Commissioner Stern on the Hang Time Podcast

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — No one can argue that the best basketball league on the planet is the NBA.

But who’s No. 2?

According to NBA Commissioner David Stern that second best league would be the NBA D-League, a suggestion that’s sure to ruffle some hoops sensibilities in Europe.

Did someone mention contraction in regard to the ongoing labor negotiations between the league and the players’ union? Stern was credited with bringing up the term, but was his reference to contraction taken out of context? Stern’s one of the few people on the planet that hasn’t seen that new LeBron James Nike commercial, you can see it here Mr. Commissioner, but we did our best to explain the premise.

Commissioner Stern touched on all those subjects and so much more on Episode 29 of the Hang Time Podcast, our special season kickoff show featuring our exclusive interview with the commissioner, as well as our opinions on the most anticipated NBA season in recent memory.


And here’s some choice excerpts:
Stern on LeBron and the Heat:

Stern on the new technical foul rule:

Stern on the CBA:

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  2. Kelly Wilken says:

    Mr. Smith,

    Have you read my new book COLLECTIVE BARGAINING (TAKING CONTROL AWAY FROM THE PLAYERS)”? It’s about the NBA’s CBA. If you would like to interview me, just drop me an Email. I listened to your Podcast with Commissioner Stern, and it was very interesting.