Griffin or Wall?

It’s been a nice summer (can’t beat 11 days in Vegas!), but I’m ready for the rookies to finally start playing some meaningful games.

My first T-Mobile Rookie Rankings won’t come out until next week (Monday I’ll break down my preseason Top 10), but you know Blake Griffin and John Wall will be early favorites. (I’ll also be updating the Rookie Ladder on an almost daily basis throughout the season, so be sure to bookmark that page.)

I’m also curious to hear your predictions for the upcoming season. Who do you think will be Rookie of the Year? Which rookie is being overlooked? Which rookies aren’t worth the hype?

In our annual survey of the rookies, Wall (38.5 percent) was picked by his peers to take home ROY honors over Griffin (23.1 percent), with DeMarcus Cousins and Wesley Johnson getting votes.

To get you ready for next week, check out these preseason highlight reels from Wall and Griffin. It’s gonna be a fun season.

From the look of things, Griffin’s showing no ill effects from last season’s knee injury:


  1. Ti Brown says:

    Wall, his game is built for ESPN. But Griffin will have the bigger impact. The West is changing and power-slots are up for grabs there! I dare say the perennially ignoble Clippers might get ‘er done this year. Davis, Griffin, Kaman be playin’!!! (Tried to rhyme. Failed. Lol.)

  2. China says:

    Actually I like Cousins right now over Blake! Did Blake even play in the Summer League? Javale McGee for the Wizards was the top scoring big man in the Summer League, with Cousins coming in at a close second! McGee has been in the league for 3 years and many people didn’t even know he existed until this Summer, that all Wall! Every player that plays with the Wizards now will be better now that Wall is leading that team!!

  3. China says:

    John Wall hands down!!! Thank God it’s gonna be the Sports Gods who gets to decide this and not annoying fans because so far from what they have seen they score it 48 to 23 Wall!!! Griffin is really really good but he comes nowhere near close to being on John Wall’s level!!! Point Blank, End of Story, PERIOD

  4. BostonFTW says:

    Blake Griffin is a beast, hes already a Elite player.

  5. 5150clipfan says:

    Blake ( THE G.FORCE ) Griffin will win the R.O.Y..hands down!!

  6. steve c says:

    griffin will definitely win. wall is overrated, look behind his flashiness and athleticism. He may get 7-8 assists, but then he has that many turnovers also. it isnt a rarity too, hes been doing it since college.

  7. Fewl is on says:

    I completely choose Wall cuz he is the best. You might not know how easy he could help his team to win many games. Or Check it out his college video. It amazed me!!!

  8. ninjakol says:

    Griffin will win ROY!! LAC have baron, kaman, eric gordon.. all of whom he may benifit and not carry all the load but will effectively be contributing on his team and has a better chance of making the playoffs than john wall and the wizards… cousins is great but i don’t think he can put big numbers on his rookie year though.. wesley matthews?? nah! they didn’t get beasley just to make him bench warmer… im pretty sure they will make beasley their primary SF…

    blake griffin will also make the all star if LAC could atleast win more than half their game before all star break… boozer and amare are both west forwards and now in the east. i don’t think tim duncan can average 20-10 this season… and i have a feeling that melo will be traded weeks/days before trade deadline to the east >.<

  9. Mendelssohn says:

    Blake Griffin will probably win ROY award.

  10. beast@bball says:

    the reason i would pick griffin is that he is the man in LA. in washington, there is javale mcgee, gilbert arenas, andray blatche, josh howard,and john wall. he is not going to have the ball as much as griffin since other guys on washington can get it done, and shoot better than wall

    • J-Man says:

      Griffin has an all-star kaman beside him, all star baron davis and team usa player eric gordon to mention a few. The Clips starting 5 is fairly loaded whereas the wizards in reality are rebuilding and wall is THE man in that team now.

  11. KGM says:

    Neither will win the Rookie of the Year because that trophy will stay in Sacramento! DeMarcus Cousins will win the award and will outplay both Griffin and Wall whom have franchise known for horrible coaching and locker rooms. Sacramento does not have a “coach” that win lead them to the playoffs this year but will make noise in the weakened Western Conference as it seems. Their GM has place the roster to where Cousins will be the same player he was in Kentucky. Grabbing rebounds, developing a post game and relieving the tension off lonely Evans out there in Sacramento. This 5th pick is the lock in my opinion to be a primetime player in an organization with decent credibility to build a roster of young mixed with international talent.

  12. Jake says:

    Knew my boy Blake was gonna be a straight up baller the first time I saw him play for Oklahoma! Can you say highlight factory?

  13. inde Afro says:

    blake will probably win the ROY, but don’t count out Wall yet. If he can put more work on his 3 points, I think he has a better chance. But I like Blake better… peace

  14. Rick says:

    of course wall turns it over alot he is the freakin pg, for his team he has the ball 80% of the time like arenas was supposed to last season, not only that but his turnovers are high because he is so dang fast! seriously this kid is probably the fasted in the league next to bron bron and rose, he could be faster though. and my man blake is a freakin human highlight film! man i swear like 6 of the last 8 top plays of the day this last week had atleast one of him, many times 2 or 3, that boy is a beast! he is good, but not an all-star this year especially in the west with gasol and big al and duncan and dirk just to name a few fighting for all-star position. and i think turner is being forgotten just because his summer was bad, y’all need to remember that in ohio state he always had the ball in his hands now he has to learn to play with out the ball, he’ll do good, and cousins too! that boy is a beast!

    • daez says:

      “he is good, but not an all-star this year especially in the west with gasol and big al and duncan and dirk just to name a few fighting for all-star position.”

      You realise that Wall is a PG, and all those guys you named are PFs, right?

      • Jake says:

        You realize he was talking about Blake Griffin right?

        But by the way Blake still has a really good chance of making it. If the Clips are playing well then he’s gonna get a lot of press, and I wouldn’t be surprised if he has better stats than Duncan and/or “Big Al.” Plus, even if he isn’t one of the four forwards chosen there still is the two wildcard spots.

  15. Tommy.H says:

    I like Griffin a ton! But imagine when Wall discover that he has a left arm too. Now THAT’s a scary thaught!

  16. Bob daniels says:

    im so excited, i picked up wall and griffin in the 8th and 9th round respectively, if either one plays up to a fraction of their potential, this is gonna be a great year!

  17. sin says:

    Blake Griffin is definitely a better player than Wall right now. Wall commits a lot of turnovers, doesn’t get that many assists and has had some horrible shooting games during the summer. Griffin could average a double-double, and his athleticism is only second to Dwight Howard and third to nate robinson.

    Regarding other rookies, I think the Lakers rookies and Pitman and DaSean Butler from the Heat could be nice surprises, even if they get cut from those teams. And Evan Turner is by far the most overhyped rookie this season, as Jrue Holiday was last season.

  18. ceeg says:

    Blake Griffin, if healthy, will not only win ROY but also make it to the All-Star game THIS season.

  19. zzanzabar says:

    If what I saw in Griffin is going to be typical of his play, then he will win the ROY award hands down. Wall’s skills are impressive but not unique in today’s NBA. Wall, like Curry and a few others are a ‘Chris Paul’ type of talent, extremely good but they no longer stand out. Griffin, on the other hand, is a ‘Charles Barkley’ type of talent, one that comes along rarely in a era and has the unique ability to transcend the body type (i.e. big but fast strong and a soft touch).

  20. BlakeG says:

    Well, while Wall is a def an excellent player(all nba first team in 4 years) , blake adds something that gets you to the playoffs, and with the right squad wins the playoffs, and that is rebounding, not only that he seems to be pretty strong, and out of all PF’s right now, I don’t think there are any as strong, and as fast as him. If Baron davis can start playing his game again, then clippers will def make the playoffs.

  21. SwaggerKing says:

    Blake Griffin…with out his injuries…he could be a force by the time comes….he has a bright future…Wall could be good too..but Griffin has a total package…

  22. vOnz says:

    Blake Griffin. Hands down. Blake Will definitely be on my fantasy roster.

    John Wall commits way too many turn overs. He needs to mature. Plus he rarely makes a double-double.

    Blake Griffin will average a double-double. His Stats will be better.

  23. vOnz says:

    Blake Griffin. Will definately be on my fantasy roster.

    John Wall commits wany too many turn overs. He needs to mature. He rarely makes a double-double.

    Blake Griffin will average a double-double. His Stats will be better.