Anthony’s Play Key For The Heat

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Check out Micah “Mr. Obvious” Hart over there on the All Ball Blog beating the drum for veteran sharpshooter Mike Miller and even rookie big man Dexter Pittman as the most important sidekick for the Miami Three (or whatever moniker we’re using these days for LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh).

And Micah, Longhorn or not, don’t ever call a grown man “Sexy” again!

As crucial as Miller’s 3-point shooting will be to the Heat’s cause this season, and it will be vital, the Heat will need more than a wealth of perimeter players to combat the teams that will stand between them and that Larry O’Brien trophy.

That’s why rugged big man Joel Anthony (no relation to that other Anthony in Denver) is the player the Heat will need to step up most this season.

Do you think it’s a coincidence that Boston loaded up on super-sized O’Neals (Shaquille and Jermaine) this summer after trying and failing to deal with the two-time defending champion Los Angeles Lakers’ length and depth in the frontcourt in the NBA Finals?

All the offensive power a team amasses won’t mean a thing if they don’t have the personnel to at least slow Pau Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Lamar Odom down a little bit.

As splendid a player as he is, Bosh isn’t the hard-nosed, low-post force the Heat must have if they make it that far. Udonis Haslem is a Warrior, but he and Bosh still aren’t enough to match up with the Lakers, Celtics or the Magic’s unit, led by Dwight Howard.

They need a high-energy, space-eating, ego-free, fearless worker bee like Anthony, an extremely poor man’s Horace Grant without the goggles. During those playoff series when Wade and James can’t just have their way with helpless defenders, they’ll need someone to set a solid screen to free them up. Bosh will need someone to watch his back, someone to dish out that hard foul that he can’t because the Heat can’t afford to have their best post scorer in foul trouble down the stretch of a tight game.

That someone is Joel Anthony!


  1. LucasBishop says:

    Look at the Cavs starting lineup last year.
    Now look at the Cavs season record last year.
    Now look at the Heat starting lineup this year.
    Sadly, no other team will be able to compare to the Heat. But if your team wears old spice, they can smell like the Heat.

  2. ahhhh says:

    First fallacy. Professional basketball is a team sport. Basketball is a team sport, however, at the professional level, when teams are evenly matched, it comes down to individual performance, usually in isolation.

    The Miami heat have the three best players for their respective position, who are more than able to stand up to this task. Not to mention, these players can all shift if they’d like, LeBron, like Magic, could play center, or any other position on the court.

    Bosh can move out to a three position, or play center.

    In fact, the player with the most skill, Wade, has the least flexibility. Now that is saying something, That Wade on any team, is the least flexible. Most big men haven’t the ability of smaller players. Keep in mind, that these ‘smaller’ players can jump higher, and run faster. It is pure nonsense to believe that basketball is still played in the manner it once was.

    James and Bosh are giants, both in stature and personality. Do you really think either one of them would have a problem with any big in the league? Don’t be foolish. You’ll see.

    This is literally a joke, I hope the Heat loose, but the Lakers will not win again. This team is stacked with franchise players that can play many different positions between them.

    • Jack Luft says:

      And….the Heat’s second string of Haslem, Miller, Arroyo, Ilgauskas, and Howard were all starters during the season last year. Not bad for a bench that is supposed to be weak.

  3. derek says:

    miami’s big 3 will have to work harder than ever to bring home a championship this year….orlando has gotten better and lets not forget chicago n cant leave out the celtics…whoever comes out in the east…they will play my favorite team los angeles lakers…i believe lakers can hold the trophy one or even possibly two more times until kobes age catches up with him….dont get me wrong i believe u get better with age….yea u get alot slower n slower but kobes only 32 yrs old and mike won his last championship when he was 35 yrs old….im not comparing kobe to mj….mj is the greatest to ever play the game…but kobe is the greatest in the game TODAY….GO LOS ANGELES LAKERS all the way

  4. young lambo says:

    the heat gone win any way u put it. Lebron and dwade are both excellent in the playoffs and they were unstoppable. now that you have them on the same team and bosh i mean, how else can you put it? The heat are going to be explosive in the playoffs and there is nothing no critic can do about that. So hey, be a hater, because i know why you hating. The heat are going to beat everybody in the nba, including your favorite team. lol and im not a heat fan im just a lebron fan, no heat bandwagoner.

  5. I’m tired of ignorant people saying ignorant things about Miami heat simply because they don’t want them to win. If you have ever watched the miami heat play before they had the big 3 you know that Joel Anthony is a good Center who has above average defensive capabilities and only needs to be surrouned with better plays for him to become a great center in the NBA. Miami does not have a weakness in their center spot, and when the season starts im positive people will know why the Miami Heat will lead the NBA this season AND.. for seasons to come. If you want to be a Hater go ahead.. But all your doing is fuel the game of the Miami Heat. Good luck to all the teams that have to face the Miami Heat because they are in for a big one..

  6. Wun says:

    The Eastern is the spotlight in NBA.
    I am waiting the new season coming.
    Let’s watch MLB first.
    Of course,Yankees will get the championship.

  7. mark says:

    heat cant win this year

  8. Tenki says:

    The Heat is well aware of their weakness. They know that they don’t have enough personnel to carry the load for the team, and that’s why they need to exploit their strengths to cover up the loophole that they have. LeBron and the rest of the company shot better compared to their opponent, because they cannot afford to let the opponent shoot better than them. Besides, with their offensive capabilities, they should accept the fact that Miami will live and die with the three superstars in their roster.

    Look at the Phoenix Suns, where they are out-rebounded most of the time by their opponents. How did they compensate with such a liability? They thrive from the efficiency of their offense, at the same time playing excellent team defense. They have a consistent facilitator in Steve Nash, and he leads the whole team in transition. They know that they have to fight for the rebounds, so they gang up in the middle to give their team extra possessions. Plus, they force the pace of the game by keeping the opposition on their toes all the time. That is the formula for their success for the past six seasons, whoever their coach was.

    Miami has a superior lineup compared to Phoenix, considering the fact that they have three excellent players that can run the game. They can do what everything Phoenix does best, and they can play up to par with anybody else with the rest of the league. LeBron and Wade are excellent defenders who can force turnovers and convert them into points, as shown in their first preseason game. And although their supporting cast showed a sub-par support in the Heat-Pistons game, there are a lot of adjustments that can be made because it is still early in the pre-season. That being said, Miami MUST do it on a nightly basis to establish their game and prove to their fans, as well as their critics, that they have what it takes to bring home the championship.

  9. Marshall says:

    I’m sure we can all agree that defense is key to winning any type of championship in sports. In basketball, you need to guard your basket, and everything around it. I’ve yet to see anybody shoot more than 60% from 3pt range, but its very easy to be well beyond that mark when you’re crashing the boards and attacking the basket. A solid and gritty low post player is exactly the type of player the heat need, and I think both Joel Anthony and Udonis Haslem both need to develop in that regard. However, Big Z is still Big Z, all 7’3″ and 260 lbs of Big Z. I think he takes up enough space to make the game challenging, but until they get a some real help, like what the O’neal’s bring to the C’s and what Odom does for the Lakers, they really have no chance. They might not even get a board back from Dwight Howard if he feels like it. And in regards to this thing you’re having with Micah, a true big man underneath basket in combination with Mike Miller may be harder to deal with than those 3 musketeers themselves, defenses will be forced into some kinda of weird zone set up for sure.

  10. Rogers33 says:

    Anyone who fails to see the advantage the Heat will have with the big 3 is choosing to be blind. Having a presense in the paint is always good, but if the multiple scoring attack of the Heat works even remotely, the opponent’s center presence will be stretched outside the paint. This will help open the middle. Still, having basic big man presence will be all the Heat need. The “having their way with the Heat comment” seems irrational and a bit of “Heat Hate” nothing more. I am a basketball fan and not of the Heat. But if those guys mesh ….. the season will be interesting.

  11. Ryan D says:

    @Rip.. let me ask you, given that they have a legit center but who will stop the big 3??

    • iLL wiL says:

      @RYAN D: NOBODY.

      • Jack Luft says:

        Howard’s free throw numbers: 59%. Perkins 53%. Bynum 72% (when his isn’t injured). Heat have 24 fouls to give at the center position. Now add rookie 7′, 295 lb. Pittman (8 pts in 17 min. against Pistons all star center Ben Wallace) and you have your answer. With Bosh, James and Anthony running the floor, the slow footed opposing centers will have a tough time catching their breath long enough to make free throws at even their past pathetic rate.

  12. Rip Greenfire says:

    Everyone has been so concerened about the three, uhh… whatever you want to call them, that a position like center is completly overlooked. Let’s face facts, players like Howard, Stoudemire, Bogut, Yao, Bynum and Oden (IF they’re healthy) will have their way with the Heat. Why? Because the Three Dudes can’t guard them well. This is why bringing these three together was such a risk and still is. All the Heat can do is cross their fingers and pray that Joel Anthony will at least annoy the big guys. There’s no way Big Z can do it, that’s why the Cavs added Shaq. Of course, they could try the alternate “shoot like crazy and drown the other team in points” plan, but if you can’t guard the center position 1-1, you can’t stop the other team from drowning you in points as well.

    • Jack Luft says:

      Howard’s numbers against the Heat last year: 7, 10, 17 and 12 points playing against Anthony and defensively challenged J. O’Neil. What most forget is the Heat had the #2 League defense in least points allowed and lowest oppenent shooting percentage. In other words, team defense is more important than one on one stats. Now add James (first team all defense) and 6-11 Bosh (second team all defense) in place of 6-9 Halsem and no-show Beasley on either side of Anthony and opposing centers will have an even tougher time – including Howard.