What About Rodney?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Quick, name the top 10 young point guards (25 and under) in the NBA.

We guarantee you’ll go 10-deep without mentioning Pistons point guard Rodney Stuckey.

But if Stuckey does what we think he can this season in Detroit, it could be much tougher to overlook him in the future. We’ve already warned you about the big season Knicks fans can look forward to from Danilo Gallinari (who dazzled the home crowd Sunday in the preseason opener in Milan with 24 points, including a 5-for-11 showing from beyond the 3-point line), the early leader for HT’s Breakout Player of the Year award.

Stuckey is on our short list as well.

After serving as an understudy to Chauncey Billups as a rookie, Stuckey has made a steady climb out up the ranks to the point that he should at least challenge for a spot among the league’s best young point guards. Stuckey’s always been more of a scorer (16.6 points last season) than a pure facilitator (4.8 assists).

As the Pistons improve, and we think they’ll be better this season (though probably not a playoff team), Stuckey’s profile will continue to rise as well.

We’re counting on it now that we’ve placed him on our hot list of players to watch this season.


  1. Wun says:

    Well,Pistons is gettung worse and worse.
    I think the main reason is Chauncey Billups left Pistons.
    But,Stuckey is still young,maybe he will become better this season.
    I am looking forward to see Jeremy Lin.
    I hope he can do his best to be the great player in NBA.

  2. tas says:

    cmon u got to be kidding me.. CP3 is the best point guard in the league.. period

  3. Top 10 Point Guards Under 25 In Terms of Potential

    1.) Deron Williams
    2.) Chris Paul
    3.) Derrick Rose
    4.) Rajon Rondo
    5.) Russell Westbrook
    6.) Tyreke Evans
    7.) Aaron Brooks
    8.) Brandon Jennings
    9.) Rodney Stucky
    10.) Stephon Curry

    • Marvin says:

      What about Johnny Flinn, Jameer Nelson, Raymond Felton, Devon Harris, Darren Collison where do these guys fit in. All have put up better numbers so far than Stuckey, and Fynn did it as a ROOK, the only reason Collison did not have much higher numbers is because he plays behind CP3, but he proved he is more than ready to lead a team.

  4. Emman Espinola says:

    Yeah! Dont 4get Rodney Im a Detroit Fan! i love batch 2004 Championship…

    My Top 10 PG This ERA..

    1. Rajon Rondo -(Of coarse he’s proven 4 heart of champion & determintation)
    2. Derrick Rose-(YOung, Fast, Agressive, Rookie of the year)
    3. Derron Williams( he can create a lot of plays, Power Penetrate as PG and 3pt shooting)
    4.Shannon Brown( His Intensity is very very perfect! you see the FINAL GAMES with Boston Lakers 2010 CHAMP!!)
    5.Tyreke Evans (1st season his on the Spotlight of the game, very talented young! a futre superstar)
    6. Rodney Stuckey (Power Player as PG he can Swag On you anytime!)
    7. Ty Lawson ( He Can Jump on your Opponent, i love his toughness)
    8.Aaron Brooks (Very Athletic like Steve Nash! The NEXT steve!!)
    9.Russel Wrestbrook (Run and Gun,Shot,Dunk a Fastbreaker)
    10. Brandon Jennings ( Very Good Scorer it is Proven he can Play like Allen Iverson, Lefthanded Version)

    • Marvin says:

      This is ridiculous I know you are a Pistons fan but putting him over Jennings and Westbrook you can’t be serious.

      By the way Jennings would have had to score 10 more points a game, have 1 more assist, and shot 8% better from the field and 10% better from three to be in the same category with AI’s Rookie season not to mention he is no where near as athletic as AI. Not to say he is not a good young player, but he is not GREAT yet. To be Great he has to seperate himself from the pack like AI there was no question who was the best player in his class for many years, chances are Wall wil have that same kind of explosiveness. Hopefully he doesn’t have some of the same character flaws that AI had so he can stay longer.

  5. Tenki says:

    Top Ten Point Guards of the NBA:

    1. Deron Williams – best all around
    2. Steve Nash – what??? at this age???
    3. Rajon Rondo – young, healthy, and VERY hungry for another championship run
    4. Chris Paul – he’s going to prove his worth this season
    5. Derrick Rose – speed+power=havoc
    6. Russel Westbrook – same as above, with lesser magnitude
    7. Chauncey Billups – the reason why Rodney Stuckey isn’t here in this list
    8. Mike Bibby – his team’s warrior and leader
    9. Brandon Jennings – young leader who’s not afraid to take the last shot
    10. Tyreke Evans – 20/5/5? what more can you ask? (win games, of course!)

    • will says:

      haha please do not even consider putting mike bibby in there, my goodness. Your whole list just lost credibility with that one ridiculous name. I would take stuckey over Bibby and if you knew anything about basketball you would too…haha my goodness. what has this world come too. Stuckey is still not top ten unfortunately, but obviously better than bibby, what are u a hawk fan? give me a break! This is why intelligent basketball people do not comment on these things, because someone has the balls to put bibby in the top ten point guards in the NBA.

      • Marvin says:

        You have to be crazy if you think he is better than Bibby. Bibby is as solid as they come, and he would never shoot 37% from the field in a playoff series, or turn the ball over like Stinky, plus Stuckey only shot 18% from 3pt line for his career and last year he shot 11% from 3 which means he has NO JUMPSHOT!!!!!. Actually this guys is competing for worse starting point guard in the league. Him and DJ Augustine and Mario Chalmers are at the bottom. No matter how you slice it this guy is bottom of the barrel at best and if he lays another egg this year he will be dead last. The only reason anyone even notices him is because he supposedly took AI’s job even though AI out played him in every aspect of the game.

        Starting point guards that are hands down better than Stuckey:
        1. Chris Paul
        2. Russel Westbrook
        3. Derrick Rose
        4. Deron Williams
        5. Rajon Rondo
        6. Steve Nash
        7. Brandon Jennings
        8. Jameer Nelson
        9. Tyreck Evans
        10. Chauncey Bigshot Billups
        11. Baron Davis
        12. Tony Parker
        13. Mo Williams
        14. Jason Kidd
        15. Devon Harris
        16. Steph Curry
        17. Darren Collison
        18. Derrick Fisher
        19. Mike Bibby
        20. Rayon Felton
        21. Aron Brooks
        22. Aundre Miller
        23. Johnny Flinn
        24. John Wall

        In no certain order, then you can through Jrue Holliday, Rodney Stuckey, Mike Conley, DJ Augustine, Mario Chalmers and Jose Calderon in there anywhere in those last 6 spots. My bet is for Jrue performs better than everyone of these guys at the bottom.

        To be real they are a better team with Will Bynum @ point, or even Ben Grodon and RIP Hamilton starting at 1 – 2 this way they don’t have someone on the floor that the other team will give open shots to that he can not make.

        There are several bench point guards that are better than Stuckey

        1. Jamal Crawford
        2. Nate Robinson
        3. Shannon Brown
        4. Ty Lawson
        5. Kirk Hinrich
        6. Jerryd Balis
        7. Louis Williams
        8. Jason Terry
        10. Ben Gordon

        All of these guys have had and will have better seasons than Stinky this year… And if AI returns this year he will be better than Stuckey.

  6. BasketBallFan says:

    Tony Parker is 28.. But yes I would not consider Stuckey as a top 10 point guard.

  7. That's All I Know says:

    The fact that you had to qualify this argument with Top 10 YOUNG point guards highlights his being overlooked.
    Deron Williams*, Chris Paul*, Rajon Rondo*, Steve Nash, Chauncey Billups, Russell Westbrook*, Derrick Rose*, Tyreke Evans*, Tony Parker, Aaron Brooks, Jameer Nelson, all before you can even consider Rodney Stuckey.

    (And though they’re natural shooting guards, you could still take Allen Iverson and Gilbert Arenas as point guards before Stuckey). 😉

    • RJ says:

      I’d take Stephen Curry, Tyreke Evans, Raymond Felton (though he might be 26 now, same with Chris Paul and Deron Williams, obviously), Brandon Jennings, probably John Wall, Darren Collison, Ty Lawson, Eric Maynor, Jrue Holiday, Johnny Flynn, Rodrigue Beaubois, DJ Augustin, maybe even Ramon Sessions, George Hill, Goran Dragic, Kyle Lowry, Mike Conley, Louis Williams, and Jerryd Bayless over Stuckey as a point guard as well. Those maybes could go either way, though.

      I think they’d be better off with him as a shooting guard finding a good starting pg to play with him, since he has the size. As a point guard, he’s middle of the pack, whether you’re talking all point guards, or just the young ones. He’s a nice player, though.

    • Ni says:

      Tony Parker isn’t young….. He’s 32…. Nash is even older.

      • That's All I Know says:


        I’m likin’ what I’ve seen from John Wall so far, but I can’t put him up there before he’s actually played a good portion of the regular season.

        Tony Parker’s only 28, but either way I had him, Nash, and Billups up there as part of the point guards ahead of Rodney Stuckey (only the ones with the asterisks are the “young” ones.)

        And now you got me thinkin’ about Monty Python (we are the Knights who say “nee!”)