Kobe V. LeBron!

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — What camp are you in?

Are you rocking with Kobe Bryant or LeBron James in a game of one on one?

The question was asked of Bryant recently.

You already know Kobe’s answer:

We’d get into all the technical aspect of why one guy would top the other, but we know that’s a futile argument. This is an emotional thing. You’re either with Kobe or LeBron. There’s no middle ground in this debate.

So have at it!


  1. Eden says:

    I am doing a project on Le Bron James and I did not know how much he ROCKS!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. LBJ#6 says:

    in other words lebron over kobe shut out style

  3. LBJ#6 says:

    lebron is better then kobe because #1 kobe has had help all his life with shaq and know with gasol,odom,fisher, and artest #2 lebron has been doing it by himself since day 1 #3 all kobe fans know kobe has only one thing better then lebron kobe has won championships so when kobe fans get in a argument they say “who has the rings” but lebron is the two time defending mvp another thing was dan marino a bad quaterback because no rings #4 lebron just got tired of doing it by himself so he went to miami but MJ had scottie pippen and wade and boash are probly top15 players know #5 this is my opionion durant is better then kobe

  4. Ruzelle says:

    KObe will beat lebron….
    Kobe is much shooter and no one can guard him 1 on 1…

    • LBJ#6 says:

      you think lebron would lose you are crazy because kobe cant guard carmelo with out help how is he going to guard lebron????? the only way he wins is of he wins by hitting those all luck fade away shots that people think make him good

  5. rpminc says:

    I believe Kobe would win. It is true that some are just gifted and better at one on one. My full court game isn’t worth a crap but I can almost always win at one on one !!

  6. Kelly says:

    Lebron doesn’t have Gasol, Lamar, Artest, Fisher the last couple of seasons. Lets be real here. Kobe has had the luxury of always playing with great bigs. 1st Shaq and now Gasol who just so happens to be the best big man in the game now. Did you watch Game 7 of the NBA Finals? Kobe can start off a game 0-11 from the field and the Lakers still be in the game. That’s because Kobe had more overall talent with the Lakers than Bron had with the Cavs.

    1 on 1,,,,Bron will back Kobe down OLD MAN style to a 15-5 victory. Ron Artest couldnt prevent Lebron from backing him down in the paint in the christmas day game last year and Artest weighs 250. Kobe is 210 pounds.

    It would be like a 14 year old teenager with great skills but he’s only 150 pounds playing a 19 year old with very good skills but he’s 200 pounds. Back him down, back him down..layup…back him down back him down…layup and the 14 year old starts to whine and complain. All you do is back me down…LOL

    • john says:

      Thanks someone sees the light….Exactly Kobe sucked ass in game 7 but he had the talent behind him to get the ring..On top of that the MVP …in my opinion I believed Gasol deserved it.

  7. eye says:

    james is a loser like most of his fans who posted here, kobe is a winner ……….can’t argue with facts only dumbs do

  8. mjpunk says:

    Who cares about 1v1? Who is the most coldblooded game icer ever to walk the court? If you have an NBA team, who do you want taking that last shot in the final seconds of a tied up playoff game? Who is the guy who’s passion is so intense, that teammates are absolutely motivated to perform. Who is the guy who has faced every possible scenario in the league? Who is the guy that has been coached by the best? Played with the best?

    Kobe Bryant is a player for the ages.

    Lebron is built like a basketball cyborg genetic robotic experiment no doubt about it. A big athletic beast of a player. Fun to watch and comes off as a pretty cool guy as well. But…

  9. mark says:

    kobe wins 1 on 1, if lebron reach kobes age in the future, he will be less athletic and less quick and those are two things makes him famous right now, durant will have a longer career than lebron because he is clutch and can shoot the ball better than lebron, tracy mcgrady is in downfall because of age and injury and a step slower and less athletic, lebron can relate to t-mac in the future, but t-mac can shoot better than lebron, so lebron of the bench at the age of 30,6 more years for the over rated lebron and over protective lebron

  10. Kelly says:

    Also it doesn’t matter who has better footwork. Bottom line is Kobe can’t blow by Lebron. Everytime they match up Kobe is going through his legs 20 times and settles for a fadeaway. 1 on 1 is about inside game. Bron is just gonna punk Kobe to the inside all day long. How is Kobe gonna prevent Lebron from getting to the basket with NO HELP? But Lebron can stop Kobe from getting to the rack cause Kobe isnt that quick anymore. Another thing is Lebron has the speed to play Kobe tight and close because Kobe is much slower while Kobe cant play tight on Lebron or else Bron is gonna be at the rack for a dunk. The game would actualy surprise a lot of ppl how Bron would actually embarass and dominant Kobe and im not a hater. Bron can get off easier shots then Kobe can.

  11. Kelly says:

    The clips and times Kobe scored on Lebron to mean prove why Lebron would actually dominate Kobe in a 1 on 1. Most of Kobe’s points are difficult draining fadeaways with Lebron all over him. Kobe aint making those shots with consistency in a 1 on 1. I see Kobe making at the most 2 or 3 shots in a row at max and missing a lot. He can’t blow by Lebron at all, everything is difficult and contested. On the other end with NO HELP defense and Lebron being 260 pounds and faster, he’s getting inside the paint on Kobe pretty consistently which would lead to consecutive baskets. Not just 1 or 2 in a row. Watch when Kobe plays bigger small forwards like Gerald Wallace or Carmelo Anthony. They bully him inside and he cant hold them from backing him down.

    Basically Lebron can get easier baskets while Kobe will have to win off diffcult 18 foot fadeaways .

  12. 3Peat,17,6 says:

    somebody here said that lebron was a more consistent shooter?…please do not make me laugh…all he does is drive it in…so maybe u can point out a few games in which lebron was hiittin jumpers but kobe does not do it once in a while he does it almost every night and when he has a bad shooting night (just cuz he had a bad shooting night, nothing to do wit who was defendin him) he usually tops it off by playin god-like the next game…lebron is a better post player…please do not tell me u actually believe that statement please watch the 2 play be4 u open ur mouth…and those of u pointin 2 stats of course lebron has better stats…HE PLAYS FOR STATS!!!…game 6 of conference finals this yr vs. the c’s was an elimination game for cleveland and lebron was tryin 2 get his triple-double IN AN ELIMINATION game…and towards the end of the game u can just see mike brown yellin foul foul 2 stop the clock and LeQuit just handed the game two the c’s…kendrick perkins lead the league in FG%…is he a better shooter than kobe?…or is it possibly cuz he just dunks like lebron while kobe hits god-like mid-range jumpers fade-aways pull-up jumpshot especially from that baseline and from that spot he beat phoenix wit in 2006…so lebron shares the ball more so what wouldn’t that make him more like magic johnson? kobe is more of a scorer like MJ i’m not comparing him 2 MJ 4 all of u ready 2 go off on me i’m just sayin kobe is a scorer like MJ and lebron is a stat filler like magic…and reboundin lebron is taller and stronger than kobe and kobe plays wit some dudes by the names of gasol bynum and odom who r kinda tall…and blocks and steals don’t necessarily automatically make u a superior defender…has anybody seen kobe defend? he is a beast in that side of the floor as well….kobe will murder lebron one on one and is THE BEST BASKETBALL PLAYER IN THE WORLD BY FAR!!!!!!!!!

  13. KOBE_LeBRON_DWYANE says:

    both of them is the best and amazing basketball player but if Kobe and LeBron play one-on-one..i go to LeBron…LeBRON JAMES will WIN it!

  14. Ida says:

    I don’t know how one can say “Lebron is still the Best..” when he never was…sure he was on his way with a back-to-back MVP of the reg season…but better than Kobe? I might sound bias…but I’ve always believed that the “media” has overrated LBJ. Given the criticisms of “The Decision,” I finally think we will now see more of a fair comparison of the two from experts…since alot of people hated Kobe for committing adultery–and now LBJ aka “the quitter”

  15. tats1119 says:

    f##k@@@ BOASTFUL KOBE!!!! if you have the confidence on what you are saying WHY NOT INVITE LEBRON ON A FRIENDLY ONE ON ONE???? youre game is not that excited as that of lebron..fadeaways,jumpshots..f@@@…many players can do that..

  16. bolo says:

    Penny Hardaway would take Kobe to school one on one all day by posting him up…. If Lebron had a post up game, he’d beat kobe one on one.

  17. Ray Ray says:

    for all u stupid people that keep saying bron will win cuz hes taller & weighs more remember this is bball not football. That doesnt make any sense cuz bron has no post game so not like hes going to back down Kobe like say Shaq would if they played 1 on 1 and dont think Kobe cant jump. Not to mention heavier and stronger only makes someone get more tired faster. Once Kobe wears him out by making him try to drive all the time, lebron will be forced to shoot outside and he’ll miss. Kinda like how Rocky did the russian, get him tired then attack ha ha

    Kobe will win cuz Kobe will shake his butt all the time, Kobe has better footwork, better outside shooting. People keep saying bron has better shooting percentage… so what, cuz most of his fg’s are layups or dunks. They shouldnt even count layups and dunks in fg% because its not in the field, its close up. Let bron try to back Kobe down Kobe can just pull the chair out from under him & bron will do what he does best. TRAVEL.

  18. get real says:

    on a 1 on 1 game, pure stats won’t matter big. what would matter a lot is the mindset, skill set, and the intimidation factor. kobe would beat lebron, but talk this 3 years from now, it would be leBron beating kobe.

  19. Jordan says:

    Hey Sekou: What about Dwyane Wade? This perpetual Lebron James over-hype is so tiresome. Most NBA fans don’t care about Lebron v. Kobe anymore. They’re not convincingly the two best players in the league anyway. Enough of this NBA marketing ploy; include Dwyane Wade in this conversation and you’ll finally be doing your job: reporting on the NBA objectively for once.

  20. jason Ramroop says:

    I say kobe bryant will beat lebron. the are both very good but kobe is the one ewho has of the championships. Every year people say lebron and the cavaliers are going to win a championship and lebron gets the mvp award but at the end of the yaer Kobe and the Lakers are the oes who get the nba rings at the end. Lebron,chris bosh and wade might win a championship this season but lebron got alot of help to get when kobe doid it all by himself.

  21. TheBrownMamba says:

    Reason’s why Kobe would win:
    #1 – LeBron can’t shoot…. if he even thinks about bulldozing his way to the rack… all Kobe would have to do is foul him and make him take out all over again.
    #2 – Kobe is a better shooter. He would make more consecutive shots than LeBron.
    #3 – Kobe can make more difficult shots than LeBron
    #4 – LeBron ISN’T clutch
    #5 – Kobe has the killer-instinct
    #6 – LeBron can’t dribble
    #7 – LeBron won’t have screens

  22. slim62884 says:

    Kobe wins ….. EASILY
    if they were to play to 11….. LeBrick wouldn’t get to 5
    if they were to play to 21….. He wouldn’t get to 10

  23. rex says:

    rings or championship is accomplishment of the whole organization. MVP, coach of the year, defensive player, sixth man etc. is accomplishment of individuals..and some admirer here is defining kobe’s greatness by rings when LBJ IS BY STATISTICS, RECORDS AND INDIVIDUAL AWARDS… SOOO MANY IDIOTS

  24. TheTruth says:

    If 5 players can’t stop LeBron from getting to the hole, 1 man sure can’t. Kobe is out matched in everything except footwork and making bad shots, anybody saying LeBron would lose isn’t being realistic. And it’s sad how a team achievement AkA championship makes you think Kobe could do it alone, I doubt he could take his team deep in the playoffs without that stacked squad. Actually that’s already been proven, I’ll apologize for Kobe because he lied to his fans and himself when he said that.

  25. rex says:

    are this kobe fan are crazy??? to think that kobe could win in a one on one match against LBJ… or maybe they are blind…i know kobe is insecure to LBJ… but now even the fans??? please commissioner stern open the eyes of this blind and insecure fans…include the kobe vs LBJ 1on1 match in all star break please..

  26. Jhames says:

    I think DWade vs. Kobe is much interesting and Durant vs. Jhames

  27. L.T. says:

    Don’t forget Lebron is a LOT YOUNGER than Kobe — Kobe might be better now, but Lebron is VERY close , much better than Kobe was when he was Lebrons age, I can definitely see Lebron becoming way better in the future.

  28. Truthseeker says:

    The one thing I realize from all this is lebrons fan’s are a bunch of homers. Half the things posted here are one big joke, lebron can take on kobe? 1 on 1? Did Lebron get clutch all of a sudden? I dont recall him coming close to what kobe has done….. Please…. Kobe’s skills are above and beyond anyone else in the league. You know you got basically all the players and coaches telling you Kobes the best yet people just ignore the fact and continue on thinking lebrons done enough to get the credit of being on top? Please Celtics spanked your “chosen one”. Like Alvin gentry said “their might be better athletes, but their is no better scorer than Kobe Bryant”. Lebron, D wade all respect kobe and know his the best, why cant their fans listen to them?

  29. Raj says:

    @DUMBASS Jonathan
    you make me laugh. Play basketball out of junior high or or a average high school before you get on my level. I have won at every level and still play with the guys in the pros. I’m not a Lebron fan get it right. I Always preferred the legends and prefer DWade And KG over Lebron and Kobe.

    You right me playing Pro has no barring. Ok go check the film dumbass. and check the 1 on 1 battles with Kobe And Lebron or him against Wade and he loses. Go check that Lebron Will surpass Kobe in points close already. 1 on 1 means how many points you put up, he is putting up more points than Kobe, more rebounds, more assist, steals and blocks, more efficiency, better percentage all around, and killing everybody 1 on 1 in the league.

    All that at 25, kobe did none of this but ride Pau Gasol and Shaq’s coattail. Lebron took his team to the finals and best record two years straight with less talent. Kobe had more more talent then Lebron’s team and couldn’t get out the first round or beat a weak phoenix. Get you facts straight dumbass, and go watch tape since that’s what you told me. Stay on Kobe nuts, like the girl in Colorado you deserve each other. At the end of the day and careers facts speak. Like Jay-Z said and i don’t like him. Women Lie Men lie but numbers dont dumbass haha lmao you made my day!

  30. DaHeatisON says:

    I keep hearing people say that Kobe is a more complete player than Lebron. What is he better than Lebron at doing? You might say shooting but I don’t know about that anymore.

  31. DaHeatisON says:

    Easy…. LeBron probably would beat Kobe by like 12 to 4. It’s not that I’m taking SIDES, I’m just taking TALENT and SIZE.

  32. DRE22 says:

    David Stern should add a 1 on 1 competition in the all star break. Have people vote for the top 4 and then do a mini playoff.

    Kobe would beat Lebron in 1 on 1 just because that’s Kobe’s game. Lebron uses his teammates and doesn’t have consistent jump shot. Plus for people that say Lebron will use his size, he doesn’t have that great of a post game. Kobe is the definition of a 1 on 1 player. Btw this is from a heat fan and I like the way Lebron plays better. But when it comes down to 1 on 1 then yea definitely Kobe. Like everyone else i want to see Lebron vs Melo and Wade vs Kobe. I might take Wade over Kobe then (wades my favorite player)

  33. Mike says:

    Sorry, but he aint 2xMVP for nothing.

    • john says:

      bink bink….just read your statement below…not to sound rude but you is stupid “Kobe could have won it without Kobe or Shaq” your statement not mine. Yeah who stupid…Where were the Lakers/Kobe without Shaq or Pau?????????. Check it out or you got selective memory????? You obviously dont watch much B-ball grasshopper.

  34. certifiedpinoy says:

    if lebron is that great? where are his accomlishments? (rings etc.?) – only mvp, but b-ball is a teamsport- that guys havent accomplished anything great with a team.

    • john says:

      lebron just needs the talent around him….now he does the same way Kobe needs/needed Shaq and Pau….Check it out for yourself but if you know basketball you already know the years he didnt have those 2 great big man he was no where. Was a selfish ball hog also till it took a legend/coach like Phil Jackson to teach this boy how to play team ball…. PERIOD

  35. David says:

    And Kobe’s stats in the clutch are worse than LeBron’s : http://www.82games.com/0910/CSORT11.HTM
    LeBron is a better clutch player than kobe. Hate how people talk about Kobe who was never really good at anything. He just plays for a big city and has a good team and he is a rapist. No need in mentioning him on any top 10 list unless if it’s most hyped players.

  36. BinkBink says:

    I meant to say check the stats….

  37. BinkBink says:

    I meant say check the stats….

  38. BinkBink says:

    All yall is dumb kobe couldve won it with out shaq and pau but lebron on the other hand couldnt win a championship if it smacked him in the face. So all you dummies( lebron fans/ kobe haters) cant ever say lebron won a championship with out bosh,wade, and Illgualskas. But he will never win any ways. Kobe has a pure jumper from any where on the court. Lock down defense when he wants, Skill, and one of the highest basketball IQ’s. The only thing Lebron can do is drive the lane and dunk and thats only because he is so big.KOBE BRYANT is the best hands dont check the stats, quotes, and polls. Thank you

    • john says:

      bink bink….just read your statement below…not to sound rude but you is stupid “Kobe could have won it without Kobe or Shaq” your statement not mine. Yeah who stupid…Where were the Lakers/Kobe without Shaq or Pau?????????. Check it out or you got selective memory????? You obviously dont watch much B-ball grasshopper.

      • BinkBink says:

        Listen Johnny you must be blind because my statment clearly says ” kobe couldve won it with out shaq and pau”. and winning a championship= teamwork. In which LB dont have. Come on i probably wachted more basketball than you was living boy. Remind me again who has 5 rings and has was quoted the best by the greatest himself(MJ). And kobe play with a broken finger come on johnny boy. U luck kobe dont shoot a jumper in ya mouth so u can shout up with that non sense boy.

    • john says:

      bink bink …little man…again you still dont answer question how many rings has Kobe won without Shaq or Pau????? Since you dont answer let me shed a little light for ya …”A big ZERo 0.0.” So your wrong… he never won a ring without the other 2 All Stars to carry him through…Again how was his 7th game of the Championship???? Again you shoot your mouht off little man….and dont answer….He played horrible…..but Pau carried him through….Now LeBron finally has some All Star players youll be eatin your words by the fistfull…..Funny little man I aint a Kobe lover or LeBron lover like most…I just watch B-Ball. I personally think Durant is supreme king of all and will blow LeBron or Kobe out of the court.

      • BinkBink says:

        One ima female not a little man.Boy. Ok i can say that he won those rings with pau and shaq not because of them. Durant isnt no where near kobe. Funny little johnny boy stay on the couch and watch from the sidelines when kobe is holding is three peat championship trophy. And lebron will be looking dumb.Boy

      • john says:

        sorry no point in discussin this with you little lady…..your a frikin joke….ask anyone with some basketball IQ that Kobe and the Lakers won championships not because of Shaq or Pau……Even Kobe/Laker lovers would agree that it wasnt until Pau came that Lakers had a chemistry again….Your a joke…and by the way I’ve been watching basketball when Lew Alcindor was playing for UCLA….My only advise school yourself a little more little girl and watch all Basketball ..college, NBA and all teams other than the Lakers. Last little advise look at Durants numbers compared to Kobes in the 1st couple years

    • john says:

      comments about his broken finger…..big effin deal man…..he’s always gotta whine about it…..Allen IVerson has had more broken bones and played with multiple injuries..put up amazing numbers as well as being a smaller player….and never got so much attention like Kobe does wit his wittle finga…gimme a break

      • BinkBink says:

        im bout to end the conversation with you couch potatoe. I watch all basketball college girls and boys, nba, wnba, fbla..all a that. Come on now i play college ball so i know alot more than u . Top 5 : 1. Kobe 2. D-Wade 3. Kevin Durant 4. Rajon Rondo 5. Bumb Ass LBJ. Now dont respond go somewhere and get a life, i see you on here commenting on everybody post.Boooyyyyy

      • john says:

        So you play college ball but have been watchin it longer than me or your words “you was” ?!?!?! hahaha im the little boy lol..
        Just keep watchin your WNBA cause every comment you make you critisize your self little girl.
        Hopefully you get some education little girl while your at college…..”you was” present tense Wrong “you were” past tense Correct
        Judging by your Basketball IQ I can understand why….
        So while your there warming up the bench on the sidelines do some homework and pull your panties out of your butt because I think they are cutting the blood flow to your brain.
        Peace out

    • john says:

      One more for you
      Overall carreer and still playing
      1. Kobe

      Right Now
      Kobe is fadind and getting older.
      Durant and Lebron’s stats blow away Kobe’s away when you compare when they all 1st joined league. Thats what I look at. Kobe was a joke his 1st few years. It wasnt until Shaq joined that he shined. Thats a fact and when you say he could have won it witout Pau or Shaq???? He had his chance when he 1st joined the NBA and later when he demanded to be the Alpha Dog of the team getting rid of Shaq. Also when Phil Jackson said “Kobe is Uncoachable” and left for one year they didnt even make the playoffs. So the whole premise of your arguement from the beginning that “Kobe could have won a ring without the Pau or Shaq” is not valid. He had his chance but could not. Not saying thats bad I believe everybody needs other All Stars around them. Who did LeBron have to help him get a ring??? Old Shaq?? Lebron took a loser team to a 1st place team on his shoulders…Where are the Cavs going to end up in the race this year without him?? I bet last..That has to say something about the man. Like Kobe has Pau. Boston has their 3. Now Lebron has some talent to help carry the load..Look at Dwight Howard. What’s his problem?? He needs one more piece and they will take will be scary.

      • john says:

        BARCELONO SPAIN Euro team beats the Lakers. Just saw game…did you see how Kobe choked???? Girl this is gonna be an interesting year in the NBA.

  39. David says:

    Kobe has no advantages on Lebron. If u know of any tell me and they better be advantages that would actually help Kobe win unlike 5 rings or whatever you guys always bring up even though it’s irrelevent.

  40. David says:

    ***Many of you are bringing up irrelevant stuff up. Sekou was not talking about their teams or championships. He was asking for an opinion of who would win in a one on one situation. In a one on one situation, their is no doubt LeBron would crush Kobe. He can out jump, out rebound, out shoot him in shooting percentage, block him and is by far more athletic and has more speed. It wouldn’t be close. Even in Kobe’s prime he would get destroyed. Not only is LeBron taller he is also much quicker which is usually an advantage for guards.***

  41. Try doing a bit of research when you base player talent purely on statistics. You realize that Kobe was playing with a broken finger and a bum knee during the majority of the 2010 season, right? Do me a favor: go and break the index finger on your shooting hand, have a friend take a bat to your knee (you go ahead and choose which one) and trying playing some 1-on-1 half court. Probably won’t do so hot.

    Kobe Bryant, on the other hand, will power through those injuries like the champion he is and somehow manage to out class every player in the NBA.

    This is coming from a man who respects what LBJ brings to the table: he was my first draft pick, so I know his stats are absolutely phenomenal…ridiculous is more like it. Physically, he’s a freak of nature. No one can take that away from him. What this match will come down to is experience and pure skill, as both of these veterans have proven on multiple occasions that they can effectively guard each other both on the post and in the perimeter. This is why Kobe will win. Both can shoot that ungaurdable fadeaway J, but Kobe’s fadeaway has been mastered rather than just practiced and added it to his repertoire, like Lerbron (not to mention Kobe’s ability to add any angle imaginable when using the fadeaway). He’s a crack shot. His skill is unmatched. One on one, Kobe is currently the best in the NBA. Now MJ vs KB…I’m not going to open that can of worms.

    Just a visual reminder for everyone in case can’t remember one year back…this comes from the 2009 season when Kobe was healthier. (I know this video is extremely bias; I ask everyone to concentrate on the one-on-one plays, specifically Kobe’s ability to create and execute the fadeaway J) : http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZePTK4n9P1k

    a quick note @KobeKiller: It’s well documented that Jordan is not a big fan of Kobe, and is really biased against him. Just like I’m for kobe 😛

  42. Carlito says:

    Kobe is better than Lebron one-on-one BUT Lebron is the best overall player. Lebron can do basically everything on the court; shoot, pass, rebound, defend, everything

  43. Stephan says:

    It doesn’t matter which one wins, kobe or lebron. It is about who takes the rest of the players the best

  44. john says:

    rick jay wake up …..Kobe demanding Bynum to be traded or hes outta there as a Laker….yeah good moral booster for your team….7th game of Championship team…SUCKS BIG TIME but has the superstars to “Carry him to a championship” put that in your pipe and smoke it. Oh yeah and gets MVP….should of went to PAu….without Pau or Shaq……….. Kobe would never have a ring PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • BinkBink says:

      you stupid your obviously not a real basketball fan or watcher.. dont mean 2 sound rude

      • john says:

        tell me one thing wrong about my statement …..watch NBA all season long, pre-season, reg. season etc. …not a fair weather fan like a lot of people ….watch all teams all year long….Dont mean to sound rude but whattach talking bout willis………

  45. Aerick says:

    kobe not hungry? are you serious. and lebron ? come on. every year for the last three or four seasons its been. o, this is lebrons year, this is lebrons year. well one trip to the finals years ago just to get swept by the spurs. are you serious. so lets review.. lebron james.. “the chosen one” has never even one a game in the nba finals? not only has he never one a championship he has never won a game? com on man lol.he has to earn the right to be in the conversation. yes in the regular season lebron statistcally is better then kobe. but in the end the ONLY thing that matters is championships. in 92-93 charles barkely won the mvp. and no one remembers that unless your extremelly old. but one thing from that year even my generation know. JORDAN WON THE TITLE. thats all that matters. so lebron can have his mvps. because no one will remember in ten years when he won them, che can even have the next five, because kobe,jordan,magic,larry.and so on and so forth all know the same thing, championships build a legacy. post season heroics give you immortality. all mvps and scoring championships do it take up space on a shelf. so ask any of them would they rather have a pretty decent regular season and then a ring. or a great mvp type season with 66 wins and to go home empty handed? they wont even hesitate.

  46. gmt32 says:

    what is with these dumb lebron fans saying kobe needs help to carry a team but lebron can carry the load by himself what does that mean what does lebron carry his team to an early summer with no rings wow he sure did, he couldnt even carry them past an old celtics team or a dwight howard magic team so may thats the problem he cant carry a team and that why he went to wades team so someone could carry him because thats wades team and he will be carring lebron, and its funny how the last two years everyone talked about how good the cavs were the best team in the nba winnning the most games in the regular season and will win the title and then lebron chokes and they lose and lebron carries his team home to watch the lakers win. Stop with all that crying oh lebron doesnt have any help and his team sucks, that bull the cavs got every player lebron wanted and put a good and talented team around him you dont win 65 games in the nba with scrubs, he had a good supporting cast they were good enough lebron just doesnt ever play up to the moment thats why kobe wins titles and lebron had to run like a little girl to wades team in hopes that wade wins him a title.

  47. Aerick says:

    heres some middel ground. i not a huge fan of either kobe or lebron. but kobe last year made eight game winners. all in one season. lebron now entering his eighth season has made like two. that great performance against detroit a few years back and the shot from near half court against the magic which that win didnt seem to matter anyway. the point is kobe is bred for this. he plays a one on one game all around. lebron (not a great shooter or a go to guy when it comes down to it) takes it to the hole, thats his go to move. and when on the court yeah its succesful but in a one on one game kobe would throw lebron to the floor everytime and say “i fouled you, hears the ball back’ forcing lebron to become a jumpshooter. remember there are no foul shots in one on one. so kobe could just guard the paint and let bron take his ugly mid range jumper. even so, say there were fouls allowed, bron has struggled, and kobe, foul shots can be done in his sleep. either way. kobe wins.
    and no im not from cleveland or l.a. in fact im an andre iguodala fan.

  48. farshad says:

    kobe just like a big old horse
    lebron is a best player in the world

  49. gmt32 says:

    Kobe would destroy lebron what he said is true kobe is made for one on one and his whole game is geared that way while lebron is not as confident with his shot so he looks for teamates to take the big shoots. For those of you who argue that lebron would win because of basketball stats show how little you know, the question wasnt who has the better team game, it was who would win one on one so you cant really use stats you have to use what are their strengths and weakness, and if you are using stats you think you are making your point for lebron but you are really making it for kobe. If you call your self a lebron fan then you would know that he is not a very strong on man defender he is more of a roaming help defender and gets most of his steals and blocks from the weak side or run downs. And if you notice lebron didnt become a strong defender until he played alongside kobe on the usa team and saw how hard kobe worked and his attention to the defensive side. Kobe on the other had is a very strong one on one defender and can really shut down the other teams top scores and if his teams didnt rely on him to score so much would see a lot more of it like you did on the olympic team when he destroyed Manu and Barbosa. And if you watch clips of kobe vs lebron when they did match up together you would see kobe gets the better. Lebron may be bigger but he doesnt know how to use it he has no post game and looks very uncomfortable when he does go there, kobe on the other hand has one of the strongest post games in the nba peroid on both ends of the floor. Kobe is the better shooter and i know you lebron fans will say he has a better shooting percentage yeah thats true , but that is over all but lets remember kobe played through injury all season with two broken fingers on his shooting hand as well as the knee problem and any one who has played basketball knows you need to have strong legs to shoot the ball well. Besides percentage doesnt show how well you shoot the ball every player in the league would agree that kobe has the better mid range and long range game and can get to the hoop just as well as lebron. this all makes for a one on one match up that does not look good for a team first player lebron against score first kobe kobe wins 9 out of 10

  50. MJfan says:

    you are all wack. mj is the best bball player to ever step foot on this earth and he will beat anyone one a one on one, one on two, you name it. leave kobe, lebron, magic, larry, wilt out of this because its just ridiculous to put tem in he same sentence. no had the the combinations of hops, touch, footwork, craftiness and killer insticts jordan put together.

  51. blake says:

    all you guys are morons, this has nothing to do with statistics. Its a one on one game and kobe would will himself to victory cause kobe nows how to win.

  52. BiggProof says:

    Yall Talkin’ ’bout… LeBron is more pyschal blah, blah… It sounds like Kobe is a teenage girl, ya’ll forgot that Kobe is one tough mother f…. and can handle LeBron…on the other hand LeBron would not smell the offense cuz Kobe would score every jumper over him… xD

  53. tomek says:

    SIMKO > Bron doesnt work hard enough ? that’s why You are a certified R£TARD !!!

  54. tomek says:

    YES Lebrons better passing and team play . But hold on dumbasses who he gonna pass to in a one on one ? Yes . There you go. Himself off the glasss in Kobes rapist eye. WHAT !?

  55. Aaron says:

    How could Kobe touch LeBron in a game of 1 on 1? Kobe is weak on man defense so he would not be able to stop Bron from scoring but Bron (who finished second only to superman in DPOY last season) would definitley give Kobe a headache with his excellent man to man D. No question. Argue with me flamers but your all just riding Kobe’s jock,

  56. eddie says:

    lets all dont forget kobe won 2 rings with broken index so what u think about that

    • BiggProof says:

      And this is where all Kobe/LeBron discussion ends… 😀 EOD… thank you for this simple sentence! Way to go man… 😉

  57. simko says:

    doogg common people its not even close. why would we even want to see this kobe would embarass him by at least 5 in a game to 11. dwade adn kobe are the best players in the nba. thats the match up id wanna see.. lebron barely cracks the top 8 in the league.. all you guys need to chill on lebron he isnt even that good.. he has the potential to be that good but he just dosnet work hard enough nor is he focused enough to be the best let alone beat the the best

  58. thegreatest says:

    whoever says lebron will win against kobe 1 on 1is not only disrespectful to the best player and the most skillful and talented player in the world BUT also, as ‘kobekiller” said a “dumbass”, simply because just watching the video, observing sheer talent, heart, skills and maturity, kobe is simply the best. Lebron and dwayne wade are talented and athletic monsters but cannot match kobe

  59. cleryk says:

    i voted for kobe because he is my favorite player from the moment he won the dunk contest, and i know for sure tha kobe is better than lebron, even MJ said that

  60. BiggProof says:

    Bottom Line is: LeBron has to play many more years in the league and achive many more things to b mentioned in the same sentence with Kobe Bryant… And his “Miami Thing” will not help him in the future to be ccnsiderd one of the all time greatest… Jordan was with Bulls at their darkest times, Kobe was wiht Lakers, Bird Was with Celtics… those were real players… So, debating on who would win 1 on 1, Kobe or LeBron is acctually insulting to a Laker fans… I would rather discuss who would win 1 on 1, Jordan at his best or Kobe, that would b a great topic to talk about… Az I have said b4, LeBron shouldn’t be mentioned in the same sentence with mr. Bryant… thank you! 😀

  61. Jason says:

    Kobe would dominate lebron hands down, kobe can post up lebron, for his size kobe is very strong, I hate the way alot of folks are saying lebron’s athleticism and defence would stifle kobe, are you f*cking insane?? kobe is a 1-on-1 player, both defensively and offensively, lebron isnt, check out the highlights of the 2008 olympics and check out kobe raining over lebron EVERYTIME lebron tried to guard him, it got so bad they switched tayshaun prince on him and still got burned, then the white squad ran the offense through bron and lebron missed a f*cking layup while kobe shots were 20 ft shots and he made them, point proven, lebron would try to be physical but thats it, nothing else he does will/can affect kobe bryant, and im a lebron fan, sike lmao, KOBE all day

  62. nyemah2k says:

    People! Yes Lebron is little stronger and a bite faster than Kobe. But in of it self does not makes Lebron a automatic winner. I have beaten guys who are far taller than I and far stronger than I . one on one is more about determination, who wants it more. I think Kobe will want it more than Lebron. thus doing whatever it took. now to those who say Kobe can’t score on Lebron. have you watched a nba game? Kobe can score on anybody. He makes a living taking hard shots. 21-20 straight up, Kobe by one, and he won’t win ever time.

    • Eddie says:

      Good comment but, I dont think Kobi is as hungry as James (to many rings on his fingers) and that is the differance that will win it for James.

  63. miami4life says:

    dwade would beat both of them

  64. Eddie says:

    Kobe was a great player and he may still be a good player but move over bacon its time for the new and improved players. James will hands down whip that ass in a one on one Kobe might have a chance if he is offered oxygen between points…lol
    Kobe is a “has been” and James is the future period.
    We will see on Christmas and in the playoffs if L.A. even makes the playoffs, Kobe has bad knees and his age is not helping. We all know if Kobe does not play L.A. has nothing with out him. Wear as if we loose one of the Big 3 we will still contend.

    L.A. say goodbye to your three peat

  65. kiko2kat says:

    watch worthy vs jordan 1 on 1 and analyze who won… it will be the same with this….. stats and experience here wont count.. its 1 on 1 fools!!

  66. rowinbernardo says:

    Kobe > LeBron

  67. kb theg.o.a.t. says:

    a 1 on 1 will never happen, it lebron bosh wade vs kobe!!!

  68. German says:

    Thas video was when lebron was long time ago. Lebron do it all.!

  69. German says:

    Lebron james is the best player in the NBA, kobe is sack.!

  70. steve says:

    lebron is 6’10” 260 pounds… nuff said

  71. Redeemed says:

    Kobe wins imo, he is just more overall skilled and can do alot of things better than lebron can.

  72. Dante says:

    you fools D WADE is BETTER than JAMES!!!!! just see who has a championship ring and what WADE averaged in the finals!!!

  73. B-Ballgenius says:

    LeBron would give up when it got tight, ya know, like he always does. Period.

  74. Steven Kash says:

    I know most people factor in LeBron’s size and athleticism into this, but basketball IQ also figures into it.

    I used to play a lot of ball with some friends and the most interesting times we played were the one on one games and the interesting match ups. We had one Canadian guy who was really good and we all knew he was one of the best. He was so sound fundamentally, and had the basics down patch. He was smaller but beat everyone one on one. However, there was another bigger polynesian guy. He was built like LeBron James, but of course, not as tall, He had mad range, athleticism, and a killer instinct. He was one of the best one on one players and people didn’t really want to play with him because he was so physical. However, the two guys I’m talking about never played against each other for some reason until one day.

    Everyone wanted to see this because it was two of the arguably best players we had. While the polynesian guy got his shots off and got to the rim a lot of times, the Canadian guy was able to frustrate him, and while the Canadian guy struggled with the polynesian guy’s physicality and size, he was eventually able to beat him mostly on sound footwork and basketball fundamentals. It was not a blow out by any means, and both guys had that killer instinct.

    I’m just saying, size and athleticism isn’t everything. Sometimes it is outwitting your opponent and realizing your own strengths and weaknesses. We’re talking about NBA PROFESSIONALS and the BEST of the BEST here. Its not like either of them will just give up or lie down and die in a one on one match.

  75. magic says:

    Michael Jordan Is BETTER than the two!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    MJ is still the BEST PLAYER in the PLANET for all TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  76. Peroul says:

    I m a big kobe fan , but i think on 1-on-1 lebron would have easier baskets because he’s just too big. He’s much taller than kobe and he wouldn’t need to deal with help defense. Kobe on the other hand has a better jumper than lebron, and once he gets hot, he’s just unstoppable. I think it could really go either way and it’s a really tough debate because lebron is one hand, bigger, taller and more athletic, but kobe as a better shot and is a better ball handler.
    Kobe is a better fit for 5-on-5 basketball and he’s the 2nd best shooting guard in the history of the game. Lebron on the other hand, in my opinion could beat anyone on 1–on-1.

    As with who would I prefer as a teammate is quite tough also because lebron can just play at every position and can do about anything on the court: shoot,drive,rebound, and even defend in the last couple of years. Kobe, on the other hand, cannot rebound like Lebron but he’s a pesky defender and is just so clutch! I think I’d give the edge on Kobe on who would I prefer as a teammate.

    Of course, this is a tough debate and I just gave my personal opinion on the matter. Anyway, this is a team sport and the only thing that matters is which team scored more than the other one at the end of the game.;)

  77. KobeKiller says:

    Now who wants to hear the G.O.A.T give his thoughts on Kobe vs Lebron? who better to give an answer to this never ending question than Jordan himself. Both these players look up to him and are constantly trying to be on his level.

  78. Kram says:

    Kobe hands down, more complete game. You guys can say Lebron is more physical, but so what? he’s got no post moves, let along back to the basket moves. If this was wrestling, yea sure why not, but its not.

  79. KobeKiller says:

    For all you dumbasses saying that Kobe cant play Lebgron James 1 on 1…… Look at this video where kobe completely destroys Lebron on the offensive ends and hold him down defensively. KOBE SCHOOLING LEBRON On 3 consecutive possessions IN THE 4TH QUARTER. Hey…. they dont call him the black Mamba for no reason son.

  80. greg says:

    Kobe. Isolation is his game.

  81. Denzel says:

    Kobe would win ! His footwork is to solid, probably the best footwork by a player other then MJ and Hakeem that we’ve ever seen. Kobe is the better defender, he can shoot with a hand in his face over, and over, and over.

  82. john dillard says:

    Kobe ofcourse….I love lebrons game but id give him a challenge 1 on 1…..Those of you who study basketball already know Lebron needs a pick to do everything in half court….Kobe rarely uses a pick….Kobe would win easily with post moves and fakes alone…Lebron has absolutely no post game…..

  83. bigboy11 says:

    i think that is a bad match up ,better one wade /kobe and i thi nk wade wins kobe wont have the triangular defense to help him stop wade the one man offense, but wade would not play him one on one he does not try to hog the limelight all the time

  84. 123456 says:

    kobe will win. lebron is more of a team player than a one on one player. and that separates lebron from kobe.

  85. Amanj says:


  86. G-FORCE says:

    kobe must much manu long time ago. bron for dwight or amar’e. kobe couldnt much bron.

  87. eye says:

    good players win mvps , great players win championship , those players who won championship knows how to play in order to win what ever situation he is in ,one on one or playing team game …….unless lebron and his fans learns this ,i dont think lebron has the right to be compared with the likes of kobe. sorry but its true ,and i know the truth hurts am i right lbj fans?

  88. mike says:

    lol i just watched the video…didnt every nba player grow playing 1 on 1 ???? what a snobby prick lol

  89. Kelvin says:

    If Lebron was on the lakers, they would dominate the league n playoffs by 10-15 point win margin. If Kobe was on the cavaliers, they wont even make it to the finals. When Lebron was on the cavaliers, his supporting cast was nowhere near Kobe’s. One on one clearly is Kobe but Team oriented goes to Lebron. Lebron’s Game not only benefits himself but also the team. And a lot of people r saying kobe has the best basketball IQ. 20 plus shots a game with a very talented Pau Gasol on ur team is not smart. Kobe got lucky this year, but next will be even tougher. Lebron calling himself a King without any rings is proposterous. He has an ego problem. Kobe can beat Lebron one on one but Lebron’s team will have something to say about that. People also keep saying Lebron cant do it by himself. Last I checked every champion had at least 2 stars with significant role players. To me it wont matter who would win one on one between two because the NBA game is 5 on 5, not 1 on 1. I believe these two players r good but a little overrated. For Kobe, his decision making process and ill-advised shots. For Lebron, post game, legit 1 on 1 moves, and a killer instinct: soemthing that only Kobe n Wade possess. Now Dwyane Wade is the most underrated superstar in the league n nobody talks about him, but it is alright. Sometimes, u need to view a person’s spotlight to enhance your own.

  90. Devon says:

    The only player in the league who can MAYBE beat kobe is Kevin durant.

  91. mike says:

    kobe cant win without phil jackson calling the shots…its been proven…the lakers succes is much more to do with phil than kobes ballhogging ass

  92. bball says:

    D wade allday errrveryday

  93. kobez says:

    OK…since majority is picking Kobe over lebron in their current states of life, i would definitely have to go with kobe if we were looking at both these players in their “prime”.

    lebron is more of a 1 dimensional scorer….he gets to the basket…he would rather get to the hole than put up a shot…thats his game,…kobe is that + the precision shooter…kobe will get to the hole too…but if he feels he cant, he can rely on his step back fade and its money…

    here is my breakdown

    Ball Handling: Kobe
    Shooting: Kobe
    Defense: Lebron
    Speed: Tie (Kobe in his prime is just as fast)
    Driving: Tie
    Clutchness: Kobe….this is verrrrrry close though..
    Game Smarts: Kobe…Lebron is getting there, but Kobe is a very on teh court smart player

    OVERALL: Kobe 24 is the ruler of all

    • virginia3310 says:


      • kobez says:

        Can you define what “clutch” is? Yes Lebron has missed his fair share of buzzer beaters, but he has won quite a few games in the ending minutes. I am a Kobe fan, and I think I am being fair to say its close in that department because I dont charaterize “clutch” as just being buzzer beaters..

        To me clutch also means the go to guy night in night out…the guy that you want the ball to be in his hands for every possession in the ending minutes. The Cav’s didnt get to 60 wins with lebron ending the game by halftime, no, he takes over in the 4th and ensures a W…this is CLUTCH….

  94. realistic says:

    -.- why are some people saying that lebron needs to receive a good pass in order to score big?
    he’s the passer and can make shots for himself. -.- the only reason why he’s the mvp and not kobe is that he’s an all around player whereas kobe is a well respected shooter.

    someone here posted about kobe’s GREATNESS in game 7. i bet he didn’t watched the game >.> as far as i can remember, artest was the mvp of that game. that game alone.
    yeah, kobe’s really got alot of playoff experience, that’s because he always have a strong partner (shaq/gasol). he can’t make his team win alot of games alone.
    lebron on the other hand, lifts the entire cavs on his shoulders for all of its playoff moments.

    so back to the question, who would win in a one on one?
    hmm.. kobe surely is the shooter type and also a slamdunk champion in tha past, all other things he has is also present in lebron’s resume. but he’s never known as a good defender.
    can he defend the bucket when lebron zooms in full strength?

    i go for lebron. he may not be as great a shooter as kobe, but he’s got a decent perimeter and 3 pt shooting ryt?
    his edge is his penetrating ability and better D.

    • Devon says:

      did you say kobe wasnt known as a good defender ?????????????? you must not know.

    • Alexzo says:

      Are u kidding me? How can u b realistic when u dont know what you’re sayin? Kobe has been all defensive team for the most part of his career! That’s what validates him in the conversation with MJ as to the all time greatest! Get real now or better change your name.

  95. MIK-OHH says:

    KOBE all the way
    he is the greatest
    Lebron can’t ever be like KOBE

  96. Jhames says:

    I think LeBron, because he have a much better fieldgoal percentage than kobe. What about Kobe vs. DWade i think they are much better match up, what do you think guys?

  97. meroi says:

    I’ve also played one-on-one since I was 6 and im pretty sure Kobe won’t stand a chance against the bigger, stronger and as-quick Lebron. No way Kobe could stop Lebron under the basket; he’ll just foul out of the freaking game. Once any of his outside shots miss (especially under duress–remember he shot 6 of 24 in Gm 7 against a smaller Ray Allen and Tony Allen), it will be Lebron all the way. Those who are saying Kobe would beat Lebron dont know what they’re talking about. Have you played one-on-one with a very skilled guy and outsized you by 60 lbs?

  98. eye says:

    kobe 67.48% lebron 32.52……………..from facts we all know kobe has the edge ….in lebron james fans ..they must be day dreaming to convince people they would have a chance …lebron is a pretty good player and person but i dont think his fans is in the right frame of mind…..i thinks lbj fans is a bad omen to his career ,maybe if these people stop supporting lebron he would start winning some championship …lebron needs some fans like kobe’s fans …..if lebron start winning championship we can conclude that they already followed my advice…and i’ll be happy for lebron when that time comes.

  99. Mitchel says:

    I think Kobe was sincere with a little arrogance here.. hehe.. But he explained why Lebron can’t beat him in 1 on 1.. It’s Kobe used to grow up withm he’s a 1 on 1 player.. And lebron is more like Magic Johnson.. He’s a great passer and all around player, but it’s kobe’s game..

  100. NUMBERS DON'T LIE!!! says:


    LeBron James 13 8 5 13 41.4 9.7 22.6 .429 1.0 4.2 .241 7.2 10.4 .689 1.5 5.6 7.2 7.1 1.6 0.6 4.2 2.6 27.5
    Kobe Bryant 13 5 8 13 36.5 8.8 21.4 .410 0.8 3.5 .217 7.2 8.4 .862 0.8 4.4 5.2 5.1 1.2 0.3 3.2 2.5 25.5

    • Alexzo says:

      Haha! You’re a dope man! Numbers dont mean anything on a 1 on 1 game. It’s the street smarts that wins it. Kobe is a street baller so he has the edge.

  101. dno27 says:

    If anybody played 1v1 knows its not easy.. not against your sister not knocking these ladies these day but all kobe has to do is be just a lil physical to beat some one 3 or 4 inches taller than him Yea lebron is the best athlete of all time but he not the best basketball player Kobe is and im not a kobe fan Im a CP3 fan KOBE WILL WIN but it wont be easy for neither.

  102. ALL TIME GREATS says:


    • Alexzo says:

      How could u be an all time great when u are ignorant of reality. Basketball has more to offer than physicality & so called “talents”. IQ & skill set goes on top of the list & kobe has the edge on both categories.

  103. Evelyn says:

    how many titlles got Lebron ?…. noneee… ok thats it !!

  104. IsaIbn says:

    Ya’ll ever been to the YMCA or just the neighborhood and seen those games between an old person and a young person? The young person is much more athletic and his running and jumping everywhere, but for some unknown reason, the old person still finds a way to win the game, either because he let the young athletic person tire himself out or just know how to play the game of basketball better than the young person.

    This is what I think would happen with Kobe and Lebron. Lebron may dominate physically, but basketball is so much more than just physicality. Kobe has a better basketball IQ than Lebron, and just like he always does, Kobe will find a way to win, because that is just what Kobe does.

  105. Tommy Miranda says:

    What is funny is that LEBRON is even compared to kobe, when he is only 25 that is embarrassing for kobe, to be compared to a 25 year old, Get real, Kobe is great, lebron is great, KOBE CANNOT JUST HANDLE LEBRON it will take everything both has, to win or lose, kobe cannot just whoop lebron sorry not happening

    • Alexzo says:

      Yo tommy boy! Your argument proves nothing. If it stands correct, then MJ who in most peoples opinion is the greatest player to date oughta be embarassed being compared to a younger Kobe Bryant. Sorry but it’s pointless dude! U can check my post up top & see the real point in comparing this 2 players.

  106. Rommel CANCINO says:

    hello??? nobody in the planet can guard Kobe. So LBJ is zero chances of winning.

  107. Ricky says:

    LeBron James. Faster, more agile, longer wingspan, more explosive. Put all the accolades aside. This is 1v1 basketball. Scoring titles and rings mean nothing when you have to be guarded by a 6″8 260 lb forward who is faster and more explosive than you for a whole game of 21 or 15. Kobe only has midrange, his crossover is mediocre, and he can’t come off screens to shoot in 1v1 games. The fadeaway will only work so much against a 6″8 guy with a crazy vertical.

    This is coming from a Laker fan 20 years and counting. Since this is a team sport, Kobe is the better team player. 1v1 it goes to LeBron, I mean he did win MVP back to back right?

    • Alexzo says:

      Ricky- how could u b a laker fan & be down on kobe. U oughta b ashamed. Even so, i still dont buy anything u say. Check out my post up top so u will be enlightened.

    • Devon says:

      what does size mean ? the bigger they are the harder they fall. kobe is the best player probably of all time. his numbers may not be better than michaels but hes more talented. mike never had to share the ball with a demanding center. BUt back to kobe and lebron. Dont call yourself a lakers fan if you goin pick lebron. you should atleast be biased and say kobe cuz you like the lakers. but then again you probably started liking them in june of 2009.

  108. Kofi Kyei says:

    Yo, for me i would go for LBJ always, the only person engineered to play the game of life, he’s ready to win and will win now with Dwade and Bosh, take it or leave it.

  109. cheesecake says:

    that video shown clearly is a Lebron foul… as for the 1 on 1, Kobe will win but its gonna be a really, really hard fought battle! DO NOT EVER UNDERESTIMATE THE HEART OF A CHAMPION…

  110. Paco says:

    Lebron will win. Because Kobe’s only edge to Lebron is his age. Kobe is already thirty one (31), but it doesn’t mean that Kobe will have the edge at the experience. Lebron have all the advantage like strength, height, talent, youth and killer instinct. That’s the reality.

    • Alexzo says:

      Another weak argument paco. If it was a wrestling match then I’d go for Bron. But then again if physicality is your point, then dwight Howard is the Man! Even the king is no match for superman.

  111. aussiedan says:

    lebron is a beast & would be more physical, but at some point he’d give up. u know kobe’s a warrior & wouldn’t let lebron win no matter what; e.g. dislocated finger, fluid build up in the knee, etc. to make it fair, lebron can do things kobe can’t anymore, but kobe can still do things that lebron cant so it goes to kobe.

  112. THE BAHAMAS says:

    i mean you all are really fixated on kobe, why?? i mean come on now really beat lebron…omg…i could see you say out of bron and d wade or melo and whoever sstarts with the ball iss most likely the winner. but i cant haate on koobe lebron can’t beat me onee on one either, bet.

  113. Arian says:

    Did anyone notice Kobe answered “I will” before the interviewer mentioned Lebron’s name in who would win one-on-one.

    Anybody feel Kobe would have responded differently if the interviewer had finished his question. I wonder…

    Either ways if I were to cast my vote…it would go to Black Mamba! Kobe’s footwork and jump shooting ability would prove too much for Lebron. Although it could be anybodies day and Lebron could very possibly win as well. I would still say Kobe would win atleast 6 out 10 games.

  114. Denmark says:

    To all Lebron “The Greatest Recruiter of All Time” James fans just wait until Kobe get’s older @ 36 years old…because in that time I guarantee you that Lebron will be the greatest player during that time next to Durant and Wade..SORRY!

  115. kurt says:

    kobe will win. kobe has more talent than lbj..

  116. QWERTYUIOP says:


  117. Verk says:

    lebron’s much bigger and just as talented. 1v1 with a bigger player usually goes the bigger player’s way

  118. emkun says:

    Well I’m sure Kobe would win ,but I’m afraid LeBron would still travel a lot… And I mean A LOT.

  119. gerard says:

    i think Kobe cant handle LeBron. he’s too big for him and more of a physical player. he even blocked Kobe’s shot!

  120. D'Ward says:

    I’ll go with Kobe in a 1 on 1 game. Lebron have the strength and body, but he does not have a post moves where he can use that strength. Most of LBJ offense came from pick-offense or a break-aways, he don’t usually post and beat a defender 1 on 1. Most of his shots are dunks, layups and straight up because of a pick from his teammates.

    On the other hand, Kobe can post-up LBJ, and hit it with a nasty fade-away shots. Kobe have a decent cross-over moves, which I think it will be hard for LBJ to handle. We knew, LBJ can block shots, but most of his block shots came as a help-defender or a chase-defender, and I don’t think he can use that with Kobe, if Kobe is already in the rim because of crazy cross-over moves.

    In 1 on 1, you should know how to post up, create shots and be a good shooter, when I say good shooter, you should be able to hit the hardest shot with ease. I think Kobe have all that arsenal already to beat LBJ.

  121. Ckirwalk says:

    kobe bryant still the best than lebron..

  122. Kobe would beat LeBron says:

    Kobe was born to play one on one

  123. soop says:

    Kobe is the better player… hands down!!! Kobe has more skills and better all around player but 1 vs 1, unfortunately, i’d have to say LBJ would win because of the mismatch and not because he’s better. I agree with others who said it’s not a fair matchcup and to compare, you’d have to put LBJ up against someone like Melo.

    Kobe and lebron are both great at defense while kobe is more an offensive threat but at the same time, I just don’t see Kobe being able to stop Lebron without fouling him all the time (in 1 vs 1 setting of course). I don’t care how good at defense kobe is, LBJ is faster and stronger. So my point is this, Defensively, LBJ can stop Kobe but Kobe can’t stop Lebron

  124. luweee says:

    dont talk about the championships of kobe. we all know that the first 3 is all about shaq! and the other two is because of the pressence of pau. kobe needs someone to win. look at the lakers when shaq left, where are they? but lebron can carry a whole team!

  125. Kifla says:

    I think LBJ would win…hes much stronger..hes faster…he can jump higher,hes better defensive player….those are keys for winning one on one game…kobe is better shooter..but he couldnt get 15 points by shooting…

  126. ZANDRO says:


  127. srmckibben says:


    Kobe is too small and weak for LeBron and Mr James defense would shut Ms. Bryant down any day of the week!

    So KOBE, how bout you shut up!

  128. Francois says:

    I think lebron has an edge yes, size does matter in a one on one battle the physicality of lebron is really amazing, and you can feeeeeeelllll it I know you would…..

  129. mythcold says:

    even thow i dont like neither of them I really really dont like lebron because he just went to the heat i really hate that, but on 1 on 1 i think kobe would win

  130. tas says:

    today, lebron would crush kobe.. maybe 5 years ago, but kobe is now 32.. end of story.

  131. Greg says:

    Yup. Just why Kobe has never and will never be the best player. Damn selfish boy …

  132. dennis says:

    LEbron’s career is just getting started…

  133. WTF? KOBE would win against LBJ??!! haha? says:

    LoL! Plz folks, I’ m a D-Wade fan. But please, 1v1? Not even close folks! How could kobe take a shot over Lebron? Out of 10 shots, maybe 2 max posible shots may go in! But if Lebron would take this thing seriosly?? I tell u this folks, not even close! Race to 21? 21-5 or 6 hands down to Lebron! If this wud happen. I mean, seriously Vijay, Lebron is a lock down defender and Kobe can’t guard Kobe that’s 4 certain and obvious too! OMG! Kobe saying such things…WeeW!

  134. nabuang namo! ka klaro ana, bisag plus 10 pa si kobe! di na ka score ug 5 oi kang lebron! kita mo sa duwa ni lebron? DEADLY EVEN WITH FIVE ALL-STARS COMING IN! he’s built to play this game perfectly!

  135. ramon says:

    Kobe in his prime would destroy lebron in his prime

  136. chanman says:

    WOW WTF. COCKY MUCH!!!????? last time i checkd lebron isnt as cocky. i remember wen they asked lebron about his thoughts on kobe and whether he was a better player. HE RESOPNDED THAT he repected the kobe and that they were both tallented in different ways. KOBE= COCKY AND AROGENT. LEBRON= gg ftw. and isnt as cocky

    and think about it lebron is STILL VERY YOUNG. if u look at kobe at lebrons age he had more going for him with a younger and stronger shak. wat did lebron have????? nuthing comapred to shaq.

  137. joe says:

    James better at dunking? Well, Bryant won the slam dunk contest in 97. James never entered the contest, too scared to lose it…oh wait, he actually said in 2009 that he would enter it in 2010…well, he never went for it. James is more powerfull physically, that´s it. Bryant was best scorer of the league several years. And stop saying James was 2 times MVP and Bryant just one. Bryant must be the only player in the history who didn´t win the MVP title as many times as he should have. James´problem is that you need to put 4 to 5 all-stars in his team to win the NBA title, and wait, they don´t win anyway. Bryant is the best shooter in the NBA, his percentage isn´t tremendous, but that´s beacause he takes all his shoots with two defenders on him. Oh, and James good passer, well, who could pass in his team? Mo Williams? That´s it. So of course, if you´re the player who always have the ball in the hands, you´ll end up scoring or passing. So patheti to see James with Wade and Bosh, and going for Ilkauskas and others. Where will be the glory if they win? Great team management, Riley should get a trophy for succeeding in getting all these players, that´s it. And they ´re crying because people criticize them…Pff..what did you expect? “I´ll bring my talents down to South Florida” Can´t you say I´ll go play for the Heat. Noooo, my talents and myself are going…LOL.

  138. mr.ramen says:

    hey hey hey….. IT is the TRuth: KObe rellys on his team mates specially in pAu gasol…
    take a look at the last finals…kobe wont won alone if he handles the ball more frequently…
    he is a JOke.. ma men,, if its not bcoz of his teammates… he wont wear any champ rings….and thats the truth ,,,

    One on one with Lj23??? he wont stood a chance….
    kobe is 6’6” while lj was 6’8” … then theyre both flash but kobe is a bunch injured pupet..Lj will just block kobes shots…

    bottom line is………..

    KObe wont make it to LBRON JAMES23.. yeahhh!!!

    peace yawlll…=D

  139. FLIGHT24 says:


  140. kobe vs lebron LOL says:

  141. jmaeclei says:

    kobe would school LBJ

  142. AGP says:

    lol in 1v1 assists and rebounds mostly out of the picture. what matters is moves, speed, skill etc. Simple fact is Kobe has learnt and practiced more moves, is more battle tested, and being a kobe fan I think he has greater natural talent. ( where as lebron is more physically gifted in terms of build). IMHO of course.

  143. Hoops says:

    Ok im going to look at this objectively. Personally i dislike both players but that doesn’t change the fact that both are amazing athletes. So lets get down to it the simple facts:

    Kobe Pros – Quick hands, Incredible speed, Superb shooter, lockdown defender, great athletiscism, probably the smartest player in the league in terms of basketball IQ and his work ethic is second to none.
    Cons – I would say the height and reach disadvantage stands out and the fact that Kobe regularly defends players that are smaller than him but that is not to say that he can’t defend a larger player.

    Lebrom Pros – Incredible athlete, Average shooter, Average defender (gets most of his blocks in transition and relies mostly on his reach and size)
    Cons – Lebron’s heart has been questioned (looking back at the playoffs) and he regularly has the speed advantage on players he defends.

    What it will come down to is experience and maturity. Both guys are fantastic basketball players but Kobe has been in the league longer has a better work ethic and knows every way to beat his oppenents. Lebron has relied almost entirely on pure talent and he does have an abundance of it but what happens when he meets a guy that is just as talented and works harder?
    I give Kobe the edge by a slight margin

    Side note – for all those that think Kobe would get consistently blocked by Lebron think for a moment. Kobe has been playing in an offense where he is the main piece and has made countless shots while time expires with hands in his face. Even if Lebron does block a couple of Kobe’s shots he will just use that to his advantage next time around. Throw a head fake and go around him because Kobe is faster

  144. kobe vs lebron LOL says:

    haha.. you should look at youtube, more comments about this..!!!

  145. MJ fan forever says:

    This is a very stupid conversation/discussion , nobody beats kobe , he is the best 1on1 player in the world he even kill you with the toughest defence and all the hands in his face , you just can’t stop that man in a 1on1 the only man who could have is/was GOD because GOD is MJ bud GOD is too old now end off discussion . Haha what a joke LBJ beating Kobe in a 1on1 , good one , one to remember!! Come up with something serious Sekou or else say noyhing at all.

  146. sexmore says:

    comeon y’all lebron is a kobe wannabe he aint gt nun on mamba he hasn even got a ring n he sure aint gna get one anytime soon

  147. Tenki says:

    By the way, NBA LIVE (game) has a challenge that can be achieved by BEATING JORDAN 1 on 1, not Kobe. However, you can use Kobe against Jordan, and GOOD LUCK! You need it badly.

  148. Joe says:

    kobe is a very good player. he’s got a lot of moves offensively, and is one of the best perimeter defenders out there. he can definitely score on lebron, he can even pull a few defensive stops too. but there’s just no way in the world that kobe will win against lebron. HE’S GREAT, I KNOW. but lebron will be too much for kobe to handle. big, quick, smart, lebron’s got it all. no offense to kobe and his fans, but lebron is just a wrecking ball. he’ll just bulldoze his way in and will just swat all of kobe’s shots, unless he lobs it or throws it like silly. i admire kobe for his cockiness though; he’ll definitely win in a trash talk.

  149. J.O says:

    Lebron would definitely beat Kobe in a 1 on 1. I mean all Lebron has to do is post up and us his height, size, and athletic ability to punish Kobe. I actually think its the other way around.I think Kobe is the better 5 on 5 player because his the one who led his team to 2 straight NBA championships.while lebron could not,but its obvious lebron scores more a season then Kobe because he is a better 1 on 1 player. This is why teams triple team him. lebrons speed and shot blocking are outstanding, so I am sure lebron would figure a way to shut down Kobe and win the game.Kobe is a fool for comparing lebron to magic. I mean are you serious can magic even dunk, block, run the floor, jump, or even score like lebron. get out Kobe. No offense to magic who is one of the greatest hall of famers of all time

  150. Tenki says:


    Maybe you are smoking something while doing your stuff. What do you mean by the closest person to beat Kobe is MJ? I can tell that you watch NBA just recently. Ever wondered why Kobe moves just like MJ does? If you think it’s the other way around, you don’t have any basketball IQ. Maybe beat Kobe? Are you nuts?

    The reason why Kobe has 5 rings is because he was carried by a center named Shaquille. Shaq was the factor of LA’s 3-peat. Kobe was a sidekick. How about Jordan? Well, he had Pippen as his sidekick, but he has 6 RINGS, all to his credit. Would it be possible for Kobe to eclipse MJ’s shadow? UNLESS Kobe wins 4 MORE TITLES, then I myself will say he has done it. Otherwise, don’t put MJ’s name here, no one deserves to play against His Airness mano-a-mano. Don’t disgrace the Legendary Bull, the GREATEST ALL TIME.

    If you want to redeem yourself in your article, do some research. See what Jordan has achieved, and see the reason why Kobe is very eager to emulate Jordan. Heck, even Kobe would apologize for bringing him up too much against Jordan.







    2 divided by 4 = .5

    2 divided by 3 = 666!!!


  151. bob says:

    kobe sucks, lebron would beat him one on one

  152. Yoann says:

    Well I understand Sekou’s intention of hyping up the crowd, but there is a middle ground of course.
    I’d have a tendency to say KB, even though I’m a LBJ fan…and I still despise Kobe’s arrogance and cockiness.

    Kobe’s faster, thinner, lighter; but not quicker.
    And LBJ would swat the living crap out of Kobe a lot too…

    If I had to put a lot of money on this, I’d go for Kobe.

  153. Kobe??? says:

    Kobe sucks…

  154. Levinson Mancio says:

    One-one, mano-y-mano, I will pick Kobe. Man, he is a better one-man team than anybody in this planet.

  155. Impartial says:

    i like both players, but i do think that lebron would win in one on one. He is much more physical and a much better defender. The only thing that would possibly make kobe win is his ability to hit a shot with the defender breathing down his throat. but he is not always consistent.

    Also lebron brings more to a team thann kobe, put kobe on the cavs and would they win 66 games??????????/
    PLUS lebron averages more points rebounds steals and blocks.

    And when people say kobe is better because he has rings, that does not necesarily mean he is a better player, robert horry has 7 rings and he was not that good of a player, RINGS means you have a good team, MVP’S means your a great player.

    • lebaby james says:

      MVPs mean the media likes you!!! They should have the best player award instead of the mvp and media shouldnt have a say on that! Now If you guys could post videos of lebron and kobe 1on1 moments coz all i see is kobe dominating lebron videos posted here from youtube! Be realistic lol

  156. josh says:

    kobe will win… yes kobe is unstoppable if defended 1v1… dont get me wrong lbj is good but hes not really a 1v1 player which i agree with kobe.. he thrives on fast break or off a screen etc… when kobe can just pull up fadeaway all day/post moves.. got all the moves u can think of…

  157. ekaizero says:

    kobe will just shoot over lebron…end of story

  158. BBaller20 says:

    Kobe is a great NBA superstar…Lebron is a freak of nature…

  159. SugarRay says:

    Kobe makes tough shots consistently and with range. That’s the big difference maker here.Kobe is a machine. A LeBron killing machine. Lol.

  160. Randgriz24 says:

    there once was an article in yahoo that KD will be the best player in the league after KB retires.
    why not make KD and LBJ play 1on1, the winner will then play againts KB
    good enough?

  161. Lamorena says:

    kobe has championships…..
    kobe has more experience

  162. Jay-arr says:

    Just get on the GAME kobe….LeBron is more physically fit than you…

  163. chris says:

    who cares? kevin durant would beat them both!

  164. Wonderboy says:

    I would have said lebron james because of his sheer talent and power if not have run this in nba2k10… Man I played each player 5 times each against one another and no matter which player I play with, kobe always wins… I’ve even had AI played the entire game but still it garnered the same result…

    LBJ is AOK but Kobe is a god…

  165. Rouky says:

    Bla bla bla! i love awesome comments which looks approximatively like “kobe scored 81 so he’ll sure beat anybody” or “lebron is higher and tougher than kobe so he’ll beat him”! where do you search all these amazing comments? these guys are not boxers, they play basketball in a different way that’s all! but leave them any space and they both know what to do with the ball… they are great defenders too so i think that one 1vs1 isn’t enough to determine the best of the two! then compare the stats…

  166. opposable thumbs says:

    Could Kobe take Tyreke Evans?

  167. Nicanor Orjaliza Jr says:

    I would say Kobe even though LBJ is young he still need to improve.

  168. jesanHigh says:

    Kobe will surely win

  169. oligarc says:

    there’s no way LBJ can beat KB cause kobe is the closest thing next to the greatest player ever, MJ…

  170. BiggProof says:

    There are usually, two or three players guarding Kobe on the floor during every game… Do u people actually think or belive that LeBron would stand a chance with Kobe 1 on 1?!?! xD Pffffffffff… There are teams that r trying to stop Kobe every night, whole defense iz trying to stop Kobe… Now, someone is trying to say that LeBron would win 1 on 1, do u people realise how funny is that… lol! 😉

  171. ripcitydownunder says:

    can anyone see a kobe vs lebron one on one show during all star weekend?

  172. dookitos says:

    you all just got baited in a useless argument…. everyone is entitled to their own opinion and i think you guys argue on such a pointless article of “what if”. the only way to know is to see them actually have a game of 1on1.
    its as pointless as hulk vs superman.

  173. TheProdigy says:

    you bums they just said 1on1 stats don’t mean nothing here, kobe with out a doubt, lebron is a freak of athlete ill give him that but to think he even stands a chance against kobe is hilarious, 1on1 with kobe would just prove and show the world that as great as lebron is kobe is a living legend and backs down to no man.mj is the only one that can keep up with kobe no one else bar none period.

  174. lakers says:

    d12- your an idiot michael jordan is not a judge of talent he thought kwame brown was gonna be a stud but he was a dud reatard

  175. Greg says:

    Better 1on1 defender, more strength, can get up to the rim like nobody : Lebron – I don’t even understand how one can chose Kobe as he doesn’t stand a chance.

  176. Logan says:

    Again… Again….. Again…..
    Give it up you all Kobe do it all fanatics….
    Of course you’l gonna win this poll because right now you have the numbers…
    But honestly… you’re all pathetic….
    There’s no way Kobe can take on Lebron Mano a Mano!!!!
    During Kobe’s prime you say????
    Compare Kobe’s prime to Lebron right now!!!! Can you see the difference????
    And PLEASEEEEE!!!! Never compare Kobe to Michael Jordan!!!!! TSK TSK TSK….
    That’s a taboo people!!!!!!
    MJ is clearly in a higher level than your Kobe…. Even Lebron is looking up high with MJ….
    ON LEBRON VS KOBE 1on1 in a race to 21:
    I’m just being HONEST…..

    • tribon says:

      ur right..lbj is way better..kobe is not on MJ level yet…MJ23, oscar robertson..thats another level..kobe, james worthy, and steve kerr are on the same level

      • lebaby james says:

        LBJ, ADAM MORRISON, DARKO MILICIC theyre in the same level too dont you forget that. oh wait adam has two rings so he a bit higher

    • BinkBink says:

      Did you not see recently that lbj took the easy way out and joined up with bosh and wade. in which wade has a ring and lbj dosent. I personally think that wade is better than lebron anyways.lebaby great point adam morrison has 2 rings without trying wht does that tell u. Lebron is weak. The greatest himself even said that Kobe is better.

    • dennis says:

      lol its a lucky shot….. look at the high arch of the ball…. kobe’s shot is not like that he get intimidated by lebron but a lucky shot in the end…. that’s gay

      • Trax Laker Fan. says:

        just like the game winner he scored on wade was lucky, or was it that he’s smart enough 2 know when to put more arc on the ball 2 get it over the opposition. ITS NOT LUCK ITS CALLED SKILL

    • jack0978 says:


      James // 6-8 250lb FG: 50.3%
      Bryant // 6-6 205lb FG: 45.6%

      I don’t care how many fadaways kobe’s made, lebron shoots better by nearly 5%. And I would like to see kobe playing someone who’s longer, stronger, and younger than him.

    • carlo says:

      that said it all. . kobe is the best lebron cant defend him even in his size . .y do LBJ fans keep on saying bout his height and athletecism can beat kobe? this video proves that he cant defend kobe PERIOD!!!

  177. dennis says:

    both guys are exellent in defending 1on1…. but for me i think lebron will win because of the size and weight lebron can move as fast as kobe but kobe have a little disadvantage on weight against lebron….

  178. Trolly Trollsborne says:

    Spider man would win…

  179. dodieskalous says:

    anthony! i agree with you your right man!

  180. dodieskalous says:

    hey you eye?!! your so idiot to say that ! why dont you eat your own manure so that you realize who’s better?Are you a kind of damn?!! common man lets get to the truth kobe cannot win on lbj

  181. kobe is the best says:

    putangina nyo! si kobe ang the best.. kikingina nyo mababaho putangama nyo! lahat kayo putangina nyo!

  182. Anthony says:

    Born and raised in LA and love watching the Lakers. Also, I loved More Than A Game. There are some of my biases.

    Seen a few iso plays of Bron and Kobe and they both are just unbelievable. But I would have to go with Bron in a very close one. I just keep picturing Kobe jumping back for a fade away but Bron reaching high with his height and athleticism to block Kobe. Also, it is a bit hard getting around Bron’s giant body paired with agility so I doubt Kobe would get around Bron too often.

    So I think it would be a bit unrealistic to say somthin like Bron would win over Kobe 9 times out of 10 or the other way around. With skill, talent, competitiveness, heart, athleticism etc…. it would be a superb match.

  183. Raj says:

    Haha i laugh at all these jokes of people that leave comments about Kobe. Get off his jocks half of you never even played. I played all the way to the pros, and yall t.v watchers. Put it simply it would have been a better game back for Kobe 5yrs ago. Kobe would get dominated. If you look at the stats head to head when they match up Kobe usually has worse % when he faces D-Wade or Lebron. He team usually loses to them also. Go check the stats and games the last few years i deal on facts. Fact is Lebron is superior than Kobe in every aspect in the game now. He is stronger, quicker, more consistent shooter, and better athlete. Kobe would not be able to extend that jumper or fade away 1 on 1 with no help with Lebron’s leaping ability.

    Lebron is to strong we talking about 1 on 1. He can post kobe up all day in a one on one game at will. kobe would be at his mercy drive by him also and dunk on him. That was kobe pride talking your not suppose to say you would lose. All you non basketball players stop going off emotions. If you a laker fan be a laker fan, but stop jocking kobe. Yall swear allegiance to a guy who could care less about the lakers or you. Remember when he cussed out the lakers demanded a trade, wanted out of l.a, publicly humiliated l.a, the franchise and players, and before that threw shaq under the buss. He didn’t win those championships Shaq did, he didn’t win the last 2 Pau Gausol did check the stats. Pau Gasol is more efficient more a threat, He carried the Lakers, and should have got mvp, name 1 game kobe out played him. None thank you. The lakers are stacked kobe never had to go anywhere he went to a dynasty he has always played with hall of famers as he is now. Trust Pau Gasol, Fish, Odom, Ron Artest will all be in the Hall of Fame 1 day. Yall want Lebron to play with nobodies, Mo Williams, Antwan Jamison, and win a title while kobe has a stacked deck a starting lineup, up and starting bench, while Lebron had nothing. Everybody is threatened now Lebron has a legit chance, cuz once he wins a ring it’s no more well he doesn’t have a ring like kobe. Shut the hell up. Stop hating. Lebron has broke every kobe record except 81 pts done more faster and younger, and by winning rings will solidify who is better. Lebron unselfish leader, kobe selfish incomplete. Everybody is intimidated now because no more comparisons if or when i should say Lebron wins a ring. Debate over he is officially the king over kobe. Better than he ever was and didn’t need the dynasty machine of the Lakers, and forever Hall of Famers behind him or complain and cry to create his legacy like kobe. Let the games begin the best since Jordan is Lebron James. Now he has a deck like Jordan Pippen Rodman, Magic, Worthy, Kareem, Scott, Cooper and so on, Shaq, Kobe, Horry, Glen Rice, Fish, Fox, Horance Grant, Ron Harper, AC Green, And so many other greats. Stop being foolish. Take the Kobe bias blinders off. And Give Lebron the respect due, because you all will when he wins his championship. I remember when all the Kobe fans hated on Dwade win he won well he has to win 2 more to equal Kobe shut up already, because here they come.

    • Jonathan says:

      UMMM…..you just did what you told Kobe fans they were doing you supposedly playing pro basketball has no influence in your argument. You’re letting your attitdues towards kobe get in the way, of answering the question< kobe is simply a better 1 on 1 basketball player he said so himself Lebron is a threat simply because of his passing and athletisim other than that, nothing stands out in his game. Also, Kobe is a lot stronger than people make him out to be so idk if Lebrons strength is an overwhelming factor. It'll be a close game but i take kobe barely getting by cause hes more competition.

      P.s. Kobe has way more records than just the 81 he got the most all star MVPs in league history and tied for hitting most threes in a game (12) also, the Lakers leading scorer of all time . Also Kobe did deserve those Final MVPs you're stupid to think he didnt the problem with Lebron Fans is that they look at the stats instead of actually watching the way they play

  184. dodieskalous says:

    well kobe? his a freakin good but if you noticed lebron will destroy kobe all by himself because lebron has talent that kobes not have. lebron is the king of basketball next to michael jordan.. and for those lebron haters just watch him

  185. dundee says:

    It depends.. Lebron’s size difference and athleticism gives him a clear advantage in one on one.. But kobe’s overall skill set is better. Its all on who get the ball first and if they play with restrictions on how many times one player can dribble.. Defense wont matter too much when it’s no help side.. I’ll taking Lebron ducking his head and getting to the rim.. But if he’s shooting jumpers, I’d then take Kobe all day.

  186. 3Peat,17,6 says:

    kobe bryant vs the king with no rings?…just give him the space let lebron jumpshoot and kobe will win easily…stop lebron’s drive and he’s absolutely nothin…he has no jumpshot no post moves…lebron is a quiter and a stat chaser and kobe is a 5-time NBA champion and the best basketball player in the world BY FAR!!!…lebronze has no chance…he should put THIS on national tv and let the world see the BLACK MAMBA murder him 21-0!!!!…Lakers 3-Peat, 17xNBA Champions, and 6th Ring for the TRUE king!!!!….

  187. tribon says:

    lebron all the way

  188. pynk024 says:


  189. KobevsLBJ says:

    Are you kidding me LeBron fans?!
    1v1? of course it would be kobe. LBJ has the athleticism, speed and strength but kobe has a a greater basketball mentality and IQ. Kobe eats B-Ball for Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner and even Snacks. Kobe has greater range. C’mon people! all of LeBron’s Stats come from full court. we’re talking about 1v1 here. Kobe is a lockdown defender don’t you even forget that. LeBron has the whole court to gather up speed. Everything’s from 3point land now for 1v1. Half Court. No passing lanes to get steals. Both are great defenders. Seeing LeBron and Kobe? Speed Vs Shot. Kobe Hands Down. Kobe has both and has great intelligence on the court rather than LBJ. LBJ might have his chasedowns and defense yet Kobe is two steps ahead of him. Kobe is a flat out shooter. He won’t even miss. Kobe can guard Lebron even with injuries to the back, fingers and the knee, Healthy Lebron couldn’t even keep up to an injured Kobe.

  190. Eric says:

    yea u got a point @DKool but nobody seem 2 see Lebron took a team full of nobodys 2 the Finals n gave his team the best record n the Nba 2 straight years plus back to back Mvp Titles Kobe winning the Championships just prove he had a better team

  191. lebron gods of basket says:

    lebron is too noobs to beat kobe but if they work hard with his teamates they can the championship

  192. eye says:

    i think wade will do better than james in one on one against kobe.

  193. Dkool says:

    First of all, how can you give either of these players a clearcut edge, I am a huge lebron fan and I don’t particularly like Kobe but I would have to give Kobe a slight edge because of his shooting ability. He is a better shooter than Lebron but people, you need to understand that not by much, Kobe has his off nights. everybody remembers all of the spectacular game winners that kobe makes but whoever said kobe is the greatest shooter ever is smoking crack. if you dont believe me look it up, Remember that Lebron also has about 40-60 pounds on kobe and 2-3 inches. Does that come into play. If these guys played 10 games i think kobe would win more but they probably just end up tying. And please people would you cut it out that lebron is taking the easy road by going to miami. Cuz the lakers got Kobe and a bunch of b and c players right? Remember Kobe didnt even make the playoffs when he didnt have jack around him. He has had some of the best players in NBA history around him when he won championships. Lebron made it to the finals when he didnt have jack around him.

    • lebaby james says:

      the big difference is kobe is in the west and lebron is in th east. and compare lebrons team to kobes lakers. lol
      enjoy kobe while hes still playing because when he retires just watch what people will say. look this up on youtube.
      david stern the nba commisioner says kobe is like MJ. Dennis Rodman says kobe is better than lebron he is like the MJ of this era.nuff said.

  194. John says:

    Kobe all the way, in fact he has more moves than james in the post. I just wanna see the matchup when they play each other this year.

  195. eye says:

    kobe will win coz he is more dangerous in one on one ,actually basketball with 5 players on the floor makes kobe less effective coz they can always help out on him in defense ,but one on one with finesse and upper body strength no single player in nba can defend kobe ,no one can pump that ball in the air like kobe never seen someone does since jordan. lebron is the stronger player but in one on one finesse and shooting is more dominant.

  196. Eric says:

    I read this and I Can tell A lot of yall don’t play basketball yes Kobe have plenty of rings but a game of one on one Lebron would win yea kobe shoots better but what do yall think kobe is goin to be able to shoot over Lebron the whole game so it doesn’t matter who shoot better the game will determine on the best post player because the first miss or as soon as lebron gets the ball he can go to the rim for the rest of the game Kobe is not big or strong enough to stop him

  197. topballs says:

    Lebron vs kobe is not even a question. Its self explanitory. Lebron is great but he doesnt even come close to kobe from a pure basketball skill and knowlege standpoint. I watch both players frequently and lebron can put up stats based on his enormous size and speed. He can have a shot at times but no one ever has been able to do what kobe can do. Even phil jackson admits that kobe was a more skilled player, and better shooter than MJ (youtube it). What mj had on kobe was slightly more strength, huge hands, and the best post and midrange game ever. jordan could obviously light it up from downtown whenever he wants, as kobe can do the same with his own inside game. Thats the real debate – kobe/jordan. People have it every day but the truth is there can be no true majority accepted opinion until the end of kobes career. Haters forget that kobes 32 years old playing especially the past two years with a broken finger, and a whole bunch of other injuries including knee surgeries. Not to mention that hes a better defender than lebron and always has been. Not to mention that kobe deserved AT LEAST 1 of the two MVPs nash took with pheonix when kobe was stuck with smush kwame and luke in the starting lineup. Not to mention that he has 5 rings and 7 finals appearances, Not to mention shaq needed kobe equally as much to win those 3 rings, not to mention that kobe led the usa team to the gold medal single handedly especially in the closing minutes of the very last game. Not to mention that i have a hairy ballsack

  198. NYAHIONGIFUH says:

    plus, kobe has amazing will power and probably would do anything to beat lebron

  199. Jackey says:

    They are both good players and it’d be tough to decide which one is better, but however i think if its a one on one game. I would choose kobe, here are the two reasons, Kobe is a great defender and hes got a very good perimeter shooting not only that but he slowly takes down to break down his opponents defense and Lebron’s shots are too inconsistent while he needs to focus more on that. Hes really well rounded beside that . I respect both players especially lebron james for accomplishing this much throughout his career. However he just needs to get some winning championship experience and concentrate on the shooting then he’ll be definitely become more outstanding

  200. NYAHIONGIFUH says:

    kobe is one of the best 1v1 defenders in the league. lebron is a great help defender, which is why he gets all those block sand steals. Kobe has no weaknesses in his game. He can shoot the 3, has an amazing mid range game, can drive to the basket, and can post anybody up. Lebron can’t shoot, never posts up, and can’t rely solely on his driving to the rim when facing one of the best defenders in the league.

  201. lbj says:

    oh man put some stuff that lbj dominate kobe,,do you think lbj was that crap the whole game between cle and LA…im noy fan of those guys but be fair man…

  202. 12th Archer says:

    I maybe a bit of a Kobe-hater but I have to admit that the man has mad skills. LeBron has the athleticism and strength but he doesn’t have the skills and mental toughness of Kobe. Kobe has a more polished jumper and a variety of post moves. He won’t be as predictable as LeBron who just muscles his way into the paint dunks on everyone’s faces. Kobe also has the killer instinct. That’s what sets them apart the most. So I say Kobe will win this by 5-7 points.

  203. Brian says:

    I believe that if Lebron and Kobe played 100 games on 1 on 1 that each player would win 50.

  204. thor says:

    i think we should talk about LBJ vs KD35 because they play the same position..

  205. KobeAllDay says:

    Kobe Bryant: 5 Lebron James: 0

    ‘Nuff said.

    Don’t give me that ‘Lebron is a better team player’ or ‘Lebron’s teammates were no good’ crap. The Cavs had the best record two years straight. The Lakers won both of those years. Debate closed.

    • KobeAllDay says:

      Oh but going back to 1-on-1… Wait there’s no need to even talk about that part. Kobe all day!!!

  206. riley says:

    anyone watch the last Christmas game Lakers Vs Cavs? Cavs obliterated LA. i swear everyone loves the Lakers and Kobe. there are other teams and players to be recognized.

  207. Tequan says:

    Lebron can’t hold kobe, he got skill, ya digg but Kobe might mess up Lebron, knees, back ankles………. WHO’S GONNA SET THE PICK FOR LEBRON’S 3 all you people who say he can shoot the three better?

  208. PH care says:

    LOL. LbJ is better man..lets see

  209. Rick J Jaymes says:

    Kobe will lose IF LEBRONE WAS DREAMIN’

    kobe is smaller but check this…..


    LEBRON IS BIGGER: but he soft…… lost a series walks off the court( bad “sportsmanship”), throws a series again boston because………”well you heard the story”…..

    Kobe lost to the pistons and went down fighting, lost to them bean town fools, Lakers beat themselves, but went down FIGHTING…….

    Kobe is a man of class: yes yes yes I know I did not forget he wanted a trade (rewind) he wanted a trade (rewind) he wanted a trade (rewind) HE WANTED A TRADE. He made it know some years back he wanted a trade (rewind) .

    Lebron knew 3 years ago he was not staying and his classLESS azz had his home town hanging on a string of hope until last second…………WHY NOT TELL THEM YOU WILL NOT RETURN AND LET THEM HAVE A GOODBYE……LAST HOME GAME….

    Kobe got moves: Kobe will bre a k Lebrons ankles in 4 places.

    Lebron will dunk on Kobe: he will dunk on Kobe then 24 will get back up and deal with a can of kickin butt all over again.

    somebody said
    jordanKOBEdurant pastPRESENTfuture

    ha ha ha

    lebronLEBRONlebron ego trip ego trip ring less ring less “king” ha ha the most popular virsion of the bible in (kind of in today’s speaking engligh not too too much thouh, tis, act….. or cheerio mate…..) is call the King James Version


    who remember in 1999 a commercial (Shaq) ” I have ten fingers and not rings, I’m hungry I want rings,,,,,,, he was “garbage” before he won…………. as was said about Kobe……… let’s see what Lebron does in M.I.A. WITH A TEAM

    1 on 1 Lebron on Kobe KOBE 100% of the time win by at least 9………………

    5 time winner 1 time MVP vs 2 time mvp

    humble vs “the King”


  210. Kesh says:

    Kobe would do well in a one on one game but mainly cause thats his natural game. Le Bron has other dimensions eg. passing. Something that Kobe doesn’t know how to do that well. So Kobe would probably win due to his ability to hog the ball and take and make difficult shots. But Le Bron is still by far the better player and that is shown by his back to back MVPs. Stats do say it all.

  211. D12 says:

    I take Kobe over lebron anyday of the week. In all honestly if you even ask Pat Riley to put all of his money on the table and pick kobe and lebron he would even put his money on Kobe believe me. Michael Jordan the greatest ever even said Kobe is better. So the Lebron James fans what can you really tell Jordan about basketball?? seriously what??

  212. adam says:

    kobe in my opinion is the best player to play the game in my eyes id go as far to say that he would beat jordan. lbj is sick but hes still and kid kobes a man and when he has a taste of blood hes going in for the kill and theres no one that has ever pick up a basketball that can stop that

  213. Banks says:

    You guys stupid, Kobe aint physical enough……enough said smh

    • LakersWillWin says:

      how can people say he’s the most physical player in the game he’s such a dirty player and than say he isn’t physical enough? Watch the games!!

  214. Patrick says:

    Anyone who says kobe cant defend lebron is an idiot, who clearly knows nothing about basketball. If you look back to the last 4 times the lakers played the cavs in the regular seaon in the last 2 years, kobe held lebron to 21 points and 16 points in two of those games. The only time lebron did score was in transition or when kobe wasnt guarding him. Kobe scored 22 points, but most of those points came off of one on one plays with lebron. Lebron simply can not defend kobe’s variety of shots and moves. Kobe wins in a landslide.

  215. marko says:

    Poor kobe fanboys. LeBron is better (the best player in the world btw) and he would win it.

  216. jumpman23 says:

    Of course kobe will win becoz’ he’s the Pirated Copy of “Michael Jordan” 😀

  217. realhooper says:

    well put viijay..you have the best input on here bro…u know what you are talking about

  218. black mamba los angeles says:

    of course kobe is going to win if got a chance at JORDAN in his prime he would have beat him too kobe is to good for james, james needs to grow up and stop counting and dwade and chris bosh they ant doing nothing this year lakers win it all at the end of the season one more time and like kobe said ill beat james in his sleep haha LOL

  219. pffffff says:

    It’s funny, i’d still take a 32 year old Kobe Bryant over Lebron. Kobe just has a more diverse offensive game and although he isn’t as athletic as Lebron he knows his spots and it simply doesn’t matter who’s guarding him. I can only imagine the pain Kobe would bring to Lebron if this were 3 or so years ago. Still, Kobe still outclasses him on and off the court and will continue to do that in the future.

  220. Daniel says:

    If you think Lebron will actually “bully” Kobe, than you have never seen Kobe Bryant play basketball. Kobe is as competitive of a player as anybody who has ever played this game. He has a killer instinct that Lebron doesn’t and will never have. I’m sure many of you heard this before. He will undoubtedly win in a 1on1 match between himself and Lebron. Offensively, Kobe is the greatest player ever and when it comes to 1on1 , whoever can put up the most consecutive points will ultimately win the game (i.e. winner’s take out). Kobe’s knowledge of the game is much greater than Lebron’s, same goes for his experience, and his 1on1 defense is superior as well. When Kobe seriously locks on an opponent, it will be extremely difficult for that opponent to score. The Beijing Olympics were a perfect example of that. So in conclusion, my take on this is that Lebron would probably get a few points in and Kobe will keep up with him, then he’ll just take over once he gets in his zone.

    Final Score:

    Kobe – 21
    Lebron – 13

  221. john says:

    of course kobe will win…

  222. lakers says:

    1st off im a lakers fan but i like to keep it real. fwow you guys must not have watched the regular season meetings between these two teams the past two years where you saw the one on ones. Lebron is to strong for kobe. Lebron can guard kobe much better than kobe can guard lebron. It doesnt take a rocket science to figure that out. but yeh kobe is more clutch in big moments that is also true

    • Bryan says:

      Thank you. Finally someone who realizes the truth. Since when does scoring more points than the other not mean you win the game. Kobe is an amazing basketball player and is very difficult to guard, but Lebron is too. And if you are gunna tell me that Kobe can guard Lebron better than Lebron can guard Kobe then you are retarded. Plain and simple. Yes Kobe has been more clutch in his years but Lebron is a very young 8th year and Kobe has been in the league forever. So of course Kobe is gunna have more NBA first teams cuz he’s been a veteran in this league forever. Hands down Lebron can do much more than Kobe and is a better all around player. Kobe is a sick shooter and will win in a shooting contest but 1-on-1… Lebron all day!

  223. Hey says:

    I’d have to go for Kobe. Kobe’s got more skills than Lebron.

  224. LBJmarz says:

    LEBRON all the way 2 time MVP Back2back….. !!! KObe the best Homer…. !! Agi… Str…. Intel…. its all abput stats……..

  225. Latinoooooo!! says:

    people do you understand what Kobe said??? he said 1on 1 his not talking about a regular 5on 5 game hes talking 1 on 1 lebron have to guard kobe from the half-court because kobe can make those shots ,so kobe can do whatever he wants in that situation ….and for all those that are talking about if lebron has the lakers team he would win championchips ….let me tell you that Kobe in most of the games had been the cluth men something that lebron is not capable to do!!!! he had 2 years in a row the best record in the regular season and every lebron fan said that he don’t has a good team ….. PLEASEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  226. Sargent says:

    Kobe wins hands down. Lebron is more of a team player, he needs a team to make him look good. On the other hand Kobe not only has a killer instinct, which, Lebron does not have. Kobe scored 80+ point by himself, there is no other man besides Chamberline that has scored more. Kobe wins off pure skill and basketball IQ. The only man may come close to beating Kobe is MJ in his prime. And that a BIG Maybe. Kobe wins.

  227. synatrix says:

    Kobe of course …more move more ring more professional unlike Lebron the clown..only physical n lack of moves …simply boring…anyway, there is no agrument kobe is good but JORDAN IS my mAn…cannot compare r compete w MJ.

  228. Chuck Bobby says:

    Depends on who gets the ball first. If Kobe gets the ball first he better not miss, once Lebron gets the ball in a make it take it setting (a real 1 on 1) Lebron won’t give it back. He’d dunk the game away, although Kobe is a better player, Lebron is just too big.

  229. Robbie says:

    oh yaa… Kobe’s what Jay-Z is to the Hip Hop world… Kobe, Bron, and gay-z are all part of the illuminati. Even lebron would agree with Kobe at whose better cuz Kobe has the higher hierarchy.

  230. Riko says:

    Kobe schooling Lebron 1-on-1

  231. Riko says:

    Kobe on Lebron

  232. john says:

    vijay…gimme a break Shaq talent??? He was/is big posted and banged his way in everytime. Cant shoot an outside shot, sucks at the freethrow line. Big yes..massive talent sorry dude. Like Kobe the same goes for Shaq they both need other superstars to get a double team to put up numbers and win a ring. Unfortunatyl for LeBron he got the old Shaq. Lakers with Shaq rings….Lakers with Pau rings…lakers with Kobe by himself ..not even make the playoffs…..Lebron turned a crap team to Championship caliber on his shoulders.

  233. Lebron Lover says:

    Kobe for sure, much more well developed in one on one situations which is evident by what he does on court.

    Lebron always does the same running fast break dunk when he appears on highlights, which he would not be able to do against Kobe in a 1v1 situation.

  234. Robbie says:

    Mark Madsen would beat both of them.

  235. carlo says:



    LEBRON- 0

    KOBE- 5


    • tribon says:

      how about stats carlo? lebron beats kobe in all categories..go home dude

      • lebaby james says:

        lebron has all the stats because kobe had shaq dominating before. but how bout when shaq left did you see his ppg avg. 35 per game lol. 81points vs the raps, 62pts in 3 qtrs. ya feel me?

  236. Benjamin Moore says:

    If they played to times they would beat each other the first game goes to Kobe because Labron would never get the ball because Kobe would not miss But the second game LBJ would win because he would just back Kobe down and use his size and strength they are both amazing if you have a friend that you compete with on a regular you know you go back and forth especially if you have some game guys adjust and find ways but regardless of who won it doesn’t mean he’s better then the other guy because who ever ends up with more rings through the most dynamic challenges is better they play different rolls for there teams the triangle doesn’t work well with a creator so I don’t know how well Labron would do in that its about picking your spots and finding the right match ups so that works perfect for guys like Kobe and Jordan but for a guy like Labron he needs to create and is more effective with the ball always in his hand so they are both good for there respective teams but if I had first pick I’m a point guard I wont Kobe hands down but nothing taken away from LBJ I just wont the guy that can go 0-10 and still have the K.I. and thinks he going to win like tom Brady if he throws 3 picks he’s still probably going to throw the game winning touchdown I don’t think Labron has that short memory required to be at that level in the end but I could be wrong ? Toss up

  237. luweee says:

    of course its lebron! lebron’s shooting is improving and look at the strength of lebron. you tihnk kobe can backdown lebron? there’s no way! even if kobe is a all around player, lebron is a all around BEAST player! kobe will be pushed around by lebron in every way. just wait for the next season and you’ll see the domination of lebron and the heat!

  238. Pat says:

    Lebron could win just by using his size and strength by posting Kobe up every possession, sort of like how Shaq used to, and get easy baskets.

  239. Troyerz says:

    It’s hard for people to admit things.. I know many of you are Kobe fans but I mean come on.. we’re talking about LeBron vs Kobe here -it’s obvious that Lebron will beat the guy. Lebron passes a lot because he’s a team player, but thinks of the guy in a one on one against an up in age Kobe Bryant? Just think…

    I see Lebron taking off early -blowing by Kobe and probably scoring the first 10 straight points of the contest. Then I see Kobe recovering, getting to his sweet spot; his post pull-up shots and coming back to maybe tie the thing up. Then I believe an overpowering, dominant Lebron will pick up, speed by No.24 once more -get to the hole -and score the next 8 points easily. By this time a banged-up Kobe will try the pull-up stuff with not much success as before -a shot blocked here and there -a push and shove over here -even a few elbows thrown (we all know Kobe in fights) -all in all the ball will be out of Bryant’s hands before he knows it and he won’t be physical enough to stop Lebron getting to the rim -even dunking at will for the final points.

    And there you have it. Final Score: LBJ – 21. KB24 – 14.

    “..Gotta admit it..”

    • Thinkhard says:

      Whoa! You are daydreaming. If I were with the same height as Lebron, I can beat him easily on one-on-one. Darn! Lebron does not know how to dribble and he cannot pass the ball when in trouble as it is only him with Kobe on the court. The reason why Lebron delivered many assists most of the time is that when he is trapped he does not know how to get out from there. Trap Kobe through any form of defense and he will just dribble around 3, 4 or 5 defenders and pull up a very tough, incredible and ridiculous shot over anyone else. He can get to the rim easily. He can post up and bury tripples. What the heck can Lebron do when trapped than to commit a travelling violaton. C’mon. Think again. Those are the basics of basketball. It does not even take a genius to dissect it. Not unless, you do not play basketball at all!

  240. Max says:

    In a battle between Kobe and Lebron, personally, I would say Kobe. But by a small margin. I’ll list a few things out.

    Positions – Kobe – SG, Lebron – SF/PF – edge in SHOOTING goes to Kobe for having a better shot, better arsenal of shots, and just a better shooting stroke, Lebron is DEVELOPING his game but, isnt close to what Kobe can do offensive wise. + points also to Kobe for developing a strong interior post game, which makes him a threat both in long range and short range, and probably one of the best jumpers in the game. Lebron is getting better but his stroke isnt solid, YET. If he keeps working on it, then definitely can get better.

    Strength – Lebron is much stronger, obviously. If this 1v1 happens and Lebron only goes deep inside, interior moves only, he would have a higher chance of winning just because he has more upper body strength/power. But, Kobe is/was one of the best on the ball defenders so, this would be a nice match. But, edge probably would go here to Lebron because he’s younger and doesnt have as many injuries as Kobe does now, but, Kobe in his prime, would definitely win.

    Mental aspect – Kobe, hands down. He has no fear in taking the last shot, regardless of make or miss. Lebron is just starting to get into that,

    In the end, total package wise – Kobe would win, but by a small margin. It would be a nice match, with out a shadow of a doubt. But, I’d take Kobe over Lebron, for now. Now, another nice matchup would be Kobe vs. Durant, even though Kobe would win that too, the shooting ability would be on display for both. Both are great shooters, I think Durant can actually be one of the best shooters in the game today, his stroke is smooth, his arch, real solid. Same with Melo.

  241. Allan says:

    The answer is Kobe.

    Let me be straight forward: Kobe is way more skillful and complete in both 1-on-1 offense and defense. LeBron is more physical and athletic, but basketball is not wrestling and Kobe will play LeBron like playing a chimpanzee.

  242. Riko says:

    Kobe will win. He has killer ankle breaker cross-over. One cross-over he’ll leave lebron in crutches – haha

  243. kobe fan says:

    you guys are a bunch of dorks……. kobe will beat lebrick any time any age difference …..yeah kobe may not have the same explosion he had when he used to dunk on every big man in the league not to mention dwight howard….the guy has a dunk contest under his belt. even now he doesnt need that to beat lebron….. simply lechoke will pick his poison

  244. Jake says:

    You gotta love Kobe’s confidence (or maybe it’s cockiness, or maybe arrogance).

  245. Giuliano says:

    Let’s just base the answer from the majority and it says “KOBE” will win. But it would be best if we really watch them play against eachother one-on-one.

  246. jay says:

    wade would beat kobe though, handily i would say also. more athletic and at this point in their careers, better handling, and better defensively. wade over lebron too

    • lebaby james says:

      true dat! i like kobe and i think wade plays the same. wade shouldve went to chicago he wouldve been their next superstar after jordan

  247. 8great24proven says:

    Physically Lebron would win, everything else Kobe would dominate especially one on one you guys give their heads up matches sure Lebron is winning, then again Kobe is winning that Ring so apparently at the end of it Kobe is dominating.

    and in Kobe’s prime he would torch Lebron up, he sure did to one team by himself well actually 2 the Raptors and the Mavs yeah you all are forgetting just how great Kobe is and when he is on fire he cannot be stopped its really that simple Lebron is just physically. Kobe will win.

  248. TheLakeshowand24isgreaterthan6 says:

    “Everything negative—pressure, challenges—is all an opportunity for me to rise.”- Kobe Bryant

  249. Cp says:

    lebron can’t beat a 5time NBA champion.

  250. Just wow... says:

    Lebron would win… if Kobe doesn’t have his refs on his side… as he usually does… then Lebron wins by a mile.

  251. phil says:

    i wonder what kobe would say if somebody asked him who would win between him and jordan?

    • tribon says:

      hahahaahaha…jordan already said he would beat kobe 1on1..kobe never replied back..hahaha…99% of kobe’s move comes from MJ23..that guy is a coy cat..

      • lebaby james says:

        lol he might have copied most of jordans moves but phil and a lot of coaches said kobe is better than jordan offensively and jordan is better defensively. and kobes footwork is impeccable hes too flambouyant. jordan was graceful in the air but he never really had someone to compete against in his time unlike kobes time there are alot of 2-3 guards who can score 30-40. Just imagine if kobe ddnt commit any crime he wouldve got more mvps because the media has a lot to do with it.

  252. JJ THE JET says:

    Kobe hands down.
    Lebron James is more talented than Kobe and is physically better than Kobe in every single way. But the reason Kobe is better is because of his WORK ETHIC and the hard work he puts into making him a better player, I don’t think people realize how hard Kobe works and why he is such the great player he is. ” Hard work beats talent, when talent fails to work hard.”

  253. old school says:

    I’m a lebron fan 2nd and a heat fan 1st however Kobe wins this one. I can’t stand his arrogance and I believe he did something to that girl years ago but he’s the more complete player only because of more years on Lebron. Just like Mike his game has evolved away from the rim with age and he seems to have unlimited range and working with Hakeem Olajuwan last summer has only added to his repertiore of post moves. So one-on-one kobe would win however the NBA is a “team” sport and Lebron is more valuable than Kobe in a team scenario.

    By the way, check kobe’s stats last year versus lebron’s in 3-point percentage as Lebron’s attempts and percentage were better than kobe’s. AND THIS STATEMENT IS DIRECTED TO THE LAKERS ALL DAY FAN ABOVE ME SAYING THAT STATS ARE NOTHING. Although cleveland’s offense was built around Lebron it doesn’t determine defensive presence of a player nor their rebounding capabilities as Lebron’s steals, blocks, rebounds were better. And kobe and lebron dominate the ball for about the same amount of time yet lebron’s 3-point percentage, field goal percentage, assists(6th in the league making him extremely unselfish), and scoring average are all higher than Kobe’s from last year. From my count that’s 7 categories better than Kobe as he was only better in free throw percentage last year. Now granted Kobe spent most of the year injured so it will be interesting to see how his percentages stack up this year but injury doesn’t excuse productiveness or Tracy Mcgrady would still be considered one of the top 5 superstars. So one-on-one kobe wins but 5-on-5 lebron’s team wins out over kobe’s team.

  254. Adam says:

    whoever gets ball first wins, neither can guard the other its impossible. unless either settles for jumpshots over the other neither are going to miss. so yeah, whoever gets ball first wins basically.
    why do you think the lakers got artest and barnes? their main reason for getting on the team was for their defense, particularly for guys like lebron and carmelo. i dont see what all these kobe fans are saying about lebron getting destroyed, neither are going to pull over 2 points of eachother. and lebron fans do have defense on their side but with kobe a 1v1 situation is his dream, lebron’s or whoever’s defense wont make a difference.
    guys like kobe and lebron can only have a bad game when one shoots too much or is just having an off night. just guarding either player brings out the best of a defender and when they both can still dominate so well its really a preview of what a game against each other already, we’ve seen this game a million times on tv. it doesnt matter who is front of them, they all fall the same.

  255. old school says:

    I’m a lebron fan 2nd and a heat fan 1st however Kobe wins this one. I can’t stand his arrogance and I believe he did something to that girl years ago but he’s the more complete player only because of more years on Lebron. Just like Mike his game has evolved away from the rim with age and he seems to have unlimited range and working with Hakeem Olajuwan last summer has only added to his repertiore of post moves. So one-on-one kobe would win however the NBA is a “team” sport and Lebron is more valuable than Kobe in a team scenario.

    By the way, check kobe’s stats last year versus lebron’s in 3-point percentage as Lebron’s attempts and percentage were better than kobe’s. AND THIS STATEMENT IS DIRECTED TO THE LAKERS FAN ABOVE ME SAYING THAT STATS ARE NOTHING. Although cleveland’s offense was built around Lebron it doesn’t determine defensive presence of a player nor their rebounding capabilities as Lebron’s steals, blocks, rebounds were better. And kobe and lebron dominate the ball for about the same amount of time yet lebron’s 3-point percentage, field goal percentage, assists(6th in the league making him extremely unselfish), and scoring average are all higher than Kobe’s from last year. From my count that’s 7 categories better than Kobe as he was only better in free throw percentage last year. Now granted Kobe spent most of the year injured so it will be interesting to see how his percentages stack up this year but injury doesn’t excuse productiveness or Tracy Mcgrady would still be considered one of the top 5 superstars.
    So one-on-one kobe wins but 5-on-5 lebron’s team wins out over kobe’s team.

  256. kang says:

    To be honest kobe would kill lebron in a one on one game bcause he is smarter than him.I mean i got a bad knee right now and i beat a lot of people that are way more atheletic then me. And the reason y i win is becaue i out smart them and thats the same thing kobe would d to lebron and thats just the truth. You ca get mad or u can deal with it.

  257. Collin says:

    Lebron would beat kobe because kobe is more of a shooter but lebron has more height and can jump higher and he lebron can drive in all day and take him out.

  258. Justin Nguyen says:

    Obviously Kobe. He has the handle the moves. He can go up against a physical person like lebron. I mean the bigger they are the harder they fall obviously. Kobe has agility,but lebron does to just not as fast. I don’t think Lebron is made for 1 on 1.
    Its like playing a shooting guard vs Center. Not possible. Shooting guard would make all of his shots. Lebron might dunk on kobe, but kobe got the skills to call the fouls and everything, I have no doubt lebron has seen this and he probably thinks the same. Lebron is a PF. Power forward, means hes the second to the big man. He isn’t the shooter. Hes the pass and rebound. He can dunk and shoot, but he can’t dribble for crap everyone knows. Lebron still doesn’t have it. Kobe on the other hand. He can shoot. He can dunk. He has speed. He’s smart in the game. He is unpredictable. He got handles. Just Lebron has size on him, but that’s mainly it. You really don’t want size on a person playing 1 on 1. It’s nice, but its not always the best.

  259. Kobe by a good bit says:

    Kobe. It would be close, but not too close. Kobe’s got far more tricks in his bag. One, two dribble pull-ups going either way, the mid-range and long-range game, great footwork everywhere on the court, probably one of the more complete post games, not to mention counter-moves to anything that’s taken away from him. He doesn’t need to respect lebron’s shot as much as lebron needs to respect his and Kobe’s a far better lockdown defender than LeBron is. LeBron’s best hope is that his shot is hitting from the outside that day and that he can beat Kobe to the basket on a drive or two. But Kobe’s got the moves and shot making ability to win one-on-one.

    BTW has anyone seen that video on the Heat site of Lebron practicing in the post? Wow that was ugly.

    • lebaby james says:

      i saw that. haha he couldnt even make one shot in the post! these people think lebron is so good because he has all the stats and he is so athletic. but if he wasnt overhyped by the nba he wouldnt even be this famous. he always travels and refs dont call it.

  260. Logan says:




    NEVER MIND!!!!




    I’L BET MY LIFE ON IT!!!!!



  261. ande says:

    how about D-WADE

  262. Joel says:

    lebron james is a better player than kobe bryant

  263. bwhy says:

    D wade all day everyday

  264. mik3/23 says:

    kobe would win 11-7……it’s not about how physical lebron could be,,,,it’s about experience and jump shoots….kobe is more offensive type player…lebron on the other hand is cry baby and selfish…..he couldn’t win a ring no matter who they got for him in cleveland and they still lost to boston celtics…..i mean think realistic ….lebron only plays good in the season but when it matters the most he just flat out quite….dat’s why kobe said 1v1 he would destroy kobe cuz if u check the status…. from 2005-2008 kobe was playing against the entire team….81pts game….

    kobe5rings talks for itself….

  265. hoxie says:

    kobe has a way better all around game then lebron

  266. Eddie says:

    Are you people serious!!!!

    Kobe will kill LeBron 1 on 1. Kobe is a much much better post up player than LeBron. LeBron has more power in the post but doesnt have a post game anywhere near as good as Kobe. Kobe is also more skilled and tricky with the ball and his foot work is the best in the NBA.
    With all respect to Lebron, he got no chance!

  267. LUX195 says:

    Kobe can easily do pump/head fakes to lebron. with amazing footwork and fade away shots he is so unpredicatable. He can easily get past lebron with his tricky crossovers & graceful ball handling skills… He maybe have a better mid range percentage in a 1 on 1 game. Lebron maybe fast too but his dribbles are not…

  268. janice says:

    it isnt good to compare people/players….
    this is just gunna fuel conflict….

  269. Francisco says:

    Haha, I like how Kobe answered BEFORE the question was even finished. Kobe= G.O.A.T.

  270. LEON says:

    & yeah rowinbernado….u talk about phoenix…how about when la was up 3-1 up in a playoff series & lost 3 STRAIGHT to go fishing that year…guess what kb was on tat team.
    Lbj averaged 20.9 points, 5.9 assists, and 5.5 rebounds per game for the season, and was named Rookie of the Year; becoming the first Cavalier and youngest NBA player to ever receive the award. He joined Oscar Robertson and Michael Jordan as the only three players in NBA history to average at least 20 points, 5 rebounds, and 5 assists per game in their rookie season. In 04-05 James became the youngest player in league history to register a triple-double, score 50 points in a game, and make the All-NBA Team. He averaged 27.2 points, 7.2 assists, 7.4 rebounds, and 2.2 steals per game. In the 2005–06 season, James was elected to his second straight All-Star Game appearance and led the Eastern All-Stars to a 122–120 victory, with 29 points, 6 rebounds, and 2 assists. He became the youngest All-Star MVP at 21 years, 51 days. He was named NBA Player of the Week for an unprecedented three consecutive weeks and concluded the season with five honors. He scored 35 or more points in nine consecutive games and joined Michael Jordan and Kobe Bryant as the only players since 1970 to accomplish the feat (btw lbj did it in 2 years while kb & mj took more). For the season, James averaged 31.4 points, 7.0 rebounds, and 6.6 assists per game, and became the youngest player in NBA history to average at least 30 points. He also became the fourth player in NBA history to average more than 30 points, 7 rebounds and 6 assists in a single season. The Cavaliers made the playoffs for the first time since 1998, and improved from a record of 17–65 in 2002–03 to 50–32 in 2005–06. And after that nothing but 50+ wins & an unsucessfull playoff run tilldate, but did it all on his shoulder without an ALLSTAR plyr & finally he gets a OLD SHAQ (who kb got rid off) so LBJ has done way more than KB has on his own, on his shoulder, KB shoulder got weak, he started whinning on Tv & then he gets a Blessing In Disguise….Gasol. Tk Kb out put LBJ or Wade & they win rings!!

  271. Sam says:

    Straight up, if LeBron got the ball first its a wrap… Kobe cant stop LeBron from goin the the hole… LeBron is to big and strong for Kobe…

  272. devon says:

    lol lebron would block all kobe shoots

  273. alex says:

    kobe will win. his jab step is killa. u got 2 respect it.

  274. AK says:

    This ain’t about defense although it plays part of it, one on one comes down to best offense, and who’s the best offensive player in the nba ( JUST offensively speaking)? It’s Kobe. He has better handles and way more moves than lebron, and his footwork in today’s nba is the best and there’s hardly a second person on top with him.

    Kobe hands down.

  275. Notnice32 says:

    In a game of one on one it comes down to fouls. If you have ever played your best friend or brother you know it comes down to fouls. I think LBJ would win because Kobe would get tired from taking fouls. LBJ is bigger and has proven he can go through bigger people than Kobe. Simple game plan smack Kobe around. It’s one thing to say I’ll win it’s another to think you would destroy somebody that’s clearly on your level.

  276. m1g says:

    tsk…kobe’s just trying to get in lebron’s head…nice move, kob.lol.

  277. Zach says:

    I don’t really care for either but it’s obvious this is a favoritism poll. Since Kobe is more popular due to his age and has more rings…there are that many more bandwagon fans….so Kobe will definitely win this poll.

    However for all those that aren’t playing with Kobe’s nuts….I think it’s pretty obvious that Lebron would come out the winner. This isn’t about who has the better jump shot….bc they are both capable even though Kobe wins that battle easily. Just as easily I could say that Lebron would simply size his way over Kobe and score at will at the rim.

    The difference will come down to size and athleticism bc they are both capable scorers. Kobe has a great jumpshot but thats not gonna work when a taller stronger guy is looking down on you and there is no one else on the court to worry about. I would expect Lebron to shut down Kobe’s outside shot and than Kobe will be forced to drive to the rim and once again Lebron is right there behind him getting ready for a chasedown block.

    I’m sorry but I don’t even think Kobe would come close to winning this battle….it’s man(Kobe) vs beast(Lebron). These trick shots might work in a game where he has another physically inferior/less talented defender to worry about not too mention three much bigger guys to pass the ball too…..but I suspect Lebron will shot down any shot Kobe may take whether it’s inside or out.

  278. Vivas says:

    I’m pretty sure kobe’s being sarcastic in the video cause even he knows that no one can take lebron 1v1, hes flat out unguardable by one guy… Kobe wouldn’t be able to score with bron’s defense on him either..

  279. Leonard says:

    Stay with us and answer the question as it is asked. Kobe would absolutely destroy LeBron for this reason and this reason alone. Kobe Bryant has the killer instinct that Bird, Magic, and MJ had in their days. Bryant, in a one-on-one situation against James would use an arsenal of shot making that LeBron has never seen and just because Kobe does not dunk much anymore don’t think that he would not thrown a couple down as an exclamation point. Bryant all the way.

  280. Logan says:



    Not in any angle of BASKETBALL CAN KOBE WIN!!!!!

    …Lebron is at a different level way higher than your Kobe!!!

    Kobe is nothing without his supporting superstar casts!!!!!

    During the time that Shaq separated from the Lakers:
    see for yoursleves how Kobe and the lakers perfromed!!!!! B-O-T-T-O-M!!!!!!

    Now i’m asking you to see for yourselves how did Lebron involved his teammates!!!!

    Almost triple double performances in almost all games…..

    And your Kobe????

    He wants all the BALL FOR HIMSELF!!!!!! SELFISH BASTARD!!!!


  281. DoubleD says:

    I would have to give this battle to Lebron. In a game of one on one size plays a big role. Lebron has over 2 inches on and almost 50 pounds on kobe. Most people would consider calling this mismatch defensively. As well as being bigger he can also keep pace with Kobe. Kobe would be forced to take more difficult and farther shots being that Lebron can out muscle him down low, meanwhile while Lebron can post up Kobe or take him to the hoop almost every play.

  282. Obi81 says:

    Kobe knows he wouldn’t beat Bron…Lebron is a beast. He is the most dominant offensive player in the NBA and Kobe would not be able to score as freely on Lebron like he does on others. D-Wade would also beat Kobe….

  283. Azor says:

    I Can’t help thinking that if it was Lebron who said he’d beat kobe one on one, we’d be taking polls on whether or not lebron still has an image.. just saying

  284. dfhgjkjhgfdfghj says:

    lebron to big would pump him

  285. Mike says:

    Kobe would beat Lebron! The man said it HIMSELF!! Lebron has no rings, and im sick of hearing about this dude! Last year when he knew he was losing in the playoffs and we all seen him just walking up the court, cause hes a quitter, you dont see Kobe doing that ish* Lebron is weak, and Just like The rapper- The Game said ” I got a million bucks says Lebron wont win a ring:” I feel it…
    Dudes weak..no heart..aint even clutch..
    Now Kobe is everything Lebron aint..everyone saying Lebron would win is hyped up on all those commercials and media. Watch the NBA.

  286. RyanJAMES says:

    Kobe would win because LBG is born to lose…

  287. Heat Fan says:

    Kobe is the most overrated player ever…

  288. ed says:

    i think kobe will win. Lebron will give a good fight though, But Kobe today is not the same Kobe before. He now emphasize too much on teamwork rather than creating his own shot.

    But I like both of them,

  289. LEON says:

    all you guys are dumb!! hahahaha do you guys even know that kb injured his finger trying to guard lbj 2 yrs ago…lol!!! so go figure….& kb got his eyes bleeded the same year guarding wade!!! HAHAHAHAHA….kb is old!!!! Time to tk the back seat & RETIRE!!!!

  290. Heat Fan says:

    LEBRON, DON’T FALL FOR THESE MIND GAMES CONCOCTED BY PHIL. That’s what the Lakers want. They want to get in Lebron’s head, Wade’s head, and Bosh’s head by trying to get them off the team concept.

    I think Lebron would destroy Kobe in a game of one on one. It would be difficult for Lebron to defend Kobe, but it would much harder for Kobe to defend Lebron. With Lebron’s superior height he would swat some of Kobe’s shots and that would be the difference. Kobe would hit some threes but would have no ability to go to the rim against Lebron. Lebron is much more athletic than Kobe. Kobe is not even that accurate hitting only 45 percent of his shots against the entire league. Lebron, meanwhile is much closer to 50 percent. Lebron would have the REBOUNDING EDGE as well when Kobe misses the other 55 percent. Kobe is overrated defensively, but he is good enough to get Lebron into some foul trouble. At the end of the day, Lebron is faster, stronger, and bigger. He rebounds better off of the misses, he would block many of Kobe’s shots, and would destroy Kobe. Lebron – 21 Kobe – 14

  291. MJ BRYANT says:

    Im a little bit rusty when it comes to argue about basketball, but i tell you what. basketball is a sport that takes more than talent physical ability and gift. No alltime greatest has been great until developing something called basketball iq. kobe definately surpasses lebron in that aspect. although lebron would post up kobe and would beat him to the basket. at the end of the day basketball is about putting the ball on the net, and kobe is the best at it, kobe is the closest thing to the actual #23. and just to remind you guys remember that jordan sort lost his explosiveness during 1997-1998 seasons but he still was the most dominant player on the league. why do u think that was. that was because now a days we have confused explosiveness and agressive dives to the lane with actual, sound, elegant, glorious, with grace basketball. in closing you can especulate that basketball is 70% IQ and 30% physical, talent, gift, athleticism, abulity or whatever you want to call it

  292. saken650 says:

    lebron is a well rounded player, who understands the game and unlike kobe believes that team comes first

  293. LenHard says:


  294. seriouly? says:

    Kobe would win. he has the mentality, skill, and clutchness over lewhack. enough said

  295. KOBEwantstobelikeMIKE says:


  296. Ronnie from NYC says:

    Kobe Bryant hands down. Don’t kid me and don’t go against Kobe bryant just because you don’t like the characteristic of arrogance. Yes, he is arrogant but that is really just high confidence. Be fair. Lebron needs a little more work on his jumper.

  297. blehg says:

    wow everybody who says lebron’s defense is better than kobe is sad
    well he does get more blocks! i havent seen more than 2-3 blocks by lebron that werent blocks on the weak side or chase down blocks
    well, since theres only one plyer hes playing against in a halfcourt game, i doubt anyone will see and help defensive blocks or chase downs by lebron
    lebron hasnt shown that he could lock down another player defensively
    kobe has shown that he can in clutch situations(and so can d wade, he always gets steals in the clutch its pretty crazy)
    well, anyways kobes not gonna let lebron just bring the ball up on a drive
    if lebron leaves the ball too unguarded kobe will just strip it same vice versa, thats why kobe uses the post game and the mid range pull up gme, which lebron does not have or cant do consistently
    id give it to kobe 21-18, because athleticism does come in handy but it doesnt always give the w, especially on a 1 v1 situation

  298. 1v1 says:

    @Young Lambo, hmmm 2 MVPS? I would rather have 2 Finals MVPs:)
    Kobe would win against LeBron on a one-on-one game:)
    Kobe plays classy he gots everything and what does LeBron have, he has strength that’s it:)

  299. Neil Saint-Jean says:

    One on One doesn’t mean who is more physical or bigger. It is who has more of a skill set arsenal and that is obvisiouly Kobe. Kobe thrives in one on ones and thats his thing. Lebron is more of a break the d kind of guy and a good help defender. He is undoublty one of the best but he isn’t a better one on one player then Kobe. Will Lebron take it up on your entire team? HELLS YEA Is he the most dominate? Ofcourse, but one on one Kobe has the edge because thats simplely his skill set. He has more of a scoring arsenal then lebron.

  300. alex says:

    but it doesn’t matter whos better, one on one doesn’t prove that, i honestly think paul pierce and melo could beat lebron just because of their face up and shooting abilities, its not that hard to guard one on one you dont need to worry about anyone else so what it usually boils down to is who can shoot the ball better, and i think melo pierce and kobe are all better than lebron at facing up and shooting over you than lebron is, maybe melo would lose only because hes trash at defense though

  301. jahk says:

    are u guys serrious every single time lebron plays kobe in a match up kobes numbers go down ! when kobe meets lebron he knows hes average is going down and thats a #fact !

  302. Tenki says:

    It would be a tough matchup to decide. Before I choose my pick I have to break down their attributes:


    1. Great perimeter shooting
    2. Excellent defender
    3. Exceptional footwork
    4. More experienced
    5. Been there, done that


    1. Superior physique and strength
    2. 6’8 who moves like Emmit Smith without the armor
    3. Strong finisher near the rim
    4. Explosive going to the hoop
    5. Lacks offensive skills at the post

    Since the NBA abolished the illegal defense (man-to-man), it was easier to contend with players with such caliber. All the teams have to do is to double-team on the hot guy, and take the risk of letting someone else open to make the shot. Michael Jordan, Charles Barkley, Allen Iverson, Shaquille O’Neal, and the rest of the stars who played in that era can testify that they can dominate their opponents one-on-one with the illegal defense rule in effect.

    Now as for the matchup, UNLESS LeBron can utilize an effective game in the post, I would pick KOBE as the winner of this game, but not without a beating from the former.

  303. ed-yeezy says:

    Whos got the trophy..???

  304. Kdfja1 says:

    Kobe no question about it, in the interview he acknowledges Lebron might be a better all around player with assist rebounds efficiency, and etc. but in a game of 1v1 how would anyone who understands basketball put Lebrong over Kobe? As a team player it appears ever more so that Lebron will finish his career as an overall team player evident in his free agency with Miami but thats where the conversation ends. Kobe is known for his clutch shooting and his over stubbornness as an offensive machine. People would not pick Magic over Jordan in a 1v1 match neither would they pick Oscar Robinson over Dr. J so why are people even arguing Lebron over Kobe in 1v1?

  305. alex says:

    kobe would win, hes a better shooter and to win one on one thats what you need mroe than anything is to be a good shooter

  306. idlir says:

    I gotta agree with kobe here boyz.
    i mean dont get me wrong im ama fan of lebron james 100 times over bryant but to be fair hed probably win 1 on 1.
    i mean give the man some credit he lives to play 1 on 1 + he is a better shooter than james.
    but over all in a normal game situation i think lebron james is a much better ball player and thats that

  307. Jazzy says:

    Kobe would win hands down
    kobe has MUCH better ball handling and he is a great defender
    and he is an all-round AMAZING play

    • tribon says:

      when kobe was 18 he only avg 7pnts..when lebron was 18..he was phenomenal…

      • AGP says:

        lol when kobe was 18 he had like 7 minutes a game. lebron was the a main dude.

      • tribon says:

        hey AGP..why do you think he was only 13th pick..why do you think he had 7mins per game?? i think its very simple..for the first 7years of his career he was ordinary..full of potential but still not the kobe we’ve known today..3rings thanks to shaq, rice,horry, etc…they could won without kobe..Lebron on the other hand breaks so many records as the youngest bla bla bla…dont 4get 2MVPs..10yrs from now all kobe fans would appreciate lebron esp when he has rings..by the way almost in all category like pnts, rbnds, assist, steals, blocks..lebron is way better than kobe..i mean way better…go to nba.com dude..

  308. 808state says:

    If they were both in their prime, kobe would win. hands down

    • tribon says:

      wat do you mean prime..kobe just turned 32..lbj is not in his prime yet..remember MJ23 was playing baseball at this age then came back to win 3 more rings..at age 36 he was still MVP..are you kidding me??!! you better say kobe is soft, his wear and tear is visible these days..he’s not old..he’s just soft compared to the likes of MJ23, malone, stockton, etc.. 1 MVP for 13 years,,hahahaha

  309. WG says:

    Dwayne Wade would win.
    He could beat both of them.

  310. huh? says:

    Is this really even a question Kobe…
    all around game…

  311. Cob4life says:

    Kobe is the ultimate isolation player. He said it perfectly himself. Someone guarding him 1v1 is ridiculous hard to do thats why he gets double/triple teamed all the time. Kobe would win by a large margin most definately.

  312. Sydale says:

    LOL… Of course that’s what Kobe’s gonna say… Did anyone expect something different from an arrogant guy like him???? He didn’t even take a moment to think…

    I’m taking LeBron though… Bigger, faster, stronger, way more length… He’ll be able to get closer shots at the rim than Kobe and ultimately defeat him…

    LeBron- 11

    Kobe- 9

  313. Alby says:

    LBJ would dominate.

  314. D.Rob.50 says:

    Right now LBJ…. But take both in their prime (which LBJ is) and I think it would be Kobe….Just! LBJ gets alot of scoring done because he is such a good passer, much like Nash or Kidd. It creates offensive freedom because if you double team him or he draws a couple of defenders he is going to hit the open cutter or spotter. Right now (as in the 09/10 season) Kobe takes too many stupid shots (really stupid, just watch the final series) but a few years ago he got to the rim alot more and was impossible to stop. Also Kobe has been carrying injuries for a while now so your not really seeing him healthy (Fingers, Angle, Knee). The shooting ability would edge Kobe but LBJs blocking at the rim and fiscal attributes would make it a very close battle.

    Also the whole dunk debate, LBJ has the power but kobe has the finesse. All LBJ dunks are the same, kobe has some Crazy dunks much like wade does. Plus kobe has won a dunk contest, LBJ hasn’t competed because he doesn’t want to enter unless he knows he will win. LBJ is a steam roller, once in motion everybody just gets out of the way. The dunk over Duncan a few years ago was crap, Timmy didn’t even jump. however his dunk in the Mavs game a few days latter was one of the best dunk i have seen he looked like he had no chance of making it.

    Also it’s a silly debate because they are too different positions. Manu Vs Kobe would be more interesting. I don’t care what anybody says Manu has the offensive ability to match any SG…. Although kobe would still have the edge.



    • tribon says:

      LBJ is not in his prime yet…the guy destroyed kobe almost every meeting…’04 finals against detroit..kobe wasn’t great..’08 finals kobe was ordinary..pierce got the best of him..’10 finals game7 6/24 shooting..saved by artest..by luck perkins was injured..45% career shooter..least amng the great ones..d-wade and kobe 1on1..maybe kobe will win..but in no way against lebron..even if you’ll ask the great ones..i mean nba greatest players of all time..they knows best..hahaha..kobe has many fans right now..but even jerry west conclude kobe is no way near lebron..

  315. Shon says:

    So would lebron win if kobe was younger and jumping like he use to

  316. Kobe eats fresh says:

    Lebron will beat kobe any day because kobe doesnt eat fresh llike lebron does.
    Lebron Is bigger, and can even stand his ground.
    lebron is a better defence and his dunking skills are unbelievalble. Kobe is too small and doent stand a chance against lebron.

  317. Hall of Fame Man says:

    Kobe would win easily. No way Lebron could beat Kobe. Even if Kobe was blindfolded on offense, he would still win 21-0.

  318. bigmike902 says:

    lebron in a close one

  319. mike says:

    kobe would kill lebron whos a non offensive threat kobe has great 1 on 1 defense wouldnt be able to score

  320. freddie says:

    kobe will beat lebron but lebron will be more physical even hes younger than kobe.

  321. rowinbernardo says:

    Kobe can last against LeBron because the game wouldn’t be full court; where LeBron is at his best. LeBron would get killed by Kobe’s post-game. Heck, Kobe has more post-moves than Dwight Howard! In a game of one-on-one, Kobe has the wits and that’s crucial because one-on-one is about about mind games. LeBron’s athletism would not be much of a factor in this type of game. Kobe’s an All-Defensive player because of his on-ball defense. LeBron’s an All-Defensive player because of his off-ball defense. Kobe’s primary skill is scoring. LeBron may average more points than him, but you have to put into factor on how LeBron scroes; it’s mostly from fast breaks and set screeens. While Kobe scores by post and face-up (don’t you remember him in game 6 against Phoenix?). Wanna mention LeBron’s size and speed that would make him blow by Kobe? Kobe’s footwork is underrated. He’ll keep up w/ LeBron on while defending him. Kobe wins this matchup of one-on-one hands down.

    Lakers for Three-Peat in 2011! Aww yea..

  322. frankie says:

    personally im an okc fan so i dont favour either, but lebron would win….hes faster, stronger, more agile, has more vert, not to mention lebron has a good 2-3 inches and like 30 pounds on kobe,, plus lebrons defence is slighty better. When it comes down to it kobe can’t gaurd lebron and lebron can gaurd kobe.

  323. zzz says:

    Kobe can barely guard paul pierce, let alone lebron james. You know what, Kobe hasnt seen a minute of meaningful defensive action because hes so emphasized on offense. If Lebron chose to attack the rim with just as fervor as paul pierce did (which for LeBron is like 10% of his athletisicm), Kobe cannot even lay a finger on him. No biases here, but playing 1 on 1 is all about stamina and athleticism, shot selection is rarely an issue. Kobe cant guard ham wrapped in a bag if his life depended on it.

    • demented says:

      i had to say something there…..

      First off, he was, “barely guarding pierce” because the triangle defense rely on all its player to defend. While guarding 1 on 1 is a great accomplishment, guarding as a team is a much better accomplishment. Like regular season MVP’s to Finals MVP.

    • MJ THE GOAT says:

      HAAHHAA like your style. I agree whole heartedly, Kobe has never been stopper, AND too all you fools out there with BLINKERS on go watch the 2008, and even the 04 finals where they tried Kobe on Billups for a about a quater cause he was killing the lakers and it was a no go. You cannot compare Kobe as a defender to someone like MJ or pippen who both in there primes would have held billups almost scoreless and same for Paul Pierce Infact MJ killed pierce as a 39 yr old with one leg LOL its a joke. Kobe is not as quick, Strong, Patient, or as strong around the basket as lebron. Plus Kobe does shoot a high % against guys like Pierce, Prince, Lebron it would be tough for him to register even half the points lebron gets in a 1 on 1.

  324. Avilat says:

    Lebron has no chance! no footwork. travels anytime he tries a post move. and needs momentum for his whole game. kobes jumpshot will kill it!

  325. CHEEEKYMONKEY says:

    i say Kobe would win, but it would be a close game for sure! Kobe simply has more moves and skill in his arsenal. lebron james may at this time be the best player in the league because he’s much younger and about to reach his prime, if he hasnt already began to reach it. kobe’s style is too jordan-esq to defeat meanwhile lebron brings and more powerful dominant magic type style to the game. i’d say the score would be like 21-17 had they played up to 21 (win by 2 ofcourse) 😀

  326. lebaby james says:

    lol these guys. why dont you compare them during their prime or at their best. lebron cant defend on ball. kobe can. lebron might be bigger but does he even know how to post up? yeah thats right.. no! can he even shoot perimeters? no! ok lol.. atleast he can drive the ball to the basket but there wouldnt be anyone giving him screens/sets on a one on one game right.. think about it.. i would even pick dwade in a one on one game between wade and lebron. but watch out for kd next yr. hes the next best thing. JORDANKOBEDURANT = PASTPRESENTFUTURE

    • Impartial says:

      lebron had a higher field goal % than kobe and a higher 3 point % so i just ruined your argument, go home

    • ANT says:

      befor you say someone can’t shoot you should try looking it up the stats frist last year lbj shot a better FG% and 3pt% then kobe that’s long and short range idk why they campare the two of them I don’t think it would be a good matchup lbj is a hybrid he can all spot pg to pf his is another breed man kobe is good but he always has good player around him till he win a ring with a bad team it mean nothing if lbj was on the lakers they would sweep most of the playoff. In a game of one on one to 10 make it take it kobe would be lucky to have 3pts depens on who get the ball frist.

  327. Ralph says:

    BronBron no contest… LB is shooting a higher 3point% than Kobe maybe 5years ago. Kobe would also loose against D-Wade and KD.

  328. Michael says:

    it’s 1v1, Kobe won’t have Shaq and Pau Gasol to control the paint for him…

    LeBron in a landslide. Up to 21, LeBron would win 17-4.

  329. Vijay says:

    I do believe that some people do get mislead and go of into their own worlds when it comes to these arguments. First off, I’m under no illusions that my pick and any person’s pick is none other than a favortism thing. Now when I or any Kobe fan says that Kobe is the best player or that he would beat Lebron one on one, some folks (Lebron fans of course) interpret that to mean that Kobe would basically treat Lebron like a toddler on the basketball court. That when Kobe comes into the gym, that Lebron has to wipe his shoes and kiss his but and ask if he can run on the same court with him. I mean I’m well aware that there are some fans who take it to this extreme but really people it’s just about your favorite guy and the reasons you believe he should be so called the best in the game. Even when Jordan was doing his thing, there were people out there just, simply not willing to concede that the man was great.

    In some other blogs as well, this Kobe now, the Laker were destroyed in ’08 and we had to accept that. The Lakers got their revenge in 2010 and all I can hear is that Perkins went down. Folks give a man and team their credit. I was upset and sad when the Lakers were dismantled in ’08, I acknowledged that my big man (Bynum) was out but the fact is, the way I was destroyed, made it clear that there was still work to be done. Let’s also not forget that Bynum was not at full strength in 2010, 2 the Celtics went back to LA up 3-2, 3 in game 4 their bench pulled out that game in the 4th and lastly had the Celtics managed to beat the Lakers in game 7, the Celtics fans woulc’ve been on cloud something more than ‘9’, cause all I would’ve heard was, y’all (Lakers) couldn’t even beat us without our Big Man. Get over Celtics fans and Kobe haters. Try again next season.

    P.S. I admire, even as LA fan, the way the Celtics marshalled through the Eastern Conference and the calibre of oppoents they had to defeat to get to the Finals. Surprisingly, and of course wanting them to get back there so I could get my chance at revenge, I was their biggest cheerleader especially in that Cleveland series.

  330. Haul Laudadi says:

    well lebron is worse than kobe since kobe has been in the nba longer, but now that lebron is in the heat, kobe will dominate him

  331. shawn says:

    Of course he would say he would, but Lebron always outplays kobes in their matchups.

  332. Tempest says:

    Kobe, hands down. LeBron may be a physical beast but Kobe has way more moves in his arsenal. He can shoot from anywhere on the court and thats something LeBron doesn’t quite have yet.

    • ANT says:

      what is matter with you and every body who think kobe can shoot better than lbj it’s sound good you may think it true but the fact is it’s not look it up the shot % from last year lbj’s FG% and 3pt% was better then kobe face it find some thing other to talk about

  333. think says:

    I root for neither of them, but its just funny how Kobe has insuated that he’s way better than Lebron… Kobe was saying Lebron was the team guy, yet it is he who has the rings… Its just like saying he’s better than Lebron in BOTH one-on-one and team games… another sweet shot to Lebron’s gut… what a way to start the season LOL!!!

  334. boom says:

    what did kobes answer ?

    i dont understand

    what did he said?

    • Vijay says:

      He said, that he would flat destroy Lebron in a one on one contest. That at the heart of Kobe’s game is a one on one player, as opposed to Lebron’s Magic type of game. My addition would be, Kobe’s mentality and seek and destroy nature, ooh boy. Lebron watch out. It wouldn’t be a mismatch but Kobe would come out on top.

  335. Robert Zenon says:

    Kobe of course hands down. LeBron is a fine basketball player, but is he Kobe, I think you put LeBron on that Laker team and they don’t win the rings, LeBron just seems to be missing something other than players in his game. Two years in a row the best record in the regular season and you can’t beat anyone in the playoff, yeah there is definitely something wrong there. It can’t just be his teammates, can it?

    • Vijay says:

      If you place Lebron on the Lakers, they would still win rings. I’m a Kobe fan through and through, however, let’s not forget the Phil Jackson factor and the overall talent of the Lakers, including two very skilled and in their prime or approaching their Prime seven footers, a very versatile Lamar Odom and a decent enough bench.He would’ve been successful in my opinion.

      However not getting it done two years in a row, especially after the distasteful exit to the Magic and the dismantling by the Celtics, he couldn’t handle it anymore. Kobe mentality may have pushed the Cavs further though. In addition, since leaving the Lakers, I’ve noticed that Shaq has become the biggest cheerleader for players not named Kobe. D Wade, Nash, Amare and LBJ are all good but wow, what a pansy.

    • Huh!!! says:

      Lebron is a way better all around player, he averages more assists steals, points, blocksand rebounds then kobe, you put Lebron on the Lakers with the team kobe has now and they win 6 to 7 straight chapionships. Lebrons stats do more for a team then kobes 30 points and game winners. And If lebron was on the Lakers there would be no need for any bailouts because games would not be that close.

      • Lakers ALL DAY says:

        You are an idiot if you think stats are everything when analyzing a player’s worth and talent. If that were the case, Wilt would be the best player of all time. Lebron was averaging those numbers because of the offense he played in. He had the ball every single offensive possession. The Cavs structured that team and offense around Lebron, so he basically was free to do whatever he wanted to. On the other hand, Kobe has been playing in the Triangle, which is infamous for getting everybody involved in the offense. Lebron had way more touches than Kobe, and as a result, he had better statistics. Lebron wouldn’t do too well in the triangle I think, because he is an inconsistent shooter and has absolutely no post-game at all. The Triangle is a perfect offense for COMPLETE players like Michael Jordan and Kobe, not for 1 or 2-dimensional players like Lebron. EVERYBODY WHO IS IN DENIAL OVER HOW GOOD LEBRON IS WILL REALIZE WHEN HE GETS TO BE KOBE’S AGE AND CANNOT RELY ON HIS ATHLETIC ABILITY ANYMORE. Mark my words!

      • terrelya says:

        I think “Lakers All Day” has a point. You can’t go by stats especially now. Lets see if he can have those same type of stats on Miami. You know when he actually have to share the ball a little more.

      • Thinkhard says:

        Hahahaha! Kobe is far better and superior to Lebron. Kobe, if playing without injuries, can never be defended at all. He can bury shots from any part of the court. He had mastered all kinds of offensive moves from all angles and degrees. He can post up, dribble around anyone, break defensive schemes, bury tripples, he can be a monster in rebounding. REMEMBER the Finals GAME 7? He just got all the talent and heart to win the game when it matters most. And Lebron? Darn!!! He is lost… You might have forgotten what kind of lineup the CAVS had for the last 2 years. They were easily composed of TALENTED GUYS out there. And they had even made their core way better than ever before during the last 2010. It was just so unfortunate that their LEADER was lost in all PLAYOFF games. Talents just do not win CHAMPIONSHIPS. It can put people out there. But what wins CHAMPIONSHIP is TEAM WORK. Lebron only got talent. NBA is not just a talent show, is it?

      • LakersWillWin says:

        Just remember how many times LeBron has been to the playoffs and failed. He even made it to the finals and lost. LeBron is a great player any real basketball lover would know that even if a Kobe fan. Kobe is my favorite player but if he was in a different offense he would average more too, that being said Kobe just has too many moves!!

      • tribon says:

        exactly..lakeraALL DAY know nthing about nba basketball..

      • ANT says:

        could not say it’s better my self somebody out there can see what i see

    • Yung Walt says:

      Kobe and Lebron would be a good match up im going wit Kobe he has more expericane and u never know what he will do

    • Yung Walt says:

      Kobe has all the rings and Lebron doesnt Lebron does his thing every year and still isnt enough it should be Kobe and Wade one on one or Kobe and Carmello

      • ANT says:

        you right kobe should play one of the it would be a better matchup becauce know one in the nba is a good matchup for lbj he a hybrid he is another breed of nba players

  336. Zzanzabar says:

    It would come down to who is the better all around shot maker, and that would be Kobe. Simply put Kobe has the range on LeBron. No matter where you are on the court Kobe can consistently put the rock into the hole. Now if it was a DUNK contest then it’s LeBron Hands down.

    • Vijay says:

      Can’t argue that, even Kobe said himself that Lebron is an extra ordinary athlete. The dude flat out has hops, much like how Shawn Kemp had madd hops. But as you said, Kobe has the all around game.

    • Big El says:

      I agree whole heartedly… please help to educate young lambo

      • Sam says:

        Kobe couldn’t shoot over LeBron though, The length of 6’8″ would stop Kobe in making his J’s while LeBron is still quick enough that Kobe could not blow by him, without a shot blocker at the rim, LeBron could drive and finish over Kobe, would be interesting to watch

      • tribon says:

        lebron would won without a doubt..1-on-1 common..kobe has no chance at all!
        kobe is too tiny for lebron..put lebron on the lakers and they would win rings..kobe..only by luck..game7 6/24 shooting..career 25pnts 45% shooting…lbj career 27pnts 50% shooting..pass first guy..kobe..ball hog first guy..with a self procalimed nickname black mamba

    • Ippy says:

      I dont think the accolades suchas MVP andDefensive player of the year count much if these go head to head. Individual traits such as being athletic and height etc would matter. The accolades such as MVP are individual but they are within team realms. Charging on the passing lanes lead you to steals but you also rely on your team mates because it gambling. James Worthy beat MJ on one on one and Worthy has never being better than MJ. Kobe couldnt shoot over Durant because KD’s height and athletism bothered him..but in team concept, Kobe would find ways to win. My point is we can debate till we drop but until these guys square up, no side can win the argument. Voting is for politics and beauty peagants, it can never solve this quanandrum. There are more KB fans out there than LB. lol

  337. think says:

    and now waiting for the comments… LOL

  338. young lambo says:

    kobe wouldnt stand a chance. lebron competes with dwight howard for defensive player of the year and you think kobe can beat lebron!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! really kobe on crack man lol lebron 2 time mvp and will blow past kobe or jus dunk in his face . lol kobe has to shoot he cant dunk on lebron yall silly if you think kobe can beat lebron reallyy!!!!!!!

    • Vijay says:

      You joke, first of all as Sekou said, in this type of setting and from about three to four years back, it’s who you favor as far as this argument is concerned. Has nothing to do with defensive player of the year crap, clown. Kobe is first team all nba last 6-7 years straight. I always put it this way, cause Kobe allows his big men and others to be good and great in some cases, is why Kobe isn’t seen running past his whole team in an effort to get a chase down block from behind. In any case, yes Lebron is a more gifted athlete, jumping, running and what not but Kobe would win. If all it took was sheer talent to dominate the Nba, Shaq would have about 18 rings, one for every year he was in the league.

      • Thinkhard says:

        Off course, Kobe would win playing one-on-one against Lebron. Kobe is a great defender and is an all around player. He got a lot of moves than Lebron has.

    • nick says:

      lebron 2 time mvp will kobi is 2 time finals mvp its all about the ring in the end james is joke now going to the heat easy why out that like kobi going back the to the spurs or detroit

    • DBBJ says:

      my man, you are a fool if you think lebron could win kobe on a one on one game. don’t get me wrong, i’mma BIG lebron fan, thats my favorite player in the league, but i’m realistic.
      LBJ is better than kobe passing the ball, dunking, blocking, rebounding, but kobe is the best shooter ever, lbj cant shoot like kobe and cant play one on one like kobe, he said it THATS HIS THING, how do you think he made 81 points in a game??

    • Big El says:

      there is more to basketball than dunking lil fella learn the game then make a wise informed statement dont just blurt out remarks that make you look foolish

    • troy says:

      who let this idiot talk, please next time before allowing this person to publish this on the internet to make sure he thinks before he says anything thx and o ya, kobe would kill anyone in the nba, anyone one on one.

    • mike jones says:

      ure even more silly cuzz clearly u think speeding through and dunking the ball is all you need to be a good player kobes fundemantlas are waaaaaaayy better than bron and dont u ever hea them say noone can guard kobe nobody can they have to double team him kobe will shoot over lebron fat arrogant hea and that will decide the winner n kobe has been on the defesnive 1st team before pal

    • Yung Walt says:

      Kobe has all the rings and Kobe and Lebron would be a good match up but Kobe would come up wit the when Kobe plays hard every game win or lose Lebron doesnt Lebron gave up last year n the play offs win Lebron is wining he plays hard if there loseing Lebron doesnt play as hard Carmello plays harder they Lebron and so does Wade the heat have the talent it will take more they talent 4 them 2 beat the Lakers and Kobe plays hard every year u never know what Kobe would do plus Kobe has experience and Lakers play as a team and they are team players

      • ANT says:

        That all everybody can say is kobe has five ring if you trade lbj and kobe team befor he won any of them ring kobe would have 0 ring every time he won he have all star team and phi if you look at the stats lbj is better he biger faster jump higher even his FG% 3pt% was better look it up what more can you say in game of one on one to 10 make it take it kobe will lucky to 3 points

  339. Robert J says:

    Idk. Lebron mite be more physical.

    • yuster says:

      Bobo mo young lambo

      • Alexzo says:

        Anyone here seen the film “get him to greek?” what Pdiddy there us what Kobe is to the NBA…the master of “mind f#*k! He is mind effing everyone even lbj with what he says…and that’s what makes him great! It gives him that edge. It’s a given that he is the most complete & best all around player there is but at the same time he instills fear in his opponents by messing with their minds. On top of which, his resumé & credentials speaks for himself. Physicaly,Bron will try to bully Kobe. However, the mamba is way smarter & has a better bball IQ than James to engage on a physical match with him.James will surely try to post him up but Kobe is built & programmed to find ways beat you. That’s his nature…that is the mind set of a true blooded 1 on 1 ball player.

      • Alexzo says:

        Sekou- it would be interesting to make a survey & get the thoughts of no none other than the NBA players themselves. After all their the ones who REALLY knows what they’re talkin’ about. That being said, i still believe Kobe will come out on top maybe not hands down but in their minds he will beat Bron.

      • Alexzo says:

        Believe it or not, i think d-wade is a better match up with Kobe. Their games are structured & built more simillarly. Physically as well as age wise they’re closer they play the same position. As for LBJ, I cant honestly think of any player with the same skill set as him. There is not an nba player right now who is a good match up for him position wise or physically for that matter. Maybe Melo is the closest but he dont have the passing game like Bron has. But he probably will have the best chance against him. Hey Sekou, what about a 2 on 2 game of Bron & Dwade vs Kobe & Melo? Who’d u think will b on top?

      • Alexzo says:

        Yo Sekou, I think it’s more appropriate to ask about a 1 on 1 match between Kobe & MJ… After all they have way more simillarities & comparisson & accomplishments. LBJ is not of the same breath with this 2 greats…yet! But if any1 insists. I’d still go with Kobe vs Dwade – Bron vs Melo.

      • Alexzo says:

        Enough said already! Y’all heard Kobe…Y dont anyone from the media hear what Lebron has to say?(Make it happen Sekou) but never the less, talk is cheap. The Truth is,there’s only 1 real way to settle this… A real game between the 2. Shoutout to David Stern & make it happen on all star break at Staples.

      • Alexzo says:

        I’ve heard enough already. The only real comparisson is Kobe/MJ & Lebron/Magic. Lets put it this way… Who would win in a 1 on 1 game between MJ vs Magic? Now that oughta end this conversation!

    • johnson says:

      lbj all the way…. i think those pips who voted for kobe are from cleveland…

      • nosnhoj says:

        and the one who voted for lbj’s are from miami.LOL..seriously givrn both man are on their prime.. lebron will kick kobe’s butt

      • chris says:

        i voted lebron and im from cleveland. hes been my main man since he was a sophomore in high school. i dont like that he left but hes still the best and gave us seven great seasons. lebron all the way.

      • Rondofan25 says:

        they must be lebron is still lebron

      • vinny says:

        foe sure.. Bron is a beast.. but dwane is still ma man.. i think Dwade kobe is a better match up….

    • KB Fan says:

      Kobe will win.. he is the former mvp, scoring champion for a couple of years, nba first team for more than 6 yrs , former slam dunk champion and he is a gold medalist during the 2008 Olympics. Kobe had won all that a pro basket player could achieve.. what only lacks is a FIBA world championship… kobe would beat lebron… Lebron is only the MVP because who would you expect to shoot the ball at a decisive moment in a game for the Cavs, the reason why he was in the running for the defensive player of the year because no one else in his team could run or jump higher then him.

      • Scott says:

        you say Kobe has won every award a player could win but youre forgetting one. hes never won the defensive player of the year award..MJ has won every award a player could win. I’ll take Kobe over Lebron 1 on 1 anyday though. Kobes 1 on 1 defense is better than Lebrons.. Lebrons good at blocking shots with his jumping ability and ability to run people down from behind but in 1 on 1 half court Kobe takes the cake anyway.

      • Pain says:

        All the things you just named LBJ has to except the rings one is on the way this year lol. LBJ is the bigger more physically imposing player of the two so I think he wears down Kobe and takes it. Defensively it’s a wash cause both are lock down defenders

    • juan dela cruz says:

      manu ginobili could beat kobe XD

    • DENNIS says:

      Kobe is the BEAST… I think Lebron James can’t live up to everything that has been said about him… he is not the best and he hasn’t proved it in the 7 years with the cavs… at the end of the season is about who holds up the trophy and puts on a ringand what i remember Kobe has held it 5 times hopefully 6 baby. Kobe all day hands down!! Imagine NBA Allstart 2010 add this One on One game Kobe vs James damn it will be official.

      • mj says:

        there is no shadow of a doubt that lebron will beat kobe..bron is the best player in the planet nowadays.. LeBron all the way! whoooo!

    • sean says:

      From and unbiased opinion and looking at the numbers and numbers alone: Lebron is stronger, faster, quicker (different than faster), longer, taller, wider and has a much higher vertical leap. Lebron instantly is the favorite if the skills are equal. To judge the skills lets look at the statistics from the 2009-2010 season. Lebron averaged more points, shot a higher field goal and 3 pt percentage than kobe, averaged more steals, more assists, and more rebounds. Kobe had a higher free throw percentage. So for Lebron to score more and have a higher percentage says he has a better statistical shot than kobe from close and deap. The argument for kobe is that he didnt need to score because he had such a great team assembled who could score as well, to combat that would be to say that he should have in the same breathe maybe not scored as much but also should have had a higher percentage for the fact that he shouldnt have to create as many shots as lebron whos second and third best players were mo and anderson. The one and only statistic that stands out that for some reason puts kobe in the game here is his championship rings, Kobe has had for all of his rings and amazing coach, an unbelievable team with roll players and players that could have been number ones at many other teams (shaq, lamar, gasol etc.) Lets let the ring discussion be discussed after a few years in miami. Finale is simply this, Lebron james is a different breed of a basketball player and in a one on one situation would not only beat kobe but possibly hold him to under 3 points (playing by ones). If you are a lebron fan Kevin Durant is the only player right now that could take away any of lebrons light, bron really is the best all around basketball player (statistically) to play the game.

      • Keenan says:

        you have some good points in your argument, but to top it all if you look at the way lebron plays and Kobe plays lebron has that Kobe chip on his shoulder. He just tries to outplay and shine more than Kobe does. I know that he gets tired of hearing about Kobe this Kobe that, but if he just plays his game he wouldnt have to worry about what Kobe is doing. And him winning rings in Miami, he and Bosh have to realize that that is Wade’s team and in order for them to sink together they have to let their egos go. But they also have to worry about defensive teams this year, offense alone cannot win games, you have to stop the other teams from scoring as well, and with Boston having that chip on their shoulder from this previous season I am sure they will be looking to get to the finals again and if Miami does not have the defense to cover for the offense then they will be going home earlier than expected.

    • sean says:

      i see a lot of i think i think i believe if this if that… Look at the stats.. KOBE IS NOT A BETTER SHOOTER!!!! what dont you kobe fans get??? will someone who is just a fan of the sport please look at the atatistics and tell everyone who the better shooter is?!?!?! Take opinion out of it please. there is really nothing more too it. in a one on one game kobe would not come close and he is out of his mind if he thinks he could.

      • LA2k11 says:

        You really cant compare stats with Kobe vs Bron…Bron is in the east where you have teams with a below 500. win percentage still making the playoffs vs the West you need 50 wins just to even think about making the playoffs. If Kobe was in the East he would have the same if not better stats then Bron Remember that crazy fadaway kobe hit on bron lakers vs cavs and kobe was battling the flu the man was sick on and off the court still cant stop the black mamba dont get me wrong bron will have his time but this is still Kobe’s league just not your time yet young fella but when kobe is done collecting rings and hangs up the sneakers Bron will be the man or least half a man now that he doesnt have his own team now but is on D-Wades team

    • sean says:

      sekou hook these guys up with some stats!

    • McKinley says:

      Kobe all the way.