Hey, don’t forget Mike Miller

After he walked on the set of a photo shoot for LeBron James, Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade, Mike Miller felt compelled to bull-horn his arrival.

“Heads up,” he said. “Token white boy coming through.”

Well, doesn’t the public perceive everyone on this team not named Bron, Wade and Bosh as a token, regardless of color?

That’s the perception outside the locker room. There’s three guys on the roster, then everyone else. The trick for Miami is to make the other nine players feel welcome and a reasonable part of the scheme of things, because Miami will not win a championship unless the cheaply hired help chip in.

This was always a chore for the Bulls in the Michael Jordan era. Especially when Dennis Rodman came aboard. That’s where all the attention went, Jordan, Rodman and Scottie Pippen, and for good reason. Those guys won the majority of the games. Luc Longley probably still has footprints all over him, the result of the media trampling through him to interview Jordan.

But remind me again: Didn’t Steve Kerr hit a big shot to help win one of those rings? And earlier, John Paxson?

Neither Miller, Udonis Haslem nor Zydrunas Ilgauskas are the reason fans will Tivo the Heat 82 times this year or fill the seats. But there will come a time or two when a key rebound or big shot falls in someone’s hands other than the Big Three. Maybe next summer, deep in June. Then what?

“This is not just about us three,” said Wade. “It’s about the whole team. Three guys have never won an NBA championship.”

Coach Erik Spoelstra said if the clock is winding down, and there’s time for one shot to win, the ball will go to whoever’s open. He meant Bron, Wade or Bosh. I think. But those guys might be covered (if the defense is smart) and Miller could be the one waving his arms. Just saying.


  1. Tenki says:

    The reason why people compare this Heat team to the 72-10 Bulls means only one thing: they are capable of doing what the latter team accomplished. Apart from the Russel-Cousy tandem of the Celtics, the Jordan-Pippen era of the Bulls are the only 1-2 combo that complemented each other’s game. They epitomized the meaning of synergy; having two superstars in a team is better than one.

    If Miami’s Big Three would live up to their advanced billing, if they can show us the sacrifice that their three marquee players are talking about, they cannot fail. Having three superstars who would share the burden of carrying a team (whichever of them is capable of doing so, as proven before) makes the task a lot easier. As a result, they can make their teammates look good on the hardcourt, just like the way the 72-10 Bulls looked fantastic from the beginning to the end of the season.

  2. sj says:

    um… actually michael kinda did the same thing to win a championship he told the bulls to pay him less so they could have money to buy better players and thats what wade,lebron,and bosh are doing getting low pay to win a championship but mj is still the best to play the game 🙂

  3. Jeff says:

    Why do all this writers or columnists always compare jordan and the bulls to d-wade and the the heat? when they know (or do they) that there is a big diffrence pippen and rodman etc are role players or complimentary players (do you see rodman avg 30 pts per game dahh) while lebron and bosh are FRANCHISE PLAYERS see the diff. =) but im a big lebron fan wishing you all the best

  4. pater says:

    Bosh will not be an All star no more.

  5. pater says:

    bosh will no be an All star no more

  6. St1llballin says:

    obviously you guys never played basketball past grade school or are true fans of the game….if you look at that great 72-10 bulls team only three players averaged double figures (Jordan, pippen, and kucoc) kucoc was often left wide open because teams were trying to stop jordan and pippen and average 17pts off of the bench..and he wasnt apart of the big three…so with that being said Miller will have the best season of his career…..you have to look at the dynamics of the team….Bron and wade are un-guardable one on one……so if you are the coach what do you do when Wade scores 5 buckets in a row? double him? If you do then Lebron, or bosh will be wide open…buckets….Or lets say bron and bosh is running the high pick and roll…..when bron comes off does your big help? if he does bosh will kill you from 17 ft all night, if not bron will finish at the rim not to metion shooters like miller and house spotting up……so its gonna be tuff to stop these guys not saying they will be undefeated but they wont lose many if they stay healthy……in closing bringing these three together makes the game easier for everybody….it eliminates double and triple teams….and when you do that with these caliber players that spells rings….mike miller and shoot it and put it on the floor and can play either wing position because he is 6’8 ……so people will c early on that the heat are m ore than the big three……

    oh yea…..haslem isnt a push over either ery consistent in what he brings to the table… also a champion

  7. Daniel says:

    Shaun it,s true what you write about steve kirl and john paxson making the big shot to win those two champioships,thoug
    they were not part of the big three.But man that was only one shot in two different year.I mean they were not hitting key
    shots consistenly.And i know steve kirl use to have one of the best percentage from three point line.But we,ll see if Miller
    can hit threes consistenly.He,ll be maybe the six or seven man of that team.He,s not even close to be part of that big three.
    And does he has the guts to deal with that kind of pressure,it going to be though for the rest of the guys to step up and do
    the best they can. Anywhere that team goes to play,the pressure will be around.
    Thanks Shaun. Interesting article.

  8. Emperor James says:

    …and just how could we forget anything even remotely related to the Miami Heat when everything that once reputable sports commentators throw up in everybody’s face is every little piddling excuse to talk about the Miami Heat?

    I now expect to see this as just the first installment of an entire series of similar articles. The next installment: HEY, DON’T FORGET ABOUT ZYDRUNAS ILGAUSKAS, and when you have run through the entire 25 members of this seemingly interminable team, you will start on the janitorial staff!

  9. bigmike902 says:

    cant wait for season to starttired of alllllllll this speculation of how the heat are going to do, wish evryone would stop flogging this horse