’ll be two superstars…a rebuilding mode. Then if things don’t look brighter in new orleans paul will head right over to the knicks too. Bam…big 3.

    It’s the age of the dynastys fellas. Basketball is on a whole nother level right now.

  14. mia says:

    do you guy still remember when Carlos boozer left Cleveland no one ever complained about that. do you guys know the way he left they opt out his contract to resign but he left for utah.

  15. gork57 says:

    The bottom line is that Denver is a media backwater compared to Chicago or New York-places where things “happen.” Carmelo is an East Coast guy; he spends just about all his off season time there. He is married to Lala Vasquez, a New York media personality. Apparently fan devotion and the city of Denver mean about the about as much to Carmelo as Cleveland did to LeBron James. It’s all about ego, money, and media attention. It’s about capitalism. Loyalty? Commitment? Those are things of the past to most modern athletes, It’s true that Carmelo has the right to work where he pleases once his contract with the Nuggets is up, but that doesn’t mean Denver fans have to like it.

    I think Carmelo wants to become part of this new “player collusion” thing, where so-called superstars decide who are the haves and who are the have-nots. They make free agent deals together like the Miami setup, getting ESPN and fans into a frenzy of reporting and predictions. Meanwhile, the teams they left behind have to pick up the pieces. Nothing would make me happier than to see the Miami thing turn into a great big bust. I think it’s a circus, and not good for the NBA in the long run.

    I watched the Nuggets opener against Utah the other night. It looks like Denver may have one of their best teams in a long, long time. The 2010-2011 Nuggets are loaded with good athletes and have considerable depth. Wouldn’t it be extremely ironic if the Nuggets make it to the Finals this season? But Carmelo “feels it’s time for a change.”

  16. Joseph S. says:

    I think it is interesting that everyone wants a hate fest. Including Charles Barkley. He left Philly and went to the Suns and eventually to the Rockets. Was loyalty on his mind? No it was winning and being treated the way he wanted to be treated. We have a league that has many first tier superstars. We also have second tier superstars. Someone like Joe Johnson is a great player but he will never win a championship unless he reserves himself to a role like Ray Allen in Boston. LeBron is a unique situation because he is the best player in the league and he made a mediocre team good. Teams in major cities draw big time players and it was LeBron that created that situation and Mike Brown. They had a melt down as a team from top to bottom. I say good for him. If Scottie Pippen would have never made it to the Bulls I believe M.J. would have bailed to. M.J.’s timing was in perfect alignment with a changing of the guard. I hope every one can get a grip in Cleveland. Atlanta had to deal with Lenny Wilkins pushing Dominique out the door and he was the franchise. Cleveland would have never won a title and Barkley never had a chance in a league with M.J.

  17. Jaredallas says:

    For all those saying “There’s no loyalty in the NBA,” I’ve got two words: Dirk Nowitzki.

  18. jops says:

    what the hell is going on with the best league in the world??? NBA superstar seems to be in an all business mode right now, have’nt they think of the teams they are leaving?? how about the fans?? the league should provide a policy period for each high grossing players in spending years on their respective teams. . . what happened on cavs is a serious issue on handling talents and loyalty of players. . . Kobe is a good example of a good basketball career, eventhough the rough times of LA Lakers, he put in mind the consequence if he leave the team. . . “Its not about winning titles by going on a stronger team but on winning by putting all your effort to make your team stronger. . .” Its all about pride and loyalty. . .

  19. johnshmidt says:

    dennis rodman was 34 years old when traded to the bulls and bill walton was a battered and recovering 32 year old when traded to the celtics. kareem abdul jabbar was 33 when he first played with magic johnson. The Bulls, Celtics and Lakers super-teams were assembled over time. How many years did MJ toil alone before the bulls drafted pippen (would pippen achieved greatness if not for playing with jordan?) How many alley-oop jams would you have seen Worthy dished if not playing with Magic Johson? THESE SUPERSTARS MADE STARS OF THEIR SUPPORTING CAST instead of joining up with other stars

    The “new big three” was assembled in two weeks containing three superstars in their primes, aged 25, 26 and 28

    That is why people think it’s bull$hit!

    And who put Byron Scott in the mix?! Are you comparing him to D wayde? Gimme a break

  20. Pagiho says:

    Melo deserves a team that is a better contender than the failing nuggets
    The nuggets wont win a championship even if melo stays, so melo should just look elsewhere
    However all i have to say is


  21. Pedja says:

    I`m Lakers fan, but I would like to see Melo in Orlando Magic. He would like it to… No more snow 🙂

  22. Meloboy11 says:

    Ok, well this is what i think. Denver is such a good team, problem is is that every player on that team has a one on one type of game. ASSISTS Guys! You guys lost last year in the first round because of pick and roll defense, and the fact that no one can set up pretty assists. Talent is only half of the equasion here! Melo, ur my idol, my homie, all that stuff, HOWEVER denver’s team set up is all wrong. U dont need amare, cp3, or anyone else like that. U need ur team and ur team needs you! U cant run and hide on another team! U need to make the change. Going 7 for 23 from the floor and having 2 assists and 7 rebounds isnt gonna earn u anything except maybe a win. Sure wont win u a championship. I understand why New york tho… Because of raymond felton… Well, you have a raymond felton is Chauncey billups! And a kobe in JR smith sometimes. Melo is 6 foot 8 inches… An and 1 would be great, but a sick behind the back pass to nene would be even better! U get on the highlight reel, avoid the risk of injury, add an assist to ur stats, and most importantly boost the confidence of the croud AND ur team. Cuz next trip down tha floor, no nugget will pop a three. Its rim all day! HIRE AN ASSIST COACH! WAM, BAM, done! back to the west finals again! Dont run away, cuz ur problems will follow! Its a garuntee!

  23. AQqe says:

    Melo to LA Lakers for Artest!

  24. Brandon says:

    I think that players should be loyal, but if they do decide to leave the teams that drafted them than the least they could do is notify the team. In this case it seems that carmelo has done that. In lequit’s case he gave the team false hope and pulled the rug out from under them. Also i want to say that the idea of it being wrong for owners to trade players and the players having to uproot their families is in my opinion wrong. No one told these players to get married and start families. The owners are paying them to play basketball not take care of their families. The taking care of the families is the players responsibility.

  25. Eric DaTalker says:

    I think Melo just wants attention and wants to be in the spotlight. If Melo does decide to go to another team I hope he chooses a team that can make a run for a chamionship, if he doesn’t he would be moving backwards, I think hes better off with Denver period.



  27. umasq says:

    I think it is absolutely all right for player now a days to move on with their options. Whatever happend in past was history because players were treated in their teams as humans and not just an animal who can be moved whenever owner’s and not happy with them. If owners are treating them as a business then player have to be start and use their talent in best business way. Simple is that!! All this hipe about sincerety, sticking with clubs, etc. as non-sense . . how many people will criticize owners when they moved players and rebuild their franchizes. Almost none.

  28. MB says:

    But like, Doesn’t anyone have any love for their fans anymore? Everybody just want a ring no matter what you have to do? Even if the heat wins it i can’t give em the recognisition. They haven’t grinded it out. And i can’t even call that a “Team”, just a bunch of hired basketball players.. I think it can ruin melo’s career if he goes somewhere


    ok here’s the game plan even tho like i said before it would be smarter for MELO to go to CHI-TOWN

    he will probably settle in the NEWYORK-NEWJERSY area.WHY you ask well he’s from BMORE so he can take a flight home when he wants , also he’s EASTcoast so he will want to be back here to finish his career if possible,
    he will sacrifice one yr to wait for either NEWYORK or JERSEY to make moves and grab another star type player and some rollplayers. NEWYORK has a good headstart with AMARE but they would probably have to probably get rid of GALliNARI , and a draft pick , the NETS have LOPEZ and DEVIN HARRIS also the rookie COUSINs so if he joined them now they could sneak into the playoffs at 8 seed in the EAST, and then that will fill more seats , and since the NETS have some money saved from not getting the big name this year, they can shop for another good player. truthfully they don’t need CP3, and i feel he will go to NEWYORK anyway.

  30. Rain says:

    It doesn’t matter where Melo goes, he is not that kind a person who leads a team. Nuggets will never win with him, the best thing that franchise can do is cut losses and move on. Melo needs a very strong personality to lead the way, Chauncey he respected somewhat, but not enough. I think Kobe could keep him in line, but rest of current NBA team leaders are not ruthless or high enough position in Melo’s eyes. He’s typical ultra-talented bad boy.

  31. ZT says:

    I think team loyalty is lost in the nba. Sure players leave for other teams through free agency or trades but it has never happened before at this level. Its obvious that Anthony wants to head east to an already powerhouse team. As far as lebron joining miami, that was the decision that was best for him. Noone has the right to tell him what he can or can’t do. But at the same time it would be ludacris to consider the championships that he may or may not win for the heat to be on the same level as that of MJ, Kobe, or even a younger d wade who stuck with their team year after year and have all prevailed to win championships.

  32. ErickG says:

    Why dont the magic make a pull for anthony and paul? Jameer nelson is an all-star who could be traded for paul w/ other considerations. As for anthony? they have carter and lewis they could trade straight up or w/ a draft pick. w/ cp3 and anthony the magic are the best team in the league, hands down, no debate.

  33. Tyson says:

    I hope they institute a hard salary cap in the next CBA. It will make every team a lot more competitive. No one will be able to stack their team with dollars.

  34. Deon says:

    Melo this is serious what ur doin but if u leave im uncertain as much as u r about what u find on the other side cause if ur traded ur traded there aint no goin back so really think about it!!!

  35. geo says:

    I think that the loyalty should come from the players first. The owners were always seen as businessmen and with not much heart. The fans want to see loyalty from from the players and that why they watch the game. When it comes to money there will very little number of players who will stay with their teams and stay humble. But the ones that do that will be remembered like R.Miller or Pat Ewing. The other ones will be remembered as weaker and that’s it.

  36. G-Ride says:

    Melo is from the East,his wife is in the entertainment business that if I’m correct is in New York,they got married in the east…so why would anyone think that he doesn’t want to play in the east.I think for Melo unlike LaQuit is it more of being closer to family and friends then riding the backs of others to win a Championship.
    Now everyone comments on Melo being like who I call Jesse James because he holding the Cavs hostage and robbing them of a ship due to Quitting in the playoffs,there is no comparison Melo is upfront with the Nuggets by saying he wants out while James knew he was leaving but held them on a leash then punching them in the face nation wide with “The Decision”…and to mention him with great players like Garnett,Allen,Barkley,Malone,Payton..again no comparison because these guys tried and struggled with their respected teams until the twilight of their careers Not in the pike of them…I feel the Cavs would have won in ship with who they had if not for Mike Brown letting James do what he wants.I like James but 1)He and the others in the Miami 3 had a plan to do this in 06′ 2)A real competitor would have stayed and fought then bail the first chance he gets and 3) everyone is correct when saying there isn’t no loyalty for the players so why should players have loyalty to any one team but with James situation it was un honorable,unmanly and a true disgrace the way he went about his “Decision”….And it didn’t just effect the Cavs but it effected the region he grow up in(N.E Ohio) and his true fans that followed him through Jr High,High School and through his career as a pro, now those people in my opinion are who he should have loyalty to.
    If the Heat win a championship in the next 6 years then it will be a hollow victory for LaBron “Jesse” James.

    • G-Ride says:

      Sorry about the spelling but this post has me upset…Melo has every right to leave the Nuggets and i respect him being upfront about what he wants but please Melo don’t make the disgraceful mistake that Lebron did.

  37. Asian Purple says:

    MJ played for washington after his prime. To prove his haters wrong. Ever since MJ entered the league he proves his critics wrong. MJ is loyal especially to the fans. He played for washington because HE IS A PART OWNER AND NO OTHER TEAM WILL LET A PLAYER PLAY OTHER TEAM’S PART OWNER AND HE IS 40 AND JUST ENJOYING THE GAME THAT HE LOVES, TAKE NOTE DONATING THAT SALARY TO CHARITY.



  38. tharrison3535 says:

    I see Cuban making a move for MELO if he becomes available. He is not afraid to spend the money and he desperately wants a Championship in Dallas. All Dallas needs is another star and they are good to go. Also, I would definitely look into bettorbelieveit.com, I have been following the Baron Capper and I am already 3-1 on the year in NBA picks, huge profits.

  39. a-rod says:

    Players are the cash cows, they sign contracts and when those contracts are up they are free to make a move. There is no such thing as loyalty when there is this much money involved. If players were payed much less there would be less players jumping ship for a few more dollars.

  40. Tyler says:

    Good for Melo just hope we dont have another ‘Decision” but he should go to the best place to get that ring because unfortunately a great player is only measured by how many rings he has.

    • a-rod says:

      not true, a team is measured by how many rings they have. an individual player is measured by individual awards. karl malone is obviously a “great” nba player and he has 0 rings.

      • Tyler says:

        I agree with you but you can honestly say that you have “great” players then there’s always a seperate convo about “great players with rings”. You make a valid point though no real argument from my end. Good ish

  41. Davile says:

    Hope Melo Chooses the Bulls. Heck, the could have Loul Deng, Taj Gibson, and James Johnson and a #1 pick. We would be able to challenge the heat, boston, and the lakers. GO BULLS!!!!

  42. KLM says:

    The NBA is a BIG Business. A player being traded, cut, sign with another team is part of the BIG Business. Mr. Anthony is doing what is best for his family.

  43. D-Brown says:

    I cant beleave someone said the pistons were a bunch of role players, that was a joke right. Everybody was a go to player except big ben, and he was the rodman of that team, not to mention the great defense…we all know wins championships. thats funny. I will have to use that on facebook! MELO, CP3…to the KNICKS

  44. RONALDKYJOY says:

    Hey Melo comes to New York for your championships ring ! let’s go New York

  45. Gevans says:

    I wish all that is said about James would stop someone made a good point about kobe a few years back, how he was about to up and out of there in a heart beat. But people dont understand that the lakers spent the money to get the puzzle pices for him to stay Cleveland tryed alittle bit but they didnt and for melos case theres nothing that Denver can do about Melos curiousity about “if i go to another super power team can i win a ring” i think that this is a time for change in the NBA, you could get into the hall of fame and be a good player with out any rings back then, then was about loyalty now its about being the best now its about wining rings and the only way that things are going to go back to the way things where is if ownership gets better and teams treat players with royalty.

  46. if i were the magic i would go hard after melo because they have the players to offer the nuggets a pretty good deal. plus the addition of melo would make the magic the most dangerous team in the league in my opinion

  47. Kevin D'Angelo says:

    I hope one day to see CP3, Melo & amare playing on one team . what the heat this this offseason was a good move for the nba in terms of competition, people will definatly need to bring their “A” game if they want a championship, gone are the days of a team led by a single player.

  48. TonyG7414 says:

    I TOTALLY aGree with AJ…..all truth!!!!! MJ mite have sai dthat he came back for tha love of the Game but anyone who KNOWS basketball knows that he felt that he could win another RING with a different team cuz belive it or not their were people who didnt like him thats said he ONLY won in ChicaGo cuz he had Scottie Pippen he wanted to try on a team that had NO OTHER STARS!!! Not one superstar that chanGes teans says they wana TRY and Get back to tha playoffs, they want another RING!!!!

  49. Tray says:


  50. Alex says:

    I can’t believe American journalists don’t edit the quote to at least insinuate a particular word. You’re telling me the writers couldn’t put, “”It (has) got nothing to do with the new GM, Josh, the players. For me, I feel it’s time for a change.”? Instead of, “”It ain’t got nothing to do with the new GM, Josh, the players. For me, I feel it’s a time for change.” I’m sorry, but if the NBA is cleaning up it’s image (I think this year’s tech foul rules changes, and dress code rules from a few years back, more than highlight a cleaning up), how can it be happy it’s journalists are allowing its players — a professional person that is an idol and a marketable asset of not only the league, but the sport around the world — quotes said in such a lower class, bottom of the barrel street talk? I hate reading that people with so much money and power can’t even string together a proper sentence in proper English. If that’s considered quotable, actual English in the US, god help them. The NBA needs to wake the hell up in that regard, and get some tutors to tell some players how to speak to the media, representatives of the very people that help pay his salary, in an articulate and conservative way. PS. This is what free agency does to a sport. There’s no loyalty left in this league.

  51. Beansbig says:

    Its his job, Its a business. Forget loyalty when he is 33 and still doing well the team will not want to give him the extension he wants as they do so many players, so wheres the organizations loyalty. All you people who have regular jobs do you want career advancement or do you stay at your dead end job when you have other opportunities to succeed. Think about it.

  52. BorisGrasic says:

    Im not gonna go into right or wrong.
    I just wanna say where was all this talk when Garnett and Allen joined Boston3 years ago?
    It was almost the same situation: 2 stars joined the third in a search for a championship.
    The only difference was that they were in there 30s not mid 20s like Miami trio is.

  53. Sturtle says:

    Melo may not be loyal to the Nuggets, but wants wrong with going to the Knicks… ? They can build a future with him.. he is a New York boy! Melo and Stoudamire can build a dynasty there…

  54. Jason says:

    You’re points are not relevant to R-squared’s points which I somewhat agree with.

    Scottie played for Portland because the Bulls fell apart after Jordan retired. Phil Jackson was in conflict with the organization and Michael Jordan left. It’s no disgrace and you can place it in the same league as D-Fish leaving L.A. back in 04-05.
    Michael Jordan went to the Wizards because he wanted to donate his salary to charity, he wasn’t playing too seriously.

    I believe it’s not a big deal about loyalty or not at the moment. Of course, Carmelo is the face of the Denver Nuggets at the moment, but he is still young and can still have a change of scenery, such as what Shaquille O’Neal did to the Orlando Magic. Carmelo also understands that he will be viewed like a traitor such as the former and LeBron.

    Personally, I think that Carmelo should wait this year out before making his move.

  55. T-Mac says:

    don’t forget it’s a team sport, and i don’t think Denver could get a better team than they have now, or did have in ’09 with everybody without any health problem. Fact is that changing to get the opportunity to get a ring is not a selfish behaviour, these guys are competitors, and if the team can’t build up a serious team in order for the franchise player to win, he has to change. Nobody wants to end up being a ringless NBA star like Iverson, Barkley, Stockton, Malone and so on…

    • T-Mac says:

      you’d better change team when ur worth something to the roster you’re going to get to.
      besides, the LBJ ridiculous show last July showed Melo the way NOT to behave to keep the image of the good fellow and professional sportsman he’d been so far. That’s the GM and President job to do the best to get the perfect team around their superstar, in order for him to feel like he won’t find any better elsewhere. Denver couldn’t do it, whereas Melo kept his high level of play, so too bad for them. Cleveland couldn’t do it, but the behaviour of LeBron and his poor performance for his last games left the taste of “quitting” his prerogative

  56. kareem says:

    i was reading one comment it said the knicks can get him…thats insane as well..him and amare and if they get a decent point guard thats over, knicks win it all!by the way maimi wont win this year, they are 1-1 so far and although its only one loss u can read alot into it, they arent ready yet as a team n u cant go throu a whole season n playoff rounds with just 3 players even if they are lebron wade and bosh u need the extra boost that 6th man of the bench n they have no one like that, if the big 3 have a bad night its over n they will have bad nights trust me

  57. kareem says:

    can anyone tell me where he would go if he wants 2 leave 2 win a ring? which other team is capable of buying him that have a shot at winning a championship? my dream woud be if he goes 2 orlando cuz with howard forget it, rings 2 cover his fingers! but do they have the financial luxury? there was talk bout the nets! haha stay in denver bro if the nets r the only team that can ay ur contract! so if nyone knows about the list of teams that he can go to plz let me know. thanks

  58. VI says:

    4 years ago, this was not even heard of….This all started when Boston received a big bad package containing Kevin Garnett (when Kevin McHale, a Celtics legend, was GM of the Timberwolves) and Ray Allen. Then the Lakers got Pau Gasol to compete, and Jerry West, who no longer worked for the Grizzlies but still had ties with them, helped the Lakers get Pau Gasol by giving its worst players away. They don’t mention West, but it’s quite obvious to me. NOW, other teams are trying to compete, al a Miami, etc. The NBA has changed. Is it a good change? Well, I don’t want to watch any team aside from the Lakers, Miami, Orlando and Boston. So ya, maybe it was.

  59. aliyu aminu says:

    the way nuggets are they cant reach the conference finals talkless of winning championship so melo do what u think can give the best chance of winning.

  60. Stan Antony says:

    Every worker has the opportunity to choose the company he is willing to work for, so I do not understand why everybody is making such a drama with Carmelo’s decision to leave the Nuggets.
    Is everybody commenting so heavily when a franchise decides to cut a player?
    I prefer the way Carmelo is behaving now than the way “the player who left Cleveland ” ” decided”.

  61. keron says:

    man 4gt all of yu and yor loyalty 2day is abt winning at any cost its abt da ring nt fallin short

  62. B.Wells says:

    I’m tired of the excuses about a small market team not being able to keep big players…BULL No excuses. Tell the players that they do have… to stop making excuses for why they’re not as good as a LeBron James, Kobe Bryant, Durant, Melo, or D-Wade.

    Tell them to get up and come in 2 hours before practice and shoot free-throws and jumpshots and stay another 2 hours afterwards. Tell em to shoot 500 jumpshots a day in the offseason. Tell them to stop making excuses that their team sucks b/c they’re arent any superstars on it and to become that superstar that their team is lacking.

    If you get 5 guys to actually do that from a small market team then they will probably be the best team in the league. But The problem is… they’re not doing that. The ones that are doing that is joining forces with other ones who are doing that. Baby-sitting grown men and motivating them to do things they should already be doing is stupid. Period. It has nothing to do with big-market or small market. If it did whats the Clippers excuse??? Because the Lakers are doing fine.

    Jordan said it best in his commercial..”Maybe i made you believe that i was born with this talent and not that i worked hard every single day of my life…maybe i made you believe that it was easy….or maybe you’re just making excuses.”

  63. Jordo says:

    There’s technically nothing wrong with leaving a club, but it is a very noble thing to leave the game a one club player.

  64. MackDaddy says:

    Listen to all the haters…. It’s a business folks!
    This is their career, and that’s why there are things called contracts. There’s no love and harmony in business, there’s black and white. If Melo busts his leg 1 game left in the season and his career is over, you think Denver is going to be “loyal” and offer him millions in lost salary? No way. It’s business.

    Fans are the ones that bring emotion into these things. Heart and feelings will get you nothing when you are out of contract and have a injury. Plenty of examples in the past where players get no respect or loyalty from teams if they are injured, so why should Melo and his family do anything but what’s best for them?

    Good on you Carmelo… least you are telling it like it is. Lebron done himself no favours by keeping secrets. Least Denver can do whats best for them and trade for other pieces. Do what you can to get traded and sign an extension with another team before the poor owners get their way and drop salaries by a third! New York looks good ;).

  65. mmathers says:

    Melo is done in Denver, that much is simple and decided. My question is, what can Denver do to get over and replace a talent such as his. Point blank, Melo is a fit with just about any team in the east.

    ~ Denver native fan.

  66. chris says:

    I don t see him saying he wants out on this video, do you’

  67. Phabe says:

    Look. When players like Melo and Lebron get drafted to these bottom feeder teams and are succesful. they become the franchise and everyone is looking for the next MJ. People want to see there team grow with there superstar. The thing is with Melo he could end up in New York and next season the knicks get CP3. Then the trend is ON!

  68. J. Memo says:

    I think anybody who thinks the NBA is changing for the worst with Players wanting out of teams that aint doing anything for them is not the best opinon.. you can’t blame these Players..

    Before judging ask yourelf..

    How would you feel if you worked for a place where you can’t bring out your full potentional and Can’t grow and have the same old outcome all the time…………….

    Boring and Pointless.

    People are forgetting that the League is changing for the better.

    Look at all these young players coming Up…

    Kevin Durant, Derek Rose, Joakim Noah, Deron Williams, Blake Griffin,John Wall, Brandon Jennings,Evan Turner, Brook Bros, Demarcus Cousins, Kevin Martin, Aaron Brooks. Greg Oden, Monte Ellis (46 Points in the opener) Stephon Curry. These are young players making a name that will be the stars soon.

    There is a complete New Generation coming up that will change the game.

    The Generation people are refering to that is supposley messing up the NBA all have 4 + years in the League…

    LeBron, Wade, Melo, Bosh,Chris Paul, Amare, Billups, Etc..

    The way times flys now in days before you know it.. They are Veterans playing.

    They have tyo make moves for their careere before they end up tainted.

    Melo do what you gotta do for you Career, if Denver aint workin for you and they are not making the right moves to make you guys a contendor in the Wild Wild West.. Do what you gotta Do.

  69. kris says:

    what is dont get is the fact that this team is way better than they were in the western conference finals. Harrington spreads the floor so double teams wont occur as much and once kmart and birdman come back this team is DEEP! The thing that most people are missing out on is the fact that denver will finally have cap room after this year. this will allow them to add additional players! It kinda showed that hes had enough when he played, he looked a litttle sluggish.

  70. D-Brown says:

    1st, somebody tell me one team that didnt have superstars on it, that won the title. 2nd it is a buisness, no matter how you look at it! 3rd If im a Denver fan, I would be crushed loosing Melo, Just like Cleveland was loosing Lebron…But im a die hard KNICKS FAN!!! And I say come on over Melo, we will take you with open arms, and CP3 next year…HERE COMES THE FINALS BABY!!!back to NYC where it belongs.

    • champ says:

      what stars did the pistons have when they beat the lakers? seriousl they had no real go to guy they had a team full of role players not one of those guys on that pistons team a few years back HAS EVER or WILL EVER be the guy and dont say chauncy billups because he was traded by 2 other teams before starting with det and he SUCKED with minnesota.

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      Yea id rather see the Knicks win a championship over the heat. Knicks havent had a title since like 1922!!

  71. matterOFfact03 says:

    how u gonna compare lebron to joe from Motorola?(Joe from Motorola is nothing compared to James in terms of the respect of a city of fans) Or Mj goin to the wizards?( he was playing for the love of the game). The fact of the matter is Loyalty was somthing that existed 20 years ago but now Players tryna take the easy way to a ring. Thats a Fact. Now how much u care about players being punks and takin the easy way out is your opinion

  72. matterOFfact03 says:

    just so everyone realizes the only ppl here preaching about franchise players being able to just get up in leave their respective cities are ppl from NY, NJ, and Miami.

  73. Johnathen Davis-Green says:

    It’s so obvious that he doesn’t want to play for the Denver Nuggets anymore.

  74. laff says:

    What is all this confusion about loyalty? Pippen played for the blazers, Jordan for Washington later on. Karl Malone the true Jazz man…what, no one remembers him turning his ankle in a Lakers uniform in a last attempt to get a ring? You forget that the NBA is a BUSINESS and it’s BIG business. To call it loyal or disloyal where a player chooses to play dismisses a huge aspect of the NBA. These men are making serious decisions for serious dollars, their dreams of legend and legacy–and what they do is their decision. They’ll move onto the next city where fans will happily and arbitrarily support them because of the jersey on their chest.

    All that being said in defense of players being able to go where they want, LeBron is a TOOL and The Decision was a promotional circus devoid of any hint of class.

  75. Don Sosay says:

    Melo should talk to Jason Kidd, who stayed in jerz for his wife (an enternainer) who he later split up with. melo is way better at basketball than lala is at being a celebrity. denver is a far better team than new york and jerz. if he wants to go for a ring and leave denver he should hit up chi-town.

  76. dodshouse says:

    just because melo got nothing in denver! he have to decide the right way going to the championship! melo i suggest you to sign with the heat!!!!!!! thas how you got your ring a quadraple stars melo bosh lbj wade that assure you to win championship!!!!

  77. think says:

    I really don’t have any problems with players signing to other teams once they become free agents. Its their right as players. And even most of the times, some even got screwed by the owners they work for even after championships (see Krause on Scottie, Buss on Shaq), or some just got old so teams can’t reciprocate loyalty (see Ewing, Olajuwon, etc.).

    What bugs me is how these players nowadays aren’t professional enough to discuss such matters privately, and just play. Some would just create hype and use the media to blow things up. LBJ wouldve just chosen to move to Miami, but he just have to do it on National TV. Kobe did publicly whine before about asking to be traded if no help would come, then Pau came and now he’s acting as if he’s LA’s leader (he is the team’s best and the franchise player, but leadership I’d give to Phil and Fisher). TMac did it, so did Carter, Pierce, AI, Paul, Anthony etc. Some of these players I really love, but i just hoped they’d kept all the whining within their organization.

    It is understandable that these players feel frustrated with the losing. MJ did complain about having a young Grant and Pippen who couldn’t help him get over Detroit, but he played every game until the two became the great players that they are. Maybe Reggie Miller, John Stockton, Magic, Bird or other guys got frustrated once or twice, but that we don’t know since they didn’t cry out in public.

    Thats just the business in the NBA, but I just hope we stick to basketball rather than all the drama these guys create and the media ready to pounce on.

  78. McLovin says:

    I 100% agree with AJ up there. When it boils down to it at the end of the day, basketball is not a game (for them) but their line of work. Have you ever worked at a job, never gotten the recognition that you deserved (not saying Melo hasn’t), and just wanted a change of scenery? OH does this mean Steve Nash isn’t going to be considered a great because he hasn’t just played for the Suns? Does this mean that Wilt Chamberlain is a nobody, because he has switched teams? Sure maybe Chamberlain and Nash were traded around, but they weren’t with the team that made them famous (Dallas: Nash, Philly/SanFran Warriors: Chamberlain), I don’t see anyone doubting their greatness. Why don’t you join the crybaby crew in Cleveland (and Toronto to a slight less extent). You are all just Nug fans feeling burn that other cities have felt all summer

  79. dodshouse says:

    lebron bosh wade cant wait for thier ring!

  80. Marc Prud'homme says:

    Will they start booing him in Denver before he leaves?

  81. david green says:

    i think this is how lebron should have done it let ur team no ahead of time that u plan to leave and he’s even wiling to play one more season for them he never ask for a trade so i respect that

  82. 4real says:

    @Rsquared- Don’t be naive. Teams trade players or cut them all the time. Even though they do not want to leave but what can they do about it? nothing. now that melo is doing the same thing teams does to players, you play the loyalty card??

    kill or be killed.

  83. E-Rob says:

    Mj had Dennis Rodman and Scottie Pippen so there was no need for him to go anywhere to chase a championship. Magic had James Worthy, Kareem-Abdul-Jabber and Byron Scott so he to had no reason to leave and also Larry Bird had Kevin Mchale and Bill Walton…so they basically had their “superstar” team thats why they all can say they would not have left their teams to chase championship. NOw with the Melo situation, he had better take Mutombo’s advice and be careful what he wish for. I dont see anything wrong with the team he has all he has to do is step his game up and make the one’s around him better that’s what the great ones do

  84. DERRICK says:









    • michael says:

      old school players were paid 1/4, if not less, what players today are making. if these new school all-stars weren’t so demanding and greedy, maybe management could do a better job to accomodate them. jordan made less than 15million TOTAL during the first 3 championships. the heat aren’t even a deep squad, the entire team is made-up of 3 players that were all-stars on different teams, not the same one, big difference there guy.

    • koby says:

      dude you’re dum ass hell for saying that mj is scared. mj is mj and bron is bron man. they do what they do to try and win it, so what. mj was just saying that he would have never done that, but the guys now a days do what they do to try and win it, thats all. besides bron is not even up to kobes class yet and kobes just getting up to mjs class, niff said dude!

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      If lebron had any chance of destroying anything MJ has done, he should have at least two championships by now!! Dude what the hell are smoking?

  85. DERRICK says:















    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      Lebron had what it took to win at least one championship in cleveland. Its too funny how people like DERRICK make excuses for weak players!!

      • Tyler says:

        You can’t honestly say LeBron is a WEAK player but you do have a point imo he had a chance to win the finals twice but failed so in a since you and DERRICK have good points.

  86. Ash Ketchem says:


  87. Free Agency says:

    He’s a free agent at the end of the season. They want certainty he will be with them beyond this season. Its up to Carmelo to decide whether he prolongs his career in Denver after this season. That’s the whole point of free agency. Test your worth and decide where you want to play. Its the Nuggets who aren’t being loyal. As he hasn’t signed an extension yet they are shopping him. If they get a deal they like they will trade him rather than risk losing him in free agency. He came into camp in shape and ready to play. He’s still a Nugget and being professional. He has indicated he has interest in some teams if he is traded however he has not demanded to be traded however if i was in the Nugget’s shoes i would be going exactly what they are and be saying to him “We want you in Denver for the rest of your career but if you can’t commit before the trade deadline we will trade you for whatever we can get”. I think both sides are handling this as they should.

  88. SJS says:

    Melo it’s time for change man you need to sign with new york before the deadline. My suggest is that you ask no demand a trade to new york. This is 2010 don’t listen to all that crap about one man show for a team. Jordan had three great future hall of famers by his side when he won the three-peat. Melo I am your biggest fan and I am from new York. Don’t pass the opputunatity to play with Amare, Chandler and who knows there could be a lot more players willing to play with you if you go there like CP3 and others. Miami and Boston are most likely to dominant the Eastern Conference and I am not saying that Orlando is a bad team but come on It’s mostly Miami and Boston. If you sign with NeW York you can compete for a championship

  89. KO says:

    May be Melo wants to play in a bigger Market. I don’t fault him. MELO just got married and his wife is from the East Coast. May be that is where he wants to settle down and raise his family. What is wrong with that. Don’t we all have a choice where we want to work?

  90. U-tah? says:

    I totally agree with R-squared. Old school superstars are a dying breed. it’s hard to tell if any of them really care about the true spirit of basketball. Yeah M.J played with the Wizards but it was basically for fun, he didn’t do it because he was a quitter. You can’t compare players like Pippen,Mj,Stockton and Malone to today’s players. not even close.

  91. Chuck Bobby says:

    Look at it this way, if he started to average 6 ppg and =other horrible stats the Nuggets would get rid of him, so why should he have loyalty to them when their loyalty to him only exists because of performance and nothing else?

  92. KillaCam901 says:

    Sekou (to R squared) that makes no sense at all. I’m pretty sure you chose your employer when you started working. I know you chose what city you would work in. You’re telling me that a grown man can’t decide where he wants to go and for which company he wants to work. I am tired of people with the “slave master” mentality. Nobody owns these guys. They deserve to choose where and for whom they want to work just like everybody else. To be honest, what man with a Hollywood wife and an actual enjoyment wants to go from the east (Syracuse and Oak Hill Academy) would want to go to Denver. I don’t see one person I know making that decision. Same thing applies to Lebron James. Cleveland or Miami? That’s not even close.

    • me says:

      exactly, no one complains about the owner when they cost cut, and dump guys. Im just glad these young black athletes are taking some controll back. DONT TALK TO ME ABOUT LOYALTY, IF UR NOT TALKING ABOUT THE ORGANIZATIONS ALSO

  93. KillaCam901 says:

    Sekou, that makes no sense at all. I’m pretty sure you chose your employer when you started working. I know you chose what city you would work in. You’re telling me that a grown man can’t decide where he wants to go and for which company he wants to work. I am tired of people with the “slave master” mentality. Nobody owns these guys. They deserve to choose where and for whom they want to work just like everybody else. To be honest, what man with a Hollywood wife and an actual enjoyment wants to go from the east (Syracuse and Oak Hill Academy) would want to go to Denver. I don’t see one person I know making that decision. Same thing applies to Lebron James. Cleveland or Miami? That’s not even close.

    • tata says:

      If you know anything about sports you should realize how cool it used to be to identify a player with his team. It adds to the deep tradition. There’s a difference between Larry Bird a CELTIC and Shaq a Magic, Laker, Heat, Sun, Cavalier AND Celtic.

  94. dontlikequitters says:

    his lil punk ass done got a fat head now and thinks hes gotta leave for greener pastures like his buddies did down in SB. And to AJ who said MJ & pippen and all played with different teams, yea they did. After they done won a championship or two… Camby and Malone dont even fit into this category of loyalty. Theyre the next step under

    • Law064 says:

      I agree Malone & Stockton were Utah all the way. Malone did the LA thing as his last resort. Stockton retired and he was going to retire or try for a ring in LA I can’t see how he was not loyal.@Virilene why should he be fined for any statement made?? This is American right. Look at the NFL now with all these ridiculous fines Randy Moss got fined for NOT talking to the Media that’s outrageous

  95. Virilene says:

    Shouldn’t Anthony be fined for suggesting that he wants to play for anyone other than the Nuggets?

  96. Jay says:

    Why do we hold NBA players to such a standard of “loyalty”? This is a business. When Joe Blank doesn’t enjoy what he’s doing at Motorola anymore, what does he do? He leaves to go do something else. Why should it be any different in the NBA. Things change; people change. It’s a job. These players don’t owe anything to their employers beyond what contracts require, and they certainly don’t owe anything to the fans. You don’t like it, then seek something else. Whether you’re talking LeBron, MJ, Amar’e or Melo, these guys are playing for two things: the love of the game, and a LOT of money. They, like any other person would, are going to seek both those things to the fullest. Let’s take a reality check here and remember that these are plain and ordinary human beings, the only exception being that they are phenomenal athletes. They seek needs and wants just like anyone else. Loyalty has to do with relationships. The NBA is an employer, not a relationship.

  97. terrence says:

    Carmelo wants to win and also the regconition he deserves, the knicks will give him the better shot in the long run.

  98. bgizz says:

    yall are crazy if that man wanna leave then let himleave this my favorite player he took them to the playoffs since he been there aint got no kinda ring last year got knocked out the first round man please if cp3 goes to nyc then hey letsss goooo meloooo

  99. KD says:

    A player can go anywhere he chooses to go, thats part of business. It would be better for the Nuggets. If a player isn’t motivated or asks for a change of scenery, would YOU keep him? Yeah uyou would do your best to keep a valuable asset as part of your organization, but you CAN’T change the way someone feels. It could be more disruptive to an organization if he stays. Everyone is heckling the BIG 3, but in the end of it, b-ball is a company, just like the one you and me work for – It’s a business. People can decide to stay or leave from a company just as a a player can from a team. The player loyalty is long gone (that was the era of the old timers too stay loyal)….. just like my dad stayed loyal to his construction company he worked for even when they treated him like crap at times. In TODAY’s era, the loyalty is gone. AND this is all due to the fact that a bunch of CEO’s only care about one thing…MONEY! Cavs owner is pissed cause LBJ is a billion dollar industry…and Im sure he didnt care bout lbj as a person…. just like OUR employees don’t care about us.

    To conclude, YES everyones opinions will be right, whether they are ridiculously stupid or correct. But, it’s each to there own. A MAN is FREE to do whatever he wants. It’s funny how people get so bent out over shape when sports figures change teams, but did anyone get pissed off when someone like Gates decides to step down as CEO of microsft??? That’s the botttom line. Get a realty check folks….. WHO CARES!!!!
    Worry about your own family and your own troubles and fortunes…get a life and stop worrying about attention seeking egotistical athletes. Don’t get me wrong, I still LOVE the game of basketball!

  100. Marcel says:

    The video doesn’t portray Melo as rushing to get out of Denver

  101. Marcel says:

    Did I hear wrong, because I did not hear Carmelo say anything about him “looking for a change”

  102. Rich Muhlach says:

    @ R aquared … MJ played for the Wizards for two years and he’s the current owner of the Bobcats… can’t exactly talk about him being loyal when he’s been involved with 3 franchises already…

    • jomansd says:

      what’s your point rich? MJ did his absolute best to win in chicago..he did not have the right pieces with him when he started, but he did not opt out because he is not a quitter. the management saw the problem and gave him the right teammates..and what happened?6 rings!!that is loyalty and pride at its best..he played in DC because he owned part of that team at that time and he just wanted to scratch the itch of playing at the highest level at the age of 40..did you think he expected to win a ring in the wizards uniform?

    • LAKERS>HEAT says:

      bro, MJ played when he 40 not to chase championships… he has 6 of those already…. but to prove all the haterz wrong. Everyone saying that he couldn’t play at that age against younger, faster players. And you can’t expect a Wiz owner to play for the bulls …. dumbass

  103. likeb says:

    Iny my opinion if Lebron and Bosh wouldn’t sign with the Heat even Melo wouldn’t wanna leave the Nuggets. He would be like Chris Paul now, staying and waiting for a change but i totaly agree with R-squared

  104. maldoc says:

    it’s biznit man! which word don’t you understand. every franchise has its reason for signing or cutting a player, why can’t the players do the same thing?

  105. LOL^ says:

    I just dont get the logic with the nets and he knicks. The nugs is way better than those when you look at starters, role players, etc. I can see it at the magic. But i think the magic are sticking to what they have.

    • Dave says:

      Your definitely right. If he stays with the nuggets he will get a championship faster than he would with the nets or knicks. I think the nuggets are really close to being a force in the west again, they just need another key player and all their bigs healthy

      • BG says:

        the reason hes considering the knicks is bc he feels like the organization is better thsn denver and is more determined to win a championship. melo prolly saw how they aquired amare and thinks if he goes to ny and they have melo, amare, and possibly c.paul or t.parker, and thats a better sitiuation he had in denver w/ billups and nene

      • Law064 says:

        I agree with everyone sayin the player should go where he wants when he’s a free agent. I don’t blame Lechoke James for leaving Clevland. He led them farther than ever and they still never got him the pieces to get past Boston, or SA when they did go to the finals.@ Andre your totally correct on a few points but MJ didn’t get Pippen and Grant for a few years and they still couldn’t get over the Pistons. If Melo goes to NJ or New York he’ll be going in reverse. The Nuggets need another big man and maybe a decent scorer that can put up 12-16 points a game. The Nuggets problem is they are strickly Offensive they have no Defense that includes Melo. Birdman is they’re only Defensive guy. He has a better chance if he stays in Denver going to NJ or Newyork shouldn’t even be an option for him.

  106. R-squared says:

    what ever happened to team loyalty.. sticking with one team and try to win it all and then move on.. same can be said for “they-who-need-not-be-named”.. I’m old school… MJ did, magic did.. stockton did his absolute best but ran into MJ twice… Don’t like the direction the players are taking where they demand where they go.. absolute disgrace…

    • AJ says:

      Players have been re-signing with diffrent teams since beginging of basketball. Scottie pippen and MJ went and played for diffrent teams. Scottie played for Portland after the bulls and mj with the wizards…John Stockton stayed with K. Malone because that is were his career/championship hopes were the best. All of these players that are moved by their team because the team dont need them any more but the players wanted to stay. Like Marcus Cambe was traded away from the knicks and after that was still one of the leagues best rebounders. Cambe didnt want to leave NY and would of stayed his entire career their because he was so loyal. I do believe it goes in both directions, in the nba its all about bussiness. Not what the guy down the road thinks players should be. For those who think lebron, wade and bosh arent loyal, look at it this way: They are being payed to perform, this is their act and if you dont like the big 3 in maimi then you shouldnt like the big 3 in boston. I remeber K. malone going to the lakers and trying to win a champ. The only time you hear of this loyalty crap is when people dont get what (they wanted).

      • Nate Shaw says:

        AJ, you are 100% correct, Melo is doing exactly what almost every NBA star has done, i love the nuggets and melo, but good on him, do what gives him the best chance at a RING

      • MiamiHATE says:

        The problem is that if players can control the league, there will be no league. What James, Bosh, (and Wade) did was pure collusion and sent a message that no small market team can ever expect to get “big” players and win. As well, in James case, the value of the Cavaliers franchise dropped by $100 million.

        There are 30 teams. If we keep a six team league in high markets, then so be it and let the players do what they want.

        With a 30 team league (or even 26 after contraction) in the next CBA agreement, it will be absolutely necessary for teams to assign “designated non trade” players as long as the salary from another offer is met. If the players fight and the court decides against this, then the small markets are dead and the league will shrink to half the present size.

      • Jac says:

        I agree with you totally plus Melo has his wifes career to think about! she is a TV personality who would like to be in a big market…people tend to forget about ENTERTAINERS FAMILIES.

      • michael says:

        …players today are leaving in their PRIME to try and win elsewhere, hence no loyalty. pippen, jordan, malone…they all left AFTER their prime. camby has also been shipped around the NBA throughout his career, so terrible example there pal.

      • Zombie Mike says:

        R square you r so wrong!

        Now days there is no reason for a player to remain loyal when team management are not.

        The NBA is a business. In todays NBA a player changing teams is no different the you or I changing jobs.

        Teams trade players all the time trying to improve their chances of that elusive title, why cant players?

      • Fred says:

        I agree with you…and I hope stupid Laker fans wont start yelling at you about how Kobe stayed in LA for his entire career….lest we forget..he wanted out big time about 4 years ago…and only because they had good pieces around him that convinced him to stay….everyone wants to win its as simple as that…LeBron watever he did in the off season….he played his hearts out for cleveland for 7 years…they had a good run..hopefully fans will appreciate him later on…

      • Jay says:

        One small note. Karl Malone went to the Lakers for the absolute minimum it was possible for a veteran of his status to be paid, according to league rules.

      • Jay says:

        Fred, did you seriously just say that Lebron played his heart out for Cleveland? What fantasy world are you living in? Lebron CLEARLY quit on them the last two seasons in the playoffs. I can’t even say choke, because it wasn’t a choke, it was an absolutely disgraceful QUIT. No matter how far behind the team is, you would NEVER see Wade, Bryant, Garnett, MJ, Magic, etc, etc, quit and give up. Never. But Lebron did it two years in a row. Heck, look at game 7 when the Lakers won the championship. They went into the 4th quarter down double digits. Lebron would have quit like he always did, but not a single Laker quit.

      • celtic says:

        i wanted to read AJ’s comment but with the using of don’t instead of didn’t and the spelling Camby wrong, i just couldn’t. Also, ‘Melo probably is not going to find a home where he has a better chance of winning. He is still young and I hope he plays his hardest in the short time he has left with the nuggets so that he does not turn into an A.I.

      • Grim says:

        @fred, im not a lakers fan but kobe didn’t continue his plan to leave LAL coz the management listened to him about adding more players and re-signing Phil.. and the effect of him staying still has its effects.. he was the one who demanded artest and barnes..

      • BIGGS says:

        Everyone hates Lebron for what he did. but it wasn’t like he didnt try in the 7 years he was there. So i am all for leaving if its felt to be the right time. Because you don’t know how long these platyers careers are going to last. One inury could change everything, or even just bad choices, look at Iverson for instense, what is he now? compared to what he was before. Its just sad to see a player like iverson to go out like that. Players like Anthony should be surrounded with good complimentary teammates and obviously denver tried but it just isnt working. In conclusion i think these players deserve to play where they want even if that means to leave a team they’ve been with their whole career.

      • Done' Gary says:

        i agree

    • R4 says:

      Have you ever seen real world in Denver. That should answering your question why Melo wants out. He’s young not old and He wants to be in a hip city. Same thing happen to us over here in Toronto. Players nowaday after seeing what happen in Boston couple years back feel that they can just built championship not earn them. We need a new CBA that can control this type of movement our your going to have more than one team trying to change location.

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        @ FRED! Its funny how girls like yourself keep whinning about how KOBE WANTED to leave. Point is, he didnt. He did what he had to do to get the LAKERS to bring in more help. If that means he had to whine like a little girl, like you, then so be it. He got what he wanted. Unlike Lequeen whines the whole time he is with the cavs, doesnt win a championship for cav fans, and then bells on them. Now Lequeen is the chump!! In othe news, cant wait to see the heat lose to the MAGIC tonight!! LOL!!!

    • movement says:

      What happened to team loyalty. It ended when management started treating the players like commodities. For the longest time, players had to just go with the flow of being tossed around like old baggage. Now players are realizing that it is a business and they have to be concerned about what’s in their best interests while their entering the prime of the careers. Carmelo isn’t looking at New York or New Jersey and comparing it to what Denver is now. He is looking at the teams from a holistic view. He knows that in those places he has a better chance at competing for several titles with the amount of money those owners have and how other pieces can be put in place after he gets there. In Denver, they have pretty much maxed out how far they can go which is the western conference finals.

    • CC says:

      Staying with a losing team leaves you ringless. You can’t compare MJ and Magic to Lebron and Carmelo. MJ and Magic had excellent teammates. It’s a team sport. You can’t win alone. Get over it.

      • josh says:

        if he goes anywhere else he has a less chance to win a ring

      • toddleighty says:

        i totally agree. magic, michael and larry were fortunate enough to come into incredible situations and their front offices made all the right moves. no reason for any of them to want to leave their teams, they had 3 of the greatest teams in nba history built around them. with all the immovable contracts cleveland had he had no chance of getting that kind of help with the cavaliers any time in the near future.

      • michael says:

        the bulls weren’t any good when MJ came on the scene. it wasn’t until pippen and horace grant were drafted when they became a real team. and even then it was still all jordan until ’89

    • horacio says:

      what happened is that young players (and not so young) have seen hall of famers retire without any rings on their fingers & don’t want that to happen anymore. it’s that simple

    • david green says:

      ask patrick ewing jr about team loyalty and all the other players that got cut the other day atleast he.s given them time to make moves better than what lebron now that was mesed up

    • leggomymelo says:

      i completely agree. i wish loyalty was a bigger deal nowadays. id rather show that i did everything i could for the organization that did everything they could for me. i understand he wants to win, but its not like he doesnt have a good team right now that could possibly win it all if a few pieces were added

    • heatfan says:

      why is it fair for teams to choose their players but not fair for players to choose their teams?

      i think its d right of a free agent to let go of a team d same way a team lets go of their players or coaches

    • Nick says:

      So you think the owners are allowed to get rid of whoever they want and uproot families across the country to make their teams better where they see fit but players can’t choose where they make a living? MJ, Magic and Stockton didn’t have to leave because they had championshop calibre players for years.

      The only way players would ever have to be loyal at all was if every player had a no trade clause in their contracts so they could decline a trade to somewhere they don’t want to go. Players are people, not goods who can be shipped anywhere without a choice.

    • DaveB says:

      At the end of the day its just a business. There is no loyalty. Play well they love you and are loyal. Play poorly and you’re outta there or playing for peanuts.

    • jgody says:

      Should really be thinking of coming to jersey.Eastcoast bound!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Andre says:

      I can’t understand you. Almost every single star without a competitive team moved from his original team since I’m watching basketball. I can remember one or two exceptions to that rule. Maybe Barkley, but they reach the finals anyway.

      The ones that stayed played in big markets, with very rare. MJ and Magic are examples of that. The ones that stayed in small markets played in very competitive teams, most of them winners. Stockton and Malone had a great team. They just played the best in history in finals so they couldn’t won. Olajuwon got Drexler. Robinson got Duncan. And it goes on.

      On the other side I can name without think a bunch of players that did change. Maybe Anthony doesn’t like Colorado. Maybe he knows Billups is old and things will get worst. I’m not sure.

      Lebron’s mistake was “The Decision show”. Only that. Only a VERY stupid guy would stay in Cleveland with that crew, being considered the best or second best player in the NBA.