Did You See What We Saw?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Who in the name of Naismith would be crazy enough to try to watch all 13 games on Wednesday night’s NBA schedule, completely ignoring Game 1 of the World Series, Modern Family and whatever else was going on last night?

You know we did.

The crew here at the hideout managed to view significant portions of all 13 games and we must admit, we came away impressed more often than not, even by some teams that ended up on the losing end at the end of the night.

The most anticipated season in league history? However preposterous it might have sounded to hear that in recent weeks, we’re warming up the idea now.

Back to Wednesday night’s games, though. It was an absolute embarrassment of basketball riches on display from coast to coast all night. Did you see what we saw?


Looking good: Now you know why the Cavaliers refused to part with J.J. Hickson last year in a proposed Amar’e Stoudemire deal. He was a force (21 points on 8-for-11 shooting) and is poised for a breakout season. Boobie Gibson rebounded from an ugly start (0-for-8) to finish with 16 points and a team-high eight assists.

Sound the Alarm: The Celtics can’t afford many off nights in the revamped Eastern Conference, where the Magic, Heat and even the Hawks plan to push the pace. There was bound to be an emotional letdown, of sorts, after Tuesday’s season-opening home win over Miami. There just can’t be many more like it.

HT’s Take: They say the best way to get over a breakup is to dive right back into the game. And the scrappy, LeBron James-free Cavaliers proved they’ll do just that by out working the Celtics down the stretch. But I wouldn’t go making travel plans for the NBA Finals yet.


Looking good: All those new additions, rookies and otherwise, showed well in the Nets’ debut in their new arena. Even Jay-Z and Beyonce showed up, a rare occurrence compared to last season when, our Twitter family informed us, Jay never showed up. You expect an Avery Johnson-coached team to play a certain way and the Nets did that down the stretch. He’s already got the Nets 18 games ahead of last season’s win pace.

Sound the Alarm: The Pistons’ inability to finish this thing off, they were up seven with 1:40 to play, doesn’t bode well for a team that enters this season without a whole lot of confidence in each other.

HT’s Take: We tuned in hoping to see something from Nets rookie Derrick Favors and he didn’t disappoint. The eight points and 10 rebounds are fine, but he was much more physical around the basket than even we expected. Our initial fears about the Pistons were confirmed. They just don’t look like a team on a mission of any sorts.


Looking good: Welcome to the season, Dwyane Wade. We knew he needed more than those four minutes he played in the preseason to get warmed up. His 30-point outburst against the Sixers is much more like normal. When James Jones sinks six of his nine 3-pointers against anyone, the Heat become nearly impossible to deal with for anyone other than the league’s elite.

Sound the Alarm: As NBA.com’s Andy Jasner pointed out, the Sixers’ starting five did not attempt a single free throw all night. That’s either some sever disrespect for their games or a serious lack of force being used by Jrue Holiday, Andre Iguodala, Jason Kapono, Elton Brand and Spencer Hawes.

HT’s Take: The Heat will do the same things they did to the Sixers to most of the teams in the league. The fact is, few teams will be able to match their firepower and depth. And any team that can’t protect the rim will see Wade, James and Chris Bosh have their way attacking the basket. We did see another solid rookie debut, this one out of the Sixers’ Evan Turner (team-high 16 points, seven rebounds and four assists).


Looking good: Who needs Steve Nash anyway? Stoudemire doesn’t need anything but the ball and a crease, as the Raptors found out last night. The only thing different about Stoudemire now and the past few years was the jersey, though the nine turnovers were a somewhat new accessory Knicks coach Mike D’Antoni won’t mind Stoudemire shedding the rest of the way.

Sound the Alarm: The Raptors identity the last seven seasons was wrapped around Bosh and now that he’s gone, there is no one on the current roster that appears ready to take his place. Recent high draft picks Andrea Bargnani and DeMar DeRozan are solid, but neither seems like a potential franchise player at this stage of their respective careers.

HT’s Take: While we’re not crazy about D’Antoni’s choices for his starting five, we can’t argue with the results. Wilson Chandler was fantastic off the bench, finishing with a team high 22 points, and rookie Landry Fields was solid in his debut with 11 points and four rebounds in his 30 minutes. The Knicks have the tools to battle for a playoff spot.


Looking good: Larry Drew‘s new offense looked great as the Hawks pillaged our Grizzlies, basically from start to finish. Joe Johnson was able to get going (22 points and seven assists) without having to dominate the ball relentlessly. Josh Smith was in midseason form on the defensive end, blocking five shots and altering several others. But the Atlanta bench stole the show, outscoring the Grizzlies 50-28, led by Zaza Pachulia‘s 17 points and 11 rebounds.

Sound the Alarm: Al Horford battled injuries in the preseason, so a slow start to the regular season isn’t a surprise. But the Hawks will need him to find his rhythm soon, because the pace quickens now and this team can’t keep up without its All-Star center at his best. Grizzlies All-Star Zach Randolph was injured early and limped through the rest of the game.

HT’s Take: We had no idea defense had been outlawed in Memphis. How else to explain our Grizzlies being shredded the way they were? The Hawks did look better than we expected, and certainly better than their preseason showing indicated they would. Rudy Gay is going to need much more help than he got in the opener (anyone seen O.J. Mayo?) if HT’s Grizzlies are going to mount a serious playoff push this season.


Looking good: The Kings’ rugged new frontcourt tandem of Carl Landry and rookie DeMarcus “Boogie” Cousins opened plenty of eyes around here. Tyreke Evans didn’t even play and the Kings were able to pile up 117 points, albeit against a Timberwolves team not known for its defensive prowess. Francisco Garcia, Beno Udrih and Luther Head combined for 54 points and showed off some backcourt depth you might not have realized the Kings possessed.

Sound the Alarm: David Kahn almost had us sipping the Kool-Aid on Darko Milicic … almost. Then the season started and the $20 million man went to work (six points and four rebounds), reminding us all while he’s so forgettable. And Kevin Love couldn’t get on the floor during crunch time, Wolves coach Kurt Rambis said something about defense. The end result was a gaping hole in the middle for the home team.

HT’s Take: The Kings just might be on to something. We’ll have to wait and see what it looks like when Evans returns from suspension. Meanwhile, the Timberwolves impressed us even in defeat. Also, HT fave Luke Ridnour was able to quiet the Ricky Rubio talk with a solid 20 points, six assists and five rebounds at point guard.

NEW ORLEANS 95, MILWAUKEE 91 (A Prime Minister Special)

Looking good: Were Chris Paul and Andrew Bogut even injured last season? Because based on their play in the opener, both looked perfectly fine to us. Paul put up 17 points and 16 assists — and just one turnover! — while going toe-to-toe with young buck (or is it Yung Buck?) Brandon Jennings (who countered with 15 points and 10 assists). Bogut was a little rusty early on and had trouble finding his shot, but had a solid double-double and played well with new post pal Drew Gooden.

Sound the alarm: The Bucks’ end-of-game execution left something to be desired, surely. After cutting the Hornets’ lead to one with 1:23 to go,  Milwaukee had: a shooting foul on Jennings, a missed jumper by Gooden and John Salmons had the ball stripped from him on a jumper. Not a good way to close things out, Milwaukee.

HT’s take: We tuned in to this one to see if the spry Bucks could show they’ve become residents in Contender-ville, but they still have a few kinks to work out on the road to that destination. Still, Carlos Delfino was impressive and that Corey Maggette trade is showing returns already at the line (eight FTAs) that the Bucks were hoping for. We couldn’t help but be impressed by the always-reliable (when healthy) duo of CP3 and David West.


Looking good: How anyone can watch the Thunder and not be impressed remains a mystery. They have everything any elite teams could want — an elite talent leading the way in Kevin Durant, one of the best young point guards in the game in Russell Westbrook, a completely underrated third star in Jeff Green, a tireless defensive stopper in Thabo Sefolosha, a bench filled with quality role players, a defense-first mentality and … we’ll stop there so folks in other cities don’t get jealous.

Sound the Alarm: Derrick Rose needs help on the offensive end, folks (yes, we’re talking to you Kyle Korver, among others). Any time Rose has to take 31 shots in a non-overtime game, we have a problem Chicago. Carlos Boozer isn’t taking that suit off anytime soon, so in the meantime someone else needs to step up their game.

HT’s Take: Both of these teams looked exactly the way we thought they would when found out they’d open the season against each other. The Thunder are clearly ready to take that next step, joining the Lakers and others at the head table in the Western Conference. The Bulls, however, remain a work in progress. They’ve most of the pieces in place. But there is still something missing.


Looking good: Dirk Nowitzki was a defensive stopper. No, really. Dirk put the clamps on Stephen Jackson (14 points), working on both ends while also assisting Jason Kidd in taking the Bobcats’ feeble defense apart. Kidd is still turning back the clock. Piling up 18 assists on opening night is a feat one of his younger point guard brethren might do, not the godfather, who had just one turnover and was one dime shy of John Stockton‘s record for assists in an opener.

Sound the Alarm: We’re going to sound it to everyone else in the Western Conference. Don’t assume this Mavericks team has missed it’s chance to contend. We’ve made the mistake all summer of not paying them much attention. But hard as it might be to believe, they have a chance to sneak up on people this season.

HT’s Take: We’re going to go ahead and scratch Jason Terry off of the list of contenders for the Sixth Man of the Year award and pencil him into the Mavericks’ starting lineup at shooting guard. He was deadly against the Bobcats, draining 10 of his 15 shots and showing that the JET still has plenty of fuel in his tanks.


Looking good: Who says Tim Duncan is over the hill? Not us. The Big Fundamental must have been sipping from the fountain of youth this summer, because he looked downright frisky against the Pacers with 23 points (on a wicked 10-for-12 shooting) and 12 rebounds. The Spurs don’t plan to head to the NBA retirement village without making a little noise. And you can expect Duncan to lead the charge.

Sound the Alarm: We’ve been warning the world about our guy “McBob” (Govt. name Josh McRoberts), who was at his high-flying best in defeat. We started the dunk contest campaign for him last year and we need your help in making sure he’s on the invite list for All-Star Weekend 2011.

HT’s Take: The Spurs’ Big 3 all hit the 20-point mark as Manu Ginobili had 22 and Tony Parker 20. These guys are going to be there all year. The Pacers were another of the teams on the losing end Wednesday night that impressed us. Roy Hibbert‘s 28 and 9, Darren Collison‘s seven assists and a typical All-Star showing from Danny Granger. They’re still a work in progress, though.

DENVER 110, UTAH 88 (Another Prime Minister Special)

Looking good: Carmelo Anthony was his usual Jazz-baffling self and aside from his 23 points, he seemed to be having fun with his teammates all night long. Two other guys who stood out? Arron Afflalo was super-efficient, scoring 22, nailing three 3-pointers and making Utah’s thin shooting guard corps look awful. Shelden Williams was great, too, with 16 boards and played some solid defense on Al Jefferson, too.

Sound the alarm: For the Jazz and their offense. As Jerry Sloan said, the season’s not over, but any more games where Utah’s offense looked like it did last night and Sloan will have to revise his quote. Sure, there were the 22 turnovers for the Jazz, but more than that: there was no real rhythm between any of the units the Jazz threw out there.

HT’s take: We know better than to write off a Sloan-coached team and perhaps a trip back to SLC tonight will fix these season-opening ailments. For Denver, the formula that got them to the ’09 West finals (big doses of ‘Melo, solid bench play and some perimeter help) could be on its way back.


Looking good: Monta Ellis announced his candidacy for the scoring title with 46 points on opening night, the most points on Opening Night since Michael Jordan‘s 54 on Nov. 3, 1989, overshadowing a stellar 25-point, 11-assist effort from Steph Curry. Could the Warriors challenge for a playoff spot in the Western Conference with these two driving the bus? We think it’s a legitimate question without a concrete answer just yet. But we’re warming up to the idea.

Sound the Alarm: Yao Ming missed the first of what we expect to be several back-to-back sets for the Rockets. We’ve heard the case for the 24 minutes and we just don’t like it. That said, Yao can only do what his body allows him to do. And if that means we only get to see him in limited duty, so be it.

HT’s Take: We’ve been hyping up Don Nelson‘s high-powered offensive scheme all these years when it turns out that Keith Smart‘s offensive was just as explosive. Kidding aside, the Warriors will remain one of the most entertaining teams to watch in the league in Nellie’s absence. If they want to take the next step, though, they have to start defending with the same zeal.


Looking good: The Trail Blazers stand atop of the league standings after two days, shutting up all of their haters here at the hideout and elsewhere with two impressive efforts to kick off this season. Nicolas Batum looks so much more comfortable out there and Brandon Roy has made a nice recovery from the injury that cost him his flow late last season and in the playoffs.

Sound the Alarm: Blake Griffin did that for us with his highlight-reel opening night effort. Every time a ball came off the rim we were looking to see where he would come from next for a put-back dunk. He’s going to be a 20-10 machine his entire career, so the rest of the league might as well get ready for it. And if he’s not in the dunk contest during All-Star Weekend, we might boycott the festivities.

HT’s Take: We’ll go ahead and admit it now, we might have underestimated the Blazers around here. Sure, it’s a long season and two games is a small sample size for an entire season, but the Blazers are loaded with the right kind of players to help grind through a long season. And we haven’t even seen Greg Oden or Joel Pryzbilla yet.


  1. Jeco says:

    Nice Game BlazerS…
    Big gaMe BraNdon…

  2. str says:

    I think it was kind of rude and disrespectful to don nelson. the winningest coach of all time. to have this reporter sekou smith say such mean things, like in nellies absence now all of a sudden the warriors are fun to watch. if i was nelson i would be mad if i read that, is all im trying to say.

  3. street intersect sign twirler says:

    I think if kobe wins seven championships say this current run turns into a 4 peat, then kobe will be considered ‘better’ than micheal jordan. now its 60-40 in the favor of mj. but 2 more champioships for kobe i think will make it 80-20 in the favor of kobe being better than micheal jordan. honestly i dont see that happening, thats why i say that but if he did do it i would be really impressed. and quite frankly i think kobe is going to do it.

    • Law064 says:

      No matter if Kobe gets more rings he’ll never be better than MJ. MJ never lost in the finals point blank. Kobe lost not once but twice. MJ is the greates of all time. Kobe is the best in the league now and the next best thing to MJ. I’m not a Kobe fan but I can’t say that Lechoke James or anyone in the NBA now can compare to Kobe

  4. Blazers fan says:

    why is everybody saying oklahoma is better than the blazers
    i hope greg come back and block all of durants dunks and lay ups
    Hope you feel better greg
    the blazers are gunna beh champs !!!!!

  5. Jayy says:

    i’ve been telling everyone this from the beginning… EAST: 1Magic, 2Heat, 3Celtics, 4Bucks, 5Hawks, 6Bulls, nd the rest we will have to see.. West: 1Lakers, 2Thunder, 3Mavericks, 4Blazers, 5Nuggets, 6Spurs, 7&8????
    I think the Magic can win the east because they have good players on the 1 & 5 spot.( heats weakness)
    for second it will be a battle between the heat & celtics but i think heat will take it as soon as they get their chemistry together. 4,5,6 is hard to say but i put them in that order cuz thats wat i think its gonna end up like.

    Now the west
    1Lakers: To good to be stopped by any, will take the number one spot easily. ( i dont like the lakers but i know thats gonna happen)
    2Thunder: They just keep getting better and better, i wouldnt be suprised if they challenged the lakers for the 1 spot.
    3Mavericks: great team, a lil old but great team, they can still get it done.
    4Blazers: i believe they will get the fourth spot because if u didnt see them last year they where good even without Roy, i expect them to be a problem for the lakers, especially In portland
    5Nuggets: This is my team 🙂 well they have injury problems but they played well the first game against the jazz, its too early to tell but i think when they got everyone back they will have a chance to go back to the conference finals.
    6Spurs: before the season started i didnt think they where gonna make it this year, but after watching them play i know they can be a good team
    Thats what i think the standings are gonna look at the end of the season.

  6. DylanOT says:

    Blake Griffin isnt white his father is black and his mother is white

  7. Goto Guy says:

    At last something to smile about from the other team in LA.

  8. Goto Guy says:

    Just a thought:

    Blake Griffin will be a very good player and could be possibly one of the elite, however if he plays the way he does in reckless abandon mode. he’ll get hurt. He should better understand angles and read the rebounds better and not be so reckless.the season is 82 games and the playoffs are around 4 to 21 games. He might not last the entire length if does not take care of himself. Freak accidents are not really not that rare if he continues to play the way he does.

  9. dave says:

    dumb comment,,,no brain u are…..you dont know what basketball is

  10. scooter says:

    The Bulls got royally screwed. Way too many foul shots for the Thunder (47). While on the other end, Rose was getting fouled and not getting calls. NO team is going to win in OKC if the refs give them 47 foul shots.

  11. KNICKS FAN says:

    Knicks are looking good. They have decent balance and are def making a playoff run. Chandler has the talent to be a new star in this league and love the choice to put fields in the starting 2 spot. I like Fields game, plays hard does a lot of good things. Finally excited to watch a Knicks season. MY MAN STOUDEMIRE needs no praise hes changing this team on the score board and the locker room. Feels good to finally have a legitimate go to guy. Felton is key and if Randolph progresses nicely, puts the work in he could become a real force.

  12. Luke Q says:

    Love the blog. Good to get a quick rundown of all the games when you don’t get to see them. good to see the heat fight back (even though it was against a lousy philly), but i don’t think they can win it this year. lebron and wade = good, bosh = only good in comparison to the rest of toronto, the rest = really average. i think new york will be the team that surprises people, they have all the components they need and with amar’e fitting in nicely they will be a real contender. finally, i hope tim duncan retires soon – he and the spurs have been putting me to sleep for years.

  13. Rip City Baby says:

    Hey Sekou…

    Nice blog, it’s good to hear the Blazers finally getting the respect that they deserve; with the overhyping of the Thunder this past summer, it’s refreshing to hear something about my own team and see them forgotten by the wayside. The Blazers, I think, have a ceiling of first in the Western Conference, and a floor of eighth. To get first, though, the Lakers and Nuggets (the two teams that, as of now, I think are better than Portland) will have to have some unfortunate injuries. I think we’re better than OKC; remember, a very severely injured Portland team won 50 games last year, while the Thunder won less.

    Just watch out for Greg Oden, man. When G.O. is healthy, he is a defensive monster and is probably one of the most complete back to the basket players in the NBA. It’s only a few more weeks of till GO time for him; he’s already working at full contact in practice and is working himself into game shape.

    • kenny says:

      This man speaks truth. And when the Blazers have a healthy Oden and Przybilla there with Camby, there will never be a time when there isn’t a shot-blocking/rebounding presence in the middle. It’s going to be ridiculous.

  14. bigboy11 says:

    guess the cavs are the better team ,how is it they dont have a proven big man like boston and they won guess they were outa gas the game with the heat took too much outa them.TRUST ME EASTERN CONFERENCE FINALS ORLANDO/MIAMI

    • Law064 says:

      I wouldn’t say out of Gas that was a back to back and the Celtic’s seem to have the problem with closing games. They shot horrible in the 4th quarter. They blew an 11 point lead. They did the same last season and seem like they will do it this year unless they get it together and keep pushing after they have a lead.


    if MELO goes to the BULLS for lets say DENG and a pick or 2 , (if they want to really make things happen) , then it will be all over , the missing piece for the BABY BULLS is MELO ,,,, THAT would really turn up the HEAT IN THE EAST (pun intended) if this happens then it would be a 4 team race for the top 2 seeds



    if MELO goes to the BULLS for lets say DENG and a pick or 2 , if they want to be really make things happen , then it will be all over , the missing piece for the BABY BULLS is MELO ,,,, THAT would really turn up the HEAT IN THE EAST (pun intended)

  17. Omarisgay says:

    affalo can actually be a 16 point scorer which is amazing if you think about it; that adds a huge boost where denver didn’t think it’d come

    Billups <- allstar
    Affalo <- 16 ppg (pretty dam good)
    melo <- superstar
    k-mart <- 11ppg and 7 boards
    nene <- does like 13 ppg and gets 8-9 rebounds
    jr smith <- 15 ppg off the bench
    Lawson <- he's going to be very very good

  18. SteveP says:

    Monta Ellis drops a fresh batch on everyone, the highest opening night since The Man himself in 1989, and all you guys can talk about is the negative stuff? Why not be happy that Chris Paul, Jason Kidd, Blake Griffin, Steph Curry, Andrew Bogut, Joakim Noah, Derrick Rose and Oklahoma City in general, all had perfect starts to their season? Ellis dropped a bomb on Houston, Rose and Westbrook showed that they are more than capable of taking PG players into the next 5-10 years, and Griffin had the start everyone doubted he ever would. Did anyone see his numbers throughout the preseason and say ‘yeah, but its just preseason games, they don’t matter’? And then the kid drops a massive double-double on you and all you can do is complain about how he lands? Be grateful for the time we do have to watch him play. And start hyping this dunk contest up asap, because time will start slipping away from LeBron if he doesn’t make this year ‘the year’ to have a truly star-studded lineup. James, Nate, Dwight, Griffin, Shannon Brown… Yes Please! More love for Kevin Love thanks, Minnesota coaching staff. Can you imagine him at the Lakers with Pau Gasol? Or in the Warriors lineup, grabbing defensive rebounds all night feeding Ellis and Curry? Or getting jiggy (violent) with it in Orlando? Minnesota execs: Play the guy for a whole game and watch him turn your L’s into W’s. he is too big and too strong to be put in for half a game.

  19. Knickguy says:

    Watchout NBA, Knicks are going to surprise you all, they have some hidden talet and will be in the heat ( no pun intended) of very game this year

  20. Chris says:

    Everyone has over looked portland. With a healthy roster the western conference should keep an eye out, portland could do serious damage.

  21. ndjnus says:

    Didn’t know Griffin was White, thought he was more Obama like. McRoberts is the Rex Chapman of our day. Watch the Nuggs FIBA teams to death all year. Also, we finally have some post players with post moves and the ability to grab more than 9 boards, Bird and K-Mart will not be missed too much.

  22. Clinton says:

    Are you serious? Pistons not on a mission?
    They looked 100x better than last year, just struggled in the closing 1:40. They lost the game fair and square, but to write them off and say they don’t have confidence in eachother is jumping to conclusions. T-Mac looked great. If it hadn’t been for missed layups, he would have had like 10 assists. Pistons also performed well form the perimeter and Ben looked healthy as well. certainly the Pistons miss Jerebko’s hustle and defense, but Charlie V came to play where as Daye did not. Don’t write them off yet,

  23. Thomas says:

    Finnaly, the Blazers get some respect! Even here in Portugal I can see they have talent enough to contend with the Lakers!

  24. Tha REAL Truth says:

    Aye OKC is a beast man….dem boys Durant and Westbrook aint playin…they comin for the Lakers head…they may not knock them out the West this year or even the next but its gon happen soon…watch

    • Tha REAL Truth says:

      Denver gon do they thing this year too (long as Melo stays of course)…If Afflafo plays consistent like that every night and Harrington gives them at least 10-15 ppg they gon be dangerous…All they need Sheldon Williams to do is grab boards (16 against Utah) and u already kno JR can take off on any given night

    • LakersWillWin says:

      I agree. It’s funny, all my Laker friends are all rooting for OKC too.
      Not this season for sure, LA is too deep and hungry to lose this season.
      Next season though, OKC is definately a contender for the title!

      • Law064 says:

        @Lakerswillwin yo I’m not a laker fan but I don’t see anyone in the West beating them. OKC has a good chance but I think they need a few more pieces to actually knock the Lakers out. I can honestly say that eveen though I don’t like LA or Kobe but Kobe is the best in the league now.

  25. will says:

    Josh McRoberts in the dunk contest? loooooooooooool

  26. Mid Range says:

    Oddest stat of the night: only 24 minutes for Kevin Love in a tight game and only 3 fouls? I don’t know if this has anything to do with K-Love running his mouth about his role with Minnesota over the summer, but this is depressing… Give this guy 38 minutes and he’ll go 16 and 20… He should make some noise, Kahn is probably stupid enough to trade him.

  27. Matt says:

    Loved the article. As a Spurs fan, I am glad that Tim Duncan started off well but I hope he can carry that through the season and into the post season. It is a long year and with Blair getting better with each game, I hope Duncan’s minutes are lowered to reduce those nagging little injuries.

    • cody says:

      tim duncan is over rated he is not that good

    • RG says:

      i think Duncan will be fine, Matt. as you mentioned, Blair is getting better, so he’ll be there to help Timmy. and don’t forget, once Splitter is healthy enough, he’ll help out too.

      • Law064 says:

        Tim D overrated lol that has to be a true hater of the spurs. Tim D has been one of the elite PF’s all around. Tim D was just as good as KG in his prime. Even though he has miles Tim D is still one of the elite PF’s in the NBA. Check his career stats how is that overrated? Jose go watch telemundo or soccer because you don’t understand basketball if your sayin Tim D is overrated. Chris Bosh is the most overrated PF in the NBA he has no D


    SEKOU you are right the HEAT can beat alot of the teams in the league, but the ELITE they cant’s and who makes up the ELITE well heres my list.

    LAKERS to big in the middle and they have the MAMBA
    CELTICS big in the middle, half court defense to slow them down, and outside shooter’s
    DENVER when they aew all back on court BIDMAN and MARTIN , BILLUPS will eat the guards up.
    CHICAGO to fast and the middle will be furious when BOOZER teams up with NOAH
    ORLANDO do i even have to explain MR HOWARD
    SPURS TIMMY , FRNECH AND the boys still got it.

    speedy match ups will be with OKC the stars on both teams like to run the floor and this might be the fastes game in the league ,ref’s better get thier naps.

    • daez says:

      Lakers, Magic and Celtics will be a challenge for every team. Miami can beat Denver, Chicago and MAYBE the Spurs. OKC could beat the Heat at this time.

  29. T-Wah says:

    I love the “knee-jerk” judgments. We gotta’ start somewhere. I’d rather see that than nothing written about the dozen games last night. And what the heck happened to Utah? I’ve never seen them play so poorly on offence.

  30. Andrew says:

    How about those Warriors! And finally, can everyone stop calling Evan Turner a bust and start him already? Jrue Holiday starting over sweet lou and Kapono over Evan? Doesn’t add up.

    • daez says:

      Warriors will be good with Curry and Ellis in the back court. I hope they make the playoffs. As for Evan Turner, I really think he opened some eyes. That stat line off the bench is nice, especially for a rookie debut. I’d say start Lou Williams at point, Turner at 2, Iguodala at the 3 with Brand and Hawes in the post.

      • Law064 says:

        Why was Evan Turner considered a BUST? Evan is from Chicago and I have friends that know him personally. How can they rate him if they didn’t play. He had 16 points and 7 boards off the bench. I think he should be 6th man at the least but I’m sure he can start in Philly.

  31. joe h says:

    Ridiculous full-season judgements based on the first games of the year.
    Now, here are some sentences that make no sense.

    Boobie Gibson rebounded from an ugly star (0-for-8)
    Looking good: Dirk Nowitzki defensive stopped.

    • Sekou Smith says:

      We respectfully object to the term “ridiculous” and ask that they be referred to simply as “knee-jerk” judgments.

    • Jake says:

      Yo Joe stop the hatin already. I trust Sekou’s judgment, and I didn’t see either of those sentences.

    • daez says:

      Boobie Gibson rebounded from an ugly star (0-for-8)
      Gibson shot 0-for-8 to start the game, and ended with 16 points. Don’t you read?

    • Fred says:

      Sekou justifies himself pretty well in that blog…dont know where the hate is…
      plus..its a blog…you can voice your opinion…i thought America is a free country…

      I personally think Cleveland wants to push themselves as far as possible because they are pros…they dont want to be seen as someone who needs to player to carry them…its a team sport after all…
      and Boston struggles against athletic teams plus they are on back to backs…hopefully they can adjust to this issue and hopefully we see them deep in the playoffs again…because honestly…this team is the best at executing right out of a time out…veterans that have the brains to demonstrate a good team game with great D…thats what I want to watch…

      and whereas for the Heat…they will end up winning 55~65 games for sure…

      NBA is gonna be great this season…because arent like last season…everyone wanted a chance in FA…
      this year will be more full on…we can notice the contrast already…May the best team win…and free from bad injuries…play fair go hard!

  32. Jeff says:

    Funny thing is Blake Griffin isn’t even the best Clipper dunker. Deandre Jordan is. He should be in the dunk contest, but hes not famous enough.

    • Jake says:

      Your kidding right? Did you see Blake Griffin’s first dunk? I think Blake Griffin might be the best white dunker of all time.

      • daez says:

        DeAndre Jordan? Dude that guy dunks because he’s tall and big. He has no hops. If DeAndre Jordan got into the All-Star 2011 Dunk Contest, he would come dead last. A repeat of Birdman Andersen in 2005

      • Zp says:

        Hes not white

  33. jackohara says:

    Blake Griffin has a tendency to land only in one leg, without having it properly planted on the floor. If he dosn’t change that his knees / ankles will suffer very bad tensions which can translate in to injuries.

    • THEHEATSUCK says:

      All i gotta say is, did anybody see the way the celtics man handled the heat on opening night. AWWWWW that was great, i loved it. Goes back to what i said, the heat will look good againist weak teams. But againist the better teams, they dont have a chance. Anthony got punked by Shaq. And i dont even remember seeing The so called big Z. LOL, what a joke!!

      • Olu says:

        manhandled? they both did’nt play well and the heat are obviously sufferiing from chemistry issues. in the end though, the heat will EAT BOSTON’S LUNCH. all idicators from the first game point to it

        see you mid- season…

      • you're a clown says:

        the celtics just lost to the cavaliers… I guess the cavaliers are one of the league’s elite right now… the heat are just building chemistry and played with bad team fundamentals and STILL they managed to get within 3 points in the last bit after trailing by 28 points earlier… wade had a bad night and anyone who watches basketball knows he wont be having more than a few of those throughout the entire season…. you need to stop being a useless troll and put better comments up if you’re gonna even bother at all

      • THEHEATSUCK says:

        @OLU and YOURACLOWN.Yes manhandled, you speak english right? The heat eating boston for lunch? You must be eating crack cocaine for lunch. I said it before and ill say it again, the heat suck. No real point guard, which will hurt them as the season goes on. And all of their centers are WEAK! Which will hurt even more. So Z is going to roll over Shaq? You are an idiot!! The heat are cute fun team to watch during the regular season, but on real teams win championships and the heat are not at that level yet. Yea i will see you in mid season, making excuses for Lequeen James and your team the heat. And yea the cavs overall have a better TEAM than the heat. You moronic heat fans forgot this is a team sport, not a three man sport!

      • daez says:

        You’re a bias idiot. Manhandled? Manhandling would translate into a blowout. 3 points hardly breaks the surface. Both teams will improve, but the Heat has more potential. But as long as Rondo is beasting those dimes, Boston will be dangerous, for any team.

    • cody says:

      you are a dumba$$ you heard espn talkin bout griffin landin on one foot is the only reason you said that you need to shut your mouth till you can come up with your on stuff

  34. JayKowle says:

    1. I love the blog
    2. I just wish that Detroit would get in the mix. They’re not my team, but it’s sad watching them without any rhythm.
    3. I, too, was impressed with all of the games. It’s good to see that a lot of teams came to play this year. It’s off to a good start.

  35. six6heat says:

    Nice start to what is going to be an exciting season…injuries will play a big part but it’s nice to see some of the nice play from some of the sub par teams and players. The trade deadline will be active this year, a few lower seeds are a move from really being a contender.