Technical Difficulties

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — This video hasn’t been tampered with. That really is the Minnesota Timberwolves you see running circles around the two-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers.

There were not any technical difficulties with the feed from London, where the Timberwolves and Lakers kicked off the (pre)season before a fantastic crowd, sold out O2 Arena crowd of 18,689.

So what if it’s just the preseason. Timberwolves fans get to enjoy this moment, even if no one else will remember it or care about it months from now.

For one night Martell Webster looked like a monster (24 and 10 in dazzling fashion). Michael Beasley showed flashes of what made him the No.  2 overall pick in his draft. Kevin Love was his usual menacing self on the boards and in the passing game. And you know we couldn’t leave out Luke Ridnour, whose maestro work, he had game-highs in assists(7 ) and steals (4) will never be overlooked here at the hideout, even in October.

So what if the Lakers treated this thing like a glorified scrimmage — Kobe Bryant played sparingly and Pau Gasol, Ron Artest and Derek Fisher didn’t treat this like Game 8 of the 2010 NBA Finals. It was clear they didn’t show up with same sense of urgency for a preseason game that their younger and much more eager counterparts from Minnesota showed (champions and veterans know better.)

“Minnesota looked great. We looked like we just got off vacation,” Lakers coach Phil Jackson said after the game, echoing the sentiments of so many.

Still, it has to be fun for the Timberwolves to dream a little bit about what it might be like to manhandle an opponent of the Lakers’ caliber (hey, they won 15 games last season, so they can’t take any wins for granted, even in the preseason).

What if Timberwolves GM David Kahn is right and he does have the makings of a playoff squad on his hands and the rest of us just don’t see it?

(Fine, that might be taking things a little too far. But we’re on a roll right now so ride with it.)

Even the Prime Minister, who is notoriously tough to impress, admitted to being smitten with the team he referred to as the “Kahns.”

“I think the Kahns might be kinda fun to watch this season. Very [Kurt]Rambis-esque style of play,” he wrote via an email with the qualifying subject line, “I know it’s preseason, but.”

There’s nothing wrong with dreaming a little bit … so long as you wake up after the video stops.


  1. Wun says:

    Well,I think Timberwolves will be stronger.
    Al Jefferson goes to Chicago Bulls,
    Beasley can be a nice leader,too.

  2. Alexzo says:

    There is no cause for alarm in Lalaland. It was a feel good win for the wolves but im quite sure they know better. My biggest disappointment though was not seeing enough of Kobe Bryant. I understand the injuries & stuff but seeing the fans spending their hard earned money just to see a rare opportunity of him playing 6 minutes is not justifiable. Phil could’ve played him the last 2 minutes at the very least. Kobe could’ve stayed still near half court & hoist a 3 point shot…the fans would’ve been delighted. Dont get me wrong, i’m a die hard kobe fan. I ain’t
    mad…just disappointed.

    • zzanzabar says:

      Watching the game I saw just what I expected (including the loss). Because of the shortened practice (travel to Great Britain), Phil took this time to get a look at his two rookies and the additions of Blake and Barns. Both Caracter and Ebanks looked a little raw on the floor as they attempted to adjust to the triangle. Phil must figure that since he had to take the Lakers on the road, so to speak, then he might as well make the best of it.

      Don’t take this Minnesota play as a fluke though, with Rambus at the lead I believe that they will turn a few heads in their division. As for me I want to get a look at Miami just to see what they will bring to the pre-game table. I look for them to send a message to the rest of the league right out of the gate.