Bulls have a sense of newness

DEERFIELD, Ill. — No LeBron James. No Dwyane Wade. No Chris Bosh. Definitely no Carmelo Anthony.

For all the excitement about the Chicago Bulls’ successful offseason — and it was successful, getting strong “grades” for the addition of players such as Carlos Boozer, Kyle Korver, Ronnie Brewer and Keith Bogans — there still was a sense of what might have been. And a reminder who wasn’t at the team’s Media Day at the Berto Center.

On draft night, with media assembled at their practice facility same as Monday, the Bulls made their splash by freeing salary-cap space to pursue the biggest names of 2010 free agency. They got Boozer, a Top 5 free agent, to plug in at power forward. But they didn’t get James or Wade or Bosh, so they didn’t get the national spotlight now shining so brightly on Miami. It’s as if the Bulls are the earnest fourth-grader who picked the freshest, brightest, reddest apple out of the grocery bin to give to teacher, only to show up in class to see her lavished with flowers, chocolate, jewelry and a spa certificate from Pat Riley.

With only five players back from this spring’s playoff roster and just assistant/advance scout Mike Wilhelm back on new head coach Tom Thibodeau‘s staff, there was enough newness to last one or more preseasons. Just not the newness some had anticipated. It’s on the Bulls — Boozer, Derrick Rose, Joakim Noah, Luol Deng and the rest — to prove that they’re more than solid “B” students deserving of a pat on the head this season.


  1. Justo says:

    Maybe you guys didn’t watch DRose in the FIBA games this summer? He’s clearly on the ascent to becoming one of the top PG’s in the league. DWill is solid no doubt, but as for speed and athleticism, Rose has no equal at that position. And Noah’s D ability will help Boozer down low. Leave this team as is, Carmelo is awesome, but not at the price of our anchor in the center, a healthy Deng putting up 18 a night will be enough. Trust me.

  2. Unbreakable says:

    Jake don’t know what your going on about there… The Bulls don’t need Anthony they need Noah with his energy, and the fact that him and Boozer will work well together and Noah has never had that support before… The Bulls lost 10 straight last year and guess who was out injured… NOAH!!! The Bulls need him and they have made the right choice by not trading him… GO BULLS!!!! Oh yeah Jake and if your going to boycott the team if they don’t get Carmello you are not a true support go jump on the Miami bandwagon!!!

  3. Tenki says:

    Carmelo Anthony is one heck of a player, but so is Derrick Rose. Yes, he is no Deron Williams, but Rose is the reason why Chicago gets to share the spotlight in the East. They are not like the Celtics, who got three aging stars, or Orlando, who got Howard and virtually no one else, or Miami, who has the Three Amigos, Three Musketeers, or Three Blind Mice or what you want to call them. What makes Chicago stand out? They are very underrated, they are young, they got loads of talent and they DON’T need Anthony. ‘Melo will disrupt the flow of the Bulls’ game plan, because he play mediocre defense. He needs more time to put up his own shot, let alone make his teammates better. Luol Deng can fill the void that Chicago has, if any, since they have revamped their roster to become a serious contender to the Eastern Conference. I won’t be surprised if the Bulls win at least 50 games this season. It will only make sense if this particular team would beat any other team in the league just like the way Orlando did last season. They got the right pieces to be successful in their own right.

  4. Rigokratos28 says:

    I am a bulls fan with out jordan i still like the bulls. i feel that this we will go for a championship ring if the players play right way. With rose joakim & boozer we could get some place.

  5. heat fan says:

    the bulls are a solid young squad but korver n deng wont get them past atlanta. they dont play any defense no ball handling ability too inconsistent for the pressure of wearing a bulls jersey.

  6. think says:

    As much as the Bulls want to be in the spotlight right away, I’d say it would still be better if they just build around Rose and Noah. Getting Anthony wouldve given them the offensive firepower they want, but in the long term, this wouldnt help much. And even in the short term, since Miami, Orlando and Boston still hold the East spotlight, the only way for Chicago to squeeze itself into finals contention is not to be everyones target. They’ll be having a new system w/ a new coach, budding superstars in Noah and Rose and potent scorers in Deng and the Utah boys.

    Getting Melo would just require the Bulls to build a team around Melo (that has happened to Denver for 7 years until theyve reached the West finals against the Lakers). This may stunt Rose and Noah’s growth as Bulls’ pillars, and might even make the Boozer acquisition unnecessary.

    Build a round Rose and Noah and let the team grow first. Seattle has done the right thing by just letting Durant, Westbrook and Green by letting them grow first as a team. Most teams just improve and win (eg. Jordan’s Bulls, Duncan’s Spurs and even the Shaq-Kobe LA). Then if it seems that the team lacks a catalyst (eg. Rasheed to Detroit, Pau to LA), then that would be the right time to pull the trigger.

    I hope the NBA and the fans aren’t just blinded by the bright lights and superstars’ glitters. This is basketball first and foremost.

  7. 15 says:

    get anthony trade deng

  8. champ says:

    jake you cant possibly be anyone who has ever played team basketball to make that comparison t othe jazz are you serious man?

  9. Aztec says:

    It’s hard to decide but if we can try to give up deng right now and someone else I’ll take melo

  10. rock says:

    Jake you are crazy if you think we don’t need Joakim to win a championship. Do you play basketball? Do you coach a team. You can substitute Rose for Williams …and Boozer for Boozer …..and Brewer for Brewer and Korver for Korver when saying the Bulls are the eastern conference version of the Utah Jazz……It’s just one thing ……THEY DIDN’T HAVE A JOAKIM NOAH!!! Thanks for proving my point! And I would even question you substituting Williams for Rose. A big question. But I will relent that point.

  11. Jake says:

    You along with several other reporters are completely out of your mind if you don’t believe we need carmello and we will be successful without him. The bulls right now are basically the Utah jazz except deron Williams is much better than derick rose. The bulls cannot get deep into the playoffs unless the trade Noah and get carmello. They can pay minimum salary for a big man before the trade deadline to replace noah. Plus boozer brewer and Carmello are going to give you plenty of size. If the bulls don’t do what it takes to get carmello I will boycott that team forever. It is a no brainer.

    • Julian says:

      Why wud u want carmelo on the bulls team? He so selfish. He don’t try to do anything as a team to play well. The bulls can do fine without him. They already got a superstar in D-Rose. thats who u want to build around and plus….Noah plays defene MUCH MUCH MUCH BETTER than carmelo. Carmelo don’t even care about playing defense. SO WHY GET HIM FOR NOAH WHEN DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS!!!!! I wudn’t mind trading him for deng for sure but Noah…HECK NAW!!!

  12. martin florent jr says:

    I love deng’s game, but i would offer him up before i offered Noah. We need joakim’s versitility on the boards and the low post

  13. antonio valentim says:

    we should trie to bring Carmelo into the organization