New Rules?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The gap between the NBA game and the international game of basketball continues to shrink at a rapid pace.

FIBA instituted NBA-style rule changes earlier this year (including the dumping of that trapezoid lane, the no-charge zone under the basket and the extended 3-point line). Now comes the NBA’s move towards closing the gap from the other side.

The NBA D-League announced today that is has tweaked its goaltending and overtime rules, the goaltending rule will now mirror the FIBA rule that allows a player to knock the ball away when it is on the rim. Since it serves as, in the words of NBA D-League President Dan Reed, the NBA’s “Research and Development” department, it’s reasonable to assume that it’s just a matter of time before this new goaltending rule is implemented in the NBA.

NBA Commissioner David Stern has been a vocal supporter of changing the rule for years. “As far as I’m concerned, FIBA has it right: It’s in play and the only thing the referee has to judge is, Did it hit the rim? That’s it,” Stern said told Sports Illustrated’s Ian Thomsen last year. “To me, that’s a sensible rule, and it would make foul shooting more fun too.”

The NBA D-League tested the adidas-developed NBA Revolution 30 uniforms you will see on your favorite NBA players this season. So this wouldn’t be the first time the “R&D department” delivered the goods.

If the new goaltending rule is a success in the D-League it could pave the way for one of the most significant rules changes the NBA has seen since the 3-point shot was adopted in the 1979-80 season.

Seriously, can you imagine how crazy it would be to have guys like Dwight Howard, LeBron James, Gerald Wallace, Josh Smith and even an aging but cagey veteran like Kevin Garnett going after the ball while it’s on the cylinder?

Talk about a potential game-changer for some of the league’s elite athletes and craftier players, a new goaltending rule in the NBA could revolutionize the game for some teams and players (the difference in rules go a long way in explaining why some NBA players flourish during international competitions and other struggle, same for the international players that thrive in their game and don’t always make a smooth adjustment to the NBA).


  1. Eric Salinas says:

    The rules they need to change is the foul rules.
    The foul rules are turning players into actors more than ball players.
    The rule that needs to be in effect is the initiation of recieving a foul is not allowed.
    If a player throws himself or any part of his body into a defensive player he should be charged for the foul not the defensive.
    Anything in the paint is legal play only if the offensive player is hit by a hand, or elbow of the defense, not leaving out technical foul of the defense.
    To make the game more interesting, the foul shots are removed for the last two minutes of the game.
    I want to see players at their best, not actors who can shoot free throws.

    Dont be a LaKobe Brames actor of the year award winner.
    Be a true legendary player whos points rely on game time shots and not the six man line up who look like their playing a game of HORSE.

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  5. […] rules. The main thing FIBA wanted changed is the NBA’s goaltending rule. So far the NBA has been rather receptive to the suggestion as the D-League will change its goaltending rules to comply with the current […]

  6. Kobe24 says:

    The FIBA Should Change there rules to NBA Style.

  7. Azul says:

    BasketBall is perfect as it is… If U start to change the game you will ruin it. It dosent make sense changing a game ive played for over 15 yrs… does it even count as a rebound. it will change rebounds, fastbreaks, shooting percentages and i dont want to see people at parks tryin to knock the ball off the rim. I love basketball just the way it is

  8. b says:

    This doesn’t just affect blocks and defense here people. It is easier to slam a ball on the rim in than out. So basically the name of the game will be for guys just to get it on the rim and then let your teammates follow and tip dunk everything. All the athletic guys in the league will see a jump in their PPG. The Lakers with Pau and Bynum, the Magic with VC and Dwight, and Miami with Bron and Wade will be scoring easily. Athletic bigs with good hands will be even more valuable.

  9. JohnFil says:

    I think there are things to differentiate on that thought if ever that rule will be imposed. Yes, it is on the rim we are there! For me, if the ball is rolling and it is going inside the basket and being interrupted that should be a goal te…nding but if the destination of the ball on the rim is rolling outside the basket and then being taken away that should be counted as a clean block or a rebound. I hope you are getting what I was trying to explain.

  10. Robert says:

    You guys should watch international competition, it’s not used as often as you guys think it will be. It’s a really cool rule, and it’s not game breaking at all. It’s more exciting.

  11. 12peatDPY says:

    i would hate to see the last shot of the NBA finals get slapped off the rim while spinning around the cylinder

  12. Wun says:

    NBA is commercial
    So rules are nothing
    If you are superstar ,forexample:kobe,james,wade……………
    You can do whatever you want
    So rules sucks

  13. 3peat says:

    good insight tenki.

    anyway, if they change goal tending rule this coming season it will be more fun.
    it will be like watching SPACE JAM over and over again. ^_^

  14. Tenki says:

    Talent in the NBA is more diverse than talent in FIBA or the Olympics. The teams in the latter two do not play 82 games in a regular basis, and they are not required to win 16 games to be crowned as champions. No disrespect for the players who play for their respective countries, but the players in the NBA are obviously more adept at exploiting situations. Take the three-point line, for example. I know that there were teams that shot better beyond the arc, and yet the USA shot in this range with relative ease. Another example is the physicality of the games in FIBA rules against in the NBA, where physical contact is less tolerable. Why did the US team win the World Title, despite their lack of size? They played defense with unparalleled intensity, because their bodies can afford to play a very physical game. If you bring that brand of physical play in the NBA, I suppose the players in Europe, although they are used to it, won’t stand a chance against the Americans.

    Let’s put it this way: in a basketball game where the best USA team can play against the best of the Europeans, I’d choose to side with US on any given night, be it FIBA rules or NBA rules. Imagine a roster of:


    1.Pau Gasol
    2.Tiago Splitter
    3.Hedo Turkoglu
    4.Luis Scola
    5.Marc Gasol
    6.Milos Teodosic
    7.Nenad Krstic
    8.Ersan Ilyasova
    9.Goran Dragic
    10.Manu Ginobili
    11.Rudy Fernandez
    12.Ricky Rubio

    against the US:

    1.Dwight Howard
    2.Kevin Durant
    3.Kobe Bryant
    4.Amare Stoudemire
    5.LeBron James
    6.Dwyane Wade
    7.Derrick Rose
    8.Deron Williams
    9.Brook/Robin Lopez
    10.Russel Westbrook
    11.DeMarcus Cousins(?)
    12.and any other productive and physical 3 or 4 in the NBA, preferrably a starter (American, of course).

    You can think of any player you want to put in on either roster, and yet it won’t make any difference at the outcome. Of course, the Americans win. I’m not making neither a racial nor patriotic comment (I am a Filipino, like Spoelstra). I want to emphasize that NBA and FIBA are entirely different. If Stern’s agenda is to let the rest of the world catch up with the Americans, he can do so by implementing FIBA rules, but it WON’T make any difference. However, if you put the Americans in this type of situation, they are very LIKELY to take advantage of it, simply because they possess the BEST players in the BEST BASKETBALL LEAGUE in the WORLD.

    • Wun says:

      Ya!I likeit.
      But Yi is good player in International Tourment.
      In NBA ,Yi is nothing but the 7 feet player on the court.

  15. malenko says:

    As a Brit I find this whole frurore almost amusing. If you look at the vast majority of sports played internationally, from football, I’m sorry, soccer, to rugby or even judo or weighlifting – the idea that one national federation can have unique rules would be considered obsured. Stern’s connection to reality may at times be strenuous, but he is an asute businessman and after the FIBA world’s’ probably realises the advantage of universality in helping ease the transition for international players and hence the global appeal of the sport. Having lived in VA I know how anal baseball fans are about stats, I hadn’t realised some NBA fans were the same. It may be helpful for nerds and casual fans to look at numbers but most educated fans could seperate the good, great and legendary players without the need for an excel spreadsheet. If it encourages the expansion of the game and halts the decline in jump shooting prevelent for the past decade, its a good thing. If its an issue about stats, perhaps a maths book might be more fun for some people!

  16. willow says:

    I think the rule has no use. If players are allowed to touch the ball on the rim this would change the game totally. It also will take away the 50/50 chance of the ball falling in or out the basket. I think the ball should decide if it wants to go in or out. The ball don’t lie right. If the you give players the right to touch the ball on the rim then there will be no more goal tending right. Would it show up on the stat sheet as half a block. This rule won’t make the players better so what purpose does it serve.

  17. Scott says:

    If it aint broke ………. What does Stern know about actually playing the game ?

  18. Bilbo says:

    The FIBA goaltending rule just sucks. Don’t do it.
    If you want to copy FIBA and make big men stronger, just remove that stupid defensive 3 second violation. We’ll see real fights between slashers and big men. Real poster dunks, great blocks. Not like now, with centers dancing away from the rim to let LeBron get really easy buckets.

  19. dosntPopseemtohateUpeopleinthemediaIlikeIT says:

    I think there should be “pure desire” were rules once stood, including stairoids and fighting. The trully strong should win and it should be without restriction…. vote now for a nba with no rules. let our voices be heard for people who actuly ern there moneys worth in a combat for the ages were the planets and gods will role over and pay attention… or you can let them knock the ball of the rim while its just sttting there. its just a game

  20. PPG says:

    Is PPG really going to decrease? The defensive players everyone seems to be so concerned with swatting balls away also play offense. So what is stopping them from using this skill for offense too? I don’t think PPG will be an issue.

    • John says:

      well, isn’t the rule ‘being able to swat the ball away when it’s on the rim and not get a goaltending call’ ?
      i don’t see how this will help offensively

      • PPG says:

        Yes that is the rule, but offensive players won’t get called for goaltending either. So it even outs. During the FIBAs the more athletic USA squad were able to dunk any shots that were hanging on the rim instead of waiting to see if they were going in or not. Thus helping the offense.

      • John says:

        oh. i honestly still dont like the idea, :/

  21. Improved shooting?? says:

    I have read through quite a few of these and find it hilarious that many feel tht this rule change will help develop better shooters. To that I say C’mon Man! This is not going to make better shooters; can someone who thinks that explain how? Very few shots hang around the rim anyway. Also, is Kyle Korver going to hit the gym more because he feels his shots are hitting rim too much. I bet all the D-League coaches are watching game film of shooters who hit the rim a lot so they can be best prepared (JOKE!).

  22. John says:

    I only have one thing to say about this new rule.
    fewer PPG 😦

  23. Jabin says:

    I like this rule however how many times have we seen a buzzer beater shot bounce around and then go in? The suspense and hope of your favorite team to win lay with the ball. However imagine that this ball is bouncing around and a big man goes up and grabs it… Very anti climatic. I know you can’t impliment a last shot rule however this has left me torn. Who cares about the percentages and RPG and BPG. I want to see good basketball and I think this will give us more entertaining basketball.

  24. amaury says:

    I think it is good idea. Fiba does its job, NBA too. Battle around the rim in FIBA are great to see and rules get closer to unification is the best for everybody !

  25. tayriley says:

    wow another rule stern implements that helps the leagues bigger (in size) teams? cough cough, lakers, cough, cough.

    initially i think it’s a great idea, but in the short run, it gives smaller teams a huge disadvantage…which by now i not only suspect, but am totally sure is what stern is going for. lakers is a team of bigs and this will definitely benefit them more than any other team in the league..

  26. Brian says:

    I think it would make post players learn to box out more and develop more of the fundamentals again. Yeah, 3/4 of the NBA players can swat a shot off of the rim, but if your post guys are battling for position to protect the basket, it could bring back the need for developed bigs again.

  27. reithor says:

    Good to improve the shooting ability of players.

  28. Eddy says:

    This is really deficient. This will change the whole game, letting players smack the ball while it is still on the rim. It wouldnt be fair and it would cause many conflicts during games. Think about it

  29. Stop Whining says:

    I just cannot understand how big of a deal most people here are making of this, unless many have missundestood the rule changes. First of all, how many of the jump shots going in actually bounce on the rim before they in? Maybe 20 percent? Most shots only touch the rim on the side of the ball, when its already partly in the rim and swatting it would be offensive interfernce anyway. Also, some seem to forget that the bigmen not only guard the rim, but also their opponent, so its not like you were in position to grab every bouncing ball anyway. Also rebounds right on the rim and spectecular putback-dunks should compensate for the lost tension of a slowly rolling ball on the rim.

    The only shots i could see go down in percentage are defended lay-ups off penetration, as i can easily see the weak side defender grabbing it off the ring after the initial defender made the lay-up harder. Still, i wouldnt mind that, because i requires playing good team defense and theres a qulaity defference between layups now (instead of in-out, theres in-in but swattable-out now).

    Just my two cents.

  30. Justin says:

    Silent 13, euro basketball is NOT less physical that the NBA; did you watch any of the FIBAs? That was one of the USA’s main concern — adjusting to the physical nature of the game (hand checking, etc). So I respectfully disagree with your statement.

    Also, I see a lot comments regarding shots being swatted away off the rim and the defense being given a huge advantage, BUT I don’t see it that way, the offense can just as easily do the same thing…come flying through the lane for a followup dunk as a shot sits on the rim.

    I think it will make the game more entertaining. I am for the rule.

  31. Hubert Goossens says:

    NBA , which I like , isn’t any better than any ligue in the world . So …….. just follow ! NBA is always talking about ” The World Championship ” when they talk about the USA championship . Americans haven’t noticed maybe , but the US is not ” the world ” . Even for David Stern some modesty is in place ………..
    An NBA fan from Belgium but ( always ) with 2 feet on the ground.

    • Zzanzabar says:

      @ Herbert

      First of all don’t get your shorts in a twist over the NBA World Championship. Does any other country play basketball using USA rules? No? Then the winner of the NBA Finals IS the WORLD CHAMPION in that particular sport played with that set of rules! The FIBA champion is the WORLD champion played with THOSE set of rules PERIOD! Since we play the sport with rules and courts originated and later developed in the US then I think we have earned the right to call our champions the NBA WORLD champs.

      By the way does anyone else play AMERICAN FOOTBALL (now that the European League is defunct)? No? Same rules apply. I know of no one else who plays Canadian style Football either, so the winner of their Grey Cup (I think that is what it is called) is the WORLD CHAMPION by default (I don’t know if they call themselves that, but they are).

      If you want to take issue with the title WORLD CHAMPIONS then look at baseball. For years the USA was the only country that played professional baseball with its rules, but for years Japan has a professional baseball league, so the winner of the World Series calling themselves the World Champions is a little suspect.

  32. Al Bob says:

    This isn’t NBA JAM. Yea I had quadruple doubles with Patrick Ewing back in the day because you were allowed to swat the ball off the rim just like FIBA today. Must of had 25 blocks a game.

  33. Silent 13 says:

    Ok, im spanish, and i really think that the NBA shouldn´t accept this rule. Because in european basketball game is much more tactical and less physical, and only the centers, power forwards or some athletic small forward can arrive to the rim to put the ball off. But in the NBA, imagine a match betwen OKC and miami, for example. Lebron ,Wade, Durant, Green, Ilgauskas, haslem, even a pont guard like russell westbrook could put the ball off the rim. That would make the scores decrease from 105 points for example, to 90 or less

  34. khris08 says:

    Time for a change.
    Stern is right, it’ll be more fun.

  35. Celtiz FAN says:

    There are already enough Changes made as per who plays for which team.Editing Goaltending rule will creat more confusion and we will see low scoring games as 4-5 shots will definately be blocked per game by each team.Please do not kill the fun of the game.we want to make game more enjoyable and that happens mostly when you see your favoraties making basket.

  36. Peter says:

    This new rule would only make sense if they don’t call offensive interference as well. If the defense can touch the ball while it’s on the rim, or in the cylinder, then the offense should be awarded the same right.

  37. Raskolnikov says:

    Im Spanish, and I can tell you all that there are almost no plays in which the ball is taken out of the basket after hitting the rim. Id say its basically because of JUMP TIMING, as players are no way jumping at the time the ball touches the rim but when it is “reboundable”. As I said, its pretty infrequent to see this legal goaltending in FIBA, about 1 per game or so. So dont think this will change game score, stats or anything else in a meanful way. Byezz

  38. Financer says:

    If your going to shoot, it better be a swish…
    …otherwise, have a seat.

  39. Bert G says:

    Well, what’s the overtime rule mentioned in the article?

  40. NBA FAN says:

    I don’t think this will be good move for the NBA… I love the the game is

  41. Anthony Wells says:

    I think the rule would change the game for the worse!! Game winning shot would not only be challenge at shooter but at the rim. Forget all those Kobe shots and the end of the game. As soon as the ball touches the rim some seven foot bum will be there to smack it off!!!

  42. iwillfilm says:

    After reading your comments, I agree that this rule may make the game a little less exciting. All in all, it makes the game more of a team game, and less of a hero game winning shot type of game. Let’s face it, it feels right that the game decision should be given to the person who has the ball in the dying seconds of the game. But I say again, when that ball misses, the sigh of relief for the team that didn’t loose because it was defensively goal tended, will be just as satisfying as the ball going in for the team that shot it, because its a win. This rule will only be annoying when it comes down to game decision circumstances. Boxing the other team out will make it pretty hard for the ball to be swatted away. The rule will apply to the entire league not just people who want to take advantage of the “Swat fest” Offensive teams will be expecting the likes of Dwight and Lebron to take advantage of the rule, and so too will they adjust and box out because of it. Anyway, I say try it for a season, and see what it does.

    • central says:

      example: game tied, player puts up a shot with less than a sec left. the ball is boncing on the rim. would a defender be able to swat it? if yes, would the offense have the right to stuff it back in after the clock has expired? believe me, there are way too many holes in this rule. they’re gonna be spending more time watching replays than anything else. plus, the players in the nba are so much bigger and more athletic than the rest of the world, so it’s not the same if this rule applies in the nba…

  43. L.A says:

    I dont like this rule, It could really change the game. The rules are fine as it is

  44. tbone says:

    Changing this rule makes no sense. You are destroying the art of basketball, taking away it’s finess and skill and making it a game of hops. How many greats shots have we seen off the rim or bounce around before they go in. Changing this rule is just making the NBA easier for the players. Increase your talent, don’t make rule changes

  45. Joshua says:

    This rule change will have very little effect on the NBA game, the rule has been in effect for years in the a the world champs and Olympics. For players to “goaltend” they have to give up box out position and as the last person said there is an equal chance for an offensive player it just makes it easier for the refs

  46. Rijad says:

    I don’t like this rule change, imagine a player shoots a potential game winning shot, it is bouncing on the rim (like Dirk Nowitzki game winner against the Bucks) and then suddenly comes a player like Dwight Howard, Josh Smith, LeBron James, Gerald Wallace and just grabs it from the rim. And like in some comments above, this is NBA, not the FIBA, then they should make the 3 pt line closer, they should remove the defensive 3 seconds… And again with the rule change, i think Howard will have 4-5 blocks per game… so i don’t like it!

  47. Randy says:

    They should allow offensive goaltending, but not defensive goaltending. That way a shot can’t be stopped from going in, but it can be helped in.

  48. TrueChampionsDontLeaveTown says:

    I think it will even out and speed up the pace of the game. For every defensive goaltend, there will be an offensive one as well. A defender that pulls the ball off the rim will immediately turn and push the ball up the court or if an offensive player gets to the ball first we will likely see more dunks and rim hanging. This will significantly change the NBA game because the more athletic types will become more active on the glass.

  49. central says:

    i cant believe this! what is crazy to me is that david stern is all for it. the european game is boring compared to the nba cause way too many people bunch up in the lane, and the 3 point shot is so close that it’s too easy to rely on. now with the new lane and the 3 point line back, along with the charge area (i hope defensive 3 sec rule will apply soon), the floor is going to spread a lot, and players will have to rely on a lot of mid range game. that’s what was missing. in europe u either drive or shoot a 3, hopefully until now… but this is backwards! the worst rule in fiba rules was being able to grab the ball off the rim (guys are so big and athletic now that anyone can do it), and the worst rule in the nba (american ball in general) is players calling a TO while the ball is in play. if fiba applies the goaltending rule that exists in the nba (the usa) now, and the nba applies the time out rules fiba uses (only the coach can call a TO at the scorers table when the ball is dead and his team has posession), then i think the game will be the fairest possible…

  50. Dave says:

    I think this rule shouldn’t be changed because if its on the rim, it has a Fifty-fifty chance of going in or out of the hoop, so its gonna drop in one direction or another. This can be one of those deciding factor shots that can make the difference between winning or losing. If you have guys like Dwight Howard, Lebron, etc. getting in there and just pulling it down while still in play, its gonna make NBA fans hate the officiating even more..

  51. Damien says:

    I’m actually European and I can’t stand international basketball for a reason. This rule change will definitely affect the NBA game in a bad way. People tend to forget how boring FIBA games are, just remember Turkey World Championship ; apart from Durant and Co., no team was exciting to watch. Why would there be empty arenas all over the place when it comes to FIBA competitions ? It’s the same thing as moving the 3pt line closer (which the NBA did in the late 90s) : Joe Dumars (if my memory doesn’t fail me) hit the same season a then NBA record-tying 10 3 pointers in one game. 3pt Percentage went off the charts and treys were not as much a game changer as they had been before the change. The NBA then came back to the original distance and THIS is the point : FIBA should adopt NBA rules, it’s a one way deal. NBA is superior, it is where the best players are, don’t give these superathletes the right to become goalies as soon as a ball hit the rim or you’ll have to change the rule back the other way after 1 or 2 seasons

  52. Nick says:

    This just make for lower scoring games, and eliminates “shooters bounce” as any person could go get a shot off the rim. Game changing yes, how many buzzer beaters will we miss out on if they can be snatched off the rim? Leave the excitement in the game, and let the shooters shoot. Dont make it easier for less talented players to compete at a high level.

  53. Darren says:

    This is both good and bad fir the NBA. Good because it will force more players to work hard under the bucket boxing out. Bad because it will probably see more coaches and teams adopting zones. In Australia (Our national game of Australian Rules Football undergoes rule changes on a yearly basis to keep the hardcore fans happy and to try to integrate the casual fan) where i am from, we over use the zone and it is harder and harder to get players to play good man D as they get lazy sitting back on D.
    Some will complain, most will not notice and everyone will adjust.

  54. Honestly.... says:

    Very interesting. This could go either way in terms of changing the games level of intensity. Making it legal to take a ball off of the rim also means that it would be legal to put a ball through the rim too! Tip jams and crazy put back battles under the boards will be far more frequent. This rule brings back the fundamental need to box out. I’m all for anything that levels the playing field and makes skill and technique stand equal to raw talent and pure athleticism. This means brains over brawn will be the foundation of the next generation.

  55. tom verstreken says:

    my 2 cents on the buzzer beater-problem: you could say players can’t touch the ball no more when the buzzer sounds, so a better timed shot could still have the excitement of a buzzer beater dancing in or out.
    Sounds fair to me

  56. Karl says:

    JUST WOW! Have some of you ever, EVER played basketball? So you’re all assuming that guys like Dwight and Yao are just sitting under baskets waiting to rebound every shot which bounces on the rim?

    1) They still have to defend their guys. They just can’t be under the basket and slap every bounce ball away. And actually it’s really hard after contesting your man’s shot to get up right away and slap away the ball from the rim(of course if it even bounces on the rim)

    2) How many lucky bounces are there in one game? A little and even if ball bounces on the rim, it’ll usually be fast to drop in. This rule is only gonna change the high arced bounce baskets. It’s not like every bounced shot will be rebounded.

  57. Tom Brown says:

    We in the USA have been inundated with moves to change the face of America. Do this because it offends that, do that cause it upsets this…..and on and on! Basketball is an American Game brought to life in Springfield, MA. let us not change the game to please others or make it like the rest of the world plays the game; to my mind they got it wrong and should be playing our game. So please think twice about this goal tending rule. If the ball, once shot, is on the rim then let it be….could come off but the shooter has a right to see his/her shot roll in as well. Could seriously impact on total offense of a game….a lot of soft touch shooters out there.

  58. Dan says:

    No they should not change the goal tending rule. It is NBA, not FIBA.

  59. nernst says:

    that goaltendingrule was the one rule i wanted the fiba to change – now it goes the other way around. We in europe get this stupid no-charge circle and the extended 3-point-line. Who needs those? especially in organized amateurleagues? and the nba changes a imho grea rule that prevents overgrown apes from stopping potential game winners just by being tall and athletic. Now its more about muscles and size than touch and finesse then ever 😦

    Sometimes people should use their brains before changing a fine system!

  60. Pinguin13 says:

    It just makes the game simpler. That’s all.
    You can swipe it, but you should also be able to dunk it down. You won’t see it happen that often, though, so you shouldn’t be overexited. It’s happening in Europe and everybody’s fine with that. And it’s not dwarves that are playing the game, either.

  61. Jason says:

    The NBA should not change this goaltending rule, it should not follow suit with FIBA and the D-League. Some argue that it is hard to exploit the new rule, as the ball just kisses the rim for a fraction of a second and then goes in.

    First of all, it cannot be argued that by implementing this change, that friendly rolls will be abolished, because some shots bounce high and in. That means that Dirk Nowitzki’s game-winner this year that bounced up and in may have been altered and the whole entire fate of the game would’ve been different. That is not a way to attract fans, or to bring more happiness around the league and players may soon boycott it.

    Furthermore, on the base of friendly rolls, many and-one’s AND circus shots roll around the rim. And-one’s and circus shots are a key factor in bringing cheers in the arenas and making NBA being truly “Where Amazing Happens”. However, this new change in the goaltending rule will change that. Players like Kobe Bryant and LeBron James will have less points because they thrive with and-one’s. We would not see circus shots, Kobe willing in his usual tough baskets in the clutch and his Michael-Jordan-esque No-Look, Back-to-Basket lay-in that he did against Detroit this year. We would not see LeBron change the momentum of the game by double clutching and laying up and around 3 defenders. Those shots rattle. And if the goaltending rule changes, then the shots that rattle will not fall in through the net.

  62. Robert August de Meijer says:

    To me, this sounds quite exciting. I’m looking forward to how teams adapt to this new rule and hopefully add a new layer of depth. With this, shots are not either “hit” or “miss”, but can also become “miss with a chance of becoming a hit in the right circumstances”. I like it how this game brings the action to the rim, which will require additional communication between players to get the timing right for shots.

    Will this but an emphasis on tall guys hounding the basket? Perhaps. Let’s see how it goes in the D-league.

  63. yoppie23 says:

    This rule is a major disadvantage for any body under 6 foot 4 driving to the lane. It will benefit mostly the BIG’S in the game. I dont feel like it is a good rule change for the game of basketball.

  64. CDUB says:

    U people that say this rule should be implemented are crazy…with the height and athleticism of so many NBA players….every single time the ball rolls on the rim it’ll get slapped out…someone just waitin’ to jump and hit the ball off of it…the NBA will in turn be VERY BORIN’…so many shots just smackedthe hell outta there even if it has a LEGIT chance of rollin’ in of the rim…can u imagine how bad the game would be….THINK ABOUT IT! NBA STREET anyone??????

  65. Bob says:

    not to bad. from what i understand of the FIBA rule, swatting the ball away when it is still touching the rim (rolling in) is still not going to be legal, so it is just going to be the moment when the ball is bouncing up from the rim. that means it is basically that 0,3 second after touching the rim. no shooter is going to anticipate for his shot to bounce up, so it’s not just going to be penetration, it is just going to make that buzzer beater more exciting and its going to make rebounding even more an art then it is right now.
    just give it a shot in d-league where players are as athletic as they are in the NBA. if it turns out to be a bad change, they won’t implement it in the NBA. i like the fact that the NBA is open for change and willing to try this stuff.

  66. David says:

    Ah come on, don’t change the goal tending rule, that would suck badly. The ball won’t even have a chance to roll in the rim anymore, that’s a huge part of scoring in basketball. It simply wouldn’t be fair, games would not be nearly as fun to watch, and what about clutch shots that could determine an entire series by a roll in basket? The whole game and/or season would be ruined by a goal tend. This new rule will have huge implications on close games and the results could very well be disastrous over the years.

    • David says:

      Plus I didn’t even mention shots that bounce on the rim a time or two before going in, those are huge baskets as well. All of these opportunities will be taken away for no reason, please leave the rule intact.

  67. says:

    I am from Europe, and I think this is realy bad, bad, move from the league officials. I hope that they will change it back after the all star break…Something like that syntetic instead of leather ball 5-6 years ago. Do you realise that players can litteraly take the ball of the rim that was suposed to go in, if it bounces a little bit!Comeee oooooonnn! I was always frustrated by this when supported my Euroleage team. To make the long story short, this is realy an unpleasant surprise for me.

  68. Michael Hoverd says:

    The buzzerbeaters aren’t going to be killed..Once the buzzer has gone the game has stopped (except for the flight of the shot), and so the defensive team won’t be allowed to interfere with the ball.

  69. geoff says:

    considering i’ve been playing international rules here in australia for 15 years i reckon it’s a logical step, opens the game up more, keeps the tempo high and lets the explosive players show what they can do
    kudos to the d league

  70. Tony says:

    this is riddicuolos!! players like Howard, GWallace,Bynum,Duncan, Camby, Stoudamire, Garnett, Lebron, Josh Smith, and many other Centers and tall players can just hang around the rim, well at least for 2,9 sec then get out of paint, but once they see someone shoot it, they will be going to the rim and IT WILL BE CROWDED down low…. so there will be a lil less fast break points, and those buzzer beaters will suffer, lets say there is less then 3 secs in a game, so then all players can go under rim withouth having a 3 sec call, teams can have 1 or 2 players strictly under the rim just to tip it off once it hits rim, so that means they shooter has to sink it nothing but net or hit the back of rim and go straight down…… not to mention can you imagine that ball hitting rim, and both defensive(to get ball off rim) players and offensive players (to tip dunk it) go up there and all that contact cuz of the fight for the ball? and officilals dont really want to call fouls when its clutch time and it can decide a game!……….they way it is now, players wait till they see ball come off rim, so they are just boxing out down low…… unless you cant touch it when the buzzer sounds which would throw all this off, but what about the rest of the game? also offensive playres can ruin the potential of wining games at buzzer because what about if the player tiping it back in does it too late cuz buzzer already went off, but if he would had let it go, the ball would have rolled in? this would be a really BAD MOVE!! I guess they will test it in Dleague, but they dont have players like howard, and all these leapers right? things like that wont happen in Dleague, there is a reason those players are there

  71. Ben says:

    I like this idea….bring the nba to the way the rest of the world is. It is still in the judgement of the official. If he/she thinks the ball is going in then its still goaltending even if it has hit the rim!! Good job Mr Stern!!

  72. Coolio says:

    Does this mean offensive player will in most cases have to hit all net? i would rather see the 3-point line be extended as it is in fiba

  73. MARCEEE says:


  74. otis says:

    LOL it isn’t an nba rule just international and D-league rule as of right now.

  75. AlH says:

    You guys are overreacting. I’m from Europe and I can tell you this rule is not a game-changer. I watch FIBA games all the time and the situations where defensive player collects the rebound right off the rim are really really rare. It might happen once or twice per game at most. If you think about it, it is not that easy to get that rebound – the ball is on the rim only a fraction of a second and even if it bounces around for a while longer, you have to beat your defensive player to get it. Even if you consider athleticism of the NBA players, I’m still sure this won’t happen very often. On the other hand this rule will make life of the reffs a bit easier… and some of those rebounds really look spectacularly crazy 🙂

  76. Paul Christensen says:

    Like many others before me, I do not agree with this rule. From what it sounds like, so many good shots that would roll in after hitting rim would and could be robbed by every tallish player in the league.

  77. 3Peat,17,6 says:

    so what?…now everybody has 2 swish their shots?…not everybody is ray allen and dirk…this rule is retarded…the rule is fine just the way it is…

  78. Jack says:

    Not saying that I like the rule… But I see people keep talking about buzzer beaters… I would imagine if this did become a rule, they wpuld also implement the rule that if the shot hasnt hit the rim once the clock hits zero, you cant make a play on the ball. So say kobe shoots a 3 at 00.7, and the buzzer sounds before it hits the rim, you wont be allowed to touch it, ever after it hits the rim.

  79. Piet says:

    Actually this is a great rule ! In FIBA-World this non-goaltending rule works fine because it’s awfully hard to always have this outstanding timing and positioning you’ll need to pick up a ball at the rim! Tall players may have a little more advantage at the rim but don’t forget that all NBA players are still human! Sure LeBron, Dwight… have hops and defence ability but they are also full of adrenaline in a game, especially at the end of a game (when dwight hasn’t fouled out :-P). Then they will evtl. defend the shooting player (that makes it impossible to pick the ball from the rim) because of their defence capability. I don’t think that this rule will drop total points in the nba ? Dudes, if you can’t make a proper shot, then get out of the NBA ! Think about your favourite team defending a game deciding shot at the end of a game and your player gets his fingers just enough at the ball to change direction and your team wins – would you rather take a loss just because this lucky shot and friendly bounce or roll got in!?!?!!?! Please don’t forget that all the players in the NBA should be able to throw into the basket without rim – especially if it will stay the best league in the world ! How often do baskets get missed because of bouncing off the rim? Believe me, even with players above the rim there won’t be a big change to the game because there are enough ways to make a basket and so little ways to defend a bouncing basketball in the air. (In FIBA-World you’ll only see that kind of defence 2 or 3 times a game tops and i have never ever seen a game winner get swatted away because these are times every player on the court feels his heartbeat so heavy that they do just look after that flying ball falling in slow motion right to the rim – that makes swatting it impossible !

    Remember playing the game by yourselves.. humans make mistakes even in the NBA !

  80. Eric says:

    I think it is good for them to try to make the NBA better, but i think that players swatting at the ball while it is on the rim puts the players at risk of breaking a finger or wrist when taking those swings at the ball. Also does that mean that lay-ups can be swatted off the rim too? And for people like Dwight Howard who jumps about 1000 feet into the air, will it be ok for them to just snatch the ball off the rim instead of swatting it. The most important question is will this eliminate offensive goaltending, because im sure one or two swats at the ball are eventually gonna knock one in.

  81. GHahn says:

    One question I have. I might have missed this when I read it, but does this only apply to the D, or can the offense jump in too?

    I think it would be a little exciting to see offensive players slam in shots sitting on the rim every once in a while, but again I guess we will never know until we watch the D-League. Again, I dont think the rule needs to be changed, but Im not totally opposed to the D-League “experiment”.

  82. GHahn says:

    I am not for the rule change since I agree with the “if it aint broke dont fix it” saying, but I am not opposed to them experimenting with the idea in the D-League. I think some of you are thinking this will come into play more often than it actually will. Most shots do not dance around on the rim for 3 seconds. Even if the ball bounces for 1 second, a player still has to be in good position to time his jump to tip the ball, even for NBA players who are the most athletic in the world. It will come in to play a few times a game I am sure, but not every other time down the court.

    And like the one guy mentioned, this was the rule back in the day of Chamberlain (I didnt know that and I was always amazed by his 50 rebounds stat) so it’s not so bad to just experiment in the D-League. It’s not official yet so let’s just wait and see.

    And if nothing else, it may make the D-League worth watching for once just to check out how it comes into play.

    • casey says:

      Just because it’s not broken, doesn’t mean it shouldn’t be improved. The 24 second clock, the 3 point line, etc. the game wasn’t broken before these changes, but where would we be without these improvements?

      The NBA is being proactive. I am glad of that. That is why the game of basketball has gotten so popular around the world; they tinker with things to make it the best.

      And as they say, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I think they are taking the right precautionary steps.

  83. Red says:

    Then we might as well allow players to block shots that hit the backboard already.. if hitting the rim is fair game, then why wouldn’t a layup using the backboard or a bank shot be fair game? I think this rule is terrible to implement in the NBA.

  84. casey says:

    Why is everyone so scared? OOH! It’ll ruin the game. If it worked out terribly they’d change it back. Like they did with the ball. I liked the brief stint with the new ball. It adds flavor to the history of the game.
    And it shows they are committed to trying to make the game better, and if they are wrong, they will change it back admitting they were wrong.
    Where would we be without the 24 second clock I ask you?

  85. kristofer says:

    excuse me..i think we are missing a point here…we say rebound stats will go up and scoring will go down and the game will be boring,let me ask this straight,do you think players as well as coaches will allow an easy rebound? do you think they will not box out their opponents to prevent an easy offensive rebound as well as allowing opponent to just grab on-the-rim defensive rebound?? see what i mean? this will be exciting to watch how every player will try to prevent each other near the rim…

  86. WIlt says:

    there’s a reason the rules are what they are currently….wilt the stilt use to grab the ball off the rim all the time, and they changed the rules because of him. Stern is the same idiot who changed the game ball without asking his players first. Don’t listen to stern.

  87. Dtitilator says:

    The new rule changes are vague with me.
    Can anyone answer and shed some light to my questions:

    1. If you tap the ball once it hits the ring is it already considered a rebound or block?
    2. Is this only for players on defense? What about players on offense? Can he help tap the ball in or get the rebound once it hits the rim?
    3. What about the situations when players gets fouled on the act of shooting then the ball is still bouncing around the rim. Is it off limits or is it still open for players both on defense and offense?

  88. David says:

    This rule change is not going to chnage the game very much, personally I quite like it.

    I follow two sports with fanatacism. 1. the NBA and 2. Aust Rules Football.
    If the NBA’s wants a better product they should consult the AFL to see what it has done to make the game faster and better over the last 10 years. I have never seen a professional game change so much; generally for the better.

    Some of my ideas (you may not like them! )
    I think the NBA should try and quicken up the game.
    – reducing time outs significantly (fixes the prob towards the end of games where 2 mins takes 10 – very annoying to most fans I know of)
    – no time out when you have the ball and are falling out of bounds (that’s just bad luck – you better be able to pass it to a team mate before you go out of bounds or it’s a turn over)

    If you foul a player (hack a shaq style) where it’s obvious the team fouling was doing it to foul then the foul-ee should be able to nominate who takes the foul shot (eliminates hack a shaq immediatley – without the bigger penalty of intentional fouls)
    – intentional fouling of a player towards the end of games to be stopped with a similar approach to above.

    Increase the shot clock to 28 seconds to enchance good play making ability over 1 on 1 basketball (allows better setups and set plays)

    – rules shouldn’t be bent towards the home sides

  89. gamerphamer says:

    So every basket has to be a “swish” or go directly in the hoops??? What happen to shooter’s touch, the ball bouncing around the rim and in….The way a ball goes into the hoop has many different variations, which is whats makes basketball so great!

    I don’t want to watch people swat the ball once its on the rim…thats stupid. If they dare change this, than I’m no longer a basketball fan. period!

  90. Max says:

    Those who are against this change don’t understand it’s part of the original game. It’s a hundred percent in the spirit of the game! and don’t think it will happen everytime! I would bet on an average of 2 times a game if not less! Most part of autorized goaltendings, will not have a major impact on the outcome of a game. But what is sure is that it’s a possible game changer! and that’s exciting!

    OK NOW LET’S CHANGE THE TRAVELLING VIOLATION RULE!! It’s time for NBA to close the gap with FIBA!

    Because really for basketball lovers it’s AWFUL to see ”King” James take 3 step on a fastbreak before finally dribbling as if on his way to the hoop he remember he’s playing basketball and not football!

  91. Tenki says:

    Things will definitely change in the hardcourt IF this rule is going to be implemented. This will redefine the way centers play, because they are the ones who can make a difference in this type of situation. The players that are fundamentally sound has an advantage over those not-so-gifted types of players, particularly at the 5 spot. Guys like Bargniani, Okur, Bogut, Ilgauskas, etc., will stretch the defense because they have a decent outside shooting touch, unlike Shaq, Howard, Chandler, and the rest of the guys who concentrates offensively underneath. This would minimize blocked shots, because the defense should react, given that they play man-to-man. If you put a smaller guy on a center who can shoot outside, just like teams do when they play Nowitzki, these guys can simply shoot over them, and all they can do is to hope that it will be ‘rimmed’. We shall see more open lanes for smaller guys to cut to the basket, and they should DUNK it so it won’t be swatted out once the ball gets ‘rimmed’.

    Guys like Tony Parker, Aaron Brooks, Allen Iverson(?) should use their teardrop off the glass so that it would stand a fair chance of getting the ball through the hoop. If you want to see a high-scoring game, you should watch Phoenix play Golden State because those teams do not have somebody who can ‘goaltend’ for them. Anybody agree?

  92. casey says:

    It’s a great idea.
    Firstly, it will make the international competitions fair, which currently puts U.S. players at a huge disadvantage as they must learn the international game, With the world greatly improving, I want an equal chance to win in future. Additionally, the time needed to prepare for the new rules, would be reduced. Do you want elite US players who participated, out with injuries due to fatigue?

    Secondly, it will pave the way for having NBA teams over in Europe. Imagine how great that’d be! The rivalries would be fantastic!
    Thirdly, if Europeans can change rules to close the gap, are we Americans so closed minded, inflexible or arrogant that we can’t change ours? I dont think we are.
    Finally, it hasn’t been implemented in the NBA yet. If you wish to weigh the benefits of this change, with the cons, watch the d-league games first; you might just like it better. I will. I hate making uninformed opinions myself!

  93. Live_370 says:

    I swear u gonna c alot of blocks in 1 season records b broken this game gts e-z every yr they need 2 put the hand check bk on basketball is getting real soft

  94. Ren27ster says:

    I don’t think the NBA should change the goal tending rule. Why do we need to conform to the rules of what other leagues are doing? The players in our league are considered to be the best in the world. Even our younger players stood up to the challenge of going into FIBA with all the doubts. Our system works, even if its just a goal tending rule. If we start with a goal tending rule, what’s next? I may be just talking, but I feel like the nature of the game is gonna be changed. Changing this rule would change spectacular moments. The moments when the ball is just hanging on the rim and the buzzer has already sounded and then…. boom, a hand comes to swat it away. That would kind of be lame…

  95. dida says:

    wow so many of you here know next to nothing about basketball… the rule will not make that big of a difference… every international game is played under those rules… all it will do is force you to box out your man… IF YOU BOX OUT YOU CANNOT GET TO THE RIM..

    • dida says:

      not to mention that you cannot know the ball through the net from underneath.. meaning you can only get at from a further angle and id like to see how many players can get to that height from a standing jump with another body banging them…

  96. Parks McGregor says:

    This is stupid. Why don’t David just line everyone up on the free throw line and give everyone 2 shoots until all four quaters are up and the one with the most free throws wins!!!

  97. Eric Everts says:

    I think it is an interesting change that would definitely be fun for the bigs, but kind of a disadvantage for the smaller guys. Now they can’t even get a slim chance of a ball getting a good bounce before the big guys take it away.

  98. Simon Kakembo says:

    TERRIBLE RULE…What about all the epic shots that bounce off the rim and somehow find their way in the net…now dwight howards just gona reach up and grab the ball every time it rebounds..the point of goaltending is that it gives the shooter a better chance to score when 7 foot 5 dudes are waitin under the net, and gives the 6 foot 8 guys a chance for a rebound..block the shooter fiba players are just lazy and don’t dunk.

  99. tientien says:

    do not change the rules, ………Change David Stern instead…..and the referees……

    • casey says:

      Hey David Stern did great things for the NBA. Remember when hockey and basketball used to be of equal popularity? Then Stern took over and look what he did. Everyone makes missteps but overall Stern did a great job.

  100. david says:

    i dont like it…potential game winners that bounce, like for instance dirk’s previos game winner on milwakee i believe, will be able to be knocekd off the rim to save the game. if the shots got a chance to bounce it i wouldnt like for somone to knock it off the win and potentially save a game

  101. Ted Avis says:

    The amount of ignorance displayed in these comments is astonishing. Do a little research before you guys flip out and think this will ruin the game. Fyi Dsalon wilt did have this rule. He’s the very reason that they changed the rule to the way it has been for the past 30 years. Everyone else, relax and actually pay attention to how often a ball bounces around the rim and goes in. If the ball hits the rim most likely its not going in whether theres someone there to swat it or not. Superior athleticism in the nba will have little affect on how often this rule comes into effect. If a guys hanging out under the hoop waiting to swat it, hes not checking his guy out hes not gonna be in position for anything but a tip in. This rule will make the inside game more physical and the fundamentally sound big men will rule not the athletic ones. So before everyone throws a s***fit actually think about what has to take place for this rule to even matter.

  102. just a thought says:

    How about the offence can they go after the ball on the rim too? that would be very unfair to point guards who mainly rely on their lay ups and jumpshots. it will be like Rondo shots a floater and the ball circles the rim and on its way down then garnet dunks it in.

  103. Chris says:

    If they are going to change any rules it should be getting rid of the zone. They are so worried about FIBA, they should do this. The USA gets killed with back door and pick and roll plays. Man to man is how it has been for years. If you remember correctly the NBA had more stars when they had 1 on 1 defense. Better teams as well. With zone, you can be old and still play. And the zone brings forth more injuries. Drive to the lane you have about 3 people waiting there for you. Make it fun again, get rid of the zone.

    • otis says:

      the nba use to hve people that played defense and could shoot also. The zone started because players that dominated one on one situations A.I. and Shaq were killing man to man that instituted lol so much they banned A.I’s cross if they get rid of the zone they need to bring back hand checking and decrease the newly found sensitivity rating on fouls. LOl some players would’nt even averag 20+ if it wasn’t for the super high volume of sissy fouls called.

  104. Reggie says:


  105. rynomoffin says:

    Bad rule change. We invented basketball…. Why should we have to change it to conform with the rest of the world? We set the standard, not the other way around.

  106. Smacker says:

    The new rule will suck definitely!

  107. Ryan says:

    The highly athletic USA olympic team didn’t seem to benefit too much from this rule from in 2008, because it is not as easy as some may think. The advantage of the offensive team or defensive (whichever way you look at it) is neutralised. Offensive goal tending makes less sense than the FIBA rule (you could argue that dunking is technically offensive goal tending). The referees are much more likely to make a mistake under the current NBA rule.

    They should also change the 24 second shot clock rule as well to allow the game to flow i.e. if for example the offensive team shot an airball and the clock expires and the defensive team subsequently catch the ball it should be play on as it may create a fast break opportunity. The original offensive team should not be rewarded for a violiation by allowing them to set up their defence.

  108. Dsalon says:

    so many changes to the rules make the greats not so great. Could you imagine if Wilt had this rule? Rules likes this serve no purpose. Why make it like fiba, when nba owns in fiba tournaments? We didn’t even play our best players this year and we couldn’t be touched. It won’t make a difference what the fans want even though the fans pay the nba. but I think it’s a political move and there is no reason to change the rule. Why change it? I just think its a way to make the new players better than the old ones.

  109. Tony says:

    This is a TERRIBLE idea. What happens to Buzzer Beaters can they just swipe it after one bounce and if so, since the buzzer went off, Is it still a rebound?

  110. tribon says:

    this is a bad idea for the nba..FIBA is not the same as the players are very athletic..don’t change the rules pls..pls allow some shooter’s bounce..

  111. mac says:

    this is goin 2 affect some fg percentages as well. probably guys that rely on there soft touch around the rim. not sure how i feel about this

  112. Charbs says:

    Just like Hockey, Basketball (America in general) is conforming to Euro rules. In an attempt to increase the global appetite for basketball, Stern has to implement rules that other countries in the world use. This rule change is more about making money than making the game more exciting. The NBA already has its marketability so why try to ruin the game? Bettman ruined the NHL. I hope Stern isn’t the one who ruins the NBA.

  113. andy says:

    The rule should be made only for shots in the rectangle.

  114. Al Bob says:

    If the NBA changes this rule it will ruin the game. Period. So if you want a hoop to go in, you have to swish, bank, or dunk? Come on, this cannot be serious. This rule will cause so much extra commotion underneath the basket it will increase injuries as well as fouls. The whole game will be different. The NBA is as popular as it ever has been. Why risk messing with a proven rule that is accepted and exciting. Oh big suprise Stern is in favor of the rule. Hey, how about you change the basketballs again Davey? That worked out really well huh? Stern should just except the game how it is now and quit trying to put his fingerprints on the sport.

  115. Nick says:

    I think the rules should stay the same as it is we are all use to it and i think its just fine the way it is

  116. Marvin says:

    bad idea, i don’t see how this makes the thrill of buzzer beater be there anymore, this rule is going to kill the thrill of buzzer beaters that are going to be all time classic.

  117. ItsForFun says:

    If this is the case,,, the refs better get ready to start calling 3 second violations

  118. kshio says:

    i don’t like the rule for the nba – there’s something about a friendly roll or a funky bounce that adds excitement and humor to the game, and i think it should stay. ..

    and i’ve always wished the NBA players made more use of this rule when playing FIBA ball…….in FIBA, in my mind, any shot that doesn’t swish should be wiped right off the rim and i rarely saw the US players utilize this opportunity! it’s just not an ingrained impulse, but imagine if NBA players are REALLY looking to interfere with the ball as soon as it touches the rim….again, if it doesn’t swish, it’ll get wiped off the rim……

  119. Hubi says:

    I live and play in a country using FIBA rules (Australia). The biggest change you will see won’t be in the NBA but in the non-pro arena that will now change to suit.Of the 95+% of players in the world at all levels, the ones that can dunk or are very tall receive an extra bonus. Just hang around the rim and time your jump (if you even need one Yao Ming) and it puts a further disincentive to the short guys

  120. rico says:

    leave NBA and it’s rules alone please, FIBA rules are bad in comparison, especially this rule and the traveling rule.

  121. Nick says:

    I will officially make NFL my fav sport if this rule is implemented. A shooter’s roll is part of the game nothing should interfere with a shot until its a clear miss and off the cylinder.

  122. ram paz says:

    i believed that the reason why US basketball team cant bring most of the beacon despite of the all-star packed roster in the International Basketball Competition is the adjustment in the rules of the game. I think that’s a factor of hesitation especially when it comes to defensive end. Or will recommend to the world that NBA rules will be used in the other competition that will be more exciting.. Cant wait this season..

  123. Tenki says:

    By the way, I am now wondering how Phoenix will fare with this kind of situation.

  124. Tenki says:

    I think that this rule would DEFINITELY be deemed appropriate with the “Law of Nature”: the strong survive, and the weak shall perish. The average center in the league (i.e. Dampier, Blatche, Wallace) will be fed to the dogs. However, if the center of a team can shoot the lights from the outside (i.e. Bargniani, Okur, Bogut, Kaman) and draw his man (i.e. Howard, Nene, Shaq, Chandler), then it’s fair game for everyone. Teams would designate some of their plays according to their center’s strengths, and how they stand their ground against the opposing big man.

    Now here’s another factor: this kind of game would work out mostly in a man-to-man defense. If these teams play the zone, it would be harder for the offensive team to contest for rebounds if their players don’t catch fire, unless they want the ball more. There would be more contact underneath the basket. Some other centers who have a hard time controlling the boards, let alone contest the shots. And most importantly, there would be more game-winning goal interferences, and harder game-winning shots. Basketball in the NBA would never be the way we used to watch it if this rule goes underway.

  125. Paul says:

    There is a good side and a bad side of the rule the good side is for the players like J-Smoove or Dwight Howard they are going to be benefited by this rule because they would easily swat the basketball if it is on the rim and it would boost their stats but the bad side is that if they change the rule the game is going to change ALOT and it would be frustrating to see a potential buzzer beater being swatted away or any basket that would go in. NBA LEAVE THE RULE AS IT IS DONT CHANGE IT!

  126. WHAT??? says:

    i don’t like the new RULE…there’s no need to change a RULE…it’s NBA, not FIBA. so bad. 😦

  127. Sheriston says:

    If I am understanding correct, the players can touch the ball once it’s hit the rim? To me, that doesn’t make any sense. If the ball has hit the rim it can still be in the path of motion towards going into the hoop, swiping the ball away is such a stupid play to make in my eyes. Imagine game changing baskets that bounce in. There were plenty of buzzerbeaters that rolled or bounced in, and if this new rule is imposed, simply just sticking your hand up there will knock the ball away, and that takes away from the intensity of the game and I feel like it’s such a cheap way to win too. A block should be a clean block, or any variation of altering the shot. A goal-tend should remain the way it has, if you touch the ball in its path to the basket then the opposing team is rewarded two points. This new rule is going to ruin many miraculous shots that are amazing to watch and are just part of the game. Also, like another commenter stated, many of the big men are just going to hang around the basket, waiting to stick their hands in the way of rimmed shots that MAY STILL go in. This is going to cause a lot of finger, hand, wrist, and even forearm injuries. I think this is a bad move by the NBA.

  128. Nikonix says:

    NBA is NBA , , FIBA is FIBA..

  129. aj says:

    this is the stupidest rule change in history if it goes through. It will allow the purly athletic to dominate the game even more than they arleady do, further reducing the need for skill and practice. and with that move even less players will be inclined to learn to shoot turning the game into recless drive, 10 man fight for rebound, multiple putback atempts, fanally a bucket, repeat on oposite end of court. Not a game I’m inclined to watch.

  130. ConverseKID says:

    Please commisioner DON’T CHANGE the goaltending rule! PLEASE DON’T! leave it the way it is. . .there’s nothing wrong with the rules now (except floppers lol) but other than that dont change anything!!

  131. jeremy says:

    I personally think its a bad idea, for the reason that people like Kobe, Bron, Dwade, etc. when they get those crazy layups that take awhile to go in I like to see them roll in slowly. AWESOMENESS!!!! but also the crazy shots that roll in slowly to me it would not be as cool. alot of MJs shots and crazy layups rolled in i like that rush feeling that it give’s me. but that’s just my opinion.

    P.S. please excuse my grammar

  132. J. Memo says:

    Would Make the League a Fun to watch,

    But I agree with Dude about Injuries and goaltending easier.

    I can see ankles twisting from coming down of a rebound from the focus just being on the ball,

    A whole lot more of Free Throws,

    I can see alot of Swats once the ball goes up on Fastbreak and it just tap kisses the Rim and the ball is in the crowd.

    And good thing Vince Carter isnt in his Prime with some other 7 footers around… LOL

    • otis says:

      thats why you can lay it up off of the galss how many. people aren’t being realistic about how many shots actually sit on the rim. and if you are chasing someone down on a break you only enough time to make one move so that means players will either let the person score on the break or hope that it hits the rim and then deflect it. I still don’t see the exploit. I think we are refering back to nba a streets or nba jam when it comes to this rule lol nba players don’t have a turbo button Booom shockalocka is it the shoes LOL

  133. Hasib says:

    BTW people acting like games will on average look like 65-60 after this rule, hah, if you watch any euro play, you’d know it’s not that big a factor, and actually not as easy to exploit. Think about it, the time the ball stays around the cylinder is like less then a second, if that; a player would have to be perfectly positioned to pull it down, to tip it to himself during a game. Considering there will be people trying to box you out, goodluck on that, I guess it’ll add 5-6 rebounds a game but remember defense leads to offense; this will lead to more fastbreak, and I doubt the teams will just shrug at someone using this new advantage; they’ll go out to use it too. The days of intense rebounding battles will be a little more restored, which will make it funner, remember the pistions. It’ll be more smarter to dunk now then to lay in a floater, this has more positives then negatives.

    So mind you when you claim this’ll ruin the nba, and they’re going to be watching exactly how it pans out in the d league first, how common it will be, ect.

    • oz says:

      Totally agree, as an avid watcher of all leagues, the international rule affects the game maybe 3-4 times a game. In the NBA It’ll make the defense work harder to get rebounds because now Dwight etc can tip dunk it without worrying about offensive interference. The points lost from touched balls on the cylinder (which is harder to do then you think) will be balanced out by those tip in type buckets

      • rico says:

        @OZ, not so balanced as defence always has better possition to get to balls on the rim than offence plus, late game for a game winner after the buzzer they can swat your ball off but no one can tip it in? doesn’t seem fair and balanced to me.

      • McLovin says:

        THANK YOU lol I was hoping someone would explain it this way. Not every shot rims around 6 times before going in, a lot of shots are swish or backboard and in. The few shots that sit there for 2 seconds are going to get hit, not every single shot that is cast lol it has to clang the rim first which means it probably wasn’t going in anyways.

    • rico says:

      euro sports guys are lazy and shoot, they can’t take as much advantage of this rule like nba players can. And if you ever even played ball you’d hate some tall guy yanking your ball off the rim every time you shot.

  134. D-Will says:

    I don’t like this rule ! the game scoring will drop a lot !

    ok now imagine if this rule take place in the NBA how Yao Ming will be happy , 5 bpg easy ! this rule is retarded..

  135. jmotoxman says:

    Not to be harsch but really… what if FIBA has their own rules with rebounds and goaltending…We are the nation that came up with the sport. Just because FIBA decides to change it cz most of their guys are incapable of hoverign around the rim like a bunch of helicopters (for example: Howard, Smith, and Lebron) doesn’t mean the NBA has to change. Can you imagine all those guys jumping up to the rim everytime a shot is made cz you can either grab it or jam it bakc in automatically? you know how much impact the players will absorb the entire season and then supposed to have something left for post-season. HA!

    And the idea that its not fair to the international players because they are comfortable with the FIBA rules vs. the NBA rules is irrelevant. You are getting paid millions to play. FIGURE IT OUT! FIBA, get the ball whenever. NBA, actually play defense, block out someone, and fight for the rebound.

  136. DieLawn says:

    Unless players like Earl Boykins are allowed to ride on the shoulders of the likes of Andrew Bpgut, then I would say this rule change would give a very serious edge to all the taller players on the court. Do players like D. Howard, Yao, G Wallace, LeBron, Garnett, etc. really need to have more advantage on the court? It seems to me they do just fine without being allowed to pick the ball right out of the basket. Perhaps I’m missing some subtlety here in the rule, but to me this sounds like allowing basket interference. I guess if people want to see more broken fingers and lower scores then this could be a way to get there. Please enlighten me if anyone feels I’ve got this rule change all wrong.

    • casey says:

      There will still be goal-tending. It’s only if the ball is bouncing around on the rim. You know how with the current rule, you see both defensive and offensive players avoiding these balls? With the new rule the offensive player can just grab it and slam it down without risking offensive goaltending, and the defense can swat it away. Because it affects both what the offensive and the defensive players can do, I don’t see it affecting the score much. But again, that rule only applies if it hit the rim already.
      Watching the FIBA games, I didn’t see the NBA players swatting many balls off the rim.

      You might be right about the tall player advantage though. One point a game difference on average do you think? I don’t see a big affect that way.

  137. Gordo Cholo says:

    THis will make the fiba champs and olympics way easier for team usa. but i still hate it. it makes the nba seem almost not awesome.

    • otis says:

      If it so easier how come you don’t see the american team doing in those respective events when did you notice in 08″ dwight slapping shots off th erim when did you see chandler slap someones shot off th erim in the fiba tournament. It doesn’t happen like that. Again how many shots besides in the movies do you see shots sitting on the rim look at jordan buzzer beaters they don’t just hang there look at kobe buzzer beaters.

      • me says:

        thats only bcuz we’re taught goaltending since we were little, someone else said it perfectly give nba players a year and watch how many blocks DWIGHT,LEBRON and all the athletes adjust.

  138. Emeyetea says:

    This is a bad rule. International centers just go out to the perimeter and shoot and are not so agressive on the rebounds or near the rim. The NBA is very different, centers and power forwards have more of a power game, including jumping high, dunking and less outside shooting. What is going to happen is there is going just to be a swatting game around the rim, very low scoring games and probably you’ll need to swish the ball or dunk it to get a sure change at scoring. Bad rule for the NBA, Dwight and Lebron are just going to have a party around the rim.

  139. BITES17 says:

    but why?? Howard, Garnett, Shaq, Bron. Wallace. wont be able to do some blocking anymore?? Its what theyre good at ! its what makes them great players and centers, its what makes the game amazing, its what makes awes in the nba !! i dont understand, please dont change the rules NBA! BADD MOVE!! D=<

  140. Hasib says:

    I like this rule. Big men are made too weak in the league because of rules, and as a result we have great athletic bigs being drafted and averaging 5 ppg and 5 fouls a game… The point guards have no trouble pouring in 15+ though, and playing their position, With the obvious lack of true Centre play, and general lack of big men in the league compared to other positions, it’s about time to loosen the choke hold on the big men.

  141. Buddy says:

    I dont really like the rule all too much, shots would be much harder to make as defenders would just swat it away from the rim and the game would be really low scoring and painful to watch.

  142. iwillfilm says:

    I don’t know, I’m half and half on the matter. I think Cylinder interference is called way to often in the league so in that sense, I like that it might go. Rules that you love can also make you upset when they don’t work in your favor, rules that you hate also tend to make you happy when they do work in your favor, perfect example is an offensive charge. When I watched the Fiba Championships, it wasn’t like there was a swipe at the ball every time the ball hit the rim I don’t see too many players taking advantage of it, I mean, the shot really has to suck to miss that badly to a point where the likes of Dwight and company can easily grab it. I like the rule, if the ball hits the rim and takes more than 2 seconds to fall through the hoop, then it wasn’t a good enough shot to go in the first time. Swat that #@#@!


    • Zzanzabar says:

      @ iwillfilm

      No disrespect to the players in FIBA but the reason you didn’t see it is because they are no where NEAR as athletic as NBA players. That is why a smaller USA team composed of high energy athletes won the title. Teams with players such as D. Howard, Lebron, Kobe, Bosh, Oden, Bynum, Odom, etc. Could almost swat every ‘rimmed’ shot in their reach if they were allowed to.

      • rico says:

        yup point totals would drop like 30% whist rebound totals soar like 30% end result………………games will be boring as hell and I start watching golf.

      • Ryan says:

        The highly athletic USA olympic team didn’t seem to benefit too much from the FIBA rule from in 2008, because it is not as easy as some may think. The advantage of the offensive team or defensive (whichever way you look at it) is neutralised. Offensive goal tending makes less sense than the FIBA rule (you could argue that dunking is technically offensive goal tending). The referees are much more likely to make a mistake under the current NBA rule.

        They should also change the 24 second shot clock rule as well to allow the game to flow i.e. if for example the offensive team shot an airball and the clock expires and the defensive team subsequently catch the ball it should be play on as it may create a fast break opportunity. The original offensive team should not be rewarded for a violiation by allowing them to set up their defence.

      • casey says:

        But don’t forget it will also allow the offensive players to put the ball back in if it is rolling around! So it won’t lower the scores of games.

      • otis says:

        You have Yao, Yi, Dirk, Kaman, Fernandez, NeNe, Ginobli, Marc, Pau, Diaw, Turkolu, Kristic who could do that and all play international ball or olympic ball. I don’t that the world isn’t athletic its that they are more fundamentally sound than thee american teams. Hence the reason why it had been like almost 20 years since america had a won the fiba championship. and almost 12 years since a gold medal in the olympics even with thee most athletically gifted players. My solution to the rule eveybody get your jumpshot reps in now.

      • Zzanzabar says:

        @ Ryan

        Of course they didn’t ‘benefit’ from the FIBA rule, they weren’t used to it, it wasn’t part of their collective play style, and with that wide ‘3-point’ zone they had to follow the offensive player to the perimeter. But give it a season or two and NBA players like Yao, and Lebron will make adjustments and it will be a swat fest!

        @ Otis

        And out of all those international players (the creme de la creme) just HOW many have won (or have even been in) a NBA FINALS game, hummm? TWO? In the past, the US just did not take the FIBA seriously. Why should they? By the time FIBA games roll around players are exhausted. It was only until very recently the collected US players actually PRACTICED together. You want to have a REAL match then why not have the FIBA champion play the US NBA champion in a 3 game series (not that it would ever happen)? Sounds fair to me.

        As several people have posted: “If it ain’t broke, why ‘fix’ it?” No one is asking FIBA to change, let them play their style of basketball if it suits them, and leave our game ALONE.

    • Zzanzabar says:

      “3-point zone” = “3-second zone”

      • Mike from Spain says:

        How many NBA players make it to the finals? How many US national team players make it to the finals? I will tell you how many US players have won both the Olympics and the NBA finals in the last few years: just a handful, like Kobe, Wade… I am sure I am forgetting someone but I doubt it is that many. I don’t see how significant your point is, to win the world championship and the NBA is something that very few players, US or from the rest of the world , can do. I can think only of Manu Ginobili and Pau Gasol as both FIBA world champions or olympic gold medalists and also NBA champs. If you ask how many players from outside the US have been in the NBA finals… well , it is true that there are not as many international players as US players. But don’t think it is so easy to win both the FIBA competitions and the NBA finals. You are arguing that the US doesn’t do it because you don’t want to, or don’t take it seriously enough. I don’t think that FIBA competitions are such a cakewalk as in the first Dream Team era. The gap is being bridged both ways, FIBA teams are better than years ago, NBA is a little worse now than in the 80s and 90s

      • Zzanzabar says:

        @ Mike from Spain

        All that you say might be true Mike (especially the part about international players ‘closing the gap’) and I’m sure that this purposed rule change is not going to affect the rise or fall of international play verses US play, but there is really only ONE way to settle the question, isn’t there? Simply have a 3 game playoff against the winning team of each system (minus any cross-over stars like Gasol, if you like). If the winning FIBA team happens to be the US then let the second FIBA team compete. How about one game with FIBA rules, one game with NBA rules and the final game make it a coin toss. You think that’s fair? I would love to see, say Serbia, verses Boston, or even a Gasol(less) Laker team. You want the US to sit up and take notice of the FIBA champions, then win one of THOSE match-ups buddy, and then you can say something! (Oh, that’s not arrogance that’s just PRIDE in the belief that our teams play the best basketball on the planet)

        I’m sorry but a ‘winner take all’ win or go home tournament will always raise doubts as to the true champion of such a series, because ANY team can luck out and win ONE game out of seven. Who knows maybe this is what’s behind this current rule experiment, eh?

  143. abc says:

    thats one of the most retarded rules.

  144. Marci says:

    It’s the NBA, not fiba basketball, do not follow their rules.

    • casey says:

      But do you want the US to be so disadvantaged at the olympics and the world championship of basketball? The world is getting so much better! I want a chance to win in future!
      And if the rule is better, why not change it? They change rules all the time, why should we not change for the simple fact that FIBA happens to have the rule as well?

      • lance says:

        is this dude serious…didn’t the usa just win the gold with a second tier team…it is clear when we will actually go to the olympics now we will be prepared and changing the rule is not going to benefit the usa that much…the nba is great right now and to change the rule would be retarted…just as someone said above don’t fix it if it’s not broken

      • casey says:

        But how long had it been since we last won the world championships? Before this many many years! We have the best basketball players in the world and if not for the different rules, we would have won even more international competitions. Winning this time doesn’t change the fact that for our level of talent, we have been severely underperforming for many years.

    • Larry O'Connor says:

      What is more exciting, the NBA or Fiba? THE NBA!!!! let them copy us not the other way around

  145. ram paz says:

    Yea, NBA should adopt FIBA or Olympic Rules. Simply not to make any adjustments when it comes to International Competition.

  146. Marci says:

    This is ridiculous!!! Do not change the goaltending rule!!!

  147. Jose says:

    NO! I Like To See Gerald Wallace Go For More Rebounds But I Dont Like This Rule At All!

  148. Tenki says:

    As far as I know, the defensive team can do anything they want with the ball when it hits the rim, but the offensive team can do nothing about that. It means that when Shaq throws a line drive at the free throw line, the rest of his team CANNOT interfere when the ball is on the rim, but their opponents CAN tap it out, snag it directly, and make things more frustrating for those who can’t shoot free throws.

    If this rule is implemented in the near future, the fundamentals of the game would drastically change. We would see more shot off the glass, more penetration, more battles for the rebound, and the scores of games would drop significantly, especially when the ball doesn’t go cleanly inside the cylinder. There would be less shots from the mid-range as well as beyond the arc.

    • casey says:

      I doubt it would have that affect. Firstly, there are more mid-range, and three point shots in the international game than in the nba. Secondly, I don’t quite understand your other points could be true.

      • me says:

        Yeah but the international game has no where near as many athletes that are able to take the ball of the rim, so I think it would be less 3pt and mid range shots

    • Peter says:

      I’m sorry, but you’ve got that wrong. If you read the FIBA rules it makes no difference if you are on offence or defence. The rules of goaltending and interference are layed out without ver mentioning which team breaks the rules. It’s only in the penalty paragraph where they mention offence and defence (for obvious resons).
      It could be you were confused by the Interference rules, which are not the same as offencive interference in NBA.

      I think this rulechange would definantly benefit the attacking team aswell. There will definantly be a lot more tap-ins.

  149. hurricane Movements says:

    bad move if this rule hits the nba changes the whole game

  150. Jesse W says:

    I think it sucks. There will be nothing more boring (and demoralizing) to see than a game winner at the buzzer get swatted away by some knucklehead. This crappy rule will devour the game of last second excitement and some miraculous shots during the final seconds. Hell, if a guy can swat my stuff off the rim when I take the last and potentially game winning shot, what’s the point in shooting the ball. Leave it as it is. I think there is nothing more heartpounding and wrenching than watching a last second shot dance on the rim for the loss or win.

  151. Stephen Jones says:

    I think they should keep that rule theres a chance the ball might go in and thats taking points off the totals at the end of the game. Fans want more points.

    • Larry O'Connor says:

      Shooters will become more hesitant if their shots are picked off the rim. They will start waiting for the perfect shot or a lay up. It will take the flair out of the game. You cant say it works for the international game! The international game is just now becoming respectable. The NBA has decades of pushing each rule to the limit. We will see yet another decrease in scoring!

  152. kgl1994 says:

    wow that new rule sucks. please overturn it !

  153. Daniel says:

    If noone is complaining about the current rule, why change it. If something isnt broken why fix it?

    • casey says:

      If it’s not broken, it can still be improved. The 24 sec. clock, 3 point line, etc.
      Before these improvements, the game wasn’t broken, though where would we be without them?

      The NBA is being proactive andI am glad. That’s why the game of basketball has gotten so popular worldwide; they tinker to make it the best.

      And, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. I think they are taking good precautionary steps.

  154. kgl1994 says:

    I hate the rule change!

  155. Joel says:

    This would be a bad idea. The NBA has more players that can actually jump high enough to do this which is why it would not be as interesting to watch. I think that the games would be worse. Also, I think that this would not be fair to NBA history as this would affect historical NBA stats and records.

    • jimmy111 says:

      In Chamberlins day there was no goaltending rule, which is how he managed that 50 rebound game. The way the current game is, it is unfair to modern players who have no chance of pushing Chamberlin/Russel’s block/rebound numbers due to the goaltending rule.

      • McLovin says:

        Agreed with Jimmy

      • mikejames says:

        i agree with jimmy aswell but we as basketball fans know this and can atleast aknowledge the difference in rules through the times but changing the rule would hugely affect the game half court plays may be less edgy and itll make less good players look better then they actually are.

    • otis says:

      Good point on the record books. they shouldn’t count as blocks simple and plain. because they were not blocked shots like how a tipped away rebound doesn’t count for the person who slapped it.

  156. mister3412 says:

    I agree that this would be a bad move, if what I read is at I understand, there would be no more ‘friendly rolls’ let alone any bouncing buzzer beaters… the bug fellaz would just hit it out to half court

  157. SuperJun says:

    keep practicing and make ur shots. if it hits the rim and it hasn’t gone in yet, you haven’t made the shot and it’s fair game.

  158. lolol1 says:

    more offensive rebounds! yes

  159. Hall of Fame Man says:

    Absolutely retarded

  160. Besek says:

    I completely agree with ZZanzabar, this would not be good for the NBA. The rule is fine the way it is and it does not need to be changed.

  161. Zzanzabar says:

    So let me see if I get this straight. As SOON as the ball hits the rim then it is fair game, right? No more ‘friendly’ bounces into the hoop and the ball can be swiped away the moment it bounces from the hoop? That also means the ball can be jammed down into the hoop while it is over the cylinder also, right? BAD move NBA. Not only do I see more injuries as fingers start to enter the ‘danger zone’ but I also see game changing (i.e. stats changing) consequences.

    Now a rebound can occur at any time the ball hits the rim even if it is bouncing TOWARDS the hole? Now all Dwight Howard, Drew Bynum, Oden and Odom (not to mention the players already stated in blog) have to do is hang around the rim and fight each other for a ‘rimmed’ shot. Am I missing something here or is there another rule in effect when dealing with goal tending?

    • marc gonzalez says:


    • McLovin says:

      That’s the rule bro. If you still try and block it on it’s downward arc it’s a goaltend but once it rits the rim its fair game for offense and defence. I don’t see an increase in injury because this is already a worldwide rule, and was used during this year’s tournament without a load of finger injuries. NBA players are a bit more aggressive with the rim I will admit but at the same time they don’t want to kill themselves, so they won’t be stupid about it.

      Can’t wait to see players like Yao literally stand on his tip toes and pick the ball off the rim, that will be laughs.

  162. red says:

    Should the league change their goal tending rules soon; we can witness NBA’s current savvy rebounders (David Lee, Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard, Tim Duncan, Gerald Wallace, etc) attempt to average at least 20 rpg throughout the season, much like the numbers that were put up back in the glory days of Wilt Chamberlain and the old school gang.
    Wouldn’t that be fun to watch!!!

    • me says:

      No! To me that wouldn’t be fun to watch at all. They should have to get their 20 rpg the hard way. Plus who cares if the euros cant adjust in the nba, if they cant they cant. We dont care that our players has to figure out how to adjust for the fiba rules. And I dont know who said it will make players box out better, if thats the case why dont euros box out in the nba,

  163. Howard says:

    I think the NBA should implement the fiba goaltending rules in the NBA simply cause it works for international players that are big men cause in the NBA the rules are different and some of them cannot adjust or become comfortable with nba rules

    • david says:

      Well to damm bad for them. changing the rules now just going to make it harder for people to play basketball and the games will get boring. no more close buzzer beaters. international players that are big men either learn or go back to play international basketball.

      • david says:

        And also the only people that should have the right to changed the rules are the players cause they are the ones in the game putting there bodys on the line and working hard all year in practices. david stern should just be quite and hand out fine to players and coaches who speak there mind about ref calls.

      • otis says:

        What about the refs that get chewed out on a regular basis for a blown call or a no call it would be a lot easier for them to make the call and honestly how many buzzer beaters have you seen sit on the rim suspended in time to be swatted away. realize if it is a live ball to the defense it is a live ball to the offense as well which makes putbacks just as easy as blocking the shot. the rule gives equal leverage.

  164. Jadm14 says:

    I think it makes sense that the NBA is changing rules just as the FIBA is doing as well.. but i think there is no really need in changing in because it could alter the way rebounds go. Just as Mr. Smith said, guys like Dwight Howard, Gerald Wallace and even LeBron could really benefit from this rule as their stats would go up but all players in the league will have to get used to it and that could be reflected on their style of playing.

    • marc gonzalez says:


      • otis says:

        I think it will make people better shooters not too many shots just sit on the rim to be slapped away how many times did you see it happen in the fiba championship not even noticeable. Only way to tell the ipact that it will have until it is in action think about how many it may have been on the way down calls and so forth american players are going to have to learn that thing called a jumpshot again.

    • Ryan says:

      i dont like it, just makes it seem more like nba jam video game to me, blocking shots or grabing rebounds off the rim, just makes it even harder to even get the ball near the basket if possible. just saying worse case scenario, basically if the shot doesnt fall quick enough, but has that little roll around the rim before it goes in, it gives the nba player the right to take away a shot thats already about to go in the basket?
      that part wouldnt make sense to me. like i think the goaltending rule is fine the way it is, if the ball is heading downward when the shot is blocked then its goaltending. especially with howard and lebron and yao etc, thats going to be another 6+ rebounds a game for them and their blocked shots are gonna skyrocket…

      • Larry O'Connor says:

        I agree with Ryan. Scoring will go down again long before jump shooters get better. I thought they were trying to increase scoring. We dont want to make the game about who can jump the highest.We want to see exciting offense and creative defense. On the playground this has already been perfected.Similarly on the street there is a half court rule called “tips” if your shot doesn’t swish another player can tip it in and you lose all of your points. This shifts the game from skill to vertical leap.It also makes the shooters hesitate. they wait for the perfect shot or a layup and it takes the flair out of the game. Its not the same but I can see the NBA players take goaltending to the zenith and ruin the game for the small players and the shooters who take creative shots.

    • Red Army says:

      The ONLY way it would make sense is that they NOT count the “blocked OFF the rim” shots as being counted as missed field goal attempts, as they do with regular in the air blocks. Simply because you could safely say that 3/4 of the NBA players are athletic enough to go up and get that ball the second it touches the rim. This would alter stats in both ways. Players who have consistently good FG % would see theirs drop, without question. Just simply the law of averages, or whatever you might want to call it. How much would be determined if/when this happens, but I would say a safe guess would be between 2 and 5 % and quite possibly more with certain players. This simply would NOT be a good indicator anymore when GM’s or whoever would be looking to see how good of a shooter they are dealing with when looking at possible trades. Then this will cause a pretty major increase in BPG across the board which doesn’t have to be a bad thing. I think you could safely say the normal top 10 league leaders in blocks would all see at least an increase of anywhere from 1-3 per game, with the top 3 or 4 maybe even 3 to 5 per game. For example how could you NOT see Dwight Howards average of about 3 BPG at LEAST doubling to 6 BPG???

      I also think that its VERY likely that we will see an overall increase in injuries as more and more players will want to crash the boards in a different style of play; but in the end I would be for it as long as the NBA DOES NOT COUNT them as missed field goal attempts. Period.

    • JWY of Singapore says: