Daye-ja Vu

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — No strangers to slender frontcourt starters in recent years, the Detroit Pistons are taking it a step further this year with the announcement that second-year man Austin Daye will start at power forward.

That means the 6-foot-11, 200-pound Daye will work alongside Tayshaun Prince, who outweighs him by roughly 15 pounds. Starting these two with Ben Wallace in his prime might not have seemed like basketball red flag for opposing teams when they attack the rim. But just thinking about the Pistons’ frontline trying to hold up against some of the larger groups around the league — Boston, Los Angeles, Orlando, etc. — makes you shake your head.

No one is questioning Daye’s offensive prowess. But just like Prince found out a couple of years ago, working every night at power forward is much tougher on the body than playing small forward. And when you don’t have as much body to work with, well … it makes things even tougher:

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