LeBron Has Plenty Of ‘Motivation’

Coral Gables, Fla. — Remember that “hit list” LeBron James was supposedly keeping? The one he posted on Twitter, saying he’d remember each and every knock he took this summer, and those who delivered them?

Well, maybe on his way to taking his “talents” to South Beach, LeBron traveled the high road, because any anger he felt from the backlash was suspiciously missing on media day.

He had nothing for Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson who, in so many words, chastised LeBron for taking the easier way to a championship. And nothing for Charles Barkley, either, even though Charles used edgier words to describe the way LeBron left Cleveland.

Heat vs. Pistons on NBA TV“It’s all in the past” was a common response from LeBron whenever the fallout from “The Decision” was raised.

“I’ve heard everything this summer,” he said. “Things I expected. Some I didn’t expect. Well, I make my own decisions and live with them. I still respect Mike, still respect Magic, Charles and the rest. They paved the way for guys like myself, on and off the court.

“But I can’t live through those guys. This is the path I chose to go.”

Agreed. While the greats certainly made their points about competition and wanting to beat the best, rather than join the best, there’s also another way to see LeBron’s choice to align himself with Chris Bosh and Dwyane Wade. How many of those same players would bury their ego in this manner and give up being the focal point of their team? Also, it’s easy for Magic (and Larry Bird) to say what they wouldn’t do; they were surrounded by talent much of their careers. So there was no need for Magic to ponder being Bird’s teammate, or vice versa. They weren’t pressed for championships; they already have rings. LeBron doesn’t.

“It’s funny how things happen and how people react to it,” LeBron said. “A lot of people try to tell you what to do with your life and they don’t even have their own life in order. That’s funny to me.”

If LeBron is simmering underneath from the treatment he took, going from a respected and generally adored athlete to something more sinister, it’s well hidden under his tattoos. And maybe we’ll have to wait until next June — assuming Miami wins it all — for him to flush it out.

“I’ve got a lot of motivation inside me,” he said. “Put it that way.”

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  1. Kazpo says:

    Respect Bron’s decision, dont blame on him.
    stop hating him.. thats enough.. 🙂

    its just a sport…

  2. Armin says:

    @Sifresh So true, Very good point.

  3. Kobe_James says:

    All of you Please people stop fighting! All the teams is the best but every year only two teams meet in a championships and that two teams are the best and only strong team will be the one stand. If you ask me each teams has got talent. Just enjoy watching NBA and supporting your Teams that you believed is the best but don’t compared the others teams because is gonna ends fighting. Respect is the best thing in here this is socialized to the people likes Sports. Respect each other and understand what people say. If they talk about it bad things or good things on your teams just ignore it! Just please enjoy conversation in here because I love Sports. It isn’t you guys love basketball then we respect the players too what they make a decision on the futures!

  4. Gary says:

    What if Miami is now James’ team? Meaning he runs the show like in Clevland except he has wade and bosh to team up with. Did anybody see these guys play together in the olympics/all star games? They will go down as the best team ever. How can the lakers stop them? Size? No! No one with size ever shut them down individually( maybe bosh). Together they are a problem for every team. Bosh will be grabbing boards and starting the break. Wade will be getting steals and starting the break. Labron will get both plus blocks and start the break. Big Z will be like Longly/ Weddington from the MJ bulls. Miller will be a Kuko on the wings. To top ot all off they have that MJ chip on their shoulders and will show no remorse. Keep on talking Boston, L.A. and orlando! More fuel for the fire. By all star break all those haters will say its all about the playoffs because they keep loosing to the heat during regular season games. 75-7 The loose three at end of season resting players.

    • Tom says:

      what with people give them the tittle cuz they play well in the allstar game? last time i check there no defence in these game so yea allstar game is doesnt mean any thing now aday.
      and about the olympic or fiba oh did they win in 04 olympic or 06 fiba oh that right they didnt win untill they got a great head coach and leadship player like kobe and kidd.
      oh the 75-7 record are you kidding me? did they play a fken game yet? can you just wait untill they they play a phew game or midway through the season befor you clame them the best team ever play the game

  5. Shawn says:

    I never said he wasn’t a very good player. That would be a foolish statement to make. I’ve probably watched 98% of the games that LeBron has played since he was a junior in high school. He did not play with the same intensity against Boston that he normally does. I don’t want to hear about the phantom elbow injury, because nobody ever talks about it anymore. It’s like it never existed — wait, because it never did!
    To those that say one player doesn’t make a team and he left because he wanted players around him that could help him, I have one question. If the Cavaliers had such a bad team, why were so many people picking them as one of the favorites to win the title last year? That can’t be possible if they only had one player.
    Also, he had to do things by himself because that’s what he chose. He would pound the ball for 22 seconds and then either put up a shot or pass it to someone with one second left. Even 4th graders know better than that.

  6. Tenki says:

    LeBron had himself a revelation, and that is he can accept a (relatively) lesser role in Miami. Relatively, because the Heat already had Wade and Bosh before he made his “Decision”. Although many people see him as an expendable player, I think that he deserves credit for doing so. He found his true self in the process, he saw every positive and negative aspect of his “Decision”, and hopefully he will learn from it. If you guys think that KD is humble enough, it is because he did NOT follow Lebron’s chosen path. Instead, he made LeBron as his own barometer, making decisions wisely. But again, LBJ is STILL humble enough to accept this situation and make the most out of it by motivating himself to win the title this year. He has Three Big Reasons why they should be on the top of the basketball world.

    LeBron, go out and PROVE your worth. Let’s see what you got.

  7. bballfan50 says:

    Shawn, I’m not a Heat fan by the way. I do apreciate Tallent thouigh.

    What is your team

    I have three guesses

  8. bballfan50 says:

    Only a hater says he is a quitter. Every owner and every fan wanted Lebron on their team this year, so we are all idiots, because we wanted a quitter, come on, maybe he was warn out, he had to do everything himself, and while hurt. Kobey had a bad last game does that make him a quitter? Give me a break, and I know your going to come back and say I never wanted him on my team, ya, I almost believe that. Unless your a Cleavland fan, than I understand because no other athleate in the world has left their home for a better place.

  9. Shawn says:

    For those that think that LeBron is not a coward or a quitter: Are you just blatant Heat fans or did you not watch the playoffs last year?

  10. Junior says:

    I love the hate that people have towards LeBron! Why? Because its going to fuel him for the season, im not a miami fan, im a LeBron James fan. I’ve followed him all troughout his highschool games till now. He is a special player and a leader, his draft class was the best by far, and still there hasnt been a better draft class…he has improved the game and has set a higher standard for these upcoming athletes. Im excited for the upcoming season and cant wait to witness greatness,

  11. Gmoney says:

    Lebron is a smart man but that national decesion on tv hurt alot of clevland fans and further made him look like a jerk to other non fans. But he is not running from clevland his is moving to championship and more money with endorsements and sunny weather and 2 allstars that is going to help him win championships period!!! Eat that

  12. Vandalay says:

    Just to clarify – I’m not a Heat fan either…was speaking hypothetically.

  13. bballfan50 says:

    LBJ is the best player in the legue, could be the best of all time. He is a compedetor who whants to win and has done what he needs to do to put himself in the position to win. I can’t understand why that makes him a coward or anything else. MJ is the best, and may always be the best and he couldn’t do it by himself. All you Kobey fans, please, am I the only person remembering Kobey begging for a trade a few years ago until he finally got a team around him. How quickly we forget. Lets ponder for a moment, how many of us would pass up playing a sport we love for lots of money and get to do it with 2 of your good friends for a long perid of time, oh lets not forget that we could win a few rings in the process. Yes, LBJ has an ego, yes he loves the spotlight, yes he makes some dumb decisions (The Decision) but if I stopped watching players that acted like that I would be sitting at home watching the discovery channel instead of sports because most athletes have those quilities, thats what makes them great. If you go into a ball game not thinking your the better guy or your team isn’t the better team you get your butt wipped and you and worth crap to watch cause you are a self proclaimed looser.

  14. Vandalay says:

    Some of the comments here are painful to read. NBA.com, please integrate a spell and grammar check for everyone to use, it’d be very helpful.

    Back on topic, what I’m really waiting to see is that in the situation that the Heat lose, say at the ECF, is LeBron going to storm off court like he did in 2009 because his high hopes were never brought to life? You’d have to think with all this attention, and all these ridiculous comments (particularly Jeff Van Gundy’s prediction of them beating the Bulls best all time record of a total of 87-13 regular and post-season games) would put LeBron’s head so high in the clouds that if a championship doesn’t come on this first year…$hit will hit the fan for him.

    I’m not a Cleveland fan, and I’m not a fan of LBJ, but as a Miami fan after watching his behavior in Cleveland I’d be weary of how he’ll act if things don’t go the way they are perceived.

    On the topic of Durant being compared to LeBron…I’d have to agree with KD and say that he’s no there, but working at it…and he will be there, I’m sure of it. But as far as attitude for the game goes, I think Kevin Durant is already at the top of the league. He’s classy, and humble. A real sports role-model. I’d be more happy to see Kevin Durant win a ring, in my honest opinion, and I think it’s fair to say that it’s a very good possibility considering how close OKC came to eliminating the defending champion Lakers in the FIRST ROUND.

  15. greg says:

    how do u choose how someone else live there life he gave them 7 years and they couldnt provide him with the help he needed jordan did not do it alone he had help so did magic and charles and hands down LBJ is one of the greatest players wade is good but not compared to lebron so along with bosh im sure if u were all in his position of course u would ride for the money but this is a passion he love along with the other two money will follow them even if u boycotted lebron that still wont stop his cash flow not to mention this guy was the richest kid to come out of high school he also is a god given man he is married with kid and not to mention money is the route to evil it say in god we trust but is just the devil with initals u guys need to grow up

    • Jumpman13131 says:

      how can u say lebron is better then wade?
      wade has already proven that He can win a championship, Has Lebron? NO!

  16. Shawn says:

    LeBron is four things:
    1. Quitter
    2. Coward
    3. Traitor
    4. Liar

    Where was that “motivation” the last few games against Boston in the playoffs last year? Oh wait, the Cavs would have actually beat Boston if he was motivated. We couldn’t throw a monkey wrench into the collusion that was forthcoming now could we?

    • LA AC says:

      LeBron James was never the guy to want the final shot until forced to be that guy. Magic Johnson had Kareem, and then Worthy, to take the clutch shots early in his career. His first memorable game-winner in the playoffs did not come until 1987 in Boston Garden, in his EIGHTH season. No one called Magic a coward or quitter.
      I think that LeBron will return to his earlier (and best) instinct, to be a playmaker, and that the Heat, barring injury debacles, will greatly prosper for at least the next six years.
      All that being said, I found it disappointing that Magic criticized LeBron the way he did until I remembered that Magic still has strong ties to the Laker organization, and that his comments can only be accurately viewed in light of the Heat’s being a serious threat to the Lakers’ championship aspirations as a direct result of LeBron’s signing.

  17. Hungry says:

    Well said sifresh.

  18. Olu says:

    Somebody should tell Lebron to SHUT UP and PLAY BALL!; he’s talking as if Miami is his team already and he hasn’t played one minute in Heat Uniform! D Wade is showing how classy he is by accepting that there are now co-leaders on this team meanwhile LBJ is talking as if he is the new Leader.
    seriously ! LBJ.

  19. sifresh says:

    I think its very disrectful how people now talk about lebron. Everybody wanted him to leave and go to they team and because he did not pick they team everybody is getting on him.. Grow up lebron james is not only one of the best forwards the nba has ever seen he is also one of the best passers, one of the best scores, one of the rebonders, and one of the best shot blockers ever. Lebron james is one of them players you dream about and make on video games. He’s only getting better and he is still young. Lebron james is a good guy you don’t hear about him cheating on his girl or getting into legal trouble but this is the guy people choose to talk bad about. Also no disrespect to durant but he has a long way to go before we can even say he is close to lebrons level.. I get a lot of people don’t like lebron but let’s be honest lebron james is a complete player he does it all. And mj did not do it by his self.. he had one of the best p?ayers in the league with him and had some of the best role players. Magic had an amazing cast of stars and bird had a bunch of stars in nba history nobody has one it by they self it takes help. Some guys pride get in the way and wait to long and end up like charles.

    • Olu says:

      LBJ likes the limelight too much and that’s why people are getting on him. he is too full of himself. I think he may be the reaon that this wonderful heat team does not succeed!

    • Tom says:

      Yes James has alot of talent and skills but personaly i hate him why? his cocky and attitute is so stupid. with all the dancing and open game picture. it just show how ignoren they are when they win all dance and stuff to shuve it in the opponent face, and when they lost guest what no shake hand or even congratz ” it cuz he a winner” wow

      and as for james one of the best shoter? no he not there yet he still need to improve he shoting
      block? well blind side block maybe but 1 on 1 block i dont think so
      assist? you think he a point guard or some thing like steve nash or Magic? com on he only get 6apg cuz cav system run through him
      rebound? humm yes he a decent rebounder with his body build but one of the best not yet

  20. Kenneth says:

    Better move on Cleveland fans. As a Heat fan I am happy that we got LeBron and Chris. You can’t blame LeBron for leaving Cleveland cause he just want to win. Everybody must respect his decision.

    • Law064 says:

      Alex & Kenneth are correct, I don’t think Lebron the steroid baby was wrong for leaving Clevland. The Cavs never gave him a solid consistent sidekick. Plus Lebron is more of a sidekick himself he’s not clutch and does not have the killer instinct like Kobe or D.Wade. The Cavs owner should kill himself for allowing a player like Lebron to leave because he’s surrounded by sub-par players. No single player can win a ring by himself, they gave Lebron Mo Williams?? Hoe Willams is more like it. If Lebron was being contained nobody else could fill in and score. The Heat will win a ring but not this year they don’t have enough dept to compete with Orlando or Boston. ATL and Chicago have decent teams. If Melo goes to the Bulls then the East will be stronger than ever. Boston 2011 champs they were robbed last year

  21. Alex says:

    Hey, um look at it this way, the cavs gave LeBron nothing in the past 7 years, they signed Mo who was a reserve guard for the Bucks and they expect him to be his No.2….last season they signed Parker, Shaq and Jamison who are all veterans in the game and they saying he has the team to do it…LeBron plain and simply had to leave this organisation because they gave him nothing and the team he had couldn’t lift when he needed them the most…now you have 3 players who all had to carry there former teams and you put them in 1 and you get unstoppable…

  22. kazpo says:

    well james is right to leave the cleveland.
    its just a sport.

  23. Sosay says:

    I am the same age as Lebron James. From that perspective, I gotta say I can really understand the position of living in one place your whole life, then having an opportunity to move on to something different. At the same time, it is collusion, and though it will be fun to watch some, its like pick-up games on the court… if all the good players are on one team, it becomes boring pretty quick. personally, i give them 1 or 2 championships out of 6 years.

  24. NBA_addicted says:


    top 3:


    top 9:

    • Tom says:

      did james and dwade play a game yet or even bosh wade and james play a game yet? cuz right now i see that they put up 0win 0lost that make them 1 of the worst duo or trio in the league so stop with ur bs

    • Law064 says:

      Hey NBA addicted how can you put Wade and JAmes if they never played a single game together yet?? The Miami heat have to prove they are good. Being good on paper dosen’t mean anything. @ Daniel please learn how to spell Kobe before you say anything. Coby?? Are you kidding

      • Junior says:

        they dont have the play a game 2gether to know they are gonna mesh, they are ballers, its like playing a pick up game at the rucker, they have a basketball mentality and most important they played 2gether in the USA TEAM, they have the talent and skills that most these teams dont have< and just wait and see hes gonna be MVP for the 3rd time,,,Its not wade county, its LEBRON COUNTY!!!

      • Tom says:

        Junior then y dont you jsut wait and see if they are that dominate or just another fail to win a champion cuz as for right now they are just another team if you ask me i see tim duncan manu and parker trio is better then them right now hahaha

    • DBowe says:

      Come on NBA_addicted. I’m a long time Heat fan (not a bandwagoner), but even I wouldn’t dream of putting Wade and James on the list of best duos ever, or the Big Trio in the best Trios. They haven’t even had a good practice yet and even if we have a great year they still have a long way to go.
      As for as season, I can’t wait!!!!!!!

    • LA AC says:

      What about Magic and Kareem as one of the top three duos. They won two titles in three years without Worthy (1980, 1982), and three more with him (1985, 1987, and 1988).

  25. Daniel says:

    Shawn about the best big trio I forgot Pierce,Garnet, Allen.They won one ring.

  26. Daniel says:

    Shawn could you please,figure out also the best duo of all times. Magic -Jabbard Jordan -Pippen Shaq-Coby
    Or Wade- James.?

  27. ha hajames says:

    . the guy has tattoo the chosen one all over his back, his initials on his arms &legs, gives up on his team, undermines the nba with collusion, and thinks no one figured it out. To suggest he knows the high road is a joke. A movement to boycott his brands has started amid fan disgust. So lbj enjoy


  28. Daniel says:

    Shawn but don,t you think that Lebron its running away from C. because he realizes that he can not win a ring by himself.
    I think he guive up, and when you do that you,re ready to take whatever. So,rather than see his move as an act of humbleness let,s see it as something else.We,ll have to figure it out yet.
    let,s say he does not trust himself ,he doesn,t think that he can win it all by himself.
    Let me tell you that i like Phil jackson,s comments about they have the talent but that,s not all.Have you seen lately
    Miami,s roster besides Lebron,Wade and bosh ? There,s not much to look for. They got maybe the best big three of all
    times. Better than Jordan.Pippen,Kuckoch.They won sixs rings. or Magic,jabbard ,scot.They won five .Shaq,Coby,Rice.
    won one, Shaq,Coby,Horry.Won two. Coby ,Gasol,Odom.Won last two championships. So, can this guys make it to the
    finals and beat L.A .How many rings can this big three win ? They,re young but that,s not all either.Lebron better gets
    his ring this year.If not he,ll get more frustration than ever. Thank you Shawn ,liked your article.Please do one about
    the best big three of all times.

    • dudeman says:

      Coby? seriously?

    • markminator says:

      hey daniel, i bet you don,t even know how to play ball, or you even didn’t won a championship either… you are too far behind kid so better watch and learn… teaming up with offensive players means one thing… “TEAM WORK” that equals to “CHAMPION”