New Rules on Display at MSG

NEW YORK — The new rules regarding technical fouls were on full display in the Celtics’ 104-101 preseason win over the Knicks on Wednesday night, as four technicals were called in the span of 16 seconds in the second quarter.

Boston’s Jermaine O’Neal picked up the first one (called by Zach Zarba), complaining about a loose ball foul with 4:39 to go in the period. And right after Danilo Gallinari made the free throw for the Knicks, Kevin Garnett was whistled for two straight techs and sent back to the locker room by Kane Fitzgerald.

Then 16 seconds of game time later, the Knicks’ Timofey Mozgov picked up a T (called by Kevin Fehr) as he walked off the court.

It was unclear what Garnett (or O’Neal or Mozgov) said, and KG was not available for comment after the game, but Celtics coach Doc Rivers believes what was said doesn’t much matter.

“The first tech on J.O. He got it. He walked away,” Rivers said. “The first tech on Kevin. He got it and he didn’t.

“Whether he said anything or not, whether he deserved it, it doesn’t matter. We know the rules. We have to respect the rules.”

And Rivers isn’t about to start campaigning for more leniency. He believes that players and coaches will just have to adjust to the new standards for the greater good of the league.

“It’s about all of us,” he said. “It’s not just the officials and the players and the coaches. It’s all of us. We’ve got to keep trying to make this a better product. And so if people smarter than me have decided that this is what we need to do, then we need to do it. And we need to adhere to it. I don’t think that’s that hard.”

Still, there seems to be a feeling among players and coaches that things might not be as strict when the regular season begins and that players and officials will find some sort of happy medium.

“We’re going to figure it out, it’s just going to take some time,” Rivers said. “When you talk to the officials, they don’t get it yet. They’re trying to figure it out. And it will get figured out by Game 1.”


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  1. Kost says:

    Not agree with the new rules, not at all…
    Je trouve les nouvelles règles exagérés, hors de proportions.
    La direction de la NBA ne peut l’admettre dans un court terme car ils se doivent de tenir leur position, crédibilité oblige!!!
    Ceci dit, je pense que les arbitres auront la consigne de s’assouplir petit à petit sur le coup de sifflet à propos de cette règle.

  2. LakersBostonandHeatareGay,KnicksAllDay!!! says:

    David Stern is a crook..

  3. Bob says:

    Well Commish the people will get their game back…one way or another.

  4. Tenki says:

    I suggest that the refs should exercise more patience with officiating the game. These players don’t play to lose. They are very competitive, and they do what they are supposed to do and that is play the game on a HIGH LEVEL. You cannot blame two people arguing a call because they simply want to win. The players try to take matters in their own hands, particularly the team leaders (i.e. Garnett, Bryant, Wade, Howard, Nowitzki). They have the right to lobby for their team because their respective teams expect leadership from them.

    As you can see, trash talking in a game is just a part of it. If you are weak mentally, you would back off from any challenge and let the alpha dog take over you. That’s why you need to be tough to stay in the league. However, if the refs won’t tolerate this brand of play, the players might resort to very physical play, where somebody might even get hurt in the process. That’s not good, considering the fact that us fans want to see our teams play at their best.

    Here are some suggestions that MIGHT help the refs to exercise more patience with the players, so they won’t be “whistle-happy” about calling the technical fouls:

    1. Warn the player first of excessive complaining, inappropriate language, etc., or whatsoever the infraction was before calling a tech. The refs can call a T AFTER the second infraction.

    2. Call an official’s timeout, which won’t be charged to either team, whenever a tech is whistled to a player, so that the ref, the coach, and the player himself can confer why that particular player is charged with a T.

    For me, I would compromise the length of the game rather than having the game itself go out of hand.

  5. Glenn says:

    Hey…check out the overt reaction by Amare at 4:50 in the 2nd quarter (the Knicks play prior). After he scored, he has yelled out “and 1” whilst glaring at the ref and gestured to the ref to count the basket simply because the ref decided not to call a foul…….much worse than what J.O. did I think!
    Nothing against Amare…..but really, the NBA won’t be able to administer this fairly – they have gone to far….And yes, this article is propaganda

  6. 1. the refs have to much power
    2. it Will RUIN games no doubt
    4. i would love love love it……if someone would hold these refs accountable for their calls
    then maybe just maybe they would think before they blow….
    “SWWWWWHHHHHHHHHHH” too late…..swallow ur whistle damn it

  7. dton says:

    This new rule is horrible. NFL has it right. Players can complain all they want but the clock keeps on ticking. Players need to huddle up for the next play or there’s a delay of game. The game keeps on moving. No technical BS. No throwing the players out. Fans pay their hard earn $$$ to see their star players, not the refs.

  8. papercut says:

    i totally agree on RJ. This is a one sided rule in the NBA. NBA now is getting worse,

  9. soannoyed says:

    Talk about how the refs have a lot of impact on how a game turns out, please, now they have all the power. David Stern, you should have some respect for the game, and the players who make a ton of money for you, and the NBA Association. It’s so ridiculous, the nba talks about how the fans feel like there needs to be more respect for the game? What fans are willing to summit to watching a game when at any given moment a key player can be thrown out for showing emotion. Sure players shouldn’t be aggressive or have over the top behavior, but come on! Look back at the 80′s! I also saw in South America how a player punched a ref in the face, and you don’t see the extreme reffing changes. I feel like we’ll be watching basketball players playing while they’re in jail. Now how are the players suppose to play like themselves, they’re forced into playing like the Stepford basketball players(Stepford Wives movie, wives who are transformed into perfect, and OBEDIANT wives). What a joke! I’m a big basketball fan, but if this is the way it’s going to be then why would I bother watching anymore, and why would fans want to buy tickets anymore when the ball game isn’t in the hands of the players, and coaches, but in the hands of the technical foul happy calling refs. Hmm, playoffs should be exciting, or boring, lets see what the refs decide??? Time for a new younger commissioner?

    Mark, and you few others who can’t stand the “whining”, you obviously have never played sports before or at least be good at playing them, because you don’t play without emotion. I complain at the refs all the time when I watch, because the majority of the refs suck.

  10. kman90 says:

    David Stern, I’m giving you fair warning now. If this stupid rule causes me to have to watch a playoff or finals game without the star players that I pay to see, your a$$ will be introduced to my foot.

  11. Rob says:

    Why was my comment urging fans to carry signs to games protesting this new rule, deleted? Folks are allowed to use gay slurs on the website but not encourage the fans to peacefully protest something we feel will ruin the game we love?

    Common guys!

  12. Louis koo says:

    I am absolutely agreed with Michael Beasley. He is right about this. More importantly, emotions being expressed from players, it is for the fans and viewers- because viewers can get mad at bad calls too (they probably at home jumping up and down and asking why? why? or what’s up with the reffs- got his period or something? heh. And the player has to hold his disagreement? Come on. I say, these rules are too strict now and the fans pay to see the players not to get thrown out.

    “That’s good and bad,” Minnesota forward Michael Beasley said. “Sometimes we should just shut up and play basketball. But I think for the fans’ sake and the viewers’ sake, it’s good to see some emotion. You wouldn’t want me out there just playing with the same face and not looking like I’m having fun, right? It’s good and bad. But I think emotion is always the best.”

  13. Fan says:

    The Players Association/Union is already planning legal action against this new bullsh*t rule! Show your support for them, fans!!!

  14. Lakersfreak says:


  15. Rob says:















  16. Drizzy says:

    what the hack is Stern thinking? This is outrageous!!!! I want to watch NBA, not soulless nanny shoot hoops. I want passion. I want sweat. I want emotions. I want to see people speak their mind (I may be agreeing with the player, not the ref)…. STOP FRIGGIN TELLIN PLAYERS WHAT THEY NEED TO DO! THEY ARE THE ONES PLAYING, NOT YOU DAVID! I am not watching a single more NBA game or buying a single NBA related product starting today unless they roll back these ridiculous game fixing enabling tech foul rules.

  17. Cory says:

    I think that in this situation, we have to pick the lesser of two evils. Either see players complaining, or getting thrown out of games. I, personally, would rather see players complain and show emotion than the latter.

  18. Justin says:

    If the refs are going to give KG a tech for just expressing his emotions and not even raising his voice to the refs, Amare shoud’ve got a tech for yelling at the refs to give him that “and 1” from the start of the video. In my opinion, Amare didn’t “show respect for the game” either so there’s no consistency at all by the refs.

  19. Brian says:

    Kobe is screwed haha

  20. DAN says:

    I can understand the league making the sport a better product by adding disccipline, but what is gonna happen when a player plays with his heart, when the game is filled with emootions and competiviness…… no complainig does not make you a better competitor, but laying your heart on the court is. this is gonna make the game more mechanical, and with the improvement of technology, fans are gonna see the human mistakes the ref’s can sometimes make, and it’s gonna take more play review to satisfy not only the players and coaches, but also the fans……
    nobody likes a crybaby but a player that stands behind his team and his plays the game to the best of his abbility should have the rigth to question a call and get a response!!!!

  21. Charles Harris says:

    If these are the new rules, we owe it to the game to protest and get behind the players on this and appeal to Kommissar Stern.

    I believe every player has a right to a non-referee directed expression of emotion upon hearing a whistle blown.

    I also believe every player has a right to talk about the game of basketball with referees without the technical being thrown at him.

    If the NBA is serious about this superficial level of Technical Foul Calling– they are going to have a lot of outraged fans on their hands all season long.

    It’s not like the DRESS CODE issue– this is bonafide freedom of speech 1st Amendment stuff! Fans pay a lot of money for tickets and they like a certain degree of emotionality in their players. We do not want professional robots out there on the court.

  22. Gus says:

    NFL = No Fun League

    NBA = No Basketball Association

  23. Yetiballer says:

    Dont know how they could even think of trying to enforce this rule given the severe lack of support for the rule from the fans…. Stern boi… remember which side your bead is buttered on..

  24. Mike says:

    NO, NO, NO… this rule is not going to help the game. I don’t know about any other professional sports but in the NBA the refs have more than enough protection. They can control the flow of the game and manage it any which way they want it already. Anybody complains, they pay for it. If the game appeared to be getting out of hand partial blame is to go the refs when they would call the game in a manner that upsets the players. If this preseason is an indication of things to come, I’m afraid I will be turning some of the games off because they are taking too long or I will be getting so frustrated or I would not like to watch bunch of robots playing the game… Matter of fact, I don’t thing I will be going to any live games and pay all that money. Fan survey!!! I don’t think so… but, if I was surveyed I would say “sure, T’em up if they are showing anger towards the ref or ridicule the ref by clapping or running up and down the floor after a call”. However, so far the worst gesture I have seen is the player slapping the floor after being called for block when it was clearly a charge. I can NOT fathom watching game 7 last year’s final with these rules… Somebody should have told the NBA Rasheed Wallace has retired and Perkins is out with injury. p.s I’m a Celtic fan (and a Raptor fan)

  25. Schmoopsiepoo says:

    I do agree with what they are trying to do, in the sense that players do complain too often about every play. Kobe did that a lot, as did a lot of players who try and create contact. I’ve recently watched the old MJ games, especially the Pistons and the Knicks match-ups. The level of the physicality and the emotion was unbelievable, it was so exciting to watch, it didn’t matter if it was almost 20 years old and I knew almost by heart what happens. I also watched the players toward the referee.. Seeing MJ drive to the basket and take contact. He doesn’t actually expect fouls to be called half the time, he just attacks. I don’t see him arguing fouls at all. The players and the game have truly changed since the good ol’ days.

    With that said, this is still a really stupid rule. They’re hurting the league, You can’t take the emotion out of an emotional game. When you read the description of the new rules, it frustrates me even more. It’s like they made a checklist of actions that will merit a tech. Wave your arms in anger, no matter what the reason, they’ll likely call a tech. So let’s say if a player misses a big shot and is upset at himself, if he displays his anger, he gets T’d up too?? Bullsh*t.

    Also, they say that when players let out that much emotion, they are “not respecting the game”. What?! That is unbelievable. It shouldn’t be too hard to say that, for the most part, players play because of their passion for the game, It’s like they want money-grubbing robots to take over the league. Play, don’t feel.

    No Mr. Stern. It ain’t broke. There’s nothing to fix.

  26. nik says:

    Whoever was announcing the game said it right. this new rule was supposed to improve player-official relations but it’s only going to make it worse. Inconsistency in officiating isn’t going to help the cause. F this rule.

  27. Ali of Philippines says:

    refs are so MUCH VERY SENSITIVE for this, we paid Tickets for watching Basketball Plays not for this Refs. shame to refs!!!#@!@#

  28. Daniel says:

    haha, Doc Rivers only said that not to get a technical xD

  29. matt says:

    Mr Stern should read these responses…. fan research lmao!!!

  30. Q says:

    The ref’s should not be the focus of the game. Sternbot has gone too far once again.

  31. true_athlete says:

    If you ever played a sport, it doesn’t matter which one. You will realize that emotions are part of it. If you are angry or on fire you play in a different way. If a bad call has been done against you, you have to defend yourself. Don’t make the sport into an office were people have to be like robots. I love seeing emotions on the court. That’s how a sport should be played. It should be played with love and full devotion. How can that still be, if you take the emotions away from the game. If you look back to the greatest of all time, you will see Jordan jumping and throwing his fist in the air after making the game winning shot. Now the refs will call that a technical? To tell everybody honestly, the sport will lose it’s real fans if this will continue. If I wanted to see robots play than I might just play PS3, even there you can find more emotions than on the court nowadays! Very disappointing!!!

  32. Kobe Sato says:

    that s the most bs , the game is getting more strict they betr take this STUPID rule off

  33. Donskee says:

    Can you Imagine Lakers vs Heat.. Kobe and Lebron (plus Wade and Bosh) trash talking face to face in a nail biting situation… best game of all time scenario…a classic already… Kobe/Lebron pleads for a foul … and then the referees throws them out both.. hahahahaha… so sad… Go Lakers!!!!

    The real Emotions of every player reminds us their still human beings despite doing unbelievable things on the court…. this burst out of feelings from them makes a fan feel connected to these superstars… we as fans might not be able to emulate the dunks, the 3-pointers from away beyond, the game winning shots… but we can definitely share what their feeling at that same moment their in… The drama in the game makes the game more amazing… the new rules limits players emotions… a real nba game might turn out soon like a game in my kid’s nba2k10 … i might just watch the game his playing than the real game then… 🙂 damn i miss the days when players are screaming against each others… except for the obscenities and profanities.. Jack Nicholson and Spike Lee please shut your mouths … you might also be ejected hahaha

  34. Jagr says:

    As a very new fan to the nba (started watching basketball just last year) i still have to agree to most of you. From my point of view, as a fan and a sportive competitor myself, beeing somehow emotionally make players better. We will loose action, entertainment and fans. Seriously, players should start to represent their interests a lot harder like regular employees (just got an image of how funny it woult be if the nba players would strike against some bad changes, get some of that guys 😀 ).


  35. ron says:

    i think to protest this stupid i think two teams should foul out all players in protest during per season then lets what stern thinks

  36. allizer says:

    BASKETBALL? Physical and EMOTIONAL. That’s it…

  37. Cesar says:

    Come on this is an emotional game. Teams like Celtics, even Miami now, Lakers, and Orlando are teams who play tough and are fun to watch when they play one another because they bring intensity to the game.. Now this power has been granted to the reffs!!.. PATHETIC.. It is obvious that players will react to a bad call or something that happened because its the way of the game, now u give them the power to call a tech for a player who raises their eye brows at them loool.. PATHETIC!!!! The game has change for the worse what ever happend to the good old physical games.. now players technically speaking can do what ever they want offensively and if the reffs are cool with them they will get the calls players like Perkins won’t cus reff hates players like Perkins which is stupid!!! NBA STUPID!!!

  38. ob says:

    this new rule is gay

  39. Kevin says:

    Someone way before this made a great point. The NBA came out and officially announced blown calls in NBA games last year, some were even playoff games, with a missed foul that should have been called on a buzzer beating shot. I didn`t hear about any ref getting fined for those missed calls. Everyone on the court is a professional, all 13 of them. Ref`s and players should be subject to the same rules.

    What was wrong with the 16 technical fouls=1 game suspension rule? That was reasonable.

    I don`t agree with the new tech rule, but as far as the fine going up, NBA players can`t complain. Maybe they shouldn`t announce when they`re being filmed that “a 15,000$ fine doesn`t mean anything to a millionaire…“

  40. 51235 says:

    Some of the refs are really stupid. Good job for giving them absolute power, Dumb@ss.

  41. gdfgdfg says:

    This new policy is a complete joke, which dumb@ss passed it.

  42. Big D says:

    sounds like a rule made by a bunch of white guys that are businessmen who never really played the game. oh, wait, that’s exactly the case.

  43. lilkedamaster says:

    David Stern single-handedly ruined the NBA. Thank you. *sarcastic clap*

  44. JNasty says:

    The only reason Doc Rivers didn’t oppose the new rule was simply because he didn’t want to get hit with a huge fine.

  45. sdfgsdf says:

    haha this is pretty funny. I’m looking forward to watching players get sent off when they’re not happy with the calls.

    In the meantime check this out:

  46. bonker says:

    Kobe jumps up and down for a WRONG call T! Lebron punches at the air for a wrong call T! this ain`t children`s basketball. Make the game easier for the players and not the refs!!!

  47. Hazzard says:

    this new technical rule actually made me fustrated while i was watching the game. i think its pure stupidity, i understand what stern is tryin to get at but giving out more techs aint it. Garnett is one of the most emotional players in the game , most of the best players in the game are the most emotional. the one that really got me hot was the one on timofey mozgov, the guy barely speaks english and got a tech thats some bull

  48. Vitor says:

    Great… Rasheed will not survive to the end of the season, and the league start to become ridiculous ¬¬

  49. Shay says:

    I think its all racially based..I was just watching a hockey game highlight yesterday on ESPN where 6 players (3 on each team) were left to duke it out while the refs just stood there and watched. And after they get done fighting they just get penalty minutes, they don’t even get ejected!!! Where as in the NBA..all players have to do is talk junk to each other or complain to the refs and they get tossed from the game..doesn’t make sense to me..I think it has to do with ice hockey being predominantly played by white people, while blacks predominate the game of basketball. White people in hockey get to fight till they get tired of punching and there its considered just “a part of the game”, where in basketball ball, if a brawl breaks out, its called “a disgrace to the game”..there’s a double standard!! Not to mention, in the same game, Danilo Gallinari complained to the same ref about a call and did not get ejected..RIDICULOUS!!

  50. (big al bruno) New york mafia says:

    People stop complaining we own david stern…….now we could tank any game we want now we control the out come of the game HA
    Thats why we had him put that new rule remember when we tried to get perkins suspended on a 2 techs
    in the nba finals
    but we got the heat for it because it was to bogus
    now we could do that and no one could say anythig about it

  51. Miami Heat says:

    Fail for Boston Celtics! WHat do you know.. Boston always fails!

  52. Joey says:

    This really bad not only for the sport but us as fans people will just stop watching the game because a foolish commisioner and over their heads refferee that will have too much they wont know what to do with it.

    And for all of you that say players have to stop crying or fighting you are wrong because emotions and all the things they do or say is also why we see the game. If I people dont want em defending a call or want them playing without emotions go play a video game

  53. Jesse says:

    126 comments, I counted less then 10 people that support the new rules… It’s pretty obvious what the majority of the fans want, and Stern should get off his high horse and actually listen to the fans once and a while.

  54. Sam says:

    I think its fine. I am sick of players and coaches talking to the ref, just shut up and play. I can care less that you think someone touched you or you didn’t touch him. I pay good money to see action not a guy run to the cup and throw his arms up saying hey did you see that? The only reason the refs have so much control and get more is because players are trying to manipulate them more than just running their plays. I am sure most people do not agree with me and how david stern is trying to control the game more but meh who knows. Maybe I am being brainwashed about this.

  55. jonathan says:

    the nba its on its way to become the most stupid sport entertainment out there. thanks stern !
    u have done all u can to take away the emotion and everything that has to do with fans living the experience of each game

    by the way stern, if u continue with this ignorance and crazyness even if the fans hate it, at least make sure its the same rule for everybody and applies to every player, without excluding yours and the refs fav. players such like :amare lebron wade carmelo kobe… etc ,who every night in every play have something to say to the refs in a bad way (most recent situation : amare’s basket over KG) and dont get a T called.

    I rather watch fiba basketball, at least players are allowed to represent their countries with heart and soul…

  56. BrianShaw says:

    This is purely gay, refs calling technicals for just arguments? foolish, respect for the game? or respect for the refs? how are the NBA making this happen, when a little argument turns to a technical just like a child calling for his parents when he’s bullied.

    Here’s for the NBA, instead of having this “respect for the game non-sense” you should be implementing improvements on refs calling the right call, maybe then your refs will be respected and less argument will occur.

  57. Jolan says:

    It seems like they are trying to bring respect back to the refs (which they have lost a lot of over the years with a certain ref betting on games!). They don’t realize, all this is doing is taking the respect away from the refs. When are the refs going to be held accountable? I never see a ref getting fined for a bad call, or an overly quick “T”! Watch, one player is going to get t’d up for arguing and obviously bad call and then the player will freak out and they will kick him out and he will be fined, NOT the ref!

  58. CJ says:

    With all due respect I think this new rule is ridiculous. Part of the excitement and entertainment in the NBA are the reactions by some charismatic players. I like to see players overreact over some big play. They shouldn’t be punished by complaining unless there is unnecessary roughness or insults. The NBA should review their rules and yes it’s true, it might make the basketball game more organized and all, but we the fans pay to see player play, not get fussed at for everything they do.

  59. What a F? says:

    Who are you kidding? How do you suppose to play basketball without having some emotion…..Do not get it?

  60. Alex says:

    I’m totally agree with Roberto
    If so, the refs should replaced or fined when they whistle badly as they did at the last year finals

  61. Mike says:

    Foolish. NBA just wants moneyyyyy!

  62. pipo says:

    WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO THE NBA?????????????????
    DOES NOT WORK!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  63. sweetbo says:

    I don’t mind a guy saying it was a bad call and either walking away or listening to the ref explain the call further and then walking away. Refs and players have to have a two-way communication going. But there are certain players who just complain all game and spend a ton of time in the ref’s face or prancing around with confused looks on their faces, arms waving while spewing profanity when the replay shows they did foul and nearly take the guy’s head off. They make themselves look stupid and I am tired of it.

    Some guys just don’t think they ever foul or ever miss a shot without being fouled etc. KG is one of those players who has a rep for being a big mouth all game and it is annoying for everyone but Boston fans apparently. Show emotion when you make a shot, block, rebound or your teammates do something good. Make a statement with how you play rather than how you have tantrums. Sometimes the guys are still down the court flailing around at the ref when the game gone on without them. It’s ridiculous.

  64. Steven says:

    The technical foul calls are absolutely ridiculous. I’ve been a basketball fanatic for quite some time. If these type of calls continue, there is no point to watch the NBA. Emotion is part of the game. We are not here to watch robots or David Stern wave around his power. We are hear to watch basketball.

  65. Hallelujah!!! this rule has been long overdue. over the years the NBA has wasted it’s time w/defensive rule additions like defensive 3 secs. & hand checking. 3 pt. line changes as well as the basketball change. (the only good one was the semi-circle). over the past few years the NBA refs have been blatanty disrespected by players dramatic demonstrations & use of profanity. KG tops the list. as many of you all know we usta like KG but once he put on a C’s jersey he became an a_hole. i personally feel he was instrumental in this rule being made. especially when the C’s antics were on display in last years playoffs/finals. (REMEMBER when the n-word was said in LA?) very professional. whose to blame for this? the organizations. players parents? if they only knew how stupid they look.

  66. BigJ-OKC says:

    The new rules are bogus. This in an outright attempt to give complete control to referees. it has long been thought that referees choose which calls to or not to make in order to affect a game or even a series. A couple of years ago Tim Duncan was a victim of a bad call in a game against Dallas. The key was, he was on the bench for both of them and did nothing but clap and laugh for both calls Joe crawford was suspended for the rest of the year bc of that call. In light of the Tim donahue event where he claimed to try and rig the outcome of games. These new rules undermine the spirit of the game. If a bad call is made the players should be allowed to say something. David stern makes an issue of respecting the integrity of the game. that integrity cannot exist with some of the hot headed refs in the league, like violet palmer or joe crawford. Of course a bunch of babies will whine and get the T(, Lebron, kobe ginobili). but the idea of sarcastic clapping becoming against the rules, it is ridiculous. The league needs to man up because i can guarantee the moment kobe or lebron or even dirk get tossed in the first half, there will be a riot on the hands of David stern. With possibilites of a lockout and the players union already pissed, it is a very bad time to rock the boat.

  67. Raqui says:

    So the 2010-11 champion will be determined by who the refs? Do they not have to give an explanation for any call? The outcome of many games are already under scrutiny as it is. What if the ref is having a bad day? Who’s to say they don’t call a tech against a player because the ref is having problems of his/her own? If they implemented this rule to make more money, I don’t see this plan working very well.

  68. Thehook says:

    The NBA is combating the idea that -when players complain and interject when calls are made refs will put the whistles away and stop making calls against that team. If an idea is wrong people should fight against it.

  69. Titus says:

    Ok these new rules have to go, right now.

  70. N.S. says:

    When Amare said “And 1!” shouldn’t that be technically (no pun intended) be a technical? I mean, that WAS an overt reaction.

    • jeff says:

      Yes it should have been if they are consistent, since Rasheed Wallace recieved a tech last season for saying ‘ And 1″ to an offical. Also, last night the knicks point guard Felton? of Fenton didn’t like a call and threw his hands up and and walking around animated. Gallinari was throwing up his hands all night and arguing calls. Personally, I don’t care. Let them argue some. I am not offended, but the bottom line is that Jermaine O neal did not appear to be arguing overlong or animated and KG did not look like he was either so why did they get techs? and not the others? Inconsistency. This is just a tool for the refs to punish certain players and they will not give the techs to their stars even if they break the rules. Leberon will have to slap an official in the face to get a tech and another player will need only raise an eyebrow.

  71. Kurtis Riley says:

    The new technical foul regulations are some kind of mild form of extortion if you ask me. And I hope someone important is reading this. They raised the fines given out to players by the league for accumulated technical fouls and now want to give each player a tech for raising an eyebrow at the refs. These players aren’t robots; their people. They should be allowed to express themselves emotionally as long as its not unsportsmanlike. Did anybody see that tech they gave Mozgof? Are you kidding me? Its so blatant. Its almost an insult to our intelligence. These new regulations are just a new way to dig into the players pockets.

  72. skool says:

    Call the technicals a bit stricter, but not THAT strict. Damn players should be allowed to complain a little or point out problems to the referees or question their calls. If basketball had no emotion in it, it’ll be no fun at all.

    As said by someone above, if I paid over $100 to watch my favorite player play, and he gets 2 technicals in 4 seconds and gets ejected, that is going to piss me off.

  73. The Mat says:

    I fully agree with the new rules fully and with complete applause. This isn’t just some street ball game with your homies, this is the NBA and every game is televised. Kids all over the country (and even outside the country) are watching these guys play every night, the players need to respect the game more because sportsmanship counts more than anything when a kid is trying to make it to a professional level. @Pierre: if you are paying 200$ to go see Garnett, then maybe you should be more upset at Garnett for being unsportsmanlike rather than getting upset at the league’s rules (which every player has to follow). The best players in every sport NEVER get ejected from games for their behaviour, the best of the best ALWAYS have class, and I’ll give you a few examples: Sidney Crosby, Roy Halladay, Fedor Emelianenko, Tom Brady, Georges St-Pierre… etc. The fact is, if you don’t have enough class to match the best of the best, you don’t even deserve to be a professional in the first place. If guys like Steve Nash, Dwayne Wade, Kobe Bryant and Caron Butler can keep their cool in between plays and convert their emotions into performance, then I don’t see why it’s alright for guys like Garnett and J.O. to go around acting like little kids on national TV on the court wearing their teams’ jerseys. I’m not against emotion, I’m just against unnessecary childish reactions.

    • jeff says:

      Boy Mat you don’t watch much of the NBA do you? If you did you would know that Kobe Bryant could do (and does) the exact same thing Kevin Garnett did and worse and would not get called for a tech in most cases. This has nothing to do with class. You are assuming behavior that did not happen. KG’s second tech and ejection stemmed from him saying “are you serious” to the first tech. That’s it. Beleive me, no kid in the audience is going to be upset by what he did. He wasn’t evne loud about it, he was laughing like he really could not believe it. He wasn’t mad. But to me the problem isn’t calling more T’s , more that the NBA once again has no consistency. Perfect example is that Celtics/Knicks game. They T up Celtics players for questioning a call and there were MANY instances of knicks players do the same thing but no T is called? That is what really bothers me about watching the NBA. It is almost unwatcheable because of the officiating. If the NBA is going to emphasize a rule fine, but do it consistently. You just know that Lebron James who is known to complain up and down the court will NEVER be ejected and there is not one NBA fan that does not know that to be true. We all see the inconsistency of these calls. It is coming close to a point wehre some games are decided by the officials, for sure.. That is why the NBA absolutely sucks. The reason players like Tom Brady can show class is because he plays in the NFL. They have the best sports product going. They don’t make rules to make their product worse and except for an occasional bad calls, their fans don’t question the integrity of the officiating.. The officiating in the NBA was already messed up and now they want to make it more subjective. One night your actions will get you a T the next night it’s okay.

  74. Vlad says:

    and think about it. stern said he was watching the games and he felt that this rule had to be incorporated…allthough i do think that stern has to hang up his hat i also think its a shame that the PLAYERS have made it come to this.

  75. David says:

    Wow, pretty ridicules if you ask me. Players have a right to discuss calls made by refs, I can understanding players complaining too much about a call, especially when the replay shows exactly that they did it. But when a ref gives a T to a player (Kyle Kover) simply tapping his hand on his elbow, to indicate that he got hit, is completely ridicules. Is this a way for the NBA ti make more money, or control the game? What’s going to happen in the NBA finals when players are supposed play really physical, and try to make their case about a call? Well I enjoyed when the game was physical, just let the players like they did in the past.

    • jet says:

      I agree, just because players tell the ref that they got hit doesnt mean that they have to be T-fouled. They are taking the rule too far. Players have rights to express too. Unfair, when a player makes a mistake on the ref they get Ts, but when the ref gets the mistake nobody can do anything about it. I hope players also have a way to punish the dumb refs.

  76. Technical hater says:

    If they gonna implement such ruling. With strict technical fouls on complaining, whining or unnecessary body movement. They should at least change the 2 technical foul automatic rejection to 6 technical fouls and 6 personal fouls to 10 personal fouls. At least player have more time to calm it self until they where completely send out to the locker room. That way if you have 10 personal fouls ala summer league, players will not be bother that much of a silly call or sometimes wrong call of these referee. Thinking they have 10 fouls to spare. But if they stick to 6 personal fouls referee should be more lenient on their call. No blood no foul attitude of the 80s NBA

    • Thehook says:

      I agree in principle but I think instead give them seven but count the first tech towards that players personal foul count throw him out after the second then theres incentive not to tech. and techs should be two shots and possession. Then its no problem players can still dispute. personally im not sure but i think there is a formal behind close doors grievance process when it comes to officials for players.

  77. Vlad says:

    i think the problem isnt that the refs arent letting the players play its that the players arent letting the refs ref…lol

    ps. if kobe wins another title this season i will be supremely impressed. I think its a good rule and i dont think it will be inforced as much as it is in the preseason and like shaq made the 3 second rule i think kobe made this shut the hell up rule its play or take a seat

  78. jet says:

    This is a basketball GAME and in a game, there is emotion [even just a little]. Now refs would T-foul a player if the players just give the refs a little piece of their mind even a polite way, it is better to watch robots play. I dont like the new rules, i hope refs that call unreasonable T-fouls get beat up so bad that they would realize that they are destroying the game. Welcome to the new NBA, Where EMOTIONLESS PLAYERS HAPPEN.

  79. Sportsbozo says:

    Doomsday20 I hope your teams best player gets tossed every game for questioning what the Ref was calling, and then I want you too come back in here and apologize for your ignorant comments about the Celtic fans crying, I’m a Magic fan and what I witnessed last night was a joke and I’m cancelling my NBA subscription because of it,I refuse to watch a player get thrown out of a game behind some wannabe star referee! You sir/madame are just a frustrated fan of another team who has probably won nothing for so long that you’ll take a win anyways you can get it. I’ll be spending my time at disneyworld and less time watching NBA ejections.

  80. doomsday20 says:

    hey! hey! hey! to all of you boston fans why not move on by the way do u all really know what kg told to the ref then the ref blew his whistle for a technical fouls why not just stop arguing to the ref and play ball only leave it to all the officials to make their calls right if u are a player dont argue with the refs because you are only players not a legal oficiating if u do not like the calls then u might change your professions instead of a player change for being a ref ferry officials if u want to make your own call right just play the game then leave the officiating to all the refs……

  81. MPM says:

    Great. I can finally stop watching the NBA altogether and just play NBA 2K11. It’s a lot more fun to control the automatons on Xbox than passively watch the automatons controlled by NBA corporate. Stupid, stupid rule with far, far too much room for referee subjectivity. Talk about having refs completely control the outcomes of games. They’re free to T up players now on a whim and believe me there will be favoritism, inequities in calls, etc. Referees, who are already on the hot seat, now have to monitor every facial expression and mumbled protest? This will end badly, Stern. Oh the (lack of) humanity!

  82. Curt says:

    @Doomsday and Kevin—Very poor understanding of the game and the players involved. If you were to remove the personalities that will most likely be affected by these rules you have, quite simply, an unsellable product. There is not a superstar in this league that doesn’t argue with the refs on a nightly basis. This has zero to do with “manning-up” and accepting the call. This is outright censorship and a gateway into providing precedent to enact new and more stringent rules down the road. With your mentality the game will get “white-washed” and fail. The numbers speak for themselves. If you are any kind of a fan at all and know the history of the game or pay attention to team stats and numbers you would know that since the late 60’s the league has exploded in popularity and created legendary revenue on the backs of super popular, super emotional players. Given how the long the game has been played…ask yourself why that is. Actually…we already know the answer. If your opinion is the type that’s going to prevail…the game is doomed.

    • Jay says:

      yp I’ll just come out and say it – BLACK PLAYERS is what made this game what it is today!!! Black players – the flash, the flair, the emotions, the drama…. THAT is what people pay $$$ to see and watch!! Its not about Refs and fouls and technicals – its ALL about White ownership and control freaks!

      sheeeesh. at this point I’d rather pay to watch And1 basketball! The last pure form of raw talent and creativity! basketball pushed to its highest levels WITHOUT corporate interests interfering!

  83. KNICKS FAN says:

    Can’t let players talk back? OK this is stupid. Just another way for Corporate Commissioner David Stern to get annoying. Fat boy go play the game. I think the NBA player all should talk as much S%*T as possible and all get ejected and let the fans ask for the money back. See what happens when you have over 10,000 people that are angry wanting their money back.

    This is dumb, personally I think this rule will be great, IF and only IF the NBA and all sports across the world, PUNISH ALL REFS for bad calls. Certain amount of bad calls in a game or season means YOU ARE BANNED from reffing the sport ever again.

    Do not put pressure on the players and not the refs. This is biased BULL $H** at its finest.

    That is why Donaugh or whatever that losers name is got away with what he did. I hope all the Refs illegally gamble and make the NBA die out, if this BS continues.

    How about Jordan’s pull offs? Kobes Elbows to the jaw? Nobody said anything when it did it to Raja Bell and got clothslined, but somebody said something when he did it to Wade? What if I am a fan of Bell and not Wade? This is the BS that goes on in the NBA, and truly, ultimately, it is the fans that deserve this, because they do not unite and not go to games, let the cost price of tickets drop and the rules get tight on everyone, not just the players.

    Though it can be good for players to act right and not pull another Pacers in the stands move, I do not see this rule helping anything really.

  84. KOBE suuuuuuuuuuxxxxxxx says:

    WTF is David Stern thinking??After all this Tim Doughty crap they would make this stupid rule and give the refs more control to the point its just pathetic. Like Shaq once said fans come and pay good to see them play and the refs try to take over the effin game.I hate it.Screw this rule.

  85. old celt says:

    Dear Mr. Stern,
    As a fan of your product I have one request. Please, for the product sake, change back the tech rules. If you do not, I promise you the NBA will suffer. If what happend to Garnett against the Knicks, happens again in the playoffs, I will be requesting your head on a plate (figuritively).

    Concerned NBA fan

  86. Curt says:

    As much as I love the “product”…the game of basketball itself, it is almost becoming unwatchable. The rules that Adolph Stern and his SS (shameless shareholders) have been incorporating since his arrival on the scene are beginning to border on ridiculous. I’m not trying to play a “race card” here but regulating how players dress, speak, express their opinions and complain to the refs about calls has gotten way out of control. Does it strike anyone else as odd that almost all of the players most affected by the rule changes are…well…inclined towards a “hip-hop” culture lifestyle? I’ve got no problem with disciplining a player for violating rules regarding drug use or conduct that is detrimental to the team or league. Verbally abusing refs, also, should not be allowed. Basketball is a very intense, fast moving sport with great emotions and some very emotional players involved.But this is clearly a move to censor players. removing that intensity and the emotion from the game WILL kill it. This makes me think I’m watching a program directed by H.G. Wells or Margaret Atwood.

  87. Bob says:

    These new rules are discusting. They have it right in the video. I watched that game to see Garnett go up with A’mare but guess what? The new rules that a player can get a T for doing pretty much nothing went into play and KG got kicked out. Madness I say madness.

  88. Jay says:

    Here we go again.

    I hate to be the one to say this – but this is YET another case of White ownership trying to strangle the fruits of Black athletic prowess. agree? disagree?

  89. Kevin says:

    This will make the game better. It wil stop superstars from using the refs to change the outcomes of games by complaining and persuading the refs to do this or that. If you not good enough to play without fouling then you have no right to cry when you do foul. Refs make mistakes but that is part of the game. Man up and accept it and move on. You can have our emotions, and you can keep them to yourselves or complain to another player. Leave the refs out if it. It’s like a bunch a posters here promote being crybabies and wimps. Man up and take your foul like the man they committed it.

    • old celt says:

      Superstar treatment Kevin has nothing to do with complaining, it has to do with talent.

    • jet says:

      Have you EVER played basketball? When a ref makes a bad call, people usually get emotional. Guess what, emotion IS also part of the game and i dont mind refs calling Ts on misbehaving players, but that call on KG was not reasonable.

      • Kevin says:

        I played basketball in high school and in college. I also got emotional, but I was man enough to use on the court and not whine and cry like a baby to the refs. Refs make bad calls, but you gotta grow up and act like a man. People who think its ok are seriously deficient in learning how to be a solider, a real man, a true player.

  90. doomsday20 says:

    hey! hey! hey! all of you boston fans do really know y did the ref blew their whistle or do you know what did kevin garnet big mouth talk to the ref ferry its funny because haw can u react like that while u dont know anything happen or what being said by the big mouth shot of kevin garnet i’m tired to all of u boston is not going to win championships anymore the so cold bid three is over and oneal’s era is over i hope not only fine will be the punishment for kg i like to suspend him dont argue with all the ref ferry they are the one whose going to make calls and not all the players so why not stop arguing and play that god them ball just leave the officiating to all the ref ferry they are the officials who make calls not players or either couch or couching staff and the so cold fans because they are not the officials to make a god them calls and blew a whistle during the game Am I right BOSTON FANS,PLAYERS and COUCHING STAFF ……. just do your job……

  91. WidowWitcherly says:

    I agree with the people who find the new rule silly. Probably the players will be able to adjust in the regular season. But what will it be during the playoffs?

    And what about non-verbal natural expressions of dominance and aggressiveness? T?
    Zombies vs. robots in the finals?

    As silly as I find the new rule I am sad about this quote from Doc Rivers:
    “It’s not just the officials and the players and the coaches. It’s all of us. We’ve got to keep trying to make this a better product.”
    Is ist really all about products?

    • Jay says:

      and here I thought i was watching SPORTS. But i guess we’re just watching corporate workers and drones perform for us like trained circus animals.

  92. Gollo says:

    I’m not completley against the rule, but this is the part that really bugs me. You can’t tell me superstars haven’t complained to a ref so far this preseason (Kobe, Carmelo, Lebron, etc) yet all I hear is star players and lower getting hit with technicals! If you’re gunna enforce somethign like this do it for everyone or no one at all! The NBA doesn’t want to throw out superstars (especially in the playoffs) for the exact reasons all of you said, but it appears if you aren’t in the top 10 for MVP you’re open game.

  93. Mr Will says:

    I’ve read nearly 10 articles about Stern’s new rule andin the comments section you cannot find ONE FAN who agrees with this new rule! YET – Stern says ‘its what the fans want.’ NO, its not what we want! We never said we wanted the Refs calling Techs for every single reaction on the court. We NEVER said that. The only thing that fans want is better trained refs!
    Now, we have power-hungry, giraffes running around exacting a weird sort of ‘revenge’ against younger, athletically gifted athletes who are now privy to the whims of a smaller, older, slower guy who represents CONTROL from Stern on High and his gang of owners.
    I say that the players should start some sort of silent protest. Start a silent, unspoken movement where they respectfully play each other with ZERO emotions, no celebrations, and very minimal post-game comments.

    WE’ll see how long this draconian Stern rule lasts then. >:-)

  94. Hillbilly Back says:

    David Stern must retire.

  95. TK says:

    It’s really a shame that the Nba has taken the game in that direction. Treating it like a product for sale and trying everything
    in order to make it appeal nice. I agree that the players must be professionals. I agree that they must respect the league and the refs. But they should not be turned into emotionless athletes that play just to get paid and don’t care about what
    happens in the game. Honestly I would’t pay to see a game like that. I wouldn’t see it from my tv either. I hope that they
    the Nba will realise that sooner (I hope!) or later (not a long time,right?haha).Greetings from Athens,Greece to everyone.
    Hoping to see the Bucks having a great year like last year and go as high as they can.
    P.S.:It’s always nice to see K.G. complaining!! It’s one of the things that it just can’t be missed from the game. Keep it true man!!! You rule!!!
    P.S.2:Fear the deer!!!!!!!!

  96. Sportsbozo says:

    As a Fan of Basketball I’m appalled by the addition of this rule as a de facto effort to fool people into believing in the integrity of the leagues officials. As a fan I do not want this rule implemented. As a Fan I hereby call for a congressional investigation into the motives and business practices of the NBA League offices in conjunction with this rule. The Crook who calls himself the commissioner needs to tender his resignation immediately!! Folks this is not how Basketball was meant to be played and i wouldn’t go to see a referee do anything. After Donaghy outed them for what they really are, Sterns has been trying to clean up their image, message to Sterns you can only sweep the dirt under the carpet,you will never get the stench out ! Because we as fans recognize your Referees for what they really are CHEATERS! You are a fraud.. Please quit trying to fix the games.

  97. Green Cro says:

    What a crap!
    I really enjoyed NBA all my life (ok, to be honest, last 20-something years) & one of the things I liked very much were very good refs
    But only in comparison to other countries/international events, or other sports (wherever)
    But this is pure sadism!
    If you’re going this way, Mr. Stern, well, you can at least consider how you can penalize (publicly) bad refs and game-changing calls that were obvious mistakes!
    Even more, REPEATING such games when & where they happen.


  98. Leon says:

    When I saw this game’s highlight last night, I thouht KG was whining again. But then I noticed this ridiculous new rule. It shouldnt even be CALLED Respect the Game but more like Respect the Officials. Respect the game means let the players and the game speak for themselves. But also have officials to ref the game, not control it. Its all about intensity and when your in the heat of the moment, your going to show emotion over a bad call. Sure, they are pros and make lots of money. However, the reason its so entertaining to watch sports is because the players that make a big deal of everything, usually loves the game more than salary. Wouldnt it be more frustrating seeing Kobe getting fouled, then a no call, and then fans watching him play the game like nothing happened, because if he did complain or argue, he would get a T or ejected? How can they judge a fair T or ejection between someone talking back to a ref over a bad call, and someone arguing back to the ref over a bad play? PLEASE! Stern.

  99. Carlos says:

    hahaha wow, with these rules i would not be surprised if the Finals start to become like the Dunk Contest: “yawn!” cos thats where emotions are suppose to run their highest, but with these rules it’ll seem like some regular season game.

  100. John says:

    Man! I love the new rules. Em’ babies need to stop crying on the courts and start playing some ball. A ref calls a foul, move on, ask questions in a professional manner. After all the NBA players are professionals and they should set an example for all other level of basketball (college, high school, etc.).

  101. romain says:

    this rule will indeed kill the game of basketball. i play bball myself and sometimes certain calls jsut irriate you. It is a very silly rule and David stern needs to step his game up and quit trying to act like he is some kind of an enforcer. this is very ridiculous

  102. I am smarter than you says:

    Wow. This forum is filled with homosexual slurs and stupid opinions.

    To the people complaining about emotion: are you suggesting that there is no emotion in other sports where they don’t complain to the officials? Football is arguably more emotional than basketball and the NFL has very strict conduct rules. The rules aren’t designed to make the game less emotional, but to funnel that emotion into an appropriate outlet. I want to see players yelling to the crowd after a big dunk, not whining to officials after a clear foul.

    To the people complaining about the possibility that your favourite players will be ejected: seriously? What if your favourite player gets six fouls? Would you complain about it then? No, you wouldn’t, because the rules state that when a player gets six fouls they can’t play. What makes this any different? If you get two techs, you’re out of the game. If you don’t like the rules, then don’t buy a ticket in the first place. Claiming that you’re going to demand a refund is comical and childish.

    For those without a memory problem, the NBA instituted a similar initiative a few years ago. In the first few months of the regular season, technical fouls were abundant. By mid-season, the referees and players found a degree of balance, just as this blog suggests. But since then, the Association has deteriorated to the same whining and complaining that they tried to eliminate in the first place.

    This change is well needed. There is less complaining in a high school game, and these people are supposed to be professionals.

  103. Buddy says:

    Mr Stern,
    With all due respect, if you actually believe this new approach with technical fouls gaining the magnitude of a guillotine effect you have lost touch with the true nature of the game and in perspective should re-evaluate the morbid consequences involved.
    If in fact you can’t do that you should pass the torch to someone with wisdom, vision, and love of the game.
    While I can understand your concern with maintaining order on the court these new overpowering implementations of technical fouls only serve to protect and preserve an artificial respect for officiating which in itself should be more thoroughly scrutinized and undergo monitored development.
    I think your really hurting the purity of the game with this move no matter what you say or how you justify it.
    I’m practically sorry that I should feel compelled to criticize a man of you stature but I am very sincere and justified in the clarity of the consequences of the circumstances involved.
    This is clearly a power issue that is vulnerable to manipulation of game outcomes without justifiable precepts.
    Thank You
    Anthony L. Gaudiana

  104. david says:

    please…. just let the players play. what the heck is david doing to my beloved NBA? david, i know you make a lot of money signing some checks and issueing out fines, but NBA IS NOT YOURS! david, you are the Hitler of NBA

  105. Angel(SPAIN) says:

    Do you imagine Rasheed Wallace playing again with this new rules??? I would pay for seen it!

  106. james says:

    I love how at the beginnign of the video Amare yells and one and do a motion a the ref and get away with it. It’s just gonna be another way for the ref to control the game how they want…..

    • jmart says:

      exactly….he was way more confrontational than either JO or KG. It is just another way for Stern and the officials to control the game…..the fans will get tired of watching games where there could potentially be 10-15 techs per game…that was absolutly uncalled for….Stern and anyone who backs this is a MORON. I dont have a problem with techs when they are aggresivly persuing the officials, but not to be able to ask a question and figure out what they did wrong is embarassing. WE (THE FANS) NEED TO START A PETITION OF SOME KIND TO GET THIS NONSENSE TO STOP!!!!

  107. Thehook says:

    I think players are capable of having emotion without having it be displayed by way of openly criticizing and denouncing the rules of the game. I think if players are restricted in terms of disputing calls it will become a more entertaining game because they will find other more genuine and interesting ways too show that vigor and tenacity. Why should the refs be there punching bag? This rule was geared towards those players that habitually argue and trounce around like they’ve never committed a foul there whole career and if players are doing that then they are in essence compromising the integrity of the game by being disrespectful to the players, the league and the fans. My sentiments are that if you dont like the rules and the rules dont matter then get out, quit if you dont love the game for what the game is then leave, no one needs you.

  108. Fan says:

    There needs to be a set of checks and balances here. If the NBA administrators (not the players, coaches or fans mind you) are going to change the rules like this than there needs to be some compensatory action where the actual validity of the call is later reviewed.

    Not only do fans not want to watch players getting thrown out of games left and right (especially for simply questioning calls and especially with tickets as expensive as they are) but the players don’t want that amount of stoppage during games. It disrupts the flow and energy of the game and makes it less enjoyable for players and fans alike. If i wanted to watch a sport where the whistle is blown every 2 seconds i’d watch field hockey. Soccer is quickly becoming the same way. I played all my life and refs and whistles were rarely an issue, now you watch the world cup and players are whistles are blown left and right. We’re fans of the game and the players, not the refs. they already control WAY too many close game outcomes (like the lakers 2010 “win” for example). This does nothing good for the nba.

  109. karen says:

    Is it a coincidence that the new rules come at the same time fines are raised for each tech? Its all about money period. More techs more money. Refs must be loving this now they have more control than ever over the players. When do they start to get fined for changing the outcome of a game by calling ridiculous calls. Accountability should go both ways.

  110. JC says:

    Being a player that plays the game and loves the game, I think the new rules are fair. I am also an official for youth basketball and throughout the season I have handed out technicals to kids as young as 10 for showing unsportsmanlike conduct. I love the emotion of the game but sometimes you don’t need to read lips to know what the players are saying to the refs. There is a difference between talking to referees in a reasonable manner and screaming out “That’s a f**king ball call!” In collegiate basketball, players don’t even dare to look at referees and it can be argued that collegiate basketball (at the NCAA Div 1 level) is more exciting to watch than the NBA. Don’t get me wrong, the NBA displays the best players in the world but at times, I feel even our best players worry more about calls rather than just playing the game.

    The point I’m trying to make is because kids idolize the Kobes, KGs and LeBrons, it is imperative for these superstars to understand that whatever they do on the court (and off) will be repeatedly emulated by these kids. I hate to see young boys and girls learning from their idols by screaming at referees because a foul was not called (justified or not) and not running back on defense.

    Everyone is saying “Let the players play”. Well, how about let the referees officiate?

    • Mudy says:

      Yo! you sound like you play ball with some bums at YMCA!! We talking about NBA where MEN play and compete and Emotions in a game takes you to whole another level buddy that you don’t get to experince playing at YMCA!! When you play ball with full emotions player will do whatever to win game hussle, play defense and stick with player out of emotion competiveness go extra mile to get that win…..Basket ball is an emotional sport!!

      • The Mat says:

        If the players want to be emotional, then they can easily use it to their advantage WITHOUT being unsportsmanlike. If you think it’s okay to argue and throw tantrums on a professional court, there’s the answer as to why YOU are not playing that game as a professional. Competitiveness has nothing to do with whining like a child that things aren’t going your way. I think that if players were a little more respectful towards all the calls that were called on them, the refs would be calling more in their favour. A player competes with their body on the court, not with their mouth on the sidelines towards the ref. Emotion can be channeled into performance, so players need to really grow up and be MEN, not whiny little kids.

  111. James says:

    Check out this silly ejection of Grant Hill and Reggie Evans. Rasheed retired at the right time, he would not have survived a full season.

  112. Isaac says:

    This really is not fair to the fans that pay their hard earned money, they pay to see their favorite players, not the dang officials giving them Ts and sending them off. Ahhh!! it is so frustrating. If this continue, there will be no one at the arenas.

  113. jlchilavert says:

    You have to look the other way round: I think they installed the rule to make the NBA more compatible for other parts of the world. It’s like when FIFA decided to give a yellow card for a player who takes off his jersey after scoring a goal. I guess its because some people in arab countries or the far east could find it offensive. They never explained it directly, but i think it has something to do with that. Same for the NBA; they want to sell their product in every region of the world, so they cut off everything what could be irritating for some. It will backfire in the long run (Do they play baketball without emotions in china?)

  114. Brent says:

    Commissioner Stern –

    Please remind me why I watch the NBA. Is it to watch the officials blow their whistle or is it because these athletes can play the game? I only can hope that this rule results in a key player getting tossed from a game. Let’s see if we (the fans who help to pay for your salary) continue to want to spend our hard earned money to watch players get removed from the game. What a joke.

  115. Buddy says:

    This new over exaggeration of officials disrupting the game as it was meant to be played is absurd and an insult to all sports fans. The officiating in the NBA already had a lot to be desired as far as quality and consistency in an unbiased manner now we have given them the power to play god and psychologist.
    The sad part is that the good officials will have a handle on it and keep it in perspective it’s the less talented officials that get a defensive chip on their shoulders that will abuse it and really damage the true nature of the sport.
    No player is bigger than the game and certainly no official should have the power to alter the outcome of a contest because of a personal bias or incompetence.
    I can’t see how administration can’t see the fatal consequences with giving officials this much leeway in absolute power.
    Terrible platform formed out of desperation to gain respect for so much in adequacy in officiating.
    I personally was never satisfied with the suppression and one man guilty of game fixing from the standpoint of corrupt officials.
    Also a couple of these older officials showed their better days behind them last year …I don’t know if they should even be allowed to drive any more.

  116. Mudy says:

    I think this new rule just sucks bad for NBA reason is basketball is a emotional sport and when you watch games on TV. when games gets emotional thats when the best comes out in players they compete, hustly, play hard and as a fan you get into a GAME and get hyped when your team is into it emotionally as a FAN you get into it.. Now this FAG Stern is turning NBA into ERUO leage WTF!! This is NBA and back in 80’S it was emotional basketball people dunking on oponents out of Anger emotion…Now player like Kobe, KG, and some of the games Great player trive of Emotion and whole teams feeds off that emotion… If player can’t even Express them self even by body languge this is just redicilous I don’t even Want to watch NBA games with this new GAY rule… NBA is mens sport and let them be MEN and COMPETE!! NBA is American Basketball not Euro Soft rules where players are emotionless.. I have been ordering NBA league pass every year becuase of Love for the game but this rules makes me not even watch Games anymore becase I know when Players really start playing basket ball the GAME I LOVE!! WITH EMOTIONS these referees will control them and may kick superstar player whose team thrive off his emotion leadership to decide the OUTCOME OF THE THAT GAME I LOVE!! This is the worse rule ever trying to make non competive baseketball…. DAVID STERN IS A FAG!!! I HOPE HE READS THIS!!

  117. mike v says:

    This would be more reasonable if it were golf. But basketball’s an emotionally and physically driven sport. Players’ emotions are part of basketballs culture whether it’s in the NBA or a pickup game. You can’t treat this profession like any other profession and force players to withold emotions.

  118. Scott says:

    Who agrees?: the refereeing last season, compared to the refereeing seen in 96/1997/98…deplorable compared to ten years ago…

  119. MrSinister says:

    This new rule doesn’t make any sense, Maybe another NBA way of making money. Imagine fining $100,000 per contest for technical fouls. (They always do ‘fine’ players right?). Or another way of manipulating games. Imagine Kobe or one of miami’s big three being tossed out of the game in early quarters. Tsk.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      They raised the amount a technical costs. I really do believe it’s about the money.
      If it really is all about the money, than basketball isnt the sport to watch.
      Which is hard to say when you have an obsession with it :(. I personally think its the most fun sport to watch, most entertaining. But if there are calls every ten seconds because a player is a little too emotional, than it won’t be fun to watch. Games will be dragged out, and it won’t be interesting. Someone above said “Just a bunch of robots running the court.”
      I mean, it is the future, right David Stern?

      • daez says:

        David Stern needs to clean this mess he so foolishly made. You realise that if this BS continues through the regular and into the playoffs, the Celtics will struggle, LeBron James probably won’t play much, and all in all the NBA will crumble and everyone will cease to watch it.

  120. Luciase says:

    the rules are gay …. plain and simple

  121. Nick says:

    To make this a fair rule, the NBAPA should set a committee (maybe headed by Dennis Rodman:) ) to analyze the non-call and determined if the player was complaining to pressure the ref (like MJ did…) or the referee really missed the call. The stats can then be used to determined who gets to call the playoffs.

  122. John says:

    You see, I see this new rule like a controlling, abusive boyfriend who says to his gf “you WILL love me and do anything I SAY!”. It’s not real anymore. The NBA will soon be comparable with the WWE. There needs to be a new league that will not satisfy it’s own selfish agenda, but make it for the true love of the game which includes a little bit of trash talking. It’s all about the players and the fans but unfortunately the NBA does not see it that way.

    • daez says:

      You’re exactly right, but sadly it’s not just about the love of the sport anymore. It’s a business now. Everyone in this business wants one thing: MONEY. LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh all took sizeable paycuts to play together, have fun, and chase a title. But they’re still getting like $100M each over their contract. Isn’t it ironic that they now have a rule that enforces this type of showing, 4 technicals in 16 seconds, and also the amount of a fine for players given technicals aslo went up?

  123. Mark says:

    I’ve never seen a player complain so much about a foul than I do in the NBA. They always make it seem like it wasn’t a foul and they know that it is. It’s just ridiculous to watch. Shut up! You fouled the guy. Glad the NBA is finally doing something about it. All the complaining was getting ridiculous to watch. The way they run across the court screaming NOOOOOOO! Give me a break.

  124. Edwin says:

    Just reading the previous statements makes me hate the rule even more I’m just so tired of the dumb refs that are going to ruin a great game and want the players to act like they dont have emotions…. this is ridiculous damn….. all officials in basketball and football should get fired because they all suck……

  125. Steven says:

    The guy in the video said it best, the people pay to see the players play. Just let them! Garnette did nothing to deserve getting ejected. Part of being a ref is having thick enough skin to ignore a bit of complaining about calls.

  126. ddddd says:

    The pendulum has swung way too far to the refs side of things for no reason. Who is ultimately paying their paychecks??? Its the owners and the fans! SUCK!

    What are they afraid of? Ron Artest??? Dude that guy has been the perfect little angel since he joined the Lakers! I think that the NBA has not forgotten the Brawl which happenned a long time ago! Seriously refs need to be held accountable for their actions and not have their personal grudges against certain players like they have demonstrated. I mean when Tim Duncan can pinpoint refs that have it out for him (I remember reading an article a few years ago about this) that is horrible! Tim Duncan is the definition of the perfect angel of the NBA as mild mannered as he is…..

    Refs get a clue and quit whining like little babies and sabotaging the league! I think I am done ranting now! I think!

  127. Tony Christopher says:

    I’ll tell you what, I am a season ticket holder and if players that I have paid good money to go see play in person are routinely thrown out of games for “offenses” as petty as these, I will be demanding, not asking for a refund of my money.

  128. basketball gal says:

    This is TERRIBLE! 1) It takes accountability off of the officials and after last season (particularly the playoffs, where the refs inconsistency pretty much cost the Celtics the title) the officials need to be more accountable, not less. You can’t make basketball into a dictatorship where one is not allowed to argue with ANY rules or ANY calls, NO MATTER WHAT. Yes, it’s frustrating when some players argue EVERY call, but some ref calls are truly terrible and they already get away with so much (the refs). Calls are only allowed to be reviewed within the last 2 minutes of the game, and now basketball is gonna be less physical AND less emotional? oh boy, this truly is gonna be a LONG season.

    Question is…what can we the fans do about it? Seriously, i’d love us to come up with some ideas because otherwise all these bs rules are going to truly ruin the game. How frustrating was it to worry about perk being on the verge of suspension for the entire second half of the playoffs. It compromises the energy and passion for the game.


    • Jimwho says:

      I have a couple of suggestions. 1. Add a 4th official. NBA games have to be some of the toughest in the world to officiate and I want to believe that officials do the best they can. Adding another official lets them do a better job of seeing (and hearing) what’s really going on. 2. Expand instant replay. If calls can be discussed and reviewed by officials, officials will make better calls. Then, I don’t think there will be as much complaining by players or any need for new rules to “respect the game”. The players do respect the game, but when there are so many questionable calls the players (and fans) lose confidence in the officials.

      • Law064 says:

        I agree with Jimwho & Basketballgal this has to be the worst thing that happened to the NBA since MJ retired to play baseball. The refs were horrible in the playoffs last year not to mention that horrible fixed game 7 of the finals. The refs should have replay for any crucial call in any quarter. Adding 1 more ref would also help with things. The fans will suffer the most,especially season ticket holders. This will not be basketball it’ll be WWE or a soap opera. Stern need to look at both sides of the coin what a dumb move. No hand gestures, clapping, throwing your hands up in the air, this has to be the worst. Some players do complain way to much but I mean come on it’s a time for tech’s and a time to say that’s just emotions getting the best of a human being. All the ref’s from game 7 of the finals last year should be fired. I agree with the others here this will be dictatorship not a sport. David Stern can take his new rule attach it to a 10 foot baskeball rim and shove it all the way in!!!!

    • LakersWillWin says:

      You people stlil think game 7 was fixed?
      I’ve watched Game 7 at least 15 times (no exaggeration) over the summer and every foul commited in the 4th quarter by the Celtics was worthy of being called!!!!
      I personally think the T’s are for money.
      They did raise the fines, didn’t they?

      • yavar says:

        Game 7 wasnt fixed, what was fixed was Pau Gasol coming to the LAKERS for virtually nothing after Kobe whinned like a baby girl he wanted out. Now he critizes LeBron hahahahahah

      • daez says:

        I don’t think the NBA should fine KG for this game until a proper analysis of the calls is taken. David Stern himself should watch the footage and make a decision. Sure, the players should “respect the game”, but what about the officials? Is calling 4 techs in 16 seconds not direspectful in itself? Is double teching and ejecting a player, one who has brought so much to the NBA, for mearly acting human not a bad showing of “respect” for the game? Seriously, they shouldn’t be allowed to do this. They aren’t the ones working out, doing training camps and playing 82 games of basketball every year. They have to understand that players will dispute a call, that’s that. T-ing them isn’t solving anything. Come on David, fix this mess.

      • LEBRON SUCKS says:

        @yavar KOBE never critized Lequeen. Kobe said Lequeen seems to be happy with his decision, so hes happy for him. Thats what KOBE said idiot!! And regardless of how much KOBE cried, he got what he wanted. Unlike lequeen, he has had plenty of help to have at least one title. But he is nothing but an overrated player, something he has been since he has came into the league.

  129. forwardplay says:

    @jongib369 how bout mj? surely the goat knows the emotions of the game and can see the progressions it makes better than anyone else

  130. chris says:


    • illwill says:

      I totally agreed. This has got to be the only job in the world that you can totally screw up, and make bad decisions and no one is allowed to say any to you about it. GIVE ME A JOB AS A REF!!! LOL Do anything you want make bad calls, and it doesn’t matter. David stern is turning the league into pile of poop! He needs to put an end to this rule before he loses all NBA fans!

      • Damo says:

        I dont necessarily agree with the strictness of the t bomb, but there are people who evaluate the performance of each referee on each and every game to as great a level as the coaching staff do to their players.

        What your missing is that the players arent the referees employer, the NBA is so think about your job, and if a customer continually prevented you from doing your job or criticised everything you did at work, you would tell them to go jump!

        Players should be allowed to be emotional, but there needs to be a line too. Hopefully they are just being extra hard during preseason and it will find a happy medium during the season.

  131. Justin Lindamood says:

    i agree with jermaine the refs should know when to t it up and when things r getting out of hand. alls im sayin is it looked like o’neal should have gotten one n KG should have gotten 1. THE REFS WERE JUST GOING THRU THERE TIME OF THE MONTH AND ABUSING THERE authority

  132. MUBWAR Newest HEAT says:

    NBA will lose a lot of fans for this type of crap…but i will enjoy a bunch of technical going to Artest and Matt Barnes…hopefully that will slow down them Lakers…

  133. MICHAEL says:


  134. jongib369 says:

    David Stern is a horrible owner. All his success came from Jordan. Once Jordan left and the nba started declining, Stern went on a wild goose chase trying to blame other things for fans not watching the game.

    A former NBA player should own the league. Ya know, someone who actually knows what its like to be a player. Someone who understands the emotions of the game

  135. Dave says:

    this new rule is ridiculous. We must not forget the players in the NBA are still human, not pawns or mindless drones. The game of basketball is physical and when players give it their all, some are bound to let their excitement get the best of them, but i don’t think that deserves a technical foul. The NBA rules are getting stupider and stupider. I think all this really does is move more in the direction of dictating the game of basketball, where its not just about the ball clubs working their plan, but David Stern and his stooges(referees) being the main benefactors of success. I really hope in the regular season, this rule is not strictly enforced to the extent of what was witnessed in the NYK/Celtics game, because if so, i don’t think the NBA’s plan to make their association recognized by the entire world by means of playing over seas such as the games in the preseason (Spurs/Clippers in Mexico, Nets/Rockets in China) are gonna really help their cause because absurd rules like these are surely to botch up the NBA experience.

  136. Dante says:

    Ridiculous!! Garnett was just murmuring after his 1st technical foul, and Ronjo stopped him from talking to the ref but still got his 2nd technical foul!! what a ref! fire him ASAP! and I do not like the new rules applied.

  137. James Mitchell says:

    I agree with what everyone has posted so far. I remember watching a game and I think
    one of the announcers said it best “NBA where soft happens”. These new rules are taking away from
    the excitement of the game. I want to see a high action paked game with emotion not referee calls.
    If I wanted to watch a sport with calls every 5 seconds I would go watch football. This is basketball
    so let the players play. If referees continue to act like this throughout the regular season this will
    be bad for the NBA. Fans don’t want to see an interupted game ever few seconds.

  138. ROBERTO AGUILAR says:

    The Lakers, esp. Kobe, are going to have problems with this new rule. All they do is complain. Kobe’s gonna be ejected every game for that “what did i do?” look every time he fouls someone. This is going to be one of the most exciting years in the NBA ever, and the commissioner thinks its better to played watered down euro-ball. BOOOOOO!

  139. dk says:

    What? I didnt even see Garnett do anything. Thats ridiculous.

  140. Edwin says:

    I think the rule sucks and David Stern just wants to see robots play the game of basketball….. From a fan standpoint it really bothers me that you cant show emotion in this game when everyone is so competitive but i guess for Stern to make more money he put more power in the officials hands… SMH i hate refs before they had less power because playing street basketball we never needed a ref but now they have too much power and its making me not even want to watch basketball because of how they are going to ruin the game….. DAMN I HATE THIS RULE!!!!!!! and officals lol

  141. Alan says:

    I think this new rule is good, because now a days all players do is complain about every little call, like come one just play the game and let the refs worry about the calls. If the ref makes a mistake and u argue with it its alright but other then that just play ball. But on the other hand it also kind of kills the game and the feel of it because as we all know a lot of if not all the good players like to talk to the ref about every single call, and if they refs are just going to give then technicals then whats the point of the fans paying so much money to see?!?! cause im pretty sure they didnt go to the game to see a player, maybe their favorite player, get T’d up and ejected.

  142. glynn says:

    Remember how much trash reggie used to talk. We used to love it! He’d be getting T’d up in today’s basketball. It’s already bad enough they make it less physical now they’re making it less emotional. Like i said, what do they want emotionless zombies running up and down the court?

  143. DGold says:

    I hope they’re just being extra strict with the new rule during the preseason so that the players understand that less complaining will be tolerated…. However, if this is the way the new rule will be enforced, It Blows.

  144. Lionel Wat says:

    Can’t agree with you guys more. I mean, on the court, players and referees need to have mutual understanding in order to facilitates the flow of game. They can achieve such mutual understanding if, and only if players are allowed to talk back a little bit , which is a way they express their concerns in a calm, sensible way(like what O’Neal and Garnett did). Then referees should be obligated to explain their point of view and should not act like referee Kane Fitzgerald, just ignored Garnett’s whining and called another technical foul almost immediately.

  145. cole says:

    I can’t believe how many people are complaining about these new rules. These rules will make the sport better. One of the things I hate most about the NBA is the terrible attitudes of the players. These are grown men out there. They should be expected to act like it. There is nothing worse than watching a 30 year old millionaire cry about bad call and act like a 5 year old. Its a complete turnoff. Every other job in this country requires professionalism. There is no reason the NBA shouldn’t.

    • DBBJ says:

      Yo! listen “cole”, i can tell that you have never ever played a basketball game. ’cause if you had played one you will easily understand that BASKETBALL is all about emotions. If a ref made a bad call of course you are gonna complain.

    • Read this!!! says:

      How in the world do technical fouls make the game better? I don’t want any playoff seed decided because of a tech. I don’t want any playoff game decided because of a tech. I don’t want any finals game decided because of a tech. And believe me players WILL ALWAYS be emotional in those situations: one game to decide if you classify or not, one game to move to the next round, one game to win the championship! This is nonsense. NONSENSE.

    • Hall of Fame Man says:

      That’s bull dude. That is like being slapped by a teacher during school, for not being a good student. People who work in jobs that are not sports related have no reason to complain about everything to their boss, because they are going to get fired. When people get angry, the will fight back no matter what job it is. This is what is making the NBA even worse year by year. People have too at least show off a little frustration, or they will explode. We are only going to see Kobe and Garnett like 10 times a year because they will be thrown out almost every single game.

  146. James says:

    The NBA says fans don’t want to see players complaining, but what fans like even less is lots of fouls and player ejections. Basketball is an emotional support, let the players play and keep the refs from deciding the outcomes of the games.

  147. Edzequiel says:

    Please let the players play.

  148. Dany says:

    I agree with Roberto.
    The game of the basketball as I used it to see is passionate and emotional game and I love to see that. I love to see how people express their joy and happiness then they make the shots and how they express their frustration then something goes wrong, that’s part of the game. And now… they want to make marionettes from the players or puppets, which will be easier to control for the “greater good”, which is money… the situation goes this way already for quiet a some time now and after some time you won’t have true fans of the game there, because they will be sitting and watching the game like marionettes as well, but they will be profitable, because they will buying lots of “HOT DOGS”… That’s their “greater good”

  149. Pierre says:

    I agree with you all and anyone who follows the NBA as a fan should feel the same way, if this were regular season and I paid $200 + to see my favorite player ( I am from Boston and it happens to be Garnett) and he gets ejected for something so silly I am going to be very upset. I like the way J.O. put it saying they basically want players to play without emotion. The NBA should not be attempting to mirror other countries and their style of play, there is a reason why fans love the NBA and that is the most important thing. Down the stretch bottom line this is not good for the fans we will be the ones who suffer, or what about playoff time when emotions are high and everyone wants to win? Your telling me this same crap is going to be going on? David Stern I dont think this is the best move for the leaugue, it is actually a step backwards and really just gives everyone a reason to be upset. I’m sure there was a lot of people who payed decent money to see KG last night and they should be refunded.

    • Thehook says:

      I still dont think its a tech to not hand the ball to the ref if they are mad because of a call or they can still pretend like they didnt see them and make them go chase it down after a play, some players really get a kick out of seeing them do that.

  150. DonKok says:

    I think Commisioner Stern needs to stop all of this as its going to effect the play of the games. I think the so called research he did on player behavior is not accurate as though I agree that the players need to learn from getting more harsher fines after getting ejected, but not calling just because a player reacted to some bad call which all we viewers usually see from replays…

    • daez says:

      Exactly.. If an official makes a call against you, your first reaction is to try justify yourself. Obviously if you’re playing defense, you play hard and assume that what you do is clean. When a ref calls a foul, you WILL dispute it. That’s how it goes, it’s just what a human would do. Sure they could make the rules more strict, but giving the referees so much power is stupid.

  151. Michal says:

    Cannot agree more, Roberto.

    • Sperlich Guillaume says:

      I totally agree, Roberto. This game belongs to the players, not to the officials. The rules must be strict, but they can’t whistle technical fouls whenever a player reacts a little bit to a call….

  152. Roberto says:

    I think this is pure crazyness.

    4 T’s in 16 secs, and I haven’t seen a fight, I haven’t seen players fussing and I haven’t seen players arguing either.
    What is this all about? It’s turning into a circus, or maybe It’s just a better way for the puppeteers to “control” the game, period.

    It’s a shame and you should have written above in this article; or you guys commenting on are just working for your boss and slowly trying to convince fans that it’s ok with these new rules?



    • Dragan says:

      Roberto is on the spot, we the fans of the game didn’t tune in to watch the refs!!!

      • RJ says:

        Agreed… The game is already allowing the ref to have far too much power than they deserved. NBA is just trying to controll the result of every game using these refs who can now do whatever they want. There is simply no point watching the games if it goes on like these. What sort of rubbish is going on these days anyway, five-step lay up? seven point discrepancy? And now this ridiculous rules? Just want to get back to the good ole days…

      • daez says:

        Wow… didn’t the NBA have a huge problem with referees (well, a few referees in particular) match fixing? And now they imply this rule to them? Seriously? I mean OK, fair enough that the NBA wants to try and harden up on the players in regards to back-chat and confrontations blah blah… But I’d say match fixing could become a much bigger problem now. The officials don’t have to call BS fouls on players to help other teams, they can just call a stupid foul on anyone then double tech whoever responds. Why does the NBA fail so much now?

    • Evan says:

      My question is, what happens when a ref makes the wrong call, and the player gets T’d for complaining? Do they fine the ref or make him sit out of the next game? Do they reverse the T?

      The problem with the rule is that it is completely one sided, there is no penalty for an incorrect call. The NBA should do what the NFL does and give each team a predetermined number of challenges. This way the player does not have to plead his case to the ref, he can let the replay decide.

    • Ryan says:

      nba is becoming a joke now. david stern’s decisions are just causing the nba to lose money, you listen to the man talk, he talks as if this game is being played by just solely business men. These are professional basketball players, they are meant to play basketball, cussing, complaining has always been a part of the game. Before you know it they will take away trash talking and the game will be even more boring to watch. 4 T’s in 16 seconds is rediculous, and you wonder why the nba is losing money and the reason they fine players for every little move they make. now they are limiting the amount you can offer to a player contract. they are going to limit these players their contracts but throw out the 25,000-50,000 dollar fines everytime stern’s tampon gets shoved up to far. Let the players have at it, yeah let them show respect to the officals, but don’t throw T’s out like they are nothing. Ref’s maybe need to for once in their life of coaching is coach a fair game, because these terrible calls are rediculous, I can pull up so many calls that you wonder if they were paid to do so. nba needs to get it together, id rather watch golf if these keeps up..

    • DW says:

      RJ hit the point. This was ridiculous. David Stern is losing his mind. I will not watch if I sense that the refs are controlling the game – who wants to watch the largest market or the team with the largest fan base win every year because the refs are favoring them all of the time. The NBA makes the most money off of the largest market, and they surely know that.

    • Desi says:

      I agree with u