The Heat Has Landed

Fort Walton Beach, Fla. — The male bonding experience known as NBA training camp will begin today for the Miami Heat on an air force base, strange in one sense, appropriate in another. Isn’t this the team everyone expects to take off?

The club landed late Monday night at Eglin, tucked away on the Florida Panhandle and far removed from the ruckus the Heat left behind in Miami. Although the escape will be in the physical sense only. A media swarm that numbered at 350 for Media Day on Monday afternoon will shrink only by 150 this week at Elgin, because as coach Erik Spoelstra correctly noted, “this team wasn’t built to go under the radar.”

Heat vs. Pistons on NBA TVThe Heat will stay until camp breaks Sunday. And yes, they will stay on the base, bunking up in rooms that are less spacious and luxurious than most millionaires are used to. Their practices are closed to the media, and since the general public isn’t allowed on the base, peace and security will be the order. And that’s an order!

Each media member was put through a security and criminal check that lasted anywhere between 24 and 48 hours, or roughly the length of the longest Heat losing streak this upcoming season (you think?). Reporters will be bused to the base daily for interviews, which will last no more than 20-30 minutes. Then it’s back on the bus and toward the exit for the scrum while the players do whatever one does on an air force base.

“We look forward to it,” said Spoelstra, “spending time with the men and women who protect us and embrace sacrifice and service commitment. We can learn a lot from them, in that sense.”

An intra-squad scrimmage is scheduled for Thursday, which raises a question: How do you evenly split up the Big Three, so the sides are fair? Figure LeBron James and Dwyane Wade will be placed on separate teams, and maybe Chris Bosh will change jerseys at halftime.

Anyway, the idea was to spend a week in isolation, perhaps the last stretch of tranquility  before the Heat spend 6-plus months traveling like rock stars.  Where the beds will definitely be plusher.

Watch the Heat’s first preseason game, Tuesday at  7 p.m. on NBA TV.


  1. bigboy11 says:

    the heat went to a military camp to train the are preparing for war

  2. Karman says:

    Oh yeah! The girls like it too! Ring up one victory for the Miami Treat already. Phil thinks it takes more than talent does he? Guess he should have sat some of his superstar laden teams and made the competition more equal while sweeping through to 9 rings and counting. . . NOT! While maybe not everything, talent is a MUST! I applauded the Celtics when the “Big Three” united under Pierces banner. I’ll do the same for Miami! BTW, nobody

  3. antonis says:

    An intra-squad scrimmage is scheduled for Thursday, which raises a question: How do you evenly split up the Big Three, so the sides are fair? Figure LeBron James and Dwyane Wade will be placed on separate teams, and maybe Chris Bosh will change jerseys at halftime.


  4. Tenki says:

    The Heat are now having the air force base as a venue for their training camp to test their artillery. They want to designate plays on how to shoot down their soaring opponents like ducks in the marshes. They will set the pace on how to play against the best of the rest, because they are the Best of The Best. Wade and his league of ants last season made it to the playoffs, and Boston CANNOT stop him in his house for a sweep, let alone LeBron have him as a teammate. This season will define how basketball is really played. Phil Jackson said that talent alone cannot win championships, and Miami will show the Zen Master what teamwork is all about.

  5. K says:

    In response to new zzanzabar comment about teams stealing a page from the Phoenix’s play book by playing a zone against Miami…… Can you say “Eddie House or Mike Miller.” By playing a zone against Miami you now open yourself up for second chance shot attempts because you have one of the best offensive rebounder in the league with Chris Bosh and you have LeBron James lurking around on the baseline and not to mention big “Z” in the middle.

    Everyone is talking about how Miami is going to match-up with LA, Boston and Orlando well I would say their going to match-up pretty damn well. For the other teams in the NBA and all you fans who are only locked-in on the Miami “Big-3,” please don’t forget Pat Riley did a masterful job of putting some fantastic role players around these great players.

    Think about it, one of the things that made LA so good last year was Lamar Odom coming off their bench. What that meant was Lamar who could easily start for any NBA team was out on the floor for a lot of game minutes playing against much lesser talent. Now can you image having LeBron, Dwyne or Chris Bosh out on the floor playing against some other teams second unit, “Ol’ my gosh!!!!!”

    Listen, I don’t know what Miami is going to do this year but for all you haters out there who are still mad at LeBron James for the “Decision,” please know, Miami just like Boston three years ago when you had the exact some situation when three superstars, (Garnett, Allen and Pierce) decided to form their own “Big-3” and the same thing was being said about them can they put their ego’s aside an win a championship; well we know what they did, CHAMPIONSHIP their first year. So it’s been done before and I belief it can be done again.

    I can’t wait for this season to start so Miami can unvail to all you haters just how special this team is. There’s no other team with the exception of maybe LA who can come close to matching-up with this Heat team if you look at each player from 1-13. Orlando lost Matt Barnes and who on Orlando’s team can guard LeBron; Rashard Lewis….. please! It’s going be a pick your poison for the rest of the league whenever you play Miami this year. Understand what Wade did last year with a Heat team that had nothing but role players, he took them to the playoff. Now do you honestly think that your going to add this kind of talent and this team not make a major impact? Everybody seems to think that Lebron and Dywne are going to lay down just because the rest of the league is going to be gunning for them, both of these guys relish that situation. “BRING IT ON!!!!!!!!” At the end of the day, you still have two of the top five players in the league that your going to have to deal with every single night. “Hell ye’ll……. GO HEAT”

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  7. zzanzabar says:

    Wow! What breaking news! I am going to have to redefine the word ‘fluff’. Is this what we are going to have to slog through, reporters writing ANYTHING about the Heat just to have something to submit, and video interviews ‘ad nauseum’? Now I cannot wait until the first game so that there will at least be some substance to these blogs. Sekou man, WHERE ARE YOU?

  8. Mr Sensible aka the new zzanzabar says:

    LMAO!!! This is a classic article. But I am still not convinced that the Heat is the favorites. Its great to see the hype surrounding them though. This is what Lebron, Wade, Bosh, and Pat Riley wanted. The money and the fame, but while they prepare for a championship run/runs…. There is a number of teams that put themself in a better position to not only take them out, but to win it all! The biggest bust however…..Chicago Bull-Sh*t. They had a golden oppurtunity to Land a Marquee player to not only add to their improved roster, but they missed a golden oppurtunity to land a TRUE franchise player (Thats right…Boozer, Deng Noah, or Derrick Rose is NOT OF A FRANCHISE PLAYER CALLOBER)…Not only that, but they passed on Tracy Mcgrady at 1.5 million!! Chicago is THE BIGGEST JOKE of the offseason…considering they built their Legacy on having game changing players like Michael Jordan and Scottie Pippen…instead, they played it awfully conservative…and it will show come playoff time. The Los Angelas Lakers have made their team deeper, deadlier, and their new aquisitions are just as hungry and fired up as the rest of the core group. (Sorry Jordan Farmar, but you cared more about starting and stats then sacrificing for the good of championships.) All in all, The Heat to me is built on Lights and Cameras with enough talent to win them games for sure…but the court shrinks alot considerably come playoff time…and areas that are suspect in a players game (Lebron and Wades in-ability to shoot the ball consistently, or Bosh’s lack of interior defense….or Lebron and Wades in-ability to shut down top perimiter players) will become more evident…thus leaving the door open for a lot of teams to steal a page out of the Pheonix Suns PLAYbook and ZONE-UP! It could be a long day for teams in the regular season…where you only have 2 days tops to prepare for 1 team….but in a 7 game series, there will be alot of defenses set to exploit weaknesses…and let us PLEEEAASSEEE not forget…..these 3 ROCKSTARS (as this article refers them as) have a few each player…..Lakers in the END.