The Real World Champs?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Lakers coach Phil Jackson says no.

When asked if FC Barcelona could be a team of consequence in the NBA, Jackson didn’t hesitate to dismiss the idea. And that was after the 2010 Euroleague champs had dispatched the two-time champion Lakers Thursday afternoon.

“They played really well, but they’re not up to the competition that we face night in and night out,” Jackson said. “But that’s not taking anything away from them. The physicality of our game, the size of our players, those are things that night in and night out are very difficult to contest.”

Lakers star Kobe Bryant says yes.

When asked if he agreed with his coach, Bryant dipped his head, rubbed his hands back and forth over the top of his dome and politely disagreed with his coach.

“I don’t know why he says these things sometimes,” Bryant said. “”I think they execute extremely well, they know each other extremely well, they move the ball extremely well and that’s what you’re looking for. In the NBA, teams that do that are few and far in between, teams that play together as a unit. You see a lot of isolation game; you see a lot of guys going one-on-one. They do a great job moving the ball, they do a great job helping each other defensively, so I disagree, but, what do I know?”

You’ve got it exactly right Kobe.

The kind of fluid play we saw from Barcelona is the kind of teamwork and chemistry teams at all levels strive for. Those weren’t amateurs the Lakers were dealing with. They were pros. Maybe not with names and faces easily recognizable to NBA fans, but pros nonetheless.

I’d be willing to bet one of Kobe’s paychecks that if you placed a championship level team from Europe in the NBA for one full season they’d more than hold their own.

I’m not ready to sell them as a potential NBA champion or anything (we’re not that bold), but a team of consequence … absolutely!


  1. vanmitra says:

    Answering to:
    Slyboogaloo says:
    October 11, 2010 at 5:05 am

    “Barcelona is not even the best team in Spain, much less in Europe”… ? They’re are the Euroleague champs, so that’s your level of BB: no comments.

    My dear friend,
    When we just stare at a tree inches away from it, we really loose the full view of the forest

    Barcelona isn’t even the spanish champion.
    Caja laboral is.
    Beated Barça 3-0 at the finals.
    Clean sheet,

    Barcelona won just a title in Spain at the last six years.
    Not good enough even to win domestic and european Leagues alltogheter, ok?

    Real madrid has the most titles all (30)

    Is Barcelona a good team?
    But to compare it with the Lakers… well that is going too far.

    Most top european temas are no worse than Wolves, Nets or Raptors.
    Still, playing over 100 games to win the NBA title is not the same to play a third of it to win an Euroleague.

    European basket IS much better now than a few years ago.
    But it is still a diferent level when we compare top american teams and top european teams.

    Basket, soccer, whatever, preseason IS preseason, no matter motivation or commitment of tthe players.
    The physical aspect and the game routines are much much different between US Teams and European teams at this time of the year.

    Check both at the end of seasons, even considering that gap of games played at a really high level (although Barça or Madrid play about 70/80 games a season also, Both between domestic and european league – but the REAL level of most games IS different).

    Be smarter, the fact that I do not share your opinion does not mean that I do not know what I’m talking, ok?

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  3. Patrick says:

    I don’t yant to make any speculation, but it seems that lakers, with kobe in good shape, make another team. May be the difference between Barcelone and lakers is, that lakers can win against the terrible Boston, Dallas, Denver, San Antonio, Oklahoma,orlando, Utah! etc. May be Barcelona coudn’t beat them all. Lakers have done it, eventually.
    The only thing everybody have seen: Barcelona is a fantastic team, even without Marc and Pau!
    Someone can defeat Nadal, and be out next round, Nadal beat everybody, round after round.
    The same for the lakers last year. They fight against mountains of muscles all year, and they won at last. I feel that it is not necessary to prouve anything else. I feel that european basket is getting tough: they have Big guy and hard training, and magnificent game, que bonito!
    The same for soccer in usa, the world has discovered the national team. There where very good! everybody have seen that, they nearly create a big surprise. I am sure they can beat France. But Germany or Spain? difficult to say now, Obviously, things have changed.

  4. EuroSixer says:


  5. vytas says:

    I don’t like the way the quesiton is asked: “would Barcelona be able to compete in the NBA”. Well, they don’t have to – why not simply ask, which team is simply better today. Barca don’t play in the NBA, Lakers don’t play in the Euroleague. One could also ask if the Lakers would do well in the Euroleage, where teams play just over 10 games in the regular season, and EVERY GAME matters. In the NBA you have so much time to tune your game, to treat your injuries etc. 82 games is so much time to get things right. I’ve seen tNBA eams lose ten games in a row, and still have a good chance to make the play-offs…. No European team has that luxury. Here, every game is a battle. If we want to know which continent has the best team, maybe there should be a separate official tournament between the best teams from each continent, and whoever wins is the best, without asking stupid questions, like how one or another team would do in the other continent’s league or what would happen if there was a best-of-seven series… bla bla bla. Since we don’t have such an official tournament, and the NBA is unlikely to agree to one in the near future, the only measure that we have is these friendly games. Hypothetical questions are not worth anything.

  6. enryfhel says:

    FA Barcelona beating the lakers come on dude..
    lakers are not healty man.
    A healty kobe would score 91 points vs Barcelona

    go gilas go LA

  7. closetmonkey says:

    Win or lose they are still the nba’s back-to-back champs. FC Barcelona won’t win if the Black Mamba played 100%.

  8. Sixerfan Europe says:

    The truth is I think somewhere in the middle. European teams are MUCH better than most Americans think (they all employ professional athletes who understand concepts of team effort, passing the ball, playing zone defense…) Sure, no Euroleague team is as athletic as the NBA championship team, but top Euroleague teams are much stronger than low-end NBA teams (Nets, Wolves…). The only real question is how a Euroleague team would cope with 82 games of regular season. I think that the best European teams (Barcelona, Olympiakos, Panathinaikos, Siena, Maccabi, CSKA Moscow) would be good enough for around 30 wins in the NBA. The rest would depend on the conference they get assigned to and injuries that would occur.

  9. vanmitra says:

    Amazing how a victory of an european team over the Lakers creates all this fuss…
    Let’s get this straight, ok?
    These LA Lakers are well known for goin’ on a slow pace all the way to the finals, allways playing “just enough” to get there on a good position.
    And then… usually they win.

    Are they the best team?
    Guys… the best team is the team that WINS the TITLE.
    Everything else is subjective (not to say a bunch of crap).

    Just ask you this:
    Have you seen THAT Kobe who plyed this game?
    Have you seen the NBA Finals Kobe?
    Do you get the point? Do you understand the difference?

    Barcelona is not even the best team in Spain, much less in Europe.
    Could play on NBA?
    If the last year Nets could, Barça would certainlly not do worse…

    But no European team is ready to have an 82 games in 6 months +playoffs schedule.
    No matter how “close” the roster seems.
    And that was Jackson’s point.

    And that is also the reason why they are ususally “stronger” in pre season.
    Different settings on the preparation, different form status in this time of the year.
    You guys have to notice that in Europe the leagues are already on the way, in USA we are talking about pre season, mixed rosters and stuff like that.

    For God sake…
    The Lakers are loosing against the Wolves!!!
    On a regular season, on a playoff game, would that ever happen?
    You all know the answer, right?

    There is a true point however that has been said:
    European players and European Leagues are not that far away from NBA tems and players.
    I still remember college kids been World and Olympic champs.. easily. (I’m over 40, by the way… lol)
    Now… It’s hard even with Bron, Melo, Bosh, and all those guys.

    But that is a different thing than an NBA Championship.
    Lakers and most of NBA teams are correctly beeing prepared for a LONG season, with the different physical input on this time of the year.

    i’m an European (Portugal), but I still believe that 9 out of 10 times any american team would win the best European team.. if the game REALLY mattered.
    Well, there are still the Raptors… of wich I’m not so sure of the odds (lol), but you get my point…

    On National squads?
    Well, if you can put togheter on a good shape, motivated, and unselfishly, a bunch of guys like C.Paul, Kobe, Durant, James, Howard, Wade, Melo, Bosh,D. Rose, K.Love and so on…
    NO TEAM IN THE WORLD can beat them.
    No way, it’s just not possible… loool
    But still, it’s gettin’ close

    • Slyboogaloo says:

      “Barcelona is not even the best team in Spain, much less in Europe”… ? They’re are the Euroleague champs, so that’s your level of BB: no comments.

  10. jay-16 says:

    hey guys im from the U.K and i think personally that barca are a gd team but no i dont think they cud touch the L.A lakers on a gd day why do you ask well size for one the deadly triangle offence thts developed in the L.A lakers and prime time physical defenders like ron artest but like kobe himself had said they cud hold thier own in an nba season and im not going to argue the opinion of a basketball genius and legend and id only put his over phils because kobe buts his heart body and souls on tht wood floor 82 games a season and then post season and one more thing i think we must all calm down with the slandering and bad mouthing each other we are all human beings no matter where we are from or what language we speak small minded comments only downgrade yourselfs and people have a right to thier opinion regardless of what they say i may not agree with it or you may not but writing horrible things over the internet aint gunna make em go ohhh i was wrong lol well nuff said peace nuff love heat to win / lakers to 3peat or celtics to snatch it or ocklahoma to catch it 😀

  11. Ben says:

    I just don’t believe that the NBA Champions should be hailed as ‘World Champions’, to earn that title, there should be a series between Euroleague and NBA Champions. If they play under FIBA rules, I think it’d be a lot closer than you’d expect.

  12. Lope says:

    The spanish league ( ACB ) started one week before the match, just one week. So, Barcelona players have been playing realy few matches too. Was a nice match because two teams wants the victory. Lakers figth to win since the starts, that was obvius. But the basketball that play Barcelona normaly is another. They normaly play realy bether than that. Their stadistics was horribles. During the match the best players of Barcelona, stay on the bench a lot of minutes.
    Well, now… Barcelona, probably can’t be the champions of the NBA by now, but I think they are capables of be on the playoffs. That’s I think is possible. Is sure that they bether than a lot of NBA teams.
    Phil Jackson is right when say that in the NBA there are too much macthes to the Barcelona F.C. But they are proffesionals sporty and can resolve that problem easily in just one year. Just one year that they need to assimilate the NBA rules too.
    On the other hand, I desagree seriously Phil Jackson when he say that Barcelona players are phisycally of inferior quality. In ACB there are many drugs test, so it’s impossible that one european player develop that’s musculatures with only the help of the gym. Impossible.
    USA is a greeat country, whth a lot of things to learn. A good coutry to life, and necessary to the world, like much others democratics countries, but not fabulous. With bigs pockets of poverty. I hope that in Europe, we don’t forget that we have a lot of things to learn, again.
    Regards from Catalonia, the next state in Europe.

  13. dr. strangelove says:

    Barcelona has something different from other european teams: Their starters aren’t superstars like Kobe, but their second unit, and even their third unit is as good as the starting unit.

  14. lmao says:

    honestly,no one can say for sure who is better.For example,how can you say Michael Jordan is the best player of all time when he never faced Kobe Bryant,Magic,Larry in their peak?When Jordan won 6 titles.yes he was the best in that decade but he was facing a declining magic johnson and a really young kobe bryant.The same goes for FC Barcelona and LA lakers.No one really cares about pre-season friendlies.Kobe is just on court for the sake of the fans who came all the way to see the “best” player in the game today.If Phil say Barcelona cant make it in the NBA due to the physical nature of the league then he is wrong,can the lakers play the same way barcelona did?No.If they do,rarely.what barcelona possess is really excellent teamwork.What the Lakers have is probably better size and probably the best big man in 1 on 1 situation and of couse Kobe bryant.Play 1 on 1,man to man and the lakers will win hands down but play as a team,thats a different story altogether.AS WE HAVE SEEN,lakers rely a lot on Kobe and Pau in terms of points.The thing is unless they play 7 games(3 home,3 away,1 neutral ground with all the main players playing regular mins)I am not gnna say who is better.It is wrong just like all the fools who say MJ is the greatest of all time.He is the BEST in the 90s but not all time,just like Kobe is hands down the best this decade.

  15. INsano says:

    I’d be interested to see some inter-league champions competition in the summers, or during the year between Europe and the US. The rest of the world has caught up to the U.S. in many ways and it would be interesting to see the contrasting styles of play against each other more often than the odd preseason game.

  16. Patrick says:

    Hello, I am Patrick, from France, grown up in central Africa, close Mutombo’s home town. I have seen the Match Barcelona / Lakers. I am not ready to put any money on the result for seven consecutive matches between Lakers and Barcelona. I suppose lakers will win, But Who could be sure? Anyway it is interesting. I woud like to see Ricky Rubio at the top of his art. I have heard of him but never him see really. And what about this guy coming from Senegal, don’t remember his name but kobe will. He reminds me Amare Stoudemire. (hope my english writing is not too bad). But I want to say : NBA is really more attractive than anyone else in the world. Unfortunetly we see very few NBA matches in France on TV. I am sad about that.

  17. The G.O.A.T says:

    Wow! To those who know. I give props. To those who don’t, I feel deeply sorry for you………….nah, I don’t. The Finals aren’t played until June. What happened in Spain was just a pre-season loss. It meant more for FC than it did for the Lakers. It was a great game and win for euro basketball. Not gonna take anything away from Barca, but when Phil Jackson, the coach with the most basketball World championships, says that Barca can’t keep the pace in the NBA, the greatest basketball league in the world, I believe him. The rules are completely different. There is no defensive 3sec. call in euro and players can knock the ball of the cylinder. And what happens if a euro team makes it to the playoffs? In the playoffs is where the D really steps up. Do they have that mentality? Dirk didn’t have it. It took Pau a while to get tough, and critics still think he is soft.
    Would any MLS team be able to keep the pace in euro soccer, the greatest league in the world? No. Sure they’ll win some games, but that’s about it. The talent in each league is vastly superior than any other. That is why basketball players and soccer players try they’re hardest to make each league. And when they do, it’s a dream come true. FC Barcelona is a great team. But It’s just pre-season, if Barca wants to really play, wait until June, When winning really matters.

  18. Davidangu says:

    I remember the Open Mc Donals of 1991, the final played against Juventud de Badalona Lackers and Lackers gained 2 points, just 2 points playing Magic, Worthyt, Green, Scott, the last minutes, it’s been 19 years that, certainly clear that some do not know where Badalona, well, next to Barcelona, then in Spain, what happened? right next to the team that recently has managed to win the NBA Championship. By this I mean that European basketball is much closer to NBA basketball, it is clear that the NBA is much harder where the physical and higher premium in Europe are more technical details that stand out, it is my opinion. I think the current Barcelona would make a great role in the NBA and now is better than most NBA teams, sure better than Memphis, Clippers, Golden State, Charlotte and New Orleans to name a few. Barcelona has played 70 games between the ACB (Spanish League), Euroleague and Copa del Rey (Spain), only 12 fewer games than Lackers. Who told you not to endure a 82-game season?, To Phil Jackson did not like losing, Phill bad loser, bad loser.

  19. chill chill says:

    The lakers bench sucks this year.
    The Lakers sucks. Barcelona did a good job by beating the Lakers. Otherwise they would say that even when a NBA team runs on 50% they still beat a great euroleague team . Thats not the first time an euroleague beated an NBA team in the preseason. and that doesn´t mean a sh.t. So fans stop hating hating the leagues.
    Euroleague has better shooters taller players and better teamplayers which is needed to play acording to FIBA rules.
    NBA has better athletes, that fits to the NBA style. Players that can take a team one on five, players that blocks shots al the way to the public, players tha runs the floor within 2 seconds. Thats the kind of sport even non sporter pay to watch.
    Pau Gasol is a beast in the NBA. LBJ would be a monster in the Euroleague.
    USA has the best basketball players for the next 12 years. But the world is caching up.
    Just like succer Brazil still has the best players in the world, but it s inpossible for them to win every tounament. And the world is also catching up.

  20. Manning says:

    I agree with most of the statements here, but may I remind you that the USA is built on people from all over the world. With whom, this great country wouldn’t be! Can I simply encourage that you all express the gratitude for those pioneers who journeyed across & contributed to the freedom we all enjoy? There are many things we could still benefit from our relatives Globally & they from us! I thought it was a great game & just shows how much more fun it is, when we can play this game we sooooo love! Please lets not waste energy on who’s got the bigger @#$% Comparisons are pointless when you consider that many of these countries are doing better than us in other areas such as financial management. I just arrived back from beautiful Australia, who’s dollar has recently come to match ours. Their financial management is waaaaaay better than ours. We could also learn alot from them in this area!

  21. Gabriel says:

    Just fyi, here in Barcelona we’re not saying Barcelona is better than the Lakers. I mean, just look at Kobe’s stats! They were clearly out of shape and everybody could see that. But let me tell you something, Barcelona didn’t play so well either. Sure Barcelona players were motivated because it’s a fact that the NBA has the best players in the world, and they wanted to show their potential. I think it was fun to watch the different styles facing each other… and it would be even more fun with the lakers on shape, regardless of who would win. Honestly, I think the Lakers would win 7 out of 10 games. And those of of you who think they would beat us by 30 or so, clearly don’t watch too much basketball out of your nba season games. Cheers!

  22. Raul says:

    I am Real Madrid fan (FC Barcelona enemy). I love NBA but there are many very bad teams (East Conference is horrible) and I think FC B. could win a lot of games and reach playoff. Europe basketball is better every year and NBA is too individual (For example: Rudy Fernandez is a very good player and he is not starter in Blazers)
    Excuse me my english

  23. Derek Lee says:

    Lakers are not “the greatest team in the NBA” They got lucky that Boston lost their center in game 6.

  24. NYC123 says:

    If the Lakers would’ve played harder to there full potential they would have won the game undoubtedly. Although FC Barcelona has great team chemistry and they play extremely well together, there players are not as talented as The LA Lakers. Lets be realistic, If FC Barcelona was an NBA team they would not be much of a contender. The NBA is rich in talent, the best players from all around the world come to play in the NBA, NOT JUST AMERICANS. So don’t kid yourself in thinking FC Barcelona would be a serious NBA team when virtually all their players would come off the bench if they played in the NBA.

  25. Kadir says:

    Wow a LOT of TRASH TALK….well i never write anything but this is just insane…..i use to live in usa and now i’m in italy. well i have to disagree to all u people because the euroleauge is a great leugue and it is going to be even better in the future, the teams are amazing and the way they play is great BUT they are NOT ready for such a CHALLENGE they are not ready for ALL those trainings or all those games that NBA players play, and they do not have even the size to play against some team of the NBA……WAIT…..i am not saying that size is the only thing tht matters cuz i’m 6 and i use to beat 6’6 guys, what i’m saying is that Euroleuge just have some of the things that a basketball team need to have to be the best: they have great hell of the shooters 2 and 3 pointers and they have great playmakers WONDERFUL TEAM WORK and great fluid game and AGAIN IT IS NOT ENOUGH.
    A team like LAKERS, HEAT , THUNDER and many other have more than that, well on the fluid game and teamwork they are in someway weaker than eruo team but, lets remain on the argument LAKERS: FISHER hell of a playmaker, ODOM WOOWWWW he can do anything, PAUL WELLLL DO I HAVE TO SAY SOMTHING? KOBE : one of the best all-time players. let me tell u something is not about nba fun or euro fun it’s about basketball fun and understanding of the BASKETBALL GAME and all the things u need to survive in a GAME.

    DO YOU REALLY THINK IN A FINAL Barca can BEAT Lakers? both teams in 100%

  26. Miguel says:

    This was just a friendly pre-season game that FC won by four. It means nothing, NADA. It’s like if the US soccer team beat Spain they should be consider the real world champs, come one give me a break, who’s going to believe that? And lets get this straight, the US is the best in Basketball, always have always will be. We may have a few blemishes on our record, but please people don’t kid yourselves. We just won the little “world tournament” and the almighty “Olympics 08 championship” two years ago. Can FC play competitively in the NBA? I don’t know, I don’t follow them and I don’t like to speculate on what records they could have. However I do know they lack in the physical department, so the bigmen in the NBA will eat them up.

    • Rodriguez says:

      Ouch! Barcelona only won a game and everybody is losing their nerve! LMFAO!! If you want to win a pre-season game, next time choose a Clippers or a Nets team to play, cuz if you choose the Euroleague champions, playing in Europe you LOSE! Oh, and wait for London Olympics, cuz your pride is gonna take another BLOW!

  27. purpleandgold says:

    i must say that the timberwolves are the WORLD CHAMPS then…

    because they beat the LAKERS in preseason…

  28. Jafreeze says:

    This thread of posts is an absolute JOKE. NBA fans are such colossal xenophobes. The Euroleague is every bit as good as the NBA is. Every bit as good. I watch a ton of NBA and Euroleague. The Euroleague is better defensively by far and just as athletic as the NBA is. The Euroleague has better big men and the guards are way bigger, stronger, more physical. The Euroleague teams are better coached and play better as teams.

    The NBA has better wing players and a lot more pure scorer types. And Barcelona isn’t even the most talented team in the Euroleague. CSKA and Olympiacos IMHO have considerably more talented players than Barca does. The comments here just prove how delusional NBA fans are and that NBA fans are NOT basketball fans. They only know NBA and nothing else about the sport at all.

    Lakers would not just lose at Barca, they would also lose at PAO, at CSKA, at Olympiacos, and maybe even at Baskonia as well. They would probably get blown aeasily playing at PAO’s home court.

  29. mag antay antay lang kau sa pilipinas. dudurugin namin kau sa boxing

  30. Jess Marc says:

    I agree the Lakers did lose to Barca but this game was taken lightly by the Lakers at the start of the game venthough they got serious in the last minute of the game. The point here is that Lakers want to maintain a healthy start to the season. Entering Europe it was clear from the Lakers-Wolves game that L.A was 70% ready to start. Their players are still knowing their place in the rotation because the Triangle offense is really a hard offense to learn just look at Ron at the start of the season last year he had hard time where to position himself until the 2nd half of the season were he had learn the flow of the offense.

    I like the idea of a Euro team coming to the NBA but I think they should put a Spanish All star team in the NBA then add in some other all star teams from different continents as well just think of it. The publicity and market around the world will bring the NBA to the pinacle of sports as one the most recognized sport in the NBA

  31. andy says:

    simply no.. they only got that win because the lakers are not in better shape, and that kobe in he’s knee is only 60%.. that game has no stake or what so ever.. i guess kobe wants to play like the maverick.. PLAYING MIND GAMES KOBE..

  32. Xavier says:

    Ok, let’s consider first some facts:

    1st. Lakers all-season 2nd game vs. FCB just started season last weekend. (Probably 2 weeks of difference if we talk about training? It doesn’t seem much if we suppose the most talented players are in NBA, so talent should compense this difference, or is that guess wrong and not all NBA players are so talented as many people would like to think? Just to say that many talented european players never played in NBA, i.e. Dejan Bodiroga, and the level of many of the guards that we all see in NBA games would send them directly to the bench in any of the most important European teams)

    2nd. Bynum didn’t play vs. Basile didn’t play. Personally I consider Bynum more difficult to substitute than Basile. Why? The average level of FCB players is higher so the gap between the first and the second unit is almost unnoticeable.

    3rd Basketball as a team game. I think, and probably 100% agree, we all consider european basketball to be more cooperative meanwhile NBA basketball relies more and more in physical aptitudes, isn’t it? This makes the european teams can compensate their physical “weakness” with a major work in team strategies: ball movement, defense cooperation, and space creation are keywords in any european basketball coach. But what about the NBA team that sees his rival is bigger, faster and harder? No alternative plan exists, no other strategy to beat the rival, so game over.

    In my oppinion PJ is right when he says THIS FCB wouldn’t hold the ground if they play NBA, of course, the team is designed to play in a different environment, different rules. But the seed of their way of play is already over there.
    We must think, as Kobe probably did, that the way FCB played last night is the one many NBA teams would like to.
    Not forgetting that in the case FCB could play in NBA be sure that the structure, roster and physical preparation would be completeley different, no one goes to a war armed as if going to a quarrel and in this hypothetical situacion is exactly the same.

    Good Night Barcelona!

  33. Celtic Lover says:

    There is absolutely no way that FC Barcelona or any European team for that matter could contend in the NBA. Just because they beat the Lakers in a game, when the Lakers weren’t even playing at a pace they would play in a regular season game, doesn’t make them an NBA ready team. Plus if they play in America on an NBA court without the atmosphere they played with in Barcelona they wouldn’t even be a .500 team yet alone a playoff team. Their big men can’t deal with the size and athleticism of NBA big men. In their back court Navarro played in the NBA he was average at best and Rubio will never last in the NBA he’s over hyped to the full extent.

  34. Michael McBride says:

    First off let me start off by saying Barc moved the ball extremely well, showed a lot of cohesiveness, and played fearless against the NBA champs. That is where it ends my friends, sub par team at best in the NBA. In my opinion you at least need a couple of all stars or a superstar to be successful in the NBA today. I seen great team play with Barc but no closers.

  35. Brooklyn Guy says:

    There is no way FC can hang in the NBA, first off most of their team is NBA rejects who couldn’t cut it and went back to Europe. Dont you see how Rudy Fernandez wants to leave the league now, cuz he can’t hang. The only guys I respect from Barca are Pau and Marc Gasol. Ricky Rubio is scared to come to the league and I hate that he got drafted so high and isnt in the league yet, which essentially took a job away from our homemade players. FC Barcelona might be able to hang with the Nets and the bottom half of our league, but they are no contenders. I love Europe but I hate all the hype placed around European players who we dont see play and get drafted so high, and most times dont even come into the league. Bottom line FC Barca is OK, but they are not that good to hang in the NBA, Phil Jackson knows exactly what he is talking about.

    • DK says:

      First of all, Rudy wants to leave because his coach doesn’t trust him.

      NBA rejects? 80% NBA players would be benchwarmers in Europe. NBA style is very rigid in players positions, anyone who doesn’t fit in one gets thrown away. Take Pete Mickael, he didn’t make in the NBA but excels in Europe, why? because european style is more flexible. Maybe Kobe was at 60%, but PM dried him and made 26pt, not bad for a NBA reject if we take in account that Kobe is considered the NBA alpha dog.

      European players who don’t come to NBA or the ones who came back from it couldn’t adapt to NBA style, because they are used to play as a team not as individuals.

      It’s 99% sure that NBA won’t have a European division, but Europe top teams could win 60% of NBA teams on regular basis. If you can’t see it it’s because you are so full of yourselves that can’t accept reality.

      In a playoff Lakers would win in 5, but not all NBA teams are like LA. We are talking about tle league not only LA, Boston or Miami. Many teams who get to playoff lose 4-0, and not only in first round. Be a little more openminded.

  36. Manny says:

    First of alll barcelonia is a good team but the lakers did not give a 100%. Lakers a have done that several stints in the playoffs against oklahoma city. But the bottom line is when the lakers play with Turgency they are unbeatable half the time when the lakers lose games is becuz they werent playing with urgency. The best european players in the world are all reayd playing in the nba so there are alot of talented european players. So the nba dosent look down upon there. Another thing is Kobe bryant didnt show up. That wasnt the same lakers that won the finals plus I’ve seen the lakers put on sub apr performance all of the 2009-2010 season the bottom line is the only way u can know who is better team is by who will win in a best of 7 series and there no way in hell barcelonia can match of to the los angeles lakers. If it was a regular season game the lakers would of mopped the floor of them.

  37. Roberto says:

    I don´t prettend to be rude, but who says and decides that nba champion is the world´s champion? As far as i have seen, through the years there are and were a lot of players from all over the world, but they´re a few part of the globe population, besides they become a unit with their teams, so to be world champions, i think this teams should play agains other teams in the world such as olympics. The lakers are the champions but united states champions, i mean they´re graet but i think world champions is a tittle that goes far away from the border of that country. They´re the usa champions and that´s all.

    • Brooklyn Guy says:

      Well we saw who the world champions are as USA beat all the competition in the Olympics including your Barcelona, and USA are the WORLD CHAMPIONS from the championship this year in Turkey

  38. dominique b says:

    WOW people are even crazy to get excited about the loss the lakers received last night…its jus the preseason nobody is moving on to the championship…its just a exibition game! the NBA the coaches normally limit their big players minutes to keep them fresh and injury free for the start of the season!…now if the lakers was to go p against them in a regular season game or playoff game the lakers would beat them by 20+ SERIOUSLY!

    • Brooklyn Guy says:

      THANK YOU!!!! I DONT THINK THESE PEOPLE UNDERSTAND THE CONCEPT OF PRESEASON, Nobody cares about the pre-season cuz nothing is on the line. Finally some TRUTH!!!!

  39. Joao says:

    Why not organize a FIBA sanctioned (could have the NBA rules) series ( every year in September) that would include the best teams from Africa, Oceania, South America, North America and Europe, one for each continent to prove who’s the best once and for all? I’m tired that every time an american team wins at any sport , at his highest level, they’re automatically called “World Champions”, for me that’s unnecessary, cuz there’s only one sport that the US has a complete dominance, and that sport is American Football (for now…).
    Having the best and most competitive and spectacular (yes I love the NBA) isn’t a guarantee of being the best, look at Soccer, the english premier league is the best of the world, for the past 12 seasons, but they’re national team doesn’t win anything since 1966! FC Barcelona would held on well on the league and could compete to a playoff spot in the same season or the next one. Just because you don’t know their names doesn’t mean they’re bad, they might have the next Nowitzki or Pau Gasol among their ranks. The Grizzlies beat them by how many? 30? Yeah right, dream on! Phisicalitty isn’t everything. During the first decade of the millennium Team USA was repeateadly beaten by teams form Europe and South America in the crucial stages, thanks to a good understanding of basketball fundamentals (DEFENSE and offense), and good team play, so now imagine a Top european team, that works together an entire year, perfectly tuned, would they be such an easy prey? NO!

    • Brooklyn Guy says:

      First there is a sanction world tournament its called the FIBA World Championship which the USA just won in Turkey this year, and the Olympics which the USA also recently won established USA as the dominant force in basketball.

      • Joao says:

        I thought that this was obvious…
        I know that there is a FIBA World competion, but it’s only for national teams, but there isn’t one for teams like Barcelona and Lakers, to play, a “club championship”.

  40. PAULC says:

    Freakin arrogant americans… We are the ‘WORLD’ champions because we won our national comp…

    Grow a brain, NOWHERE else in the world do they have their head so far up their arse that they call the NATIONAL champions WORLD champions.. and you do it in ALL yours sports.


    • UcanUwill says:

      Yes. All Europe laughs when NBA champs are called – WORLD CHAMPIONS. Yes, NBA is the strongest NATIONAL league, but is that makes NBa champion an World champion. So Caja Laboral is Spanish national league champion. So, Spianards can call them a WORLD CHAMPIONS too 😀 You care what do you mean ”world” champs.
      It is only one world champ in basketball. It’s USA national team, Turkey is vice champion, Lithuania is bronze team. NBa is NATIONAL league. one of the hundreds national leages in the WORLD.

  41. barca fan says:

    AS a barca fan I have to admit we are not ready for NBA but only `cause we have not what it takes phisically
    Surely we could beat some average teams but that would it be all.
    Many of u here talks about Lakers being in a preseason stage.Thats true, but dont forget Barca DID NOT PLAY WELL too(just remember how crap RIcky was, or Lorbeck among others).
    Being honest, in Europe we’ve got better quality basket, and coaches ( we dont like the “one to one “u love there!! I like to called ” kick and rush” like the English football!!!), but a huge luck of muscle and speed and that is the main different so far…
    Sorry for my poor writing chaps!!

  42. LakeShowSoPro says:

    @R4- Dude have you looked at a map lately? USA is a small country, better i’ll buy you a map. Don’t be an ignorant fuk. LOL. I’m not American but you are just stupid and defiinitely, a hater.

  43. mark says:

    all lakers fan S U C K… they always have their reasons for every thing that involved lakers..they say that lakers miss bynum thats why barcelona won the game.. and lakers didnt really care if they win or lose the game… really? they didnt care about the game with barcelona? did you all laker fan watch the game? yeah! may be kobe was off his game.. but still it was obvious that the lakers were trying to win the game just take a look at the mins their starters played.. and watch the 4th quarter especially the last few mins in which they bring kobe on the court trying his best to get a game winning shot which is what he is best at.. then you all are saying lakers just didnt care winning the game? why would you say that? i love NBA thats the only basketball league i know.. i didnt even know anything about euroleague but still i believe the win was not a fluke. and just a note: remember phils comment about the heat? he said something about talent/star players doesnt win ring but chemistry is what a team needs to win a ring in NBA.. watch the lakers vs barcelona you can see the chemistry on the barcelona.. and now phil change his philosophy because they loss the game? i dont disagree about phil being one of the great coach but phil just cant admit defeat thats what S U C K about phil..

  44. Alan says:

    Well, I don’t think they are the champs. It was only one game. A championship is a series win, or, multiple wins. Barcelona won only once. And plus, it’s the Lakers preseason. They all aren’t 100%, especially Kobe. Don’t get me wrong, FC Barcelona is a great club, but just not to the level that the Lakers are.

    P.S The long flight probably didn’t serve the Lakers well either.

  45. sergio (madrid) says:

    yo soy español…. y soy del barcelona tanto en futbol como en baloncesto… es cierto que el barcelona es un gran equipo… aqui en europa.. y tambien es cierto que europa cada vez esta mas cerca de usa en baloncesto ya que aqui se practica mucho el baloncesto.. sobretodo en españa… pero como español tengo que ser sincero.. y decir.. que los lakers… no estan al 100% de su juego.. estan empezando… si los lakers juegan contra el barcelona al mismo nivel que jugaron las finales contra los boston celtics…. el barcelona perderia por 30 puntos seguro…, usa sigue siendo la potencia numero uno en baloncesto.. pero ya no sois los que erais en en año 92… jordan.. magic.. bird.. barkley.. esos fueron los mejores de la historia y siempre seran… pero de aqui a 8 años… usa.. ya no tendra.. a kobe.. garnett.. allen.. pierce.. oneal… y siento decirlo… pero lebron.. wade.. bosh…rose… solo son la sombra.. de lo que USA antes era…. sin embargo.. europa… cada vez tiene mejores jugadores…

  46. WTh? says:

    c’mon cuys…it’s just a PRESEASON GAME for crying out loud! you exhibition match…a warm up match for the lakers…or a godwill match for barcelona…

    we all know it’s part of NBA’s campaign fo promote the league right?

    So why are so many people have overblowned reactions? you guys have put this way out of proportions…

    but all i can say is cheers to the author of this blog…you really know how to spark up a topic, it’s all too good as bait for some heavy debate… 😛

    NOT taking away anything from the two teams, but IMHO this is no way a gauge match for either team. and going back to the main topic, well PHIL is PHIL and KOBE is KOBE….with the talent and accomplishments they have in their repertoire, my answer is they’re both RIGHT!!! just different aspects, but they have their own opinions to share and knowledge to prove…

    but lastly for that guy who is discrediting PHIL saying he just got lucky as a coach since he got superstar players…you are a imbecille! jerk!

    ***barcelona is a reputable team….but too tough to consider if they could match up against NBA style of play..only answer is if we could see it happen..which is..NEVER

    ***Lakers is still in preaeason caliber…preventing injuries..still cooking up chemistry, stellar cast still not a hundred percent healthy

    ***PHIL hater dude…again…you are an imbecille.. u suck…

    viva España…more power to NBA!!! 10/26/10 is near!!!

  47. Omar says:

    In the end of the day it’s preseason ball; It’s not like they played their starters their full minutes..

  48. Oscar says:

    When is Ricky Rubio coming over here. Dont tell me that douche is going to pull a Fran Vazques on the T-Wolves!!!

  49. kobe says:

    now I understand why rudy fernandez wanted to go back.

  50. Joel says:

    The Lakers just played a PRESEASON game. They didnt have anything to prove. There was nothing in it for them. Kobe was hurt and the rest of the players couldn’t have cared less. In reality FC Barcelona would be a terrible team if they played in the NBA. Simpy because there players are not good enough. Ricky Rubio will be TERRIBLE once he enters the league(if ever). By the way nice comment by formerD1pg. Dead on

  51. Rob says:

    US paranoia is nothinbg new but both teams were under prepared.

    What you US fans have to consider is that calling yourself “WORLD CHAMPIONS” without playing in a world championship no matter how good the NBA league is shows that you don’t have respect for the championship you believe you own.

    Simple solution is enter a world champ tournament and walk the talk. Or find out the hard way in 5-10 years from now when other countries starting playing at a similar level night in and night out

  52. Nate says:

    I am from Australia so I have an unbiased POV.

    Preseason games mean and will always mean nothing at all.
    Teams try different things, different players, different execution are often underdone and generally do not care about winning but rather about executing different things to see what does and does not work.

    AFL is the big sport in Australia and often the team that wins the pre-season cup does not even make the playoffs in the regular season. The reason is the lower teams try and prove them self in pre-season just like Barcelona was trying to do where as the good teams know they are good; and work on there game in the preseason rather then try and win it.

    Barcelona in the NBA would be awesome for the world game in my opinion but it would take a few drafts and some very disgruntled Americans having to go live in Europe to make the team up to scratch, to contend for any sort of playoff spot. T

    he best team in the NBA is the best team in the world without a doubt.
    It is like trying to say that just because Australia beat the Dutch before the world cup in soccer that we are the best team in the world at soccer. It is a dumb thing to say because pre-season does not mean jack to any team that knows they are good.

  53. kobe says:

    I can’t believe we lost. This is embarrassing.

  54. Rafel says:

    F.C.Barcelona has played one single game in his regular season.

  55. Aussie Mik says:

    IF they played for 5 seasons, Barce could become a good NBA team.
    Phil is right, they are up against a much more hectic schedule, and physicality would take its toll after a while.
    But Kobe is also correct in saying that the great team play would get them wins. thats true at any level.
    they would get some wins but not make the playoffs, they would get worn down.
    give them a couple of years to get used to the league, a few draft picks, they could be good.

  56. Tomas says:

    Why is everyone so stuck on that number 82? Barcelona, just as every other good European team has to play the Euroleague/Eurocup, it’s domestic league and it’s domestic cup. All in all, 82 games per season is nothing that unusual.

  57. D-Will says:

    Kobe Is right on that ! FC Barcelona is a good team they beat the best team in the NBA ! okok i know it’s just a pre season game but this is a good start man !

    Hey , never mind what haters say ignore ’em ’til they fade away – T.I.

    – L.A. Lakers for life !

  58. Rey says:

    The game has no consequence to both teams. It’s just one of those games they play out of contract and goodwill, so I don’t think we really see any REAL game from either team. In the end, the team that didn’t hold back their key scorers as much as the other team won. I don’t think any of the Lakers went and said in the locker room, “Man, they kicked our butts there,” and lost sleep.

    I think had this been a game of severe consequences (World Championship, etc), it would be more interesting to watch and definitely we’d see more Showtime moves from Kobe and more passionate plays from Gasol. But this is just a match to make things cute before the actual brutality begins.

  59. Don Po says:

    Guys, we’re talking about a pre-season game. If u want to talk about a real comparison, they need to play in full physical form and u will see the result, a Lakers win. And we all the respect to the team from Barcelona, but simply Kobe playing all the game, they will beat this team night in and night out. U can cry and argue about it, but even in a 7 game series, the lakers will win in 5.

  60. Carlo says:

    I’m Italian but I can still say that most people are leaving incredible comments!! First there would be probably already no difference if we would talk about the United States of America and United States of Europe and bring both Nations on the same numerical data!! Second NBA is the best league in the World ’cause has a great business development department!!! Than Barcelona cost all together like Gasol contract and competed at this level only because the two teams are in two completely period of the conditioning!! Barcelona will start in few days and Los Angeles is just biginning with the first scrimmage!!

    I belive it’s just a great opportunity to see such sport at such level and would be even better when Mr stern could make an EMENA (European and Middle East conference) and maybe asian as well, and be the only Manager World Wide to not fear any other country competition!! his job is clear he goes international to avoid what happened with the other sport and keep NBA and not USA in a dominant position!!

    Take it easy guys, let’s make Basketball be the reason of our fun not of our egoism!!

  61. shivaz says:

    barcelonia is a very good team, just like some other european teams, but are they better than usa
    can’t we all agree that usa is the best right now at basketball
    you can’t compare barcelonia to lakers because they won
    basketball in the U.S is still alot harder and more compettive right now

  62. DK says:

    Talking about the gold medal, the best european players get to play in their respective national teams, Germany only have Nowitzki. What would happen if they could all go to an hipotetical European Union team, Gasol, Parker, Nowitzki, etc… think about it the next time you brag about the easy victories.

    PJ knows a lot about NBA, but dosn’t know anything about FIBA, Barcelona plays FIBA style because its the european leagues style. They would adapt their playing to NBA if they had to. Of course they wouldn’t win the ring, but could make to the playoffs. The difference between NBA and FIBA isn’t only in the playing style (one on one vs team effort) but also on the way the teams and the league in general performs, the draft lottery, the media repercusion (in the rest of the world soccer is king), the players salary are very diiferent, etc…

    Barcelona playing FIBA style in the NBA would win 20-25 games, but adapting a little his style could arrive to playoffs.

  63. John (again) says:

    And don’t forget that the FCB already played in the Staples (of course, an exhibition match) against the Lakers and had opportunities to win

  64. NashKobe1234 says:

    FC Barcelona played extremely well, however their win against the Lakers was in different circumstances to an NBA Season, in that Kobe is still working his way back and the obvious fact that the Lakers are taking it easy in the preseason. That said, the Lakers are the best team in the league, so I do believe that FCB could compete with many of the teams in the league.

  65. siebert says:

    i am not a laker fan, but the lakers would kick barcelona ass anyday…think about it, the starts dont even play the full length they would in a regular game, its preseason, we let the bench and rookies play to get ready for the season and to give them a psychological boost….

  66. desadeto says:

    To say Lakers weren’t trying is bs. I watched the game. They did not want to lose. Kobe wants to win every night. If Barcelon played in NBA they would be competative. They have excellent bb players, they would adjust to the physicality of the game. One cannot be serious and say that they couldn’t compete against NJ, or Indiana or other bottom dwellers. Maybe they wouldn’t wind the whole thing but they would be a competative team. US will have to come to terms that Euros can compete with them. Dirk, Gasol brothers, Tony Parker are among the best players in NBA. And yes, they are all euros. The attitude where USA is the best or it does not count has to go. Look at soccer, a game that the rest of the world takes very seriously, USA is not among the best. Now consider that same attitude in bb. The pool of bb players in europe is only a fraction of what it is in US. Be competative in sport that is by far the most popular in the world, soccer (football) and then take supremacy in athletics.

  67. Krjnk says:

    Some of you are talking like Barça played his best game ever. Couldn’t be more wrong. It was a good match, but Barça played lots of better games than yesterday last season (much much better).

    They defended good, of course, but they defended as they did this weekend match against Granca and worse than two weeks ago against Madrid. They always defend at this level minimum, probably is the best european defense.

    In attack wasn’t a great match: 38.5% field goals it’s an horrible statistic, lots of easy shot were failed yesterday. And lose 19 balls that’s too many turnovers. Barça moved very well the ball, but be sure that have been better games in attack.

    ‘Cos yes, yesterday’s victory doesn’t mean Barça have level to win NBA, but the diference between both team (that the score doesn’t reflects) shows that Barça really has play-off level.
    The starters aren’t as good as many NBA teams, but there’s no team with a bench like Barça (and most top european teams) which allows them to play all the time in this great level.

    By the way Barça played 68 oficial games last year with travels to Turkey, Serbia, Lithuania, etc; So they ‘re pretty prepared for a 82 games season.

  68. analyzed says:

    The US system of traditionally rating and assessing players (draft, college experience, combine etc) is not the be all and end all of what makes a quality player or find. Last I heard basketball is still a 5 man team game decided on the court. What people forget is that some of these players who have been undrafted or didn’t standout in US college, but eventually made a career in Europe , have heaps of big game experience.
    Between a player like Gist or Gee who have great athletic potential and players like Penny or Neal who are limited athletically , but have heaps of big game experience and are fundamentally superior.
    I would always go for the latter ( actual big game experience internationally) especially if the purpose is to of provide quality back-up minutes. People assume that good fundamental team basketball, and basketball IQ can easily be picked up by getting an individually talented player to learn the system. (note: there not going to learn it playing limited or no minutes in the NBA) Now remember these other guys who have played in europe, have lived and breathed big game team oriented basketball , that is a skill that seperates them from a player inexpereinced to quality level leagues

  69. Larry O'Connor says:

    Barcelona would beat most of the lottery teams and break even with some of those teams trying for the playoffs but not real contenders. I think they would routinely get defeated by the upper teams. I wonder why the Lakers lost to them. What would Phil say was the reason? Did the Lakers not really try? How insulting would that be? I wonder if David Stern knows Phil and his boys were only goofing off and not trying to win?

  70. Manuel says:

    Supongo que me lo borraran…
    Que alguien les traduzca esto:

    Si, si. Preseason, preseason, pero antes ganabais de 50 despues de 30 despues os costaba ganar y ahora perdeis con regularidad, incluso usando al actual campeón.
    No hace falta ser muy listo para ver como acabara esto ¿no?


  71. NYC123 says:

    FC Barcelona is a great basketball team. They have amazing chemistry and play very well together. There execution as a team is superb. However if they were in the NBA they wouldn’t make it too far Simply because they aren’t as talented as our Elite NBA starters. Don’t get me wrong, FC Barcelona is a very talented squad. But the NBA is so competitive and rich in talent that virtually every player on there team including ricky rubio would be coming off the bench.

    I also believe if the lakers played to there full potential they would have undoubtably won this game. Just look at the game stats, the only player who played hard was Pau Gasol because Barcelona is his hometown. He had a double double with 25 Points and 10 Rebounds. Ricky rubio played 19 minutes with 0 points. Kobe played 25 minutes with 15 points. Need i say more?

  72. kadri says:

    i cant believe this is even an argument. barcelona wont stand a chance agiansr the lakers in a game that matters. it was an exhibition game people.thats like us beating spain in a friendly soccer match and saying that us are the real champions.

  73. T Casey says:

    Barcelona would be a decent lower-middle of the pack team imo, 35 wins max. Let’s not forget, Minnesota just beat this same LA team a few days prior and I don’t see anyone implying that Minnesota might be on LA’s level or even an elite team. The fact is, LA is hardly even operating at 70%-80%. Kobe’s knee is limiting him to about 75% of what he’s capable of and they are also without their starting center who’s not only their 3rd best player but their resident shot blocker and defensive anchor in Andrew bynum. If this team is completely healthy or even 90% healthy, they’d likely beat that same Barcelona team by an average of 15+ points; and that’s being generous. LA’s best player as well as their well known post size advantage is negated automatically with all due to injuries and that’s much of what makes them the dominant team that they are. I’m no Euroleague hater and I congratulate Barcelona on its hard fought win, but this hype builup is just that, hype. No offense to any European fans, but I’m just being honest.

  74. i thinks the FC barcelona is not that good if they’re gonna play in nba..they’re great team in europe but not in navarro,you call them the MVP in europe,but in USA he is like NOTHING…haha..funny

  75. xsarda says:

    Americans, I think that you are the best but the Europe Basketball is nearer than you belive.
    There is only one way: rematch! Next year, before the play-offs in the Staples Center: LA-FBC.
    After this second match NBA won’t have excuses. USA and Europe pending of this match.
    It will be economically viable and sportsly successful. Americans what are you waiting for programming this match?
    We want more “show-time”!
    Força Barça!

  76. Manuel says:

    Que si que si que

  77. John says:

    This is my point of view:
    FCB is a wonderful team, nobody can deny it, even if almost everyone would say without doubt that Lakers are better (at least in term of names). Last season Barcelona won 5 out of 6 titles, and it wasn’t a better record because of two unfortunate last games (he only lost three regular season games), and this year it might be a better team.
    About last game, FCB-LAL, I want to remark a few things: Lakers were playing a pre-season game, so they didn’t show their real abilities, but Barcelona dind’t do their best (the were not so far from their best performance as the Lakers were, but that was not the best Barcelona at all). Even if the Lakers were not the same team of regular and post-season, they tried hard to win, and even if they are in pre-season, they are not noobs. In fact, they played better than in the previous game. So, it was a game with two teams that can improve a lot during the season (Lakers more).
    After that, it has been discussed how Barcelona could fit in the NBA, and if it woul be able to compete and win games. I think absolutely yes, not in terms of playing for the championship, but at least for the playoffs. Of course, they would have to do their best, but I can’t understand why Phil doesn’t think that they could “compete” (again, not fighting for the ring).
    What do you think?

  78. idlir says:

    phil has been a coach for more than 20 years. he has seen it all, he knows what he is talking about. its 1 thing to play 1 good game but its all about consistency boyz and doing it day in and day out.
    remember that a few years back the usa national team had a blunder and they were beaten by greece but we all agree that that they are centuries apart in terms of quality of basketball.
    Barcelona beating teams like washington regularly. im sorry boyz but i dont see that happening and we even think twice about putting washington in the playoff zone.

  79. Oriol says:

    The fact is 2010 Euroleague champs had dispatched the two-time champion Lakers. Obviously I agree Kobe, and I’m confident our Barça may be a good NBA team. And Barça players play as a team, because in Europe, basketball is still a sport (I’m afraid basketball in USA is just a show).

    Cheers from Catalonia!

  80. broom says:

    At this moment Lakers are one of the wost team in nba (see loss at Wolves). To compare their championship form with their current holiday’s play is really stupid.

  81. wldk says:

    Barcelona have played just one game this season and is in pretty similar shape as Lakers, they didn’t show their best basketball as well. You can’t say that the Lakers didn’t care about the score. Pau played over 40 min., Odom and Fisher over 30, Caracter and Ebanks 8…together. For most of 4th quarter Lakers played their starting 5, Kobe after clash with Navarro at the beginning of third ( clear no call situation ) really compete in fourth. He wasn’t at his best… he made couple of turnovers and few bad shots… he lost. That’s the story.
    I think both of them are right… Barcelona is a very good team of professional basketball players… some of them are euro and world champions, silver medalists at the Olympics. In my opinion they are better then Minnesota, Toronto or New Jersey. They played many games last season in ACB and Euroleague so I think it wouldn’t be so scary to play 82. But Phill is right too… they are not physical enough to be a serious contenders . They would have problems with getting to the PO but sill Regal could win 30 or more games.

  82. Normunds Macius says:

    Lithuanian and Serbian basketball the best

  83. Bane says:

    Well done sekou , you said it right ! Barcelona is a group of guys who knows each other perfectly ! The real TEAM

  84. Breaker says:

    This is just really a 100% FRIENDLY game, if this was like THE FINALS, i think KOBE and the LAKERS will treat them more seriously, you know what happened to CELTS right. EURO League you must talk to Commissioner DAVID STERN so you can play one whole season and let us see if you are for REAL.

  85. Joshua Remo says:

    Oh please!!!!!!!!!!!!! The Lakers hardly played any of their starters and let their benchwarmers do all the work. Plus this is pre season Fc Barcelona would be utterly destroyed by the lakers had this been regular season.

  86. Frank Holiday says:

    So for those of you who are tryna say Barcelona is now the World Champs and can truly compete…as in reach the finals and even win….Let me try to understand your logic of thinking, and please correct me if i’m wrong….Barcelona beat us by 4 points in a PRESEASON game we were trying so hard to win that we let Kobe our BEST player play not even half the game, and had maybe one or two of our starters in with our reserves for most of the game…in which Barcelona kept most of their starters in the WHOLE game, and were seriously trying to win this game which you could tale by their temperament and the crowds enthusiasm to the refs calls and just the game its self…..But i digress, Barcelona beat us by 4 points….does that make the Minnesota Timberwolves….who beat us by 19 points our previous game….are they now true NBA Champions, because by your logic of saying Barcelona is now the true World Champions, the Timberwolves…..let me repeat that the TIMBERWOLVES should be the NBA CHAMPIONS and technically since they beat us by 15 more points they are even better than Barcelona….WOW REALLY….REALLY….come on guys lets think just a little bit, the Lakers don’t care to much about preseason its about getting timing back and getting a better feel of working with your teammates…. If the Lakers were serious about winning they would have killed Barcelona, and don’t get me wrong i think Barcelona is a great team but they can not truly compete with the NBA teams for a whole season….just tell ya like it is

  87. Breaker says:

    I think EURO League must send their CHAMPs to NBA once in a while, i am talking about for the whole season, since they have enough money NBA should find a way to let them play…MR, COMMISSIONER i think the world and all the NBA fans wants to see one team from the EURO league to play in NBA for a whole season. Let them send their own champions and let us find out if they can stand the REAL NBA.

    What do yo think NBA FANS???

  88. GeoIkaros says:

    Hey people I’m European and i know how Barcelona plays. Although i think Kobe is right, it’s really tough for Europeans teams to compete in such rhythms but that doesn’t mean that they couldn’t be that good.

  89. ddddd says:

    Its a preseason game… Who cares! I don’t think anyone did from the lakers cared or else they would have played better…. Remember that its not how you start, its how you finish…. I love senseless internet chatter.

  90. orch says:

    Hi guys! Regards from Barcelona!

    It is obvious that Lakers playing at 100% are better than Barcelona. We are talking about NBA champions! Anyway I think Barcelona has enough level to play in NBA and win matches. I think it could reach PO in eastern conference after 2 years.

    Ok, it was 2nd pre-season match for Lakers… Well, Barcelona has played 2 Spain’s Supercup games, 1 ACB league game and 0 Euroleague games this season… This is not a big advantage! The best level of the team will be at the beggining of May. In fact I think Barcelona did not play at a good level yesterday.

    Ok, Kobe was at 60%… But nobody noticed thart Ricky Rubio was also at a very low level… He played horrible yesterday. Lorbek is also playing at a very low level compared to last season.

    Ok, no Bynum and no Walton… Well, Gianluca Basile was also injured.

    Ok, 3pt line is 7,23 and in Europe is 6,75. I will not remember Lakers percentage. But Barcelona’s was 31% in the first game playing on this distance… I think this is not an issue.

    Ok, it was a pre-season match and the Lakers stars played less. Let’s see:
    – Lakers starting 5: Odom 41, Gasol 35, Fisher 30, Artest 24 and Kobe 24. Total: 154
    – Barcelona starting 5: Mickeal 39, Navarro 35, Morris 31, Vazquez 20 and Rubio 17. Total: 142. 12 minutes less…

    Ok, in Europe we don’t play 82 Regular Season matches, But the rooster is limited to 12 fixed players and Barcelona played around 65 official matches last season. Just by getting 3 players (Gasol + 2 midclass atheletic players for instance) to complete a 15 players rooster, we could do a very good job.

    Lakers were not motivated… Well, after 30 seconds Artest was already “boxing” with Mickeal, Pau was extra-motivated. And Kobe, semi-injured, played half the game… of course, because he was not motivated. I agree that some Barcelona players like Mickeal were extra-motivated.

    Please, don’t be so arrogant to say that in normal conditions Lakers would win by 45 points of difference. The big gap between NBA and FIBA world that existed in the past (for instance, I remember the original and unbeatable Dream Team in ’92), is not so big nowadays. Of course we would not be NBA champions, but we would be a solid team with PO chances.

    That’s just my opinion. Right or wrong, but my opinion… 🙂

    P.D: Thank you very much to Los Angeles Lakers for coming to Barcelona!

  91. marcus says:

    For those of you who say that D is an issue due to nba game is more physical is say i couldnt disagree more… european players are 10 times better then we american defenders.. Most nba players cant even play one on one D….. and eruropean players are much better help defenders

  92. jazzman says:

    Why not FC Barcelona could win nba? Is the best team in Europe. Do you really think difference between NBA & Europe are enourmous? I don’t think so. Only physical could be a handicap.
    FC Barcelona have also the best team in the world of soccer, have more than 200.000 members, and more than 1.000 clubs around the world. Has LA that? FC Barcelona has bigger budget than LA.
    Just I mean, to talk you have to know.

  93. GP says:

    the reality is that in each sport we are experiencing a leveling. There are no more terrible teams nor irresistible teams, it’s happening in basketball and in football at a planetary level. It doesn’t matter if Barcelona could go to the playoffs in the NBA, it is important to understand that Barcelona and any other European and perhaps, Asian teams, can beat even the world champions in a single game,something that was impossible until a few years ago.

  94. Pinguin13 says:

    I think the simple fact that the question is being asked is a good thing for basketball.

    20 years ago the mere suggestion of a European team beating an NBA team on one night would’ve been met with loud laughter, let alone the idea of them seriously competing an entire season. Nor would anyone be looking for excuses. That the question pops up now is proof that basketball is getting better all over the world.

  95. CHUPACABRA. says:

    This is another KB smart move too make more fans around the world.Its al about himself again instead of backing up his coach.
    Its very funny to hear how Kobe is talking about Team players, one on one, play together, selfish????? What about him??????
    When is he going to be a teamplayer???
    First of all, after being so lon in the game of basketball Phil definitely knows wat basketball is about and what going on around the world. He is not trying to diss any league. He is talking about basketball on a coach high IQ level . It depends on what you make from it. The Timberwolve also beat the Lakers a couple day earlieyer. Does that make them one of the best teams in the league. Its still the preseason.
    I think that NBA has 10 great teams that can beat any team in the world at a least 4-1 in a best of seven game. The rest of the teams are beatable frome the top teams of the world.
    Don’t take me wrong but I live in europe I watch the euroleage from time to time. There are a lot of top teams and the game is intense. But its is never the seem as the NBA. I mean NBA after the al star break period. The NBA playoff is uncomparable. The NBA playoff is make fore athlete freaks. FIBA basketball is all about great shooting and foundamental.
    NBA is Intertainment on the highest level.
    Ican’t wait to see the heat play “volleyball” against the other teams I’m not a Heat team and maybe the Heat will not win it all.
    But still I think they are a freaky team……..

  96. freeman says:

    lets not forget this was a preseason game. the lakers lost to the t wolves worse than barcelona. it means nothing. if barcelona joined the nba and the lakers would have to play real games against them, there;s no doubt the lakers would win 9 times out of ten

  97. Darin says:

    Phil Jackson is correct. Kobe is being nice and politically correct…

  98. txema says:

    thing is, Barcelona played their worst game in almost two years. Are they good enough to win the ring? Hell no. Can they compete in the NBA? Absolutely. Name 20 teams better (and deeper) than them.

  99. mike says:

    theres no way any euro league team could hang in the nba…they think otherwise cuz they beat the lakers in the offseason when theyre trying to avoid injuries lol…get outta here with that bs…any euroleague team would win maybe 10-15 games in the nba every season

  100. L.A says:

    FC couldnt beat the Lakers when their 100%
    that game was a fluke

  101. Julxz says:

    I agree that Phil J has some good points but I totally disagree that FC Barcelona is not yet ready for NBA. They are actually ready for NBA but not as NBA champs. If just Lakers played the intensity and the physicality on every game they played NBA against the Barcelona Team for sure they have beaten Barcelona. Kobe quoted that Barcelona played well cause they played as a unit unlike most of the NBA teams which makes isolation plays which is right . With regards to Isolation Plays, why most of the teams in NBA do that? simply because the kind of talent that NBA has.

    Imagine if Barcelona will play against Miami Heat… How will they stop LBJ, DWade and CB?

    Maybe they could play with the kind of intensity and physicality that NBA has after 5-10 years.

  102. gian says:

    of course the lakers aren’t the worlds champions anymore, because they wouldn’t win the nba championship next season. send boston or miami to barcelona and see what happens.

  103. Nick says:

    One more thing. Why do the best european players come to the nba to play instead of the nba players going to europe? dont say its because of the money either because i know european players get payed alot to. Its because of the competition and better players here.

  104. SpaniardFan says:

    I think there are some points to discuss here:
    1.- The Lakers wanted to win this game? Yes, they do. The Lakers tried to win this match as much as they tried to beat the ‘Wolves in London. The Lakers want to win every game as well as Barcelona.
    2.- Was this game extremely important for the Lakers ? Not at all. They put some effort in the final minutes playing with the starters and commiting fouls to shorten the distance but… it was not a question of life or dead. They rotate the players often and this is far from what Phil Jackson does in the Lakers when he wants to win at any risk.
    3.- Has made Barcelona a statement with this win ? Yes. To beat an NBA champion will always be a challenge for an European basketball team regardless of the friendly character of the game.
    4.- Are the Barça NBA ready ? I think they could be in that .500 or less percentage. They probably will be one of these teams struggling for a PO birth. But being realistic, when I imagine a scenario where Barcelona was playing in a sort of European Conference they would probably had to update their roster a little bit. For a team like Barcelona not reaching PO would be a bad failure and they will do whaterever they can to not take any risk.

  105. Mario says:

    Lakers are the strongest team in NBA but I think that is due to individualities: Bryant (=best player as pure talent, shooting, personality, strength), Gasol (best player in interpreting the foundations of the game, passing, positioning, timing), and Jackson (best coach after sharing dressing room with the biggest players, plus of experience). Saying that, the question would be what other players of LA would play in Barcelona today? Maybe Fisher and/or Artest, but for sure not having the predominant role that Rubio or Navaro have. Is the 6th man in Jackson’s rotation better than the 6th man in Barcelona’s?

  106. Nick says:

    you can have gasol. still wouldnt make them a championship contender moron but they would be alot better.

  107. TYLER says:

    Just wanted to add that the best Spanish born player ever is named Pau Gasol… He plays for the Lakers

  108. Carlos says:

    What nobody says here is something very important.
    If Barcelona would be NBA team GASOL would never left that team.

    Have that in mind and sorry bout my bad english.

    • jazzman says:

      The NBA is better than the Euroleague championship, but it doesn’t mean that out of the NBA there are good teams. Your comment is a nonsense.

  109. Slyboogaloo says:

    I think Phil was clearly angry so that was his quick answer. He wasn’t polite even losing. As for about physical games and season, don’t forget FC Barcelona had Pau and Marc Gasol too. What does mean not to have energy to compete? Don’t we have a lot of players like them among us, or Dirk, Parker, Turkoglu, Galinari…? Barcelona started their practice 4 weeks ago, they’ve just played 1 only game of RS, and I suppose they are also trained to reach their peak in april-may, so…? Look: I’ve been reading posts talking about “euro trash” often and I did not reply ever. 42 min LO, 36 Pau, 30-25 Fish, Ron and Kobe…you really watched them not competing hardly? Cuz I saw ’em. For sure Barcelona wouldn’t win a division title, but if we love, if we really love this game, we’d all have to be happy for this point of inflexion, don’t you think?

  110. Nick says:

    if any of you watched the nba or preseason games you would know that nba teams play half a**ed during the presaeson. dont think your team is better than the lakers just because of this game LOLOL and quit it with all this you laker fans are just making excuses because you know its true.if you dont watch the nba or preseason games dont leave a comment. for that one comment about only the nba only having 8 of the best players in the world your way wrong pal. dont forget to add baseball in there with the usa being dominant along with the nba and nfl. not china WTF LOL. i think you europeans are just mad because we are better. dont forget our olympic team was full of players that were subpar for the nba and still won the gold. that made me lol. your making a big deal out of a game that doesnt matter what so ever. you think your team would win a single game if this was the finals against the lakers i dont think so. im not even a lakers fan. i f**king hate them. BOSTON ALL THE WAY BABY.

  111. dr. strangelove says:

    L.A. were missing Bynum, and Barcelona was missing this one:

    • Caius Pupus says:

      The issue here is that in the NBA nobody plays defense from November through April; half of the season is more or less an exhibition game or a dunking contest. Besides, if NBA referees would call travelling when due US teams would score 1/3 less than they usually do. VIVA ZAPATA

  112. Ace Rimmer says:

    US teams (in general) have more talented individuals, more athletic and skilled, but European teams play much better team basketball with constant screens, running without the ball, passing etc. They play much better half court offense. I really don’t know why NBA teams can’t play that way, why NBA coaches aren’t developing that sort of game? It’s much easier to create open shots and opportunities that way, European teams make up for their slight lack of skill and physicality (compared to NBA players and speaking in general, of course) playing like that…

    • David says:

      You are right about that, however, that type of play can only take you so far. I think the college team that came close to playing like the European teams was Princeton, they did okay for a while, but once the teams figured it out and how to play against it, they haven’t made much noise since then. Everyone had been too happy to point out how other countries were catching up with the USA when they struggled in the ’98, ’02, and ’06 World Championships in addition to the ’04 Olympics. What everyone was forgetting was that these teams were fielding players who had been playing together since their youth days, and World competitions. Once the USA figured it out, the country now holds every single international championship there is in both Men and Women, and at every age level, with the exception of the youth olympics. Is there a single country besides the USA that has been able to accomplish that?

  113. dvoice says:

    FC Barcelona is a “great team” and play like a great team every night. As big a Lakers fan I am, I can say that my team takes other teams lightly sometimes and get beat. I believe Lakers came to this game treating it as “exibition” game and Barcelona came to the floor with an attitude “let’s beat this back to back championship team. Now there is so much talk about the Lakers, let’s hope they meet again next year and see how the Lakers response then we all can better judge.

  114. YoMismo says:

    I don’t really know why people in America are so confident about the superiority of american players phisically. Of course they’re better prepared for an NBA season, because the staff of their teams prepared for that; in the same way that european teams are prepared for their self season. But I think, seeing what you’re writing, that you can’t concieve the idea of european people playing at that level phisically, at least not being able to compete. I really don’t get it. There is a lot and a lot and a lot of athletic players in Europe, and most of them are pretty good or at least have a good fundaments of the game, being a really good player. But it seems that you just aren’t be able to see that. For example, Josh Childress who was named as a future star when he was in Atlanta has done nothing in Olympiakos, practically nothing. And now he comes back and the media talk about him like if he would be the king of europe. And do you know why he has done nothing? It’s quite simple. They’re better players than him, european players by the way.

    • dball says:

      u have a point, i think the reason is we really dont much about European bball teams, we only know the NBA. we know the players their cribs and everything there is to know about them ( Wade’s Divorce, Nowitski’s ex girlfriend) that is why it is a big deal that they won againts the Lakers the NBA’s current champ. for them (FC fans) they have proven that they can beat the lakers. a team that we barely know besides Rubio and Navarro.

  115. NIK says:

    For those of you saying Lakers are just mad they lost, its PRESEASON. Championship teams lose to worse teams all the time in preseason. They lost to the wolves and nobody is saying the wolves are even playoff contenders

  116. Greg says:

    Haha damn whiners at LAL. They lost to a bad team and find excuses. Lakers won’t win Western finals, that’s for sure xD

  117. Behemot says:

    Barcelona would win 20-25 games in the NBA with these players plus few additions. Nevertheless I voted that I agree with Kobe as that’s enough to compete in the NBA. I hope we will see NBA expanssion to Europe some day. Let’s say four teams from Europe for the start.

  118. tayriley says:

    ugh. americans and their delusions of grandeur. the south americans and spanish have been closing in on the race for best leagues for a while now.
    true, lakers were preserving their stars to try out their new players, but still, it is disrespectful and flat out wrong to say that there arent international teams that could beat out nba teams. (and for laker bandwagoners…didnt minnesota just beat the lakers the game before?)
    phil jackson said what he said because it was their second loss this week, and he needed to keep morale up for any lakers who were doubting themselves or their team.
    but kobe had the right answer- stars dont make winning teams, teamwork does. the nba is a business machine and many would argue that stars’ teams win because they generate more money…but that’s an argument for another day.

  119. ferran says:

    Well, there are only two players in FCB roster that played in the Spanish Olympic team, JC Navarro (who wasn’t in the starting five in Beijing) and Ricky Rubio.

  120. GA-MA-TOS says:

    BIG question: was the game played on NBA rules or FIBA rules?

  121. bos says:

    Barcelona’s starting five and the teamgame they play would be about .500 basketball i think. Just wondering if they’re deep enough to withstand an 82 game schedule. Does anybody know how much games they play a year? remember they have a regular season + platoffs in their national competition and a euroleague on top of that.. Less than the NBA but still a lot of games.
    Anyway, to compare their level to the NBA. The question isn’t wether they would beat the lakers. But I’m sure they would be battling for a playoff spot. So Phil and Kobe are both right 🙂

  122. Daniel el cabroncete says:

    I´m from Spain and I totally loved the game last night, but I dont think the Barcelona can beat the playoff Lakers, with Kobe at full power, everyone knowing Phil Jackson´s offensive system (Matt Barne was soooooo lost in the court), without the guys signed for the training camp…

  123. David says:

    Excuses, excuses… BARÇA didn’t play at 100% (I know what i say, cos i’am from Barcelona), that’s wasn’t a really good match from FCB, cos we’re beginin the season (only one match played). So, the referees were on the lakers side…

  124. Hrymur says:

    I think some really good points have been made here, but Phil along with most of those pointing out the physicality and ammount of games played in the NBA. Barcelona would have to add to and alter their players training to match that level of playing. Dont get me wrong Barca are an outstanding team but would at the moment fall just short of being NBA ready.

  125. Read this!!! says:

    the only people who comment are those who agree with phil; however, according to the poll, they are a minority haha… guys there IS good level of basketball in Europe. Just accept that fact. And teams like Barcelona could come to the NBA and play at a high level. The NBA arguably has the best 5 or 8 players in the world, but not every single player in the NBA is the best of the whole planet.

  126. Georg says:

    I disagree with Phil, I tink that Barcelona can play in NBA and make a good season ( i don’t say that they can won the NBA title) but I’m sure that they can arrive to the play-offs. Barcelona plays like a team! the most important is the team, in the NBA is different, the players prefer to play one to one. If in the euroligue there was the same financial conditions than NBA it would be better than NBA.

  127. BDubDub says:

    Both Phil and Kobe make great points, both are also playing their share of politics.

    I think Kobe makes a great point in that the team chemistry and communication are critical to basketball success and is lacking into today’s (NBA) game. The championship Knicks team that Phil played on was very team oriented and got the job done. If NBA teams today demonstrate what that Knicks team or FC Barcelona demonstrate(d), they’d elevate their game to playoff contention. Instead, less developed teams get edged out, night in and night out.

    But to Phil’s point, the physicality of the NBA is not to be dismissed either. In the long run, excellence in teamwork alone will not carry a team successfully through an entire season. The Jordans, Kobes and LeBrons of the NBA can man handle “lesser teams”…with teamwork necessary to ultimately win the big prize (a la Boston in 2008 and Lakers in 2010).

  128. KIng says:

    Come on,you guys sound like haters. They would win 20 games, come on. I agree with Kobe. they let u play in fiba, u get tick tack fouls in nba. If u watch the way those guys play, there is alot of movement, thats what would win most of their games. Yes their D could use some work, but as you play they would pick up some strategy and tips to make up for man to man D. But the way they play D is beautiful they help one another and it looks so good when they do it. Lets dont forget, the suns never use o play D and they survived and had some great seasons. Im not saying they woulod win a championship or something, but i think they can win somewhere around 40 games give or take a few. (Plus just a note Rubio will only get better)

  129. raheem says:

    As in nba season … lakers gonna get beaten by couple of teams …. but that will not give them the status of nba champs.
    i think we are giving too much heat too this topic … we all know wat happend ,.. so chill out

  130. Tomas says:

    Props up for Kobe. Growing up an ocean away from USA has done good for him.

    I’ve seen plenty of unnecessary excuses for the Lakers here, but have any of you considered that Barcelona is not exactly in the end of season shape either (start of EL is a few weeks away), or that the game was played according to mostly NBA rules with disgusting NBA referees? Had it been according to FIBA rules, Lakers would’ve had a very hard time keeping the difference close.

    Fact of the matter is, that the European game itself is fundamentally different. The very basketball culture is different. Terms that have nothing to do with actual sport, such as “franchise player” are unheard of in Europe and neither are such things as “franchises” moving to other cities for greater financial profitability.

    Typically ignorant and arrogant attitude from Americans… At the end of the day:



  131. Jeff says:

    I agree with Phil. Aside from this being a preseason game for the Lakers, European offense has largely to do with moving screens. If you actually WATCH the games, European players slide alot more on screens. Its how they get their open looks and its one reason why alot of European point guards (Jaric, Welsch, Plannic, Jasevikus etc) suck in the NBA, where moving screens aren’t so frequent. Rubio has talent but I won’t be sold til I actually see him in NBA games.

  132. BMC says:

    Are we really basing this off a preseason game?

    FC Barcelona played their hearts out.

    The Lakers were trying out different rotations, and played their starters limited minutes to get the new players involved.

    If this was an NBA Finals game the Lakers would’ve won by 45

  133. David says:

    The only way that ACB would win some games out of 10 is if the Lakers had been blowing them away so bad, that they started slacking off. The Lakers are in their pre-season, they have only been training together for 1 week! They had to deal with the fatigue from all the travel. Kobe was only at 60% and not anywhere in competition shape. So, you can imagine that he was taking it easy in fear of not wanting to re-injure his knee that he recently had surgery on. Andrew Bynum and Luke Walton were missing. Most of the players on the Lakers team are competing for roster spots, heck there was a player who not so long ago was playing in the Final Fours! Whenever you play a game, you play to win, so, that is why the Lakers did want to make a game of it, besides, this was Pau Gasol’s homecoming, so, you can imagine that the team did want to win it for him. With that being said, I was seeing plays out there that the Lakers just gave up on, when in reality if it had been a real NBA game they would have been flying and diving all over for the balls. I don’t even think I rembember coach Phil Jackson get up off of his bench during the game. I never even saw Kobe try to assert himself fully defensive wise, he wasn’t driving to the basket as aggressively as he is well known to do so. To me it seems like these guys were just playing a serious pick-up or practice game. Heck, I have seen them do more and go hard during training than what they did out there yesterday.

  134. Mafius says:

    I am from Spain, but I support Real Madrid, not Barcelona FC. However, i have to say that Barcelona moves the ball… NBA teams are not a team… They are just a few great guys playing for themselves and sometimes for their team. And of course i think Barcelona could win to many NBA teams. Maybe in a few years we’ll see. It’s the time to have something between Europe and America.

  135. RealFab says:

    I agree with both Jackson and Kobe Bryant.

    Barcelona’s win wasn’t a,fluke. They played that game to win.

    “”I think they execute extremely well, they know each other extremely well, they move the ball extremely well and that’s what you’re looking for. In the NBA, teams that do that are few and far in between, teams that play together as a unit. You see a lot of isolation game; you see a lot of guys going one-on-one. They do a great job moving the ball, they do a great job helping each other defensively, so I disagree, but, what do I know?” Well said Kobe. Unlike some people here I didn’t think you said that to be polite. You have a tremendous basketball IQ.

    Conversely, on Phil Jackson’s point, Barcelona, while they played extremely good basketball would have a tough time keeping up with the grueling NBA schedule in addition to the physical aspect of an 82 game season.

    A lot of you here are right about the degree of contest this Lakers team played. The entire team was a step behind all night. There was no urgency in their game. They were closer to 55% of the team that won the title. Even, Kobe was closer to 60% of the one that played in the playoffs. While Barcelona may see this as a great win, the real basketball fan see this as a so so win. The shape the Lakers were in, it should have been a blowout game but Barcelona won by 4.

  136. Rej says:

    Barcelona would be cellar dwellers in the NBA if they played there. Basketball now is dominated by very athletic players and night in and night out they have to face the LeBron James’ and Kevin Durant’s. They may have good team work but in 82 games sustaining that would be impossible, that’s why even if teams in the NBA profess “teamwork” the demand of the schedule and level of play is just too much to abide by pure teamwork.

  137. JesseO3 says:

    You all DO realize that this is pre-season. They didnt BLOW the Lakers out. You have Kobe coming off surgury. Hes not up to his normal game speed and intensity. That would go for the ENTIRE Laker unit.

    They play again in 2 months…if that would happen, i got my money on the Lakers, hands down.

  138. EDGAR says:


  139. jared says:

    Yeah I’m agreeing with Phil. No way I’m buyin that this team would be a contender in the NBA. They are way too soft and wouldn’t be able to get through the long season. Plus they wouldnt have the wuss Euroleague rules to help them and the three ball is longer so you wouldn’t see them knocking down as many.

    • UcanUwill says:

      Damn you guys. Watch the game first. The game was played on NBa rules, with NBA 3 point line, NBA refs…
      Is for example Pete Micheal is soft? LOL
      Vujacic – this is soft. The guy would be bench warmer in Barcelona.

  140. rakim says:

    FCBarcelona played to prove !! ….. to be honest Lakers should have played to prove that they are World champions .. the thing they didnt … cus they took it like a exhibition game.

    Phil is right there is no way FCB can play at nba level … cus there are 82 games u cant play all the games at that level of play which they did against lakers … i mean 1st of all if they were in nba lakers starting five wud play all the game kobe wud ave played 38 minuted and all the starters and the things wud be very diffrent.

    but to be honest FCB outplayed in every concept of game … it was a exhibition game but lakers should have reacted and play like a champion.

  141. EDGAR says:

    LAKERS #1

  142. joshua says:


    One game will not give us any conclusion yet!!!

  143. Krjnk says:

    A freindly? A preseason game? Did anybody here see the match yesterday? The Lakers’ atittude wasn’t of a friendly match. That Phil Jackson is a bad-loser doesn’t hide the fact that yesterday Lakers plaied for win and weren’t only here on holidays.

    It’s true that lakers are in preseason and kobe wasn’t at 100%, but Barça has begun the season the last weekend, so it’s also far from his best playing. And for those who say that’s Bynum didn’t played, it’s ridiculous I doubt that he could have played better than Lamar Odom or Pau Gasol (the best Lakers yesterday). And for something we have Erazem Lorbek and his outstanding knowledge of the game.

    Don’t be so arrogant Baça and the best european teams (like Olympiakos, Pao, Madrid, Baskonia or Cska) could perfectly play in NBA and probably most of them qualify for the Play offs. It’s true that they’ra not physically used to, but this can be solved with the apropriate preparation and with one or two bench-level signings to complete the rosters (that in europe are shorters).

    Ps: before write nonsenses you should inform the match weas in “Palau Sant Jordi” and Barça plays in “Palau Blaugrana” and believe me, that I’ve benn in boths, there’s a huge difference them.
    Barça has only 2 players of the team that played the olympic final (Ricky and Navarro) so Jerry I don’t know what kind of excuse are you trying to sell.

  144. Luis! says:

    Hi! I’m from Spain and I understand Lakers are still in preseason and many players like Bryant are not trained and slightly injured… On the other hand is Barcelona, that is already in competition and it has twelve very competitive players. In NBA teams play 82 matches in RS and the european teams play about 60 matches. The difference is quite large but twelve players can be rotated in a long season and I’m sure that this Barcelona can win between 20 and 30 matches. Maybe he could qualify for the playoffs in two or three seasons with some signing or player drafted…

  145. Jack says:

    Quote from FC Barcelona Website “In the United States the media emphasised how well the Blaugrana played and praised star players Pete Mickael and Juan Carlos Navarro. Excuses were made for the stage in pre-season that the Lakers are in and it was acknowledged that they will improve in the three weeks before the start of the NBA season. ” and “New York Times and USA Today took similar lines as they used the Associated Press coverage to show that the Lakers did not score one of 14 triple attempts and showed little consistency in this high-profile friendly. “Neither team played like it was merely an exhibition. Three technical fouls were called,” they wrote. “

  146. Petrigol says:

    Phil Jackson is right, but for one only reason. NBA players don’t have dopping controls…european teams (like F C BARCELONA) do have it. So yes Phil, we can’t play day in day out against dopping…

  147. John says:

    First of all, in Europe, there are only three or four teams that can play on Barcelona’s level. I think these elite teams have reached the NBA level. The rest are still behind, but they are catching up. I’m not surprised that Barcelona won, The Lakers did try alright,they played their starters and also played Kobe as much as they could, but I think they were somewhat overwhelmed. Sure the Lakers will be much better in June, but so will Barcelona. It’s very likely that they will be able to hang on even then. Phil Jackson was a bit annoyed because of the loss. That’s why he said those things.

    • LEBRON SUCKS says:

      John your a shmuck!! PJ was not annoyed by a team like FC Barcelona. And you really think the LAKERS tried to win that game? The only person who tried to win on the LAKERS last night was Gasol. Other than that, Gasol had no help. If the rest of the team had of shown up, LAKERS would have won. But this game means nothing to the back to back champs!!

      • tribon says:

        kobe said he hates losing..they lost to barcelona..after that he cried hust like the ’08 finals when he was beat up by pierce…he also cried when he demanded for trade a few years back..he’s a copy cat of MJ23..tongue-out imposter

  148. mathew says:

    9. European rules as appose to the rules the lakers are used too in the NBA. (this is huge)
    10. European officials (not suggesting they were biast) im just sayin no doubt the officiating is going to be a little bit different than what the lakers are used to in the NBA. the same happens when comparing college ball to NBA.

  149. Michael says:

    This was like the MLS All-Stars playing Chelsea last year, and the MLS All-Stars won because Chelsea was out of shape. Kobe goes 2-15, and they only lose by 4? Gasol seemed to be the only one who actually cared about the game. Lets see these 2 face off in a 7game series, Lakers 4-1.

  150. yellow basket says:

    i’d agree with phil jackson here.. not to say anything bad about euroleague teams but let’s face it.. L.A. isn’t L.A. without Kobe getting hook on every ball possession, Bynum down the paint, Rookies playing, and Phil Jackson manning his post.. this is undoubtedly lame and totally blown out of proportion..
    can this happen with F.C.B. have been in the 82games of a regular NBA season which every single win counts for contention for the playoffs.???? not a chance.!! my hats off with what Phil said.!! The TRUTH.!!!

  151. Vanya 12 says:

    Lakers most win!!!

  152. no name face says:

    It is a good win for them..but half their team..wouldnt score more than 5 ppg in the nab ..let alone be called up…to an nba team…ricky rubio look horrible too..only players i see is juan carlose navarro..and maybe mickael…

  153. Vanya 12 says:

    Hello! I am from Russia! My name Vanya Zausov!!!

  154. Pero says:

    Being from Europe and up to date with all the European basketball, but also being NBA fan, I can say that Barcelona, as best European club, would have some difficulties reaching the playoffs in the NBA. But also, the truth is, Kobe was not “just being polite” talking about Barcelona. Tactical discipline in Europe is far better than in NBA! I’m sure that in next few years an European coach will get an opportunity in the NBA and will amaze! My point is than in one-match contest, Barcelona (being an elite European club) is more than capable of beating NBA club. Just remember some of the Dream Teams and the way European national team dismantled them…

  155. el jefe says:

    If I was the commissioner I would start an All-Europe team comprised of some of the best players from Europe. Think about it: build a home stadium in New York (were there is a large amount of foreigners: a great market), and make it a league of 33 instead of 32. I guarantee this would attract European interest in the NBA that commissioner David Stern has been seeking for years. Who wouldn’t want to see the Lakers face FC Barcelona on a competitive basis. Especially in the Playoffs. Obviously there was nothing at stake for the Lakers in this particular game, but the European teams tend to play a style of basketball that is much more fundamentally sound. They share the ball and create shots for their team instead of a 1 on 1 style of game. If the Euros had a team in the NBA it would attract MUCH more international attention. Once a team had been established you could also look into incorporating an All-South America team and possibly an All-Asia team.

  156. Stefan from Germany says:

    Barcelona didn’t want their players to suffer from injuries either.
    None sayin that Barca was the NBA champ if they would be playing in America. Although, I think they could be a playoff team. Let’s not overrate a test match…

    If you would take the best European players and let them play against the US Olympic team, they were more than a matchup. However, it’s totally stupid because you have a big pool of players to choose from. It’s the same in the Olympics, there’s far more guys playing basketball in the US than in Spain. Even if Spain had they same amount of inhabitants than the US, the pool of Spanish basketball players would be far off coz basketball is not as big as in the USA.

    I think the game is played differently over here in Europe, it’s more about the team. In the NBA it’s more about the individual player that can make the difference. However, some crucial NBA rules will be introduced over here, which might require more physical players. So, let’s see – maybe there will better European teams in future.

  157. jaup says:


  158. Aitor says:

    Well, I agree with both sides (Kobe and Phil).

    First of all, Phil is right. Europeans teams doesn’t have the size nor the strength that most of the NBA’s teams has. And surely they’d have some problems with the length of the competition. BUT, I fully disagree with Phil when he says that Barcelona played well…. it’s obvious that he (probably) haven’t seen any “serious” match from this team. They played as bad as Lakers did. They (FCB) had “something” to demonstrate, and this willingness forced them into careless shots. And R. Rubio played horrible, this guy is capable of much better things…

    On the other hand, Kobe pointed the real strength of FCB… they’re a TEAM. They have 12 players that would play without decreasing the team’s level. NBA teams usually has the first and the second unit, that also happens with FCB, but the gap between these two units isn’t that big by far. That’s an advantage, a really big one that would allow FCB to compete in the NBA without accumulate fatigue.

    In conclusion, FCB is not ready to be a championship contender, but, imho, they’re more than capable of compete in the NBA.

    (please, excuse me if I’ve made some mistakes, I know that my English is not so great…)

  159. mijuan says:

    Well, I agree with Mr. Smith … F.C. Barcelona, as well as some other Euroleague or ACB teams, could perfectly play on NBA. I think that FCB would be a play off team in East Conference for sure almost. In Barça roster, there are 12 great players who can enter in court almost with the same level during the game … so, this is a great way to contend physically every night.
    NBA teams have had 4 losses in 7 games against ACB teams in Spain since 2003 (FCB deffeted Sixers, Malaga deffeted Memphis, Real Madrid deffeted Raptors, and FCB did it with Lakers again las night). Remember two years ago, when Lakers deffeted Barça in 4 points in Stapples Center, L.A. … Just think about it … And wait to see Baskonia in San Antonio and Memphis next week …

  160. Pau says:

    Hi there! Here in Barcelona we’re really excited after last night’s match. the oportunity to see Pau Gasol wearing the Lakers’ uniform is once in a life experience, as it is watching Kobe playing. I had the oportunity to see the game at the Palau St Jordi, and it was awesome. About the discussion if Barça would be able to compete in the NBA, I’m gonna say yes. no doubt we would lose 9 from 10 games against the Lakers once they get into the regular season, but against teams like Memphis, Philadelphia, Toronto, Cleveland, Minnesota, New Jersey, Indiana, Detroit, Sacramento, LA Clippers,… I think we could have a chance. And we also have three centers that can face NBA big men, such as Fran Vazquez (6`10), Kosta Perovic (7 feet) and Boniface Ndong, Sorry for my spelling!

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Glad you guys got to experience a Lakers game first hand!!! Cheers from California!!!!

      • UcanUwill says:

        Hey, California rules 😀
        I am Lithuanian, and I heard that about 90% of all sports media in spain si about Football (Soccer), and just the other 10% goes to all other sports? Is that true? Damn, Spain has second best domestic league after NBA and one of the best National teams.
        Talking about Football, you just beat us 3-1 few hours ago… 😦 Silva’s goal was just… damn.

  161. Mike says:

    Not sure why Jackson is so sure the NBA is so much more gruelling. FCB play not only in the ACB Liga but also the Euroleague – it can be pretty gruelling playing in Spain at the weekend, then flying to Turkey, Greece, Russia, Serbia, Lithuania midweek. They played 68 official games last season (including the Copa del Rey)), not as much as the NBA, but they could have coped – of course it’s also hypothetical, because if FCB did play the NBA, their budget would be so much bigger to attract more players (and being part of the FC Barcelona set up, there is plenty of money there, they only spend on the basketball section what they have to. Twelve hour flights to the west coast of the USA would be a bit of a killer though.

  162. Sean says:

    this is not about the lakers game i would just like to comment on the all shooting team article on and wonder how people feel knowing the best shooter all time in nba history is a canadian. wooo go steve nash!

    • David says:

      Really? How many scoring titles has he won? How many NBA titles does he have on his resume? Yes he does have 2 MVP titles, but I don’t think there is a single NBA title in his treasure chest.

    • ALFONSO CORRAL says:

      for real ray allen would have his way with him if it came to a shoot out even i despise the celtics ray allen would out shoot steve nash any day

  163. UcanUwill says:

    Corrupt comment again….
    By the way… Barcelona is not a Spanish Champion. Caja Laboral is Spanish champion….

  164. UcanUwill says:

    Sorry. My comment was a little corrupt.

    PG. Udrih Navarro
    (Evans wouldn’t be so good in Europe like Navarro, but Navarro wouldn’t be so good like Evans in the NBA. Different players, but yes, Evans is better)
    SF. Casspi Morris
    (Morris is just like Thompson. The same level and the playing style. But Barca has nothing else, Kings has good player Carl Landry. + to Kings)
    C. Cousins/Dalembert/Whiteside = Vazquez/Lorbek/N’Dong
    (different players, but the level is kinda same. I think Cousins has big potential, but we will see it later. Dalembert is good defensive player and rebounder, but Vazquez is faster, quicker, more atheletic and a natural shot blocker. Lorber is the best scorer and leader of all of these, but he is weaker in defense and rebounding.)

  165. Serg says:

    Jerry , there are only 2 olympic spaniards in fc barcelona

  166. UcanUwill says:

    Remember, the game was played with NBA rules.
    Now I gonna repeat my comment, I write in Raptors forums :

    Why not a chance?

    For example, compare Barcelona to Sacramento Kings.

    PG. UdrihNavarro
    (Evans wouldn’t be so good in Europe like Navarro, but Navarro wouldn’t be so good like Evans in the NBA. Different players, but yes, Evans is better)
    SF. CasspiMorris
    (Morris is just like Thompson. The same level and the playing style. But Barca has nothing else, Kings has good player Carl Landry. + to Kings)
    C. Cousins/Dalembert/Whiteside=Vazquez/Lorbek/N’Dong
    (different players, but the level is kinda same. I think Cousins has big potential, but we will see it later. Dalembert is good defensive player and rebounder, but Vazquez is faster, quicker, more atheletic and a natural shot blocker. Lorber is the best scorer and leader of all of these, but he is weaker in defense and rebounding.)

    It hurting my ears, when I hear NBA pronouncers talking about Europe basket. They try to be polite and saying something like this – Pete Micheal is a good player. i think he can make an NBA team…
    LOL. No, he can’t… NBA fans thinks that just the best of the best Europeans playing in the NBA. Casspi, Udrih starting in the NBA, Vujacic play for 5kk a year That guys would be (and was) bench warmers in the best European teams.

    • formerD1pg says:

      The Kings are not a team of consequence…….Now compare them to Memphis or Charlotte or Philly……they would not stand a chance in a 7 game series or even New Orleans……these are teams that didnt make the playoffs but FC Barcelona would be clearly overmatched……c’mon……Duke could probably beat the Kings or the Raptors

      • UcanUwill says:

        I don‘t think Duke can beat any NBA team, but I just saying, just compared NBA team. Course, none Europe team can compete with the best NBA teams, but there are few NBA teams, which are not much stronger than the best Europe teams. If Kings, Raptors or Timberwolves playing in the NBA, why barcelona, CSKA or Panathinaikos can‘t stand a chance? Their ordinary starters are poor NBA starter, or 7-8th player material. Plus few stars like Siskauskas, or Diamantidis, who are better than a lot solid NBA players.

    • ALFONSO CORRAL says:

      haha nice insight fc barcelona is like sacremento kings without tyreke evans their for they would be a lottery team

  167. Rick says:

    I belive that the Laker fans on this blog are very upseat because they lost to FC Barcelona, that is not really a BKB team, the first Team of Barcelona is a soccer team, BKB is second for fans in Barcelona, even they won to the NBA champs, Jackson should show more respect as the really play to win the game and they lost, why everydoby is looking for excuses, Lakers lost to a better team, end of the story, you all say that Jackson because is 11 rings is right, I will like to see Jackson coaching a team with out Kobe, Shaq or MJ at hisd time, I will like to see how many rings will he have, aswer NONE.

    • Lakers ALL DAY says:

      You are a moron lol. You lost all of your credibility when you said that the Lakers lost to a better team when you are basing this statement on a preseason game lol. I am assuming you are a fan of a team that the Lakers have been handling in the playoffs or regular season these past 3 years? LOL

      • Rick says:

        Laker all day, you are not just a Moron but an Ignorante, I dont care what you say or belive, the fact is that FCBarcelona beat the Lakers yesterday and your couch is very upset about this and it looks like you are very upset as well, NO moron I am not a fan any team that your FAKERS have handle over the last 3 or more years, in fact I am a Fan of the most succesfull franchaise of BKB History.

    • LakersWillWin says:

      Actually no Phil would have rings. Don’t forget he was a Championship player back in 1969 on the Knicks.

    • LEBRON SUCKS says:

      Your an idiot. I am a huge LAKER fan. And let me tell you none of us are upset over the last two games that meant nothing at all. Us LAKER fans know where our team will be come time june, (FINALS) So preason games mean nothing at all. And you idiots keep talking about Phil having JORDAN, KOBE, and SHAQ. What the point! What coach has won a championship without having a great player or two. So shut that crap up HATERS!!

      • Rick says:

        Of course the Lakers will be at the final MORON, that is just like 2 plus 2 is 4, there is no competition at the WEST, it will be something very strange if they dont get to the finals with all that bunch of LOOSERS of the West.

      • SPURZ says:

        LARRY BROWN you laker d*** riders.

    • Daniel says:

      Rick…dude c’mon…you know Barcelona is not half as good as the Lakers. This was a preseason game, the Lakers were off and they were on. But get real if you think they are the better team. I’m not a Lakers fan either but seriously dude, don’t be ridiculous.

  168. Kyle says:

    barcelona wouldnt last a week in the nba, but my favourite part is the box score, whats that? 2-15 from the field kobe?

  169. Marc Gonzalez says:

    i agree that they (Barcelona) could compete. But for how long? The NBA 82 game season is about 30-35 more games than they play in Europe. They certainly have players that can definetly play on nba teams. The physicality to me is weird because every time i watch a European team play in international play their are alot of very physical players. Ricky Rubio hasn’t shown any signs that he’s ready to play in the NBA. Besides speed. Before he got drafted i heard he was going to be the next steve nash. He missed every shot he took including 0-4 from 3pt line. He can’t start on an NBA team right now. i was more impressed with P. Micheal who played physical, amazing defense on Kobe. Bryant. He had 26pts, 13reb, and 7ast. Vasquez and navarro played a great game as well. Someone better sign P Micheal, he held Kobe to 2-14 shooting. And clampped him down in the 4th. Kobe, you know you got about 3 or 4 breaks and sent to the line just cause your kobe

    • David says:

      The reason Michael is playing in Europe is because he couldn’t sustain that level of play in the NBA. He stopped Kobe, really??? I don’t know if you would really like to brag about doing good against a guy who has recently had surgery, is at 60% ability wise, has only had 1 week of pre-season training. Clamped down on Kobe….really dude??

    • Daniel says:

      yeah pete michael is a bad ass and is definately good enough to play in the NBA, I remember when he played at Cincinatti, not sure why he didn’t get some PT in the NBA. That being said, he didn’t shut down Kobe. He did a good job on Kobe but give Kobe a few weeks to get in rythym and nobody, especially Pete Michael will stop him. But also the T’Wolves murdered the Lakers a few days before this game and nobody is giving them props. This Barcelona team was good but still would be one of the worst teams in the NBA.

  170. Mike says:

    I really hope Kobe becomes a coach after he retires

  171. dvoice says:

    I can relate to what Phil is saying. I can see that FC Barcelona team get banged up by the size and Phisicality of NBA team by the second half of the season. Nevetheless, this is a good team and can beat many NBA teams.

  172. Jerry says:

    I agree with Phil, also I want to add this to the Lakers was a preseason game, there was no desire to beat Barcelona for a champion ring like Lakers vs Celtics, and with the risk of injuring their starting five. I think Kobe and the Lakers just played a chilllax game just to warm up for the season. Everytime Team USA send their best players to the Olympics, its a guaranteed Gold Medal. FC Barcelona have their team almost entirely made from Spanish Olympic team, and they are still 2nd rate compared to a Laker team with only 2 allstars instead of whole team as allstars.

    • George says:

      Jerry says:
      “FC Barcelona have their team almost entirely made from Spanish Olympic team”

      Almost entirely made from Spansh Olympic team?….Only Juan Carlos Navarro and Ricky Rubio were in last Olympics playing with Spain…two player among twelve in FC Barcelona team.

      It’s only a note.

    • john says:

      The “best” players in the NBA went to the Olympics in China and it was a close gold medal game against Spain. This isn’t a comic book. America isn’t invincible.

      • David says:

        Spain kept it close because they have been playing TOGETHER on teams since the youth tournaments, Eurobasket tournaments, on the other hand, a majority of the US players were getting their first taste of the international game, and the US National team was the first team that they had played on together as a team. While the other teams have a tendency to rely and defer on a single player to carry them. The USA’s achilles heel is that they tend to overshare the ball, they don’t want just one player to stand out as the Superstar for the team. As you can see, once the team started doing that at these recent World Championships, when Kevin Durant started taking over, no one could hang with the team, no one even knew how to stop him, no matter what they did, because they knew that if they tried to come up with a scheme to stop Durant, there were 2 or 3 more players who were ready to step up and light them up.

    • GinSonic says:

      I do agree with u mathew. But that IS NOT the point.
      Lakers are without a doubt the best team in the NBA till someone else proves to snatch their championship.
      Question was: Could FCB be a team of consequence in the NBA.
      And here I gotta disagree with Phil. For sure they wouldnt be title contenders, BUT theyd have good chances to reach playoffs. Compared to teams like Raptors e.g. theyd be defenitely way better. I repeat, WAY better.

      • formerD1pg says:

        No way, they would not make the playoffs. They are not physical enough. If they were that good why are you comparing them to the Raptors w/o Bosh? Duke could beat the Raptors. Compare them to playoff teams……

        San Antonio
        The Bucks
        The Suns
        The Bobcats
        The Mavs

        FC Barcelona would not win a 7 game series vs. any of those teams in the NBA Playoffs……a team of consequence is a playoff team, after 82 games in the NBA they would not have a chance vs. any of the teams I just listed

    • Jorge says:

      Yeah just check the last two Olympics. Guaranteed gold medal? Not really 😉 3rd place in Athens and a 1st place at Beijing in a really close game against Spain.

      And FC Barcelona has pnly 3 Spanish Olympic players, not an almost entire team. Get things right before posting.

  173. kelelouvre says:

    Also, why would anyone disagree with Phil. I mean, the man clearly has a better understanding of the NBA today than anyone else. 11 NBA titles… not Euro league titles. He must know something.

    • Rick says:

      11 Titles thanks to Michael Jordan Kobe and Shaq with out this guys he would won is neighboor tournament.

      • Greg says:

        yes phil coached some of the best players the world has ever seen step on a basketball court, but just remember none of those players were capable of winning a championship before he taught them how.

      • LEBRON SUCKS says:

        You cant win a championship without great players. So whats your point!! The man has 11 NBA titles, more than any other coach. You cant take anything from that.

  174. mathew says:

    first of all im pritty sure Kobe is just being polite. any other responce from him would’ve been unsportsman like and would’ve drawn plenty of unwanted attention to him an his views. truth is if u counter in these factors would u expect any different of a result?
    1. theres no way phil jackson rehersed this matchup like the barcelona side did.
    2. the lakers have new players and the rookies got court time. not only that but one in particular had major court time.
    3. the lakers center bynum didnt play.
    4. kobe was playing at “60 percent healthy” after coming back from knee surgery.
    5. Kobe played 24 minutes
    6. its played at barcelona’s home ground.
    7. the lakers are on holiday for exibition.
    8. the bacrelona side went into the match with sumthing to prove and really wanted the win.
    after all of this what would ur end score prediction be?
    the lakers have really not lost anything here, this is all being blown way out of preportion

    • Rick says:

      Excuses, excuses, excuses….

      • Lakers ALL DAY says:

        You call them excuses, I call them valid reasons why they lost. Lakers are a better and more talented team, so obviously there are reasons why they did not prevail in yesterday’s game. You are a Laker-hater who is in denial lol

      • SPURZ says:

        lakers are a good team, but phil jackson is not the coach everyone thinks he is. OVERRATED = Phil Jackson.

    • Jordi says:

      Lakers also wanted to win (just see last 2 minutes…)
      Played with NBA rules instead of Euroleague’s (To whom benefits this?)

      • David says:

        Really Jordi???? You are going to use the rules’ excuse as the reason why the Lakers should have won? Really?? Well, I guess then you aren’t that knowledable about the game. Tell me something then, would it be fair to say that the FIBA World Championships and Olympic games are played by the rules that are meant to benefit the international teams then? Because based off of your explanation it seems so.

      • formerD1pg says:


        The Lakers just lost to the TIMBERWOLVES and nobody went and said hey the T-Wolves are a playoff team. FC Barcelona would not even make the playoffs. They would get blown out by Orlando, Boston, Miami, LA, Atlanta, OKC, Utah, Denver, Dallas, Atlanta, and even Memphis in April when the games matter. THIS GAME MEANT NOTHING to the Lakers but obviously meant alot to Spain. Be serious! The only player on the Lakers that played hard was Gasol. Kobe had 15 points! he averages 27!

      • Rick says:


      • Jordi says:

        David, it’s more simple than this. On a match you need rules, if 2 teams use to play with different ones each other, always will be one who takes benefits, depending which one is aplied. With this, i don’t mean Barcelona is better than LA, luckuly i’m not sick yet!!! I just mean that LA also had something on his favor.

    • tribon says:

      kobe said he’s 60% healthy..every laker fans believed…he’s 100% healthy..excuses..excuses

  175. kelelouvre says:

    The Lakers that just played FC Barcelona are not the Lakers that have been to the finals these last 3 seasons. They played like a great team plays in the preseason while jet-lagged, BADLY. Their defense was horrible, Bryant was on the court just for show, and they simply weren’t disciplined at all. Also, what would Barcelona have done about Bynum, had he played? FCB could be a playoff contending team in the NBA, but only if they played every night with the energy they just played LA with. The club does not have the physical presence to last in games where the pace slows down. (AKA the Playoffs)

    • Rick says:

      I belive this kind of excuses are not valid for a team like the Lakers, Jet lagged ??, come on the LAKERS are the NBA champions and not the World champions that was proven yesterday, Jackson coments are really poor and not as the level he is Suppost to have.

      • Lakers ALL DAY says:

        For one, it was the Lakers’ second game of the pre-season compared to Barcelona being late in their season. That kinda makes a difference lol. Only Pau and LO played to their true form last night; the rest are either rusty or injured. Heck, Kobe is both! He hasn’t played all summer due to him recovering from the surgery, and his surgically-repaired knee isn’t even 100% yet! The Lakers will not be at full-strength at least until mid-December (hopefully just in time for the Heat).

        Anyways, how about we have these Lakers play this same Barcelona team in April when they are at close-to-full strength and fully-conditioned! Barcelona wouldn’t stand a chance! Common people, use your heads. Don’t let this preseason game fool you into thinking Barcelona is the real world-champs when Lakers were playing with a significant handicap! With that being said, I do think Barcelona would win some games in the NBA, but they would not be a playoff contender, much less a championship contender. They would be an under-.500 ball-club for sure. I am surprised with the ignorance of so many NBA fans! They watch some highlights and look at some box-scores and automatically think they are experts!! Please.

        Lakers three-peat in 2011!

      • David says:

        Rick, the Lakers hadn’t played a competitive game since June! Had only practiced for 1 week, Kobe was at 60%, Bynum and Walton weren’t present, and they were playing against a team that has already completed their pre-season preparation, played in the Supercup, started the season already…..and the list goes on

      • ROOOBEN says:

        RICK…………………If you believe the Lakers would not beat Barcelona in a game that counts…1. you obviously don’t

        know basketball…2. you can’t possibly be an American…3. you are plain IGNORANT….. stick to Tennis

      • broke son says:

        DUDE it was a preseason game… it proves NOTHING. what did kobe play like 5 minutes?

      • ALFONSO CORRAL says:

        im not a laker fan but if the lakers gave 50% they would have slaughtered fc barcelona plus its pre-season who takes pre-season seriously

      • tribon says:

        yeah..stop making excuses..even kobe admitted that barcelona team was great..phil, ur not the best coach..ur the luckiest..u lose against detroit ’04 finals with malone.kobe.shaq.payton on ur side..common..

    • Marc Gonzalez says:

      sounds like your a laker fan. they got it taken to them. Lets see Thunder or Miami vs Barcelona. Lakers are a year older. fisher, artest, kobe, ratliff, barnes..they all gettin older

      • LakersWillWin says:

        The Thunder and Miami have more to prove than LA. They are coming off yet ANOTHER championship win, they have proven themselves! LeBron has to prove he is worthy of being in the NBA because of HOW he went to Miami, and Durant is the next Kobe Bryant so he has large shoes to fill. I’m not mad at LBJ for what he did, just HOW he did it. Do you think LA is going out swinging in their 2nd pre-season game? No. What matters is that they all make the playoffs, not half of them. Just like Boston last year the 4th seed no one thought anything of them. Look they come back beating Miami, Cleveland, and Orlando. The 2 best teams in the entire league! Don’t write stuff like that without thinking and remember LA in Championship form would have destroyed Barcelona.

      • Rick says:

        ROOOBEN, yes like you are so smart, do you know wre Spain is Located MORON, I am pretty sure that in you school bak in Nebrasca they dont even know were the F is Canada Ignorant.

      • tribon says:

        durant is not the next kobe bryant..he has already surpassed kobe and lebron last season..i mean all of them averaging 30.1pnts per game with 48% shooting on his 3rd season in the league…kobe in his 3rd season avg only 19pnts with 45% shooting while lebron 30.8pnts with 48% shooting..while the greatest ever MJ23 on his 3rd season avg just 37PNTS with 48.2% shooting…NOW WHO’S THE GREATEST? kobe is nowhere close..durant and lebron closer..

  176. Charles says:

    Well, acutally basketball is a team game and who cares if someone can play 82 games in a row or not.. It’s not track and field athletics we are talking about, we are talking about a TEAM game, TEAM spirit, which obviously Barcelona and other Euroleague teams have.

    Well, NBA has the money, but if the financial conditions would be just the same in the each league, Euroleague would definetely be the no. 1 and noone can’t deny it.

    • Daniel says:

      Charles you are completely wrong on some of the things you said. For one, the Euroleague has a ton of money as well. The players contracts are much like NBA players contracts. And also I will deny that the Euroleague would be the best league, because it would be the second best league…yes Barcelona beat the Lakers in a PRESEASON game. Think about it. The Lakers lose preseason games all the time to subpar NBA teams, that doesnt make them the better team. Barcelona is a good team that would compete well in the NBA, BUT they would be lucky to go .500. More than likely if they were in the NBA this would be a team that wins about 30 or 40 games.

    • David says:

      Charles, the Euroleagua does have enough money, also, don’t forget that they pay no taxes on their salaries, in addition to the players being provided housing, a car and any other incentives. The only reason players come to the NBA is that it is the best league. TEAM, TEAM, TEAM. Yes, it is a team game, however as we have all noticed, knowing how to play as a team will in no way compensate for raw talent. Internationally, other countries didn’t start to make any noises against the USA until their players started coming to play against NBA players in the NBA. To survive in the NBA, you have to indicate that you do have individual raw talent, not team work. The only position that you can get away with just being a good team player in the NBA is Point Guard, that’s it. Tony Parker and Ginobli are a rarity. Juan Carlos Navarro jumped ship once he figured out that players were starting stop him.

    • Rick says:

      Nick and Lakerswill loss, Guys, Guys, think with your head, this part of your body is not just to carry Hats or hair, it is use to THINK, this great players did make Jackson a Great Coach and not the opposite, use your brain (If you have it), I would have won a Championship If I were to coach MJ or Kobe, this players would become champions with ANY coach and Jackson will not be a Champions with other players but MJ and Kobe, Think, Think guys.
      What is the passion with Jackson, I dont understand, are you in love with Him, do you want to have a son with Him, OK if that is the case I would not say nothing agains your Men.

    • Jake says:

      The MLS would be the best Soccer league in the World if it had as much money as the Premier league. Duh! The best players go where the most money is and that is the NBA.

      • JJ says:

        The msl payed david beckham a gizillion dollars to come here and play and they dont have enough money? Stop comparing sports people. This was meant to be about phil and kobes comments.

  177. Andrew says:

    They do move the ball extremely well and play together for the most part but I’m gonna have to go with the guy who has 11 rings. They might win 20 or so games but half of them can’t play D up to NBA standards. The physicality is the difference. They may average plenty of assists and three pointers but those things don’t always translate to wins. Ask the Raptors and Warriors.

    • Rick says:

      11 Rigs thanks to MJ, Shaq and Kobe not because his great Coach Skill, take MJ, Shaq and Kobe and lets see if he wins 11 rings…None will be the result..Jackson as won because he coach the best players of all time..

      • nick says:

        your a retard, take away any great player from any championship team and that coach would suck.
        take away bill russel from the celtics and Red Auerbach wouldnt win half as many championships. Does that make red a bad coach? No your a ignorant retard.

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Because that is a coincidence, right? They wouldn’t have become the great players they were without Phil. What a ridiculous answer, because you know Mike Brown who coached LBJ has rings but everyone argues LBJ is better than MJ And Kobe which is far from the truth.

      • buck says:

        no offense, but what coach in nba history does have multiple championships without star players on his team? red auerbach in boston had russell, hondo and cousy among others. pat riley had magic, worthy and kareem and then shaq and wade. popovich had duncan, robinson, ginobli, parker and super role player robert horry. and keep in mind shaq and kobe couldnt win a title before phil jackson showed up, and kobe didnt get another one until phil came back the second time.

      • SPURZ says:

        i completley agree, phil jackson is overrated. if the lakers/bulls are losing by 1 point with 10 seconds left he would all he had to do was leave it up to kobe/ shaq or mj to call the play, im sure he threw in a few words but those guys made the plays to win the games.

        Gregg Popovich has a wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better basketball IQ than phil jackson. Gregg Popovichs plays at the end of the game or during crucial situations kill phil jacksons plays. Just watch the spurs games. A SMALL MARKET TEAM that wins!!!!!!! if SAN ANTONIO was a big market like L.A. and with the G.M., Scouts, Ownership, and Coaches that the SPURS have they would win allot more championships. Players just go to L.A. cause they want to mostly live in L.A.( BIG CITY) and playing with Kobe to maybe win a championship is a plus! Phil Jackson is a good coach but hes NOT the GREATEST.

      • buck says:

        popovich might be on a small market team but he hasnt had small market players over the years. tim duncan is widely regarded as the best power forward in history, and david robinson, tony parker, and manu ginobli arent bad themselves. phil jackson’s 11 rings simply can’t be denied, and he won with these superstar teams when other coaches like RUDY T and DOUG COLLINS couldn’t so he wasnt just out there spectating. my personal favorite coach is LARRY BROWN, a vagabond who can go to any franchise and in a matter of a few seasons turn it into a winning franchise.

      • buck says:

        and the san antonio spurs evidently has had some hellacious scouts and front office, finding players deep in the draft like tony parker, ginobili, dejuan blair, george hill, and now it looks like tiago splitter will be it’s next great draft day find. you can call them small market all you want, but they were the top ranked sports franchise from top to bottom of the last decade, even ranking higher the yankees and pittsburgh steelers on the espn list. popovich and these spurs teams were great and are still competing, they just could never pull of repeat or 3peat championships like phil jackson led teams are famous for.

      • tribon says:

        the bulls can win rings with any coach..MJ23 is just too great..tex winter invented the triangle offense with 48 variations, no phil K and greg popovich are the greatest.. i repeat coach phil is not that great

      • Boston fan says:

        Well said.

  178. McKinley says:

    The rest of the world is catching up. But the Lakers really did not play well. It was only the Lakers second pre-season game. Kobe is obvoiusly off his game still recovering from surgery. The new additions are still learning the team. I like to see a rematch after the Lakers win the championship again.

    • buck says:

      it was only the laker’s second preseason game and barcelona has been playing together all spring and summer for the FIBA championships. barcelona had the big advantage on being in game playing shape and still only came up with a 4 point win. let kobe get into game shape and this game isnt close.

      • buck says:

        and minnesota beat the lakers in the first preseason game, so i suppose that its between them and barcelona for best team in the world status.

      • tribon says:

        kobe is ready to age 32 MJ23 is averaging 35pnts in playoffs..kobe cant make 30pnts per game..its over

  179. Johny says:

    Nice game, great teams 🙂

  180. […] Phil Jackson isn’t sold, as quoted at “They played really well, but they’re not up to the competition that we face night in and night out,” Jackson said. “But that’s not taking anything away from them. The physicality of our game, the size of our players, those are things that night in and night out are very difficult to contest.” […]

    • R4 says:

      Problem that the many people living in USA is that they think their better than everyone else. I tell you guys one thing when country decide to dedicate themselves into a sport they tend to always be USA. Hockey belong to Canada. Soccer belong to South American and Europe, Track and Field belong to West Indie, even Baseball belong to the Far East. Only sport US conquer are Basketball and Football because the amount of people playing the sport is inside you small country. Just wait until Europe starts playing more basketball then what will you guys have left over. Just stop hating on other places outside your small country and embraces other people. You may be welcome in more country if you guys decide to go that route. Wish you guys well.

      • formerD1pg says:


        Why are you making this about our country? It is not about any other sport. This is NBA.COM, are you talking about baseball and soccer and track & field? We think we are the best in basketball because we are and it’s ok for us to be. We have the best players and the best teams right now. This was a pre-season game in which the starting 5 played limited minutes and was not important for the Lakers to win. They lost to the Timberwolves! That would never happen in the regular season or in the playoffs. FC Barcelona would not even make the playoffs in the NBA. The Memphis Grizzlies would beat them by 30 in a regular season game. We are just better in basketball accept it and give horor where honor is due.

      • Coyote says:

        Dude relax. We don’t think we are better people. Most of us think we have a better more stable system of government. When China takes us over you can party till you pass out. Untill then, there are over 300 million people in the U.S. so unless you live in China or India, your country is not only smaller but likely ridiculously smaller. So our “small” country likely has several states with a higher population than your “giant” country. California has over 30 million people. The entire country of Canada has that many. Australia 22 Million. Switzerland 7 Million. All of Europe only has 400 Million people with the most populated Country being Germany with 82 Million. Europe is cool. It’s a nice place to visit. But I wouldn’t want to live there because most of you are communist A Holes who think sports like Cricket, Soccer, or “Football” as you call it, are relevant. Furthermore when China crushes us, we won’t be able to protect your childish social democracies anymore, and you’ll likely be rounded up and put in some sort of slave mining operation or something. So get off your HighHorse or Pony in your case.

      • Jake says:

        The U.S. owns basketball don’t try to dispute that. The U.S. owns track and field as well if you look at overall depth. The U.S. also owns baseball and swimming, and US Football (that doesn’t mean much though because nobody else plays it).

      • ALFONSO CORRAL says:

        small country? california alone has more people then country’s in Europe so how are we small only country that could call us is china but other then that your mistaken and every time the Us actually tries at a sport except soccer they end up no.1 most of the time

      • J.K. says:


        Your the one telling us we think we are better? Your saying Americans think they are better than everyone else is showing YOUR disdain towards America and nothing more. we don’t have problems admitting that “Canada is the hockey country” or “south America is soccer country”. Its a respect for our teams that makes us want to be the best, same that you have for whatever teams you root for and there nothing wrong with that. You clearly have a label for which sports “belong to which countries” so lets put the right label on Basketball which is it belongs to America for the time being. The NBA is the best in the world for its sport and in a real game the Lakers would easily dispatch FC Barcelona, they are the best team in the world..for now, Boston Celtics 2011.. and they have the best player in the world…. Baseball belongs to Asia? when did this happen?

      • antayin nyu lang ang philippines tiyak mababasag bansa nyu samin pagdating sa boxing. babasagin namin kau

      • Slick says:

        Hey lets stay in Sport ok . And dont slip on some other fields … lets stay on wood floors , and talkin bout it European Basketball , its just that European Hoop improved a lot in the last 10 years , the gap btween usa and Europe got smaller , just to remind yall the world championship in Mineapolis a few years ago . Finally Europeans team aint scared to play Americans no more and they just got .. better . Other then that , it was just a pre season game . point . From Italy with love

      • tribon says:

        manny pacquiao all the way breaking everything..

  181. Wun says:

    FC Barcelona is a great team in Europe absolutly.
    Lakers is the greatest team in NBA.
    Both Barcelona and Lakers are the best basketball team in each league.
    There are many good players in FC Barcelona.
    Well,I like Ricky Rubio.
    If Rubio goes to NBA,he will be a nice guard.
    And I will suppport him.

    • B-baller says:

      Uhmm.. No the Lakers are not the best team in the NBA.. I can think of numerous teams that would have crushed the Euro champs. The lakers alwyas get an easy run to the finals, they never have to play the really good teams that could actually rub their face in the dirt. One example. The lakers havnt won a game against the Blazers in portland, With Kobe Bryant in 5 years. The lakers havent defeated lebron James in a basketball game is two years. They always slip by and play sucky teams like the Magic, or Utah. For real. Teams that are better than Lakers.. Heat.. Blazers, Boston (sometimes) Denver (without injuries) and even the Thunder put up a good fight against the Lakers… I think its rediculous to assume that they are the best. As you can see, they got beat by a European team.. need I say more.

      • JJ says:

        @ B-baller
        They are the back to back champs… what more do they have to do to be classed as the best team in your eyes? all these so called sucky teams that the lakers crushed beat the teams you are talking about. So what does that say? it says you dont know what the hell your on about.

      • B-baller u dont know says:

        Uhmm.. you are an idiot B-baller, just by reading your post, the Lakers are not the best because they play the sucky teams in the finals? Listen to yourself, now do you understand your reasoning? The Lakers had the best West Record the last two years and would be the best if Lebron and the Cavaliers hadn’t done so well. So how would the sucky team have that record? Now just because a team beats them it doesnt mean that their the best that just means that either everything was going well for them(i.e. executions) or the style of play is of that team is hard for the other team to defend. Need you say more yes please.. its only one game.. Kobe their best player wasn’t truly playing like he should be…the team overall didn’t go in with a need to win mentality, why? Because they do not want any of their players getting injured in preseason. B-baller please change your name to B-idiot.

      • KG says:

        Get your facts right before you say something

      • budeq says:

        say some more bowler 🙂 NBA championship was not decided by one game, neither the path to it, it’s true that there are lots of other teams that may have fared well with the lakers in the final, but they have to survive the gruelling regular seasons before they could earn their place in in the post season, whoever plays in the NBA finals deserves it one way or the other including having some luck if you want to put it that way boy

      • max ivic says:

        Do u know anything about baketball? Firstly Portland aren’t even that good and secondly the Boston Celtics who had already dispatched the Cavs and the Magic (who were arguably the 2 top teams in the regular season last year) and what did LA do? They beat the Celtics and picked up their 16th nba championship. The reason why Barcelona won this game is because LA weren’t playing as good as they normally do, playing there bench for a big part of the game eg Theo Ratliff, Matt Barnes, Steve blake etc…. Secondly in the pre-season LA dont play the basketball they usually do in the reg season or the post season. LA’s main aim is to win their 17th NBA title and get their three peat, their aim is however not to beat Barcelona in a preseason friendly. P.S. dont ever comment on anything again cos ur just gonna imbaress urself.

      • kobe24LA says:

        Do u realy think orlando are a sucky team and portland aren’t????