Change On The Way In Jersey?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — We want to believe in this renovation plan in New Jersey.

We really do.

When Avery Johnson speaks, we listen. And not just because he has one of the most unusual (or unique, if you will) speaking voices ever heard.

He believes every single word he speaks about the Nets’ revival that is underway right now, sans Carmelo Anthony despite a torrent of rumors to the contrary last weekend.

Maybe it doesn’t happen right away. Any time you have an owner, Mikhail Prokhorov, with some of the deepest pockets on the planet, we’re willing to invest in the plan, long-term or not.

But the rebuilding effort has to be a ground-up process. And that’s where Johnson’s influence enters the frame. You should have seen him and heard him during his media day speech, preaching the gospel of discipline, hard work and belief in the system and the team.

Clearly, Johnson was courting believers and non-believers alike.

Whether a deal for ‘Melo ever gets done or not (just because he showed up for media day doesn’t mean the trade rumors will go away), Nets fans could look back at this training camp in a couple of years and locate the lift off of a new era. They’ll be in that shiny new arena in Brooklyn before you know it. Anthony or Derrick Favors, or maybe even some other young star, will have his name on the marquee by then and these dog days of 2010 will be a distant memory.

See, Avery’s even convinced me that change is on the way!


  1. Ash says:

    Im a celtics fan, but i think if devin harris could avoid injuries this season, he could be an all star again. Lopez is a stud, 2nd best center in the east behind dwight howard( Joke-I-am noah is a lil overrated) and terrence williams is a beast.

  2. Mauie says:

    I think the trade rumors that send MELO to the nets is the start for this team challenges, there will be more to come and it’s time for d-harris to show to all the people that he is belong with this team. he (harris) and lopez are the new leader of this team! New coach avery johnson, new building / arena, new president and new owner in the name of mikhail pokhorov and this is a new, young and talented team! Nets have a great and solid bench and future star in the name of FAVORS and i believe that this is the season that the nets will be back in the eastern conference playoffs..

  3. Luther says:


    Well i dont think u can say that, many teams in the past have come back from horrible season
    and come out being productive the next
    I’ve been a Nets fan since i was six and I believe in them, so dont come n just disrespect my team like that
    they’re gonna prove all u critics out there wrong

    LETS GO NETS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  4. dizzle says:

    The nets are not getting better any time soon with or without ‘Melo and Avery Johnson is far from an answer as far as coaching goes…