Doesn’t get any better

HANG TIME (FILL-IN) HEADQUARTERS — After sifting through the top 10 dunks, circus shots, assists, blocks and steals from last season, we’re finally to the granddaddy of ’em all … or at least the end of our list.

Cue the drum crescendo: TOP PLAYS.

These are the best of the best. Kobe Bryant shows up, of course. Josh Smith makes a couple of cameos. Be on the look for top-10 regular Manu Ginobili, Stephen Curry, J.R. Smith, Jamal Crawford and other familiar faces. And then there’s a certain D-Leaguer that made good. Real good.

So start the video and head to the polls one last time: 


  1. Ray Ray says:

    Kobe bank open three pointer is just a lucky shot. everybody can do that in the game. JR Smith 360 alley-oop, you don’t see that very often.

  2. KOBE24 says:


  3. mike says:

    i like kobe and everything but i hate his guts wen he plays the heat. im tired of seing that gw over & over it was a lucky a## shot, get over it!!!!

    • VicE CitY says:

      I agree we had that game i was watching it live and if Fisher never made that shot before Kobe they wouldve lost and might heart dropped when Kobe made that shot. they wont do that now though lol. Dwade all day

  4. kobe,d wade fan 16 says:

    oooooooooooohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy ggggggggggggaaaaaaaaaaaaaddddddd!!!!!!!!!!!! kkkoooobbbeee bryant.

    • Rondofan25 says:

      never show your self in public with that laker attitude boston is better

      scratch that the BIG 4 is better

  5. grayback says:

    well, this maybe not the what we nba fans want, but these are the ones they presented, so lets go on with it

    all of them are great, especially the Manu magic, JR’s 360, and Curry’s trail (he faked 3, speed up, paused, speed up, faked, turnaround, shoot. Whew!).

    now the reason why those at the top are game-winners / buzzer-beaters is that you cant usually do it in a casual basis, and the same scenario cant be redone.

    im a kobe fan, but i vote for gaines. kobe, although saying it is “luck”, is used to doing those kind of things. but for a d-leaguer, called to play the last seconds of the game, entrusted the last shot and made it, that was awesome. so few people can do it from that point.

  6. sun_away says:

    J-smooth ! ! ! He did fantastic ! !

  7. coy says:

    guys, look at what steph curry did!!

  8. dede pedofilas says:

    No LeBrick. That’s why he dont have any rings

  9. Mattias says:

    I think J.r was good but Sundiata and kobe’s Game winners was Amazing.

  10. cmoney says:

    J.R. smith is a d-bag. watch the replay… it was clearly 180, he jumped while facing the opposite end of the court and finished facing the right way. it wouldve gotten a 5 in the slam dunk contest.

  11. Goven says:

    of course josh smith buzzer beater dunk! smith is greatest power forward!

  12. LeDz says:

    KOBE BRYANT buzzer beater is the BEST… the BEST CLOSER in the GAME… NO DOUBT…

  13. thunder says:

    Gaines hit the best 1 becauce he had the most preture cauce he was a rooooockkkieeee he had a limited playin time period. And yet hit the biggest shot of the year and hes carear.Lets see what he delivers in the future,i think we got ourselvs a new star

  14. David says:

    KOBE BRYANT, the real king

  15. MSB says:

    The Gaines shot is by far the best, but to fully appreciate it you have to
    a) have seen the last 5 minutes or so of that game
    b) understand who Sundiata Gaines is and where he’s coming from going into this game.

    The fact that a joke of a bank shot by has-been Kobe is voted so high just goes to show you that people will vote for all things Lakers without actually thinking it through.

  16. ze_deevil says:

    Too many Kobe “fans” voted on this one.

  17. misterblogger says:

    If you have watch that Sundiata Gaines game. That was really epic. That was a very concrete example of the saying “from zero to hero”. My vote goes to him!

  18. Buggz says:

    the rondo behind the back pass to tony allen while a flying lebron james tries to block the ball should be in there……best play ever…..lebron got shcooled

  19. ATLANTA says:

    Uhh J SMoove against the magic was amazing

  20. Jeremy says:

    I wonder y J.R doesnt compete for the dunk contests

  21. DarlingBryan says:

    Gaines? Kobe and LeBron even Manu do that in a regular basis. The only spectacular about the shot is it’s his first time to play in the NBA.

  22. kodak says:

    umm what about stephen curry, tht was AMAZING, but also lovin tha hustle by the heat on the alley oop and boston’s eddie house hustle to tony allen for the jam

  23. Rondo4MVP says:

    wow they have stephen currys dream shake but not rondos on the cavs…. wtf

  24. anonymous says:


  25. Ryan says:

    if you are all wondering why kobe’s was on here was because the high degree of difficulty on that shot, you don’t realize how hard that shot is to make. i play basketball myself and soon going to try out for the nba d-league, but thats a hard shot. “clutch” time down by 2. slices through 2-3 players and gets the ball, foot slips and looses speed and balance. has to come up with something else in his head with a couple seconds remaining. runs to the top of the key and jumps sideways at full speed to bank a 25 foot “j”. those are the shots that you dont practice in workouts etc, yeah it was lucky but was one helluva shot to say the least, Gaines gets my vote though, nba d-league player getting the dream to play in a game in the nba, and to do that in such a short amount of time, what a dream come true for the young man, don’t hate.

  26. bubbaray says:

    this list sucks. Where’s Wade’s dunk over Varejao? And way too many hawk plays. Is the guy who made this a hawk’s fan? How about some rondo? he has more pumpfakes than stephen curry. Where in the world is lebron? How bout amare’s dunk? worst top 10 list ever. The NBA is much better than these plays. I mean 5 of Kobe’s buzzer beaters were better than half of the plays on this list. Disappointing.

  27. James Hoang says:

    JR. Smith dunk definitely would win the 2010 dunk contest!

  28. ambasibe says:

    JR is great but Gianes coming off D-league and putting a buzzer beater on cleveland cavalier head who were No 1 team for wins just marvelous

  29. Ted says:

    I was at the Crawford Game!!!!

    That was a sick shot, but how come so many people are voting for kobe, isn’t anyone tired of him winning every single year? He has a great team around him and they went undefeated without him this season. Kobe MVP? No way. There is a reason he is called the King. Yeah everyone hates him now, but he is a great player and better than Kobe.

    • Realist says:

      Ok but he is the king how come he had to go jump on dwade’s jockstrap to try to win a ring if he was the king couldnt he have stayed in cleveland and did it????

      • kobefan51 says:

        yess!! what realist said….kobe is the king the black mamba
        wheres lebron at??no where!! he had to run for help..which kobe has been in the lakers for so many years and won 5
        kobe: 5 rings
        lebron:0 rings
        kevin durant the next best player after kobe

  30. Bob says:

    What about ron artest’s put back in game 5 against the suns?

  31. jub-jub says:

    That sucked. Only spectacular play was the Denver acrobatic dunk. And the #1 was in no way impressive or deserving of being called #1 in any shape way or form.
    BEST PLAY OF THE YEAR BY FAR WAS Wade’s monsterous dunk on Cleveland’s curly haired Brazilain dude. By far.

  32. Tyler says:

    The reason anyone wouldent vote for the Gaines shot is because they dont know the whole story behind it, a player called up from the D-league on the last day of his 10-day contract coming in for an injured D-Will, after Lebron James has an amazing 4th quarter and steals the show from the “King”

  33. andee says:

    eddie house’s pass around the back is the best because of the degree of difficulty is high…..

  34. Lesley says:

    How in the world Dwyane Wade dunk over Varejão doesn’t have a spot on the top 10? C’mon…and i agree with many of you….kobe buzzer-beater shouldn’t be nmbr 1(even crawford game-winner was better)…but whatever…to me the best play was JR no doubt….hands down….

  35. BasketBallFan says:

    I thought that was Gaines first game? Well it doesn’t matter that shot was just amazing after seeing Korver shoot a behind the backboard shot and the game ends with that. How can you NOT vote for it?!

  36. D-Will says:

    Kobe Bryant over D-Wade is the best play of the year !

    hey , never mind what haters say ignore ’em ’til they fade away > T.I.

    – L.A. Lakers for life !

  37. Pablo says:

    The selection is so bad. should really work on this.
    In every Top 10 you’ve miss great plays and the fans select a completely different order.

    -Ginobili’s block?
    -Amare’s facial?
    -Some wicked LeBron block?
    -Rondo’s behind the back making LeBron flyyy?

    I could go on…

  38. Scott says:

    They’re all so sick. I was watching the Hawks-Suns game when Jamal hit that and I went nuts. That shot is beautiful. A rainbow from like 30 feet away and swishes right at the buzzer. J Smoove’s follow dunk against the Magic was great too. Gotta like Gaines’ with the incredible shot in his second game ever. Manu is brilliant, JR is a freak and Eddie House’s pass was beautiful.

    Gotta vote for JC’s gamewinner though

  39. leggomymelo says:

    i agree that jamal crawfords buzzer beater and the first j smooth tip/dunk in could easily be replaced. stoudemire over tolliver should definately be in the mix and i feel the lawson over mbenga shuld be in there just because how little he is compared to mbenga

  40. Jiggy says:

    Its a terrible top ten.
    But i’ll say J.R. Smith hands down!

  41. LOVE IT says:


  42. pde10 says:

    I agree with the video. Gaines had the best play. Fans that are voting for Kobe are doing just that, voting because he’s Kobe. A bunch of bandwagon jumpers. It should never be up to the fans to decide stuff like this. Look at what happens when fans vote for the all-stars and dunk competition winners. Need I say more?

  43. Zambowie says:

    Oh and Curry’s fake. That went too hard lol

  44. Zambowie says:

    What a bunch of Kobe fanboys. Usually when someone banks a shot its because they got lucky. And A lucky 3 point shot at number one:? Are you freakin serious? They still suck. The best two were clearly the 360 alley oop or the Manu Magic.

    • Nick says:

      Im a massive Laker and Kobe fan, have been for 10+ years but there is no way he can be near the top of this list. It was as Kobe said…lucky!

      Agree with Manu, that was pure class

      JR Smith, granted it wasn’t the only 360 alley ever but that was just awesome!!

      Both the saves and fast break dunks were quality aswell.

      Maybe not the best play but definitely the best moment has to go to Gaines, he can talk about that to his kids/grandkids for the rest of his life!

  45. bowowo says:

    what i is happening to leborn james.and i want tthe result of the game played and the top 10 teams

  46. Kristijan says:

    Man I’m in a dilema J.R. rulles and his move is awesome, but Kobe is still Kobe and no one can denny that his move takes a lot of guts, and it’s probably the most difficult one to do becouse it’s a cluch moment and he did a stunt like that and it was a succes. It’s not that all the others didn’t deserve it or something, but my vote is going to Kobe.

  47. RB Da Kidd (BOS) says:

    Its sad to see Stephen Curry’s play up here when Rajon Rondo does the same thing if not better all the time

  48. Carter says:

    As a lifetime Laker lover and huge Kobe fan I gotta say, don’t vote for Kobe’s lucky bank in winner (he even admits it) where he has made many more clutch shots in his career and even this season which he did not accidently bank in.

    This has proven to be a difficult attempt even in the slam dunk contest because the timing of the pass must be perfect.
    Only Billiups has the pin point timing and accuracy to deliver that pass just on point.
    JR-Smith’s play was OUTSTANDING and I feel ranks among one of the top in-game dunks of all time. A 360 ALLEY-OOP, CATCHING THE PASS HALF WAY THROUGH HIS ROTATION? TOP 10 OF ALL TIME, EASILY NUMBER 1 ON THIS LIST.


    • Jimmy says:

      haha kobe has done a 360 dunk alley oop 2 or 3 times as well jr dunk is overrated

    • kobefan51 says:

      kobes shot was lucky but skilled
      kobe is an amazing player. even without trying he makes lucky shots
      and i agree that was a sick play by the nuggets and jr but you see those plays all the time
      in the all-star games so it doesnt really matter!!!
      kobe bryant the best player ever lived behind MJ. theyre going for the 3 peat!!

  49. Austin True says:

    What about B-Roy’s shots against the Rockets… He hit one at 1.9 seconds and then a buzzer beater at .8 seconds to win the game…

  50. Poor fanboys says:

    House saves, Allen slams, it’s beautiful people. JR’s jump is instant history. Manu has unbelievable skill.

    How can you ever vote for Kobe hitting a 3 that he didn’t even intent to bank? Poor fanboys. Just the fact that it’s Kobe doesn’t make it that good. There’s at least 3 better game-winners in the list.

    • Rondofan25 says:

      i agree kobe is a stuck up ball hog who is too old and should retier so lebron D-wade Rondo JR D- Rose and Durant can take his place I voted for Jr but would have voted for others but thats not nice go JR and his springs but im mostly a boston fan but they didnt put rondo and his dive in definatly the best

      • Mike says:

        Hold on. Just think about what you’re saying. You said Kobe should retire to make way for the younger stars. What’s wrong with this statement? You just said he should retire… Are you saying that those other players are so terrible, so shockingly bad, so far behind Kobe that the only possibility of surpassing him is if he sought early retirement? That’s how good Kobe actually is. Even when trying to put him down, you’ve ended up unwittingly contradicting yourself.

      • LA says:

        I can’t believe you mentioned JR Smith with those other names.

      • Rondofan25 says:

        JR is the nuggets leader in trays but ur right kobe shouldnt retier then Lebron D-wade Melo Rondo Cris Bosh i could go on Mike oh and LA did u see JR and his springs he is insane Rondo is my favorite player but JR is good so is everyone else i just said JR isnt consistant but he can put on a show

      • Rondofan25 says:

        and i didnt mean it that way what i ment was he should retier so miami and boston can beat them even worse lakers suck kobe is tooo old he should retier so that fans dont have to hear him whine and milk his injered finger or the fact that he has brain problems

  51. Jim says:

    Kobe Bryant is def number one in my book.

  52. Shane Smith says:

    a lucky shot is # 1 lame

  53. Klaus Beiten says:

    I think wades dunk was prepared by a clear backpass over the midline

  54. Drew says:

    Way to many hawks plays. Wat makes jamal crawford’s buzzer beater any better then the others this season? And the second Josh Smith dunk should be on there but not the first. Put in Amar’es destruction of Tolliver or Ginobli’s crazy block on Durant.

    • Joseph M. K, says:

      Amar’es dunk should be on this list he demolished Anthony Toliver, one of the Best Dunks ive ever seen on someone.
      J.R.’s 360 alley what? How many times have you seen that happen in an NBA Game? Never, that move takes skill, perfect timing, and alot of other things. Kobes 3………. seriously? Was it that good? He Jacked a 3 and hit off the glass, and he wasnt aiming for the glass? Wheres the clutch in that? Currey is skilled player he has great moves, but Rondo does that every night. Eddy House great save Tony Allen Great dunk, to bad thats the only thing Eddy House did last season. D-Wade to Wright good dunk nothing special. Bibby and Josh Smiths PUT BACK, thats all it was a put back. Manu one of the best passes.

      • Rondofan25 says:

        amar’es dunk was # 1 on the top dunks so he still may get some thing JR amazing Kobe what can i say oh ya how many times did he do that a tooooo many they should leave kobe out of this who is with me and will say kobe sucks and should retier

  55. ув says:

    Miami fast break!!!

  56. JzlD says:

    I wish playoff plays were in hear…Rondo diving under Williams was definately my favorite play of the year

  57. Number one shoud be Bank open for Kobe.

  58. Josh says:

    I don’t see how you can’t vote for Sundiata Gaines.

  59. YAY says:

    Yup,yup,yup. J.R Smith the best!

  60. Greg says:

    JR SMITH ofcourse 😀