Noah wrapped up in Melo-Drama


Joakim Noah knows he’s a major player when it comes to all the Carmelo Anthony conjecture. The Bulls’ shaggy-haired center acknowledged his part in the Melo-drama yesterday and, as far as Noah is concerned, they’re all rumors until someone tells him otherwise.

“It’s part of the business and I think it’s something that happens in sports. I think that right now I have to get ready to control the things I can control as a player and that’s getting ready for the season. As far as I know, I’m still part of the Bulls today.”

Noah visited with reporters during an appearance at a Chicago elementary school, with on hand to capture video. The Bulls, according to various reports, are currently unwilling to part with the double-double producer in a potential deal with Denver.

Some league insiders consider such a stance ridiculous, considering Melo is arguably a top-five player. Noah has been a team and fan favorite for the last three years, and his all-out game should mesh well with new frontcourt arrival Carlos Boozer.

Noah views Chicago’s apparent reluctance to trade him as a compliment while reaffirming his desire to stay in the Windy City, but he’s obviously concerned about his future. In addition to talking contract extension with vice president John Paxson and general manager Gar Forman, Melo has come up.

“I also understand what kind of caliber of a player Carmelo Anthony is, so we’ll see what happens. I’m trying to stay positive and had some talks with Gar and Pax, and I’m really excited about the upcoming season.”

Noah remembers all the talk about a possible Kobe Bryant trade to Chicago a few years back and nothing came of those rumors. Noah would rather the upgraded Bulls stand pat instead of dealing an elite player.

“Carmelo is a great player, but we’re also very good right now. I really enjoy playing with guys like Luol Deng and Taj Gibson and other guys who are rumored into that trade.”

As for more rumors, the buzz is growing louder in New Jersey. ESPN’s Chris Broussard wrote the Nets spent all of Wednesday trying to put together a new package for Melo because the “reported deal of Troy Murphy, Kris Humphries, Derrick Favors and a draft pick is not going to happen.”

New Jersey is hoping to get a third or fourth team involved to trump Chicago, New York, Houston or any other team that might get in the mix. Melo’s agent Leon Rose wants this sorted out before training camp opens next week. Stay tuned.


  1. pistons fan says:

    no way he he is going to NY they would have to deplete any talent they do have and he would end up on a sorry knicks team and be exspected to carry them bulls have the best shot but i think they would be crazy to give up noha you need hard working players like him i think a good fit for him would be with the timberwolves with flynn and love any way you look at it this guy is hard to move

    • iLL wiL says:

      He’s not really hard 2 move it’s hard 4 two teams to compromise N everybody wants to cum out ahead u kno.

  2. archie says:

    GET RID OF BOOZER & DENG (both of are useless anyway)THEN WE CAN KEEP NOAH AND GET MELO!

  3. Ricardo says:

    lol the magic need melo lol, there not going to get anywhere with vince carter.

  4. Karlo says:

    If for some reason Noah was 2 b traded it def would b devastating. They would have 2 add a player of his quality.

  5. Tenki says:

    Let Noah play in Chicago. They made Boston play on their heels the last time they met in the playoffs, and they gave Cleveland last season a scare. This team is formidable already. They’ve added Boozer to an already-great lineup, and all they have to do is to play their brand of game with Noah.

    As for the Melo issue, I think he should play for Dallas because he and Dirk could be a pain in the butt not just for the teams in the west, but in the whole NBA as well. They can put a chip at their shoulders and go straightforward to Miami, LA, Boston, Orlando or Chicago and DARE those teams to knock that chip off. Dallas can go big (Dirk, Haywood, Melo, Butler, Kidd) or small (Dirk, Melo, Butler, Kidd, and the rest of the guards) and call it a night with a win. Putting Melo on this roster would be the steal of the decade, especially if they steal Kobe’s sixth NBA championship.

  6. UrsTruely says:

    Melo to Heat?

  7. Mommy Rosal says:

    Carmelo Anthony for the Coach of the bulls.

  8. DENVER! says:

    As far as next season goes, he’ll win the most with DENVER. Chicago is the most overhyped team ever. Jersey is worse than denver was pre-melo. New York is cursed for 20 more years. Orlando best fit, but we’d need the whole team except for dwight.
    If melo joined the lakers and we got those scrubs like Odom and Sasha in return, I would boycott basketball for eternity.
    I like every single team out there except for the lakers(kobe), spurs(crybabies), and the heat(pathetic).
    If melo wants to Lebron denver, i wish he didn’t have to approve the trade…
    A funny ending would be Melo and Billups to Detroit for most of their mistakes…

  9. seeeer??? says:

    C’mon gays noah for melo thats ridiculous….
    noah is like the diesel that makes the chicago engine run in full throttle, the life that brings energy that wins games as a team….
    melo is a great talent but talent alone doesnt win championships……

  10. Dallasman says:

    Best thing Melo could do for himself and for the league is to head out to New York. That’s gonna be one hell of a team. Talking about Melo going to a team that hasn’t been in the trade talks is stupid, so don’t waste space on here with a stupid comment about “Go to the Lakers!” or “Go to San Antonio!”. That isn’t going to happen so stop wasting everyone’s time.

    Melo going to New York with Stoudemire and most likely tony parker will make them a competitive team that can stand up to Miami pretty well. Chicago could definitely use his superstar power, I just don’t know if they can put together the right kind of package. New Jersey definitely has the most trade pieces, but I don’t know anyone who would want to play in that crappy arena for two years before they get to run the city. New York is the smartest option for Melo, I hope he ends up going there.

  11. ZacktheMack says:

    I think Melo would fit best with the Wolves. He will be the franchise player with bigs that are not brittle. With Kevin Love, Darco and Beastley on the frontcourt. Corey brewer could play alongside with him on the wings. Then, Ricky Rubio will soon join them to set up the offense and p;lay backcourt defense. I just don’t know about the money matters and if Melo would like the climate.. =)

  12. The man says:

    It makes the most sense Carmelo going to the Chicago Bulls…They have the best and youngest team that’s ready to win now and Thibs will be coach of the year…Bulls going to own the league for years man its a guarantee!

    • iLL wiL says:

      Well i agree, if we can trade 4 Melo n keep NO(AH)i really don’t c no1 stoping us,i wood luv 2 keep Gibson as we’ll.coz we got DEPTH.

  13. Koy says:

    Melo to Bulls will be absolutely a best team in the EAST… pairing him D-Rose and BOoz… will be an exciting team…. but Joakim Noah should not be part of the trade… Noah is a major player in Bulls, a great young defender… Loul Deng and Johnson should be traded ..but not Noah and Gibson

  14. WIZARDS says:

    Melo should just come to the Wiz. It makes perfect sense. Melo was raised around the area, so why not coming to home? It makes sense to me.

  15. LA FAKERS says:


  16. JJ Hickson says:

    Superstar dont always = Championship
    The Bulls better really think this over because good centers are hard to come by.

  17. Bullheadedfan says:

    Understand this Bull haters and non-believers about the bulls up and coming season, know this no team in the east isn’t as deep with players that can fill a complete role in there respective positions, besides Boston and slow second atlanta. those early wins the bulls have been lacking in the beginning of the year will tell the story at the end because with a stabilizer like boozer a game changer like noah and a potential superstar guard how much more evidence you need to see that the bulls have the best chance against those so called top teams in the east?

  18. gbro3 says:

    the best bet for denver and melo would be chicago. denver would gain young talent in taj gibson and loul deng plus a future 1st round draft pick. both players are good legit players that have not yet reached the top of their game but isnt fair from reachin it. Melo would be closer to the east coast and his wife would have a better chance at a job. Chicago would den emerge as a top 3 team in the NBA with Rose at the point(play maker), Brewer at 2 guard(defender), Melo at SF(scorer), Boozer at PF(rebounds, double double) and Noah at C(heart of the team, double double). Keep in mind they would add a three point threat wit korver. Lakers, Heat, Celtics watch out

  19. @Lakers Sucks says:

    Melo better off going to Huston!! They Were Real Good With T-Mac and Melo Plays Just Like T-Mac

  20. Steve Johnson says:

    i have the perfect plan. melo to indiana for granger, tj ford, brandon rush, and a future first round pick!? jk just wishing

  21. Hock24 says:

    I hate it when people automatically say that the Heat will for sure win the title next year, because that is a bunch of crap. The Heat have yet to prove anything. They have only won one championship, then they followed it up two horrible seasons, and by the grace of God, and D-Wade they made the playoffs last year. Sure, the Heat have amazing talent, but that still doesnt mean that they will work well together. They still have a lot to prove, and really nothing matters until they beat the Celtics and the Lakers. The playoffs will look pretty good next year, espically in the East I would say. I think this will be the top 8 (in no particular order): Boston, Orlando, Miami, Chicago, Milwaukee, New York, Atlanta, and either Detroit or Washington.

  22. NIK says:

    Its so hard to decide with which team he has the best chance of a championship. He could be a good fit in many teams. Milwakee with Jennings and Bogut, Orlando with Howard, Miamai (lol), Clippers with Kaman, Davis and Griffin, Pheonix,,, there are lots of teams that will be great with Melo. And if its truly About a championship he would just take min contract with the lakers.
    I dont know where he is going but i would like to see him stay(doesnt seem likely) and if he does go i want him to go to NY. I love Noah with Rose and i think boozer will make a great addition. Plus i like to see rose play free, melo will change that

  23. We, speaking for the Bulls, should ship Deng, James Johnson , and Asik t and a first rounder t o the Nuggets for Anthony. If the trade won’t budge without Noah, keep the roster intact and drop the trade offer, and try a package to get anderson or jr smith here; they can help make our bench even deeper. Can’t wait for the season, go BULLS

  24. Michael says:

    The best bet Carmelo has is to stay in Denver for now. Chicago is an uprising team that still has to develop chemistry between their new additions (Boozer, Korver, Brewer) and existing players. Rose is an established all-star calibur player but has not shown that he is a top notch scorer yet, maybe this upcoming season (3rd season/ Break-out season), but boozer is declining and korver and brewer aren’t gonna get any better. Although `Melo would be a great addition to the bulls, the bulls will have to risk giving up Noah which is the heart and soul of Chicago in terms of defensive intensity. It’s a gamble for the bulls, I think keeping Noah would be a smart move for Chicago IMO. I see many fans argue that `Melo should leave, but if you look at it, Denver is still a very talented team. I think Carmelo just needs to be patient and let the season start before doing anything. Denver could still use Kenyon or JR Smith as trading pieces for acquiring another great player. If anything let the season play out until December and see if any options are going to open up, its a little too soon to call outs on Carmelo.

  25. D-Wade all day says:

    Melo shold go to the Utah JAZZ. The can trade Paul MillsaIp, Gordon Hayward, Andrei Kirilenko,and a 1 drift pick. this is what the Roster wold loock the 1Deron Williams 2Raja Bell 3Melo 4Al Jefferson 5Mehmet Okur.

  26. tehshs says:

    lakers are good at poaching other teams talent and claiming they made them stars cause there club blows them up with money. not to mention that they have a guy called kobe bryant on there squad. he can make the worst player look good.

    if wade, bosh played for lakers with kobe the laker fans would laugh off the thought of anyteam being as good on paper as them and in my opinion james is just as good as kobe and the thing is kobe is getting older. james is still got many years ahead.

    kobes had better talent around him then lebron if you wanna be real and talk about what kobes done and what lebron has thats a really easy answer. look round. if lebron had dwight do you think they would of went a bit further for a title like kobe and shaq. etc etc. im a denver fan. i hope melo stays but if he does he will want a new piece to be with him and i hope they get it. my money is on miami in a big way this year! and the next. and then next.

  27. HellerThere says:

    well i would like to see Melo come to houston. but then we would have to give up good people for him. honestly i think he’s too slow to run and gun with aaron brooks, but i can see pair up with Yao better then TMac. No offense tmac is still one of my fav player. but anyways. i wouldnt want to see luis scola, or chase budinger go cause im pretty sure one of those two would have to go if we was to get Melo. its just a thought though. don’t go full blast on me.

  28. specialfriedrice says:

    @ ZZANZABAR if i wanted to read a novel i would have gone to the book shelf. next time leave a comment.

  29. kupchinzoo says:

    Melo, Win the champioship with Nuggets! U CAN DO IT!

  30. Chi-town says:

    if the bulls get melo they will reck any team that comes in there way and nobody say the lakers can beat then fisher,kobe,artest,bynum,gasol up against rose,brewer,melo,boozer,noah

  31. ChiGoGo says:

    Melo would have the best fit in Chicago, if they can keep Noah. He fits the Pax profile of a winner from college, too. Starting 5 of Rose, Boozer, Melo, Noah, and Brewer would compete for a ring, not just the East. Deng would have to be part of any trade in order to match salaries.
    Two big reasons Melo wants out of Denver are that he’s unsure about Coach Karl’s health and the one no one’s mentioning, his wife. Rumors have been going on for a while that she’s been subject to taunts (racial) and other grief while attending Nuggets games. Being newly married, as Melo is, you would think this has to be on his mind.

  32. Caloh says:

    Noah, Deng, and Gibson is just to much to give up for Melo. I think the Bulls are going to get Melo but it will be closer to the free agency tradeing deadline. Deng, Gibson, Johnson and three first round picks is what the Bulls are going to stick to. Boozer needs Noah to back him up. If you gave up Noah, Deng, and Gibson and Boozer got injured(good possibility) the bulls would have Omer Asik and Kurt Thomas playing the 4 and 5. There is a strong possibility that Boozer could end up as a bust if he doesn’t have Noah as his Center. The Bulls would end up being smaller than alot of college teams. I say wait until February and have a starting 5 of Rose, Brewer, Melo, Boozer, and Noah. Now that is a team that can dominate for a long time……..Just a thought is Boozer and Noah the best 4-5 combo in the league right now? And I dont want to hear the Bynum and Gasol arguement because they are a distant #2.

  33. Melski says:

    Melo to Knicks
    Next CP1 to knicks
    that is a good core… others would follow…

  34. Orlando says:

    I think that the best move for Melo would be for him to go to Orlando. If not Orlando, then Chicago. Melo is not a defensive player but if he goes to the Magic with the best defensive player in the leauge, you bettter believe Melo will be inspired to play defense. Plus, with that level of defense AND offense on your team? I think they’d be better than Miami and LA. If he goes to Chicago that works too, but don’t trade Noah for him. With Rose, Noah, Boozer, and Melo? Thats an unstoppable force.

  35. Marty Moose says:

    STOP WITH NOAH Nonsense !!
    I am lifelong Bull fan from Chicago who has lived in Denver for the past 10 years. So I have some perspective on this.
    Look, I get it, Noah is all heart and certainly a very good center. I am a big fan of his attitude and D.
    I watch alot of Nuggets games and really dont like them or Melo. Melo is a bit of a turd and his D is marginal at best.

    So to review, I am a Bulls fan that likes Noah and hates Melo.

    However, their is zero question that the Bulls are a much better team if this trade is made.
    Win Win, Bulls compete for titles next 5 years, Nuggets have head start on the forced rebuilding.
    Bonus for me is that the Nuggets become infinetely more likable for me to view.

    p.s Good thing we kept Luol Deng, what has Kobe ever done?!

  36. suns! says:

    man if only the Suns would get Melo . Melo and Nash plyaing together =D . for me, i think the trade would be Carmelo Anthony fo Grant Hill and Jared Dudly . the line up for the Suns would be Steve Nash Jason Richardson Carmelo Anthony Hakim Warrick Robin Lopez.

    • iLL wiL says:

      @ suns!. Keep dreaming sir dat will never happen amare gon n so r ya’ll playoff hopes,Sorry!

      • pKone says:

        @iLL wiL: You have to admit Melo’s lack of defense wouldn’t even be noticed in Phoenix! And as I recall the Suns were discounted last year too πŸ˜‰

      • iLL wiL says:

        @ pKONE. yea ur rite he wood fit rite in but 4 all da wrong reasons da suns need sum form of D and all melo can offer is more scoreing but if dats da direction dey want 2 go i have no problems wit dat i canna lik da suns.Chi-towns Finest.

  37. Heat_fan943888 says:

    DUDES come on guys lets stop fighting and tell to ourselves who ganna win it all???? mmmmm……. HEAT thats who!!!!! so leave Melo alone and get on with you life! BY THE WAY, we will be talking again in june πŸ™‚ see yaaa πŸ™‚ loosers πŸ™‚

  38. @ miami sucks u need to watch yuor mouth cuz i put money on it that come christmas time i guarantee that miami is gonna whip the floor wit kobe. True the lakers are agood team but to put them about Miami is completely insane. reason dwade. Nothing else after that.

    • baller409 says:

      Miamisucks is a hater, but c’mon Kobe would school the big three, but OKC is gonna get the championship this year. KD#35 MVP

  39. joemz says:

    if the bulls plan to get Melo they better think of another way how to acquire a player of he’s caliber but losing a productive and energetic center as Noah would not be a good idea. as far as we know Melo wants out of denver because he’s looking for a core group he could be a best fit, but he will arrive to the bulls without Noah, thats useless. Bulls have a great chance this season and i feel positive about it. For us fans we’ll just have to wait and dont worry Noah will not leave the Windy city.

    • iLL wiL says:

      yeah iam for melo but not if it means parting ways wit the best BIG MAN we’ve had since i can remember,no(ah) can’t go anywhere if da bulls want 2 compete against da heat dis season.

  40. leggomymelo says:

    okay miami sucks, this is not the last year the spurs make the playoffs, and duncan has atleast 2-3 more years left before he goes to bench status. i agree with SPURS that snan antonio is good at developing players and i would actually really enjoy seeing melo with the spurs. it has good players to build around melo in g. hill, d. blair, t. splitter, and j. anderson. if anthony somehow ended up there with duncan still putting up his 17 and 10 averages. i believe the spurs and lakers would be duking it out in the west finals

  41. Uzi says:

    Lets be honest here the bulls will only get him if they give up Noah as of now. But you think john paxson is dumb no hes not. He wants a player that will not complain and not a idiot in the locker room. When we got J.R, smith the first thing we did is trade him because he was going to start drama in the locker room. Also the bulls are waiting for the right time, their trying to wait and not give up noah. They know they have time before the trade deadline. If the nuggets agree to any teams trade then the bulls can step up and say we will give Noah. The nuggets will take it in a heartbeat with no questions asked. If the nuggets dont accept any ones offer then the bulls will try to add another player and not give up noah. Thats y their waiting. The lakers wont want him becasue of kobe. Kobe wants it to be his team. He knows they can win rings with out carmelo.

  42. Stocktonfan says:


    1)Melo wants to be the man,which he would be in New York(Rose is the man in Chicago) 2)New York is starving more for a Championship then any team in the NBA(besides Cleveland) 3)His new wife LaLa,doesn’t she live and work in N.Y??? 4)New york has the money to pay him.
    For Denver…
    1)Denver is so far over cap,they don’t need contracts(3 with bulls) they need a replacement @ SF(Chandler),a cap relieve dump off(Curry) and some picks (one 1st and maybe a 2nd rounder) by far the best offer out there…enough said.

  43. Hock24 says:

    I am a Pistons fan, and I would love for Melo to come to Detroit, but I’ll be realistic and say we don’t have a chance. We don’t have the players that Denver wants. So now, I will look a in the middle, logical destinations, no bias thinking. Overall, I think Chicago would be the best spot for Melo, with New York, and Orlando in second and third. It would also be amazing to see Melo go to the Lakers, but the combo of him and Kobe would not mesh well, and let’s face it, beside all the hooplah of the Heat, the Lakers are the team to beat in the NBA. Obviously, Melo should not stay in Denver because lets face it, Denver had their shot two years ago, and they blew it against the Lakers. It would be wise of him to leave and for the Nuggets to part ways and develop a new younger team. Because again, the West will mainly consist of the Lakers, Thunder, Trailblazers, Mavs, and maybe the Suns, and thats it. Now obviously, if he goes to the East, he would have to compete with other championship caliber teams.

    So, I think Chicago would be a good fit. New York would be awesome to see as a destination for Melo, because of the future possibility of him playing with Amare, and then maybe in two years with Chris Paul. But, New York does not have enough key pieces for a good trade. Chicago does however, even ways around not trading Noah. Chicago can trade Deng, Gibson, and a first round draft pick, and that would be enough to land Melo. And, if the Bulls wanted to, after landing Melo, they can trade James Johnson, and another draft pick for Rudy Fernandez. At this point, Portland will do anything to get rid of him.

    Can you imagine the Bulls team? Noah, Boozer, Melo, Fernandez, Rose, Brewer, and Korver? That team would be insane. Miami would have a very difficult time getting past them.

  44. danito says:

    when melo leaves denver not going to be a contender on the west any ways pkone, so yes for the west, lakers should get melo, so it would be an awsome final wow lakers vs heat

  45. Matt says:

    while i can agree that some teams are better at developing players than others, i dont think melo really needs any developing. he knows how to win and what it takes. Players who play with him are better because he has vision and the ability to see the court. besides he wouldnt want to go to the lakers and become another LBJ. i love LBJ but he will never be the star in miami and will always be one championship ring behind big D. george carl has had health problems which may have affected the nuggets in their playoff loss last year. can you blame the guy, he wants a solid coach with young healthy up and coming players. bulls are a great spot for him to lead.

  46. Lacy says:

    To give up Noah would be the stupid move in the Bulls history. Noah is your leading rebounder, he plays great defense and he’s the voice of the team. People can say what ever they want about Deng, but he plays good defense, gets points in the flow of the offense, and rebounds. Gibson rebound the ball well on both back boards, plays good defense also. You bring in a new coach that is a defense guru and you trade all your good defensive players, doesn’t make a lot of sense. Then Rose is the star of your team, why r u trying bring in another star to make him the number two guy. If the Bulls keep their roster the way it is they will win with defense, rebounding and Rose.
    So let Melo go to any other team but the Chicago Bulls.

  47. Tone says:



  48. tayriley says:

    knicks, bulls, rockets— in that order, i think are the most likely to get melo. they have the money/pieces to make the deal- they are also well-established franchises with a lot of history.

  49. Lacedogg says:

    Why are the Lakers even in this discussion? You Laker fans are selfish. You just repeated and now you don’t have enough faith in your team to do it again? And I think Rockets are a horrible choice. They have great pieces, but that team has been cursed for years. What ever happened to Steve Francis and Yao, or T-Mac and Yao? Plus, Melo wouldn’t put them over the top to beat the Lakers any time soon.

  50. WadeCounty305 says:

    Magic and Chicago would be the best fit for Melo honestly. Both can offer a lot in a trade. Melo can do more for Chicago than Noah honestly, on the offensive side. I would love to see that NYC Miami rivalry spark up again though.

    • iLL wiL says:

      @ wade c 305-defense wins championships sir not melo scoreing 30 a nite and can’t STop anyone he’s checking.

  51. LaLakers23 says:

    LA definitely do develop players they developed the best player in the NBA, tuned Andrew Bynum around, gave Pu Gasol the intangibles he needed to be one of the best big men in the league, and took Trevor Arizas career to another level…And im sure most of you never even herd of Shannon Brown before he got to the lakers

  52. rocketman says:

    how old is this kid? First of all Pau Gasol for draft picks and players that i cant even remember anymore (maybe because they were not good?) is a one sided trade. Gasol was always Gasol. Lakers never taught him anything. he just gets the ball at better spots now because of superstars around.

    Secondly, I wouldn’t say Miami sucks because … well they dont. They have 2 of the top 5 players. If they sucked Lakers wouldnt add Barnes when they already have Artest and Kobe himself is a very good defender. thats 3 very good perimeter defenders. Hmm someones getting ready for Miami. Thats just smart bball imo.

    And whoever thinks San Antonio is washed up cant be more wrong. They have been elite for a while and they deserve respect. Talk about a well oiled machine thats spurs. Who made Tony Parker the player he became?

    Good day fellas.

  53. pKone says:


    You’re the owner of the Denver Nuggets and your star player, arguably one of the best scorers in the league, wants out.
    Do you send him to a team that you will play repeatedly in the regular season and have to beat in the playoffs just to get to the finals???

    No. Sorry LA, Houston, etc…

    • THE BAHAMAS says:

      not o hat on laker fans but honestly he ones who would like to see melo go to LA knows its over for the Lakers if they dont get a player who can actually score at will but how much more talent o you want pau gasol i feel is the best big man in the game and lamar odom was a starter in miami and hes coming off the bbench…you laker fans are ridiculous hate on lebron for creating space between him an the rest of the elite player (except d wade and bosh) shaq did it kobe got an elite team all of those guys were leaders of their team one time or the other with the exception of fisher co captain and glue guy. All i’m saying is let the games begin and this time give and elite team to d wade or lebron or bosh then you’ll probably see the next jordanaires in this trio how ever you wanna look at it.

    • iLL wiL says:

      @pKONE:i don’t think dey dat DUMB but i did hear HOU.that’s probably not good idea,CHICAGO wood luv 2 have but NO(AH).

  54. Rockets says:

    Brooks, Martin, Melo , Hayes, Yao
    This line up is as good as any line up in the league.

    Scola, battier and Lee for Melo

  55. Hannibal says:

    I LMAO every time I hear someone say that the Lakers develop talent. That is the most absurd statement anyone could make about that team. Someone wrote that Shaq developed into a better player while in L.A…. Really? He wasn’t a dominant big man before that? Please don’t mention Andrew Bynum either. That was a Kareem Abdul-Jabbar project that Phil Jackson simply couldn’t be bothered with… and still can’t. How much did Jordan Farmar develop during his time in L.A.? Phil Jackson is a master at one thing… Riding the backs of superstars and reclamation projects that were good but fading (think Ron Harper, Dennis Rodman and Ron Artest) and selling idiots in the media on the idea that it’s great coaching. Hell, the Triangle offense isn’t even his baby. That was a product of Tex Winter. Lakers Player Development is a multi-worded oxymoron. If there is such a thing.

    • MIAMI SUCKS says:

      As far as Shaq goes, yea he was somewhat dominant in orlando. But he became superman, the diesel and all of the other nicknames in LA. Phil cant be bothered with developing players becasue he too busy coming up with schemes to win championships. Thats what we the LAKERS and Los Angalinos do we win punk!!!

      • iLL wiL says:

        @ miami sucks U Lakers sure do alot of trash talkin for such a classy upscale team,i think deep down in side u guys r getting a lil nervous.

  56. Mrmelons773 says:


  57. pfft says:

    HOUSTON ROCKETS… end of discussion. πŸ™‚

  58. LAL fan says:

    he should go to the lakers or to the magics
    that chris guy made a lot sense about the dwight leading and with melo there
    that is gauranteed a championship ring. If he goes to the lakers that is definitely a killer team
    Carmelo and Kobe playing together will dominate any other team even the heats and the celtics
    end of story carmelo to the lakers or to the magics!!!

  59. Lacedogg says:

    I know its unlikely, but I wish Anthony would go to Golden State. No one can offer a better package of developing players to Denver than the Warriors: Monte Ellis, Brandon Wright, and rookie Ekpe Udoh. On top of that, Golden State is under new ownership that is willing to spend, and would still have pieces to make Melo happy like Curry, David Lee, and Biedrins.

  60. Red Army says:

    The ONLY place I would LOVE to see Melo go is NYC and take CP3 with him. Imagine watchin them take on the Heat. WOW! Just WOW! New Jersey? Why? They would still be 1 or 2 more solid consistent players from anything special. Chicago? Sure, they would be an elite team quite possibly capable of pushing the Heat to 7 games in the playoffs. Would Melo really want to be in MJ’s shadow though? If any of the other past superstars of this free agent summer and summers past are any indication, it would seem a safe bet that the answer is “no”. It was also reported that New Jersey is supposedly his first choice.

    In NYC STAT CP3 and Melo would be the only trio in the league capable of keeping pace with the Red Army down in South Beach. It would be this generations East Coast version of Lakers Vs Celtics, with 6 Future Hall of Famers on the floor to go to battle ALL in the prime of their careers. WOW!

    • Giraldo says:

      the Bulls could arlready push the Heat to 7 games with the roster they have in place. unless the “big three” can each score 30 and rebound 30 theres no way they’ll be able to compete much. they might have 3 of the best players in the league but do you expect 3 players to outwork a deep Bulls roster of 12 good players? nope. and that “playing in MJ’s shadow” is just something people like to use as a piss poor reason for not playing in the Bulls. it has nothing to do with it. You don’t see Rose or any of the current Bulls leaving because of “playing in MJ’s shadow”. and do you think he’d go to New Jersey where they have no chance of winning even their division? Melo joining the Knicks along with CP3 wouldnt make it a great game with 6 future hall of famers. it’d be a game where only 6 players showed up to play and the others simply watching starters and bench alike.

      • Gus says:

        @ Giraldo: Dude i understand that you are a Bulls fan but you are too optimistic about your team….you need to realize that on the past 3 seasons you were a .50 team…do you really think that just because you got Boozer and other junkie pieces from the jazz now you are a contender??? Be serious!!!

      • agreed that made total sense. Honestly, I say if Melo is available, go for him, but don’t go chasing for him like evrybody did with Lebron.

      • Red Army says:

        Giraldo I grew up idolizing MJ and watched his whole career start to finish. I am still a Bulls fan to this day but am also a player fan. Thats how it is. Believe me when I say I feel your pain. You want the Bulls to have a dynasty again. I wanted that with Lebron IF he left Cleveland, that was the only place I wanted him to go. But that team as constructed cannot take the Heat in a 7 game series. Sorry. We will see this year though eh?

        You mentioned Rose playing for them. Well lets see if I recall correctly he was DRAFTED by the Bulls. That, along with the fact that he is not a SUPERstar. He is an All-Star no doubt. I love his game. He most likely will be a HOF’er also. But the whole “MJ’s shadow” concept that I am talking about implies that a SUPERstar would be thinking of going to the Bulls. NOT an average player or just a star. Its different. You have MUCH higher expectations to meet and exceed if you are branded a “Superstar”. Because of that, these Superstars of late (Kobe with his last contract, Lebron Dwade and CB4 this year) have not wanted to accept the challenge in Chicago. Sorry bout it.

        You also lost respect on this blog considering you couldn’t even read my post correctly. I was saying that I was NOT in favor of him going to NJ. I said “New Jersey? Why? They would still be 1 or 2 more solid consistent players from anything special.”. You said “and do you think he’d go to New Jersey where they have no chance of winning even their division?”. Well gee maybe you should try reading that comment again. It shows you are quick to jump on people that have different opinions than you. You proved it by not even trying to comprehend what I said.

        Also your last comment about basketball in general just shows how much of a knowledge gap between you and other people there are. Even in my generation there were many superstars on multiple teams. Lakers, Celtics, Bulls, Pistons, Philly just to name a few. Before that it was even more great players on even fewer teams. Why is that you might ask? Well its called “expansion”. As there are more teams created, the talent pool is diluted, naturally. In the late 80s mid 90s with the last major expansion of multiple teams, this is when people really started to notice the talent being really spread out. THIS is the reason people need to STOP HATING the Heat. Its mostly younger people who really dont know their basketball history that well. THESE EXACT KIND OF TEAMS USED TO BE THE NORM, RATHER THAN THE EXCEPTION. So Giraldo NO true basketball fan in any rational thought of mind would say that having 6 HOF ‘ers would not be good basketball. Thats ludicrous. You are definitely not old enough to have enjoyed any of the 80s to early 90’s battles of what then would have ALL been called “Superteams”. Imagine if the current Lakers vs Celtics Big 3 were ALL still between 25 to 28? Take where they are at now and kick it up another notch or 2. WOW. Thats why the possible NYC team playing the Heat ALL in their prime would go down as some of the best ballin in history.

        Everyone thats hatin on the Heat should consider that those 3 are simply following history and a pattern of past success in winning multiple championships with all the teams I’ve already mentioned. Its simply been about 20 years since all of this was the norm, and people tend to have such short memories. But what it also shows is just that Heat trio are SO GOOD, making people SO scared for their teams, that they are BLINDED WITH HATE. IF those 3 were NOT (Super) stars would you really care? Uh, no. So that proves when people say “oh they suck” or they are “overrated” that they KNOW they will be something SPECIAL. Miami has put the fear of GOD in most teams along with their fans, and EVERYONE knows that. So instead of all the hatin that everyone is wasting their life on, we should all feel blessed and lucky that we get to see these amazing HOF’er athletes all in their prime get to perform at such a high level for years to come, just like the good ole days.

      • iLL wiL says:

        @Giraldo:GREAT minds think alike!BULLs all da way son.

    • ancil says:

      this is the best comment i read so far….it is the besssttt place pluse he was to go there……

  61. danito says:

    melo should join the lakers forces, its the best deal for both the lakers and melo, lf the lakers wona compete for the next 6 years with the heat, they should get melo because kobe is getting old

  62. duke says:

    trading noah would be a big mistake….

  63. Bulls Fan` says:

    I think who the bulls should try to get is not anthony, but smith, I mean think about it while anthony is def. a better player, smith has shown that he can score too, also having anthony on the team might make it overloaded, on the other hand smith won’t be too much, and if he learns defense, then bulls are champion contenders with smith, they would pose threat all over the floor, If bulls give up taj gibson, and say kyle korver for smith, the starting five wud be : PG;Rose,SG:Smith,SF:Deng,PF:Boozer,C: Noah, and that wud be dangerous

    • Giraldo says:

      Korver is just as much a threat from 3 point-range as Smith if not more. and giving up even just Taj Gibson for him would be a mistake because we’re already pretty thin in the froncourt. theres no good sub at center. K.Thomas is too old to be effective. Johnson would be a btter optin since he’s just as foolish with the ball as Tyrus Thomas was and Asik could be involved too.

      • GeneralManag3r says:

        Carmelo anthony is definately a player that they should get especially if they are only giving up Noah Taj and Deng… All three players are exceptional players indeed but sometimes less is more..Putting carmelo at the three and getting rid of noah and taj gives boozer more time to be him and also

        With carmelo anthony do you see the bulls better or worse then with Noah…??

    • iLL wiL says:

      J.R. Smith wood b a good addition to the BULLs.

  64. IfIaintChi says:

    Don’t let Noah go for Anthony. He’s our leading voice. That’s crucial.

  65. iLL wiL says:

    I said it B4 and i’ll say it again if Melo wants his BEST CHANCE at a Ring he needs 2 push very hard 4 the CHICAGO deal dat will keep NOAH apart of da team and send Gibson N Deng n to DENVER.other wise have fun wher ever else u go coz da BULLs r coming wit or witout U.(WITH i HOPE)>

  66. chris says:

    all i have to say is Dwight and Melo would be a deadly combo. Dwight already carries the magic to the east conf. finals every yr. Melo would just get them over the last hump. magic also have a lot of pieces they could trade away.

  67. Zzanzabar says:

    There was one thing that was not mentioned in the post: The L.A. improbable deal would be a better deal than anything that Chicago could now offer, only because it would give Denver a leg up on rebuilding.
    With Odom, Shasha, Brown, and lets say, Caracter they would get a seasoned group of young and older vets that have been through the playoff (except Caracter). Plus the would get an expiring contract (Shasha) that will be playing his butt off to get an extension and they would get draft choices AND salary cap relief. With Chicago the would get Deng, whomever else OR they would get Noah (I doubt Chicago would trade Noah AND Deng, a draft choice (or two) and a long trip into mediocrity in the Western Conference.

    • Giraldo says:

      ok now this i disagree with. Chicago would definately offer a better deal. Odom makes sense in a deal but you cant possibly say that Odom, Sasha, and Brown is a better deal then Deng and Noah where you get two young guys with one able to score 18ppg and another that produces not just a double-double but also brings intangbles to the team that are essential to winning championships? even Deng, Gibson, Johnson is a better deal than what the Lakers could offer. Gibson is also a double-double machine and hes barely coming into his second season and once again the youth is there so they could build around that. Odom was great in National baskeball but is inconsistent during the NBA season. Brown is overrated and is mostly just a slasher/dunker and Sasha is good but makes dumb mistakes some times that just flat out look bad.

    • pKone says:

      More importantly, why would Denver trade a Top 5 talent to a team they would have to play in order to make it to the finals? The entire West will always be behind Chicago, New Jersey and New York for that reason πŸ™‚

    • Zzanzabar says:

      I have to admit, you do have a point Giraldo, a good one. But don’t forget about the expiring contract of Sasha (GM’s LOVE those), and the possibility of getting TWO younge draft picks in the deal (not that the Lakers would part with them). Do you think that the Bulls would part with Noah AND Gibson or Deng? I’m not sure about that even for Melo.

  68. Howard says:

    He should go to the Knicks Melo should play for the Knicks that would shock the whole world i mean that is where he does wanna go

  69. Greg says:

    Melo wants to be the star player of a team (plus the salary concern), there’s no freaking way he will join LA in where the biggest ego of the league still plays.

  70. zzanzabar says:

    The best CAREER move that Carmelo could make is to somehow end up as a Laker. That organization is a well oiled machine and knows how to develop its talent so that it is always in the hunt for the finals. Dr. Buss is no piker, and is loyal to his players and support staff to a fault (when they are reasonable and show respect to him). Even when he makes a mistake he will admit it and try and rectify it (firing/rehiring of Phil Jackson, for instance). Melo would, in a short time, become the face of this organization and would reap both the financial and personal befits of being so. Such a move could easily put Melo in the hunt for the finals (not just the playoffs, mind you, for Buss the playoffs are a given) for the next 4-7 years. He would also be in the fast lane for a trip to Canton at the end of his career. And here is why this likely WON’T happen and he will end up in Chicago (sans Noah).

    First is chemistry. The Lakers have put together a tight knit well oiled machine with pieces that understand how it works (the triangle), so if it ain’t broke why fix it? L.A. would, of course, have to start Melo in Artest’s position, but Melo’s defensive skills are mediocre at best and defense and rebounding are what wins championships. Chicago also has some chemistry going but it already has to fit in a key piece in Booser, and Rose can make ANY new addition work, even one WITHOUT Noah. Antony could fit in very well, thank you. Losing Noah would be a major blow to the Bulls’ chemistry and line up. Over the past 10 years only teams with a good center (or dominate big man defender) have won the Finals.

    Second is finance. The only sensible way to make a Laker/Denver trade is for the Lakers to offer Odom (approx. 8.2 mil), one or two of its new YOUNG draft picks (Caracter .45 mil, Ebanks .45mil) one or two 1st round picks (Lakers seldom use them since the seem to always be in the finals), and throw in Shasa Vujacic (5.4 mil, but an expiring contract), and possibly Shannon Brown (2.2 mil with player option in 2nd year). All that comes to only 16.25 mil (16.7 if you include BOTH draft picks) but a Melo contract is looking a about 23.3 mil in the first year. That leaves about 7mil short, and that is actually 14 MILLION with the penalty. The only way it could possibly work if 2 or 3 of the top players RENEGOTIATE their contracts downward by a million or so. This would make the deficit about 3-4 million (or 6 to 8 million with the penalty). While including Bynum would ease the burden the Lakers would be foolish to trade him (espeically since he showed true guts in the playoffs and Finals). Is Melo worth it, yes, will this all happen and Buss pay the bill? Doubtful. Chicago on the other hand could absorb Melo’s salary much easier.

    Third is personal preference. If it is true that Carmelo want to be closer to the East coast, the Chicago is MUCH closer than L.A. (although I could never understand how millionaires aren’t a condo/townhouse and a plane trip away from ANYWHERE in the world, let alone the country).

    • SPURS says:

      your wrong,

      he would fit wayyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy better with the SPURS and the SPURS are the BEST TEAM IN THE NBA at DEVELOPING players.


      COME TO SAN ANTONIO MELO if you want to be with a TRUE franchise.

      • MIAMI SUCKS says:

        Dude nobody wants to play for the Spurs, they are history, washed up. This will be the last year the spurs even have a chance to make it to the playoffs. Duncan is older than dirt and should retire or be coming of the bench after this season. Tony Parker is ready to leave and go to NY. After that Manu will probably want to be traded or retire. The spurs arent even a team that is on Melos mind. Besides, doesnt it stink down there where the spurs play?

    • Giraldo says:

      you make a lot of sense in your statement. i used to be against the idea of trading Noah because i myself am a Bulls fan but now that i think about it more and more i think that the Bulls could make up for the loss. we could trade JJ and Asik and possibly even include some draft picks in a deal to get us another big man that rebounds and plays defense such as Deandre jordan of the Clippers, Andray Blatche of the Wizards, possibly even Chris Andersen of the Nuggets. this way we’d still have a solid rotationa of big men. we’d have Boozer, Gibson, and a new center that im hopeful for if the trade DOES happen. the reason i mentioned Gibson as still being part of the Bulls is because i checked out espn’s trade machine and a trade of Deng and Noah would work just fine financially. If we’re giving up Noah then there’s no way we should give up Gibson as well. I think Deng and Noah should be more than enough for a team that is going to lose it’s star anyways and has yet to hear any better offers. I would love to keep Noah AND get Melo but it doesn’t seem possible. Noah is a beast. Gibson is no Noah but he averaged a near double double in his rookie season and i can only see him getting better. what the Bulls would need if they get Melo and lose Noah is a big man that can rebound and defend. Gibson is solid defensively but hes not strong enough to deal with some of the more physical bigs in the league like Howard, Perkins, and such.

      • leggomymelo says:

        i passionately dont want to see melo leave denver. however giraldo has a great point and i completely agree with him. the fact that he brought up deandre jordan makes me giddy because hes one of my favorite centers. i think if and when the bulls do land melo that they will kno what to do to make it all work out

    • Zen says:

      Errrr…Lakers isn’t even on the list, so what’s the point of talking about it?

      • MIAMI SUCKS says:

        The LAKERS dont need to be on his list. We dont need Melo. We are stacked enough. From top to bottom the LAKERS have the best team in the league.

      • leggomymelo says:

        no, melo would not be a good fit with the lakers at this point. i think the spurs would be a great place for him to go with all the young players they have to build around him. Hill, Blair, and Splitter are good young players. I’m also very high on James Anderson. Duncan still has atleast 2 years left in him so pair him with melo and the others they would nt have to worry about tony parker leaving or manu ginobili getting hurt.

    • santos says:

      let him go to the clippers instead of the luckers. but the only ones with dollar signs that can afford him let him go there.

    • satown says:

      lakers dont develope anything they get their talent in onesided trades

      • MIAMI SUCKS says:

        Dude you are such an idiot. The LAKERS didnt develop KOBE? What about SHAQ, who became a much better player when he joined the LAKERS. Or what about GASOL who became more aggressive after joining the LAKERS. Your an idiot. Its not cool to hate dude.

      • pKone says:

        @Miami Sucks: You are right “it is not cool to hate”. SO maybe you should change your name to one that doesn’t hate on Miami and stop calling people idiots?

        As for the Lakers and Spurs: Not on the list because they don’t need Melo (ok, everyone “needs” an elite player). Lakers are so stacked right now, they would have to bench a really good player to get Melo time. And Kobe was sooo talented and Shaq was sooo big that I could have “developed” them in a game of street ball! And Spurs draft loyal, level-headed talent… which of those words descibes Car-Melodrama Anthony? And do either team have the $$-space?

        So the real deciding factor will be who can offer Denver the best in a trade and who has (or can create) cap space

      • WadeCounty305 says:

        the only hater i see is you with a name like “MIAMISUCKS” LOL get a life and stop being a hypocrite. Dont really care about the argument cause the Lakers cant afford Melo. Denver is clearly trying to deal him out the west. And honestly Melo isn’t all that to me, my opinion strictly. Great scorer but cant defend. But w.e. idc just stop being a hypcrite “dude”

      • MIAMI SUCKS says:

        @pKone. Im not hating this is my opinion about this team. You have Lequeen who didnt have the heart or will to win a championship in Cleveland. Then you have Lequeens little puppet, Z. Lequeen runs to miami, here come Z right behind him, just like a puppet. With the exception of wade, and he only has everyone else on that team is a bandwagon hopper. Thats not hating its a fact. If you dont like what i say then dont read it.

      • leggomymelo says:

        i agree with pkone

      • riley says:

        Miami Sucks needs to stop being a troll! i wish there was a filter for Laker fans’ comments. because they usually are off topic and just brag about championships; get real fellas.

      • Wolfman92 says:

        @ miamisucks

        Its not cool to hate huh? then why do u have a name like u do??????? That sounds like ur hatin on the heat to me. Just sayin dont diss someone else when u got a problem urself, ya c where im comin from?

      • pKone says:

        @Miami Sucks: Saying one team sucks is an opinion, and since you’ve never seen this one play, a hasty one. But even if we put aside your opinion of a rival team (rivalries make the NBA good afterall :)) then we can still say you are hating when you call othe people idiots on this board. Or did that person on the board follow Lebron to Miami too?

      • Matt says:

        Actually satown is kinda right, kobe started off there ya, but when shaq and pau came to the lakers, they were already two of the best players at their positions at the time. And of course when great players play with great players, there all gonna play better. Sorta like the allstar team lol

    • Swede says:

      Passed Canton during a roadtrip this summer and visited the pro-football HoF. Sure that’s where Malo is goin’? I’d said Springfield MA, but I’m just Swedish.